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The Yazoo sentinel. (Yazoo City, Miss.) 1878-1916, July 22, 1915, CAMPAIGN EDITION, Image 5

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jRt? first Silent KnigntMotor
put in car costing telow $4000
$10951 4
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It will give ua great pleasure to demon
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City Council Will Ask for Bids to
Gravel Streets Leading to
Ridge Road.
A petition signed by citizens from
all parts of the city was presented to
he Council last week asking that
the thoroughfare from Mr. H. H.
Brickell's residence to Adcock'a store,
at the city limits, be improved with
gravel pavement. The petition was
received and the request therein
An order was entered directing the
City Clerk to advertise for bids for
the hauling of the necessary mate
rial to do this work. It was stated
that the haul would be short and that
the cost would be comparatively low
on the completion of the work. Bids
will be opened at a special meeting
to he held July 30.
The roadway to be improved con
stitutes one block of Perry Street be
tween Washington and Monroe, and
Monroe Street from Perry to Ridge
I wish you would both do and say this
very thing:
111 vote for the man whose hat's in
the ring.
Road, and thence Ridge Road to Ad
cock's store.
The people living just out of the
city limits on Ridge Road, in consid
eration of the work to be done by the
city, promise to gravel a section of
Ridge . Road lying in the vicinity of
(their property, thus extending the
paveing a considerable distance be
yond the boundary line.
Owing to the present fair condition
of this road and the employment 'of
the teams and workmen elsewhere,' if
was decided that this work could be
done during the month of August or
not later than the month of September.
We have many suits that sell up to
$25 which go in the special Hale at
$9.95. C A. Lightcap.
Death of Mrs. H. P. Bankston.
Mrs. H. P. Bankston, aged 67 years,
widow of the late Maj. N. W. Banks
ton, died at the family residence, 1280
North President street, Monday after
noon, after an illness covering a per
iod of several months.
Funeral services were held at the
residence this afternoon conducted by
Rev. W. A. Borum, pastor of the First
Baptist church, of which Mrs. Bank
ston had long been a faithful and de
voted member. She was a women of
splendid Christian character, endowed
with the noblest traits of womanhood
and her death is sincerely mourned by
a wide circle of f irends and loved ones
Mrs. Bankston is survived by five
daughters and two .sons, the daughters
being Miss Saille May, Miss Hattie
Bankston, Jackson; Mrs. R. S. Head,
hreveport. La.; Mrs. J. L. Smart, Hen-j
derson, Tenn. The sons are N. W. j
Barkstcn, of Yazoo City, and E. A.
May, of Jackson. j
After th funeral services the body
was taken to the union station and
placed aboard the west-bound A. & V.
train for Edwards; where the inter
ment will take place. Jackson News.
The Sentinel joins Mr. N. W. Banks-
ton's friends in expressions of condol- j
?rce f 5- and hi brothers and sis- j
ters in the death of their good mother. I
Mr. J. H. Bunch Asks
Voters For Another Term
To My Friends and the Voters Gen
eneraly Throughoat Yazoo County;
It is "sorter" apt to flustrate a
fellow when a man "slips up on the
blind side of you," as my good frjend
in 'the' lower end of the county seems
to have dona in the imatter of enter
ing the race for Circuit Clerk. But
after fully recovering from the shock,
I am ready for the fray,' and may the
best man win.
cost to every tax payer who helps to
pay the expense of running the court.
I em perfectly willing that your
judgment shall be made up from the
testimony of these gentlemen, to
whom I refer without previous con
sent, knowing that they will give you
the facts as they are. "
While I have tried faithfully and
conscientiously to discharge the duties
of the office of Circuit Clerk, I have
Now, please don't misunderstand ; fet that whatever service I could ren
me. The office of Circuit Clerk be- der to the people of Yazoo County
longs to you the voters of Yazoo j ouUide the mere routine of the office,
County and it is your privilege and
your duty to bestow it upon the man
who, in your judgment, is best fitted
to properly discharge its duties.
Inasmuch as the election is only a !
should be cheerfully given, and this
I have done, always, and will con
tinue to do, should you see fit to give
me another term.
"Pro.ti.. ...L.. ..... :. .1.1
few days off, and no one had announc- gaying with much in it. In a clerical
ed for the place, I of course have potion of this sort, involving a
made no canvass of the county for re- ' great deal to the tax-payers, it is cs-
election, and will appreciate the sup gential that the work should be look-
port of my friends throughout the j ed after by one of know abmty jn
counly- , work of this kind. I feel that my two
Perhaps, after all, it is better that tern)g jn thi office have rven me
the lack of time will make a canvass . vaiuaDie experience that will be worth
of the county unnecessary. No doubt ' B deal . to the tax-payers by
the people throughout the county have continuing me in office for another
been sutncipntiy entertained oy ine
various cand'da'.es for the last several
months. Even if I were to personal'y
ce every voter in the county, the
n".'v r!a;m I could make for the office
would be my official record as vour
ITI K iur IIIC lU 171 ilia, IIU mi.- , . ... ,
, the primary will make it impossible
I believe, is well known to most of the 1 . r ., . .. , . t.
