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The Yazoo City Whig and political register. (Yazoo City, Miss.) 1842-1844, July 05, 1844, Image 3

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JUST Received from New Orleans per
Stemer Yazoo City a Fplendid assign
ment ol" Toys for children, together with a
large stock of Crockery-Wire, Family Gro
ceries Num. ..fall kinds It!e lid. Currants.
F'gs, I'lutns, IVi-soivrs. Jell vs, Candies of
all Kinds, with the (innd Curiosity or the
Dime Factory.
ALSO, :i,000 bushels corn in sacks, for
No. 10S, Main Street.
Yazoo City, June 13, 1814. 49 2t.
Administrators Sale.
A GHEE ABLY to an order of tho Hon
orable Probate Court of Yazoo county,
made at its May Term, 1841, I shall, as ad
min"t3trator of the Estate of Malichi B.
Ilamcr, dee'd, proceed to s1 1 1, before the
fiont doo: of the Commercial Dunk of Man
Chester in Yazoo City,
On the 31. f Jay of July, 1811,
equity of redemption in the following
-ibi-d Ileal Instate belonging to the said
Mit, on a cr dit of twelve months,
one fourth interest in Lots in How-
.ddition Nos. 1 to 359 No. 341 rx
t ptrd the entire interest in Lots 14, 15,
10, 5,2(1,27,2-1, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 218,
204, 294. 318, 319, 3:20, :22, 323. 325,
3'il, 338. 339, 359, 3G0, 3G1, 302, 371, "72,
37 I, 374, 375, 37G, 377, 378, 379, 398,
399 and 400; half interest in Lots 471 and
472; three fourth interest in Lot 220, also,
lot No. 231.
All of the above lots being in Yazoo city,
ai.d .re mortgaged to the Planters Bank of
Vissi?ipi and to the Commercial Bank of
Ma .cht j5 r Lot No. 231, is also mortgag-
d to I). Wilkin.
ALSO the following land, in Yazoo
county which am alo inortgagi d to tin
Planter- Bank of Mis;stpp' and the Com
iiKTcial B;mk of Mam-h stir, to.it:
The noiih half of the rast half of north
west quaiter Srrlion 3, south ha f northeast
quarter of Section 2, west half northwest
" quart r Section 3, north half northeast quar
ter and west half of northw si quarter Sec
tion 2, southeast quarter Section 2, soutli
rat quarter ' northwest quarter and .east
half of southwest quirt r and -ast half of
Section 3, east half northwest quarter Sec
tion 2, west half northea-t quarter Section
4, nil in Township 11, Range 2, West.
Also, n joint "nd undivided half'interest
with F. Stanton in the following lands in
Yazoo county, (mortgaged as above,) the
cast half of northwest quarter Section 29,
fynilE undersigned have this day formed
a copartnership iu this city, under the
stle of
for the transaction of a Factorage and Com
mission Business, and trust that their expe
rience, with close attention, will enable them
to give entiro satisfaction to all who entrust
business to their care.
No. 4, Tchoupitoulas at.
Wait S. Hoyt, of Mobile,)
Rout. F. Mitchell,
New Orleans,. May 1, 1844. 47-18t
- . NOTICE. .
njxt, we will sell at our Warehouse,
at public outcry, a lot of House Furn
iture, consisting or Tables, Sideboard.
Chair?, Mattrais, Bedsteads, Carpeting, &c,
leu wun rutpi c. uson, June Bin,
by steamboat Maid of Kentucky, as the
property of John Ingersaul, Esq., or one Mr.
Smith. We will sell for cash, sufficient to
pay freight and our charges incurred thereon
since date (8th June M3.)
late "Fuqua & Wilson,".
