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The Democrat.
The following beautiful lines originally ap
peared in the Etonian, a periodical started
about twenty years ago, by the boys of E on
College. For truth, tenderness and melody they
are incomparable :
I often think each tottering form
That limps along in life's decline,
Once bore a heurt as young, as wnini,
As full of idle thoughts as mine !
And eacli has hudits dream of joy,
lt5 ow.. unequalled pure romanct ;
Commeiiciug when the blushing boy
First thrills at lovely woman's glance.
And each could tell his tale of youth,
Would thins its scenes of love evince
More passion, more uneaithly truth,
Than any tale before or "since.
Yes ! they could tell of tender lays,
At midnight penned in classic shades,
Of days more bright than modern days
And maids more fair than moiern maids.
Of whispers in a williug ear,
Of kisses on a blushing cheek ;
Each kiss, each whisper, far too deir,
Our modern lips to gtfe or speak,
Of passions too an timely crossed ,
Or passions slighted or betrayed
Of kindred spirits, early lost,
And buds that blossom but to fade;
Of beaming eyes and tresses gay,
Elastic form and noble, brow,
And forms that hare all passed away,
And left them what we see them now !
And is it thus is human love
"So very light and frail a thing?
And mustofith's brightest visions mq$e
Forever on Time's restless Awing?
Must all the eye? that still are bright,
And all the lips that" talk of bliss,
And ail the iormFso fair to sight,
Jereafter only corti to this ?
Thenrwflaf are earth's bst visions worth,
Ifve at length mu?t lose them thus?
If all we value most on carih
Ere long must fade away from us?
Execution or the. Murde tiers o? Colonel
CBAfG. Corporal William Hayes ird priv ate
John Condon, soldiers of the United States
army, tried and convicted for desertion nnd the
murder of Lieutena'nt Colonel Craig, in Cali
fornia, were hung at San Diego in that State
on the 31st of January last, the proceedings and
sentence of the court-martial having been con
firmed by the President of the United States.
The execution was superintended and carried
into effect by Brevet Lieutenant Colonel J. B.
Magruder, commanding the military post of
mission of San Dieg. The prisoners made
short addressee, confessing their crimes with
penitence, warning all against their examp ;
and took a last farewell of their comrades.
Nearly one hundred chiefs, captains, and prin
cipal men of the surrounding tribes of Indians,
aqpe of, whom hao assisted in the arrest of the
prisoners, were present- Colonel Magruder
says the men died "with a spirit worthy of a
better caOsc."
Mother," asked a little girlT while listening
to the reading of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "why
don'i the book mention Topsy's last name ? 1
have tried to hear it whenever it spoke of her,
but it has not oncepoke it ?"
44 Why she had.no other name child."
"Yes she had, mother, and I kno it."
44 Vhat was it ?" .
" Why, Turvy Topsy Turvy."
44 You had better go to bed, my dear," said
the mother. "You arc as bad as your old
grandmother, for she cant say pork without
beans, for the life of her."
rflHE St. Charles is now tfidroughly finished
ud reopeiied in a style far superWiin ev
ery resprct to any establishment of the kind in
the JState of Mississippi; orjprobably in the
whole Southern country.
It comprises an area of fifty by one hundred
feet, and contains a Bi Hard Paloon, two bow
ling Alleys, Restaurant aul otiier convenient
and necessary fixtures. Especial qaje .will be
observed in furnishing the bar infllribly w ith
the choicest wines, liquors &c, and the restur-
ant with all the luxuries the market afford.
The secluded location, copacious arrange
ment, and combined advantages of :,is estab
lishment, render it eminentlya desirable and
pleasant resort.
