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The Yazoo City weekly Whig. (Yazoo City, Miss.) 18??-1855, May 04, 1855, Image 4

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I i:
t:l c..:. -I
-. ic:
f :
G: 1
Fri: A - ' I :t:
oni . r 3 :i v: -
tl3 L-.'
' . ; 1 c i
y;u- -1:3
t-v .:-.t-;.,-
t:r 1 1" m
cf II.--3 cf ii
e a.
3, r
1 j I
-lr' "3 eft
c ...
:r j
1 e
fu.vcr us v.
2 r o . 3 1 1 r
:ll v.Lo t
". -3 ir:p
to c-r
. ''i
1 r-,-
Tt coo;
;. It
' , 1 , II
r-iiiR yat;
x;lty, cr i rccc
in tl.2 c - i c'i
ecu .
Drc4 .
Cu 3".:
Board Id the lft cf Ti:r.3
From 1st of Jun-1 1 st Oct.
TIT"''' T T
..... A J...
Cooper's Weill Vj 9 C I
Assents for Vie A cH's ;;y.-i,. .t
IfCo.N.OjVv'nA -cV . -T iic.
; 3 0) A v.'cf-V.
i2,co A v.-r-.o
.t.apvf i-tf.
1 I
,d ,.
n c-
n do
YTatcLu, J cv, , ' :;, r.vA Mi
ff'fAS ON Hand a.
cf all kinds and k
t best manufactories. I
all Instruments, and a
Sieat Music for Piano 1 buitar.
Vs u7;A
'ate &.t
. J s teal Xa
from ti.
'ruction books s for
1 assortment" of
.cr.t a
Cr-Watches -and Je .. elry . repaired and
warranted j moo tf v, io?a, o--
,.,.4 jk.
30 V
?: Carlin.c -lie I-air!
pro.. :t3 a
caujj it tD
-t . 1
li lui i
rs it has teen the object of
- wifh ch?m!t3 ari others to
.zl t-fuiito the -;r weald
ar. I -rl equal in bea;.. to
Will f
r rt ;-crth!ly
... . !,.!' -t ti.ij v-I; ' r.own
i . i
;',c ..t. A i r J titr s.o.'i of ro'-sm
J 1 1.3 ytc t.'ot'3 rrnin tha
irf l!stre bu l.lin?, hie h v. ill
' ti to aT'inno 'ate a i iuca larger nui:;
orr. i' i I '.-t viatcr.
1 ' . n Fp:ufJ by tV.3 prcf rictor to
. ; cor.tinn ir.co cf the gener-
"" I s heretofore r' iC!l,a:)d ev
ill ba mJo I;- :,lf and os-ist-
ants t;,- . .r t!.3 spr.ni -i t.-3 gue; .5 nci ossy
cc - ilU tut BjTCi-able. .
grrxt coiivtnlenco attichcd to this ho
tels, v at ire ili c tn be had at almost ailhoi-rs.
march S3, '55. - 40-Iy
! I -4
1 1 '
I :.
IT i
bi r of t - -
I ; .
try c .
viczsburg, i.iisa
1 r
if t
r A 1.:
to t3 warrant te
ive fatLfictioa and to prcvo a3 rccc
'"de.lin r.l c-"
TIISeftab!i?hment is now under f.;: ,
the direction of the 1 toneer of LLJ.
the Mississippi Valley. Charge in "accord
ance with the times. dec 22 27 tf.
. - : . TV C. lie M A K
PIIE above namH Hote?, situated -
m. mi "!T!n ctrp.--t. VerfM' f.it.v. baa f . . .. -
beers thorousfaty renov-tc i ana rent
ted by the 'the rubscriber, ar.d.
every improvement , conducive to.-th8 corufor
and accommodation cf visitors adiad. Ths cit
zensof this and adjoining counties and travel
ling community generally are informed, that the
utrst attention of the proprietor will be give a
to the establishment, and no attention 'will I?
wanting, nor expense spared to renusrenerc;
tionabJ-3 to vbltrrs.
