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Economical Crepe ilC Clilnco-Snurt
BlacV tioivun.
Evening gowns have never been
wore beautiful, and varied than they
have been this winter nor perhaps
wore costly, for they are of the most
diaphanous and therefore perishable
materials, which need to be made up
over sillt of the best quality or else
their effect is lost.
When economy is to be considered,
a crepe de chine gown Is advisable,
for, though the initial cost of this
fabric may be great a really good i
, crepe de chine will wear splendidly
and will emerge triumphant from the
qrdeal of cleaning and remodeling.
The same advantage may be claimed
for the chautilly and sprigged brussels
nets, which are also extremely fash
ionable. both In ivory and black. Some
»f the loveliest gowns are mainly fash- ;
Soiled of chiffon and tulle; which are
both as fragile as they are effective.
Black Is so ^xtremely becoming to
some women that it remains in high
favor, especially for dinner or theater
■wear. , v
The gown in the picture is of ivory
crepe de chine, trimmed with applique
or wide meshed net. The belt is of
green and white taffeta.
.ljr*. -
When preparing a stew the addition
of one tablespoonful of tapioca will |
make a great improvement.
Oakes will never burn at the bottom
When baking if a little salt be sprinkled
ou the oven shelf under the cake tin.
A11 Tatty tissue covering the shoul
<!'■:■ or leg of mutton sfiould be removed
bei^re rousting, to prevent the strong
odor and flavor.
Do not melt the butter to be used in I
cake making. Bring it into a warm ■
room in time to let it soften slowly
before It Is wanted.
The dish of bash left from the break
fast may be converted into savory din
'ner soup by cooking It slowly for two
or three hours and seasoning it with
parsley, onion, tomato and celery.
Soups and gravies are richer and bet
ter if the meat and vegetables are put
into the saucepan first with a little
butter and allowed to cook slowly for
nearly half an hour before adding the
Cold baked potatoes may be warmed
up and be as palatable a6 freshly
baked ones if dipped into hot water a
moment, then put into the oven, taking
care that they remain only just long
enough to get perfectly hot, but not
ha >d.
CoaVolidilf CS'liar**,
Bursts of passion in a little child
must be met by steady, gentle firmness
on the mother’s side. Loud outcries
should be hushed not by angry words,
but by u grave quietness of voice and
speech, which helps to repress them by
mere. tsree of contrast.
Passionate gestures, such as blows,
kicks and drumming with the heels up
on the floor, should be prevented by
physical force if necessary. Allow all,
the thing coveted if it causes the child
to fly into a rage as the readiest means
of obtaining it should never be granted.
As the child grows older and can he
reasoned with he or she should be
taught to avoid the beginnings of
wrath, to struggle against irritability
and not to give way to it in words
when it rises in the mind, says the
Washington Star.
Quick tempered children often have
generous, lovable natures, easily influ
enced for good. A wish to please an
other and to do what la right for its
own sake may be made strong enough
to close the lips against the torrent of
angry words that rushes to them and
so helps them to victory. Each effort
at self conquest makes the next one
Mr d sctor says it acts gently on the stomach, liter
and lti leers ana is»i.l«as»nt laisiire. This drink is
nsvio t om herbs, and is prepared for use us easily as
tea- I ib called or
4':; :
The YVeeliTtf.es visit
Chy half.
By Frsank H. Sweet
Copyright, lixie, by the
S. S. McClure Company
“Heered anything ’bout wheat to
day?” grumbled old Jake as his hired
man entered. "Goin’ down, of course?”
“No; goin’ up,” Bill answered prompt
ly. “A man hollered to me from the
aige of the hill this moruin' an' said
’twas TO.”
“Seventy!” Jake grabbed his crutches
and rose totteriugly to his fact, but
sank back with a snarl of mingled
pain and rage. “Seventy cents, an’
I’ve got ninety bushels! Durn the old
back! Time I'm over the rheumatics
it'll be down to 50, like ’twas last year,
an’ there'll be a clean loss of $18.
Blame it all!”
"Thar’s Bill, pap,” suggested his
daughter. “He’s mighty strong au’i
The face darkened, then grew light
er. Evidently the idea, at first scout
ed, was being tolerated. That meant
the hired man had moved forward.
“I—dunno,” doubtfully.
Bill saw his opportunity and rose to
it like a man.
“I’U take it down all right,” he said
confidently. “I’ve sold wheat to Staun
“bid y* git the seventy cents?” de
ton afore.” He was thinking of two
bushels he had once taken to market
for his father, the proceeds of which
he had lost on the way home.
Jake snorted. “Thar’s more failin'® :
than raisin's in wheat,” he snapped,
“so X reckon ye’d better go, An’, mind, !
I want ye to git it all in toruorrer.” j
Bill's head was whirling, but there j
was Laurel looking »t him confidently.
“All right,” he said as steadily as he
could. “The mules can draw half on
the long waggin, an’ I’ll borry Tom ;
Stuart's mule an' Ike Brown’s old hoss j
an’ hitch 'em to Ben Coyuer's hay I
waggin. That’ll take the other half.
Ike’s boy Sam can drive ahind me, so
I can keep an eye on to him. Oh,' yes;
we’ll gft on fust rate.”
Jake nodded approvingly. It was a
good plaV
After the wheat was loaded the nest
tnoruiug Bill contrived to draw Laurel
into the kitchen for a moment.
' Say, Laurel, he began eagerly, “I—
I—say, would ye miad me gittin’ a ring
to Staunton, a gold ring, for ye au’
She looked at him quickly, under
standingly, her face flushing.
"Why, no, I wouldn’t mind, Bill,”
she said simply. “I’ll be real glad.”
