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Southern planter. (Woodville, Miss.) 1832-1832, November 24, 1832, Image 1

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-—— ' H ' HO ^g/tKA-v w.v por!vr»KjiI]^r aW * l ^ g "* g!a,aww * l|i ** i "*— 1
WOOD VILLE, Mississippi
" '"" R I** ««un.;
• ■bgsss.-sssr,«
«wribeJ for, Hill hr ,-o„„deml a. » nowreogag,- I«
'•■.„,'f w
coMpfoooiMly i. 1M!tt e.l .1 out ROL
«"I *"* i,r " " r «h«- lin .1 ln.or.ion, ,
****'■*' (m e«h continuance -longe, oa« in ;
!ßf* t' ort *' 1 " hyiM.il Io h mdc «he., the K j.i< lv
.. on dm.un.1.
j her
dohee Ion writ o. .. me dmx-ted
P.. R. R. Pmv, Prcdd*..i nfthe WUimvcn- ...,
.Sot.ee i» lirrci.y pivrn, thston ,l,c U.Vmo i
d duv UluwiuR in Bcccmbor „ex,, J elZ
" . ' of
Ifcf önr» Henfltor aml lwo Kr|irrBFfi,.i(ivi>p 1 n»
tecen.lncted mosery rcn^i bwdoforeo
C lot*
i in ' DA !?' Shff W- C ' «f
•wobor 10, 1IU2. 46 in
vi M. A. A. I lll*||,i, M.
IK undersigned administrator tie btmin
»■state qtCalvin Purler, deceased, will, al the
Deccmlsir Term of the Orphans' Court of the
"y of Wilkinson, present his account of said
itrir final settlement und allowance.
A. DANIEL, Atlmr
r. 17th, 1832.
WK undersigned lute guardian of Eliza Davis,
Mrly Eliza A. Mctlraw, will at the next Derein
iTrrm of Ihe Orphans'Court of Wilkinson emin
present his account of guar(lian*hi|iofsaid ward
final seulement und ullnvvauce.
i. 17th, 1632.
1J£ undersigned administrator tie bonis non
eticy Carnon, will, at ihe next December
I of the I trphana' ( tourt, present his nceoinits
aud estate for final settlement and allowance.
Admr. de bonis non
■f .
fiorember 13, 1832.
JTUE undersigned adimnistrntor of lire estato of
dereatod, will at tlie next De
le Orphans Court of Wilkinson
' »..ly, yjasent his accounts with said estate Ibr H
I vilement und ftllowanre.
Nor. 17th, 1832.
Term of tl
îRSKîNFID,*^ Administrator on the
blue of John Nvusham, deceased, will nt the
«I January Term, 1833, of l* e Probate Court of
none County, present Ins accounts as Adrninis
llor flfo final settlement and allowance.
Nov. 17th, 1832
i THE UNDERSIONF'D, Administrator on tire
' Hale of J. W Ed uards, decenserl, will at the
At Docemlier Term, 1832, of the Probate Court
<f Wilkinson County present his accounts as Ad
Mirtralor for final settlement and allowance.
Nownlrer 17, 1832
rtfiL w ^° m ü ma 'J foi ffi-n .—Know yo that at
rke regular Term of the Oiphans' Court of the
rCoanty oft Wilkinson, to be holöcn in December
(lilt, I shall % my |relition for my right of Dower
it tbc Eslaie real and personal of which my late
kubmul George B. Newell, died leized and pus
One Third of a Tract of Land situated on the wa
hr», of Thompson'» Creek containing One Tlioua
tod Acre«, more or loss. (Ireing the Lind on wliiofi
hy said fieceasi'd Husband Inst res.dod) to em
pee the Mansion House, one Gin House, the
Kitchen, Subic. Barns and other out house».—
AWh one child's parlor portion of lire Personal F.s
t :_isting of G4 Negroes, a Stock of Horse*.
Cottle,ffbge, Sheep, Mule*, Ac.—also of F'srm.ng
Niaflb, tlu.isuliold and Kueheu Furniture, ami
HHesoflbe Capital Slock of the Planters Bank
IbeRtate of Miasiasipsi, at Natchez, which |«*r
, Mnal estate is catiinated at 24, 163 60 100 dollars.
