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f ' t 4lf.V, ,' '
. . 4" . YAZOO CTIY ltflW'
WILL giro prompt attentioo to all bovine
entrusted to them in the Circuit and Pro-
balo Courts of Y:o, Holmes .and Madison,
aniJ the bupcrior Courts at Jackson. " .
m i d ngrnD yirXH
PU11JAY, MAY 4i.y !;&,
t iiAFAV-ETTTJ COUNTY. -lfaving
q irora, that be would ".reveal none of tKe
secret" of the Know' Nothing or ' ;ond c" jrcM
to thpubiic his reason? for an h.-. ruction if that
obligationjlir. MoKiunon now stands before thi
public, wnitiii.5. for, their verdict Hi will heurit
soon,! in i these words,'" ,ffti7fy af rnwat TerJ
I Jllih give prompt attention to all business
1 entrusted to thorn in tho Court of Yazoo
.. I adjoining counties and all the courts held
t Jackson.. ' I - ' . ... ;" .
The prominent objection V the Knpw-Nqth
ing party is, that it is a secret political organiza
tioii. Answer every ot&r, objection that may
be broughi to it, and the objector invariably re
curs to me .'charge , of pecrecyand .discourses
yoa indignantly, at. A midnight conspirators,
dark-lantern banditti, bats, owls and hyenas.' -
1 Now If tho ends which .this party proposes - to
attain wcrd kept secret, there? might b$ some
plausibility in this : objection. But it is well
known thatthis isnot thecaae. The principles
of tho party aro before the world the issue be
tween them and their oponents is fairly mado
up ana tney arereaay ana wming w put meir
cause into me nanus ot me,popuiar jury ior ue
cision.r : f -. "i ' ' '
" Tho interior organization is secret. Arid
Why! Cecauso they can the better accomplish
I T entrust
bate Conn of Yana and me adjoining coun
tic.", and the Supremo courts .at Jackson.
Yazoo City Febuary 2 I I 1 r X
MU riamtfw also bi'f.re the people of that coun
itw tnrnnnopt.!on.with ihaaindidoc if for the office i
aibUlty. I the pooplo of Lafaytc.. county think
ncnaa mspwjuu - ithe-,r purposes by secret association. Dqes any
tio'j for llmt oflloe? Biirmase.whn he takes the . , 1 hi t to Mag0narv ttU(j odd Ft-llowshu)
oatb to faithftilydwcharc the duties ol the office ,because they accomplish deeds of, charity and
Wot at an. un
essential to the
orders, and the
from falling to
1 J,.
any opportunity, to pocket a large sum of nronoy r On would supposa froiri hearing these worthy
i .. lw,r1nea Om mn- nru snru i Peniiemen ueciajui-. uiat wis wm wic ium iu
' . . - ' . . '.i .. ; . (stance in the histor
- bo should abnre1iciMl it la ba uixlcrstool (as Fa- benevolence oy secret means !
DStitists ; niVTT. ' ... . ' s . 1, A 4iwi. '.: 'the contrarv this verv secrcy is
--r ' - llkliwai I1H T!H1 WT"I 11I1IJH I I II 1 lllll i II ltT III la -----
ILLg ive promrt attention to all busin 83 cceJa on a cortam $upposition for example, the j Qn t wbich prevent8 them
ed to him in the Circuit and i'ro- ?upr)o?Uion tlutt his position wjU not aliura umr ; ueeg , . , . " '
C. v. ti A
C7TF 36s
ILL give prompt attention to all business Jnot say ho would, but :
. r entrusted to mm t i tne vCircurt aim rro
uatc Courts of Yazoo, Holmes and Madison and
the Superior Courts at Jackaon;, ! .4'.
OrOffice on JeflVrson Strict opposite 2Hiig
office Jan. 3 27-ly
position should 'Iturn oat Jo be falsc'and that he
shouhl get such a chance would he not conclude
that the "nromisorv oath" wasVnucraforv,' d
pocket the slice pf the orpliaii's estate? We do
what inference must the
people naturally' draw from his casu'stryf Per
haps it wonld be the safer policy not to give him
tho opportaaity Jejid him not two tempta.
ti(M. "...... ' " ' '
Attorney aud Counsellor nt Law
' ; . r, AND
oftcilor in 5antctrt
"tTTILLPracVice in all the Courts of Yazoo
T T and adjoining counties and in the Hig'i
Courts at, Jackson. Prompt attention paid to
TTILL give prompt attention to all business
T v entrusted to them in the Circuit and Pro
bate Courtsof Yazoo, IIolmes.Attala, Madison,
door to
BtucuAM Yocxo, the Governor of Utah, deliv
ered a, long address at tho. Tabernacle, at Great
SaltLake City, on thel8th of February. It is
a sort of exposition of the Mormon doctrines and
a defence of .Mormon fidelity to the Constitut
or theUnttcd States Jlg givciga history of the
career of Joseph Smith, and eulogize htmintbQ.fgup pose that tte peoDle will plot aj
end the various Court at Jackson.