The business will be conducted dv tlie mot
l, kliMvOtOl n n A r 1 '
x.w.uv auu gcuiu maniy mm, and no exer
tion will be omitted calculated to-raerit a gan-
crai iirunagc. tebruury 'J, 1853.
t HAYJENG purchases the property
recently occupied by the Comruer-J
cial Bank of Manchester, I am again prep; red
to accommodate my friends and the travellii g
public, and embrace this opportunity of tender
ing to them my sincere thanks for their former
liberal patronage, and also for their kind for
bearance since the fire. No effort or expense
shall be wanting on my part, to make Winn's
Hotel, in every department, one of the- best
hotels in the State. R. M, WINN.
Jan. 12, 1853. -tf. "
HHHE subscriber has removed from his old stand
X to the, new Brick Store adjoining C. T. Mann's
Drugstore,' oh Main Street, and will be glad to
nave a can irom ms monfie.
October 6, 1852. D. TAMB0R1NE.
Credit Sale of Land and Negroesj.
be sold on a credit to suit purehat-ers,
Ffiii rrt. ot iTn in nvnrt rnn.ili
" . , . . "
on fsilvei 'reeii) containing yuu acres.
Two'lruiidrea ana sixty open, and above the high
water ol lSSO-also 30 negroe
s, sip et which are
good ami efficient hands w o mnfMr of
quality- - : oen aiKPtWHinig "u
site, mO' hieh are new and in god ie
Tpa 'p: ish ing to purchase, graat"1 ind
ments ar P. engage here. For part
lars nquir N. G. & S. E. NY
Ya&OQ City, Jan. 19. 185S.
Yazoo County.
Pkobatk, Court February Term, 1853.
To all persons interested in the Estate oj
C ana day Casotf, deceased.
YOU are hereby cite! to be and appear be
fore the Probate Court of Yazoo County
on the fourth Monday in May, 18-Y3, then and
there to anew cause a any you can, why the
final account ol John A. Cason, Executor of
Canadav Cason deceased, should not be allowed
and his letters surrendered. and further to doi
ana sutler eucii things as shall be considered
an- oniereu oy our sa q court in the premises.
nt tt is iurtner ordered that publication ol
this citation be made in the Yazoo Democi
the space -of sixty days.
v itness, Hon. George u. WUkmson, Judge
of the Probate Court of Yaat
ouiLtw the fourth
Monday in Februarv, 1853, and seal of said
Court. Issued the 5th day of MaTch, 1853.
Match 9, 1853.-18-10w.
Yazoo County,
To all persons interested in the Estate of
Hezekiah May deceased.
7"0Uare hereby cited to be and appear before
BL the Probate Court of Yazoo county, on the
fourth Monday in May 1853 then nd there o
shew cause it aiy you can, why tne nnai ac
count of Meeajah May, administrator ef Hez
ekiah May deceased, should not be allowed, and
his letters surrendered. and further to do
and suffer such things as shall be considered
and and ordered by our said courHn the prem
iseSi And it is further ordered by the Court, that
publication f this citation be made in the Yai
zoo Democrdt for the space of sixtv days.
Witness, The Hon. Geo. B. Wilkinson,
Judge of the Prbate Court of Yazoo county,
the fourth Monday in February, A. D. 1853,
and seal of said court.
Issued, March 5.h, 1853.
March 9, 1853-l8-10t
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of sir order of sale, jrranted by ,
the Probate Court of Yazoo county at the
February Term, I will, as administrator ol the
estate of L. B. May dee'd, expose t public sale
to the highest bidder, betwoeil the hourapre
scrihrd I y law, the following described trsct of
land, lying in said county, and known irid des
ribed as follows: the sojth-west quarter of Ac
tion -6, Township 12, Range 2 East west,
haif of sou u:-?ast Quarter, Section 26, Town
ship 12, Rnge 2 Kll' south-half of west-half
of noith east quarter, Section 23, Township 12,
Range 2 East.
Said sale will take place on Saturday, the
23d day of April, 1853, on the premises.
Terms of sale, a credit of 12 months. Bond
and approved security required from the pur
chaser. CHAS. HOOVER,
Administrat nol L. B. May.