, , , , to see the voters throughout the coun-
voiers too nave niu wiftsivn uu-
term. The experience thus gained
will be used in the dispatch of the
Mrs. J. M. Grafton.
Mrs. J. M. Grafton, aged 75 years,
dirM at her home, S. Liberty Street.
Wednesday night, July 14th, after a
lingering illness.
Mrs. Grafton was a sister of Judge
J. A. P. Campbell, of Jackson, and is
survived by her husband, J. M. Graf
ton, of this city, two daughters, Mrs.
T. L. Tucker, of Canton, and Mrs. A.
J. Oswaldt, of Clarksdale.
Mrs. Grafton was born in Attala
County, but has been a resident of
this county for the past 35 or 40
years. She was a faithful member
of the Presbyterian church, a gentle,
Christian character, whose influence
was a power for good in the communi
The funeral service was conducted
at the family residence yesterday aft
fmnM by Rev. E. W. Ford at 6 o'clock
The Herald Joins other friends in
extending sympathy to the grief
stricken family. Madison County
PromiMt Faithful, Fair and Prompt
Attention to the Duties of
the PoHition.
C R. Uoyce Denounces as Untrue An.
. other of Brewer's Campaign
To the Voters of the First (or Middle)
District of Mississippi: ,
I am a candidate for Railroad Com
missioner from this district. If elect
ed I shall endeavor at all times to be
faithful, fair and prompt in the dis
charge of every duty of that impor
tant office.
I shall consider myself the servant
of the people; and will be at all times
ready to respond to any call which
may come to me with reference to
matters coming before the Commis-,
I promise to give careful study to
all questions which may come before
the Commission; and to give my best
efforts to the proper solution of them.
Very respectfully,
james r. Mcdowell.
Jackson, Mississippi.
Keep posted on the political siuta-
tion for the next three months through
the Sentinel, only 25 cents for three
Yesterday's Commercial Appeal
The Comercial Appeal received the j
business of the court, hence in the in-! b! C. R. Boyce, cort-
tpresrf nf th H nrnvM ' cerning cnarge. ma.ie .n me misms-
the money for its operation.
As the short time between now and
sippi gubernatorial campaign that he
' was P n o n i n if V ,mnivn nf T 1 1 1 1 .
For County Treasurer
Wm. Barksdale
"Keep ETerlastingly at It."
That "keeping everlastingly at it
brines recess" is a tru'h that can
rot be contr-tdictet Vr. peop e who
construct the Overland c?r have real
ized this truth and they hare "kept
at it" until they now offer to the pub
lic pVn'ute'r r'fc bi""-t ve'uc for the
least money. R3d the Crane Hamel
Hardware Company ad in this issu?.
serve the workings 'of -the Circuit
Court during my incumbency. And it
is upon this record that I now make
i my appeal for your support.
I I hope that if you are not familiar
; with my official record that you wi'l
take tSe time and trouble to make a
careful investigation of it. Ask any
local lawyer, or any Judge who has sat
upon the Bfnch in this district s:nce
I have ben your Ork, and I believe
they wil tell you that I have so kept I
the records aid iooVed af,.r the de
tails of the office as to erudite the
business of th? court, and thu save
valuable time, which means lreasHi
ty you will consider this a personal
solicitation for your vote and in
fluence. I will appreciate it if my
friends will look after my interests at
each box in the county, and any as
sistance that may be rendered in this ,
way will put me under lasting obliga- ,
fiors. Tr pf op e of l a zoo County
h.-:ve bern good to me in the past, and
I want to assure them that I feel
deeply grateful for it.
I leave my case in your hands, and
Gov. Theodore G. Bilbo:
Manchester, July JO. Report
reaches me that Brewer states Bilbo
faction is financed by me. This is
false and entirely without foundation.
I never say B.Ibo but once, and never
, con-.municated with him in my life. I
should think, after recent exposures
in the king's bench division of the
j English hifrh court, that political fak
ers would leave my name alone. It
was a very painful experience for a
Missisr'ppian to hear his State heid
' up to ridicule in an English court
it may be.
will abide by your decision, -hatevcr Governor. I am not for Bilbo, bu- I i
am certain any chanre from the ;
Sincerely, Brewer faction is bound to be a b'e- '
J. H. BUNCH. ing to the State. BOYCE. I

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