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AZOO CITYM,:"" X MIDY; JU Yi, 27fl85r.
YOL. 1--N0..10
I r i'
' Three dollars' if pid i..
Pour dollars If net ill withi.
Five If delayed until tha ende
Advertisements are inherit I at t
autre consisting often lit: i -'
cents lor cacti suosequrm
fliberal deductions mai- t
lid by the year. .. . ;
months .
he year.;.,
c' 'lar per
, ad fifty
3 Who ajlver-
fxiida?,-- Jiiivir ar.
and w3 may well take them here at their word,
and behevQ that in this they are hnesL
Tiifro must, then, certainly bo 'sometimfln
tlio Catholic religion, essential ito "Catholicity,
that is repugnant to the Pre4 stant view of th;
rights of the secular order; 1 . : if it were not f
Protestants would nnaiiy have softened towards
s .ism uniformly peeks is irtrinsically false and
unjust, ami , tliercforO in pro; rtion as- we n re
f ithful td our religion we must be odious to Pro
1 slants, and in a greater or less degree be perse
ai'ed by them. v-. Protestantism cannot afford to
leave us in peace. It is for this world, and makes
men live for this world alone! it is, ea we have
as, and become as willing Xo tolerate us as t '.ey.- shown in the foregoing article, essentially heath
are to tolerato down-right infidels. Pr. .uit -euism, and as such, asserts net'cssarily.th' supre-
. ltM t l fc'J. J. . . !i ... l !.. 1 .. ' SI 11 I. . . ' il
n-e itj; macy oi iuc sccuiar oracr. vaiQoucy, on trie
be au s other hand, asserts the unprcmacy ott " spiritual
Um may vary its forms, bat it cannot c
essential nature aua live, it prour .o
uprising or tno unman race la Ik . ofliberty. order, and malics religion the only real business
This profession, in j any respect " 1 y sense of. the of a man's life. ?' How, ' t! .), can " we commend
word libertyr te ridiculous, fbr it 1 notorious that, ourselves to. Protestants, : or remove their obiec-
Protcstantism every where f ,i despotism, nowtions to without abandoning our religion!
of the throne and noT c ." tho mob' Yet there-How, then, n they ever regard our prospt-rity
mast iw a et-uau
freoilo i from all ..restraints not 4mpofeed Immcdi-1
rJ or medutely by Und himself, but freedom 1
-ii ir? I-ii ! i 'ii .i';-
an ruiigiuus Kuiuoniv,' irom au reugiou cxn ;
cent that which a man concocts for himself. In . ttse our termt m our sense."
i i .an, wni ii nroiwsi'i u oiuv-rwi ihaii as dangerous 10 lucm:
. ' Catholics r..t not suppose that Prote . It is alwiys labor los-t (ot-m to attempt to prove
use our t:: ,is in our sense. Protestautb.a to Protectants that.xio are Aheir very srotxl broth-
a xx-'.JL,. in favor of what Protestants ers,and, in their .sensbraa good as they are," &c.
I tr l .ppIV? nnt thnv.niniin hv Ii hnrlT nnt I rntrncnii'j llnio .l.in ... K r.
a 1 1 .I'm m - i. nm l-rf ' -
v The '.I"ppc : Supremacy :
yCtitholici mi&t not I suppose that - Protestants
' ' Correction. -la our last issue Mr, IL-nderson
it represented aa referring to the Resolutions of
'S3 and S9 in proof that the America party had
its birth in Virginia. His reference however,
was to aresolutLu passed by the same jeHah- v'rom all religious authority, from
ture which adopted those resolut' - ; : Ti. - ,3
which he quoted was pass: ! Jar. 1 . . J3;
a resolution-1 j ''oppose every stitutic.;al
b arrier to the Iris reduction of i'o.x. ., a influence
National the world, and the devil, fercncen held in Baltimore' in May , '1855.
opinion that the Constitution ought.to. bo so the three powers which Culjolicity labors ioces- 4rflwM TtrtWn t:-;
amended that "NO FOREIGNER SHALL antly . to restrain and reduce to subjection:
politics, us against us, thy mean by lilerty
Brottnsoh's Quarterly Jlev.
... ::;,:-
apsnmie maepenaenco ana supremacy oi ne , .Tu Mississinnian publishes the following
ulai order, and th subordination, and subjection, , . . . -f
of the SDir-il. .Protestantism, therefort. was wluch purports to be anexlract-from:';the. ad.
PARTMENT.' ?,See IJenning'i Statutes,
Jhi 2, page 194, new scries.
; C. wnsonts. the Anth.
; We deny that the American party propose
any Derscxutin. unless it were persecution in
the Wh ' .vote against Democrats, and
the Democrats against AVhis.
N- This Would be a cross miannnlir.ation oftbft
- 1
word persecute. But Lt us concede that it i j
persecution, still, itla' politiea?, net rd'jus
- recution. Jt is m owing to any religious
in'on of Papists, but a single political dogua
"which thjy must hold, or their own church pro
nounces them dialoyal. . We "do not oppose the
tlcvation of Papist to tffflce because they hold
that a wafer, or piece of breadr is "the body and
Hood, together with the sonl and divinity of Je
ms Chrjst;' nor because they pray to the Vir
gin Mar, or invoke saints, or bow down before
graven Images; but because they believe, if they
be trueto their church, that they owe highrr
allegiance to the Pope, a foreign temporal prince,
than to theif own government; that this foreign
m prince my absolve them from all allegiance to
. thefr country, and depose their ' government.
