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The Icmfcrut.
From the Alabama Planter.
How to Grow Asparagus.
Among all the production of the garden, 1
know of none more abused or cultivated with
so little regard to horticultural skill and the true
principles of vegetable physiology. One of the
most delicious and wholesome vegetables, when
properly treated, has been rendered almost worth
less, (except to sell.) I allude to the common
practice, esjecially among market gardeners, of
deep planting, whereby the crown of the root
is thrust six or eight inches below the. surface.
In consequenro, it is later in coming forward in
the spring, and the stalks are so long in reaching
the light of day that ligneous matter is deposited
in thu long blanched stalks by the time it has
arrived at the surface, and it becomes tough aud
almost woody and the only part that can pos
sibly be eaten is the green tip, which is only al
lowed to rise an inch above the ground, when
it is cut four or five iuches above the surface.
With all due respect for long established cus
toms, I take the liberty to suggest to all who are
fond of good asparagus, to change the practice
at ouce. Muke a good bed, well dug and ma
nured, if trenched two feet deep the better, but
have it well drained. In planting, never place
the crown or top of the roots more than two in
ches below the surface, and keep them always
about that depth, except in winter, when a good
coat of manure will shield and protect the plants
this maybe forked early in the spring; and
during spring and summer the bed should, of
course, be kept mellow and free from weeds.
Early in spring, when the rank stalks have shot
up lour or live inches above ground and acquired
a greenish hue from the atmosphere and light,
then cut them even with the surface ; never cut
below, as it would endanger the rising shoots
and you will have a dish of the most exquisite
delicacy. No tough, stringy, and wooden stumps
will be left upon jour plate af;e the repast.
If you have beds already planted in the old
way, go to work early this spring, and with the
hoe scrape off carefully all the earth down to the
roots, then loosen with a fork or other instru
ment the ground between the plants, hud throw
back fine dirt enough to again cover the tops of
the roots about two inches, and cut and manage
the asparagus as above directed. If at all skep
tical, try the experiment on a part of your bed,
and I guarantee jou will be satisfied with the
Fruit Tree.. If fruit dwindles iu size, and
becomes defective, and knotty, a scientific far
mer knows that the earth needs phosphate of
iime;oue of the most necessary ingredients to
a full an 1 perfect development of fruit.
The scientific farmer would then gather fearses,
and burn, or pulverize them, and after digging
round his tree so as to expose'the roots, put half
a bushel of bone diist, leaves and leached ashes
mixed in equal portions to each tree, and thus
afford the rnaleridl for a perfect development ol
If peach trees dwindle, the leaves crisp, and
curl up. or in other words have the yellows, they
need iron, A man may as well live without
breath, as a peach tree without iron. If the
ground dues not naturally furnish if, the owner
must, or be disappointed in his hope of fruit.
Iu such case go to the smith shop, or machine
shop, and get the scales, or what is better, the
iron turnings, an I after digging away, round the
roots, so as to expose them, apply one quart of
scorim, or scales, or turnings, to each tree, a pint
of salt, and a peck of leached ashes, and the curl
ed leaves will give place to delicious fruit.
The yellows in the peach tree, is the same as
the yellow water in the horse; both arise from
a want of iron. Infuse that into the system, to
act as a receiver of electricity, and the yellow
water in a horse, and the yellows in the peach
tree are matters of history. Ohio Farmer.
M HAVING purchased the property
.recently occupied bv the Commer
cial Bank of Manchester, I am again prepared
to accommodate my friends and the travelling
public, and embraee this opportunity of tender
ing to them my sincere thanks for their former
liberal patronige, and also for their kind for
bearance since the fire. No effort or expni-e
shall be wanting on my part, to make Winn's
Hotel, in every department, one of the best
hotels in the State. R. M. WINN.
Jan. 12, lS53.-tf.
THE St. Charles is now thoroughly finished
and reopeued in a style far superior in ev
ery respect to any establishment of the kind in
the State of Mississippi, or probably in the
whole Southern country.
It comprises an area of fifty by one hundred
feet, 'and contains a Bi liard Saloon, two bow
ling' Alleys, Restaurant and otuer convenient
and necessary fixtures. Especial care will be
observed in furnishing the bar invaribly with
the choicest wines, liquors &c, and the restur
ant with all the luxuries the market affords.
The secluded location, copacious arrange
ment, and combined advantages of this estab
lishment, render it eminently a desirable and
pleasant resort.
