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Color SdhfejeM tMe Cos
turns WhatNow Absorbs
Milady’s Attention, i,
Ornaments for the Hair That
Are Worih Daseribing—
Fioral Fancies.
“I am <1 ii;> m .in evening gown.”
Said ;l Wasilillgt Ml WVI!';1il to her friend.
••and. though I nav>. . mi at work u|k-;i
ii fin- three wt As. 1 nave not \ t bom)
uiiU to «s mtii'ii as idt upon llie color
"Shall it In a b'yencli gown. all rich
block, with trimnii ags of pink? Shall !
btii a black broiM.lt> a to! trim it with a
pink girdle ami .pjuk ilirnlliMf1 triiit
tilings? Or spall 1 target tin pink
sclo .nc ami L’O in ,hf something els-?'
"In laimbm n is bine an 1 wli'te. The
Duchess i if Manchester appeared tile
oiin r day in a white satin gown abund
ant!.'. .: imm<d wjtIi,tttr.tnoisc ldij» feath
er s o : . d nith.'ee i piarls. Iitr gown
was triiumi i --hi dyed bine lacc. gar
tii-. icd ■ • i .o-.ir'.s. and there was a
11- "ii i oi bln - hie. and wliiK—one ap
pihpicd a’ji.ci i .ii* in - er. Turquoise and
wl.i are wonderfully fetching, and the
gown .vas a sncec-s.
"Ye. mi .am .'link* again, there is
beii.iti pe. ami this is m very adaptable;
A pirt ’■foglnee helioc-wpe taffeta, mn
bivM r; i n pansies and tpniiqited with
mnr pansies. and M inim, d willi purple
Velvet ,Irap-d with wlilta !ne». with a
".Idle hie. larniture i.-..'?• neck, is
jits; t'o .hiltg. it is in aetnb'g ' ■ young
and "Id. it can be warn .vith any jewel
ry and can lie rotrii-inied VjtU vane or
with black, or even .vith sphtieh green.
Surely this ’.eliotrope “cheine A !;<• a.
And yet one has compunctions in fa
vor of green. It is so warm, anil Jet so
cool. A green net cvmi:;,g gnuit. made
over ". tie. and trimi'ml with white ’.ace,
is tli iuc:t 'harming thing hat a v.o
nia:t face wore. It ions’ have a deep
girdle < l' green with a tiitj edg, - l black
vciv* t. and tlu.ro must he a cprsagt of
do ;> rul chiffon roses. In tin hair there
inn-t lie an aigrette of pure white.
“Vet. after all, when one ims gone
over all the color schemes, and all the
materials, and hack again, one conn s to
blank and white. What could be pret
rie,WIct more becoming? What
•itHv. and what cheaper? You
C::\ pay a. lifli ,r a great deni, l’.laek
eo; la ,-hoap grades as well as expen
slv. no. .. and op. can mak. a good ap
peara’-ie on ef vf Tittle.
“i vc al iiut d-s ided upon a blank nci
with applications .>;* laoe flowers. each
flo -vatlira-1 with the very narrowest
satig r>bb- n. Ar-.tmd the fot-t tltere will
be o net firuare, upon which there will be
white 'act (lowers applied. The whole
wi s bo made over h’ack penu lie eygne,
w ielt has a delightful lustre. The idea
of using white o:i black and black a
w h'le i- a mat One.
“The waist will be made in tight tit
ting fashion. with sliorl full puffed
slei vis. anil a very .i* • |• girdle, which
gives the appearance of a short waist.
White lace with a titty lda.-l: thread em
broidery will drape the m k. which will
be naught hi re and thi n w-'tii pearl pins
fast, ".i.l to g-;!.er with n rnpi of pearls.
’•This giw;i ran be pa: te.r, ;lie-r ‘for
vi. v side raopey. and v. le die season is
1:: : -,\-ir. i .;.t he lire- i' with rose taf
feta and worn wifli a no-. girdle. S me
fos -colored line rail le ilrapi.! nrmind
the :a rl:. and a r se aigrette mnst he
in ra iti the hair. Of eottrse. mu will
tiinais carry a long chain of gold upon
which will dangle a liny fan to match
th- n spjme.
“tearing up an evening gown is a ser
ious m tr r f r a woman of amide means.
Uni lot- a woman who is limited in her
di.li.urs and cents, and who can afford
or.i.v cue gr.-vru a season, it is more than
serS.init. It should actually be made a
stth' of nravi r.
