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B. 1. II) tttu), Miltr.
tuesdayI 0RyjATaCFf:h.ilCeri
' j
. jtiT!"! h curd of Dr. Clagctt, in another
column. -
f"Se fijurUi wge for Poetry, and 'Beau
tiful Story."
. tW, We beg the indulgence of our friend
fur tlie ce occupied in our pepei this week,
by town Charter ; but a we sup pose nil
fl Interested in the prosperity and good or
der of our city, and a our country friends, if
uninformed, might wmictiinca innocently run
foul of our eoqxirate rub and pollutions, we
presume they will be thankful to u for thus
affording them the opportunity of knowing
what to do, and what they haitttt oritr.
Thi LrcErM. According td appointment
a resjtectable number of those friendly to the
enterprise, met at the Mayor' office on Wed
nesday evening lout, and organised, by adopt
ing .rule and regulations for government of
the "Woodville Lyceum" after which, the
following offluen were elected for the ensuing
year : lr. I), ilaldwin, President ; Oen. 0.
Posey; Vice Preidetit;' Tin. W. Dyer, Sec
retary1, 'aiid' Gen.' Saml ft. Harrison, Treasu
rer. The public exercise are to consist, of a
Ht?5;le!,sJ the jM jnecting, , the next A
debate and, oon alternately. The first meet
ing, a will be accu in another place, w ill be
held at tlie Mosonio Hull, on Wednesday eve
ning, the 21d init,- at which ' time we hope to
aoea full attendaneejtofli from town and coun
try, of all.thos'o interested iu the improvement
Mid culture of tlie mental faculties. Ladies,
w particularly appeal to you, give us your
amilea of encouragement and we have no fear
of th yesnlt'"" : ' .: "
,,"THH fyNMMDKHT CUf .Or Al.L."GoV.
I'oote, after having caught a great many of
the good people of Mississippi, in the enormous
gull rnp built find act by him, in 1851 -even
t enough to turn the scale of the election of go
vernor in hit favor 'now come out, in a letter
published In the National Intelligencer, and
humllintirigiy nhyni' f In myprWntrefirerf po
aitlon, It i a little disagreeable," etc , , " Retir
ed position," iiidoecll la thia not a severe rc-
buko to those who o anxiously unred Cover
nor Foote' pretension upon the people, for
Governor, in' 1851 f la it not now very tin
kind iu Vim, to any to Uvem, in effect, you did
nut elevate me by electing ma your Governor,
but have made myposithm retired one I
jjfcrThcre, one thing to wliicH we would
iwiiectfully invite the attention pf southern
wkige, and that li, he 'opinion advanced in
liia message, by Gov. Crmby, of Miilne, a he
ia binWlf a whig. Referring to tlio Into Pres
idential election, he ajHike of it a f on event
which limit crush the treaxouiiblQ hopes . and
schemes of the agitators and disuiiionistH for
thfli generation, at leant, and Rtrengihen the
fiiith of all, in tlie perpetuity of tlie Union." ' '
rretty good whig testimony, that I Road
and refloct on it, all ye who feared Franklin
'ierto might bo too much influenced by north
ern funatleism, or might be already biassed
against the Institution of alnvery go much so,
indeed, aa to lend himself to iclie nic for its
abolition. '..'.' - "" 1 , -!
?"Govenior Foote' recently expressed
opiuioii, in rcforence to the senatorial vacancy
in our BtAte,'ia still subjoct of much remark
'majaniy of oin- exchanges inclining to tlie
opinion that' the Governor's appointee to the
vaciiia place, will go to AViwhington on a foor
errantL And, certainly, we cannot see, with
all Mr. Foote'a reasoning on tlie subject, that
the preseiit vacancy ia such a one a ia contem
plated by the constitution, and which author
ize executive appointment A state of tilings
like, that which, now exists in our State, waa
never contemplated by the constitution that
the Legislature should pas over th time for
electing to fill a regular prospective vacancy,
and refuse to take any action in the matter-
consequently, there it no course in the premi
see indicated, and our governor might, in our j eount tlie Presidential vote, and by a joint res
opiniflh, as ell send an Envoy Extraordinary . ?!ution declared Franklin KeKe and Wm. R.
to His Imperial Highness, Faustin 1st, of Hay
ti, as to tend his friend Kinyon to tho U. S.