. i nis we nave provea irom lirownson. ad a we
' ' have several times presented this view of 'our
position, butthe Ant is have been unable, c un
, willing to perceive the distinction. Perhaps they
will pre it more bed when they hear, it from
Browrsoa.the rrcat oxpnr.-t of the Par '-'in
. thin country, enilorstd by twen - Tve An.
. lale we'diflur
twe are about
hva tnat.it is
,c l:& tot
nn nil witK natornal fTort!nn anif tntrant irnti
The hostility to Catholicity is j!pt that v 0 waik circumspectly, for the days are evif.-
souw prcu.nu, incompaiiDie wun uns or.u,ai v,n kor WK. n..nn nr K
firm rvl fvnvniinmkt Knf tKnt . . f ItAl.is itl . . . . L .
,u..v,v...6.u..u,uii, uu. vu- ikiiyiunvt.il given you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
government in every country, whatever its form, ua tt,;n ne n ct;fi,.,;rt-
i 4 ., a j 1 vaj - mv va au4 j vu cutivutuwsvu
V-7 r . . v , C "I: Be peaceful, sober, just and faUhful in the per-
; J , 1 r urcy V - formance of all duties towards air mankind
teaches this,, for . nearly every Protestant sect u aUence, forbearance, cnarity , towards
v". wo nuiup bv, vuv j nil
I-t ..U1!-!4 1 .1.1. . U
inui vAiiiuiiCHj is a cuurcu, a qorporauon, a .
kingdom, extending through, all nations, with its. -
centre of unity and its su erne chief. If the
. 1 U"U.,;,:" Ul u" V ltt "" inspect and obey constituted authorities, for all
suDrcmo ruler on earth, if it were broken into na- ' v .... .
ing to bo spiritual. The state ordinarily refuses "
ta yield,, and -so ordinarily the relation between
the two authorities is that of.mutual hostiliUv'-(Quar.-Rev.
January 1852f p. 15.) Njw ; irv
this mutual hostility, on which siL? must a jrood
Papist enlist! , Qt course on the side of the
Church, the; Pope.'tho Vicar of Christ," on ": the
side of God. He'must.Vlimit his obedience ' to
thfr state to those tljngs not repugnant to tho
law of God, and add,Vith' : ihe Apostles,- - We
must obey Godjather than men.'-S;;BeIieving",a
they do, no one can blame them.Jt is what we
would do ourse'lv'esi whatany rational man would
do, when firmly, persu tded in his mind that he
is called upon to disobey either mn orOod
"""JTut-Iet it be admitted that the eiuract ,of ' the
- -Tife S.. , -iff aiofe -r-'
Mississippian is gentm which we are not pre
pared to deny, and that It is not equivocal or
Jesuitical ;"whaf then docs" it amount to! .The
church to which these Bishops J b
that higher allegiance which they deny ;l he Pape
nas acted upon it whenever he had power, and,
as Brownson snys, the argument ah acta ad 09
se is allowed to be valid ' If these eight3ih"'
ops deny the c'cttine , they are heretics. At
any rate hey are not authority , for the renun
ciation of any power claimed by their supreme
hpad. As well m-'ght the subjects of QueenVic
- Jfjrniou Opinion
.Ta fan
. 1'oreln InfliKinct.
extract from a letter fom v TCDukf .of Richmond, lately- Oovntnot
John Tf yf datfd,P.jris,No-: Gf'nenil of cVuadi, u3rs the following linjruawi
owmisan extract
Thomas Jef fersi m'.to
vembor 14, 1 The tetter ii found in Jefler
son' worknj vol 2 bp, 37 1.--75.
italics from the book . .
V- taki? "tho
!eri ot auatLi, uses the following lnguag
c Micruiiy 4 the Gn vei ntiipnt of tSp United
States. " ' . '
. 'With respect to the consular appointment?,
tt is a duty 011 me t-add sum; obBervabinns,
which ftiy situatiotr hen; has euabled met to
make I think It was in the opt ing of 1784, that
Congress (harassed, by multiplied applications
from foreigners, of whom- nothing was knowu
buton their own information,or 011 that of oth :rs
as unknown as themselves) came p aesoluli n
he naming any person not a citizen to the ef-
iicfi of consul, ,vice-eonsel, Agent of commissa
ry ." This was 'irVndwd as a ffsnerai a:isvert )
that swarm oT . . pretenders.
to me that it.wvl Ij.beflt, still to preserve a part
of this regulation. '-iKative' vit zhus ; on several
valuabfe.. accounts, are preferable to aliens; and
tVcittians alien-borti. They posess our-' language;
knowVour laws, customs, and commerce; . have,
generally, acquainteuce '. in we. United "-;tes:
give better satisfaction; and are more t - 43 ' re-
lieu on, in poiuw 01 iiaeiny. 1 x aeir ai6auvam.a
arean. imperfect acquaintance wish . the. lau
guu ( ' this country, and an ignorance - of the
org?.;.:. n of its judicial and exetutive powers
ajpd co li; -uenCawkwardness, whenever.. appli
cation ta either f these, is nicessary, ait -fre
quent yjs; B it happens, that inaumeortne
toria, .who are among e?, utidertake to cf de awayjfcPri,lc5PlePG' Fra-ce; th.-re is not a single
K.. A,. - 3 .r:..i:;... Amencatrf
In the exercise of your rights as free citi-
zen; rcinemoeryour responsiomty to uoa, ana
act ; f men, but not as haying liberty as a
i ": iW malice, but as the servants of God.
