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1855. :;
r -r?
FUIDAV, JUNE 1. 1855.'
WILL be riven to ny penon who willdelir-
cr at our tUble on Main etreet, Ytxoo City, tba'
two Urge brown MULES strayed from us on
i the 27th of March. The tnulea arc large fnr
toDcachod all round andahaveOf with hiarka o(
anl mlion last hoarfl rif tt-rp In the nairh
' j i a tnr.Mn.;c.rk ro. uraiiz&iiun laws, aa U'Ui remedy the ritihw
TAIOO CUT MTM. .VOmOUU VI UUiiUiUUIja u;iui uiuuu.i iv- . . - , - ... - -g,
V 1 ILL C've prompt attention to all burincaa apecting said mU.B wi I he thankfully received,' ' ; e u.e' or m CMeJ tDe pu
T r entrusted t , them in the Chcuit and Pro- remuneration made fi all trouble and rx-- f7 theclectiTf frunchize ni ot otherwwe
l-CourtaofYai o. lf.imM nf..rt mm.. . ... -T- BIRMINGHAM fit CO. be prewired, then ire advocate their total re-
anclthe Superior Courts at J.rk.on i - v Mos iftn.n.t . PC?I
-v PARTY. - ;'
We advoctte tuch a modiScation of the tjoV
Hernia at
YT. . Y12JO CITT MttS. '
11 ILL Ere prompt attention to all buainets
T entrusted to them in the Courta of Yazoo
an ! j ining countiei and all the courU held
at Jackaon. ' - , , ;
V V ILL Ive prompt attention to allbusin aa
T entrusted to hinf in the Circuit and Pro
tate CWts of Yazao and the a j ining coun
tii -.and the Supreme courts at Jackson.
YtZooCity Kebuary 2
. C. F. AMUR,
Weadrocate the raa-ctre of a Btrirtrtnt law.
by the proper authorities, to prevent the Iremi
gtatiorr hither of foreigners who are tither pau
pe?s or criminals. : . -
. We s' all ugorouriy maintain and dt fend the
it !iad fictltirtp do with theliucetion 0f M
Molfinnon s moral pcrjary. Was it tifn girb
lirg Vftiyland, when; we omitted 4to Iquoto hr
teapon's Jor the same, prlnlplefe If . we" admit
Uiq prlhciple itseir, there; is no need to quote
the argtimrrjt by which )t is rstalii-hed Now
Hie passoge whfch Mr Mcltinnon eopT from
tey land. Is .but the argnmcnt by whfch tffat or
der establishes that "prorais s are not. bindirg
when the promise is unlawful." We edmitted
the truth of this position as quoted from Palpy;
We allowed, by arg-ment, that It was Inele
rant; and in our nefct. issue we quoted P Ipy
to show1 that he sustained our post ion. We
allowed also that Mr. McBTinnon had quot d
from Paley what did ; not touch his ease, and
rappress. d;atl that did Now we hare the
m,mm, iiiii.. . ,. ,. . .... . TTMH1T l, , , ' ' j ' j .
nn Jor UUt.ng from tbeordcr.H ' Not at nil. ; v ; ' . - . - 77
; ia:i,vi is'thnn iiM.f-i ii l t ! i ' rpaT. TiaWr Jiow,A we hare before
. jbsjwI. the man w,io wnfjisjj that he ha ;hfir;rd, iSt the Antf.ArnrficarJ trbe gooth.
ttcn oaths of socre-r. end had bclravel the k- Patriotic rntnc ftftKn Urn Wta.
vVltornM at
a to
7IL give p-cmpt attention to all business
entrusted tj Itiui i . fie irenrt and lro-
,J Courts of YX (. If.ilmf-i and MiJin n mnl
Albatii Ware,
JU3T receivd a Urge supply of the Inimil
ble AlbataAVar which is superio to Sile
cian'snd more tlnrabk to silver tu which it bears rested rights of all persons, whether they be na
i j r- , ......... xr . . . u
and the m ney. will ba rafunded If it docs not Americans, efiectir tie same throueh the LaLw?rl?.of Arcb acon Pa1 arit! whlld 6d'
.proe as represented- 1 t box abne, thd great and legitimate inatro- ;mit h Proposition that promises are not binl-
Teasets, ment of all political reform in tnr country. jlrg "when the performance is unlaw ul,' we
C'otiee i'ot.. we oppose and protest asramst H abridce-'will
Tea Pots ment
Cuudk'stick, ' ri
Table Spoons, t
Teaspoons, . Bible is the great fountain and depcsitoiy of the their obligation."
'lab.e Forks, . true religious doctrines of jthis cou. try. ( Tliis shr.wd casuist ; chuckles over the fact
Deiwrt Forks. We will maintain miid defend the C nstJtut'cn . , ... ...,.
