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The Yazoo Whig and political register. (Yazoo City, Miss.) 1840-1842, November 20, 1840, Image 2

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,vs,r, t:e
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re t'
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- scattered frer .c:
1. ,'o-f; co porty.
. ' rr.it :
.J, -.,: :) cf the Cih i:. cL.. s a
' ir" jority of over ICO, thvj return, Lc
'; ' ' net entirely c:.eiah
VTnaixiA. We have rothingc.
this State. .In 7 J counties heard from, a
lurea's n.njority is rej erica to le '-,7o.-.-Forty-eight
counties to La heard licia.
Kew-Yokk. In New York city tl;e tnt
: : : v
' i: f. I rir I
rial frcm . r ;r ! r
1 .
: ? i 1 '-'
:r than the dates lrc""ht ! y tho
, fieri
1 "her
Tic French rrcr 1.
war, norla3 tho 11. ; '.:
'I . . t-. l. - l t H8) m?
- e:'r:)ocrauc ucKtk icut,u " J frj nct t' ever t 1 if r
I-' uritV. XuQ Hi' caJ
' paciilc: both cat :cr.3 meant!::
:r.t ;
! its call for
c!;-:r:;:d ifa
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rcr .r.
i V I)
VI j Ci:r;l cf tho
The dole, Richmcn
iho Advertiser, and about half
u hourly arriving, prompts us to express a Thiers had despatched to the Lr;h,h Gov-
1 r nfident-opinion that Mr. Van Euren has eminent his ultimatum, stating on what
Lat rried the State." . t termi of forbearance on the part cf the four
'.The Courier of the same date says that powers, France would abstain from Lost?!!--'
, j am on nas receivea ine vtiu wo uv tlcSt it us However saia that France will
r rrr
rc;.t political ttrug-'Ma is now ccr, Van Turen papers are now c
s hrrcly : :-tify all these who are in cxtcrr:t:d cf tho party.
that vre ;re determined to take tims nii'.'ior.s cf Jersey an.
;e2 up our bussiners. Vre Avould the Van Euren men hr
t! -rcLre av to thcee indebted to u?. "be in tion. is directlv attritutalb to th:
re: iinccs, for you know not what a day may constantly put forth in theea paer-. Ther ni;'j;rT,t
iii-j icria. ,ierson wxio nave not me wiuui niieprucjuaiw intvo iui.a i.u
i;.:r.ey can cattle by note, all that we want eands and tens cf thoueaud.s.
d Enquirer, Lcuioi fliEW nAMrEIIIEE has gonefor an Euren. . Mcditeranean.br ifanv attrf i, J;!:
adozenother ,. jT-nypoTT), Connecticut, Rhode Island. , execute the decree cf c'rlfi'i mV"
vcn mv; the" ."T .-)!- 1 l;-s rjeno fer Il3rr...;n by an in- . ,,.wrr.wt y: ri, j c,, , -
One hr!f cl f 3 f 1 ! . --t'l' tt Hue. "a is concentralir- r. t ( , -"t
1 pre;-city . I. . j 4 ' - . , .... : t- CJ a crJ that Turkyha lr c! !, v-l -
3 lect ci tho el:e- i,.-,f , i f r K:ni- v.-c.l.r5inltiary, to puitiornt. 3 i:c :vcf
1 4 ,
41" "
to know how we stand.
"PiasuTCOT. The EJItcr cf the Yazoo fc'lt!';c-
Hill; WliUSU UlClilttti.i'iWHUviiw. ui.i. j
f)r rx:Nx vlvama. VT e learn from a gen
tlemen dirtet from Pittsburgh, that all
returns had been received with the ex- . n? t, !ft .-w,:i,rt,;e ."fcoxmiAi
cention of four -connties and that theveave r 1 ro0 r?--, TTnVrknn in cdreturnahc
y w ,. , ui lira uauuuj iu cuvwv-ou .. ili
. -t 2,c:3 Iv7rt. This is the Elate cf V.
tic 1.
Ly:':ut ii more quiet, ErJ it n ':IJi!it
j rrtcra u'.in a iair way cl rce" "i'.'.r- til.
Ui:i and 'restoring; crd;r.
- (' f. r-n . ' l.ril1 cf PriKC0 LoHi3 1 J "3 '
n yr
1 f
whig rr.sjorities on the 13th of Oct., and Har- the Presidency,
r. en'3 tZajority is now l,S00, and will pro- Your selection, Mr.