c c r . .1 4 .v .1.- :. ;.
tionalchmches.cach confined to a particular no- yJ'Z "X rl Z thpm
Uon. and complete wiUiin itsclf.it nSght teach all lhf TJ- n antf purchase to them
the doctrines and observe all the rites it no&-. A r0 'inUn
docs, without cv - being tho object of fear to 1 ! To . General and State Go , ernments you
. .' . .0 . i . . . . nw "IlprrmrTA in all that rpfrarila thf nvu or-
ivotestant gevcr cats, cr ' tho subiect I'rot- , "r .. ?. ... . tTC. i.5?- .l.h,
it ait I .yc'cution. Hostility is excited ajraiasL t
u o.i .1. -..,1 ..:.: -.r.::,4 : ODeaiencw-o,uie ining o eaivauuu. iv uave
her title to the Canuw,o Only a general coun-
fv3 in ?' .rsei lea, L'Orient and Ila-
VTe.ifi nthpri but iin;7n! in Nnntp9 anrl"HniipnL;
cii; with the conciirrence of the fPope, can : de-; and inBardeauk-dulare there two or three.f
clare I nthoritatively what are the doctrines of .Fortunately for the present, moment, most of
i-.-' - . . - '" . ' '. a.1 . a l '' .. 11 " i".
church. ' If the Pope do not claim temporal l ieH ,are. wonny 01 appomimeiiis.,-iiui we
- . . . . . . Riimild Innlr fnrwsM tn fiilnr.- fimos. wli,-n thiTf
, if the Church do not cotidede it ti , . . . .
by Virtue Of .''the tWO SWOrds,'' Why has it but sur.h us! hrinr h inlrmnf tl-r - a-vl.im
o 1 (
nhver. been authoritatively dnied? at is this
doctrine, as Brownson says, whrch has led to all
tlie struggle of governments against Papistry;
becuuse, having such vk iblc centre . and supreme " - j S T5 j V T Ci r v..
ruler m earth, it has the power, when the ixttplcy u"df8Uni Land - TJF"?
Of uy particular- nation sinccrely4ind tiru ly InPT Aat we havo uniformly taught you, both
1: ':. -1 ' a-... 1 ...1 nubhclv and tinvatelv. to perform all thn duties
iicvu it, iu . reiiucr' its icaciiiug vucci
uai, aim w , t .,.... . -" , ,
oice the-irovernment to rejrard itand-dcsist owuv" 7 "
from its attacks on. thd spiritual wder, -or its acts , 'ouf as, WG ouraaiyea nave never .maae, even . to
against the law of God. If is the Papacy that- n.gnest eccienasiicai auinoruy, any engage-
u .troftiio.1 n,i tro nm W.ra,to.i nnt . KT rniwo - ment inconsistent wun tne duties we owe to the
we aresupposetl to believe error, but tKMiause we country, and its laws. On every; opportune oo
are Papists. -Catholicity without tho Papacy, if casion e nave avoweu tneso principles, and ev
. .ch.a thine1 were cone Ji vable, would be no ob- ,n in pur ; common:cationsj tosthe late Pontiff
ject of persecution; nay; would be eveu acccpta- we rejecteu as a calumny ine. impiuauon tnat
Die, to. almost every secular government, as an wo-wre 111 . ,uaucro '""jfc "ia u'
fliiTiIiartr t(V.lVn f!!l rvAiun..' iTli wn i. !a nrroinct tv. Be not disturbed bv anv misstatements of
Peter, on wliorn' Christ founded his churclu be- our tenets which are daily made, or at thw eM
cause Pter is the keeper and administrator of the aepnyc us oi our, civn ngnis, ami oi ipe
saoreme law of, cations as ol ludif iduals. As connuence aim esieem oi r iw.ow ciyzens. j
long as Pete? sits in his chair at Home, no State ! Tormidable as is the cc iaiation for this pur
is tree to practice, injustice; to violate thtfrigbts ' pose, we do not despair that the jusdee and
-Bishops of the Papal chure?
from Mr. Irc ison in r..'icU t
. m, to quotf, yet v. r fully
tlicpeculcr political
' V which exc4 the j-a'
, -..? tnn i ar.J r :ct ' .
- Iq t!, r?v.n; cf. '.
-; the FirsC f.-r.a ..:..
.,.', V " -r
Pr Why kit t'-.-t
i;ave 2.;.i the r -.Cat'wIIcsP
atlcism, an, I v
.cuts he ad1', :
principal ca.c I
licit v axfctts tKo i
, e .wi
tenet, a!