. BsfQooons. 'of thP UnitPrf JWr. it f- tho TT !.. we oiu noi now uw, ai me wme ne .-wnonn-
Suup -nd Graw ladels, intended
We oppose and protest agains't H abridge-1 wiU keep u before the people" that this same
ent or releious libcrty;holdjrffitas a cardin- . .
lal maxim, that re igious faith is-a question be- r WP'Vr9
twei-n each invidual and his God, and that the "contain N J unlawfulness in them to destroy
i-joiIkt of tli ,ri! "T' ar? rif7 Wrtf k wjr in tneharnesf strength
v .Tnn!.,fl t 'nin'eorp,'-trn, sn?taminzthecaTrst ttod
..... i"Jr!V, th:, interest o rn trrcvm4Mi!4
local clnctn south of MarmlR and DUonV Une
rets he swore to t'oncal. s If any ra
JtawS-h nirtr (of which 'we nrivimr!
w, a.-c is samceitiy matnn sjioaM W ms Xonml '.triumph over the Amcricen Pur'
pom the order anl nvcal the secrets which, h J 5 t ba toT!tf or h ftnv State or-citvf th
iromiswHo conceal, we will holil hi.n up to pub-! waItI J0 haIIwl bV Oree!ey,'Olddin0,
re scorn, ase htiv. drW M v M Ttionoa, - - 5? S e T27 0f!'P infa-"
JJI . ?wv , ai triumph over S'arury. : Hzreto
The Cruw-sh party of YasooiCounty! ft 'ti T rot f1"1?0 opportanity forrivin
nt 1 , . , , J "Mlttt0 '.bwr demoukcal exnltation-.the Ameri
rennot hone to succeed In thcir dee-tnM un am hir mrr nnr;j,t.: i
'he whol of Oregon unless thy cainllst som?
persons in" various parts of. the Union..? -That
they may gain strength in th? north, wo re?om
me id that th?y place -anst! plank in their
platform. Txils phnk'has been siwe ! out by
ponom who ar ts bittarly oppossd as Ihcmselv?
to the great American p ;rty ; no othar pers jna
the U, S. AntSZavxy Convn' Qii comp'sed'
sars the Lxinfton (ttvA Obsrrfi and 1lnnr-
rwter, " wKteani bh: det;rat?s frm 'all""?tftfil,.I,lh, t?.flmrcl1 on, Sioday stole:;
our readers, who belong to the. Craw, sh party rAl pavea Bibi, which he dpaflyioved. 77
(if there t e any of that pa-ty who can starid to Thimade the enraged father storm.and corse.
read tmth) from this p'.n ; ;0 eolation of XTJSSW !" ??!!?
w-t evrty tMe American. let erv true South ,
ern ma, rE T0 iTthaVno iachr fcppcHonity oc
curs Cfiraunc?! . .. '
A pretty Irisli boy. in humble life, V -whos?
father took a ProtL-stHnt tt wtfo,
To. mothn-'s , church au inclination had. ' 1
Hat Itber into ma?a would force' tflcla'
fitckc , at
Vickaburg may 25
Wit Superior Ciiirt- at J.ic .bon
COIMJL VfirniIi.
3 birrvlj it receiver! bv '
mny25 TlIOMP. ON fit TMANUEL.;
1 - ' f If A. i - mJ- . - " " "rf VVIUWI ewuir. .
b. cur father-end the rJchta . of - the . ea -now 'ngism newas sn-pirgnis at- 'T. I " - ! V T.JLi ' 7. , Te Doui. . '
. withcut dimi. nation; iMistiie upon, and fairs for removal. Perhaps he may f nd equal S' ' neprecatetn action oi u - rTul?l sau?w norn :tftras P.
a faithful d rformance bv the Oai,-.tnriir,n in n,. t-ni tT-t T.t w P"rton rth3 antsl V3ry icn oft Is coantry, ZTlVJura.YKa
Govern nt. of ;il the twic. cticincu on- -V Cm .1 - T. '1 . In identiVmr themselves with the new noli teal K ? papm neiped to arcohim in, .
it t)v thp C n titnti i (uino we tuu noi tsn Know newas in existence.- - - . aw i?jrseu toe priest. 10 pardon aH Iu tini-
tt EUCh. tut OPDOSe "uuucrui 'B"uce on our pari, we onices, ' f , . .. , V 7 v-.: ' liT U" "'.T4r
rcTT-Uffiio on Jeff rsj.i Strict opnoMt- Whij! -
Soo Jsn. 3 37-ly. j JAPAN VARNISU-2 bb s j i-t rpcM by
W A f!A PV.ftTnV"
a av A.aT W aa V-T aW
Attorney and ountoilur at
.. AND r
mav J ) TiloMPioN KMANUEL.
