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rrcLisnED : every Friday
3 e"
I TV W'l
i :
tiand for Sale.
I. OFFER for sale a tract ofland situa
ted on the liver, five miles from Yazoo Ci
ty, containing about 1400 acres, of wlich
115 are in cuUiration. and 500 cfeadened:
three Sths of it deadened several yean eince
There are no improvements except a fine
double corn crib and first rate cistern. ;
For terms apply to Holme & Hyatt Ya
aoo City or to the subscriber at Vicksbur.
November 33 1054 20 2 m
ALL person in kbkJ taM. Emanuel for
1834 either by Noteor Aoeuunf, tre here
iy not iT-e that the same are placed in the hands
of Mcssib. Lawson & Arniistead fur collection.
JJettlo quick and save cost. t v
Yazoo City Oct. 25lhl855
rpOtho Jtl of Yazoo county, on the 30th
JL Any of Joac, 1855, a ngro nrn r.-ho calls
himself Henry. Said boy i a bright mulatto, 5
foet,5 inches h'gh; 40 o.'45 years old, and says
he iai'ree. The owner of eaid property i- -cqurt.t-.
vd to tome forward, prove the same and take
it away, or it will bo dvaitu tUi according to law.
Aug. 1755, Jailor.
The hd fint-d, as Executor of the last
ri l and testament of Thomas Hundley.de-
eaed, pursuant to the "directions' of said
will, will
' - 1C5G.
N .proceed to sell to the highest bidder at the
lowinu an'Isotsu l tfti
Tha largest Establishment In the -South.
At Noa. 171 and 172, -J "
' v Canal Street,
New Orleans.
; THE undersigned having: opened a large
and splendid assortment t :- , ; '
, vv KArTTtr?v rrnviTrnr
is prepared to supply the trade and families cn
the most liberal terms. Thia bolKg the only
new stock in the city, purchasers will fyid it
to their advautato call and the
goods and leant the prices, belV ..rthasTug
elsewhere. '" - '.i -v'-v:"-Will
keep constantly on hand
Mahogany and Walnut Bedsteads,
do do . Armors,
do- do Tables,
do . . do Bureaus, -do
do Chairs,
llattrasses Pillows : and Feathert together
with a great variety of every article usually
found in a Furniture Warehouse. .
C3u This i3 an entirely new establishment,
and no old stock on hand. '
fj" Hotel Keepers, Boardinghouse Keep
ers, Private Families, and others, would find
jt greatly to thcif-interest te give thi store a
cal before purchasing elsowhere, as the pro
prietor is confident he can offer them bet
ter bargain than any other similar establish
ment in New Orleans. .
. Nov. 30-ly CIIAS. A- STEWART.
Wa t -cLcs, oveicry, and iMusic.
.f v
oi ITTeHSt -cr,Nys-yn twenty, town
ship eleven, Range one west, said lauds an;
tbe6old pursuant to the lust will and tes
tament 1 said testa rr, on a credit of one,
two and three years, the purchasers giving
"bond with approved personal security and n
lieo upon the lands, the notes to bear inter
tf t from dale ut the r te of nix per centum
per annum. ELISHA K. HUNDLEY.
Execulor of Thomas IlunJIy dee'd.
Kov 30 23 St.'
Chancer y- Salcr
.Pursuant to a decree of tho Supreme
Court of C'hancerv of the State of
vs. fcamu-
ppi, in the cas o! 1 iiuinas
-el Faulk n-r, f No 6951 I will on the linst
-Jloiday in January iu xt ia front of the
Court house of Yaziu county in Yaz'iio Ci
4y, expose to public sale tj the highest bid-
der, on a credit of six months the following
dands io said county to-wit. - ,
The east half of the Northeast quarter
offeection bix, Township Ten Hange one
East and the South ea. I quarter of Se tion
1 wenty-four, Township ten, lUnne two
West, ur so much thereof as may be. .ne'e
essary to satisfy the purposes of said de
tree. ' .
Bonds with approved .security must bt
required. - .
". .' Commissioner
Yazoo City, Nov. 30. . 23 5
1 "V w '
T E U M S :
O? TUB " - ' '
9?rdtlQ. SCmetf cmt Sanner
For one year, if paid in advance, .; "3,00 .
V not patdm six months. ;: : 4,00
" u tf not paid in twelve monUis. : $5,00
One Square, (ten lints) one insertion,
Each Sulsequent insertion, : ; ;
S..X.ilkrieuAwnM 'trill be etlmhdtil
those advertising by the yearsVt&i V
C$one vtli ncatnes and c&wialcA , o
moat lftiaf&.ii4' , . r-
The Departure of WifeT Daughter
-and Sister. .
