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LD tJvLb:-LJl.,C
.i. A. STEVENS, Editor & Proprietor.
-A. i.
VOL. 8, No. 52. Whole No. 407.
I TJ ! i )
lt . N r !-1) AN J Pill Lib HE D KVgll? HSIDAY,
O-i Jefrrtoii'ntreet, next door to the offices of
JUttrs. JfniJti!'i iV JUlet, and l- If.
r-.-n-.K-l'!!, Win, will te furnished to sub
scriber,, m 3 'Ur a.mutn in advance. I
Vnvi.irUK.u..Ni-s viil j inserted al the rate ol
l i.)ptsr 1'i.ira tor i!ia;ir9t insertion and 50 centj
Ur.ic'i tluiv.itter ten lints or less", con
ttituli.i a j pure. The number ot insertions
Hiiir"d,?u.nt .,9 marked on the margin of the man
utcrit, oi t'.i.'y will be inserted till forbid, and
charged accordingly.
All VJverttiomeiiu from n distance, must bt
craii;nnid with the CASH o: they will not
be inserted. ... ,,
li Announcing candidates for office will be $i
3. for c.nnity ollice, $10 for state offices in ad-
vanee. .
1 IV.ii'-cal, Cott n Circulars ot any articles o,
n dividual interest, will be charged as advertise-
,i....r m I mti.t br rai d for in advance.
. U.n'i.'ini f!itrtiona from the Probate
r,.... .rnj i nt nr.r t to come forward and
show cans.- why an order of sale should not be
granted, 12 dollan,, to be paid for in advance.
For advertising Orders granted by the Probate
Court for tha said of property, 15 dollars to be
paid for in advance.
For advertising Chancery Notices to non-residents.
15 dillrs each, to be paid lor in advance.
For advertising Petitions for Dower, from 10 to
15 dollars, to be paid for in advance.
For advertising Notice ol Letters of Adminis
tration, 7 dollars, to be paid for in advancf.
For advertising Notice of nnnual or final set
tlement by Administrators, 2 dollar, to be paid
for ill ADVANCE.
lr advertising Notice of Insolvent Estates
for G nonths. 27. to be paid for in advance.
Tim!....' K.Ip. and ail other advertiscm"
h nnid lor in advance
All advertisements of a personal nature will bo
-I...... 1 .1 ...M ..r rind navment reiiwircu 1:1
Vearly d vcrtising.
Fot forts lines or less, renewable at pleasure
C'. No "contract fa'-n for I ess than one year
id ;i a .1- ' a" ve.irlv in advance.
I 11.' V 1 - .( ..! 1'
their ww't 1 11 n,-.i . b ! .. .; nnd all adv rt'me-
ineins tor the be i 'i'.' -j oi ier persons, sent in by
them must b ;aid Ur by the square.
Trirrsioiial Ad vertiement.
For 10 lines or less, not alterable, 3 months, $12
10 do do do 6 do. 20
i in ,ln do do 12 do. 30
(Vp. i the above rates are he same as those
establi-ihed in Natchez, Vicksburg, Jackson,
Crm lGulf nod e'sewhere in this State, no de
duction will be r.iade from thci.i in any case
V. L. (i. UALLAWaY,
General Commission and
, No. 95, Camp Street, ,
July 8, 1842. 52-tf-
Produce, Grocery,
Forwarding and Commission
I1 i lil? T 18
k j tu lAji a
Loref L.tnJiug, Yazoo City, Mist.
Dec. 15. 1H1'. 23-lf
romtntotiCoH Hrrciiaut.
No. 90, Camp Stteet,
Septeniber-l, IR43. 10-6iti.
l I vrtise' n isliniited to
Coiniuissioti Icrcliants,
, Kew Orleans.
. R. West, Holme county, Mis.
II. L. VV. Thill-rs, New Orleans.
Auiiuel 11, 1843.
5-1 f.
I 11 0 V li S SIO N
Attorney and Counsellor
Vnzoo City, Miss.