OCT" Oflhe on Jefferson street next
J C & S E Xyo'a. jm5
;.t - MAYES & MAYES.
mILL give their joint attention to all bus
' iness entrusted to them in tho Vice Chan
cery and circuit courts of Yazoo County the
Circuit and Probate Courts of Madison' county
mnd the several courts at Jackson. " ' '''
Address D M WSS, Jar.kson, Mi.
fi R BMAVES, Yazyo City, 3Iu
t April 6, 4 My.
JLaw JToticc.
WILUAM YERGER has resumed the
practice of the Law; ! He has formed a copart
nernhip with James T Ruck They will
attend to all buVine entrusted totdem in the
Courts in Jackson Mi Rucks will also at.end
the courts in RaymonJ and in ths adjoining
coil 11 tie. - ,
April G 4 1 tf. ,
Attorneys tu iAx
WILL Practice in the Federal and Suite
Cuurtiin Jackson and in the Circuit and Pro
bata Gourts of adjacent counties.
IlflLL practice in iU Courts of Holmes, and
adjacent counties and Superior Courts at
. Jackson. f ; Febuary 2, M 33 t-f.
' ' ' LAW GARB.
THE undersigned will henceforth devote bis
attention to the practice of his profession in
the counties of Yazoo, Holmes, Attala, Leake,
Winston and Sunflower, and in the Courts held
"at Jackson, - '
. J. W WOOD,'
33 t-f
We are indebted to the kindness of a lady or
or U10 pryrclego . of , publishing the follovrin
mesot Mr. .'Webster written by him in the Al
bum of, an American friend w hile 011 his visit to
England. Our readers, wc bclievey will agree
with uijin thinking it a happy idea; happily ex
pressed. ' "" ' ' " -
If stores of dry and learned lore wo gain, ;
Close keep thrtn in the memory of the brain;
Names, things, aud facts whate'er we knotvi
- odgocall, '. ,
There is tho common lodger for them all:
And images an thi3 cold surface traced: ;
Make slight impression and are soon effaced.
But. vvoVe a page more "glowing, and more
' bright, -On
which oar friendship, and our Jove to
" wite, - '
Tliat these niay never from the soul depart,
We trust them to the memory of the heart
There i3 no dimming-;no eflacement here
Each new pulsation keeps the record clear;
; FLOWERS. - . ?.Bf AJ( Aboutio'm. Xortherrf
, liie love of flowers li.iTbocD tliemhed itod cuJ3 Abolitionists fully understand the.Vatue'of huff
In their opening pate a. the New York Tribi-nesavs-
1 fading beauties thfy invite the most pleasing - "i he result of immiraJion hither are hescf
nees ana ati.T.nur renccxion uny. ure i uur jrauroao, non-
ating with Ufe., i,iHhe;onwe behold tbe veloncd ibX
. n . . . .. . m . Vveiopiu rn country, made our AVestern -freW
ot our exisiance ocauu uny- exmuiwu state. It is pur nrincinal hone tor ihn T.f
tent ion and .admiration.'
with the freshness and "dows . of youth upon jisr.ries now menaced by Slavery the gn-at count
4. if(. tlir. ntbop nviut ffi frfWf ifift fftftt all flesh er t a"o to the currents 6f that barharizitfrr matf
Is gras, like gra it ithcrreti, i!t:o the fTower i titudes of. Northern men, pro-' ,
, , 11. -i- .1 11 l. !css,n 80me comprehen-iveness ofglance, be-
fu.Ietli, and iti ghnsiwissethaway.-, Arvlthat iiere 1 checking.-and abridging lmm Juration
every agrj fin U in them somo emblem of their by raising a hue and cry-against- foreigners.
own fleeting bfi'ng. The bright beautiful flower? -There never was a more complete dog-in:the ' "
Woom-nlilre in the limits toritory of ,the cottage " "f 7 a more deadly blow.vaim-'.:
- , : r -s,.t; eJ at the cause ,of freedom." - A - ' i
What a varied ltfrigiiajrd they spciik,. so "replete
...!U MnMiHCMI ' A rail tu1l frrktl itiKcnfrt
Way. ic oan" tteAjtott Ming, ST" '
of the mind than by these pure cmplems of .Inno- demiolin of wineor other Uquorsto a gentle-'
cnce and love! - " ' ' . man's residence, he is subject to a fine of twen-
Flower's ie tile poetry trf miut Thfy ?eetf to l oosis ior ine rrst oik nce. For
f SnrixcEXT.j-Onc of the amendments of the
liquor law in Maine feddsthus: . . "
Warm oHen letters alUhe tablet till, tftH mmtmlnn with nr ,?,kn.l uldWiiU t.l:e n,d: nce.a fine arid costs and thirty
lustre till tne ncart stanus i , .... e ,. v - . j.. m pi iuicm ia .ne penalty.. - n any mart
Lexington Misa.
