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:ior j.cmiNo oath. ; ,
noticed, the erJ:b tn
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th3 ( ifraf P.it, lut that tla cloa faces cast be P,
Lonffstreet'i L2r ''Trt tMf .
a ,W4Mi rawer c-re i.c-t ar.i W t---
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Cuh, hrUch'.-tho collusion fefep. our noisier may saftLis bV'Kr? . M rtic!e in . PuW, Mthl777iy Cs-tT rT? T'
Mr N O MVP ,v'- cr TabLtc lows. , . - was born.. This feeling is a national one, and
JceM n . "Who estate tbapo.plol. whose btb, "
jltt'thbato-' ?-v7 i P .onlei on the contrary we bare been insisting that it 5tber deny his claim. a?together-4fenv thai f u, - ? tribute to hi. annoyance, cr do anr ft niessof America aw to be dqSTbe artilir Afflericanr. -With the Jfcp
' " - wuritti" cautvlii tPF Sition toothers, of God and oar brotherS j calculated to nlr his uaefulneisWt onable in times ia '"the -natives ttn ceent paper published at New Of
ThA n . wse effort. to exculpate the perjureray theid corporate hioC in dae vS. I " dI to persecute or vex other. LfjnchT K ' bUme ioring their'
Bs&Vch LtehWlU 'Ch 10 charof reln W What is this buTSrlte opinion.. K to tfie dWne instinu of
.....V 1. 1 nexi baooath morning at 10 -a small offene- 1 .... motto whinh a iu:s. -. - t ? De no one can read PsidhtTAA.-1-.. TalklnoJnaVA.v n;: !!.ri ' J :?neTaier' a"a nature-it intemoren tr tfrth fiKr- r
u a u m.. w vv uuiu wa siriip inn m n wuu aultiiliiiiiiutb Yin a. ai m
ed that any one Is norfurer! f, .u- pictareof dmlnl!'k' - - , coosidered Americans par-excellence? AImJ nomn it is pararaounttO instanM: t,W
K.llrr v YANDELL will consent Cn)w Nothings "froni ta" honest . conviction ,8JPthy for the sla?e, and jndiWAn ifn?DW pestly entertained. ;-In the
. . 1 jl mm mm mm 11 mi rnninn r
i-uuicoiue a canjii!Afn r..r i.a 1..... n . ik.t v . . tr. . . 0 o''
. . - " v n luwcr iiniiinni wak iucii urincinui Bra rris.M. 11. wv Luusmri iv nnr ia i ik. .11 .....
!v u win receive the vote of tu innM ... v - . . frain .Am t - . . "J
j ti contrary, we have from the first expressed
our approbation of such a course: and to avoid.
iraiu, Am 1 not a man, and a hrathtrv
Does our neighbor r!!i doubt the Abolitionism
u"iCie wnicn be Honored: with such on.
t . -r-wwwwu ui iubu cuursei ai
l'OXT K.xowr T.iruL a. r... i . .. . tr .it. ,, , r . . .
t ... . ' ,lcl"Kiuucrioertn au mture misunderstanding, or mia-
ixm juu,miunn3t.mt wheu th. P.vsident of the represenUUon, we, will once more state that ff 1 measured praise? .T Perhaps all doubt will be re.
Ilolm.'a count niwtMw Bn.w.:.i.. j 'j. . - v " ; mrtcori i. : : . UM. m ue
r . uweguws mao unas nimseu entrapped into anv "in-1 v uu' wwe quoution. in which Ahni?-
presents its face to biew.
i there is not "any danger that
country nowscarcely except-
euuute or lormidable than the
4l(-kHLt l.'iuwmf .v. l. 1.. 1
u."nw magiv. .lamous, cowardly, sneaking, and corrupt orjran- wu,olu u"arnea,
mk-it sowmucss. very shrewdly thiak. ; Nation," any,fod party that teaches dissimu-1 1 Je J5l0DtL.T 6aj8
k 7- ffn nt'7 Lai 860,1 ,&uon .onesty, lying, meanness and rascali- .ture4lts our own
: ZrZ'.T r. Llftt dBS W certaiQl "a duty. hi. impaUve duty, I T7
I. T " 'I " aru "y nrgyou to leave mat organization; and we join our I r wmca Iur6s
It k v 1 " Up auU no,nt)or earnestly exhorting him to perform tL ana .rc"ffon.
... . "w ivak,. auu ou i.e uoin unnw uiai
v u yet
j .
amy. as we have' not now. and nfvpr
nave had.any connecUon with the Know Noth-
rfivSmlT11011 OP MIN'D-'in it would be unjustln t to apply to that
EGRAHiV3GAINST TUK TEV order she strong ianguage above 'quo'ted from
r -. .. - the Democrat Nor canwe da our nh
We have been told that a meeting r-.