C1NTINUKS to practice tenlarly in
ilie Stiporior Court of Clianccry, Ilig!
Onri orirors ami Appeals, Circuit Court
i.f thn Unit.-il States at Jackson, Superior
Court orChanceiv. and in the Circuit court?
of Y17.00, Holmes nnl Carrrll contiJ.
Oinc in tlio Insnrunce building on Jeflbr
son Street.
Yzoo Citv, Jan. 1st IS 10.
Q. 1). GIBBS,
VazooCity, Mi.
"FTIHE unTcr?ictie(!. I c leave lt inform
iliir frieiuis mul the puli'ic, thai Mr
am 1 iiihliti 11:1 d 'Mtburawn ins agepcv
of our business at Vicksburf, and wehave
ipptyntd, in bis stead, Messrs. Hugh Watt
Si Geouoe A. Pkck, (who 1 ave this day
opened an office at be old stand o' Mr
Wm. Latighlin.) under the firm of Hugh
Watt 4 Co., who will make cash advances
nid furnisli plantation suppliea on shiptnent
of produce to our address.
BURKE. WATT & CO.. N. Orleans
WATT, BURKE & CO., Natchez.
June 10, 1S13. 4U-Gt.
FIHIE co-partnetsliip heretofore existing
in New Orleans between the under
aigned under the slyle of V. Gallaway &l
Co. is this day dissolved by muti al consent.
The name ot tho firm only to be used in
July 29th, 1 13.
(7- The unders'tjned will continue the
Commission Business in hison name.
Attnust 4, 1813. 4.-lf
Aiken's Gin Stands
50R SALE by the subscriber at $2 50 per
New. York, Jan. 1, 1S14
ik if'O undetsii'ned is ready and will
ing to make th usual advances on c-ns;gn-inentsrnade
our mutual friend. Mr. Wm. B.
Wilson, ho be in: authorized o make ar
rangemenia for that purpose. ' V '
Kespectlully, vours &c. ; .
v No 7. Ptne Street.
My references are' . Ht -
Messrs. Prime, Ward &, Kino,
' 41 Bookman, Johnston & Co.
William I5WiIsoiir
Commission and Foawardirig
No. 5, Pine Stueet, iNew Yoiik
WB. VV.'witl coutiuue to pay particu-
Ur atiemion to sales of Cotton,
ork, and all sorts of Southern and Westeru
roduce. consigned to him. ,
He wilLalsQ continue to purchase every
iesenption cf Goods to order, and from his
ong experience hopes his numerous friends
will,' as usual, encourage him when in want
of his services. " "
P. S Cash advances made on consign
ments when required. .... . , .
Refer to , . - . .
Messrs. Doremas, Svydam S Nixon, .
W. C. Whitnei iSf Co:
T. W. Jones, Eiq., ;
New York.
Stanley. Sage Co. .' -
iV. j- e. o Rcihy, , :: ,
11. hatton Keys, . .
Yozoo Citv, Mi.
New Yoik, Dec: 2f, 1843. '29-14t.
Co-partaership. .
YU" IN CENT GALLAWAY, has taken in(o
Co-parinership his brother- Lewis G.
Gallawny, of IJolmes; countv, Miss. I. They
will conduct a General - Commission Busi
ness in this city, under the style of V &, L.
G. Gallaway, and respectfully solicit the
pattonage of their friends and public goner
ally. During the present winter and cdsu
iug sprmgt L..G. Gallaway will reside at
Jackson, Mis3.
New Orleans. Dec. 21, 1843. 25-tf
Irotu the M-w York 'Inuuue.
-Clay and Frclinghnysen. '
T-o better men you ne'er aet eye on, - " r
. Than Henry Clay and Frelinghuysen. ( "
. Good Frvlinghuyten noble Clay!
- With names like tbrse, we'll win the day.
Lach patriot' hopes, how high they rite in
Th ticket Ciayand Frclinghii)aen.
