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Is published WEEKLY, every Wednesday Morning
paid within one month from the time of subscribing.
No paper will be discontinued until all arrearages are
paid, unless at the option of the publishers,
Frm one to ton lines, :::::::: ::::::::::::::::$l 00
Each continuance::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 50
Ten lines for one month, ::::::::::::::::::::::3 00
m 44 three :::::::::::::::::::::::6 00
44 M six m ::::::::::::::::::10 00
" " twelve ' ::::: :::::::::::: 12 00
Longer advertisments the same proportion.
The following letter was addressed by a
member of Congress to Ins wife, din ing the
administration of President John Adams. If
d'scribcs a dinner at the Presidents House,
and tjives a j (leasing illustration of the do
mestic economy of that period :
Philadelphia, June oth, 1707.
My Dear Mariu I wrote you a few lines
yesterday, and promised you a long letter by
this day's mail. The grounds of vOcf promise
were, that' hnving linel at the President's, I
certainly could not lack for materials to com
pose o very handsome letter indeed, and one
of no small imp ortanoo. Our House were so
earnestly engaged in debating the question
4 whether a mm has a right to defend himself
when at tack id by robbsrs or assassin" that
we did not adjourn until after 4 o'clock (the
hour at watch we were to dine.) We there
lore, went straight from the House of Repre
sentatives to the Presidents and were introdu
ced by name to the President, who shook us
by the hand, and then he introduced us to
Mis. Adams, who rose up to receive our bow.
We then sat down, and the waiter handed
round a glass of punch, which, permit me to
say, wa very agreeable, after having sat for
five long hours, hearing a very dry debate on a
very clear subject. In a few minutes dinner
was announced, and one of the gentlemen
handed Mrs. AdamS into the dining room.
The J 'resident followed, and the company
followed him. Mrs. Adams sat at the head
of the table, and the Secretary at the foot,
and the President sat at one sib near the
middle. The company took their seats alt
ifether promiscuously, except that the Chap
lain of our House, who said grace, sat at Mrs.
Adams's right hand. Grace having heen said
before we took our seats, We had nothing to do
but to attend to our business. Uut here it is
necessary to give a description of the bill of
fare, and the arrangement of the board ; but I
am very much afraid th:vt-d shall not only be
inaccurate, but that I shall fail in giing a
brilliant and interesting description of this
important subject. As I wish, however, to be
as good as my word, I shall attempt it. There
were about 20 persons at table. The utensils
were only common blue china plates, glass
tumblers, and wine-glasses. The table was
decorated or garnished with glass stands, five
in number. On the two extremes were dishes
of only common left ace or salad ; next to
these, towards the centre, at each cud, was a
piece of pastry work, resembling a large cake
baked in a tin pan, and turned upside down
and decorated with rose bods just opening.
In the centre there was a large cake of the
same forin, but it was iinaustated on the out
side with a fine white frosted surface, spangled
with sugar plums in the shape of cocked hats,
radishes, A. -.-.
The dishes were nine or ten in number, viz,
at the head a piece of beef a la. mode ; at the
foot, a large roast pig, then, alternately, fish, a
leg of mutton, tongue, boiled fowls, ham, corn
ed beef, a dish of small birds, chicken pie, and
perhaps two dishes more; I cannot be certain.
All these, however, were preceded by soup,
not calf s-head, but common. The vegetables
were peas, salad, potatoes new ones but very
small, cranberry sauce. The desert: tarts,
custards, jellies, ice cream, blanc mange,
Strawberries, cherries, (very iior,) raisins, al
monds, fce. And the wines: Madeira and
Mrs. Adams was very sociable, and helped
to carve, fcc.The President carved the ham,
which was before him, and was very at
tentive to alibis guests. After a few glasses,
Mrs. Adams withdrew with her daughter, Col.
V. S. Smith's wife, who said nothing that 1
heard all the time she sat at table. We drank
the United States, and then no toasts or senti
ments, but did just :is we pleased, and took a
I' rench leave when it suited. The President
told the gentlemen, as he saw them retire, that
there was cotl'ee above, if they chose it. The
day was hot, and 1 believe but few went up. I
sat until there were but three or four left, and
then retired.