“! slihil, (if course. follow Mr. Roose
velt's example t-f procuring one- halld
v white gown. Tl:e first holy of the
laud gets (.in every year. This year I
ill.) going ‘to lot mine lie a flossy faced
wlriic -ill;, one of those tliin novelty
sMks. a grf ;t deal like liliert.v. and I shall
tfit:: it with while lace and with tiny pip
ings of el.iil'nu velvet.
"I shall' luiitKtge the girdle so that I
can wear a very narrow girdle and let
the waist blouse over it. and also so I
van wear a wide girdle to give the short
waisted effect. 1 shall have a wide
girdle of white safin edged with a tiny
hand of Russian sahle.
"WitIt my white gowns this season I
shall wear a white silk Louis XV. coat,
which shall bp tight-fitting in the waist
and trimmed with big handsome buttons,
for which 1 shall pay $2 each. The coat
will be all white with lace lapels, lace
pockets, and de< p. stiff lace cuffs stand
ing out well from the coat.
"I shall ask m.v dressmaker to make a
pair of adjustable lapels of tuffpioise
Ida.- velvet, so I can sometimes oliango
the appcnVanee of the coat. Aud I shall
LET ML SAY I have used Ely’s
Cream Balm for catarrh and can thor
oughly rcydnimend it for what it claims.
Very truly, (Rev.) H. W. Hathaway,
Etiza belli. c- (ire ( < .. .
1 TKIIit) loly VGreafcv Balm and to all
appearnmwsootncured of catarrh. The
terrible headaches from which I long
suffered are gone.—W. ,T. Hitchcock,
late Major tT. S. Vol. and A. A. (Jen.,
Buffalo. X. Y.
The Balm does not Militate or cause
sneezing. Sold by druggists at 50 cts.,
or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren
street, Xew York.
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This is an important daily, (juestipa. Let
ns ansyer it to-day. Try. 1*1 lA-dJ-.
American most popular dessert. Received
Highest -Award, Gold Medal, World’s Fair,
St. Lwnj, 190f. Everything in the package;
add boj||ng water andsetjto cool. Flavors:
Lemon* Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry,
Chocolate etod Cherry. Order a package of
each favor from your grocer to-day. 10c.
When you make Ice Cream use Jell-O.ICE
CREAM Powder. All ingredients in the
package. At all grocers. 2 pkgs. for 25c.
have ;i lining of pink brocade, so tlun I
can llirow open the coat once in a while,
when 1 am wearing pink garnitures on
my gown.
"Tlicrc will he many low-necked gowns
this Winter." concluded this woman.
"Hut. on the other hand, there will be
many high-no ked ones. A great many
women of fashion are dressing, the nook
in Dutch fashion, with the neck cut in a
curve at the collar bone. And others ate
wearing the Venetian jjcck. which is two
inches lower. 1 am going in for the
Venetian style myself 'as being more be
coming titan a very low neck."
Tito girdles which women are wearing
with their evening gowns are well worth
a critical study. They arc designed with
artistic skill and are carried out in gold,
in jewels and in fancy fabrics. Nothing
set ms too elegant for these girdles that
are now coming in wit It such tenacity of
A girdle, handsome enough for a place
iu fashion's archives, was built of helio
trope satin, it was from four to eight
inches in width, growing very wide in the
middle of tlie hack. And around its
lower and upper edges there was a trim
ming of pearls with each pearl set in the
i centre of a pretty lace figure.
l'ansies worked by hand upon ^lee.
each pansy with a purple stone in the
middle, were set a round one handsome
girdle, and in the middle of the back
; there win* postillions of lace three inches
* wide and eight inches long, making a
sort of .sash. T’pon each of these lace
rales there was an embroidered pausy.
L ite effect was very pretty and one might
a boost say that this git-die was the uta
' e g of tin gown. The dress, which was
t p'ahi white net, would have amount-d
very little without its handsome girdle
imi it - - vtjtii.-iie tit el; arrangement.
Neck arrangements rank with girdles
i! elaborate details. One of Lie- hand
ottie,; consisted of a ilourn e of lace
■ iraped around a Ion corsage and caught
eery few incites with t velvet pansy ap
jti'iimd upon a circle of green satin with
pearls studding the satin. Iu the heart
' -if fite pansy glistened a little rhinestone.
Lace is dyed and used for trimming
' the lierk as with a fieitu. This lace is
■ a light up on each shoulder and is caught
again upon the bust, and is fastened
! with some handsome trimmings specially
dcsigm l for, this purpose.