!y of Prut
. .,;;:, or:t-
.1 ...' :
s c
. -anm
r.' -. i.ercver. 'they
var ' f persecute
I : to try, fan
. 1 ' their' influ
' - i to "think the
i that Catho
;; c an 1 . m premacy
in France from tueir creditors,or young ehem
eral advauturers . in commerce, without sub
stauce or conduct, or other descriptions which
..t . ! . ' ., I nr.' 'It - . .... .
iiuui. uiejrrace me coaiuiiir omce, wiuioui pro
of its neighbors, to onnrcss . itar-nbiccte, or to
trample ou. the law of (iod with inipdnity, Pe
te must, then, be .dethroned, aud war to the
death be declared agaiust-him; and all who ,own
good sense of tho nation will soon -"discover - the
groundless character of the. ; suspicion thrown
upon the fidelity of Catholic, whose religion
teaches them to respectand maintain the estab-
him as the, vicegcraut of Cod on. earth. : Ilere is lishedorderjf societyjtmder whatsoeveriform
wherfure Protectant governments and people ol government it may be. placed, lirethren,. let
wajre such deadly '"arairainst us. and wherefore the light of your example shine before men that
they never tolerate ns.or leavers to enjoy our,4 they maytiee your good, works and glorifyyour
rigutwhere" tL. , ; fcdomlnaut, and we are, Father who is in heaVen; Pray for the cotiver
or are like' '"to'bv, ..w., trough to ey rt any sion and salvation of all men, for this is tlie will
important i lenceon pubUwafTairs. i ' L ; of God, who desires that all mrn.roay be saved
s',,Iere,L Mielnaia secret of that" unrelenting and may come to the knowledge of the truth." J
hoKti'ity with which Protestant pursue Catho- j t-This Jesuitical document is sufficiently ex
c Vnd what is our remedy? How. are we to i - n. . . Ua; uzaa'.: ..c1,;j
disarm this Ji6sUiityT By denying the supreme . . i ,
cy ol the spiritual order, and assertinsr the abso-; 've iuvm"' wuowmu iao
lute lnaependenoe and supremacy, of the totate,
that i?, 8Mcrificir'g- tocCasar?, In thirst pl?",e,
. r . . - . -4 o"
why then has not the rope given rest to his tol- tecin i our commerce. To avail ouraelvos of
lowers by calling a.council and putting this mat- our good native citizen, when we have one in a
ter beyond coutroversy. Was o much trou- Port aim wnen there are n0Re t0 nave 'et some
- - ... mt person to attend fo our afi-". ;s;it appears fb aie
ble to convene an ceumer Kill Then Jdv;3able to declajCf by-a standinff Va w, that n
wheftonewas called Jor tLar..o of deciding person but a not its dizen shall be capable of
upon the immaculate conception, why was not'ihe office of constt! , and that the consul's presence
this point brought forwardl: Archbishop Hughes, " fels P?rt should suspend, for the t'nie, the lunc
1 r.t-fc' . t,. i :l tions otJLhe vice-consul. This is the ruls of 17-
m$P??nCAn B,shops were there; the ' 84. restrained to the office of W,. ami tQ' no
kney;thaC the Know Nothings had raised a cry five citizen. ' The e.tablish:rig this, by a stand.
against this doctrine, and that ' a contest must . mglaw will guard against the effectof particu-
ewualo wliicB 'Uie prospecU were against the lar applications, and will shut the door agam,t
Papists. V hy did they not relieve their follow-. herag donPthe;office.of.Vice Con.
ers from what they call persecution, by a--um- m may be given to the best subj ect" the port,
pie decree that hisHolinesshas not temporal whether cit.zen or alien; and that of consul be
rupiemacyVexccptlnWltalian statesrhas not kept open for any native citizen of superior
' qualiScaUons,vho might come afterwards to es-
, , . , . ' ' . .. -"- v . tablish himsvif mthe port. . -The functions . of
and to absolve ,-Sutyects and citizens rrom. their nhe icc.Consul would become . dormant during
duty, of allegiance to their king and country? ihe presence of his principal, come interactivity
Tho reason is obviousjbecouse this is Odear-p-'r in his depaxture, and Jhus lBpare'.na"fco4
' It will b? destroyed; it ought not and will not ' T
be perrnittetl to eiik.-- The eurae of the French, :
rnvoutio and subaequc.' t vai s and cominotonn "
in Europe are to beiatn.L :ib to its cxmple;
anusol ncf as it ex;?t no prince will be safe
upon hit t n''h? c. reigns of Europe
are aware o. . cid... ..cy have determined upon
its destruction, v.l they have xome .to an uu
deitanding'upon this" subject anu have derioVfl
on tne meaus to accom.ii it,- ana tney wiii
eventually succeedby- ubversioif rather tlian
conquest. All the low and su. js population
nf tbfl HifTpronf n.itlfiTsu nf Vnmr I K tw
it appears uj into thal country. jt
is aud will be a re-
ccptarl ? For the bad and and disaffected popula
tion of Europe, when they are not wanted for
so1dier3 or 1 9 supply the navies; ami the govern
ments of E irope will favor such a course: This
w!!rcree' a'eurplua and a TOJtjoVityof Jogr. pop
ulation, who are sovery easily. excited; and thev. -
will jbritjg-withUiem their princips and 11111010"
' kses out of ten adhere to their ancient xox
.meffgovernmeTit, laws, jmanuerH,"customs and .
