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2df iL;ooa'for its creation ia tl.:.t it vail en
able the proper authority to render an ap
propriate testimonial to the services of Pen.
Scott.in the same manner as it has been i en
dered to every officer in the aimy he led to
Wtia'nmrtrkvirtnrv who was intitled to the
v - t :.' w'Pnrv' ia wview (pCT.Ve ure aulcrfsci to announce James
distinction. It is noV necessary to rewevv v fanJijata fw Cifco; c, h
the life of -eru ccoh raai ui UiltUlucuJ next election.
Xr 1 1 Alt HIE i.1 N. r:iEVi,rr,Er:Tor..
may be able to appreciate what he has foi
thtlrinterest and their honor. Alrnc8t hall a
century IiaOlap5ed's1ucelis"narne and his
.deeds were house-hold words, familiar to the
' American people through the whole extent
of the republic. . . 4 L , -
' "But his campaign in Mexico waa the
-crowning net of his military life.and it wii
ever fjl one. of the brightest pajpfs of our
history. I desire, howeTer, io o justice to
Gen.Scott, but no injustice ,to,At colaborers
in that great work by aspintofpartisnnship,
to which we are ever one, and which
.would leave to his countrymen but little con
cera in many glorieus victories,' but to ad
mire their, splendor and his achievements.
There is honor enough for all; for' the living
and the dea?and let Us render it to all;"" to
each, inde"das he merits it. Nothing is
gainedXor the' cause of ' patriotism or of
truth by those invidious encomiums, which,
We they elevate one depress many by the
contrast they exhibit Gen. Scott led to
Mexico an American array, composed of
volunteers and regular troops equal to those
to be found in any other service, be it where
it may, in physical power, in honor, in valor
in patriotism, and in intelligence. The
progress of thaV nrmy is almost without a
parallel in ancient or modern warfare by
the disparity of force it encoutered and ever
come by the celerityjof its movement, and by
the uniform success of its operations under
circumstances of great trial and difficulty.
in the midst of a hostile people, and cut off
from their own countrr, self-dependent and
self-sustained. Armies were, dispersed or
overthrown before our gallant countrymen;
fortresses fell at their approach or attack,
and the capture of the capital terminated the
campaign, and in fact placed the nation' at
iur mercy. One incident which marked
these splendid efforts gives them , a deep
interest and a romantic character, which we
may seek in vain in the records of national
contests. ' For many days our adventurbus
army was lost to their countrymen and to the
world. Relying upon the gallantry and sup
eriority of his troops, the general adopted
the hardy measure wise, as it proved by
its success, but rash as it would have been
denounced had it failed of abandoning4 his
communications with the coast,: and there
fore, with his country, and of committing the
fate of his! army Ito a forward movment . i nto
the heart of the enemy's territory and to a
vigorous attack upon the capital. We all
remembcf with what anxiety, this decisive
movement was regarded, and how;wc. wait
ed, with almost painful solicitude, for tid
ings from our brethren engaged in a perlious
conflict 'and shrouded from our view by the
cioUllhat rested upon them, But ere long
this obscurity gave way, like the veil that
covered ind then revealed the Trojan hero
: Quum bircumfusa repente, : -Sciudit
ae unbes, et in sethua purge t apertum,
and we saw our flag upon the towers of Mex
ico, and the campaign brought to a glorious
conclusion: - "- - , . ,
"In these operations, so gratifying to our
pride and so honorabb to our character,
Gen. Scott was the leader, the commander,
, responsaWe to his country for their projection
and their execution. And well did he ful
fill the task assigned to him. Bold and acr
live iri : his, "movements, fertile in resource,
and prompt in seizing every advantage of the
errors of his enemy, he displayed traits of
generalship which have commanded the res
pect of the world, and have placed him
among the great 'captains of the age. :Arid
"these brilliant achiev men ts have not only
confered imgerishable.honor upon our name,
but they have added to our moral strength
and staiiding among Ihcnatiens of the earth
by the disply of noble qualities which prove
that an Anuiean army is as able as it is will
ing to stand between their country and her
foes, and to defend her rights and her inter
ests in any extremity of difficulty and dang
er? "- -O' ' "': ' '
, "For his share in these splendid feats I ant
willing to make provision for conferring upon
Gen. iSeOU this mark of public approbation
and I think he well merits it." ' 1
We are authorised to announce N. H. Luse,
:cd l:i
as a candidate toi
the clTice of Circuit Clerk,"
The announcement of the est
of the Empire in France was mado in a mos
amicable manner in both Houses of the
British Parliament on the Cth ult,
In the House of Lords, Lord Malmcsbury
announced that the Frcuch nation had seen
fit to chansro the form of their Government
from a Republic to an Empire, and had elec
ted the Prince, President Emperor. Her
3TThe New t brk-Tribune has a lon
arid a pretty able article upon the acqulsi
tioaof Caha. The following is one of its para
graphs:: M ' . - -'r
Spain herself, we are quite sure, will hev;
cr let Cuba slip from her grasp exeept in. thf
last extreme, and then not until she has de
creed emancipation to its slave population.