! late
Nov. 17th, 1032.
, Office of tiif. West Fbliciasa
Rail Road Company.
August 17, 1832.
SEALED proposals will he ri-ceived from lire
Hof Qctolrer until lire 16th of November next,
«Mho grading on llio first division of the West FV
tcian* Rail Road, beginning at the Mississippi riv
er sear St F'raneisville, and extending in the dirr-c
travelled road to Woodville, a
Loir of the present
I distance of cloven miles. The division will lie
laid off into suitable sections, and the F.nginecr of
file company will be upon the ground to give lire
necessary explanations. At the same time will be
received, proposals for furnishing tlie necessary
'coals for the fonnalion of ihe track, consisting ot
! scantling of red cypress, cedar or pine, six inches
Iff six inches in width, and varying from sixteen
® .forty foot in Icngllr all lengths varying from
N etch oilier by four feet. Wooden sleejrers of cy
press, white oak, locust, cedar, mulberry or willow,
from 7 to 8 inches in diameter, and from seven lo
e 'gkt feet in length.
Chief Engin«*.
(Kr TUE timo for receiving fflo above |irc,|
sals is extended until Ihe 15th di\jr of December,
next. By order of the Board of Directors.
w JOS JOHNSON, Prrs't.
November 12th, 183?
liorlr! A |«%t « " f ;' ,| » ,,,!,r< ""«»y. »mW(h,i Wi
Light'*" 0«M< r °„n 1 „ "T»?,"''V*' ÎÎÜ , r
I« longing; thc-estate of Tkumas Jw,, Ire, I,!
w '' l''i|{hl hundred nr pen. of land on the Homo
chlMo river !.. Wilkinson cunt», neat W,lm»°s
, purchased r.fj„|,„ Fualcr, b» deceased. bear
; «•»"' March 30ll« 1824, alao an Island in «akl 1
j.i< lv <' r , »'Ijoining ilto alaite Use., roni.imnu om
»...cd,, dUnd fill,-two arpens; als,',, 4M 32
Ho f™""*' »Hjomi», ilie l.in.l. Of j,,.,»
»l'C'd, VIZ ll.e south in». quarter c,r«rrti,.n
j her 10, in township 10, north of oW ha.i. parallel, j
rX,n7Zn ft ^ ' T ^ ~
..., ., >n e* ' • *7! *^" l , , L w>r '
i fV ZI tZ'Ti ""7 n"' ^ ' T''"
rX . T Z J] ".T*'"'' 1°' n ' ,r "'
«Ä.U-r'nS'Ä'r» 5K
^" ,in l7 - township, rnngo ,„d d.Mrie.rRn
diininff 77 IMOÖ trrp« \ml i">P! hilf nt « w
.net, confining 79 RI IOO ecr.e; «I..,,
lot* in the ciiyof Nutclihn, edioinina t*ù» remdcnce
«f Mr Thnntae Its,nerd, being lots No. g end 4,
in eq.isre number 80, 8 ° '
Auff.ial Term, 1832 (
THE Aitministrelornf John (.'omsell, decweafcl
having „. the preaen, Term of il.,* court .shihiie.l II
cco.i ni and abow.ng of .1* de.,.* ...
calme on »slh, which ta exmnincl, all.iwod, nu.l
ordered to record,—by which «Internent .1 nppeura
to thin Court that the peraonnl eat me of the laid i v
derer, ar-d. is inanffleient te pay the deb,« thereof- I
It is therefore ordered that »citation laaue to nil
persona intrusted in the land*, lenontei"«,and here
dilnmentsof the sold decedent, to appear More the!
