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The Yazoo City Whig and political register. (Yazoo City, Miss.) 1842-1844, June 28, 1844, Image 4

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! V K it T I S 1 Jj O COL UM N S
pilNCEtho burning of their Ranking House,
3 the COMMERCIAL .UANIv ha teen re-tiiuv.-d
lothe brick U.nlding on Main lret,whcr.
iho Ollice Planters Hank was formerly kepi.
J. J. HUGUCo, Corner.
Yazoo citv, Feh 2-1, 111 13 33-tf
Jamt.vrv t5rr.ci.vL Term, IS 14
Almiri IJ 'al,
vs J IMI fr divorce,
(nrijn I5o.il.
rj J 'ON opening ihe nnitcra of ihis Bit
mi 1 it nj;.M! iiin lo I lie ? ilisfactin '
tho Court tint thn ih fetnl in George
is not an will il'ilTiit of this State, hut reside
hootiJ tho lmitH thereof so that ihe onlini
ry process of hw cannot bo served upon
him. It is therefore ordered by tho Court,
that unless tho sod defenthint appear hi-fori
the jude of the Circuit Court of tho county
of Bolivar, at tho Court house in Bolivar, on
or beforo tho list Monday of April next,
and plead, and answer or demur to this bill,
the several nllcgitioiH thereof will bo taken
for confessed, and such order or decree
rnido there as urn bo deemed equitable
oriust It is further ordered that n cop?
f ihia order be published in tho Yazoo
City Whig onco a week for two mouths sue
Test, a. b. dodd, eric.
Fell. 2. IS 1 1. (I'rn fV $17) ,J0 9t
(yKVERAL hundred dollars of Fenton and
Manchester Hail Hoad and Banking Com
pany Notes. Term mo.l orate
1 F. W. QU.C;CENH0S3.
Yazoo citv, April 2. 18IJ. 42-tf.
820 KKVrAfli9.
TTT) WAVAY on thf ;Mih ult. mv noro
mm nmvd IIFAIlY, '-out '22 year
oil, a dirk mulatto, tall and w4hi erect,
bmliv head of hair but ho often combs it
out smooth an I straight; Ik; is a ood coach
ni in an I w liter, and is well kno wn in V oka
burr. Y o City an 1 Bmi'oh. It is pn.ba
bio h' 'vill endeavor to jjc. to Vr.oo City,
mil 'S. as 1 havo reason to ilvuk, h was
entice 1 :1 !y a man who calls riimsell v:i
p.),), vh i !.a i been making propositions to
Il'Mirv aii.l several ot!j?r negroes in the
neilih trli ) d. I In wu formerly tho pro
perty of J. l. Cicccy in Yazoo. Tho abovp
reward an I all reasonable- expenses will be
paid for li s di livi rv to tho jiilor at Vieks-
bu.-. iii:tji:tta b. crlt;y.
V,:xford I,ikIjo, near Yicksbur.
Autl'Ht 1, isW.
Eiiot of ILcttcrOf
rTTiEMAlNINQ in the Toai OCice at Yazoo
iiU City, Mie., en the 1st day of April
1844; which, if not taken out within three
nontha, will be cent to the General . Post
)Cice as dead letters.
Armstrong. A W , '" "
Alford, John
Audenon, LO 3
B.. . .';
Br. oks, Geo.
Banks, Jerry
Bsx'vcn. Eenj. R
Prory, J hn r ,
Prod, Ceo R - - - '
Er okit Thomas .
c. . .v ;-. ,.
Cason, Cana'ty
Clark, W JS
Cage, A G
Xrmta'K, William
Ask ti, II J
Zlilhnce, James
On e k, Daniel 2
i.ufii I I, C.
lajle-1, Drunson
!e islv, is. Evelina
Z?ut or, Mii. Alary It
("urnaban.Q A 2
t'hanib'es', Vernon
ii'utiuhn &; W inter,
c'ht'ek, James O
v'ooper, W D
D maho, John
Dcnnun, John II
D venport, Geo W. .,
Dime, John
Frcrman, J. A. -Flack,
R It
Gerry, Mrs. Elizabeth
Greer, William
Gilinore, Y A
Ilnnna, John C
Itargun, John
Motive, IJcnj L
I Ml, J A
Hunter, Jnmes II
Ifamphiil, James 2
IIiijIii-, James n
Campbell, F O
r -
Dent Wil iam. .
Davis, B F :
Dyer, Kelly - ;
Drtnnon, Abraham S
Flemmin?, Wm M
Frisby, Capt
g , ':
Garrof, John B
' Geusler Samuel
Grime, Benjamin v
Green, Nelson F
h ;
Jloland, William '
Hart, Silas B
Nanna S M
. Ilohue, A
Hamel, John
Iloj'C, Misi. Nancy J
Ilayden, James
Two Dollars a Year in Advance.
