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lam ®itu IJenra
OMKoE No. K» Wasruotos Sneer.
l»leylin« cell. leTHtj City, 271.
tAllY VaFKF P^BLIiiOiiD IS IrMbii* ClTT-SItlSl»
«ipl « ev ,i. nabs.rietlon Uir« • JolU™ rw/mt.
1 uAUfcO palit
Uiitervil in the oWo« at Jersey City a* second
<}«** matter.
All business communications sbould be add£«8*d
lotbeClTY Ft'BUSHi.va Coii.-Atir. ail letters ror pub
lication to uie ^anagiiig Editor
7his paper is Democratic in principle
end is independent in its news on nil local
Th» AbbbbI Tel* of Republican
EX «VA’«L«».
The same old tie of profligacy U told
this year in the report of tile State Comp
troller as has been told every year since
the Republican party came Into control
of the Legislature In 1894.
There le another enormous Increase In
the running expenses of the State, an in- j
crease wholly unwarranted by any growth
In population or public business, an in
crease due wholly and solely to the ex
travagance of the party In power.
The amount of the Increase, as stated
by Comptroller W- S. HancockBtimself, Is
187,872.88, and It brings the ordinary ex
penses of the State Government to the
enormous figure of 22,189,786. This Is the
highest figure that it has ever reached,
and a truly appalling figure It is. It is
about $600,000 greater than the annual ex
penditure under any Democratic Governor
down to the time when a Republican Leg
islature, through the device of the appro
priation blil, took control of the State's
money into its own hands.
The total disbursements for the year
were $3,323,5jt'.2S. but of this $SflO,58S was
paid to the counties for the use of the
schools, and $333,175.30 was paid out for
other “extraordinary" expenses. These
included Improvement of the State House,
the Newark Armory, the Village for Epi
leptics, new building for the State Hos
pital at Morris Plains, the Rahway Re
formatory and other public enterprises.
This use of the public money is not the
subject of complaint. The State gets a
return In permanent improvements.
The crime is in the constant lncrense in
running expenses for which the people get
practically no more return than when
r they were fifty per cent, less, some six
or seven years ago. it is not too much
to say that this State could be run today
with liberality at a coat of $1,530,000. The
surplus over that amount, or $400,000,
whjch the Republican administration is
spending, is mere plunder.
Mr. Drylsa wad tkt McKinley
* Mr. John F. Dryden's Campaign Com
mittee have Just sent broadcast through
the mall a neat pamphlet, giving reasons
why he should be elected United -States
Senator. The reasons consist mainly of
pleasant things that the press of the
State and of neighboring cities have said
about Mr. Dryden. They are very good
reasons. It a Republican must inevitably
be chosen Senator, we prefer Mr. Dryden
to any of the candidates In the field ex
cept Mr. Origgs. In some respects we
prefer him to Mr. Griggs. We nave little
doubt that he will make an excellent Sen
ator. In everything except his politics.
But there Is just one thing in that
pamphlet which we would like to have
more fully explained. On the very last
page, after all the eulogistic paragraphs
published between Hackensack and Cap"
May, we find this declaration on the par:
of Mr. Dryden himself:—
“I stand squarely on the McKinley
platform, which, I rejoice to see. is
being steadily strengthened, not weak
ened, by the late President’s constitu
tional successor. President Roosevelt,
and, If elected, I will cordially support
the present administration."
We wonder If Mr. Dryden really think*
thSB. If he does, we would rather like to 1
know what newspapers he gets his facts
from. Doth he really consider that tin
present altitude of our government
towards foreign trade in geneQtl is a
strengthening of the McKinley platform
as set forth by Mr. McKinley himself
only a few days before his deatfi? Doe?
Mr. Dryden realty think that Mr. Roose
velt is carrying out the policy favored by
his predecessor? If so, we would like to
know If Mr. Dryden hud read Mr. Roose
velt's Miss-ig* to Conor*** last month.
TVc wojiW rather have Mr. Dryden
make n platform of hi* own than stand
upon one which has become rather shaky
since It* framer died.
Bonds. Bonds. Bonds.
The Republican administration having
taken firm bold of municipal affairs takes
quite natumiiy to the issue of bond*. Just
now, the “Journal’’ says it l? figuring on
an issue of ever a million. We can only
figure out from its own article 1775,000:
but its headline says over a million, and.
of course, it must be right.
Anyway, w* now see the difference be
tween G O. P. financiering before and
eftn election. About November I, last,
the i*»ue of a bond was a hideous crime
to the eyes of Mr. Fagan and his man
niters. Now a million dollar,issue is a
mere routine proceeding.
G. O. P. p»ru«T
That all is not pence in Republican cir
cles was plainly enough demonstrated
when the Hon. Thomas McEwun mangled
Mr. Fred. Frambaeh, the machine candi
date for leader in the Twelfth Ward, and
Mr. McArthur, the machine candidate,
mangled Mr. Knox, the Faganite pre
tender in the Eleventh. What has been
for some time surmised is pretty evi
dently true. The machine element has no
real use for Fagan or his adherents, and
Fagan & Co. have no cordial feeling to
wards the machine men save one of
hatred. The election 01 Mr. - Fagan has
encouraged the revolting element in the
party to new attacks on the old Dioxin- .
son sway, and, if signs do not fail, a
monkey and a parrot time may be looked j
for until the re-election of a Democratic ,
Mayor puts both factions out of business.
Byrne* Will Get There.
It is more or less positively'announced
that ex-ConVict Byrnes will be put on the j
CltAHall payroll as a porter.
We are satisfied.
Nothing much better for the Democratic
party could happen.
Mr. Niblet ’« Manly Course.
The "Journal's” Shrieks of pain were
heartrending yesterday because Mr. Nib
leit of the Fire Board refused to commit
contempt of court to please the hog senti- I
ment of the Republican office-grabbing
class. The headlines were apoplectic and
the editorial was hysterical. Mr. Niblett
was painted as a very bad man and no
sort of Republican. Frankly, we believe
Mr. Niblett showed himself very little of
a Republican in one respect. His power
to resist temptation to grab patronage J's
very unrepubllean indeed.