Another corsage trimming consists »t
fringe. which is brought across the front
• if i he soup .ind fastened at the slioiihh r
• 'villi .in ornament nf passementerie with
dangling ends. This should be as bril
liant a< possible. ami there eotne orna
, lie nis which are a mixture of pearls ami
; : him semes ami emeralds, all massed in
one handsome group or setting.
Ornaments for the hair are so varied
as to tie worth a Volume of description.
1 Vnd so numerous are they that Indies of
fashion own small trunks, so designated
that they can he tilled with these orna
ments and nothing else.
A lady who . i.'i - -. - a great deal is the
i ee in r of a iarur '■ntuox. wh.ieh is lined
i with scented silk, heavily saelieted. Iuto
I this there are o.tii! many trays and
i iioxes. and' in tin there are ornaments
‘ of various kinds for tin hair.
One vi ty pretty heir decoration con
sisted of two white tips, tied together
j with a big him . f white tulle, upon
I which well' sew. i smaHesf of beads
; .n geld ami sic.!. The whole was fas
tened upon a hairpin so that it could he
• stack into the hair.
1 A siii! prettier urnuhn.tr. being more
j cffi-cirve. was leather of pink. It was
1 an ostrndi feather, about eigitl inches
: long \ery thick, and ettrled at the ii|i
j In make a heavy head. At tin iiasc of
i 111i~ feather there was a [link how of
• •ItifTon studded with pearl be.ids. The
feather was fastened upon a long hairpin,
which was designed to sink low iuto the
j hair.
One of tlte most delicate of hair trim
j tilings was in a pretty shade of green,
j On. n silk leaves, as natural as life, were
I arranged to make a wide hair ornament.
The leaves wore spread out to* lie tint
upon the top of the head. Kach had its
send pearls scattered over it. In the
midtilt was a how of silvered tulle. This
was immensely striking, laid upon the
| top of the head and secured with a few
! fancy pills.
| Fahey pins with heads of silver and
1 gold are used to secure the hair oriia
1 mulls and aigrettes which are intended
i for tlte hair.
Then there arc thp jeweled ornaments.
I’.right, sparkling birds and bees and ber
ries arc arranged upon spirals-and placed
in thp coiffure. They are fabulously in
expensive. yet tiie price is no liar, for
women are wearing them in great pro
fusion. ,i
It is simply amazing to note the vogue
for embroidi red flowers. Hoses ari made
out of silk braid and applied to tlte skirt
of tlte gown and to the waist. To make
these braided roses take tile very tun St of
silk braid and use it to outline the petals
of a rose. Then go over it with a few
pearls to make the roses glisten, and in
| the very centre sew a dozen of the tini
est, of rlmtt stone heads. Leaves and
! stems can all lie outlined in the same
in tlte same manner.
j There is n wonderful demand for sil
vered nws anil tin narrowest of silvered
In-aid is employed for l In so. The slump
is made with braid, aflcr which the
petals are worked in with silk thread.
The scedpearls are now scattered through
the petals and in the centre are sewed
seed topaz. as yellow as gphi. Cimse
(11o ntly. the ■heart of the rose is made
\vj:b "laid beads or with beads of silver.
Then is no limit at ail' to tliejiand
work Which can, lie put upon the skirt of
an frenirtg gown. An eveniii-j dress
made. for ilisg ftni^jyXeltc'fi.was in ere,jin
colored peon deosniejv Arottndthe entire
hbttoift; of Skirfy'for a fopY'dn-'Vte'mh.
there was an .eiphroidcr.v in roses. This
j was done it* silver pearls, and tiny' gold
beads. Host' after rose, joined by a -long
atom witlijif fjw leaves done ip
trailed a round the skirt. The effect was
amazingly pretty arid fjnrazingly epstly.
Yet ithifj hand work heerftmt be so Tory
expensivra-ii w woman has the time, pa
tience.J trfstt^ and skill, to do the work
herself. The embroidering of a skirt of
this kind will take one pair of hands all
a whole winter. But when done it will
be done forever. It will last as long as
one wants an evening st-lr> and I* —'ll
i be handsome as long as it lasts. It can
he made over and made over, cleaned
and radeaned and. finally, dyed when
one gets ready to change its color. Bn
the work is not time badly spent after ail.