went f Col. SrnrTOE he, says:
"The newspapers are teeming with statements
that I said "President Pierce and all hell could
not remove me from .office I will tell you
what I did say, "and what I now say: the Ijrd
reigns and rules in the armies of the Heavens,
and does bis pleasure among the inhabitants of
the earth. He sets up a kingdom here and pulls
dowu another there at his pi asure: he walks in
the midst of the people, and they know it not;
ho mates Kings, Presidents, and Governors at
his pleasure. Hence I conc lude that I shall be
Governor of Utah Territory just as long as he
wants me to be; and for that tme neither the
President of the United States nor any other
power can prevent it. .Then, I rethren and sis
ters, be not worried about "rny, being dismP3. d
from oliice, fr when th President appoints an
other man to be Governor of Utah Territory you
nifty acknowledge thst the Lord has dona it, for
we should acknowledge bis hand in all things."
We subjoin another passage in relation to the
admiss:ou,of Utah into the Union:
"The relation bctwesn us and the Govern
m.nt may be likened . to a man having twelve
sons, and all the elder sons pitch upon the
younger one, as Joseph's brethren of old did up
on bun. They pcrsecut'-d him, and lied to their
fther about him, and tried to alienate the feel
ings of tho old man from him, and succeeded in
a measure in estranging the feelings of the fath
er train the young child. So it is with the Gen
eral Government and us.- We have pleaded
timj and tun?' again an-J will plead, say ng
'Spare ua, love us: we mean to be one of the
best boys you have got; be kind td us, and It you
chasten us, it may be said that we have kissed
the rod and reverenced the hand that gave it,
and tried again; but be merciful to us, for do you
not see that we are adutilul child.1' Jiut no,
Tom, Bill,, Dick, Harry, and the rest of the boys
are eternally runuing to the old mall with lies
in their mouths, and he Will chastise little Jo
seph. And though the old fellow has not come
out in 'open war upon him and arrayed the force
and arras of the Government to kill the boy, yet
he sleeps ill his chair and dreams it over, and
talks in his sleep, saying, 'Go it, boys: go it,
boys; we will not say any thing i here.' ,And
Tom, Bill j Dick, &.c. commence pounding on to
little Joseph, and the old man is dozing in his
chair, saying, 'go it, boys. " .
V.What will become of this little Joseph! l
wll tell you. We are a child of the Govern
ment, one of the youngest children, and we
stance in the history of our country of a secret
political society. Do the knows that the vonven
which framed the Constitution of the United States
sat itith closed doors f rdm the V5th of May to ilte
lth of September? ti not, let theirt consult
Jefferson's biography and other contemporane
niM hifltoTY.' .
what' was the midni?Tit cattcus wlncti was
held here, night after light in the month of
March, 1853, for tho avowed purpose of, excld
ding every Whig in Virginia Irom the halls
Congress What was that but a secret politica
Cut the Know' Nothings plot against the lib
ertics bfthe neoplef How? The people, have
a riht to vote as t hey choose and if they choose
to vote with the Know Nothings who can gam
eav their right to do sol It is absurd to talk of
plotting against the liberties of the people for
are not they who are inus supposeu io pioi, a
portion of the ' people themselves, anqa very
larw notion at , that! and is it reasonable to
C . . ' . i . ..: a a .
agoinst inem-
selresl . , ' ;
Tlie trufli isf .that in Virginia especially, the
State has been virtually ruled by secret political
societies. The plan ot every campaign was con
cocted here in Richmond by a secret political
society, known as the Richmond Junto. - Both
parties have had their secret caucuses and their
private conferences
Tho principal cause, in our opinion, of this .
hue and cry of the Junto against secret political
societies, is, that it blocks their own game. It j
breaks the force of their secret society by oppos- i
inr to li one more renuoncan in ius uraui&atiuu
aud consequently mere acceptable to the peo
ple. Hmcillae lachryraae! t
As for the dark lanterns,- history tetu m that
Diogenes lit his lantern one night and went about
the streets of Athens looking for an honest man.
And so do the Know Nothing!? go about looking
for honest men and und them too!
Nor lose their
X:., still.- -London,
Nov, 19, 1820.
Richmond Whig.
