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iMilny Flornlrr
' foe oovernoe; .
. ft Ptnictgc County.)'
' AV O. HORN, ofClari ejnj'
For Auditor f-J'bullo Account; ''.;
F. L. PWANN, f JTnit eo.
For "State Treasurer;' . v v ' -
It S.-SIXTH, r.AfanWco.
For Chancery Court Clerk; v9 '"''"
J. C. C ARPEN TER, Hindi
For JoJ of Hi?H Court, 2! Ditrict
. , : C. P.' SMI III, of Wilkersfh.
-' ' ' ron congress. .
lt Dia., Cift. J. H. R. TAYLOR, of Marshall.
21 do I.OCCK K HOUSTON, of Monro. '
4th do W. A, LAKE, of Warren, "
v P, B, STARKE, of Bolwar,; ;
w w Cai and bollf! : : ; f -
Our neighbor; of the Democrat -.3 'j'leir- '
1 1 to csll the.laro majority i f i ts 'fJ'.lov; clti- L
rar- cu's.iXVi'l. (hs ow! L..s w.r5bcci trri. -T-
3 TZ .j f.fV....
r t j
' "-.ye!:;.
aX) wh;.
of r.
v . J "An i 'gniSctst f
-3 t-p. T-Uci: . iurit t recommend ? "3
cJ urmtlcmef tccffi", to that a.oceP! m4cl)U4rcrMpJc;:i.tjec3 v a Cr?t tm4un1,;.cnefttfe ft lt :.thef n
party aro! bcttct-tntltW to it than tho Antia. ranger, lota tu. . nuiity, U- - 7 i0 i tifiuci: 'our report cann
i ceniicraan
d awtfy
American ranks
r'VvtS' American h-rt with proud azi c- p0 jjL-- 7 t:t f :a i: Iranchcftho
'J? Ulr'i rations, TL ;tar Spangled Cir. j cnIer cf f..., -Cit I ' tV 1 , tl' '.: :e? Vrd.
1 f . :ntbaiattltUo(li r:i addressed 1 1. t lhr , v?, -.1 - a- , AL-.:;ic.. cedkr i. .
:;Jr', : Joqtr ' "'t!2crj,-nnd distincisncd Statcsm.i, Jersey NVaon, 13 t.-vctfio through tha count-
The EagloU alreaily.ou, and wo cc.4.t.-tU"I!5 WQJV0 Uopinionr oecauw.ina
Ourjieighbor lays that- ow's of" V-2009 " s '-' na- xre poj.ucw ioes. ar l8th;, .v.
Mo not lit trpt-vmnc:!! i L tnld i V r'abM w " " V" u 10 inuaiwi iuai ir.sa iat,: . era . fc.
1 WW
lion aSiliatKma." We wou 4ika for bfm to pro waning la any good quality. Our wordl h
due ;woor of iuch affiliation t ind fearirr bo deceived such; forced; and. uni ast
... ' ' ... . - t A-l. f.J kt.J l . ... ...!.L 1L .!l
will not' be able." we win asslut fctm with .io4WUI W,CU1' ,w V,"W.WI
wllowing'facti -..
Thi National ErifpublUhed at Waahinton Wcre we prone to.lltiberal .eontifucttoft
City," ialhe Cmral oriran of C ; boUUoDiets our el euppliea us with abundant materi.
of the United Lutes, . Tho Proctua of the -H5 For oe says, ;f the secret order,
Nfot:. Volume s .ys," "The National Era is i 'thrt,M csxeerr fiw- months made such
cnQompromiainff opponent of Slavey and Blavedc',eloPmenU ?tndencis Aand affiUa
power, an advocate of peisonal, cMl. andrelig. Myt the concern, that finding themseVes
lous liberty, without regard to race or: creeJi ;dWaced la the estimation ll decent people,
Too to all ocret combinations to control the th thoi;Sht expedient to change their name
- - r ecain and to call themselves the Jfative Amerl.
crleite or laTmen:" &c. The next article iaW. i cao PT-V Now they were certainly not di
i thv of hia Cma aa an orators We, Iiave not space nnf :.r .-r.i nt-rhrktlaa nnd ant!rMr
'is inll at lonrh nrvl liia rpmfirlf bat. SttiHcC 1 1 f-- !ioi. mlA.tU lT
statement be a 60c ! it-has at least U )
merit of truth. It is liter.
