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4Mt A iAfe'i i'
Jl&s. HARRIET. N. PREWF.TT, Editor."
Friday, January C, 18
We are authorUed to announce N. H. Less,
as a candidate for tiie cffica of 'Circuit .Clerk,
at the next election. , i
We are autho'rijed to announce W. II. Mas-
svm, as a candidate tor Asset tor, at
election. ' """'; .
the next
ins! urmisti or resort circui&tM no doa
by partisans of Col. Davis.who wish peace
ably to 'dispose of the great Union chrtn
pion, that Lis Excellency, Gov. Foote, would
not be a "candidate for the United States
Senate;-but was aa applicant for a Foreign
Mission, is, we believe, entirely without
foundation There is little doubt that the
fire-eaters would willingly sechini sent to
Russia if they could thus get -'him out 'of
to!. Jeff. Davis' path, but we entirely mis
take th ft man if he gives up without a strug
gle the issues brought upon him by the fac
"Now is Hie winter ofoiirdiscon
.: teutS' .-'":.-'.. -v-v --v-.
The most disagreeable" thing, in life next
to being dunned, is duning.- Will our dear jtionista of that weakest of all bodies dignifi
subscriberi ."on this hint" pay up. Vou ed with the honorable 'title of Senate
that read this, if you are concious of ow-jthe upper house of the MississippiTegisla
ing'us ever so little,, we mean ; you. and not ture.' On , the subject of this report, our
your neighbor We have heavy liabilities able contemporary of the Natchez Courter
to meet and your three or five dollars will (and we heartily endorse his remarks) says:
help us greatly. To you it is a little thing,! "We think wo know Henry S. Foote too
but it is life to us: Our means of support well to be" mistaken in hi3 character; sni
is made up of little accounts, and if many j we are much mistaken, if he is willing to
of you keep us waiting for those small .drop his claims to the U. S. Senate for any
amounts we have much trouble to make executive station. If any man ' in Missis-
ends meet, and the "devil to pay' in the bar-,sippi has claims to that vacant Senatorship,
erain. Yerhum sat. - ' . ? - he has. It is the renewal 8f a term he held
Christian Psalmist.
Our friend and neighbor, the Rev. Mr
" . : t-J
Cooper, of the Methodist Church, has sen
us a book of Hymns and Divine 'Songs
with the above title. It is a very beau
tiful collection of hymns from different au
thors, set to music and adapted to socia
, meetings or the fireside. We admire very
much the numeral system of notation which
is observed instead of the use of round or
square notes, as it is a much simpler method
of learning music We have had several
class meetings alone by ourself over its sou
inspiring Dacres. In another column is a
most beautiful hymn, "My Buried Friends,"
which please read and then come to us and
learn the tune. The only objection we haye
to the book is certain liberties the compiler
has taken with .Bishop Heber and other
immortal sacred Bards. In the touching
monody "Thou art gone to the Grave,"
there are some alterations which we object
to.' In regard to old songs and melodies,
we are somewhat tenacious and require, all
that wish to please us to follow Othello's
- injunction, '. "- 'V
"Nothing ertenuate. nor set down aurrut m
'-- malice." . '" ;- 'T "
Do you remember the anecdote of the
Yankee chorister who had peculiar notions
about the. unison of words and music, and
wlm also wished to overcome the prejudices
of some of the old time saints of the con
gregation against the innovation of afiddk
in assisting divine worship, attempted to
improve upon Doctor Watts in" this wise:
0 may my heart be tuned within
Like David'u sacred .vidirt." '
Elated with his success, bewailed upon the
pastor to report the improvement. ( The
good old man looked over the paper over
the tops of his specs and pronounced it a
very remarkable production, but said he
thought he could improve it, and so wrote
"O may ihy heart go diddle? diddle
Lite uncle Davy's sacred fiddle." ,
However, we are not such an intense ad
mirer of Orthordox Lyrists, that we can al
ways sing witji the spirit and understanding,
the whole of some of' Watts paraph rases
of the Psalms. For example, let one with
a tolerably keen sense of the ridiculous, sing
the following verse from one of the Psalms
that used to be sung in the Congregational
-Churches down east, to the tune of Saint
Martins, and see if he feels a bit devotional
or poetical. .