‘‘An’—an’ would ye mind speakin’ to
yer pap ’bout It while I'm gone. Lau
rel? It might be a good time now I*m
a-totin’ bis wheat.”
“N-no; 1 don't mind.”
She watched him from the doorway
until the heavy wagons rumbled out
of sight; then she went in to her fa
‘Tap.” she announced , abruptly,
“Bill's ast me to marry him.”
•‘An’ you?”
“I’ve said yes.” composedly.
Jake controlled himself with a
‘ mighty effort. With Laurel he must
be diplomatic.
“Well, mebbe ye know best,” he
fflfaaat'Otl affably, ‘‘but know boW
It IS wnn am. Tell Hare io wart rut
he’s able to keep ye. I don’t reckon
he’s saved enough to buy a runt pig
But Laurel smiled contentedly. Peo
ple were easily , mistaken, she thought.
Had Bill not promised her a gold ring
out of the plenitude of his riches? So
she said softly, ‘‘We’ll wait till ye say
yerse’f that Bill's able to keep ine.”
Curiously enough, at that very mo
ment Bill was wondering dismally how
he would he able to contrive the pur
chase of a gold ring. Twenty-five
cents represented the accumulation of
his twenty-five years.
They expected him back by the end
of the third day. It was the afternoon
of the sixth when he returned. As he
dismissed young Sam and attended to
his mules there was a look of beatific
joy upon his face, which remained
there until he opened the cabin door
and saw the expectant face of Jake.
Then he whitened and staggered to the
nearest chair. , '
“Ye pore boy!” cried Laurel tender
ly. “Yer plumb beat out.”
“Did ye git the 70 cents?” demanded
Jaks eagerly.
Bill gasped and tried to collect his
thoughts. 'What was he here for? It
•tfas about the wheat, wasn't it? He
had almost forgotten that unimportant
matter after the gold ring took posses
sion of his mind. He remembered the
wheat had been taken to the store
room of a big flouring will and that he
had told a clerk he would be back later
and attend to its sale. Then he had hur
ried away in search of a job of hauling
with the mules and had carted sand
two days for $6 and had bought the
gold ring. And he had given Sam the
25 cents to pay his fare to a cousin's
to get him out of the way for the two
days. That was all, only he had for
gotten to go back and sell the wheat.
“Did ye git the 70 cents?” demanded
Jake for the second time.
Bill felt that it was a crisis with
him, and he drew a long, hard breath.
“Ye see, it’s this a-way,” he said.
“Signs are for risin’, an’ I ain’t sold
yet. But X’Jl go down”— He was
about to say “to oneet,” but restrained
himself, for that might betray him.
He added instead, “But I’ll go down
in a few days an’ see how the risin’ is
cornin’ on.”
under ordinary circumstances the
invalid would not have controlled'his
astonishment and wrath, but this was
an extraordinary opportunity, and
Jake was nothing if not diplomatic, so
he forced hirusPlf into a semblance of
“TV'aal, it’s yer lookout, Bill,” he said
significantly. “I ordered ye to sell,
an’ of course I'll hold ye responsible
for all fallin’s from the 70 cents.” *
It was a very miserable Bill who
went out to attend to the evening
chores. He imagined all sorts' of fall
ings—from a life of toil spent in aton
ing for the carelessness to the proba
ble loss of Laurel. He stuck it out,
however, until the third morning. Then
he left the cabin with steady, con
fident strides, which, however, changed
to frantic haste as soon as he was be
yond view of Laurel in the doorway.
But the mills of the gods sometimes
torn out unaccountable grist. When
Bill returned at the end of one short
twenty-four hours, his face was again
expressive of beatific joy.
Crc iug straight to Jake, he handejl
him a roll of bills. “The risin’ was
even better than I ’lowed on,’’ he said
nonchalantly. “I sold for a dollar.
Ye sec, thnr was signs of breakin’,
an’ I ’lowed I better not hold on any
Jake gazed at the money; at the
strong, handsome figure before him;
at Laurel, smiling a' few feet away,
and bowed hit- a^ad in surrender.
“I reckon I might ’a’ been mistook,
Ldurel,” he said submissively. “Bill
will be able to keep ye. sure "Hough.”
How to U»V a Jonrar.
A long mirror and a hand glass ought
to be a necessity with every well
dressed woman.'and it should invaria
bly be placed in the strongest possible
light. This may make her Wince as the
years go by, but it will tend to make
her careful and more apt to keep from
other people what the glass tells her.
No Dessert
More Attractive
Why use gelatine and
spend hours soaking,
sweetening, flavoring1
and coloring when
produces better results in two minutes? j
Everything ia. the .package. Simply add hot
water and set to cool. It's perfection. A sur
prise to the housewife, No trouble, less ex
pense., Try it t’o-clay. . In Four Fruit Fla
vors: Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Xtan
be«y, At grocers. 10a.. (
(Official Proceedings.) /
Communication front Chid of Police
infnruuug' Board of tin- death' Van
Driver Jacob A an Winkle.
Orderdtl tiled. 4
Conimunicatinadfro urf'hnirman of the
Kxeditit'e ComniKtee lif the Robert Da
vis Association, requesting permission to
hold a charity sacml concert at the
.Bijou Theatre op Pmulay. J^iiuiarv 1.
.Motion hy Commissioner McGill:—
Tile communication be received and r< •
furred to the Chief with power to see
that it is conducted properly.
Amended hy Ctmimissiotiei* Mitchell:—
That the request be granted, provided
ir is for charitable purposes. .
, Adopted by t.be following rote:—
Yeas—(Te.sidenU.Tikleti and Commis
sioner McGill.
.N ay—CommiKsionw Mitchell.
presentation oitceaims.