Court on tho fourth day of the next t)ercmlu,r Term !
of the said Court, to show cause, if any iliey canj -»
why the Innrla, tenements and heredilmnenta of the
said dcceaiusl should not lie sold, or so much there '
of as aliall lie necessary for paving the debls of tbc
»aid deceased; and it i. likewise ordered il.milie ™
foregoing order he published according to law S^
A true copy from Ihe .0 miles '
Ältest KinVMtn FEI Til* fl rl
' Bvfieo W Mo,i-ii*n rierk BM
___ _ _ * *
THB Bubaenber respectfully inform, lu. fro nds
and riiatmiNn that he has mat fsws-ivml trod nawn
S rS7n lô h7. former . t ^k ln .^,r"l
Fall and W er (i„^, ,7m.* mg lu Mrt f ,he N
. " 1 an " ""i onsls, "*K patt ol toe
follnwmgartmlea, in Ihr- f uncy line lienihmnl #ry
E.iglish Moronos, Blue »V Bla. k Boinbszeito, Cua
sinett and Hannels, Dark Calicoes and liiughnma,
Black Italian I.iitstring, Smchcwa, A. <Iro de Naps n
ofvnriou«_ c » ,0 " r *iivTrk^l" n |»"r" e
l.iiwns, <*ro d< Orleans, Noerllr orkcil K<dw«, s,
Infams do , Eadif-svV Infanls ca|H, splendid ( rape <Jer
and Thibet Shawl«. I'miry C rane IIyidkcrchiefa At
Scarfii, Blond Oau», Veils. Luches Craw's A. Cuff*, M
Satin Epanlotlcs. th'd and Bold,mett Luces and In
sériions, plain and tig d . Bobluneii, and a variety '
of Bonnet» and Band Ribbons, with a general us
sorlmcnt of .
hm Barnard,
November !), I (132. 46wA
Ex're Açr !
Wilkinson County.
Ohiuians' Coput,
Super. Cloth anil Petersliurn Over Coats, do.
Dress and F'rock Coats, a few pc. Super. Cloth
Pant's. Cussinctt Coatee« and Pantaloons, Mole
akin, Cnssimere and fancy Silk Vests.
Super. Fair Snch'd Bimis, common peg'll do
Boy's and Child's Brogans; L illies'Pro. &. leath
er Shoes and Bootees, G l" c'a Bools.
Nails, Powder, Shot, fit-c , 4-c.
BONNETS nude and Iriinnin.l, and old I.eg
horn« whitened, fitc.
Wood ville, October 12, 1832
LOOK HtiltE!
TPE undersigned otrers for sale at the Yellow
Store, nt the corner of Main Street and Public
Square a general assortment of
Dry Goods,
Suitable for the fall season, with a quantity ol gro
Soap, Candles, 'Pen. Sugar, Conen,
ceries, viz:
Chocolate Spice, Popper, Whiskey, Brandy, Bum,
Gin, «egars, &.C Ac. Likewise, Hardware ns
gorterl—Ready made clothing, Boot», Shoe* and
Bacon, Pork, Lartl, Butter, Tobacco, t'lieo««-,
with many article» tire tedious to insert—All at re
duced prices, for cash only.
Cash advanced on cotton, on delivery
N. B.
either here, or with P. F\ Gartree, Bnyou Sarah.
AVoodvrlle, October II, 1832
1 1
IN Woodville,and at Bsyoil Sarah, to order,
XOO bids, first rate Whiskey,
10,000 lb»- Bacon,
53 bills. F'lour,
40 half bids, clear Pork,
Mess and Prime Pork,
50 Kegs Lard,
Irish potatoes. Arc. Ate.
October 20, 1832.
'HIE Subscriber iiiteiiMlig to leave the county
the fit si of January, «V wShmg In pay all his debts
at ilmt time, does earnestly request all Jioae indebted
to him eitlrer tff nolo or book account to come
forward and settle,or they will be sued unm-,Late
ly after that lime.
Woodville, November 3, 1032.
a * W. AL^iN,
, r u'.'il * ri> "' n """** «Wwwi
« " i
JEW flf.lt l
l'ANCY (<OOI)S ; :
Dwiili«« ig pm »111». follow».,, ... i
I-rt». «old'P.,.°„, ii^WATr.lKS^
OenMetnens' do, d», d„ do '
D» Silver d», ,|„ 1
»"d <i«>« fine (,„| d VVatchCbain.,
c£d U," ttM " <*.' !
