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ivf ; ;tr .: . - J:' ,-,..r.,-,,-r:-
-1' : if-:--;,' ... -ilau y . ;f tocats op aher: PRixcirLES. i; ;
; : :MES: JAR:E.IET; E: PEETEx i' i1; ;' v JA? ERIL:i)C
- mil i..: firm .nnr , nui
. iaiiu for ale;
I OFFER for sale ft tract of land aitua.
ted on the i irer, fire miles from Yazoo Ci
ty, containing about 1400 acres, -of wtich
115 are in cnlttrauoa. and 00 deadened:
three fithacf it deadened several yean clnce
There are no improvements except a fine
CJquble corn crib and Crt ratecitern; 1 ,
For terms ypiy to ilolmei & Hyatt a
too City or to the subscriber at Yickt1 r.
t-. '; : V Joa wnus, -:
-'KoTenibcr 38 1854 28 2 m. I
K LL persons ' indebted to M Emanuel for
1S54 fcitlierby Note or Accuant, are here
Tay notified that the same aro placed io the hands
of fllcsara. Lawson & Arnustead Jot collection.
jSettle guick and Save cost. ; :
" ' "7 v- M. EMANUEL.
, . Yazoo City Oct. 2Gth 1855. .
TO the Jail of Yazoo county, on the 30th
. day of June, 1855, a Jirgro man who calls
himself Henry. . Said boy is a bright mulatto, 5
foot, 6 inches high; 40 or 45 years old, and says
he is free. The owner of said property is request
ed to come forward, prove the same and take
. it away, or it will be dc&ltwtth according to law.
Au. 1755.
By Virtue of a died of trust executed bf
A O and Mary B Hall, dated January 20th
I to the und irsi0 .ed as irustee to se
to A J.Wright fc Ce., the payment of
a certain turn of mortis therein mnlinnpd
I will m purBuance of the terms of said deed
. v. ( frntt nriv(rt tft noli t. rrnKtirt onrtlnn in
. the highest bidder, for cash before t' t :
. of tbecnurt house in cr
r A u 1
1 15354
. f f cure t
THE undersigned would respectfully call the
attentoin bf the? citizens of Yazoo city and
surroundinsr country to h'n full assortment of .
. r - WARE, ; . . ..
which he keeps constan' on hand f his own
Manufacture and of I he . ?ft materials, and of
superior workmanship; which ho will' warrant
to be as represented. Y 1 ' i
. - , ' . ohh IhgT' ; ' '':" -
ofall desc: t iions done at the shortest notice
-r- ALSO: ; : : v ;
M'n or Zinc RooSng and Guttering done in the
best and most improved atyle.
Dcsho!i's Patent Prcnil am Shower
The sebscriber also manufactures the above
superior shower baths; which, for convenience,
cheapness and durability, excel anv thing now
in use. He has still on hand the Patent rijrht
f r one or two of th' adjoining counties, which
he will sell to the advantage of the purchaser.
-ALSO: , ..
A very superior article of Bathing Tubs con
stantly on nana
Ju!y 6,n-7ti
ir: t jfc n in
Ti, t " j- I.. h it ' -.
S5L i
For one year, if paid in advance, ; ; ; ; $3,00.
44 " if not paid in twelve months.
imTES of avtsaiitR
One Square, (ten liws) one insertion;, ; $1,03.
Each subsequent Insertion, : ': : ... 5Q.
' s5y Liberal deductions i will be extended to
1 ' those advertising by the year. -353
"tJaptain Gi
charge a your
She was take..
etnna.fi where
.z Jjy JesulU. V
one of our citizens, jias In hia
"ri; about fourteen tears of ast.
- f hitni from an asylum In Cm;
the(WM placed bv thftSaciety of
. t 1
!."a of January
All the nghttftle, ana interest of 8iU .4
C. tirid Mary B. Hall, in and to the proper-
ty subscribes in said deed of trust, to wit;
'. the tract, or parcel of land, situated, lying
uni being in said c un'yof I a zoo, to wit;
f . Th east half of ihe southeast quarter, the
' wet half of the North east quartej, and the
' erlh west quarter of section 35, in ton-.-Vthip
nin?, of range four , west: also negro
rtoy Citorije, nged twt nty, and Easton aijed
Jboul 30 years. The undersigned will mke
to the purchasr or t urchasers only such to enter.
. itle, as is rested in him by virtue of Slid
, deed yf trust.
A. ALEXANDER, Trustee.
: N v 9 1 irr lot.
