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' . v "
. - -f- ,-. -r . H -j T -
- - - - ; " j
1 "r"
VOL. 4-TfO, 20
;iiiiiitf-iafjfw . w?yLz r7
" - j - -.
St .
or tub . ... ,
-snsrrcMB Clmctfcnn 3Jiuutv
Tor cn year, if paid in advance, : . . : $3,00.
" i f not paid in six months : : ,00 1
u u v not paid in twelve months, : $5,00.
Om Square, (ten lines) one insertion, : : $1,00.
Each Subsequent Insertion, : : : : 60.1
gT" Liberal deductions trill be extended to J
" 'those advertising by the year. Q!j n
. Leiral Notices.
TO the Jail of Yazoo county, on' the 30th
day of June, 1855, a n'-grd man who calls
himself Henry. Sail boy is a bright mulatto, 5
ft-et. 5 Inches hirh; 40 or 45 years old, and says
lie is free. The owner of said property ia request
ed to coma forward, nrove the same and take
it away, or it will be dealt with according to law.
Au$. 1755. Jailor.
Wm. R. Hill et, al
vs, I
Yn Robinson, Trustee etc)
Duncan McLaurln Jr. adinr.
vs. ,
Wra. Robertson Trustee &.C., and j
Wm. A. Stone. , J
"O Y ixijia-of the above stated executions to
te directed from the Honorable igh
4,-Mirt of Errors and Appeals, I will sell to the
liiffhcst bidder for cash, On Monday, tne 15th
day of October 1855 otthe CourtHouse door
of said county, within the. hours preabribed by
law the followm property, viz:
Sec 7, Township 14 Range 3 West. East
half of North east quarter and south-east quar
ter Sec 12 N, E. quarter and South half Sec.
13 Sec. 24 North half Sec 20, Township 14
Range 4 west or o much thereof as will pay
th above stated cases and costs.
Levied on as the property of said defendant
and will be sold to satisfy the above stated cases
and costs. M. A. JENKINS, ohenri.
ept'l3. '. 17 1 f.
4 A LI
WA Persons indebted to J. V. Cusack
v J.JL Guardian for Baily and Mary A. Caldwell
will find their notes placed in JUaior J. J
1 1 Michis Dank for collection. They are all due
V onthe lstof Ottober next. If not promptly
v paid when due they will be put in the hands o
'an attorney for collection.
- J. W.-CU AC Iv, Guardian,
r for Baily k Mary A, Caldwell.
' . August 31, 15 7 t
' State of-Mississippi.
, r Middle District Chancery Court)
' of the State of Mississippi. J
At OIce Rules, August, A. D ,.1855.
y S. E. Nye. Administrator, & c.
183, r.
f - . . . Richard Swayze, et al. )
TTrON opening complainant's bill, and it
' tnts. Thomis J - Lamb, iames M.Lamb, A
manda B. Lamb, Israel B. Lamb, William
Iamb, Helen M. Briggs, Curtis Chapin, James
, M. Savage, Elizi Juncaid, and '
' Kincaid her husband, sr not citizens of this
State, but res'.Ja beyond the limits thereof, so
' that the ordinary process of this Court cannot
, be executed upon them. It is therefore order
ed, That said defendants enter their appear
'ance hecin at the next Term of thi court, to
be holden at the Court House of Yazoo 'coun
tr, ; tYazoo city, on the first Monday after the
luarth Monday of September next ensuing.and
Elead "-r or 'demur, to the complainant's
'f v the several allegations thereof
. v, ' Tor confessed against them; set
V XJ ;-''' pari , and the matters thereof
decrfv Juingly. ,
It U fuhner ordered,' t!r 1 Hxopy of th's order
be published in the Amene m Banner,a news
paper published in Yazoo city, ence a week for
one month. ." ' ' , ' -
.vice ( hancellor of said Court, the
first Monday after the fourth .Mon
day of March, A. D. 1855, and seal
- ' of said Court. .: '.. .1k.f-.'-Issued,
the 20th day of August. A: D. 1855.
.P. N. M'CANN, Clerk.
