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Southern planter. (Woodville, Miss.) 1832-1832, November 17, 1832, Image 3

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iNvfver: b'H lln- n <*# .tenon* tgm .*| Vfcm
Ä r > A'***' '• >" "*"'*'* *° ' »"
T I • tl II I c-*utln If. With* ?l .*
■Ljjjic twlenUlml I'I ifîrowmücli "II
f » lU «nut Il'lKIll.. opp-utoii lo n j,|St run
Sir * *. 1 »"
— „nth" the right ol * fe'lttc. to urrCSI an
n« »ri onlie(ir*i«r:il (ioCorruHr nl, 1 » Imw
w.lh (he great an.l fundamental M
Lj'.ll l'itfflîKtulO*, I,ial » ni JO.MJT linn « light to I
L_ lhc*e«'e*t. Tim. regarded, Nullifieu th*
r^ilhoS* funlti-r r. Ih riion, dim,..need n.
aÄ~- .rr. « -.. i a
,U ITUill H would I*, w.-rr th<- ..t.jOCinm
, 7 m| | n „ w p„,« d 1,1 «I.OW.
CL Who m>.ke 111« ubjrclJ«Ki noc.n I«» 0 U|>po 0 o
ufnijlit of iri ijorlly lo çovrrn I» ■ prim i,,li-, ,
mil«!" »dm" of.my d.»lmci,on ; «,„1 yv , ,1 «.]
^lui.k«. H I» mucejil.ble ol ibe m..«t mi- '
Vt faction—entering deppl* into III* con , hPM
^t, rfour »yalrin, «nd, I may .dd.nl,. I hi
.ir^rStoirMi. proport I onTo Ibeporfrcl.o,, «I
u ffliJimtlons, and i» rMlilliil to ll»o viry etia y
.... • • I r J
Üh*n, (beu, il I» «aid that a majority jus lie right
-em. are two .»»odea of estnniti^ Um; g
L r . to either of whirh (lie expreaanm is op- rn
S' tr,eom y inwl,.c!i U.« wh.de con. y
nidi-d I" the ««grrgnlf, ami the m ijoilly ia u*
Mtrfene* lo I lie t-li'l'o min«. Tin* may ij"»
Klll«ni»ioriiy ol Hie wliul-,or lliu alwoliim î"'
"™ 0 4 ' . . , . : . , ,
ult}. 1 he Ollier, III which It Urognrded Hi re- wltrrr
jgthl il» different political iiliCtenU, whether
need of different cltMMM ur ditlcrent eoniiriiiin- P"«
ri- r ^ c t .r y '
ia HAk Ii die inajotlly to e.stiili.ded, not ill refer
III, the whole, but lu each ela», or cnn.mmmy
htcii it ia composed, the naaenl of each token .
.1. nod tu« concurrence ol ail Coimlmitinu
«lely, and Hie Coneurr, n< <>■ en Ç i nuiiuiiug
,msjorily- A majority Ulus estimated may tie
Mthe concurring majority, aolnte
Srinu IS obiecied, lu Nullification, liiat it h p9mi
", . ■* , . _ ■ I.
|toed lo llic |>rmti|ih'.llroi a majority ought lo (hr
jptrff* hf* who makes (lieobjection ntunt mean lbs. 1 .*0
Male as distinguished Iroin die conctimng il more
in die aeuat oftlie futiuer .he objeeiion .
ÉMied. In that ol liK* cobctiwiug, H w,ml«I t>
}m, as the concurring assent of nli the p tria ert.
Mbits ull lln* State«) 13 of the very essence ot .
.. « « .. I ill » Id the it
^majprilv. g» in, U is in* II , '
Mit would ho g»>od against IN Ul lineal lolly it ed
ÉÜ bo equally so against the Const * tut IOII Itfcll :
m wlmtVvcr liiih "that instillment be regarded, ,wl
? à 1 I r.N miu.ali.ig> tun ikf in,. ,nuc
I,clearly, not tlÄ* work of tlie absolute, but ol tue other
UWTing, majority. It was formed ami ratiltcd th*
ÉMcouourrinu assent of nil the Sûtes, and not
ltatoaioritvofllicwll.de ukenm Utogggrigale, 'be
tMAijoiii) or lilt eo » Ml
ns been already staled. I nna ilM.ackffowieog
I tight of each State, in refurenco to the Consii have
linMToti is unntii'stionnfilv the same right winch the
g. q ' . , „.|. r<>fi>r«'iir«> to tlo two
■lleatton attributes to « ach in refere nce to lhe onn
fetusututioii'il acts nl (iovcrnaicnt,- and, »1 the
Mtr be opposed to t lie right of a majoiity togovern,
»farmer n eaually su I go farther. Tlie ol»- pe<
■lormer 19 equuny » ", . . . „1 tc,
Hba might, w ith equal truth, t»e a|vpn u ' 11
H States that have over existed — I mean Stales (J
Érvinr the name, and excluding,ofeoura«», tlioM* be
kick after a fucltnua and anarchical existence of
MCI, ain.r u mtin«w -
Ivyears, have aunk under the fo»© 01 tyranny, »«r with
A dorm m i«»n *vf siimu foreign Power. i here 19 of
«•Uh this exception, a einfllü free stale, whose je«
. , J .... «»,„ nnnr.nl«» ..f ihn
«htoV'ouä wore not based on the prmc.p e ot the
incurring majority—not one in winch tlm com- f
entity was not regarded in relurcn' 0 to Its differ*
Dolilical interests, and which did not, in sonic
. K 4 g t r «•«•!. in lluKimra. •"
H® or Other, take the assvnt I
a of the (jovernment.