rellfn'sfatsdf will trsmemto iht-jrjpos-
itj , J in r;. my cases jpVgTtomamb'
theatiw..:'vTaes8 men will become citizens,
and by the cot.istitutrpn e hdjaws wilbe inyest-k
ed with the right of suflrage 'Hen c, ; discord,
dissensivh anarchy ,and civ41 war w I'A ehsue,nnd
eom j popular individual will assume the govern
ment and restore order, -and the eyyjreigns of
Europe, the emigrants, and many of the natives,
willsubtain him. The . church of Uome has a
design ujion that country, and it will In time be
the established rtligicn;and I will aid in the de
struction of that republic. .: IJ have conversed
with many of the sovereign and princes of Eu
rope, and they have unanimously expressed thvse
opinions relative to the government of the Uni
ted States and their determination to subvert
it. ' - ' . . ' ,
est doctrine of thfeir church, the one on which.-."' Faiasut operawn.oi revoKing n re-
., .r ... . . ' vivinj? their commission naroetuallv. T4 Arl.to
of the tiritual Ci-r, arsU t.tchs that the seen
lar should in all thirrp be subord'nated and
made subserricnt to it. Protestants h", In
deed, sometimes persecuted Protestants, uut orn
. ry la the heat of passion, from the love of pow
, tr, or to aavtf themsplvcs in tl.e cy of Catho--
'Uca frc:.i the reproach of Icing divid . a into sects,
asJ unable to maintain even the appearance of
unity. But persecution ' f Protestants by Pro
Ttestaats has lor since virtually leased.. Sects
the nrt widely seperitcd freni each other in
do ctri r. i3 and rites are very g ! friends, and
meet t ,;ether ti a World s .Cor. .'.ion, not in
perfect harmony, indeel, but wiUout cutting
each others throat,w&.c,&.c..; : ' '
" Now wheace," continues Brownson, "whence
comes this inveterate hostility of Protestants of
11 scti and classes, sorts and aizcs, to Catho
lic"" y ! V?y is it that Protestant are more hos
tile t 1; 3 1 i one Protestant sect ia to another!
It" rrUin' is not from purely religious motives,
for rfotesUatisni ' 1 not care, and never did
caxc, enough ''"'on, properly so called, ;
to persectJ t -j t. 7 -1 . r its r ke. - It is not be-!
cause Pret:'v:"tJ ...lt'.-tc-. ouhi arein dan
ger, for th?y t-vc! always ccr.c.ied C.U f-'
tion t attiinilla in our Church; ar.i ..l i . y
'- :nd fvr, t3 any one,, may ece by rct-dlng
l.-.i.'.T Treat hr-;Uj-h defender, Chillirgworth, is,
that i;rc,' '",V;;a is a safo way of - ealvation;
tl,it tl . -i. 1'rctcetant can be saved as well
ti a Cat' clkv . . . It i3 cot real for tha honor
f f C 3 !, cr profound bve cf tra th, for we sea
t; -1 fnterciie with inCJch an 1 men who scc3T
tt 1 1' j call truth. . . . Vhat then is the
t . el ;;-''!.'' - . i
Th3 csusa U cndouhtcilly Bccular. Tl.:', in
' fact, ii tr-'ya the cause alleged. Prct: :'..-1-Ism
ahvaji denies that she . persecutes fzt reli
gious ca'-r; .. Ia Errand the crcc .:J t!.3 cler-r-y
as traitor.v ar.4 . prohibited th3 trcisnt reli
rioa because dangerous to the rtilo. Lord John
llusscll, in his recent legislation agair-t Catho-lid-'y,
rrof; s to respect rcligiou:i liberty,
to lc-uhta cr.'y ta protect the prere- ves .of
tho Q-"en. In this country, what is the great
r.r: t r "Jr. t usl It is, that we cye a!I
Hinco t3 a 'fercijn potentate, ar.i c?r.r.ctfcslcy-
t. .
to do fto r
do so, and .still profess to be Catholics, itwould
conciliate lis no favor, ;. r-no Protestant would
believe in the sincerity of ourdisavowal of the
hated, '"m-"qj.I Shall .we' solemnly protest
that we are. loyaLsubject?, and are bound in con
Science to obey .the civil authority in all things
not repugnant to the law of God?, To whatendf
I'rotestants care nothing for, our. proteftationg;
for they have a theory that a Catholic wul sticL
at no lie where his reiigi5n is concerned M6r
over, what we solemnly protest, id so protesting,
is precis 'y what they object to :U3; "and iff pro
testing it wonly aggra vate our olT . ice.' ;Vro-
tcfitants entertain no doubt of our loyahty us sub-
jects,that we will alwaya uphold the constituted
authorities: in all things not repugnant to the. L11
vinolaw; but thU is precisely what they, do not
Want ua to do, and what, they oppose us for.
What they want iis the ower, when? they have
the, state, to do what .cyrplease with it, and
when they "have cot, to "make a revolution in order
to get ity two things which our doctrine, of loy.
ality to the powers that be, and of the Bupjei y
of the law of God. directly forbids them. J.t'i.3
not because Catholicity does not favor wise, just
and stable civil "government that -'f'stant3 op
pose it, for that they know it doc, c because it
issue, and by. others which we will, insert -'.from
time to time. ' The address is "signed by etffht
they yet hope to rear up such : power as they
possessed in the- days of medioeval ' darkness.
Let tlie-Papal Church, renounce this dangerous
and odious poMeaLdogma, and Papists wiU be
in all rcspects;af IJttle molested as the Episco
palians have been since they discarded tlie su
premacy of tlie English crown.