Great Men's Dancing. We read that
Napoleon was a very awkward dancer. On
one occasion he danced with a very beauti
ful countess, who could not conceal her
biushes at his ridiculous postures. On lead
ing her to her seat, he remarked: "The
fact is, madam, that my forte lies not so
much in dancing myself as in making others
dance." This reminds us of an anecdote of
Daniel Webster, who being present at a ball
in Washington, during the period of Ids in
cumbency as Secretary of State, was asked by
an effeminate, foppish sort of a chap, who
thought a good deal of his own dancing,
"Don't you dance, Mr. Webster? I never
see you dancing." "No," said Mr. AVcbstcr,
as he only c uld say and look such things,
"I uever had the capacity to learn how, sir!"
E. bowman.
PRACTICE in the Courts of Yazoo and
adjoining counties, and the Courts at Jack
son. CMarch 22, 1854.
CO" Office near the Court House.
January 19, 1854-1 1-ly.
ILL pi ve prompt attention to all business
intrusted to him iu the Circuit and Probate
Courts of Yazoo end the adjoining counties,
and the Supreme Cour's at Jackson.
Yazoo city, Dec. 14, lbo3-ly.
o f Lexington, Mississippi,
WILL regularly attend the Circuit Court
of Yuzoo County.
February 15, 15 1-ly.
& 3a2 2 iSa UXS.
Attorney and Caunsellorat Lata,
WILL practice in the courts at Jackson,
and the circuitcourts of Winston, At
tnlla, Leake, Madison, Yazoo and Holmes.
All business entrusted to bis care will re
ceive prompt attention.
January 13tb, 1854-tf
REMAINING in the Post Office at
Yazoo City, on the 1st day of April, 1854.
Adams, James
Archibald, James
Alleep, Edmund N
Applewhite, J K
Johnson, Barby Mrs
Johns ton, Wm B 2
Johnson, R F
Johnson, "Wm H 2
Johnson, Louisa
Arnold, Frances Miss Jones, G W
Alexander, M
Anderson, L M
Austam, W A
Anding, Celeste
Alaminc, Ely
Blucks, Mr.
Berry, Elizabeth
Johnson, Jno
2 Johns, Wm
Johnson, J M
Johnson, Marjrerith Mrs
Johnston, J T
Jenkins, M E Miss
Ketchum, Thos D
Burnes, Mary A Mrs. Keys, Mary Miss
Berry, Vandunan 2 rviikward, J r
Berry, Joseph C King, D L
Burn, Jno D 2 King, Mariah E
licit ton , Mis.s iss ijtpi.
ILL practice in the Circuit Courts of
Leake, Attalu ;uid Holmes counties, the
several courts in Yuzoo County, and the Courts
held at Jackson. May 3, 1854.
eb L H p 6
J. C. LEWIS &, CO.
Commission, Receiving and Forwarding
DEALERS in Produce, Groceries, Bagging,
Rope, Iron, Castings, JNails, and Planta
tion Supplies in general.
Yazoo City, Miss., Dec. 14, 1853.-ly.
Geo. W. Russell, M. D.
John F. Green M D
JLtti ISU IS S2 IS Kf LsJ 9
Offer their services to the pufilic.
DOVER, Miss., January 25A, 1854.
J. 11. WILSON, M. IJ.
881 jjclf 5a2 anD Mriati
Paints, Oils and Glass, Garden Seeds, &c
Yazoo City, Miss., Dec. 14, 1H5:3.
Commission Merchant,.
November 23, 1853 3 ly
Bennett, Elias
Belcber, McClain P.
Barrow, Millson
Bell, D M
Bridges, Cath'ne Miss
Bacon, George W
Blake, Mrs
Bowman, W W
Bealc, Thomas B
Berry, S G
Berry, Effey Mrs
Ballance, Jas R
Burns, Kinsley 2
Brown, Mrs
Batcman, Thomas
lilunk, Mr
Bylington, James
1 5 rooks, J M
Kron, J F
Knapp, Henry
Kofaht, K
Key, James A
Lovd, Joseph
Lott, Alfred
Lacy. Leady
Laughter, W T Master
Lusk. Robert
Lott, Louis
Learner, William M
Marion, William
Miller. William
McNeil , Danl P
" Madduck. Jobn
Martin. Georae W.
brook, J M Celenda Mrs.
