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The Yazoo City Whig and political register. (Yazoo City, Miss.) 1842-1844, June 21, 1844, Image 1

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L J i C y J u
.'. A. STRVENS. Editor &. Proprietor.
VOL, 8, No. 50. Whole No. 405. t
j, i j: -V; hL
I :
, .lit i. i i v'i' I' I!
IA.UJ Willi ;1.U HiiUioiuu,
t KlNrfcJ A.t BMStlt.lt Vi.RV t'lltUAl
0 Jrfferto'i-itreel, next dor to the ejjien oj
Jlct.ft. nrdkbii $ .-Hiei, aid F
QiiacArfitpfi .
"TERMS The Wma will be furnished 10 lub
tCfibers at $J "0 ter annum in advance.
AbtfRrHKiKsr3 will be inserted at the rate oi
i m ',-r.iiiurB for the rirsl itiscrtionand 50 cents
'oreacli wee thereafter ten lines or less, con
ttitutin-T avlare- The ntimberot insertiorure
uircdnust lie marked on the margin of the man
uscript, or they will bo inserted till forbid, ana
char red accordingly.
AU Advertisements from a distance, must te
accompanied with the CASH o they will not
be inserted. ... ,
Announcing candidates for office will be
- Tor county oilices, $10 for state ofT.ccs-tn ad-
Vp"'tic-1, Cotton Circulars or any icef O
individual interest, w.U h charged a. advertise-
tor advertising wnau" - ,
Court to persons interested to co;ne furwd
show cause why an rJ r ?! sae
V. ix, u vji. UALLAWAV,
General Commission and
SovaxnixiQ Xtvtlinxxtts,
Ho. 95. Camp Street,
A DA41D.
July 0, 1842.
Grays jh .11112,
No. 83, Common Street,
New Orleans.
Commission Tlcrchauts,
Lower Landing, Yazoo City.
Kksidknce of Parties: - r; '
W. P. 4511AY.SON. New Orleans,
I.RWIS I.UM. Nitrl.ez,
K. B. GRAYSON. Yaznn Cily.
Yzm ritv. Sept 22. 1843. ll-tf.
Court for the ,5 of property, 15 dollars to b, . ll C C GrO C C r V
p.nl.forin aova.ce. fn Bnn.rc, J rOClUCC, .UrrOCCI J ,
f tif anv'ri 11 me vinin." j m
Jen.s, V, d .'l.rs each. to be paid lor in "nce.
Fura.ivert.s.na Mentions lor Dower, Irom
15 dollam, to be paid for in advance.
Fur adyert.sinji Notice of Letters of Adminis
tration, 7 dollars, to be paid for in advascf.
For advertising Notice of annual or nnal set
tlement "by Adninietrator, dollare,to be paid
for 111 ADVANCE. , t i . r,.,.
.,r .,l.rri.din(r Notice of Insolvent Estates
c .k. ? t.i h Did for in ADVANCE.
n- , .l n: other adverti8-m,
D,v-,.;r,..rt. mi mm be uoid lor m advance.
IIVl fi ' .
Forwarding and Commission
LoTfr L:indirigt Yazoo City, Miss.
Dec 15, IN43. . v 23-if
NALLE &, COX, ? :
Buecined. mum y"" - - - . . , nnu
. I" a.nMl nnflire Wilt I -
ched rjrjricV .nrent required in OmtUCfiSCOU. jfHf VClUlUttt.
Vearlv Advertising.
, Fot forty linea or less, renewable at pleasure
, New Yoik, Jn. I, 1844 '
Sib Tlie nndersiiird is remfy hih! will
mg to iu ke the usiml Hflvuiiccs on fMiS'jjn
nieins made our mutual friend, Mr. Wji. B.
VVilsuN. ho fiemy auihorized to make ar
rangemn's for thm pmpnae.
Ri specifiillv, v.iirs &c. .. V
. . No. 7. P. ne Street.'