The nd signed, as Extcator of the last
' wi 1 and lestaiuent of Thomas IIundley.de
' cea.'cd, pursuant to the direcions of said
. will,' will . " '
proceed to sell to the highest bidder at the
doot of the Court House in lazoo City, the
following ands of said testator, situated in
the county-of Yazoo Miss, viz:
' Isoith east quarter, section twenty, town-
fchip dfivt'ti, Range one west, said lands are
t be sold pursuant to the last will and tes
"lament 1 said testator, on a credit of one,
- two and three years, the purchasers givm
' bond with approved personal security and a
, lien upon thu lands, 'the notes to bear inter
c: t from dale at the'r te of six per centum
- per annum. . ELISI1AE. HUNDLEY.
' Executor of Thomas Hundly dee'd.
-Nov 30 t ' ' ' 28 Jt.
luliniiccry 8alci
Pursuant to a decree of the Supreme
' Court of Chancery of the State of ' Mississ
. - ippi, in the ease of Thomas Bibb vs. Samu
' el Faulkner, . No 695 I will on the first
Mot day in January next In front of the
,. , Courthouse of Yazoo county in Yazoo Ci-
; tv, expose to public sale to the highest bid
. der, on a credit of six months the following
lands in said county to-wit.
,f " ;" The east half of the North east quarter
, of Section Six, Township Ten, Range one
East and the South eait quarter of Be. tion
Twenty-four, Township ten, Range two
w est, or so much thereof aa mav be nec
, ; essary, to' satisfy ' the purposes of said de
" cree.. : ; , ..,.. . , '.. " ' ." "
1 j Bonds with approved security must be
: , . Commissioner.
i ' Yazoo City, Nov 30 , 28 5 ?
, '''I0.BSGN nOUSE!
1 . Tt e Un 'ersigned having pur
T, chased the interest of ' A. B.
i Jonssos, in the City Hotel ' in
Yazoo City, and having thoroughly furnish
V d and refitted the House, has this day
crencd it as the IIOBSON II0US2, for the
recertion of visitors. . ,. . f
He flatters himself, thattwith his expeii
cr.ee in 1 basiuess and Lis .determination to
j- are no t ains or expence for the c rafort o
his friends, he will mtrii and ,rcc;iv- '
; liberal support of tb
The tuhscr btr lave fn'erfd j ito ropar'ner.
(h p in th-uv ove bu.-iic bs in Yazao C t r e;iiy
'p--.o.-ife the IVi OlHe, whcie ih wi!I rain u
act ure avciy Ihi i in iheir ime ot busn'FS
Kell it if ntin lv upon tht;ir own labour, ihry
feel a r.cLi'drii: e in ... citing ibc j at or.Ujjc of tne
p bliC.
fjty VitiJ- rf T1X WARE rcrl in?n? to
l!o.;t kf j in. l;t t c;iituiAI) o. hand o' made
1 MoRMOsisst. An official statement has been
published at Salt Lake city, in the Das Tet News,
by George A. Smith, tin church historian, show
ing the latest facts of interest connected with
the progress of mormonisra. Accor ling to .it
the church has about ninety-five missionaries in
Europe, and an equal number in Asia, Africa
and the Pacific Isles", besides large numbers of
native elders in the various .fields of labor, and a
considerable number scattered throughout the
United States ani British America. Of news
papers and periodicals the church has, of the
former, one in Silt Like City, issuing 4,000
copies weekly; one in Liverpool, issuing 22,000
- lily: one m Swansea, South 7alea; one in
VUJ ' -Tin, in the Uimsn language; ons in
A II. ' ' - ' ' ''
Fek. kE. ASr. -ice, a lady 1
trinlr mm rre .h the in the cars on the Cincmns-
ti, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad. She put her
ticket in her dress pocket, where she had several
other rticle and, seating herself, became ear
tiestly . engaged in convention with a friend.
The conduntor soon came around for the tickets.
Wken he came to this lady, she drew from her
pocket what she supposed to be the ticket, and
without looking at it, offered it to th-conductor,
and continu:d talking; but, after exten
ding it for a' short time, andhe not taking it,
she looked up and discovered that she was oifer-
Friend.;' ? Yfa understand that slje is of Quaker
pventage, an is, hjeir to some property, ' :
J CiptaittG- ,' with the girl's Tree and ToluSf-
rary consent
and cave JKr
He brou;
school unu,.
. OnMjhJay.
came out frcr:
pp tofu- -:'
Uand?, .
cabled, ar ' -w1o
r. ;
i appointed her lel guardian
security, racrditfg to law.
to Uatavia and puced her at
Sloan. . , ,v- j .