!y ht-1.1 in the upper part or Bi Creek district
this county to take into earnest consideration the
subject of abating the telegraph wires, which
carry off the clectticity in the atmosphere, and
pre. em iae muctt needed rain from falling upon
the parched up cotton and cornfields!
Tills is better than Jaae Langstrcet's hyiD-
mu urouui io me sm of H am.
It is a great sin in Kuow Nothings to pledge
un.uno.Fis to.siyport their nominations "if they
,v bviiscicauousiy.yec no sin Tor the Anti
A lli'r.fjrj ni rt f r.1 . .L
f v w i'ac .i:n.mjivjs to suptxr
ta-'ir norntnatioca without any concieuco saving
M tUW 0ylVilll
in those ill-suppressed hatreds
wLioh some persons seems ea-
oneneuard." A).! imrr.i,.
--W. y. ucre lsaa opeil avowe, of lhe Ab
oht,on sentiment, buyia sugaroated with abuse
of the Native American party, and therefore the
Nor can we do our neighbor I ? ocrat' and man7 other Southern naDers can
the injustice to condemn him as applying mosel. .dose witnut a wry face! We will notbeso
'iniH-ratic M -tin at B.'nton.
m, n ' lPaAtwPIoar,IvcB to support
v. vviivvuiion, amj to use ai
mm io secure tUtir election."
The stn Ile-wlutioti was also passivl at th
n.f 1 ......... .. :., . .
- 'ucun- nna at tue Court IUuse in
i p:a' last M mday night.
Tjb ARnjBisaop o? Ltoxs oh PAsmoxantE
D .xcixo.Wo clip the. following 'extract V
ir.ai.il gossip iromuji late nnmber of -the X.
-TheArchbwhop of Lyons has been amu-
y u.o .rrereui i'ansut.s. 4 In hisPustorial
L lrfyr Li nt he declared that the ch.lora
t a. in merely as a Punishment for the ea.'er
o, n.u. iugii me jaaics of Paris run after
' . m Jomi.,n a , crtaIn lacsivioua dance
"""r " "untring ever man but their own
.uwriua jo ciap uiem fn the vttz, whicli lat
u;r umcc may De considered tlie last bMi of cx
pirmg virtue." Ilia Emincnce.thcn goes on to
wj inK-me only way to induce the Alnn.hty
i.j Mieain uie sword of vengeance, which hehai,
V . Uit? K P"nih our sins.
. aoiain irom all balls, reunions
theatres, auJ promenades. Then his wrath
uiaj uc appeaseu."
.MOltE PU00j?V r-'t-The
U.t National Era the Abolition organ at
W-ahingttii-. contains the ollowingto which we
iuvite;the attention of Mbsiasippiaus and South
crncrs. Ia rrpjto the New Hampshiro Demo
crat.it Siiyi: ,
0ur fnoud of the IndepenJaot S, 11) Dem
ocrat must not nrsapprohend our position.' With
too Know Nothing,, Whigs, Democrat, Ncu,
trals, we wr.uld co-operate, as iiulividoala. -Even
.now we are wIliiigtoBcealargo Fusion of tie
leopIeon-Anti-SUveryUaaes, without distinc
tion of party. But we protest .gainst co-opera-tng
with the Know Nothings, as a party c!vin
he . Order itself aid and countenancKri
to it successes whicli are inevitably to be uxl for
bud. ing up another National Pro-Slavery Party
ou thormiisoftheold Whig organization. '
' n A???11'8 CONVENTION.
ua the 1 1th inst , a large number of the citi
zens of Yazoo ' county assembled in the Court
Uouse in .Yazoo City, for the porpoe of taking
action In refcreuceXth'e Planters Convention to
be held at Cooper's Wells on the Fourth of July
.next . , V,,.' . .
Hon. James It. Bcrecs was selected President
and Rqbt. Bowmajt appointed Secretary q( the
mcxting. Upon taking the Chair the Preudsat
explained Ihc object of the meeting, in A forcHJe
eloquent and clear maiincrr urged tli' necessity
of the direct trade proposed as the object of the
PI inters Convention. "
M. P. IIat.v3 moved that fifty delegates be
appointed to the Convention to meet at Coorjer'a
W-11 on tho 4th of July, nexU whereupon the'
lhair appointed the folio iring gentlemen;
Ilpnry Yundinn, ? John McKce, '
jonn m It'-ndncks. . T. UA !omn-
, w w
UM7 epitheti to the majority of his fellow
citizeu3, without such evidence as we are una
ble to obtain.