Senate.' . t , '
Again l supposing the Governor at present
possessed of Hie power, would it not foJlow(
that in every emergcucy arising from neglect
ot Legitlve tion, and for which the eonstU
tution baa not provided, that tho power to act
would next rest in the bauds of tlie executive
of the Stile and this being the case, there ia a copy of the Patent Office report for 1851- al
no atJuwpf prerogative which might not be'ao for various other public documenta-ifor
XrUt Hale has announced lus iutention to
become a candidate for the lower house of Con-
press for one of the New Hampshire districts,
fc r.,r i .. i I
U. Sksatob. The Holmesville South-
ron has an article warmly advocating Gov.
Brown for V, S Senator, to aneceed Hon. Wal-
ker Brook " i p -
Tm Vn k Jxirg Stmltnrf m& m believe that
Mr Hunter baa u4 Gen. Ffcroe' off of
a at in the cabinet; and fully expr our
owu tMitimeiits on tLe sulji-t. When it ia in
the power of a stU-mo to aid and ait in
the eouiK ils of hi count! v, ia a manner differ-
nt from what bis own ambition might dictate,
nu J when bee cb-arly called upn for thwa
sitanc, we liold it ia Lis ptntitive duty to sac
rifice jx ioTiiI prvferencea, and come boldly to
the p.ition anxinei him. We, therefore, un
bewtatingly aay, that should S-ntor Hunter
refuse tlie caHrtliat doubtltw baa been made
ujMirihim, we fthall oolwider Lint grrjunly d-reU-t
in the most important of duties, nnletw,
as tlie Sentinel remarks, he is thus corujielled
by th most cogent of reason.
Tlie Sentinel abo exprease some alarm at
tlie appearance of certain "promfoea to pay
now said to be coming before the public, and
bearing the signature of Jamn WhiinVJd, once
Governor of Mississippi, pro. tevt aa Predident
and the Katchei Courier prjfeww to find
nothing surprising in the matter, but to be able
to explain it fully; and say a kind of politic
al mesmerism was employed in obtaining a
charter for an iusurance company, by mean
of which, banking was tome how included.
Now, that the tiling ia done, we opine it mat
ters little how it wa effected. ' One thing we
are ami red of, we ean get along in tliis corner
of Miasuwippi, without those "promises," and
would prefer, if tlie necessities of the people,
where they originated, demanded them, that
they should have their exclusive benefit. One
thing is evident, there is a great tendency just
now, to flood tlie country with notes on the
shin-plaster order, and perhaps it would be
well for all to " make a not" of this fact, and
tako warning in time. .
Tlie Aberdeen' Democrat mU that it is
the duty of the Governor to take some steps
with reference to the Bpproaching congressional
elections, and indicate his course respecting the
fifth district, so that the party may know how
they are to go to work, and be properly pre
pared to buckle on their harness for the contest
and as the action of tlie party for the pres
ent acorn to be uecewarily cramped, and the
time for the assembling of the convention ap
proaches, there is surely need that something
on the part of die executive should be done,
and done promptly.
The Free Trailer takes tho ground, boldly,
that bpam has no just right or title to Cuba,
whatever, and that " a Cuban revolution would
rfewuuuf aid, which our people would be dis
graced not to extend." Certainly, such an event
would elicit our genuine sympathy, nor would
aid be at all wanting, no matter how given,
Cuba, from jta position, undoubtedly, ought to
belong tout, and we have no fears but that it
will, and at no distant day. Meanwhile, let
gentlemen bottle up theiir thunder, quietly
await the course of evonts, and, without any
disturbance of the harmony pf nations, all they
now so ardently wish will quietly and peacea
bly tranhpire. ' ' !- ! , ,
3rW thought so. We said there must
be some mistake, and the Hr acknowledges
the fac. We were not delighted h, no 1
friend . publisher, (we like to huve used
another word) only surprised. By-the-way,
we cannot see why our friend is so sore about
tlie that is well -those editorial took
unless, like an aw kward boy, he has cut him
self with them. But, as he very truly suggests
we are oom young hands let s quit we are
done here is our hand. Only beg pardon
one minute : we don't quite understand about
that cool irony on Clayton's tout hern patri
otism." Rut, as Toot's says, " its of no conse
quence," '
Lola Monta'' LaM uEngapmett.n
''' !" New Oki.kakb rK &
Lola Montox has been arrested on th affi. Wif
of a servant girl, on a charge of assault and bat
tery. Quite an exciting scene took place. Lo-
wiiii, mw uyBierica, nut nnaliy gave bail.