T.iK Sr. Lons CuninT. The controversy in
rpi-ard to this church has been revived between
Archbishop Hughes and Bishop Timon, and the
trustees. The latter have addressed a letter to
the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, m which
they declare their unalterable determination not
to submit their property to ecclesiastical con
trol. They say that the edifice belongs to themi
and that while they cheerfully submit to the au
thority of the church in spiritual things, they
will not yield their legal - rights ot property.
They conclude:
'The Bishop may banish the Priests from the
Tliey say tlmt tliou art Poor.
They say that thou art poor, Louise,
And so I know thou art;
But what is wealth to noble minds, -f
Or riches to the heart! ,
With all the wealth of India's mines,
Can one great deed be bought?
Or can a kingdom's ransom bring
One pure and holy thought: f
No: vain your boasted treasures, X
Tho' earth to gold is given,
Gold cannot strength to measure
The love bestowed by heaven.
They say that thou art poor, Louise,
And so I know thon art;
But.why should lack of sordid pelf
.. Thrust thee and, me apart?
. The pearls that sparkle on the lawn
' Our jewels bright shall be;
tW gold that frets the early dawn ,
iv Shall fit our treasury f .
Asky? the proudest minion - - & --m
-'Wliom god gives rule o'er earth,
Doth not our broad dominion
. Out begger all he's worth!
We el rove besidi the brook at eve,
When birds their vesper song
Of gentle truth and guileless love,
To woods and winds prolong!
And from the morning jewelled ciip1 .
Such healthful draughts we'll have,
As never met the favored lips
Of fortune s glided slave.
, Could Lydian Croesus, dearest;
As wide a kingdom see
As the fairest realm thou hearcst
Belongs to thee aud me?
I know that thou art poor, Louise,
And so indeed am I!
But not the hoards of ocean's caves
Our poverty cnuld buy!
For wealth beyond the miser's thought
We both alike control
The treasure of a priceless love,
- The riches of the soul,
Then at thi3 hour diving love,
To holv echoes given,
Lt thy true vows and mine,
Do registered in Heaven !
upon mom an uie cuwrwr iwiiiigs ui tur iianiie carries in Jiis own baggage or about hia rrann
finds no expression. We read iu thein TolnWea a flask or any other vessel containyiw liquor of
of instruction pencilletl byithc Land divine. Tiiey .any suit to be used by him, the party doing so is
shrink beneath the shriUing blasts of winfer, but ZTa ! S "f 1 xn,ri ?ulIars a,ul lh,rty
when spring comes fojth and snides upon them, j . - , , . ;
they renew their bloom reminding us of ouf 1m-' . Filobcstkrism SubckiEt). " The latest news
mortality. . We may cultivate them In immitafion ' fr?m "avani.is "'Wnnner" for Young Ameri-
sucn expected by the.road-caBS to bW..Snn;s
rich profusion; The love of flowers ever been ; crbisers otit of the Gulf and kfioc6 the Moro in-
considered a? an index of moral excellence and in . to the middle of next week, was last seen iwi-
effcctual refinement. When we see a house sur- ete w1th,eneaI .9?SCI" reviewiiig Spanish
... - ' , . ... .. , -iroops. ine iair mrerence. u not the Mttll
rounded bp flowers, we almost instinctively as- "f.,-f '-tl.f rJ. " viea
' . - J ? tact is that the gallant Commodore went out hv
cnbe deucaey aud refinement with all the gentler gtxucted to settle httle' matters of difference, and
land nobler feelings to its occupants. But instead found no difficultjr in doing so iri a peacable man-
of mere observing and admiring them we shalltner which is far thfVst way for god christians
find it a pkaaant and agreeable way of spending j JjJ SljSf' f"S a,ld
i- ' i -.t i - ri l- i unexamP!ed commercial enterprise. Peace, at
oar time to study them, to learn of their delicate ; any price b6 a bitte pnI 0-the feloyn
exture and the skill and workmanship whsch are 'get up Park meetings; but war, short of tho"
displayed to their formation. This naturally leads ; weignuest reasons, woubj be far more bitter;
nnr thoughts to that beln- who has traced on the , " a uegraomg to this ral.on.
