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I Sunday’s Baseball Gaines
and Their Results in
the Pennant Races.
Gossip of the Clubs—Games of Ama
teur Ball Tossers—Bill Hook
Left Stranded.
Newark’s victory over WQkesparre in
yesterday’s solitary Atlantic Association
game put tlie club from the Essex county
village within a very few points of the
Coalheavers' record. '1 he standing of the
clubs follows:—
Clubs. W. L. P.Ct i Clubs. W. L. P.Ct
Jersey City..25 M .641 i Newark.23 20 .534
Worcester...at Hi .tax) Unveil..16 24 .400
Hanford.25 I? .595 i New lfa Veil.. 14 23 .350
tVilkesbarre.23 17 .575 ! Easton.10 20 .277
Yesterday’s American Assoeialion
games caused one exchange of positions
between the clubs, llie Bridegrooms'
success Over the Athletics enabling them
to oust the Quaker City club from second
place. St. l.ouis increased her lead while
the Orioles and Reds widened the gap be
tween them and the taileuders. Here is
the record:—
Clubs. tv. L. P.Ct I Clubs. W. L. P.Ct
Ft. Louis.411!) .820 ( Cincinnati_31 27 .631
Brooklyn ... .36 22 .620 ; Kansas Citv. .25 32 .4.38
Athletic.34 22 .607 ! Columbus... .23 35 ,306
Baltimore . . .33 25 .568 ! Louisville ... Id 51 .103
The records of the two other big base
ball aggregations are as annexed:—
Clubs, W, I,. P.Ct i Clubs. tV. L. P.Ct
Boston.(i84 16 .6! 13 l Chicago.24 2!) .462
HMtUu'.. 34 20 .620 I Pittsburg .. .22 2.) .431
New York....29 19 .604 Indianapolis.19 81 .380
Philadelphia.27 25 ,519 l Washington. 18 84 .272
Clubs. tv. L. P.Ct I Clubs. W. L. P.Ct
SytaeUse_29 12 .70f [ Rorihester .. .22 S3 .488
Detroit.25 14 .(141 j London. 17 23 .425
ToWdb .......22 17 .5641 Hamilton.... 13 *7 .812
Toronto.20 20 .500 I Buffalo.15 29 .340
Yesterday’s Kali Guinea.
wiifcesbarre.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0—1 3 7
Newark.,..l 0 0 3 1 J 1 1 *—8 18 8
Batteries—Fitzgerald and Hines; W. Sullivan,
Miller and Duffy.
Umpire—Don Knight.
Athletic. 0 0 0 0 0 1 Q 0 3— 3 8 3
Brooklyn.70000100 *— 8 9 2
R. H. E.
St. Louis.1 0 1 a T 0 S 0 4-12 10 4
Louisville.0 30000400—790
Kansas City.... 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0— 3 9 #
Cincinnati.0 1 8 1 4 0 0 1 *- 9 0 4
Columbus.0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2— 4 B 5
Baltimore.0 0 4 0 0 1 0 0 *— 7 12 2
Tomorrow'* Hall Games.
Atlantic Association—Wilkesharre at Jersey
City. Worcester at Hartford, Lowell at New
National League—New York at Indianap
olis, Philadelphia at Pittsburg. Boston at ChP
cagO, Washington at Cleveland.
Various Odds and Ends of Sporting News
and Gossip.
Messrs. H. A. Benedict and George H
Edfle, of the Hridson County Wheeltnefl'
started yesterday morning for the meet
of the League of American Wheelmen at
Hagerstown, Md. Before they return
they will take a run up the Shenandoah
Valley, a trip to Norfolk and a run to
Saturday afternoon the team of the
Bedford Lacrosse Club defeated the teum
of the New Jersey Athletic Club by seven
goals to four in a lacrosse match at
Bergen Point.
The third race for the Hudson County
Wheelmen’s Benedict medal will take
place during the present mobth, J. L.
Hobinson, Jr., and W. U. Allea will prob
ably be the contestants. The former
has won the trophy twiiie. Should hd Ivin
.. milii if- in'll liuonmu liic nfircnnnl ntvm
Hlueftshiug will soon be at Its height
along the Jiohg Island and Jersey coasts,
and many Hudson county fishermen are
preparing for some enjoyable sport.
Among the entries for the New Jersey
Athletic Club’s Independence Hay carni
val of out door sport are Messrs. Morburg,
Robinson, Kolb. Korth, O’Sulliyan and
Conroy, of the Pastime Athletic Club.
.Several members of the Pumrapo
Athletic Club Wheelmen took a run yes
terday through Bayonne and along the
Staten Island shore to South Bench aud
The yacht Phantom, owned by Commo
dore D. W. Kohii) of the Pavouia Yacht
Club, is on the ways in the club’s basin
undergoing repairs.
There is good tomcod fishing at present
in Newark liny in the Vicinity of the New
Jersey Central Railroad's long bridge be
tween Elizabeth and Bergen Point and
also in the Hudson.
J. H, Vreehvmi lias matched his swift
sailing little catboat A,lida to race Otto
Rau’s jib and mainsail boat Leader for
$250 a side. The race will be sailed next
month over the course of the Pavouia
Yacht Club, to which the Leader belongs.
Both boats are to be cat-rigged. The Aliila
belongs to the Caurtrsie Yacht Club aud
is twenty-three feet nine inches long. The
length of the Leader is twenty.two feet
five inches.
Hudson county fishermen cun find good
sen-bass fishing at the banks. Those who
go out- in small .boats have the best luck.
William E. Kldridge, of the Hudson
County Wheelmen, has ridden more miles
this season than any other cyclist in the
rPh» nhnvnnlnnsliih of the State is
claimed by the tug-of-war team of the
Lorillard Debating aud Athletic Club.
Greenville, X. J., la a great lawn tennis
centre. Small as it is, it has two of the
linest lawn tenuis clubs In the city, aud
the tennis courts are beauties. Both
clubs will hold tournaments during the
seasoti.—Spnrthitj Tima.
Druggist Erieland, of Monticello and
Harrison avenues, took u run with a
friend upon his unique tandem bicycle
yesterday through Bayonne and along the
shore roads of Staten Island. The
machine behaved nicely.
Within a few days the new clubhouse of
the Oceanic Yacht Club, outlie Commuhi
paw shore, near the Dauntless Yacht
Club’s house, will be completed.
