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Fill DAY, JUNE 1. 1853. . ,. V
, cr tiis state or lnssnstrn. " ,
Wo advocate such a modification of the nat
uralization laws, as will remedy the existing
evil growing out of tho same, or in caso'tbe pu
rity o" the elective franchiie cannot otherwise
be preserved, then we advocate their total re
peal. We advocate tho paaaco of a stringent law,
ly the proper authorities, to prevent the immi
gration hither of foreigners who are tither pau
pers or criminals. " r . ,,
Wes'iall irrorouily maintain and defend the
vested rights of all persons, whether they be na
tive or loreirnrrs.
We uclave America should be governed by
Americans, effecting the same through the baf-
1 1 box alone, thd great and legitimate instru
ment of all political reform In onr country. - -j
We oppose and protest agiinst fll abridge
ment or religious liberty, holuing it as a car din
al iraxim. that re'icrioua faith is a Question be
tween Tiach invidual an! his God; and that the
Bible U the great fountain and depository of the
true religious dort.rin.es of this country. ;
We will maintain and defend the Constitution
of the Unitti! States &i it is the U don as it was
intended b, cur father and the rights of the
Hlatce, without diminuation; insisting upon, and
demanding faithful p rformance by the Gen
eral Gaf ormrent, of all the duties enjoined up
on it by the Con tituti- n.
We war with no party as such, but oppose
all who oppose us in these great American doc
trines. . . .
The princlp'es which wo advocate, are para
mount to any lo al Question of State policy and
na the American Party we will make no att mpt
to revive the question of the payment of the
Union or Planters Bank Bonds.
t&m Pcctticc, of the Louisville Jouualf on
McKinnon: . '' ' ' v
. A Sir. HI.' A. McKinnon of. Mississippi, who
oined the Know Nothings, end deserted them,
piofesses to reveal "the secrets of the order.
Ie says that he voluntarily bound himself t ;
oath cot to reveal them; but he iutimatcs, tliat
takln? the oath, he was prompted by f n in
tense curibrity, which blinded bira to t. LaUie
wa doing; and he thinka ho haa a perfect
right to violate the oath. We have no know!
edge of Mr. McKinnon except (:6m -..what he
himself tells, but we shU V ink that any man
avc-.vin'j such! principle : Lo does, must be ca-
patb .l ihe basee t crimes , known to the rec-
ord4 of criminal -3tice. We believe that any
perjured vul ..t would steal If be were tempted,
and we fc'..ould be sure if such a miscreant were
prowling about our premises, to guard our house,
our hen-roost and our heep-fold, with man
traps, spring guns and bull-dogs. We would
no more touch his hand than if it were the
hand of a leper. " 1
Tue Philadelphia Sun publishes this document
to correct a faUe impression that hud irone abroad should be dieinestate, would pass away to his
. a i. : .
relative to the late election in that city, which oor , uwr WU1 5 luawera in uua
. ,. . . . - v t controversy we msy mention that the Arch-
reudera w.ll r, member resulted m the triumph oi ; biahop deniidthat he owned certain-pieces of
(uaAUKuuui Hi;; urcr uijjs, jLcmucrais auu property speciued by JVjr. JJ rooks, and after ac-
llis weak frame shivered with the coldr
Ilia youthful brow was kn!t by, care .-:
-His flash'ng'ye hs sorrov.' told. . v
I Said I, , Poor boy, w hy weepest tvou?" r
-i 4,My par hts are both ?ay' !. oldr
CHI have not where to L my had;
0, t am bne and friendless iiowt
::- VERSE ' -
The "following aententloui comments noon ! I met, ft child ; Kis feet we bare;
. - : . . ,v . r i
the aspect of the c .acussion in New York, con;
cerning the ihujch property, we copy from a"
Philadelphia paper: - s-'u-.i- .
Tie temper of the amiable prelates .hat; ben
Sorely trl. d from various causes. First, be finds
that, mnnv nf hta "flnrfc. rA AcniitrSiK tha hnht nf
thinking for themselves, as is exemplatied in the Kot friendless, child; a Fnpnd prithfgh;
case ! the St. Louis church, whose Itrnsteei ' For jou hirecious blood has ftiren;
still show a fixed detent.;- - .ion to manage their Cheer, up, and bid each tear be dry-r
own temporal concerns. -; Then thu newlaw, j r"Tbcrj are no tears in Heaven.". u
respecting durchproperty,lately enacted by tlie . ; ' -J -t
Legislature at Albany, has thrown somewhat of T w a man in Mk'i trar noon'. '
a damper upon hia ambitious projects; and nowr: ' Stand weepirTg o'er his young brlde'a b(:r
he finds a- much, and a l ttle more than he can wnd must we part," he cried Mso soonln
do ,to answer ; the plain sUteintnta of ; Ssn-1 As down his cheek there rolled a tear, " :
- - r "t u, v.. j" lit al I. on itftcu u'c. iaiu ji wcu nut)
ty owned m his name and, wholly at hw dispo-1 - .1 ; - Weep noti'? in accents wild he cried,
al. He first attempted to be,ex eedingly wit-j ,..'t -But yesterday my loved ona died,
ty, making a generous offer to found ,a public j And ahall she be soon forgt.t! " ,
library wth the surplus oi his property, after fWttcnV Nol still let her love
taking out en ugh for his own support Failing ; Sustain thy heart", with anguish riven: . !