lowliest flower those great lines of Beauty for
which we so much admtre theml
Whcre 1 ch God, io churchlcas land? femainfrg
New York.Mirrou
"No lor-r a lover!" exclaimed an aged patriarch
"ah! youV'stake me if you think age has blott
ed out my heart; Though silver hairs fell over
a brow a!l wrinkled, aud a cheek all furrowed jet
1tnr nf nur Church, but the material edifice will t m a lover still. I love the beauty ot ine maiu-
... . .1.1 ..a. e.i,.i ; , ... .a .: fl,iwor th mn?in"rot
still remain a cnensneu monumeni wwe twsn, lucwii, ir 7.uS a mitiiin tli to rhnman inaenuitvi
different classes of dealers have formed as-
The malicious threat of the Bishop may no ex
ecuted, our noble 'church may crumble brick
by brick into dust,' and persecution sharpen her
sword the while, but the course of the trustees
will sooner or later be gratefully vindicated, w
Ambitious prelates will then no longer seek
to stain their robes in the mita of politics, and
avaricious Priests will Cease to deSle their hands,
to the exclusion of their 'most sacred and pecii-
A Story ron.THK TisrE3. About tho timrf
' of the State election, and whi'o party spirit ran
'nr froTrf nil tfiaidicrs and diviues. 1 Si an energetic unow-:,ctLin'r cauvasspr had
Sly soul could find in flowers of thyLiiiLiSJ i a very gery speech d Irrred in 31illville, in
Priests, sermons, shrines ! . jV." : Cyty vrorLri the foreign popular
- i - : ition t,JfciAa point of indigiUon past ail endur
The PaoniMTOKY Liqoub Lvw is New We. The day followk nskw-t r ia
, x imiv. j
' a terrible
the passa,
I of the newspapers are tilled with the most dole- J them,' and, to their great delight, commenced af-.
iui cuuijuaini-o wiiwimug QWi.ii iivj , auu viuieut utijuiiciauon oi tne; new party,
predict that its euiorcement will cause th3 entire Beneath his magic ihSuence the i alien audi- '
destruction of one ot the most extensive and lu- ence became, in tbeif own estimatioil, the pillars
' crative branches of trade in that State; They of our republic, and as he warmed in his sub
' pronounce it unjust, oppressive, and odious to ect, Knovy-Nothicglslii withered to a bare name
' nine-tenths of citizens of New York and declare- j bridef bis scorching touch, while cheer after cheer
Uhat it was irauuuiemiy iorcea inrougn me Jjeg- rtmrst Irom the excited throng now rapidiv ih
'islature. On the other haidj j the 'Iribune and! creasing. r . ' ..
kindred prints are in ecstacies over the passage "Who,''; asked he,- "build our Railroads?
! of this law, and are Dusuy ongageun picturing
! to the minds of their readers the many beniScial
Iresults that will flow, from its rigid enforcement:
They are jubilant over the idea of proclaiming;
Ion the next anniversary of our nationul inde-
'pendence the day on which the law goes in
1 operation the freedom of the Empire State from
ithe thraldom of King Alcohol. Mayor Wood
1 has issued a proclamatien, in which he says the
law is distasteful to him, but expresses his de
termination to , enforce it to the extent ot bis
power. " To do?this effectually he behVves that
it will require a force of two thousand police
men. In the meanwhile the liquor dealers
evince a determ'natfon to resist the operation of
the law with all their means, and by every con
'Iri8hmen!':.jwas the entbusi.iKtir. rnlr
f'Who dig our canals?" . ,
'irishmen'; :
Vho build dhr Mtaf'e prisons and almshouses-"
. v "
"Irishmen' thundered a hundred voices
uYhofiU theml". . t '
Waitirig ih vain for a reolv. their wlrifnr
. . 1 . 1 . . am hnMinn, nmilTf V TTFIfrT I Tl ITS 111
l . ( r r.iiT irrOW With aimOSt VUe .uiuuaiasm ius &uuiii,iuua. uu oic '"""'"a -j 0
1 StrTmv rinrKs fl7in" loose in the wind organize measures to test its conStitUUonahty;
W l.chased the pain- Jt
. - 1 1 . Lin. tif . . vm nn niiTimrrii. 1 1 iiiiiai
-V. l: l;i;T . . J , . .
buauipuu, tjiucmng nis nstsj snouted '
you devils Irishmen.'" -;"
, Hostow True jF7ag";
ft Irishmen-
A Goon Hrr-i-The New York Herald ays;
Which is Whioii. The Richmond Enquirer
says that the1 London time3 always arrays itself
in favor of any movement against the well being
of the United States. This assertion is called out
by the Times' articles approving of the prraciplea
of the new American movement. The Richmond
inquirer orgzts that the London Times
o. tirTuncinu
JACKSON, M1S3. l- J w" . " . -
M. L. SHARKEY, has resumed the cling to our parent,, and desire to ne recaoneo m
oract cof law. and haa formed a earner- " wo laumy, anu ionaiiourDrevureuiw.uiw..
. ' . ,. " "I 1 U 1 I M nr n n
rfii nn 1 lit: iiuiiiuiTKti nmuiiir lucui c uici m
Territorial or -State canacitv. Wuat next!
Tne cry is raised by the older bos that it will
never do to admit this younger, crntd into tne
' . x . - . .... .
Union; he is an alien, and . we must exclude
him. , I will tell you what-this will amount to?