The "Journal,” if it must howl and
rage, ought-to direct its batteries against
the idiotic leadership which created the
situation by dragging the appointments
into court. Mr. Nlblett's action was con
sistent and honorable. He simply said:—
These appointments are now before the
Court for review. If they are wrong, the
Court will knock them out and action by
us tonight would be superfluous. If,they
are right, the Court will say so, and. i
meantime, we have no right to interfere j
with them. What other, poo tion could he j
The “Journal” may as well submit to .
the inevitable. In the next two years, the
Fire Commissioners will have lots of ap
pointments to make. If they do not hap- ,
pen naturally, the Republican leaders will
Invent them.
Pretty Home Wedding at No
38 Astor Place Last
One of the pretty horn* weddings of
last night was that of Miss Lillian May
Baldwin, whose marriage to Mr. Benja
min T. Givauden was teo.emn.zed at eifcht
o'clock at the residence of the bride’s
mother, Mrs. Rhoda Baldwin, of No. 33
Astor place. The decorations were palms
and pink roses, carrying out the color
scheme, pink and green. The Ceremony .
Was performed by the Rev. Charles Herr, j
D. D., under a canopy of paims.
The bride wore a handsome gown of
white liberty satin, trimmed with white
ribboB, roses and chiffon. She carried a
shower bouquet of bridal ro3es. The
bridesmaids, Misses Frances and Grace
Baldwin, sisters to the bride,., wore gowns
of cream crepe de chine, trimmed with
ribbon, and carried pink roses. Mr. Rich
ard Givauden, brother to the bridegroom,
acted as best man.
A reception and supper, the iatter serv
ed by Morrow & Day, followed the cere
mony. After supper Mrs. Givauden
changed her gown for a travelling su t
of national blue cloth, ermine furs and
blue velvet picture hat. Upon their re
turn from an extended wedding tour Mr.
and Mrs. Givauden will reside in Bergen
avenue, near Forest street.
Mrs. Givauden was a popular young
teacher in the primary department of
School No. 12, and among the numerous
presents was a handsome cut glass sal id
bowl from the teachers of that school.
The “Whatsoever Circle" of King's
Daughters, of which the bride Is a mem- ;
her, also remembered her handsomely.
Among those present were Mrs. Cran
ford, Mr. Percy Cranford. Miss Joe and
Ada Cranford, Miss Hettle Cranford,
Mrs. Rachael Munn. Miss Dorothy, !
Messrs. Henry and Filbert Cranford of
Washington, Miss Kittie Potts, Misses |
Wilson, Mr. Gustav Price, Mrs. Adams,
Miss Clara Adams, Mrs. Treasted, Miss
Hattie Treasted. Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Treasted, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Trea
sted, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coombs,
Miss Wahlbacher, Mrs. John Humphreys, j
Mr. Albert Hedges, Mrs. Ella Lamprey,
Mrs. Emmons Lamprey. Dr. P. E. Hum- j
me!, Mrs. Givauden, the Misses Givaud- j
den. Miss Leslie Coombs, Miss Emi'y
Chazotte, Mrs. John Reed, Mr. and Mrs.
Warne, Mr. and Mrs. BrinKerhoff. Miss
Elsie Soper, Miss Addie Jones. Miss Cora
Mount, Miss M. Clark, Mrs. McAlpin and
Mies McAlpin.
Pretty Pink Wedding at St.
Bridget's church Last
One of the prettiest weddings of the
season was the marriage of Miss Molly
Hetherlngton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James Hetheringion, of No. 28? Vnrlc’t
street, to Joseph Alexander Duffy, of this
city. The ceremony was performed at
six o’clock last evening In St. Rrldget's
Church, by the Rev. Father Ryan, pas
tor, and was followed by a wedding sup
per and reception at the home of the
Hood’s Pills |
Do not gripe nor irritate the alimetV
tary canal. They act gently jtk
promptly, cleanse effectually and J
Give Comfort
Said by ail druggists. 25 cents. /
u-’Mi -igi-i'm.1.—
bride's “parents, to ’which only the im
mediate friends anti relatives were in
The bride wore a bansome gown of
white duchesse satin trimmed with
duchesse lace. She also wore the regula
tion bridal veil and carried a shower bou
quet of bride roses and lily of me valle.'
Her sister. Miss Anna Hetherington, act
ed as maid of honor. ,She wore a gown
of pink crepe de chine, accord ian pleated
and carried a shower bouquet of pink
Mr. Hugh E. O’Reilly acted as best
man and Dr. William Hetherington- ami
Mr. James Hetherington. Jr., brothers to
the bride; Dr. Fred Feury, Medsrs. Rich
ard Corcoran and Thomas McKenna as
ushers, • The bride was give.n away by
her father.
At the reception the decorations were
I pi pink and. green to carry out the color
scheme of the- wedding. Palms and ferns
i lined the walls of the drawing rooms
j white pink roses banked ibe mantels or
mingled with the smilax portieres ana
| chandelier drapings. Mr. and -ars. Dur
fy received congratulations under a can
opy of palms. Supper was served by
After the reception Mr. and Mrs. Duffy
left for an extended wedding tour through
the §ouih.
Among: those present were:—Mr. and
Mrs. James Hetherington, Messrs. James
Jack Burtley and Dr. William Hether
ington, Misses Auna and Fannie Hether
ington, the Misses McKenna, Miss Duffy
Mr. Benjamin Farrier, Mr. and- --rs.
James P. Hgjl, Miss Sadie Hall. Mr.
James Hall. Mr. Frank Hall, Miss Baron
and Miss Maloney.
Evolution Trace:! and Pres
i ;
| ent Attitude Presented
by Education De
The Woman’s Club Department of Edu
cation, of which Miss A. B. Myers is
Chairman, held an interesting meeting
yesterday afternoon in Room No. 1, Has
brouck Institute. The afternoon was
spent in discussing the marriage ques
tion. Dr. M. F. De Hart gave a talk on
‘ The Evolution of Marriage,” taking for
her text book Ward’s “Dynastic Sociol
ogy.” She reviewed the early laws of the
marriage institution and then turned her
attention to the inequality of man and
woman in matters of dress and education.