Stocktong, 9; Hamiltons* 7.
' Theta was an interesting game played
oh the Cehtral grounds yesterday between
the Stocktons and the Hamiltons, and it
was witnessed by TOO people. The game
opened with the Hamiltons at the bat,
who went out iu one, two, three order.
The Stocktons opoued their half with
Median, who made a three-base hit.
Downev followed with a hit, and Moylan
got outcomiug home. Dooley made a hit
and advanced Do'Viiey to third;
Dooley stole second, and on
Cobliss’ hit to right field
both men scored. McKenna made a hit
which advanced Corbliss to third and
both scored on a wild throw by Curten.
Xo more runs were scored till the sixth
Inning by either side when the Hamiltous
tied the score by three safe hits, a base on
halls aud a wild throw. In the seventh
tuning the Hamiltons scored three more
runs on singles by Curten aud White aud
Bowen’s tlireebagger. Bowen stole home.
The Stocktons tied the score again by
Lane and Stapleton’s hits aud May’s home
run. The eighth iuuiug resulted iu no
more runs for Hamilton, but for Stock
ton Movlan made a home ntu, and Dow
ney and Dooley weae thrown out at first.
Corbliss, after having two Strikes called,
crossed the plate and struck toft handed,
I»WMI!"«'I .. I.. I. J_."l ■■--—'I' II.1-l-.l
tnaking a two-base bit to centre field. He
sMde third and sri&reA on ft wild pitch.
McKenna wrts thrown out at first. The
following is the score:—
Hamilton.0 0 0 0 0 4 3 A (V-t
Stockton.4 0 0 0 0 0 8 2 «—9
Homel runs—Moylan, Mays, 3. Three
base hits— Moylnn, 3: BoWen. Two
bAse hits—COrbliss and Moylnn. Errors—
Hamilton, 7; Stockton, 3. Umpire—Mc
Amateur Clubs and Players.
The team of the Patti rapo Athletic Club
visited Llewellyn Park on Saturday after
noon and came within an ace of shutting
out the nine of the Llewellyn Athletic
Club. The score ot tlie encounter fol
Pamrapd A. C.......1 1 3 0 0 0 2 3 0—to
Llewellyn A. 0.o o o t o o 0 0 l— t
The Jersey City Electric Light Com
pany’s employees have organized a base
ball team with these players:—E. Calhoun,
Catcher; William King, pitcher; Asa Hull,
firstba.se; John Meir,second base; Michael
Downes, third base; P. C. Schultz, short
stop; John Wilson, left field; Win. Me1r,
right field: William Hartley, centreileld.
Send challenges to J. H. Foley, No. 218
Bay street, this city.
The Hendersons took the Young Char'
ter Oaks into eufnp At Uommunipaw yes
terday afternoon by this score:—
Hendersons.2 0 0 2 2 2 3 0 2—13
Young Charter Oaks.l 0 12 10 11 2-- 0
These players comprise the team ol' the
Erie Baseball Club:—Catcher, Captain J.
Ttllly; pitcher, J. Lamb; first base, J.
McDermott; second base, M. Whelan;
third base. II. Kelly; short stop, W. Slack;
right field, J. Donovan; centre field. J.
Coddy; left field, J. Levy. Challenges
will receive attention if sent to Hugh
Kelly, No. 231 Twelfth street, this city.
By a score of 38 to 11, the Olympics beat
the Uniques at Marion yesterday after
The Union Hills and the Guttonberg
played ft rattling game at Weehawkeu
yesterday, the encounter resulting Hi a
victory fur Union Hill, by a score of 0 to
3. The features of the game were the pitch
ing of Underliner, of Union Hill, who
struck twenty-one men out in succession,
and the batting of Hank, who hit the ball
for three huhic runs.
On the Central grounds the Waves yes
terday defeated the Oaklands. The score
was as follows:—
Waves.3 4 3 1 0 0 0 0 0—11
Oaklands....« 2 13UU1U0 —7
The Scots Discovered the Fact and
Proved His Friciids In Need.
Bill Hook, the champion English light
weight who was imported here by Ed.
Holske for the express purpose of beating
Jimmy Larkins, of this city, and who
was knocked out iu two rounds by Lar
kins, has experienced something of the
mealiness And cruelty which a certain
contingent of t lie sporting frater
nity is frequently guilty. Hook's
poor showing against Larkins
not only surprised but disgusted
bis backets, and after the light they en
tirely deserted him. Of course
Hook’s defeat financially ruined many of
his backers, and not a few of them were
forced to hustle around and borrow
enough change to pay their fare
home. At the same time a little effort on
their part would have secured sufficient
assistance from the winning Jerseymeu
and New Yorkers to have enabled Hook
to live respectable until lie could look
around a little and get his bearings.
NVhen Hook found that he was thrown
upon ills olvn resources in a strange
country he made his way to the quarters of
tiie Seottisli-Amerieun Athletic Club iu
this city. There lie was met by “Chappie”
Moran, who had formed his acquaintance
in England. “Chappie” welcomed him,
introduced him to the other Jersey boys,
and learning of his plight
started out to help him.
The club members raised #35 and pro
cured Hook a new outfit of clothing, his
attire being very shabby. In addition
Larkinrf gave liis beaten opponent a sung
sum and otherwise aided him.
Scranton Decline*! Easton's Franchise.
Scranton lias declined to purchase the
franchise of the defunct Easton club.
Saturday night Secretary Braden, of the
Atlantic Association, and President liftng,
of the Hartford Club, met a large num
her of Scranton citizens in the Board of
Trade’s quarters in that city, and were
told that a sufficient, amount of eutliu
siasni could hot life Aroused in the Com
munity to warrant the purchase.
In Many of Them Elections
Were Held Last Week.
The election in Mechanics' Lodge, No.
66, was held last Tuesday night. The re
sult was as follows:—Noble grand, Will
iam A. Bickell; vice grand, William
Davis; secretary, A. YontnauS. These
officers will be Installed at the next meet
ing, when the appointive officers will be
selected. Tile meeting room of the lodge
is in Union Hall, corner of drove and
Fourth streets. It has been recently re
juvenated, and Is not behind any in the
city. New carpet and oilcloth have been
put down, and the iturhltnro has been put
in tine shape.
