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The Yazoo City weekly Whig. (Yazoo City, Miss.) 18??-1855, May 18, 1855, Image 2

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Noveaiiilr, 1835,
tU3 soliuitalioa ninsiy friends, L.: D.
jiscF'.ir.a wui a ,canaaat3 ;or sesior roi
ft33i county atthe ensuing election, -
-r:-,::- , any .voters:,;
LUIS NOLAN asj a Can-iiiits fur County
Survey :r,iit th j. hex t Xuvsra'aor ElcctUm.---; -'
r.''Jy, what vr.g
vi of tho crdcr ro
;:c!;r:;:;cn to f wear tV.at
cf the fccrct.'?, s:':;:.s &.C.,
.h,' '- ; ; c r t r n ruiss: an J twear
. u,c. He ij rot charged with
; i, h-htecl that prenvro which rc
but only the pre... . j r secrecy,
ject 6f tho letter is, "to rire a s brief
history- rf" IU "connection with the crder, end"
his 't- ..sons fur alamJoningohd exposing it pub
licly." ' After ilosirg hia historical disquisition,
he orer3 ta the public his reasons 'for cn in
fract! m of what the orJer ciain s to be a sacred
ohlVatix;' "v The issue; therefor, U this, was
t'Hre anything tmhicfu! irj the performance of
iha premiss cf sjcray; lit. 3IeK'nnon aHIrm-,
far ti
ve deny." lie prc ten 3 to bring P.iley as a tvit-
pocr nci,
end n?
rhbor, a
e of Lid
arta rt'iiee. ''V.'c
.t with thir?s tlist a:
3 U '
ilr. jj.jii.ui.iu-n, ad.
ptrjuiy? .They aiHrir.; we.y.
L'-t ui Lriej up Ilr. IljIIir.iio-i's wit:
deacoa I'a'.w. II j tu.lj u.- that riv:::!e.s are net
biiidi::j whea the pjrfjrLiauje is uJ.awl'a
cr I.
l-rrcl , .
i:i the f r.
rie-J, whic
t I -J
a.d.nit tho truth cf this j rupesltien; but ia it u;i
Lii-t'id lo perforai the proa.Le? If any law pre
tei iUs how a quj.i:rl 1 elector shj.Il vote, vaia ij
foul;'' but u it I bozzl of civil liberty. Tauro u no tach h',v; hr'uce
' 1
3 1
the !ark..e?3 sni i.'ght that male them feul!-
We associate them, ah--o, with thirgs that arc
lovely; but 13 it the darhnesa and nig!-t that
?;ctheni8o? Uy na means. Theft cr mur
der perpetrated Lc-r.eath the ncenday sun, is
theft or murder ftill; and just $o, charity per-fermt.-d
by ftca'th in the n'ght and clarkn f?, i
chanty stil'. L:ght cr chirhiv ss s a thing ex
trinsic, constituting ho ingndient of th act,
though they may lend it a hue often a hue op
posite their own; for crime cemmitted in the
open day, so far from being therefore regarded
less reprehensib'e, 13 deemed an evidence of
n.ore shameless depravity; and charity, which
hides it?elf in secrecy and l ight, h deemed the
most generous as:d disinterested. ' Perhaps the
Monthly will not-believe these things; but those
wl;ose-luspicioh3 : do no start so easily, have
'fit i!v
AVe are requested to tate that D.t. L vurexce
v;::i be anient for to or three, weeks from th
first 'cf iley t;t."'.' 1 f '
..b-viL'?ATrC":--?rnV'AV : r..--In snother col
uii:r.w:iI Le foenJlhe r.ctte-'- all .wliich
is to oin the saupen
- j t:;e rr . '
:t C
. .. i i
urss in 'his f;;vor, and proves by Pal y that,
I'rontises "are not" bin vrg when the performance
is unlawful." Wc adn.it -thi proposition, but
cross examine the witness who testifies as 'fol
ltfivs::; ' - - .;. 1 r y: :.. :
; "A f rorc'se cannot ; bVdeemed unlawful where
it-produces, when p-rfermed, - no cf!r-t beyond
what would have taken place had t. promise
And this is the sin'ule cr
rf a promise w:!'
.1 !'
...e invit ition so eji:
:r, vre will ljik in
gay world of that
g place.
rAutirr 'EeDk'.---Our rrood friend Hr..O.