Man. she said, through his long experi
ence in the business world, had adopted a
suitable costume of convenience, wnue
woman still wore garments that were
more ,pr less in her way. She believed
with Ward, there should be more equality
in this matter, though she did not advo
cate woman donning man’s attire.
In the matter of education the Doctor
thought woman was further advanced;
■She might be r uieuled. but she cou d «■ w
learn what she lilted and at? much as she
lilted. But in equality of law woman was
far behind'her brother. Man was only
half the civilization and thus far the
government had been run by .h t half.
Civilization was to be raLted by woman
and would urge woman to real ze
their re.- ors,Utility, and it was high time
woman vothed to her laure.s and eaw
t t she was fit to lead civil za Ion.
Mrs. A. J. Newbu y, pie iJent of the
Woman's Club, read a paper on “The
Present Attitude of Society Toward Mar
riage." Man. she sad, was the mat_ri .1,
woman the spiritual being. Man mue*t
learn In marriage to give up a part of
“And we, as women." continued she, I
“know that the less of self a man pos- '
sesseo the more agreeable he is to live
with.” i
Marriages, Mrs. Newbury said, were
•.ot as frequent today as in the good old
. mea, for several reasons, first, women
demanded oo much. The young man on
a small salary could not marry because
the young lady could make an equal sal
ary herself, or perhaps even a larger
salary, which she was unwilling to give 1
“There is no stronger advocate for the j
employed women than I,” continued the I
speaker, "but I think they should con
fine themselves to womanly occupations,
If for no other reason than to protect
man. We talk now of woman's rights,
but the time is coming when we wilt |
have to take steps ’o protect man's
rights. We need dressmakers, waitresses, ,
seamstresses, and we need women in the I
dry goods stores. I should prefer to find
women measuring out cloth than men,
and 1 would much rather buy my clothing
from women. In every case of necessitv
a woman should bo given employment,
but it should not conflict with the rights j
of men."
Then turning her attention to married
1 fe, Mrs. Newbury said:—
"Too often there is too much antagon
ism. Ore or the other Is made the hint
of criticism and ridicule, and the pr««
makec apltal out of It. Young people
aje close observers. What do they think
of their elders? They ebow it' by their
refusal to part with single blessedness."
Following this was an open discussion, j
or experience meeting, in which mothers
with marriageable daughters exchanged
observations with mothers with married
daughters. At the next meet ng, which
’occurs Thursday February 30, the de
partment will discuss "Sunday Closing."
Members of Dr. Brett’s Church
Feast in Lecture Room.
The Ladies’ Aid Society of the.Eergen
Reformed Church held its regular month
ly luncheon’yesterday in the lecture room
of the church, Bergen and Highland ave
nues*. The decorations were red and
green, ferns in red paper covered pots
tied with red ribbon being in evidence.
Oysters wore followed by cold and hot
meats, cooked in the latest and most
delicious modes, were served with cream
potatoes and other delicacies, salad*,
capes and coffee concluded the course*.
The committee in charge consisted of
Mrs. John J. Toffey, chairman; Mrs. T.
1*. King. Mr*. Wiliam Fitch. Mrs. Gar
ritl Van Horrte. Mrs, James* Edward*,
Mrs. William Van Keuren, Mrs. S. J.
Van Keuren and Mr*. Ludwig.
Unlike the majority of ladies' aids the
Bergen Reformed society thinks it cin
accomplish more after eating, wo two
business meetings follow the luncheon.
Yesterday it was decided not to give Dr.
Brett, pastor of the church, a reception
before he sails for Europe, on February
S. 09 was* originally intended, but to wait
until his return a month later ami then
give him n welcome reception. A motion
to holU ft Martha V.'ashlngto’n supper was
tabled M the Voung Ladies' Guild of the
church is talking of g.ving a supper
about that time. Among the new mem
bers received into the society were'Mr*.
Stryker. Mr9. M. V. Doger. Mr*. J. B.
■ • - ........ .* *
Dr. Lyon’s
I Tooth Powder
j Used by people of refinement
I for over a quarter of a ceniury.
' Stuitz. lire. Perry Watson, Mrs. M. L.
Van Winkle. Mrs. Mervln Johnston ana
Mrs. L. A. Jones. The next meeting will
be held the third Thursday in February.
> Among those present were:—Mrs. Cor
nelius Brett, Mrs. James Edwards. Mrs.
Bogardus*. Mrs. Salley, Mrs. T. P. King,
Mne. Peter 9 p Van Winkle. Mfs. Jennie
Van Winkle, Mrs. E. Davis, Mr a. J. J.
Toffey, Mrs. Charles Van Keuren, Mrs.
William Van Keuren, Mrs. 9. J. Van
Keuren. Mrs. C. Smith, Mrs. Bidell, Mrs.
Louis Apgar, Mre Oscar Gubeiman. Mrs.
J. Herbert Potts, Mrs. Garrett Van
1 Horne, Mrs. Ludwig, Mr?. Daniei Van
Winkle, Mr?. Mervin Johnston. Mrs. P.
K. Green, Mrs. Currie, Mrs. HeUertnan,
Mm Wiieon Totten. Mrs. S. Scott, Mrs.
Stryker, Mrs. Drisher, Mrs. W. Fitch,
Mrs. Lou s Apgar.
Military Euchre in the Club
Theatre a Decided
Social Success.
One of the most successful military
euchres heid this season in this city took
place last evening at the Palma Club.
Jersey avenue and Bright street. The eu
chre was held in the club theatre, and
forty-two tables, which tire termed forts,
were necessary to accommodate the play
The playing was very spirited during
the. ten games that were played. At the
beginning and ending of each game a bu
gle and drum was sounded notifying the
players that they must reverse their posi
tions if they had won a pennant. Two
members of the Fourth Regiment acted
as drummer and bugler. Creamer’s or
chestra furnished music during the prog
ress of eac-li game.