I am going, hasbaud, going
To the tierce and feafful Gght :
Where the hosts grim death is strewing,
Are scattered in my sight: , . . .. ,
The terror of his arm I do not heed to-day,,
Siucc He vvho conquered Deitii ia callbg me
, away. -. - ;" -
Come, kneel down by mo now,
Let me hear again once nvre :
. Those sweet liturgi strains, , ... "
More sweet thau e'er before:
Now call my frieuds within my pastor 13 awav.
But I'll keep tho sacred feast wilh Christ himself
to-day. .' ' ;
I am going, father, oing:
I am glad that thou art nigh,
To behold my love's overflowing,
And see thy daughter die;
The Americans nt Iouiwllle, Iy.
At thq great Mass Meeting of tile American
party, held at Louisville Ky,, on the 27th - and
SSth ult.. the following resolutions were unan-
imous y aaopieu: , j
L, 1st. The Union of the States founded orig'-
nally on D iliucai anq commercial neeessities.at
forda the oest assurance if not the only guaran
tee for the future preservation of the liberty and
promotion of th? pro??: rtty of the American jmjo
ple. It mut and shallhe maintained. '
fld.j.ThjfJeneral, 0iyernment should bo ad-,
I.. ul:.j?d Tr amct obsrvanee ci til' nm
tatiotis upon its? powers imrrtfed "by the Cou
stitatio0, ard yet by a8aflicientuse of the pow-
ers granted 4tnou id aenieve ana prom )ie trie
subjects for which It was instituted.- h C,
3d. ChertsKing our own rLrht of private judg
ment iq matters of re'igion, we respect the same
right in others.- As Americana we are opposed
to thft union of Church and State JVVe are op
posed to Eeclasiasticai combinations of whatev
ever sect or denomination, to produce" political
effect in our country. Advocates of civii liier
ty, we are staunch advocates, also of a free
church. Auy attempt by a foreign power to ar
sumo political government wTthiu the limits of
ai-oiiTT7' a.orimrnt e
:tcelry and Musical Instrument.
iesct iptious, troiu Uie'Ver
rnanu'acmii?"-, Iof-truciian books foi
kiiiii.s ami
Insii iMH(nij and a cood. asf-ortment
S pji r.Iii,"c ior P lano and .lutitar.-
07" U' aich '3 and JewHry- repaired and
varrantpj J'.,oo C' v , Nov. 18,'63. 10
HA ING just returned from a
vidit to N"v Wlfand Phi!-
aiMohia, where he has md him
self familiar with reccntty invented novelties in
hi-? profession, and iiavinr furnished ins labora
tory with every requisite for mechanical dentis
try, including a large and beautiful assortment
of improvt d ai ti icial teeth. He is prepared to
wait on all who will favor him with their pat
ronage. ' . ' -References
. "
D'"fn'e& liarnen.Yaxort Citv; r Town'
i-eiid, M UPh 1 tlilpai: (S W mih Detst.Nu
i!enr, J BMcCltTui MU il.d ideph , Fit
IwuiPf. Dcii'ist. New Orlcdi s; J C uti, M D
.Ioiil. -."r '
Yzni(itvN'vmr30 1855.
N. B. Will be absent on professional busi
ness for a few we-.-ks, from the first of February
iiexr.-- . ' :" '
thes1? State', under thpretence of: Ecclesias
tical ; Jurisdiction, cannot be recognized in
any other light than ns an ass iult upon the ia
stitutions of America, and we will not sustain
anv one who advocates, assists in, or willingly
submits to such Interference. ,
4th. Every government possesses ' the right
to prescribe trie terms upon which a foreigner
may be admitted to the privileges of citizenship
within Its jurisdiction. Such privilege to the
foreigner is a boon conferred, and is not a right
inherent. ' In this confederacy; where the sove
reign Dower deoen Is upon for healthy exercise
upon the virtue and intelligence of the voter and
dancrhter'a love and sainted mother's nrivelefre of citizenship should be granted only
' s . . '
unon such tests as ceriainty inT2 r"t uucauons
?i t9 person eqnt '
tli "to hex-ted.
nerieS e existing Taws touch
naturazatiovwcr-unsatisfactory and unsafe.