Brcnnan, James W 0 Moore, Justin W
Browning, J D M:,rd,r.ll Tbmnna
Murphy, Jeremiah C
Merka, James
Mayer & Si rums,
Mtek, A J
Moore, John
Madlin, James
Murray, Eliza Mrs
Miller, H H
Meurker, WiHitm
Markham, Wm F.
Me titer, James
Milk-r, John u
McClearv, A J
Miller, W
Moore, N F
Moore, E T Mrs 2
McKay, Anne E Mrs
M union, Bat son W
Merriinan. Geo W
Mckinley Daifl
Maier. Moses
Marshall, Shan
2 Noble Wm D
Nash, O L Mis
Nasto, Jolyer
Nugrast, George C
Brilcy, Jacob
Culhon, H E
Cr is well, A F
Crane Robert
Caraway, Marshall
Creon, John A
Cann, Patrick
Chinn, Thomas
Chislum, Henry
Christian, Win B G
Cotton, J A
Coulter. W F
Collum, E H
Crane, William W
Coney, John
Clark, J S
Cook, T G
Cissna, M C Miss
Clark, T R
Callum, Lemuel P
Ode man, John
Callahan, R L
Carr, Patrick
Oraudall, Joshua T
Larson, J P
Cooper, Parson
Cavce. E B
Christian, William B Potts. Samuel
C mipton, Go W Poineroy, Jaroea
Clark, M W Mis Phillips, Ha r wood
Cooper, E W Pettis, Domuack
t'hisolm, Frances Mrs Percy, Jell"
CrisweH, Leonard Pearson. Joseph
Camp, C T Pc.Mdcs. J W
Crawford, Abel B 2 ParkliursL, Jno J
Dement, D H
Denson, William
Dukes, J L or A Yale
Duncan, Jerome II
Dellia, Mrs
Davis, T J
Day, F W
Den ifre, Mr
Dennis, Juo
Dunn, David
Dougharty, Win
Davis, Jaae Miss
Romley. J B
Robb, Martha
Rossin, James
Robinson, J S
Robinson, Asa
Rives, Jacob
Roberts, lieorge
Rose, L D
Robinson. Wm H
Ralston. John
Read, Hubbark
Rolerts. Sarah Miss
Reef. Flick
Davidson, W L Master RW'ilL R v M
Dukes, J L 2 Robins, John
uiwns, ji. v
JUST received and for sale at reduced prices,
anew supply of superior quality and style,
watches and jewelry. Watches repaired ano
warranted as rreunL S. H WILSON.
January 12, 185:5.
OFFCE oMaia Street, next door to Winn's
Hotel. A list of prices for any operation
on the teeth, can be consulted at taj office.
Feb. 1353.
Spring Goods.
JUST received abd opened, a ljrge audspicn
did assortment of Dry Goods, purchased on
the most favorable terms, Which enables us to
offer great bargains ; to cash or to punctual
pa) ing purchasers. Please call and examine
our stock before purchasing; elsewhere as we
are determined to sell low.
March 29, 1854. WuOD &, BROWN.
Dotv, L
Doherty, P O
Durham, D m
Dulhagan, Abraham
Dury, Nathan
Dunn, James
I Davis, James C
Easam, Jno
Evans, Wm F
Everets, Agmes Miss
Elliott, J T
Edgar, Marl ha Miss
Forrest, Dan W
Farrar, William m
Fountain, John D
Fugate. Dr
Ford, H B
Ferrill, A J
Freeman, Jno m
Ford, David A
Griffith, Mrs A R
ALL persons indebted 'o the estate of Wm
S. Grubbs deceased, are requested to call
and settle up immediately, as the undersijjncu
is anxious to settle the debts of said estate.
March 15, l854-19-4t Administrator.
Q K.CHILDS would respec-
Raglaud, Marv A Mrs 2
Robnett, J W
Re id, Robt or-Rebecca
Roddy, D W
Robinett, Barbara Mrs
Ray, Elijah
Shelby, S D Mrs
Simmons, Jobn B
Strain, E F
Sorrells, T L Master
Sorrel Is, Sarah
Street, Maria Mrs
Spiars, John
Stephenson. L E Mrs
Starke, William E
Smith, John
'.5 Smith, Woodford
Stouhton, E A
2 Stephens, Haptens
Sconyers. John W 2
Scofer, iNicholas
Simmons, A T Dr
Stephens, Richard
2 Smith, S W
Gardiner. Marv E Mrs Scott, F M.Mrs
Gardner, Jesse Shirty, Thomas
Gardner, m A Miss
Gibson, B F
Bibles Prohibited. The Archbishop of Mex
ico has addressed to all theclergy a circularin
xrttteb he recommends to them the greatest vigi
lance in preventing the circulation and reading
of Protestant Bibles which are being introduced
from the United States in Tamaulipas, across the
Texan frontier. The Archbishop says that be
has received personal information from the Min
ister of Justice, that measures have already been
taken by the government to prevent the intro
duction of the Bible and other books, and the
operations of the agents alluded to, by whom
the Bible Society is said to work. Olive Bravch.