I We war with no party
all who oppose us in tLise great American d.c
The princip'es which wc acVea'e, are paT
r v'. . ... ... . . . . tam th?t f 4kf.I 5 tn htt nnr imniMtVs r'nt r- - tt nA"ilOn- till ttw rnWt ... n
iui tt e it is, mat we did not Know tbat,there VLTJ; ZlilZ M. -Wei ormtn u" w
oppcB'Zii: occaus iv jrampis uown ine uocirrn - . , "v J rrFK""",? wrry
of tmmniali lrr.tJr?i nl? Wati it nVntirw!! .:"ur V'Br6e
- -1 - - j
was such a person, till .we saw his 1j rned let-
3 birrt'l j ist r-i ed by
ae pnncip cs wnicn wc acvrra'e, ore paT .u-ij-n r ,v tT--fc j
mount i. aty o al que ticn of Bute policy and l!r '"a-V Cgtf 1,16 Un'ft a"d "M,S9:SSIP
fs the Amcrictn P.,r y we will mtke no att nipt Pian' Bat whlt auranse have we, evei
I'M -charge you but ft
TilX " CITT, Mt-S.
ILL PscMi e iii all the Courts ot Y itoo ! i S the asirnee of ;P
ma) 25
el!i H lILrdl will
' itoo ; 4 S the aMrt.ee of ;P ra-rltfc ILllLrd I will
' l'B J. n Jn-n: of te C art H use on M n-
rrompt attonti n pud to d y the2ith day June tpe-il'wtc proper
Oct gQ '54. , ly.to-v'it: ne CoHchte, i
d u( j tilling counties ntid in the
"Urt4 nt Jicksun
f-t t: iI1St
! ne liiTlit Li kHv-iy,rie lare coSin. inrt-e
jB I'od'.'he and B -rgy, wo " wons anl h1si
1 1., i M i li, in th. C rinmunsin which is a tine
if .iitrufcteu t itncin in t!ie Hrcut ard Pro- ... ....
Wllfl SppruV TIIV rri"'V''T!i.
J. II. Li AW KLIUti,
Assifin-e ol Pawell fit Hil iard.
AH persons im'rbted t Po-vell fit IHliard
to revive the quest:tn ol the tttmeu of the now, that hs denunciation of Know Njthinir
Uaion or P enters Bw.k Bor.ds. Jam was not maOe with a view to the " aniua-
Icy fur P.-Jbate Jjc!g3? yi? says he could not
have had the re motest intention of oeirg a
c ndidate in, th's c tr.?y tr Stttr,' frcm tLe
We caonot so ftr forget ours-'ivja cs to rx
aW 11... W
gnores nJ subordinate the question of Amer "Doall men pay, ftn3 all men mjikeconfessW "
lean sliiVi'ry; because it i too palpibly unjust?uYe, cm; oneof Cat161iel.bnfon?, ' - T
to freigners seeking homt?s ofcomf -rt and fielJs !!'A''d,nom, doToa tol" -tTfcv the bean',
of enterprise cnbar shores; beeaus3 its indt ,dtl. Yes wUlethir-;
cnangej-s:s wm persons wno occupy tne po . t.;..r.:. r.nrincitls of Protcstansm: becacsa e abhor
eine large R..cW.ytioti in which Mr. M.L noun has placed urn- , ' its qu'lty cowardice in veiPrg its deeds in dark-
crimi r ate pretenr tit n cf al: Chr.sf.tr s of the r"Ai do the Deans oouru?T ;;Y, bor thet do' ?
R m?sh faith, is at war with the fundamental i Ba".Ps nd pay.:smartly too. i
vr nnopa, men. cnnre63,:puy,and to whoin
u nv. tm v fnnf.M nA n. t . i w "
" Tiy. Wy conress and nav th P in, n
-W .11," quoth the boy. af thiri. irnft - wiif
iiitru&tedt ithem in t!ie Tircu t ai d Pro
bata Courts of Yal o, II .lmfS.Attila, Madiaun,
and the virious Court at J icks.m.
Or OfH .e on leli'crson street next dxr to
fit S E Nye's. j in 5 23-ly
r. mays. n. n mate
"VY lf y'Vd tlieir joint attention to all bus-
inessenlniitedtnthein in the Vice (;ha.i
"eery and circuit courts of Yazoo County the
Circuit and Probate Courts of Madison county
and the several courts at Jackson.
AJJress- D M Y'S. Jarks-m, Mi.
R H MAYES, Yazx City, Mi.
April 6, 41 ly.
JLaw Notice.
WILLIAM YERUER ban refumed the
practice ef tin Liw. lie has fofrafd a copart
nership with Jumes T RuckT.sq. They will
attend 1 1 nil buines pntruated totdem in the
Cjurtsin Jackson Rucks will also at end
the courts in Raynonl uuJ in the adjjini.nj
April f 41 tf.