In support of this »'«sortfhn, 1 might begin With
'liaJarown Government, 4* "o back t.» Ilia« of »parla, <*
.■? mown VIOve V* . I»»» ... . 1 ,.restriction#
août Mow 4 conclusively, that there is not one on the list,
ibosc institutions were not organized on the prill
thei tipi«' rfilu» concurrin»» niHjority t and in the opera of
I |r** I t m h „mul iiitor«>at urw
h« of which the kiim o each great ...crest was
lirjl tot separately consulted. |T,e various Devices
dt» »hielt have boerr contrived for *h.a pu.pose, w.tli
Ibeculwr (.Deration of each, would bo a curious
^peculiar opera 1 n OI o , .
M highly important subject of investigation. I
■Maly allude to Some of Ibe most prominent.
•She minciple o r ihu concurring ra jority h is
.rtjgpme.been incorporated in the regular and
•perahem «»I the G«>veinmeni, o.icn inter
hvnag n.rliaiiuct or^nniz ition, v\r* acntnhinatioii t j
fall oV \hs #ho\c forming UlO Ciovorumeut, l»Ut still It-*
uu4««/lÂhe consent of each, withu. its proper sphere
I i . a .» ^ n rn.umrt.m.mi
MBlogiv« validity to the measures ol (.overturn n.. ^
AOftins modification the British and opartun ijov- i
f ton moots are bv far tlie most memorable and pi r
ihti L., 1 • ,ns ,iül.l uf u'linv of
'Jvl "" 1 '. '' , K ' , h, p
rosy htkii.g and gK ( v "tig the laws—was vested to ort,
loM htsresl, and the rigl" of arresting, or nullifying, it. Q
Inotlmr Ol tins disc'iuiion, Ibe Roman Âîovern
(nent is inuc'i tlie mini s.. tk.ng instance, .nothers
foe fi^lit of ori^nnhup or mtr*Kl 'C»ng |»r«»jicis «»I
Wat, was in one, and «>1* erne ing them in another, c
■ at Alliens, whore the Areopagus proposed, and
.I^r,_ , A I, , , 1 ... I» „„d*. «„„«.(...I ln«vri
tbeOcner »1 AitflOmblv <»t tfn I ^ ® . • f |
. Tb«e devices wer* ali resorted to with the intention or
_:«omuUing the sapurate interests of which the several c »m
73| »mines were composed, and against all of winch t ie oi>- ,
J| JWtion to Nnllitication, that it in opposed to tli* will ol a
•■jwitJL. could l»e I .used, with equal fore«», as strongly , |
x>il« aod 1 may say more no, against the unlimited, unqual-ti «1, I
.-nd {®4t|ncontrollabl veto, «*f a single tribune out of ten at
A »■•pi on all law's aud the execution ol law#, as against
•• «ame right of a sovereign State, [one of the twenty- !
«H» tribunes of this Union,] limited, as the light is, to the j
kAtonstitutional acts of the (i *veminent, aod liable, as in
J®*! it is, to he controlled by three-fourtha of the co- j
yi «»*«•; and yet the Koman Ropitblic, and the other State- I
»which I have referred, are the renowned ntnong free j.
, whose examples ha e difTusei the spirit of »-iherty
?*• Ihe world, and which, if struck fioin the list, wouhl
• behind bat little to be admired or imitated There,
■i W l°«d. would remain one class, deserving from us part eu- |
y wttolice, as ours belongs to it; I me m confederacies hut, ;
» AcUas, h*r«t«»fore far less distinguished, for power and
|«P»nHr, than those alrea«ly nltuded to, though. I trust,
*^»th the improvements we have made, deptmed to be pis- t
•*! «ttht very head of the illustrious lilt of .Suie* whwlj |
}•♦• blessed the world with examples of well-rogu!.»tedI :
wherty, and which stand as no many Owes u« , t1»e midst of
•«« duaert ot oirpressinn and d*sp«ili*m which occupy ^ !
J»t a space in the chart of Government«. That such will
•® l he great aud glorious destiny ol our system, I feel as
4fcrovided we do not permit our Government to de
«•derate into th* worst of all possible forms, a Consolida
»4 Government swayed, by the will of an absolute major- ,
But, to proceed
ü Viewing a confederated commuait/ as composed of as
di stinct political interealjw-* there are
Stoîïïf ÎÜMüSînÜdf .r-hKh ".«"'«"«"'of _ «h. «.1.*^
«to be ml» fully*r.?,° w'."to I m<i ijroiccto^. ib.t wjbj
r«.t advantoge, uni.M with the mein« of the moet
»»4 perfect local sdminislration through it««« agency
•f the fcates. and corabine«l with the capacity of einhr i
*k»f within it# limits the gre#te«t extent f territory au«l
•toiWy of interest., it h.Nl. to one almost t.t.l ohjer
J»u, the tnffWss and feebleness ol its Nhoveinent«— a «I *
MM J? *» H t«to«ditol, end, wheo Dot, «0 groat «a to tender
'fennof government, in other revert» e<t admirable; at
Mit worthier To overcome th to Jitncilty, au the gre.t
*w»tat„to in r «lUi.aI .cteoce, aul the .l.tEc," j,ro
table 1
1 , n. "
pin, j
i to
Vfcm »itiihi h,* .■-itclm 1 , fui n „ - , ...
ftSj ,°' ,r ' ÏUSIÜ I
.* . ^+* ' ,,,v " dut "•* ,.iar at. a , |
.2 .wf.:;''::ï^^^vr ru .-'*■
first Mnr-at in g„verniucnl » „ , „ th» nl.i* tor..
j |p "! r„.,J.,„,y .1,1,, |„ lh „ ,
»" T. V.ts? *£~s
rca.ol „, it. |,l ;1 , 0 , „^„.ng fn[ th „
Imw m « ronfnlrrMinn, Ih» •!»... ntc „nl, «,,.
j^jj;.* ... - *....*•!
I Till- ornaient „„ , ,
th* old, •lr»n(Uiene,l Iml not rhunnU it .ia,„'i. 4 ,m"ilm
' n,ld , "" £ n < «•- - SXnt !t
i a
«-„«.rnt.livr.. y m j„ ,C S.TSfSSh,M w' iZ U*!i
toy-which rt.nted limit po*..,.. o'Un- :
^ t>tg t él +- iê ^
, [tim u»ôii.ii,n«?nUilm .»»'