•îr? 1 , ,**'•*• !
Ä L °'^ T' J
t' '
kÏÏ™.wV, """"
«'»««•* tl«T plein.
Ai. pilvcr SPKlTAri KLS »ul. • -«»l «u
Hr„, Ko, ..lor,,
And Iron,,
1,0 *Wn*el« end Tnuge,
Hr.it,me Tee wtts, *"*
Do „Ogi.,
VI,"od t 'a,.„.a,
Fr '*" Btthob.,
»ää ^
oa^^l Vor' 1 * ,iB A'' P .
ïvTiwlî' . K I ewedw—Roror «iro,e,_p,.„ j
II folefüi l'ülül'l.r ,'Tu "ü?"*
cZ*? **" !
„„noin .l n,»« , . ' *> r on lh* *«Wi cred.l
î«„rtr, lei' .r i. r . ,
i v roomed nn.l w .rm T* ** t,l| ' l, " n c'lref'd
'L..Î .VüborTlT? ^ ' ^' lv " r *° ,k n, " ,lc *° I
-—-- "iL -' ?,i > * B ,/ **
'I' , .,^ v * |
H • v .,-*■ * ,,UM ' W • j
-» ** L A V fc J ü"' «**1» «" hand a variety of •
«'»t'onary, «muni which ara the follow !
' nR , : i M l jllc Hni", Smiley, Wo.albridgB, (iuodrich
o',','V'","" '"'"«'"P 1 ')' Alloa; Valley» |
™ kc " ''""HW/ f «' Children; Valley«. Am
S^ t * ; -^'Cnilo and Wimer Evening
1 «th Y s Europe and America; Hume,
Hmallct, and inaset'a EnglandRussel'« Modern
BM ru pe;,Robertson'« Amanoa, and Heiland, and
Indu»; Jtoino, IMuinn li% Live«
Rollins' Antiem History ; Tytler's llwlofV; (iriiri
«haw's U.,il*l 8,.t CTi (J üu dr,cl,'a und HuU IU
'«»ry of Emled Htatee; Crboei,'. Huneyihu; Tut
n-'.'s Cheimstry, and N.inrul .. / HrumTs
N ""' wl **y* l*"lev'* Herd, „cl, ami Moral
|>|»| ,, |V P hst«rs Octavo nod School Uiclion
#ry . iV(lr((tyi Kirkhain, Kr„ai and Croon leaf 's
Orammai's;' V.kr-, Dabol, Smiley, Smith und t el
htirn'i Aritlimetic; Sliukeauear; V-Kenues WKMf
n u • |f . Marshall's W .ahmgion Lifo of Mm n.n
Life „I Wesley; Wesley's Works; Aesdatimal
s, M . a kcr; Ami ri. au Fnsi < las* Book Young Rea
<Jer ; Nwaional Render; Vnlmcul Class Book * W.a
Soiioalcr- Thomas und lluclmi'» lio'mraiic
M ^ jic||) ' vi,u,mucol„g,., -Jackson rime,.
^ of bjidiemo- I'niu d Siuics Pliarmacoma - Ms
' , Furrier iinprovisl • Virginia Hn.isewilc^ Aon r
' y Frugal Ilcuae tVif.
. .I, Llfeo f Maliannd; (rings' History of ll,., It,'
blc, Lives of Celebrnlnl Travel 1er*, Land,,'. Ex
pi-dili.m ,o I he Niger; Bilde« ....I Tislaiw,,,.*;
Clark'a Commentary . . Old.I New Teala
men I, with a varieiy ufTlieological Book*; Full seta
,,f Vickeli'. School Book*; Webaie,'* und Einer
sons Spelling Books; Blucksione's Commentât.*,
»"I, a variety of M,scella,., *„.* Works.
VI«,„ and Ruled Cap. till,; Via,,, and III.Ini
Lcllet paper; Va.nl Boxes l.argc* und Small, wa
. . „ il ' 9
I „ „
>• oner in. irug A I*_Ir
HAVE received addition to then general ,,,. I
.omirent of drugs, 4c -
■ ■ I ■ I . c* u .