Fuller, of the N. York Mirror'
Saturday last from Panama, and has just loft
for home.
iVw-ror Market.
Cotton nine hundred bale aoM i .i..
piicea ; flour unchanged; lard, in bbls- 10U
Hi; corn, 75, firmer.
" ' Washikomok' Feb. 8.
The Senate and House convent tswW
lung elected rreaident and Vice lVesidentof
uie niwaMaw. ltoth Uousesthen adjourn
ed, appointing a Committee to inform Gen.
rierce, th President elect, that he is the choice
pf the people. . . , .
: Cottntertileri Sentenced, '
PuiULDEU aiA, Feb. 6
1 .... i .
. ... . . ' ' '
We are indabtod to Hon. A. O Itrow t...
which he has our sincere thanks.
Also, to Senator Adams for copies of several
- rtnirresidonal stwb as.
s "
An ImhmaB,tha other day, bid axtra-
ordinary price for an alarm clock, and gave aa
a reason, that at he loved to rise early, he had
now nothing to do but to pull the string,
and he could wk himbflf. 1 . ,
IDE BtlLDV flit 1 U IV1L
This tnttryni wim bow destinej to bwovne
a fixed fari. We learn from our eschang
that arrarigtrtnent Lave Un fully laswli to
have Uie building cornplWel, and everything
in rJine toopn toniwhere aViut the Jit
of May next Large cwitriljuti'ns in all the
various departirv iits areexpecteil from the Old
World, while, we upp Yankee notions"
will be dUpIayed, of every imaginable variety
and nte. As yet tliere seems to lie little d:
ing and little interest felt in the South ; and
whether much effort will here be put forth at
all seems extremely problematical, and per
haps for very good reaorw. Though the mer
chant princes and thoce directly interested,
may do all in thei power to court the favor
of tlie South, yet one Lemon cai got
far to couteract belief in any fine spun preten
sion or professed feeling of interest in otur
own profprity and institution. Again, it
may be that to some extent we might not be
able to make really the display which our
brethren of tlie North can do, and for sonie
sueh reaaon a that urgel, why America did
not show to better advantage in Hyde Park.
We cannot transport to the Crystd Palace our
broad acres of snowy cotton, or rustling cane,
our rich Savanna or luxuirant woodlands ;
these are peculiarities of our soil and climate ;
true sources of our wealth which cannot well
be boxed tip, sent off and exhibted in glas ca
e ; and were we to attempt to show them
ome wcll-fod, well-clothed and contented sons
and daughters of Ham, wo have every assu
rance they would take such a liking to them
that we, ourselves, should never see them more,
For the information of those whom it may con
cern, we transfer to our columns thecircularof
directions, feo, to several of the Southern
States, issued by the committee in New Or
leans ; '
To tin Citkenn of Louisiana, Alabama, Mi-
nmtppt, itxat, Arkaivtat ami Ttnnesse.
1. The Board of Ih'rectors of the New York
Crystal Palace having apoint)d a committee
for the Southwestern States, resident at New
Orleans, consisting of Jus. Robb, Lucius Dun
can, E. LaSere, W. li. GasqUet W. N. Mercer,
II. U. W. Hill, A. F. Ax.son, Maunscl White,
J. D. B. DelViw, A. M. Hollirook, A Walker,
C. J. Leeds, Newton Richards, Uie undersigned,
upou the part of said committee, would pre
sent the following address : . ,
2. The Fair will be opened on the 2d day
of May, 1853, for the exhibition of the industry
of all nations, in the splendid structure on Res
ervoir square, Now York, embraoinglin area of
1 7d,0U0 square teet or tour acres. The build
ing has been made a bonded warehouse by Gov
ernmeut, and already .assurances are given of
mi cAiA-iiomc jcjircoeiiuiMOU ui ioreigu lllUUslIy,
. 8. The object of the exhibition cannot be sub
servient without an equal representation of all
tlie great industrial interests ofourown confed
eration, whether in raw material, manufactured
products or in the fine arte. The Fair will be
opened to the cereal product of Uie Northern
and Western States, the cotton, ugar and rice
of the South; tho hemp, tobacco and other mis
cellaneous products of the West ; the mineral
resources of all theso regions. It ia extremely
desirable that these great interest should bo rep
resented as well as the manufacturing, in order
that the New and Old "World should be con
trasted together, and the two regions mutually
msiruci anu De instructed.