«.] th. t. {WJ«"," iw»2ZïîïïCl^!d 1
, I'^t'^a'hit'Ium^t"!" ;" K | u,r ' n * ma j mi, y
, hPM Ml m n»Âi .1? |J TZ nt -
roinirn, .. . f„, . .'.»* ut .
^<.,.hr .r P „. tr .mi ,„, re , , hr WM
y ' r< ^; ,hn M, " or ' br » n « faardod. for thfrpurpope in
252? * n ' t hUl% 1,1 lh<l #V
r J ,,U0 " «V t»*« 1 '«* »»«wer-, (drlr^ ,|nl only »HTauj.r «II thr
Matei M a ejimon »ntarwt in their rierrhr,) it,* V u
g "'''in .Tfrrrur* to »ti »»«rt*. but «
rn „v' .S* 1 * 1 " of «• *ted peweni. one K >e*t
*o*mnmrii, or E iihiir«l on prim iplr. ojml., lo thriw. By
ij"» -implr hui fminotir jr-un E .inria, wc h»»r rnjr.fir.1
î"' ""î 01 "'? ""* b ® «•onrimin* n.njnniy. Iltoiel.y sivni* to
«dmini.lralion of Ihr pow.r. of lim «iovrrnmrnt
wltrrr Ihry wrre teqnlrrd, ad Ihr rorryv and prom ittr«.
helonclte; io ,hr fottnrr, »MI« we ban rrh,in«d, in the
P"« 1- ' K»nting>nd oraaniiih« .uthooiy, (if I nay
rrprr««nU,ion of ihr inlorrm. of the comm nily, which
Iielong*rxehedvrlv to ir.
. ^ ur ,'' *» 'h* «olidily and hdauty of our admirahlr .yatoni,
. H I» perfectly ohviwn, ran only ho |irr,r,veiby
malnnlnlnr tha a^cnd.nry at ihr ron.l"„i|..nou.km (
tlnAity over the l.w-rtvikinr—Ihe eimcutena over the ab
aolnte m.iorllv. Nor n il le™ clear that itil. can only W
p9mi . , ' <i hjr ' •»'«*•>« ,,r » s '»« e •" annul the unco.«m,i
lioual act. of the (loeernmenl— a nicht ronfounded with
(hr Lira of « minority goveminf a nnjordy, hut which,
.*0 far frr»m f>* hr th* «•»**, i« in<lni|trn«*b *. to |ir*vmt th«
more energetic hut Imperfect tn.ijotily, which ronlrol. (he
Cou»titut»on ami on!ain*if Gov*mm*nt to patent* It^ pow
m> ex
(hr place
. Nornecdw* nj'prol.end (hat thi* rh*ck, A * poncrf.il a
it », will |»row HMMive. Th* dimint tion l*«tw«'*ii the
constitution and tha law making |»ow*fi«, aoetr ngly mark*
ed in our inutitiition*. in#y y*t he ron^tde^od an ■ utw end
untried PX|>*rim«»nt. It r.»n -rurertv he *i%iil m h*v* «xin*
,wl •« » n b ff for* our •yMwn of f 0 T*rmn*.H W* h*v*vet
,nuc h lo learn, an lo its practical opnation, aiul, *muii|r
other , h||l ^ if , do uniminUktf wo ai* far t orn r*«lixing
th* m»ny and gr*al difAculti*« of holdinc tho latter wub
ordinal* to the former, bud without whirl» (it i* ohvioua)
'be «"<"• «Hmrne ..f O.mdlhMton.l (hwe.i.menl, ., Ie.rt
Ml our #*nN*, IIHIM prove abortivr
eiperienre, «nop of th***, of a very f rmidahte rharartn,
have br^un to diacloae Ui*iriN*lv*N; parti« ularly l»*iw**n
the Cenatilution and the Government of the Union. Tlie
two P«"*«, «bere, rrpr***nt very «l»tf*r*nt ii,l*r*«.ta-th*
onn thj|t of |fia state-, taken /rparaiety, and the other
tliatof a majority of the State«, an forming a confederated
community. Karh actb| under the »mp d«e of th* 1 ** re*
pe< '>'e k very .lifferenl tote,e.„ ....... n,««,,ily »Uunglv
tc, "i to eome into colliaion; mid, in th* eonfliet, the mI
vantage will he found almost excliMively on the aide of the
(J •vernm*nt, or law-making power \ few rcma>k* will
be au/Bcient to illustrate then* poaitiona.
T '" 0 t'onx.luOon. while " grant , (»w er to the Oevera
ment, at the name time lrnpoNcn r©stru tion« on it* action,
with tbe intenüon f coiifunnc it within a i.mne
of powera. aud of the means of eaeeuting them Throb
je« t of the power ta, vnpvotsrt the rijfht*. and prom Mr
interests of all, and of th* mandions to prevent the
miljorily ot ,„,„„.. 0 , , )f the 0o yeM.ment,
f roIII inverting powers, intruded P t th* «-omanou nood.
into the menu* of oppn*S!dnK the minor inte»*sts «if th*
community. Thus cireumstanerd, the dominant interest,
•" P°"'* p< «»«n of the poweit ol the Government, snd lb*
minor interest on whom th«»y me exercised, must regaid
these restrictions ill a very different light—tlie latter sr* a
protection, and the former as a restraint, and, of course,
accoropani«» with all Uw (m, «(».,( tooling, with wbtoh
,.restriction# op cupidity awl ambition are ever regarded by
^ ünr|# p^Zma Ur er their influence, the C n
stitution will be viewed by the majority, not in the source
of their authority, as it should t»e, hut as shackles on their
power. To them it will have no value, as the means of
J^ w(ion „ , m(ljori , lhey req ,. iie T h,,r
num her ami atrength, and not the Cmi.titi.tioi., ore «hei,
protertimit and, of roune, if I may so apeak, Uiei,
alincl, -iUba, to weaken aiol destiny Ihe .«irtoito«.,...