She holds the Island securely to-day by virr
of'this very threat. If we take Cuba at all,
therfore, we mst take her as a free State,
cpntainmg half a million ot very ; black and
very ignorant persons who would by the pro
cess become out fellow-citizens entitled to
ft - " " L l . .1 .
cnooso in regara 10 ineirgovernraenc, laws,
rulers,&c, &c. It Is. quite likely they would
choose aj)laek governor, black judges4dai;k
Beprcsentatives to Congress, black every1
thing. Xow our impression is very decided,
that a Targe .majority of thf people cf this
conntry 'consider that anf additional ava-
ianehe oltne.DiacK race upon m, is not a
thing to be coveted. We believe this is "the
public, sentiment both pf the North atdlhe
; South. And thus it is that we, instead -of
looking upon the annexation of Cuba as a
thing "certain see little or no" probability of
itsaccomplisment. : Cubtee, we would not
take. .; The South would be agaist it, and the
North, would but sligbily favor it. Cuba as
a slavs country, we cannot be permitted to
have. This we, believe to be a fixed decree
of the proud Castiili.tns who control it. It
is at least a fixed and iraniovablc purr sz of
a! '.Vilmot provso men. '
V tlf0-r.
at the next flection.
Ve are authorised to announce W. II. Mar- Majesty's Government had cordially reco;
ccM. as a caudUata forAssessor, at the next rni2Cd this' election, which had been almost
,. . unanimous, ana tnemperor naa expressed
ThS ilev. Joshua T. Russell, wc are his determination to maintain the cngage-
rcqveited to ray, wilfpmch in the Baptist Jments which had beta entered into by his
Churcli; vi Urn city; on Sunday normng preaecessors. . , ,
next, at ! 1 o'clock. ' I In the House of Commons, the same day,
n d ;n rn the Chancellor of the Exchequer acquamt-
jjemocratic State U5NVEKH0N. The! . , .... .
M-- . fa'-, 1 u 'i - ' ! cd the House that Her Mnjestyvs", Govern-?
ississippian of the 31st ult., contains a call i , J v:,' ,
e a t n i- e .t. j i ment had received information pTlhc change
for a State Convention of the democracy, on ..'..?
.vi i- nr a ' ' -r. i v i Q the form of the Government of.France,
the iirsi Monday in May next, to nominate . ... . - - . '
randidatea for State offices, eta. - 1 , , ? ,ulK ' r 7,"
unuer me uue oi "iMapoieon in; ana ner
Majesty's Ministers, acting upon the princi
ple of recognizing every : de facto govern
ment, had advised Her Majesty to recognize
the new Government in France. At the
same time," it had been announced to ller
Majesty's Government, in . a friendly and un
official manner, and formally and officially,
that in accepting the title of Napoleon III,
the Emperor' cf the French did no-: in any
way wish to assert an hereditary claim; on
the contrary; that his' only claim was his
having been elected by the people of France;
and he voluntarily declared that he entirely
accepted all the acts of the Governments
that had taken place from. 1814. '
- -
iTBishop Otey, in the Memphis Eagle,
contradicts the report that Bishop Ives has
gone over to the Roman Catholic Church.