4. Applications for admission of 'oMcets of
exhibition must represent thoir nature and pur
pose, wiUi the number of square feet required,
whether of wall, floor or counter. ' The machi
nery will be exhibited in motion, tho motive
power to lie furnished by the Association, and
applieanto must state also tho amount of power
required. Paintings in frames will be received.
W here ores nreexliiliited, they should be accom
panied by Uie rocks in which they are found
and also, if possible, by plans and sections of the
measures in which Uiey lie, and models and
drawings of process or manufacture, -
6. Prizes for excellence in the deDartmente will
be awarded under Uie direction of capable and
eminent persons.
6. Applications from any of the States named
in this address may be made at any time before
the first of March, 1853, and must be directed
to the Chairman of the Committee, at New Or
leans, flomplving with all tlie requisitions in sec
tion four. The' applicant must describe with
precision state the time the product will bo
ready for shipment the port from which he de
sires to ship, and must also provide for the expen
ses incurred upon it in the custody of the New
York Board. - . " '- ;" v
1. The committee at New Orleans will de
cide upon all such application, and upon rts
ceint of Uieir favoraWe judgement tlie party
will be supplied wiUi a certificate to be forward
ed to New York at the time of shipment They
desire to be informed by the first of March of
the quantity of space whjch wijl be required
from their division, in order to report to the
Central Committee.
8. Citizens of the Southwest yon are invited
and eamesUy solicited to be represented in this
first great American Fair. We have products
in all abundance in every department of indus
try and ingenuity, if we will but send them,
sufficient to delight and instruct every obser
ver. We were comparitively unrepresented
at the London Fair, but every consideration of
patriotism should induce Us to co-operate in
this oue upon our own soil. We are a part of the
nation that must obtain Uie glory of success
or Uie shame of discomfilnre and defeat - Let
us unite with our fellow-citizens of Uie North iu
Ui is great enterprise, and rely upon the co-oper
ation in any movements we may make hereaf
ter, for similar exhibitions in our immediate re
gions. .: , ' - ' -
Thus shall w obliterate local feelings, prejudic
es and antipathies strengthen the bonds of am
ity and concord realize, indeed, that we are
one people, with one hope and one inheritance,
one faith and one destiny.
' Lcotca C. Pukca, Ch'n
1 J. D. B. DeBow,
.LaSse, VCom
v ... A. F.'Axboic, -
New Otleaas Jan. 13, 1853.:
SmrsADiJO a Yoc) Lanv. A friend of
one of our wtcH'pnrarie te'. t!i following :
In mv young dn I wa extravgantly
fond -f attending parties, and somewhat o-le-bratet
for playing n the flute. Hence it waa
generally etpU-d that when an invitation wa
extended tiiat my flut would accompany me.
I vixiVed a plerelil partv otie eveiung, aud
. ru rlM uw to favor the company with a
tune on the flute-. L "f eourmn, imnmliatolr
complied with the. request Tlie company ap
pcared delight!, but more particularly so waa
a voung lady, who raUed her hand and ex
claimed it wa beautiful, delightful, Ac. L of
course was higlily delighted and immediately
formed a remilution to serenade Uie young bvly
on the following night -'
I started the next night in company with
several young friemls, and arrived, as I sup
posed at th lady's residence, but made a glo
rious mistake by g-tting under Uie window of
an old Quaker.
Now, boys,' said I, ' behold the sentiment
ality of this' voung lady the moment I strike
up the 'Last Rose of Summer, I struck tip,
but the window remained closed, and the boys
began to smile.
' Oh,' said I, that's nothing ; it would not
lie in good taste to rai Uie w indow on the
the first air.'