,f o Jesuits, a man and a Womi'i,
Jincinnati in a buggy, and drove
' house, v Thev inquired foe Miss
'ttle girl, on hearing her name
- -19 villainous phiz of the mm
..Ltd behind her desk; and trenv
''""-or mother wants to see voaJ"
Th.3 glrl.rucUyUy came ' forth, and burst into
teirs. TUe pretended mother also wept copi
ously, and at the same time whispered. "If yoa
dontcoma wa will kill; yoa " After telling a
good rainy injoasistejt stories, and, pro hieing
some pap3r documents, they got the child in tbi
bti gy, and ware about to leave p33t hast3. '
In the moan tim'a, C spL Gray was notified of
the affdr. . .Tue citizens githsred about the ve
hicl and the poor child wa? released. The man
acknowledged ha had nr authority to take the
child,' and tha woman blaraied in real Jesuitical
style, and thUn both departed. Thera wav at
one time, strong sy rap tons of Judge Lynch bein
about, and it was only the polite conaidcratio
of our people for tha fem lie, which, saved ' h 3r
companion from baing treated to a cold bath in
theEtstFork. - ;v ..:r.;;-.;.-r.i -
f Whit did thi Jesuits .want with the child?
Did they not wish to immure her in a convent
and taka her propay foe the use of the Church?
"Why did th ay proceed ia such an Underhand
ed manner.'"1 4 r 4 .
Are not oar laws suS jiant to v tect righU ?
If this girl is unlawfully detained, the law gives
redress, bat let us hive ro H ' - What
will tha aymr1-- : w. ' - to
v o'clock on Tuesday the fctw
auemptea tarun away, ana got 83 fir as Alouat
uirmeiwaan sua was ovrtakan ana brouiht
back. Sie refuses to account for her singular
conduct!. She claims that she was cruellv treat
ed while in the possession of tha people who
are endeavoring te obtain her, and yet sin is ev
ident y operate! upon by soma ciuso to p'ace
hersalt n a similar position- It is quite possi-
b'e thit threats have been tread to frighten the
poor gin inw ?nu mission.
Clement (Oaio) Courier.
veJ riminiC, wnd at the hcrl-
ttane in tl;c
Tin o 7.in", rooPn
lit it and air.ft apj
cai none.
Yat c City, N . 23. 1U 5.
. BUlt M I X G II A M y CO.,
ANNOUNCE to their friends, patrons and
the rjublic irenerally, that they have
bought the
formerly kept by Powell & Ililliard, which
ihey intend to keep up in the best possible
styleconstantly supplied with good horses
and comfortable vehicles to hire the best
of provender for horses and attentive and
well trained ostlers. Attached to the Stable
is kept also a comfortable Boardiug i?ouse
for customers wishing to remain overnight.
The table suplied with the best to be found
in our marKei. ve solicit u snare ui pu.u"
ic patronage and invite all to call and try us
Yazor city march ,9 1C55 . t : 33 ly :
- i
This name of nsthfchihlf.
v.. A paragraph has been going this jotinl of the
preajj that too ItotiMchtfds wratworth eight ivxa
dred millions bf donars. ; .A denial of thotrcti
of this stateramt has b.Ten p it; forth. ; It wou'd
be a waste of words to discuss which estitnite b
-correct. T!ie wealth of tha Rthschilds do.s not
consist in lands and tenements, fte valai df which
might ba aicertoinQiV b it ti stocks bcmdVand
other descriptions of parsonal property, and the
monnt of which no : ona knows bat tham?lves.
Taey miy ha worth 4,th4? suoi suxgeste h or even
rare, an 1 they may mt ba ,wrth a qiajte of;
that amrmti i jit is even within the' ran? of pos
sibility, thou? h it is nnt probable, that the Rnths
childs may hj worth nothln? at alh y lf'for ef
mple, thevh '. tha loins th;m wives which they
hive ne2otiatei sine the wir barah, tha d.inreci-;
ation on th loans which h'n taken rli' lately ;
his caused a'los Of fifty .hi'lliohs of dillara. O'
arain, a hnasl like thairs, dealing wholly jn, fine
tuatin? securities, might miietvo its credit for
vars atar it. wis ab3ohte!y bin'rupti P-ial
Sfahan & Co. is a case in pnint", thoagh on a
sravlW saale " :' 'w-dliii,
Tha pTJvaf'of the ItothschUh miy ba cstim
ted with more .certainty. klt is enormnns, ?N
single E iropian mnarch is strong eao-i?h to op
poro it, So far bi'ik a fotV yaars af, it prove!
too ereat for tha-first Nipilwn, for" U turnishel
the sinews of ar tohistjn-roies, an l thusro't
abonthw downfall. Tha E nparor.awara of this.
snu?ht to conciliate thtrn;;-oi his retaro from El
ba, hi jtha haaI of that house repnlsad his al
vance3 by tha significant 4 rni irk 'thore' are two
Napoleons in Enf otw," and tim a soon showed thit
the, mnneyfitl Napoleon . was the mnre pnwerru?.