The ntmct rnfhusiasin prevailed throughout j warcn tDccl
)day tun, and f?r.,': who rieVer sleeps',
porteror' that evehicj wi called, away to initi
ate joew members, and he knowa of no jnorc
reoectable tccuptionw than inducting Amcri
that the ; the entire rac ing: At e o'clock th j Oonye-tion j --crtal
4journed to meet at an early hour on the coming j
- fliTtmniT MoRsivfi. Julv 21st
At an early hour a large audience assembled.
too wcr.j
price of I"
of tha
"Taebonestfrienis of Freedom must put down PinwOT csiaiwn, wereiore me
know Nothing, or Knowothingiam wHlire not "decent people. . The large majority
put them don. vihe free Sutra 'noat rejett,fr the ! Amertcan people, gentlemen of the h'gh-
A. 1 ; t t v
KnowNothinrr!sm6rffr,ow.NrtOndsmw4inr.B vem
tctrffevablr divide them, and r.:.c: them under ocratlnol to be "decent peoplel" Among the
. , ,, , a -.
tho ieel of the "Slave Power," &.c. "We know
that the free States can never be united on thei
number we could mention soma of whom, our
neighbor would not like to hear another use such
Mr. N.G. NYE. OBce opposite ,Biuner of
fee is specially authorized to receipt for monies
due this office. . , - - v-V.r-
IS?" For Local items commercial, ",c, third
page. - , - ' '' ' "
Anti-Nebraska iswes. , We 'Bow :that,irthe VvS-- abu.w comwucwubmboiw iotc-
State ConncVs of the.Secret Order diahand, and t cw r . ww,uut w..
airree-tr nnitt with the Peon'e of all nartiea on W the ?otaf jwrty," aaUe to pleased to call us,
O I ' 1... " J 9 .1. lv' -it " V J
tV.r 'fiisa'ir.: tha free States in 1856 will ore. were "gracea ,a w esumauon 01 aw. ueceni;
.ent a Sold Phalaox against the Slave Power Peo?Vhen all in whose estimation it was not
I .J . 3 A. 1 1 - - A.
and carry the Presidential election, and i :tal an graceo, nusi oe exciuaeu irpm uni cwegory.
Anti.Slaverv Administration forW Yt-r3 - rWe leave gentlemen to explain Us own
Sj apeaki the organ of Abolitionism yet the "age, " -'-v ; "
anti-A"ierican presaesof tlie S''th .would re-J The Prayer.
joice to hear that the ;Erst3 Cwtils of the U Our pious nelghbocrec mends to the Amer-
I ASD ' ''
Tiere will be a rneeting of the American party
at "Wren. 8pncS on Satorday,.'the 4th day of
August next: Also,", a graud barbecue. The
place of raeMing is cify eight miles from the cltyt
Messrs. Holmes and Ycrgcr, American caodidatee
for the Legislature, will be present and addrcsj
the audience. The cacdldatea "of the opposite
party are Invited to take part in the discussion.
Let the people tern mtn mane. -
Wilis Trick.
Ahlama. Hon. Geo. D. Shottridge, ol J line
Democrat, is the American candidate for Gover
nor of A1 bma.
Col.R; W. Walker, ;the Whig hopa of
North Alabama,' is one of the Anti-American
candidates for th? Legislature, in Lauderdalsco.
'Ala. . r ' y
Wj bara froin'thaHuntsville (Ala.) -Advocate
that the Moulton Detnocrat has mounted the
Arvericnn platform; hauld down , thi name of
IVinston. the Aoti-AnKrican condidateor uoc-
. it. L''r 3 O ! .
w. . Mfni n niL'Tiiii t nn noma m .1 iiii'ti. n i ki i m
ridgp, the Arccrican cor.didate ' .
Georgia. Hon. Qarnet Andrewsldline Dem-I
Secret Or3er" in the free 8u'..3 haf disbanded.
And they persist io their efforta ta fasten down
abolitionism on the American partyl
The same paper says, 'Pro-Slavery pros-
cribea black men.'and Ubor3 to keep tnem a
distinct, d2graud caste.1 Know Nothingism
jean party the general confession and prayer of
tne ipi3copu service. v e sea no oujcuuob to
its adoption. - Therecromendation was i end
ed as a severe thrust at our party, out e have
yet tctsee the man who does not need to confess
that he has followed too much the devices and
. . - I - - . . - JOL . a .1 .
cans into a patriotic party. As muchls we dif j They were first addressed by the eloquent Amer- ld. sunk"
fer from the 'Antia in opinion, we have never de-l!2 lt . -
scended to the injustice of intimating thn it is
not respectable for them to attempt, by all hon.
orable means, to increase their numbers! ? i ;
Doss our neighbor limit his maxim, above
quoted lOfcTJical parties, or will it apply to all
ri.!o3 Democrats) held a
, Ilcseoo Monday last;
' respectable audience.