fullv inform the musical public
of ibis city and county, that he will be here
himself early in April, for the purpose of Tu
ning and Repairing Pianos.
P. S. All orders left with II. C. Tyler will
be punctually attended to.
Qj Firm of Werleiu 6c Childs.
March 22, 1854-3&3t:
JLatc Arrival.
A DOZEN Burrow's Lexington Mustard,
JL O 2 G ross Mustaug Liniment,
2 do. LyoiOs Kathairon,
2 do Barry's Tricopherous,
2 do Bull's Sarsaparilla,
2 do Railway's Ready Relief,
4 Jo Mason's Challenge Blacking,
for sale by l'ETER B. COOK &. CO.
March 22, 1854,
A LL persons indebted to C. J. Blackman,
deceased, are requested to call and settle op.
gMarch 8, 1854-18-4t Administrator.
FLOUR 50 bbls. celebrated Crecent Mills,
jusL landing, for sale by
Dec. 21, 185. J. W. DA BBS.
Gonler, William
Gill, m T
G i i li, Jno R
Goodiu, Samuel
Hawk, Wm
Hunter, H H
Harve3 , Sarah Miss
Ha una. J C
Humphreys, B G
Horning, Frantz
Harnder's Express,
Henning, R J
Hughes, J R
Hagard, H
Herndon, N m
Herndon, Margaret
Hargrove, Asa
Hirse, Mary H miss
Harper, Thomas J
Hugins, Stephen
Schook, W A Rev
Thompson, G
Taylor, John R
Thompson, Eliza Mrs
Thomson. John W
Turner, William M
Tucker, Chas C Dr .
Tedwell, Sand
Vandivie.- PS 2
Walker. Mary Miss 2
Wear, George W.
Willburn, Anderson C
Warren, Thos C 2
Washburn, Satnl
While, W D
Wallis, Phillip
Wa'dsworth, Cornel us
Watson, S Mrs
Wellington, J Miss 3
West, WillUm II
Walker, Walker H
Hurst, Ann Eliza Mrs Wallis, Thomas J
Annual Settlement
A T the April Term 1854 of the Hon.
.V Probate Court of Yazoo County, State ol
Mifcsissippi : I will, as Executor of Henry
11a v in ui, deceased, present my annual acceuul
for settlement and allowance.'
G. M. POWELL. E-eciitor.
March 22, 1854-2J-4t.
Howard, J m
Hetdiings, G W
Hamel, Jane m:ss
Heck man, -Fiic
lluinoSber Heinricb
I J.
Innman, George W
Jackson, Mathew
Word,G W
Waller, John
Whitman, R M Dr
Williams, James E
Ware, James E
Walton, ViallsWm3
Walker, Asa 2
Wea thereby, Mess D 5
White, Chauney M 2
Jublett, 'jharles
Johnm, Win or Dan'l Williams, John
Moore Y
Jones Samuel 2 Yale, A Rev 3
Young, Juhn II
April 5, 1851. M. D. HAYNES, P. M.
CS.f Persons calling for any letter in the above
list w ill please say advertised.
Bacon, Pork and Lard.
Zfl BARRELS Mess Pork,
0 Casks clear and rib sides, bacon,
5 Shoulders,
5 " Mams,
50 Kegs Lard, for sale by
Jan. 11, 1854. J. C. CO.
LOUR 50 barrels Ohio Flour,
30 T. Harrison extra flour.
Jan. 11. for sale by J. C. L. & CO.
Probate Court February Term, 1854.
To all persons interested in the. Estate ot
John Clear y, late of said county deceased.