It was the second euchre of its kind
given this season at the clubhouse, and
judging from the increased number of
players last evening thd Palma Club has
not iost any of its popularity and every
thing indicates a very successful season.
The club winners were:—Mrs. Charles
E. Brown, 1C pennants, a clock; Miss Em
ma Van W.nkle, IS pennants, cut glass
dish; Mrs. E. Schoffer, 1C pennants, gold
and glass dish; Mrs. E. P. Clark, T4 nen- |
cants, a fancy fan: Mrs. Daniel Bvarts.
14 pennants, silver reticule: Mrs. Mitchell
14 pennants, china and gold snuff box.
Gentlemen’s prizes—Mr. Leroy Schemer
horn, 16 pennants, an opera glass; Miif
Daniel Evans, 14 pennants, military
brushes; Mr. E. R. Clark, 14 pennants,
magnifying glass; Mr. D. W. Mitchell,
liquor glass; Mrs. John C. Watson, who
piayod as a man to complete a table. 14
pennants, shell comb; ar.d Mr. John C. '
Watson. 14 pennants, a letter rack.
The gentlemen under whose able man
agement the euchre, was such a success
were:—Mr, Leroy Schermerhorn, Mr
Melville K. Frame, Mr. Frank E. Men
agh and J. A. Van Horn. They were
ably assisted by the members of the en
tertainment committee:—Mr. J. H. Cas
tens. Chairman; Mr. W. M. Bubier and
John S. Watson.
Among those present were;—Mr. and <
Mrs. Skillman, Mr., and Mrs. F. C. Rin
ger of Fordham Heights, N. Y.: Mr. and
Mia. Frank Menagh. Mr. and Mrs. Ben
jamin Van Beuren, Mr. and Mrs. Charlei
S. Mason. A!donr.an-nt-Large an.d Mr--:.
P. Anthony Brock, Mr. and Mrs. James
Owens. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Winter,
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Schermerhorn. Mr
and Mrs Charles Thomas of Bayonne.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Keeney. Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Van Horn, Dr. and Mrs. C. V.
MarggralT, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Vree
land, Mr. and Mrs. P. Vreeland, Mr. and
Mrs. Perry Vreeland. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Vreeland, Mr. and Mrs. Henry.
Mr. and Mrs. Tait, Colonel and Mrs.
Charles A. Boltwood. Mr. and Mrs. Hen
ry Koster, Colonel ar.J .Mrs. John J.
Toffey, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Evans, Mr
and Mrs. N. Clarke. Mr. and Mrs. Will
iam Clarke. Mr. and Mrs. Brower, Mr.
and Mrs, F. C. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
George V. Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott
Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Potter,
Mr. and Mrs. John freeman, Mr. and
Mrs. John C. Watson, Misses Laura Rich.
Miss Nellie Van Winkle, M'ss Julia
Lange, Miss Tait, Miss May EVlis. Miss
Vreeland, Miss. Moliie C. Barnes of ,.ew
YArk.Misa Marguerite 'Barry of New York
M'as. Frances M. Otto of Hoboken. . Mss
Mabel Carnes o£ Roseville. N. J'., Miss
Florence Sparry. Miss Ida Sparry and
M's#'Anna Shearer of Fordham liem-lns.
New York, jfc&sre. George C. Norton.
Leo J. O Dohovan, Alfred J. O'Donovan,
Gerald C. Barry of New York. William
M. Bubier of San Francisco, C. Herbert
Barnes, of New York. Adolph S. Fedoe
of Brooklyn, Dr. Leonard J. Gordon. Wai
ter Otto of Hoboken, Harry Savin.
Charles Adams. Will'am Cpnnolls and
William Dnrsv'k. Mv. F. C. Ringer all of
Fordham Heis-Ve N V : John W R'eh.
,T. |{. Fernter Charles T. Lang", William
M. Bubier M F. Frame. Dr. P. ..art
lew Harold Hcekith ’Mr. Brooke.Frederick
Porter of N"W York. Harold Mpfehoilsf.
Goodwin of New York, John Low and Mr.
Fletcher Frame.
Expected to Bo ttic Mo it Successful
Evm' o' 'he Season
This evening at Elks Hall, Henderson
and York streets, Jersey City Lodge. No.
211, B. P. O. E., will give a grand euchre
and reception, and it promisees to be the
largest that has ever taken place in th s
city. Accommodations have been made,
to seat at least 1,500 players, and judging
from the extra large sale of tickets It is
expected that fully that number will at
The prizes to be awarded to the win
ners are valued at over $500 and they will
be the finest ever given out at any
duehre. There will also be $50 in gold for
a door prize, distributed as* follows:—
First, $20; second, $10; and four more at
$5 each.
STRONG EVIDENCE sustains the pop
ular verdict that Ely’s Cream Balm is
worth its weight in gold. Trial size 10
cents. Full size 50 cents. Sold by drug
gists and mailed by Ely Brothers, !M
Warren St., New York.
Proberta, Cal.
Messrs. Ely Bros.:—I have been afUIeie 1 ;
with catarrh for twenty years It made i
me so weak I thought I had consumption.
1 got one bottle of Ely's Cream Balm and
m three days the discharge Stopped, it
is the best medicine I have uatu tor ca
tarrh. . ,
I Orders for N xt Tuesday’s
Grand Spectacular
. Inaugural.
Fourth Regiment, Naval Re
serves and Signal Corps
Will Go By Special
[■Special to, “The Jersey City New*."]
TRENTON, Jan. IT, 1802.—Arrangements
for the great Murphy spectacle here next
Tuesday tvere completed last night at a
conference between Marshal Gllkvson and
Chief of Staff Coward, and these orders
for the inaugural parade were issued:—
Marshal, Inaugural Parade, 1302,
State House, Trenton. N. J.
General Orders No. 3:—
The following will be the formation of
the inaugural parade, January 21, 1902:'—
The division National Guard of New
Jersey, Brigadier General P. Farmer
Wanser commanding.