Sam nf 4ti.' Ii...!.:
1 rs thrilled the immense multitude by a speech meetio? u .
replst with all that was glorious, grand and elo- Of tlio largs '
tine - . tf t. Clinton is ah orator, alid neVer cmtte a "narnbt.
incc'e days of Prentiss has . ftchi clarion party. .The meeting was tpwsd by an address
voicerv"-" fl the politicaisatue tews 01 aiie-.trom -ti cage xiui, wncss remwM wmra rnna
sissippi.V - ain the audience partook of a sple'ft- pally fatended for the fomf-rs present. Ha de-
'MA innAr: , ri- whir.h the Convention WSJ ad- nied the assertion that tH ..?9 bad Mf wish Of
others? If it includa i 3 then the Presbyterians, dressed by th s v. John W, Purvis, who declar- desire to intermeddle b il " ' . cf State, or to.
as a religious party, must be regarded Man msig-! ed that though h was pot a memoer ot tne or- aasame any jans3icoi t rat ccracier in
hlficant party, with- no principles o umaent ;"r he embraced p:
a our mosi ejoqueatiy.
merit to recommend it to public favv and co"-5-dence,
for the last to3dYitoessI contains
ocrat and a man of ,
i f'"no effect spoke th
ir.dples he spoke a halt ; the affairs of Uovernraen;: ) ridiculed the idea
"Hp P. la.an old line dem-; of the "aS aWrng oatV f1zca by pApiati; of
ereat i--3ce. To tho ; allegiance to the Unurca ci it was all a
st worthv , ti2n John C. mistake, that en. sai4 ., .that it was
taken bv these two firm and cona-w t
crats strurk terror to the hearts of tu
the announcement "ot the addition of Unetten ruiCarmack. The bold and inl irnt stand .c-.Tya pretext for tha persecoslM of foraigo-born
mexibere In ooe place, The same applies; to
all Christian denominations, including the Papists
for their papers always publish the additions to
their ranks, though we did not know that their
motive was "to influence tho unprincipled and
the base," '
.Vnwrieia citizsns." rTretaendouaappattitf, and
1,1 of &liillilahs K:i,hol?.aaile4f shoes
and did much good fortbe American caui jc3the bench(ndflocru ; V
The Convention was then addntssd by tu-: ! When the Judge had -fin-W, Col. J.J. B.
fflorious American of Holmes, Hon. A.M. Westl "Thita was lotdlytalledfor, (wmosay by the K.'
r..t waiting lor a gecono invitation;
With such men cur sister County will be all 1.. I wi
right after short speeches trom iludge Burrus, spr.
i t
. Our paper is not published exclusively f journcd-ho tttmoat enthusiasm prevaiUng and j hU -irer-Antis.
We wotild dislike to have a circulation r ! tprmffinMon tr tnA nn fnr Vr" nest No- hsautiful C.
.. i . ....... , r-w'r :. . ... - . - , . ,.-' jr.. .
eo limited. Those who are on the American! vember, 400 majority -for the Anwan party, jtbe oproaric aj.p.-. - vj wB aousor arate
irom aDroao, Win, we i-v. w w i.rx... uoisr. 110 naa
-.3,- and wii out-stretched
::t cf r ty, prefaced
.ow tc-ntrmen" by some
itians: i.i.icr, iudjrinar from
side like to hear of additions to our ranksr urs ; Weoticed several pf our friends
proscribes whiuj men, if born in a foreign land,! desires of his own heart: that he has left undone
or members of a particular church, and seeks tol those things "which toe ought to have done, and
keep thera distinct degraded cante." As no j done those things which be ought not to have
pretence of devotion to the rights of white men J done; and to pray that he may thereafter Jive a
can entice us to act with a party that aids or J godly righteous and sober life. If our neigh-
abets Jtho procripilon of black men, so n$ pre- bor's sanctity hve advanced beyond this ngces
tecj of devotion to Albrights of black men, sity, his frieEi Pope, ought at once to canon
can sccuce us to act with a- party that aids or ize him,' and jt-:? biiiiathe callendar as the. tu
telar saint of EditOi-3, who, we believe, are as yet
is a news paper, and we take pleasure in giving
our friends such news.
a But let us try cur neighbor's party by his own
law; condemn them out of his owp mouth.
The-very next artido after the one which con
tains the wise maxim above quoted, etates in
boastful strains that in every portion r this
county the honest yeomanry, trne o U-'lpa
trlotic instincts, are leaving with ifiisgusV dd
revamped Federal party. Every nnw,..-
E.,P. Russell, friend Jones of the Mercury, and
otr -rs, who were warmly welcomed. D. ,
abets the depredation of white men, DEMO 0-1
OUT HYPOCRICY that is our. principle,
by which we have always sought to regulate j
and determine our political acts andassocia-
. The correspondents of the Era in the several
free States , are unanimous in expressing . the
m ' .A. . Arm, ' ft.