11 yd nodule ol Polass, |
U"ric And,
« um Won "r
Bur/.oin, j
I rngacuntli, |
~°p" 1, j
Hyiup ol Bin-kdmrne. ,
Cinnamon Wuler, i
Ilydriodule of Iron, j
Macassar Oil, |
llrdfmanV Anodyne,
Magic Mutclies, |
Elastic Catheters, I
Smidi Vrenlis I'ancy Soap, I
Vestimental Simp,
(tliloride » I Lone, |
Chloride of Soda,
Solution of lh"»,
Black Snake Root, ^ .
Oil of Copaiv,
Oil ol Amber, Ueot.
Oil of Viirml
Croton < t",
Vulv. Ipecac,
Bed l-r ad,
Moxnns A|rem-itt Magnesia,
Oil of Black|iepper,
Male Ferne,
Silver Lancet Case,
Breast opes,
Nipple Shells,
Créant "I Soaps,
Corsican Wnriiisecd, rye.
Alignai I "H _____j
NFitilt» » CLOTIIINH and fellOFkS, deceived

\ Od. 27, 103?.
»nd extensiv. Ii.rlnruy.urc w.rkod «I
w*.wl» ,| y by children—little creature*, »I... |, v
*> 'Vîî!' ° r ? ,,Mre > •"» «"HW Io an exemption
|' ,hn '«!»•• proper ,.l.cc «»„|d
,V '' l.il . andjoyinia „ ,| H , wim |,
r "i 1 I 1 JY * r " u '"' iI.i im Thousands ob llio.is.inH«
'ÄäÄ !? •Vf-tim, will.
hn.U.lj Ï £! w ^i*"^ *?''
ic.v.l «. n 1 "hull, will. « »li||!.i in
soejod. Vy.'wi.h* 1 r ,'Z ."T" ^7
"? "«I L.\ kpZ IT^ÄT
wk, »plntfoe*—without ■ , 0 v «„ e n |i.,.„ oïl .
«r • hop. to brifl.Ä^ taSlÄihT
Likinp i^ t T,hn ^
1 „ Itt »J, ! "''T™ w '"' h
{mm. #/ M«f« ihM. f%r children of
B^T.i/.'ST, ,,
.«MfTil „n.rî.nT R „ f ^°7 m ?' ,hood
tMnk Ihet l.l.te innm mt, rO. lo
Sinn « m..ZLTX7i^iî?7,^ ,r ffow , lb *
. "o. 1 "!ïx m z : ; r b, '' j, : y -
a.mptr, .net.inbow „77 " ftihZ .TÎT' Tu '»*
,we^, „„ "'Vr^ r 't !
thoodnde^,aVd5SDa7SS!i,7l CB T7'!f , ^S
'~"£ f— rrcfÄlrJs
. A " writer «peaks ofcliildren very jud
y, whon ho lemarlu,. that. „ duo O.Jng ,,f
,M1 ' " " re '*" i ? i ' u ,N »' ,h « «*'ld »houlU grow
! T'ï C ^"" "Â?T "'T"*- '»V naturel j
nolulily of o child nypiir««, lor the full develop
moul ol Ihr incuial ub well ua phyiral powera, lo ,
have complel# play. lo train his mlknl Imd,a to :
I c,,n *""" * c " on ' * "R" 1 *''« W »^'' " child, and
unceeaing ■« the motion re<|iiiane to keep
hint in a state nt comfort; confine him fur a mo |
| meat, and he (I uncomlortable and unhappy. In
j me early day* or lua infimey, unable to move him I
• ou • 'he "lira,, kee|» Inin m constant
! , "'" on : '""""K * c 9" ir f J »'wngth, ho swings about |
• r,n ?' klok * W '" hl * , " ll " 1 l *IC. «awl«, und
| Birows hi,nsclfu,to every larwil.le contortion. The '
"7 r„ ua, les,», and keeps him, «If, u one incessant
'' .a m.i ic m explain (hear facts
T'ï' L ibis morion la needatl ; autflee ",
,h »t ", ooe<lc<l. Hiitlhe action of tho child is
" a '. er -l"''"""<>""*ly « continuou» action of op*
^* ,n • whefd, and you ruin his
u "* 1 *'''1" his growth " la them a boaom
r of Cnftnetnent, Wlonotnhy, and mtt, »„ eurA «
"'"'.ee, pRy and , Aligna.,ont Kor .ho
honor „ ... we In,,» .hero not.