My references aro
Messr?. Prime. Ward & Kino. i
41 ( Bookman, Johnston & Co.
William 0ri2stHv:
Commission and Foawarding
No. 5, I'l N E ' Si U LET, ."j EW Yo UK . 1
TVT - B. W. will continue to my part icu -
VW j,r afeinioii to snles ' f Cotton,
P,.ik, and all sorts of Souihen) and Western
Produce, consigned to inm., ; . ,
He will also continue to pnrclinse every
tlescnption of GtK),!? to order, and from li'S
long experience, hopes his numerous Iriends j
will, as usual, encourage hity when in. ', want
of his service.-?. 1 -.
P. S - Cash advances made on consign
ments 'when required.
Reler to . ' .
Messrs.' Dor emus, Suytlam Sf Nixon,
W. ( Whitney V Co:
T. W.Jones, Eq, V
. s , , . , , New York.
Stanlnf. Sage Co. - " -
, JC. Eaton Keys, -V, , - J...
New Y-.tk, Dee. 2o 1843. 4 29-l4t.
Know je itoi that ye are Meul
Know ye nut that ye are rnn, . ; ,
"Ye labori'iiji throngs of rarth?
Mmt je be told end told again ,
- That Truth and Tu'd are worth?
Why do ye look upon the groundl
No tire wiiliiu!he eye.
When nobl l6rn aip all around,
- And VVeaJih and llank go by i ,
For have ye not a heart within, '
And sn.e and eoul as theT?
Ahdntort- have e not toiled to win
v The bread )e eat to-day?
Do ye despise our sunburnt hans- '
So hard and brown. with ti-ih;
That have made fair the forrst lands,
s And turnt d the fortst soil? c " ' 1
What! do je'fear the haughty gaxa
Or men in rich array? r' - -
'Tis said Pride ha:h not many days,
And Riches fly away". .
Up heart andlhand, and persevere, .
And overcome this scorn .
The haughty hate and headless aneer
" ' Of the world's geuila born! k
Fear not shrink not to yon is given
..'The (tuardiahship'of 'earth ""
And on the record book of lleavtn
Is writ your honest worth!
Honor j ourselves! ye honest, true,
And willing, firm, and strong! , -
Do well whai'er your hnncs may do,
Though praise may linger lung!
A high and ho! work is yours,
And, your shall be a fame '
That lives lor agti", and endures ,
f 1 Beyond the'hero's name ! ,
Go with your hand upon the plough,
- And the plough beneath the sod;
Pity the lu art that scorn, and bew
To nothing hut your God !
; As you go in, you will meet with inany - R number this ttust for which you
Intl.- rrookt d paths but do not to into are ..accountable tj Hirn'w'ho pave it. That
I them. , 1 advise you, as a fiiend. never to
I attempt ; it; for though, et. the entrance of
each, is written, in" large letters, "In the
tiaht" when you get in, iri nine cases cur
of' fen, you will find the true name to be
you ; may be blest with the sweetest pro
ductions of this garden that-ihey may' bo
the delight of your eyes, that ycu and they,
when'the summer of this life is over, may
be transplant, d to rrme happier Foil, and
Pt rverteness, and that y ou arc in the 'wrong, ; flourish in immortal vigor, in perfect and
and will not acknowledge it. Thia often 'permanent felicity, is tho sincere wish of
occasions eitdJes dispute? hereis a source ycur affectionate friend, T , . '
of perpstual dinerence, and sometimes of a
final seperation In the garden. -
Near this spot, you will meet with a stur
dy, knotty plant, called Obstinacy, bearing
a hard, bittei fruit, which becomes fatal
when taken in large quanttties. Turn from
it avoid it as jou vvould the plague.
I ronithe Westchester Reg atcr.
Be it Kciiiciiitocreif
That the pirty claiming to be Demncn-
iic, par excellence, h declared 'heir wi!-
, Ju3topp site to. this, grows that lowly, 1 ngns to sustain f r the Pr-s't'ency Mar
lov?ly "fihrub; Compliance; which, though Van Buren, win 8 tpported ;.Wtt
nnt,Ci v;. TJiiuton. in opposition to Jt.roes Madison,
No contract taken for less than one j ear-
. i- iir . In nlvnnre.