He. also refutes a similar rumor in relation
to the Rev-. M. Wells, of Boston.
"Yazoo Citt, Jan. 10. 1853.;
Col J. J, i?. White:
. The undcrsigneJ, a committee from the
"Yazoo City Guards," were appointed to
request of you a copy of your tasteful and
appropriate address delivered to them on
the Cth inst., for publication. Hoping that
you will comply with our wish ' -Wc
Very Respectfully,
" v ' Committee.
Resignation ; of the Hon. William R.
King. We deeply regret that indisposition
has made it necessary for Mr. King. o re
sign the presidency of the Senate-j-a station
which he has filled. with so much dignity
and abilityand we are sure that the whole
body over, which he has presided sincerely
laments the necessitywhich has withdrawn
him from that chair. We trust that his dis
ease may be but temporary,-and that , he
may be able to resume his station in the
Senate as Vice President of the.Unlon. He
has had long experience in parliamentary
concerns, and was peculi arly qualified. for
the station which he has been compelled to
Health of the Vice President. Wash
ington letter writers speak desponditfgly of
Mr King's healths His disease is cohsuin
tion, and is in its nature very similar to the
List illness lof Mr. Calhoun, In ' addtiori to
th is,iiis stom ach is unable to retain ' food .
The' sympathy for Mr. King is "unanimous)
and pervades"all classes of society, without
reference to politics. ' Col. King, in point Of
character, is the very beau ideal of a gentle
man always calmdignified'and scrupulously
polite Co every bodyi 1 Irt him, the country
would mourn one of its noblest sons. -1" Ji
if .
R. Miles. ' - . U. 13. ! Fates.
WILL give tlieir j:;r.t attention to t
i-frn-:?l to Vci: in zil t:;oc;trtJ l.
! -'
A intoJSpirit Land. J
: A merchant of Boston, who is a medium
of the highest order,has paid a visit to spirit
land and found out ; the locations " and em
ployment of many distinguished individual
He brings the intelligence that Daniel Web
ster is ia lhe third heaven, though he does
not state any thing in relation to his employ
ment there. !lle also says that Prof. Web
ster, the murderer of Dr.Parkman, is in the
first heaven, keeping tavern, and that Dr.
Parkman is boarding out his bill with him.
Emanuel Swedenborg, it is said, lived a
long time on a cup of cold water and a crack
er a day, and enthusiastic believers in spir
itual manifestations contend now, that any
person can see and converse with spirits if
they will reduce themselves to such .spare
diet. The desire of persons for good living
almost precludes the Idea of expecting that
such examples of self-denial will be numer
ous. But if person&f can live on such a
small allowance of food in this world, the
subject, considering the high price of pro
visions, is certainly worthy of careful investigation.-"''"...',-'-
; . v.:.:. -:;';-":;V:;:4
If man, by spiritualizing his nature, can
live so economical here, how much more so
can he in the "'world to come?" Even if it
takes a cur of oldV water and a cracker per
day .there for the minimum here ought to
be about the maximum there it is certain
ly a pleasing consideration. . Dr. Parkman's
bill against Proi;Webster will last some
time, unless crackers and water are, unfor
tunately for the Dr., very dear in that local
ity. - Tliis whole subject of spiritual 'Aliet
must be very interesting to boarding house
keepers ad butchers. J. , . -;:t.; T'-.,
".' ',':' "' " ; " '- -.
' Tne Engllsh and French Oveeture.