N. G. cJ-S. E. NrE, Solicitors.
' -, . August 24-nl4-5t.
. no v.: ia culUi-!-'
very cxtcu.'.
.4 every thingthat t'.
cr ir.ay dcmaiiJ. T!
(-;!? Jin largo qu:,
c ,. j f r the quality t i
',;sg artic'i . c...;
r; Iatverf lovjrrl
Airx: in 4T.J
V-. i' tics 1 to 4 ypao oIJ, PfiAxis both etan
t :irJ3 and dwarf la 4 ) varieties, 1 to 3 years,
t!l. pEAcnES -in 100 varieties, l and 3 years
c'i., 'Also- Nectarir. i, Apricots, Plums, Cher
rba, Almond, Fi;:-, Quinces, Grane Vines,
Ilaspbc , lcs, trawl erry plants, J-c he. Pric
ed Catalogues furnished to all applicants,' ar "
.dlprders accoi;ipa: bycaau or good ri
ence promptly att 1?d to. , - ,
'.Address ' C. L. .SWASEY L CO .
Cepte.mbcr 7, 1855-6m " Yazoo ( Ay
?IUJH:IKS. , , : . . ;,: v . '
' Camllc?, , ; ' T
' K ,. ' . 1 Ho!asF(-; ; ; 4, ..
- ..; .T.tva CoH'cc; ...
., a ii y-: t - ;
WLL,:,cv and ..ail.';'-.'- ... ' , 1
Dickens' "Works, .
Heiress of-Haughton,
Jealous Wife, -
Confessions of a pretty woman,
New Hope, trtha jcicue, ;
Jlorejun, ' ' .:': ; i : '
:'y-WiU TcrrU, '
" . Mount?;;i3 and Molehills,
. Note- vn Duelling, . '
".''K?;aped Nun.
Female life 'anion j; the Mormons,
-' rrophets, , '
. . S Archbishops: ' ,
Mi6sin 13rid?,
Ins and OuU in paris,
Harvcitinfrsr4 ' , -Mary
Uijen, -
Artists Cd Tradesraans Companion
new York Consuela, r
S ruthern Copy Books
For sale by
Sent 14 . 17-tl
n,i IMULUAivu a- wuu.u
"-fully announce to tne public tbai
announce to toe puwic iuhi
thev have bouffhtthe entire stock of carria-
. , . r 11 ATi:i!..J
ges unties. e;c.oi i-owcu cx Va.u,j.uu
win continue in ine . uusiuca, '""S C'J'
article low lor casu ana very moueraieiy 10
a i . j wkvri mm, ' nai? i
Jr.r.v.ary 5
ai- it f r m i n ft 11
nearly orrosiTE to micuie's exchange bank.
nnHE undesigned would respectfully call the
X attentoin of the citizens of Yazoo city and
surrounding country to his full assortment of
which he keeps constanlly on hand of his own
Manufacture and of 1 he beet materials, and o
superior workmanship; which lie will warrant
to be as represented.
of all descriptions done at the shortest notice.
Tin or Zinc Roofing and Guttering done in the
atest and most improved style.
Dcshon's Patent Premium Shou cr
rru 1 :i. i r .1 1
iiicbtusiriucr nisu uiiuuiauturca uic auuvr
aiina.iAV chAtxfctF hatha urhirh In? nnvonianno
T-r. 1
cheapness and durability, excel any thing now
in use. He has still on hand
r . a. ru. j- : . -
?.Z "IJ?""
A vey superior article of Bathing Tubs con
atantlv n hand.
July 6, n-7-ij W. L. STANFORD.
Just Received.
DOZ Lorillards Scotch Snuff
10 doz do Macaboy do
- I T doz do Rappe do
doz Rooms Scoth Snuff in bladers.