md r to enlarge the power He u.u.l have a very imper
fert kl , 0 wledge of the human heart, who doe, ool .eo, i„
>ute „f ih rigs, art ineev«ant eonfliel between the (Jo
vernmei.t, or the lawmaking power, and (he Constitution
Wll ^: CO " ,r "
T||e Urt .; uklllR ,, owrr isorgani/.ed, and in constant ar
t j on having th* control of th* honors nnd cmnlumrntN «if
the country, and «rmmf with th* power t" punish and r*
ward, the other. ®" ,h '' '"'''"l^.i.^onô^onTto^ùll - "if
dormant in the great nort mass ol Uie commanity ♦ till «n
^ mto Ml i on B on ealrs.rrlln.ry occasio... andstdislanl
i 0terVÄ | gt un j then bwtowing no honors, cxcrrining no
paironagi, having neiU.er Ihe fseulty lo .„ward nor to
putt lut. . hol on,lowed „Imply ».III lliOuUlitmte.ogi.nl
p ore., uud owl.in .he ...th rily to eaeeote Iho.n Tim re
<l( | t ^ |lirv|td |„ With uo strong un in.tinot nn rim pan
Q f tho Government, to throw ctf the .eatrirtiona of rim
Conatitmion, ami to enlarge Its power., and will, uoeli
power, misai restrained by the mo*i *flU i*nt
c h**k ; at least as strong ss that for which w* contend. It
to worthy of , 1 * ,, *' 1 * *" î? 1 '! _eirourratauee. being
equal, the more diasimilar th* interests represented by the
f | WO| u»* inor* powerful will be this t*nden«y to encroarhi
^ jt f|0m amon . ottlcr Ciluse s, that it in s«» in cli
>|ro|| between tim Government and th* (Nmstitution
, niak j VPr i of th* Union, where (hr intereata are so
a ^ dîmimil:»r, than between the two in Ihe several statea
, | ^ f r .uners of the Constitution were swarc of th*
«1, I d#nl#r %v v,iclt I have described, w * have roiirlusive proof
at ^ provisions to which I have no frequently alluded —
an lhat w ^i c h provides f«u aiucndmonls to the ('on
! m
j ^ ^ 4VP M ) r ^ n ,|y remarked on that portion ol this provis
in . w |,j rh w Jth th* view of strengthening the coufedei
j ' ww ', conceded to three-fourths of ihe Statt*« a right
I ^ nmeni | w |,i c |, otherwise could only have been exercised
j. ^ ima nimo U s c«»nse.it of all It is remarkable, that
whi j p provision thus strengthened the amending pow
^ ^ |t rr|filn |* »|, 0 statss. it imposed imped«meats on it,
„o'far as the (tagemment is concerne«!. The power of ac
eu- | t j f ^ a r Je, is invested in the majority of Con
; (, U { instead ot permitting a majority lo propose a
and |n0II( j mw ,| Wt th# provision require#, for that purpose, IW'»* I
l , 1 j M j |( <)f * || 0 »i»«N, clearly with » view of interposing (
pis- t a | Mrr j er a |r a i n st this strong instinctive appetite of the,
| (j ovcrllMWU j f„ r d,,, •r ( iui«itiim of piiwer tfui it would
: haye ^ fu „ |M rtiefxtreine, tlnw carefully to guard
of % . |1(4(laj .p to direct scquivitioii, had the Hide door of |
^ ! connUm uon hee» (pit open to it indirect; and hence, in
will ijy, Mmt »hit |„ which two-llilnls of l»oth Houses were I
as- ^. llire d to propose amendments, the Convention that
de- [j |net | lhe r of i Mm ulion rej*«te.l the many profitions j n
Wfre moV ed in that body, with the inte .tion of I»- (
, vw , lintf u ie sut** of the right of interposing, a »d thereby ,
- of the only effectual means of preventing
of the powers of the Governmen by construction.
as Ui»*»* Ty.
.fAtUowevtn stnmg the disp<*sition and capacity of th^
^ l ''' r ^ f nP "'^ b '™*f"' ° f »7 u!.hl»<*. «r,«ch^lto |
wjbj | iagTe." «rthw'whoi'i."^«"'aStotuty'b 1
moet , uiillention mn mk e i JJ (lf „ .ffo.a. J
| was, to interpose ^ » |
i- hf U*Cou* i " n - ^ . rauclusidn. what appesrs I l
au«l I » o aum up in a tew w«w«wj ilnxeu%nieut , iorefe^
to me to be ''SifikrtoT«? 1
«I * en« e to the »Unfrei . ,I IP ( . ll .|«*nce and préserva
1 «J I'»« | . the r ..l "f Ihe r.itoj to pre- !
at- timiofr«eJ< totoj.i, v , |* rotppem »K
gre.t vent mltos pom .-hSCto
j,ro- |tojjyoh^*.thM to (heir corwuttrent , .ni « 1
* itilor,
a* if
of the
xht," as >.,ua he«,,
in so
I ÎÂÎSfr*" H,rh, ° f •"* • P««*r »o rum.
k *° 1,0 )«•* W «*•" ••»'»Uu*r and rnm.
^ÄÄ-n? ä h ää
'Ha?!?' liy U» «mvurring m>cii( uf «(VUi. R , r<1 |
, ™„ MV '; wu ' ■■ "**• "I «H ".*
*•, b *
JJ.. ,N "Ç. n Ul * ''«"'•'»'•ny- Both pnini at* indi.ptn'a
7 1 " "" K, ' «*"><■ other. Th» olio, nr not
»,.:,» e*»t,„,|y ll.el, ,kiwm from th ju.i >,„t |~f.
i"' f "' »liirh Uu.*.n»rii|* m ln>thtt*4, mio
Ä",' ;• H the Sfth.