Wpoiran ive us' the other day one of the
han-Vcirjtet I j:.hs - of
"Feriiab Pu;:i cf A;::
4. i
tri-H iilustra'ed wii
a C:
Eeascn. . It ,u 'the
ca,. beauiifu'ly bound
.virs eft' pjttcsses.
Ilu aycry val :al!y aequisUbn to cur library.
Thesivrartirg bocks; stationery, drug?, perfu-
i.-.,X7'Il Zni them at O. O. AT Oman's
cekr.e w
-.-' - ... -
up A y i.i;s ii
. I: cr; letter, acre mpary.lrg the v
TnAyrr, to ;I,Ii?s S. F. '-B.celow. We
the reed r.t of a beautiful .bonnet
of VIck-lur-r. -In
ualle pnscnt
car;.' We feel very mueh ;.: bted to the
"Ya2?D pecpls for the very liberal - p.-.tronasre
-they h:.vs bestowed .upon the past; year, and
ehall Wcl tc rc :. : vrith a doiee and atied ar
'eortraen't of.miliir.ery good's to. 11 their orders
cr wait :f;on them persona lly. . -.y.
4 " The above sura will be given for the apprehen
cioa cf the person cr persons who tah the Whig
frora tlie-doori of our snbscribersbefore they read
Ahem themselves. -AVe feel ct mplimcnted that oar
, paper is so popular that pcep!e too stingy or poor
to pay for it, should steal it: rather than be depriv
cdof it; but do not want cur Carrier blamed for
tw fl.ivcrir"?' it to those that do"paV for it. "We j
prefer giving away a fw extra cop:e3 to such as
'arc ridable tor pay feriV ' r-yv -. -:.
.vi rj. If cur subscribers, will s.'.nd to the Whig
'-olSce 'wler.evcr t.!i5!r pap-1 isnot left ut their rcs-JiJirice-s
or on Friday morning or U stolen
. frcra them, : we; will ':neui..t-!y ripply the
V ' . 'AYiII3T;!HlCA ".
t .'"Arricrica as the-'Deraocraiic republienct
never been made.
in which the c
... . i
cu vtfliV liberty, ty a premise of r cutrali'y,"
1 "Upon the tame principle, premises cf se
re:y cught xf r t e be UohUed, although the pub
lic vi u l t rive advantage rem the discovery.
Saeh ; i contain xo cxlawftlxess in
llvra lo tl.trwy their ollgation; for as tho in
formation wcuIJ not have been imparted upon
any cth.r cohditton, the public lose nothing by
the' proiT o wLMi they would have gained
without k"' (Paley's JI ral Philesophy, BooV
3. Partlch, 5.) 1 ' ;y;:" -l
i x .Thus, li.r. r.Ie Ikinnon's own witness, "whom
none Will question,"- according to' JJf MeKin
neivs ppl. ' -.shews that his plea ca hno t be
sustained. Tae ahcve' quotation w all that Pa
ley says which i3 really "pertinent io-tho is.ue,
and it lies jast half way between the two qr.o
tit:ons which ;5rr. MeKinncn called from the
b k. In omiting this quotation, he suppressed
trut'irm using Paley's name in his defence
by quoting what was not applicable, he sugges
ted fahiucoJ; for he srggested that Paley justi
fies his course of conduct, whereas Paley ex
pressly ' condemns it. Here, then, wo have
both the suppressio veri and the sugge;tio 'faUit
as the lawyers say. " Yet this -''jurist'' would
have the publl: e ;nk he left the ICnow-Koth-
ings becau. e Lis tender conscience would net
permit him "to create a false impression:" Oh
sweet innocence!
ers, is also favora'.b to thieves."
r.;tnarng 2lonthly for Jlay, p. 533..
., We promised, in cur last , number, to notice
further the article in Putnam's Tlonthly, cnti
tltled "America for Abe Americans;" and we
select the above extract as cur text, for a few
remarks in fulMlment of cur promise. ;.
; "The as umptitn : of secrecy ca the rjarp&f
any : one," says the monthly, "natuttlTy starts
he rfoverninent of the people ty a despot, nor, our suspicions, . , We cajta-at see why he should
yb'y an cUgorchy, nor by aey chss such 'c? the-rcsortt.3,iti.f he-hSr'Sbrs only jiist or generous
: red-haired .part of the inhabltauts, cr the llaej-s." And, pay we, the proci.vity to eus
yed pr.rt; nor yet a gDvernmcnt for any
end than the "ped cf the entire: natiou'
:i: 1 -f-r--; Putnam's 3Ionth'y, fcr Zl&p:
Wo. associate darkness and nig'.:
things that are foul, and we admire the s :
that twilirrht even, though a favorite --with It.