30 doz- do Honey due snuff
" ALSO '
500 LBS Pcare Starch
1000 do Castile soap
5 Boxes Thompsons Foiled Soap
also ;
' 4 barrels Madeira Wine
2 do ' Monongahela Whisky
For sale low for cash by '
Yazoo City July 6. ;
HPHE Sixth Collegiate year of the above
X named Institution will commence on
wonaay Depienoer iu n. uo ng.uf
namental Departments, each offer ad vnta-
o-p. nnsnrniisspd hv anv 'otner BOUinera in-
stitution. It is located . amid a bigntonea
.t. . t. i--.J :j - i.cn.u.r
. . . . ... . 1
and intelligent population, and in a healthy
H'fiDk-- T? KTOl Ti5i5 OSa
region ofj country, and its naJUlt onr own opinions are desi; edWe' an-
Q . .. . .' ... -
moncrthe rrreat Female .lnstttuiions oune
land. -Although under Uaptist paironage,
and with a Baptist President, its Board of
Trustees and -Teachers belong t dillerent
?"rSHZ? W
. . - - . .
'id Tenn Kailrod
to Hernando
c . i . .
C rcy C.
- i --
1m o
Carrels extra tns
and for sa'e by
jaly i: .V t-
Q Pipes old Branny
2 do;. Mad. Vine,
' 2 do Port do
- 8 Casks 1 ondon Porter.
. i 4 Barrels extia f.no VT"M-7,
t rc-
A iV lv 1 X
. .' 'of THE . '
State or.TIisissippi.
Wc advocate such a modification or tne nam-
.nuu,Wan., ,...,j w.-.
growing out of the same, or in caso the purity of
the elective franchise cannot otherwise bo pre-
.1 ...f lnna .a M mmiufV In. .TlOflflfT IVIIBI
served, then we advocate lueir toiai repeal.
We advocate the passage cf a stringent law
bv the Drooer authorities, to preveut the nnu
gration bither ot loreigners, wno are enaer pau
pers or criminals, . , "
wJ ,.!0 o?r,in anA f.m.i
vested rights of all nersons. whether they be na
tive or foreign born.
; , V
believe AnSc. should be governed
mencans, .effecting .the same throushjbe
by Americans,
oauot-Dos amne, me greav r uu..
mentof ail political reform in our country. x
We oppose and protest against all abndgt
ment of religious liberty. Holding it aaa cardinal
riy nommg .1 u earu.uu,
is God, and that the Bfole
maxim, that religious
enca .uu.v.uyai u
hi w luum a u ruv., . r
is ine grim iouniam i ana atpobuory m u
religions uocmoes 01 ima cuuutrjr.
- VI.
wmmaintain and defend the Constitution
0f the United States as it is, tlw Unions it wosl
jnten(ed.by our fathers, and the rights of the
ri t . 1 . i . r-T .Hj
We war with no party as such, bat oppose all
who oppose us in these great American doctrines.
- Tin.
The pnaciples which weiadvocate, ore para-
",u"Uk w au;1Uto.4.uwu v. Fv,.iv.j , er, .ieir midst thov will fulrmt ncor. nowiair sne grew trom day today:
asthe American Party we wiU make no attempt in , Will adopt a Ccr- What wanfenature fiIleJ her y -to
revive the question of the payment of the L nio tain number ol children, but there is a What poetry -within. them lay'
or Planters' Bank Bonds.
Friday October 5 .
Horrid Oaths.
In times past, when: patriots thought
iucir uuumy imperueurmey aeemea u no
. , ,
crime to unite together for her, protection
from whatever danger might threaten her;
nor even to bind themselves by oaths toac
complish such a holy purpose Patriots
practiced it. poets praised it. and no one
censured it, unless, perhaps -the tyrants
whose power might thereby be destroyed,
Thus "Warsaw's last cVamnton" it th
I 1! r v: , 1 .. :
1 lucuuuu ui uiscuuuuy, CACiitims
I . i i .
jjy mat dear name we wave.tne sword on
..r v.V .u.
. . " : . .
poet exclaims - . " ; a.-
Thenrian MlnvL-f,mn T r-r? afr,..,!! a.
ri vht hand, - " ' '. -
., ....-..
And swear to prevail in our dear native
v.. i . e . .
i.i wueu ireemen oi America swear to
prevail in their dear native land, all the par
ty in power, andtheir minions cry about
horrid oathsl And when one violates, his
- -
oath, there are many found 'i jasjtffyhim
in so doing, instead of crying,,
U monstrous treacheryl ".can it be so,
That in alliance; amity, and oaths,
There should be found such lalse aissemb
ling guile?