The business will be conducted by the most
competent and gentlemanly men, and no exer
tion will be omitted calculated to merit a gen
eral patronage. February 2, 1853.
No. 9, Locust Street,
Refer to Messrs. Shropshire Si Massey, and
R. R. Williamson & Co., Yazoo City.
Oct. 13, 1852.
At the Old Coea Store. Matting.
WE haveju t received an invoice of Mattings,
which we offer for sale cheaper than ever
they were sold in this market. Although this
article is very scarce in Vicksburg, our prL-es
will be found verv moderate. Our stck con
sists ol 2,000 yards 6-4 White ;
2,000 " 5-4 "
" - 2,000 " 4-4 M
24)00 3 4-4 Checked
Vicksburg, Feb 9. 1833.
Tlie State or Mississippi, I
Yazoo County.
To all persons interested in the lands, a md
tenements of Geo. W. and Robert Wood"
berry, Minors.
YOU are hereby cited to be and appear be
fore the Probate Cour of Yazoo County
on the fourth Monday in August, 1853, then
and there to shew cnuse if any you can, why
an order should not be made for the sale of the
following described land., belonging to said
minors, to wit : West half of north-west, quar
ter, Section 1 ; west half south-west quarter,
Section 1 ; east half south-east quarter. Section
2 ; east half north-cast quarter, Section it;
north-west quarter, Section 12; west half north
east quarter, Section 12, all in Township 9,
Range 2 west, in Yazoo county, containing 500
acres. And further to do and suffer such things
as shall be considered and ordered by our said
court in the premises.
And it is further ordered that publication of
this citation be made in the Yazoo Democrat for
the space of six wteks.
Witness, lion. George B. Wilkinson, Judge
of the Probate Court of Yazoo County, the fourth
Monday in June, 1853, and seal of said Court.
Issued July 1st, 1853.
July 6, 1853. -33-71.
Administrator's Notice.
AT the August term 1853. of the Probate
Court of Yazoo county, I will, as Adminis
trator of Peter Rup pert deceased, present my an
nual account for settlemeut and allowance.
July 27-1853-3S-3w. Administrator.
Or errs and Dealers in Western
No. 07 Tchoupitoulas, corner of Lafayetlt St.
Offer for sale the ollovving Goods, together
with many articles iu their line, not enu
mesated below, which will be sold low
for Cash or good City Acceptances.
Imperial, Gunpowder, Young Hyson,
chug, Uolong.
Rio, Havana, Jamaca, Lagupra, Choice Old
Java, Mocha.
S U G A B -Louisiana,
Havana, New York and New Or
leans. Loaf, Crushed, Powdered, Clarified,
Plantation, Sugar Houhc, New York and
Louisiana Syrups.
Extra St. Louis, Superfine St. Lnuis, Illinois,
Ohio, Corn Meal and Hommony.
AIackf.ret,, Nos. 1 and 2, in barrels, half bar
rels, qr. bbls., a;d kitts, No. 8 in bbls.
Herrings, in barrels and half barrels.
SaJ HON, in kitts and half kitts.
Codfish, in boxes and drums.
Herring, in boxes.
Castor, Lard, Linseed, Whale, Sperm, Tan
ners, Olive.
Mess and Prime Pork, Mess Beef in bbls. and
half bbls., Prime Beef, Ribbed and Clear Sides,
Shoulders. Srear Cured and plain Hams; Dried
Beef and Tongues, Pickled Tongues, Lard,
Bu:ter, Cheese, goshen English, dairy and
western. Beans, Potatoes. Onions, coarse, fine,
table and rice Salt.
Sperm, Star, Admantine, Tallow.
Winohes'er's, Livermore's. Easrle, Jackson's
Munt's Extra. Castile, Fancy Bar, Variegated,
Toilet, Shavtng, Shaving Cream.
Raisins, Almonds, Grapes, Currants, Prunes
Figs, Brazil Nuts, Pecan Nuts; Citron, Cran
berries, Dried Apples, Dried Peaches.
Writing, Wrapping, Plaving Cards, in great
variety Cotton Twine, Lamp Wick.
Underwood's Davis' and Wells, M.& Provosts
PICKLES, in gallons, half, quarter and one
eight? gallons. CATSUP Tomatto, Walnu.