1 Acltiiowlcdgnicnt of Gofl..-,
"vA,, great outcry ris raised by the .ti-A
merican presses ' bebfluse the Philadelphia j ,
form contains anckhowledgroeht of a; -
this, thatduring the presence of the ccr the
vice-consul wou'n" t be uicre'y usel s',but v uld
be a valuable oounselior to Hid principal, new in
the office, the language, laws and customs bf the
country. -Every consul and ;V;- consul should
be restrdaed in hisjurisdicionytQ" the "Port ,for
-which he is named; and ' tie' territory . nearer to
that than to any other congular or vice , consular
rport, and no idea be permitted to. arise that? tlie
grade of. consul gives right to any authority
- whatever ever a vice consular draws on, any de-
penaenee.. -
B,At a meeting bell at tlie Methodist Eprs
copal Church In Yazoo City .'on, Monday the
16th d;iy of Julys I8r ' fbr thffpurposeof organ
izing a society auxiliary to the South-western.
Bible t3 Jciety of -New'Orleans, Rev. J. A. LghtJ
was called to the chair, and R. B. Mayes ap
pointed Secretary. ' " -t
- Jl Thomas B Mai kits'";
amn-wesurn Jiioievoci. ,
draught of a constitution ,Xihi
N. G.-Nye, Esqr. was adopted as follows;. V
" I. Th;s Society shall be Vailed the , YaiCv
County Bible" Society;" "and it shall be auxiliary
to the South-western Bible Society of New Or
leans.. - ' : . -
II., The object of.th's Society shall be to pro
mote the circulation c f Holy Scriptures,
withont 'note or Comir. . in English, those
ofth- -ilV reef'' ..ion. . ' " '
All, 'vi3 1 .uting any Bum to its
(for the
, eubraf'ted a
r on,mution of
Supreme Being, AVe can see no impropri"
such an acknowledgment, , at any
The admiuiatratioQ prt;saea makd.a great noise
overjtlie "pretermitting'' clause in tlie American
and to become to all mtenlsand purposes! . . - T - irtime
nci.ntc. ,j i ...-. ... A'lCve. tncludin'f nearlv all o those who . sunned l,UiCt'
w 'wi ou in iuo . Btxuuu uutcc. ncio wo wj - - o . ' . -r.-. , 7 B 1 . - . , , . . .
RP.y wc X- ? J' - - 6 pression of opinion upon the power of Congress
en, 01 itie m u.m.j aiuu. . 3 , to estVIisli or prohibit slavery in any Terrioryr
I condemns both civil despcti
I'rotestantism ia power is
despotism either of the mor.
and Protestantism cit rf r
When we limit oc.
t : things not , rcpu-
" and r "'" )ni3m.
il ej, the
.i r the 'mob;
er 13 re volutin'
zcz to the ft c
to the -law of -J
1. 7q must "obey 4JJ frl
civil despotism
" i principle of civ..
- sert our duty to.
' Tatlon iA cqn-
citizens and
' ority save
. Of course the Bishops" say 'rcspect and obey
constituted authorities,' so long as" there is Cno
power of resistance, and so long as the "secular -
order" does tiot "conflict with- the "spiritual or
der;" but when the do conflict, then "obedif nee
ceases ta be ' virtue, andth'e duty of. obeK
ence ., ceases.1' Then what "Holy Jl Mother;
Church" demands, becomea one of "the things
of salvation,' and of course 'the authorities of the
r.biir,Vhs11ftnrr' nbpdienre. WKpnpvif th
i.-L.4-rr .tn-'l:--. S.!- -jr.i.:..-lUnion !lank Bonds Another reason
win not oe slow 10
the potcht argument,
will convince them
Bat the Bishops have never exacted of :the
laity, nor themselves made, 'eventto the high-:
est ecclesiastical, authority, any engagement in
consistent v the duties they owe to. the coun
try and its laws.',' " Bui - here ribey ; use '' their
words in their senxe.'x ' y any means in Vio
testant sense. It ii w kind of Pick wickian
sense," best u4'derstpod by themselves, and clear
ly explained by-their organ, . Brownson. They
hliffAimi r nnv
nindpr unv. circumstances: but if an r .
j". .s national nartv which-did not Tjretci- it an "ex-
the cry. or religious persecution was soon jjas any .Whig or Democratic. jpjatform. denied
raised against the American party. It-was that power, ovalmitted it?.: If not, they preten
said that the ' persecution of Papists -was nut: an, expresion of opinion on the subject. 5Uppiy"bf Bo'ks," (3d)
riCthe'-'iirsVfitep.toward ' the entire over' Our platform goes so far at bastas to say 'that Distributions." "
VII. It shall I" 'he duty of the.Joard if DL-
fut. rhall be maibci for one year: those con
tributing"'one dollar or more shafh be entitled to
receive a Bible or. Testaments to the"' value of
twenty-five cunts, ifcalh-d -for - within twelve
months); those coiitributing" fifteen dollars at
one-time or twenty dollars at two payments, shall
be members for life, m -
IV, All funds not wanted for circulating the
Scriptures within the Society's own limita,shall .
be paid over an n: My to the Pareilt Society, to
promote tne onjects 01 tnat aociety. ' '
V . l he ouicers ol ther Society shall consist
of a President; Vice :' President.'Secretary, and
.treasurer, wnose uuues. Huau oe eucn as tneir -titles
import; and Avho, together :with fire ad
ditional members shall constitute a Board of Di-rectors--of
whem five shall constitute" a quo
rum." ,; ' . "r
VI. Tlie Board of -Directors 'shall make its
own By-Laws, and manege the affairs of the
Society. . It shall be sub-divided into three com-
mitees,each consisting of two members, togeth
er with the" President ofthe Society, viz; cn .