At presint, tha hou33 is arrayed against Lo'J3
N"arol3on, both bacausa ha rejects thair in'ervan
tion in obtaiBlnxloinVnd becansa tha war that
hn has inaugHfated. is damaging thair secariticsso
sariously. ? Austria, ? it is coace'led. his.utter'v
failel tn mike pna;?. ,'Pae Rithchilds, it1 w
srenerav coniactnra 1, are now trying their hands
for the distorbanae in tha snecta mirkt has boon
L traced homi to them; and there is certunly.a Verv
"rong chance of success, bacause .notumg . v u
England so ready for a paace as a c .-'
'r!n.tM r.'jr.ij rir.t.--.-
. Wedia, .rto the
tha Rothschilii since tha war 0. Mast nr
reach the enorraans amount ofol5JQ')p 000
kurc!i-isc of .Caba.' . .
A Vter frb n Lmbn tn New York Coaricr
and Eaq iirer i n form k tha onhllc thnr tha
cbaie of Oubi is powible, if the latter will ffive
two hundred million of dollars, un half t h
app led to theliqaidatioiibftha hwn debt One
hundred milHonj of dollars is about one-fifth of
the fae value of the foreign datof Spain whieh "
stated in full is 100,000,000, but th faith of
Spiiniofmch nature that t'la j bonl-holdera
would g'dly accept ona hundred miUi Jus of dol
lars from tha United Stat sin M payment. On
tuisr su&j jet the Philadelphia North A
-IVaenover the twenty two millions of annrA
cash now slumbering up our trury shall swells
to two hundred millions "we1 think the fjnited
States may find something better to da than buy -inx
acb a Pandora's box as thl- Island bf-Ouba.
Wd ha;i have; trouble e iough wih itwben, we
got it, and, th ;refpra ued be in no such burry to
squaqder our miUionVfor it... Fur otij hundred
millions of dollars, we cou'd build th4 great Pa
ei2c R ufroad cl-ar through the vat wildrdes3
to California. ;,Fm two hundred .,jnSl lions w
could buy half of , 2Ixi o. -. For fifty, millions
even, we f.ouli buy up all Central Amarica. If
we are b '.coming so doparatc!y ' amb'tioasnct
ds waste our money in som thing of that, kind,
if we have not enougng Kd sense to apply it to
the. improvement of our rivers janl hirborstha
comiletion of our coi5tdafencesfcthe erection of'
hiUonal b lildingj for tha courts, a riipo-l oTicss
wherethay are so much: winted; and the in
crease of our mis irably 'smarJ; navy,; ;,' It c tnnbt
be possible in tha nalure of. things; tba nCuba
shall remain attach ad,to a Eiropaaa. powec for
rainy years longar, and wh'an the proper time
arrives, Cab i wi: I come to tti of her 6.vn ojcord
without any such1 expe iditiire on Our pirt as tw i
hundred millions of dollars,- tLt the British
bond holders of iJpain Took . elsewhei'ejo their
money ; - -;t-- ,
Ixseit D;plohatm. We have private Vn'd- -vice
from the Russian" dominions, Tto the elTpct
that the grain-produ jing fstricts'dn the borders
of tha'Bkck Saa furaishthis yea ascafity and
insuScient harvest.. The grasshoppers, tha pest
' '- his ravrid the fields of Utah io our hem-
;J4v ' "?f to the growing
gton frov.. a granaries
HAVING just returned from a r?r?C
visit to New York and Phil- tP&iiik
itilnfitfl- ubrpi ho has rnntta him- v4 I 1.1 , t-J
self familiar with rccentV invented novelties in
. - . i t ' l J 1.:-.
ms proteasion, ana navm mraisueu ui auuro
tory with every requisite for mechanical dentis
try, Including a large and beautiful assortment
of improved .artiacial teeth. - lie is preparea io
wait on all who will favor him with tueir, pai-
ronage. . - .r : ; ' y
: Kcrcrenccs:
IVsLcaVfl&. Harnoiic Yazoo Cit; V- Tow
end, M U Ph ladt-lphw: (r VV. t-'mitb DeniistNew
Orlenes J 0 McCUUan MR Pbdidelphia; F H
Knnpp. Den-ist. New Orliars; J C Nott, M U
Mobile. ' ; ' -
Yntoi City Number 30 1855. ' '
N. B. Will be absent on professional busi
ness for a few weeks, from the first of February
next. " : -'"' .'. ;VJ-'' "V .;.V?
Watclics arid Jewelry-
JUST received, and constantly f receiving
direct from the ' manufactarers and . im
porters, a general assortment of rich ele
gant and laiesi styie jeweiry.
.June 3,3dy. ; ,: ; S. H.WILS0N.
Wa t ches, Jewelery, a
Are 2
ie public,- -
w; w. r
Yazoo City, October 1G, If ,-ly.