A honJe Game
When It became too cold for lawn
(fepflM vk played ^ table te.nr.is. com
‘ i£Ionl/ucalleU plirgpoug. Miss S]teueer
and 1 were'playing on the dining; room
table. ^ cheerful fire blazed on the
1 'liiartti/ which iye.dfdTipt need fordreat,
but appreciated farruinfort.
UlWdU. sfrve.'* said' Mis* itphncer.
I served the ball so (hut’it fell On the
fdge of the table, very nearly befoKc
her. She was standing too close and.
missed iti "
‘•That's a horrid ball." she said.
I served again. This time Miss Spew*
eer stood far back from the table. 1
served so lightly that the ball barely
fell over the net. She hadn't time to
move forward and missed again.
“That's another horrid ball." she
said, pouting. "When I play with Mr.
Austin he never gives me such balls."
"Mr. Austin, being in favor, can't af
ford to play to win."
She was about to pass rue the ball,
but at this she stopped short and look
ed at me.
“AYhnt do you mean?” she asked
"The English language is ivttf^adapted
to luukipK my meaning any pialften” j
,,I knew perfectly well that Hr. Aus
j tin, being in, possession tVf $10,000 a
year, was considered by the Spencer
family a suitable parti for Miss Spen
cer. .>Iy. Austin was « globe trotter. I
a poor ninn of business. Miss Sia-noer^.
feaqing I would explain still further,*
passed me the ball. I preferred to con
tinue the subject.
"Men of Mr. Austin’s age"— I began.
"1 suppose you consider your own
age the most desirable."
"I would not venture at twenty-three
to compete with a man of"—
"it's thirty-love." interrupted Miss
Spencer, "isn't it?"
“Forty." I replied.
•Thirty-eight." said Miss Spencer.
"1 was not aware that there was any
such count in piugpoug."
‘•Oil. pshaw: You know well enough
that I—why can't you play the game
unci let Mr. Austin alone?"
“Why can't you let Mr. Austin
"Do you mean to imply.” she an
j swered. bristling, “that I am demean
ing myself by trying to catch Mr. Aus
“You don't need to do that.”
“Are you going to play pingpong or
continue to discuss disagreeable sub
So the projected marriage was a dis
agreeable subject. I concluded to play
pingpong for awhile and think over the
situation, indeed. I paid so much at
tention to my play that I beat three
straight games. The last hail rolled
off where we couldn't find it, and we
sat down to rest.
"I wish." said Miss Spencer, “to cor
rect sothe impressions you have with
regard to Mr. Austin,"
"I thought your love affairs were dis
agreeable subjects which you preferred
to have me let alone."
"I only referred to Mr. Austin.”
"Then the attentions of Mr. Austin
involve » love affair?"
"How horrid you are tonight: I
didn't say that."
"You mean, after all. that the sub
ject of love. or. to speak more particu
larly. any mention of your love affairs,
is disagreeable to yon.”
"I don't have love affairs, thank you.
One can have but one love affair.”
“At a time."
“I mean that when a girl has two
suitors she will only love one of them.”
“Millie her family may love the oth
To this Miss Spencdi*made no reply.
She was picking at a button on the
•kirt of her dress,
“Then I am to as«u®e-that your fam
ily wish you to accept Mr. Austin,
while you”—
I left her to finish; but. since she
would not speak her part of the dia
logue. I was obliged to speak it for her.
"Not having yet fallen in love and
mindful that Mr. Austin is able to
maker life easy for ygu, you are about
to yield to the wishes of your family
and accept him.”
Miss Spender was still silent. It Is
said that silence means consent. There
fore the logical deductions were that
Miss Spencer loved no one. but she
would marry Mr. Austin. But I felt
i pretty sure that if Miss Spencer had
not yet fallen iu love and was about
to marry Mr. Austin she would assent
| to my proposition and admit the fact,
i She did not admit it; therefore I took
her silence for denial. This may be a
fine distinction; nevertheless I acted
I upon it.
"Don't you think," I went on, “that
1 you. being a woman of age and capa
ble of judging for yourself, would do
better to choose a poor man with a fu
ture than a rich man with none? If
you have not yet loved. I have. I
I love”—
! The door opened, and Miss Spencer’s
father came into the room.
"I thought you two were playing
plwgpong.” he said, going to the side
board where there was a racket. His
back being turned. 1 darted a quick
glance at his daughter. Her hand was
close to mine, and I clasped It. She
gave mine a pressure that sent a thrill
, up my arm to my heart. , mi,.,;
"Which beat’;” asked Mr. Spencer,
j looking for a ball.