Moreover, we fully concur with our netenbor
iu wo opinion mai urown's Phylosophy, though
not the highest authority, is entitled to not
ua tittle more' but very mticli more weight than
the" declarations of any "lying, whipper snap
per," whether Know Nothing or anti-Know
Nothing. W also-endorse every word of the
long extract which - our neighbor quotes from
Brown's Phylosophy. We insist, however.that
it has as much to do with the question as the
"Battle of the Frogs and Mice, and no more.
It is, in substance, what had been already quot
ed from Paley and Wayland, and which we had
shown to be irrelevant. They say that "prom
ses are not binding when the performance is
uniaxcjuir while Brown says " nmoral" instead
of unlawful. . We agree with all tese phylos
ophers, and have so expressed c-;r; . ' - - : ye-
ry.arucie in which we have diicu. . ; ! the sub-1
iL11 11 u that our neighbor or his asstit-
aiit, cannot yet perceive our position, we can
only account for on the principle that "There's
none so blind as those who will not see."
It us once more state our position a posi
tion which our ncighcor, in all his attempted
replies, has never noticed. We do not know i crat amount3 to this; that because the 111-
what oaths the Know Nothings take, if any. !crall Party is not pledged against what the rn o
Tl.. It .1 ..... r1r r .t . '
um lui-yawear mat tney "will reveal none "re m people ou2lu nottoin?n
of the secrets of the order," he who violates paV Mcn is pledged m fa vor of w'lat they
that hath is miiltv'of veriuru nr. imnii L.wa"t! The bait, will not dr Ttt,vi
mgenwns as insincereor to intimate (what we do
not bolieve) that those papers from abolition than
we unght be justified in doing so (if any thing
could justify a wrong) by the treatment which
the American party receives at the hands of the
MliKlfHinrkian n 4 . 1 . ...
.t.u BUU uluer AnH American parxr3 of
. x,uc we advise all these papers to
abate somewhat of their zeal in a bad cause, in
order that their discretion way have a more free
The Democrat says that some democrats pro
fess tosymyathize with the secret order because
they desire a change of the naturalization lawP,
and then argues that they should not therefor
om a party having that especial object in view;
because, the democratic party has never "denied
or refused to abolish or amend an enactment that
proved impolitic or inoperative,", and because if
the fact can be demonstrated" that thegood of
the country demands a chance of the" natnr.u
tion laws," it will bo the pride of t!. r,,r
apply the corrective." Now the fact has demo
strcted itself for many years, yet neither the dem
ocratic or Whig party have applied "the correct
ivr hence the people, of both parties. 1.
few I:' ,?!JfeI10 cuTumst.nce.-,ft i. beyond tha reach f
comments whicfcW; have to make, we feel no TSPZ ' SS is- pohUc. and phiiK,.hy hot it U the one crand
apprehension that we wiU be thought unkind or: f thi.htl" . " r saaQ(WS P01 emotion that color, every thought,
discourteous. ' ' I . Of col. -3 they will: and whv? ' n.n &FeetfeverT acUM. The forefirners wh'
;Presideht Longstreet wmarkij. Jf,I .teach i wer too-slow in becomiug Koow Nothing.- I pVH not exceptiooe 'to tbeae
tuat unlawful promises are not binding I shall Uor
be charged with justifying the exposure of amon
Know Wothing secrets." In this, we Uust, he I a fferous
is mistaken: and we. at Iphs. will hoinp inin in i fraud. artrn
- . . , v - j ,-wv nut wncf io im r ' m. . i . .
culu " cuoauon. 11 is certainly his duty to I uwu "anus; iney drove the orpitabfe natives "i C l0Te 01 coun
teach thiar truth, but to teach also the great ira. , "toward'the setting sun." What H-son should J7 f them their
propriety to make such promises-of placing 1 this teach us? That we must adoDthh? TT nrtW d?tfnt irre, an! for on another in for'
ourseii in a situation ia which one is compelled w olhmS principles while yet we can, and not re- Tb " , UT transport to this land , ail
w w wuji w uniawrui, or to violate a
ancestors.rere foreiffners: thpvaont hnma fcM--sneyrou love their native UndV
g the., dusky -nativeAraenW'her met r3 er
welcome; t!.y returned Ingratitude, 7 'Jawhy not
V.it ur i f --..rr W'fW with, all their standard kr Mt.
promise. And one other thing be should teach
in order that the tnhole truth may be received
that promises of secrecy are not unlawfuLbut
are binping, whetqer made io Know Nothings,
uau r eiiows, Masons, or Sons of TemDerance.