WILL Practice in the Federal and Stite
Courtiiii acka--n afttl a tKe Circuit and Pro-
bat Courts of aticent counties.
u'tii ripil their thorns in n.v h inds and I am
the on y person u horizd tn untie lue claims we woull be phased to see the answer
, ,u ' . T- JTryyinWvKd houU1eivVhtscnty and, where the pe;i!3 will, feud gJP6 J 0h, yes to'God.'r,
all theungeitkuianly leity, invvhi hheint!ul-c ' ' - , . . . wi.-mi frrt" i Cat God charge the Pjq Xo tiid th
fc . , ' State- m y have prtnxtl ar.d eve n -tpont t at coss'onjf -ree. . v, f . ,..prfpar v--.;
ges on a most serious subject. He speaks . ,.v- . . . ,. - V M V-'l ' ! rneRt r ? ;
r u ... , j.. .t .u be wuull relieve, his conntryof his iresence,. T.iewiiolsmutfiaounts to th sthrr r- :r srr;i r.;:'. rEC i I'-n OaI' tU W.
of having anticipated cur point; "In othris-v , . . 1 - t , . , rrf.v " t 3 t uodstoaoest
- X m, r u t . f but w.th a mental reservatio n that erpnfr a' oft" p ' the Know N thjug because bke Putnam's 11 -''H - ,e,ana awnj3 - l.r.z:
t-i t A'- , )T baVC r0- m aaithereto- his promisor . oat! Monthly, their Idea of. Americans require. 'a b-m bCfaCftuJ tfvVgylag.
BUe and noticed his Jotter ai we found it in the - . ' r J' , -, - . . - v-
,,. . . . . v .ltM r . lf was "nugitory, g vernraent bv the peoph, 'n't:l v a y dau f Blwrr o.v the AiiRsicAH 3 Prtss finltrrf
Mi sissippian and "Flag of the Union." If r , , , . ,. , , ,,-. , ., , . , ,u ) , '. "?.,--JJUiwcr
, , . " We have ;devoted more time to th s person su:h as the red haired part f the , inhabitants, noy nst,tn nts epeefli on tha stamo dutv.
A-iHiTi'te ol Puwe-li k Ililliard
May 25 I thy-J.
II. II. NI.I910.S, (of the Prentiss Housi)
lioard ar wesk ------ 10
M.. M'K nnon siys that we admit al that
he lares to insist upon in stating that, 'we can
not advocate or justily lying on the port of the
K. Ni. or any one else,' and that we "know
nothing of the apprehension" of Mr.
nor the understanding of the ."Yankee,. piano
pdlar," and therefore 4,cannot s:iy whotlier any
suppositions turned out to be' false. If tills be
true,ve can only say that he cares to insist on
thanfhe descrvfs. and we esk pardon of th or the blu eypd part, ' -or.the.is.Vfeacei l art'
public .We most emphatically dfry that weVcr the init vi lorn part, or the Prae taid part
came out as the champion of the Know Noth-
ftfT-A II tck will leave Cjnton every day at very little. He is aa easily satisfied in diacus-
2 o'clock P.M, for the Springs via Sharon aiid 8ion as his conscience is in poitttsof morals.
$2 00
5C00 lt)l jast received by
may 25
LINSEED OIL. 5 V bls just ree'd by
For our own part, we arewilling to conc.de
to him that he was most villainously deceived
by the Yankee piano pedlar,' and that the prin
ciples and designs of the K. N. society were
misrepresented to hinu We will concede to
him that hj was so dupe that he is justifi- d in
leaving the society. What then! Is he therc-
ings, Jn re nrd. t this violation of a promiso
ry oath. W are merely the clompion of
ere y as to tne masonry, uua-iciiows, or i- ;n
busters W3 waull still dt nounce tl.e violation of
that oarh as moral, pcrjurr, and we call"Arch
di .con Pai.-y as our witness,- who eays, "prem
ises of seer ry ought not- to be violated, al
thuug'i the public would derive advantage from
the discovery. . Such promls8 contain t o un
lawfulness in them to d stroy their cbl'gaiion;
for as the i iformatiofl would not have been im
parted upon any i ther condition, the rtbUc lose
nothing iy the promise wLich they would have
gained w.thout it."
"Svm tv A"KO"S.s''. The Carhdcn Ilsrald
We have be n informed, from hat Ve
conceive to be a reliaUe source,; that this new
Order, which has erected such terror end "dis"
may r.morg politicians in tlie old States, and
is now makirg rapid f rc grrss i j cur own Sfate,
thd that in nil probability a majority of voters of
the St8te te org to the cre'er. It is a well as
certained fact that in some of - the counties in
South Arkansas two-thirds of the voters ore
Know-N jthirgs. It i - greatlj t be feared, that
1 ey will hereafter carry every e'ection in the
State, from Governor down to township con
American press is left in the hands ofifrnorant-v'
adventurers, whereas ihe remarkable peculiar
ty ofth-A ,:rricanpressis "
Jyall the intellect of that country. There Is
scarcely a statesman f eminence, ait author cf
f anie who does .not contribute to the American
y .