Claims were presented amt referred to
the proper committees, as follows:—
Payrolls of Jicpartnumt for December,
Payrolls of Police Justices and Court
Clerks, December, #883.32.
Payroll pf sieh and pensioned officers,
December. #2,405.88.
Referred to Committee on Salaries.
Vile Hav & Grain Co., feed to De
partment, December, #200.40,
Jannvs Fun-ell, meals to prisoners, De
cember, #80.70.
Otto J. Sinter, ideals to prisoners, 3d1
Preoinet. Decern I >er, 840.80.
Cojigliiin Bros., coal to Third Precinct,
Neumann Industrial Home, kindling
wood, Fourth -Precinct, December, #5.00.
James B. Shaw, horse shoeing, Third
and Sixth ‘Precenicts, December, $27.50.
8. J. Jensen, horse shoeing. Fifth Pre
cinct, December, #25.25.
J. P. Landrine, supplies. Third and
Sixth Precincts. December, #3.00.
Frank R. Ruck, supplies, December,
E. \V. Bnlliirger. one Guide, December.
1002. to December. 1003. #0.00.
William H. Ew'alil, stationery, Decem
ber, #13.85.
Sixth Precincts. #32.00.
George H.vlones, repairs, First rro
cinet and Headquartei-s, December.
X. 7. & X. .1. Telephone Co., tolls.
March to May. $.77.25.
X. I. & X. .1. Telephone Co., tolls.
September to October, $4(>:o0.
James Crilly, labor on signal system,
December, $00.00.
Robert 8. .Shaw, board of houses, Xo
Vember. $17.49.
Dr. E. Matthews, veterinary service,
September to -November. $42.00.
Peter ,1. ('banc, repairs to wagon, Sec
ond Precinct, November, $13.00.
H. H. Baker, one'let of Barry collars,
November. $50.00.
I Executor of F. Matthews’ Estate, two
I sorrel horses, ,$400.00.
Fiss, Doerr & Carroll Horse Co., two
sorrel horses, $475.00.
F. B. Krill, supplies. November, $22.80.
J1?1* Meuagli, supplies. November,
Jersey City Supply Co., supplies, No
vember. $18.01.
\\ illiain H. Ewald. printing anil sta
tionery. November, $238.18.
Jersey City Printing Co., printing min
utes, November, $18.00.
Referred to Committee on General
(_ hums.
Gardner Bros., groceries to hospital,
December, $213.43.
Henry Sane, meat, December. $283.(53.
V •*-’., ciakt‘-v' green groceries. Decem
ber. $73.81. ’
Borden’s Condensed Milk Co., milk.
A. I ost, fish. December, $.‘>8.22
(fflimwe A. O’Keeffe, dry goods, De
cember, $07.04. ’
$40 4»ilaiWer & S<ms- repairs> November,
SlVffiPh XumbuscI‘- repairs, December,.
Coughlin Bros., eonl. December. $107.
oO and $10.50.
Xcwunni Industrial Home, kindling
-wood, December, $12.00.
e.,2Ikhael Harris,' glazing, December,
T-*>« I i).
$14*35*" Lan'!lilu'' suPPlit's, December.
Xoveniber.d$34yffi'Ver 1Ce Cob)1>any’ ka’
x^S^^kt™1 °f auuex’ May to
1- iss, Doerr & Carroll Company, one
S>‘i.y horse, November. $250.00.
X<?vember;Vla»?’er C°“'P!U,y’
J. Cl wood Lee Company, supplies, Oc
tober and November. $177.34.
Keferred to Committee on Hospitals
and Dispensaries. t
T.i/’o'J"1!-. 1,1 employes o# Board of
Health, December, $038.33.
Mrs. J. H. Farrar, matron Em. Hosp.
and supplies, December. $32.75
W <rfl hra<1- rtnt <»««, D*cem
bet, $.>0.00: January, 850.00
D. E. Cleary rent of Em. Hospital,
November and December. $00.00.
Hudson Coal Company, coal to office,
December, $13.00.
.Pr- ,H- 'h Alexander Company, sup
plies. December. $5,00.
Johnson and Johnson, supplies. Febru
ary to July. $322.20.
X, Y. & X. J. Telephone Co., tolls and
scivice. July to September, $30.00
telephone. Co., tolls. No
vember, $10.35.
James J. McNulty, for time lost caused
by the contracting of smallpox while tak
$195 00i>UtltIlt t(> tlie Penthouse, May,
^ *. Daudrine, supplier. December,
I crfeetion Chemical Company, sup
plies. December, $13.00.
Hudson County Has Company, gas<in
oltice, September to November, $0.02.
•SI''^0 ^ Kwa,d' Printing, November, ■
, l>'o.y~.Benjamin, incidentals, Novem
ber, .*3.50.
Referred to Committee on Health.
.'1. r. Connolly Contracting Company,,
percentage;' retained ou 1 contract for1
mason work. Sixth Precinct. $787.45.
1 nonius Mahoney, percentage retained
on contract for carpenter work. Sixth
Precinct Station, $548.65.
Referred to Committee on Building
Sixth Precinct Station.
r.ie following claims.having’been re
ported correct by. committees AS wh<mi<
they were referred, imd -rtsfototibna^pre-'
seated ordering/ warraHts\><lraXen .ouJCltv'
1 reasurer adopted4hv t.iet foil owkngf vote,
tlie yeas and nays having heeuVidered
and taken?—
Yeas—All the members.
Committee on Salaries:—
Payrolls of Department. $30,251.54;
PgHml of police justices audwhief clerks,
Si Io-”Jo l,a-vl’u'*l ®f sick aitfl " pensioned.