Ve monsters of the bubbling deep
' " " Your maker's prai3ea spout, . ..
Up from the waves ye codlings pep
Ani Kay your tails about J
But that has nothing to do with the sub
ject of the Book before us. Many thanks,
brother Cooper, for your very acceptable
present. i -;
gijr Thanks to the Stacy, the Campbell,
and the Aflon for late newspaper favors.
- " .-.: - . . ;
' ' . f . i ! I. I ..Ill I I I . J
Wtsfieid Scott as Lieutenant-Gzxer-al.
Senator Clemens' resolution to coufer
the title of Lieut. General upon Gen. Scott,
meets with .very general approbation, by
democratic, as well as whig journals, as a
compliment.. The Boston Post says that
democrats can-heartily join in this tcstimo
nial to an old veteran, as expressive of the
senseentertained of his patriotism and val
or. It was political opinion which they
.'tendtid against, and not the military ex
..ellence 'of Gen. Scott; and now that the
'"contest is over," the PosC holds that they
Will see with pleasure a deserved compli
ment bestowed upon him as with the united
voice of the republic.
Ramsey has been exploring 'the route in
clude in the grant made to him by the Mex
ican government to navigate the river Laca
tula or Mescala, from the sea to tho bovnd
iiry line of ' the State of Puebla a Chi' ice
of 450 milesthe latter point LJpg cily
about 350 miles from Acapulco, on tl
cjfic. By this route the distar.: f.-r.i 2
Orleans to Sin Francisco will Lo ; : Lvi
in twelve'days. " ;
a year sincef The seat was his own, when
called upon by the people to take the field
in opposition to a dangerous heresy, the
success of which would have placed Mis
sissippi by the side of South Carolina . in
hostility to the Union'. It was his example
nis euorts, nis ununug zeai, nis laoor in
season and out of season, his bold assertion
of old fashioned democratic truths, his stir-
ring and eloquent appeals- that saved the
State from open and armed resistance to the
Union. ' The ; people sustained him. The
Democratic party of the Union was obliged
at Baltimore to insert in their platform, the
same principles contended for by him. Gen.
Pierce himself was elected, because he was
understood to stand upon them. Wm. R.
King in the Senate had voted with Gov.
Foote in the Senate upon the Compromise
measures, lhe State Kitrhts democracy m
Mississippi have themselves been obliged
to yield their doctrine of resistance, and
whetlier they did it honestly or hypocriti
cally, the result is the same; they have been
forced in practice to stand where Gov. Foote
stands. , So far, -the canvass of 1851 and
the present Presidential struggle have been
triumphs of principle for Gov. Foote.
"Besides, he would already have been.
re-etected, but for the fact that faction tri
umphed over right; and neglected a4 posi
tive duty that its members had solemnly
sworn to perform.. Official oaths had to be
broken, and a law to be .trampled upon, in
order to prevent that triumph of principle
being also a personal one.; Who, then, of
the democracy, have such claims on their
party as Gov: Foote? And if party is dis
regarded entirely, who has more claims up
on the people of Mississippi? It cannot be.
that with such claims, and such vantage
ground, Gov. -Foote will - yield. He is a
candidate for the U. S. Senate, and we be
ieve he seeks no other station." . ' r
to ma-
I.-.: it:.i tlicir Virp. j
Appended to this htter nre the names of
about forty of the leading merchants of Bos
ton. Mr. Webster, in reply to the letter, of
Mr. Sears, after stating that he had been
already fully compensated for his public ser
vices, by the cordial greetings and warm
friendship of his political and personal
friends, says:
The contribution which you now malie
known to me,, must be placed entirely to the
account of the friendship and generosity of
yourself and otherjgentlemen Expressions
of thanks, however, warm and sincere,
would in a case like this, be feeble. ' I must
rest. therefore, in the persuasion that all
who have borne a part in this transaction,
will believe thatithasdeeply and paofoundly
impressed me with the sentiments and the"
emotions justly belonging to the occasion.
exprcccion to Jho popular wish Aid me,
all cf you, to sit firm in the landJt-upset by
too many revolutions a stable government
which shall have for its basis, r.eligion, pro
bity, anfi love. , - ' ' ., - '
" For the suffering classes receive here my
oath thai no sacrifice shall be wanting on
my part to insure. the prosperity of my coun
try, and whilst I maintain peace I will yield
in nothing which may touch. tho . honor . or
the dignity of France. f I. , .