IN January lavt w.n commenced ihe republica
tion, in the New U'or d form, of this most c-Icbri
td and worM-rca wned Magazine, at a price which
will maun" it a v ry l.irn circulati .n.
Ii.ackvo)J)m h is bin stood at the head of the
pcriuili. al liitiaturo ol thu world, and it continues
o ma nt iiu that distinction, wit icut a rival. Fro
Ic'sor V il-o i, it- editor, (dd M hrittoplier North,1)
ts unrivalled a a projivritcr and a poet, and hi
ic iiitribu'or. are anmi: tho first living authors o
G o it IJnt lie.
Am the spli tidid nrtlt'lo nmv in course of
pull cation a f-ti.d novel, entitled
M A It ST O V ;
()?., Vl-MOVK ()'' A S I'ATF.SM AN.
r un i nee which pr ooise 10 ho cf thi greates'
riili in -y, and ol powerful titer st, which it is ex-pp'-t
d .il filly e( .;il the celebrated si rvofTES'
III INM A-YE Ml. The time of th s -tort
h do n-i he ex i . p -liod of t'ie hreakiiii; out of
t!,e F.ench Uevolul on m epo h of he wori'1
wmeli an di-liiiguinhu 1 by t reat men an J injji'ir
tin event'.
I t:i intn le- in tiiis Mil;' izin' are prp-crninent
tr :ibi itv an I powerful iate.est, :.nd rannot fai
Pi cl Jo m I in' ru i the red r t ir beond th
puer 1 morin bv whi h mo-t of.t'ia Enlibh an
A on rem period r a's rc overloaded.
cofin 'ti mi bli: t' e quantity of icidmg matter 01
ny Atiie ican M.ifj a.me, while the prico i fcarre.
ly out half It is H-ued in a l ubb number of
the New World, iiotin d ;ite!y after ihe arrival ol
the F.n; i-h id tio i, and is sent by ihe first mi l
to suhso iber- i a l part of the United State and
British Aineriea
T:aJM. TWO DOLLARS per annum, pay.ih'e
in n'lv ince TIIHiE copiei will b; s. lit for ,f5
FIVEcopitS for an I 'I'EN ropiis for$,5
thm rcndeiinj it the che:iest M e;aziae in the
world, as it is uoi.crsilly ;H.know!c !go I to be the
at lest.
HJ" A few copies from the commencement of the
present volun e cr.n sti'l bo ?upp'icd. 5'L'B-cn.inE
L.ARLV: Address, tvst-pai I or I'ce,
J. WINCIIKSTKi:, '!! Ann st. New York.
Koniicday WmT
Kelly, James
Lath mi, James
Lcaveil, TT
Moore, Ro'ctt
Morrant, John 2
McKep, Fh ma, 4
Manaum. W II
Mars ad, -harlcs
Met "rat, Doc. J D
Martin, Joseph,
M oitomery, John E
Monis, W W
Odcn, Francis
Peter-ion, A 2
Furvice, William
Phillip-, P W
Phillips. W
Rosboiroub, James
itodgcrs, 'Fit co
Rickey, William
Itowe, David
Uussel, Alisa Laurette
lihoad--, C V
Smith. Mr. Dolly
Stout, ti W
Smith, Michael
Twinpr, Georgt! S
Tribi le, Mi a Vnn C
Tho:ne SP
William on,R. M. 3
Wa d, Sliaddr'ck 3
Wi liam ion. James
Williams Kecs
Wilson, Lykergus
Jennings & Dulcn,
Kelly CE
Lemons, Henry
Leavell, T T &. II
M . ......
Mathews, GW
Maekev, John G.
Miles, Mr?. Elenora ,
Markiiam, Geo E
Met "ormirki John "
McClo .d, Dudley I
Mc feod, John ,;
McCleeryJ A
p .
Towel James S : v
Perkins. Miss Henrietta
Parker, John
Pierie, Martin
' It
Riley, D 'ward
Kandlingf, Caroline II
Rodgcra, Mrs. S. Ann
Ko'lger, AiTeru G
Rice, Joel
Russell, Joshua T
Scott, Henry 2
Seymon, Henry
Swurtwout,Ford, Sc Co.
Towns, Salem
Turner, Robert
A iaft and c riain cure fur t 'hills and Fever in
all its complicated forms, also an eff ctual
rem ilv. lor Fever of every description.