Tn 'inr.rpa.4n the jrards around the rirht of eufT
rage and to inscie fidelity to ihe ConstituCion,
fnnndpd on a'thorouirh knowledrre of and" at-
Be evcr
, i am gosug, motner, going
To the shadows of the dead,
And the gras3 will soon be growing
Where sleeps mv iowtv head :'
Mysan is going down ere it reach the zenith sky; tached to American institutions, additional lig-
I aw the eveumg sliaJowa but the Saviour, too, jslatian ia necesary to Congees. , ,
of Paradise. Satan can mince srn,make it small
and varnish it over, and make it look like vir
tue. ' Satan is too subtle a soplns'.erto hold aril
argument, with him. - Dispute not, but tight
If you enterlnto a'parley with Satan, you give
him half tho victor .'. The reason i obvious;
for we caft net parley with Satun'wijliout giving
up principle; and whenev'-rwe kl.iw.ou'rservPH
to det ate the juestion,whethr wo will do wrong
it Ls almost eertnin j.hat wo shall yield. ? l'rtu
cipJa being abandoned, .there is little else to
guid, but evil passions, which strongly prompt
to si j. " ' ' - T ''
s ' . From tus rt.vu '.ju4 Whig. .
" T2ic Trititin.il liemocracy.
The'rert-jircf t!.e' election in Massachusetts1
and New Yor)ti Important iir several promin
ent rcpt'Cts. la the first place It demonstrates
that straight-out abolitionism and Sawardism, if
not utterly prostrated,! crippled and brne down
while comparative feem'servativism, in the plural
ity triumph of-ihe American party, and in, the
number of votes cast by the Hard and other
parties of more lati nal tendencies than the
Black Republican; is looking up, H on the in
crease, and bids fair to so strengthening, itself
as to be able and ruake-a bol l stand in the next
Presidential campaign, la defence of theConsti
tutiori, the Union apd t!ie rights of the States.
In short, the majority against the Free Soil Fu
sionists, both in New York and Massachusetts
will from present iodloatioiia, be quite enough
for the practcal purpose of maintaining in fact
all existing legislation upon the subject of sla
very, and Will be suaicient, aIso,if property com
bincd, to prevent any other than a Constitution
al States Itights man being elected to the Pres
idency. With Pennsylvania and the North wes
tern States all erect upon secti ona! issues,a8 we
have no doubt there will be, th re is but little
hope for Sev, ard or any of h's treasonable con
federate elements. Tha conservative element
at the North is again, we beheve.in thieasceud
ent and this element is hardly . less hostile to
Seward and his destructive policy than we of
the South are. We take it, therefore that the
Presidency no matter whether he be Whig Dem-
or American. For it is evident now that
tie parties that pretend to be nationa
date or, ab- -iTSat
aationai.This being'soTtha conL
will be between tne Adiniuistrarwpolls D
mocracy, and all those who are opposed, to " the
Administration rallyingunder the American ban-
ear ly to speculate
I am going, sister, going I- -1, .
While still the morn is bright; ..'
I sfHi angelic spirits showing . ,
Away where is' no night; '
Going r,t. my Saviour's call; on Him akno I
. lean, ' ' ' '.-',
To tread the golden streets with footsteps new
aud clean. ' v v -
But yester year, in young life's dawn, '
" My aonl His mercy sought, , , V".
And vow'd to push the ball on,
As every soldier ought: - V; , ,
But hi "the 1 battle's din He calls me from the
I. field, ' -, : ""'''." : r --'..;:.;..
Antl takes the armor off I ha3 not strength to
. wield. ' - , ' " -" ..' . . .. . '.
of'-' the Unionrlit is not: with
nrihnl5t!tv.j tonrPsnm tht
the chances of the American Anti-Adminislra-
e Un ersigned having pur
chased the interest of A. B.
JonN?osi in the City . Hotel - in
A'azoo City." and having thoroughly furnish
ed and rtulted the House, has this day
opened it as the IIOBSON HOUSE, for th
reception of visitors.
He flatters himself, that'with his cxpsii
nce in bubiuess and his determination to
pare no r. ains or expence for the comfort cf
his friends, he will merit and
liberal support of the public, '-, -
N. W. H0B50N.
Yazoo City, October 16, 1855-ly. . ;
LI K I W ML 111 EUiil U. V UI'VU I I - . . . . . A .