Mushroom, Worcestershire. SAUCE Ro e
Water. Pie Fruit, Currant Jellies, Assorted Jel
lies, Pepper Sauce, Havana Preserves, American
Preserves in glass and tin, Canton Ginger. Ca
pers, Olives Salmon, Lobster, Shad and Sar
dies, in sealed cans.
Kentucky Mustard, Cassia in mats and glass
Cloves, Mace, Nutmegs, Pepper, Allspice Gin
gin, Cayenne Pepper.
Buckets, Tubs, Brooms, wash Boards clothes
Pins, Shoe Brushes, Scrub Brushes, Manilla
Lines, Bed Cords, Matches,
DRUGS, & c.
Indigo, Copperas, Salaeratus, Brimstone, Lamp
Black, Spanish Brown, Carb. Soda, Cream Tartar
Camphor, Madder, Alum, Epsom Salts, Sulphur,
Saltpetre, Magnesia. Quinine, Sealing-Wax.
LIQUORS, & e .
Cognali and Domestic Brand v, Jamaica Rum,
New England do. New Orleans do, Holland
Gin, American do, Irish Whiskey, Scoth do.
Rectified do, Monongahe'a do, Bourbon do.
Madeira Wine, Sherry do, Oporto do, Malaga
do, Muscat do. Champagne do, Claret do, Bran
dy Cherries, Brandy Peaches, Curacoa, Mara
schino, Absynthe, Annisette, Cordials, Stough
ton's Bitters, Lemon Syrop, Assorted do, Por
ter, Ale.Gider, Essence Peppermint.
A large assortment of TOBACCO CIGARS
of all qualities Cuba Sixes.
Starch, Powder and Fire Crackers, Shot, Ba
Lead, Nails. Ink. Macaroni, iVermicelli, Candy
Corks, Bottles, Pipes, Flasks, White Laac ,
Glass, Putty, Blacking.
December 15, 1852.
id Wm. P. Converse, T
Wm. P. Converse, Jr.
M. Converse,
THIS renowned getter of fine stock,
JHHl will stand exclusively at my livery sta
will stand exclusive!
ble and slave depot.
-iLJLL. bie and slave denot. Breeders of fin
hordes are invited to patronize him, as his stock
t f colt excel! that of any Stalion offered to the
uolie. For particulars, see bills.
LOAF and Coarse Sugar, for sale by
june 22, 189. Shropshire fit Massey.
At wholesale and retail, by
VVM. 11. STEVENS, No. 2, Washington St.
Vicksburg, Miss.
rHE subscriber takes-pleasure in now offer
inn to his customers and the public, the lar
gest, most complete and best selected stock oi.
ever brought to the Sttte His long experience
in manulu.turing tor the Southern market, hut
enabled him, he thinks, to suit the wants and
tastes of all classes. Wholesale purchasers, at
well as all others, are invited to examine his ex
tensive si ock of rich, fashionable and new style
which shall be sold on as good terms as in New
Orleans, or elsewhere in the South West as is
attested by his heavy sales to Merchants and oth
ers who have tried the markets. His stock com
prises every thing in the Clothing and Furnish
ing line &c, for gentleman, youths and boys.
Frock, Dress, Frock Tee and Register j1!
Black, Browu, Blue, Violet, Olive & green frocks.
do do do do Frock Tees and Sacks.
do do do do Registersand Paletois
Panci Cassimere Business and Sporting Suits,
Black and colored French Doeskin Coats,
Business coats af all kind.-, qualities and Size!-.
Saperfine black Cloth Dress Coats.
Cloth, Bearer, Doeskin, Petersham, &c,
Superfine Black, Brown and Blue Cloth,
Black and Brown Hi Himalaya,
Grey, Clouded and Col'd Beaver and Petersham
Blue, Drab, Grey and matted Blanket.
Fine Black Cloth, long and short,
Super. C( in mean Hiinmalava Talmas and
Black Cloth Talmas, rich indeed.
Coats, Pants Vest? and Suits,
Cloth, Cassimere, Tweed and Satinet Coats,
Beaver and Blanket Over Coats, &c,
Black and Fancy Cessimeres,
Clouded and Checked Cashmere and Santrnet,
Blaek and Fancy Doeskin French and English
Hcavv BongflMi, Sheepsgrey and Satiuet.
New styles and beautiful patterns;
Rich Silk Pluh and Velvet,
(Sh k and Fancy Silk and Satin,
Fancy Cashim'ire and Valencia,
Black and colored Watered Si Ik very attractive
Black Cloth and Satin embroidered,
Party Vesta iu great varietv and beautiful.