Yazoo city, June 28, 1844. 51-tf
TTJTAVING a large and well nssor ted Stock of
XL XX Goods on band, in every department or the
book and siationar? business, they respectfully cal
the attention of City mnd country Merchants, School
I earners and Ileadt of families to their establish
ment, n they have determined to sell at the low
est cash price, any thing in Uieir line of business,
t ht ir Mock is all t.esl), and stlectrd with the
greatest care nl attet turn ti th- w fits of this
Ccinmumtv and in quality una vanity is not ?ur-
Pii' d hv any iii th-Soutli or We t Amouertlie
Mix k will be loin d at n'l times in quantities, th
following vnluab.e nml popular ( hool books and
Dills ol S ifficii-i.t n mount wil! bo sold per rood
Cii y are. ptances.
Wt l stri's elementary spelling hook, best Edition.
Fmer-on' new national pel mg book.
CuMi's ep. llini: hook.
N'nwn'i Spe'Ufig bnok.
l'onil' S.iell ng book.
Pa ley's p Hi' s bok.
N'at oiiai r iner.
New Efpliin l Priii.rr.
on.moii hoi .l Pr mcr.
Fincnoii' d, ." il und 4lh Readier', themos'
p.ipul.ir S. hool -t r e- if ' hf i re nt d it.
Coi d ich - d. 3.1, and 4 h Readers.
M'Gmi'v' 1st, 2 , 3d und 4th Readers.'
New York deader N. 1. 2 and 3.
Robl.'s Rc ad. rs. Nos. 1, 2 and 3.
I '.mer-oii's O tline of tieor iphy and History the
be-t Primary Geoaraphy now in use.
Mitchell's Pi mary Geography.
Parley' Geography.
Smiih' Gi-o-rraphy and Alius.
OIiip' (ieography and t!n.
Mitclii 11 Ger)gtsipt and Atlas.
H'oitdri'lge and WilUrd'a Geosrrat hy and Atla.
Emerson's norh Ameri- an Aritlimetie Part, 1, 2
and 3, well known us the l st Ailhuietic in ufe.
Siiiiih' Aridimetir.
milev' l'e!erat t'aleuator.
D.iholl's, Davit s', and t o burns Aiithmctic.
Smith' (iramniar.
freenleaT Grammar.
Murray ' Grwrni r.
Brown's Grammar.
njVlE subscriber bavinp erected a Gbist
L Mill near his residence, (about 2 miles
from Yazoo City on the Bentcn road) will
be prepared at a!l times to xxni fine fresh
iweai anu iiunnuy euner ai ine iini or ai
Mr. II. Hayman'a Store in Yazoo City, and
Mr. McNeil's at iienton.
.He will also grind Corn, &c. for the use
of Horses and cattlo, for a rs a ion able to!!
Persons using feed will find it a great sav
in" by having it ground.
June 21, 1R44. 50-tf.
Yazoo Livery ; stable,
Hichards c iriontoiiiery,
No. 11, Ciiautres Street,
Between Vlcksbarg and Yazoo City. A RE constantly receiving direct from the
THE licht draught and well known steam- .Manufactuters in Birmingham c Shef-
erOov. MorehCftd, GABLAND.Master. fie,J as wel1 as fro,n the Northern-Mahu-
will ply as a regular packet between Vicks- lecturers, targe auditions to ineir Mock ot
burg and Yazoo City, making three trips a !ArO-l7ARE CUTLERY AC
week, leaving Yazoo City every Tuesday, l,Al,U WAUCV wUILElII, twV.
Thursday and Saturday at 12 o'clock, M., which they are jselling as low as can be pro-
precisely, and will leave Vicksbura on the cured in the Sduthron country. Purchasers
alternate uays ai ai.r, are invueu to auiiue ueiore ouying. ineir
The following rates will be charged Stock is extensive, and the assortment
throughout the season, of low toater as well vel7 complete. , ;Among their Heavy Goods
as high : are
Passage fm Vickiburg to Yazoo City, S3 00 450 tons Swedes, Tennessee and English
Liverpool, 2 00 iron, assonec, an sizes Irom tne small-
" Satartia, 2 00 est inund atid square to 12 inch
" B.Sundower,2 00 Plough Plate;
L Sunflower, 1 50 4000 kegs best quality Nails, warrented;
Commerciu! Bank of Manchester, .
Yazoo City, April 9, 1C44.