rnilll5 Medicine haa been useu by the propriet -r
XL n nnmhtr of vearp.in extensive practice.dur
i;i fotat of talent engaged. Thm
I A IT 3 C . : in tliie country Isve t-n ' ,-"-,'-i
maiu r pen us. the reair i -1 not !,ded Ij rectivs
rnillL 1 ruateea of th Yin "!al &. h etiilc I ineiturm cl initnixt wma and delislit
iJLL betninary would resDectfullv announce to I Thoroueh. and extensive arranzementa have
the Dubitc. that he next naaion of thia Institution i been mada for th future. Tha agency estal-
viil coinmenae on Monday the 3d October, 1842. 1 lished in London, for tha constant tarly transmi
The location of this Seminary ia. in alt respecta, I aion of all new and imnortant bocks and periodi
in? wMch time he has treatei tome thousands of I such aa will recommend ittatha notice of oarenta cats, will be continued ! and it ia contemplated b
cases of Fever, and from the success in this rao'le I and guardians, as a heahhv and secure retreat for the Editor to visit Eurooa in the Autumn, for the
e . - . ... . , , .1... I.U.:.l.:14H.M..-.-. l rvi . t.' 1 i ..... 1 .. ' .. I r i .. .. . . . J
oi practic, ne is coi n eni .1 musi ana wm do vne i mni cuuuicu or weras. . i ne most sinci aiiemion i purpose oi establishing a general correb(j"7iiuciii.r i cuosc riser 6tr4r, mat, oy varying tne racks, a
prevailing practice in Fevers. ; , j will be given to the improvement of the morals I on the Continent, and f engaging the valuable J complete library may ba obtained by any person
iinevrr i.iis io curr me enms ana lever tne uri i may piacea unaer me uucw- iu ui tome oi me seal - wruera oi wio uiu , uim.
day. Bi liom.Ty prum Nervous Congestive, audi tion ot the bupenntendenta and all the incite J In addition to the attractiona recorded below,
menu i incuiai anu pnyaical advancement wnicn j me seventh volume will contain a nominee py,
mo experience oi teacbera engaged for yeara in I ttie late celebrated Dr. Maginn, entitled
too piuitaiun can lurnisti, will.be exienaea io
iiietu. - . . i . - .
. f. I. ... " r- I lk. l-.bl I.,, 1 ....a . . I
WUIIL 13 , wvo. vu. 19 IJUl II SUCH m
price, that it sctually the CHEAPEST .PERI.
To Post blasters-and Others.
To CLU;:3, the following proposals are mada;
2C0p!f lor oc arsro lor iu Gouafa; H a 15
dwi'.ara; 11 for 10 collar.
To the IV-.u...-ls.: r, cr other person forming
Club, the Publisher will forward a Novel fnrevei
Wirter Foers -ill yie'd to the use of tins medicine,
and are cured in u shorter time, and wuh mucti I
more certainty than by any ther a- stem of pruc.
Icj that nas ever neon rec ommende
, Ccrtlf icateo. ; '
Gali um Co.. lllit oia. April 18.1842.
Dr. CiuMr oH. Dear 8ir: Within the last 12!
tnonth I have been ns n? your Antj.Bi ious and
Aeue rilla, in my practice to a const ieraoln ex
tent, a: d have found them to be productive of u
penoi enoets in in cure or rerer and many other
cases. It uuimcult to ret them here, tt fir char.
acter stunting so high in nil the south part of this
State that they are all b utit up, and consequent.
Mr. Campbell, Superintendent of the Male Dc
. partmmt.
Mrs. Goodrich, Superintendent of the Female De
partment, . .
Mr. Kee
Alao aaenea of oaoers on tha LiTebaTure and gravings, will be forwarded gratia. Address
PoliticsIof Frastci?. bv the Count Alfred deVisnv. I -?" GEO. R. GRAIJ Al -s
author ol Chauertor.Cinq Mars, etc., translations
-...u:.i :ni ji 1 .t:
in a short time.
Single eopiet, Vaee Dollars per annum, in Adtanct.
And to the peraon gendio? the monev. a conv
)f "Ringwood The -Rarer." Herbert's Priie Novel.
and alao a copy of 7e Germ of Art and Beauty?
a beautiful work for a ladv'a Centre-Table, con
taining thirteen aj)lendid Steel una Muzotint En-
parie, Classical Teacher, and asaistantjn I of which will be made under the immediate super
Physical Sciences in the Female Depart- jintendence of the auther: also, a Romance
ment; and Mr. Goodrich, Prof, of Music.
TERMS i ' V'' -
Primary Class, Orthographv Reading, Writinff
no me elements ot Arithmetic, $12 oU per a
ly it ia very hard to get u sufficient quantity of Second Class, in addition to the
them. You will confer a great favor on the inhah
itantf of this county by forwarding a good supply
ot your mcuiciue to tnis piace.
- A. A. WOLFE, M. D
, Taladega Co., Ala.. Ma? 21st, 184.'.
This h to certify that iluri. g the past reason I
have made use of Dr. '.'hampiou's Ague Medicine
in my pruct ce, and out of iwenty . two boaea (all
1 had) I never railed of cnectmz u permanent re
moval of the disease, and in no single caae did a
patient take more than halt a box. 1 can. with
striei veracity, ami do with great pleasure say
thHt 1 believe it tt be the be-t, tufest. and most
effectual remedi' for Ague, Chills and Fever, lc.
. . ,. i.
i.iai naa ever ocen oi-coverco.
- - , rt ...-.,- - - WRL;-McLELEM.