March 9, 18 3.-18-tds.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue and in pursuance of the provis
ions of a certain Deed in Trust tome ex
ecuted by L. B. Anderson, and recoided in
the office of the Probate Clerk of Yazoo coun
ty, Book R, pages &14 and 545, to same cer
tain money therein mentioned, I will as Trus
tee in said case, sell in front of the Court House
door in Yazoo city, at public auction, to the
highest bidder for cash, on Mondav the 18th
day of April, 1853, Lots No. 30, 3, 32 and 33
lying and beitig in the town of Yazoo city, to
gether with ail improvements thereon, consist
ing of a comfortable dwelling house, &,c.
The title is believed to be good, but acting
as Trustee, I shall only convey such as is in
me vested by said Heed in Trust.
March 16, 1853. J. H. BELL, Trustee
The State oi Mississippi.
Middle District Chance- CHANCERY
ry Court of said State $ No.
At Office Rules, 1st Monday the 7th day
of Mabcii, 1853.
Parharrt Buford, TTTPON opening the
vs J Complainant's Bill,
Eliza Ferguson, et al. 3 and it appearing tVat
the Defendants, John T. Ferguson Ann L.
Brooks, Matilda Turbeville, James D. Fergu
son, William O. Ferguson and Ri ;hard C. Hy
att, are not citizens of this State, but reside be
yond the limits thereof, so that the ordinary
process of this court, cannot be executed upon
them, therefore it is ordered that said defendants
enter their appearance herein on or before the
first day of the next Term of this court, to be
held nt the court house of Yazoo county, at
Yazoo city, on the first Monday af'.er the fourth
Mondav in March instant, and plead, answer or
demur to complainant's bill, otherwise the sev
er;! allegations thereof, will he taken for con
fessed by them, pet for hearin r exparte, and the
matters thereof decreed accordingly. .
It is further ordered, that a qbpy ot this or-
der be published in
the Yazoo Democrat a
weekly muvspap
once a week for o
test : - JOHN Ms
March ff. Id5a-1
ished in Yazoo
The State of Mississippi.
Middle District Chance-) C II A N C E R Y
rv Court of said State. ( No.
At Oftic Rules. 1st Monday, the 7th da
of March, 1853.
John McH.ee, J rurs ope
vs. V V
Richard H. Miles el al) a
the Defendant, Richard H
zen of this State, but7esides beyoad -the limits
tnere.'t, so tnat the ordinary process ot i
court can not" be executed updfli him, therel
it is ordered that the said defendant enter
appearance herein, on or before the first da;
the next Term of this court, to be held at
court room in Yazoo city, on the jirt-t Mon
after the fourth Monday in March inst.,
plead, answer or demur to the Complonai
Bill, otherwise the several alleeat oris then
c wucii iui cuiuesseci oy ttit:m. st
neanng exparte, auC the matters thereof de-
creed accordingly.
uA itef .r,dGrd t,wt J? coPy of thte order
. r, ... -.-w jn:iucrai, a weekly
newspaper published in Yazoa city , once a week
for one month.
March 9, i853-5t. ' m
in- llllll riNIIHII 111 1IIU V ll 7rt-. ii,. -j- - a . .
AVING made arrange nent 3
House, I am fully prepaied to-i
dvances on cotton consicne 1
Ul alsp furnish Bagging SciLou;.
Plantation supplies. M. f
Yazoo city, Sept. ist, 1852. -8m
titlU tt
F U R N I S II I jjgju G 0 O D&T
At wholesale and retail, by
WM. II. STEVENS, No. 2, "Washington St.
Vicksburg, Miss.