United Stat-s - concermng the probable . result ; of such , a
6th., The peo lie of Kentucky having in pri- contest; but with; a knowledge, of the fact
mary. assemblies and at the poils .ratified and flCrcf, mo2TiUewjM?to
nnnLvA th nlaform otthe American "oartv "P divided, and -at daggers mtu almost
,',..i -f in.ttnnKin .Tnno-'i.isitr'ihi 'meet-1 every htate
t --TTm tUkan. nnnmnloa nn 1 1 mI' ' nnnn Out the range Oi
d thfl Union in as-
sistiifgto maintain them as the basis of political tion party are in norespect leu bright and hope
action " v ft than those of the Forney and Kitchen Cabinet
7th Theln-crlcans of Lonisville, While they ! party. But we leave further speculations a
i;.t.. .u ..rtv... tk ivr Annnst'-'itn not furtherpenodw v;
rJr in th clirrbtpst ArcrM tpsnonsible for them.1 1Q the next p ace, we observe that the result
k.- fuAhn mP this hnblie decla- of the late.electiona at the. North prove cbnclu
ration of the fact that no - scheme of violence sively. wht we have often asserted, thm there
k- nwaA nn, W'no 'nmf mPfliratpd b is no such tliinij in existence as a national dem-
them. . Thev know and declare that tho rioting locratia party. ?In New York, for instance, the
originated from the wanton assaults made ! by Hards is the only party, whica aout hern jJemo
foreirrners uDon uriofTendinsr citizens who were, crats an, la any event, recogmze as a national
O .. i mi
Tennessee Americanism;
Tlie following resolutions wrre bronght leforft ,
the Senate of Tennessee a few, duya eincty, by
Senator .Turry. What dijp eitinn will bomidis'
of them remains to be ivn. -Very likely the
anim'ai of the resolutions will 'pas both branches "
or the legislature m oiislispeor ottaT, and be
forwarded to thd Xationai LegUniture'lit, Washi
iugton," iv liito we preS'anie they will cugross very
little oi, the attention of tne Presi-lent-makers, a -iarge-
majority of whom will iMB'inten.-kjly' engaged
In making airangementa for the grand struggle of
l8.C,so much so. tit least to pay du3 atteutiou t
th'ir lejfitHHate duties.- f J -v.i w ,
'' IKreare the resolutions':
Jlewhe l, By 'th General Assembly of the
State of Tennesson, That our Senators in Con
gresa boil instructed aild , onrR ipresentatives' in
Coiigr. ss bv requested to use alt pnorabb'mcaoi
to modify our '.naturalization' laws; ''offering friend
ly protection to the honest emigrant," bat to pre
veBt4hetrau3inissioiito our shores of , felous and
pau)crs. That tkey exteHd the tha j f catural
izatiom so that foreigners shad be able to speak
our language, and become acjaaiited with our
fSaYitutions. That they enact a uniform law, to
prevent the States iihlividjiallyadinitt
era to vote before they are naturalized.' And that
they repeal all laws making grunts in uture to
unnatural'ztsd foreigners;, and so to pioyide that
the uative Americans Ehall Tetain the power of
administering; the . government, without . being
overwhelmed! by the rush of foreign popuhttioa
cohataittly landing appn iur&hotes. x'-' '
' : Resolved? Thafit'ls'ithe sense of th'i General
Assembly, that no person, of whatever creed or
sect, who holds that supremacy of any other pow-
er King,- potentate, oiiua, or puopiu a ut-m
superior to our laws and principles " of govern
ment, ought to hoi J any ofhee nder :the general
government executi ve, or diplomatic and that
native Americans should be appoioted to all ofS
ces in the gener.d government. And it is further
the flense of this General Assembly that Con
gres3 oaht to'legislate upon Uie subject, of sla
very, eithef in the Spates or 'IVritories'respective
ly, as they may devm proper; arid tq prevent fur
ther excitement .upon this subject he General
Assembly ratiSei ia;good " faith the compromise
of thia excitin? question by Congress in 1850.
"'md, " ;;Tir't this General Assembly, con-
- persons of
.i-n'r--. -onmenda
the rftx of well quaTlijv . who
havev-ttttle feeling and rreat'ini,-v
i;n' ;th Plprt-na. Thev arc not party: ana theirs is aimosi as notning 10 eae ag
to be drawn into further controversy upon-this Jgregaw voie oixne otaie ueingprooawyjointf
cK;;.f t,n pvnrp rp,pral!c that whenever forty thousand man aggregate vote of live ban
.u-m i n v : - ... .1 i . i w... i r. i
a like occasion shall exhibit singular recaiess- - F:r .J'Vl and a ithers in a day Las hot a" frailer hold noon
ru!i - ifP(.sni winirai rns umoi'.ranc nanviin i n . ... . . .-- . J . . -.,.
urai ou- I -"- e r . . -t . - . j F. tbiin.thn murlil'tVir. miMwrnh t int TPr snooiC
lo "the Hards in '.,v . Tl? rr :rr' .