.TheVnvile-eofannuaUdvcrt.ser.islini.ud o
their own immediate business; and all ad verm -nicnts
for the benefit of other persons, sent in by
them must be paid for by the square.
ProfesHionnl Advertisements.
For 10 linen or less, not alterably 3 months, $V2
in nil ill. . '
it iri rin da ao
iNCENT (JALLAWAY. has taken into
Co-partnership his brother Lewis G.
It a
Gallawav, of Holmes countv. Miss. They
will conduct a. General Commission Bust
From ihe C'liniberland (Mi.) l'n stiv terian
On flic Iflarricd State.
To Miss . Knowing that you are
clbT ' 30
tV. os'
nessin this citv, under the style of V & L. shortly ?o enter a gardt'n, enclosed, and that.isa hundred to one, if you da not .lose it in Ujl.nke the declaration of C4 Benti.n, -h.t
(J. Gallaway, and respectfully s.Mici. the you are, at pres. nt, a stranger to this garden, ng.ln. This i-more useful than what .nongst the first objects to Ue'accon,p.-h-pa.,on..ge
of their friends and public gener- ' , J.. . fir. you will find th. ... -fot iUsoranothe, sorU M ua.u.n of J-ckson He . .n
IVt the above rates are,he same as tr.os
established in Naiche, vicKFoors,
Grand Gulf and Vwherein thu State, po de
duction will btmadrtf om them in any ease
-7-U. n VOiv-.,iwJT DE PAID FOR
ON" nF.LIVF.lt Y.
i. l '
Attorney and Counsellor
Yaioo City. Miss.
CONTINUES to pnot'eo ic'enlarlv in
, ,t. S.ip-rior Court of Chancery, Hie'
C..nr. nfFmrs and Apels. Circuit Cou-'
,f tin Uiitp.l Sta'en ;il .1 icks n. Sitp rto
f?o lit of Climee'V. ;iu I in the Ocnit cour -
..rV.y.w. T I. .1 n.-a n ! v;m.li nninn.-
I iHur nice o't
No. 90, Camp Stteet,
Spptenibpr 1. IB43. . 10-6m.
Commission IflercIiantN,
New Orleans.
J. R. West, Holmes county. Miss.
II. L. W. Philvps, New Orleans.
Au(?ut 11. IN43. : 5-tf.
'rpHE undersigned beg leave to inform
I heir friends and the public, that Mi
William L'uighlin bs iiihdrawn bis agency
pnoinied. in his stead. Messis. llcoii Watt "- '"V -V:" ". ,rance. i neen nanuy ten you mat i is ex
. CI - A Vfw. rr fU -Ihi dllV -'!',nP"n,eU
"iiened an office at 'lie old , stand of Mr.
Vm. Lanublin.) under the firm of Hugh
Wnfl A Co.. who" will 'liVikeCAMradvniiCes
.nd furnish plantation suppl'esou shipment
f produep to our andres.
BURKE. IVATT& CO.. N. Orleans
WATT, BUIIKE & CO., Natchez. r,
r.nn- in. Is 11. 4 .!- i ;
not pleasant to- the palate, is salu'ary and
sweet, and prod uces the most delicious fruit
in Jhe garden. Never be without a sprig
of it in your hand it will often be wanted
as you go along; if jou (!o not, you will sure,-
ly repent the want of it.
All over the garden you may find a use
ful plant, called Economy. It is of a thiiv
ing quality: take a good stock' of it as you
go in. It adorns and enriches at the same
tim. Many entirely overlook it: some des
pish it, and others ;think they want it. It
is generally forgotten in the hurry and gaie
t'y with which people inter this place; but
the total wanti of it is commonly paid for
with bitter repentance. I must tell you,
unless both paitake of it, it will answer
little end to cither. Yt u may, if you proas'',
carry some with you into the garden, but it
t!io candidate of the "Republican parly, dur
ing the gloomiest period of the last war,
while Mr. Clay was cheering the country on
to glorious and energetic resistance oi the
enemy ;
BE n lvEAlb.vilibUll.lJ.