Another Abtic Expedition. The Hud
son Bay Company are .about to dispatch
a boat expedition to the Artie Sea for the
purpose of , completing the survey of the
northern shores of America, only a small
portion of which (probly- from 300 to 400
miles) now remains unexplored. The party
is to consist of one officer and twelve men
including two Esquimaux ' interpreters, in
I two boats the one boat light and small, for
convenient transport over land and for river
navigation? the rther large, strong.and well
fited for encountering rough weather in an
open seft but without any neck or covering
except tarpaulins. . Mr. John Rae, the offi
cer who
mat ne nas irom tne conpany
to provide everything essential for the com
fort and health of the party as . well as for
making correct astronomical and other ob
Bank of Englad. Weighing Depart
ment. une ot me most interesting ana as
tonishing r departments within the whole
compass of the Bank of England is the
weighingr deparment in which with the ra
pidity'of thoughtand aprecision approaching
Pclaratiou of the Umpire.
The votes' were counted on the 2d ihst.
The following is the speech of M. Billault;
the PresidenJ of the Legislative Corps, on
presenting the numbsr of votes:
Eire: We lay before your Majesty . the
solemn expression of the national will. ' In
the midst of the orations which were decreed
to you by popular enthusiasm; you showed
no anxiety to assume a crown which i was
ouerea to you on au siaes; out aesirea tnat
i ranee snouia nave time lor renecuon; you
wished that the supreme decision, by which
a people, master of itself disposes sove
reignty of its destiny, should only be taken
cooly and in complete liberty.
, our wish, sire, is accomplished; a free
ballot secret, and open toall, has been hon
estly examined under the eyes of all, sum
ming up 8,000,000, of votes. It gives to the
legitimacy of i your government tho widest
hoeio nn mliiK nnr frnArnmn. : in "
world has ever been established. .From the
day when 6,000,000 votes collected for you
by the government itself, which they call
ed you to replace, deposited in your hands
the fate of the country, France at each , new
ballot has marked, by additional millions of
votes, the continued increase os her confi.
dence fn you. Without as within her munci
cipalities in her fetes as in her votes, every
where her feelings have burst forth from
one'end of the country to the other, jBock in
your steps bursting from all parts to salute
me man oi meir nopes ana oi meir iaiiu.
Our people have sufficiently made ; known
to the world that you are their Emperor--thef
Emperor chosen .by ; the ; people and
that you carry with you that "national spirit
which, on the day marked out' by Provi
dence, crowns new dynasties, and sends
them in the place of those which it no long
er animates. .; l - " V -
Taking shelter, under an immense recol
lection of glory, voder what it holds most
precious, its honor abroad, security at home,
and those immortal principles of : 1780 -the
firm basis of new French; society so power
fully organized by the Emperor, your uncle
-our, nation again rises up with proud love
thatdypasty of theBonapartes which sprung
from him, and which 'was not overthrown
by French hahdsl But while preserving a
proud remembaance of the great events of
war, it hopes ; to find from you the great
things of peace. Having already seen you at
wnrli it eynpefs fmm vent n ri'snlntft nrnmnt
and prosperous government. In order to oa its top. Hog's Instructer.