The earthly tabernacle falls, " . ,
- . But uot to cease for aye -;.". " ;,
lliere is a house. whose beavteous walla
- Shall never know decav: , :
O, Jesus! guide my children there; O, wo1, hre I new and wickedness upon the part oi t
notastray, . . versancs, me, Americans oi --:r :
While saints aud anrrcls WtarplhWnn firmlv mainiain-their "rirhts at every hazard, ppint of numbers.' And thus the number of the
-'' - lleautiful Extract.
sThe following waif, aSoat oh the sea 'e? read
ing,, we clip from an exchange. . We do not know
its paternity, Jmt itlconUiios soun wfcaiesome
truths, beantifuUy set Jfljf th? . .
JIn seldora think of 4he" great cvent of death
'until the shadow falla 'across their Vwn patli, hi-
ding torever irom their eyes the .traces or the
loved ones whose living smiles were the sunlight
of their existence. Death is the great antagonist
pf life, and the cod thought of the -tomb is the
skeleton of all 1 feasts.f'- -We do aot want to go
through thd dark" vjley; although its passage
may lead to paradis ; and, with Charles Lamb,
we do not want to lie down in the muddy grave,
even with king? and prmces'ibr 'our beil-fellows.
Bat the Cat of "Xature ia inexorable. There is no
anneal or re'i f from ihe great Jaw' which : dooms
iusr to dast. We floutish xn we fade as eV) vthe
leates of tlie forest, and the flower that -blooms
ille will 1 State is clean out of sight ahead of the Hafda In
The meeting was addressed the.' first day by Hards is so infinitely small as to be of .no scr-
i5e!lin blf at 4 Nearl v Cost; v
rrMIE undersigned would respectfully call the
L attentoin cf the citizens of Yazoo city and
surrounding country to hmull assortment of
which'he keeps constantly on hand f his own
Manufacture and of Ihe best materials, and o?
superior workmanship; which he will -warrant
to be as represented. ' ? - - rt -.:
fntl rinar.ristirtn 1.-n4 at tb fihortpst notice
receive the ' AT.KO ' ' '.- -"
lin or Zinc Roofing and Guttering done in the
best and most improved style. -
Dcshou's Patent Premium Shower
Three Jolly Husbands.
Gen. Williamson, of Pennsylvania, Mr. Slieeta
nf Indinnal Mr." Prescott. of Massachusetts,
Three jolly husbands out in the country, 'bv -nfl lFiimthrpv Marshall of Kentucky. - '
the names of Tim Watson,Joe "Brown and Bill . . . ;
Walker, sat late one' eveuimrdrinkinsr.' at the . A Beautiful Slictcli. -
village tavern, unUl being pretty : well corned It" was night.: "Jerusalem slept as quietly a-
should do the Cm thing that his wife told him, .w.v- ti.rUm EPnHnM ,.t.nnl likft i
i juwauii, oi wmv . no ouyuiu ajr me urn. Rt.atutf at his nost. and tTie philosopher'a lar
lheyseperated ror thenightngagir.gtomeet hurned dimlv in the recesa of his chamber.
a Grain next morninsr and c.ve anaccountot their - k-...i
proceeding.' at home, so far as related to the ..tXi m. otinn, in it ' J the idea of carrying a single Northern Stale
. ... ..." . . , v. - :-. . .1 4 mxvf . "-. . . , . -r-
The next morningl Walker and Brown were
early at their post, but it was Jfeome time before
Watson made his appearance. Walker began
first. " - - ' " ' '
- Being Jesirous to :lose ouf business, we now
oiler greater inaucements to bsti iui omarr
than have ever before been known.
ask a small advance on cost. Oar frie
not fjrget that our only terms now are cash
Vicks. SlIULZ BODENHEiM &. Co.
iS2 iK&ms c
The sebscrjber also manufactures the above
We o 1 PUPc"or shower baths; which, for coi
0 i -i cheapness and durability, excel anv 1
le" (ll W1.' in vsc. He has still on hand.the: Ps
ANNOUNCE to their friends, patrons and
the public generally, that they have
thing now
atent right
f r one or two of th adjoining counties, which
he will sell to the advantage of the purchaser.
ALSO:, -J-y.
A vcrya jperior article of Bathing Tuba con
stantlv'on handv;-: v;V-'.,;" ''":.''' ".'''' '
July 6. n-7 t : -W L. bTAWUUllii
formerly kept by Powell Iz Ililliard, winch
they intend to keep up in the best possible
etyle constantly supplied with good horses
and comfortable vehicles to hire the best
of provender for horses and attentive and
well trained ostlers. Attached tor the Stable
is kept alxo a comfortable Boardiug 7ouse
for customers wishing to remain over night.