"The first game.” I replied. "Miss
] Spencer was forty—love for awhile, but
! 1 crawled up on her and at last beat
| her. The last was a love 'game, in
which I Wag: the victor." ' • ■
Mr. Spencer found what he wanted,
amt. his youngest daughter coming
Into the room; began'to play. Miss
SpeRher and 1 looked on for a few
•u1iXpt.es. ’ji&Wei'ed away fo jtjje
Sbrary. had nftt b«»n'
cj'hted. We did not trouble ourselves
‘ ii'Ujbx than. .
; -■etmtnRBT m’kbnssie—~
“(llldreji Teething.”
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup should
always be used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums, al
lays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the
best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five
cents a bottle.
(Official Proceedings.)
(Chg. “‘Personal Tux Collection Foes"
$45 f.rN. & N. J. Tel Co. -(if'.v w-r“
Tlcfe!,.First District Court, NorVitt-Uer1'
iSM'J.'oviheii ‘•'f-.Bino
ispy&t cirt-i
l?®. •s'iicn i
*4.7 (»o1i.
i.yo'j i.Vy • ■•<-479 0 - i
f.&> .V lor
dosing ' records, First District Court',
tvlifiii ihiff. . , ,
it iig.1rJ-'fost, District Com-)," .
if " as ''cre’ivocl apt! tjpi, iilii/v»Y’
.'jVsili'htf.ohs were adopted by ,al|,
the merntiers jireseut on tile call i'ur ilie
ayes and imps hy the President.
Mr. Broth, of the Committee on Sal
aries and Claims, presented the follow
ing resolutions:—
1—Whereas. The Wayerly Cpngregn
tional Church. of this city, has purchased
l.ots 24 to ST inclusive. Block 720 Ka
vil:c Road, deed to which was recoyded
.lime !)ch. 1002: Lot 7. Block 720. Boor
aeni Avc.. aem Ave.. tlertl to which was
recorded June 20, 1002: Lot N. Block
720. Booraem Ave. deed to, which was
recorded June 7. 1002. and Lot 12. Block
720. Boaraem Ave.. deed to which was
recorded July 2. 1902, and
Whereas There appears on the hooks
of the City Collector as liens against,maid
.property taxes for the years 1002 out!
1002, which taxes under the law sluMiJd
r?hr he levied against church property,
he it 'ft ■ i.
A. Braden for seryices, As
l;.i .Fiysi, .llistrict, $>#$,"N ofr,.
Kr.ii r\w$ Ma rroti foy<sDryires
Ke.si.4ved, That llie dty ‘Collector- tie
aU<1 lie; is hereby diVt-i-teiT Co t-unodU of
record faxes fW'tlie years 1H02 and UK Id
against s,-)ii! Lips :!4 'to >17 inclusive.
Block 720. KarWir "Road1.' and i otP-T and
S, Block 720. KMiream Ave. amt Tor the
year 190.’i agaimir lad ill. KloeU 720.
Booreani Ave.
Whereas Lot 20. Block 1.101. New
County Road. $1 rough clerical errid-V was
sold to one E. 1>. Turk IVir [he raxes of
1896. said taxes having been paid April
0. lilO-1. hut said payim*ttt not having
Keen credited. be it.
Resolved. That file City Collector be
and be is hereby directed to cancel said
sale of l.ot 20. Block 1,101. New County
Road. and
Resolved. That a warrant be ordered
drawn on tilt' dry Treasurer is favor of
sji.l 11. 1 >. York for SHOT being the
a mom: i j>aid the city by hint for said
lot at sa:d sale.
The above resolutions were received
and adopted by vote of ail the members
present on the call for the ayes and noe»
by the President.
The Comtr.it1.ee on Printing. Station
ary and Supplies reported recommend
ing the adoption of the "following reso
Resolved. That warrant* be ordered
drawn on the Treasurer in payment
of th< folb■ ‘.v,r.g riarme:—
.$229.11) to tlit.-. Evening .Tonma! Asso
ciation for •oablisHug vulntites in Nov..
'904. whet. it:.. .
iCbg. "Pr.h’.‘ug minutes'* Account'.1
•tilt) to lice.- it. Hough for stamps
Comptroller'. <;thee. Nov . 19«4.
fCitg. "Claims Aiwuuti
The report was received and the above
resolution was adopted b: vote of all tire
numbers pre-sen; on the call for the aye.
and mu s bv the President.