Committee on General Claims:_
^ \ ile Ha.v & Gra ill l,'(l , ir* yl f
Farrell, $S0.7<>; Otto J. Sluter. '$49:80;
Cpagrhlin Bros.. $97.50; Xewmmi in-* i.->
triai Home. $5.00: JarJes B. Slsiiv $27 -
m S. J. Jensen. $25.25; .1. P. iinririne.
¥»uk It. x. Frick. 824.63 atm
y.G.W: h. \V. Bollinger. $ti.0*>: William
II. EwnM. $1.4.85; George K. Jl.n«s. $89.
25: X. Y. & X. .1. Telephone!'*.. $57.23
ami $40.50; .Janos CrilleY, >(iO.<m- Koh
<■« k Wuiw. $17.49; Dr. E. Matthews.
$4200: Peter .joeham: $13.00; -c. |..
Baker, $50.00; JSxecntnr of Estate of
Frank .Matthews. $ Tut). Off: Flow, tWr
& Carroll Horae Company. $475.00: F. B.
Brill, $22.80: Worn! ami Menagh. $14.20;
larger City Supply > '•.!>»»»«,•%-. ..il‘8 04:
\\ UliQW H. EwaUl, $5538.18; Jersey City
Printing Company. $18.00. -
Committee on Hospital ami Dispen
Henry Jane.
$—44$. J- Klakey, $73.81; Bm'rienV
Condense:! Milk Company. $192134: A.
ihet. milui(»r£^0^|,<.^C7.
Trust Company
oe New Jersey
-1,1. :■# ■ ’ , . V
15 Rxcliange Place.,
Capital and Surplus, - $2,500,000.00
Most accessibly located at terminus of all trolley line
John \Y. Hardenbergh, President.
George W. Young. Vice President.
Robert S. Ross, Vice President.
Oscar L. tiubelniac. Secretary aud Trees.
a M.an
Is Out
In society he cannot afford to
wear cheap, ready-made, mis
fit clothes. GOOD clothes
will go a . long way towards
helping you to make a favora
ble impression.
If'we make your clothes
they will not only be fashiona
ble, but they will fit perfectly,
wear well and give perfect
satisfaction besides. You
don’t take any risks when you
give us your order. We guar
antee everything.
tfctam Steip,
Kiss, Doerr <£r Carroll Horse Co.. $250.00;
The Kuy Sheerer (company. $52.50; .T.
Ehvood lee Company, $177.34; F. Hau
ser & Sons. $40.40.
Committee on Health:—
Payroll of employe*. $638.33; Mr. ,T.
H. Farrar. $.'12,75; Marv Goulard. $50.00
and $50.00: 1>. E. Cleary. $00.00: Hud
son Coal Company, $13.00; Dr. H. M.
Alexander Co„ $5.00; Johnson & John
son. $322.20: X. Y. & X. J. Telephone
Company. $30.00 and $10.35: William H.
Ewald. $12,50:11 udson County Gas Co.,
$9.02; Perfection Chemical Co., $73.00;
•T. P. I-andriae. $;9.30: James J. McXul
tl. $195.00;- D. W. Benjamin, $3.50.
Committee on Building Sixth Precinct
Station House:—
_M. T. Connolly Contracting Company,
$7S7..45; Thomas Mahoney, $548.05.
By President McGill:—
Whereas, under and by an act of the
Legislature of the tjtate of New Jersey,
entitled "An Act to provide for, the grad
ing and promotion of members of the
Police Force in cities of the first class of
this State," approved March 27th. 1902.
it is, amongst other things, provided, that
it shall be the duty of the Police Com
missioners having control of the police
force in any such city, from year to year
to grade acting patrolmen, according to
their duration of service and fitness, of
such police force.
And whereas, any and all promotions
of any such acting ptarolmeu shall oniy
lie made for merit, as provided for in
sncli act.
Ann whereas, the undersigned acting
patrolmen in the Jersey City Police De
partment are entitled to promotion under
the provisions of such act.
Now. -therefore, it is stipulated and
agreed by the undersigned, that, should
any of i. them, by grading and advance
ment. and in accordance witli the pro
visions of the aforesaid actti be by the
Police Commissioners of. Jersey City pro
moted to the office of patrolman or ad
vanced a grade as acting patrolmen, and
should the appropriation available to the
said Police .Commissioners for the pres
ent fisc! year of .Jersey City, for police
purposes, be. insufficient to fully pay the
salary of such patrolman or acting pa
trolman to the extent provided by law.
then! and in such event, the undersigned,
respectively, so advanved to the position
of patrolman or a grade as acting patrol
men will receive anti accept such propor
tion of the suth-y of patrolmen or octroy
patrolmen as tiff appropriation available
to the said Boa’ord of Police Commis
sioners will py, and in such event wall
not hold the Mayor anti Aldermen of
Jersey. City liable for any of the amount
of salary in default, provided by law
for such patrolmen and acting patrolmen,
and riot paid because of lack of sujcieut
It-being expressly understood the un
dersigned. in the event of such promo
tion to the office of patrolmen n ad
vanced a grade us acting patrolman, and1
the inadequacy of the appropriation r.»
fully pay the eliiry provided for such of
fice' by law. that such individuals so pro
funded to the office of patrolman or ad
vanced a grade as acting patrolman, un
der' such cireuihstiinees shall and will
perform the duties of said offices at such
compoustaiou as the said Police Com
missioners may’be able to pay in view
of the appropriation available to said
Police Oorinvustrioiiers for such purpose,
although the amount thus paid shall be
less thau the compensation provided by
Dated Jersey City. N. J.,
December 23d, Ifltrj.
Acting Patrolmen. first grade.—George
H. Osierlo. William Sheahait. F. G.
Soheibe. Michael J. Doyle. Frank Rliem.