Linen, Linen bosoms and collars.
Some without collars. Fancy Muslin,
All kinds and qualities of shirts for men and bo
Under Shirts Merino, Lamb's Wool, Sii i
Shaker, Flannel, Cotton and Lisle.
Dhawkbs Drilling and Net, Brown an
White, Silk, Flannel. Merino and Canton flannel
Cravats and Stocks Black and Fanev SilK
and Satin of every conceivable quality and pat
tern, new and very rich and beautiful.
Handkerchiefs--Silk, China cord. Spittlefie!
an 1 Linen Cambric, all sorts and sizes.
Half Hose Domestic and British, Merino
Silk, Wool, Borwn and White Cotton and Cotton
with Merino feet.
Gloves Kind of all colors, &ips and quali
lies. Buckskin, Cassimere, Vecuna, Cloth Fleeced
Hats Beaver, Moleskin. Silk, Black Drab
White an 1 Pearl Kossuth and French, all of the
latest sty'es men's and boy's.
Caps Men's Youth's and Boy's Military
Cloth, Oil Silk, glazed and silk Plush.
Boots and Shoes Best Calf sewed and pon
ged. Sispenders Silk. Gum Elas'ic. Linen, &c.
Walking Cass Whalebone, Hickory, Edo
ny Malacca, tvith gold, silver, oxadized, ivo
ry crooked aud fancv heads.
Trunks, Carpet Bags and Valtces,
Oil Cloth and India Rubler Suits, Cloaks.
Leggins, Caps, &c, together with many artirles
which would be an endless work to enumerate
such as dressing gowns, money belts, purses,
porte nionnias, dressing eases cigar rases, Roger's
Worstenholin's and Wade & Butcher's best
knives and razors, shirt collars, hair brushes,
combs, pocket books, perfumery, &c.
(XT" Call at the establishment and eoe for
yourself. WM. H. STEVENS.
December. 15, 1852.
Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Worker.
THE f-ubscriber is now in receipt f a larjre
and very superior lot of Stoves of the most
improved patterns, selected by himself from the
celebrated manufactory of D. & J. Wuioht&
Co., Louisville. AmoiiL' which are
of the m jst improved patterns, and all sizes,
with furniture complete.
Unkn No. 1 to 4 Premium No. 1 to 5.
Steamboat and Parlor Franklins.
Star Franklins tor wood or coal.
Wood Rangers, open and fin ed Conreous
&c, together with Castings, Tea Kettle, Sauce
Pans. Gridironu. Furnaces, Grates, Brass Ket
tles, Dog Irons, Sad Irons, ecc.
Tubs, painted Buckets, Churns, Coffee Uiliii,
Dippeas, Well Buckets, Ice Freezers, Rolling
Pins, ood Saws, Brooms, a superior lot u
Zinc Premium Washboards, Sieve", Favvcets.
Spades, Shovels, Chest and Trunk Locks.
Bird Cages. Mocking, Canary Birds &c
Cistern Pumps. Douglass Patent, asuperi
or article ; Beer Pumps, improved pattern.
Tin Ware. A very full assortment of his
own manifacture, embracing every article in
the line, together with Tin Plate, "Block Tin,
Block and Sheet Zinc, Pig and Sheet Lead.
Spelter Solder, Rivets, Copper Wire, Lead and
Copper Pipe.
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work made to or
der; buildings roofed with Copper, Zinc or Tin:
Tin Gutters and Spouts made, &c.
Also, on hand, a lot of Fire Brick and Fir.
Repairs of all kinds, in the above line, don
on the shortest notice and on reasonable term.-
Orders solicited and strictly attended to.
Next door to W. P. Swiney, Crawford Streer
Dec. 15, 1852. Vicksburg, Miss.
Just Received from Paris)
A arge assortment of Embroideries, consis
ting of Chemisettes, Paletots, Uudereleeves, Co.
I irs, Capa and Handkerchiefs.
Vicksburg, Feb. 9, 1953.
G E N E R A L (J R O C E R S ,
Cn the Levee, between Uualotii Honne and the him,
Planters' Supplies, Family Xi Boat Stores
Of the best quality, 3f on the most liberal terms.
New-0rleK8, November 5, 1852.
