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; riCHSUED EFERY FI 'r; plORXir n, ; ;
Y AZO 0 : OIT Y, MIS S i ';FiUD AY, : J)E GEMBER. 7 1855::
. w if
f Iinil for Sale.
I OFFER for sale a tract of land fcitua.
led on the i?er, five milts from Yazoo Ci
y, containinjj oboat 1400 acres, of which
Tl 15 are in cultivation. and 500 deadened:
Hhree 5ths of U deadened several year: ince
There are no improvements except a fine
idotxble corn crib and first rate cistern.
For terms'flpply to Holme &, Hyatt Ya
xoq City or to tlio subscriber at Vit ksburg.
November 3tt 1054 28 2 m :.
ALL persons indebted U) 51. Emanuel for
1854 either ly NotoofAccuunt, are here'
ty notified that Ihe f anno are placed in the hands
of Messrs. Lawaon & Arraistead for collection.
iJettlo quick and eavo cost.
Yazon City Oct. 2Gth 1855-
. committed: :
TO the Jail of Yazoo county, on' the 30th
day of June, 1855, a nrgro man who calls
himself Henry. Sui 1 boy.ia a bright mulatto, 5
feet, 5 Inches high; 40 or 45 years old, and pays
"he U free. The owner of said property is request
ed to como forward, prove the same and take
i away, or it will bo doaltwith aecnrdinT to law.
Dy virtue of n died of trust executed by
A C and Mary B Hall, dated January 20th
1051 to the und irsigned .as Trustee to se
cure to A J Wright k Ce., Iho paywent of
a certain sum of monej therein mentioned
I will in pursuance of the Urms of s&id deed
of trust proceed to scli at public auction to
he highest bidder, for cash before tht doer
t the caurt house in Ynzoo "
jht, title, nndlwfest of said A
C. and Mary B. Hall, in and to the proper
ty subscribes in said deed of trust, to wit;
the tract, or parcel of land, situated, lyin
nn oeingineaia c untyot 1 nzoo, to wit;
Th east half of the southeast quarter, the !
weathalf of the North east quariej, and.the
rlh west quarter of section 35, iV to n
thip nine, of range four west; also negro
boy Oeorgc, aged twtnty, and Eaton aged
about 30 years. The undersigned will muke
to the purchaser or purchasers'only such
'title, as is rested in him by virtue of siid
deed 6f trust.
'; : " A. ALEXANDER, Trustee.
3srov 9 1 055 10t. . ' y , ,
The nde signed, as Executor of the last
wi'd and testament of Thomas Hundley.de
ceased, pursuant to the directions of said
will, will
lose. : ,
proceed to sell to the highest bidder at the
door of the Court House in Tazoo City, the
following iands of said testator, situated in
the county of Yazoo Miss, viz:
Noith east quarter, section twenty.town
hip eleven, .Range one west, said lands are
t be sotd pursuant to the last will and tes
lameni lsaiu lesiaior, on a creuu oi one,
two ana tnree years, tne purchasers giving
bond with approved personal security and a
.,,'1 .1 A " A I
Hen upoa tne lamis, me nous to uear inter
I Irora ua:e at the r te ot six per centum
per annum. EL1S1I A E. HUNDLEY.
. Executor of Thomas Hunlly dee'd.
Nov 30 28 8t. -
Chancery Sulci
Pursuant to a decree of the Supreme
Court of thancery of the State of Mississ
tppi, in the case of Thomas Bibb vs. Samu
1 Faulkner. fNo 5951 I ill on the first
Motday in January next in front of the
Court house of Yazoo county in Yazoo GV
ty, expose to public sale ta the highest bid
cfer, on a credit of six months the following
lands in said county to-wit. 1 .
.. The cast half of the North east 'quarter
of Section Six, -Township Ten, Range one
East and the South eat quarter of Ser-tibn
Twenty-four, .Township (en,Range two
West, or so much thereof ns mav be nec-
cssary to satisfy the purposes of said de
," tree. ' -- - "
Bonds with approved security must be
required. ' '
'.: george fearn,-
1 1 . Commissioner.
Yazoo City. Nov. 30. - 28 5
1101, SOiV 110 osw
w : T e Un "crsigncd having pur
;;;; chased the intewst of A.-B.
it tn - -
j.'?1.1,. . Jonssos, in the City Hotel ,
Yazoo City," and having thoroughly ft....
fid and refitted the House, has this day
opened it as the II O B SO N II 0 USE, for the 5
reception of visitors. - ' 1
' He flitters himself, thatwith his expeti
cr.ca in busiues3 and his determination to
spare no t ains or expence for the 'comfort cf
his friends',' he. will ; merit and receive tho
liberal support of the public, .
- ..;; , N..W n0B50"
Yazoo City, October lG.lG55:ly.