to stop the pen of the beuator by jok a his grace Strive thou to meet thy bride above, - ;
loses his temper, and shows that even he is sub . .And dry your tears in Heaven,
ject to human infirmities. His letters are any ;
thing but successful in disapproving the state- ..J Vuim ! 'r; ' "" '
Z -i' aTJC toSSSS KVlie pressed
f "mo,unV An infant. seemfnclyMleep.
7:F,Yf: "if, Jonn M - On Us kind mother sheltVinj? breast
,0 u " "au" 18 couirui, ana, . uVuW n(t , BnA r nr,. pm rut mfiri
Sobbed she, "The id.d of my hope ;
, I now am call d to render up;
My labe has reached death gloomy shcreM
Young "mother, yield no more to grief, ; w . : i
pi or be by passion's tempests driven.
5 fi
ramb'es, I four.d myself on a befutiful Cabbath 1,3 wr - J tia L
morning ine guest or a worthy and intcu.geM ;win(if ana tv3 1, w t. 7 1.
from the circus
light,, arrl zzr ... . I
been rj 1 1 j acitn 1
family, in a quiet country village.
The vr
as , izx l'jvz? cea n-.-t crra cr ; v
"Tt c-cak fast was
children ud joined In reading a chapter in the meet, perHp t- jrs ci:y but c:i C '
Bihle; Mr. Sttdgwick,the hsad oflhe family, had ths wbit: i.s' "tsria fSs3 fc!:?7-"latLi
thpti ofTenrf tin ft ftMfftnt feraver at Ufft coneL. ; t M tc-.'". t? ths Mm thrr? 1
slon of which we all rose from onr. kaeeaj wheaflyb 2 uccf . c:!4 t'ryi tbeacUxll " " j
our ears wen greets 1 by the clear deep peals of bar, c. which l:it.;:i tii tcn, U u w t
I rfla latet t-xclalm'.-d Mrs. Ssdwrck. I
ookinj ! I bad rrocccicu tLcn ti r: m t,
aithe clocks Our.time-piecc mustbetw.M, gloomiest partcT trcfcaUo ,
" a nat 1a not uc um oeu iur cuunu, tcynuu . . -her
husband solemnly ?Therj has been a fleat fjrAl
H ' i n thfe villaiM. r T ha bPlL la from tQ tOU lot Li IT'
laliz i l is tr tlirj b ft
- ' lrtina strength cf ccrve wr:-c3 ta tafcliit-'
Un.l,or?' .. ;r - : . . i V.CottraMCTyapUeeUerertLUtU'
tsucn, men is nis unnappy mu,- muaw erect and bis blctl fcsslM tcrrcr.
wife., Well, it wi i be wrong to mourn U.
death. If w.atb wasever amcrci&a provubnes tQ. Litr ft f
it is so in this case - - ; e l. m esWl whit treissycl cja t2
Is Unperson who bad long been : slckr X brain the nnfef yonth at tlatncat.
all ouier partica composing the Fusion ticket. ; cus.ng the latter in p ain terms of .alsehoodssta- Bat find in 8Wei t Wor7s relief.
("... TURE. '
" It is too much the custom, generally speak
ing, with the people of Mississippi to fcel.and
We irive tne cloauiir nortiou of this adJrw. ited tndt they were only leased to him. It turns
Wo would hero state that we do not desire to 1 ?u .n T f lease9 re
be uadewtood as comptammg of the course which ,for i00? Ninety-nine years! Un
our oppneuts thought propcT to pursue. It was lesa Ar-cbh.P "P, ' h a lhou8
be ab ut the same to him as an ownership in fee
simple, especial y as he pets them for the con
sideration of one cent a yearl , The" quibble of
natural to suppo: tuat tUoso who were hostile to
Amuricau seuiimenU, would 'meet upon commou
grouud to prevent the success of our candidates,
lt-was, however, the first instance in which the
WhigS Lad uuited with the Democratic in open
aiid avowed hostility to our principles. Its rmilt
was disastrons to toe alliance, and left the Wiiigs
his grace is worthy of the source from which it
emanates. , -'
Letter writing is evidently not the prelate's
with scarcely a representative of their sentimeuts forte, - ; i i
any where m oiSce. 1 hey seem to have been in-: The Archbishop in the course of con trovers ey
,J'"k a K,ca ,Mum"euvo r i , i J1 5 with Mr, Brodfcs has the ful'owing:
..: i. it. C).t f .fun I till hllm Him nronhprv xf th urr. -t wiwt , 6
. - . . 1m .u.. of modem VVnhrs.. Dan el Webster, a short time I am the nwntT of the, beu.I sleep
1 p sucn an cxieni aoes mis leei.ng prevail - r, - of lhe rpof or tho,waUs that protectme
.a . . It . -1- I w ' - -j F " v l
itirequentiy manuesu iisen in an uuer rec.-1:, woid ilVl40,
on, but not
from the
ilc in hUtnrv " Th truth if hk inclemency ot uivs sea-ons. i do not, nowever;
laanpaa n to thfi character and aualiticationanretliction ia dmiv bcomin(r more manitit and complain of poverty fori am not poor. I know
of the aspirant to legislative honors. Members tue result of the last election in Philadelphia is one invested in the office which Ild;:in
: , , . .. ? , ..... 'n the stronsrest evidence thus Lx driven ol its truth, the church of Ood is more-, honored in proportion
of the legis aturo charged wah the responsible ';Tothen u0r of the American name, belt Zid. as his condiUon a.similateato thatof KisWine
and important duties of making laws which msy XJixraiol Webster sympathized in heart and teotings Mhstcr, who had not whereon to lay his head.