At the last meeting of the Rising Star
Lodge these officers were elected:—Noble
fraud, Charles Wassaidiege; vide grand,
M. Johnson; secretary, W. 1*. Coates.
At the installation the appointive officers
will be announced.
Tlie election tor officers of Steuben
Lodge, No. 1611, was held Thursday night
with the following result;—Noble grand,
Henry Rock; vice grand, Fred AcKermau;
secretary, William Weisseuberger; finan
cial secretary, Fred 11. Roosen; treasurer,
John H. Fieke. The chair will select the
appointive officers at the installation.
The election in Jloutic-eUo Lodge, No.
140, resulted in the election of J. S. New
kirk, noble grand; K. Kaufman, vice
grand; II. T. Chamberluin, recording
secretary: J. F. Swift, iinancial secretary;
I HiTifhdmi
The election for officers was held in On
ward Lodge, No. Ill), Wednesday night.
The officers elected were:—G. H. Walters,
noble grand; W. J. Vandall, vice graiid;
Robert Brennan, secretary; Adam Ben
der, B. P. Jones and J. J. Griffiths, trus
tees. Tiie officers will be installed next
Wednesday night, when tiie rest will be
appointed. Look tor a big time.
The election in Iroouis Lodge, No. 33,
was held Thursday bight. These officers
were elected:—1. W. Kidd, sitting past
grand: George K Bricked, noble grand;
John Allen, vice grand; George ispotts,
treasurer. The Board of Trustees is coin
posed of J, W. Kidd, chairman; John J.
Bay ley and J. J. Donnelly.
Tiie annual excursion of Sumner Lodge
will take place .Saturday, July 13. Luu
relton Grove is to be the destination.
The semi-annual meeting of Farns
worth Lodge was held last Wedhesday
night. These officers were elected:—
Willis T. McCollough, noble grand; A. S.
Pearse, vice grand; John Suttcliffe, secret
tary. These officers will be ihstulled at
the next meeting.
The biggest thing that has occured in
the annals of Court Astley lately was the
picnic which was held at Kroebel’s Park,
Thursday night. There were in the
neighborhood of six hundred persons on
the grounds, the majority of them being
Foresters uud their wives, daughters and
sweethearts. It was voted due of the
most enjoyable affairs ever held by
the order. "Of course the principal amuse
ment was dancing, and everyone who
could “shake a leg” did so. The feature
of the oeeasion was a handsome silver
mounted gavel, which was voted for.
There was u lively contest betw een Court
Abingdon, of New York aud Court Em
mett as to Who should win It It Was
i dually won, however, by the Court Em
mett hofs. Among tlie throng of dis
ting nisi nul,Foresters and friends were:—O.
K. John MeDonell, S.C. it. McGuire, W.
Hawpson, G. C. Scheuck, D. H. C. K. Mc
' Hale, .Justice \V, V. McConnell, I*. C. It.
I James F. O’Mealla, C. K. George Crissy
| anrl Mrs. Crissy, T. D. Hakef, Frank Date
and Mrs. Dale, Miss Tillio Hoffman,
Frank Heckman, Mr. and Mrs. Ere(i
Mershelmer*William Rattigon, Robert
Frletag and Charles Hoffman.
The newly elected officers of Court
Astley, A.O. F.,' will be publicly installed
at the Avenue House tills evening. Sing
ing and recitations will be included in the
interesting exercises.
The semi-annual meeting of Court
Grove for the election Of officers was held
Thursday night. Nearly all the old
officers were re-elected for the ensuing
term. The result of the election was:—
Chief ranger, Thomas B. erntty; sub
chief ranger, Dennis Mullery; treasurer,
Joseph Flaherty; financial secretary,
i Thomas Collins; recording secretary,
John Trudell; senior woodward, Patrick
Good: junior woodward, Charles Kelso;
senior beadle, Richard Allen, and junior
beadle. James Canoll. In the
case of the chief ranger tlie
election was unanimous. There
were quite a number of visitors on hand,
among whom were Chief Ranger John
F. Kelly, of Court Hamilton; P. C. It.
McDonyall, of Court Emmett; P. C. It.
John I)e Largy, of Court Little John. The
visitors made remarks, and the chief and
ltis able corps of assistants received many
flattering compliments upon tlie recent
rapid growth of the court. Although flic
court is over two years old, yet the first
llnaneittl member—that is to whom a death
claim has been paid—was buried a week
ago yesterday. Tlie deceased brother was
a resident, of Hoboken, and in order to do
him honor the members turned out with
a drum corps and escorted the body to the
Pavonla ferry. Wheu near the ferry, the
members opened order, and allow ed the
cortege to pass. They then closed, and
the procession went to Calvary Cemetery,
where the rites of the order note solemn
ised at (lie grave. It will he seen from
1 his fTint, tlie riiitrt lias UPpu pxtvptrifdv
fortunate in that line.
The semi-annual meeting of Court Ber
gen was held in Odd Fellows'Ilall. Ber
gen avenue, Wednesday niglit, The at
tendance was quite large and enthusias
tic. Nearly all the old officers were re
elected unanimously as follows:—Chief
ranger, Bonell; sub Chief ranger, J. Ilesel
man; treasurer, J. Allcrdiee; iiuaneia
secretary, K. Sibbald; recording secretary,
A. Trotter; senior woodward, B.
Reeves; junior Woodward, R. Wester
velt: senior bcitdlc, Samuel .1. Vile: junior
beadle, M. Broderick; trustee, K. Krone.
Three propositions fot membership were
received and several more will be sent in.
The financial secretary reports the
finances to be in line shape,
i Kaisers, Hall, on Johnsou avenue, was
well filled with Foresters last Wednesday
night. It was the semi-annual ami
quarterly meeting of Court General
Lafayette. The officers for the coming
six months were elected ns follows:—
Chief ranger, William Maxon: sub-chief
ranger, .John Brown: treasurer, lieouard
J. ltaiser; financial secretary, M. F. Keat
ing; recording secretary, .James F. Trum
bull; senior woodward, Thomas Collins:
junior woodward, John Abbott; Senior
beadle, W. ,1. Newby; junior beadle,
William Bush; junior past chief ranger,
W. J. Kennedy. M. F. Keating was
elected delegate to the Subsidiary High
Court. There were as usual a number of
visiting brothers from other courts,
among them being I\ C. R. James F.