O EMAINING In the Post Office at Yazoo
AT ity, Jan. Jf 1853, which if not taken out
in 3 months, will be sent to the dead, letter
'A. Alexander W HAdams W
prTi i? s ' Bordlcy 11 IL A
t Vi ir Bann Rlum, Bridgeforth
J C, Banks Miss M C, Boyd Miss Aura M
0. BnceMiss Mary Jane, .Brown Simeon.
Bndges JRowone, Brister w i, Blache Elev
ens Green. .
aCarson David, CantriU E Fr Carr a
vr, Crippin J R, Carroll John, Curtean Jas
iwum iuuuiiw a. o, vxniaoe Mr Unauncey,
Church J, CrdndalJ R B; Cunningham F
Davis Major
lin, Doyle P 8,'Donooan LF, Dewres Theo,
Duncan Col-John, Dillard R K, Duncan
E. Ellis Mrs E ,11, Everett Thos, Edring
ton J D, Edmonson, Edwards S m s -
F. Faust S Cm Esq, Frasier It P, Feieh
-Dorough ii m 2,Davis J, Dyer wmlj,
Major II, Daniel David, David Frank-
G. Grigsby E C, Godfrey Bridget 2,
Goldsmith m, Galaspie T II & w x 2, .Gill J,
uiuson su i, uasion o Xj, unsuam wm.
H. Hall David 2, Harvey J, Harrison J
is to command the expedition, states ?mil' lh Hf rd J F, Hanson J J, Hen- lUj;
aas from the conpany a carteblanche ?TerS0,n , Hughs Mrs ualinda, Hedrick a, Lard,'
nawiey a w, narvey Mrs j a, riuston j r.
Apples, green r
u dried,
Ragging, Kyt, -
Scotch, "
Bale Rope, -Twine
" prime, -H
cargo, , -
Bacon, ham,- -
, do sides, ') 1-
do shoulders,
Batter, Goshen,
do s Country, i. - I
Beans, white, , -Coffee,
Havana green,
do Rio, , - -r
Candles, sperm,
f do tallow, V
; "do ,".;;'' star,;:,. a-,-;
C'heese, American, ;
Cider,1 ' ;,;;".
Cigars, Spanish,';' " .
do American,;
Corn, in the ear, . -
do sack, 1 ; -.do
meal, (- . . .
Flour, super bt, Louis,
do Uhio, - -
3 50
4 50
18. 00
Hunt Crane, Harbin J, Hooker N B 4, Hi 1
Francis, Humphries J M,Hunley wm, Hogg
William. ? " -; - .
J. Johnson w S, Jackson r a, Johnson
wm, Johnson Mrs m e, j on nson James, jacKi
son John," Johnson Dr B F, Jenkins miss ii
e c. Jolly Gardner. 2 ; " ,.u
K.--Kearney w p, King w p, Kauts J N,
L. Linch J, Lee Mrs Celindy, Leigh F
to thehundredth nart of a rrain the wei.Tht N Lusk Robert, Lick: John; Lcstle Aaron,
. m T " fl 9 - " -- ! -w . . . -1 ,
of the gold coins is determined. There are os' , " l:, ,. , T ,
six weighing machines kept working by the Jr llche T!l0S' if cd'l5 TL f111,0,
cam- flo-Anrttf wbir-h nnnlia nU tntx-han'ton) Kmley D, McBnstian Mr. MerediUi B,llaiks
power in the band, and three weighers attend Jooas, -Myers Joshua, jsiayo y , way xuu
to these. Rolls of sovereigns, or half sove- ztllh' ook? ,vn, McLean . Allen. McCor
3Iolasaes, "'
Nails,- - .
Oatsi : ' ' " - -
Oil, sperm,
do hnseed,
Pork, mess;; f .
do, ; prime, t - , . ..
do' cargo, ;- L
do chime' , j
do bulk, hog round,
Potatoes, - !
Rice, , ., . ,t,,
Sugar, brown,' ' " , '
do loaf, -r. ,
do: crashed, a - -i
Salt, fine, . ? in
do course, - -
- lb
. lb
- lb
lb 15
- lb:
13. ;T,
23.4 ''"
12J "
10 ,
10 iJ
10 j
16 00
6 00
33 ,
50 '
75. ''
6 00
5 50
10 '-f
1 00
1 50
1 25
bb!23 00
reigns, are placed in grooves and are shaken,
one at a time, by the motion of the machine,
into the scale. If they are of standard
weight, they are thrown : by ; the same me
chanical intelligence into a box at the riirht
hand side of the person who watches the
operation; if they have lost the hundreth part
of agram, they are cast into a box on the!