7 1 l k "V. U#,M * «"«|Wll«l lo ... th. in. II. ihr miru,i'i
: . "'.tmiOnn ^ 1*. ^
®PP»* U»* ruled, unto« p^v« n trd. moSi *****
tlm'wrlcVmt" 1 "^ *' ""'T' ,h ' ■ 1 '" n / , , lo «PI"»«
1 hr To n f h ' « Æ <"™«
!^l of ihr L7,'Z, I«
- *" d ntrt «" will of,hr »hoir ronummityi lo
XfÄ?, ÄfcX' tfâîâïSÏ'ÂSfÂ
, U J, ,/ (he ln ^maSS!
Inn.l. of ihr forihar. They houM both br, In r<*»llty, ab*
T 11 ^ ^»rllNMMi; th« fMm •> imirh Mi m
th* <*h«f.
They nolikl bf»th brromo me* dubuMtb of cumdiiy
and ambition, .„ihr handa of Um>m nho wt#M«<l th*m
No one doubt* th.i »uch nuuld i+ the ce**, were the (tay»
rmnm„,p.„ wl .«to. vh. r .. o,
M a
like msu
but uufTMtiiMstely for th* esus* of libetty. it is noi
wi(h'eq«ial cl*«n»css, that it mu«t D«e**ssnly b*
controlled by an sffeolutr itiajoiity, nnd yet
»fit more reitain tlun iHf latter To th « wp may attfibut*
th* mist al«* mi oftan and so fatally re|**atpd, that, to expel
s 1 1rs 1 >ot i« (n • stahlish liberty—# niis>ak* to which wc may
trsr« th* failuru of many noble and gene»«mt effort# in fsv
or «if hbwrty The *rrm rotxi«U in rousMeting
ties, «.« for mod *f intercuts strictly identical throughout,
ins cad of b ing ««imposed, a* they in reality ar*, o# as ins
ny dhtinrt Internst« s* d»cr« at* individuals Th* inter
»• »f »»0 (ho j km sons ara the same, regarded in reference
to each oilier, though they may la, vi wed in relstion to
the rest of th* conimtinity It in thi* divtvsity. which the
several |K>rtious of the community bear to each other, in
reference to tho whofe, that renders th* . rincipl* of th*
concurring majority ne«-*M»ary to preserve liburtv. Place
pnwars ui the hands of the slumlut* majority, and the
sirongOst • f lh«p* would rertainly ervert tha Uovernmcnc
fuiiq th* object for which it was instituted, th# • «mal pro
teeiiou of th* lights of atl. into «hi iu*tnim«t«t of advuncing
itself, al th* Aperts* of the rost ofilw coinminiily Aiànii
this ahu«* of power no remedy can Ire «ievfand, but ih»t«»f
the concurring majority Neither the right of sutVisge.
nor public opinroti, ran possibly check it T- *y, in fact,
but lend to aggravate the disease It seemj really sur
pri* ug, that truths so obvious should be so iuiperfcctly un
deistood 1'here w«»ul«l aoiiear, nt.lcrd, a f*. bl« neMnn «»ur
intellectual |k>h*»s on (Kditical subjectti, w Iren directed to
l«ig* masMes We '■eadily •#*, why a single iodn idtial, as
* itilor, would, if not prevented, oppte>« (lie rest of tbe
community, but a * at a lot* to urulcrst.uMl, why *sfM
inillinna would, if n«»t al«4t prevented, «*|>| i
a* if the relate imnihers on *ith«i able could, in the Igast
degree, vary the principle
In «tiling what I have, 1 have but rcpeaie*l the cx|»*ri
«men of ages, « «»Iiipiehending all froe governments pr«*« rd
mg ours, and ouis •• far as it has p ogreMMKl 1 he pra< ti
cal operation of ours hsa lieen auhstnnttally on Ihe pri- c pie
•rlBo Absolute msjoiity WVbavea«led, witbsom*rx
rept ons, a« if the (tcneral t «overnineiit had lb* right i<>
uiterpret its ow n powers, without limitation or chgck, and
thou h many cir« umatances have favor«-d us. ami gTcatly
impelled Ihe natural progieaa of «vents, under auch an op
eration of the system, yet w« already sec, in whatever «I«
re*tion we turn our ey«#, the growing syinotom-« ofd «or
let snd tl«*cay—the growth of udion, ciipidify and corrup
tion; and the deesy of patriotism, integrity, and disinteres
ted nc* 1 « In the midst of youth we se* t v flushed cheek
aud the short and f«vri«h breath, that mark the approach
of the fatal hour; an«l come it will, unless there b* a spee
dy and radical chang« — a return to the great conservative
principle which brought the Republican party into authori
ty, but which, with the oesession of |K»wer and prospéri
té** ,
, wheli
, the former is
. ..mit .
,11 tort amply . nmp«-iiaatf«l tor dm lime rtorup.rd
a romm.ii.iralion hrl.avr tha rarwr u. Is- It.r
ail iiiillMin#,
I hsv« I
tmuih*d th* task whirh your r«*«|ucsl niqion
*<t If I hsv* h**n so fm imi%l*. m to s*Ul to your fitn4 s
siitfl* non illustration of this K«*st com»*rvs(iY* prinnplc
(Jov*rnm* it, or lo fmm*h art additional argument
vnlrulat*«l to sustain (h* Slat* in h*r ooM* and |>a(iM>tir
Nlriiggl* to ravive and maintain it. and in whirh you h»v4
act*«I .» |»A«f long to 1 * r*ni*ndi*i« , 'l hy ills* frlenda ol fr*r
dom, I shall
in so I uc
raus« of truth und justice~of Union, l-iSerty and th* Con
stitution. 1 *for* «vnirh th* ordinary party «truxgle« of the
da Mink into }K)rf*ct insignihraix**; snd that it will br *•
ii'jpnlrd by (he most «listant fMjsterity, I h.iv* not the
slightest doubt.