N,sttoC-r " ' ' "Zt-3 f '
t'-- -'
. his speui u. , The. bed rc:
-iOuTH?y cZeansed, and new bedding suppJi--and
cefuZ and attentive serv"f3 awaya at
command. He eo?icit3 the patro:. j 3 of the pub
-.f that prt!r !t: - " - ifin vviZhf
rr ' j f:rr''Jr. vith f; 1 .-ctians-
fr U52 .-ii be eert the receipa cf 0:13 dolar
poitri;. Ti.3i. . . :r.ts wi'lnotr-st over
12 ccnt3.
Direct ti
V,iirr. i..:t ull Co., O
. April G
Au?tio:i3rs and Commissi S':rz!t.'Us.
Will make liberal advances on consign- tnts
Ya.; i C.ty, nay 5, '54
Ma address
1 ' W G
fT U3Tr .:72d, direct frcrn the bestmanufa
er, a sine c."rtme::tcf Er;!i:h ar.JAmer
y.ia G f. - ?, Fi :t: i : 'portin ? app arat , J.
.,3 Guns, Doyadoui ; aa fiin
. " gb Guns.- ' '' -
'i:h " - J, '
jRcpe-stcrs; 12 AI!:na Hevclers,
r:.7,3 pistols 1C3 pa: - asst'd r'rh;
cocking picwl3,L-.j 2 to b iuh
'T m y p n
r"l Illi rorriv!, cfih. lendid hoiel, begs
L- io iiijjii.i the public thaths i now
prepare i to entertain triwelers, visi!ors
boirders, in 'he very best etyla. The Lai!
dinaricc 'iom well supplied with fur
niuue, "v . ...ant to rhs eteamboat landiri
, ie proprietor is de
'vJ.l not be surpaS5d
i the southwest. Tup
. ra '.veil trained and
tsiring to travel up or
lot D3 under any ap
and rri
term? i t 1.
by thai ci an y
servants, port
attentive and i
down the river net
prehens1 a of missing a boat.
ctCelts and
t Horns, Percv '-n C fine
f "
- 'I.
. : i
or L-u. i j I-..
cc':br.,: niv
gemot c.jjyf- .
o a'l ssxual dir
er.i.ghtencd put'i j rciiiler it a
uiarand a cesi Ji,ra!:ra longeD
ical vrcrld. It requires no cc;
' zzv: I Ly
l u c t, rc c ii vz i .
in xiw..
ly Jo:
i vr-1 by
ro Persons I? esidinu in
.- j 3 f 3 " - r- r f "2 ; a r. -
.. t t n .3 f ' ' ". s '
- i , ; r?
M W fe s ...3 w v -. y V m - s . . W
Lledical Dispensary.
142 Caron.lalet Threat.
" " ' Dn.3TeHO " Tnd TELTii:' Com.
' Mi.tiiv ioi thecureof Genov .'.ea
'-'-., 'id other dise?-es c.' ihe
i frsqv ' f! performing
i i t! o j:. rt ,;ace of c:ht
3 t;. roo" ' J safety. This
' . .3 7 cf the e Jra-.ta
. .'.'cine for t'.s cure
: " 'c'i man an
"-J- VP'P-
cf diet. In its immvcJ forn it is r ', " ;Ses8
and cause no unpiensant sensation . .. atient
It has acT'r:rei the u;..; jst fitxs in a!;r every
part of Lu1": pe. It Las been tx;rrjineJ approved
of and sanctioned by the faculty of medicine and
r":ommen(!ed by t!.s most esr.i-.c: 4 'the ; f3.
e.on for f lie cure cf cerlaia dh- .3 anaoua
complaint of the organs of generation after every
oiher medicine.