This division will form on North Clin
ton avenue, right resting at the Swamp
Captain E. V. Richards, division mar
Drake's Veteran Zouaves will form on
East State street, right resting on Clinton
avenue, facing west.
Survivors of the Thirteenth New Jersey
Volunteers will form on East State street
on left of Drake’s Veteran Zouaves.
The Border.town Military Institute
Cadets, Major T. D. Landon, command
ing, will form on East State street on
left of the survivors of the Thirteenth
New Jersey Volunteers.
Henry W. Green, division marshal.
The employes’ Association of Murphy
Varnish Company will form on Southard
street, right resting on Perry, factwg
The McKinley Club of Elizabeth will
form on Southard street on left of the
Employes’ Association of the Murphy
Varnish Company.
McKinley Club of Orange will form on
Southard street, on left of the McKinley
Club of Elizabeth.
The Franklin Murphy Association of
Hudson County will form on Southard
street on left of the McKinley Club of
The. Frelinghuyaen Dancers will form
on Ewing street, right resting on Perry,
facing north.
The Republican clubs or Essex county
will form on Ewing street on left of the
Frelinghuysen Lance re.
The George H. Harris Republican As
sociation will form on Carrol etret, rljrit
resting on Perry, facing north.
The Eighth Ward Republican Club of
Trenton will form on Carroll street on
left of the George H. Harris Republ can .
The Republican clubs of Middlesex
county will form on Carroll street on leit
of the Eighth 'Ward Republican Club of
Clubs not herein designated will be as
signed to a position in the l ne upon re
porting to the division marshal.
The line will be formed at 12:30 P. M.
and will, move promptly at 1 P. M. over
the following route:—
Down Perry to Broad, up Eroad to the
Battle Monument, down Pennington ave
nue to Willow, through Willow to Spr ng,
out Spring to Prospect, to Wes; State,
down West State to the State House,
where the parade will be reviewed by the
-Hon. Franklin Murphy. Governor of New
Jersey. The line of march will then con
tinue through -State street, the military
division being d emisted at the corner
of State and Clinton avenue, the Second
and Third dlviblorsi being dismissed at
the corner of State and Warren.
The following additional a dee are here
by announced:—Frank Baldwin Freder
ick F. C. .Woodward, August Weldel and
John L. M. Kelly.
By order of
Assistant Marshal and Chief-of-StaU.
T-he following order has been He-ued by
General Donnelly:—
State of New Jersey,
Office of the Quartermaster General,
Trenton, Jan. 15, 1902.
Arrangem.er.to for transportation, of
troops, January 21, 1902. to and from
Trer ton, and for their subsistence, are as
Fc-urth Regiment.
F ret Battalion, Naval Reserve, leave
Jersey City, 8:45 A. M.
Signal and Telegraph Corps.
First Regiment.
'Battery A, Artillery, leave Newark, 9
A. M.
All other troops will leave Trenton at
about 4 P. M.
Troops will report for mess at 11:30
A. M.
Quartermasters of regiments will as
sume personal supervision at their respec- j
tive mess halls.
Each company should be under the
commend of a commissioned officer dur ng ;
tho meal.
Assignments or tne various organiza
tions for mess are as follows:—
Fourth Regiment—Taylor Hall Assem
bly Rooms, Broad street, below State.
'' Naval Reserve. Naval Reserve Hall.
Hanover street, near Broad.
Horses will be foraged at Holland's
stables, rear of Mansion House, entrance
on State street, between Broad and War
ren etreeto.
Quartermaster General.
General Bird W. Spencer will have
charge of the exercises in the Opera
House. Ha has invited the follow ng
officers to assist in thi* part of the pro
ceedings and at the official reception at
the State House, which follow:—
General E. P. Meany of Newark, Colo
nel William «. Earley of Trenton, Colonel
Felton of Camden, Colonel Oleott of New
ark, Captain S. Armstrong of Trenton,
Colonel Godfrey of Camden. Colonc-l J. R.
Beam of Paterson, Colonel Reid of Tren
ton, Colonel R. R. Reading of Raven :
Rock, Colonel John C. Owens of Trenton. ;
Captain Holley of Hackensack, Major J. 1
S. Henry Clark of Newark, L eutenant i
E, T. Bull, Jr., of Patcreon, Captain
Vivian M. Lewis of Paterson. Llou'ennlu
R. M. Bouncer of Rutherford. Captain
G. 8. Cook of Somerville. Lieutenant A.
S. Jones of Passaic.
The directors of the Hudson County Na
tional Bank met this morning and re
elected Dr. John D. McGill Preadent and
Mr. J. Warren Hgrdenbergh Vice-Presi
Federal Reports Show That
They Have Increased
73 Per Cent in
Ten Years.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 17. 1902.-The pre
liminary census report on the manufac
turing industries of New Jersey shows
a total capital of $303,824,032, an Increase
of almost lOi per cent., and the value of
products In 1900 of $60,723,933, an Increase
of almost 73 per cent. There are 15,181
establishments, Increase CS per cent.: 241.
331 wagc-earnere, increase 101 per cent.:
total wages of *110,083.003. an Increase of
almost S3 per cent. The miscellaneous
expenses ihereased 131 per cent, to $42,
640,14", and the cost of materials used
wee $309,941,370, increase 91 per cent.
Following is a summary of the capital
and value of products. Including custom
work and repairing, in the cities separ
ately reported In 1900:— '
Camden—Capital, $16,420,611: Increase 8
per cent.; products, $20,451,S74; decrease,
3 per cent.; number of establishments,
817; increase, 24 per cent.
Elizabeth—Capital. $15,633,343; increase.
101 per cent.; value of products. $20,546,468;
increase, 96 per cent.; establishments, 419;
increase, 121 per cent.
Hoboken—Capital, $8,231,013; Increase,
111 per cent.: products, $12,092,672; increase.
69 per cent.; establishments. 299; increase.
SS per cent.
Jersey City—Capital, $S0,327,378; increase,
2-12 per cent.; products. $77,223,116; increase,
107 per cent.; establishment.-. 963; increase
33 per cent.