W Ji '.v
-MinSES. BIG E LOW. .-. ,..';
nCvr rccc-iviii!addit'oni to their unsur--!
stock cf Iliiliaery Cv-ns'utlng of every
? f ty
. -? cf 1'onr.eta, and Hats,' Beaver,
;-2v lUu': ; Hats. ; A choice
t -
f-rr; ;
:t r-
i cf r
- ': C h
ri .) urs end Fruits; Gold
GoH and -Silver Tipped
sD';t, Op'rich and Fancy Featb
vn; Dresi trimmings: Head
Vic!csburgnov9 -
THE underpinned would respectfully call the
attention of UieT'citizens of Yazoo city and
surroundin? country, to hi full assortment of
' ' : WARE, ,
which he keeps constantly on hand ( hia own
JIanufacture and of I ho. best materials, and o
superior workmanship; which he will".. warrant
t bu as represented. ' ". , ..
of all descriptions done -at the shortest notice
. ALSO: .
tin or Zinc Roofing and Guttering done in the
est and most improved ttyle.
DcshouN Patent 1'rcuitinn Shower
The eebscriber also manufactures the above
-uperior shower baths; which, for convenience,
cheapness and durability, excel anv thing now
in use. He has still on hand the Patent rieht
f r one or two of th' adjoining counties, which
he wilUellto the advantage of the purchaser.
A very snperior article of Bathing Tubs con
stantly on hand.
July 6, n-7-tj W. L. STANFORD
The tultcr:Wri liavern'crrd into a ep;irinp r.
hi( in tho a'ove t'Ujims in Yazo: Cty, r e;ir.j
p, onhi tne Pon OJii' e, whtic ihy will rum u
aruue uvCiv Ibi i in ihcir l iic i bi s. nets
K-lirff mtirelv iito their own . lahour. they
eel n Cvi,lMetKe In stdiciting'ilie jp.:oCHgc of itu
i:vjty Mud of TIN WARE ' ncrt lining to
foil. kts.jr ins;. Lrpt cmstuntU on hand o" iuai'e
ici crder." .. '
Tin c zinr, roofing. .or gultoioc, . done in Hlr
.itcst and uics,t appro ved mutiiie', aud at the then.
est nonce.' ' ' -
Ynz c Ciy,N. 23. 1HV. -v-.-.
U JLi W X 11A
ANNOUNCE to their friends, patrons and
. -the public generally, that they have
bought -the : ' . - c .
formerly kept by. Powell c Uilliard,. which
they intend to keep up in the best possible
style-constaniiy suppiteu wun gooa norses
and comfortable vehicles to hire the best
of provender for horses'.and attentive and
well trained ostlers. , Attached to the btable
is kept also a comfortible Boardiug ouse
for customers vyishing to remain over night:
The table suplied with the best. to be found
in cur market. We Eolicit a share of pub
ic pntronage and invite all to call iind, try; us
h'b WIL?OX " ' i ' KOItMAH EIKM! 3GHAM,
Yazor city march 91055 ' - 38 ly
TTAVING just returned from a -LJ -rv
JLJL visii 10 wtsw 1 prx ana a -au- KTSa
ad 1 Dhi a. Av here he has mad him- TJjLj
self familiar with recently invented novelties in
' . . .
hn profession and having lurnisbea his labora
tory with every requisite for' mechanical dentis
try, including a large and beautiful -assortment
of improved aituiciai teeth. He is prepared to
wail on au wuo win tavor mm wuu mcirrpav
ron age. -'.y- .'" - '-".r- -:" -
, . "-References . ,
. J)$ Leake &, ltamett, Tttzoo Citt T. Town
eod; M D Ph laddphiAi ii W tfmiih Dert'iat.NBW
Or eneg J 0 McCUlIm M D FbiUdciph!; 1- 11
Knp!). Denv.st. Nesv OtUafe; J C ' Noit, M L1
Mobile. ."--:"-.. --Vr;,- --';; " '- .
Yazo" Citv Novemhf r 30 1855.- - - -5 f '
N. B. Will be absent on professional busi
ness for a few weeks, from the first of February
nekt.V . ...... 'J' -.;-' -'" "X f ' ; ' -v ".?" . f 7- -i,"
JUST received, and constantly receiving
direct from the manufacfarers and ira-
porters, a general assortment' of rich :ele-
gnni ana. laiesi siyie jeweiry.
",'June8,3-!y. - ' S. Hi WILSON.
Watches, cwolery, and Mus c.
lUnd r.
v. .';'.;, Jewelry a:,.i .
- .1 kinds and de, cnpiic::
b: t irianufacturief,
all ln?irument?, and(
fj'ieat Music for Piano
mtrient ol
Q7- atches'and' JcweuS
1 0
warranted - Fa70o Ci'v, Nov.1k.(:,3.