With great and ainrer* regard,
I am yours, fir- fir.
His l-'x. James Hamilton, Jim.
of | mg «vitiv.i»* in .*1*) »»< X
I \V C ar « niitliiH i«r*il tu announce Jurltf» PuftftY, »9
.... n f ,| 1( ,
j n randulato fur Um I lotis«» of K» |iw*neiitiilives of Hu
I»- ( i« g i„l a |„ re 0 f Hi s Stat«*, at tin* ensuing Ihu cinbor
Ty. ** »uthori«jd to snnounre Thomas !1
th^ Pr«imC*, Tiaq.
| tin. «.»«..IB IK- "».!.«, eb .-tinr .
1 Wc smnoll.nrijtoçl In sm.mmre Cul. V. K Rtrn
J ■ ■ I
| AMIWOM, us »
I l *a*. 0 tuHv»*s si lliCernuiiip Ih remlmr rWtion.
pre- ! |->„ n „ „ r in'Ild,.«»* fi" 11.:* I l'.ito« of Urj.iwrilH
»K , u, 1
tiv*» n< tlto t-n-nniu {JgTTnh^l.-t'.r.n
I I,

Waived a v mohninu, i v«>v n. losa.
(Vo have this week redeemed our |dodge (given
3 weeks srnre, I» a subscriber,) in laying before our
render», i|.e leller of Vicc-Protodenl J.('.Cul
l.min. This document, occupying ss it dues near
ly tl.e whole of our p.per, baa forced us to n.nil
•even,I articles mien,led for tbe present number.
Jamls C. Wilkin«, foijr., who lately arcop
ted of Ihn Executive appoint«!» nt of U. S. Senator,
m the place of Judge Ellis; Iras, we are credibly
informed, res/gitc»/, in roiisei|Ucnce of sickness in
his family,—snd tire appointment has since been
tendered to Judge Bl.Xrn .
The Presidential election returns in this State,
so far as they have reached us, gives the Jackson
Inn Horen ticket, a large majority. Al»,. liraelec
Iri.n in Louisiana, oo far as heard from, gives tlie
Jackson ticket a sweeping majority over the «'lay
We shall next week give nil tira returns
Tl.e sickness, in New Orleans, Natchez, nnd
Vicksburg, has considerably abated since our
W'e arc authorized to announce Oov. A. M.
Scott, ns a candidate f r ré élection at the orrau
candidate for I lie Sennle, ut
• h a
candidate for ihn lioiMß "f
ui.ee (i. D. Boyd,
(W are sutli.wixed to «'
(Ve are imllmrir d I" annrnim-H Mr. (.'«rgr 1C.
M'Urr. (et pieœnt |h |i.(ly,J ,e « caurltdele fi.r tin
til fVeek , t ih, t'uortit «'»ttirt ,»f (V,thine.,n
( o.ffliy, „1 Un- l uauit^r Mnjr iltcti.ni.
IVo nit. nuthirriM'd t« annoUnre Mr Cntvann
kVi. r. e, no a eni.Hidil, for lln- offn e nf Clrrlr nf tin.
Ciobat« Court nfWitki.ieon ('ou.iiy, at the enst.in(f
May elecinin.
Wenre h 1.1 lui,,/.-, I to niu.ou.ice Mr. John ,\fT
Tr.nvti.tr, «* a ca.nlnlat« for llto office off/eri of
tile Crnbale Court uf Wilkinson Ctrn.il}, at the on
"«is jt Mi.) ekcctino,
»V« a.rsn.l.or.ml to i.nimunce Mr John SlnJr,
n* n rnn.lirfnte lor .SArrj^r nf kV.lkinoon County, *t
the I'.iouinj. May fleciioh.
Wo ate aUtl,uri/.o<l lo a tin».. 11.00 Maj. Thanci,
M a rM, nn n cnn.li.tute for She.iff, at tl.o ensuing
May ebetion.
Wo ire aulhor./oH to nnnounco Col. IVii.mam
T. I. ne 1 i-nn.lnlate for Sl.oriH *• the
ing May olcrt.on.
(Vo art* author./c<l lo announce Mr. J \wra Br
roitn, nan cahilulate fi.r Sheriff, al Ihe ensuing May
l< 'nwmnnicaltil ]
To Kutiaim. Stkwaht, Em|.—
Many of you. feltow-citiicna „• dnaimua t, hava you
wive ilia rnunty nf tin"« in (In, n *1 Lcgwlaiurr, it will
. 0.1 of v "at in>|<n«anrr lo (ha Hlalr, ... rarryiog tin
to rtfri. ihr "mtulary pro mum« of thr naw 1 owtiaa oo,_
Vom itovnlton (o rrpuMtrtn |.miripl«a, an yom untiring
a j,plication liuruig Ihr «cd «g of (lie la.o (imranlo.,. ra.
r .nnirnil you In nilrmniKlrial.an, who look upon you, aa
rmph:,ttcRlly "nn* of (he nenpla."
hi,tv..«ining Ihrar »riilimrnli for you, wr hop* you will
COUMUII to «M your n«mr lo (hr Hat of candidal»», nut yon
nwy bo .wuivd of «ugpoit frmn the Homaamy Crook
l.r a •«,
Amite County, No,
7(1. . I SSI
,| 1( ,
[rrert-nti. nv itKxii'Ksr.]
To the Editor of the Wi*tu*ii>pian.