We copy the following paragraph from the
Washington correspondent of the Philadel
phia North American. We should much
like to see Mr. Everett's reply to the propo
sition made to the United States in relation
to Cuba by England and France. We doubt
not, that, whenever it shall be published;- it
will be found honorable to its author, hon
orable to tT e administration of which he is
a member, and honorable to the country of
which he is a citizen:
The overture from England and France
was the result of a perfect understanding
between these two Governments, as may
reaauy dc mierrea irom me iacc, mat, al
though tji'c communications from their res
pective ministers here .'were written in "Enaf-
Jish and trench, both were in identical phrase.
f his circumstance has meaning and signifi
cance. v Does it not indicate a most remark
able" and sudden intimacy in live relations of
these twopc-Ts? Whenjhave hey so fra-
ernized since the ball given by the Duchess
of Richmond, t "Brussels, on the 1 5th' of
June. 3 C 15, befrre the event of W.ateiloo?
Witl.cu: all!.:-- r urcr. hc co." .iterations
In 1C51 thore were ten thousand Jews in
Jerusalem. This number has lately great
ly increased and that they are supported by
Jews in other parts of the , world, particu
larly those in Ameica and Holland. These
Jews reside chiefly on the rugged slopes of
Aitzion, over, against the temple Many
of them are Bupported hy Jinnnities, , which
they receive from their friends in Europe to
whom they have made over their property
with this stipulation. This money is remit
ted to a rich Jewish merchant at A msl rdam
who is called the President of the Holy Land
and the average amount which he receives
maybe near 5,000. Instead of doing good
it seems to engender strife and idleness.
These Jews still anticipate the spccdy .com
ingofthe Messiah.
ivNOTiiER v olcano. uur readers are
generally aware that a volcano exists on" the
coast between Monterey and San Diego
which is active Vnost pf the timc.: But it is
a fact not so generally known, that another
exists amons the Sierra Nevada, It lies far
w ...... .
to the north among the sources of Feather
River. On the 5th of January,-' 1851, i
was actually belching forth lava and smoke
A German, in walking over the crust, broke
through," and came near burning to death
Had "it not been for his companions, who
dragged him out, he would, without doubt
have lost his life. ; His boots were burned
to a crisp. ...
Gov. . FooTE.;-'Obseryer," the well in
formed. Washington correspondent of-the
Philadelphia Ledger, writing under date o
the 18th ult., thus. alludes to Gov; Foote's
present position, and predicts his coming
triumphr . . ; . . '
: "As io-Xien. .Foote desiring or coveting a
place in Gen. PierceVcabinet, 1 have the
evidence betore me that he. does not. He
has issued an unanswerable" address - to the
people of Mississippi,- an admirable states
manlike paper, to show that in the compro
mise measures he has always been on the
right side of the question- that he occupied
i .i - ' i i - .
precisely me same grouna wincu was oc
cupied by. Gen Pierce himself, and which
has recently been endorsed by the entire
Union. Gen. Jboote will canvass the State,
speak'in every township, and in spite of all
the lugubrious torebodins of his opponents,
will return to the United States Senate. Let
us remember that he is now going' before
the people, not -before a packed Convention
or Legislature; that the .Legislature, which
will eifct a U. S. Senator vvijl be elected
next fall, and that public opinion which has
endorsed the Compromise throughout the
country, cannot ostracise the men who have
been most clhcient in passing the Compro
mise through Congress.
c ..
rvv r:iv
ctfs i-;
p' . m .i III i,i t TV, L
iu tc::zr.. r fhnn tli-j !:
ir.. I the
U to Lr.ow th.. : :
- i : t..y t;y
.v.fecc.i io :
i r.nd
t1, c vrritLn
-. Important ',Vet:dict in an Advertising
Case. -In a suit in the Supreme Court yes
terday,beforc Judge Oakley, brought by the
proprietors of the Courier and Enquirer
against Henry I. Ibbofson, for 8300 for ad
vertising, the jury rendered a '.verdict for
plainttfl'of C18 CD, the amountclairaed with
interest. It pppears thr.t when the adverti
sement was taken to the Courier office, there
was some misunderstanding respecting the
number of insertions. It was,howcvcr,-put
in, leaded and displayed, and remained so for
cr.3 h.undred &nd fift days, at u2 fr each
insertion. The defence i;t up wa.. .I;k:'y
thr.t Mr. Ibbotson's orders i:i rcspoct to V j
, Gentlemen "Always ' ready" to comply
with the wishes of my friends, I comply
with eheerfulness to your very polite and
flattering request. . .