Selling oil vX Nearly Cc '
Being desirou3 to tlose our tu;inc"'l ..enow
ofTer greater inducenenta to Csish customarr
than have1 ever before been known. We o.nly
ask a small advance on cost.' Oir friendj wil
not forget that our only tcrrr.a r.o.A aro cash
One Fiatboatfor salj ty -
T K It M S
, ' .'.-.- -v -I l 1 , .
For one year, if , paid in admnce, .: V . 3,C0
" " if not paid in six months. : : 84 CO
'" if not paid m tiovmhs. ;$j,00
One Fquare, (ten lines) one insertion, : : $1 ,00.
Each' Subsequent Insertion, : : : r : -; f 50.
tO Literal deductions icill he extended to '
those advertising by the year, "ffsf
THE banner;
Mc. Wjse ad the PaEsiDSXCY. Mr. Wise
has written a letter to a friend in Virginia, in
the course of which he says:
The idea of the presidency, has' not been al
lowed to enter my bead. .Theirtm has not pier
ced my heart. I know how ft impairs a public
man'a usefulness to make such an imputation
upon his aspirations. Did the Sentinel so in
tend! It looks very mui;h hk as if its feara
were father to its thoughts. I can say on that
subject, that I mean to keep the even tenor of
my 'Way, without fear, favor or affection. If the
Democracy would be guided by me, I can find
nnndred m:n whom I preter lor tne presi
de nyself. I can find two, at least in
VirwL.,. f - '-w of very well. But if
the Demofv
cirain unite Uw eiter Tr-mw.-
they will unitef on mi, I can only suy that I
will a la mode Jackson f rvchtly and l efTccWal
ly ru'e Black Repubticanism; I will rule them!
But the idea of ruling them or not rulin ? them
sha!l not turn me a hair's bredth from my own
convictions 'as tV 'what my- duty as a 'patriot re
quhvs. ' I will write, speak, a:t as I think right
and leave the consequences ' to-' God and -tlie
countrj,' wi hout thinking of the PresHlency."
Modified BuooMEas.The belle? of Utah
have adopted a new costume, which is thus de-
scinbcd: ; 'i ':"-";-';"'"''. ;
It consists of a loose fitting" dress, resembling
in cut a ma h's eack coat, beinir buttoned th frni.t i
and rea-chin? a tew inches below the knees. 1
nair of nantalet?. adorninn- th a title's. n,l 1
T.pfr!ir,rn hut eot innnfilv imnn iU"U,l 1
in fact, a moditication or the Bloomer iostnm J
The ladies are thus relieved of a superabundant
iy.iu ui ucifc.vy'juvo, ttuu ii iiu?uawu3 arc J TCei I I
4 rr t nr,t; - r.nA m Ii r, I. .1 . jf I
from paving for more than two "third the
usual quantity of dry goods-a no small item of
expenso in this country?" " ' y -
. -J ....UUi-l - ; - .
- . .-j.. -
nog me ciuiau oi oiumouore Jiofer in
.1. - c - n .
the Arctic seas, he visited a eingulnr.tribe. of In
dians, known as the Techuechi. Lieut Brooks
endearoredbv manv d- vii-ess. to. awaken in l i
mind of tne Id chief som ideas rrganiing - the
existence of a .Supr me Being, and on dav.
when they naa ocen sitting a long time in arni
ment upon this subject, the savage Texelahned,
in a tone pf voice which .aufGciently indicated nf
new, thoughcarcely defined thouorht: 'Good!
Man cannot imako whal. s. n
- A Head Sold nyjnE SireftiFrAt tha, re
cent sate of the effects of Crfpt Henry Love b
the Sheriff of San Francisco, the head of :-Jou-
quin, the celebrated robher preserved in: spirits.
an l the hand ot ,';tnree nngercJ JacK,",eno .of
his companions were disposed of For SSG.'o.Judm;'
jjyons. lormeriy oi me Vyamornta. c
Capt. tove had killed both of the men,
the last remains of whom went off under tha
A New Tie. A poor widof was asked how
she became so much attached to a certain neiVh-
bor, and replied that she was-boundo him by
several cords of wood which he had Bent hnr rl.iJ
ling the hard winters.
Abankcriti Buffalo recently lent $l,
ono to two Germans wki as kecuritr fiftT V
boy was whipped
. .t. -
- Two of the "female poets bf- America.'
are quarreling in th? newspapers" of INew York
about the authorship - of a sonnet, r Their com
munications are more remarkable for bad temper
and coarse diction, than , the force of inrgumett,
poetical embellishment or feminine dehcacy.'