Hitt:—As the refus, I •ill,«, ('»invention I». sub
mit il,« Con-liluhon ua rax.scd to tbo
tlw.r approval nr rejection In.a produced
excitement, I lieg, that you M ill n.M-rl tho liât of
,l,o Ayes and N, yea on th.t mil.jcxt, which I give
la-low, in order that th»r people of the Slate map
know who wntc witling to trtial them, and who
were not. k'irsl, however, I will explain ns well aa
iaieeil.lt) the manner in which the annao id Iho Con
tentir.n wa»Icaled. On the day before the final
adjournment of the Convention, Mr. (},i"man
moved to strike out the whole of the fifll. section
,,f tl.e schedule and In ittsctt a clause lo the follow
ing etRg-t viz; Th«l an election sluu.ld lm held on
the fir- t Monday Mau l, next, to ratify <jr reject
Ihe Con stitution as rev, «cd, at which election th«
mu, pie should vote directly furor against the name.
If a majority of the .pial.fi,si electors of Iho Blatt-,
should vote for it, ihi-n the tiovernor should forth
with UMUllince it hv his priM'laiui.tion to the | 0 >n
pic to l.c llicirConstiluti.il., audit should go irame
(I'.atcly into (iteration as such. IT however, a ma
jority should vote against .1, then the old Const. tu
t on sl.iioh s a id, subject however to > he following
alteration, v.z,- Tito old .node of revising tho
«'onilili.iioi. should Im fluchen out and Ihr one
inserted, winch is nl present in th« ..mended, (I heg
pardon—reputed md amended) Constitution. Tho
^, |q)( . n|| adv „ llccd ln favor of the proposition
worn such ns the good ac.se of every member of
I. « rriin-Hiti."y must iinu.cd.ulrly suggest to him.
ThatMlie Constitution being, not Itfo-n law aub
jeci in continual change and (.Iteration, but some
tiling which is expected to be permanent and las
ting. should be well eonsidnred before it became
In ml mg upon the |to..ple, nnd first receive their free
und unbiiissed sanction al tlm polls. Tl.ut It wan
tine there were some points upon which the ptn.plc
lead declared their will ui the election of their del
egate» j and hod the Convention gone n . farther tlmn
I I, tse, the reasons fur a.ibm.ttmg would not have
been «., strong, but the Convention had made many
changes and alterations » hielt ihe |too|.lo had ne
ver anticipated or thought of, nor even they ilicm
sr-ives, until tlu.y were assernhled. That nt any
rate there ronld not posaihly be any liurm ill it since
Ibe ('onveniinn eertmnlv would not wish to force
down a ('rmslituttiHi upon the people whicli they
would not appruvd. In answer to this it was org
ed that they li.ul been in session a much longer
I,mo than was
gri-al deal of the public money
was rejected it would bo so inucIt wasted. That
duty weic elected by lln ir constituents to revise the
Constitution—they had done so; and now they
would nut go home anil tell them they were afraid
they bud not l.is'ii honest, upright and faithful in
the duties allotted them—mul other arguments of
iho same kind, all based upon two positions.— l«t
Thatjtbe peopln of dm Stale would be certain to
reject tlm ('onslitulion if submitted—and 2nd.
That tlm Convention ought not to admit that they
were fallible aud »subject to tho co.nmon frailties
of human nature. Now in toy humble opinion tlie
possibility of the people's rejecting tire C»>nslittl
tion ought to hnve been the Mmogost reason for
submitting " to them ; and bad I been a member of
that body I should have fi-lt proud to say to rny con
stituents, -*l have made the Constitution as near to
your wishesas I could,hut I acknowledge myseini
al.Ioloorror, and may have mistaken your will—here
is the Constitution; accept or reject it. I do not wish
I» force il u I mi n you contrary t< your will." Such
a eottrse would certainly tinvc shown a ronfiidenco
in llieir own rceitin.de of intention, ami in die gmul
nous oftl.etr Constitution, which I am sorty to say
their votes have subjected to deserved suspicion
To return however lo the .p, est ion, a division of
tlm tp.cstioM was called for.and Uie vote was taken
on »trik.ii
Storni as f
people for
Amo little
expected, had consequently spent a
I! public money—if (he (Vnalitntion
,, . ... ._ _ _
AvK«~M.'»»r». Black, Di,k»oii. Duiu-an, Faffoner, Fren I
Ian, 1,(3»!», (Jrsyaoa, (Jreenleaf, Jsmrson, .. Knos,
i«JM'ltao, Prndltton, Quiloisn, Scott, Seaman, Wil
, Willi»,n»on— is I
iq^iat tho .0 1» sociion; when iho vole
„U m*?.
Nay«.—MmM. Pray [Pr*f*t] Auutm, Barot, Cain,
Kari«h, Fluyt), (traiiherry. Hick»«, llix<a«K»n, Hurat« John
.June« of Jonc-*, K'I'^jii, Low*, Lynch, Mag*'*, Me
I.iiugliliii, McMilUn, l*aj»*, H**«l, RoM, KiimicIh, Stew a
art, Trotter, Wr»|jht.— 'll.
In furniflhing tlie nhovcNkt'frh of l)in propoaitiou
mid liî*t of vote# I |in\e done
no in«»re than Ihj^ |re
qtiunt inoiiiricft of my feil iw cifixena MM'tnedf lo de
innnd and hnv« no other object in view thin »hat
the people xhoithl bo pul in poMeniion of the fuMx
tliul they inijjlu make such dwition ua * t f ^ ten %
m iy *e*fn premier.
No** ( nr,u,no —Tim < Im.leSMn Mercury cni
ci.leloa ilm. the ne» LegifSatiini «T South Carolina,
which wan rom.-i.ert, Air ihu |t.irpoao of carrying
into rikl-ct ihe (irnjecl ofn.illtfkiatrnn, on the Ud
till, wilt bo I,. un. I to Aontain. in tiro
•enalo 31 null i
fier» ut.rl 87 union men, ami, ft. the hoii.«e of rep
lenenlaiiv.n, 07 .inllil«x.-r* and it union nfen. If
Ihisniunnle |miteeofrocl nr pearly * 0 , 11.0 work will
ho.I.tno by J|l.n <no«t appro.eil iii.trio, Ihroogh the
jncflutin ofa ConvoHih n, and wo have no d.u.hffli
-sw.il he dom.wiih wonderful pr.impliioiie and expe
dition,— .Xufihvillr Itanncr.