I next struck np, Old Robin Gray.' Still
the window remained closed. Tlie boys scnick
ered, and I felt somewhat flat
' Once more, boys,' said L ' and she must
come. I struck up again, 'My love is
like the red, rod Rose. Still there was no de
monstration. ' Boys,' said I she's a humbug. Let us sing
Home Sweet Home,' and if tiiat don't bring
her, I'll give up."
We struck up, and as we finished the last
line the window was raised.
That's the ticket, boys, I knew we could
fetch her.'
But instead of the beautiful young lady, it
turned out to be the old Quaker, in hia night
cap and dressing gown.
' Friend,' said he, 4 thee was singing of thy
home; and, if I recollect right thee said there
was no place like home, and, if that is true,
why don't thee go to thy home? Thee is not
wanted here thee, nor none of thy company.
Farewell." '
We, and our hata, went home.
' t3T 44 Papa, what does the Editor lick the
Trices Current withi"
"Whip it?" He dont whip it, my child.
Then he lies, pa."
"Hush! Tom, that is a very naughty word,"
"Well, by Golly! this ere paper sap "Prices
Current" carefully corrected, and I guess
when I gets corrected I gets licked hey
don't It"
' " Nuf ced my son."
. The Eruptiok or Mount ..Etna. Accounts
from Sicily state that the eruption of Mount
tna, which commenced on the 20th of Aug
ust, still lasts, causing alternate hopes and fears
accordiner to Uie increaseor diminution in tb
quantity of lava that shoots forth from the fiery
iiiounu iue mountain continues to send forth
loud repots, and to shoot up globes of thick
smoke, interspersed with fine ashes. -
Them and Now, Fifty years agosteamboats
were unknown, now there are 3,000 afloat on
American waters alone. In 1800 there was
not a single railroad iu Uie world; now tiiere
are 10,000 miles in the United . States, and
about 22.000 in America and England. TTalf
a century ago it took some weeks to convey
news from Washington to New Orleans; now
not as many seconds as it then , did weeks.
Fifty years aso the most ranid urinh'iinr nrwaa
was worked by hand power; now steam prints
o, wu papers an nour on a single press. JN ow
is a great fellow, but will be much bigger half
a century hence. Cleveland Herald.
tlT The AVoodville Lvceum will meet, on
Wednesday evening, the 23d inst at 71-o-
clock, at Uie Concert Room in Masonic Hall
Addrkss By Rev. W. W. Lord,
Essav -By J. P. Dillingham, Esq. . '
Thenublic irenernllv. and the T.a.Km nariie-
ularly, are respectfully invited to attend. ;
' 1 C.S. Kellooo, . Com.
IL S. VakEaton. )
MARRIED On Tuesday evening, Februa
i"V 1st. bv Rt Rev. Bishon Green. llFr. Ohlaw-
do C. Phkli'8, formerly a resident of Uiis
county, to Miss Mary Eubank, of Hinds coun
ty, Mississippi, i 1 ' , : ; i-
..Wllkihson Countv. f
To Victor N. Harris and 'Ann Harris his
I leife, heirs and legatees of Charles Jfctter
ville, sen., deceased,
VOU are hereby cited to appear before the
Probate Court of Wilkinson county, at
the Courthouse, in Woodville, on the First
Monday in May next, then and there to show
cause, if any you can. whv the final settlement
Pf the estate of said Charles Netterville, sen.,
oeceasea, Dy wm. JNetterville and Jeremiah
Netterville. Exwutor. should
and a decree made thereupon accordingly, and
A...I 4 J., 4 ..1T. . i . . "'. ..
nuun-i i u anu ouuer sucn tilings as shall
be considered by the Court aforesaid in Uie
'-'.'Witness the Honorable Francis Gil
' dart, Judge of Probate of said county,
is, at Uie Courthouse in "Woodville, the
Second Monday in February, in the year
of our Lord 1853.
r Issued the 12th day of Februarv, 1853.
Feb. 1 5, 1 858-60d. Gordon & Tosey, att'ys.