"In all fairness," says President Lonnstreet,
no man sbould assail another in a matter in
volving characterrivate or official, upon vague
rumor." We endorse the sentiment, and add
that no man ought to assail a party on the
ground that he only knows that he knows noth
ing about them. How can he boldly, assert
what he does of the Know Nothings! It is
mere conjectur and is moulded by prejudice.
We do not say his conjectures are not true, for
we do not know; but our conjectures are far
different. Why should this party be particular
ly reproached because it embraces both Metho
dist preachers and demagogues, when every po
litical party is amenable to the same charge!
As well might we roproach the church because
it embraces men of earnest piety and desininr
hypocrates; aa well denounce the Apostles of
jurist oecause with the talent of Peter, the in
tegritv of James, the purity of John, was asso-
c.ttiea amo tne treachery of Judas Iscariot. If
the Know Nothing party ."gathers within its
pale men of dignity, talent and piety, preachers
and teachers, and with them the most depraved,
abandoned, desperate, God-defymg sinners up
on earth," is it therefore any worse than the
Whig and Democratic parties! The party which
The Monthly docs not "mean todeny the ritrht
of every enmmunity to protect itself from hurt. .V 7, T TT.rr
even to forcible tm.u tr . ' UOBBW
vu.vu, MWCaWI T . Ul LIIH in-1
main inert till the foreigners treat usswe have I ten dsplxitr - .
treated the Indians. 1 ..t7 axe an oata .of "aKiace to the jesyern '
ment of the United Oate., but fbrwhat pur-
e ana examine into tne ra-
important matter- Ere tw:
. .. mT
m. ... - I lmnt Tnoi. nahim il .1
grvuienw wnich threaten its damage. But that ...7 . . T T9' 8X8 Porant of .
nuno.:i. a- .... I DDIIllCaJ lnstlf nf Lnn& r .. TT:.J c-. m
even among enghtenedlbreigr?r our insUto
tions are to a great degree amkr wn; tst the
wwvr wuerrnear yagne rumors ofclVi and hocj
ey and abundanue-flowing along- ocrfielis. and -
believe thai they-Baro to dbr. tocoae and
necessity contiuue.," the Monthly, "must be most
dutinctJy proved. -The case must be one so clear
as to leave no doubt of it as an absolute case of
self defense." Oh, of course!.. We must nnt.
son until we are actually bound hand and foot,
ui case wiu be so clear as to leave ,W,
of it JYe must use no wise foresight and nre- ?. once opposing that
caution for prevention is not half so irood Zre JIeg,ance 8tad and feaft rlaw and
asour old friend Uncas" nrwi w..m, t, custom., are necessary concomitants to pood
.r T t .t I CltlZensniD on th ntntnnr MnmV.
tcr," can testify. 1m i.w.r ...
wisiwure wtu( uniu We
findj oarsalves "tmdjii toward the eet
tinggua, and fading in the shadows of th nl,rhi.
till we have become one grand -Walk-iiKhe-
wier," oecause there is no land ' left for us to
wane on! . .
Such is the amount of the Monthly's advice:
tizenship on the contrary, usornntr oowen
that native, themselves would not dare- to-nsnrp;
but who would be the first to endeavor o sun.
press. .
These inducemsnt. enter into their calcula
tions, form the basis of immigration, and they
take the oath allesianoe hecans
but we advise difierentlr. an.1 L. ZllTV. y and because U securest them
fntin ' w 001 m those possession f!k K.,r .u.:
urn tolrnn
tho matter in hand. The ftrrmnnt r,r u r. wil1 con'ine itself to men of dirnitv. talent nH
O w. nit JLHIUW- . ,
uui. uueoi me greatest known to the 1 lv I,,euri we to waAe A (ci.Ve.
catalogue of crime; one of which Sharp has c,tanS i the naturalization law, and there will
said, he that is perjured -hath braved God AI- tIl0n sorae Prctt for attempting to whip in
mfguty, and hath, in effect tolJ him to hh face, aU wba have CU0USh iudependance to rise above
that if he was foresworn, he should desire no raorc party con3deratioDs when puramouut nUCS-
mercy," and henee he reasons tint while "in l,0DS are prcwnlel.
the case of otlicr sin; tlicre may be an appeal ' We have Crowed the caption of tWs artic!
follow Our advirt: twMa
- vvwu-mc naLiOn nam wir
ls oeropti. -we say.fet us be kind and
hospitable to all worthy foreigners, but send back
all paupers and criminals, and let us so take our
measures so that foreignrrs shall never treat us as
we treated the Indians. Thus only can we pre
serve our government, and assure an asylum to
the oppressed of other lands. We must not let
the Abolition Monthly, nor its Abolition contri
butor, decide when the nacessity for action aris
es. That U for the people to decide; and they
have decided it most decidedly.