We have been asked whether We know
ofa resolution passed ma meeting of our
council, to the effect that one cannot with
I. draw from our . party without committing
. , m, - . ' . " e'
e perjury The . question seems strange; com-
w , ' " i ,,.'.'. .'
ng from those wht'; hayi published to the
worid7wliat they declare to be the oath of
our party, among which is one nerer to re.
veai me proceeuiug u anr meeun?. ve
1 1 . . . . .. -
can answer this far, however, that we know
I of 8uca resolution being passed. r
Umii hf .,ir !iiiii 1 ..i a- i
"u --VMrttUU' ,r
some vice, gooa ana evn; ngnt and wrong
are side bv side'iri this world, and between
th twoahereli-geWailysomadisptfle.t
territory, which some kthink; belong the
I l . ... . " 11 . -1 . i.' '
lr,ouw 10 me-wrong. ,piei as we
farther from the undefined boundary, " one
way or the other, we cofne at last ib'territo
ry about which there cli be no dispute. In
ine uuiiLrt-uuus wuicu wa uave iaen. we
injlo prevent jus from-'withdr?."
jwevcr, tlicr 3 c j l
cf opinion as to the -r-;t":!
4 we 1- ' : .a ')
V UI; thcc, to x;br
J?, rde?! t-3 frcn t,v
V V lWl. V , . vJ
s tzzzzvzZ, t.zi r::. ' , '
- V
eep sc
be prc;v
t rorai-3.
was ta tnv c
lications -whi;..
XL- 3 1 1
! . v o- cosscieati-.
gar.! tlis as fallL j
ritorv. wbcra thcu
. ' . -
. it?d trr:
I",lf the oeraon who rnnrf1 nh .nn..
retdlution. bfJorn namH will ' v , 'nn
f . ww v. vviue u a ,
we think we can convince him that he is
mistaken in thinking such a resolution was
pasfea; out we cannot be exDecte'1 to make
IV .1 ' .. ' "
puDiio uie proceedjners of any sewret meet
. r . . a " .- y c4Ch
Dg ; v ' w '
Foreign Influence Tne American
- Party. .
There is truth and wisdom , timely
presented in the followinff extract from
a clear and Rtronty iifnrJal 4 tha T.oJ
l. r . r -.va-
mgion .ivy.; UDservcr, 15th ult:
, Let the Know Nothings be crushed
to the earth; let the party be disintefmi-
.f , p -
tea 11 please, let power fall where
RVPT Vnil PhrtftUP fhA HamonHa I
. , , , m
r v ".vcu. ah
. ,
Pe0Ple ot thls country are loyal, and
fi. . , , ,
they wUl ask their ralera td mM lawa
- , -. iU " , .rr -
. . : . ,1
for them, but if they fail to do so, they
ut " iin wuoi
tirill -noac (l,nm 4.U
i'"00 lumsuves.
1118 in vain lor US to endeavor to
change the natureof man All nf;rtT,a
j - .v.uwuo.
. 'i
i, Ml. ,1
be strife and nltimate'subin nation. TTn I
vi j
tP a certain jint a bravo and ft gener-
On Ople.will receiveputcast ' fereign--
Stopping point, and wlien there is an
endeavor made to pass : it, there must
and will be strife. We therefore, 6ay,J
no matter what party obtains the con-
trol of the government, that the wishes
of the people, vague and , indefinite
. though they may be,' must be speedily
-obeyed. Immigration must be restrict-
hvl anrl thns wlm thinlr that tha
I ' vv ti
tat ions of "tha eo'nnirv will wasH wtun
.u . a 1; " . -Y 1 it. ;
uiwxvmeriwiii pany is crusneu,are oima
ti... .14" a ju
into tne dust, Out tlio men who compo-
sea 11 Still lived, and mey lought in tne
ranks ot other parties, they retained
their old Sentiments, and Onlv awaited
lon U 1. Al T tl, a
auuuuuiiuiiiiT iy uaaai uicui. xu mc
I . .
same manner,il the new American par-
.r.- r:
StiU Uve, and the stnle must go
ion. ana at iasr tneiromeci ne enectea.
j -V , , i f -
" " wgaw ui. fluui acjueveiueui ui iu
1 . .... I f --. -, ' 'V
aims ol the - American party as some-
thim? bevond the uossihilit v of a doubt.
i n mi x j . . -
for to donbt this, is to doubt the future
1 ...