seriously affect the fortunes and lives of indi- with the American party, and was at the time of
vividuals and the collective prosperity of the hi death, iu nominee lor P.esideat of the Uuited
c. . fl - . . States. No efforts or t)er3ua3ions could induce
Diauj its weiiare oi iiuuiu aim ita rvpubunuu .. , ,. , . . . ,. . .
abroad are o!ten chasten with less reflection, American Convention; and his example should not wTo1 nd.criea. humIu1ty penance and . honesty,
iudjrment, discrimination than one would bestow , be without it influence dpon the wise and patri IJ had Uma and money to visit tha tistand
upon the purchase of a horse or
.. stove.
"There are no tears ifl Heaven:'
- .-. ... ' . v.. , ' .
Poor trav'ler o'er life's troubled wave -
f Cast down by grief, oV rwhelmed by dare '
There is an arm above can save, rr 1
Then yield no ihou to fell despair.
. Look upward, mourners, look above!
! ' What thou the thundeh echo loud!
The snnshinea bright beyond the .loudj
Then trust in thy Redeemer's love. :
When'er thy lot in life be cast, ,
What'er of toil or woe be given
Re firm-r-rt member to the last.
"There are no tears in Heaven.
asked . j p ia imMti t tlie clenrvein's hczia hzir&tz!
Instead of answering , my quesuoa directly,. rftciCKKam. lreadicTsome tragic trcin,
Mr. Sedgwkli aid: j ' " ' " to thefarcethey rnsadto the tpotr cscf tia-
Tnere is a 4 melancho ly history conaected namber carrying a lantern. Tbsj tvu llj
with that young man. It is now sometime . ko 00 a prostrate tgore; Ua t dU
aince the excitement occasioned by tlds strango j cooTnkey4y its threat while be s'U rci
wageoy uieu away , uui ue wuiug wi v frantic screams lor tsip. - jia wuj iccrrtj
morning mu omig uac i w wwij w tlwtcd the very extremity oi tcrrcr.
heart. Perhaps you would be interested to hear j rt r-t r.-w
the story! u ; .-f , .rf -,a broach Idouf One of thea forced Xrtin ta r
aexpressea my aesirew usiea wine narra. jaxhij hoW oathe throat of thefre
tion; upon which my friend gave me the deUils tner tore mJ of g-t t4-t
w we following awry, wnicn a re aw wn omy Tnonientthebe tf tlfc2tsr3Ctcp,,
a sngni oeviauon irom ue wginai: ; . . light fed upon the Urstaiadi,crteJ tytT
Martin Lord was ouce the flower and the hope ttyu .V,rtin- ni y; t i ' v
of one of the most respected families in the vil .hriekand fdl lifelessiiroa the ca. L!j trr
I TT : ... Unoillft M a nl L . ..... . ...
. . ... . . . .
tellect procured for him uuiversiil love and es
teem. ""' :"' -, ' V V a '
Although of a Blight figure, and pale features,
Airisrhtful contusion on Utka's trrsJ ttl
evidence that in his frenzy fee bx) ttrsclt tlcrr
posed spectre with the iron cxr. Tne usv W
which indicated a constitution by no means o . probably the cause of her death; idthon-i rui a
biit, Martin was remaikable for his uncommon ; wfth his bunds must have given Ux
beauty; and indeed, his and noble forehead, sha-; might alone, have deprived her cf breath-"i:j
ded by locks of soft brown hair, Lis larg, expres- J never jDW afterwards what he bad done, for kt
sive blue eyes, straight nose, with thin Grecian ' er a'eleam of reason illumitd tie dirkntS! cl til
nostrils, and voluptuuu mouth, erjtled him in :.j soul; an 1 now the toll
some measure to that consideration.
Martin was a creat favorite with the
To this Mr. Brooks makes the
sponse: .
following re-
But the wolf now clothes himself in lambss
r n .l r.. 1 . . ..