The statement that Hon.rj. J. Critten
den, of Keutncky, has accepted as invitation to
lecture on slavery, iu Bosici 13 contradicted, t -
- JCQ-An honest eld lady, when told of her
husband's death, exclaimed : "Well, I do declare,
oar troubles never come aloiip 1 It ain't a week
t',:xST. -ry b-.'a,". and now Mr. Hooper
' - goua too, pyvr ; r
, A bill has been ir.'.. "rt4 in th
Jee Lririslature to totrr r -1 .
color in the State to emigrate to L -. c.-
whervond the limits of tho Ctrt3.
ollowing -advertiscr.G-1, ci;r ' the
he, 'i Wanted,' is in a hta Lt;:Ti"e
( Ar, ;iy gal what's got a bed, a cof-tee-
ot t, knows how to cut cut britch
es can tLM uctia' ehirt,. aid -kuowa how to
t- H-;r! of children, can have my fervicea tuitii
de-Mi ;:irts both"Of cs.n:-- J
I "An expeditious tr-ca tf rp a row
to carry a long ladder c yc.;r thcu!:.r3 ia a
r -
turn rc-.
3 if cry c:
served for a ,"sam ole. ' - " " '- .t, . 'Ut n,-w imWuni h. tnm.i ProceedinS'
lucv rnio . umuiuui-a, i". uue nuiui UdU I l H,i" o- v !viMf tnthrtBimn! WHOJl COmin!? Wltn
- . - -1 . . -i. . -it . -i . j. till DIJ.UK ll( UU VUllIM) uvui;i.u v- . - 1 J -
X::-Vit - i.tiiAi . J ' K..trt '"-I,.. Al.l Va ..Wiff, Mm, Wher El,ledhl,weVer.
Vine oi viuow as aumirtrs was com-t "u, "r " ; 1' ."" V , - . I renehed this
n a nin? ueiure tier .01. looinucne. v ivirs.. 11 -a 1 iu.vn ... v. w.-..-,. ......i
smart boy immediate y spoke: y ell, sit, why " ' r , Tr: then placed on the cars again,
don t you do as ma uoes i sue tatea lier teeth 1 M M """y wuu.. .u. uuri - eJ g - j. Qn . Saturday
out nd put em back whenever sho wants to wmwaiw ngimeuv. u uwur .; .. .
A few minutes afterwards the boy Was nvhinned CilUwed him to- theguard-tenti and : en Hi altei
X L.atly IVIio Wns Present. At TXic
, xsattic or saratoza.
".BIrs. Margaret Martin, who is at present storv
ping at tha residence of her grandson," in this
city U $3 years of age. She is one of the few
rcioarkabta' women of the revolution, who : took
part in.ihty memorable recurrences of the strug
jf'e fur American Independence. Her huiband
l Glib rt Martin WaS a eergea'at in the army', of
is ues, and was enag d in -ihe battle of Sara
toga. . Mrs. Martin, then oyery young woman,
was o y the OeM during: both struggles constitu
ting t'ris battle- and terminating l;j t'le defeat of.
ths BplendiJ army' whichBurgoyno ha:i transport
ed with such immense labor and rxDensa from
tfKiiIa cooTtdenUy an!ieipatingb&Uiif:M
ue able to dsvi te tiie army of the patriots'-and
Pd ure Hir Henry Cliuton in the Southern 'line
of defneas. '. r.- " ' ,
-Mrs.-Martin represents tlieistrugglo as most
terrific. v She says that towards evening, when
Bufgoyne maddened by tho consciousness that
h's splendid schemes were abf-ut to be defeated
directed his whole reserye and cavalry force up
on the feeble army of the patriots, the contest-
ants stood within half musket
of each
other, and pored in their deadly volleys, while
whole files on either side fell in their tracks,
and neither gave one inch. '-: V:
Toward evening Mr. Martin was wounded in
the shou'der, and while h'n wife was in the act
of affixing aband.tg2.' she herself was wounded
in the hind; she says "Gilbert- sprung like an
infuriated lion. . "i'eggy," said he, "I'll go and
teach thos'j cowardly dosa better manners than
to snoot a woman" and I saw no more of him
till the "fight was over. . ' ' ,
Of such ma.erial were the men and women
of ihe R volution.
We can readily imagine that the field of Sar
atoga. was a strange place for those of the soft
er sex' Mrs. Martin, however, has evidently
been a woman of uncommon energy ofjiharacter.
Her frame still exhibits strength and her eyes
sparkles as she recounts the deeds of that glori:
ou dav. or ebeaks of "th't c - . ,..u
cared fov Ji who were fu.ihni like
haves in vrtTNrfst.'' . ; '
' Onoby one, the survivors and landmarks of
the Revolution are fading away. Troy IViug
Gambling? ajor a Grave.