DR. II. CL AG ETT Hext rs r
f nl from Natchez, woui.l rrfn..
give notice to the citizens of Woodville, and
vicinity, that he will be at Mr. Wist's, Wood
ville, about the 20th of thia month, prepared
to attend to the duties of his precession. As
he will only remain a short time in Woodville,
those who may desire his professional services
will please not delay to leave their commands
at Mr West's, or by note, through the Postof
Bce.'" ,'' 1 " ... ....
ftbmrf 15, 1853. ' " " ; J'
TruHtrc Hair.
rY virtue of ertaia le-f oTruM e:utM ,
U by RuU. Norwood, on the 23d day ot 'j
April," a. D. 1850, to ecure Mason '. Saun-j
ders Uie pavment of three protiiixw nr note;
bearing date the 23d day of March, a. i. 1
1850, the first for Uie sum of 4,621
99-100, payable 14 of January, 1851, with
interest at i per tent per annum, from 5th of
May, 1850, until paid; the second for the sum
of 4)5,06 1 07-100, payable the 5th of Janua
ry, 1852, and Uie third for the sum of f5,338
88-100, payable the 5th of Januarv, 1853.
Said Ieed of Trust duly recorded in the office
of the Probate Clerk of Wilkin?ou county, in
Book P, page 319 and 320, of the record
of deeds.
L George IL Got don, Uie trustee under the
above, will, for the purpose of paying the
amount due principal and interest on the prom
issory notes in said Deed of Trust described,
proceed to sell at public auction, to Uie highest
bidder, for casli, on Uie premises, Uie late resi
dence of said liobt Norwood, now deceased, on
TUESDAY, 28A day of February, 1854,
the following described property, as set forth
in said Deed of Trust, to-wit: tiiat certain
tract or parcel of land formerly in the posses
sion of Ginn and Adams, commonly called the
"Brick House place," and bounded on the
north by land of O. Evans nail, south by land
belonging to the heirs of Daniel Williams,
deceased, aud on Uie west by public land, be-1
ing me same tract ot land conveyed to said
Robert Norwood by John L. Wall, Adminis
trator de bonis non, of Edmund Ginn, dee'd,
and by Thoi C. Adams, excepting out of this
Deed, one sixth of said land sold by said Nor
wood, to the heirs of Daniel Williams, bear
ing date the 12th day of February, 1836, the
five sixth part of said tract hereby conveyed,
containing 270 acres, more or less.
Also one undivided half part of a tract of
land lying in said county, on the waters of
tJlumarta Creek, being the north undivided
half of said tract which tract was originally
granted by Uie Spanish Government to Wil
liam Vousden and conveyed by said Vonsden
to William Ogden, and which the said undi
vided half part of said tract was devised by
said Wm. Ogden to Daniel Ogden, and con
veyed by the heirs of Daniel Ogden to said
Norwood, containing 225 arpents.. 1
Also the following described parcel of land
purchased by said Norwood of the XTnited
States, being fractional section 49, township 2,
range 4 west, continuing 388 acres, more or
less. .
Also all the stock of Horses, Cattle, Oxen
and Hogs, on said place ; Farming utensils,
Wagons and Carte, and all things appertaining
to tlie same. . ' '
Also the following described thirty-three
slaves, to-wit : Essex, Eliza, Jack, Charity, Ran
dall, Moses, Tandy, Rhoda and daughter, Eui
iline, Mary and daughter, Rachael, Phillisand
daughter, Louisa, Edmund and Eliza his wife
and two children, James, Abrain, Cvrus, Pat
sey, Amy and her child Terredda," Matilda,
Mariah and her child Martha, Harvey and his
wife, Sela and ber child, Lewis, John, Willis,
and Lewis the driver.
And upon euch sale I shall convey such tiUe
as is Vested in me, by such Deed of Trust.
' - . V GEO. II, GORDON, Trustee.
Feb. 15, 1853-12m. .
. ti , : : NOTICE ... . -;
A Lh persons indebted for - Blacksmith
work done in the Shop carried on by
Wm. T. Lewis, Sen., for the last three years,
will please come forward and liquidate the
ame, and ''save costs" as the notes and ac
counts due to said shop are owing to, and due
me. Wm. T. Lewis, Sen., is fully authorized
to settle all of said notes and nccouuts, and
receipt for the same and act as my agent,
generally. The Shop hereafter will be c ar
ried on in my name. i
, ' ; WILLIAM T. LEWIS. Jon.