O’Meolia, of Court Jersey City: C. R, John
J. McDonnell, of Court Emmett; C. R.
George E. Crissy, of Court Astlcy;
Brothers Baker and Keuliedy, of Court
Pride, of the Iliil. Nine new mem
bers were initiated and seven pro
positions fol' membership were received
for the next meeting. This makes a total
membership of lffi.
At the last meeting of Court Damon i he
following officers were elected to serve
the ensuing six months:—Chief ranger,
Jacob Eller; suh ehief ranger, M. O.
Ledernutn; iiuiujcial secretary, John
Flaherty; recording secretary, ChhrleS M.
Solomon, treasurer, E. K. Weasels: senior
woodward, John Sherry; junior wood
ward,Peter Sherry; senior beadle, Thomas
Larrey; junior beadle, Thomas Smith;
trustee. Dr J. Mol jultrhHli. James H.
Solomon was elected delegate to the High
Court. At the close of the election tTte
meeting wns adjotlrncd until next Wed
nesday night, when the members will re
pair to Excelsior Hall, Commnuipaw ave
nue, and institute the hew Court Triumph.
The semi-annual meeting of Court Pa
vonia was held last Wednesday evening,
when the following Officers Were
elected;—Thomas Toomey, chief ranger;
Edward Keoghan, sub chief ranger: Pat
rick Larin, treasurer: J. Ginuely, iinaucial
Secretary; J. .1, Scanlon, recording secre
tary; John H. Foley, senior beadle;
George McNally, junior beadle; Thomas
Duane, senior woodward; W. O'Neill,
junior woodward, and Dr. J. Keating
medical director. Justice Weed invited
the boys to a collation in the lodge rooms.
All hall an immense time.
The annual day and evening picnic of
the United Conclaves, Knights of Slier
wood Forest, of New York. Brooklyn and
Jersey City, will be held in Lion Park,
110th street and Ninth avenue, New York,
Thursday. July 18.
The fifth annual picnic of Court Stevens
will be held in Kroebel’s Park,Ogden ave
nue, on Wednesday afternoon and even
The annual excursion of Court Jersey
City will be held on Monday, July
ldlewild Grove will be the destination.
If is said that a Well known brother in
Court Jersey City says that if the colored
man cannot be admitted in the order he
will institute a new court and call it
Court Mozambique.
Brother Mahoney will represent Court
Stevens at the convention of the High
Jt has been decided by the amalga
mated meeting to hold the aulnlgammated
picnic on Foresters’ Day, in Scheulzen
Park, Union Hilt. It is expected that
about $5,000 people will be present.
A call will bo issued to the delegates of
the State of New Jersey to the High
Court to meet at Rochester next Satur
day night. An effort is to bo made to se
cure the removal of the High Court to
this city permanently.
Knights of I'ythias.
The semi-annual election for officers of
Hancock Lodge was held on Friday night.
The following were elected;—
Chancellor commander, Johu 8. O'Don
nell; vice chancellor, C. II. Baldwin;
master-at-arms, Charles F. Clark, and
trustee, James C. Pettit.
The election in Lincoln Lodge on Thurs
day uight resulted as follows;—Chancellor
commander, Leonard Pelloth; vice chan
cellor, Luther C. Conuitt; prelate, A. A.
Franke; master-at-arms, Johu B. Harris;
trustee, I. Delamater.
The olHeersof Jersey City Lodge elected
Wednesday night are:—Chancellor com
mander, K. It. Wessels; vice chancellor,
W. Niedhnrt; prelate, Bob McDonald;
master-at-arms, J. llotfmeyer, Jr.: inner
guard, Harry Diease; outer guard, Will
iam Bnyter; trustee. J. Iioffmcyer, Sr.
Good Templars.
The first public entertainment of Ray
mond Lodge will be held Tuesday even
ing, July if, at the lodge room, Humboldt.
Hall. First class amateurs will be ou
baud. Admission free.
Order Iron Hall.
The charter members of Branch No. fl8
have been all paid off by Supreme Deputy
George C. Fountain. The branch will not
be discontinued.
The charter of Branch No. 25 expires in
Jr. O. TJ. A. M.
The annual excursion of Industry and
Clinton Councils will be held on Wednes
day, August 14. The destination will be
Grand View Park.
Firemen’. A..delation.
The Executive Committee of the State
Firemen’s Association lias decided to hold
the annual meeting of the association
this year at Long Brunch, on the last
Tuesday In September.
.. -■ ----- -r --
John J. Keane,
66 Newark Avenue, J. G.
We Call Special Attention to the
Goods and Prices Below.
The balance of or.r Latest and Finest
Imported and Domestic
Reduced 50 per cent, in price—$4.93, *3.00.
¥7.00. ¥10.00 and #13.00.
Silk Lined. Plain, or Trimmed with Fine
Draid, with or Without Vests, Black
and all New Shades, <8.00, ¥3.00, ¥7.00
and <11.00; cost $13.00 to Import.
Black and Colored, *2.98.
SUITS in Snrah, Nuns’ Veiling, Brillian
t1ne. Silks, Cashmeres and Henrietta
Cloths; must l>e sold regardless of cost
or value.
I 100 Stylishly Trimmed Suita, #4.00; re
duced from *8.00.
100 Black Cashmere Suits, $6.00 ahd on
Ladies’ White Suits, from $2.30 to $12.00.
Ladies’ Jersey Waists, the Isitest Novel
Cashmere Shawls, in Cream, Blue, Car
dinal and All Colors.
A large lot ot' Ladies’ Lisle Thread Hose,
09e.; worth 00c.
Ladies’ and dents’ Bnllybrigmiu Under
wear, very cheap, and all the popular
and best makes in Corsets.
Great bargains in Sun Umbrellas and
Embroidery, Flouncing and I /aces.
Lace Curtains, at the Popular Prices and
Latest itesigns.
A great variety of Housekeeping Goods.
Silks, Plushes and Velvets.
High-Class Novelties in Dress Goods.
Silk Wrap Henrietta Cloths, in Black and
500 Pieces of High-Art Novelties in Sat
tcens, ; former price, 20c.
Gingham and Outing Cloths.
Ladies’ Embroidered Underwear at a
66 Newark Avenue, J. G.
I .
Practical Plumber,
Sanitary Work a Specialty.