M. A. Martin. Eugene .T. Lyons.. Michael
Duiuion, Edward1 MeOanoll, Joseph
Sliopp, Joseph i’. Maher. George Boyle,
j Charles Carroll. Richard Looney, Charles
' Burgess, William lieod. William Duane,
| Hugh J. Clarke. James Sullivan. Martin
Hayes, George A. Sander, James F.
Rooney, Fa trick Walsh, John W. Burns,
| James Dolan.
! . Acting Patrolmen, second grade —1‘hll
j 'lip Miller, Alexander Rogers. Joseph Col
I bus. Joseph S .Martin. Garrett Lonias
uey, Richard- BftjHke.v, John A. Burns.
Patrick Fitzsimmons. Patrick O'lKmnell.
John Valentine, Michael Meehan. Jacob
G. Hcrscbe. ElswbrUi ItryWn, James J.
lamgnu. .Tames McXanptrn; Patrick J.
' Boyle, David BucUely, Cbnrles Dunne,
Thomas P. Egan. Jdhu J. Hard. 'Edward
T. Bt :ikes, Jr., James McNulty, Terence
Dnruah. Arthur Rrdltu. William Conk. •
John H. Whalen. Thermits J. Dovmo, {
Phillip Ripper. Robert Simon, Frank
Catnip, Patrick Hunnelly Thorn as F. i
DoTUbm. Aiex. IJ Kachlee. Huglt Me t
Cormaelr. Thomas Moran. George Strat
.Acting .patrolmen, third grade.—Ed
mumLH. Burty. Daniel J. Donovan. IIm
I ry Fox \Viilmrd Skmher, AViiliapi J. Bla
! key, Herbert G. Alien, Wilba no liable,
Rickard H. Bracken. Georga A. Buffett,
YV. YV. Tauhifan, Edward S. Reilly.
Hugh Duffy, G, U. Huokstavcr. James
Meovern, Timothy Hearing John E. Bo
leu. D. Brainnrd. Timothy J. Slmgnre,'
J,, Keefe. YVilliam McCarrou, H. Van
horn. R. Qnerting.
Resolved, That file following named
acting patrolmen he advanced and pro
moted one grade from that at present
held by them and 'that said promotions
take effect from January 1st. BIOS, via.:
Front First Class Acting Patrolmen to
lie Patrolmen,—J. \Y'. urns. O. (i. Boyle.
M. J. Doyle. J. Dolan. R. J. Looney, At.
A. Martin, YY'illiain l’eed, (J. A. Sunder,
E. J. Lyons, f. A. Burgess. (’. Carroll,
W Duane. E. MrCamtll. <1. H. O ttrlo.
William F. Sheehan, F. Sehiehe. P.
YY’als’a, F. Blieui. H. Chirk. M. Dunoon.
M. Hayes, J. P. Maher, J. S. Rooney,
J. Shopp, J. Sullivan.
From Second Class to First Class Acts
ing PaBolfuen.—R. (i. Brcakey. D. J.
Buckley, E. Brown, YY'. A. Conk. T, F.
Human, 1’. Fitzsimmons, H. J, Hare.
J. J. La agon. J. .1. McNamara. M. Mee
han, P. Ripper. R. Simon. J. A. Burns.
E. T. Brakes, J. A. Collins, C. Dunne,
T. J. Devine. P. Huuueily. A. L. Kacli
lee, LL McCormack, P. Miller. J. S. Mar
tin. A.' J.; Rogers, J. YY’. Y'alentine. A.
Bruhu, P. J. Boyle, F. Caprio, T. F.
Duudoti, T. P, Egan, J. G. Hersc-he, (}.
heiu;isui*, J. S. McNulty. T. Moran. I’.
F. O’Donnell. G. Stratford, J. H. YY’ha
I'roni Third ('lass to Second ('lass Act
ing, Patrolmen.—II. (*. Allen. .1. T. Bolen,
W. J. Blakey, (i. A. Pufftet. * \V. I'.
Kahle. William McCarren. T. J. Shngrue,
H. Van Horn, It. Bracken. E. A. Barry,
H. Duffy. H. Fox. J: J. Keefe. U. <2uet
' ting. W. E. Sopher, I>. Braiuard, G.
Book.staver, D. .1. Donovan. T. A. Hearn,
•I. O. McGovern, E. S. Keillv. William
Adopted by the following vote:—
Yeas—President Tilden and Commis
sioner McGill.
Nay—Cfnnmissioner Mitchell.
By Commissioner Mitchell and adopt
» Resolved. ThatJ ames Coyle he and is
hereby appointed Van liurer, to
take effect January 1st.! 903.
By President Tilden and adopted:—
Resolved, That a warrant lie drawn on
the City Treasurer in favor of Anne Van
Winkle.wi dow of" the late Vandriver
JLacob -Van Winkle, deceased, for $33.50.
being the amount of salary due the said
deceased "officer.
Report of Warden of the City Hospi
tal of cash received from the sale of
drugs and baord of patients for Novem
ber ($310.13) with receipt for the amount
from the City Treasurer.
Ordered filed.
Statistical report of Warden City Hos
pital for the month of November.
Ordered filed.
President Tildeu called for Patrolman
Charlock, Jr., who appeared and vs-a$
decorated with the bronze cross of honor
of Jersey City .by Commissioner McGill,
whos aid that it gave him a great deal
of pleasure to have the opportunity to
present the decoration <for meritorious
and brave conduct adopt* d by the Board1
of Police Commissioners of Jersey to the
first officer tow ear it. and pinned it on
liis right breast.
' Motion by Commissioner McGill and
JThat when we adjourn it be subject
to* the cult of the chair.
On motion adjourned.
- (Official Proceedings.)