That the same party hhve det la:ed their
readiness to support Jarnes Buchanan, who
declared in si public speech, on the 4th, of
Julv, 1812, -bit -if ba ihoiiglu be had any
Democratic bleud in his veins, lie would lei
itou-.P '
That the simep;irty, while they clamor
for princ pies, declare their will ngness to
support any surl of a j ol.iician bearing the
name, of Democrat, whetl er the nominee be
a Prochmaiioirst or a Nullifier a TarUTne
or a Frte Trader!. ;
That the same pirty.profe.-suig tobebos
ti'.e io In ernal Improvements by' the Gene
ral Government,, hive pissed over, .without
I i. tr . a i'l. 111 I ail VIU lliruu e ir UU. CU1UC
V. GALLAWAY. '''Wrv L-.,,ft 5t nn nnwihlv ti.M; ami. mv ."lr I"4"
LEWIS G. GALLAWAY .information can do vou noliarm, it may do
New Orleans. Dec. 21. 1813. 25-if , , ' 3
, you some good.
r INOI ICE. . - You know there is but one way of en
Ofii-p ii t'i-
5 Hi StpI.
Jt fR
Aiken's (.in Stands
ilOR SALE by Hie 8Ub.ci'iWr hi'2 50 p
Saw. . ; r." O BONN ELL.
V'aoo ciry, .Sppr. 22. IV.43:
1 l-il
Vnzoo City. Mi.
TT!!.L p'srlir- in th ''onrlf of the 10'h
V V Judical .li.itric:, The Supreme, Fed
erl ai l Cht n rv rourw. at Jack-ori; and
the Chancerv court at f'-in olbnn.
Hp will ive e-iurial atteniion to the
adpntiuii of iiilef to real eataie in Yazo and
counties ftdjnininK.
AuRURt II, 1843. 5-3m
Th Southron,' .!arkon ; the'Dailv Cu
Natchez: and the American Eatl".
....... . .... . . I . . - - . . n . !
Memnhif Tenn. will insert tne anove mree rjommission liusiness in mson name.
. . .... ...r? .l . . . ........ . . . y .,,r.
MJE co p i r i tie i Sir p here lofore ex's1 'nsj
in New Orleans between the under-
tmed under the siile u! V. Gallawav &l
o. is this diy dissidved by mut- al eonstnt. JTfJl j 'J,e P"
I'l omiiip oi llo! firm on lv to he used in I HdintlHi-MrHtor
July 20th, 1n43.
Yu observe as you pass, two or three
paths, whi h tun much into one another
I mean those of Regularity, Exactness and
Neatness, Do not think, as many do, that
to the undersigned by t he . , k . , : ;,k when once you are in, you may be careless
the estale .'f Robeit Mi-ln't re.Ute ot Yazoo with all that art or imagination can invent. "'.Pnion ;fee some that are not eo
C.tv, deceased. All persons .having claims You may fondly hope this scne of rapture lhl3 ""d'fieience will strike his eye, if not
against said Estate, are required to present wm ever 'alter, as you will not see the end oHor'd ,f Enter those paths almost as soon
hem lor payment. w.,,m, .,. .,,., p- ,,. . f ,, h... :. v 5, s you enter tne garden and, lake my word
-ii r l j i.a aa'u.iiiiaaTV'aaiiiaaL Hrawtiivaa,
e.d l.y t.w, or tli win ue lorever o.neo. . , ' . - for it. if vou do. tou will h,.r n,,t f
Hid those in(lebted ti s.td estate are re -pioves a yrry MM.ri one ai.u 10 jou u may , t r , . , : majoiities of Republican Congresses, tipm
uiem.ouee.a.ny in, jou are in lor Hie, and lUe reconmei.datioa of Republican Presi-
Tliat tl.e hijjh Tar Hi which have been
passed by Congress since ISlt?, weie voted
for by Andiew Jaekson, Martin Van Piiien,
Thomas H. Benton, Rxhard Mr. Johnson,
and other distinguished men of the Jackson
Van Bureu parties!