515 Grove Street, Jersey City.
All orders promptly attended to.
m. 3P. MOBEiitXT ~
Plumber and 1*as Fitter.
553 Grove Street, J. C.
Estimates for all work cheerfully given and orders
promptly attended to.
Repairs for stoves and ranges furnished. Alsc
roofs, leaders, etc. made and repaired.
Sanitary Plumbing a Specialty.
2B5 Washington Street, J. C.
3P. BE. Mi£.3R.TIJNT,
Practical Sanitary Plumbei
189 Montgomery St., Jersey Citj
JB. Scarboro,
94 Montgomery St., J. C.
I New hooks supplied at a liberal discount from pur
chasers’ prices. Call or send for bargain cutalogu
of 7G pages; free to all on application.
100 Baby Carriages.
&2.00 TCT3PWAR.X>.
Wm. Peter’s
Palisade Brewery,
i V' ^ ^
Try $1.50 and $3.00 f-udie.-,’ aud Gent
Shoes, In all styles, as good as sold
elsewhere for $3.00 and $3.00.
2D. Sullivan,
I MONTGOMERY STREET, near cor. WMlUntftoi
£28 NEWARK AVENUE, cor. Coles Street.
—nwaw»$T $rgnfgg
—Dealer to—
; Beef, V eal, Mutton
| lamb Tx dT'okk, FopIruiTT
; 268 Grand St., nedr Grove
| “SwVlFr bffilsTR&r
i Music Furnished for Picnic
Balls, Sociables, Etc.
VO. 7 M MRU Mil ST., <f. C.
i BOS.f. frtVTKR. . - - - Leads
Clocks, Bronzes, Silverware,
Figures, Gold-Headed Canes, Silk Umbrellas,
J%>ar VIYt*ftfit$l0#f, JEItJ&Ki Wlr
I i - : " " .. '
Privy Vaults, Sinks anil Cesspools Emptied and
Disinfected, in all part* or Hmlshn County, prompt
ahd cheap.
Is a sure cure for Dandruff ami Scurf — a sure pro
ventativc against the Falling and
'l'uruing of the Halt.
Sure Cure for Jiahlness!
and the Finest Hair Dressing in the market.
15 Exchange: Flack (Taylor’s Hotel).
76 Montgomery Street.
Cor. Twelfth and Henderson Sts.
Telkphorh 248*
Practical Boot and Shoe Maker.
A $6 SHOE, nmd© to order, my specialty.
93 Montgomery St., J. C.
My own make constantly on hand.
Repairing promptly attended to.
> Notices of .Settlement.
N otice ok settlement.—notice is rrrbLy
given that the accounts of the subscriber, as
administrator dp honi3 non. with the will annexed,
of John I. Earle, deceased, will be audited and
stated by the Surrogate of Hudson County, and re
ported for settlement to the Orphans’ Court of said
county, on Saturday, the twenty seventh day of
July', eighteen hundred and eighty nine.
Dated May 20, 188ft.
■\TOTICE OF SETTLEMENT.—Notice is hereby
1* given that the final account of the subscriber.
I administratrix of John WeCarren, deceased, will bo
audited and stated tty the Surrogate of the County
of Hddsoii. and report?*! for settlement on Satur
day, the 27th day of July next.
Dated May 17, A. D. ]$».
given that the account of the subscriber, ex
ec utt#r of so rah E. Wild, deceased, will lx* audited
> and stated bv the Surrogate of the County of Hud
son, and reported for settlement on Saturday, the
» 27th da» of July next.
Dated May 24, A. D. ISWl.
Notice* to Creditor*.
Estate of John W. Varper. Deceased.
Richard V. Barters bee. administrate* of John W.
Harper, deceased, by order of the Surrogate ot Hud
son eounty, dated June 11, hereby gives no
tice to the emtitors of said decedent to bring lu
their debts, demgilds and claims against times
tub* Of aaid *kjeeueirb tmdet* oath or affirmation
within nine months troni the date of ©aid order, or
they will be forever barred of any action therefor
against said administrator.
Prior. deceased.—Otlo Crouse, administrator
rtf Margaret Prior, deceased, by order of the Deputy
Surrogate of Hudson county., dated Max 2U, lSSil.
hereby gives notice to the creditors or sai<l decedent
to bring in their del>ts, demands and claims against
the estate of said decedent, under oath or liffinna
tiou within nine months front the date of said
order, ot Huy will be forever barred of any action
therefore against fcaid utfminLstrtltor.
Claims to be presented to the Administrate*, at
the office of Blair Sc Grouse, Counsellors ut- Law,
76 Montgomery at feet, Jersey city, N. J._
i Llenan. deceused:—Pauline Lionau. exeeutrix
of Louis A. Lieuau. deceased, bv order of the Sur
rogate of Hudson county, dated May 27, 1S8U. hereby
rives uotice to llie creditors of said decedent to
ainfc in their debts, drhiands and claims against
, the estate of said deeedeut, under oaftt or aifirmn
tion within nine months from the date of said
Iorder.or they will be forever burred of uny action
therefor against said executrix.
Claims to be presented at the office of Wullis,
Edwards Sc Bumsted, NO. I Exchange place, Jer
sey City.
dors, deceased. Margaret ha C. Sanders, tween
trix of John Sanders, deceased, by orderof the Dep
ntv Surrogate of Hudson ootthty. dated May I. W8
hereby gives notice to the creditors of said decedent
to briug in their debts, demands dud claims against
the estate of sftid decedent, tinder oath or aiTirma
tion within nine months from the date 0* said order,
or they will lie forever burred of any action there
for against said executrix.
N'OTK’E TO CREDITORS.—Estate of Peter Spring
Kted. deceased, Emily Spriugsted, adminis
tratrix or Peter Spriugstcd. deceased, by orderof the
Deputy Surrogate of limlson county, dated 31uy 2,
Issy, herebv gives notice to the creditors of said de
cedent to bring in their dcl>t8, demauds niul claims
against tlie estate of said decedent, under oath or
aitimutiou within nine mouths from the date of
until utdt'f. or tirev will iv? forever barred of any no
ilon therefor ataluS<
- Clerkiu. deceased.—Annie Clerkiu, executrix
i of James Clerkiu, deceased, by order of the Surro
gate of Hudson county, dated Juue 7, 1888, hereby
gives notice to the creditors of said decedent to
bring in their debts, denutrtds and claims ag.iin.it
the estate of said decedent, under oath or aflirma
tion within nine months from the date of said
Order, or they will lie forever barred of any action
therefor against said executrix.