" ---' " - - - - '
ior on slight grounds,
cc ,-3e'oi:3 meanness.
somctnaes opportunities to discover that there
are persons, who like the Man of Ross, do good
dveds "and blush to fnd it fame."
"We admire the saying, that twilight, even
though a favorite with lovtrs, is also favorable
to thuves." And somewhat wc admire the
saving too, for there lies within it some go'd cf
truth which the hand of logic may wash cut.
We are told, "it is a poor rule that will not work
loth v:r? ' Th;., however, is a rale that Kill
:ij iV l ... ta way ,...-iiv..,. iwj'tA ae
a lmission that twi-light, though a u.. . ,ito with
thieves, is favorable also to !vtrs. - If it con
ceals crime,5 yet, it also harmonizes with the
purest; tenderest, and most cnablirg s:nt"raent
of the human. soul. Shall we, therefore, at
tribute to the twilight guilt on the one hand, or
merit t ri the ether ? yTwilight, night, and dark
ness, .are .merely, indifferent; neither good nor
bad, in a moral sense, but capable of snbserving
the purposes of :iither good or ey'l. "The same
may bo safd, with equal truth of seerecy, of
which t light, darlcr.e.-s, aud night are used as
symbols in our text. The thief keeps close the
secret of his theft, the lover cf his leve, the
Christian of his elms deeds. In ancient as in
modern limes, robbers have skulked in darkness;
so a'so have the followers of Christ concealed
themselves in caverns, and hell secret ml..'; ;ght
conclaves'' for the purpose of Avorshippiog Ood
according to. the dictates of consiience. He
wi o said that, men loved darkness rather th an
light because their deeds were evil; said -also
"take heed that ye do not your alms before
men, to be seen of them." It is not, therefore,
secrecy which makes an -ct evil, nor publicity
which makes it good. Secrecy is an instrument,
which may be. used for good cr ev:'. just as
vvat.r, which bears th planter's crop tj market,
may drown tho planter; just as Cre, which gives
us genial warmth, may burn the roof from or
our heads, and turn r" -ut
"To thole the y .iter's sleeky dribble,
t An' cranrvnchcauld."
But, the disciples of the Jlontny may say,
secrecy is power, and prwer is dangerous. Very
true. ' It is equally" true that steam is power,
is dangerous, as many a disastrous xplosion
testiSes, ohallwe therefore discard railroads
and Moating ''"ceand do all our travelling
in ox-carts? secrecy isindeed power, and
therefore the greater reason fcr us to empley it
to acccmplisltwhat is good. .-. -.i-:
Ve,otne ; how to the application. The
"tionthly joins in the hue and cry cgainst Sam,''
because he 'arms himself with secrecy. But
what matters it, whether he wit Ids' the 6ling of
David, or sword of Goliah, employs the javelin
s, , is a certain indication
We cannot see why
in, we ;wculL call ti;c attent'en cf. our e'nutf-hle jr.eg;r.ei:t.y On: almost all subjects
Trrp ti3 1 :ici t aar. ine r.i omai? .in ernes.1 no -v uw,j.' . i u.-uua. v.m c:..ni wc
ing the Kno-w-N. .things, sie with the rrgrocfjt'ic; re trust that the Monthly will net be too
.Ike all thenoiihern pnp.r?. Who ca:.r:t Jjeeisr -via judgment on tlie C;:: r. i the Ha-
;the object of the aboveIy ;:..-t!
:.cver dreamed of placing the" 5;;.vcrnn:?n.Vrr "the almcst althe."j:et or gencrce.3 cvsyy,3 cf th
hasda cf the red-haired cr&alyrupart f the -Christian heart. It is jxut that
inhabitants;, but. t!
ricnej.- aai c-
oCcannon? Let h;m be judged, not by his wea
pon; but h's cause. His enemies frequently r:
port to the weapon which Sampson wh . .;d,
though thrir eiTerta are not crowned with the
same '- success. - '..."; Sara never reproaches" them
for. usirg this liamble weapon, f.r he know3 ii
j; often the best they can procure, .
the seeeders may lawfaliy "vote fr th i i crJr.ce
of the Know Nothing party if they caa coa3e:j:
tioudly da so," or if tuey caaaot, th.-a it is still
hiAYiul for thara not to "vote aguir.it him." Eat
Paley goes oa to testify that ";vhca the promisj
is understood by the promisee to proceed upon a
certain supposition, or wheu the promiser appre
hended it to be understood, and that sappooiiion
turns out to befabe; then the promise is not bind
ing." Tlaa wts admitted also, and we ask what
was the supposition upon which the Know Noth-
j ing party understood the promise to proceed, or
which Mr, M jK-inuoa apprehended to be so ua.
derstood, and which has turned out to be false?