Extract of a ftfltr, ilutcj
CoinisiA, Oct, 8«, 1838
Tile Coijvcnfloo Dill ha a just
IWSaod a third reading in l*tli iloilkcs. The vole
In llw Beua'o was 31 In 13;in the Mou», 87 In C«
To-morrow and 1 . 0*4 day will only be lukepup, with
.nation of form, and the fa-gislatitm will adjourn
oh Friday, without touvl.mg any othor boa. nom.
The die fa cart.
(fc^ .Vrir AiircHhcmtnh continued on thtfourth
IWW received, a variety of freauliful
GOODS, of 1 lie littest liodiion, Iront Plula
dt'lpl.in ; which I will tlispn*« of on renson
aWfi terms.
November 17 , 18 ,'Iff,
JhrrTrg. r
Tojnlt a'Aom it may courent .— .Know ya tlutt at
iIm> rrgular Term uf tlto O.phana" Court of th*
County oU W.lkknaon, to >-e lu.lden in Uormilxr
ntjit, I allait fito my potilion fur my right uf Dower
in II.« folate n>ul snd perauhal of which my I Me
In.«hand (ieorge I» Newell, died aoiavd and poa
„1. _
Onn Third of a Tract nfluind niluated on llM wa
ters of Thom peon's Craak containing One Thou*
nnd Acr»-a, morn nr lea«, (hemg iho luuid (Ml wlitoh
■ny «»td dcceaaad llustwnd Inal rua.dcd) lo em
hrnect*«. Mamtom Howw«, «m Off, Hnuoo, »Ho
Kitchen, Stahle«, llarni. and Ollier out house*. _
Alan one child's parlor portion of the Perstuial fo
Into consisting of 6« Nngnuu»,» Btocfc of H-
Cottle, Uoga, Hhcep, Vlnlos, itc. —also of Farming
I'lcna.ls, llmtnnl.nid and Kitchen Furniture, and
80 Share« oil lie Capital Snick of Ihn Planton Bank
of th.- Slain of Miss.mdpei, at N "cling, which per
am.al ealato ia natimateil at 84, lf>3 AO 100 dollars
Nov Ip h, IP S,
THE MNDERHIfiNEl), Administrator on Ihe
folate of John Ntnceham, deceased, will at the
neat January Term, 1833, of t 1 e Probate Court of
Amite County, present his accounts as Adminis
trator for final settlement amf allowance.
Nov. 17th, 1838'
THE UNDERfflONED, Administrator on the
Estate of J. IV. FA-xardt, decnased, will st the
next Dtx-einlmr Term, 1838, nf the Probate Court
of Wilkinson County present his accounts aa Ad
ministrttor for final settlement and allowance.
Orne* or tsi W *rr FblITiana j
Rail Road Company, j
August 17, 1832. )
SEALED pr<i(Kvsals Will bo rcc»,»v*d from lira
lal of Octolmr until the ISlh of Nnvmnber next,
or the grading on tho first division of llte West Fe
iciana Rail Itond, Imginning st the Mississippi riv
er near St Frsnciaville, and extending in (ho direc
tion of tho present travelled road 1o Wmnlvllle,»
distance of cloven miles. Tho division will bo
laid »ff into amiable «notions, and the Engineer of
Ihe company will Ira upon tho ground to give the
neceaanry explanations. At the same tiino will I«
received, proposal« lor furnishing the necessary ms- *
tenais for the formation nf Ihe (rack, constating of
scantling of red cyproes, codar or pine, si* inches
by six inches in width, and vnrylng from sixteen
to forty foot in length 'all lengths varying from
each other by four feet. Woodon sleepers of cy
press, while oak, locust, codsr, mulberry or willow,
from 7 to B inches in dinmeter, and from seven to
eight feel in length.
0 ry- The Southern Planier, at W.Nidrille, and
tl.e Mercantile Arlverlisor, nt New Orleans, will
publish the above (ill forbid.
Chief Engineer.
THE lime for receiving (Ira above prog..«
sals .a extended until Ibe I5tli day of Decouiber,
next. By order of the Board of Directors.
November 12th, 1832
WAS Committed lo the Jail of Wil
kinson ('oui.ty, Mi. on the 16th ol'No
vurnbor, by Da.nikl Bass, Ew|.,s riegr.,
boy who calls his namo JIM, and say«
ho I.t-limga to William I'nrtlrthvailc,
pf Natchez—Said boy is about A fret,
4 or 6u.cl.es high—about 22 or'2 3 yuan old—hail
on n blue domestic roundabout, cotton shirt, and a
striped woollen vest—dark complected—had a
blanket with btm--chunky l.uill—says Ira ranawuy
fron, a plantation below the line, near Mrs. Brranff
The owner of lire above described negro is re
quested to comply with the I raw, snd tako him out
of jail.
T. E. W. JAMES, Jailor
Novomltor 17, 1832.

HAVING located himself in Wood»',lie, ruspeet
fully offers lus professional services to tho pc
Hu will attend tl.o Circuit, Cnu.ify »V. Pr
Courts of Wilkinson, the Circuit Courts of Amite
ami Adams Counties;-—also Ihe Supreme A. ( 'Iran
I ., o „ _ ■
«*7 Lour to held u( Natchez Ills ollice is in th.;
wrsl end of Jones' new building, on Iho Suu'\
I 8 ide of the Public Squ re
n pie
July XI, 1Ö5«.
PRESTOS XV. FARR * /«, wi ,|
,n the C ourts .ff « illtiCSori (.'ounty sn,( t| M . Circuit
Court of Adams, Franklin and Antitn, and the Su
I " oute und Chancery Couru of tira Elate. Office.
Woodvillc, Loft side of lira H<piare, the saute occu
pied heretofore hy Siuilh and Farrar.
July 7, 1832,
For Halo at tins ollice.

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