' ° _ axxie clkrkix.
* Estate of Patrick Fraser, Deceased.
James Moloney. Administrator of Patrick * raw,
deceased, by order of the surrogate of Hudson
p county, dated May K, is-SW, hereby wives notice to the
creditors of said decadent to bring in their debts,
demands and claims ugainst the estate of said de
cedent, under oath or antnualion within nine
months from the date or said order, or fhet will be
forever barred of any action therefor against said
, ^'»laUtr.toR JAM!,S ma]aiN1.v
Pecker. deceased. Emma Becker, administra
trix of Kiioeli BcefceE debased, by older of the Sur
rogate of Hudson county, dated Marc4 ]888,
jievehy gives notice to tlie creditors Of said decedent
to bring in their debts, demands and claims against
the estiitc of said decoded*. iiuuei* oath or affirma
tiou within nine months from the date of said order.
* <»r they vs ill be forever bar nit of any action therefor
• Hgalnst thud adnduistratrlx^ EMM A liEcKKR.
Notice to creditors—estate of Jacob t
Roberts, deceased.—silipi Jfopi*fr» adiliiaistm
* I lor of Jacob T. Robert* deceased, by order of the
5 i Surrogate of Hudson county, dated May 2U, kbit,
hereby give* hotko to live eredilorsof said decedent,
to briug iu uteir debts, demands auo claims against
r the estate of said deeedout. under oath or ntllnua
tiou within bine pro nibs from tde date or said
orHet*. or ihev will Ik* forever batted of any
acilon therefor asulnst said
Turner & Bennell,
83 & 85 NEWARK AYENtJE, J.C.
- i .. i —— — - • ■
Public Notice
Notice is hereby given that the "Commissioners of
Adjustment'' iu and for the city of Jersey City ap
! pointed by the Circuit Court of the county of Bud
sou, under and by virtue of the provisions of chap
ter CXI I of the Laws of IS8*i, entitled “An Act Coo
cemititt the .Settlement and Collection of Arrear
ages or Uupaid Taxes. Assessments and Water
Hates dr W ater Rents In Cities of this State, and
Imposing and Levying a Tax, Assessment, and Lien
I in Lieu and Instead of Such Arrearages, and
to Enforce the Payment Thereof, and to Provide
, for the sale of Lunds Subjected to Future Taxation
and Assessment," passed March :»». have made,
ccrtiiied and tiled a report of their proceedings, re
lating to and affecting delinquent laud, situated
i w ithin the following described boundaries:—North,
I bv the centre line of Tenth street; south, by the
centre line of Sixth street; west, by the centre line
of Brunswick street; and East, by the centre line of
; Erie street, and more particularly described as fol
lows. to wit:—
Block 381, lot T, Jersey avenne
Block 291, lots!» and 11, .Sixth street
Block281, lots Cl aud FI, Seventh street
Block 2S1, lot S, Jersey avenue aud Sixth street
Block 282, lots Ct and Pi, Jersey avenue
Block 282, lots 23, 23, Eighth street
Block 283, part or lot :J, East ilamlltou place
Block 283, part of lot 8. Erie street
Block 285. lot 22, Jersey avenue
Block 284, lot I, Erie street
Block284, lot A, East ilamlltou plAcfe
Block 285, lots E and D, Ninth street
Block 285, lots J and l*i. Ninth street
Block 28a, lots 25 aud -82, Tenth street
Block 318, lot C„ Jersey avenue
Block 818, lots Y and Z, seventh street
Block 318, lots 14 aud N, Sixth street
Block 818, lot 3L Seventh street
Block 818, tot K, Jersey avenue
Block 818, lot ft. Seventh street
Block 18, lots 32 and 27. Eighth street
Block 318, lot A, Eighth street
Block 32U, lot Y, Eighth street
Block 320, lot N, Pavouln avenue
Block 321, lot M. Pavonia avenue
Block 371, lots H, (J and F, West Hamilton place
Block 321, lots 1, 2 and 5. West Hamilton place
Block 822, lots 3 and 4, Jersey avenue.
Block 322, tot A, Jersey avenue
Block 322, lots 17 and iv,Ninth street
Block 322, lots 15 aud IT, Ninth street
Block 822, lots X and 25, Tenth street
Block 322, lots 2ti and 29. Tenth street
Block 322, lot 32, Tenth street
Block 355, lot Kl, Seventh street
Block 555, lots 8 and Y, Sixth street
Block 355, lots X aud Z. street
Tti.i.-k 355. lots l* and T. Sixth Street
Blocks**, lots ill aua ai. Moiauoutu street
Block 856, lots 10 and 15, Seventh street
Block 356, lots A1 and Y. Seventh street
Block 356, lots t>l and Itl. Eighth street
Block :>56, lots 31 and 32, Eighth street
Block 356, alley. Coles street
Block :a«, lots 21 and 22. Monmouth street
Block 351, lots 1Hand 2U, Monmouth street
Block 35i. lot L>. Coles street
Block 357. lot i Pavonla avenne
Block 357, lots 23 and 24 Pavouia avenue
Block 837f lots U and 14. Eighth street
Block 358, lot Ol, Ninth street
Block 35S, h>w 25, 26,27. Niuth street
Block 358, lots 28 and AVI, NlntU street
Block 358.- lots C, 11 and 21. Ninth street
Block lou 12. 13, 11. Pavoulft avetiue
Block 355, lots v and Y, Pavouia avenue
Block 358, lots II and O. Coles street
Block 359, lot T. Coles street
Block 359. lot I-, Monniouih street
Block 359. lot K. Monmouth ssreet
Block 35li, lots S T, Monmouth street
Block 859, lota 28.24. Monmouth street
Block :C>9, lots A and o. Niuth street
Block 359, lots C anti K, Ninth street
Block 859, lots F und-l*. Ninth street
Block :i95, lots 15 and 16. Ninth street
Block ;9*. lots A, t* anil Jtt. Seventh street
Block ;£*>, lots 17 and 18, Brunswick street
Block 89U. lots 19 and 3D, Brunswick street
Block 3ue, krtt n and 12, stjttti street
Block 300. lots 13 and 16, Slith street
Block 39U, lots 3, 4 and 5. Monmouth street
Block 390, lilts « and 7, Monmouth street
Block 390. lot 25, seventh street
Block 391, lot 12, Seventh street
Block 391, lots K and 25. Eighth street
Block 391, lots 26, 27 and 2s, Eighth street
Block 891. lots H and J, Seventh street
Block 391. lots 13, 14, P* and 16, Seventh street
Block 391, lot 3. Monmouth street
Block 391, lots 21 and 22, Brunswick street
Block-lilt), Ihtsbahd s, Monmouth street
Block 392, lot B, Pavonla avenue
Block 392, lots 23 and 24. Pavonla avenne
BI(K*k 392. lots E and 6, Monmouth street
Block 892, let M, Eighth sireet
Block 356, lot V, seventh street
Block 392. lots 17 to vo, Brunswick street
Block 392, lots l anti 2. Pavonla Avenue
Block 392, lot.PM And 22, Pavouia avenue
Block 398, hits 18 and 16, Pavouia avenue
Block 893, lot »). Ninth strfeet
Block 894, lot 6, Monmouth street
Block 35S, Lot T, Coles street
Block 398, lots 5 ami i». Pavouia avenue
Block 893, lots 14 and 15, Pa von in avenue
Block 333, lots 9, 10, n and 12, Pavouia avenue
Block 393, lot 21, Brunswick street
Block 393, lots B ami C, Niuth street
Block 391, lots A and Y, Tenth street
Block 894, lots 25 anil 2<*. Tenth street
Block :,94, lots27 and 28, Tenth street
Block 391. lots 13 and II, Ninth street
Block394. lots 17and IS, Rrrruvwicfestreet
Block 394. lots 19 unil 20. Brunswick street.