. A fieat cry has been raised against the
American party because the Know Nothing
Convention m Massachusetts passed strong anti-slavery
resolutionsThat Convention did
no worse than-both Whig and Democratic
.vuuonw uaq UOud
w uuu merry, yot lu uiiS case Of perjury
mere is none."
Perjury consists in doing what one has sworn
not to do, or omitting to do what he has sworn
o do; it is to sweare falsely, to break or vio.
ate an oath. This, we say, censtitutes periurv:
-i.i ... . . .
aiiaougn tne caul penalties of the law do not at
tach unl ss there be other circumstances con
nected with the perjury. Hence we drew a
distinction between legal and moral perjury. It
must, however, be lawful to do, or to o, in
accordance with the oath, or it is not binding.
Now we ask our neighbor to tell what Brown,
Wayland, and Pa!ey say on the subiect of oaths
rf secrecy. Does either of them place these
among that class of promises or oaths of which
the performance is unlawful or immoral ? Not
at all. Archdeacon Paler rx nrpsslv ti
rf r - v J "
from the Democrat, and we will state tne f .,
Ouj; ohjcctluu which we sometimes hear. M.ir.y
of the Crawbjb party ha?e professed to be strong
Native Americans, and to agree faJly with the
Know Nothings. The only objection" t't they
ap no joining was that it was a secret politic! so
ctdy. Yet the same persons joined the Crawfish
harty, which is a secret political society, and they
justify themselves by saying they must "Ifcht the
evii with fire." Tliatis they adopt th onlu
- turjr uojwuo iu me Unow Noth
ing Order, which for the purpose of resisting a'l
tie xings which they approve! -'bonidjtinthou
art a jcweli' V
piety, and admit none other in its ranks, cannot
hope to gain the ascendency, we are sorry to
believe. But the fact which President
street admits, that the order gathers such men
within its pale, should have a tendency to mod
erate his abus?. He views the order through
tho glass of strong political prejudice, but men
of dignity, talent and piety having entered with- , The New York Express remarks with tru'h
j anu circip, una none of the horrors ' Tf " y naa Power in Massachu-
which affright the imagination of President 1 e"i .f lt3elf Mr Rintoul to the O. S.
heartly co-operate in its movements. Tiien i Iltioa Senator, Mr. Sumner. For ten years
there connot be anything so shocking in the i Pff' the Democracy of Massachusetts has been
auui.t.umzea, ana when-it has had power it has
exerted that power to abolitionize the State.
x urre is no national conservative aleraent
Join M.'Sarp,
Dr. II. J. Tliomasf
kWm. Pickett, -Claiborne
M, D. II iynes
Joseph Love,
Iti chard S v.iyz v
Tlirt v, YaiUl, -
I 8. Ki II,', ',
M. 0. Clit-atam,
Wm. U. ILhV
W. C. Harris. '
T H.M I -5,
II. Barksdole,
, Itiiht. Bowman,
V Barklale, '
Wm Gartly,
P. B. P ,pe, . ;
, H. RNye,.: -
' A JI;Leod,'. -;
W; W. W ldy,
.JohnJ3. Paul,
Joseph Andrews;
'George p. Crump,
L L. Hyatt,
Jme (iarduer 4t;'
Dixon Hnry, -Sim-iel
J. W. P; nny,
, N. D, Link,
C. W.Woo.1.
Kbt. Btephens,
J.J.B Whie;
JI. Pf Grer,
John fiirersolV;
Samuel HaUl
A. Cbew, - ;.'
James Hart, !
S. V. Stewart,; ;;
John A. Ciwon, .
Geo. W. VAxxlboty, ''.
IV D. S. Dixon, '
On Tuesday night last, the jury in the above
stated case, after an absence o'a few mirat.