(1st) "Public Meetings and Collections" (2d)
"Gratuitous or other
throw of "all religion.' The platform'' give Congress ought not to legislate, upu tbe subject ' V II. It shaJl Mie duty or theoard of Di-
ifi lip tothis charge iust tithe Mtssissio- of slavery Within the Territories." ' Such then Jow to ,meit frtuenUy on adjournment ,or on
tbe lie to tnis ciiarge, justJine iuishibiip. 1 . . call of tlie President; to keep a good supply of
pi platform does to the charge that the par- lS.thc national American books-; to ,pp-Ilt lo distriUo; to see what
unif'fftf iWnavmpnt'nf thftM)art-v-. R tuG other hand, tho "Union," the na- 0llections,Womc wavre made annually within t
tT wasTorcramzea lor tnepaymeni. oi tne-.. . u.-nT.--f ktt ,i,,,'.f,:rt-,,.I.irtnt.xJ , .. .. . .. t- ...-- - . .t
frv Man. as innnw., : r
Deneve wnais commanuca; vr- '-rr -z.9.r J 7 ' ' '
r ' . ' I - w. - - a "... r - .
, "let him be anathema," A very , e isver.j oomo aays - ago,
vii a l 11 is iv --uiiiJfj m -atvo 1
a national party must .'"ignore the slavery ones-1 arc forwarded early to the Parent Society with
tiotf altogether " This indicates the line of policy
. which will probably be pursued by those who ar
mericans.at rnuaaeipnia, naaiormauy uecia.iu u.. .
their belief in the existence of. a Supreme Being, f - r-I :... ,:..:::'. ...;.,.1:. .-
We proceed to answer Aamr, h;ui , DouSrlass Jar rold on tlu- American
wegive the rijAiruuji i-tiriVnuj
in llichmbndj Virginia; . ,
SVWE-DEMAND: Universal sufiVa" .
2;The etection oi.aii ouicera oy t -eepw. wrfters of ag3 wo find tho follox illg;iutr.
i, tie-auoiHion i met roiueiiuyr 9 $ iuh vuu-j
t- '-Party. ' -' ' 7 -
In: t".3 columns Lloyd's ""YVeekly Review,
edited by Douglass Jefrold,ore of the ablest
w of God
! con-
r.i cf t!.3
t..OuCity IS 13 13 CppCSCa 10
a . X
c cl crown; czrvt 10
i t 1 1 3d, with the A
r-t!.cr t'a r
would cstati;'.,
and rclicus lil . :; ;
obey tLa powcr3 tLt
science to dc:.a c..
loval gabj:ct3, never .
when it ccn:raandi ua tj t" )
forbid?, we deny the ri-'..t cf i
demn the "crcd right cf r
Protcstantism asr-crU when c
ohcity interposes and V-;
the prince-alt- Jtjtyrr.-!. ,
peecs and p- ' ..j t!.3 prince v ! .1 1 c-'
are c!r; . o rebel; prccixly ,L.t ?r-'
',.;t.. let us do otir-bc:t, t.w
net - Ives to the protcctant-n-oi d,
cr cc3v;r.c
v2 era net
, 3
Kcr;.ir cn..r t .. air-'ys a The
truth which W2 ; ; ra Catholics. 1' nd the
, virtaea v;L:ch
iitioh cfSehate?;-i f .The right of the people
totrecall their1 Iiepreacntatives (eashijr them) at
tly-pleasore. 6AThe;- right" of Ihe people to
Change the Constitution-wlien V j ln:e.- 7. AU
;;tnVlv.a !ffiv-.. I department of theoronmci.l .c set up for ,J t
; - ; fcr . rir"f ."rr : ; Ithe protection of r -.igrants. . A reduced term lor
y. understand the law olUod.-, And what do acquiring citfeenshi p. AboUtion of all neutrality.
intervention ior everv peome sirus'tfiin'r iur uu
;vc3 to me l'rotc:;ta,nt-n-ot d,
rir.c3 i' . : Cat, if we are good C .lies,
nettle c ' - t! r.-cn;a ; f the
crdcr r'' alr-'ys , a y The
I aey understand o be the law; of G od I :V hit-
ever the Pope de"1ares to be God's laW ;. because
they "hold him" . be-lh icarof.Christ f n
earth, and under the especial protection ofi the
Holy Ghost, and because" they '. have, and can
J have ho better evidence of what is right and just
Liianiua ucusion. . mo iiiowoaou ueciares. j.uuu
when what Protestants" would call uthi H duties
they owe to the country and its laws," conflict
t' g 1" ' '"pounded by the Pope,
lUsyd :.-. II ; . '" did not owe such
...:tlcs t tha c'ur.ry. ar.I i. . ...3 r""" . : i'Z1
Le no duty to tb? country c
to "tv ::.rltr
Clay by
the Christian
- tD tl.3 C
' ;Vify" ccr.L
erty.. - 4 -. ' - .
".'Abolition oflaws.for .the obscrv
SabMth; abolition of prayers in Cr
i. ' v Volition of oath3 upon tho Bi .
i- ihe sunnortmg ot .trs &j "
PATION exertions of "CaL
Conessional lav Abblitiou uf
system of punishment," and the introduction of the
human amelioration system. , -
'Abolition of capital punishment. : ' "--'
i ""Now, it is because there arc-such sentiments
as these, abroad in the land. (ur.Icr the patronage
of Pierce-and-Reederism,) tk:it the American par-
:xUncjMto start ironv; tne loundation stone ot
1.;;"- vernment, and to annc"-"o, it as
,"., Z3 I
crercra-1 W trr wV-t-f - r r-.