? opted to ihecnjoyrnt .it cf airy anticipation, iron the i.u- ten. . iifj nainst the Prince, and cfdctentL.3 Lr
has run up the ilag of Henry Cby, vhcia ho ir;rJy: 4Wt,- - Y-r-t-rr'Piff var5ous perioda a-ainst his folhr.vcr3.
ex' says will be called by the unanimous voice,, "fcoxmi ALABA rumors in the di; le-itic cicLa cf
of the nation, to succeed G:a. Harrkoi in,:?'! returns frcm the SCOunUe, -Paris were that the ultimatum restricted the
tally hi increased to 2,000.
Editor, is no less
wise than premature, ior your Northern al- ,emark lhat 1110
, , show a large increase of !f 3 J cr grounds of war to three pobts-tho pacain
iun. Harnson andlyler stncj Sf Straits of the Dardanelles by a Itueian
Louisiana. This State has gone for Har- lies who constitute the head and body of u-?y r"ay
. . ; . . --. u4,k4A if- ru.v nufan: 'correct. DO
ri,oa by 3,700
at thfl maiontics are rcnortcd. but . .. , J . .
1 r i na l-,i: llect anattacKot tno allies upon Alexan-
be relied on as very nca ly (bi 'and the aUm t by b FJ p w
South Alabama will do her duty, ,A .f . j.o:,:
your party, have; treated Mr. Clay's preten- correct bouth Alabama wi 1 do her duty, 5v9'cirect t0 ths
Lnift Prnnrv with snmithiL aklri -ad if the Northern counties have made any n-A hv thf
tions to the Presidency with something akin it me ortueru v.Mauuy , rronoanccd by the Saltan a-ainstMchemet
1200 to contempt, and even boasted of laving laid .crtnhb'ra l3':i ljr,-irciceraed Ali. Should the first of these assumed
,,at him upon the shelf. 'You roust therefore be and regenerated. , eventualities take place, Franco Will de-
Q7" W e. have heard of a sale of Yazoo
Cotton, in New-Orleans on the 11th inst
n'cpnts. Tt was rrnwn bv Maior R. K. ' content to have the Fatheu of ths Asieri- TT vJVCu;, u clare war c-ainst Itussia singly, leaving the
Pickett of this county, and is the best sale System for your President dc facto Ihe 1V. 0 other povers to take what course they nay
wnicu ne win ceriainiy us, 11 ucu. liJiiwiua --,0 jh n-n ' imnprtper. j.x tne ottier nana, it an ai-
- is 1 icsiut-iiL sui t:. . . - , '
rra have heard of from this quarter.
Mi. Editof of the Union, the days of hum- Autau3ai
-.The result of tho Prcd.Iential Election bug, witicism and wild political extra vegance n
rougtiut the Union. : ', Blcrious and grati- 3 ovcr- II 53 tim? now tnal editcr3 of news- Mobile,
jir- to the friends of reform beyond all pow- PaPers endeavor to treat political men and jWm,
cr cf anticipation. The whig party have PoIitical questions . with ; candor, frankness Ilusssu.
- i:ved euch a triumph as was never obtain- ana.a decent regard for the intelligence of Lowndes,
1 1 fare at the ballot box,m any age orany the people. ; We think it would be as well, ' Wilcox,
t .r.try. And so complete is the conquest at least it would look as well,fa you to wait Marengo,
t: the people, that it seems at oetohave until Gen. Harrison undertakes the duties of "asrMcn,
t .. t. lTfisinent neiore 011 arc use 11 m nt rp irninor
which o o
' r r
11 IT
i i
W V f
1: -I
n;;npn i f ir vnir r. itr iiy ri v !i( iipiik nn iu iiifn . . j r r m
EO long struggled to sustain Martin Van Bu- the performance of them to another. By the wr" '
ren, and even now there is. no party oppos- wai we bave heard you talk about General ,
'ed tc the'principles of the reformation., or to '!' Prison befbre.' r : ' VV
the election of Gen. Harrison.- s- . As to .our suggestion of Mr. Clat for tho '
' It is true that some of the leading Writs next president, we are quite as well pleased Har. nrj.
of disappointment?and discontent, men who with U as before any of the election returns; W.naj. Auj. II
can only live in a turmoil of ambitious ex- mat mere is pufi
; .;).
" .)