THE subscriber takes pleasure hi now. offer
ing to his customers and the public, the lar
gest, most complete and best selected stock ot.
ever bronght to the StateHis long experience
in manufacturing tor the Southern market, has
enabled him, he thinks, to suit the wants and
tastes of all classes. Wholesale purchasers, as
well as all others, are invited to examine his ex
tensive stock o rich, fashionable and new style
nt a t t -KT-n tr I vTn r-l tiT 1 1 I V t Arr
wh;fll hitir anl(, nn as nn(1 terms as n New
Orleans, or elsewhere in the South West as is
L,,,j u.. i tn Mf.-hntann(l oth
14 L fc;aidL T LI I O V JV 4 w . - -
w ho have tried the marKets. ms eiock cum-
prises every thing in the Clothing and Furnish-
Hne &' f gentleman, youths and boys.
Frock, Dress, Frock Tee and Register ;1
Klaek. Rrown. Blue. Violet. Olive ercen frocks
do do do do Frock Tees and Sacks,
do do do do Registers and Pale tott
Fanc Cassimcre Business and Sporting Suits,
Black and colored French Doeskin Coats,
Business coats "af all kinds, qualities and Sizes..
Superfine black Cloth Dress Coats.
Cloth, Beaver, Doeskin, Petersham, &c,
Superfine Black, Brown and Blue Cloth,
Black and Brown Himmalaya,
Grey, Clouded and Col'd Beaver and Petersham
Blue, Drab, Grey and matted Blanket.
Fine Black Cloth, long and short,
Super. Citironean Hiinmalaya Talmas and
Black Cloih Talmas, rich indeed.
Coats,, Pants Vests aud Suits,
Cloth, Cassimere, Tweed and Satinet Coats,
Beaver and Blanket Over Coats, &c
Black and Fancy Cassimeres.
Clouded and Checked Cassimere and Santinet,
Blaek and Fancy Doeskin French and English
Heavy Bongeau, Sheepsgrey and Satinet.
New styles and beautiful patterns;
Rich Silk Plush and Velvet,
Blade and Fancy Silk and Satin, .
Fancy Cashiro'Jre and Valencia,
Black and colored Watered Silk very attractive.
Black Cloth and Stm embroidered,
art' Vests 1U Sat riety and beautiful
T . . , MilKIS.
Linen, Linen bosoms and collars :
Some without collars, Fancy Muslin,
AH kinds and qualities of shirts for men and boys
r.N DER Shirts Merirp, Lamb's Wool, Silk.
Shaker, Fladnel, Cotton and Lisle.
Dkawers Drilling and Net. Brown and
White, Silk.Elannel, Merino and Canton flannel.
Cka vats and Stocks Black and. Fancy JSilk
and Satinof every conceivable quality and pat
tern, new"and very rich and beautiful.
Handkerchief Silk, China cord, Spittlefield
and Linen Cambric, all sorts and sizes.
Half Hose Domestic and British, Merino,
Silk,Wool,BoiWO and White Cotton and Cotton
with Merino feet.
(jfovEs Kind of all colors, sizes and quali-
ues, Buckskin, Caimere, Vecuna, Cloth Fleeced
HATBe2ver, Molekm, Silk, Biack Drab
White and Pearl Kossuth anu French, all of the
lutest stvies men's and bov s.
Caps Men's Youth's and Boy's Military.
Cloth, Oil Silk, glazed and silk Plush.
Boots and Shoes Best Calf sewed and peg--ged.
Scspenuehs Silk, Gum Elastic Linen, &c.
Walking Canes Whalebone, Hickory, Edo
ny Malacca, &c, with gold, silver, oxadized, ivo
ry crooked aud fancy heads.
Trunks, Carpet Bags and Yalices,
Oil. Cloth and India Rubber Suits, Cloaks,
Leggins, Caps, &c, together with many articles,
which would be an endless work to enumerate
such as dressing gowns, money belts, purses,
porte monnias, dressing cases, cigar cases, Roger's
Worstenholm's and Wade & Butcher's best
knives and razors, shirt collars, hair brushes,
combs, pocket books, perfumery, &c.
fr"fCallat the establishment and soe for.
yourself. WM. H. STEVENS.
December. 15, 1852.
Copper, Tin ana Sheet Iron Worker.