, Most respectfully, f
; " " Your obd't serv't,
To Geo. Br Wilkinson, Geo. B. Dixon
and Geo. W. Dougherty. .
Fellow- Citizen: Soldiers:
The motives; which have created you a
corps, are both praiseworthy and honorable.
Citizens of a vast and powerful Republic:
Soldiers of the same. Not the miserable
hireling soldier, .who crouches at - (he beck
and nod of despotic tyranny. Not the hire
ling soldier that to-day shouts "vive 'la' e-
pulligue"! and to-morrow "vive '. Emper
ettr" but the citizen volunteer, high mind
ed, honorable and, brave, "always, ready "
at a moment's warning, to do or die.
Your martial appearance brings lo mind
reminiscences glorious to you, and which
inspires me with pride to mention. Only a
few years since, at the first blast of the bugle
you sprang into line, and rushed the res
cue." Monterey drank the last life, drdps of
our chivalric boys, and on the plains of
Buena Vista still bleach the bones our
gallant volunteers. Out-flanked ,and out
numbered by Santa Anna's countless hosts
you braved the battle and rushed dauntless
ly on: . ,
ifAnd now with shouts, the shocking armies
. . close, , .
To lances, Jancc?, shields, to shields oppose,
Host against host, their shadowy l.'gipns draw,
The.sounding dart, in iron tempests flew, t
Victor, and vanqyiJied, join in promiscuous
cries, .
Triumphant shouts and dying groans arise;
With "streaming blood, the slippery fields are
.; ..' dyed, . .' . . '..
And slaughtered heroes,swell the dreadful tide."
; Such scenes portrayed, are calculated to
inspire you with noblett deeds of daring and
of death. And when honor calls you to
the field, "this glittering "motto will be re-
racmbcred in your van " Always ready "!
,- The honor has been conferred upon "me
of presenting tills beautiful and appropriate
medal to the victor of the VYazoo City
Guards", in target shooting; proffered by
bnr distinguished fellow-townsman, Mr. P.
O'Donriell.an honory member of your corps
On' behalf of the "Yazoo City Guards',' :
therefore present you Mr. Hunter; thi me
morial of your dexterity in sharp-shootivg
a circumstance that -has invited the rcmon
sfcranccs of Great Britain, and caused her
Lion-to crouch to our feet, and every 'Jfoe
man tremble from its effects: . exciting the
emulation of all who love their firesides",
their country, and their rights. "
t . In defending and protecting these be
"alwats readv." " ' H ' '
' Tribute of Respect. "
At a called meeting of Yazoo Lodge, No.
42, far the performance of the" funeral ob
sequies of our deceased , brother, R. Eaton
Kets; Resolved, That a committee of three
be "appointed to draft resolutions expressive
of .the feeling of the Lodge upon the mourn
ful" occasion, Brother'PTXCValnsTch air
man of the committee, reported the follow
ing resolutions, which ..were --ordered, to. be
rlaced upon the records of the Lodge
Whereas, it has pleased the Grand Ar
chitect Supreme, in his inscrutable wisdom,
to remove from our; midst and from labor in
the Lodge tercstial, our worthy brother R-
Eaton Kkrswho died in discharge' of his
duty, we his brethren will ever cherish the
recollection of his hcr.or and virtues in our
hearts, and trust hat although called from
rs in the prime of htj manhoed, we will
age'in meet and be united in the Lodirs ccks-
o .... , "... .... . ,
tial, where the Grand Mr.s'er forever pre
sides, forever reigns. .
Resolved, That wc deeply f yrrsp .'.)::: i with
his widow and family in t'
jope.tliat lie who "tempi; ;
sliorn Iamb" will as--u-";-; C '.i
give them strength to i;:p-
their affliction.
Hcaolccd, That vre vt. " C ;
cf mourning for V. tiy d , : i f
mory of our dcceis:! :rC. v
.Resolved, That thf
ii':?d in thn Yc.:oo city . 1 f. '
11 : ' communicated..