American SOlik
Thb National Convkntioh. The "A-
merican' Organ," at Washington, is out
with a strong artie''v in favor of postponing!
li . . r '... i . it ii
luetime lor noic..jitne v. j.. national
Nominating Convention, frem Februe' ;22l
to the 12th of May next.; The reasons giv-
en are hat the Convention may not C fall
upon the midst of an exciuag d usaion .in
orgress, and destroy all chance ofharmo
ny, and that more time and deliberation
t s j u '11 . ' -ij'.i:5 .
may be had to bring forward the ngnt man
n j.nn j: aJIz ' tu.; i - n. .f
for a candidate. The -Organ says of the
I'commg man:' .
' "He must" command tne popnlar confi
dence by his intecrritVt ability, .experience
and conservatism. He must be a friend of
the Union, but'1 must hold the - balance
of the Union with-86 justa hand as that
th- mn.t iph niu pva thnt TTntfthM cftrirmt
r --
j uc.1' " c .iiiiv.. wmi
the least dust of venality or injustice. .The
American' candidate' must be in. every" re
spect; anAmerican. beyond . reproach: and
-go",'afw"v,,v,"' "- oi.
1 in An no hhi F ra an - Kc 1. 1 o htn r. oil tr k eh.ll
1 nsist that he present a mo. vl . character at
I !jrjhicb the tooth of slander may gnaw,vwith
no more of injury thah,a mouse nibbling at
JSS7" It is said that Governor Reed rhas
i fsraiued to remaii in Kansas, c ; ..ben
:'.d as a State to be 3 yDeiaC-raiic
- 'xrsaAKca uidi '
in Kutlisd, Vt cop.J.r. t'
ti: , h ve r'lt br.:l: tl Vt' ; :
i ty rc:;--'.!rj ti-..
ths pc;'.3 v;cr lacor.;;.-.
t. -' sy toe, li -.C: 3
,i ' .j water, r
l:t cc.w ..j wculd
From the New York Mirror.
No American noet has', written linvthincr
sweeter than this from our vounir friend and cor.
respondent.. Aldrichr
Poem of a little Life that teas but thrtt
Aprils L6g '
Have you heard the poet tell
How came the dainty baby B?1I 1
Into this world of ours?
The pates of Heaven were left ajar:
Vtn lol(ie(, 1an18 "nd dreamy eyeji
KhA wandAiwd mitof narariiMt
She saw this planet Uko a star,
O'er which the white winded aeraph.
( winged seraphs go
Bearing the holy dead to Heaven ! -
ghe t ed irfdee of flowera-thoie feet.
n i 11 J!J ... I j.t-i--it-
lnfKQ0iQ;t!.i o.i.
- .
They fell like dewupon the flowers!
Anall the air grewF siongly sweett
A,t ti,, ii.v?n.ii
And thus came dainty babie Bell
, Into this world of
Intotb swoHd of ours!
She came and brought delicious May!
.The swallows built beneath the eaves
Like sunbeams in and out of leaves
rm i
ine rooms
went the live long days
The lily swung its noiseless bell:
And o'er the porch the trembling vine
J :.u : : I
oeeuicu uuioung whu us vciiib ui willCJ
When came the dainty baby Bell
Into this world of ourst
O babie, dainty babie Bell,
Those deep and tender twilight eyes, v
00 iuii 01 meaning pure ana nrigni)
As 11 sne yet stoot in the light
Of those oped gates of Paradise!
And we loved baby more and more:
O never in our hearts be fofe
Such holy love was born i
W felt we. had a link between
This real world and that unseen
The land of deathless morn!