Newark—Capital, $104,135,802; increase, >77
per cent!;'products, $126,917,624; increase.
36 per cent.; establishments, 3,335: in
crease, 34 per cent.
Paterson—Capital, $13,510,481; Increase, SS
per cent.; products, $52,237,973; increase, 24
per cent.; establishments, 995; increase, 60
per cent.
Trenton—Capital, $26,174,393; increase, 36
per cent; products, $31.643,695:- Increase, IS
per cent.: establishments, 379; decrease,
36 per cent.
Bayonng—Capital, $26,583.05$: products.
$39,352,246; establishments, 225.
East Orange—Capital, $2,211,585: pro
ducts, $3,463,141; establishments, 167.
Orange—Capital. $1,925.-157; products. $!,
694,335; establishments, 2S4.
New Brunswick—Capital, $S,00$,6S«; pro
ducts, $5,754,757; establishments, 191.
Passaic—Capital. $23,279,421; products,
$11,031,254; establishments, 1S5.
West Hohoken—Capital, $1,042,373; pro
ducts, $3,431,760; establishments, 177.
There were no separate reports in 1899
for the last six named cities.
Central Fsi road Shopmen Honor©.!
Tils r Old F'To:ei'»ii,
A number of the Central Railroad shop
men gathered in the hail a; Pine and Ma
ple street, Lafayette, Wednesday night,
to honor their former, general foreman
George Thompson. After many years
service here,.Mr. Thompson resigned his
position to accept a similar one with the*
Union Pacific Railroad Company, and be
fore leaving for his new homo in me far
West his former fellow workmen deter
mined to show him how much tney ap
preciated him.
This appreciation took the form of a
handsome gold watch, which was pre
sented to Mr. Thompson in a neat speech
by John Penrose. Mr. Thompson replied
feelingly and other remarks were made
by ex-Fire Commissioner John Krickson,
Charles Davis and others. A eo'ln.tto:
followed the speech-making and during
the evening there was vocal and instre
rruntai music.
ASK tf*
Ely's Ci am i am
Give? eliefat < nee
It oleo ises, soothes
and heals the diseas
ed membrane. It,_
S,'“X “li'OLD"»HEAD
cold in the head quickly. It is Absorbed.
Heals and protects the Membrane. Re
stores the Senses of Taste and Smell.
Full size 50c.; Trial Size 10c.; at Drug
gists or by mail.
" KLY BROTHERS, 56 Warren Street,
New York.
widow; Thomas F. Randolph, Edgar F. Ran
(l.qnfc individually and as executors and
trustees under the will of Theod re F. Ran
dolph, dec’d; Jennie S. F. Randolph, widow;
'j ueockuv Randolph, infant; Elizabeth F. Ran
dolph, infant; Robert S. Randolph, infant;
L-:. y West, Andrew F. West, her husb no ;
The Morristown Trust Company, guardian of
Thomas F. Randolph; Sidney B. Bex'nns.
Mrs. Sidney B. Revan.*. bis wife; Sarah A.
F. Insley, wjdow; Henry A. Insiev, Aiberr
Insley, George W. Insley, Edward TV. Iiisley,
F.arie Insley, Anna SlauvcH, Fila Insley,
James P. Northrop, Hattie TV. Nortnrop, h's
wife. John TV. Hunt. Nancy A- Hunt, hi*
wife; Jdrfies Walsh and Michael Fee ley. Pa*.- ;
rick Foeley, Dennis Feeley, tenant*.
You are hereby notified thsfi at a public sale ;
made by the City Collector of Jersey City, on j
the 14th day of April. 18&6. The Mayor and ;
Aldermen of *:rsey City purchased for the
sum of one hundred and fifty-eight dollars and
eight cents ALL the land ami real estate
situate in Jersey City, in the County Hud
son and State of New Jersey, fronting cn
Canal street, which is laid down and desig
nated as lot 247, in block number 233. upon an
assessment map annexed to a report number $8.
made* by the “Commissioners of Adjustment''
appointed in and for said city by the Circuit
Court of the County of Hudson,, a certified
copy of which report and map was filed in the
office of the City Collector of Jersey City, on
th« 2d dav of April. 1S&L said report and map
and said sale being made pursuant to the pro
visions of an act of the Legislature ot Nesv
Jersev, passed March 20th, 1886, entitled:
“An Act concerning the settlement and collec
tion of arrearages o? unpaid taxes. a3se*s
xnents and water rates or water rents in
cities of this State, and imposing and levy
ing a tax. assessment and Hen in lieu and
instead of such arrearages, and to enforce
the payment thereof, and to provide for
the sale *of lands subjected to future taxa
tion and assessment."
And lie several supplements thereto.
And vou are further notified that you appear j
to have an estate or interest in said land and *
real estate, and unions the said land and real
estate shall be redeemed, as provided in said
acts, before the expiration of six months Uotn
und after the service hereof, a. deed fat* the ,
aim, will be given conveying. 11 The Mayor ;
and Aldermen of Jersey City the fee aim-tie of
saw land and real estate according to the pro- ;
visions of the «aid mR., . , •
Dated Jersey City. N. J.. June 17th, lvOl.
CITY. „ ___
E. HOOS. :
(Seal.) Mayor, i
Attest- M. J. O’DONNELL. |
City Clerk, j
(Sale No. S,Ui > __ ,
To Wilhelm J. Sznzenvkl.
Bv virtue of an order of the Court of
Chancerv of New Jersey, made on the
date hereof In the cause wherein Marla
A. Sznzenakl ie petitioner and you ore de
fendant. you are requ rod to appear and
answer the petitioner’s petition or or be
fore the twentieth day of February, 1902,
or that in default thereof such decree will
be made against,you as to the Chancellor
shall aeem equitable and .lust. The said
petition Is tiled against you for divorce
from the bond of matrimony.
Dated December IKa, iHOl.