A correspondent of tli3 Boston Mail says that
.t. ii w iiiva b ill c. u ut ii . li ii iiui, ii yi I w fir I
ramnrr fear ui v in ,1- lortda. manacer Forbes. 1
. - I
with his theatrical company,' was" performing in 1
the town bf'Apahchicola, and the busiacss of
the thoxito was of course ruined. Many of his
performers were also siricken down. There
wore two of the number whose cases were co i-
sidered honel'ss. after their admission to the hoa-
wtal. The grounds of that institution, at that
time were cut uo for rraves: '.and our two actors I
lmknif nm. frnvn!pBent.. wr( Jllnwm4 tn 1
walk Uirouirh iho cemetery, for such had the
grounds become. Mound after raouhd met tluir
.. th.i nnm tli.nb.1 9rlh (o! ipnn (I .Altnnl i
Iv , sav v i j muu v wu vri i 1 1 ,viit' 1
ly inhumed victinr ot the scourge. At las' two
i . . - . i
unoccupied graves were .before thi
era dug yery 'near each oilier, yet-i
ly-,vayeda -large,'will6w, giving a
them, " They
OVer one on-I
mnnrh fully
Jo the spot. The 5 two
. .
der the willow. High
word ensued, but. the
sudden quarrel, wo stayed by a" proposal from I
onafof the party, to go within the bespital, and
. r.r. .......
play a jrame of all tours tor The right ot posses
nght'ot posses-
sion, the'winncrto be allowed to use t'ie . nar
row tent m nl. Aii.i i therpging of their fever
heated brains thagime vas played the propo
ser of the game v?on the staker nnd the n xt
morning hi- lifeless body was laid beneath the
willow. A iw loser ai mai umeisyei a paruci
pant in the game of life. , - vj '";.,'.-:"-
dier who wa? present at the capture of S.-batdnoi
! relates the following romantic; story: '
partyof our mon iljvlouging" to different
L-nts. were natrollinir .from- hoase . to house.
in search of plainer. Iu one of tlie houses they
came ncrcss a beautiful iyouog .lemale, about H
or 18 years of age. i. Of 'course some,, ignorance
Was shown amonsrst the partyv ' who commenced
to drag hcf anoui, ana would nave nsea violence
ft KaS7nciiffii SShlow hi
I ' T niuauct anj rtawwa 10 oiw ine
ht man's drains, out that tlad a: finger on her
to her, had not
.... ....
.r p ' : v r' - , r .-. ,
h;m. The colonel of his, regiment seeing the af-
f ' A A.I .1... k.vtl.
. .... V . .
to . iraertJ Harris, where an mwrpreterwag got
aiHHh.3 related the whole affair -to them, t turn -
e.1 out tliat.she was the .general's daughter, with
some thous
carried a 'gold watch, and wore"a'set of"bracel ijL3
oi immense vame. ino young in.ui is. now uuuut
ta"be married to her.. Sho will not leave'liiro on
any account whatever; and if he is not a lucky
dosjil don't knowwho is. --
A Greexlakd Lady's Dress. This consists
of seal-skin stockings -with the fur next to the
foot j and of suc h length" as to reach abovo ilie
knee., . Over these is drawn a pair of sea'-skin
boots! "with the fur outside, fo that the loot i
in -trutii a seal-skin ot double thic&ne.-3, with
" -side and Inside too. . the pantaloons
are cf i . n- '""icthing in the fashion of
fashioned kncc-w. s. - A jacket of seal-skin,
fur inside, fits clcc:. , . ' body. . Tne outer
lrionitauPr etrnvers tfttrethpr over Uii -irrirn sirvuffiU.oi.-uiVM ne.munuuruwu uwriy uui uiaiuwv.u ..
habitations, when singular as. it .may" appear, a oulyy. oar l?onor, . which damands. that, here in of a submarme luril
relapse occurred to eacln-Th;y became s it America, we should show oursalycsworthy, of the A fneadinj MinburgU
. 1 i t ku -t..: iu eivi'irati.n of. onr old home: but oar interests to send us some details of
habiliment is a 1 ose j:.:. - . " calico. A round j bran ?, from s mie of th moat noted Ohio vint
the neck is a ruff of Ws f...-, -tlerneath r.crs, ana the b tt ja 1 pr. tent unAiuiivjusly pr(-
kt; ta n x.t .it black handler. . -I smr
tn tha neck. The dress when crx.. .. '
. .." -- - - ---.--.----.- - - -
fl h in.UninP fma. as it ii tha Lc-t t.
Bloomer style. ;, 'I , . -
- Methodist Boot Coxcesn in Pai.1 r,sv.
Able Stevens, now in Europe, is calling h ear
nest tone upon American Methodism to furnish
OLOOO with which to start a French
Book Concern in Ffcri. . "
It is not. generally knowii Vh'ow arbitrary a
sway the Romish religion exerts in thi-s n.w
acquisition tf the United States; previous to its
purchase from Slexico, the' power of the Romish
hierarchy was nearly uhsolute andeyen -since
tht period the attempt to maintain undlspnled
power has been too- nvmy instances snVceai
ful; owtni tbihe evalence; of . so mncK -ignorance,
as but one man in ten knows how to read.