AT a meeting of the btockholders in the
Commercial Kank f Manchester held at
heir Banking house, in Yazoo C ty , en Mon
ay.'ihe 8th inst.. the foliowiae gantlemen
were aptiointed Directors of Said insiitution
for the next year.
J. J. WltsoSf,
S. V. Mitchell.
E. B. Gkaison, '
Hesbt Vaughan.I
A. Mubdocx and
a mettinr of tha Eoard elect, held at
the Banking House, this day.ahn P. Eailey,
ceq., was uuannimously elected rreeieeai.
J. J. HUGHES, Uash'b.
April, 12, 1844. 40-tf
" " to the Bluffs of any
where below, 1 00 1
Passage fm Yazoo Citv to Vicksburg, S3 00
. , .
" Satartia, 1 00 1
"Liverpool. 1 00
Freight on dry barrels, 20 cts
" wet 25
per hundred lbs., 15
on Bale Rope and Baygin2 12i
Passengers and shippers may rely upon
this Boat making her regular trips all the
season, as she is of very light draught.
They may also rely upon the Gov. More.
head charges being the same in low water
is well as high. The Captain pledges him
self to pay strict attention to his business
at - .i
m every respect, ana De punctual in me
time of starting, and hopes to receive a li
beral share of patronage.
Yazoo Civ. May 17, 1844. 45 tf
a " "j ra
n.JT ViNu opened the well known Buick
Stable, on Jefferson Street, Yazoo
it lnlni lo Cli.at mkioVi Tnupllarc
Drovers and visitors will enter the city most- WV lli JUaU twvutuwyt.
300 dozen "Collins' Hartford" and other
,20 tons Steel, Cast, Blistered, American
and German;
000 Gin Saw Plates, also Gin Saw Sheet
1000 dozen Cotton and Wool Cards, best
maker; also Mill and Grind Stones;
Mill lions; W hite Lead; Linseed Oil;
Winter Strained Sperm and Whale
Oils; Corn Shellers and Straw Cut
teis; Ox, Log and Trace Chans; Hoes
in great variety; Buck and Drop Shot
Bar Lead; Spades and Shovcb:
600 red Carey Plougs, No. 1 to 4;
2000 French Pots, from 1 to 108 pints;
5000 Plough Moulds, of American, Swedes
ard ijiiglish Iron.
New Orleans, Jan. 1, 1844. 2G.61.
northeast half of west half of southeast
quarter Section 30 south half of east half Rusel's History United States, with question,
,.rtl.,vBt nn.ilM RMlmn '0 enet half RllS-ell'S History Falkland.
.AitKirAt nisi or Sorlinn :U1 uicr hi nr(h I J
east quarter Section 30, west half north
west quarter Section wpt Iiall,nortn
west quarter Section 3', west half southwest
quarter Section 32, southwest quaiter Sec
tion 31. east half southwest quarter and
S'uth half of west half of southeast qtiar
trr Section 3U, all in Township 10, Range
Unly eucli title will be conveyed as is
vested in me: as administrator aforesaid.
TIip purchasers will be required to give
bond and undoubted security.
F. B AIIKSI) VLE, Adm'r.
Yazoocity June, 14, 1844. 49-31.
Administrator's hale.
Y vir-i' )t an oier of the Probate
Court el' Ya7oo county, granted to the
uaJersineil A tln.imViraior of James War
ran, dee'd, I will,
On Monday, the loth day of July, 1S44,
xpase at public rale, nt the office of 11
Eaton Ksyi, Esq., in Yano City, to the
highest bidder, ou a credit of twelve months,
the following described real estate, to-wit:
The undivided half interest iu the southwest
quarter of Section 21, Township 12, Rang
2, west, containing sighty acres more or les,
lying and being in the county of Yazoo.
Bond with approved security will be requir
ed of the purchaser.
A. S. PERKINS, Adm'r.
f the estate of Jas. Wairen, dee'd.
Yazoo city, June I, 1844. 48 Ct,
The regular Packet Steamer
ly, and their giving particular attention to
this business alone, hope to receive a liber
al patronage in their line. Their charges
shall be moderate.