In oiTerin g th?3 pT?prat'cti ti t!ie huniaa famil
D a Lroy r.r, I Pp't:T f "t- - L'izarJ ths crstf
tioi that it 13 r.ot ' Jt smpns.-e J but iT.equ
id e ther fr its curati ve prp ;tica r for L.I1J.1--
salefvand certainty in ibe operation by anyo
jpre- iti.T coi'i-.:' Jid "ru." :r p;rp"Sg
1 J-n "12 pulli:.
i T) rr.isturc ii a c:hinatic:n cf pp-r-.vcd
I 1 .1 ll . .. l
net. s 1 l-a ff-"1"1 4 - ci ci-.i
i ito c.!C san-i'ivo ,. L ! ; 1 r.i ta piojce t.'.a r.a t
f."i.?L .t ro'ii.J I.: 3 r.2vcr yet betn
kn j vn Itiai.- I'-'a tj produce cer
tiric' r :rti". -Ji;;ne clt'.U poc -lier
r.atu.'. ...ia 1. -.tof Utir'-'tta ad-
ni)- J . th br-ai en J dte, ri,i&t.' .1
v 1 '. '. t'.ia h-. ctcrcftl.i?' .itare rc:ts f -
Ot'l',"- f'-'-
" ' - i-
., 1
,. .. 1. I
. .1
T. i. J L.
rr.Uly c::
d. a. i..icy. cr;
c. :v
piEto, f.r.i d;ahr3 in Peint?, Oils,
7indo-7 Gb.3,Bcc!:s end Ctitlcn-
j err, x uocr3 irci ut:
u. Tiio::r.:oN & n. e:ianuelcs
r-.f s r . T""ti-- f -"t t h"' r.avi 11
rt. 1
tared ...to p.irtr.;r;!.;p in '' o Dri'g anlUock
bu-incra und:r thectybof .:orr.p-:on isldman
ucl, which th.y will continue at the c!J Etand
cf II. Er.-:;n J, forn:;rly C. T. Zlann is co's.
.They will beep always cn kar.l a good as
sert rr. cr.t cf Drugs, T':dicucs, PairJs, 0;is,rfc,
and alcD a very fuh supply cf Loos end Lia
thnary, suited to the want of this coramunity
Yazoo city, Dec 1, 54. . ;21-tr.
Is now put up in the largest sized Bottles
an'i is acknowledged tr be the best Sara
parilla made, as is certified b the
Wonrierfal cures, it has perfor- ' '
med, the original copies,of
wii'ch are in the pos
. sepsion cf the Fro
prietor. He
... memb'-r, .
13 theon
ly truu and
i r' r.jl article
." " " . , , Tlercurial corr!iint?, Cn::
1 , v?t variety c? '' t '-'
a .Joi&t
ti t .
-. j w
and td.ocs.
ia c? lins
April Z3
o v. ill nl.vnj i l.;:p
Cc..3 and r ;e.
4 H f
are nov receipt cf a full ttoci; cf
' chi!drensch;:hinz cor.t!.!-tir.-r cf
.Hoys and Youths linen pasts
do Ciir.-ur.sro
do do merino
do Alapaca ' do
do do do jackets and cuiis
do ' do linen do do
do Fancy cloth do
Anew Bytle cf Childrens Clothing Paris
and Londen ,
- Silk ptouses de Fans; linen do
Embroidered pants and shirts full.cuits
rich and embroidered
Sjins styles never brought to this market
and we ar'; the attention of the ladies par
ticular to this stock;
..j uvS.cme.
1 jrk
11 n 1 , m . , r -n.
34 IIagazixe st2T. corner op Gravies,
Are now in receip' of their Spring and sum
mer stock of clothing, alb of which is made in
the best manner and" most fashionable style,
and fiu.n the choisest materials.-'
They would also give notice to those in
want of WisTEit clothisg, that it is not too
late to buy agocd overcoat, fcr they have still
on hand a complete stock ol Heavy Good?
which they are se ling at greatly reduced pn
ces- Hoy's and children's clothing of all kinds
Furnishing Goods of every description. '
Trunks, carpet Bags and Umlr: 1 - ,
India Rubber Articles, of every 1
Tils Prices are Ftxrr. v
tt" ... j ico:
, -....i-w , iiierof Gravier
yew Orleans, La.
c. . r. :
c. : . ,
p:n. : .
- AfailEur;ijc.
.1 ell tt23 hr.z.d 1.
cf sizes End styles r.3 '..