same opinions. Une in Unio, who naa joined
th'i-jPrder .bolted, with three bthefV berauae he
hadafter -careful iuvestteatioo, come to the
candid conviction In at the organisation' is un
' trenchers And Judges. ; Mr. Ciintod" is every
where, denounced by the Aatl papers, as having
forsaken his high tailing as a minister of he gos
pel, to enter the nolitical arena. t But President
Longstreer, for doing tha same, is lauded by the
; same papers as one to wtiom ail a patriots owe a
debt of gratitude. The cases .are quite different
of course, for !ongstreet is Against the Ameri-
"CaTaSlintnnbr theia.: -S'U-ri-;
But our Vice Ch ,.cellor, in his speech the
rach boarttj every (mti-Atnenc,n papct which ; whether there i not ta equal Impropne
reaches us, is tun 01 tne same assertions, i ne rty in tne judiciary or tne state - entering into - a
Democrat, wnS'flourish of trumpets published Seated political contcstl Does he not stain the
tho names of forty one who were said to x have f "tena! a l !t
& . . J . .(becoming in htm to denounce th? r-.t-anty ,of
withdrawn,bot,many ofwhom.havo.-;!
themselves firm in the faiyhen.The Demo-, whom he uiriy be called on at any moment to
cratand its oonfriers being witnesses, and theeal-out equal justice? We have heard these
VaHuestions suggested," but would hot have rthus
.w..v.8 r.; '"Ifalludedio thU subject, had hotthe Vice Chan-
pseudo-Democratic.. party is an insignificant cellor. YCry XficL cxpressc his opinion of
Ollla.l fnr unri-Tln
orrat. one 6f the builders of the Garcia plat-1 - -r --.1 -
- ' ... . . . , 'pAitv, tVo-Blavery." Another, who ooltad jn
. mm in lln4 Ct.tA '. . ' " ' ' -J
tu ijis Qiue wnii it ia uoing an over
1 iuaiue, remarks, concermnir me wraer, a jear n
. .' 1 ius vwuuujii ucuviwuv lata iiiiii-fcjtwi. j jr ivvi
ladirg Democrats are Americans.
MiiSss'ppL. Nearly all-the candidates for
Stateao J district oflices in this State are
ocrats. .
' In Yazoo county the Anti-Americans call on
Wh'gs to address their meetings. ,
A 'orth Carolina. Thomas J. Latham of Beau
fort County, N. C. is the American candidate
for Ccngress. He is in old line. Democrat, of
the Jefferson and Jackson stamp; stood by Jack
son, and the U.iion in 1832, when South Caro
lina attempted to'brcak op the 'UnionT
JVurew. Andrew J Donaldson, the most in
timate friend of Gen Jackson, is out for the Amer
ican party. : " s r '
Hon. Wm.'H. Polk, brother to the late Presi
dent, James K. Polk, is $aid to bt an American
cand date fcr Congress.
We will keep these facts' before the people, with the virtue of modesty.
! fag."-' wThe Abolitionist G.; W. Julian in his
n j speech before the State Convention in Indian
4..i ."I.: . T 1
apons, ucaouucc3 inoae iciuocrau wno jo:nea
tne order, as having "sKuiKed like cowards into
the dark camp of Knew Nothingism." Our
columns might be Ubd to overflowing with such
extracts, yet the ZTnoar Nothings are charged
with Abo'ition proclivities! .'They are denoun
ced by, the Northern Abolitionists and tlie' South
cru anti-Amoricans.id language so similar as to
- Mr. Bower. .
"The main object of the Know-NotMnff pa
per, in the article under review, seems 'to be to
place Mr.J B nvcrin the position :6f - wishing to
evade a discussiona position which' he did not
occupy'Democrat of July 28thV , - ---f
Our object was to 'give a fair account of all
that occurred. . We would scorn to misrepresent
Mr. B.' or any f one elsg,?i O-r cause needs no
such weapon, and when it dcs, some other han3
than ours must be round to wield it. we staled
facts, )ad left others to draw their inferences.
Among other facts. we ttated that Mr. Hender
son threw dovn the gauntlet,1 and that Mr. Bow
er took it up,?'flaying that he would meet Mr.
ill. on Monday night, or at any timeThis
does not look like an effort to represent. Sir. B
as wishing to evade a discussion. We wil
here state, and we trust our neighbor will not
find iri it a grievous sin, that 3Ir, 1L offered to
divide time with .Mr. Bower .on the . following
evening, but the latter declined. VVhen he re
turns, Uvveverwe hope to listen,, to the discus
party, with no principles of sufficient merit tore
commend it to publfc favor and confidence,"
and therefore "endeavors to influence the n
principled and the base by boasting of additions
to its ranks!" . ,
Just here we are reminded that the American
papers and speakers have ? long been charging
the self-named Democracy with having no prin
ciples, and challeng&g them to state what prin-
C'pjes they claim, i have not yet seen any
response,.though we Jiave looked with much
careV - . Well the Democrat please state what
are the principles of its party? ; ;
"little stump preachers.'
, P'INO at uetoi::!