Keeping horse per month, $10 00
Single feed, 25
other charges in proportion. They have also
Road Way gens, Teams, &c. Sic, for hire.
Those favoring them with a call, -vill have
heir baggnge sent to any Hotel or other
place in the ctty, without charge.
..We also have lots with shelter and water
for Drovers, and all Horses put up with us,
ill .be provided with pood bedding.
Corn, Fodder, Oats and flay,
Instructions strictly adhered to respect
:ng horses, &c. die , left in our charge.
07 Call and see us as you come in.
YJzoo City. May 4,1844. 44-tf
State of Mississippi, ) PROBATE COURT,
Y a soo Count y , J April I erni, IB44.
AGREEABLE to an order of the Probate
Court of said county, notice is hereby
given to all persons interested in the lands,
tenements and hereditaments ot Abner u.
Harrison, dee'd, to be and appear before th
Probate Court of said county, to be held on
the fourth Monday of June next, then and
there to show cause, if any they can. why an
order should not be made for the sale of the
real estate of said deceased, lying and be
ing iu the counties of Holmes and Washing
on and State of Mississippi, for the purpose
of payment of debts against said estate, to
wit: 1 he north west quarter ot north west
quarter, and east half north west quarter,
Leitgers, Journals. Day BookCnsh Book, Meam an(J west half north east quarter, section No.
Boat nooks .ami Jbiiisoi uuung, uiu, i tQwnh n No. 14. ranna No. 1 east, and
- 7 r - - - , O -
Russell's History Greece And Rome.
Grimh:iw's Histories for Schools.
CJoklf miih' Histories, im School.
Worcesiei's HUtory and Chart.
Lardner's Outlines of Universal History.
Tytlet's Clrraeiits of Universal History.
W'help'ej' compend of Universval History.
Walker's sohool D nionary.
Wehiti-r'a cho 1 D ct'onary.
Worcester's school Dictionary,
Emerson's Watts on Mind.
Uliiir's lecture. University Edition.
FuVir's lcctuies, Abridgment.
Anthon's wHcl serieof Latin and Greek Classics
AnHrew's and Stoddarl's Latin Books.
Leviretl8 Lexi on,
D.uicgan L xicon.
G udiner L xi'-on.
Sclirevl'i's 1 exicon,
Frou h School B. Vs in variety.
Medical Books of all kinds.
Record Book3 for County and State Offices:
IV o. 53, Common Street,
IVeiv Orleans.
" Whites N. Y. Type Foundry
and the Hoe Printing Fress
The following assortment of Paper and
Printing Materials.
PAPER G00O reams Printing, sizes from
20 z 30 to 29 x 45 inches; 5000 reams
Letter and Foolscap.
PRINTING INK-Johnson's Winter, Spring
and Summer; News and Book; also, co
lored Ink in canisters.
Nonpareil, , Minion,
Brevier, Bourgeois, -
Long Primer, Small Pica,
Pica, Pica Secretary,
English, Great Primer,
Canon, Paragon
Real Double Pica, Gieat Primer Script
R. Eedford,
W. Harnett,
P RmEr,
, DENTIST. -.-
TOTAVING located himself at Yazoo City
would bo hapov to wait on any wh6
may honor him with their patronage.
He will cll at the bouses of those who
prefer it. Can be found at Dr. Drsey s
Dec. 13, 1813, 123-3m
Tf ETTEUS ol Administration having
lipn rrranforl In llm iiTAmrantrf Kiv fhn
Hon Probate court of Yazoo County, at tho
February lerm, 1644 of said court, on the
estate of G. II. Hademan, deceased. All
persons having claims against said Estate,
are required to present them fer payment
within the time prescribed by law, or they
will be forever barred, and those indebted
to said estate arc required to make speedy
pavment. II.
March, 15, 1S41.