That the tariff bill, ccrr.monlv k
quiied to make speedy piuneiu.. k t . iapp ar very diflVtent in the retrospect.
SAN1UEL t.R,.V ES. A(!m r ,- 1 line,' rny dear ' girl, let me caution you
of esta'eof Robert .Mctutvre. dec d. , v f f . . . ...
M .reh Is-. . . , . 81 Ct ' h0t ? ?Vam of peifect., or. perpetual bin,
the persou M. Van Buret!, is the improve
ments of tiiefirea; Western rivers LT
That the same party, while profess'ng to
be the especial champions of the People
are always .o be found on the s de of p w
er, and have un fotnily sustained all th Ve
toes upou the action of the People's Repre
That the same party, while professing t;
venerate the memories and services of liie
Fathers of ihe RepuLl can Church, are dni
ly in the habit of denouncing as ''imont-he
batch or Federal measures," a Bank of (he
United Sh.tts, the Tariff, etc., although
these very measures were passed by lar'f
the worst of it is. that if you do, you wi I
never get out of them; once fairly in, you
if voii do. exnerieneP will , show vou that ia,c ,u " n,, wurh Vl 11 ' 11131 11
. r . - V you do not find them soon, you will never
It never existed on enrth. nnvn in vis.inna J - 1
find them afterward.
Near this walk, is found that invaluable
shrub,- Humility. This though of no worth
rhe State of .Mississippi, 1 CrLtvaa. Probate 5"0f visiWiary 'head. - 1
Boi.!ar CncKTs. j Jan., Tcriis 1844.; -j You will inert with many productions in
Estate ol Liert Harris, dee d. - '-. . thi rs.rden. whirh are rhariiiiiitr tn the eve !
tition-ot Joseph' M'Guire; . ,,.'t .. .:;.......,. in itselt, yet joined to other good qualities,
. , ., . . - , . , unu ino3oii iu tor tusir, oui uirj aic iiui -
o all itud Mnytilar the , .;' . .. . is worth them a! put toaether. It is never
a . nil en. - i.oTmo inci rniru mar vnn n rt t .
g,M,ds and chattels, ngb's and credits which - . ,i " ' '7 without being admired; and is n
were of s itd decease.), and uoou the ac-. carrying into this garden one of most deli-, .,, t ....
count of ihe.sa d udsniuistrMor, exhibif.-i c.ous ai.d dt l.cate plants in nature-Uneah 'am,8D,e vnen 'i0' v,s,ble- J n Ea' "v,r
tue is us own reward ' I am certain pride
fj7 The unders:gned.'-ill continue the
the "Bill of Abominations,' wio ni?sed in
seen wiihout being admired; and is most , 1828, bv tho vo'es uf Mattin Van B'tren,
.Mines BulI anan, Thoma3 II. Benton, Rich
ard M. Johiion. &c !
inonihe, and send their bills to this office for
pavment, -
i . & w . battaile;
attovuen at 2.,
Yazoo County. M:..
Will repnUrly attend each term of the Su-p-rior
Court of Chancery, the lliaib ''ourt of
Errors and Appeal, and the Circuit Courts
of Holmes, Attala Leake and Yazoo.
December 30. 1R42. 25-1 y-
Slttor'neij at Hab3,
YAZ0 CITY, Mississippi, r
March B. 1810. 44-tf
August 4. 1&43. ; '' I. - r4.-tf
on oith, shewing that the personal ts ate o , (j,,0.i Illimm'nnll i Hmn it or lose it. as
said intestate is in-uffieit n u pav hi? debts.'-, A . r ,.t. : 'j,.is its own -punishment. Flee from it as
... , c lit ,u i .i v . n many have done soon alter they entered, m - .