,. God'a goodly gift,.. ,
. Our rauee to litt
" Just Theodore!
We aik no more.
His name, conjoined with Henry Clay,
Shall, far and wide have potent away.
O let it not be yours or my sin, ,
To eiond aloof from Frelinshtiyaen ,
Or in the atfrn, decisive" fray, '
- To stint our toil for Henry Clay ;'' -
The Mill-boy true, ,
Each danger through
Good Theodore, .-, r
. Like-well-tried ore. -
There's grace and power we deaalv prize in
The name of Clay and Frelinghuyse n. '
A light they shed t: glory's ray ; -'
Her eons are Frelinghu) sen, Claj-I
From heart to heart what gladness flies in
The thought ot Clav and Freliughuyscu
'Of Harry bold,
The proved of old
.. Of Theodora,
The loved of yore.
New Jersey cries, J'l'm proud he's my son
1 he pure, the high-aouled irelinghujsen."
"He's ours he's ours," New Yerkers say;
"We Frelingh.iysen add to Ciay."
Whatever ground each claim rslifB on.
Tee Covntry's own is Frelinghuyaen
And so is Clay;
' Lo," jnillions ay,- , '
v In rapture wild, , " r
- "The Nation's child!" -"'
Then 011, ye friends of Frelinghuyseti ;
F.ach lingering shade is doomed to die soon.
What beams of hope around us j'lay,
As echoes loud the name of Clay !
A few brief months, and faction diea in
The graap of Clay and Frelinghuysen. . 5
Then strive each day "
For Henry Clay; ' , s
Join, all ye wise, on . . .
Our Frelinghuysen.
Iflail. We find the f blowing nth rnor- Intoxication. Alarge proportion of
sel fn one of Dow, Jr.'s "Short Patent Ser- jcase3 that are brought up before the Red
mnr.a ,
uMan looks upon life just as he does upon
woman there is no Jiving with thetn. and
ie 'can't, live without thctn. He will run
after them, and rather than ba hold he will
oose his coat tail "and character kisses
thetn for love, and then kicks thtirn for lead
ing him into trouble. So with I I'e, he par
er and the Criminal Court, orig'na'e in gro-
rcries and dramshops. Most of the ouend
ders ate drunkards. The fights, quarrel and
disturbances, frequently;occtir in dram shops,
or fake pi ice among persons who hate just
been tippling at them. The drunken loaf
ers who are picked up about the streets am
tho hanaers-on of t;ppliiii bouses, and owe
takes or its pleasures, and then curaf s it lor iheir degradation lo these tsiabl.shrnents.
its pains; gathers bwqueis of. bliss, and
wberi iheir blossoms have fadedj he finds
nmself in possession of a bunch of briars;
which is all owing to. a" little incident that
trccurred in Paradise when man was as green
as a tobacco worm; and as unsuspicious aj
The thif-ves and neitv larency sr.oundreH
wlio are so abundant are generally frequent
ers of drinking houses, and spend much of
thwir time and of (heir ill-otton plunder at
dram-shops of a low character. Nearly all
the crimes that are comtnitted.amongst us.
a tree toad in a thunder storm. He was may be traced to these tippling houses, and
tola to increase anu multiply, ana so. he ac
cordingly increased his cares, multiplied his
miseries, and peopled tho world with a par
cel of candidates for perdition, and I am
one ol them,-'
Tf KTTERS of Administration
Jt-A l.on mantPil to lliP II lulprsitrnffl hv lbs
.. fe . - B -j
Hon. Probate Court of Yazoo County, at
the February Term, 1844 of said court, on
the estate of Robert Mclntyre.late of Yazoo
Ciiy, deceased. All persons having claims
against said Estate, are required lo present
Yaroo city, Sppt. 22, 1843.
1 l-tt.
thetn Jor piytnent, wunin tne time prt-scno ror(T1e ,h(.m.'' (). it wa3 wnrthv of i. ..ri.
ed by law, or they will be forever barred, gion? and gtamped wUh the bright seal of
truth thai his ministry was (roin Heaven!