HAYMAN. Adm'r.
n N pursuance of an order of the Probate
U Court of Boliver County, in the Slate o
Mississippi entered at the April Term
thereof A.D.I e44, 1 J opepli McGuire, Ad
ministrator, or an arui singular ttie goods
and chattels, rights and credits which were
of the estate of Egburt Harris, deceased, at
the time of his death will offer for sale at
putlic vendue to the highest bidder on the
Mist day of June, next, at the dwelling
house of the undersigned Joseph McGuire,
opositethe mouth of the Arkansansas River,
and town of Napoleon, on a credit of twelve
months, all the right,, tit. e and interest of
which the said Egburt Harris had in and to
I the following described lands at the time of
his death, to wit: Fractional section, No. 7,
il. ts, Nos. 6, 2. 7, 11, 12 and 13; In frac
tional section No. 31; in fractional section
no 33; The north half of section No. 21,
and all of sections 9 and 10, lying north of
the Choctaw Boundary, all lying in Town
ship No. 22 of range No. 8, West, contain.
i ing by estimate 1280 i2 100 acres. The
, interest of the said intestate in the same be
ing an undevided moieiv thereof. And on
the 1st Monday-of July next, I will as Ad
ministrator as aforesaid, offer for sale at
. Bank Note Table, Corrected Weekly.
Adapted for Yaaoo City Market.
Gas Light and Banking Company,
Bank ot Louisiana,
Mechanics and Traders,
City Bank of New Orleans,
Union Bank,
State Bank,
Canal Dank,
Carrolllun Bank,
Citizens1 Dank, 'Mi
Consolidated Bank, 35
Commercial Bank, 26 i
Exchange Cank, 30 c per dol.
Improvement, 30 c do.
Bank of Orleans, 25 c do.
Atcbafalaya, 20 c do.
Blue Backs, 87 c do.
Municipa ity No. 1, 20 pr ct,
No. 2, 35 ' "
No. 3 75
Alabama, 20
Tennessee, 3
South-Carolina, '----:" 3
Kentucky, 3
Double Sm. pica Sec'y Great-Primer Sec'y public vendue, to the highest bidder at Mur
dock's Ferry, in the county of Sunflower,
on the Yazoo river, on a credit of twelve
months flora the day of sale, all the right
title and interest which the said Egbert
Harris, had in and to the following describ
ed tract and parcel of land at the lime of
his death to wit: the east half of the south
east quaiter of section 36, in township 19,
of Range No 2 west, containing 79 79-100
Type received in exchange for acres. Bond with satisfactory security will
And an assortment of
Flowers, Cuts, Leads, Brass Rule, &.c.
-ALSO Stands, with or without racks:
News and Job Cases; common and brass
Galleys; Mallet?; Plainers; Lead Cutters;
Composing Slicks; Furniture; Quoins, &.c.
OOrders .received for The Hoe Pa
tent Cylinder, Washington and Smith Prin
ting Presses; Bookbinder's Tools, &,c. &c.
Eagle before 1834, $10,66
" sines 1834, 10,00
Sovereign, 4,86
Napoleon, 3,85
Doubloons, Spanish
before 1782 16,25
after 1782 15,53
Patriot 15,55
1th pieces 2,9
X Thalera 7,87
Forty Francs, $7,50
Georgia $5 br.m't5,00
N. Carolina do 5,00
Pistareen, 10
Guina 5,C0
Ducat 2,00
German crown 1,90
French 1,00
Louis d'Or. 3,00
X Guilders 3,64
Yazoo City Prices Current.
March 1, -
lies! hlne and white DaDPr. ami strongly bound.
Letter paper, ruled and plain, cap paper, ruled and
plain, of every kind and price.
VVraDDina D.iocr. various ize.
(lot.c8, six, nine and twelve inches.
Ink. made especially Icr Kecoras.
Copying and Black willing ink.
ornliant red Caimine ma.
Bristol Hoards and Drawing paper.
and drawing Materials. -
Copj ing presses, C opying Books and materials, 'o-
petner wun ail Minis oi uuuimir
Schools, Country Merchants, and Public Institu-
lions. - -
S. VV. Si Co., have ale o become the Agents ot me
north east quarter of south wester quarter.
section 23, township 14, range No. 1 east,
containing about 210 acres, lying in the
county of Holmes, being a half interest in
said lands, entered by N. N. Hurst, and by
will, at the May Term, 1844, of the
Ptobate Court of Yazoo county, make a
final settlement of the Estate of John B
Miller, dee'd, and surrender
be required in each respective case.