left. Those which stand the test are rmt intn
bags of 1,000 sovereigns each, and those IT111' uh Dr'Irinc w B,Peircy
below car cut by a machine, and sent backl. A,niiPS Mrs. r - . ...
to the mint. Between.one thousand and two
mick JMerwin Joseph, Montgomery Aaron, Whiskev bo.t
rxr:a tt:ii 'lf.v.n 1 f ic I . '
Xkiceu a xxiu, ivicieu a x , iuarun Mrs sun-
zarJeth, March .Banks U w, Mullen miss Uru
silla, Marks Isaac 3.
N. Kelson T J. "
O. O'Neil Mrs Matilda, O'Brien James,
O'Conner J c. :
i rrucnett fcarah Ann, Pleasants t a,
Purvis, Rev ? J w, Phillips m r,-Price L T,
- uu
' rv ' 'ib
. ib
v ; " sick
10 00.
: nae
2 00
50 .oa
12 ho
J2 ;
30 !
2 00
1 50
22 5a
2 10
. 50"
1 25
thousand light sovereigns " are thus ' daily
Sent out of circulation. The silver is put up
in bags, each? of 1,000 value," and the
gold into; bags of a thousand, and then
those bagfulls of bullion' arc sent .through
a strongly guarded door, or rather window
into the treasury. The treasurr is a gloomy
apartment fatted up with iron presses, which
are supplied with huge locks and bolts, and
which are perfectly fire-proof. ,Gold, silver
and paper money, ready for circulation, to
the amount of 22,000,000 sterling, Were in
the treasury when we visited it. One of the
gentlemen in this department placed 1,000
sovereignes in our hand and at : the "same
time pointed to seventy bags , full of gold in
a little recess which he had thrown open,
" R. Richardson Geo B c, Richardson Mrs.
t m, iiandau i nomas, iteeves J c, Koand
Frank. Rose James, Rithers wnf, Roberts, a
t, rfciiuu iiesicT, li-ice ur j c, itooiason jer
emiah, Reed w p, Robinson
S.rScott w d, Sargeant t a, Shepard wm,
Smailing Samuel, Sorrels ; James, Simmons
a t, Smith J L, Smith wm, Shaw Mrs E D,
Seymore Robert. Smith J N, Stone Alex.
T. Tutt Mr, Tucker Mrs Kosana, Thomas
Marks, Tilly Miss Sarah J, Turner, a m 3.
V. Verdelett AfYanderberg n k w.
W. Williams j c 5, Wilson W j 2, Wor-
sley John, Watson -r a, Westerby J S 2,
Woods James, White K J, Walker Alfred,
Williams S J, Williams carrol, Walker j W,
Willis Dr IK S, WiUy W Wt Weets(Geo.
White Mrs l? JiWilhamon Ik. 11, Wormack
naking in all the modest sum of 70,000. John, Wendorth Henry, AVest Mrs B F,
. He place notes of half amillionalso upon WtUe Mrs Jane. Vormutz WiU.am. ; ,
our palms, which; no doubt, - had its own
sensation as the precious deposit trembled
Persona calling for any of the above letters
will please say they are advertised, or they may
not.be delivered. UUi'i. 13. DIXON, P. M.
VLIC Lessons on any wind'ej- string
instrument given by WM. PaV TE?C
Also, Piano's juned and repaired. l
4 S&T. KooW at' Winn's Hotth t;
Yazoo cityJan. 7, 1C53. . -
"; j ' r ; ' -
Wholesale atid Kctuil. Grocers:"' i
NO, 16, CANAL STREET, New Orleax
December 10, 1852., ' ' r'"I'"," ;22ryv'
' . ..... . - .. j .-... i .
Xt their New Banking1 House, ,
,is?ount Bills of Exchnnze. Foreign
and Domestic,and Csifurrexst mario t
They Chcelt an New Orleans at all time?, h ,
and during the winter an J spring at par." -A!so
on New York, .add tbs? principal cities at cu,"
rent rates... , . '', -
They receive IcpoiJc3 and. par o:
checK wittrout cnarge, and: all interest
time deposites as agreed on.; ;. , ; ,
MaKe coiiectioBs .and repnt proceeds, as di
rected. '-. '"-
Buy and sell Lind Warrants, county and
State Scrip, afccfcc: : S. J MICHIE &. CO.