15 00
branchea of" the Primary Class
Grammar, Geography, and the
elements of Natural PhilosoDhv.
Third Class, Philosophy, Moial,
.uemaianu natural; Chemistry,
Botany, Geometry, Aatronomy,
Algebra, Surveying, Logic, Rhe
toric, Composition, History, Ro
man Antiquities, Political, Econ
omy, Human Pbvaioloffv. '
Fourth Clasa Latin and Greek,
Needle-work and Embroidery, 10 00
P.nnil Sti.l.liinf. C 1 J '. ! - ,o rn
Piano Forte inatruction, 25 00
Vocal Music free of charge.
20 00
25 00
Henry Cockton. Eaa . author of Valentine Vox
Stanley Thorn, pte., entitled
which will be repinted for the Iiluatrated London I offHrpH
xxews, wim all ot me beautiful embt-lljshmenis.
Ihe la est and choicest eema from the rich
tninta of British Periodical and "
will continue to be given with promjititude. In
the Department of
our resources arr exceedingly rich and abundant,
I J ...Ml i . J . .
ana wm tie used with an unsparing hand for the
gratification of our readera. We ehall give moke
. j -
ana better - - .
Orignal Tales and Poems
than any other American Deriodical whatever
aiso, cesavs on tne various interesting topies ot
a... Tl. J..: -tj l r.L r. -
u.j, no uieiuiguiBiieu auinor si me ueview
..... No. 98.Chisnut.st.. Philadflr.
Notice. All Cluta ef fire, wiih the 10 dollars
remittance enclosed, which teach he (jff.c be
fore the first cf December, will entitle the Post-
naster, r person forwarding the Club, to a copy
of "The fJema of Art and Besniv,' wiih thirteen
splendid Plates, in addition to the other premiums
Twenty Copies for Twenty Dollars III
tm reef d with the vast m.poit mce oi ti.e next
eVctionfrr President an Vi e Pre-idei t !. the
United S ates, hi d behciing, a we do, ihat upon
ihe ucce8 of the Whig pirtv d. pernja in u preat
d'-aree the stability rt o pros erity oi the American
union, no nonora le ettorts should be i eIecieit Ly
thejiieiidsof law, order, and coneti'i ticnnl liberty,
to injure n consumtiintiou so earnestly to be de
sired by every lover of Iiij couiitr . W ith an un
animity and ent' u.-a-m neer before parilhled,
the Whig party presents to the Ann rican pe. p.e
vZiu i. ?7..':.f r- -''..l of Hammond's Political History of New York, for their suffrages for the hihest siatiou in the
uui. uimniii win, cuueist ui u, JuumiiB. i ...:n .: .. . . - "i u .l.. . .
K.iarrtinrr wilt K r..r...nkj cui " ue '3 interesting worm, . ne nan. of a n.rnca a n
Insolvent Notice.
t HlllE u iKlersi u'tted having been appointed
at thu February Term, lSl.'J, of the
Vrobatc Court cf Yazoo county, Cornmis-
oioniers of Insolvt.'ncv upon tlie Estate of
Dothavicn Youn-', dec'J, will meet on tho
irst Sitiird iy of each month at tho O.ricp
if Jamc3 Ilavdon. in azoo city, to auuit
claims against said estate.
For Ltont or Lease.
rqiHE 10 th Si-Ml OH of Township
12. llmyH J, West, containing nbout
U.iO acres of prairie, and about four miles
distant from Yazoo city. Apply to
l'res't of Com'ra.
Dccmhrr 8. 1R13. 22-tf.
M,ANK 151 LI
For Sal' at
this OFFICE.
WilIiaraon, Mia E A
Whaler D. Wm. M
Warren, John
White, J II
White, Mrs
Vniinvr. John O :'.,- i "
Persons calling for pither of the above letiera,
will plensc say they are advertised .
April, 12,11-1. ' ' ' " 40-3t
tfh birrells suDerior Primo and Mess
Potk in store, and for pale by
'T. IE unparalleled success
ii- tended Dr. HOLMES'
jfO the AFFIiSCTEi).
success that has at
new mode o
reafinrr tho following diseases,"to-wit:
Neurth'ia in all its various forra9, Dysmenou
ica. for painful menstruation,) Flur Albus
i or whites.) Ulceration, Prolapsus Uteri, (or
"dllinf of the womb.) at his innrmary, etgnt
niles, southeast of Raymond, has exceeded
tho most sanguine expectations of his friends,
md has induced those who 'wera at first
skeptical, to declare to the truth and efficacy
.a r . a a, -
oi his metuoa oi ueaimeuu
DR. HOLMES would remark, for the in
formation of the public, that only 3 out o
Jti cases, that he has had under treatment
have been discharged, not cured though
oreatly relieved the balance have been re
atorr-d in nflrfftC.t health. i
nr. II. haa th nrivileweof referring to
oentlemen of the highest respectability in
various narta of this State and Louisiana
m corroborate the above statement.
nr. II. would be pleased to receive let
ftirrrtpd to him atSorinir Ridge. Hinds
tiniy, Mississippi, asking reference.