Ai.vcy c-a cv-ywncre are , nast gCck fc3 the errcr 2 -J,
r.iC3crcdf Lu. ,-rawn, ar.i gtror, a ccnrJ ClZ.
r c -t-ti-s cc: c-t; or t..a pro- prevent -"rU tyr-ny oa ths c
-ctlco cf t1 1 : cu.;?tt?i; lica cn t-j.ct,:r keepir-
1 ,
I I I ,
rotr"-ant3 do and1-, " .-n'..
trough us will thcr yield ta 1
"i and rebel-; further tha t.
. ? .-.I L "
r thority,cr
VtatProtei Vj,ifn;:(,
eI.o C
1 and j-:riU:il duty. Thus
r e c;vil authority Kurt ei
"1 orcr ,to
1:1 n uczt .ccme
' c;:ritud
their be'....,
" Cu. "vacated.
"re is a Go i.'?
'man of 'hi;
ty in ur-per country, xi
phia lJatio Platforn.. . C:. i. tou hi3
c'.d lady, tha cried cuWLcrJy, c. J r.. that
to me to keep, for it's 1 1 1 c:t tV.- I c . . "1
sir.ee the uevolutisnary Kr. Tt n r-.t m v.
Paniiiy Litle, Ac. ;ly'l.3 itt.
her tm KL3 rented it i i t.er Clt'.c, to i j ij
their fi:'1") through U.o undfature ---3" '
esting article.' f .
; Hitherto America has been a r-fusre ' for the
outcasts of all .Nations- the homer ot 'all who
fled from debt,from tyranny ,from staryaiion.from
It. has received all--rejected none.
Thiswas a grand experiment but it has only
partially succeeded i-,
Some of ths inmTgr.'"ts epeciaKy Ihe" Ir
L?h, brought mischiefs ith thenv- evil passions
and bad habits; and as all were admitted to
power vote at. electi public men had to
stoop to their baseness togelsupportjand hence
a lower stvle of public morals became the rule in
. m .... . i- ... .. . . .... .i.
large towns. The Know Nothings,: who com
-ise the most lnte'lectual and pro?p-roua men
of the American Dcmocr'acy.aay th'acvil 'riust
bo stayed. Their cry is ; "America for U. j , A
mericans." And surely' this cry is as reasona
ble "as 'Italy for the Italians," on "Hungary for
the Hungarians." The new party is a protest
against Irish' profligacy, and against Jesuit in
fluenco in America."; They seek to crrivetM
lirr.nigrant hs oft'..3- means cv -.Isch
Thrir mctt-; 4 Protection to all-power t t!
American b 1." .
a statement of the amounts designed for the cb
iects of that Society," and for the purchase of
Books. '. z " - -
VIIL There shall be a General Sfeetinrr of
the Society on the fourth Monday of October,
in each year,: when a lull report of theitrdoins "
shall be presented by '" e B "ard of. Directors (a
copy of w hich shall be iuriushed to the. l'arent
S ociety,) and when a new election of Officers
nnd pirectorf shin . take - place. - 1 baould the '
Society fail oft. ... ""'"o'etinr' -. :;ne Of-,
licers and -Directors shall .c . J until at)
election does occu. -J f , ,
IX Any Branch Soctety;or Bil. Committee
formed within the boundirrthis Auxiliary,- by
payipg over- iw iuims au..uauy snau receive
Bibles a: ' Testaments at cost prices. " .
X. No ...teration shall be made : in the Corn
stitution, except at' an.annual meeting and by
consent of two thirds of the" members, pres
ent.. . - - - - . -
The Society then proceeded to the election of
Oncers, which resulted as follows:"
.-;;." .OFFICERS.:. 1855.- .
PhEstpest, Wm.; J. Eeake. - .- -
" Vice Pkesidext, CC F..Hamer,-Esj.
Secket4kt, R. B. Mayes. ;
- TtfBAscRicR, Peter B. Cook. " ;
Dirixjor,-Rev. J.'R. West; ''.'4
" Henry tlagan;.
. " . '-. 12.' L. Bower,. .
Win. Vvrr.in, and
. w D. 11. Hoiliisgswortlu
Mr. Slarkham then moved thej adoption of
the following resolution, whLh was earned. :
. Jl?soh-eJt Tnat the Y ,0 Co'nntj"Bible So-
cltly be t ames ' c,:ni..w.:dedJto the crntribu-
s, the tfiorts,:' and the , prayers
.iotic, the rhilan'hropib, and the
Hl. -i.O
1 Gr Sentiments. Hurgsxy f"
!ar.3, Turkey for the
. Trance fcr fha Fr-
. Erin fcr t..D i.., . ...v.ud fr t!3
Du'.c-, erica for the Americans. ' :
f the era-
:ticn cf-,.'
!xce c
of the .
Cbris, ;
... -. t . .
v. v ci it is iocaiea.
j? : r ;
.cre. frrish to the-----7
ti dsprccecdingsof
. . . . - C.j be 1 uh- -
Jon the Gocicty a.-rnetL- . . '
J. A. LIGHT," Chairman.
- '
i A

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