:r is now n
superior lot of
j improved patterns, Selected by himself from the
celebrated manufactory of D. at J. yviu tuiT&
Co., Louisville. Among which are
of the m:st improved patterns, and all sizes,
with furniturQ complete.
Unkn No. I to 4 Premium No. I to4.
Steamboat and Parlor Franklins,
Star Franklins for wood or eoal.
Wood Rangers, open and fluted Coureous
I 6cc, together with Castings, Tea Kettles, Sauce
j Panf, Gridirons, Furnaces, Grates, Brass Ket
i t es, Dog Irons, Sad Irons, &c.
: Tubs, paiuted Buckets, ChurnsCoffee Mills,
Dippeas, We
prs, Roiling
tmB, v oou aaws, rsrooms, a superior lot or
? inc Premium Washboards, Sieves, Fa wcets,
Spades, Shovels, Chest and Trunk Locks. ? .
Bikd Cages. Mocking, Canwy Bird? &c.
Cistekn Pumps. Doujjluss Patent, asuperi
orarticle; Beer Pumps, fbproved pattern.
Tin Wake. A very full assortment of his
own manifacture, embracing every " article in
t ie line, together with Tin Plate, Block Tin,
jock ana oncut inc$ rxg ana cnti
Spelter Solder, Rivets, Copper Wire, Lead and
Copper Pipe .
! Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work made to or-
: buildings roofed with Copper, Zinc or Tin:
in Gutters and Spouts made, &c .
Also, on hand, a lot of Fire Brick and Fire
Repairs of all kinds, in the above line, done
t the shortest notice and on reasonable terms.
Orders solicited and strictly attended to.
ext door to W. P. Swiney, Crawford Street.
Dec. If.? 1851 Vicksbursr, Miss.
Just Kecoived Irom Paris;
arcrp nnttr,ri m.mt f Friihrni. oriao
191 111
and Handkerchiefs.
urg, Feb; 9, 1963.
mil, POT & HAILEY.
Cn the Lcvcc, between Cttatom-Hooae and the River,
Planters' Supplies, Family & Boat Stores
Of the best quality, 4r on the most liberal terms.
( C I R C U LA R . )
New-Orleans, November 5, 1882.
Sir Handinir vou above our Business Card,
we beer to call your attention to our Hou.?e, and
solicit an examination of our Stock and Prices,
assuring you that botli will be found aa satis
factory aa those of ary other Grocers in the
Oitv. Our sunulies are bought for Cash, and
selected with the greatest care, with a view of
giving satisfaction to our customers, we in-
v to a call anu a lull examination or our eioua
and prices. Terms liberal, either tor casn or
T.-n nn ue r .
iiiniu urn cr'ive a lint of some of the articles
.o ariall at all times keen on hand. Planters
ui.'iv" mm. m ' Km
fiendin" tlieir ordersdirect to us will be fur
nished with articles, not in our line, at the low
est city prices.
Yours, Kespectruliv,
Suoar BroA'n, Clarified Magnolia, Havana,
PowdereJ, Crushed, Loaf, Noe. 1, 2, 3,
Northern & New-Orleans.
Coffee Rio, Havana, St. Domingo, Lguay
ra Java in pookets 30 lbs. Mocha do.
Molasses Common, Rebolled, Su?ar-House.
Strut Golden, Sugar-House.
Tea Blacl . Green and Mixed of great va
riety of brands and qualities.
Flour Ohio and St. Louis brands in barrels
and half bar re s.
Buckwheat In half-barrel?, kegs, boxes and
Rice Fiesh Carolina.
Crackers Soda, Navy, Water, Butter and
Butter Goshen and Western.
Bacon Sides; Shoulders, Jowls and Ham?.
Hams Best Sugar-Cured and Canvassed, Nor-
then and Wester.
Lard In barrels and kegs.
PoRK-Clear, Mess, Mess Ordinary and Prime.