. . i . i i - oi i. linn, inp rrpm ni tnp kpxi. in nns cnQniiipnnni firivpip'p unnrrnp rnivprnmpni nn
a nntinrr one oi ins own uariv. ins conuuet in euueavor- ::t .'y :? . . - r . : rz". - &
: .i.. : :.u . oi uei riuiui luxurv amiasL iromai irmis ana
Tlie pernicious results of this culpable " " K ".r"; flowers, when thousands of his poor flock were
carelessness in the performance of tha highest j Whi a this .citv who "at the recent election co and hungry at home who spends days and
duty which can devolve upon an American endeavored to prostrate it by uniting with ihc for
thniifh thv maw not be immediately develooed. ciirn voters.
a - '-j j j ,
weeks of
ease wit'tin ,the walls Of
The official proceedings of the "DemocracyjpX
Adams county assembled in convention,, as the
record gravely styles a'meeting of some twenty
five or thirty persons, (and some of them looking
as if they had seen Sam,) have been published
In the long string of resolutions we find the fol"
lowing; ' ' .
1 Resolved, That the narrow doctrine that
yould exclude any of omvfellow citizens from
count of their foreign birth or n ligious belief, is
in violation of the Federal Constitution, danger
ous to the intre8ts of the nation and repu sive
old and youn?; but he never showed any marked
partiality to., ard anyone, until he became inti
mate with lRaue.ia Asaion, wa oaunter ot our
late clergyrrr, who died of grief rz z year
' BuUljnUl uun wuc uhus uui ihhuhi -
en in Its mercy has finri!t fresd ti?lr 1 2rS3 iU
ladies shackles of clay, and & .a it l.jht abi iife ia fr
better world.
will notfail, in time, to make themselves most
seriously felt. ' -
The domestic prosperity of the State and
the individual and collective interests of its in
habitaats have a much more intimate relation
Rome whose steps are familiar to the interior
'it iannt th vf 'Ma MmmnnUtiAn a splendors of the Vatician and the Quirnal who
enter into any exposition of thi principles of the has studied theology from the Laocoon, and
Amrvrioan mrtir Tt. -..lSn-i A.m ia in nuM Poverty in the summer cardens of the Pope to
the government in the hands of native-born citi- wbom the Sistine Chapel, decorated with Ra- j the constitution of the State of Mississippi; and
zens, to the exclusion of all foreigners from office. Phejls antl Michael Angelo3, are familiar ob- 'howthe worthy chairman, Judge Theacher could
to the genuine sentiment of republicanism.
A perusal of the above will excite a smile up
on the face of every reader at all acquainted
with the constitution of the United Suites, or
whether Catholics or Protestants. It does not Jcts whocan Hy lor pleasure Irom the city ol
sympathise with local parties and frelinjrs. but is wewiounaianaor me leases, w me springs or 10
to, and dependence upon the legislation of our attached to the Constitution of the United Srates Newport who has a town residence and a
own legshture thanupon that of Confess, 'and the preservation of our glorious Union. Taese country seat-now appears before the people to
b r . it will seek to preserve at all hazard, aud under 8tate how Pr 1 am add to declare that Ins bed
To the former body is conlded all those great aj circumstances, believing that the disemberment his books and his furniture, in part are his only
interests which came home to the business and of the Union woold be thegreatest calamity worldly fortune!
bosoms of men in which the real happiness of ! which could befall the human race. We are ad- The Archbishop closed hia part of the con-
a people is embarked. Hence, it has often - - - - ri'u1i,An V"c?"3 trovers.7 with the following
joniy shall rule Amerrica that the Constitution
'I take' him constantly with covered hands, to '
give the countenance of his judicial reputation
to such a statement by signing the proceedings,
Is certainly strange. '
The constitution of the United States in its
plainest terms, exclu les fr m eligibility to the
Presidency, any citizen of foreign birth whatso
ever except he was a citizen prior to 1787.: It
excludes any snch citizen for Vice
Jt exclu ICS from the U nted Stat s
No two beu.to vouli' be more1 Ciutrt.
bellawas the young. st and most thouwess
cirl in our vil age. She eould have little sym
pathy with a person of such deep feelings and el
evated intellect as Martin; and beautituj a she
was, it seemed strange that he sho&U have given
his love 'o ner. There is no doubt but that aho
was attached to him; perhaps she loved him .as
well as she was capable of loving auy one; but
n this instance as in others, her affections were
secondary t her love of sarcasm and m.scbKf.