Yazoo city, November 10, 1852.1- - 19 tf.
&3T The Washington Repulic says that
the rumor that a disposition prevails on the
part of the British Government to.negotiate
with this country on the fishery question as
the basis 'of reciprocal trade with the Prov-
nces, conpled with Mr. Fillmore's reference
to the subject in his message, is producing
a movement in its favor amongst the fishing
nteresls of the Northeast. A meeting at
Gloucester, Massachusetts, chronicled by
the Boston Atlas, resnltcd in the adoption
of a resolution approving of free trade with
the Provinces on the condition that the pro
vincial fisheries shall be open to the labor
nd enterprise of our citizens; and from
what we read in other papers from the same
ouartor. we infer that this - expression of
opinion fairly reflects the sentiments of the
district, Whether the ' lower Provinces,
which are most interested in the restriction
of fishing privileges, will accede to the pro
posal, remains to bo seen. In the mean
time, it must be confessed that the prospect
of any action in the premises during the
present session of Congress is exceedingly
dim. a
' The Webstek AuNuiTr.There has just
appeared in the New York Journal of Com
merce the correspondence between the late
Hon.' Daniel Webster and Hon David Sear?,
of Boston on the subject of annuity presented
to Mr. Webster by his Boston friends. This
annuity has been the occasion of much re-
aid yon it surrounds you with all its sym
pathies; it delivers itself wholly;, up to you.
Take, then sire take from the hands of
France that glorions Crown which she off
ers you. Never has a royal brow worn one
more legitimate or more popular
The Emperor then addressed the1 Cham
bers as follows:
The new reign which you thisday inaug
urate derives not its origin as so many others
recorded; in history have lone, from vio
lence, from-conquest or traud; it is what you
have just declared it the legal result of the
will of a. whole people, who consolidate in
calm that which they had founded in. the
midst of agitation. I am penetrated with
crratitude towards the nation which three
times in tour years sustained me Dy its sui
frages, and each time has only augmented
its maioritv to increase my power; but the
more that power increases in extent and vi
tal power, the more does it need enlightened
men; such as those who everyday surround
me independent men such as those whom
I address to guide me by their counsel, to
. ... , - . ir
bring bacfc my autnonty wimm proper uui
its. if it could ever quit them.. - - ;
I lake from this day, with the crown, the
name of Napoleon the Third, because lhe
will of the people has bestowed it on me in
their acclamations, because lhe whole nation
has ratified it. Is it then to be inferred," that
in accepting the title.I fall into the error im
puted to the prince.who, returning from ex
ile,' declared null and void all that had been
done in his absence
Far from me be such a wild mistake. Not
only did I recognize the government which
My buried friends can I forget
Or must the grave eternal sever? v
They linger in my memory yet, '
And in my heart they'll live forever.
They loved me once with love sincere
And never did their love deceive mo
But often in my conflicts here,
They rallied quickly to relieve me,
I heard them bid the world adieu; "
I saw them on the rolling billow;
Their far-off home appeared in view,
C While yet they press'd a dying pillow.
I heard the parting pilgrim tell,
While" passing Jordon'a stormy river, :
Adieu to earth for all is well;
Now all is well with me forver."
O how I long to join their wing;
" And range their -fields of blooming
. ers!
.' Come, holy watchers, come and bring
A.mourner to your blissful bowers. r
I'd speed with rapture on my way.
Nor: would I pause at Jordon'a river;
With song3 I'd enter endless day,
And live with my loved friends forever.
Died-Near thi3 city, on the 31st Decern-
berDELAY Stout, formerly of Franklin co.,
Alabama. ' , .
0C?"Tuscumbia papers please copy.
' AO'T E H T 1 M E N T S.
Middle District Chancery Court of the Slats
of Mississippi. '"..J':.
At OfHce Rules in vacation 1st Monday of Jan-
, ' r - . uary, 1853.