Beef Clear, Mess, MesaOrdinary, Prime aud
Fancy Northern, in half barrels.
Beef Dried, nd Veninon.
Tongues Beef and Buffalo.
Mackerel In barrels, half-bcrrels and kits,
Nos. 1,2,3.
SHAD In barrels, half-barrels aud kits, Nos.
1, 2,3.
Salmon In half-barrels and kits.
LloE Herring In half-barrels ond kits.
Herring Smoked, in boxs.
OoDFltH fu boxes and drums.
Ovstres In can and kgs.
Salmon "
Kabdinks h ermetlcaUy sealed."
Lousier f
Meats J
Cheese English, Northern and Western Pine
Apples, Swiss an I Fancy.
MiccAtow-) Italiftn
Cocoa In papers andboxee.
Chocolate French and Common.
Catsup Tomato, Walnut, Mushroom, Wor
cestershire. Sauses Pepper, Harvey, Soho and John Bull.
Olive Oil French, Spanish and Italian.
Pickles Plain and assorted in gallon, half
gallon and quart jars.
Mustard French, Northern nnd Kentucky.
Pie Fruit- Ag3orlcd.
Prunes- French.
Atplls and Pinchers Dried.
Currant Zante.
Olives Italian. '
Raisins In whole, quarter and eighth boxes.
Fruit Figs Graqes, Cocoanuts, Almonds,
Filberts, Walnuts, Pecan, Cream Nuts,
&t . Lemons and Oranges.
JELLY-Guava, Damson, Plum, Currant, and
Brandy FRUiTs-French Cordials, Anisette,
Parfait Amour, Curacao, Ab9ynth,&c.
BtTTERs-Boker's, Berlin; Wine and Goulay.
Peppermint Essence of
SviiUPs-Lemon and Assorted.
CANDiEs-Afsorted, in boxes and cartoons.
SncEs-Allspice, Pepper, Cloves, Mace, Cinna
mon, Nutmegs, and Ginger.
Candles Tallow, Star, Adamantine, Waxmd
Sperm, Plain and Fancy, in boxes and
SOAP-Castile, Rosin, Shaving and Fanny.
Saleratus Pear-Ash and Soda,, Yeast Pow
ders, and Starch.
Indigo-Mrfddor, Alum, Borax, Brimstone and
Sulphur. 3flv ' 4 '
Spanish Whiting Venetian Red and Spanish
Brown. -
BRooMS-Quaker ond Western.
s'Whiskev Ohio, BourbonMonongahela, Rye.
3pW!j Tuscaloosa and directly imported Scoich
?Mtf. nnd Irish.
BRANDY-Of a grent variety of brands and pack
ages and of personal selection, from
common to the fiuest imported.
a, Sherry, Port, Burgundy.
Jt r nipagiif1, Muscat, Teneriffe,
Hock, Barzac, &,c, all of a va
brands, aud of personal selec-
ymm nety
tion. some very choice.
BnANDY-Peauh and Apple.
GiN-Holland and American.
RrM-St. Croix, Jamaica and New England.
ALcoHOtiind Rose Whiskey.
Porter and Ale-Lou don , Ed inburgh, Falkirk,
India, Glasgow and Philadelphia, in
pints and quarts.
jCha m pag NE-C ider
Vir.GAii-Wine and Cider.
Bottles Wine and Porter, in hampers.
FLASKS-Pints and quarts'in boxes.
Demijohns- , I. ii and 5 gallons.
Stone Jugs Assorted.
' YiBACcu-Manufactured and Smoking, of vari
ous brands, sorts, qualities, prices and
. packages. .
Pirr Ttfyf" '""atfi(tt'
CiGAKs-Havana, Domestic & Plantation in e-
ery variety, Cigarill as &. Shuck Cigars.
GcNPowDER-Ctmitnon and very fineRifle
LSHox-Afc.sorteu, Bar Lead, Fire Crackers.
Hardware Nails and Spikes, assorted. Plan
tation Ploughs and Hoes, assorted.