Sol cltors for Petitioner,
Post office address. No. 258 Washington
in limited quantities, furnished to
This method of lighting stores, or
large floor spaces, is becoming very
popular. You put in the wires, and
we hang and connect the
The New Jersey
Title Gnaraitnn anil M
Offers to the public the privileges of its
Safi Deposit Vault
At prices that are within the reach of all. The
Vault is protected against burglary, fire, etc., by
every known device. A box may be rented for one
year for So. Vault open daily, 9 to 5 P. M. Satur
day, 9 A. M. to 12 M. Public inspection invited.
_ ny a ycia l.__
Members of N. Y. Stock Exchange.
52 Broadway, hew York,
Turn atr a General Banking
anti -took £xcka~g» Business.
Rouma SIT, 31S & 319,
Commercial Trust Com nan y Building,
Telephone 3u3, la Exchange Place.
kiihlitS T.. GOC'GK. kj onager.
NEWARK OFFICE: S00 Broad Street.
___ MEEiiy as _
ion Cemetery Association for the elec
tion of Trustees will be held at the office
ot the Association, No. 239 Washington
, strest, Jersey City, on Monday, January
27, 1902, at eleven o’clock A. M.
H. F. TURRET, Treasurer. J
h j&jM ±±,JJ.
unma.rritd men between ages of 21 and 35; :
citizens ot United States, ot good character f
ar.d tc-mpe.are habits, who can speak, read and ■
write English. For information apply to Re- i
c-nilting Officer, 4T Montgomery street. Jersey *
City, N. J.
price, make arid inside measurement. Ad
dress W., care News.
and Beach staying' machines; also girls, ex
perienced, and learners for paper box making.
Apply to Wrigley Brothers, 4o0 iVest 14th street.
New York. __
wages. 104 First street.
Ready Cash Loaned Privately. i
on Furniture and
all Kinds of
household goads.
You can Day it
; back to suit your convenience, if you
have a loan with any other company or
owe your furniture healer, we wi.i pay It
oft and advance you more money. Na
tional Loan Co.. No. 37 Newark avenue.
Jersey City. Tel. 27. j
Edward*, surviving executor* under the w:il .
or Michael Lienau, dse’d; Emm* 1-. Lienau. ;
widow; Eauiiue Lienau. widow; la>uis V*. •
Lienau, Eleanor A. L.enau, hi* wffe; Fred
erick \V. Lienau, Harriet Lienau. h;s wife;
Hans B. Lienau, Margaret:* P. Lienau, »a
iaut; Louise Lienau. widow; Rudolph C. M
Lienau, Alvina Lienau, his wife; Peter A. M.
Lienau. Sarah A. B. Lienau, infant; MaUtilue
Ham beau, Adolph Ranibeau, her nusbar.d;
Cecile Bacot, Lili Bacot. Mathiide SchuRze,
H. Octavius Schultxe, her husband, and El
ward W. Twight; Walter Twight. infant;
Michael Lienau, Anna Lienau. his wife, and
Ernest Lienau.
You are hereby notified that at a public
sale made by the City Collector at Jersey City,
on the 1st day of November, IS97. the Mayor
and Aldermen of Jersey City purcha=*»d for
the sun* of four hundred and one dollars and
thirty cents ALL the land amt real estate
situate in Jersey City, in ;he County of Hud
son and State of New Jersey, fronting on
Central avenue, which is laid down and desig
nated as lots 20 to 23. »r» block number 70S,
upon an assessment map annexed to a report
number Id-, made by the “Commissioners of
Adjustment" appointed in and for sakl City
by the Circuit Court of the County of Hudson,
a certified copy of which report and trap wa*
filed in the office of the City Collector of Jer
sey City, on the t&tix day of November. WJU
said report and map and ,aid sale being mad**
pursuant to the provisions of an act of ih«
Legislature of New Jersey, passed March wth.
3S**>. entitled:
"Aq Act concerning; the sntkmeot and collec
tion of arrearage* of unpaid taxes, asje«e
ments and water rates or water rent* in
cities cf this State, and imposing tad levy
ing a t a X,~ assessment and iien In lieu and
instead of such arrearages, and to enforce
the payment thereof, and to provide 2or rb*
sale of lands subjected, to future taXAtidu
and assessment." ; *
And the several supplements thereto.
And* you are further notified that you r.pr-*'*r ;
to have an estate or interest in said ’and and
real estate, and unless tl. _ald ‘.and and real
estate shall be redeemed, as provided in saM
acts, before the expiration of six months from
and after the service hereof, a deed for the ,
same will be given conveying to The Mayor
and Aldermen of Jersey Crty ttfe fee simple of
stifd land and real estate according to the pro
visions of the said act. t
Pared Jersey City, N. J.. November 53. 15^1
«. HOQS,
fSeal ) ^ May. r.
Attest!- M. J. O'DONNELL. I
City Clerk, j
(Sale N*o. WS7.1
.. ■■——.. ■ —m ■—■■■;.■■■ <
Ellen V. Stout, deceased; David J. Senior
and Dr. John F. Henry, executors of Ellen V.
Stout, deceased; by order of th* Surroga.** cf
Hudson County, dated July 13, 1901, hereby '
gives notice to the creditors of said decedent
to bring in their debts, demands and claims 1
against the estate of said decedent, under oath
or affirmation, within nine months from th*
dgt* ot said order, or they will be for* »* 1
barred of any a&lon therefor against ail«*
executor. j>AVir» j. SENIOR,
Edwards, surviving executors under the wul
of Michael Lienau, dec’d; Emma L. Lienau,
widow; Pauline Lienau, widow; Louis V..
Ller.au, Eleanor A. Lienau, his wife; Fred
erick W. Lienau. Harriet Lienau, his wife;
Hans B. Lienau. Margaretta P. Lienau, in
fant ; Louise Lienau, widow, Ruaolph C. M
Lienau, Alvina Lienau, his wife; Peter A. M.
Lienau, Sarah A. B. Lienau, infant; Mathilda
Rambeau, Adolph Rambeau, her husband;
Cecile Bacot, Liii Bacot, Mathikfe Schultae,
H. Octavius Schultxe, her hurband, and Ed
ward W. Twight. Waiter Twight, infant;
Michael Lienau, Anna Lienau. his wife, and
Ernest Lienau.