IN the matter of the application of
Nicholas W. Hobson nnd Samuel V. Stew
art, Administrators of John Cleary deceased,
for leave to make a final settlement of their ac
count, and surrender of their letters as Admin
istrators as aforesaid. It is thereupon ordered
by the Court that citation issue to Decy Cleary,
and all others interested in said estate to be and
appear before the Probate Court of Yazoo coun
ty, at the Court House thereof, on the fourth
Monday in May 1854, then and there to show
cause if any they have, why the said final ac
count and surrender of letters of N. W. Hob
son and Samuel V. Stewart as administrators
as aforesaid should not be allowed.
And further to do and suffer such things as
shall be considered and ordered by our said
Court in the premises, and it is further ordered
that the publication of this citation be made in
the Yazoo Democrat a weekly newspaper, pub
lished in Yazoo city, for the space of sixty days.
Witness, The Hon. (ico. B. Wilkinson,
Judge of the Prbate Court of Yuzoo county,
the fourth Monday in February, A. D. 1854.
and seal of said court.
ISSUED, the 8th day of March, 1854.
WM. 11. EELL, Clk.
March 15, ial-19-lOt.
Administratrix Notice.
rETTERS of administration with the will
annexed of the estate ofjFrank Nearman,
late of Yazoo county, were granted to me by
the Probate Court of said county, at the Janu
ary Term, 1854 thereof. Notice is given to
all persons having claims against said deceas
cd to present them properly authenticated or
tliey will be brrred.
March 8, 18o4, 18 7t. Administratrix.
Tbc State ot Mississippi.
To alt persons interested in the lands,
tenements and hereditaments of Amazon
A. Miehie a minor.
YOU are hereby cited to be and appear at a
regular Term of our Court of Probates for
the county and State aforesaid, on the fourth
Monday in May 1851 thereof, then and there
to shew cause if any you can why en order
Bhould not be granted in accordance with the
petition of John J. Michie, Guardian of Ama
zon A. Michie, a minor, for the sale of the fol
lowing ands belonging to said minor, to-wit :
South-west quarter Section 11, north-west
quarter Section 14. south-cast quarter Section
23, with twopolesin width, ontheentire east
boundary of west-half south-east quarter Sec
tion 14, and west-half north-ea3t quarter Sec
tion 2.i,all in Township 10, Range 1 East.
It having been suggested to our said Court by
the said John J. Michie as Guardian as afore
said, that it wil. be for the interest of his said
ward, to sell the same, and further to do and
sutler what our said Court shall consider of in
the premise--.
And it is further ordered by the Court, that
publication of this citation be made in the Ya
zoo Democrat tor the space of six week?.
Witness, Hon. Geo. R. Wilkinson, Judge
of the Probate Court of Yazoo county, the 4th
Monday iu March 1854, and seal of said court.
Issued the 30th day of March, A. D. 1854.
WM. H. BELL, Clerk.
April 5, 1854-23-7L
Tlic State of Mississippi,
Yazoo County, )
To all persons interested in the lands, ten
ements and hereditaments of Frank Near
man late of said county deeeascd.
,"OU are hereby cited to be and per
J. sonally appear at the next May Term 1851 of
this Court, then and there to shew cause if any
you can, why an order should not be granted for
the sale of an undivided hall interest in lot No.
263 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, belonging to the
estate of Frank Nearman deceased. It having
been suggested to our said Court by Catherine
Nearmaa, Administratrix of Frank Nearman
deceased, that it will be to the interest oi said
estate, to sell the same and further to do aud
suffer such things as shall be considered and or
dered by our said court in the premises. Aud it
is further ordered that publication of ihis cita
tion be made in the Yazoo Democrat for the space
of six weeks.
Witness, Hon. Geo. B. Wilkinson Judjrc
of said Court, the 4th Monday in March,
1854, nnd seal of said Court. Issued 31st
dav of M;.rch, A. D. 154,
WM. II. BELL, Clerk.
April 5, 1851-22-7t:
Wimi's Hotel,
fllHE subscribers would inform ihe public
JL that the above named house has been refit
ted bnd furnished with all necessary conve
niences calculated to promote the comfort of
the travelling community. The chambers are
large and airy, tne bedding entirely new ; and
attentive, obedient servants in attendance.
The table will be supplied with everything
furnished by the market, and no enort will he
wanting to rendar WINN'S HOTEL in every
department, one of the best in the State.
Nov. 23, 1853-3.tf O. WINN & CO.