- promises oi secrecy ought WOT to be violated, j imo Uourt wjm a verdict of
although the public would derive advanUge j OCILTT
from the discovery. Such promises contain j The Prosecution we learn, was conducted
NO unlawfulness in them to destroy their obli-' with energy and zeal, and the concluding armi-
gauon; ior as tne jiitormauon would not have ,nei oi jiir. j. v. Wood on the part of the
beenlmparted upon any other condition, the State We have heard spoken of as no common
public lose nothing by the promise which they ( effort at forensic eloquence. A friend in whose
wVuld have gained without it." opinion we place much reliance, characterizes
We repeat, therefore, that we have never de- Ju,'Se J R- Burru3 epeech in the defence
nounced as perjured, any one who silently with- argumentative, cogent and convincing; while
drew from the Know Nothings, nor even those b.e assures us that Mr. Brooke's, on the same
who published their withdrawal to the world. 81de raoretnan sustained his4high character as
We think the latter, by so doing, betray one at lawyer and apeaker. Both were thrilling.
least, of the secrets they have promised pot to eloluent Other Counsef, Mr. Hooker, Judire
reval; yet the judgment of charity is that? they reri7 Mr- Dycr Mr. Anderson and Mr.
erred in judgment, or that we err in judgment DouShartry for the defence, were engaged in
on that point. But for those who openly be-: the ca8C but onJ two were permitted to speak
iray an me secrets of the order nf nn Ka v" c ue.
W mm-mm VArWUV WIU
organization after all.
President Lonrstreet savs ! -
a - eut.u wici,ainB Element in
cowaru as to nee the held of honorable warfare. ,,WIUW"8 "emocracy, and between it and
lor savage ambush f gluing or such a fool as to ' ,u- Vs OI Massachusetts, in this
i believe that a man's religion i. to i,p TZ 1 1 opse--that a- a party,
, , " orate, Massachusetts Know
Ly harsssiflg his person." Nor is he "quite so Nothings "ignore the negro," whereas the Mas
blind as not to gee that when the work of crush- Bachusetts Democracy, in about all of iu con
ing churches is begun in the country.it is not .k-568 eIf 1 Abolitiom'sm out
.oiijgtostopwiththfoverthrowcfone." N.w Smtt
we have seen for many months, an open avowal the arms of the Massachusetts Democracy is
and able defence, of the Know Nothing princi- eritabj jumping out of the frying pan into 'the
pies. Their meetings and proceedings have Jrf chuR!'7n any Pity's hands, is
beensecret, but their views and purposes have wfLT" tfe J
i i , , - . o r.w, .iuuhku lij i nt r greatest
been freely discussed. And we must confess statesman, Daniel Webster, and Faneuil Hall
that we are yet so blind'' as not to have dis- 5jut its dooTS aainsthim. The Massachusetts
covered any intention on the pait of the Know H??0? lenw. Abolition Senators to the
no,Udss to rerOTm .y mu reIigion ..b; aotrir- Ddthe
harassing his person." or to begin the work of i The whole truth of the matter b, that the
country to gain, v They take the oiith of j
aUegiaiicejwjadil as tliey er---r in rs'tical
times that they are resides wai; wheiT
they cannot even read the word of "United
States" in our language, and while the spray of
of the sea w not yet dry on their garments. Ig.
norant of our political doctrines ere they leave
homefor we all know in what ignorance the
lower orders are kept in Europethey arrive
on our shores, and never pause to study import
or meaning. Grog shops they set up at every
corner, and getting our whiskey with less risk
than they obtained the poteen of their moun
tain distilleries, they drive a profitable trade.
They set up their signs of ruin, and they 'inca
pacitate men from moving, by the dead sleep of
intoxication. The heighth of the ambition of
many is, to raise a sign, and 511 decanters' with
alcohol. .. -
Viewing, then, tho rr.
.i 7- , 1 puiuungj mesa
id-tati an.
ad peopli
A V f a r fri ?
?a J wn.-n we ce our native citizens
leagued with the foreign brn and aliens, to cent
fsm ? J"1"; nfl PPose A.nerican-
, the d of rePentance will come
sooner or later; as all those who held the doc-
triUe Of mVltinnr fure-im. . Ui . .
. . . ."s""" "'" counuy nave
bowed the knee o the true native creed. ' TMx
as JEffer)n, hiaiself, whose voice was hpr,l
on every shore in Europe, begging their popula
tion to pour in upon these SutesT came to his
senses atterwards. . Kneeling before the bright
principle of outraged nature, ; that high priest
of democracy, in tears and ashes, offered up his
expiation and atonment. He looked back up
on the ruinous i cataract he had loosened upon
bis native land, apd in a voice of eloquence and ,
wisdom he recanted his former opinions. Even
that stern patriot and philosopher gave up his
favorite theory: and now.'nX ti,- A,!