Trace Chains. Collins' Axes.
Plate Biock and Tin. Window Glass.
Buckets and Tubs Painted and plain assorted.
Tin Cans and BucKETS-Quart and half-gallon
tor piantati
LiME-Cement, Plaster,
LEAD-Wbite, in kegs.
Par, Resin, & Turp'ne.
Spirits of Turpentine.
, 'lanners, i
and Lard,
entneky and
Rope and
X Wl
and fine. Rock, in
rle and
extra sizes.
Nioito Wool Hats, Blanlets, Osnab.ugs, JeanB
and Linseys. ;"-P
iwK-Marklnff, In demijohns, to suit
Fike BRicK-EngUsh and Biloxi.
Qui.Nt.NE-Epgbni and Glauber Salts,
in 10 lb.
SNurE-Scnteb, in bladders and boxes of one
dor.eo bottles. Mdccouba and ttappee.
December 15, 1852.
(r WH. KICHEN. Iste Kichefi Bt Davi
Grocer.. New Orleans. Wm. II. PATTISON,
late Lowe. Pauisnn Si. Co.. New Orleans.
CHAS fE. RAILEY, late of Natchez, iMiss
E. . 1TLER
scription in gold and silver cases;
Mantel clocks; and Music box
es, Gold Guard, Fob, Vest
chain and Chatalains,
Watch Seals Keys, and Charms, Diamond.
Ruby, Emerald, Opal and Garnet Rii gs
Pius, Ear Rings, Bracelets, etc.,
Cuff Pins, Belt Buckles. Gold
Pens and Pencils, together
with a ereat variety of
other Je weir's Fancv irtwn Plated Vare,
etc., etc., etc ., Silver Ten SeU", Pttrih
eri. Goblets, Sp urns, (ipn, Forkat
Ladles," A'apki'i Pi. - i(Jel
lers, etc., Fie. Scissors,
Vn and Pocket Knivr8.
Qy This Suek of Goods being sll on com
mission will be sold at very small profits for
cash, or good city paper.
03r E. A. T. ran always manufacture, at
short notice, almost any arficls of Jewelry or
Silver Ware that may be wanted. . Diamonds
and other valuable Gems re-set. Canes
mounted, etc. Specimens of his work can al
ways be seen at the store.
Qp- Watches, Clocks, Time-pieces and Music-boxes
of every description, carefully re
paired and warrranted.
Jewelry Repaired. Old Gold and Silver
taken in Exchange.
Aew Orleans, October 15, 18-V.i.
lezt door above the Bank build inn
Main Street Yatoo city
KEEP cons.artly on hand an extensive is
so r of all kinds of lin-ware. T? ey
are ;.n i actir ng a e article of .fhovver
baths and I athing-ttihs. They keep always
larire.-upply ofcpwk'mg and pa io stoves, all
ef which they will offer as chead or cheapo,
thnn they can be purchased in this regiu,.
They are prepared to do all kinds of guttering
and every description of job-wofk with nenl
n ss and dispatch. Persons wishing any
thing in their line would do well to give
thern a call before purchasing elsewhere.
Thnnk ul for the patronage which has here
tofore been so liberally bestowed, they hope
to deserve and to receive a continuance of the
Yazoo cry, August 20th 1851 ly
few Firm.
We the undersigned have formed a partner
ship for the purpose of transacting a Genera
Produce, Grocery a nd Linuor business. W
wiW keep constauty on hand a genera assort
ment of famiZ- groceries, Wines, Urandjes
Hardware, Cutfery and Queensware vrtiio.1
we will sell verv low.
Dec'Jd 1851.
TR. J. N. RATCI.tFFis an
ouse fro
trie aiowt dc-lioat- hi'n u ; : ,
ia U'.C .Mip..;.,. ;,!, i
Put up in ylal'sllt.til.lt
iu large bo. .ie- ..; p,
than 5t) per cent t'.tit-uper i
For sale by TH OA IPSO
J. . SURO!
YazrK) City July 2d 1851
anri more
). Agent .