Block 391. tots 21. 22. 23 and 24, Brunswick street
Block 391. lot 5, Monmouth street
And the said court has fixed Saturday, the Thiril
day of August., eighteen hundred and eighty uine
at the Court House, in the City of Jersey City, at tec
O’clock in the forenoon, a# the time ami place fm
hearing any objections that may be made to tin
assessment#, charges and Hens tlxed and certldec
bv the commissioners of Adjustment, in said re
! port, when fuui where all parties interested therein
I may be heard.
Dated Jkkskt City, N. J., .Tune 29. IS89.
Dkvxih McLauohun,
' Clerk of the Circuit Court of the County of Hudson
I > executed by Thomas B. Gautier. Jr., to Thoma?
Guutier, dated May 1, WW. and recorded in th<
ollicc of the Register of the County of Hudson, ft
Che State of New Jersey, in Book 14 of chattel
mortgages for said county, on jmge# 'if. etc., ami
i also recorded in the Clerk's office of the County ol
Morris, New Jersey, in Book H of eliattei mortgage?
for said county, cmpages SM, etc., and upou which
default 1ms been made, 1 will expose for sale ai
public auction, on Tuesday, the second a ay of July
next, at rout o’clock in the afternoon of said day
at street Nos. bs? ami tJNS Grove street, in the city ol
Jersey City, in the btate of New Jersey, the prop
erty mortgaged, consisting of:—
unc one eve*! bay horse, cm* Martin gray horse
one New mail marc, one one eyed black horse, one
horse, Mike; one Keller mate, (me Johnson team,
one horse, Saiu; one Turner mure, one black horse,
McGrath. Sr.: one bay horse. Frank: one horse
Larry Toni; «m* horse. Minister; one Martin biach
horse, ouc Callahan team, mu* blind gray 1 torse, one
Class team, one big leg bay horse, ouc bhind bu>
maiv. ouc Phillips gruy horse, cue Hogan light gvuj
horse, one M*Goe team, one Fry team, one Hogar
Hiure. one Remind a sorrel horse, ouehorsc, Corkey
one Fred Certttt, one Ren team, one (Tates team, one
Smede team, ouo McGrath team, one horse. Handy
one gruv mure, one horse, skinny; one horse. Me
Grath, .Vr.; one horse, Jerry; one horse, tkey
! one horse, John ; one gray horse. John
i nineteen <iouble trucks, six single trucks, al
I harness belonging to the said horses and truck*
j eleven double coni trucks, uhte coal carts, tht
I blacksmith shop on tho premise* known as streci
number bsfl • rove stre t, Jersey City, N. J.; two
studies, one dwelling house used us a harness shot
and the one story buildiug used us an office On the
premises known »> street nnndter 15>7 GrOTe street,
Jersey city otorosaitl.
The stiid sule will be for cast?, and the mortgaged
Eropcrty wM be r'pld subject to u chattel mortgage
eld bv The Hoboken Coal Conipauy, on which
I there is due tbb principal sum1 of five thousand dol
1 lurs, with interest thereon from the sixteenth da\
! of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred
amf eighty nine.
Doted Jersey City, June 2ft,
Attorney of Thomas Gautier, Mortgagee.
Public Notice.
REPORT 270. 38.
Notice Is hereby given that the Comratwfonefe of
Adjustment in ana for the city of Jersey City, ah*
poluted by tbd Circuit Court of the Counity of Hu«;
son, under an,I by virtue of the provisions of Chap
ter C2tll of the Laws of 1886. entitled ’‘An act coti
crniug the settlement and collection of arrearages
of unpaid taxes, assessments and water rates or
water rent* In cities of this State, and Imposing and
lewiug a tax, assessment aud Hen in lieu and In
stead of sjHeh arrearages, and to enforce the pay
ment thereof, and to provide for the sale of lahda
subjected to future taxation and ass&kme&t,"
passed March 99th, 1896, have made, certified an*
tiled a report Qf. their proceedings, relating to and
affecting delinquent lauds, described as follows,
to wit:—
Block 815, lots 476, 177 tod 478, Paterson at.
Block 713, lots 9, 1U, II. Prospect st.
Block 339. lot 76, lirand st.
Block 978, lots 1, i, 3, Tonnelle ave. and County
Block 358, lots 33, 35, 37, Monticello ave.
Block 577. lots 43, 45, Laidlaw ave.
Block mV. lot 15, Beach st.
Block 852, lots 6, 7, 8, 9, Manhattan av*
Block 228, lot F2, Bummtt.avei
Block 852, lot 39, Moran st
Block 847, lots 3, 4, Carlton ave.