Sir Handing you above nur Bttalneaa Card,
wa beg to call your attention loour H6u.e, and
solicit an examinntion of our Stock and Prices,
issuring you that both will be found as satis
factory h tbose of ary other Grocers in the
City. Our supplies are bought for Cash, and
selected with the greatest care, with a view of
irivinfi satisfaction to our customer. We in
vite a call ami a full examination of our Stock
ml prices. Terms liberal, either for cash or
i;od paper.
Ik-low we give a list of some of the articles
we shall at all times keep on hand. Planters
ending tbeir ordera direct td To will be fur
nished with articles, not in our line, at tne low
est city priecs.
Yours, Rffspoctfullv,
ugar Brown, Clarified Magnolia Havana,
Powdered, Crushed, Loaf, N . 1. 2. : ,
Northern & NewOrtearw.
'OFFEE Rio. Havana, St D mi
ra. Jrv: in j . ck'' J!; lbs vl '.
'olasses Common, H h i
vhuf Golden. iSugar-Ho
"EA Bl.-cl . Grett and mix- .5 griat vt-
rii'ty -.f branch Hi jin ii n .
'lour hio Hr,d S J. mis i
and Irti n bar re a
L'l K wheat In half-brrelf, k-t b v, nod
Lice Fiosh Carolina.
rackers Soiu, Nuv , Water, Butter and
'utter Ooaben and Wesiern.
,'Jacon Sides; SboaUfcrs, Jowls and Ham-'.
llaMs Bt-st Sotr ir-Cured and Canvassed, Nor-
tben and Wester.
,ard In barrels and ki'rs.
I'or.K Clear, Mess. Mess Ordinary and Prime.
"!eef t'lear. Mess, Mess Ordinary, Prime and
Fancy Northern, in hulf barrels.
'F.EF D: :e,i, an I Venison.
Tongues Bt-nf and Buffalo.
Iackerf.e In barrets, half-barrels and kits,
Nob. 3
iau Ii. barrels bait-barrels end kits. Nod.
almon In half-barrels and kits.
m. HEn..(Nti I half-barrels ond kits.
.erring nv'kf'i. in boxes.
id ish In boxes a d drums.
vsthes In can and kogs.
n caiic, '.ermoiically so iled.
'iieese English, Northern and Western Pine
Apples, Swiss ami Faney.
'I ACCARoNI i r, ,.
! 'ocoa In papers ind boxes.
"hocoi.atf. French ati'l Cbnava.
'jATSUr Tomnto, Walnut, Mushroom, Wor
cestershire. "At'SES Pepper, I'nrvey, Softs a ml John Ball.
.mve Oh. French. Spanish ami Italian.
'ickles Pliiin and assorted in gallon, half
gallon and quart jars.
'If sta rd French, H rn -ud Kentucky.
Pri Fr.fiT- . .
Preserves- ! " '
Parxes- French
unfiles ;r.u Pkachbbs Dried,
Currants Zsnie.
Olives Italian.
R.A0HNS In whole, qu .iter and eighth boxei
FafiT Fiys, QrasjSS, Cocoanuts, Almond-',
Filberts, Walnuts, Pecan, Cream Nuts.
& . Lemons and Oranges.
JELLY-Guava, Damson, Plum, Currant, and
Brandy FRUiTs-French Cordials, Anisette,
Parfait Amctur, Curacao, Absynth, fcc.
BiTTERs-Boker's, Berlin; Wine and Goulay.
Pepcerm int Essence of
Sykups Lemon and Assorted.
Candies Assorted, in boxes and cartoon.
Spices Allspice, Pepper, Cloves, Mace, Cinna
mon, Nutmegs, and Ginger.
Candles Tallow, Star, Adamantine. Wax ind
Sperm, Plain and Fancy, in boxes and
ca rtoons.
SoAP-Castile, Rosin, Shaving and Fancy.
Saleratus Pear-Ash and Soda, Yeast Pow
ders, and Starch.
Indigo Madder, Alum, Borax, Brimstone and
Stanish Wothio Venetian, Red and v'p
Brooms Quaker atid Western.
Whiskey Oh io. Bourbon, Men
Tuscaloosa aaddirecth im
and Irish.
Brandy-OI a grt
ttres and
comm on
Wines-M i leira.
Claret, i
t va riety
'f pers
In ri
She i, ,
impugn- . use
MaiaifS, Hoek, tiarziic, Ac . ail t va
riety of brands, and ot persona selec
tion, some verv choice.
Bra NDY Peach and Apple.
Gin Holland and American.
BtTM St. Croix, Jamaica and New England.
Alcohol and Rose Whiskey.