Henry B.'Brickell, complainant, ! , J
vs. . ; chancery,
Charles F. Hamer, et al def'ts ) No 42,
TTPON opening the complainant's bill, and it
appearing,, that the delendants William
A Brickell, Matthew Watson, Nathaniel Mon
tross Samuel B Stilwell, James May, William
Ersleston and Lewis Masters are not citizens
of this" State but reside beyond the limits there
of, so the ordinary process of this court cannpt
be executed upon them: Therefore, it ' is or
dered that said defendants enter their appear
ance herein, on or before the first day of the
next Term of this court, to be held at the Court
House of Yazoo county in Yazoo city, on .the
first Monday after the fourth Monday of March
next ensuing and plead, answer br4 demur to
complainants-bill of complaint, otherwise the
several, allegations thereof will be taken ' for
oonfessed by them, set for hearing exparte,
and the matters thereof decreed accordingly.
It is further ordered, that a copy of this order
be published in the Yazoo City Whig," a
weekly newspaper, published in xjizoo. city,
once a wees lorone montn. . r
Giei;3 tt Bowman, sol'ts for compl'ts."
January 7, 1853. (pr fee 12 75) 2(WSt
fj iu, mc uiucrssgmt uuvc? iormeu .a r
f w nership for the purpose of trausactic' .
General Produce,-. Grocery aniiL'i2uu
. Business. iX .,. ; ; '
We will keep constantly on hand a general as
sortment of Family, Gbocekies, Wines, Bran
dies, Hardware, Cutlery, and Q,ueensware,vhieh
we will sell very Jowv ' . ,
i-- '"; t;-t.' higginbotitam;
Yazoo city, Dec 24, 52.v 4 ' ' 2 1-tT
1 C Ofin Almanacs for 1Z'j3, ci
LtJjVUi vne, Iree bf chn'rr. , :
1 an
1 ,-. I, i
Yazoo city, December 24, lj2.
3Y a resolution of the Hon. iioard of T
W. R. Miles.' " R. B. Mates.
'Attorneys at. Law, . s.
WTT.T. rr?tro tliiil irtiTit flttonfi'nn r nil t-,..a'
u rt n.n.olnH tvia Knf I itihonr in snmo i . , . . , . .... . - , , .
uttu uicvvucu tuu, Uvuiv , n, mrnistPd to mem in an trie cotirrs nr dm
manner all that they nave accompnsnecr oi 1 jhe counties of Yazoo and Holmes.
urnstecs1 sate. , t
TTTY virtue of a certain deed of trust ex-
-ecuted by Edward C. irilkinson'and
.wife unto the undersigned Trustees, &c, for
the use and benefit of John P. Bailey and
others, assignees,'fec.; to secure the payment
of a certain promissory note for the sum of
t -4 1 1 a
council, aeaicu rroposaB wm De rc
by J. P. Bailey, , chairman of the Street
mittce, until the 2th last., for throwur
Levee from Water street to tho IfridM on J- ,
ferson street. . By calling on him ytutta 8uTV - '
plaq and specifications. ".'..'.
UJSU. 51. 1JUWJL:LU Qty clork,
Yazoo city Dec 17, 1852.; ;,' 23-2U
Iicavcs on every Monday Ever : -
:' WEEKLY rxcKi.l,
h -
1 '
1 c; TT-"
Journal was too proud a spirit to vindicate
ceed one to another are, notwithstanding dif
ferent origin, liable for their predecessors;
but the more completely that I accept all that
. . . . . . . - - .
mark and some censure on Mr. W., says thej .1, - , . , n J.fxr ... ,rtca ;,
, . .. . . ;. her inflexible authority, the less it bas per
mitted me to pass in silence over the glorious
d the reg-
last burst
Mr Webster that the sum of $37,000 had . Ul ,K , t- ,
been deposited it the M;issachusetts Hospitnl is not one 0f the dydastic superanuated pre-
Life Insurance Company on special contract, tentions which seem to be an insult to good
and adds:
j good and of, evil for governments which sue- Office in Wilson's Building, by the Telegraph, twenty-five hundred dollars, bearing inter
Office, Yazod city. . Jan 7, 53, 2G-ly
himself, ana preierrea iojeaveuiopostemr;-reirrn of the head of my family; an
to do him justice." I his correspondence took ular'thoughepiiemerai uueoi nis s
: KMft i Gtne ;T,;a bff nfmo me i wo ucirawrs psuw m ui
i 1 .VI '1- 'III tl'Yll. in I - k It. (11.1111113 iULLLl . 1U1U1 111 A.
t .... - , ;
Attorneys at JLaw,
January 7, 1 853.-"" . C3-tf. .
i, '-.