JUST received and for sale, a general assort
Also, Silver and Silver Plated Ware. Watches
repaired and warranted as usual.
Nov. 23. 1853. S. H. WILSON.
npHE undersigned assignees of J. V
Caldwell deceased, hereby inform the pub'
lie, that the business of the house will in fu
ture be continued under their supervision.-
Wishing to close out the stock on hand (which
is very large at preseut,) the Assignees arede
termined to offer all possible inducements to
purchasers. Thev solicit the continuation of
former patronage, and would add, that the sales
will be made on the usual time.
Mr. JOHN T. HETH will continue to give
his attention to the business of the house as
heretofore, and is authorised to settle all ac
counts ot the same.
J. W. BARNETT, . .
H. C. TYLER. Assignees.
November 23, 1853-a-if.
FFERS his serv ices to the citizens of Ya
zoo City and its viciuitv
December 21, 1853-7-tf
McLean's Celebrated Volcanic Oil
NE AGENT, Mr. Pike, has sold nine
thousand seven hundred and twenty-four
bottles in one month ! Over two thousand
different pernons in this and adjoining states
who were afflicted with rheumatism during the
last two months, have been cured by the use
of McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
It is truly a celebrated remedy ! and it has
done more to alleviate human suffering than
any medicine ever discovered. A few appli
cations will relieve the most violent pain, and
heal the most loathesome scar or ulcer. It
will almost instantly remove inflammation,
and heal the severe burn or scald, without a
scar; for chapped bands, cbilbains, or erup
tions on the skin of any kind, and fur bruises
or sprains, it is a sovereign remedy the effect
is wonderful, that thousands con testify.
For Horses and other Animals, McLean'
Celebrated Liniment is far superior to any rem
edy for the cure of lameness, bruises, cutn, old
sores, sweeny, scratches, galls, swellings,
sprains, &c. For ring bone, spavin, or any
kind of swelling in the joints, it is a remarka
ble cure: and no planter should ever be with
out it. See other advertisements, what stage
and omnibus proprietors say about it, then tri
fle no longer with other compounds.
McLean's Liniment is the only reliable rem
edy for external disease on man or beast. Try
it nnd you will be convinced of its virtue.
Principle depot, corner of Third and Pine
sts., St. Louis, Mo., and for sale by Cook f
Brumlield Yazoo City and Druggists in general.
March 22, 1854-ly.
Horrid Dcsitli.
Poisoned. An only child of Mrs. Alice
Wyndec living cn Main Street between sixth
and seventh, died on Saturday evening irom
the effect of using the Mexican Mustang Lin
iment. On. Nonvariel, Aprilltti.
We say again beware of the vile poisonous
stuff. If you want a sate nnd-sure remedy to
- - - A
cure Rheumatism, bruises, sprains, pains, jc,
or to heal old ulcera, sores on the legs, or re
cent cuts, wound-, &-C get McLtan"s Celebra
ted Volcanic. Oil Liniment.
Over two thousand different persons in the
city of St. Louis who were afflicted with
Rheumatism the hst two months have been
cured by the use of this Liniment.
It is truly a celebrated Remedy end it has
done inure to alleviate human suffering than
aDy medicine ever discovered. One applica
tion will relieve the most violent pain. A
few applications will cure a bruise or sprain,
two bottles will cleanse, purify and heal the
most loathsome sore or ulcer, and it will al
most instantly remove inflammation and heal
the most severe burn or scald without a scar.
It will never fail to cure any external disease
on man or beast if properly applied. It is a
soverign balm to all mankind.
Read the following proof whicn arc receiv
ed daily.
New Aleanv, Jan. 4, 1S54.
Dr. J. It. Mc Leant St. Louis:
Dr: ail Sin : 1 was aflicted for six months with
rheumatism so that I was unable to attend any
business. My joints were swollen dreadfully,
the muscles were contracted and I sullered
the most excrutiating pain. I tried mtny oili
er Liniments, they had no effect. By the ad
vice of my neighbor I procured a supply of
your Volcanic Oil Liniment, and applied it.
It has cured me permanently.
1 am satisfied that yojr Lidiment has saved
me a life of decrepitude snd misery and hope
that you will triumph over every vile and ava
ricious effort that hus and may be made to in
jure the reputation of such an invaluable med
icine. I remain yours &c,
Panola, Miss., Feb. 5, 1854.