Regular meeting of the Board of Fi
nance held at the City Hall on Wednes
day, February 4, 1003. at 3 IN M.
There being, no objection the President
declared the minutes of the meetings or
January 14 and 21. 1003, 'approved as
engrossed in the minuteb ook and printed
in manual form. <
Petition of Edwin P. Cox, attorney,
for the return of $2,982.24 surplus, tc.e.
Petition of Mary A. Somers for the
return of $411.32 surplus, etc.
Transcript of judgment J. V. Supply
Company vs. the Mayor, etc., for the
amount of $1,000.04.
Referred to the Committee on Finance.
' The following claims were presenteed.
received and referred to their proper com
J. W. Harrison. $11.71: Robert Carey,
$38.49: George H. Burger. $34.00: Jos.
O’Conner. $40.00. $2.10: George W. Rob
ertson* $92.31: George It. Hough. $20.00:
Frank Stevens. $72.92: X. J. Title <3tw
antee and Trust Company. $4.00. $481.71:
Albert Data Co.. $17.90. $75.09. $50.00:
Jersey City News, $2:10. $229.1(1, $38.
$1.71. /
From the City Collector:—
1. -—Certificate of erroneous delinquent
tax payment (Phohml.
2. —Reporting necessity, for deduction
from salary roll.
Received and ordered filed.
Form the Board of Education:— '
Uequestiong certain transfers of bal
ances to general claims account.
Referred, to the Finance Committee.
From tile Board of Street and Water
C omn i issiotie rs:—
1. Requesting amount of hond of Per
mit Clerk, this day appointed, to be fixed.
2. Ordering $3,500 paid Patrick Con
nolly oil account life contract 1305.
(Charge License Monies. Division street
3. Ordering paid trr Garin and others,
laborer* 1m paved streets, $8-11.50. for
January. 1003.
4. Ordering paid certain claims. (Pass
ed February 3, |1903).
5. Ordering t<\ Barber Asphalt Paring
Co. contract fm- improvement of Bcor
aem avenue. (Estimated cost, $1,758.41:
on city, $41.91).
0. Awarding . $039.30 paid- .to Fagan
Iron 'Works on account contract 1352.
(Charge July„ September. October, De
cember. 1902. Special Street Account).
7. Awarding to i*erimrd Gannon con
tract for an 18-inch sewer in Montrose
avenue. (Estimated cost, $3,995; on
eitv. nil). <
8, Ordering paid certain claims. (Pass
ed January 27. 1903).
The .Committee on Finance reported
rerommeadinjr the adoption of the folloW
1. Rewired, That a aireular be and is
Offers to the public the privileges of its
Safi Deposit Vault
At prices that are within the reach of all. The
Vault is protected against burglary, fire, etc., by
every known device. A box may be rented for one
year for $5. Vault open daily, 9 to 5 P. M. Satur*
iay, 9 A. M. to 12 M. Public inspection invited.
hereby directed to be issued, said circular
to be in form as hereby annexed, and
copies of said circular mailed to brokers,
bankers and others of Jersey City, New
Volk and other places.
. . (Circular.!
Interest Four Per Cent. Per Annum.
Bonds Exempt from Taxation.
Sealed proposals will be received by
tire Board of Finance of Jersey City, at
| its meeting to lie hole in the City Hall,
on the 'itsth day of February. 1188, at 1! i
P. M.. when tl*y will he publicly opened
! for Che whole or any of
$uM)fUUO Refunded Water Bonds.
(Coupon Bonds.)
"An Act authorizing cities to renew"-ma
turing bonilj#," approved March 4. 1902.
'1'he principal of said hoods is payable
September 1. 1932. in gol deoin of the
I'nited States of America, of the present
standard of weigl/t. and fineness, and the
iutercst at the rate of 4 per centum per
s unmil-is payable in gold semi-ann tally
on the first days of March and Septeni
ber of each year.
Proposals should be enclosed in a
sealed I nve'.ODe and end-arsed. "Proposals
for Heflindi :1 Water Bonds of Jersey
City,” and handed to the Clerk of the
Bfoafd of Fiuauee.dn open meeting, when
called for ad said meeting, to bi- held
Wednesday. February IS. 1903, at three
(8) o'clock P. M., in the City Hall.
Kncli bid must pe accompanied by a
certified hefj-k to-the order of the City
Treasurer ol' Jersey City for two (2)
per cent, of the par value,of the bonds
bid for. the amount of said check to oe
credited upon said bid if accepted.
Said bonds bear date of September 1.
1903, and shall be delivered March 2.
! 1903, the purchaser paying accrued in
terest un the bonds to the day of deliv
By resolution passed by the Boded of
Finance, July 10. 1902. authorizing the
issue of these bonds, a sin'king fund was
also created for fbe purpose of paying
the principle of said bonds when due.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any or all hjds if ileeuied for the best in
terest of Jersey City.
By order of the Board of Finance.
2.—Uesylveit, That upon the reports
of the Corporation Counsel anil the
Comptroller endorsed up<hi the petition
f Mary A. Somers, u warrant be ordered
drawn on the City. Treasurer for $411.!»2.
for amount of surplus; realized upon the
tax sale, under chapter 112 of the haws
of 1889. and the supplements thereto,
made by the City Collector on September
23. 1902. of part of No. 14 Railroad
avenue, block 310. over and above, the
sum as adjusted due t|ie Citl, with iur
terest. cost and disbursements.
3. —Resolved, That a warrant be or
! derde drawn on the City Treasurer for
I County Collector, on account of County
I taxes. 1908-1906. '
4. —Whereas, a transcript of figment
and costs recovered by the Jersey City
Supply Company from the Mavor and
Aldermen of Jersey City, in the Hudson
Circuit Court, amounting to $1,909.04.