The table suplied. .with the best to be found
in our market. We solicit a share of r"'
ic patronage and invite all to call r
ktlEET 1110N "WARE.
i I'll" 'P.
Tv" "' 7r-''-"'
n n wilsox
Yazor city
' . . ' . KOEMAS r
march 0 1055
, 33 ly
YAilchcs and Jftcchy
dirt c
I'ur.t an.
received, and cc jtantly
t f.c :n the tar .factarera
a ;encral ais- tment
1 ? ' ."st Ktrln i iwclrv.
' - - J - '
and im
rich cle-4
,J 4,000 bushel Yellow corn - . . -.
;j 1,0C0 do -White do For sale by
IE1)L3 HAMPTON & Co. '
j tul.scribru
, ia ihe at'ove
; o4te lUo 1'
'b r.ma cit t-
I He yii g r
lecl a confide-'
public. y
ere'!"" - ctpar'ner;
(J.ty, neatly
. ' ni i.. , will man u
their line o bniacts.? -
their own I lour, they
'is rat:c. izo of the
3 " pertiir.bT to
vice to thmDemocratlo Darty in aNationat' con
test. The Hards', the ExainlnVr eonienJs.was
"the only national party in the lield"in the New
York dectioriTv And," of coprseilhis'ls'the.'bn
ly wing of its party in that State which the Ex
aaiinT and its S-juttu'ru friends can affiliate with
or admit to seats in the .Cincinnati. Cooventioiu:
In ttiis view of the case,the prospects pf the ua-
tor presidential success are
i tional Democracy
J dreary and cheerl sa'enough.Thnational dem-
ocats at the North are, few and tar between;
the ground with jhia footstjxv.r Generations of
men appear and vanish as. the grass, and ihe
countless multitude that throngs the world to day
will to-morrow; disappear as the iotste)a ou tka
shore.-- " "; '' "t- 'l:..-'
In the beautiful drama of Ion, the instinct of
immortality; so eloquently uttered by the death
Greek,' finds a deep response in' "every thoughtfnl
soul. " When abo'it.to yield his , young existence
as a -sacritiee ta fat ' Ida. Klovwl C'emanthe aska
if th "v shall not meet again, to which he replies:
! have asked - tlrat dreadful qiiestioff of the
hiits "that look eternal o( thefelear -streams that
flow forever of the stars; araou
tv of man's epiritual - nature was unknown, his
You aee.when I entered tnyhouse.the candle Lnohscured in a cloud of mvsterv. -
was out, and the fare gave but a glimmering It a3 4t,this period that-twb forms of ethe
ight, I came near walking into a pot oft batter raouij hovered over the-land of God'a cho
thatthepancake3 weretobe , madeL of ln the o'f,"' n'Art'nlft'l'i'rfiGv' iBeeuied . like sister angels
f f - - r ' " . u .
lighted shadows. -Reason shed a faint glimmer- v "IV T'"-"-
f uluu , f m , - , ,ua .0i a'onej s only ridiculous, . So if th ; Whig pariy
tn over the minds of men, luce the cold ine;n- , ., . , . . i . e,r . J
. V- r - v (nt- !(n, rnu ?r -.i: ,d dead, and the-American iarty if dead, the
cient bhimntr of a distant star. Ine jra.Tioraii- i -
i-.L 'I Vi- ,t . r
,uuruu,g. luy wUe waowm areaa'uiiy ouioi t t0 etb 9n aonle-embassy of love
hnmor.said to me Barr.ngtir.alvr ''It 1 i!rtnt vnnr 1 r ; . - . . .. J. -. :
foot in the batter. x.;;-;vr.
'- Tne na. vaii caw UTavr on!rT ami nr!fKnn I w cl
vv"' nardiy concealedjin her ereet bearing ana ste
ion 1. nut mv foot m thft hftLtpr. I . -i i .t w.i. : . . -.e
10 DeU. ' ' ? V i - ' .- ".L . I AiJanAA j'HoP'rlrrlif . inna '.-orM
one w as Df majestic stature, and iii tthe
formed li mbs, which . her snowy drapery
But wo have great faith in tha capacity of the
Cincinnati Convention to reconcilo-- antagonis
tic eieaienta ard to relievo the'Demo'cracy of
its troubl?. , ,1 here is a- mysterious and "moai
r'troua virtue in Democratic couveationsJ The
. . " ' , "... . ." .- . : . i.i
can heat an sorts ot, wounds and , patch up CJ
manner of 'clirlicultie acting as, they always
do, with an eyo single to the spoils. and with a
heart intent upon securing. them, at whatever
sacrifice of poli-dcaLprinciple.-They have the
in an impressive gesture upwards where
rJej J faculty .of framing a platform, which means- evt
. .V liTVIIl.N'T Mr IKlHllMir. 11151 KSOUILSlliS ItHLU LUU
llltriit i o To--- - -
io or
Just as you
the least hesitati
and then went
Next Joo BroWn told hfa Btnrv.