Acquaintances, have you ever quarreled?
Friends, have you ever differed; if he who
is pun and perfect forgives his bitterest en-'
enves, do you well ,. to cherish your anger?
Brothers, to you the precept is imperative;
you shall forgive not seven times, but seven
tv times seven. - " s.
and Uioso inJebteu to s uu estate are re
quited to make speedy payment.
SAMUEL UK. -WES. Ailnvr.,
of estaie of Robert Mclntvre, dee'd
March 1st, 1841. ' 34 Gt
The Stuto of Mississippi
TTTILL prac.irP in the Court, of the 10th NIPORTANT TO PARENTS.
V V Ju lirial district, The Supreme, Fed-I .
eral a 1 1 Chancery courts, at Jackson; and
the Chancerv court at Carrolhon.
He wHl Hive Pippcial attention to th
idjuting of to real estaie in Yazo-) and
co'intip adjoining. .
Annuel 11, 1843. 5-3m
Th rtuthron.' Jackson ; the'Dailv Cou
rier. Nitche, ; and th 'American Estle.
Memiihi.". Tenn. will insert the abovp three
months, and send their bills to this office for
. & W. II A T TAILE,
SZ33 7 0W,
1 azoo County, iili.
At the Office oftjet Arc World, SO Annst,
t N T K
Transmission of Intellectual and
1" . Moral Qualities .
This s an important ni'd vitluable treatise on a
fliibjfet ol pur mount inU-re-t lo parents ardespe
cia ly to nioth. r!. It is vritt ti by a !ay of emi-
uent woiih uikI ta nts wlu nas lunce ine snmnci
one ol" much uiy, til whose sol view has ht-eti !
to lav beiore her own ex tex jaru ti v e greaiesi
import, nee C r ihem to kno,and which rannot ikil
t.) repa the n thonand fM for the co! of the vo-
Itimc r lie infoiiri'ition m tin w- is is curiom1, a:
llie Village Preacher.
"Father forgive them." ; tv
Go, proud Infidel search' the ponderous
tombs of Heathen learning, explore the
works Confucious examine the precepts of
Seneca, and writings of Socrates. Collect
all the excellences of the ancient and mod
ern mornlUtq. and noint ton ipnlnrn enuat
. - 1 ... - -j - -
n!lvm? , to this simple nraver of the Saviour. Re
viled and insulted sullering the grossest
indignities, crowned with thorns, and led
away to die, no annihilating curse breaks
from his breast. Sweet, placid'as the as
piring of a mother for her nurseling, ascend
a prayer -Of tne rcy for his enemies. "Father
To weep for fear is childish; to weep for
anger is womanish; to weep for grief is hu
man; to weep for compassion is divine; but
to weep for sin is christian.
' Youth love and age. A young man's
ambition is but vanity; it has no definite
aim; it plays wiih a thout-and toys. As wi'h
one passion, 60 with the rest In youth, love
is ever on the wing, liui, like the binis in
April, it hath not built its rest. With o long
a career or summer ana nope beiore it, trio
disappointment olio-day i succeeded by the
novelty of to-morrow and :he sun that advan
ces to the noon but dries up its fervent tear.
But when we have arrived at that epoch of
hie when, it tne Jight fail us, jl the last
rose wither, we feel that the logs cannot be
ratriered, ani that th frnst and the darkness
are at hand, love becmne to us a treasure
that we watch over and hoard with a miser's
care. Our youngest-born affection is our dar
ling and our idol, the fondest pledge of the
past, the most cherished of our hopes for the
future. A certian melancholy that mingles
wjth ourjoy at the possession only enhan
ces its charm. We feel oars-elves ho depen
dent on it for all that is yet to come. Our
ether barks, our gay galleys of pleasure, our
stately argosies of pride, have been swallow
ed np by the remarselesa wave. On thi last
vessel we freight our all; to ii frail tenement
we commit ourseives. The star that guides
i: is our guide, and in the tempest that men
aces we behold our doom!
the idle and intemperate habits formed ia
them. 1 he community suiter incredible e
vils from the intemperance that preratls in
our country, and should be vigilant in their
observation of those causes that lead to
drunkeness and crime. The sober porlion of
the community are much harrassed with in
vestigations and oppressed with taxes .that
that are incurred in prosecutions for crimes
and misdomeauor?, that originate in tipplinfr
houses What is the proper remedy for
these evils? St. Louis New Era.