We wilt tell this sabtib casuist." He appreheud
ed it to ba understood by the party that Lis prom
ise proceeded upon the supposition that he would
uot violate a solemn oath; that supposition has in
deed turned oat to fa fain; and the proof Whis
ov?n confession. Taen the case stands thu; for
committing jnoral perjury, his justifieatioa is, that
be lias committed moral perjury.
But it is time to crosa-qaadioa his witaess.
1V11 us' Arch-deacoo Paley, if a man promise to
vote for certain candidates, and should afterward ;
prefer voting for some other Candida' . 'U V.ivl
promise binding or is it "nugatory.'' li-ucac-
Fa! -y ry--';3 thusrI-jy- . didato imj
, .ally another candidate appears, for
whoLa i certainly would kavi reserved it had I
been acquainted with his design. Here therefore
my promise proceeded frora an error" and I never
should have given such a promise had I been aware
of the truth of the case, as it has turned out. But
thep-o7j.'s?s did not know this: he, did not receive
the promise subject to any such condition, or as
proceeding from any such supposition: nordid I at
the time imagine he so received it. This error,
therefore, of mine, mast fall upon my own head
aud the promise be observed notwithstanding..
Paley's Moral Pailosopy Bok 3 r Part 1 Ch5,
Let Mr. Mvilviivaon, and the Lauderdale sece
ders, remember; that when thev made a promi'fc
under oath to the Know Nothing party, to vote
for the nominees," ?ti promisee?' that is the party
"did not know" they would afterward prefer to
vote for other candidates; "did not receive the
promise subject to any such condition, eras prom
ise subject to anysach condition, or as proceeding
from any such supposition;" nor did thny themselves
at the time; imagine 1hat the promisee did so
receive it. Then according to Arch deacon Fa
ley; their error must fall cn their own head?, and
''the promise be observed nciwithstandingi" Mr.
M-Kiiirion's own trifness whom he is estopped to
"question" decides his ca?e against htm.
pneent. A ?.rt c
tho v.IidIj cf th: I ..
party i:i t'.e same ye:
; Is cf this prty, ci,r.
m'.nt, reason'.bi r. .
c..ts, c:
ed for my own p
I will further cxpe.
and plac and oa th
Democratic plat.'
! to
t.. .t
Z ci
n to A .
ir-r e :
f i-.iiiy v. 1
-de, at tl.
.1. w I
t'..:- i I
i" , . C.
- j t '- (
P.. c '
.. . , ,
' xi c f m -. :
il y ta t.
- . ,.i ..... i li i.i
Woch'lr'3 r;
Ir.rs a talAr..
Hiry; r.3 ftr
Tae Wi.'. d
Cart Cunet.
i. 1 i'..
v ii v,
.e Cr
4 1..,,
A! .... .
y 1 . - a
i xl
And ,
tie i.
-ierod side!,-
.? Usuvcrr
ef Fcrtf.r.r.
rl. r? ch-r
vrrhj to v-1
i.J P.:
C. '. r-.
yjJ. 1
i ,-t, ; . ' :,
i no:
terms, the v:
w! ich Leve been a.
by th:s defunct party at i ..t.:.:erj ana e .u h re,
from the daysof Jacksonism to t'.e prct-'nttlm"".
Same (t tws prevent a very varied and curij.; -
di-pby cf riasaie particularly, t .c on j of
1852,'which is partly of aa ebony color, singu
larly inlaid with a eu Heient quantity of white ta
give it, on the whole, somewhat of a spotted,
streaked appearance, and which has been U ' 1
by the party in its life time to suit people of
tastes and colors, ab a hickory st ckcut from
the soil of the Hermitage, a:;d the Virginia res
olutions of H53, which, though a good deal worn
somewhat funky, having been consiru- d to mean
a great many thin, can yet be us,d in a tight
place, as they did originally cover b goad deal
of ground. Vh at I regard, however, as the
mosticuriou3 specimen, will be a n rt' rn man
with southern principles being a: .adividual
whosa countenance and compl--x: i change to
suit the co npany or saciety he i Lo in, and
Who will perform this most singular feat on t!u
day of the sale, if s- rq iired. I will a. j o:'.'..r
I V.
lir-v' v.ho govern . to God; ar.d Jeses tells us'svhont'ieu
Of course we must not be' understock as ad-
Je-altleal maxim thA':ihi end
eh is but another ver-
which Paul fo s'rcrg'y
f vll tl tt g3od may
cat.r" tie
ti.Ics t!ie r.:can.