The Ssn-ial Cum mi tier bn Barbs re
ported recommending the adoption of the
following resolution:—
Ufstrfvid, That warrants lie ordered
drawn on the City Treasurer in payment
ol' the following claims:—
Stitt to Mat-key YYhnig & Co. for coal
■;t Baths. Oct.. BMW.
$11 to U. M. Cooley for cord wood.
Baths, Oct. 29. 1904.
$1." to N. V. ’& X. .1. Tel. Co fin- ser
vice. Batta .luly-llec.. 1904.
*7.lr», to Public Col'poratioti • of »N. .1..
for gas at Baths. Oat.. 1904.
$2.7$ to dehn S. Me,'nigh for.Supplies
for Baths. Aug.-Oer., 1904
iClig. "Public Bath’’ Account.)
The report was received and the above
residnvitm was adopted by vote of all the
members present on the call for the ayes
and lines by the President.
Mr. Berry, of the Special Committee
on Baths, pn •tented the following-reso
lititou:— ...
Resolved. T7iat warrants lie'ordeyrd
drawn op the City Treasurer in payment
of the salaries of the following persons
''or services. Public Baths, for November,
.1004. when doc:—
$100 to Michael YVoolever Superin
$‘it! to Samuel Elvis, .Tanitor.
$titl to Pi ter Barden. Fireman.
•SUO to Michael Kelly. Fin .nan.
$41.00 to K a re McOmnness, .Matron.
$40 to Rose Doherty, Atiend-am,
(dig. “Public Bath" Account.i
The almve resolution was received and
adopted by vote of all the members pres
ent on the call for the -ayes and trues by
the President
Motions, eld.
Mr. Perry moved flint when the Board
should adjourn it he until Saturday. Nov.
20. 1904. at 11 a. tit.
On motUVn of Mr. Brock the Board
then adjourned.
Special meeting of tile Board of Fi
nance held at the -Oily Hall on Monday,
Nov, 21. at .1 it in.
Present—President Ritigle and Messrs.
Perry, Damlt nml Quinn-—1.
Absent—Mr. Brock-—1.
The Clerk read the following rail for
the mcetingo
.-.krse.v Oify. Oiov. IS 1004.
Forrest A. Hettwh, Clerk-of tin; Board of
Finance :—
I tear Sir:—
l’iease issue notices for a special meet
ing of tlio Board o f, Film nee, to lie held
on Monday. Nov. 21, 1904. ay ;! o'clock
p, fffi. for the purpose erf providing for
payment of certain eliliins of the- Street
and 'Water Board. Board of Finance mid
Board of Health.
-c , (Signed)
The following claims were -pres-ented,
received and referred to the- proper com
Robert Ambrey, .$104): Thus. Hender
son, $100: X. Y. & X. .1. Tel. Co.. $112.25,
$25. $7.10 and $157.50: I. F t Johlenhorn.
$7.15: Robert Carey. $70.40: Albert Data
Co.. $40.50. $:::).50 and $50.25: Gem II.
Berger, $10.20; A. J. Doan. $21: Theo.
Rurode, $72.08: H \V. Knight. $01.80;
Howard Crltse, $05.80; F. F. McDer
mott. $70.S0; Postal Tel. Cable Co..
Mr. Perry, of thee hVunvmH'toe on Fi
Stanee. presented rhe following . resoln
lirtions:-— ... ,, . .. .
1-—Whereas. .Theobald o/’.rfjgjfiL'hy
resphititns passed per. 17 lihd'Nov 1.
1904. bps mjuested' fhe-approprhiiiotf of
$f,^25j72 t4 be used to .pay!tclaiinstttfior
the month* of October and Ny>vrt»i>w,,
and : ;ji,
AYhetjeasl Tlieffi i® no mpWy'for siteh
a purpose; and " ‘ ,! i> -t
Whereas, The necessity tor tth-iai'afKt
propriaioa, was not and oimbieijtrtrtbe-jatti!
certaiftqd?at the tinre
iip. .nuking >up,
, . w Mjftf, wife
of the last tax bulget, be if
Resolved, Tbit the "tlnm of‘:$4;67f/721
to* and Is hereby appropriaed- to the
credit of the Btiard of Health to be used
to pay October and November 1904
claims, and
Resolved. That iq order to raise said
suni of $4,825.72 the Com?mittet*! be ami
is hereby directed to issue -a temporary
loan bond at a rate of interest not to ex
ceed 4 per cent, per annum, and
Resolved, That a sum sufficient to pav
the principal and interest of said tempo
rary loan bonds be and is hereby ordered
placed in the next tax levy.