..... , '. . . . -.m' -. i in an imoressive ireswirt--uuwarua. wuero ...fiiiriivi . - ..:- r.. . ... -..., .
! i me peculiar views oi isnn-ciprctt i. uuu wint
pavilion, i uentiy s3Utiieni Cre-eatew and Northern Ah-
the door ol which was njan, not oe ng- able jo r". .... nniPnAnrc tho rnntrast of the lwinoms-5 cau auu ui l auu r '3 u
navigate perfectlv. vouknow.:i made a dread- io 1- and triumph upon it, withour a- y imp -achm
fnl i-Wnn, i i.nnc.LU fW, 9"5r iyr 1W wr Y'iU.5 v V of their consistency. ,We . therefore look to
Do hrpnb tK nnrrirro nnf ".s:: : ! 5 put troubled eyd scamiea t ic air wua -arutiu ede itt iu ab hty.to harmjn.'ze air.conlhct
. "Nan" KAkf varying giancea.- Duuaeniy a gui - jn? v;e and .ri aIl the odd and ends of the
wu.. .pbuvu.uv...v ft,,,, Mnh0i nur trnm t.n niAvpn. ana r a in anu t a J .. . " . -
the blade of the pot, and striking it against the Um m wjlh Xciting songs the ascendirfg
dumnepamb, broke.it into a hundred piece StaVof Bethlehem,-Vi v " -Af
,er this exploit I retired to rest and got sreur; years t0'ei aWayi and tha stranger was seen
tain lecture all night for ttiy pains. A f . ; in Jerusalem. He was a meekunassuming man,
"ii was now l un vvatson s torn, to give an wu;n hnnntnMQ Sppmpd
fit-Ids' of
azure my raised spirit hath walked in glory.' AH
we're dumb.7 But ' while I ga33 upon thy livlig
fact' . I feol that tliere is somethuJj? in the love
account of Mmsclf,which he did With a long face beneV0lence to the human
as to.iows; - , - , - . . , . juprt Dr aorrow on his countenance.' though IV.
r R ...I... i r.-v OlSl
1 Tif V w'tfa re i. tra ma tTin 'nrvrtef mlitrVir rtT. I w .-, . i . ..... . i r .. . - .1. U
ftalra in tbfi drV, Lhn h A n.it- r P.raci,cA :i y V ' viri" t.: ?. i" J , ' such excellent success. , To standby the BalU-
coinmon candidate for the Presidency whether
that candidate be Rr.M. T."-' Hunter or Joh'i
Van Burep.--Prince John found no duSculty in"
and as the
rmation of
not "bo
that mantles, tlirohgh it3 beauty that cannot whoi
:y-perish.' We shall meet again, Clemanthc
r Irislimen. , ' . , -
. Thoma D'ArcyMcGee; a distinguis'lied IrWl
mau residing in New Yorksomj tinw since wro'e
and puhlislnnl tae- following' choice. notice of Lis
countrymen in .'America: ... . - ." ' 1 .
Since tho 'wild gcse? swept away from the
Shannou shore, tliec'-uldren of Ireland, at., homo
and" abroad,' have .bjen -tools iu the hands ? of
strangers,-;- . v. , . s ' . " . .
TiKils in America ' iu tho haails of many mas
ters. Tools : firstly to their own. Tae dung of
thht'chdreh,- not the. ssedth.ry.hav! 'fl'moiiu
m'it bnt -no distinct posterity.' k W'-.y? Taeir
ebrdren i.x sf-defenee had to cut the connection.
Who. would have a spado for his -fathe'vor. a roup
for his m Sthvr? Who wouVrbVast the U-kkI of a
dftt I ?e,.it the parentage of a fodfJ
So-have the pro id Irish raco-f-dl-'n. So tho
I iirued. the poetical, the rniclT t!w c!.ivafrou
have corai' hi bevr . hotter ihafi rus anj.
I v.-
nt.nHmn nn fha I? t 1 1 1 mnre n In t f i rm
I.LJIlLb a ill UULS . . J1 I . . . .i . . . i ...