AN AO X to reg ilate ihe rate of interest en
the School Fund, and far other purposes.
. Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Legiilatare
of the Stale of Mississippi, That from and af
ter the passage of this act, the Trustees .of
Schools and School lands bhall be authorized
to charge and receive interest at the rate of
ten per cent, per annum, on all the bona fid a
loans of money made by them of the school
funds in the r respective townships, and are
hereby authorized 10 charge the same rate of
interest upon the renewal or renewals of any
note or notes received for the ea!e r lease of
Jny pchool lands x sixteenth sections in
their respective townships?.
Sec. 2.' That tha school luud in township
seventeen, 'range eighteen, and fractional
township seventeen, range nineteen cast.
shall be. and they are herely consolidated,
and shall be tinder tJi-periion-aag-tuent
and control of the liuetees of the school
funds in township seventeen, range eigh
teen, east, the qualified voters in each of tho
above named tawnships ehall be entitled to
vote for such trustee.
Sec. 3. That it shall be lawful for the trus
tees of school lands, withia this State, to
loan out the funds arising from the same, at
Age and faith. The o;d man was calmly
enjoying the beamy of the morning, the fresh
ness of the air, the warmth of the dancing
beam. & not least, his own peaceful thoughts;
the spontaneous children of a contemplative a rate of interest not more than ten nor less
EcftvAK Pkobate
C'oUTT. "
CoLrvAR Cocntt. J Jan. Term, 1844.
Estate of Eybert Harris, dee'd..
TIT PON the petition, ol : Joseph, M'Guire
administrator ot all and singular the
Husbands and wives, you have no right to
expect perfection in each other. To err is
the lot of humanity. Illness will sometimes
maka you petulent, and disappointment ruf-
epirit and a quiet conscience. I lis was the
age when v e mostsensnively enioy the mere
sense of existance; when the face of nature.
and a passive conviction of the benevolence
of our Great Father, euffice to create a serene
and inefTab'e happiness, which rarely visits
us uu we nave aone wiin tne passions; till
memories, if more alive than heretofore, are
yet mellowed in ihe hues of time, and lakh
6oftens into harmony all '.heir aspirities and
nansnnees; 1111 noining wunin us remains to
cast a shadow over the things without; and,
on the verge of life, tha angles are nearer
to us than of yore. There is an old age
which has more vouth of heart than yotuh
(roods aud chattels, richtsand credits which jflca the smnothast temper. Guard I beseech
were of said deceased; and upon the ac- Vou, with unremitting vigilance, your, pas
count of the. sa;d administrator, e exhibited jsions; controlled, they are ;the genial heart
on oath, shewins ".hat the nersonal estate of: that warms us alonjj the way of life un-
, a , ... - - -
Wilt rerMilarlv attend each term of the Su
pnior Courl of Chancery, the High Court of u;.b e and ii.ien stmg, and fh uld e p ncid in the
Errors and Appeals, and the Circuit Courts hand.oUvc-rv Father anil mother in the Union.
of Holmes, ttala Leake and Yazoo.
December 30, 1C42. 25-ly
CUtavueij at ILafp;
YAZtM) CITY, Rhssissirri.
March 8,1810. 44-tf
Betirren VicJcsburg & N. Orleans
I lib new, splendid and
fust running steam boat
j YAZOO, C. Drenha.-.i
AgL-nts fupplieil at adiscountol twenty-five per
Ooidcn will e nd in si d to
J. WINCHES rER, Publisher,
No. SO. Ann ireft, New York.