55 The !S'amel Democracy.
v- Our neighbor need not fear that we will steal
the name of the Democratic party; for we want
no better name thin we have The " Am erica
pabtv. In speaking, of tlo meeting at the Cour
house on the 9th we called it ' the 'srlf styKd
Democratic association," because it cannot be
thought by any unprejudiced pefaon that it rep
resented the oldlOemocratic party of this town
or couatyMany as good Democrats as any of
them; refuse to affiliate with them. Their po
sition i'that of opposition toT.tho' American .par
ty, and they resemble in this Irespejstthe -ivlf
styled Democratic party throughout the. Union
W e learn f rom our exchanges, and nave not seen
it contradicted, that; in Mar 't CcUnty, .they
been accused cf being vascilk. ir of Wantinir
firmness an 1 stability : ia his pc'ticarbpinions,
all of which he denies; and in pre f of h:s cons is- ;
tency. gave a lengthy hiscory of bi p- itical a- .
reerr . f: -In.. Sootb Carolina he was a nalli-
fier, and afterwards became a-, prosefyte tho
opposite party? ia; M iaslssippi bad been a Uniorl
man, but is now a J tate ; rgtts man;"he 1 had
joined the JK now Nothing?, nd b tow an anti-
Know U othmg; he naa aiv; . 4 j heretofore been a.
VChic.hnt tha Whf? ca.rW Lsinc 6j. ha htmnn .
where to go, bat to vxq Democracy, ..boaloas ,
can save the country. .
& ach was th history of his political career; and
be appealed r to bis "fellow conntnea" if that
was not prooi enougn 01 nis p' :m ana sia
f '.ty. The spirit of Know n,v,8in, was?
calculated to subvert bur institutions, to tear
C2to tne loity puiars mat so prouoiy r support
:nc of our constitutional libfTties, and level
r --3 n un tiie acii 01 t&e,
?ew. L'4 ' . JzA)re;tigh
heaven that be sought not-..t; his positiqii
was such as to tender hai independent of all la- k .
vors. "After a few C more desultory remarks heV
announced Himself as an indpendent candidate
ior vne ai&ie j32naie;-r-xi?re ue qiscourie
ously interrupted by the reading of the report of
the nominating committee; then followed a res
olution recommending that Yazoo should meet
the other count. e3 of this Ben atom 1 district in
convention for the purpose of nominating a can- ,
didato for the State Senate .' r ';;; !v " .;
The concluding speech was delivered by Mr.
J. M. CIotk, an unassuming arid talented young
gentleman, who was greeted with uemvnduous
applause, with cries of Hear! Hear; tr.a cheers
in thi German language. - -'.-" - , -
and add othtrs fn m.time to time.
Confldcnlial.' - "
As it excites the ire, and wounds the feelings
of .the Antis to hear of the accessions to our
itiumbers, they are requested , to skip what fol
lows, or read it (as they do the arguments of the
American party) with their ' eyes shut. It is
TKi (tin Mimri-
them the good news. ' " 4 '
, We believe we can say with truth that not a
day has passed, for three weeks, without an in
crease of our numbers.- -On Mond iy morning,
23J Inst.", whib the anti-American - convention
was slain
Tabkis'Turhell., Hon. Benjamin Fitzpa trick,
indicate thatthe affiliation lies at the -door of Senator from Alabatxia wrote tt lcltct in which
our neighbor's party. ' . ... ; . J he denounced secret politi cat meetings. An 44 A
' TTT v ; I mencan Democrat," 15 a communication to the
The EtldiCS. 1 Hr(-into,nnU'rir fail Rtatpathat it vean hv mmns nf
C ThVDembcrat' seems determied;:to: find; a Lret caucuses that Sanator Fitzpatfick got in-
l li . J . a. . I .. ' : . -1
pui 01 inaiciracnt ngamsi us on every senienc to the UUited State Senate; adding, 'He who
wc utter.' VVe remarked that 'the tidies' who writesthi3 knows of sevefal such ''midnight con
favor the American party are hrghlyUdorned claves. with. Rnterw. and attended o leak than
it .- ' . " ' - .
two; and 'is, willing to attend as many more, to
save the only country he has ever known or ex
pects to know, from the hand of the Vandal,' but
not one to make j itzpatrick Senator,"
Agalh, in North Carolina, Mr. Branchldenied
that the Pope claims temporal supremacy, and
pro. lined that be had received the proc'f "from
head quarters." Tha people of course expect
ed to hear from P'o, NoQihirr '-'"bat Mr B.
produced a letter from Browns ,of which he
read a part UU antagonist, Mr. Sheppard,
asked to see the epistle, read the whole and
crat thinks, and very justly "either meant some
thing or it did not. If it meant nothing, then"
we were "guilty of using unmeaning language,
or idle words at the least. Neighbor,."thou
reasonsonest well.' Thus .far, neither Plato,
nor Aristotle; Bacon, Whately or Mill, could
arrive at more just conclusions. If the language!