ESS The condition of things in Kansas in at
tracting attention all overthe country. It would v."a p u?.lV tnwtbpr and went over little
seem from the accounts that we have had that Thr(i VTi storm, and through sunshine we
Gov. RiEDBR has rendered himself very unpopu- r t tu.. nil now she sits with her
ahip with WM.!T. WITHBRS:
Epecirattention will bo given to business
io the court held at the rny of Jackson.
, .WlienMcsired business will be attended to
in the adjacent Circuit Conrt?Vv
(r jr liTu-.o .on Stat'5 street ovtr Green's
Banking, Home, ,.. , . , , " ""38 t-f.
they will pouhd and abase Joseph until his aff-
I . ' k? 1 - A .J U!a nnrAnf a n A
ections are eiiwrei weiuieu irvuiuu piiiui
. 33-tf. - Xcw Orleans, Xa.
iar duties, with the touch of filthy lucre "
was as
ii i ui liiij in i . . ..
ted buttcrfl,. I lo.o yon Ju . --f r&not b. BWt of Go. Pierce's eleefo- to Uh,
is care-worn, ouv - . i , .. ' , . , :.iAi;n-z.u. lonit Presidency as it is how in fovnv nf thn & ,t"
rm, l,trA r chnrwl the bitter CUP Ol sonuw vni prouiunuu oy iuch uuuiv,uvU-m . , " . . :wr v 'rw:".u,v
her and so shareu it seemeu aimusi. i , iimtuis au arouuijiuuu torC . I "" xmics, iu supporiing
of sickness h's
but like the? j
i i . rr.,7i ...a IQ1I1K sn. niiT, will nslf nnr vnft r nr 4V. T:,.U -
in Wew xork iurnisneu uy lue v'Mt "c wnu j ' w vv..t.c . Vf. mui-
. ill f - Ar.a attnAnn I tvfAnfi It nni'iHM CV. . L!ji ii
see why there should oe a lermeumuuu mwug uiuu t-uuti iur m$ opiuion on me suojecri
tne traoers. Aiie wuuic u4 -i A ft:. . L.-i v .
n ares fdf selling bnuor' in that city is now 0o3b .S" siauou is iii,e a man on
shareu it seemed almost swwti i s lanoa is an ansuuipuou ui llguvi v . tiro xjuuuuh ximesin supporting
ave stolen the freshness of her life, , trade and commerce) expressly ' given by Con General Pierce maliciously arrayed against the
i richer than when
maturity. m , . i.
Toother wg have piaceu uuus m mo i,
C . i a 1,m. n.l aront ATOP MttlA
and of unlicensed about 1570, making a total of th tap of a high raountain-cverything appears
the old styled over seven thousand liquor shops in the city! I small - td . him; . and he, appears small to every
,hr. and he is charged with being a friend to the T?. rinintlc frilled
jo ttio lists'. A letter in the New York Com- , r . ;,ff' ntVtAJ white and pritn abov the heart ; The estimated profits of the liquor trade to the , , 3
U tV.nffir.xr Irirnca lannt . . . . , ntl!il Html. . .i - Snn IH1U Bl
ii I Ji Uihu J f h!iiJa fmm h bre thren, and ho becomes an independ-
, XL r ; XVfin will iiba thin! Thft TVtormonl
Till Iff " w A V M-m. ' w .
Tin. th Hcr brethren will do it. They will
xti. bTiiomEiin
L ttoriicy, at La vy; ! 4
T A ILL fv-,lnd the courts of Dolivar'Isa-
w r ri a n?id ' Washington counlies and
( nse HcJ Federal courts at Jackton,
"Particular attentiba paid to the col-
.!on of claims m adjoicmg counties.
' v:-' REFER TO " ' f ,
7 h Gu3iky, Hon Wm verger, Hon J
rccman Hon John I Qui on Hon Rich
I Darnctt W A Lake vicssourg,
, - -7?:March 20401y-
ure on tht ;r hostility against uttle J oseph un
til he is driven inW Egypt for succor. Well, it
this Is hot Egypl nough, where , will you una
itl ' - y - - ' : .- 'f ""
. 'What U going to be done with these turbu
lent Motmons. these outrageous Mormons! I
will tell you what might be U01.0 nd ynat
ought to-ber done. ThO .uqverrs toi uiu
United Staes and the- nresident of t i United
States ought to1 treat the rel'gio? JL,
Bainta as they do methodism, rr i
Qnakerism, BL. rism, and manyUA
and eay, 'Here," L wish you to Jho'.J y -t
about .the Mormons, for they have j;. :fc
a right to their rl.on as you. have to
an abolitionist, and is strictly impartial as be
tween the pro-slavery and anti-slavery parties,
artd seeks only to preserve law and order in the
Territory. Much now depends upon the firm
ness and discretion ot me r euerai ; executive
Government for the prevention of a fierce , civil
strife, of which Kansas will be the hrst theatre.