Ct themc:t diLiculiazd
ti u. II 0 IX s
N. E. C'ctuL-tj ti
, 7 T
1 i!:tr
c :r r
1:3 r
1 ,
( :
t' -
t rrn rt
Cor. St Caail:3 cr d C. --.1
" Or!;
cr.l 1G Purk PIac3, Nev l
April Q- - 4 1 tf.
s- f ,
?0 7
HE subscriber keecs for szh at all
tirjes, tv a most extensive stock cf Pi'
anos in the city from the best makers viz:
These makers stand decidedly in advsnca
of all the others, as is well known to fill
who have had an opportunity to compare,
and their instruments are 0 He red lit -: .1
terms. ; : '
'Also, Helodecns, cf the' most spproved
construction for Chapel use, end f - r.-r-lors
together with Guitars of the- I .
hers ' - T- 'v.Tn!'. h. ' .
town cf
t ....... . A t , . i,i " "
irt.iSl end ',. - - .'
0 city, I v
before therraycr'aO;;.. ;
city, tha fallowing c!csc. ' J
special tax assessed tpon . ' :
ir.g in front cf tha sime.t; : . :
I'rcadway, 75 feet front, t. -
Z:0 .,fJI:rgt'?sam3C3 C
ilili lot will be ecU to the .
take the smallest quantity cf cJij, .
the trsc-sment.
Cityriarsh :.
IIarch2 , 1655. 37-lCt printer's fee 1 1
T"TOTICn i? hereby given, that I, I
1 HoIIicsworth, Assessor and . Collect
cf i f 0 city, in the county cf Yazoo
i r
vriil, on Safurdf!-
expose to sale l
-1 ,
r p?r rili
iJ.-and '
f "
:ck and Sarspariaa' 1 sent and 01 two
it and rorameneed taking it.": ) two
.nl''l mf"l1 1IW M or I
- LiZlt -ii. ii icJ L IX li ldi
Tall pcss a, Co., Ala., Jan 2,1 852
Pear Sir I se id yoo this to certify to you tht
your Extract of Yellow D ok and Earsparilla has
per rmed one of the most wonderful curetn me
that haa ever tlTccted on man.
I hare bacn afdicted for forty years with erup
lions on ray legs and feet; in J 843 they got f
bad t-it I I ai to go on crutches anrl in 1843 I ha i
one a.rputaed over th Jtisee. n about nins
months after . .y other Ite brake o . i.o Jarje cat
in" and rnnning a'.res froc; mj hed to my foot
ati j "".-barged a great de of offensive matter.
My .t.in aUo broke out ia his ;3 biles which dis
charged much offensive mattsr, and at the same
time ray left h-rl broke cut inlargp ruaiting
sores nearly t) ...y elbew. .
The misery that 1 t ufereff for the last tw o years
I cannot describe to . I was in such aganyythit
1 i.ir'cr rested day or u'get. ;
. In Octofccr last my son bmrht mtr- fyour
b.ttle wrappejs;l road its rc . . some
wonderf 1 1 irs9 perfjr'-c '. . jcur". .act of
X ellow d
Dottles 01 it nr.l rommeneed taxing
weeks to my errat astoniahriient my sor i be
came easy and I cc Ai sleep all night a 1' ,v,
had not done rr two year?. When 1 bad
taKen six bottl. ray sores were nearly ??! hcalt d
My eight bottlesof your 'Extract of c ow Dock
nd Saisparilia' and 1 uow consider myse f well,
1 rntreat all of the aflh'cted to try this medicine,
for 1 believe it will cure any disease in the world,
I-ay aide all prejudice und just irv it, and pro
claim its great worth to nfldrinj : ankin.d and
entreat them to taxe it for it will cure them.
My case is well known in a far-re ' ortion bt
oouia Carolina, Aiir.ana ana 11 any 60111 1 a 4 iJ
thfl above cure, 1 1 its them to call on me mia
will show them t "ars; J . can . be found i
T Uaposaa cc 'j or e mile from Stoe's For
The Yellow Docs and usparilla is peculaary
adapted for female fdelLa e health resulting
from irregularity ci menstrual discharges, and
other di za-pi 1 ccul-ar to theirscx. The propri
etor br1? in v -'ession a frrpat number of ccrtific-
atfg cf crjrs'" performed cf the above descrip ion
,e ac3-r3 ? ' r,.,. ct,.l that a bottle or two 01 Dr.