All iron work done on wagons, bossies, and
wheelbarrows due to me alone unless special
contract to tho contrary. . ;,:.;
. Woodville, Feb. 1, 1853-2m. '
Hunker Hill to Kenf.
rIIlIS valuable and improved property
"is now to rent, situated Ten miles from
Woodville ;"' containing 'Two-. Hundred
Acres, of cleared Land, a good Mill and
Gin, and DWELLING HOUSE."""'
Apply to me at Natchez, . I"; i-
-' " .-' ANNA S. McCOMAS.' ''
Feh.ll8533w ;
Woodville Grocery Store
TUST leceived and in STORE, the fob
lowing articles : n ''.
A Tierces, New extra.j; S. Ci Hams. ' .
' I do. Green Hams. ' , : 1 ,
. I - do., Dried Beef, j '
2 do. , . !New Rice, at (S cents pound
i 2 Barrels, of Onions. ; " ;
25 Barrels, St. Loub Flour. '! , ' J J '
15 Kegs, No. 1, Lard,
;i 1 Barrel, do. ' ' ' '
f 8 Boxes and Bags, Buckwheat,
12 Western Cheese. ' 1 .
12 Pine Apple do. ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' '
20 Boxes llasins. ' '"" ' ' ' ! ' ' '
10 do. Figs. . ' ; 1 '"'
50 do. Preserves.
10 do. Candies and Cakes.
2 do. Ctampaigne Cider. ,
- 5 Baskets, assorted Charapaigne.' ., .
6 Barrels, assorted Biscuits and Crackers.
25 Boxes, Euglish Biscuits.
50 do. Parisian Cakes. ' ' '
; , - ' ALSO- ' '.' ''""'
. 15,000 Fine Havana Cigars.
25.000 Common do. ' ,
- tt?-Liquors and Wines of all kinds, Sco
p';'" . '. L. JEWELL.
Commercial Row, '
January 29, 1853-tf ' ' ' "" ;
S thSg8? 7 n0,en fr"a ha "briber on
of I)8Cember last a dark iron
rrev MARK. ht ui. i,...jA: , ,n
years old, branded with a letter L and fij"
2. and maw iwc;Kl i. ... . "Ku
T rw.1 UB, a cul( wla oernow
lor any informanon left at the Republican
Office, wi that loan .k. fuuutan
will v,. a . luoaoove reward
February,, ms-iw:;. , -
O'ftThursday la,,. ,ha
ew raw of SADDLP EAHK
containing a rnall hatchet aom i i ,7- 1
per will be rewarded. T
,. F eb. 8 2w . . . , , JAftfES niitnvn ,
1IAKDLV. ivpei titj.v .;." T
ium ol WW r,!e. i..d ,t; :'r
that he J1M uken , Kounl n Mr Stn
B...ldin?, wbete llle lis sri
above bunnt. - ' - a
Ladi and Cerumen are reqoe.j w
call and lem ipecimeu nl hi work
January 18-tf
I)io!ulion of Parlnfrhi
'.rum. Mnn
'I' HE undented beiug ab,,nt to
partneul.ip. w.sh to sell out our snl. i ?
STOCK of GOODS, a, New YorkKS
for cash or good citj acceptance v
the people of Woodville, ami tho sumi.!
country, to come in and see that w. , j !";
what mm a3v .. ll .., n,- 1- 1. " Tf.
- j i. vu. wwm lllttst Ml v.!
out to Close the Partnenkin. " ---J01
Jan. K It i j g.
- - A
WilkimWri Coutlfy." I,
m in .ui.coij court or said count.