June 30. 1813.
H "uy Ml!
j Q .
fTTlHE undersignea wouia respeciiuuy miorm
ii their friends and the public, that they have
just received a new and splendid btocli ot.
Fall and Winter Goods,
consisting of DRY-GJ00DS of every description
Hats, ttoots, Shoes, &c, Sec wliicti taey win Bei
on the most reasonable terms.
Nov. 11, 1842 - 18-tf.
Carver, Washburn $ Go's
(Ti IN STAND3 for sale, by - ' '
Yazoo city, Oct a, 1813. 13-tf
Lectures to the pupils on History, Moral, Mental
and IN at oral rhilosophv and. Astronomy.
H.The Trustees are: II." Vaughan.' President, R
vv. Graves, J.. VV. Purvis, J. M. Sharp, J..M. Pease
r liostick, and J. J. Micbie. .. -
s-: F. BOSTICK.Sec'y
Benton, Oct. 14, 1842. ' - 14-tf.
Vegetable, Anti-Dilioim and
. ft3- -VO MERCUH Y !C0
IT ia welt known that diseases often arise from
a foul and disordered state of the stomach and
bowels; and if this condition is promptly attended
to and relieved, that health will he immediately
-estored. And nothing more effectual can be re
sorted to than two or three good active doses of
purgative medicine : and ffiere is nothing more
Auiiabls than villt of a proper character. The
public have in these vegetable pills the article pre
sented to them, which possi sse the qualitiea cat
eulated to render the most important service in
cleansing the alimentary canal; they will operate
with aumcient lorce, and still with ease & catetv ;
there is no ingredient in them that will render
them dangerous as to taking cold, or cause any
particular care in diet necessary. I nev nave been
used by the proprietor with abundant success in
nn extensive medical practice for many yeara.
lie can therefore conhdently recommend them
io the public patronacre. It is not vainly pretend
ed that they will cure all diseases, but they will
answer the purposes for which they are offered as
well as any purgative medicine that can be produ
ced; and by being taken when that description of
medicine is needed, may save a person from threa
tened disease at a very small expense and without
loss ot time. A person can take them without
any interruption of his customary employment..
nrr rnce only w cents a dox.
We do hereby certify that we have used Doctor
bpencers vegetable pills; and found them a safe
and active purgative, attended with beneficial re
sults, and we therefore recommend them to notice.
- .E. L. VVH1TAKER, M. D
v For sale by R. H. Randolph, Yazoo C ity. -
April 29, 1842. - . ' - U 42-tf.
Vegetable Pever-and Ague and AntiFerer
r, it- - m. ;. ja.r mjm -ma ,, m jf
rniHOUSANDS have in one year been cured of
II asTue and fever bv the8c'pil!a."' Their r 'com
bination embraces oroDertica of the highest cura-
11 will cost von nothing to tena your tuosenpiton. tivo value, makinz a gradual, impression on the
as postmasters are authorirod to enclose it to the avstem by their searching influence, and eradica-
euiiQio poiLUcjTcc. , i mis most oisiressiug uiaiaur nuiu mc syaieiii in a
apeedy and enectuat manner. ,
The New Mirfor is a novelty in letteraand i People throughout the soutnern country -may
art It a Saturdav Dsoer. containing Sixteen I uruenu inai nicy novo hctci hoi. out iciiicut unci'
.n..ki. nriniait i.i,n nn(TPB. Enclosed in a neat I ed them so effectual and certain as theae puis.. It
OUU'l'll'lT U'l'.tvu . v I r . . . , . -
cover.) and a eosiiy ana oeauujui tieei engraving, i rpwu 'i wuiiiwki n"i ...v
Fifty two of these are given in ihe course of the upon them. ' T
.rn.rtm.m kiihArtft unattemnted Piihirl .Each box contama20 doses of pills.' Price only
ith eiffht hundred I one dollar a box. One, box will cure from , two to
and thirtv-two closelyprinted pages of the ehoic- four cases of chills and fever. For sal e by R. H.
. J J R.nJ. nk V..nrilir Mia.
est matter and ait lor tne irirung ana, ery buotb- ui.uUiPi., v.v,....-
presenting criticisms,
oblest statesman.