... .sWVvy
t;oni . to their unsur
ry confuting, of every
a ! s :
or;; t'
. : - ? cf Dor...wts,and lUt', Beaver,
.. . : .;ra-.v Hiding' lists.-f A; choice
i i. f "rench Fiowors end Fruits; Gold
n .vfrs;' C'.IJ-tnd f'trcf Tipped
; " : . iluut, Ostrich inl ,'ir.cy Feitb'
Down;' Dress trimmings: He- J
V7 .-yicksbur;r.ovD
1 V.ln r-l lr.rcrim
'' TAX (N -j ..i:te cf8brt..ir
Li.jJ.Vc?J.:3,. --v MusiccI Instrument
or nil h nd3 and f,.' lrc-rn the: Vf'
host n)aauii:tujl f idCi fc-oks
alijnrument. tad u -goJJ as-aruent ;zii,
nheatr.Iuic for Piano and Gu:" U v.
V(CT"vlches and Jeweirf . ,-airecl -and
warranted ;l'a7ca City, Nov. IS, '53. 10 ,
ing the conauctor a nne loom comu.
tf BI Montigny, French Consul in China,
govs-that the Chinese mix arsenic freely with the
tabasco vhich -they smoke, and thoso who do so
ure tltsscribed'as stout fallows, with lungs W6 a
Maeksmith's bellows, and rosy as cherubs ' This
statement ha3 called out a letter from Ur. JjonOa,
who announces that some time ago in the course
of a discussion at the Academy of Madicine, on
tha noronts to be emoloved to cure tubercular con
sumption, he told the assembled doctors that he
had round out one means oi comoawng inia
dreadful disease, vte: ths smoking of arsenic, anl
the doctor , re-affirms his commendations of tLat
remedy. T
t3'XIoyd's forthcomiiig Steamboat Direct
ory pivs a thrilling instance of the necessity of
women knowing how to swim. When ths ill-
fat'.xl Ben. Sherrod was ia Games on tha Hissls
inni river, and the lady passengers who bad
thrown themselves in the water were drowning
around the boat, the wife of Gapt. CasUetr.an
iumped into the river, with her infant In ket turns,
and swam ashore, a distance of half a rr.ile, be
in" the or.lv woman saved out of sixteen. She
had learned to swim when a pirl. v
tt'SV-The longer I live, the more I am certain
that the great difference between men between
the feeble and powerful, the great and the insig
nificantis energy invincible determination a
purpose once fixed, and then death or victory.
That quality will do any thing that can be cone
in this world; and no talents, no circumstances, no
opportunities will make any two-legged creature
a man without it. lir Jt . lianton.
tgrThe Montreal Gazette says hat the Hud
son's Bay Company have guaranteed to the Rus
sian authorities the unmolested possession of the
Russian territory upon this continent, whila the
war shall last, upon condition that the posts ana
trading operations of the former in the ""neigh
borhood of that territory shall continuo during
the same period to be free from attack; by the
latter. '-'-.;' ;7-. - .
3U The Vermont Senate has passed a res-
olution authorizing the Governor to appoint an
aronttoeo to, Michigan to obtain tha sword,
pistols and millitary garmenta onco Belonging
to Ethan -Allen. - r,or. f-; ::;:" v -
''t&m In airing a room, both the upper : and
lower parts of th2f windows should be opened
as the heated air. which from its lightness always
ascends will pass out at the top, and the fresh,
cooi air comes iu m tuo uuttuui.
ffc5" A negro boy, bebnging to Dr. Tucker,
of Mobile, was recently recognised and appre
hended aa & fugitive, in Boston and shipped on
a vessel bound fof Mobile, without the slightest
interference or .notice on the part of the aboli
tionists. r. -;-:."';-.:-; -- " . ' '-' P
' K3 Within the past six months eleven post
masters in Ohio have been arrested and held to
bail on charges of robbing ; the mail by embez
zZ: L'.!? r.ining money. (
' tli-A Kua cf L4 h steamers have com
menecd runninz Ut;.c- '.e porta cF ,tn ind
Havana. Vera Cruz, etc. . r
line 'has arrived at Vera Crz.j. Li.z I; cIl-i tl.3
Mexico.' ' ,.' v .
A Pakio in Cucacn. .The Rochester Dem
ocrat savs that Sun lay evening last wai the oc
casion of a serious fright.to the congregation of
SLTetar's (Catho:ic Church in that city.' .The
house was completely filk'd with people, seats
having baen placed in tha aisle to accommodate
those who could not g?t into the pews. Just as
the service had commenced, a boy, in going up
tho stairs leading to tha gallery, broke out a
light of glas3 ia a window, tumbled oyer a bench
and made a cood deal of a crash. A nervous
old lady in the audiance cried out that the house
was. falling; another screamed fare: and there
was a general rush to get out ot tne building.