Martin ana lsaoeiia naa oeen poiniea out , as
lovers by village gossips, for several months; he
was now nineteen, and she was the same1 age
wh.n the tragedy" occurred, which the tolling of
the bell has recalled to thy memory. . ';
It was on an autumn evening, nearly five
years since, that Isabella took advantage of the
absence of her father to have a social gathering
pf young people at their house. Martin, of
course, was present, with the fairest yonihs and
maidens; and being under no restraint frpm the
gravity of the clergyman, who was not expected
home till late, the company enjoyed themselves
freely with jests, songs and soc.al gam-s t
Tne hour at which sucn parties jroKe up haa
already, and there was no relaxation in the
ffaietv of the vouin? oeople. when some . one
Presidency, tjii-hlv. mentioued the subiect of irhosts.some-
Sanate any thincr of that descriDtion ha rim? been reDOrted
1.." "& " r . . a -
cially amon ourcrpcr c!
, , b P . . forth with the siniyls mental obs rvation Go oeen naiuxaiizea nine years, xt exciuaes irom vanl
r ...... L.. I .u. : . .f C... 8linrimA kv nn. tlia Ua amy vArn1 mar,Atna ro ITUl W IU1 U1C D1I11S Uieinai OUS. rvaUOO. WO ..t-...w I
mguw auu tue iuipwut i lift iu aw j in tut nrkanrattp "'" hence wretehed and vile insect, the world has
that if the champion, of tI!i,"2S; spacs for you wel. .s for mc."
of Suto
Uavernments, tnat 11 tne .cnampions 01 inose . ' . .. j . - spacsloryou
donnas would commence their reformation at .,-,, Ptr.tm rf,nn thr. mmrn r.i,a hf 1 tJ hl1 Archbishop of New. York.
home, and devote their energies to the task of ; of each individual citizen, as well as of the sove-
btates composing the American Union.
making these State Governments in all thtir !
branches more efficient and more respectab'e,
thi y will accomplish far, more for the true pros
perity of the interests they profess to defend
than can ever be achieved by the clamor of
cracked brained politicians in the Halls of
Congress. We regard the distinct organization
and management of the several confederated
Sta'es as based upon the principle that is truly
the palladium "f civil and religious liberty on
this continent. .But thn, that these govern-!
mrnts may execute their mission successfully
it is n ressary th it the legislative Halln of the
State should be tilled by competent and honest
men. v
Entertaining, these .view, we regard the
ch cti n of members to the two branches of
the legislature, as not second in importance to
a y that devolve upon th; people in the ap-
praching canvass. v -
Th'4 pcopl- of Yazoo-City and county are
d (''j iatcr-itcd In the character of "the State
; L'islaturc, ui its acts may have a great bearing
upon our prosperity- This necessitates the
representation of our county rbeing able, dis
creet and energetic, and men of this character
can be easily selected as Wi- have a host of them
Our delegation sbou'd be such as to commind
respect by reason of its talent; such as would
gain infiuence by Its courtesy and attention to
. the. interest of the various parts of the State
Therff is plenty of time to refiect upon these
things, and we hope that due attention will j be
given to them. The' State may be governed
too much, but It can "never be overbed too
, .,WClI.) v.': f4'j;.,,. .....J,.,..,;
ilia TTnttaJCf.fna UniiaaAf Han.aaanf.ltnA. .n I V "11 . , x XT . 1 J . .
1 'uc uimtumarconwuocui n.jjn.oi.iii.au,c. ai:jr l . 'n jg SUlVrepOri. SillU iliir liU. HUUUUY CUJ
citizen; pf foreign b rth, unless he should have believe that ajjliost has really been seen there)
been naturalized seven years. aud I doubt if a person here believes at all in tne
Now it cannot be presented that in relation 1 existence of trhosts.' ; : V - ;
to the Presidencv, Vice Presidency, Senate or y0u do, yourself--you ktlow you do, Martin,
House, all our fellow citizei s of foreign birth aithjusrh voure ashamed to own it,' cried Ia-
have "eaual Drlelefff?s,, with tho?e "nativi and I ilui lit Mjrt!tn!w laiitrhwl. fitime "now.'
m , . , i t n . .mm w.u v.. - - , f
II tne IN8KCTna8 6tungyoU,and you have tn lhe manor born." The doctrine that excludes .n nniu tha thrvn.rhtlMfl crirl I .un nrnve that
been unabla either to heal the wound, or ha
lti3 or infinite moment that yp i should prop, the sting extracted, it is your fault, not mine. j ied ,n thi? federal Constitution; itis part and par- Go to the chur-hyard alone, in the dark, andtheu
1 XT Mtfmeta thd i m monDO train a rf m.liin VaIiai rpU- i AmAtki nv 4-. m 1.. K - .... .. .!. I . . . . . .
Numbers do and oil rcrc'n cfrricar:
liiX3, &oa recc.r..:l
sous ' i c ,-otanuy-v , u cl..zzzit.z cc
. . J
causo a marrying incce tauatu..uj cr v. zz
but because paejudice, custta, pride,C7 X" '1
fJrbid them to toll for its attaineat. Cy i -
itance, or by pubua eapIoymentf Vsey
perhaps just sufficient to permit them to cr.t
anemia arMnetv staotxi tixm Iepczi cf a aozzzi
circle--the dab supplies the place f tc: -vagrant
and disreputaWe amours (orfjir-i
that ottght to be disreputable) make thea nnati
tious of, and unfit for wives, and tbey trt'r .ty
rest satisnen wiin a pie&senvraxneruiaii t.:r
a happy af4 worthy:; existence. .Othhri ci!."i;
ft1lr-anf!uMn C tM arrr 'fti
o a wife and family, bat win not believe it to br.