we used meant nothing, then we used unmeaning
T a " . have nominated one tif- more old' line bond pa
?o??T 0ihWhigst6t theAegi . ..We know thai
1 2 : tsl ; inaf 00 thej-in'kerky. they h- 3,1. t ' line Whisi
nrivate and confidential, intended alone for the
fiiends'ofthe American, cause. We must tell i language. But if.it meant anything, then woi
insinuated "that the ladies who favor the Demo-
ci ati: cause are less highly adorned with modesty
in this d! a cmue members ibined : guage,.jnsin,;4 ncnaruaoiy lenamg us inewa
w, of whom' Iw were Democrats of the first of .tbatwonderful ingenuity by which he brought
water. We have pot learued the previous pol- - - . ; -,
itics of the other four." v - : ' V- ,.PirtVTOS W 0QP language need? no
explanation, except t persons determined to
j 1
ihan those who favor" our" "own peculiar dog- found toward tha close an open and bold avow-
Having placed us in .this- dreadf'il pre- al of the doctrine attributed to Hhe Papists by
dicameiiti he leaves ubo explain our cvai ' lan-
The ahos'4 facts we learn from the Montgom
ery (Ala.) til, and the 1 American , Advocate,
published at Kinston, N. C. ' -
Col. Baliaih and the Ohio Platform. In anoth
er column cl" ' 1 found a letter from this gen-
trt . tv n m . 1 j - . k I
, . - mi8Uncier8tand it ana an explanation to them tleman set: rectusm curia before our
appropriate name it is, of a beautiful : ftlo paper, - vn neLhbo: thaf readers in i .0 a debate he had wtih Mr.
pnn ej in nt,it prunravr tvne, an.L pubhshjd m ; sems useless.. V.Uournelbor deny that dootin-
aigiit m p li" mth?Jt LltT' laJie? Wb? (V0Tt the 'American party are ; j be made ft
?air--L?aTP It Kghty juWd with the virtue of; modesty! If-precedent .When ire do cue of the other party
of orign al literary and moral essays, which mil- , t J- , - - ... -i..- a5' m-U --a
cute a tkhdegreiofioU'llectual culture; and are the affirmation f oneuth the negation , cf all a c orrc pondent docs not ,report a peech, o
Solent of that purity of heart which chare .t.r- ctrir Were we to commend our neighbor-?1 5
ises the Eentl,r sex It is indeed refrain - to u,., . li, .'J:1. h. ??
c::-eni & n. vmca ior. u varu ui our .r-
llini ouv; trt-a I' vui mo o.uuuiuk mtinuw i,u . - . . ... . ; . , . - .. j rt-t "
politleal arena, to the rparkling Djw DroV : no ?iner eoiior is posesseu 01. tuat : using co u.-nn- 3 aesires iu yurnena. vo .
We recomm -od this paper to tlie patronage trc-umaoiequii.ty.!. we 10 pay a.xnoute r" fc'v . tr-
1.1 Iiidrt. nna fnrcia. 7 me VOnnir. wno (JCSire ICI ! trt hia ti lt, vinnl.l thnt intimati tht no Mhor iron.
rcadapar-fre, from all politieaf aEi.JanJ'W' 'f
replete tbi ftw.-rJof thougft which spring up .f? of our townjg witty? - t ing and rctthng the Ctump Gpeeches . of this
K-Mmtanopuslvin the ft-rtila soil of female int, licet . sported tnn M.Bowm in, alter the.man. -most exaun? canvas x Our Paner is ;the, Or
M ill fresh mtli' yo itl), bouyant with hope, an 1 nar of hi.? party, assumed, that th , presence of gan of the Aciencan Party of; ... thi.3, county and
Ire from g,iW Sui-ss to the Dcw Drop." tb3 hi-Cd waf a tQke,i thtt they smiled upon his , fc. weid bsjast and courteous to our fel-
. z, . . - . - . . . .1 e i : low citizens of ths anti-American' party 7a "tr
ri-" T.ie L '.xinirtnn Advertiser gives the pro- cause: that .in this he was mistalce.nr tor a large - not give them ths earse ccsxni r f r-r c
r,n, nf n a mnri iia - meeting at tha Cas-1 majority .were f gainst nim, navirj auenaeu ue mat u . ro members of our o"-
.vi adopted: . ?
'. .. hfjcfw i-That the F
issui ft a 1
should any t,a' n r..ain a ;
ident ba in3trr
,L.;iro to I "
tuswh '
rj, or rw
. - .1
i r necessary to account
i u.. r this imputi. ion, ar
. .i by stating that it vs -'
their li; -AVe r .:,!,.... :
1 C"
w ;r:
k .a a
1 r-?3
'tain! tl. rr thtnee
'invite thcij to hand ia their i.-.
least before the nominations are r
poaite ranks.