And for the love of those dear eyes,
For love of hef whom God led forth
The mother's being ceased on earth
I When babie came from Paradise!
For love of him: who smote our lives
..r-. juu .m-too-knt j- .tm.-l
We said, Sweet Christ our hearts bent down
Like violeta after rain!
Anj now the orchards which were once
, u wniw ana rosy in ineir oioom
VVith genUe pulses of perfume
Were thick with yellow, juicy fruit:
P'u" "ip gwueo ui nuurj rare,
-1 i. j 1 tt.i.j 1 -n
I -
The grapes were purpling n the grange
Add SmS-wrouoht-iiSt a rlrh JrhnT
Her petit fortf mere perfect grew,
i wo wu.u wao,
I In softeaei urveB her mother's face;
Her Uffl oitore ripened too.-
I r .L . 1
YV wougni ner wveiy wnen sne came,
!" r "J.f "t '
i - iruunu ner iizxik biiu itiii.v uruw
We thought we saw a rin? of namel
I :. .-. .-.- . .
f .mAfllMA. lA Btj! A AnV r fAV.WA MfJ.vl
I WhnsB mAAniniv lv hpwnnH nnr ranrh .
God's hand had ta'en away the' seal r
Which held the portals of her speech!
VVe never held her l?-rV sk t!
We could not teach her holy things,' ,
SVia w a a nrir.al,,a ifrool fin nurifw & .
r w w v
It eame upon us by degrees j
We saw its shadow ere it fell,
Theknowledg that our God hath sent
We 8huJdlTed with un!anmiaged paini
( And all our thoughts ran into tears!
And all our hopes are changed to fears,
The sunshine into dismal rain.
, - . 'r
. . . .." j
Aloud we cried in our belief:
O. smite 113 trfintlv -ntlw Gndl
.... - . o j J .. . . .41
Teach us to bend and ..3J the rod,
And oerfect ptow through prief!'
Ah, how we love.d bef God can tellj
Her little heart was cased in ours
xneyre oroien casicets name lieu."
last he came,' the messenger,
The messr-7er from unseen lands-
And what did dainty babie B ill
She only crossed her little han da, ;
She looked more meek and fait! -
We parted back her silken hair: .
We laid some buds upon her brow,
Death's bride arrayed in tlowefa, ; v
And thus'went dainty babie Bell
-' Out of this world of ours!
Quest. " .KBiTANCK.Prentice" of the
Louisville journal saysr f 'lhree years r-
go, a man in Mississippi cheated us out' of
twenty dollars, and now his son cheats but
out of about the ne " t
. The
man's piopessity to cheat . . probably the
enly twir ?,came hcr.sr'" by."
r Pr2-Tes?-r
t.. iJdmply
1 r 'rcaty, ci
K -v -ver'
ir. ' . -v
-ti-i aptrijhra
ztfy eye
. vf orate
-r..;ir- tn a
- - .v7
?Tru6 Ataierienii Snirltv
..the Savannah'(Gii.) Rejjublican af
ter' rex-iewing the variouisjresnltsof the
recent ejections in North Carotina Ten
nesaee, Keutuctyj and Alabama, sunn
up his conclusion in the following per
tinent paragraphs. " "v " :
Wheiv therefore, nil the ciVctihistan
ces attending the recent elections are
taken into consideration j ivhf n t Is re
membered that the America riartv ia
still in its infancy that-it in to some ex
ent Without leaders, . and that nearlv
all the old politictans of both parties
are banded together against it: when.
1 . ... ... . 1
w, u is considered that the opposition
was thoroughly organized,and ably con
lucted and already in power in all the
States named above with a single ex-
ueption, wne trie Aprerican pnrty was
without ieaderjs-when all the circum
stances are duly w eighed, it seems to us
the result, if no. a substantial victory of
.l. ." . . - i. .
niu -.uicncau paixy is ai leasi Irui of
hope and encouragement - We "see no
cause why one who has : put' his hands -
0 the plough, should turu back; butev
ery reason why he should push forward
and never rest from Ids' labours, until he
shall have, accomplished the work that
complishcd so, much within 60 short a
period. ; 1 - .?