Carrels and hall barrels superior
viv Butter and Water Buiecuit Just
received andforeale by
CHARLES DRhSiaissu.'
Yazoo City, June 20. 1843'. 50
Mister, has commenced running ai a regular
I'acket between tho ahovo places, and will
leave New Orleans every Sunday morning
at 10 oclcck, arriving in vicKsourg in
time for the steamer Vilant on Tuesday J parls at 12J cents each.
At the Office of the New World, 30 Ann, st.
This work posjsts a. powerful interesi, little
short ofitt great counteipart, wThe Myeterie oi'
Paris," and is aupcoBed to be by the sanae distin
guished author. " - . ,
franblated by II. C. Deminc, and pubu?hed in
siid intestate is insufficient to pay his debts
ft 1? therefore ordered by tho court, that all
persons interested in the following lands,
tenements and heriditaments of the said de
ceased, to wit. Fractional section. No. 7,
Lots, No. 1, 2, 7, 11. 12 & 13, in fractional
lection No. 31-Fract'onal section, No 33,
Phe north half of section No. 21 and all of
sections 9 and 10 Iviris north of the Choc
taw Boundary, all lying in Township 22, of
range, No.' 8, west, containing by estimate
12?s0 12-100 acres Also east half of south
east quarter of section 3G in Township No.
19, tif range No. 2, west, containing 7U 79
100 of acres. Be cited to appear before the
Probate Court of the county of Bolivar at
the Court house thereof on the third Mon
day of April next, to shew cause, if any
they can, why the said intestate-should not
be sold, or so much thereof as will be suffi
cient to pay and satisfy his debts, or the re
sidue thereof. It is ordered further that
said citation be posted up in three of the
most public places in Bolivar County, for
tnirty days and be published for the same
length of time in the Yazoo City Whig.
A true copy from the minutes."
Test, - ' " A. B. DODD, Cl'k.
:jan,2, 1S44, (prs fee 14) 30-5t
1813. M-tf.
J. WINCHESTER, 30, Ann st.N. Y.
than eight per cent.
Sec. 4. That all laws and pans of laws
contrary to the provisions of this act, ara
hereby repealed.
Approved Feb. 13, 1844.
An ACT to amenad an act approved February
16, 1838, entitled "an act to authorize and
compel discoveries in courts of law, ia cer
tain cases."
Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature
of the Stale cf Jlisisippi, That the provisions
0! the act to which this i an amendment, ba
& they are hereby extended, so as to include
cases in which either of tho parties to the suit
shall reside out of the State of Mississippi;
and that in puc'i casrs, if the party from
whom a disovery is sought, shall reside out
o'" this Stare, the court in which suit is pend
ing, er any circuit judge in vacation, may
direc publication to be made in any newspa-
j'ci ('ilium wiiusu nils oiaie, wnicn, 111 me
Pathetic.-" A fair young girl is lean
ing pensive on He casement, gazing, with
ihoughtful brow, upon the scene below.-
I he bloom of nfieen summers tint her soft
,i,r 1 . , 1 . , . ,, ,. A, . iiipiuioii 01 me cuuri or luage, is oesi caicu-
gaihered-upon her round full bps, the curls to at)Dri:?e ... ay2,,, ' nf thm mrt
.i.iiiL.oi att dim ipiaju:;;
A BOY as an Apprentice to the Printing
JrA. business. One from the country and
aged about 16 yeare would be preferred.
Apply immediately.
governed, they are consuming fires. Let
jour strife be one of respectful. attentions
and conciliatory conduct. Cultivate with
care the kind and genile' afJections of the
heatt. Plant not, but eradicate tho thorn
that grows in your partner's path.. Above
all let no feeling of revenge find "harbor
within your breast, let the sun never go
down on your anger? A kind. word an
obliging action; if it be a trtfling concern
has a power superior to the harp of David
iu calming the billows of the soul. -
Revenge is as incompatible with happi
ness as hostile to religion. Let him whose
heart is black with malice, and studious of
revenge walk through the fields when cloth
ed with verdure, or adorned with . flowers
to his eyes, there is no beauty: the flowers
exhale no fragrance. Dark as his soul, na
ture is robed in deepest sable. The smile
of beauty rests not upon his bosom with
joy; but the furies ot hell rage in nis breast,
and render him as miserable as he would
the object of his hate. , . .