Block 828, lots 3, 4, in plot 1, Summit av*
Bloek 82& lots 54, 55, Charles st.
Block 658, lots 10, n. Kearney ave.
Block 521, Hramtiall are.
Block 783* lofs 137. 19k Sherman ave.
Block 957, lot 20. Hoy a st.
Block 958, lot 27, Hoyd st.
Block m, *)• ». Park st.
Block 77, lot 2, Bergen gv^.
Block 347, lot 23, Falnnount ave.
Block 1,358. lots 140,141, Pkrnell blare.
BltK*k 621, lot* 5, 6, Van Wart allty.
Blocks 623. 624. lots UiA. 13B, Boyd ave.
Block 70U, lot 5, CksJfk st.
Block 977. lots 1, St, Cbukty road and <?ulfce^ «t.
Block 701, lot A. ClarenuMM ave.
Block jU, kits 9 to u* Clkf ton place and Cornell a—
ave. . .
I Block 673, lots 3. 4, Pacific ave.
Block i,aw, lots h 2, 3, 4. Otfean ave.
Slock 4 i'2, lot 66, Harrison Aye. .
lock 555, pt. of 7 and all of 3, 10,12,14, BeatfOh Av*.
Block 374, 193 to 228. Canal st.
Block 316, 37 to 30 Grand fit.
Block m 5 to 26 Gnlnd st.
Block Sa, 17 Bdabon Ave.
Block 7#J, 31 Hants*;I ave,
Block 862, lots 204, 216, .lame* ave.
Blocks 327, 539. l‘2l.to 124 West Sid* av%.
Block 512, lot 19. Commatiipaw live;
Block m, lots 95, 96, 9.'. 98, Arlington av*;
Block 737, lots 159, 160, New 1 ©rk ave.
B!o«*fc 50*2; lots 9, 10, II; Cemmunipaw Av*.
Blm'ks 333 to 241, bock inclusive* Gautier AT*.
Ulot*k $u, lots 73, 73u 19, 79, 79 and &>. Oxford av*.
Block 547. lots IS, 211. 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, fti, 36, 88, 41k
42, 45, 46. 48, 5t» add X Lexington ave.
Block 547, lot, lit, 68. TO, 71, 73, 75, 77 , 78 ud 81 Le»
‘"Su “k*547, lots 83, W, Si, 86, 87. 88, 88 and 80 Mai lor j
* Bteck 5fi, lots 74, 70. 78, 8U and 82 Clenii*»oy »TC.
Block Mi. kits 25, r„ 29. 31, 88. 85,87, 98, 44, 43. 45, 4»,
49, 51 and 53, Cleudeiiny.aVe,
Block 541, lots 89, 6i, 17, 19, » and 23 OJattdenny
Block 5$i. lota 3, 5. 7. 9,lb IS* 15, 17,19, 21, 28, 23* *7,
29, 31, itt, 25. 37, 89 Aud 41 Uxford ave.
Block :»33, lots 51, AS, 56, 57, 59, 61, 98, to, 97 and 61
Oxford ave. . , .
block 533, lots 2, .6, 8, lU, 1*2, 14, 16, 18, 2b, 22, 24, 26, 28,
30,32, to, 36, 38, 40, 42, and « ].*x!pgton ave.
bh.ek rn, lots 52,54. 56,58, WV, 62, 64, 66,« and TO
Lexiugton av«.
Block 543. lots 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Mallory ave. .
Block 548. lots 10, 12* 14, 16, IS, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30,32,
$1. 36, 38,40, 42, 44 and 46 CtendlmAy ave.
Block 548. lots 36, 5& 60, 62. 64, 66, OS, TO, 7k, 74* 76* 78
and so Clendeun.' ave.
Block 543, lots 93, 64, 85, 96, 87, 88, 89 and SO Marcy
n Block 543, Jot* 53, 55, 57, 99, 61, 98, 65. 6T, 69. 71, 73, 75,
77aiid Til Lexington ave.
Block 453, lots 19. 2i. ti, 25, 27, *29, 31, 38, 95, 87, 9», 4b
48 and 45 Lexlugtou arc.
Blocks 534 and 5S4W. lot* 1, 2; 3. 4; 5, B, 7,* * MA lb
12. 13. 14, 15,16, 17 and IS Mdrcy ave.
Block 859, lot 3 In plot ltL ZflbMskie st.
Jltddfc lots 16C, ISC, Hopkins aV.
Block 126, lot 2, Summit av.
Blocks 190, 192, lot mlildle 1-3 of 66, Montgomery
; 8t
Block 518. lot* 25,26. *27, Newark av.
Blocks 277, 278. lot lSL, Belinout av.
Block 874. lot 72 and part of 71, South at.
Block 1*22, lots 4, 5, 6, lonnele and Sip av*.
Block 9 72, Jots 1 to 19, Carlton and Toanele av*
and Beach st.
And the said Court has fixed Saturday, the sl±th
dav of July, eighteen hundred and eighty-mne, At
the court House, in the city of Jersey City, At 10
o'clock in the forenoon, as the time and place for
heurlug any objections that muy be mhde to thfe A
sessmeiits, charges and Metis fixed and certified by
the -commissioners of Adjustment,” in sakLreporti
wbi n and where all parties Interested therein may
be heard.
Bared Jersey City, N. J., June 22jd, 1889.
Dennis McLaughlin,
Clerk of the .Circuit Court .
of the County of Efudion.
City Clerk’s Office, Bayossk, June 26, 1891.
Sealed Proposals
Will be received by the Council of the Cliy <€
Bayou ue, until
TUESDAY, JULY 2* 1889,
at 8 o'clock p. nr.,
For the Purchase from
! the City of $40,000 Im
provement Bonds, beat
ing date July ist, 1889.
Payable 6 years from date, with Interest
at 5 per cent, per annum, payable semi
annually on the 1st days of January and
July In each year. The Bonds will carry
accrued interest from date.
$20,000 of said Bonds to be delivered on
r before August i, and >80,000 oa or be
fore September 1.
The City reserves the right to reject any
or ali proposals.
By order of the Council.
City Clerk.
Carriage, Wagon aid Pictorial Uigi Paiater.
133 Pavont* Atennt, J. C.
New CarriagMt also. Second baud Wagons sod
Carriages bought, sold or exchanged.
Express W&gdfti Farmed at «*» lowest rate*.

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