PT'S TERPRNTINE 5 bbkj-ist ree'd
may 25' Ta'mpsom j- Lmaruel.
T)ED Lead 2000 lbls ju3t r.cM by
fore justiKed: in .violating his oath $e ncyt
We have not so studied Archdeacon Paby,
A ptiort time tince. Putnam s Migiz'h? was
TnjMPsoH u Emaruel.
WILL practice inthCotrts of Holmes and
adjacent counties and Superior Courts at
Jackson. Febuary 2, - 33 t f.
THE undersigned will henceforth devote his
attention to the practice of his profession in
the counties of Yazoo Holmes, Utah, Leake,
Win ton and SunfLwer, and in the Courts held
av Jackson, '
Lexington Miis. feh2
aTTQRt(Y3 AT keW,
WM. L. SHARKEY, has resumed the
practice of law, and ha formed a parner
ship with VM,-T.'VI I HERS.
l,f peci i afention will be given to business
In the courts held at the city of Jackson.
When lesirel husiiir Ss will be attended to
In thadjicpnt Circuit Court.
fj7"i);fi:e on State street over Greons
Banking II use. . 33 t-f
CHILTON cf-VlJitltlfS
,,,.'3i, t; Ml STREET, '
Ft'h 3. 51 3tf. .Vi-iff Qrhim. U: ,
AttoriiB ht Law,
ohe'nville, y,a;;gton ceiDNuy miss.
w ILL i'U n r thtrotirti f Ii .Ii vr I.
" ij H-na Nn 1 Wnshinton Counties nn'l
th "iipreme uml F'drr vl coar s nt J .ck-n,
tyHrticuUr Httrn in pil to th cul
lectiou of cuim- m lj n. in ecuntiei.
Hon W LShnk- v. II li Winrt, Itn J
f) Fref ni in Hon John ! Gu n Hn Ilic
i xsl B .irneit W A Like E fj Vi.-Ubiir.
. M n:h?0 40 Iy.
In anticipation ol better timei, our stock of fine tq person, (we know not how to call him
fr (llCflCS ; a man) 'd at a 163 to determine how we pre-i
MADE TO OUR OWN ORDER IN sume a statement questionable for which we have
LONDON the same authority that We have for those
Tgetber with a Great Variety of 2 , .; " J statements Which we accept as true. Ve can
JiiVelry DjumO,tiy, ilver Ware, aid t3 btuse intellec ton this point by stating
K i r-xf 'A:l"l I P3 pi f , that whih we doubt any statement which comes
from a self-convicted perjurer we can yet difti
Is now the largest and best ever brought to CUM lhe po8il ong of that perjurer on the hypo-
this citv having bten bourht t extremelvlow - , ........ . . " 4 xxr i v
" ... . .9. ... JZ , , . ... -. . tiLfxiA that niA tntpnipnta are true. We look
I nn. JSJ a Sail tnr I 7 H Kll at hut a sli.rlA . - - " -
lit', over COST. Guns, and inanv other articles,"-only to the confession ol Mr. MwK.nnonmf.rm
at cost or less. " , , ; -v
To our old customers who will come and pay
up promptly we sty to you that if good Goods,
at low prices, and the UBual time U any indue-
ment to buy such article at you wish, we are
rn hand. ' . . .;
April 20 " f. U uf;-
"j" r.rr
T ic wrld ha3 l'dnir been curior.s to know who
nor have we b.en so taught by thos ? who had hen
charge of our education. We have already ror
quoted from Archdeacon Paley that "promises , has put the cap stone on lite fame. He first asks on al? fo-1 heir customers
of secrcy ought not to be vi lated."
the letters M "Jun'cs ," and we may es3?ct denounced by 11 the Democratic journals ofthe
r ti .4 i -i-t .1 South as '.t v le ab"I.itjo.v per.od.ta Hock
Torth more than usual avidi'y on this subject .1 tnJ 1
i - 1 sens s 111 our., priuvipjt -nit- were caneo opon
his list Ittter, published in the "Democrat t0 heave "Putnam Voverboart- iiotf to keen it
The city" of Providence, (ft: t,) is given - -cv
r to ths"mysterions individual". The mun-
e p d eleetion was held on the 10th insti Witlx
results the most satisfactory to the American "
Eo?y J,h? majority for Smith, i for Mayor, is
021. All the seven Aldermen are AmericHns; '
three of whom . however were nh the Whig -ticket..