2—Whereas. There have been in
curred to dale b.v the Law Deparment
fur extraordinary legal and -other ser
vices not possible 01 predetermination,
bills amounting to SodKio.iitt. and
Whereas. By resolution passed Aug.
?,7.. ,l,;njl4. the- Ihtyirmut oitn$:',o'..Sfl;.lnfc »(. s
stim*}.'hjr.l {ejivilig-itii this. in**..the *nw
unm-ovided, for, by it
in Jiya'llved. 'niiir ill ilhler fo pfrtviclr •
s aid i
ipiiHlii.rj*tf .$UiV23wi9/ tpinpofary
firanJo.+e n'titl llie.v are 'hereby ordered is
sued ter .m nir'iS'ilr iii-teWr iioi’To exceed, i
-:4i ;p(-VineejH.,' per, afitnup,, t.Vie, jnmiey S I
raJ.*o|U,.t.O lie credited to ••Claims'' ac
•muit. Boai d Of Firiaueei llKIKMH. for the.!
purpose of paying said remaining bills,
•and-,, * '!
.a Resolved. That a sum siifilrieii* to pay,,j
uthei principal and interest of said tem
•|anary loan bond be placed in Tire next
tax levy.
Resolved. That a warrant be ordered i
diawn 'on tile City Treasurer in favor of
Henry Byrne, for $1,117.71, being tile
aunmii't of judgmeui. ($l,085.1t(ii, and
costs. I$:tl.s.1i. awarded .in the Hudson
Circuit Court after relict#, transcript of j
the eauie having been riled with ‘lie j
Clerk of this Board Xov. !i. 1 HOT., and
Resolved. That in order to provide slim
of $1,117.71 tile Coiuminee on Finance
he and is hereby directed to issue tem
porary loan Isolds at a rate of' iirferesf
not to exceed 4 ]ier cent, per annum, and
Resolved. Thai a sum -rticient to pay
the principal of said temporary loan bond
dii.I is hereby ordered pi
placed on the
next tax levy. ..
4—sRcSolvcd, That a' warrant be or
dered <!el wo on Phe City. Treasurer ip
favor of rhiff otlieor.ro transfer the snni
of $0(11.20 from License .Recount 10 the
^ ‘Credit of the Board of St reel and Water
Commissioners makiiig. together with
■the xl.fiMo.Md heretofore appropriated,
flie sum of $il.204 for the use on paved
streets in October. lfHM, heing
For labor.$1.71)4
For material. .UK)
The resolutions were received pnd i
: adopted by vote of all tlie members pros- !
errt on the call for five ayes and noes I*y
the President.
'Pin* Committee on Cor current Uo-e!u- j
i ticuiM imported roc.mrmeBdiiig the ad**p- ;
tion of iJje following re.-elf'.lions:—
I Resolved. Thiii ? be Borrd of Finaoee. 1
• hereby concurs in the foil ovirg resoln- ;
, irons adopted bv the Ib^rd r.r S roet ami
; Water Coin m ission e'*s as follows t<5 ‘
; Wir;—
- J Passed Xov. 7. MX) I bat $2 970.
. 47 be paid to Barber Aspilvsh Paving Co. .
! i-;nal. ou ae-'omit of contract 1.459 A. for ;
the repaving of Carjet< n m venue, from
: Summit to Montrose v••cu.g..
2- -Passed Xcv. 7. Ib'^v —Ssolved that I
"he feHoiving auua* he paid to the F.ri*r j
' .Jersey Water CornpfcUf on accs-mrt 01’ i
. j figment, ente-nd in the Court ;
: *.vf the Si at 4* of New Jersey, agaiitst the \
triiy for* water heretofore furnished as j
. foLfc-w *::— -
$1.13.995.15 for water. dttrfragey and '
: <!€*9t* »*«• .pidjfmtrr, hill be’-eteforo
; veudertd. Bill Xu. 7.42 K. covering tUiliv*
*vy from Dee. ill. ^^<iXy u> March ::j,
$ST£08.54 £*r water, d im ag e s and
; costs Of* per judgflfee.nl bid heretofore
| rendered. Kill No*-752 fi. covering* deliv
ery from March 41. 1904. to Mav 29.
The action of the eirv in making this
pay men* is due i*> the fa or that judgment
has b*eu rendered by tin* Supreme Court
as a forest, id.; ami >»ha il not iu auy way
be considered as a waiver of auy tights
5 of the. city t.» appeal and to advantage
itself of any betterment that may awfnc
as the outcome of such .appeal.