A boy in Hie gallery jumped through a window
to thairround. and a voun? woman was nrevent-
.1bf f.-.rrfl frnm throwinir bprselflrom the ff.u-1 most deficient 1 rhlla. tiansr i
- . : . -or i
lery down upon tha people in tho body of the
house. 'Three women fainted and were carried
out.: Some of the more excited ran across the
tops of the pews to reach the door. A great ma
ny hats and bonnets were crushed. - Many suf
fered from having their corns j ram pled upon and
their rib3 creased bv tne crowd. But fortunate
Iv. ao one was seriously hurt when the real
cause orhe fright and confasicn was ascertain
ed to be so trifling-. It is very easy to get up a
panic in a crowd, and often serious and iatal
consequences enue. . .
viz: to Eitfan 1 80.000,000; to Turkay 4o.noVWiussian Empire arefiil
000; to Anuria 10 010.001; a urst loin to K is-
sial30 .000,000: toSxrdinia 16.003,000; to E ig-
land, in exchcouar billi, 35,000 000: an 1 a secon l
loan. jn3t Damg parieatea, -. ivu.uuu,wv.
this Iat loan, which tha Kothscauus, it is saiu,
have azfead to make 'in gold, thatis supposed to
ba at tha bottom of tha s,ecie movement. Most
of thesa. loins, it is to ba presnmad, hive baen
sold out before this, the Rothschild marely ant
insr. in such cases, as asants between tha public
anl the crovemmetits that borrow.' Xoverthales3,'
tho honse that cm even temporarily assume such
a burden within Utile more thtin a twelvemonth,
must be one of . jrisrantic Inflaanci1, credit and
power. It ia now, plain that this same honse is
on the side or paaae. it apparently tavora ii3
sia, if peace shoal! fail to ba mide: The con-
flict is thus rendered more equal, for the Allies,
with the Rothschilds against them, have, as com
mercial nations, an enamy within their own bor
ders, while Rusgia, with the R thschild orr-ber
side, has a certiintv or bamg-fcept in funds -and
money was mat n wnicn, n nu appjux?, suc-was
Art Eloquent American.
One of the Kentucky Beckenridges, who is a
member of, the Missouri Legislature, and inher
its the proverbial eloquence of his family, thus
alluded to tha American party, m a speecn iae
other day, on abill referring to the regulation of
elections and the punacation of the ballot box:
"Time does not no :pormit me, Mr; apjaK-
American.! I shall eagerly avail myself of own my cnensnea una
tH. vn'cn,
in pait years, larga quantities of gr&v- 7:1
exported to Western S irope. srraatY
said, has been the deSciency of the harvasti
last summar, that Russia is fikely to suffer a dis
tressing dearth, and to regret deeply. the 6tate of
thing which closes h porta awaiust supplies
from countries whera the earth has ,L yielded her ,
fruit with le3s st'nt. Tha source from which
we derive our information adds the remark, that
in this circumstance alone can be found any
reason to expect thit tha warring nations ?wLl
agrea upon a peace.." ;'-w
If we may rely on the information which we
have received, the graashoppera may "possibly
prove the most emcient negotiators thatl hava
yet undertaken tadaal with the ci3erenea3 be
tween Russia and Turkey. .Ia te old fab la, tin
m'usegiawed apart the mashes o the net wliich
1.J ' -t 1 : .11 'L?". Hi!- . . : j I.
uii iiyu uuuia ,oui reaa wi n an Ecrengxri."
It a peace shou d folio the dearth 'or f od in
Russia, tha grahoppers will baveefJecied whati '
thaeobrts ol tae wtsest and m,st .xpenented
diplomatists of Eng'and, France and- Austria, '
were unable o accnml'h. , J- "
RMAHTic.-i-'The IbUowiuif 'uiruiio extract
is taken froai an unpublished romamte: -"':
listen to me, UasnardotVVh5n 'first-JlnmPt
the Yuuhglady ArabeJli iu the brilliant ha'l of
the Count-tie Po;--.perepoaeiI . was struck with
tlie spiritual lustre of her d.;ve,.like' eyes." I a
short, my friend 1 loved her, although I knew
knaw nothing of her birth fortune, ' station.