Dr. J. If. McLean, St. Iouis, Mo.
DfiAit iSm I was afflicted for fifteen months
with rheumatism so much that I was unable to
attend to any Business, my legs arms and fin
gers were swollen dreadfully, the muscles were
contracted and I suffered the most excrutiating
Sain. I applied some five or six bottles of
Iastang Liniment, it had no more effect than
so much grease. I obtained one doz bottles of
Volcanic Oil Liniment of your agent, Mr. Pike,
for which I shall ever feci grateful to him, and
in five days I was entirely well, and take plea
sure in recommending it to the public, and I
also add that one of my horses got cast iu the
stable and was unable to stairi up. In the
morning I made one of my boys rub on some of
your Liuimentand in three hours he could walk
about the yard, apparently that nothing had
happened to him. Mr. Davies and others of
my neighbors were present at the time and they
concur with me in saying that no planter should
he without a supply of th:s invaluable medi
cine on hand. I remain yours &c,
For horses and other animals, McLean's
celebrated Liniment is far superior to any rem
edy for the cure of lameness, bruises, cuts, old
sores, sweeney, scratches, galls, sprair.s&c.
Read the following from Mr. Wells of th
St. Louis Omnibus company.
This is to certify thi-t I have used the Mexi
can Mustang Liniment and McLean's Volcan
ic Oil Liniment on our Omnibus horses, that
were lame, sprained, and for swellings, and 1
have found McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment
to be the best in all cases.
ERASTUS wells.
of the firm of Chase & Co.
Then trifle no longer with those compounds.
McLean's Liniment is the only reliable remedy
for external diseases on man or beasts, try it
and yon will be convinced.
Principal Depot, corner tf Third and Tine
Streets, St. Lop is, Mo., and also by ail the
Druggist in the United States.
THE undersigned, dealer iu Produce and
Groceries, Plantation and Family Supplies
generally, has received and opened a well assor
ted stock at his old stand, (before the fire) and
solicits the patronage of his friends and the pub
lic in general. J. W. DABBS.
Yazoo City, DccemUerSI, 1858 7-tf
THE firm of J. Tharp & Co" ks this day dis
solved by mutual consent. Mr. J. Tharp
having disposed of his interest in the stock to
Mr. Alonzo L. Brown, would return his thanks
to his old friends for their past liberal patron
age, and respectfully solicits a continuance of
the same for his successors, and would add,
that they will be receiving new goods and
keep a large and well selected stock. Mr.
Tharp also informs his friends and patrons,
that he is charged with the settlement of the
business of the old firm, and can be found ot
his old counting room. JAMES THARP.
Clt !
, ,
rriHE unterntrntd would inform the
JL zeim of Yazoo City and tne adjacent conn
try that the Coffee House fo tnerty kept by Mr
W. S. Grubbs, better known as the Pro Bono
Publico, has been reopened under his control
and supervision. A Bar-keeper, famous for
bis proficiency in the a rtof compounding mix
ed drinks is constantly in attendance, and liq
uors and cigars of the choicest brands are kept
constantly in store. Former patronfl of the
establishment may rest assured that the charac
ter of the House will be as heretofore, strictly
maintained, and conveniences for the comfort
of customers unsurpassed.
If anything is wanting to render perfect I bin
establishment in the minutest detail, it will be
found in the fact, that one of the finest Billiard
Saloons in the State is attached, containing
two new and splendid Tables, with all necessa
ry paraphernalia.
Yazoo City, Jan. 25, 1854
New Theory of Christianity.
rE have just received a consignment
Tf of Mr. Grayson's work, entitled an at
tempt to exhibit the true M Theory of Christi
anity" and which we offer for sale. The work
has received various treatment from the peri
odical press some praising and some con
demning it. It proposes a new Theory, and ia
therefore metaphysi al and argumentative.
The reader can judge for himself
C. T. MANN &, CO.
Yazoo City, March 15, 1854-I9tf.
Wc arc in Uei cipt of
50 Barrel Golden Syrup,
-g r I1HDS. Fair Prime and Choice Sugar,
M.JM Barrel
50 do Rock Lime,
At the Auction Store of
March 22, 1854. M. B. WC
Anniml Settlement.