We join the Advertiser la ri c
Hjlopti'n of this resolution by all
Via. ... .
jL.acr coun-
for their
"3 accounted
' which seal- si&ts t
our, neighbor
itl t t t .y aro adorned it'
w.3'Irt;:'" " -IcJ.y, ar.I bear in mind' the In
--"t!?nc f lv.a tpo?. IVul.'.'-Lct ycur.wc- :i
kcr? sll.'-i ia : , "':C5; fcr it -w r f "-.n
,rnon se:
"t r
IZ3 X.l
' - 1 . .. Yer'-:?, . j ia cor
C L.'ac -"r.:t:r-i,in-j
!a f !:.f -a whica vrs
1 n:! 3 tLa:;f ty- pc 03 cf
r A irrand American
Beoton on the 20th and
morniDjrcfthe 20th, the citizens of Yazoo city
were roused from their slumbers by the sound
thunderiog cannon; and by B o'clock the process
8ion was formed $within a Jew miles of Bentonj
ander the command of those Sterling Americansi
C Hollingsworthi MarsbWl-, and A. Ci Nye ass
gistant. A fine band of music was io fronts with
carriages and hef semen forming the long line,while
every where floated the Star Spangled Banner.
J"-& behind the tnusic car, w noticed an eie
cant vehicle, fitted or in a most tasteful manner,
desifrned, we understand, by. iput friend Charles
fPvcy; it Was called thej' Young America." - to
frout was the : .American . tagie, and behind
floated our " beautiful: Banner. A' prouder
procession could not have been formed, while
from the rearj ever and anoni sounded the foai of
artilery. At 10 o'cloclc the . procession entered
Benton, and proceeded to the beautiful grounds
prepared ; for the concourse. There every thing
was on a scale commensurate .with the fmcasion
already the ground was occupied by a multitude
of fair women and brave men." The proces
sion was cordially received by that excellent and
j energetic cemmittee, consisting of ; - -
J. A. Young, John G Brumby, Maj. A.
Chew, Martin Priley, Richard Swazey, Jas.
A. Harrison, V. H. Fpgate, W. W.
.Vood,R.P;Frasier., - . ' -.
After cong a!atiHis between all, the Conven
tion 'was called to order, by the appointment as
officers of the Convention of the following named
gentlemen, ; -V ' - y ? ". ' -" . ! " ; '
James B.-Burrus. President: V; )" "Fueratefjas;
. At Harrison; G P. Median, uert.Wilson;
Geo. Gerrold. B urtou ..Yandell, J. W. Bar
nett,C. W, Wood, I..G. Nve, A." patter
. Bonyice-PresideL. ;G. .V. Dougharty,
;-Secretary '
Jud?e Burros expressed in a few appropriate
remarks, the object of the Convention to wit: the
nominating 01 candidates for the Jjegislature Up
otf motion, the National Piatforra ,was adopted
Of acciamauont uu muuuu 01 jur. u urtou it '
dell,' preceded by welt timed and eloquent - k
marks, the American party of Yazoo nominate
by acclamation, for State tor, .PETlttt B.
FARKE, of Bolivar:A for prcsentatives in
the next Legislature, DR. Bf 1L HOLMES, and
E. M. YERGKR. Tho e nominations were re
ceived ard ratified with shouts of applause.
, ; Gen. Starke arose" before tbe imtncr.se raulti
tilde amidst vunbbunded entiiasm, and for an
hour hel l them chained to the spot by his powr
and eloquence, But we cannot- follow him j ho is
a noble leader in a glorious c?""0: and raoreov''--old
Yazoo will, nextJTr ' "n r
an overwhelming '
-"?r, ' , . .l t. 3 r:r
1 r :L.2 Lr an tzzt iz c;... u nia
, Ancric-a v -rt fl pzzl cf
T JX t3 Cv ' aCCH
3 acc:; 'ir
rcr:arl:3 tsr "3
ky they h' 3 uc-, .ated t " 1 Vine Whigs
for vauvus omcesv Li the languag' the Louis
pile Journal! their candidates are "ac.ectf d.tv'Ja
reference to their hdst'lity t,a American, nher
than their; adhesion to Deniaratic; pricV .ks.
IJon. tETEB JJs S3rARKK.Thi3" gentleman
Who was nominated by acclamation by the rA
mericannartv to represent this natorial Di:
trivttin the next legislature spoke ftsi Tues
day night at the Court House. We had our pa-
'.per neany maae up Derore wereceivea a report
oj 111s gieiw epeecii fJi,uiai uccaiion wuicb i is
the reason of its hot aPDecnhff iiilhia numbefe-
Suffice to say that the General made ah' able and
eloquent speech-signified argumentative and
courteous, lie fully satiaaed,.&u. tpecti-uons
and left no doubt upon the . minds of tlis most
hypercri tical that he was ? firmly planted upon
the great National American Platform" alid
voulddo good service in his country's cadse.--
, ; -,
' FEW DAYS. . - '
There "was a youthhis name was am
. C aw daystfew-tluys 'T x ,'
.He kicked off all old party shami .
He .3 now at home. ,
. He threw the Antis off the track, - f .