,;-V.. obituary-
DIED In this city, of Scarlet Fever, on
the 24th ult., Alexander Smith, son of P.
I", and Elizabeth Goosey, aged 2 years and
4 months"? - -----. .
Thus the domestic circle, cheerful and
happy U filled with sorrow and grief,' jvhen
death takes from it the tender, lovely object
of parental love. jNone but a parent's heart
can feel, the loss. The tenderness of lies
broken: and thai f heart can never cease to
dwell with melancholy pleasure ,upon the
incidents in the short life; the lovelyrtraits
of tcharacter, ndlhe evidehceil of affection
which:, had been! so often its delight and
comfort."; Yet, when our heavenly Father
calls, we must yield our sweetest treasure,
the object of: our tenderest warmest . love.
"Is it well with thy children?": And she
answered, " 'Tis well."
I remember its beauty and grace, -
Where the tones of its laughter did tunefully
. ..swell ' ;-- . .
In affection's delighted embrace,' ;
And through their long fringe, as it rose from
its sleep, ' ,"
Its eye beamed a rapturous ray.
I wonder that silence should tettle so deep
O'er the head of a being so gay.
: "Is it well with thy child!" And she answer-
" i ed, "'Tis well," -It
hath tasted of sickness and pain,
X Of the pang, and the groan, and theasp it
might tell, ' , . .
It never will suffer again.
fn my dreams, as an: angel, it stands by my
..:- Side, ' : '':".' - -
In the garments of glory and love,
And I hear its glad lays to the Saviour who
- - died, -: ' - - ' " -- "'
And the choir of the blessed above.
Apples, green,- -
dried, - -Bagging,
Ky., -
; Scotch, -Bale
Rofe, ,
Twine, -
Beef, mess, -
prime, ,..
cargo,;, ;
Bacon, ham ' -
do ; sides, .: - .
do. shoulders. . -
B6tter, Goshen, '
do Country, -
Deans, white.
Coffee, Havana green,
do Juo, -
Candles, sperm, -
do ; tullow, ' -do
; star, f -Cheese,
Cider, -
Cigars, Spanish, -do
American, " -Corn,
in the ear, - '
' do sack, ' -"
do meal. - , . -
Flour, super bt. Louis,
do Ohio, ; -
Hay, ' - . . , ;
Lard, , - : "', -Molasses,
V .. ': .
Nails, - '
Oats, , - -Oil,
sperm, -, -5
do linseed,
Pork, mess,
do prime, -do
" . cargo, - '
do chime'
do bulk," hog round,
Potatoes, i - '
Sugar, brown, -do
loaf, -do
Salt, fine,
do course, ' --
Tobacco, - -
Tar, -
Whiskey, best,
do. common,
3 tO
IMi '
fAVING purchased the property recently
Chester; I am .again prepared to accommodate
my friends and the travelling public, and em
brace this opportunity of tendering to them my
sincere thanks for their former liberal patron-
ace, and also for their kind forbearance since
the fire.. No effort or expense 6hall be want
ingon my part, to make Winn's Hotel, in every
department, one of the best hotels m the State
- . , .;r. M. WINN.
. January 14. 1S53. .-- " 27-tf.
lb 20 -
bhl 18 00
14 -
10 .
' lb
. : lb
lb 25
lb 12 J
- m
. bush1
' bush
, ton
'm!16 00
6 00
33 .
6 00
5 50
gal 35
- bfl
. lb
1 00
1 50
1 25
22 00
16 00
lb' 12
lb! IS
.' lb!
2 25
2 00
1 00
19 CO -
50 00 i
12 00 J
6 00
. lb
2 00
1 50
22 50
13 00
3 00
2 50
1 25
fry TtJg'ff'
TO !h ra;r rtr V
; Jul ifsippi, on the 23d cv.no-
vernber. IU52. by N. T rcr!r. ;
Eeo.. an sriinr iniA nf ;,
1 e:ice in and xx said countr,. j ,
JTSf negro mar, whoavs his name
is JOHN, and that he belongs to Thomas
Hundley, of Halifax Court House. Virginia.