Mr. Clay is now the candidate
his i oiuiiirftion o. ly requires H
iro,erI cinsnuted
it anncuiicmeni will
thntisytle Miics
notices, and anecdotes of I the U mn will ma ch lor . ard in solni phulnnx.
the drama, which will excite universal interest
Mr. urund will continue bis Letters on
; Germany and the Germans
embracing a History . of her Literature, Politics,
ris, eicin me department ol
Pictorial Illust ations
our journal shall not be excelled by any periodical
in the world. Many of these engravings will be
from Original Designs, by American Artists, il-
I C I .
determine I to lo'j slice to Uany of the Wts','"
ana "vine Irom the national ecut'heon he stale
and tereotyped slander that "Kepublics are un-gratelul."
vv e are of tho-e wl o believe that the ereat mas
of our coun rymen are h nest nnd patriotic, i at
they only require correct in nrm ition to enabe
and induic them o suppoit sn h meiiureo, am
such men, at- will m "St tfltctually advance the ho
nor and plopert of our naiive land. They have
This i tn mrliTv that I tmvft imnil Dr. (hniiiinn's I .in ronannnhtA r.rm. Titiiinn f... in v tieminiscences ot an Via Federalist. iikxilai:
w vv vw ' -' - - - - ' - - - ! v m uWHvBBwav.,iiB. 1 UI11UII IVl.e III UUTQ1ILC. 1. ... m J . .
eARi'fnKU AffiiA nUioinfiin mi mlu frip tht'.a,il Mr f!i.rw.u '.ii Pi.n.. uJm which manv of the most celebrated mm whn I oi tie parly, nnd
twelve moniha wiih the m st happy t ff. ct. I have alao has made arrangements with Loud &. Co. of 2ave ador5lfd th PLa8t history of our country will. I formal announcement b t. e
used them in chills nnd fever and have witnessed Philadelphia, to furnish his patrons with Pianoa. heuro;))9" 8a"lf tfi?rV autho-ities of the party- Thi!
the good effects of the medicine in Vgre.t number " Messrs. Campbell and Keeparis. will deliver ' RETROSPECT OF 1 HE STAGE, be mad-next .v a v , .nd from
of cas and I have never known it to fail to per
form a cure, nnd 1 do think Dr. hampion.s Pill ,
by far. the best medicine 1 have ever Known used
movers. , JMES TURNER
Charleit n, S C, Fcb'yi 5thf 1843. w
V' gitible Anti Bilious, Anti-Dypeptic, Purtfying
and I nihiiruo riilf, posesging, trora important
combined properties . lor the cure of dis-
eas, cretully and Currectly rom- ,
bined one article to aist the ef
fect of another for the bene
fit of the hcaltii of man
This medicine is recommended to the attention
of those hfilicted with Liver Complaint, Dvpepsia,
Liropey, tsilious habits, Costiveness, t holera nr
bus, K heum itim, Scorfula, Foul Stomach, De
proved app tile, Worm, Cordiazen, (which is
known by a linking sensation at the pit of the
pit of the stomach,) Jaundice, He ida he and sick
stomach, p dpitntion of the heart, Diarr ea, Nf r-
vou a3iv;iioii, D8ent .ry or FI .x, lleait-B ru.
White swelling, and all thoe diseases ansing from
impure blood, t r .-ale by
H. ti. KArHIMJLPIl. Yazo it itv.
Also in nearly nil ol the villages and by numer
ous agents, in alt of the bouibern and VV ester. i
Mates, ami IVxas ,
August 25, 1843. 7-ly.
lustrative of places, events, and characters in our I no m 'dive to do wrong-, and hence, when correctly
own country. Our plan will be to give, from time I inh.rmed, th y will mva 1 M) do right. The high
to time, an lest and nobe-t'uty of the press, that great ei ginc
1 1 of int lligence and rational freedom, is tn enlighten
the pub ic niinr', o ctter b-nadcHtt through the
which ehall surpass any thing of the kind ever !
A Beautiful S eel Engraving;.
Reason for takinz the New Mirror.
. Three Dollars cannot buy so much of literarj
and pictorial value in any other shape.
riflylwo higfily-Jlnuhed steel engravings are giv
en in the course ol the year
Ihe ttterary contents are tne freshest and best
that can be funished by the experienced taste and
induatrv of its editors. .i' ''-"
Inetype and paper aie not excelled by those ol
any other periodical.
A splendid book to bind and preserve is in your
hands at the close of the year, containing every
thing ol current interest wortc remembering, and
many invaluable gems of literature and art.
A delightful tisiter to your family circle is such
a ojturday paper. ' - v v., i ; -
.Bit the vear each number cost .but . fire-pence
though there are in it sixteen pages of the choicest
matter, and a picture such as could not be bought
singly at the print-shops for less than two shil
ling 9. , j.
vrotioned cost of three dollars a year to subscribers
It ia edited with "great care, and enriched with
original papera from the best tor liters of the day. It
reeks to eratify every reader of taste, by cheerful
sketches of society, tales of romance and humour,
gayeties and gravities, domestic and foreign cor
respondence, wit and pathos, and literary, musical,
and (occasionally) drematic criticism, the very
low price at which it is published piacea it with
in the reach of every one disposed to obtain a valu
able, amusing and refined parlour journal pub
lished in weekly numbers, but. also intended foi
preservation as a choice volume for the library, filled
with the gems of literature and the find arts.