Adm'r of E. Harris, deceased.
April, 26, 1844, (Prs fee $20 50) 42-6t
dls. cts
Administration, when all persons interested
my letters Ol Sufebioe Court of Chancer, ) March Rules,
him sold to Jemieson & Harrison Also I may attend if they see proper, and also pie I
the whole interest in the west half north
east quarter and the south east quarter,
sectiou 21, township 14, Range No. l,east,
containing about 240 acses, Also, lying in
Holmes county, likewise; the south west
quarter of section 28 and sou th east quarter
sent my account for allowance.
Yazoo City, April 12, 1844, 40::7t
of the State of Mississippi,
James VV. Barnett, complainant,
994 . vs.
Reuben Matthews, et al, defentants.
TTPON opening the matters of this bill
and it appearing that the defendants
William IT Sirro nurl iiia nntnnwn Koiro nf Candles, sperm., -
ni.cp ABA .r. nAtinKilsnl.nr tallOW, UlOUld,
UUU VIUOA) V.-K7.Xt; CSW aV uitiuwil-M-w - I
this State, but reside Deyond the limits
Apples, green, - - -
" dried, - -Bagging,
Ky., - - -
Scotch, - -Bale
Rofe, - - - -Twine,
- - - ' -
Beef, mpss, - - - -
cargo, -
Bacon, hams,
" sides, -"
Butter, Goshen,
Western, -
Beans, "white,
Coffee, Havana green.
St. Domingo,
P. C. VVALLIS Masteh, will contmuo to
plv regularly during the season between
this place and Vickaburg. leaving here on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and the
latter place on the alternate days at 12 M.
Yazoo Cilv.Mav 21. 1S44 4fi tf
Insolvent Notice.
TIE undersigned were, at the Mav
TVm, 1811, of the Probato Court of
Y.Z "! county, appointed Commissioners tf
Imolvoncv upon th estate of Malichi B.
Hamer, dee'd., we will met the Second Sat
urday ot every month, for the en?tiinr six
month at the office of Q D. CMt. Esq.,
in Yazoo city, for ihe purpose of auditing
claims against si id estate.
Yazoo city, June 7, 1841. 48-tf.
For sale at this OFFICE.
"Amerxan Bible ocietv," mThk American Sun- section 29, township 15, range 5 west, and
stanily on ha
in quantities
New Oilcan, April 20, 1844.
Insolvent Notice.
And is further ordered that publication of I deceased. Persons indebted to said estate the court-room, in the town of Jackson the
rpHE undersigned have been appointed this citation be made in a public newspaper J are requested to make payment, and those 1st Monday in June, next, and plead, ans
A riommiafliniTors nF insolvency, noon the nnhllshed in tha State, for the snace of 301 having claims against the estate are notified Uwer or demur to the bill of complaint here-
..i.ia nf Aunn. p. 1 1 ., , -1 o n A r p a . pd . a nd a o -tnAtht ifitatiT shall alo hft set udi to Dresent them to me within the time re 1 in. the several allegations thereof will be
will meet
in tho town of Ronton, on ihe first Saturday -aid lands are situated, for the same length WILLIAM H. IAYLOR, - cree made therein as the Chancellor may
of each moth.
Cheese, American,
T ETTERS testamentary having been
granted to the undersigned by the
day Seuool Union," and havea.l then Looks mr- tn0 souln east quarter section 24, and south Court of Probates of Washington county, at thereof, so that an ordinary process of this ClDER
sianiiyon nana, nu can ai ... .... fiBt nil.rter MCt: oll 05. townshm 15. ranee the January terra. A. D. 1844. of sa d Court cannot be executed on tnem. It is n,c ..RS Snanish.