. " <letem e of a syalem. worse, in all its ft-alurea,
'hau «ho slave trade, il ia alleged that tho |K*vorly
,h * < !" l(lrt ' n "»» labor a relief; or, iu olh- !
rt f 'iH» upon llio j
w, '" k M ." d m " oc< '"»i ,he "«j for a Chiislian and i
!*• •nlhropisl lo ralicvo them is lo seize on und
'""'"W "'em, drive tlietn lo a (oil which,combined
T ,,h 'I* ? ,h ®I hard«l„|«i of Iheir aittmlmn, mnrUrri
'hero hy Hundreds: awl, lor this, (generous bene
"my girc ihcm clolhea lo cover tliiir nuk- :
w hI hr«d In preserve tlieir lives aud pro
l,H,|r n ' ll,c, T- The aigiuncnl may convince
bu ' dur * " ol ut - There must be
'°" u,h ' n 8 '"<"g wl*n Ibcie is such sufiermg and
; ,|, V r «""m m a t.oe und civilized country Hocio
these helpless ,»n,K-c.,l.prolocl.on and
"»<L b»«* lui ^ affluence, ,« well
l'"T*™ld'* | ." r ge «he debt. If.ihorcfore.cAor
w'" c '*, in these days, is ton prone to wunder
^ Z "£t JW "l " l, 1 ou,d 1 bc du « f '» 1 ' he
?/""* h > i'" 1 "'■ 'i °o -'l'" 1 ',
'.'l" ** ï) T ~♦ 'he ordinary duly which ti//r,rffircd
^III hern. w f T e l
curnpel them to lescuo the immceut victim from lire
whip of his task master.
rr,nowever,"» tmmiDiltingbut nnduubtod f»ct,
j tin", to produce u public benutit, aocloty must bo
I ^ n ' , " ctd ' " l " ''"'f- bul "« '»""l«'. *"
*f* cl « c . '"'S e - " ,l,u " ,,ere " North,
, * ,al bW0 " 8 1,10 ■ ar, u to oouroiBioii—It ia tlto lo
| lercst of Ihe South, llml urges Nullification into Uea
«on. Were lire voice Of duly listened lo hy eitlior,
tho patriot would nbl weep over ihe uppiuuclmig
dissolution of the Union.
j |„ the same spirit, we should, perhaps, convince
| llio eoiniminily dial dm heefila which accrue to
j Simieiy, bv enslaving anil „ppresnqg Ibousunds of
her children, ate more Ilian couldeibalanced by
, its disadvantage i. Tim task is not u dillicult one.
i -|-(, 0 UX iension la of ignorance, servility, and crime,
m nm great not vitally lo affect the common weal.
j <>» r f U c(uries are now Ihe school» ; ||kwhich the ten
| dor ulld pliant nutureof youth gœsMhrougli a pro
baiiun which prepares both heart and hand Ibr tire
| blackest and boldest deeds of crime and infamy.
I Turned into a promiscuous assemblage ofgiilaaud
I boys, will, no parental cure to walclr arid resiruin,
jlotoucb die loveliness of v r uc and die lundis, iriiu
| ocas Of vice, to direct tlieir ignorance, and sustain
their feebleness, who ean doubt .lire result? They
tall, as human nature, unregarded, ever will fall,
lulu every vice winch unbridled passions, evil liab
its, and dungeons associulions, cun prompt Every
temptation.lo evil surrounds them, willioul a Voice
lo warn, or a hand io re»lam ; and it can be a mat
ter of no astonishment that they bcconté, at an age
when thoir hosorns should be uiialmdowed hy a sin
g|o fault, as aid in vice n* they are young in yearn.