Of the councilmen, 0 of the 28 arL
Americans r' ,
.Mrs. E.-Oakes Smith, the jioetcs, Who was r: v
appointed by Bsrnum one of the Judges of his .
debasing "baby show" hss written a womahlf .
letter declining to have hytbii) to do with the
disgu stiiig affa r. , She says, with pfojirr Spirit:
V at the ."woman" to whom haf been delected -the
fostcringculture pf a beahtlful tnihanfre ttf -the
creator will hold Jierself as one made holy
ther cy, and she will nrofanff -npkHff hp?atf
child by any unseemly or ostaneoiis display of
either. . If her culture be of high order sh 1 ,
will s' riuk from it aa from do-cttir - rri.A
. I have a s red of womanly pride in Uio fabrirt : nf -
her being, she will resent the implied insult offers :
ed her whe.i. invited o fgure personally iu a lo"
cattle show.V " The . indicatiohs now are - that
the exhibition will bean entire failure,
' A LL 'Persons wh se'ved thf Unit-d States
two rerk In any ar since 1790 - a a
are entitled to
uy a
i h?r
3 C.J .if - " J4J u 11 iiu wi
Vti are entitled to t!,e lir.I-
their rZT3
,1 r -r "- nntit
1 r
as will make 1C3 xzr.
, ...1 r .... 1 1 f . . ..
New Orleans
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ry dealers. ,..7-;. , t
700 Toua
Snede and Am(,rican b'lr Inn.:
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lOOro tts ;
5 OJ kt'L's
3500 dox
803 do
E i)'nh and American
in r au 1 soft v I'on
II t'loware and Castings afsort
a'l K
I rwsies Copper assortcf'""- z:j.
Nii'S'ij'sorie'1.-"" y I;;
t'urolina Cane ind G , os.
Ac3, Cjlliu'sJInntV, other
Hiker, - -V
Shovel r " l Sa n s assorted, "
IJest con... ;nd wool cores V
I Oc-0;aii tx L'gandt- chains j
r..J -r.?s If. '.I ... nes ar.-v. 1 stoncK
Tci wj'h a f il tTsortnjei ,of direct i..t-v
rt-.;jn .(' : . I V -nastic shelf. Hard'
ing our judgment of his conduct. We I ringno
charge against him which he has not brought
ajrainst h mself. He tells us that he was on e
a K. N. indeed; a President of a K. N. I o-'ge;
he t. lis us that every candidate for admission
into the K. N. party takes an oath that he wi J
"reveal none of the secrets of the order,' and
he writes h;s l.-arn d letter to ihe public with
a view tj. e. forth reasons for having violat d
that oath. We 6ay that If lie took such an oath
and violated it, he was guilty of "moral perjury
We doubt whe.her ne has Uatcd tie oath cor
fvCtly, just as we doUbt any t ing vhich may
xme Irum tuch a'saurce; tut adm tting the
truth of his statement, we insUt that his .-tate
ment convicts him of m- ral per ury. Can he
u,u understand our position! . I t ? ;
This individual also accuses us of laving
xirUei WayUn f w ham he calls our favot '
We huve nut expresred :nor do wa feel any
riefertnce tor .WojLnd, anJ the statement that
we gut bil that- writer i j'use. ; , We quoted
T.i: 'hue aud crv.
soaie imnortant Questions: rcMics thut' "the true; of course' had its nect,ana- x utnam - was at
cattis too evident to admit of a diesV,nu iroes -once incdtin-ntly, tabooed in : mahy parts o
.,. , f . -, , w . " . th';Sutn.---uaftatcs,.enang2iiu tas&ions
eh with -the admnist ration or John Qamcy Ad- v lTj an i the same D -mocratic j lurnals are just
am'" "National Back,'' 'P'otctive T iriff,' nowfcepying approving v anl with a great fljur-
'Internal Improvement by the G.nersd Govern ' ish of trumpet", from this terrihbia t on mag-
. v, ,.v . t , . 11 . . ' r.ztne, a Ion "and furious diatribe gainst the
ment." "1S0 party President," and & Ion? quota-- . . , , , .tt,a : k f
1 J ' . , t priiicilssand objscis ott.'ienew AmeriCKn Par-
tion from George Lippard;" Of cou me he proves ui. This onslaught, ly aw About un st in ai
something ihut what it is, we have not yet dhcov- A'fol t o m i-ric'tic, is full of ..the f.i'msiest" and
ered;. fWS will employ several able individuals most tra sparent sophistries ever concocted;- j
. , ; u' '.i. ,fc w . iC . and v:l triess Soutkeru iocofoco presses renuo-j
to look into the matter and ferret out the ucp fnJ 7 ths wor;d as th:v essence of pol t cal !
secret 01 una communication. '
1 1 the q totattdii front Lippard, wo
UOU i.ruh.eu t p . .Wwinmnunta -m l.mni.
pieascr, uom wuica ii migniue mrreu ioerire.;aUilv?r the .country, which to shovvHhit the
of this young man had .been aroused by the con-: Auti-Americans ol the o, uth are tir;uxl!y
duct 01 M.v M;Ivinnon. 1.
speaks of a Whigifm, unlike that of
a a . - m . F W . a. . . - - . - - . .