Those who send the amount of subscription di
rect to the undersigned, will recive tho paper by
mail or otherwise with the utmotl punctuality1 and
enclosed in strong wrappers, so as to preserve the
engravings from injury. In most country places
it is impracticable to have agents, but any person
desiring to subscribe can have his letter, enclos
ing the amount, franked by the nearest postmas
ter, (who haa the right and generally the courtesv
to do so.) and by sending directly to the under
signed, all risk of disappointment will be avoided
4 Ann atree, near Broadwaj
Hides Wanted.
Jf WILL pay the highest price for goo3
Merchanlable Hid a at my store on
Maia Street fronting ihe Lower Landing.
- CHAS. drenning:
Yazoo city, Sept. 1?, 19-13. J - 10-tf
April 29, 1842.
Popular Literature- Seience, Art
".. -" .:- ! aud Hews. '-'.; '
Three Dollars a year in Advance.
" ANNUAL. VOLUME. -Cemmencing
July 8. and ending Dec 30, '43.
The Proprietors of this; popular and widely
circulated Family Jonrnal, announced with
pleasure to their friends throughout the "bound
less continent," that the Seventh aemi-annual
volume of "The New World" commences on the
8th of July, under more favorable auspices than
any of its predecessors. Although the literary
journals have of 4 late multiplied, and, in conse
quence of the new, system of cheap books, the
public have been bountifully supplied with intel
lectual entertainment, this well-established news
paper has been generously sustained, and seems
to have lost none of that favor" which .brightened
its early days. Much labor, and . care, and ex
pense have been bestowed jipon it: and the pro
prietors, though extensively engaged in other pub
lications, have never pretermitted their exertions
to render 'The New World' worthy of the success
by whirh it has be?n a'tcn-Jed. The ablest pens J
published. These Pictorial numbers will be sold
to non-subscribcs for I2J cects to subscribers
no extra charge will me made, though our expense
will be ereatlv increased.
The New World possesses peculiar claims upon
the patronage of the literary public, from iho fact
of its combining all the attractions of
b ing of a convenient size for binding in Librar
volumes, of which two are presented every vear,
of bK pages each. Its weekly numbers contain
.40EE reading matter than mv one of the Month
lies in this coun'rv, at onlv onc-fourVt. the price!
and therefore, in this respect, equal, if not supe
rior, to any American Magazine. "Economy is
and others engaged in ruial pursuits, we would
recommend the department under the charge of
A. B. Allen, Esq., in which a carefullv corrected
Price Current is given every week, with such ob
servation on the state of the Market aa cannot fail
to render thi iournal peculiarly vn!unW.
A Summary of News,
will also be present, o, n which all important am?
interesting events will be diligently registered.
inus win tne hew woFvLD be made a complete
Library of Useful as well as Entertaining
Tf.RMSThree Dollars per annum, in advance
Four copies for Ten Dollars, and in proportion for
a larger numoer
s OtT As it is not our habit to keeo a suddIv et
back numbers, and they cannot be reprinted, sub
scribers are requested to send in their orders and
remittances without delay. - '-
" Address," postpaid or' free.
' 30, 'Ann street, JVew York
' -MAGASirJE. ,
FOR 1844.
New Volume, Jo he Published
J-.-December 10, 1813. 1 '
harcoal 0 fretcXie o:
"The American Buz.
The Proprietor of Graham's Magazine has made
an arrangement with JOSEPH C. NEAL, Esq.,
for a aeries of COMIC SKETCHES, in hi peen
liar vein.",".'" ' "'" V"HP':" '-,'." . -C"' v
; MrNRAL" justly ranks aa the beat humorist in
America, and has long been known aa "The
American Eoz." His humorous talents are, how
ever, of a higher order than any yet displayed by
Dickens, and we feel sure that his articles will be
hailed with belight by hia countrymen.
Graham's Magazine
Haa long enjoyed the enviable reputation of being
the best periodical in the United States.' Its em
bellishments are of a high order, and comprise
every variety of art, and the character of the Con
tributors of the work stamps the literary matter
as the most highly finished and original that is
given to the public.
Mezzotint Engravings, in Sartain'a beat , style.
Fine Line Engravings. Elegant Stipple Engrav
ings , Line and Siipple combined. Portraits ef
Distinguished Writers, contributors "to.'. Graham's
Magazine. Beautiful Colored Flowers of the
Field and Garden. COLORED FASHIONS, latest
style. Humorous Etchings on Steel, by Yeaer.
MUSIC, by' the best Composers. Forming alto
gether, the most attractive periodical . issued in
America. - ,- ",. , . -. .-
Eminent Contributor .
The most eminent authors of the Union are the
regular5 cyntrintttcra to -Grafcem. No revi'lics!
hind the true prim ip ee of liberty, m'rabt, and
ju-ti. e. Sinctheari ot p.inin g wa discovered.
tre pte-p h neen, aud so long as it rcma n in the
hand- oi honest men, it mu-t continue to be, if not
th pioneer, at least the mog pi w- fid ciuxdo.ry
in -yery e trrpr se. hnv i.g ti-r it- olje-t ti e im
prov' men' of inankiii.i, and Hie clexatmn oi man to
tliat exalted uhi-re of usefuli.es-s fbr which t;od, in
his wisdi m, mtendeit him.