The. fact jhat their incorporation into the Unioiv
ttbrogak's all the old laws of Churcu and Stater
which have feeenln existence ever since its cor..
qnegj by Spam, U carefully kept from the peopl",
and thoy are, jgtiR 3-eqiired ; to,yield aJ blind de
votion to tho i blieet of the Catli 611 ;wie3ts.
An incident of. this, character the New York
Express heard narrated by the R vMr. Shaw,
a missionary recently from Santa Fe. He sta
ted that a child of a poor 'woman was refused
burial for four days because she could not . pay
the fees the priert demanded : for the perform
ance of the funeral ceremonies. , She appeaLd
to the United States officer in command at the
station, fcho informed the Bishop that if the child !
was not buried in twenty-four hours he wodld
break downjhe wa'ls of the cemetery and per-
form the ceremony himself; and on the Bishop s j
refusing to comply with his demand, he fal511ed
his word, by giving ihe chi'd Christian as well
as military burial. No marriage certificate could
be issued formerly unless a heavy gum was paid; ;
and in many instancts applicants had to submit ;
to the degradation of voluntary becoming peons
slaves -ifcit a spectfied p tiod, in order to ac-"j
q ire. the money to purchase the right to marry.
Our missionaries there are doing go?d work
iu making that people acquainted with their truj
rights and privileges under the laws of the Uni-
ted States, ' !
If any native - American, of whatever partyt
can read the following impudent declaratio i of a
Detroit Democrat German paper, without having
13 blood heated, wit&out iodigcatioa and resmt-
4, then may we despair of America ever being
govv ' " AnTicans. If party fa!tt, love of
deed,' can make native Americans ii
danger of foreign influence, and ' fuil to arouse
them to resistance,' with such a da duration ai
" . 1 . , i
tl.i l),!..,.!,! r,,.rr,k,..,.l. -..-. - I
!ruo iw-Fuu" u4u.iu. . . . , v . . . -
"In Detroit,. there 3 a Deaiocra tic, German pa-
per called tlwi -!Mich;ran Voiksblatt.V of which-
si Mr. C 4Mlen,ia editor; , ,. Jo' speaking of the
course his paper intends to ptsruue, "tha Apostk
ot Uutcn , Ujmoeracy, promises ao war, upon
NatiVBism, Protestantism and ivmperancel And
speaking ot .ravery, na says:
'Iq order to define; at once out course with all
decision. e declare that asra f-enttal UlioaVWe
cornier tins Slavery qucsuons? vteturtunr point
t a'l America politics, and that,, espcialJy, for
- - - ---o 0--. j .
t'R lllrmmS. WU r:i SU lLIltt Ui ! T II 1 L tllll V I
to resisi w eAwnaoaw, wavsry oa,u pouwuai i
- . . T 1 1 i i. . L . .1 . m ' - t
WO avc uiausu iu uo uut oijiv lurjuuuuuiujrwuieu 1
- 1 I. .Ii t 1 t.
.... . .
opposes everyarbirra
and oppression, not only
. . . , - i , . - v i . - . .
by.ihe evrnal, anspeaitaoie ngnts otman, py uie
als.i reouire it. the iuterest3 of the immigrated
tnt;z?n and of free laborwhich will ; not a1!)
. .... t ' .
suivery to no exienaea over uu wiue icrnwry m
v..A rrrA
A ";,Te'ia BpjDGE'GoxETO.YTnE "Pacific
RAitROADFatalityseems'to" attend this read.
The terrible 'loss 'pf lifjj and the larg number
yonuded hyojfaU.ing.of'.ith'e Gasconaded had
scarcely beenreported to the city be f. re a train
' was dispatched to tne relief of the snfferers.' By
" the earnest, 'energetic;, ffortafof a7 few1;' ;brave
man vvht i,mainefl at tho ae.enn of f!iaKterr th
I cnttirr.rI niprs riev(l ilhrl thf'dsd -VrAtIr'f l
I out from the wrKd' oCcars.Sca
j had the mournful procession; bearing th'.rauttt -
aied bodif, "proceeded half way: on its" return diJorcut places iu order to discover Ihu least Cltra
whenr o'n"reacliingitlid'bridge at -BideudTcreiek a t:on'-- . . -. - "
midst the darkness ot night and tha hdrrors 1 at- ,The diiliciulties which appear lnsnrmountable : .
tending such a" progre, when" JLhat .aWfwas in a work of thi3 kind consist not only in the, ex
swept also by the lood just as the iinlnjured had teut of the tunnel, in teiliousness of the "opera j.