- i ----- -i - j a , - i r i . " --j - r
ao-v Iff west, containing about 640 acres, lv ing in Court; qualifying him to act as Executor of therefore ordered that unless the said de- " American,
- - i : c i I . m , i .i
Washintiton county and State aforesaid. the last will and testament of William Ley, fendants appear belore the inanceiior at corn, in the ear, -
meal, -
bner G. Harrison, deceased, and days, and that citation shall also be set up to present mem to me wunin tne time re in, tbe several allegations tnereoi win ue
at tho office of J. &, VV. B ttaile, three public places i in the counties where quired by law or they will be forever barred, taken for confessed, and such order and de
n of Benton, on the first Saturday 8aid lands are situated, for the same length WILLIAM H. TAYLOR, - cree made therein as the Chancellor maj
oth, forth the next six months, to 0f tirne. ExV of, William Ley. deem equitable and just. It is further or
receive and credit claims against said es
Commissioners of Insolvency
Benton, Mtrch 30, 1844 . 39 0m
Witness the Hon. Jame3 R. Burrus.l leb.9, 1844
Judse of Probote of the county of Yazoo,! m . - ati
the fourth Mondav of Aori . 1844 and seal liuu wi' ter, once
ofthe Court. Issued the 25th day of April, win sen o f Acres oi bo in noimes s,veiy
31-st. Idered that a copy of this order to published
Flour, superfine, -
Hay, -Larx,
Molasses, -Nails,
Oats, -
in the Yazoo City Whig and Political Regis- Oil, sperm.,
County, on Honey Island, on favourable Attest,
JT OUD'S celebrated Grand Action Piano
Fortes, for sale at the Benton Academy
and at Yazoo Citv. These Pionos will re-
n full iinrrnnv. if desirfd. and be
kerjt in order for two years withont charge.
. r . - . j . i l i
Messrs Loud and Co. ot rnnaneipnia,
May, 10, 14S0, (prs fee $20) 44-5t
'fTlHE undersigned baVe been appointed
by the Hon. Probate court of Yazoo
County, Commissioners of Insolvency upon
he estate of William K. S'one'deceased.r
They will meet at the office of R. & J. J-
the town of Benton, on the first
VI.. I, ,n
have just taken the Gold Medal at .e New I g tnj 0feach month for the next six
YorK rair.awaraHd tor in oesi s-wnv
terms; anv person wishing to purchase, will
apply to Dr. W; Dorsey, in Yazoo City.
The title is good and the land equal to any
in the state, and is in three miles of L.
Richardsons1 farm immediately on the bank
of Little River. ANSELM VV ATKINS.
AS Receiver, appointed by the Superior
Court of Chancery, I am authorized to
a week for two months succes
R. L. DIXON, Cl'k
Benton; Jan. 5, 1844. 26 6U
hire out by the month a number of Negroes,
months, to receive, audit and allow claims I belonging to James 11. Creecy. Also, the
T hhds superior Bacon, assorted, just
ILttD received from Cincinnati, and for
by CHAS. PREWmmj.
against said estate.
Commissioners of Insolvency.
Pleasant Hill Plantation. Persons wishir
to hire, will please make application to r
at my plantation. 9 milesbelow Yazoo City.
C. S. CRANE, RecV.
Jan ?6, 1315. - 29-tf
Yazoo City, March, 22, 1844, 37-9t
Prs fee 15 00)
A S Executor of the last Will and Testa
JrxL ment of William J. Ball, dee'd, I shall
at the next July Term ef the Court of Pro
bates of. Holmes county, move said Court for
leave to surrender up my letters testamenta
ry heretofore granted to me bv said Court in
reference to said Will. I shall at the'same
time offer to the said Court an account ef
ray Executership and ask an allowance for
ray trouble as Executor.
of the last Will and Testament ef William
. J. Bell, dee'd.
May i, 1044, 43-t
" linseed, -
FoBK,mess, -
" prime, -
' cargo, -
bulk, hog round,
Rice, -
Sugar, brown,
loaf, -
" lump, -Salt,
Liverpool blown,
Soaf, -
Tobacco, - -Tar,
- -Whisket,
(first quality,)
Do- (second quality)
Xeatly and Expeditiously executed at Aid

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