In the approaching Presidenilal election, it CHn
nof be denied, that ii is to the Whiff press. 10 which
our f. iends must look for the most useful, powrrf il
and on en t raied fforis in thit cause wliii h binds
up in its support tve henrts and hopes of milht tif
of our coun rymen. To the Whigp e, we must
look uot only for the I'iss minn ioi. of .xiu ! and
wholesome intel itrence upon all subji eta of nntio -al
po icy, but for the nntmote io the baneful noi-on
of slnnder and mi-repri sentation. which danv ai d
weekly utters from the paid ami pensioned pressen
m our naersane". 1 nose nusrepre-ent-itoi s are
9ent forth on ttie winn of the wind, and fin' theii
way into every nook and comer of our extended
country. They tnnt be nitt heir statement-encountered,
their fal ehoo-ln exp l, . iid the r so
, histriennmnsked. This u the diuy, theimira
tiveduty of the Wdigpre-s: that pre.-s which has
hroug' year of d sp ndency and trial, s'ood fi m
amid disaster and r efeat, ai;d never shrunk from
any encounter, however hop les the content. What
it ha been in years paa', we doubt not it will c n
tinue to be in time to come, but in order to make
the pre-s useful, the people must come for v ard and
airi its condoc ors ii: giving to correct in ormation
and correct principles the widest ossitde circula
tion. W h'g papers rnmt be plar. d in the hands of
ev ry vo er in the land, anrf, our word lor it, the
bieml thus "ca-t 'pon the waters," v i'l produce,
"after m .ny Hayy,'1 a goodly teturn.
As humb e laboreis in the pol tical iney rd, as
far aa n our.power lies, the lijrht of truth reason,
justice and common. sensetsh b ex'encl'd to the
utmost, rosf what it may We shall p noun our
duty, z alously. fnithfullv and feilessly, leaving
the resnlt to Goo and the People. Wh;it i ; ow
most needed n the Sooth-WVi, i a che;ip aud
co.-eoient vchM, ot p. loical it.forrnation, . . aper
pt.bli tie ! at a price so lows to p ace it w ith n the
ieaeh of all, the poor a well as the tich This want
w are determined to snpjil, anl a t wu d bein-con-.rniei;t
and txpen-he to etupa journal ex
p essly for the purpose, we have concluded to adopt
n course whi h, we think, wi'l he more accejtable
to our friend nnd oioie lisefid to the ciue!
We hall commence on Saturdaj , the 2d day of
'arch inst, the poii'icRtion of an extra edition of
the WEEKS. I TROPlr, .which we will furn.-h
Irom that day unti the Preaidenti.il ele' tion n No
Vea.ber, u pe(i d of eight wmtLt at the verv ?,w
DOLLARS! The Weekly Tmpic is pnl.lisbed on
a l.eet oft' c samesizeol onr daily n.ner. is fillet
entirely ith eading maiti r, end contains more of
it than nnv weeaiy neet published in tl. S.,u.h -
WestI During he eight moioh- c mnoi. in ,th
Mareh nn I dosing w ith the President:.-.! tZ.f,.,n
the Weekly Tropic wi lconisin more political anl
miscellaneous matter, commercial and peneral
news than any p.iper cverpubli hedin New Ora.ia
at Fi vk times the price, . 4nd hence it will b en
titled to. us we hope it will receive, the m st -r.
tens -e clculation. The urirxarapfcd low price at
ir.L : . .c... ,4 .:n ...
which, 11 1- "uciru w in req-iiie ti e lartreet possi! Ie
ciretiinttoti, to save s from . pecuniary loss, nnd
when this f-ct i- remembered we hone eai h and nil
of our fri nds, wherever they may be 1 catcd, wilf
Jend us their aid. Twenty copi s of a" paper liko
"ours f t twenty d liar?, i a novelty in thu latilarie
an experim'nt never before undrial,co here.
The price nt which we now offer the WW!rl
Tropic, is ne which rioes not, of course allow us
1 it is abo:utely neresswry f; r us tr. f
adhe e rigidly, to our terms. The money rau?t iu
variably be paid in advance, ai d in t o case can wo
nr ke up a pack.ii je lor any post cuce of less than
twenty coph s! t
I he attention of our Vtug ltiend3 renerallr.and
C'ay CU-li-s u.,J Whig Assoctution3 particularly, is
luvit'd tome foreg-oinjr, who uie request fiat those'
who may ine-est tnemaeives m proctinng subscri
bers for the Tropic, willfirward nsirnes and money
aseaily aspossible,as it isdesirBLle that we should
know what number will be required in orrier that
we may rmke o'.t nmnjremcRf sording!".

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