which states its prncip:es anu ugms its uattu-j, tr-stiUnit traitors to tha . Cotwtitutior.r and the
i.i the sun-a Whigism "which .works in dark. Uiiimi. Uw.k ;to fnr ?g 1 emigration as ombf the li Z
...ff.th.Bt.wth i.v m.hnttr ..,!itn,,; 'fmost fruitful sou i-esfi-om -vhichtheyaiu" Ikff- M t
b. w..v..0..-v -r V ' V ,..i?-M WA-trtrftAi. tA 1isiw th.4r fnwlUt r,Ua iA-aico,
From all this "j mii infer Umt tha youn-; man k,'t f,,,.:,..- th.it bui.l nn,m r,r superiors I
1 til
are oppll to the n:w A nerican P .ity. t ,0. fitman an oUer bSca'U tbe ; Cttnaa?jExpe
wits thev an' oppb'cd to a par y n h e tt nooe .dition. I hav now to aunotttlce the ls"solstin
. . trut , and as. a miracle ot wisdom and stat s
UiieV'some manship. ' ' ' Vci "
thing jaid about building power upon broken' '" "BiiU,"8 ;"a
emwrred tberire;aWbv?r the .country, which to shW-th'it the
useu ty tne -con-; Auti-Americans 01 me o, uin are? v;r;uxliy
.ie same quctatton leaguing tln-niselve'S, ort. uli th irreat q lastkms 4f
vat r tr ;r V '! t',e d:,.v Wlth the Icadiu . Alitiolspt Vie
iat qt II airy Clay U: u . liW kll:UVli tlu tllll c
Corrprondpre? of ihe New Vork, Tribune;!
w 0.:i K.s April 30. -Aea mrvtinw of
t'l? Cuban Junta, held Yester Jay (Sunday) Gen' -Quitmen
handed in his resiirnatiun fXImW. n.
jder-in-Chief of the Expedition which his been
. ,iJ"- wisuiai against uuDavw. A 1101 tho
America n ocer who "held corninissiohs k this
Q,attmari army hae alsoresignediind the cauo
of Cuba is now, in tlie hands of the lunta. Thus
ends the Qui mati Expeditiort,'an enterprise ' in
.which many of the le wiing meh of the S mti
have bet n engagedjind hadgVery rtasori to be
lieve success ul. Tee ofBcers who were cnra-
g?d to take part in this exp-rimcnt were men . ,
of experience; who have held tomm'ssions in -
uiiiw-H ttwi vrray ana nave seen service
ruished themselves in the war' with.
,j4auy.,i incse.omcers nve not their
Ur uimcnoiaics." I have a list of. ,
3 ;.,.li.,..n ..I 1... tnT.L.i.rl.t m.iutiiiira ' nl 1 ): .. ... "CI ,. -.. 1 - , UlCir 1IOUIV9 ttHU OOflUOnS fflllfn lhPfr 4
L 1UUIL' 4 Kill a. Ull LUlj llllUUI 11 k A.1IV. aalllXil .'WK VtlU ' tlllll 11 I 111 .1 II It il I .lliri k . II iril'V II HI 1 t ft ----- . wm . m. Wj ft.l m
a.vau piriy, iu tiavciUxi sui; wh
il-iiiiM(i"t nj:in Wai--. held a consnir rACT itself. U pafpaUlif to every-lateii'gent, mind ",--- Mfftcrib.Vv,. -
piaoci Taesame quotation goes on to speak .. . patiwn4i.i' .brand d au-ilition nniMzb.- day I announce the resignation dl Gcn J -a:- ,
I v.- " . , . ' - a . -l &te . ' V. . . a . a a, . - -r y . -ST - ja t -r - ..
!1f and fairly all tha
iieaait (s
-T3 a" cf i
tn the ; rnus
was- o show that the cvi
, ityvfX were cot the orly
eh'uli causa o."2.to k ep his
e ; a qu Ution from ,th; c'-ri-j-:
: -y.we thought JL-. Hell rcfcka
;z.rucgn3 in morality;" an opinion
i we see no re: :on to change j but much
U still to er.tcrti'. It is equally faUe tl.at
we o.oted.Wplici incr.':r t3e;u:rJcaPaby,
though wo r, v tva J i 5 VTa Rioted
fr m Profeesc, i.;t : ; .? C. 7 .l-y
fr that" 'nre-h A iti-A nVu-an, M . W.svl 1 i'i
-vejt no v tob-1 tl ci.k'd 10 Yrjinia; the, fart, 6hips 0Aiicd b
K'. 2. h A'Kiiitiomst orthj'iSonh. tvItU- pay th
, V . . ... i -
antnonty vz-
But -wa did
J ti3;v::c:
r - - r
of washing hands ol political T.yb rlsm, froiri
which we miht inter that the youti. r man, in
.ii'Kavoriirg to plant one foot en tho Jjmoerutic
platiorm of ld44, anJ the other on the platform
uf 18 2, bail slipju-d and ful.cn het"ve: tlie. two
t!ati"insC v We hopj tho youth' has not been
icriously bruis.el auinst tlie scaffolela which' uj
iold those plat;brm? , 7 r ; .