?n ?KnTe ian?''hiIst his boJy i3 moulder
mg,the fame of his great American act will
apread, gloriously and verd-ntly, through thr,
memories and hearts of future generations oTs
native born patriots. , , m
crushing churches." All that President Long Am.ericf n party in the North is attempting to
to, nationalize itself, and the fa
--" who ouuicci ia weu answered tU i.. .' .. . . "-- iuiuuiu
w i . . - - wcvuuiMii cnraj?ea :
ana aesperate. We learn that the anti-slavery
resolutions passed by ithe Massachusetts Con
vention were not adopted until after those op
posad to them had given their arWt. u.Ia
papers they have sworn not to expose, even
charity can find no softer name than perjurers.'
Thus, our neighbor the Democrat
W weeks a.TO, epoko io the most . "laudatory terms
, Ic farther moved that the Banner and Dem-1 caD" tnd no1 pcrcclv'4 that this article wa
c rat of Yazoo City be reqacstcd to publish the atrongly leavened with Abolitionism. This was
pruccuutuipi oi me mectinz; .. ' . jiostsigViOf la
Tllft fviAonsa nn kl .1" f .l J . .
wu vcuati oime aeienaaat was
much more, favorable than was anticipated from
wnat had been rumored in regard to the case.
The verdict, we believe, gives geueral satis-
taction. A crreat deal of avmnathv i...
we have already given many extracts from felt and manifested for the devote rtr
. . . ....... ... . . . ""' nuw
a. oou joo p-pers, snowing tneir Utter hatred to . has with true heroism cluno- tnh Ca
, . , - , , O " UU9UUIU
the native American movement; and among other , throffh all his troubles! with th m f0..;ta
... ..0 w - owu luak iu uui! lu we xuiy as nis prospects Decame darkned.asthev at nn
immiiM r n tr..i.- j mr ... . -
huiuuvi v. 4.UUJUU1, wnicu ucuouuees ivnow
Nothingism, is strongly tiactared with-Aboli-
tioninm. The zeal of- the soi-disaut Democracy
against the 'American taasc, mokes them over
look the large ingredient of Abolitionism into the
Monthly, because the ostensible oHjett ia to op
pose SAM.
time were. Our readers will
Marlow case wa. removed irom Holme, county
to this, about a year ago. Through all the la
bor, and. delays, and hopes, and fears incidental
to the case, deferred from one time to another
U1E "rave ana raithrul woman been r. Vi and
comfort to her husband, (V!l,; 3 trua
tuiwviwu wa v ii c
(Ky.) Observer and Reporter, in reply to the
charge that the American party proposed a
change of the Federal Constitution in order to
make religion a test of, political Qualification.
1 hat paper remarks :
"Such is not our understanding of the views
they hold upon the subject. If the expose of
the principles they hold upon this subject be
true, they are opposed to Duttinir Rnm.n rtk
JJiAa 2mm. AT? A V VI .
uuw ,u ""ce,jHBias vnigs nave been opposed
to putung Democrats in office, and Democrats
to putting w nigs in oflice. The right of the
people to vote lor whom they pleaso is ciear
uu uaqueauonaoie, and the fact that men may
not see proper to cast their votes for any par
ticular class of persons, is a totally different
thing from a desire on their part to change
the Federal Constitution so as to make that
clas inel g Me to oflSce. The Americaa party
certainly have no intention to cro bevond th;
OTitu rcuioua ngnta o. any sect
or mis country, rnev desire that mn
shall be permitted to worship God according to
the dictates of their own conscience, and will
inierposeall their power for the protection and
preservatio of this inestimable privilege.
But, as haa been well remarked, tnttn run tmr.
ship God just at well out of asm office; and the
refusal of the ntTOrder to vot- for mn rn
polical station isty yno interference with!
the riirht cruarranter-w Cav.fV'Mir.r. nn-
the subject of religious .. - v...
As this is the season of the year when worms
are mt formidab'e among children, the nronrU
enraged j ers o: M'ane's Vermifuge beg leave to caU the
-vi,Wou wparenu to its virtues for the expehinr
Of these annovintr. and nfton fi,fi fv -f
. o cucuiin cm i nn .