.4 trek le made on Alexandria by the British -cn
l Austrian squadrons, then war will hi
declared against these' Powers without any ,
r.erc. Ey tho ship Toronto, Captain Oris-
v. ; ' ?, f. . -i Lrr J: n, the New York' Courcr
"r ,.i..r 1 .1 received tho . Hampshire
. ' J at I'ortrrnDUth, t th
1 !
'w tniirr nf one party, and that there is but little proba'." 'r: -m
cWfarryM. But we : trust, for the present bility of a conlcst for the next presidency." ;
at least, this will be only talk. ' v : 1Iow do 'ou become lnfjrncd l-:t "
Ye are not disposed in our rejoicings over "northern allies" are the hcal-anl 1 cf ,;,
.v. 11, -Nr-i: i -.,n ...v the whig party"! Is it Iro: the I .t3 dec-
SI U.iiJ. :S VI Hits ilttUUU IU CAUIt 111 U1UC11 '. .
extravagance of expression, ' much "less to ti0r!3- : I'
;nt those who have opposed us. For we y are not t0 disrt? ith jou cn
,.aw that our opponents, generally, are mi"3 object, much lcri are we ir.chr. 1 !. K
rood citizens, honest and true to the repub- arSUG ;vlth 'ou' tl tbl3 lin;0 cf "I.r.
lie. They were led astray by demagogues. Cla''6 PrclcntioRS t0 tho I rc: ;-iCr:''" A
Their, "leading men" were false to them as muo unw U1U u"w,a l"J 1-,t;1 " 1 " . :
1 f,;, Awi it .' . whether or no we are comet 1a ;r ;...titi-
well as to uie Nation. And their presses, - . .
without scarcely an exception, have nursu- Pall0n3,
rd f neha course as was but -calculated to "God A y damn, where
' is r-
. ) Jl .
. :ch "13 tr3 day later than wc
rj rce-isT d. It contain the follow-
I; ; ! t-:tr.t intelligence, ' apparently jutt
-A Pvi! ;: vJth; and is ccfirmatcry
'.SC 1 eec nfiv-tily tho Parij corrcspen- -'....I
f the Cv . . :crcial Advertiser, recciv
I ! y th: h. t ; ' arr.:r, which wo copied,
' i! . t,li i ettenco omitted to direct : -V.
; L!t:it!e.ic Tcr leaders editorially to its .
I-; 'itcr.ee: Jeurnal. ". i r
i r rouTix, Oct. 3, 1813.
V.'o ! - - - d Malta papers'- to the
" , '. . ', ,:'r"i is an extract:
;t. 15, 1810. ,
.leccive and mislead. 1 Put humbuggery of Jack?on1" Van Euren fail, v:- !.
this .; tem of political chealery . is over and the result cf tho rrccidentil r lrc:b
the t-'oplo p. re now all of one party and the . '-Election iCVS;:,
'' !; ' .- of the rcformction are generally Yc areindclt"! n the !i' r
d i.i
i -
, ' Yor;,r., of 1"
.-'if,; f inally and trium- Or! lie
I w tj cwry 1'iicnd of reform wdiich we c:
r V. '
cf tho 1
:et t! a f "
J t
fv:i 1 ' . 1
i1- ' t '' :
c. :
' ... 7 1 . t .
. 4 . . I ,
in f.:t, ; .
!. ' t ihiiv -1
1 '(:
-J 1 '(II
it: out cur
1 Jyria cr-
:h;d cf the
' . 1 tcived t !-'
every pre ; ct cf "
t t ! ice ' 1. e
tuli, t' ; J-t-
i.lii: t .
- j
Ue-::r l.eld;h:it.
'3 4L. loved
Pt: r for life..
' i rtant ir.tel
r tion wis
. Ejy,
, 1 i-k 1. .1
1 Of tl
tO l!
tiii idi::t d. i(d t) l"i
tiec!;"n nev
1 c
1 1'
:: i:rcr
-; -
r t!
e cf th-
"H i) r:
I. I J I
1 t:
Loui ,
ay, .o i
r:i ( I cl
It. t.i
1 1
1 '
i.i f f 1,
3 m
1 1 ; !. t k -.irt'r 1
f .r:3hr
'....:t:.;uf lC:li
, , ..d . died L-r Eeyreut,,
1 prccee
- 1
c n t!.3 lit
) f cf
. . i'i)i".i
: 1 .
1 ci
1 p rt
. ' tiilt

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