- nn -j- 1. 1 Uiaciauati ona wai oe a simple rea.n
race.'. AUffti were . ,,. f u,;ii
Annals for great and little
It. native AmiriL..ns,ever
usis.; . . j
tanyUiii'ghalf80 "
posed to back out from , what he haa
Tjo L-' - r-ViJn m--: --' wpwa- ' mofe platform is all thit the S-iuthern Democ-
M'llbesedifl C';i that the stranger . worked .miracles; that the reqa-l "of tholr candidate for tho Presided
maudof,ywife,,:.V, , - articulated, he ia thlson.of God. jXa:
ii iii iu i ri lit-, in i r imi
u c
,Tia eriin;, RofTng orri'ttt
latest and moit oppr 'd tnaun
Ill UU.IV.V.
. Yai c Cify.Nov. 23, 1B5
ER .
Yickabur-May.18. may 25'' THOMP&t
. v 3 -barrels just received by n .
AsoinEa Rtcn ; Legacy. A etcry i3 cclng,
the rounds of the pr?-i uz Ilecr... Ilcrris &
Gardner, two merchar. . 3 cf. 'yrscusei Nf Yorki
have , lately received ite! ",ce tbit ' ney
fro heirs to w50.CC3 in jac"' -1 rrc""
il 'and. ' Lc-' vi '-cr, r .l-li nolI 1
is id to have tc;.. ; c -al ovnti cf 4 thl3
pr: rty, anJ'cno cl ...3 t;-.c;dar;t3 ;iva3,c
ccrl'.g to tho rtsry, C 1. '-rr,of IT t .v Yort
who was killed by . tL, a on, board the
Prince ten, oa the Pet . : present wife
ofLx-i . ::dectTy:;
Gardner, t.dof co-rc
there ke c . y each Lw
. - ..." "
;tcr cf Mr.'
It nl II I .fl v 1- ... . , .-T- . ,
. impious judges condemned ":fL nrtf! nrtt RI1Pnri(i ta R th.- Knnth-
lnr - kAIVKUUMF UV1.U.U..-Y. . .
and th
him to Uaalh. . -. ' nd thickly guarded, he
ascended th: '..ill ol c. . A heavy cross
bent him "to the e'arthl ' ?aned upon
his arm, andll5pe, dippirj Lv. "jaain his
tlood,J mounted to the sk'ua ' ;
cf tho hdra if
rT"-tln3 ATit:. C-ttnr:.
".'An c!I . .d excellent writer g.lvea tl.3 i
in'' valuab'e advicettIf vou'woull' net lo f .
fed by temotatiottjrdonct enter into a dispute with
atan.' VV lien live negan to. argue me ciso
with the Serpent, the Serpen was too hard far
fcerj the d3vil, with hU logic, diutsd ier out
erh Democracy feUataining -John Van Buren,
or.sjme other second edition of 1 ranktin Pierce,
fjr the ne.vt Prc.d'ncy.-rTtiJ Aaierjoan p:irty
"11 present a candidate of r. u.-p stripo; a
round whom the conservat' 1 in evCry section
may rally with ral and uu .' "ty. . l- -. 1.
.A fried of a dying
.0'' was dictating a If,
Inthe landoft'.l-...'."
, to uhon
.id the gaspirj ' ' correct that,
v r-. am till in the; land cf the
30a to bif ia tho kr.i of th$
severe of -foifyvrs as thi wo shaull like to
kiowvI.cn .nd'w;: re.-. If lhseiunnjase hbrle-i '
of.igapr. Ut Jr'sh .who ari contiivud'y cminsr.to
this c6untrv,v ara half as 'bad as this Irilh'mai
ropronts t'aem, then . there is am rcaaou Ur ;
the .African, tnovemenf; in tl.a fatt ilone, m-
other: cousidcrdtioa .ucapha ,
quirer,, " ;
dependent of .
Eagle JfKnnui
I2f A 'difficulty occurred last week among
the students of Bethany College, . ..-giuia, over
whieh I!sv Alexander Campbeifpresdea.' One
of tha Northern Studen's attempted to deliver
an abolition' addrc 5; when he w: 1 hisseitdowti
by tlui Southern eUidents, and -attempt were
mado to 4ych Wra. ' All the. Northern- utuden-
hav-i '--' left t':J college." -
X - lS-casiaXJias Porter, r j ar.1 pints.
do. do Palo
ceivr ' and for &ale bv"
Ala, pint3-ju-t re
.... kltlit
-Ai:urX 10 BAL7:3 0AKUlI-JUSrJC
received by
I lev. C0,1S55.
. . i.
H i
f J
' '" '' -
- -
1 "
t '
:: -
- ,w " .. r - i

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