so. rneir taeas oi me siyie ana crjz.or in w;. i
it is necessary to live, are formed on a ecavcr-3
al and unreasonable standaro!. TaeywUI ttc:
descend to the fancied iodignitie5 or the eacrct
endure the trivial : ptitauons-of , cconomy--tu'-
win notasK iuc woman uieir cooice w i 3
with them any home less : luxurious than she I J
accustomed to, and then condemn her: to lireclth
oot a carriage. God only knows how xtatf s no
ble creatures have their hanpinesss aacrirrlta
this misaerble lunder-how many pine av;y cx
slenC3in desolate and dreary singler.5, art: J lux
uries on which they are notdfpndenti and r!?
dor which confers no joy, who would thar..fi2y
We des're, therefore, in conclusion to remind yon, missed,
in the language of the illustrious Washington, to ena it.
Mr. Brooks says in reply; .
But, pood Archbishop, I 'm not'to be so dls
You commenced the war and I intend
Vi immense vaiue or vour auoo- There is someming to me, wen more iu hcrous ce Gf it: and yet we are gravely told that it is inhkclare, if you can, that you have felt no fean
u. w H.,, ju.,r wuau.B auU ,im mum nap uian wicsea, u is poshiuie, m me Diuerness ana violation of the spirit and meaning of the Fode- And what would that prove' . . .
s i k i ufiiuiui r i ii j rivii a n- in nil nirii'ki i a x.v xa Kk . . . ... . .... a
4Uv.o..u.u ..v. .o,. wi u mi ua.mii uuuneoo ui juui ucuia ui me uuui, mm tu me rai Constitution and dangerous to national rnter
and immovabb attachment" to it, accustoming frecmencv otvouf oersdualities. Earlvin life I oct. nA wnnuva .ow;.or;err. ; -
Wuy. you will be frinhteued, though you see
nKx. Vm,i nrntil.l nilt rll tff i rt t
yourselves to think and peak of it as th pal was taught that m controV.rsies and intercourse , The Constitution of the Stateof Mississiopi test. Hjw could you be atraid, if you did not
ladium of .yoar political saret - and roepentyj smongmen.no gentleman ever insults another ' wni . aiS() come under the anathemas of -Uie feel that there was something to be atraid off t
watching for its privation with jealous artxie aud noUody else can. I . know the advantage I ' Democracy of Adams county assembled th I do not think your locic is the best. in the
I y ; aiseountenancing whatever may suggest even have over you in this respect, and mean to mam Convention " It orescri bes that "the Governor Wnrkl r..tlil Martin, lauhinff. 'Meu are often
snsnuioo tht can in any ever a abandoned; tain is to tie end by an abscence if a l foul . o- ..Koti tA. n,u,w-f ... .ii 1 -....i.i.-i ...u ... 'i.:. tolls - ttwm
ind.srnantly frowning tigotf.t. arst dawning ,teths, and all exhibiUcns of bad temper.. You i hare been a citizen of the Doited StaUn for mere is no cause to fj&r ; t I usny lu the first
of every attempt to ahenWe any portion our f forced tne into this .controvc'.sy,. by reiterated twenty vears &cM Of course no foreiirn born oiae thataiourner; to the churchvard. even at
nnnntM t mm tha .ioi Mi i aitrn.iK .1 mnnfmt . 1 r r 1 1 1 V I 1 i. I.ll, ..-... . . ... .. o . r 4 . . . f -. ' . . " . .
wuuuj iLnov, ui i r.u.Kuniiin iCnarCT OI lalSCIrVFUUi lUUCnunVOreaiO naa n.hipj i.a t .an. a alao h i nnt 1 lnAiif . I ..,.ln ml... ...nnl.l friirhtun ma in tho luuBt.' f
ties waicu nowoiuu mgem: tag v tious me up to contempt hy satire and ridicule, and &c. Of curse no foreign.born, n
nartj." ' ' - )fini!inr that vour curses UDon rhe. like chickens .itLonUnl ;k1j .V..?i i,.m.,h... v(
- . w 1 - - - j o ' .wi'lAtiiicti gUK uuui w tai o 411
" ' - ' have com.Jhometo roost upon yourseir, and ed fnro the time of natural iation.; Certain ly .woody here believe you. I don't, at any rate.