(I l llirir"" ... ...v v. , . . . . - - . . . I .
persons interested in - ihe" following la'nd."-, "h -cioni, if ever, found it again. It s
. 1 1 -. - i . . r ' iji . . . i i -
teiu ni Mi's ana netiauamentsor iiiesata tie- , a treasure wnicn . notning can maKe.up 10
from a contagion, which it strongly resem
bles. It infects and corrupts. Cultivate,
j At the OJfice. of the n H'orii. 30 Annst.
. PRICE Oj CENT'," . v
liN T .X . V
Transmission of lutellcctnal and
Ifloral Qualities
A v;ilaahle treu i-e on a
. V HI. mil" . " 1 ' v - .
hi a e;e
with all your care, the humble plant now
mentioned, as the best antidote against this
JJeftrrrn Viclcshitr;; N, Orleans
THE new, splendid nnd
ry. " JT.f running le'im boat
tLJZL ,VA::00, C. Drenh.,
M inter, has coiiiinenced nmnin;? rn a re --il
P.icket biween tlio above phecs, nnd will
leuve New Orleans every Sunday rsvrnin
flt 10 oVlock. arrivini? in Vicksburg in
time for the steamer Vtlant on Tuesday J
morning. June 1 1 3 M-tf.
bi.bj clot por wuoui't uitkie tto purem-, touo-if-
.o l . iK. r. Ii i littell bV "''J "I e,nl-
' . . .. u. Ih. inhmrl
iient wooh iiml Winy, w
. . . . - i .... .nL iirn l.n. lieeli
i una ..I mnrii i it iv. anil v ii' 'or -
V W ' ' J - . .
t.. la be orehir .-wu X rXjrls I i e re-uw
; nr. fi.r iKm i L.ini.&nd which cannot Mil
11141'" 1 " - ' T ,
t , r-pa ihe... il.o.i.and CM lor the co t ol the vo-
l ui e i i p intfim itionin mi-w r .........-, . -
ml. c nr. 1 interesting, ir.i-i h"Uia P 'c-a m me
hand.'.! iveri Fa la r ; l ipcllierin the t'nion. ,
ASMitsup1.lif.(rai di?countol iwemy-iive j er
rent. . - ....... . . ,
Got Irr will le d 'n s' d to - .
, No. IQ, Ann street. New York. .
sections 9 and 10 hi ig north nf t ha Choc
taw Boundary, all lying in Township 22, ol
range,-No," B, west, cont.iinrna by estimate
120 !2-100 acrcs:Aso e-st half of south
east quarter of section-33 in Township No.
ID, of rang No. 2. west, containing t) I)
1U0 of acres. B ' 'cited .to appear before tlie
Probate Court of ; the county of Bolivar at
the Court house thereof on the. third Mon
day of -April next, to shew cause, if any
they can, why ihe said intestate should no
be sold, or so much thereof as will "be 'suCi
cient to pay su.d satisfy h's debts, or the re
sidue thereof. It is Ordered further that
s ti ! citation be posted up in ' three" of the
most" public placps, in Bolivar County, for
t inv days and be-published for the same
length of time in the 'Yazoo City Whig.
-"'A true copy from the minutes. - " '
Tier. A. B DODD, Cl'k. ;
Jan. 2, 1844, ' p.-s fee $14) V 30-51;'
ceased, to wit. r ructieuiTtr sect ou.'No. 7,
. . n f. I I' lit 1. IO i f.-..:. .. I 1
u,sr l-y'r, i0' ?irhSJ,, ,";,i When vou get to the end of the first
. . . tT:.1b uhirh tet nhmil thirlv steiw. mm. ' .