(damages $1,938.20: costs. $27.78>. was
liledw 1th this Board January 23, lOiXi:
be it
Resolved, That a warrant lie ordered,
drown on the City Treasurer in favor
l'ugen & Murphy, attorneys for said Jer
sey City Supply Company, for the sum
of $l,tl(id,04. in payment of said judg
ment and costs; and in order tc raise
said sum. the Committee on Finance- is
hereby authorized to issue a temporary
bin bond at a rate of interes not to ex
ceed 4 per emit, per annum: and
Resolved. That a sum sufficient to pay
the principal and interest thereon be
placed in the next tax levy: and
Resolved, That tile City Clerk is here
by directed not to deliVer said warrant
until a proper satisfaction piece is first
a.—Resolved. That a warrant he or
dered drawn on the City Treasurer in
favor of that officer to transfer tile sum
of $8.(118.45 from the liquor license ne
| (*oiiul to special School account, to be
I used to purchase plot ti. block 1ST2. Ber
gen avenue, for school . purposes, tor
$8,51)0, and to pay the 1902-1908 taxes
and interest on said- property due Febru
ary 11, 1803. to wit. $18.45.
0.—Whereas, by order of 111 is Board
property known as lot 32. block 224, .Sev
enteenth street, "'as sold on September
23. 11)02, for delinquent taxes of 18:)!).
made to appear against said property
through clench! error; be it
Kt olved. iliac a warrant be ordered
drawn on the City Treasurer in favor of
A. B. Phelan, the purohapw. for $170.00.
(he amount of the purchase price paid
to the’City Collector: and
Resolved, That the City Collector and
City Clerk arc hereby ordered to cancel
i record of sukl sale.
The report was received and the-above
: resolutions were adopted by vote of all
the memhers'ou the call for the ayes and
nays by the President.
The Committee on Concurrent Resolu
tions reported recommending concurrence'
ill the following resolutions juloptdd by
the Board of Street and Water Conrnis
: sinners:—
T.-—Ordering $080..W paid to Fagan
Irin Works on account of contract NXo.
1332 for furnishing special eastings:
Charge $57.87 Special Street Account,
July. m£.
Charge $140.40 Sficcial StreetAceo unr.
September, 11)02,
Charge $853.15 Special Street Account.
October. 1U0.2. *
Charge $879.38 Special Street Account,
2.—Awarding to the Barber Asphalt
CoiuibHiy the contract for the improve
ment of Lioor.icm avenue, front Palisade
i avenue to Ogden avenue. (Fslimated Cost.
$.1.7,IS.41: on City. *41.01.)
8.—-Ordering paid to Michael Gavin
and others, laborers oil paved streets,
| stuns amounting to $841.50, for services
j rendered during the month ending Jnttu
! ary 31. 11)08.
! 4.—-Awardin'.; to Bernard tiannon the
i contract for the construction of an 18'
; south of' Carlton avenue, and in f.a're
i sitrci t- from Montrose avenue to tile east
erly sidewalk of the Hudson Boulevard
I au.Vindir the easterly sidewalk of Hud
! son Boulevard, from I.ake street to eou
j nect with sewer in Carlton avenue. (Ks
; timntcd cost. it3,lK>o.tK»; on City. SlJ.OO.I
5.—Awaruinjr to Charles J. O'Neill at
1 03 jier cent of the. standard the contract
i for the construction of setters in 8e:
moet avenue and tiarduei nvmirte,. from
a nciut 42." feet west of Summit-aveiMe
i to MiinUeedle avenue; and for the eon
j-tnietfcn of relief sewers in (Fairiftcunt
i and Faixriew a veil no, from Mouticeliu
; - (To be contiuuad.)
IO CHAR*ju*'. A- iOnA'M a
Weber, Julius Weber, her husband; Annie
Hew-ig, Rudolph Hcwig, her h-usuind; Jo
seph tne Htadier, -Gertrude Htadier Elia#
Htadier, Charles Michel, Charles Michel, Jr.,
•Mur y Jaeger. John Jaeger, her husband;
Rus* Daily, John Duffy, her husband; Mary
Hayers, Henry stayers, her huabaad; Laura
Cohtes, Louis bedigei, «x~»:utua of tie will
c*f George Hchunnernen, dec’d. Mar«a
sScnuhnemen, widow; Cathar'.ue Baiga*.
Anna Kayser, Mary Lietne. and Amelia
Y cling.
You are hereby noticed that at a publi<* sale
tnaue by the City Collector of Je?r.~ey City,
on the 18th day of June, mi. The Mayor and
Aidermen of Jersey City purchased for th#
»um of fifteen dollars a,nd seventy-ond cent*
ALL the land and real eatate situate in Jersey
City, in the County cf HucDon and State of
2se\v Jersey, fronting on Western avenue,
which is laid down and Aesignated as lot* M
and 11, in oioca number 938. as shown upon
L. D. Fowler's Official Assessment Map of
Jersey City, N. J., 1894, said sale oeing made
pursuant to the provisions of &a act of th#
Legi^atiil-e of New Jersey, passed March Sdth,
1886, entitled:—
'Can Act concerning the setei$:w*>r,; »nd col
lection of arrearages of unpaid '.axes, as
sessments and water rates or water rent#
in cities of this State, and imposing and
levying a tax, assessment and li- u *n l:#u
and instead of such arrearages, and to en
force the payment thereof, and to provide
for the sale of lands subjected to iutujr#
taxation and assessment."
And the several supplements thereto.