, ...'. jM fe,-. 4tS JiJi .
Your fx-iends,
have pkc-J ihi
to ccr.slitu'.a r.'4s
Da: I '
t .'Ject to vc:i
j , , ,
. hen v-i i
.: I t j i -i
5 ::rn I., rc
tr.e -
cs are cn:!os:"J,
Lr ycur L.r-fit
re j ir,;cnt,
v.2 v.-ia u-
t . ,t . 1 1 - 1 1 1
sense ana train; n is me nomage rcnaerea
to a fovern'ment which was --legitimate'and
to vi.i-h c owe tl.3 bri rhtc. i r r- - c 1 c:r
r.:: !.rn I.trv. -y rc";n
frf 1G15; it dates from
v.-Lui you have a nr.
the nation. R:-xiv
t!'.::: of tl.3 Chi-
r-rOULD respectfully inform the citizens
V J cf Y-szoo City and vicinity t'rt fV.o Las
removed to this city and opened a M-:.t Mak
ing Shop and is prepared to make all art:.! s of
plain and fancy cress in her Una c; Lu .aes3.
Also Bonnets lini-1 end tnrr.ed m the htc;4
fashion, at Vick?nur;: rnces. .
Ite:Jence on . onr. "$ st
Mr A Pat-
:i 7
this very
l.kU l.. W ..... -
D.r-.. :. ,
C .1
.i tu
.1 -t
-d v.
est at the rate ot six per cenu per annum
from January the 1st, 1850, we will, as
Trustees as aforesaid, proceed to sell at pub
lic auction; for cash,- before the door of the
Court House of Yazoo county, in the town
of Yazoo city, on Monday the 21st day cf
Febauar;;A:J); 853, J the following des
cribed tract or parcels of land, lyimj and
being" in the said county of Yazoo,, in the
State cf Mississippi, to-wit; The east half
of Section 0, the east half of southeast quar
ter of Section 3, all of Section 9, (except
the north half of the east half of thr ncrtl
east our.rter) the west, half of southwest
quarter of Section 10, the ncrth half cf Sec
tion 1G, the west hslf.of north '.tceI qn-.ricr
TIIE NC'V, r"- "'
passcnrer steau, . . ...
son, ii Aster, will L-ve Y
day Evening at 4 t, ' c Tl
leaves New Orle'ih5! f ' yTr
5 o'clock, P. II. -T; Zih S. Sta.
new built this rc-son, with 7M tne
ments for1 taf.. and - comfort 0
and will remain throughout " the,'
freight? or passage, enpiy on b
v... v:"'--' . u'. wv
' December 17, 1252. , , '
t ru:::
. J. J
k 1 n
cf S c:
c: r.:
it 1
on 17
r 10, Rtr
tn hun'-"
tho r.
a b
r.r.riLc t
it u iv t .
Lilt to
i to be
... : GUXS! GUX.
of vervfine andr ' 1
Guns, with nowly i.".. . v,v
natad; barrels. . Al;
and for. sab by '. '.
a L
.Yazoo, city,-aug. 27,. 1S32'
VTTE" are., roeri
v v' - and doer.
are p
ft, '
' . .
i v
Cp'""" 1 to f
' w 1, 1;
' ' 1
in a frv 1!.
? cur
3 C.
r '1 4
1 ''Tr,'l
ITLady Lovelace, the only
Trd Byron, died recently im
ii U
1 U c
rr . 1 . . " . f
w 1
sama acre
n that to
:ave 1
r ,hwb c
f )
'7 1

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