, nor ts the proper occasion to- enter upon the ?Twas on a moonlight ley e, in th g irdeh of Jh a
fence of the principles of this great party the -d chateau, when, I creased her-U:become my
that' opportunity at some i more appropriate
PaETTT WoxlE!t.-A pretty wman is one of season of the session. ine secresyiat-wnicii
the 'institutions of the coantry--an angel in dry
orooda and dory. She makes sunshine, blue
sky, Fourth of July, and happiness wherever die
sroes. Her path is one of delicious rosas, per
fume and beauty. She is a sweet poem, written
in rare curls and choice calico, and good princi
p'es. 1 Ken stand before her as so many admira
tion ooints. tameit into craam," ana men Duuer.
gentlemen, thank God.I may be parmitted to say
as a matter personal to myself, that while good
reasons can ,be given for, the adoption of ' this
nian of secrecy it was never agree tnie to me;
and further l may say, mat inougu i was no;
able for some time to announce the fact of ; mv
connection with it. I never availed myself of any
evasion to conceal it. Taat party at no distant
Sha.shrankfrom me
'Thon knowest not who I am.! v"' - - .
'- "I care not," said I passionately.., ' .
'Then I dof cried sha, in a, pieMrf-rtone.
I am your, unkn vn washrvvoraao. anl I'd
thank you to pay maor tha six pieces I. washed
tor ycu list weeit. , " v . '
Gaspard I left forever the sunny clime of It
aly a broken hearted man. , . 3
' v T'ae " following U the latest uf.v; we hare-sen
illustrative of the sagacity, of the felina race:
Mr. Tiedmaun, tha- famous - Saxon- -dentist,'
h. (iwalnihl torlrti'-UJi-alitJI . t'.-.it. tlvAt" f.-r iim
tion, the church its firmest reliacce, and young ty, by various and wondfuVmaniftations. He d;d uoiM clas but moM 'Cuesm the dmk
manth very best orcomtorta and company. Jier beheveatliat the great masses or nis countrymen h3 lookoJ Qto Jts m0(Jth; an Vtoavad
influence and generosity restrain the vicious and would be found standing on theplatform of con- tootbj saon Jt 0f its pain. Tie foil WW
strengthen the weak, raise tho lowly, flannel-shirt servative principles, which that party; had pro- , there' were at least ten aits at his - door th
the heathen, ana strengtnen ine lamt-aearts. claimed, rrom tne teeming cmes, tne peupie , - twenty
a snrAmnn ai TaAr I a affaaf thOir t.Attlit-W t thAffl 1 . " .. . 1
TTpf Wnnk around the ear. like music birds 1 dav would ore vail. The frreat heart of the peo
ftf pAu1i- r tnn !m of the Sabbath bella. 1 nl was r fn'lv touched and ' fully aroused. - lt
Without her, society would lose its truest attrac- had proved its faith in the doctrines ot that par-
and. they went on increasing at
such a rate that he was'obFg?d to' kcp'd bu"do
to drive them away. But nothing , would help
them. A cat who h id the toothache would come
any number of m-las to h"uu It i would come
dowr the chimnay, even,' and not leave the room
till he. had taken its tooth out. It priw such' a
ntiTrt r n f loo lint tai nrmvn TiiH Trrtm i
. - . . 1 A 1 ' A. 1 . Am.HMk (AM AVWnWM HI Arlnan l . -
Notthas a theory that the fever whioh has been Darteren away war cauao -mi'j- morning, very nervoa?, he acci ienUUy broke the
so destructive at Norfolk and fortscuith thistiages. - - :L-L,:.LTL'U-U-' - . . , ; jaw ot.at
lVhfpmj.f vnn !tnd tlw virtnons woman von filsO i mora tommo tin tn attest their fdalit
find , pleasant e fire-sides, boqucts, cleah. clothes, principles from the hill .sides, and the cabins
order, good living,' gentle hearts piety; music, and the green I pastures, were 4hey 'coming in
lisrht and jiodel nnstitutions' generauy. - cue is mvriadsto the American anner,ana wnea tney
the flower of humanity, a very Yenus in dimity, I had acquired the power to reward and punish
and her inspiration is the breath of Heaven. iwhen thevhad reaped the rich, harvest of vie-
tory they would rememoer wose wao naa ae-
year is gradually travelling from the South; tb
the North as it commenced in Rio Janeiro, and
has reached in successive yeaara New prleana
Stwannah and now Virginia.. The idea is held
by some that the plague is caused by animacu
la?, in proof of which reference is made to the
.War. The followinjrTreinitrks oy.' Voltaire
will apply very well to the present war inth:
i. nmea. ,
A hundred thousand mad animals , whose heads
are covered with pais, aavapco io am or ot? fil
led by a like number of their fellow mortals cov-
ifi. t i ' . Mr rn j j .
law OL&n o;a isooy.- x ne. news oi; mis spreuti
like wildfire. -N ita s! rlo cat ever camoto him
curious appearance of the plague fly. It is a fact ered with turbans By this strange proceedure
Bkactiesos" NswsPArEi Pci.ismv.n.Co
Fitzgerald, senior editor of the Pbiladelph'a CV
tv Item, ia a late issue, thus relates his experi
ence in newspaper publishing. ;? .