You are hereby notified that at a public sale
made by the City Collector of Jersey City,
on the 1st day of November, 1897. The Mayor
and Aldermen of Jersey City purchased for
the sum of one hundred and forty-four dollars
and nineteen cents ALL the land and real
estate situate in Jersey City, in the County
of Hudson and State of New Jersey, fronting
on Ogden avenue, which is laid down and
designated as lots 15. 16 and 17, in block num
ber 7to, upon an assessment map annexed to a
report number 100. made by the “Commission
ers of Adjustment” appointed in and for said
City by the Circuit Court of the County of
Hudson, a certified copy of which report and
map was filed in the office of the City Collector
of Jersey City, on the 1st day of July, 1?95.
said report and map and said sale being mads
pursuant to the provisions of an act of ths
Legislature of New Jersey, passed March 3dfh.
1886. entitled:—
“An Act concerning the settlement and collec
tion of arrearages of unpaid taxes, assess
ments and water rates or water rents in
cities of this State, and imposing and levy
ing a tax, assessment and Hen in Hen and
instead of such arrearages, and to enforce
the payment thereof, and to provide for the
sale of lands subjected to future taxation
and assessment.”
And the several supplements thereto.
And you are further notified that you appear
to have an estate or interest in said land and
real estate, and unless the said land and real
estate shall be redeemed, as provided In said
acts, before the expiration of six months from
and after the service hereof, a deed for the
same will be given conveying to The Mayor
and Aldermen of Jersey City the fee simpie of
said land and real estate according to the pro
visions of the said act.
Dated Jersey City, N. J., November 25, 1901.
(Seal.) Mayor,
Attest:— M. J. O’DONNELL.
City Clerk.
(Sale No. 7593.)
Edwards, surviving executors under the will
of Michael Lienau, dee'd; Emma L. Lienau*
widow; Pauline Lienau, widow; Louis W.
Lienau, Eleanor A. Lienau, his wife; Fred
erick W. Lienau, Harriet Lienau, hla wife;
Hans B. Lienau. Margaretta P. Lienau. in
fant; Louise Lienau, widow; Hudoieh C. M.
Lienau, Alvina Lienau. his wife: Peter A. M.
Lienau, Sarah A. B. Lienau, infant; Mathihie
Rambeau. Adolph Rambeau. her husband;
Ceciie Baeot, Llli Bn cot, Mathilde Schuitze.
H. Octavius Schultz*. her husband, and Ed
ward NT. Twight, Walter Twlght, infant:
Michael Lienau, Anna Lienau, his wife, and
Ernest Lienau.
You are hereby notified that at a public sale
■nade by the City Collector of Jersey City, on
:he tet day of November. 2Mf7. The Mayor and
Aldermen of Jersey City purchased for tha
sum of one hundred and four dollars and
"eighteen cents ALL the land and real estao
dcuate in Jersey City, in the County of Hud
son and State of New- Jersey, fronting on
>n?ral avenue, which is laid dowu and deaig
iated as lot 14. In biock number 726. upon an
icessment map annexed to a report number
,02, made by the "Commissioners of Adjust.
«er*t'‘ appointed in and for said City by the
Circuit Court of the County of Hudson, a
•ertlfied copy of which report and map was
lied in the office of the City Collector of Jer
•ey City, on 'he 25th day of November, 1S95.
aid report and map ami said sale be ng made
mrsuant to the provisions of an act of th*
legislature of Now Jersey, passed March 3$th,
‘An Acs concerning the settlement and ecUee»
tion of arrearaftes of unpaid taxes, assess
ments and water rates or water rents in
citfcea ot this Stale, and imposing and levy
ing o tax. a.-se^naent. and lien in lieu and
instead ot such <im**raf?*s. and t* *nfetv.»
the payment thereof, and to provide for tha
sale of labels subjected to future taxation
and a Cessment.'*
InU the several supplements thereto.
And you are further notified that you appear
o have an estate or interest in saH land and
ea! esnat*. arJi unH*>' in* mid land and real
xtkte shall b*r redeemed, as provided in said
sets, before the explratiof* • f six month** from
md after thn service h#rfe»f., a .leed for th#
a me will be given oonveving to The Mayor
tml AWeftnen of Jcr^y Oify the fee simplef
kpl land and teal estate According to *bo pro*
of .tit* said a«n.
Dated Jersey Cltr, X. .T.. November 2?.
E. HOC*?.
(Seal.) Mayor.
Attest:— M J. O’DONXELt.
city o«r*. *
(Sale No.
Sgaggggg --5=55-:-—-".»»
JOHN GOLDEN. <J<£c*a3r%i: Kugefce DeyiU,
dralntataicr of John Golden. <1« oased.'by , r
ier of the Deputy Surrogn o of Hausoft Conn
y. dated October 13th, jb»»b hereby five* n.
ire to the creditors ot **m <L>ced*Ht to brirg
n their debts. demands ami claifns ggaih«t
i-e estate or **u1 da*dem, under oath or a:
Irmatlon, within nine*, mouth# renn the date
-f mid order. <**• they Will be forever barred
*f any action therefor attains? aaM sdmuda
rator._ ECTKNE. _
JOHN HELRIG. deveaaed: Leuivn ^I'ir,
administratrix of John Hethig, decease*, V <
.rder of the Deputy Surrogate o* Hart*.: i
.'ounfy. dated October U«h, i>n. fc-.cvh--- pUvi
lotlce to the creditors ♦'£ ab*d Jr-eden: .
•ring in their J*u.\ d*-r«mv and. efaitn
.gair.»-v the estate of s&ui -K'Mifti. u: j
»r atrnpatLn. within nil** rr;i o:hr ffiewn C *
late of said order. m«*y w»3l. be faravet
tarrad of auy action* thvcf«- <igw;»4t s* <4
dattelMraUlx WL1SA HEUJMk

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