passed6ver, ahdwhlle "the carscontaining ; the tions-whfch, howevercan ;be ; undertaken at
Wounded were in the i act of ffoinV uboh the frail both erids at the same time--but alstf in the clear ,
dea were in the act or jroinfj upon
. CUUWiUlVr' .V.nUilUbllUil. .VIUiV.111 01.1.1111.11 v
n't. i e A : luiinda.fiil irrimna tnoninl tn
ave V?. rers,Tha tide yarned
everyth ng'beforo it amid the storm' and the
- . f .. J?. rnt;thcornmu5ektion be-
r severea train bioqu wunout. iug -dossiduuv oi
;moae. passengers wao na i cross-
came on to the next depot and
city on I? r;
Friday fiughtr. The dead and
ferried over tor Washington and
and finally reach
cvewng auout o o
To-day we have to "record another" calamity
and another disaster to this unfortu'iata Tai'road,
. I Th linrtnrn nf Mnrfinn. four milft; this R dft of
j way onFriday eveninand that estimated. fromlhc tact that at , present 200,000
rf - :':? :.y'u.:.rLu.. ?' i.;.Lv(HH travel annaallv between, the twr. eonn.
c R . t -
bridnre on the whole - line. Not" one has stood
the tiood tide -not one but has endangered to .a
great extent humaniife whib a single span
of a carele.-s arch has' hurried twentj-e'-ght of
our citizens into - eternity. St. 'Louis Demo
crat:. .---- v'"'--
: Native Georgia Wiss A - Fair Trial:On
tonday, the'llth ultimo, quite a large number
i . . 1 . ..... . . I . .... .
1 01 crjr.ueiaun joeioii'f io. j.
Augusta, jjrgia, us-
semblol for tl;e purpose of
sainpli" ' soma, native i
C'aarle? Axt, .it his vine-
yards in vviikes countv, u?org.a. me wine o
fejvu,was the pure juice ot tiia uatawoa grape,
old i only about eslit weeks, tt'om the pre, ana ot tLe
quality ,known as "still Catawba." f It wa,a very
impArtiaily testexl, suio by s:.le wuh several other
nouueed it sun.Tlor iu arojaa and nar-ty cf flavor
- n - -.. i . " . .
is lto any native samples yet piesjuti to; their;no
' I ticc and predict -d htr:.it the
hi:?he?t decree of
"Keel'eace, vvhea it shall have attained thj proper
buaine of grape-growing and whie-nak
tnrt7 no eansi. eren ri-rr. r
'- Gcoriri.v BCvl th
..w .. -- ....... . .. ' .
8 rath:
- i i
o pr
juiC3 Cf t
to t'-2 vilely tdu'.tcrs..;! r.ix-
tares of commerce, and who Wisirto aidrin di
incceHsful dcvelopmiint of a -most important and
promising en'.erpriso, to give , the matter their
conuterrance and support athe outset; end thus",
sucute toth.i'Soatb, in a few years, an entirely
new source of largo income and profit. v "
m - .'-- , .
Aia American Procession Attacked
, . 'toy a Band cf Irilcien . ,
"The New . York Commercial Advertiser of
Wednesday says a meeting of the "Yoang A
mcricans" of the Hth Ward was held on Tues
day evening at the junction of the Third avenue
and the Bowery i After the meeting adjouned
a torchlight procession wr.s formed, and procee
ded up i'irst avenue far as Thirteenth street
when they wero assaulted by a gang of rowdies
8;U'd to W Irishmen. ' Knives and pistoTs were
brandished by the attacking party,' and a num
ber of persons were badly beaten in the melee.
The Irish came upon the Americans suddenly,
filling the air with groans and hisses.' intermin
gled with curses for the Know Nothings
: The scene, fr a while, tvai otie of the great
est consternation; and for a moment it wasjeaf
ed that' the scenes, recently : exhibited in the
streets of Louisville vere to be re-enaeteJ heiv.
The forbearence and self restraint eftLecit.
iz ns in the processioiv, however, alone 'saved
the city from the ca!amity; out nohing was left
untried oft the part of their ferocious opponents
to provoke the catastrophe.
The Irish succeeded in what is thought to hare
been their object in tnaking ; the atack tl.eg
broke up,' aird dispersed lb: prgiefsion. They are ;
beli- ved to believed to belong to a pang of des- .
peradoea commonly known as the f f irst Aven
ue Rangers. w-; ,. ' ,-r;-- T
At a Mass meeting," held -on "iVednesday, 31st
Oct, by the ciiizens of thia placi to nomiuate a
candidate for the Legislaturcirrespective of pa v
ty the foreigners assembled in large numbers
with theavowed purpose of controlling the met
ing. . But the moment it was proposed that thy
should consider a nominaUon binding: uponjv
themselves, (a fair proposidon.if tkey persisted
in taking part in the deliberations of the meet--
in ?,) they betrayed the ame,lhey were there
iVafc- f became, evident
and intentions of the meeting wts y-v
here b
j im r a . w i
1 .1 ! J .l,..
lllCian w urowoiui, uui oic, uu uui-veu ui
peaceable citizens there assembled.