During the first three yepra .vre have frequent-
ew.BUcu. ,.uw,,. mey wast to jtnow wnetner a tract or wiu,-to oaQ 00 Saturday night without n-oncy eouh
plague ha4;wlnjminIK which none of them has any claim, shall . belong aP pocket to bJv fcVnd for the :i-' 'ones for
ousfly appeared,-It was betwe thessofa o.rtain.Van,whom they call; Saltan.' or to th3 ensuing Sunday., Sixteen tim.- ,e have
musquito and an ordinary flanchangeo: its another whom they call Czar, neither of whom - cd 01fr Wltch Jt0 t tha money necessary
color from red to yellow. W hers io the plague ere- br 'ever will see the spot so furiously M'-,,k
, felling off at Nearly Cost.;
Ecing desirous to clca our luiiiiess, we now
crp-ee-ief inducements to Cash customarr
than have ever before been known. We only
ask a small. advanca ou cost. ' Oar friends wil
tit Crr-t tbs.t'c;:r re.: t?rn:rr.a. . are i
?Tlie depth of the Iii?7ra ri rcr, nzier the
Asionbridje, b eriiciatad ty tha er.jinscrs
punfeeL f ThU a, deeper ilaa'tey. cthor
- t f i1i"r'roti h I' rH." .' ' ? ,
a YGieracently, that the
tlcir' e
Trc rt h
eanddo cthtr i--errl: rrrxti:c3 durie
r-:l,t;l3' found
I :Iathsr':
ifcrpl.'., : tva tl:'
hills cc:.:; lt!V
pcrtcr I - ' '-r
cnterrr;- - t i
come from! They eeem to escape the obser
vUon of natural historians; Iris suggested that
... may be the aniraalculae - generated by the
dead 1- n a eertam stage of their decompo
si.ioa. ......
"-f KissASv Th3.Cc- "'tional Convention be
inir without fanda fcr:7 1. rr2s someone
la authority there U tell to L-. . -horized the"
tasua of scrips based ca tho ere 'it c. "Com
conwealUi cf iraneas.' t h3 GczcrJ. ' -vern-
ncr.t t3 erpecillng lars u3 of pztlls . 7
at this r.:.;tiry poet. UpvrrrJcf 3 .
and sr Crty hsadj ara I ecpleydl ia trzztl ; '
stibles, each feet ia hr..!:, cr.i cee.
3 feet vld3. It'itsatd to le li-.lcteaUiaTf
tie V7a Dertmsst to mika JerS i-fCa'
Lead cuirUrs cf r:!litery crere.t!er i.-tLa
mntAnAaA fnv nrtA vptv faW Of. thosa creatures
Who thus mutually butcher each otuer neneia tne
animal fnr which thev cut each other's throatsl
Prom tiieiUme immemorial 'this has-been the
way of mankind almost all ever the earth. hat
an excess bf madnes3 this is! And hov deser-
and the 6tcrn probationary eight years we have
twice been blind frDta overreadiug and writicg,
and our eyes are seriously and permanently in
jured. ...;.. 7 .. . - .
vedlv mi"ht the Supreme being crush to atoms
t!.i earthly nan, tae dioou mi eucu riioiu-
ulous murderers. - ; v
-I.-. C-
a3 elevated
vet that 6tep
Aw Africa Ccsto:.t
taket-T t wre- lor a year oa t.
. j t..e natives
. ; if tt lie end
m ,
Tba r-.is-ionaries tried
1 4
ii ,
l . .. . U..J r
r " -rsdxl-rir'jC-t 1
.z: '.e'l ort.ie.ri.
tt u
v.';' t r?.cc t .a
.-"I5 i..!,iitCem: t
- pere:ns r::.h whose
A LIiluster Q, jtEjr. Although it was no se
cret that the riinz of lUenmirk bad contracted
t-orvranatie marri:i?a v,..u a mminer 01
name of LollaRismucS n who
to tha rank of Cour.tcs Dannr,
v.'C3 never puuiiciy tr t...ciau .hijiw fcuuwn.
thertfere caused gro.t sedation when tae-m-g.
at the co'zrt and levee he heM on the bu t ilay,
sttla n-'-a cf C" 'ie.b--..s, u. v,f-....agen, :
c u,..ftjLj laru rr.-e;r.teJ to her
t!.a fr, ;-a LccAd :: e, r: -r " - tb a 1 - tier to -n;'if7
hij r-err:'- ta ih-irre" a -.rts. .
On He1' Year's day, sho bto te clcvatedo tha - -
rr-k cfDuch:ss '
l i
-Cv7 Tfi"r? rY
U X 1
K. . t W ',1
!&,J .til

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