But let him lay his hand upon hia breast
and say; Revenge I .cast thee from me, as
I forgive my enemies and nature resumes
a new and delightful garniture. Than in
deed, are meadows verdant and flowers frag
rant ihea is the music of tho groves de
lightful to the ear, and the,, smiles of virtu
ous beauty joyelftohissojiL'
Fight with error-not with those who erusr
tain it,n an admirable doctrine hut little heed
ed in these degenerated days.
cling to a spotless brow, and fall upon a neck
of perfect grace the soft swimming eyes
seem lighted with the tenderest fire .of poe-
try; ana Deauty tioveis over her as her own
most favored child. What are her thoughts?
sorrow cannot yet have touched a spirit so
pure. Innocence itself seems to h ive cho
sen her for its own. Alas! has disappointment
touched that youthful heart? Yes. itmu3t
be so: but hist! she starts her bosom
heaves her eyes brighten her lips part
she speaks listen "Jim you nasty fool J
quit scratching that pig's back, or I'll tell
A GOODOo.-The Augusta, Me., Farmer leads off
with a column upon the text lGo it while uou.re
youngf and in the course of his article the editor
exhorts his readers to be careful how and which
way they 'go iti'he tells them to 'zo it' for virtue:
gd it for education, intelligence, wisdom, &.c;
'go it' for temperance; go it' for strict honesty ;
'go it' tor early ruing; 'go it' matrimonv, and in
11 your goings' don't forget to 'go it' or a newt.
paper. VV e lgo the sa me. ISay Stale JJctnocraL
we go if on the Dime.
And we go it' alone on the Wn;c.
Were there, says Socrates, a common bank
made cf all men' troubles, most men wo'tld
choose rather to take those they brought than
venture on new dividends.
Vhy!is a young woman like adnp bill! Pe
causa she ought to be "settled off" as soon
as she "cornea to maturity."
SAin Sara to Dick, 'you have a hole in your
trowsers. 'Who cares,' said Dick, 'it will
wear twice aa long as a patch.' Yes, and
twice as wide too,' vs Sam.
that a bill of diecoverv has been filed: Pro
vided always, that such publication shall be
made once a week, for two months succes
sively. Sec. 2. That upon proof of publication, as
aforesaid, in the manner now required by law
against absent defendants, the court in-which
such suit may be pending, may proced with .
it in the same manner as if personal service
of process had been ef.vcted.
Sec. 3. That this act ar.d the one lo which
this i an amendment, shall be considered aa
authorizing the defeadants in such snits to
compel .discoveries in defence in the same
manner as the plaintiff are allowed to com
pel them, in aid of ihe at law.
bEC. 4. That this act ehall be in force uom
and after i:s passage.
Approved, tebruary 24, 1844.
An ACT 10 amend the sixth section of an act
entitled "an act to amend the several acts of
the State relating to Free Negroes and Mu
Sect. 1 . Be it enacted by the Legislature
of the Stale cfJUississippi, That ihe sixth sec
tion of an act entitled "an act to amend tht?
several acts of this State in relation to Free
Negroes and Mulattoes," approved Febuary
the twenty-eight, eighteen hundred and forty-two,
be so enlarged and" censtrued as to
authorize the boards of police of several conn
ties in this State to make the same allowance,
to sheriffs, jailors, and constables, of fees
for service rendered under the several acts
to which said act is an amendment, as they
are authorized to a'low for services rendered
by euch officers under said amended aet by
said sixth section.
Sec. 2. That this act shall take effect and
be in fores from and after the passage thereof.

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