December Term, thereof, A. D. 18$
Michael oimon,
Frederick Hysenbottle ) for 88 M '
Returnable to the preseut.Term of thii
court, and it appearing to the satisfaction
of the court here, that the said defendant
has removed out of this State, so that Ui
ordinary process of the law cannot be set.
ved on him. . , . . ,t . . r
It is therefore ordered by the court 'here
that unless the said defendant shall, apbetl
plead, answer, dec. iu this ease ou or be'ors
the first day of the next June Term of this
court, to be holden at the Courthouse, m
Woodville, in said county, "on the second
Monday in June hext, 1853, 'judgement
final, by default, will be entered ogainst
him and the effects in the Garnishee's hands
will be disposed of, to satisfy said debt, in,
terest and costs. ' '
And it is further ordeied.that a 'copy of
this order, be published ,in the Woodville
Republican, a newspaper' printed and pub
lished in the town of Woodville, hi said
county and Slate, once a week for thespacs
of one month. 7' ' , 1 y
I, Henry J. Butterworth,' clerk' of tlie
Circuit Court aforesaid, do herby certify,
the above to be a true copy of the original
order of publication, in the above staled
case, as fully as the same remains of record
in my office. .' . '' "'
1 Given nuder my hartd and sea
L. S. of said court, at Woodville, tii'u
' 20th day of January, A'.D.',18o3.
Isaac D. Gildart, Esq V Plaiutirs Att'y.
Jan 251 m no 4 V "'"' ' -"' ' .'
Wilkinson County. ' . j i.
In the Circuit Court of said county,;
December , Term thereof, A, D. 1852.
Pinckney. Ileatbington, Y ,, . ,!j
vs. s Attachinnnt
Frederick Hysenbottle. ) fof $70 00.
Returnable to the present term of this
court, and it appearing to the sati.-factidtl
of the court here that the ' defemlatrt has
removed out of this State, so tiiat the or
dinary process of the law cannot be served
on liim, it is, therefore, ordered by live court,
that unless" the said defendant shall appeal
plead, answer, etc., in this case, on Or be
fore the first day of the next June terml.
this court, lo be holden : at the Courthouse
in Woodville, in said county, on the second
Monday in June next, A D, 1853, jud'gi
meiit filial by default will be entered against
him, and the effects so atiachell; io ih
gariiishee's hands, will be disposed of W
satisfy said debt, interest and costs. : '
And it is further ordered, that a copy of
this order be published in the Woodville
Ptepublican, a newspaper printed and pub'
lishfd in the town of Woodville, in mid
county and State, once a week fort he spsce
of oue month. t. ,: V '., ;..!.
I, Henry J Butterworth, clerk of the
circuit court aforesaid, do hereby oertify the
above to be a true copy of (he original orw .
der of publication, in the above stated case,'
as fully as the same remains of record in uf
office..-...; '-.- ..us .)-: '
!' ' i Given nnder my band aud seal
L. S. j of said conn, at Woodville, this'
f 20th day of January, A D, 1853.
' L K Barber, Esq., Plaintiff' Attorney.'
Jan 25, lm no 4 . s : ( n j - " '
, state of. Mississippi, '
: ..WtKisson Coumtt;'- 1.-J 'imi
In the Circuit Court of said Coun;y, De
; cembar term thereof, A D, 1852;
Wright & Elder, ) Attachment : 'uh i f
vs. for $178 60-100.! vt
Thayer k Potter. ) , . , :t -u. j . ' . i'
Returnable to the present term of thi:
court, aud it appearing to the satisfaction'
Of the court here, that Thnuor nnn of
the defendants in this case has removed out :
of this State, so that the oidinary process '
of the law cannot be served on liimi it is."
therefore, ordered by tne court, that unless
the said defendants shall appear, plead 'an '
awer, etc., in this case, on or before the'
fiist day of the ne June term of this
court, to be holden at the courthouse in "
Woodville, in said county, onthe second '
Monday in June next, 1853, judgment fi-'
nal, by default, will be entered against '
them, and the effects io attached, in the '
garnishee's hands, will be disposed of W
satisfy said debt, interest and cost. " ' "'
Aud it is further ordered, that a coyf of '
this order be published in the Woodville f
Republican, a newspaper printed and pub- '
lished in the town of Woodville, in seid 5
county and fctate, once a week for the space
of oue mouth, : - ', r v "' " '-'
I, Henry J, Butterworth, clerk of the cir ; '.
bove to be a true copy of the original order of (
publication, in the above stated case," a.
fully as the same remains of record in pijr 't
omca. . ; -j, ;,.' ,. .
!- , Given under my hand and seal ,
L.S. of said court, at Woodville, this
1 20th daT of January. A D, 1853. :
Isaao D. Gildart K Pi;..(;(T AitV.
2J-lni. bo4 "'-'V
i - ti c'

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