iibbi r roRTUSB. a Buccessioi TxaciitTon mat your oawr
er at the "baf un-ler the Maine-!. dispensa-: the point from
tion mtist be a Kno? Everything and a Know- "with covered hands,' would throw the insect years alter his majority; they are excluded from
from a violent Maiue-lnw paper, a stranger in let you. I shall buzz under youf window, dur-
Iirtford who may chance to feel Iik$ taking a ing my own goodtmie and may b., find ingress
rentle "smile" or imbibition is conducted by one acrain within your Grate's quarters. ,
of !he.kn.owing ones into a building in aby-street, j , 1 ' "" "" T" "T""-T"
and, after goingcp stairs an J down sta rs, through t : 5- A nusoano tnus announces tne aepari-
hall ways and various winding ways, nnaliy ar- re- from his "bed and board of his deCarlv be-
rives in a room, ononc side of wh chis a small 'invwj. .
round hole in the wall; in which is a small dumb I .. . . . j. .
waiter; orr it is inscribed "The wheel of for-' , wi lun ."anauasBir.uuruu
, a u: i r-..-. icii. . v uuever rciurwo ucr win kci ma
tlThe locusts made their appears"
Pike" county, Georgia, and at Yorkshire
0, u
Judge Wm. Brown, formerly r.
William and Ilary.Collegci Va.,
and ridicule h'avj rebounded to until that period they are excluded -from one I Wny, you hadu't courage enough, the other day,
whence they started you n?Wj privelege which the native-born citizen has nine I Ui help kill a rabbit: your mother told me so.
have the "Democracy of Adams county H, been
so Ion? silent under this "violative, "dancer
ous,' repuMyeV anti-repUb'icah doctrine em
bodied in the Constitution of the Stater
Natchez Courier.
wtites upon a small card, arJ, wii a piece of roke- s for trusting her, anybody can do as
money, Juts it in thedumb w. " -A Away goes lf& " j ner ?fT mown d?ibts',t
the waiter, and shortly returns with a glass of 18 no all. litely;thatl will pay hers.
answ(T comes through the little hob, i a hoarse
voice, ?A Know-Nothing." Boshn Chronicle.
PuTW tm Wbst. .We regret to Cnl t' i
foilow!"unfavorable news from the wH rr
in tho pnnciple wheat growirTcscts
writer, educate their children in the fear of Uod
andCa love of money ' . -
tglu "It's very sicklv ZM said the soft of
Jt day to
cm Kentucky Tha Eixton (I'cdd cc
ncr cfrri-ay last says; f
The wheaterop in this section has bee. ...J
r 3 fi rhrrJrj extent W tfiefiy. Many 1;
T " j I.r. 1 1 - "a (!:: troy 1 utterly and 'f,
t t C a! 3rres.tcr.por Mha c;
I" :r, r ' I : . 3 uiurt X " , Wc-.. he-dan:'
to rrect ts the ' f-r.. s eecn to;
-l f. ;n Ch-" iinforn3 us IhVt
3 in tho lower part
the Emerald Isle
panion, Ma great many
, jear tlit i.;ver CZ r-t i.
S4 Z
okr. When a lady draws i.-:
3 coes she ro to? - - '
1 trybody te drowned as long as his head
V , j ! . .y t- 7r "i C"
) the nan who fell foto an error much in-
Ict'-ers, says t!..
diSrect q- "
They wers L'.'
not to tha c-'
-!:cr, in ppcalcirg cr.lovs-
c:-t in t;:::ts, , cr i
1 r-:rs crr-cJ
... - - .. . .
I never like to cause or, witness pi n, u . n can
na avuiduii.' answered Martin. blusLin&Tt '' .
Hal hal bal what an excellent excusel .ion
have dwelt In lhe humblest cottage, and bcen ccn
tented with the simplest dress, and have fc!r
one and embellished the other, if onlt tfce L ite
w hom th y have giveu their hearts, had pot::::i,2
lcrs fa'se pride and more true raith in wcrrzn's
love; and sense, and -capacity of self-abnegaticn.
A higher and cae M fcqnet ption of the - XizZi
rials which really malce hp the sum of buss? cn
joymcnt-a sounder estilnate oflhe felative vjr.3
of earthly posjessidns a core freqtient hL!t cf
drivirg down through thecontenuonii tothe rcc
and a knowledge or how jm;8c reGnetnetrt, fco-s
much comfort, bo mtlch serene pofltcnt.are cc
patible with the scantiest means, where thera-Li
sense and courage to face the fact and to cocir: !
the fancy-wcraiv in h If a generation, rtda. e t i
milhon-anq a quarter of spinsters tre have s c " t
of to a few h. J. 1 the asand?, arid ta! into
condition of hxK.?ed hapy wivrs tha vast wzl
ity of those tbeaatiful Lyjc j(ss they hzri
been called, whose sad, unnatural, ohjsctless cl-
tencoi whose almost wasted power! of giving tr. J
receiving joy, it makes the Leart bleed to witcs.