Few days, few dajs, - -
And sent both rogues and paupers back, -"
To their: nat?" home; -i
. - ' . . ,. v "
, , Ckoruii ' ,
Honest yeoman honest burgher, 'Z
- Few days, few days, t " - ,
:Cast your votes for Holmes and Yerger,'
They are right at home." . -
- " The Ar.3 they were very cnosS " ;
Fo,v days, few days, . T
' So loutt Jr'old war Aoss," '
a. 1 grir.' home. . . - '
But Doctor Ho!...es Hth a Sharp stfckj v
.1' ewd.'js, ir
Gave him a pill '
He is goiT
' .Honest yeo":..
". -Few d
- .Cast vour
' : The-
made him sick;
'-'.. Communicated.
Me Editor, " v - -
. Bly attention has been called . to a
con :,umcation in your last issue froaa a corresi
ondentwho Signs himself Hi which rtirports to ;
jirtiB cput v vi uio uiobusaivii m .jLcaesu:i 8 own .
on tv! 7th inst;Vb"veen I'..fYonrer andmv-
xJthat-"icL 1.:: M:iefBa:tai!3Tuu '
d ,jl to dv ' th'3,ihe. ac;-iexedDi2r:.!?cratic
' ":t ecl-lattjJU-
.vr: .
io, now, as
ery as an
?c: of free
. '33 83atlT ,
rc-;lutiod '
"To Krilai
'er ;am ,r.
t . is subject
ia'your pa.
-jeport. It
A..S trisent
... rfjohtoahow
.3 Uorth vras un-. -
resolution -t.
they aiwajr h
evil, ar J
mat tu;.
menw, th
uty t -
gate au.
as genua..
th.it he did; ar
although my
per to corfec
wiiLljre recoil -! 1
thatMiCYerg.rjr '
that theE ;.-nocraticx
sound ( atho Olavery
that V-itioa read si iTtlitafroa u.a Wtehinsf-;
t6nUndn the; ' r ir. . Ji - "riend al0
Ce nventio.. uf Ohi j. '7 3 1 r 1 ta t..U portion "or
hia tneechrivflpi" khfiwi, - -t '!- r?ti.-fn !' .
Organ re'erredtothtf" ..e...; .cfc7?monTof the
Democratic pirty T .c 1 C. "i, &a the ab-i
aract question f 'r, rjr - . i:::a tbe coai
stitutional j .o. , I; procc.:ci ta sTplaia? .
the posiuW ie. D?-... heretic T "'cf C Jo; as
lowsfThat I regarded slavery zi. ;c cltles
wngbutthata largi number eft j z .tor?, pro 1
- - . (- . v wwwaw. W . . .
itai va moral, social andl political r- ' w. H id
this I should not object to it sa lort th
stained from the inter rrr i with ; coi" ""raf '
tional right of property b - r: -lit tV . .3-
olution of Ohio wts r " -rr lcca tLaa
an" expresdloii t ' tract ques --
t'oft c f very , tlaration
. " . . - ; i- In--
.3 LZJ
, t-J
113 U CC
1 th3 y&b,' J r
, . L.ays, . .
-c-r-ths great Earlil?i
p, tncra tc.r.3 a r:
Jin?, j. ;;. c;
Americani;3, ad ire;,
on Citar'r r '.th::.
J t-.3
... .
ner t3 r
cf CC3 U
s ... .it , inCait
fiocd so cuch to titzlz f:r
car..-?. - ; ' ' y
Dr. Fc c;3 c
afjwex: trer
dlsnef; au atr'
credit ia f
.or women to 6j ak in t ..? c
ulaciently accounted for ..?
;:3 and r.ctv...
.! ; r.r "i 1.'-j 1
las 1
3 t ::.'.:at...
a lvr two hours.
who er-
t !
' 3 siisoenced
: itvrr:; Cz-izg
.13 I.;orts
l '4iy cr;3y it,
L .1 tin with tl-3 ;
II 3 13 goirg bcr:.
.Irt yeoraan, hezect t -
T Few dap, few day?,
Oast your vote for
TLsy ere right ctL.
Co!iOt ' .
"ew days, t.. . 'j
v Vcrtoafe:.,-:
1 ; He is riU&t Ur. .
Ine Nivcs '"...7 c.3 very i-lt
' FeCV., Ld-ys, .
But all tt v ten ZT:rs c:-i,
- . . -.
' Hcf.:;.t yc
. - Tewl,
C::t ycurvu.v
They arc t
tl.:3 IV
cn.Ua p-rty cf C"
t c r iz-tCii, v ,
ca e.3 rlttT.rr .
tf:.- tlcnVtU'.
.7; ?.c
... , t . .s
: 1
l-tly rr
1 '
- (..; r-
'-rs and Ycr r .
5 tl. .1 Ca i-
'" .rjro
.:j and
c ...
:.-j'.jTcu,cmcV.3- :
Ycurni:: 1 . :
" Wn.l J.' .ir.
v. . .. .

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