Pokter and Ai.E-London. Edinburgh, Falkirk,
India, Glasgow and Philadelphia, in
pints and quarts.
Champagne " ider.
Vinegar Wine and Cider.
BoTTLES-Wine and Porter, in h imp' rs.
Flasks Pints and quarts in boxes.
Demijohns , I, 3 and 5 gallons.
Stone Jugs A -sorted.
'obacco Manufactured and Siookinjz, ufaj'i
ooa brauds aprts, qur.liUes, prices snd
i'ioAi;s-H" v.tna, D"ineH;ic A Plantation in ev
ery variety, Cigarillas St Shuck CjfSfS.
AT a tches Lucifer.
' i uFowDER-Common aud very fine nine,
StioT-Atsorteo, Bar Lead, Fir Crackers.
H ardwa it e Nails and Spikes, assorted. Plan
tation Plougl a aud Hoes, assorted.
Trace Chains. Collins' Axes.
Plate Block and Tin. Window Glass.
Juckets and TuBs-Painted and plain assorted.
Tin Cans and BucKETS-Quart and half-gallon
for plantation use.
LiME-Cement, Plaster, Tar, Rosin, A Turp'ne. J
LEAD-White, in kegs. Spirits of Turpentine
)iL-Castor, Tanners, Whale,
seed and Lard.
.AGGiNG-Kentucky and India
Twine. Gunny Bugs.
IiDES-Mexican and Flint.
. tin .
Sperm, Lin
Rope and
vcKs- w neat, wntioutfceam. j
-EED-tancy Cotton.
ALT-Liverpool coarse aud tine.
Rock, in
irrels. Fable.
kocass and RussETTs-Negrs, single and
double backs and riveted regular aud
extra sizes.
Xegro-WooI Hats, Blanlets, Osnabugf, Jeans
and Linseye.
ifrx-Marking, In demijohns, to suit planters.
Fiir. Brji K-tnglish and Hiloxi.
QtiiMNE-Epsorn and dauber Salts, in l()lb
SNfFF-ttcotch, in bladders and boxes of one
dozcD bottles. Muccouba and Rappee.
December 15. 1-.VJ.
M 03r W. H. KICHEN, Ute KrhorKl Davis
Grocers. New Orleans. W:.i. H. PaT'HON,
Sjf.i0 Pattlsondt Co.. New Orleans.
CPAS .K. RATLEV, late of Natchez, Miss
Has constantly on hand a good assort
ment of FINE WATC IES of every de
icription In rrold and silver cases;
Mantel clocks; and Musie hp-
es, Goid (Junrd, Fob Vest
nil' ami tmat:: .hub.
W a tcli Se. (
Ruby Fm
Pins, Ei
Con P
Revs, ai.' Cti.rius, Diamond
s'd, Opil and (7arnet Rirga
Ring . Rrae lets, etr.,
s. rl.-lt Ruckles, (iold
tnd I ei cilfi, roflfether
vttii i reat m h
r J-u j-fr , Fancv I o.oij
c., etc., ., Silver Tea
ers. Goblets, : p or8, C
rMr 'ot' A'are,
I itch
pa, Forks,
Q7 ' his Skock of Gods beinf all on cum
taisfini! i ' i noUi ai v i y nuiuil profits for
cak, t i(4H ci'3 paper. .
OCT A T. ilwnyw imnufactnre, at
short notice, almost any art ids of Jewelry or
Silver Ware rhat itriy be wanted. Diamonds
ami other valuable Gems re-get. Canes
mounted, etc. .Specimens of his work enn al
ways be seen ut the store.
tttr Wratclies, Clocks. Tlmn tiiaawa iinft lif n.
- - r -
sic-boxes of every deseriDlion. earefullu re
paired and u-arr ranted.
Jewelry Kepftired. Old (iold and Silver
taken in Exchange.
Aew Orleans, Uctobcr 15, 180SL
JJfeacf f"cr above the Bank building
Main Street Yo&oo city
KEEP con- ar.tly on hand an extcntivo ng
o of all kinds of I in-ware. Tie
are roan nnr ng a s nriicleof .mk wci
ba hs r. d I nthing-tubs. They keep ahvys
larffe sop ply oT Cook Tng and parlor stows
ef which they will offer as cbead or cbeapc,.
than they can he purchased in this regitn,
.They are Prepared to di all kinds ol gQtterit'
S'nd every iesc iiption of job-work with neat
ness and dispatch. Parsons wishing any
thing in their line woilTd do well to give
t '-.to i call before purchasing elsewl ere.