: After fnquent repetition ot sucn conduct, a
motion, to adjourn, was then maieby one ot tne,
gang of foieigners.nnt Carried. Thus the peaC2
aoie, oraer-.oving .ciuzens were tuwyveu iu u
poject tor wn;cn:uiey;naa assemoiea. A 'v-
Submarine Railway between
' r -, England and France.
- Ar pw w v
eler; some able hydrograpuers ana engineer have
UtTCU Clll UV 1 u ou . v j njii . , vvjw, u iv
, . . 1 i -
Calais on the
'.-.s. , f'ro!',.- " v"
i.'urMn 'nnn n I nmi tha Nmin I.
It.. nn'tha -rnirlich Dlrla lF thA rTliafinoI anrl to-
, -! rx i?t J xt. - .i 1 '
-"'o' . J"-v- r '""t .
Smg. soundings, wun a viewoi reporunj a3xo
the feasibility and advantage oi tormmff a com
between the two countries by meatus;
railway .
has been kmoTenonghtj "
the extraordinary pro-i
j jet, which owes its birtn to M. ajO r ayre, a an, ; -
tingutshed French engiaQcr. : If ray be necessary
i- iu... - i.
vw "- " .
VIV Z. "
Le Favre savs:
j . "Oar proiect consist; iua tunnel 'of about 33 .
i k"lometrtS iu kn-rth, formed under the sea. and
o:!ering as much security as a railroad unaer the
open sky. - .z r
. 1. Tna tunnel will be pierce 1. in a manner sal 1
that the bed of earth which will divide it from
the sea will never ba less than 25 metres, even 'at
t tlitt irratpit Aimthn tf tlnn ?5trTfa
I '. .fl'h. -tminul will lv linn.J witKi fliinlila nivTi
the first to bo of granitejvnd of impermeable cc
1 ment, the " second of thin- iron - plate, 'pierced iu
I annti Af thf'hTf.trhlih Venn 1.1 "tioomiTirrltr hn'j
I U...VW.V. .. vmw . fc. ...I vmlv. iuiuiui j w.iy-.
tube camedto topeniateUherside. vi.
"la order to surmount those obstacles,. we have .
established In ontTroiect 'wellsV, constractednt-
tue wwus ui uasuus we cucuiam.'nuK carm inw
the sea and of forming little islands around these
Webs. AVith hese wells we Can give; to the works i
tnat . celerity witn wuicii it w dcsiraoie to carry
.'.."- i . .. . . .... . . . -
tnem on; we can also ventilate tue tunnel, an 1 also --.
create' isleta'aldng the coast ; With' the aid ?of
tbs system, it would only take five years tco-w
plete this tunnel.' . - ; . , . - - - "
x As. to the cost, ha estimates it at 103 mUlibn bf
francs. ' ' ' - -' '
That it will be a paying project if completed,
frti .n, The rmantit v of Aoal alone that ?! h
finporbid for consumption iu France will reach
20,000,003 cruatals, at a cost of as many millioni :
of francs M. ; Le Fuvre is not . for making, the ,
course of th3 tumid in a.direct lino' from Cape
Gris He to Dover, and for traction either steam ,
1 . - .. 1 .1 .... r -i ' .
may uaeinpiwyeu, wuu n.o aia td sucn machinery-
as woald prevent iho formation of Binoke. or the
trains may be propelled on the atmospheric prin
ciple. The pmjocr, it is stated, has boen rc :ved
; TaAr.EDY at Cuie ago.- A few days 7 ftgo,
a man nameu L.vtgir Li. lr.j rjoil, resiJ.ng. in
Chicago, persuaded hi3 wifele take a walkwitlj,
him, and at'tor proceeding a tcrt distance,' he
divw a pistol and cahbrrtir' bhot hr down in
the street, in'lictlnjf a r:.:rtal V und; and then
6Ct turns.). t dead on the spot. la w? twenty
-I . . f i i - -.i :
niue years i u, ana c..3. r-iy r..i..i. at
nau Der n i.irrr
is said, s!;3 h: 1 '
account of ill I.
every whore with tha most l.yely sympathies, and
a i Atulo-FrDnch company will shortly be organ,
bjd to carry it cut. . . .
. uryeirs, but in taatt..ae iv
il.im on "two Occasiocs, on
w'aexi.vg. An cxci.ir s tijs t!.-t cr.e cf
l.U Euhscrr.crs, who sUrt.-l fr C. "i.":r:'a withi
cut aett'iEg.hi3 subscription, dl:3-5 hit
KUS , - ." , , .. " '"" r

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