I- m - - " . . a UUU
roSll" m 'acisnows that. even in Massa-
iZrM"!!. ever7 man. woman and
dren. It was in vented by a physician of great ex
p r.ence in Yirgmia, who, alter having usd it tor
several years in his own practice, and fnn ul
success so umvtrsat was induced at last to offer it
til!1 opposition to sla- 55 cbesp, but certain S exeSenJ
VT. ,c . iarS portion ot the Ameri-1 w nas sitce oecome iustly popular
nKPo"J88trong1 PP?ed to me agiution ; tbfhottt.eUnited.SUt mist efS
of the slavery question. We A nn -t,. i ctentiV ermifuire ever known n,i k vT
.1 - . . . ..yuuwi
wjerc ever was a party heron in Taaaa..l..A.
been steadily on the increase since its first intro-
m which any attempt was made by a respecta- daclioo to the pubfie
r o nnmKA Af.'a .JI - . r J - a-& Tl l ;
cie number of its adherents, to quell the slaver. JPrcnasers wffl be'nrelal'to aV thr n.
y. fetation, and this, with many other facts, i M ANLS CELEBRATED IvVERMlrUGE.
which miffht be cited. ahntiM ki i and take none eb.'i -r, :r.. T
convince the people of the South, that the
u;ncan parry is tne Union party the Con
stitutional partythe Conservative -party of
the country. It has abolitionists in it--no one
dem. that but, let , us ask, what party wsa
ever organized, with any JJorthern members at
fJJ 5UJ. has . had abolitionists in its ranks!
We, believe honestlv that thA'Amonv.K
has fewer of than any other party which
has ever atti.d any considerable strength in
this country. The fact that the most riromi-
. wwcrt r opposing uie Ameri.
r. ; LANES
comparison. an ,n-l'-
af lrw.. 1
IJver Pca p ba tad at all t.
Prg Sru b the Cni Crates and C Ja.
I- IU C-rtrea street - -
General YI -j for tha rt- .
Also by all rer
..jc:uct ts tdirecrcJ,
ttrcx U ti
- - - . Jcr.3 e.
ij fal cf jz-l!ce with
rsday c!-ht, J when
:ry cT- .t-ck with the
Din Ir. The Washing Ac;:
-0a Ottjq .. . "
Ve are informed by sn intelligent "J
Democrat that thre are 10,000 Irish I?
the public work, in Virginia who hayp
this election for the first time: and all
'Vicu. iut iut; t iae ucaec Auere X,.
ran ntrsnaatn:il. J.n .t.: r. ... -
w , tulcm wiu. ut uieir mifmi inn mum t nn .
is a vrb-Ia volume of proofof thefruthaniwhat 7i I trr.t'.rt.'
n editor out West says th&t he t called
S F--h Father Walworth' c;. raon ca
(cation of He l,w as it was a quc:'Jr fa
t 2arly all his readers were dee-ii-t; .
Qa motion th hoard adjourned s'ne d'e: - '
" '' - ' JAMKJ IL BUnilUa. President."!
JLpjtwjfAsr, Secretary . :t ,.n
-" Many ladies
their preser-
the furer- ; j i
t-J WUght which was felt that I word.-? "... ; t c ..i !" j iv3. riH. 2000 to .4000 of these yn th TiW im-
the writer gave a blow, though after all,' r- t rev -ailed ,tL3 h3 tzc.-illr;U:xtof iov .fTnnneL.vIii Aegnr"' 340 .Irish labow
it was but a thild$ blow. Oar ca:ghbor did not tUnkf l'-css. ; V. 7 , cametotne poll, d for Wise. .On
see that the er.:itM'tn rfWhM'ta -tho Wa inRt.nJ t-.i . A -1 wie.tifirginia ana
nfcrlHv Irv. ment by the edred part cf the ir ' wife accompanied by some of their c2J peil toigu vote? .ca?t
f tl 4 UCr.t '1 yi UOaTtb.It(ve a word nf mtUk 1..1 n.un i,:.i.j .1.. it ....t . . . " I
' . f . .1 1 1 ...... . a . . ... "
inurecanaiegcsunu?3r America are dav. wbcre we wLh thera hr! , r f I
lenca are day, where we wkh thera heal.": cJ hrpf.'-css.
e lload in Sootii-
3 csyerd: thousand
by ti ctcu3jl;t czzr-U:
rOThe Philsohla Kr.rt!i A--r-- -
f l a. . -
uauo fcUBjipiinciacovery trit , -
has not V wer to etist ii doc -i ' - : s
uynatr cVcal l..; VL:: --3
thought U! - ' . ' "
w anint
the President hai
-at rt .
irom uc isecretar
ridf on account V
-le. - i -
Paper fror-,
1 '
1 corrcr;:-:rj c" t
"lved to r:
3 IS Ccis. '
0 ludlLK v
5C3 do Cub. Suldher.
1CC0 do Roll do
1CS0 do Copperas,
550 do BiueCto&e,
:0 oss. Calp Quinine, .
6 do do Ilcrphise,
4 do ' Acetate da
3 do Ctrychriss.
C3do Quirriir;,
ri!3 Pi-rir?, ......
1 Y" ,
10 (i
I- .
c c .

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