Thank ul for tlie pationoge which has here
tofore been so liberally bestowed, they hope
to deserve and to receive a continuance of the
sa me.
Yazoo cry, Angtist 20th 151 ly
BIG Q mm O 2 II A M O.
We the undersigned have fornie1 a partner
ship for the purpose of transacting a Genera
Produce, Grocery and Liquor business. W
will keep constantly en hand a renera npsnrt
ment of fain'; groceries, Wiaee, Brandies
Hardware, Cutlery and Queens Ware which
we wiW acll verv low.
Dec'r 3d I85t,
A sure remedy to cure children of worms, re
fniriiiir noothei medicine io follew it; and be-
. : .1 . . . , i -
" l v" soon restore niint or drooDino
c' i (l)er t tn
h ag. iii. ft can be given to
!!"! with perfect safety, anri
u iruaiiec, by any other.
n p i si nets
ai'jre botth
a per cc
;e sns usa I size, and nlst
r pian'1'; use. and rnor
cheaper than any other.
HOMPSON cy CO. J Agent
I. Tamboritie.
Wiici. Liquors, ttdi&ls, Ac
Main St. Yazoo City, Miss.
Constantly on hand a large assortment ot
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
French Wines,
Fruitsjn Juice,
!. ndon Porter, Scotch Ale, and every vor
i-. . f Family Gtocerles.
i opa rt nrrsli ip
1 A V F. this lay (14th Feb. 1853) formed
" onartnership, under the firm of WJf.N
& GRAVES, tor the purpote of carrying on
trffe Livery Stable Business at the old stand.
Air. Graves will give his entire persona atten
tion to the business, in all its various branches,
and hopes by strict application, and the superi
or accommodation that, will noic be offered, to
merit and receive a liberal share of the public
Yazoo City, Feb. 16.1P53.
Great AmerlaianRcmetlyT
BosbyahelTs Stimulating Panacea !
RECOMMENDED by the Family; and pre
scribed by Physicians ! No family should
be without it. It is a certain prevention and
cure of the following diseases . Asiatic Ohol
era. Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea, Rlnody Flex,
holera Infantum. Summer complaint. Deliri
um Tremens, Sick Stomach, Loss of Appetite,
Irritable nerves and cramp Colic
Th above remedy is for sale at the Drug
Store ot MANN & ANDREWS,
Yazoo City, Miss.
Where abundant testimony of its virtues
from higli sources, can be seen.
Apr?l 27, 1853.
Franklin Iron Foundry.
CAST NFS Ac. & ;
J00H KOIfiB Jr.
E'PJECTFU.LY announces to planterc;
, that t
tablished FBANKLlN FOUNDY", Vicksburg,
is ograin in lull operation, read) to ext ent
promptly, orders for Caatinn of n!I cripl
tionp, Mil, and Gfa .'Irons, Engine a'ork, a I
kind of repairing, Ac. Also. Arjtnt Hot. j,
kis,s Patent Vertical Water Wheel, which
is rapidly mipcrecedhig oil others. Pati
for furnishing three ni. h rnaj be seen at the
Foundry, aud its advantoges over all o-J
poiriled out.
Thonkful for pant favors, the proprietor s
licim a eontraremaee, promisit;p to exceu.'e all
orders in bin Due, in a Ba saner no, to I i
pasted at any Founclery inthe Sooth or Wcf
N. B. All orrfer 'eft wiih Itsssr. Allen A
Barksdale, Yazoo City, will meet with prompt
Viehalmrsjf Aup. 6. 1840.-37-9m
Jewelry Music btore.
H- G- TYLER, .
HAS on hand a good aasoi rnt if al
kinds of Jewelry r.tol Fane lords, aid
wiifcoastsntiy be supplied With i n.'c; i hh-
oiiule stj les and patterns fn m i u Men! .
Fin no It1h.
II. C. T.. & Co., are ssrent fortlse tab of ti c
"Herat pattsnl Ion Pianos which are the I
piaous now mannfrictnred for the Sooll em Cli
rriate. Also tor Adnrn StosVlart'f pianos. In
struction books df nil kinds. A (r i d assort
ment of sheet music. Violins ai d Accordc
ons. Strinffh for Cuitur and Violin.
Yazoo City, Dec 1 1 -1 fJ-t f.