Guysoct; . ct ct 1 enow dock r Sarspan''a
wi'.latcric u' ito those diGcitli.j and rcno
Kcjpv Cool! Keep C oolj ,
it f.
THE enduring, essentials ard the fanciful
non-essentials in the world wanting Clothing
department Hats, Coats. Pants, and Vests
Glorious trio of pluralities-School of Economy
f?r the million. ; ,;; '.-'-t'.i -You
, ill find them ready to pat n-r Jovinatirg
when on easily taken on and put ttpcial, -frain.
. VV ith all the fixings to matca such 3
Ssv"topol Shirts Cuban Cravats Barnum
Collars and Real Dan Rice Dmvers &c. "
All for Cash or approved crerv on the
' ' .' 'POTELL & , H OART.,
April b . S '
the natur-J t ;r--23.
I at 1 . ta c3rt
..les pnes 1 each.
3l Wholesala nnd Retail by
ECOVIL&, MEAD, 111 Chartres street N O. .
Grntr.il Agcr.ta fcr the Couth em Ciatcs to whom
& ci:rs CiUit be acaressed.
Also so! i by
11 n.r.ar.uel, Yuion City Tl'mt
::i Y C'adhury, Centra, "isf,
iiestly j Mcrby Canton I.ll'a,
lzac MtntijC -.:rm, Misa,
- A 1 Demon, Camden Tins.
Am Doyle, Lexington Tliss
And by Ay",'3 i it rvciy town n V.n ''.
y lira C3ut.li' :rth fo
il Lostlleirc
:!3 by.
-rtrrcx 11
mTeiD Goods for
TTNVITE thir friends and patrons lo examine
i tbeir now full stock of Siple and Fancy Diy
Goods,- clothinj. Coot arid shoes Sic, -r. Their
stoch is the largest and best selected ever offered
ia this-market. -' A;'-v -'''. --"
One of their fi residing tnt.be East for the.
purpose of mak ! purchases and manufacturing
Clothing and b . . and shoes the" f-el cor r lent
thrH iheir prici-'S cannot b underola in the Louth
J,i.erchants,Maniers and-eepecally the Ladies are
invited to call and eec 1 r Uimselves. Among
the other goods just reeeiveJ are."
French and American piints crall styles'
Plain and fanry Oil calico
- Ginghams . -: . ,(.
Plain fancy p.td black lawr.3 a 1 T.Iusltr..',
Sold and fi..3y Colo.'td Cere2;8i . - '
, . Swhs.'mii" .ni Jaconet Mucins plain check
ed dotted. ;dstipedof eltqualit.es
Fine undert'eeves and cherrdiUts,
Jaconet swia3 cdins and inserting, '
. Clack lace veils -White
embroidered 'luslir fbrccrtiji
Hosiery -'gloves an 1 hdUi a i iaaut. .rale
quantitieand ofail qualities,
- Irish Jineci, bien sheetings anlinen da-
Iil.' c-3 I'tcr. 1 rrpevl t damask
- nat ki? -.
Very ha t.J sot
New Goodrf
TTAVE Just r -ned another assortment of
-tDry 'Goodi: - '
Embroidered French Iluslin E"' "Cs:
Black lace Mantillas and Talmas;
El-'i: and colored Ailplaque riantil'as Cz.
- -v
81 Ct Charles Street ; A
TANCI! 0IX..CEY. f HiLL .Jcele--ated
manu! o'nry.Fbiladel-,' , -ph'
7h'o receir- d ;he ; -.. .-.';v y
Fir Aze Med at (be World's
T .ir. in London, and also at v. ,' -'
'.ti Worlds Fair in Hew-Yor!:. ---:.. j
Th eep constantly on h:nd a .large
sortment of ; ;', .'-s- .
Carriage and Buggy Hrrnc3.
of thefr own manufacture at priced ra: y;"
from' $12 to $100 for Eaggy and f?3 to
for Carriage. AA!o a - lV;,? 'rsavrtment cl
Ladies and Gentleman'. ?-
Saddles, Bridajtv -Whips; Trunks,
and - chr:? ? ftc :k of -' .