L. Tamborine,
'nes. Liquors, Ccdials, &c.
hl'IMif " AND
Main St. Yazoo City, Miss",
f'nnstantly on hand a large assortment of
Foreignjud Domestic Liquors,
French Wines,
Ale, and every var
London Porter, Scotch
iety of Family Gioccries.
JUST receii
j Orleans, i
1 per steamer Aft n, from New
ected by myself ) a full supply of
ramily Groceries. Also Bran
uits, &.c. I have made arrrnge
Importing House inNewOr
faSrJes me by order, to be al
for bo.th wholoBale and retail
! ii hand-choice brands of
vhich I can eetl at as low prices
hased in New Orlpnnn i?l
me a
At the Old Cheap St
" " wtiicn wp Otter for salt
iHey weresoiu in this mar
article is very scarce in V
1 c He l i
will be found very tnodera
f mm M m
itn iron x 'ojuuilty.
mm mmj -m
CMS TIKI'S ire. & :
old e
;khur. and the
tab! ished FH
is again in
ord it
tions, Mlli.-oo "in it
kinds of repairing, StC.
kiss.s Patent Vertical 1
is Tspidly aupcrceeding
for fnrnfshlDg three er
Foundry, and itsadvni
pointed out.
Thankful for past fav
licits continuance, pr
orders in his Due, in
passed t any Foundery
fbich I the
N. B. ,M1 order
tfl Wfti
Barksdale, Yaz. 'O t
Vichsburg, AuT-
Jewelry IVluic
. g. TYLi:B
NEXT 000 1 TO
wiliconstantly be supplied with i most fanli
onHle styles and patterns fromji te North
Piano Fortes.
H. C. T., & Co., are agent for the sale of il
"Horet pattent Ion Pianos which are the bvtt
pianos now manufucturfd for the Southern Cli
mate. Also for Adam Stoddart's pianos. In
struction books of all kinds. A good assort -ment
of sheet music. Violins ai d Accorde
ons. Strings for Guitar and Violin.
Yezoo City, Dec. H-I8.jXJ-;t.
P. CORBETT takes lea return his sin
cere thanks to those gentlemen who
erously patronized him duridg the last year,
and begs to add that he will endei v r rti de
serve a continuation of that support he J as so
very littte claim to.
Someparty findingrhe subscribi i i . ay.
has not only made misr
also interfered with hi
end to which, it is only
that the firs fine eet of
springbar saddle made
hy him. He tukes this
ing that there is any wo
ations, out hus
ers, to put -nu
try to remark,
s and the lirut
ritv were made
Saddles, (the stitching;
looking at heing .in ever
The subscriber's atoc
complete, and hi.- prict
tmple, a
set of good Bufrsrv Hart
For Siil Bv
Ames' Spad
October 27, 1852.
Shove h
J WILL sell en low terms. 660
(si: nn ted above high water mark) on
Yazoo river, ta Sob flower county, Towis'iip
10, Range 2, west. For further information
apply through R. K. Pi ici II or F. Ho-tii k totlie
ui dorulgned, A. GAflNETT.
Yazoo City, Jan 26, '1603-12.
NEW I14Xf:.
M. Lar
in connexion with t
siiie8 at mv old stan
Dry Gqfioil and Groceries.
Having jupiwnmem ed i lie Trod
ucxion with our Dry rs. v.
pleasure in iufofmin;' our friends and the
ot We
r" in b(
Mill lor tih
hor terms
1CW in
IT UST received a rt i
ej ttareges, u Brilliants.
Also a beautiful lot of
and trimmings.
, Mvrch :)01Kri3.21-nv
9 UJlfJ
Clarified. 11
OATS 50 Sack
a general assort i
Supplies, for salt
Feb. 16, '53-
miles fr
There are
on hand a good at
A. T . 1

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