Said Negro is of dark complexion, about tlfty f
four years old, five feet ten and one half ia
ches high, down cast look, no mark crscara
except those Of the whip; had on when com-
milled, a pair of white lineey pants and a
grey cloth coat.
The owner of ihe above negro is hereby V
notified tocomcforward, prove property, pay
charges and take him away, or he will be "'
dealt with as the law direct '..C--rt,Ts.
. o . Jailor Yazoo cot . '
"January 14, IG53, v. . 27 X
- -
"' - . . : -' Yazoo Cocxir. "'
To all persons irJorcstud in; the' lands,' tcne-
mcnts and hereditaments of Moses E!
,. deceased1. .'" ''". . - v-"!
"'KT'OU' are hereby cited to be an-Iiippear-"before
the .Probate Court "of .Yazoo,
county at the February j Term 1853, iinlt
then and there shew cause, if any you c;i?rf
why an or ier should : not be made for tl"
THE sale of the following described pro
perty is postponed .until -.Monday,, the Wth
day oj Jfebruary next. ,
Chancery gale.
TfJY virtue of a decree of the Superior Court
L of Chancery gendered in the case of John
Bacon et ah vs. Thomas Black, and others,!
shall expose for sale at public auction, in Yazoo
city, on Monday, 2lh January next, the follow
inr described prapertv, to-wit: the following
slaves, Abe, Eliza and their children Margaret
9 years old, Temp a, 7, Bush Roy, 6, Cyrus, 2$
Washington, X months old. Also, Phillis and
her children Stephen, 17 years old,' Sally Ann,
12, Hester, 10 Madison, 6, Robert and Martha
each 6 : months old. Also, Peggv ;and Joe.
Also,.jthe following valuable tract of land ; quarter of northeasj quarter Section SO.east
lying m ihzoo county, . miles soma 1 1
Benton, being'the same cultivated by Doctor
Black, to-wit: North half section. 23; west half
of northwest quarter of section 24;vest half of
southwest quarter section 24; north half of east
half of southeast quarter section 15. Also three
acres adjoining the above off the northeast corn
er of a forty acre tract. Also, five - acres? oh
the northwest corner of the east half of south
west quarter section 23. The west half of the
southeast quarter section 23. Lot No. -4, Lot
No. 2, souutheasE quarter section 14; west half
of northeast quarter section 10; northeast quar
ter section 15, except' 3 acres square on south
east corner of said quarter section; west halfof
northwest quarter section 14; east half south
west quarter'section 14, all being in Township
10, Range l-West, containing 1309 acres more
or less. ' .,'-.',
V."Tervs Land will be sold on a credit of 12
months the slaves on a credit.of C months.
Bond and approved security required. ' " ."'
, MILTON BOURNE, Commissioner. .
December 10, 1S52.. ' . . ' : , 22-5t.
c -, and
' 1 to the
r' f ur.
- . u;:Jor
l i , ' , .
57 Y virtue and. in" pursuance of a Decree ot
. the T riddle District Chancery Court or Mis
sissippi, I will, as Receiver in the case of Starr,
Powell, et. ah, vs W G Russell, et" al, sell to
the highest bidder cn the premises, on Mon-lay,
ti 21sf day of ?Iarck, 1853, the &! nam " Saw
Tlill f."taated on the Ynzoa River ab-t a quar
ter of a nile below Yazoo city'lnov.n ?s tha
Iicrxxx ijAv Mill together wil!i.a good dwel
lir ho'v-se, cut houses, Lc, tho i:;!ll is in good
runn;.-- crJor. i . '
'Tor: Or.?-third cash, one-third in twelve
months c:: J one-third in two years from t'..3 dr.y
of sale, f- ocured Ly a l;en upon the prcprrty and
bond aiJ security. JAS. II. BELL, lleceiver.