Falselinud, dishonesty, incontinence, blasphemy,
>|1( j a mial disregard for the decencies qf virtue,ace
engrafted upon their youtlilull
inanity shudders at tlieir early deprsvily, and ticui
bin* for lire community which contains them At
H ,,,,»,. advanced uge, the loetury rejects them, und
they are thrown into tho bnSorn of Society, lilted.
6r><4 sei»«, for any thing which passion, iiiier4Ét,*r
iniijuily, should suggest. Ignorant to the lowest
degree, bospolted iu lubits of vice, servile from long
1 slavery,they are unprepared for any participation in
i the duties or privileges,,f a cilizen. Wnhout re
! source, save in thoir imldness and iniquity, li*ey na
/Voie t*e l'h,l rd. ipHa Timm and »re l'rr..
Prcciwly in this mnnncr l.avo Urn »„.„hern
Slutc, endeavored to got ole«r oftho rogiwe wlio
>**• "l* t beenpluXinji their propJ^TC
rwnon " ra '^ *" h .. 7
17" "jff threelaond, they warned, they
! l,row «"S bu ' •" ln »»>n. Tlwy .re now
lU,W W. wWk*xb^
st* • aBI *= n »
. . («.»»«à«. àtmivi»,.
.. „ ,
t From lht ^ nr ' rm " »"1
In -ponk.og „fihr Weal Feliciana nil r,«d . fow
j dey. einer, »7 took neenaion to advert IoTjÄ
dial hna h«am coucnived in the Iwo Carolina« ifie
, hemn and Tenu, ware, of a rsil-rôed to rimneci the
: pevigablc weiera pf liaat Tcnniwaee with ihueoof
the Atlantic, und lo auggeal ll a)u „ R,.rsh a. the
n>o«l eligible p> t nt of ita termination upon the Mie.
| aiaainpi. We are strengthened in the viowa wlurh
wo then advanced hy having ainco read the |„„reed
I mga of u conAintion ofdeTcaatea from the Simon
of North Carolina and Tcnn&rrr which aaaembled
| at Ashville (N. C.) on the :lrd „It. for the pu.pwo
of .leyismg the moan» .Tellbr mating an tnngmfi, ant
' sn enterprise.
A resolution was sdnpUal to the edict "that ibe
convont,,,,, had obtained amiafaelory evidence of Ibo
practicability of constructing a mil road from tho
navigable «»lois of Enal Tennessee, so us tn pass
by Rock Point iu North Carolina and thence to
Churlmloi); und th©y r^conunrnd lo the citizens of
thoao btabaa » h » -t o yw w w. »f auch maaouHSaa will
rSüZ - 1 «. 0 Ç , , m ,V l '« l l"> f L^ ",i. great
mean, of commercial cmnfstlon." Commttlws
wer. alao appointed m each nf, he shove atme., to
,;u.h forwrol the on.erpr/ao /, «iff I».
that our Fe/icmna rail rrfad, ifextonih-d via Eil, or
ty, Meadvillo, or EUiaville, in Mississippi, i„ Burnt
! Corn Springs in Alalian—a distance ifmt is lucam
j sidrrablo, in Comparison with Ü» Importance „flh®
i object, and over a country that oSera overy facility
I—would connect with tho pmjoriod cnl.rpriso rrf
our follow citizen« of Carolina, Tennessee and Al
«ham., and from an uninlcrriipled chain oCrapid nun.
inunicatlon Setweeo litis city and Washington la
: ihr piojoctrhimcriciilf —Thoro arc thoau uf
living, who will witness ilanecoinpltsliment.
The slate subscribes J|60,000 dollars lo the West
Feliciana rail road,Inatuud of f 10,000 ns wc i„ad
vertently stuted on a f„rmebo< ca*io„. Tbabalauc#
of the stock is wo l»l,evc lake,, b, ,hc .»hslan.ial
plant.rs of Ihe pariah ol West Feliciana and Wdk
mroncounty, (Mimimipp,,) through demesnes Uro
rond.a.o be construe,ed Cndcr auch au.picca
the enWrpnzo cannot fail of hoing aticceaafiil.