- . Sa ,f - Tooli a;
from the be t mat... fi urr n.' ' " ,
-In addition to our lar f or1: we r? rr
ceiving Goods by evti
which we invite the r
sers, -
assessed r
'IP r
t: -
an .1
j is
..if of ;Lwt No SC3 ti
;..xc3 due 81,.' 12. The
Le 5"M for tares duo -
' - 1 - " C'. f.
I; G.
-.4 -
..." Yazc i
ji f - z c.
L .
Lot j, c.
I cn
I r
which are the only
in'use fcr '11 pm
plantation use
lac! line
.? titchin
ror fine
atsevc-Cv3 c
Said ixt will I
take the smal't quantity cf t. 3 Let a:
! e err - -mcnt
: . . I " Tro'
March 13 10-t f r f
' 1 w ...
1 1
ON Friday the 22
to j
.1 .
4 jif!C
. I I
i. V
il 3.
i. tii iU 2.3 1
Lace Chantilly
d-J t
rt, A
.v -
t t
ar t
::iirjcf f
i 1 j cf i!
-t cf --fjrsi-3!
- t
. r 1 3 i . ;
. . , to tf w. W W
j C .
U . ' c t .
5 r
.U A i
J . ' 1
C ' .
i... . .: ;
- J ill -3
- - 11
; C
1 iU9 iifflD!
AuFas3 "
i..irs c.
ry II r.3
.d Sleeves;
-d A-;.t L
1 cf th3 hi ;ezi
. .ufict-s rf the
li'crf.., f.:. . '
pTed o give t
L4 all def criptic: of
Carria--; r.' rlanu- v
facturer' r 'rs. !: - -
Th'" .1 of p chasers is
Jy sc.. - -t ixo, 1 ie .i-vier Lacct r:i
cf t) ' Tt. Chtrk3 Hotel, .sw Orlsans
Apul 0 " - ' . 44dy
.'.--' .1 .
r- - - ..;--
rshal r I Tx Co
Yazoa c. I v.i.!
CAc - '-.,
ir deciv ... . tj-''
assessed ; cn Jots
front cf e;,. ; .:-,., it.
Let 252 cnJcA: ::n .
at CZ cts per foot, r ' ,
in front cf "am?, C
2aid I ,-, il he i.. . .
of June, 1055 as
r of the town of
1 ell Afcre the Mayors
cf-Y 1 city, the follow
...3 s:
14 .
sahest nuintity I
f rccial . Tax
the paving r
,53 nnd .;t .cf
5 10 ftct frcut
"71 i
novinr; 3 trees
2.1 J
will talc
and p"? the assessme;
april 20 44 10-t Gil City Marshr.1.
'All in receipt of the rst shipment cf tA
'pure and rr.uine Peruvian Grno. TI.
wishing to purchase this valuabl: ...rticA c
rdyen Lcir.-r furnished by t!ie ton cr ti.
lowCitCEJhcnly. .' .
,'.... g. garvi:;
1 - ,1
criers Iotiec.
"f r A r?
d 1
Ccurt of Yazoo Cc; -.tv, t ti e N'
Tcrm 1S54 thereof, Cr-;r: ' "enerr t
examine all claims oft". 3 e.vcrl c
thecstats cf Yf.F. G il A;:v d, r.
insolvent, will m:et r! i' ' IV ' ? Ci
c2 offsiJCcur.ty,ca t - A A '
... .- C
( ery r. '
r 1.
a t .. . 1 .
1 : -
Ct c ;
- TIID subscnr- I ae cn hind ai d are con
stantly receiving irj 1 t'iC.r r'.'ui't factory tt Put
burgh Pt.sn., Flar.'-'tion and Pcad VVegor.s for
horses end oxen, Cji.c VV?- , 1 I Cart?, D.-ay?,
Smhrcidored rr.d Dotted vis
Striped and (.hock Sv.As 7 A:
r.rfprd an! Ci.ock 1,'air.ook,
Railway C
rir.3 Or
vpril G
i.i LI
'reel, V
. 3 b
Oxsn 1 Tinher V. ! cA
virt'u5'1 end str -"
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