A T the May Term 185 1, cf Hie Hon.
xl Probate Colirt of Yazoo county, Stuto ot
Mississippi, I will, as Guardian of Clarence
Swartwout, present mv account for settleox
April 5, 1-")1 22 4t B. Y AN DELL, Guard.
FASHIONABLE 311 l.l.l l it .
Washington Street, Vickshurg, Mississippi.
MISS BIGELOVV invites the attention of
the Ladies of Yazoo City and vicinity to
her very extensive assortment of SUMMER
GOODS, viz :
Gold Embroidered Bonnets,
French Lace M
English Straw 44
Tripler Alboni 44
Embroidered Gossamer, 44
Diomond Sattin "
Belgrade and Pearl 44
Fancy Lace and Crape 4
. Mourning and Bercge 44
Also. French Flowers, (new etyle) Ribbons,
Capes, Head Drestes, Veils, Collars &c.
March , 1&D1-IS.
Whotesala and Retail Drvtisle and
Yazoo City, Mi., next door to J. J. Fouche,
HAVE just received a large and well selec
ted stock of American. French and Eng
lish Chemicals. Drm?.-. Medicines. Perfutnerv.
Paints, Dye Stulfa, and Fany Articles, which
will oe sold extremely Jow for cash, and on the
iiEiiai lime to punctual customers.
Physicians' nrcscrintions nut uoat all times
of the day and Light with neatness and cor
rect or as.
N. B. A lame assortment of Patent Med
icines always on hand.
.November 23,
A Desirable Kesictccnc for Sale.
THE undersigned bavin? purchased the
stock of J. Tharp & Co., continue the business
1- . I , A! . . 11T .A , . A .....
uuuer me nnn oi w wu Cf UKUVvIS.
Jan 1 1 , 1654, 10-3m. A . L. BROW N .
T OFFER for sale my present residence, situ-
ated in a fine neighborhood, containing
about four acres of choice level land well fen
ced, upon which is a new frame dwelling house
with four rooms and a passage between them, a
new frame kitchen. Store room. ; m n L- n ViniiKP.
stable and corn-crib, and a never-failiny hcpII
of excellent water. There are on the placo
about 150 young fruit trees, of the choicest va-
. T j. .1 1 m
ieucs, nuu enruuuery, ccc.
The location of the rdace rendnrR it nrlmim-
blv adapted for a market pardon for which nnr-
pose I have cultivated. The ph.ee is also well
situated for dairy purposes.
lenns liucral, und one or two negroes will
be taken in part payment.
Yazoo City, February 8th, 1864,-I43m.
r.C Ps. Ky. Bagging, 50 coils hemp Rope,
dec21,'5b For sale by J. W. DABBS. '
Strayed or Stolen
lROM the subscriber, living about sQ
5 miles from Yazoo city, on or about V1
the 23u ult., one medium size horse mule, witn
shaved tail, roached mane color, dark brown.
Any person returning said mule wiihbe liberal
ly remunerated, or any information given wil
be gratefully received.
Jan 25, '51, 12-tf,
Corner liroadwry and Fifth St. Cincinm
MEMENTOES of every descripti
XTm delivered and erected at graves. Moi
mcuts, Tombs and Grave stones of the b
qualities of Italian and Native Marbles wo
executed by the best artists. Work is respc
fully Solicited. JaMES W. BRENNAN.
Agent, Winn's Hotel, Yazoo Ci
March 1, 1854-ly.
A Little More Grape.
QUARTER Cask of that same old Vint:
-I. Cog Brandy, (gold)
1 Case Schcdam Bitters Just received fr
New York, for sale by J. W. DA BBS
February 22, 1W54.
Extra Sundries.
CANTON Ginger, preserved in 1
English Pickles, assorted,
English Dairy Cheese, Buckwheat Flour
Fulton Market Beef,
Pink Eye and Mohonock Potatoes,
Havanna, Rio and Java Coffee,
choice (old process) Sugar for families,
Jan. 11, '54.1 for sale by J. Y. Da
St. Louis and Ohio Flour
For Sale.
WWO rrimmmlioiKj ilvtll'mrr 1,, ,,
J. lots at the head of Main Street, one occupied
by James Tharp Esq., und the other by Mr.
Taylor. They wil) be told low to a punctual
purchaser. J. J. MICHIE & Co.
March 15, l854.-19-3t.
New Uau
t itceftved and
5, Itcl.

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