The Celebrated TIajherbe dined one day ;:h
the Archbishop of Koun, and fell asleep x:ti
after the tneaMJ Tlia prelate, a sorry preac! -?,
was about to deliver a aerrson, jt-i trrtl:. '
urn a i . , a r a i .- p
iua uvrue, mTiung mm . to wie au zcr. v
thank you4 said Malbefhe, fprar excu:3 cc;
Ire brave enough to be sure; but tender heirtetf P;ipy well without that." .:
uome now), you dare not go to the, cnurcnyara
.litnu. V.. ii mra nnt hrtlf nil- Mlira'pnUS B3 VOU
C2TNapoleon U said to Las Cassast The En
glish may be all powerful if they conGne them
selves to thtir navyr but they ; will complicate
Z tllard Times ffoduc ftfte foci C!
they check ir(J4ttMtzt. l-z c
-had eomtaf.voncB a.rI -lc
ire ghosts ot-notj you are airaia oi mem. - , trt J . . .
MarUn was extremely sensiUvel WXi-f.,
m of nobody exept Ikbella, could have stangjh!ra -?lr:yrtLj
ti'.m tn tha ni l.lr Wnt ocni-ninff thfl lffl nutation i v i "
uone. r You are not half so- courageous as you
their affairs, endanger tht.f superiority, and lose perate act to prove his courage.
- - T " . r, a . .
..P nnntu iK.i.. tin wna Mikrla t'n lrt lmiV unV fl(T t
,in a c;-rt:,t:
their importance if ihey keep soldiers on the
continent.-' i -'- '.-
I have
1TI A o ertr.in" Prince.
A i i thri.e fats, ofca ra. th tr!fr 1 -s r 1 1 r
(car . wind, sent Tor a ctl tfatsa Jshcin jr-
-Dodd said he would have
in August, if it bad dot been for
Kitt'Mti1 ho "aT'Aiiffh
sf u i 1 -wf v dam AfnifUiarda oemanced aa cr- . MTh fxt r: '
' , Undapple-tree?,! aeinot jfing toallc halfa eM, -v? r'f-rtS ir
- . A Ko i t '.T.vv ;:n.t! your neonle. silt.. LJtrir- "l:
died pf cho era I Haj hal but yon . not escape soflaoghed bCr -Piitilhat1 1 atrt;
one thing the J Isabella. . 'Here, bv re these bur ff icnds, I pro-, cditof4j8 tryiear taJJtJKSsix.. a t. l:r"t t
1 Kof thia finr chill Ko ITrvnlSJ. Chft PfinLinUea. t
nn chill tuk vnnra.
d nlavlnr onfc criven bv an old lover tfhica Uart
' v icnvct i-Tnl. X3f .j-b : t. . I 1 l r. Jw.:wl t.n " . v with ' 'nmvirltwl
w luvv.'o... uia ja uiu VUiJ , ItJbAbV if VUS I UI Hail WWII Utailal Ull W WM W HIV", w.vi
Union that conUins more foreign: thin native J y S9 to the churchyard alone,
born citisns j and t is the only 'State whose UCKW' V V 'r m .
..2 j. . . ..t . , were not in the least afraid,'
highest tribunal judiaal tnbnil has produced A-n'eed J said M art ia, bu1
Aj Old
tl.w 1 :tf ve slave law uflcbnstitntional.
.. . ... . . - .. . .
'As an evidence isai you go meeru.s C::'nce,
Umioti ok i.ou-- '
in n (larkr. rl r , .
atich te had no d:- t WctlJ t nctrj o
, tV Why wi ia ;a latter'-1" , '
it. "is a a . l
- j . . ,." ir"i r".!! nnno wjui viiu liiw u uu DHn wniri ti;h a r ..u . ' .. - m
mgsucir .Awrj.uri.3r-a a , j wilier close, by the 3,' said Isabella. : " , i f-- j1 f 1 1 f jh'' - . . .
, tlA lady, whonsttcs 'arelative'cf5 1-. '-. Thus driven bv tauut3to t ccmlcctca cf P - -T . '
rartirgton, we think; 'bycri. v;s en'. folly, 2IrUn took cf have, Co tcrpr; r -f , r '"MtfaCsclVTcrs tf -r
tsioing come .Trienda with a Ict.. ---.?:i. I,-.coarre asd rf.'Zx tci ct c:t en t!a rr:l V"1;, - t$--VrLr!S tz'' . '
ccr, -o ctherr dayr whta oos .cf :1 "j? ref It rrj net: a qcrtcr cf a c:!? ts 3 curch v 'jn- 'L
r. 1 that the., attoa. was. excr -i ia nrlrif -.b was tr-rr-Aci by. thr',v.Vriry1?-r r - c f-v. : . . -,f
It is stated that ; over f. h
rtnl vc!.;:.ira of EaccrcYs IIUl.
...I K
. iUiU C-
..Ct, A3
; L:-1. -Ii th;;o
JisJ "my husbnnd lavs
Ib 13 ianox'.'.
r -. a r '".v c .. . -r,i 1 1 near m
dar?, cenrt:
!i " l-o-y ch V i
IT? i? a' crest erirar." s v . - j ;
.ned toIirtii
c 5 t :.it

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