It is anything "
pose a man willqu..
-iencan jzr
ty at the suggestion ofany paper or let 1
error and ignorence. . It would be' an
acknowledgement that he-ioined;the
pax wiiuoui a nxea ; puapose and out
of sheer, curiqity thoughtlessness. Nay
it would ; be an actof self-condemna
rion, or political suicide, for; which lie . ,
Wbllld rpPPiu-n- n-rcuW't Vm xaMa. i...
iS or let 'Americans stand fi
lathers have done before them;' ; rihere
may be features oflhe movement which
they do not like; but these will be loji' .
ped olT as it grows older and wiser;
while all that is goodwill remain. Ouf
only reason for supporting the party is -
the desire to improveliie naturaUzation
lawi, and to check the "wild hunt aftei
office" Bevond this we have no deR.r
to go, and until this is ' accomplished
we shall be seduced from oiir purpose .
neither by the insiduous wiles ol the op2
pvsiuuu, uuv me ingtitiui deraonstra
tions of fTtef-seven headed beast." f
. ,.. ., , . - . ..... &;? sSi.
Mr. C-MUouii oik IfdturaliTitiom;
"In couferringthe power to pass uniform lawi
of naturalization.! says Mr. Calhoun v . "the fra.
raers of the Constitution must have had two ob
jects inyiev: One to prevent, competition be- -
tween the States in LJding out Lndacmenis for
tho emmigrati on of foreigners j and the other td -
prevent their improper influence over thegene'
ral Governmenti through sucfc lutes as might . ,
naturalise foreigners, and could confer cn them "
he right of exercising the elective franchise
before they conl1 e sufJBciently informed of the
nature of our ins" 'onsjor were interested br
their preservation. Both of the : ajects. t -ill I
be defeated if. the Statei may confer th aens .
the right cf r' - and the other pr-'rges be
longing to.the cititens.: Oil that supposition it ,
would 6ealmost impossible; to conceive. wh' '.,
good could be obtained or evil prevented bycou-v .
ferring the power on CoirigressV - The. power J
would be perfect!" r ;:iory. , A state mig!
hold out every proper ..cement to emigrationj -
f rreely as if the power did not exist j And might1 1 fc.
-..ler on the alien all the political privelei i l , ,
belonging to a native bofti citieeri t ohly to"'
the injury jat the state.Governmenti but of tl4
Union.' To illustrate what I have Jsaid sup '
pose the dominant party in New; Yorkj fiadin ;
pouucai power aoout w depart trota therniShould -to
maintain their asceudency, extet ' '.e. right
of suffrag e to thfr thoun nds c ; Tier. 2 ' r f e very" r Z
language 1 .'Ontevu. port.... i2 v world ;
that annuahy pourinto her , 3riun ho
deeply miht tl. des5-- of the i. Ut.c bi .
efTected' :uch a r.. el Itht in fact -place
the control over th Genera! Government
in the hands of those who L
3Wfrntbjnr of bur ;
icxtitntions; r.nd areind;.7;ret to Uie in teres t3f
of ocr cev- -7.'- New Ycr'gives ahouc one-'
c xi)i vft1 ' ct-ral vUes in the 'civ.iv'e of '.
Preriijnt i-' ice . icsider.t; and It 's : we
kr.sra that polliical i: -it stiona . kcepM.T ' - '
Ciitccarl -qua''" c.!vi!r ' toi t.o greato
liticip,.: ' ; i . J.r tv.cumV:
vctca e!:' ! t - " cf tU
eUctioa. ..'-:.t c.,e their elec .
r! .'.ur-t. 3 tctricf U::..
'3 cf a. Ctat
l Y
a 1 : ' .r.4 c hr::!::j ty them
t.-t .J, t' ry r "J.tgiveusa k.1.3." ; ,
.i- i'. . fe.. .
' . icktniri
ceiyed and for sale by , , A.
ftt ence of cpir.l;
".rouli L.t dr:...; c'.'T ri.
I... 1Q U - -
; iiai V I

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