I He north hai: ot section in zi una hu u , A,w hp j.nn . u- . ftn tho en.
moiily cal ed hont v-tnoon path, you will see !, . , , . . t ,
v- - " i rt of on ll l vat inn na Ihnt rtinct nrnl.nlib
the gaiden open in a vast variety of vieu6' J , ' , , 1 3
''. : . n will be your employment. Should you be
and here I mu-t caution you against some J - 1 J . '
. . j 1 frit usUd with the rearing of a flower, re
nrndiirtiniiH whirh wre nauseous and noxious e
, r . ' . i " . .l"L uioiiwi wm tiling;, uisi, iuai 11 la uui a
and even fatal , in their tendency to the un ' .. .
.. .- .- ; flower, however fair frail in its nature, and
wary and ignorant. ). ,. . - ,, ,, ,
. . , ;, r . .."V 1 i fading at ever? bast; and, secondly that it
Pheie is a low, small plant, which may j . " . J , , . ,.. r
. v 4 i ".i ii j r i r U's a flower in Host, for the cultivation of
be seen in almost eveiv .path, called Indif1( .... , .. - ,- , ,
. . . ' r . Tl which you ate accountable to the owner of
ference, though riot perce ived , at , the rn- S, J. . .. .
trance.2 You will always knotv "when rear J
this plant, though, you do. not , see itj by a
certain coldness in the air. whirh surrounds
-; CarreU and halt battels superior
I. butter and Water iiuiscuii -Just
received and for sale by '
I Yazoo City, June 20, 1843. y ti :
I0Y as an. Apprentice to 'the Primin?
hopineF.. One from the country and
aged about 16 years would be preferred.;
Apply immediately.
Should you be a witness to a blast on iti
dawirig, beauties; ch, how your fluttering
it. Contrary to all others, it thrives in rold, .. T , ,. ,
, : r :."';,,. t . - feet ion sympathise." . lour feelings may be
and dies in warmth. W henrvcr you pet U . ", . , - , , ., ,
. . r . , .i E r - conceived, but they cannot be described.
cetve thip. change your situation as soon as " . . , u " ,i j
U uuu ill nutumni utivi llinll.
you canv- : ; ..
Tn the fame path is often found that u'jly,
sibly twine around th fibres of your frame.
Should it live rr d thrive, spare no pains to
l-e l!nw 'flu-.i or ra i A T u U In 1 1 6 V . ' h ! ; Vl I U'icK I
' .. i --. t h . th. ifi'.nrt"' rroiine.tiAn how fn ticp.
you never to look af. Turn from it aa fast . , . . o ,
. , , . , . - lWred it, water it, prune it it will nee't
as possible for it.has thestrango quality tthem alL v.thout this, mv weeds will
of tinging the eye that holds it with a stain ;grow up and poison the tery toil on which
wbich it seldom gets of. .. j. (it grows.
That the buik b.ll of 1810 w s rppnr e l
by a . ommittee, of which John C C lhoun
vas ciia rman. and pussed by the aid of the
vote of Henry St. George Tucker, and oiher
distinguished membeis of the Republican
party; an 1 thai Jtide Tucker (W icin they
dure nut read out of the Cuurch) to this day
insists upon tho constitutional, power of
Uongress to pass such a law1.
That the tatifT !1 of 18 ,2, wh'cli led to
Nullification ir .South Carolina, was passed
by a Jacksor. Congress, was signed bv An-
draw Jackson, and was about tube enforced
by hirn with the bayonet! And tlt the
evils of a civil war were averted by the
timely inferposit:on of Ilenrv Clay!
Thit the tariff of 1842. which Mr. Van
Burens friends at the North supported, and
wlvch that gentleman ne.w declares in a
letter to the South, he 'utterly disclaims
ai:d denounces," was voted for bv James
Buchanan, ''the first choice" of our anti ta
riff friends of Clarke, for the Prejldencv! -And
by iSilai Wright, Mr. Van Buren4s lieu
tenant We phall in duo, time bate other remem.
hrances for the People, taken from the re
cords of the country. ,
It is better to be of the number of thnsa
who ceed relief, than of those whe want
I hearts f give i.

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