111 rally turn ,0 crime, and sink info Imtiils which fil
ouralms-lmijaraand imniieotisn«,. Huclr are ihe
•chords m which America ts auxin«, to form lierctul
tiret» !
- n ' or V ('no is aequ.ime^witli tj,e f«
Ido ol tho boys who were f„l|nd in lire ,ippU.i„^, ol
? n hi T -'«'.ateatin«:.,,. "PJ''«- The first Slept,,
which the old man resuriod. to bring the plun.li t
era down, was t 0 halloo at them. Tlie rogues did
ttol mind bun; they ihnughi he was too feeble to
use tore». lie next reaoited to rcnoiM/rnsrc: | K
1! , , . w " ro "f ** *«"• •«•w unjust it was
to plunder oilier people's property. They tlicn
laughed at him. Finding that soil words would
would ndran, lie threatened thym; whereupon,
'b<7 turned up their nose, at him. Ho then pulled
up Home bundles of grim*, and liegsn t„ pelt il„, n;
in hope« that they would comedown without nmi
lielling him to resort lo harsher measures. They
then began In abuse him; when, finally, the old
man, finding that nothing would do but ihe ultima
ratio, took up atones, and soon brought them to
their sense«, al the haznrd of having iheir heads
limlia broken.
CnsriNWATi, O.,Or ! l.î0.
Comptai an of the Ohio Canal .—Tins mdgnifi
cont Work IS now eompi«U«l —-From M. T; Wil
liams, Flsq. Canal Con, miss, oner* we have derived
tiro information that the Canal Boat C'lulirothe,
Cap' Knapp, urrivod al Porisrnoui/i, on Mon-Hty
the IAiIi instant, with her clearance from Clease
land. A celebration of lire event, at Pnrtammitli
was contemplated, but ihe prevailing alarm of (lie
Cholera, prevented it. The successful termination
of this work, must Over he a proud epoch in tho his
tory ofOhio. Just «even year« have been occupied in
its construction. On tho 4th of July, 1826; the
distinguished ami limienled Upwitt Ci intox,
stuck the first spade mto llio sod, on Ilia located
runic of the (.'anal, al lire Licking Summ". In Ihe
October following, active 0 |Mirirlinne cninmeacod,
which, under the direction of an ablo and palmitic
Board of CnmmifNtioncrs, hnvo been prosecuted to
cond.lele auccesa.
The whole longth of lire Ohio Canal ia juat thre e
hundred and ten miles. In the greater part of its
course, it passes through the most populous dis
tricts of tho stair.—On that portion of it which was
first completed, a marked and, apparently, perma
nent prosperity ia exhibited. Villnges, teeming
with inhabitants,alive with enterprize, and present
ing rieb scenes of bustle and business, now deco
rate ils banks, whose ados, four and five years since,
were not reacuod from the gloom of the wilderness.
An u.urilerrnpied wkter co.nmunicalion now exists
from ihiacit.v, in rommon with all Ihe waalrrn towns
situated on lire Ohio river, lo New York. In an
liripatinn of this, a largo quantity of merchandize,
we niideraland, destined for Cmcinnalti and 1
ville, has hern shipped at New York, and is now a
II.s" on the Ohio Canal.— HrjiuMican.
Ma uuoTii Pi Mi-xiN —new kind. —One «if out
ingenious «.-ountrynien from ihe cast, a year or so
since, purchased a inanimnlh pumpkin of u farmer
in Pennsylvania, weighing lu-arly 200 His, put it in
to his wagon of "all sorts of notions," and drove
lo a field a lew miles „If, containing a great number
of commun pumpkins. Here ho cut a hole iu lire
uiuinuiulli, took nut lire w oils, and filled llio
whole cavity with common punqikin seeds from the
field. At the next village Ire was seen retailing
■___ mnmolli »ends, freali lioiii I lie pumpkin—
and of course liiere could hi) "no mistake"—at
four for »cent,

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