Irguished -- by the: enter into thy closet, end vhen tho a l.zct i'.u
t-at cf d; thy d:cr, pray to tby fcther who is in c.cret;
:i of that cli me
l;::n: "Let i.
th3 trrar.rerr.ent :- and thy Father, who secth in secret, .iheli r;- "
net b- governed -ward thee openly.'' It is gsnsrem to re F
.-pie 3 ere given .in peer, and Jesus toll? r.i "when th -i do:
e y, c .
-ra wur3 to P'--out nn Eay who ihey
t r:t vso raeer.s . ty3 District.; We e.hr.i
We feel it a d atv t warn our xchan?e3 and
reada-sgeneral-y against one S. M. Ivtiight, call
ing himself apracticing Attorney ia the Court of
Claims at Washington City.y , We published his
advertisement a3 directal by a letter from himself.
After the expiration of four w'cek3 the time he
directed it to be inserted with the promise to pay
bis bill at that time, he send? is a i :,itsl eircufdr
letter saying that his advertisement was ordered
in the Y"azoo City Whig by an "awkward blun
der" Cf bis clerk daring h!3 abscence- ' The f;j,ct
of the letter being printed show3 that Mr. S." M.
Knight's Clerk had made a great rnny "awkward
Wanders" and that he h himself a bungler in the
art of swindling. .ri . e prints! letter offer3 to
renumerate us in theslnpc of services in procuring
Bounty Land &!, We have a claim of that sort
before the nart at Washington, but we would
not trust Mr. S. 1.1. Knight 'ilh our business
for fear he would steal the w... rant and sell it af-
r it vr" - ' 'ained. We sen-La copy of this p-f-i
r to 11 ,lg5s and the Bar of the Court ia
which th. en says he ia a practicing Attorney.
How many of oar exchanges Lave beca 'rold' ly
th: Jeremy DMdler?
the identical breeches formerly ia th
ion of Ilr. Marcy, nl which, it wi 1 b
ted, the government were at e,r:-.: vi i
of fifty cents far pxteV:.-.-V I -..:::
re.-orve, pr.:- 1 t ;- : ! - ' ' ' j ... ':
...s country, and which have been
in taar p ".ssessioa at dill'erer.t times during the
different Presidential campaign. Tais has
beeji, in days g me by, esteemed of much value,
and for which the h;j prices have be n pa;u.
There will also bo . a very singular speci
men taken from the qu-rry of the extrtme south
era Democratic party, but it has lo g been in
the cabinet of John .C. Calhoun. ' Tuis is also
said to possess some repulsive and explosive
properties, and once obtained a notoriety in
showing th2 power of forces, or rather the eiTect
of one force acting on another force. T here
can also be seen a book on abstractions, and a
work yet in manuscript, supposed to be written
j a southern cullidir,-on tho rights of the
States, to which Is appended an atlas of the State
of "masterly inactivity."
I will also, by virtue of the .me decree, pro
ceed to expe-se at public auction all the interest
of David Wilmot.it being, more properly speak
ing, the interest or claim made by the 1-ree-soil
party at the North, to all the lauds in the torri-
tor es, of the United Ltates.
The above property was levied on to f . Jsfy
on execution in favor of the pjople of the United
S ates, against s ud Wa g, Ueaiocratic and! ree
sail parties, who sometime - ago. failed in busi
ness, 'an I who . ere now wholly insohvnt and
irresponsible. Sale positively by SAM.
riiy IS.
( I.,
'v a;.-1 i i..-:
. . p.ows.Ha'ltrp-.-ei'ar: ;'a
Fore.de bv
smedes, ha:.. '. ..c; ,i : o.
Vi: ' -
-f.CiV.) bujh'-'s Yellow corn
1,000 . d) Whit.- d.i F !