T5. COBBETT tskea leave tr- return his ni:
r cere thanks to those gentlemen whn gt
eronsly patronized hirn duridg the lasl ci
and legs to add that he w il endtivor to dc
seive a cenUnnatlpn of that support he ! i.
very little claim to.
iSornepnrty finilicg the subscriber in the way,
has not only mra.'c misreprctt ntnticrh. bu1 h
slso inter ferjrd with bia cosu-mere, to put an
end Ui whi h, it is only necessary to r marl .
that the firs' fine let of harness and ihe first
pprirg-bsr snddle tur.de in thit city were mfu.'o
by him. He ttkeS tttls epportunity nf d i
ing that there is any workn Snajilp in qui
Saddles, (the stitching) the only part worih
looking at ) eiiitr in every rate, e i.i by U
The subscriber's stock is fashionable and
complete, end hia prices low, for example, a
eetof poo, Buggy Harness fm SIC..
Ynzoo City, Jurje If, 1K3L'.--Iy,
"I AVIS' HA .MS Just received a
-3 sis' Extra Han . for mo bv
Fob. id, '.;:. WILSONS & I
m OR FORD I'LGWS Just rec ivedsc
LfJ. ty-tive Mbrford Plows, for sale hv
Feb. 16, , WILSONS & HYATT
I WILL at II , n U w teitns. ?')
Br;, . I . i . . t i .
i azoo river, tn c
10, Range i:, vt
apply ibrvugl, P..
.uuower comity, L.v i
t. For further lufotnta:
:. Pic hitter F. Po,tirk to
undfrign d
Sfssoe City, Ja n CO,
KJW not sr.
I HAVING taken into cooperinlnhip Mr. Ja
M. Lemkin, ire will cent in ue the Dn (i
in connexion wiih the Produce ond i: ren :
tiiness at mv old sland. under the st le f
Dry Ciiocd aud Groceries.
Having just commenced the Produce in t
nexion with our Dry woods business, we ta!
pleasure in informing our friends and the pub!
generally, that we are now receiving a full st i
of Western Fr duce. Groceries, Fainilv aunplit
&C We intend to keep always on hanrl.artic!
f the "first water" in both branches, at n
ble rotes to pood customers on time, and "unn
sonablv low'" for the dimes in hand
Yazoo city, Jan. 19, 1853.
White Lead. Window Sash Etc
ld Lbs. Pure No. 1 white Lead,
iUDU V20 G's Linseed Oil,
5M Lbs. Puttv,
9000 Lights window Sash,
For sale bv WILSONS & HVATT
Psbrurry l(i. 1W,
Cf0GAB Clarified, Brown. Loaf & Crushed
FLOUR T.O Bids Missouri Mills, Extra.
7 Superfine, S . ' '.
1B0 Ohis,
POTATOE 150 Irihh, London , ,
OATS 50 Sacks.
HARNESS, Bridles, Hoes, Trace Clown, an,
a general assortment of Family and Plantation
Supplies, for Hale by-
Feb. 10. '63- WILSONS & HYATT.
For Sale.
ftrtQ ACRES LAND, situated alu ut nine
roll : 'it, i. Cil i. . L. t
m vm ii uu nuout w:v.u
miles from Bt nton on the nf-vir I.vinrrf nil rmni.
in the seigbborbood of Rev. J. W. i urvib.
lhere are about two mil dredAi fitly a res of this
tract under fence, and in a hieh etateof culti.
vation, a line crop bovine beeii grown on lh
piace the present year. Ihcre i alo a
mill and ein. and comfortubte
and dwelling house on the place. 'J hit is a
nne iruct ot land, and a crood barrain wi. b-
titven to any one who wishes to pun I. -For
further information, niter to Thomas G
Clark, Benton, and P. O'Donucll, Varoo Citv.
lecc. 15, 1-52 -0 G. bWAVZE.
,, A. SWAVL.
C J. B ackman & to
SCRIPTION Yazoo city, Sept. 24th lti5t
lRESH TEAS A choice lot of
X iust received bv WILSON A.
r'ebruary 10, lS5d.
a PL SAC KS best Rio CofTe
aCJjune2. SHROI'S
other e
X ----- J r --r - ;
December 24th lw51 . H. WILSON
Curpenter's and Plantation Tool
YVJLhaveaveryexccltent ortmont nf tool
' of all kinds on hnnd ond fn;
MsvHd. 1K5S. J. THAI

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