x Our young man, h :wcVcir; goes on ti say that
A U10 i0'li tUro arv' tbuu wao say thai1 the-K g ,to- W-son.of Mavachns lKat Umlrv.h.vid
T . . --a A llf - a. . '
, pariy -is iwi i.iu m; j)any yci ucs are
stublwru thing?;?. C 'rlaiiily fai t shou'4 layasiii
tv, ;rs ttabb r.i"a when such accusations' are
urcit t!ni young man continues with the
amnion that t. e r"Ktrn facta prove ,ihat
th!. seca't order is either t!.jr.;.'..:raKor theadop
ted, child of the Whig party." . I'sn.' cau
only say t" - , ths chil',bas very soon end gr;mrn
...J privid very dndutiful, too, for t! :
slighted, set aside to .senfie for. it3clf,
. . cLl! j livc3 Crx tha fat of tne land. -.
- y c j q itions, ami closing remarks of
. j :vtT.!!o pral ict! n.' ha'-" -cl 1 f ome rof
. . ? t 1 1 ' : vrh?e-h nV " . .UcKiii-
. , "v . j La cx'.ta cd hi- ..If guiUy of mrul
o C' ! lorcr-S r":::are that'per-
to f r,fe new-lion'ls ( r tho .Union of thit S ate, j of the. Cuoan J-rita Coicotiiraj the Treasuref
nn ! which itmvfs tho qu -stion of Shi vcrj .where of the Jurrta, and Elias Herr ct htve resien
t lie C01..-U t;V- Ira 1 zt it fo STjw f tw tfoct cd, an 1 Priaa the oft y trur , t. ! : i n "the Junta
witlut it intervvntioii ly C lin3 or aiiy other h s soot his t s'gnat.ori i-loth tu j ;t Havana
rarthly pwi-r what.o.ter; - ' " .0 rioouira' kfid Hernan !cfc?il?- Ukca: thtfr e'e"'
Th("fa t'N. I, that a 1 le.Mjrig aliolltion jour- puture" for Usyt York. B totancot: afil Val "V
nL of the NoHh h ivei. tl ref their nrefeivtieft li-iHa re ft uv. th
a erl brted btunderfr. ' W'ArvAa' '
tkep.tr r.tjon are to be sold to
nicd iy
tiiAi ins delta t." th Joti n- tr
irms Cje;f for lis L-ik mco
.n, 3 that 31 . P rc: a id h s CaVin; t, all of I Tae oblquitou Gia.fa etA latest' tj-y
'ioti ar faiuti a'ly rpittl to the A n.jrh ar was in Oregon, wbei-e fr" d r s to r fvi-'
P"ty, it mitanrnx that a ivM.ij-M law '-pirate, tu4,themuncipal;eert.. in 'nrthri Ilj
Uekdiu.'P f.'-eV G wernor of Kansas,' in his nr- succeeded in hiv ing XJ or . 7, Vr-
farww schema for Aolitioinzinx 1! t territor'- ted Mayor by 101 .mtj5riv.'i;Ail Hia'c'h r c'ty
ind f r ama'nr 1 n'ld. wd dth by . ror,titnt:nr Oncers, and the .cccneil.n'en elect-A r.'.
Mm . t S
his-oMoinl fHisitHMi to ew oaa st p
lmVh nn 1 the. fjict, Ne 4. th
Vm in T Mnvfa h w sole t d a$
fi r Gnvernor. a mai whjSyhis White-
n , tns tneocranc n g wr j uv d v-'rin", and
nrjr c tlm mmended by Ca id w
hai r '-.rnr- Lst ye sr the Democrc 1 vrrr? tr'ur"i:;; - ,
1$ th ;r t c-iy election bya. ve. -' r--ir;tyT "
o?r Au.iEsfc?' t-S' 1: -:.-n.'"
lUtothe n n-l. vehoMr of Jlut ' Tc Intell
iw-vr, ni'uM bi'ing olasainvl in tho rop-c? T - ""rty in Clarke cucr-, K
ive 1 o.i ' "urf tho.'at-, (t,.. hi", fa, Jes !.'Hirth::ere :':
i"7n. - 'w-'-.'i.'roi 1; 1 j. ami tr-l ctcry t:ttt . s
WfT'i"."C.,' en nwrcr neiu-if. r.ot el, tf t.l.3 .
rjnit wn AboIi'b.T3t, t'-n any oihjrr.aa latla t' ? is "niV-:::-. r.! '
Sou biex?"-t Ci3fiia : I. C!c.y aix, rr:r - p?rtr
: -:t r::it
:-;... r

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