: , r, : Alexandria Gazette. X
tagJuThe" "Holy Synod of Russia," in its re
cent manifesto to the faithful, urging them to
renewed zeal in behalf of Russia, against the
Allies,-uses the followiug curious language: .
"By the will of the Lord, the crimes ol our
that has beat so longand truly for me, the dim hotela alone -19 set down at oyer $600,000 a
blue eve that sbrinklngly fronts the aayine buu- year The profits of the tour principal nvu
.. . . . .. i j- iv. i uiccna npr i r.ii kj iv hn ia snii iiuii: i .1 .1 . .
iht throwing ncr a taruuj; micnu., .v are mVeu as loiiuwa; t. 'wi.-i -- i me poor mat suner,
brow and leaves upon its iHiui.iracivv."--Metropoiitanj yiojuy; awur t""vv', " If the rich were
It uj!aiaa. T Q("iT thnriorh nn one elseCSU v lr emnnn nnha ovprnrw value Of eattt DaT- I 0
o-wi rnnnir face, that won me nrsMm inth it iaset down at 85120U, it wiu -wi "itAW wuuvnevery ircaa mey ateyit
shine through those feathered' Mtuts, and the fae 8een by tMa gtateihent what a vastamount ot would le no cause bf noinplaiut: but when a lot
growing love of forty yearg thrills my heart till propcrty ig interested in the question whether or 0f ragged thildrtn sit round the hearthstone . bmv
not, me law snan u imuummcu.
fcU In selling provisions at high, prices it is
; poor that suf&ri -If
the rich were ground down ill! the sweat 6f
ter JJiy
.r i5ms,
r to:
- a., nn.im T rssn T!f ToTiiTer' be A lover;
Tiionsh this form he bowed, Cod has planted eter
i no 1 Intra w ;t,;., Ti-tthe car bo deaf, the eye
UU IUIU ".vi.1". , ... , .1
be blind, the hand palsied, the limbs witnereu vue
brain clouded, yet the heart, the true Heart may
1 lslsl enK ipoq
enemies nave not proveu wmawo. w.U( -r- . a , aWft t nnt. nnt 7. -
in their freduent defeats, in the terrible tempests tne victorious Kruv uu. - idca tc
of th'e Black Sea. which swallowed up their ves
sels, in the illness which decimated their armies
was apparent the action of the powerful hand of
God, fighting odour side." - .
its quenchless fire.
Liberia: The New Orleans liulletiii says:
"The success of the R epublic of Liberia dem
onstrates an interesting truth, that such a thing
na A frirsV nationality is not amere chimericle
- mf
rt amed by enthusiast and zealots,
but a d. ..... i, substantive fact, and that tne ag
gry- -breadlcss because somebody demands a high
price for his his com; it is a case of inhumanity
which God will not overlook ii hen he compels that
Somebady to takes conscience at the Day of
-& IV. InJcepr.dant.
Elocution in PaATaE.One' day a little girl;
a LL Persons who served the .United Stat
. . . w-n
J X two weexs in any war.wuc n-u
- ..:t.ro entitled td . ,f
t . 'X.x quantity 8 will mala If 3 rr
- whst they have her... ifore rXx. '.If t
rrr ' n t- dead, hi wldo ,t:'X .(t;
And wh
en tho people -petition for. tLir
r?n are e
:tithd ti t
as the i ! :ht of petit'"-- should, never 1
it is f a uutv' oftl who are; add... J, '
uLan to the petit. of the people, an . )
t.. ;rnhave officers of their.own choice, fc r JU.f
r -pblntir. " " owcr is -elelit'y the voice t, f
lz-l3j z.:. the mass of people Ntlie reins r '
rrr.. t in their hadr. , L t the v
; t . ; - v. il Czzj. prlnclpbsthey 1 e adoptxUT.
- V - : ; - : 1 2 try cr. dwhi o v.ish Wr
( ; c "T " er eppomiea Osj-.
r,and not those
sMn nT-r.pnaure. ana a wfiinuws w "v-v-
tfidwith it. Fabius Maximus said, he was a
V.roixia ELKCTios.-A Washington corres- greater coward that wasatraiu ot reprou, uu
pondent of the New York Express says of the j he that fled from hit enemies, v , c '
SSIS t E-NWbe eritical"to2S3ic.
t- r. .nnml;An in tnia ritv t nrespnt. ana tb maxim of aft old Irish peer.- remarKaDie ior
1IJ Ul LUUVUDIUIUU iu J - f ' t - - , -..
tlirnncrhout the Southern S,5vThe best in-
formed politicians beJJil Wise will be
-tpn from 5.Dr JyQQ votes.. I learn
-giniThe whole vote
lRf'TrYou can
rs. Tt iTfolhTlibrmen oTmerit to tliinfe of Urcgation of the nomahdic people of Africa into I about five years old, ; heard a preacher of a certain
organized communities under fixed rules of gov
ernment is entirely practicable
political ana Bociai -conuiuou, wio la question
system; as adopted by the people, of the .United pfayer. ,
lenonrinational order; pTayiug more lustily till tho
r - A L. A.l . A. il t '. " .
f?; i-V " - I 1 us Wlia vue sireugm oi nis supplication.