I And you are lurther notified that you ap
pear to have ala estate or interest in said
land and real estate, and unless the said land
and r;al estate shall be redeemed, as pro
vided in said a eta. within one year from the
date of sale and before the expiration of six
months from and after the service hereof, a
deed for the same wiii be given conveying to
The Mayor anu Aldermen of Jersey City th-s
fee sinipife of said land and real estate accord
ing to the provisions of -the said acts.
Dated Jersey City, N. J., November 26. 1903.
„ . % M. M. FAGAN,
(Seal.) Mayor.
AttestM. J. O’DONNELL.
City Cleric.
(Sal# NO. 9.8S9. >
To uie uujtnown owner* aau person* lxuor
^SlcU ut Vue ...tuj be,uu ue^o. iuevL
’lake novice that on the tc^Ueentb day of
October, wighveeun hundred and uinoiy-oaa,
I 'ahe Mayor mJ AiJc.u.c« w£ Jersey v^,ty par
ohaseu. /or the sum of nve uundred twenty'
eight and lS-luo dollars, at a sale tor a ijustva
taxes, <&•(., nutut b; the City Collector of
Jersey City, pursuant to Cnaptwr CXil of the
Daws of 1886, and supplements thereto and
amendments thereof, iunds kn«>..n u> i««. num-*- -
ber fifty-one (No. 51), in b,ock numowr twa
hundred and eighty-si.v • (No. 2s*>>, fronting on
Garuner avenur, in Jersey city, Hudson
County. New Jersey, as laid down and\.i©4if
nated upt>« an assessment map annexed to re
por. number fifty-five (65), made by Commis
sioners of Adjustment, appointed tor a,au city
by this Court, pursuant to Chapter CXIl of
the laws of tpis Stat° of iSSS. arvi me y ^de
ments thereto, whien lanus so so id arc de
scribed by metes and bounds as fallow'*/ to
Beginning at & point In me northeaster.y
of Gardner avenue, distant southwesterly three
hundred and five (305) feet frbm th- iiuwr
uecU->h of aaid Una of Gardner avenue with the
southeasterly line*of Monticello avenue; run
ning thence northeaster,;- and at fight angles
to said line of Gardner avenue ne hun 'red v
and ten CIO) and nine-tenths (6-10) fet: then?*
back to the place of beginning, and fr,m watd
beginning «point running southeasterly along
said line of Gardner a-, enue twwnry-flve (SU
feet; thence northeasterly and parallel with
the first course run on? hundred and eleven
7 CU1) feet; thence northwesterly .twenty-five
(2a) 4feet to the end of the first course run.
And by virtue of on orde»* made on the tenth
day of Octobef. nine.con hundred and t\v« ,, by
the Circa t Court of the County of Hudson,
you are required to redeem said lands £r;tn
said sale on or before the seventeenth day cl
ApMi, 'nineteen hundred and three, or to a-.ow
cause on oaid day, before said Court, at the
Court House, in Jersey . City aforesaid, at *ra
o’clock in the wh.» a deed ;h«r«foi
shov'd not be delivered to said purchasers.
ti,elr legal representatives or assigns, pursuant
to the statute, and why such further ordei
should list be made as is by the statute pro
Dated Jersey City. New Jersey, October Ut
fBatC No. 3V9»A
• • - i •
t. . .<
| •». .
f To ail* *to* whom these vr®sent3 may coma.
Greeting:- - • . *
\vh«jrejt$,. It appears to. my satisfaction, by
| duly authenticated record ox the proceedings
! for the’ voluntary dissolution thereof deposited
: In my office; that cm* Suu Fruit Jar Com
pany, a corporation of this Slate, wnose prin
cipal office is,situated at No- 3- iluingomery
street, ill' the City of Jersey City, County of
Hotlron, State of New Jersey, (New Jersey
Tide Guarantee 5s Trust Co,, being toe agent
therein ana in charge thefeot, upon \vnom pro
cess may be served), has complied with the rey
quirements x>f "An Act concerning corpora
tions (Revision oi 13**)." preliminary to thf
issuing of tnhs certificate that such Consent haft
ooen filed.
Now, therefore, I, s. D. Dickinson. Secretary
of State of The state of New Jersey, do hereby
certify that the said corporation did. on the
tturty-ffrst day of January. l£fos. file in my
office a duly executed and attested consent in
writing to the dissolution of said corporation,
executed hi* more than two-thirds in interest
of the stv.vrknohiers thereof, wnich saLd cer
tificate and the record of the ^proceeding!
aforesaid are now on file in my said office u
provided by law:
In testimony whereof, 1 have hereta
set my nami and affixed by official
(Seal.) seal, at Trenton, this thirty-first day
of January, A. D, one thousand niuft
j hundred and three.
Secretary of State,
of the
The location of the principal office in thin
State is at No. 1 Montgomery street, in th#
City ol Jersey City, County of Hudson.
Tne name of the agent therein ana ;n charm
thereof, upon whom process against tins cor
poration may be served is GEORGE W.
Certificate of Change.
The American Cushion Elbow Company, a
corporation of New Jersey, doth hereby certify
that .it has reduced Its capital stock from tht
LARS .to the sum of TEN THOUSAND DOL
LAR^, Anil has reduced the par value oi each
schare from the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLAR* to the sum of TEN DOLLARS
leaving the number of, shares as heretofore
said reduction having been declared bv resolu
tion of the Board of Directors of said Corpora.
i:dri to b<S advisable an'd hivffrfc been duty*an§
regularly assented to by the vote of two-th.r i»
In interest of ail of the stockholders, ‘at a
meeting duly called by the Board of Director!
for that purpose, and the written assent »j
said stockholders is hereto appended.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, said coVporatJoi
has caused this certificate to be signed by it*
President and Secrotary and Its corporate s
tft he hereto, affixed the twenty-third day a*
December, 1902.
(Seal.) president,
N Secretary.
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