A LAUGE i of Glass war .
consistiug in p-irt i ib following aticht;
dDaz 1-2 pint, 4 dcz pints, 4 doz quarts
4 doz 1-2 g ll's 4 do 3 rputs 4 d z gall ns
3 gross acid boltlc ground gtoj pcrs ussnt-
ed. .
12 :m--s Fancy Fluid Pres.
:.;) 1 .o.ws 8-10 Window g!?s 23 -x 10-12
12-1 4 2J boxes 12 10
' M .nssoricd C -r;
reso ic a.
May 13 IC55.
15 21
WA iA vz:iz. -
(more or le.4 cf Wall pap-crof the in t t pprov
id print! and Sty !:; nlso a ! -ratlful -i-lotti'-') if
Fire Screens to which we inv.i: uttuntia cf
'Young America."
der-Bracc,aa indi? cnsable article ftr Rear..:
Shoulders, Fad Chests &r. Marsh's Radical cure
Truss for Henna cr tare end Marsh's In-prov-Abdominal
-surpert- m far tailing cf the Wcntb
caa be found at
Yazoo city may 18.
20 ba!,s 44 and 7-?.
VickibnrgMay IS.
x AVona! Vonas!;,
, A great many learned treatises have been
written, explaining the origin of aud of classi
fying the worms generated in the human system
Scarcely any topic of mecucal science ha3 eiic
ited more acute observation aud profound re
search; and yet physicians are very much divi
ded in opinion of the subject. , It must be admit
ted however that, after all, a made of expelling
taese worms, and punfymgthe body from their
presence is 'of more value than the wisest clid-
quisitions as to the origin. The expelling agent
his at lsnarth been found. Dr. M'LANES
VERMIFUGE is much sought after spccijc,
and has already superceded all other worm med
icines, it3 o Ticaey being universally acknowled
ged by medical practitioners.
grtuPurchasirs will please a?k for Dr. Tt
and take none else. All other Vermifuges in
comparison, arc worthless. Dr. McLANE'S
BRATED LIVER PILLS, can now be had at
all respectable Drug Stores in tho United State
end Canada.
.'"'-. " No. Ill Chartros s'reet
General Wholesale Agents far the Southcen
State's to whom all orders must bo addressed.
Also by all' respectable Drug stores in the
State. May 11.
Boston and Hcrse Shoe Nails;
Horse. Ox and trace chains!
Iron: Ca.4. Bl'ster and German sire!.
' VIckobnrg May 18, '
coorEirs ..well. "
A GRAND BALL will te uitcn at the
Tae ladie3 generally are invited to tit tend with
out further invitation.
Tae famous band ofMsNab Lindsay l.as been
igaged for the seas-m and will bo present on the
IN2IAN WILLIAMS. Sjncriutcndenf.
G. M. Illllyer, J. F. Sector.,
G. Winchester, F.C.Jon ?,
EE.v. Pickett, jr. Tho. C. l arr.
J. ch Byrne J. B. McIU,
It. K. Arthur,
Livingston Mlmm?, " H. II. Miller,
J. A. Harne, B. G. Kicr.
W. Gal raith,
P. O Dor
Dr. Latuncr. J. II. V, -
W.B.Shmrrr, O. Va u-;
J. W. IVi ,
May 18-tlU, -
C' .r.unicatcd.l
s citizen.? cf section of the Senatorial
District romposj I v. the Cmnt'es cf Yazoo, Ir
8iquna Washington and Ba'ivar, ; we think it
is time that the people sh oul d speak
v prefer f r S nntor of
t there rr"1 many rallant
n t . rent! nmen that have b?-"ns- r for this high
All U I. i l.il. li.J
be i-poiSi-
r any freiyl.t after delivery at the
Yaoo City Wiairf.
' GEO. Vf. CARFA3.
Y-.u: Ci'y Mty 13.
MIHS. S. F. I:l...'il:.OV C.
I a t $ , to-t Sin . I'hWvxf :,Ii
..1 -nUetS !l!!.l Fl'-Wi-l-?, M iK- s H:
i. , - i mrtnit ivKii.ets ac.
ly oil ba..j. Orf:..-r? pronq-lly cucnt-vl.
Vickslur-r Miy li).
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U eo-J barn-Is cf t
which, it will fx
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own Utiea Li.r.
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let not thy lea he:; I k
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bavf naught to ?tt- '.-. -L
ly an "Uhno intention t- 'x:
ion th. rL. WHITE
He h"53 serv,
rcscr.tHtive fa't.
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