. Yazoo city, January 14, 1S:3: ' ' 27-Ct.
sale of the following described. land jt'
Southeast quarter of. Section 17, northwest
half of; northwest quarter and west half, of ;
northeast quarter of SecUon 21, Township
H, Range 2, East, in the county and State
aforesajd," for tlie purppse of more equal dis- t .
tribuYion among the heirs of said decedent;
and further to do and suffer.'such things "as f
shall be considered and or'dercd by our s''
court, in .the premises, t1 v h- .
And it is further ordered, that publication
of this citation be made in the Yazoo City
Whig for the space of sir weeks. , -..'
Witness, the. IIoftr Geo. J. WiLtcrxsoy, ;
Judge of. the Probate Court cf said county'
the 4th Monday in December, A. D.
and seal of said court. 1
cKlr'l7. JAMES II.-BELL, clerk.'
January 14, 1853: 7-tf.
w" Drasr.mif 1 -Be c.'j.
X ) u ii j
O v.;
m m r-i ..
r ust
and s'.vl:
nn irrprrrrrnnT
kiij .lloOlMll l l.
IV.':: Au Court, j"
- (V ;:;tv Oc..V-r Term,-1?;?.
' li.it' 3La:idic-' Ten
-i 'i Jai.j Uoir., a r .. t.
. ! . ' c 'J to la r.:J ar; . .r be-
. ' ' C-":rt of said covty, at
r ''"', tlien er.d there to
, i." i . i :z:,,;l.j ?.n or.1 t fc'io-.ld
; t' ' . "! cf the following dos
: half Gf southwest quar
; f Sv;tLc-.:-t r"."rtor of 6c
1?, R'. :c 2, ilaatjyia r..;J
' of- Yc: : ar i Stato' afore-
. .stove?;:
" r : T ii O MPS ON & CO .
TvTTIIOLESALE and Ratail Druggies' have
removed to their new brick building on
Main Street, next door above Messrs. Allen &.
Barksdale.and hays on hand and arc receiving j
a large supply of f, esh Drugs, Medicines,Ch--,ni-cals,
Paints, . Oils, Dye-Stairs, G bssware, I -
fumery, Soapflf Books,' Stationary, fee, s cf
which they offer at unusually lot? prices. ; Icr-t-4
chints, Physicians," Planters and others will t
find it to their u crest to giv
Yazoo city, J ' 14, VJ.
113 a tan. ..
v: V-27-I'
.v'At? " ".-cys'at JL'.tw, !
':v''.-'';:v1-';: YXZOO: :ITT.
January. 71 1C33.
A t llicir T v v.- 12 a n k i n r? Hot:
iscour' Kills of nxclin:- " A ,. :
and :-;Ci1.ic,andUiiCiai-i
They c -ifcli n New-Orl-:-"., .1 &U t'
- the wii.t'w
i th
oik, nr
Wt.' v
1 ,,. ......
M fiusann
t. dj cr ' .
.: lr.r..lcr
Jr r:a DvolIn,'
it Ulili0 J
and h'.'i
o:i Nov
ror.t rat:
They r. ::' . .
time di'posltt ? ;
MalvC collertl
Buy nr ! HL'jr. I Vurri
r.t par.
:1 slbw
rcrr.it ' rc
P 3 V
: ..n ot 4
auvcrtistnent were notc?rricu out. ii.),. -ev
er, he took the Courier r.ud ILiquir:-!
and, U3 vr3 presumed hy tle Cczrt, . . il. .: i
...... . -. .... - .. -
r.otiued the editor to a'I.er or -?'.'' v:- i
The Ccurt ruled that he sl.cv.Ll h :v : . .
t'r.l; ice, and 'not have c.v :c:cd l '
l C i
Stato S-'Ip,
Yarn.; cty, Novcir.'
cfV'. )!'
: t j f .
i '
iho col;:.:., i oi
XT" 1 .. V
Bui !!;::. 1.7
-Ja.7, 53,
the L.."-:::of the
dvc rti ;cnic:it v.
:o, Ylz:o city.
. ..!.n.v
f:r it. 5. Y

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