Viewing it as Turninjr to bet tt, . beckoning tL mattif.-
expcrimental effort to civilize aud christian-1 uai ear down toalspeakir 'iitanceshe wh
the natives of Africa; and to improre their . aiower, wn i you lunnuiuatuhe ived
iv uruu, uc wucuuu v uave to iaiK so ioud: i
if " worth a volume, orr Elocution" in
kt kmrA frt bpt t.hA nnlvr wav a true 1 Qfntna hna pun ptnlfientlTr - sdccessfuL
HIS 11 VIA "V V VVW. " " , , I VVMMVM UW wv-.- v - ' rf
Gentleman eyer wfil attempt to look at the faults
;lly thatv
, .ii not c:
.rselfof the prcl,-J r:
of a pretty woman is, "to shut hts eyes!
f M. Da Tocqueviile, replying a few
weeks a to an invitation to- attend ban-
' .'. 1 l ; w Tlnna A fTi:A ntamn.
t -.asa democrats wfco endeavor to per- s - o v ' "j . , . . - - , i
) f -Ircsthstthell. II- cr-nnization is ry of cmgtcn,wrpte f -Anere w uubia.r-
X wl - tries, we recoramena an t3,ira.cfc Fer nJtme ia v - i v was. pwriuutcu
me to chooser a place nxzo7.lt' great men who
hive icft eternal mcmerials I vald, choose
wlihout. hesitation,? the pkee of.Wr'Wngton,
and I believe that all who can .apprecu.- mor
.1 v.nikt fljiA ;nmib!w rf heln'? Cf. Ted
of iT would compete for i his place I
please God to TeserveutethV the epirit ".it.:
:?cf. Ilr.' Ilichie, a prtiJnent -Vf-
-V t;hr -refers the renegade ticket,
he..uo4 by Y '- I & Corr.r-r.y, to tho American
candidates. , I" r".t-"r,"t as I have been n
Whf gr only ;
that I have 1-'
Know": Uct'
.ti i
y oia wiug inens
7 u..-r tie cica qi
...Vd with" a daring
'.3 f-cacf theProph-
' net Yflvx
HfiAVt Robert by y boy. A few weeks, ago
a youth named 'iohri Fitzgilbon,- stole $1,300
.V:. --..
from his father Warren iugmoon, ui same
beinthe savings of Several yearjof frard labor.
Th orftwiess son irnmcdiatehr tkr8'i but
. . . ..
was last night discovered and overnau.. - Dy tne
Police" in North street,' t.rJ a . coraparatively
smalf portion of 1 the money . f--3veftdV:.Tne
youn- "prodigal" confessed .tliat he went
to New E: "ord whtre ho r :arrea xt large
amount of c :h, tut, Biated ia exttnuation that
he was drir : 1 crtd robbed 6f CCO. ITi vcj
tak?n bef""" t j.3.P'olice Court
.ra , CousTy.liiss;i-T,liy
gives a
Tria Cac.'s
r :i t. j- ...... r c .... ... . ...
Liiucrvj v - -iLc .. oi jaturuay jast gives a
gloomy account of th'a crop? in Anite count
Corn already vis before noon-day, and coL
tori dJesr rrt -1 it reaches the eurtacoof thf
e&rz.u. .;", more . www of Lromh, and the
fcr. '2: its? cf c.r nl;.i community
,-' IkT,,.-- 1,. . - . :. .
tti.ii.Jiiu. 1 - - ...
U ' r
rT" v r"l of 1- "tw f T1..J. .
" v imf ... VI i..v LMW1 WA vuv ujtu iuy
Advocate ia c.-ciatii:j in his. absence,5 got the
paper by r..ltil:e on the wrong bk!o jii
politics., Tl I ;tV.:.r cfthat paper in an
r' :r.cing c J C2d cf Ilarch: acsther abscr ce
xXeS ; I to'
.... 9 - - ' . v. . - . - V
.. it, cryrr; " r-;: ... -C3 ci r-y ncre
p'hijcdtorL. . I ...a hh v:XX Ja, Uv
CM grc-t TTMiV

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