Tlie report was received and the above
msolni ions were adopted by vote of all
lire members present on tin- call for the
ayes and noes by the President.
The Commit tee on Salaries and Claims
reported recommending the adoption of
•the following resolution:—
KesYdved. That warrants he ordered
1 drawn on the Cil.v Treasurer in payment
of the following claims:—
.$1<K> to Robert Ambry for services
under Collector. Xov.. 1904, when dim.
.$100 to Thus. Henderson for services
under Collector, Nov.. 1004. when due.
$<»2.35 to X. V. & N. J. Tel Co. for
i services, Mayor's office, July to Novem
ber. 1!)04.
I $25 to X. Y & X. J. Tel. Co. for ser
vices, Treasurer’s office. .Tulv to Xovein
! her. 1904.
| $7.10 to X. . K X J. Tel. (V). for ser
vices. Collector’s Office, duly to Xovcm
! Tier. 1904.
i $.*»<.oO to X. ^ . vV: X, .T. Tel. Co. for
services. Building Inspector’s office. July
•to Nave“tuber. 1904.
$7.1 a to I. F. GuKloiihorn for expenses.
Assistant Corporatioti Attorney, October
and November. 1904.
$70 45 to Robert Carey for expenses,
Corporation Attorney. September, (>< to
j lx*r and November, 1904.
$72.(jN to The*). Ku»-ode f«>i* services
j undqr Law* 1 leparftheui. October. 1904.
$91 .SO to 11. W. Knight for services
under Law Department. November 4.
$05.80 Howard Cruse for ser
vicos under I.aw Department, November
1. 10114.
$40.80 to F I’. McDermott for ser
vices under Law Department, November
4, 1004.
$1.<85 to Postal Tel. Cable Co. for ser
vices. October. 1004.
The report was received and the above
resolutions were ailopted by vote of all
the members present on the trail for rhe
ayes ami lines by tile President.
The Committee on PrintW. Station
ary and Supplies reported recommending
file adoption of the following resolu
Resolved, Thai warrants be ordered
drawn on the City Treasurer in pay
mww of the following claims:—
s 111.20 to <Jeo, 11. Burger for printing
M!ier for Corporation Attorney, Novem
ber 9. W14.
$21 to A. .1. Doan for printing for As
sistant Corporation Attornev. Mav I’S.
|40.5ft to Albert 1 buz Co for station
ary for Mayor. May Hi. Plot.
Srsi.a.-, 1() Allien i>atz Co. for supplies
for City Clerk. July-October, 11104.
.4,'id.dO to Albert Data Co. for supplies
for Board of Finance. Septomber-Orfo
ber. 1004.
(Ciig. "(''la inis Aeeount.l
The report was received and the above
resolution was adopted by vote of all tho
rn furthers of the Board on the call for the
ayes ami noos by the President.
On motion of Mr. D-audf the Board
■Hrefi adjourned.
Adjourned regular meeting of th?
Board of Finance held at the Pity Hall
oh Saturday, Xoveiuber 20, 1004. at 11.do
a m.
President — President Riugle and
! Messrs. Perry, Dattdt and Qiiimi—4.
Absent—Mr. Brock—1.
j Sir. Damir moved that the regular
i order of business be suspended. nnt' "
Adopted. i.i
pi The following, resolution of the. Board .
rtf Tax Commissioners was present)', re-"
dhivpd and ordered filedije
fisoMiW Danidkjftb'diiitfgsgntitd, the fallow-,,
iIfc«olved, That the Clerk of this Board
ibe and he is hereby instihctetPW trtihss
the Assessment books,, ,tVlh'jjV:W!
.niiL. the A
1904-1905 into ihe custody of.the 1
' rtf‘ Kinaiir;cfor their eofifortii'tmolt.l>
. gjjaplvtd, That the tax levy made and
,all „tii> ! t«r* assessed by the.. Board of
‘TitX"Commissioners of Jersey Ci't.v fbi
Ibe 'jkear 1904-1905, transcript* of .which I
in book form have been tiled this day
■with 'this Board, be and the same are
■hereby confirmed on this 2(Sth day of
November, 1904, at 11 o’clock a. m.. and
that the Clerk of tlhis Board be and he
is hereby directed to deliver the same
to the City Collector for collection.
The above resolutions! were received
and adopted by vote of all the members
present on the coil for the ayes and uues
by the President.
Tin- tux levy trniisn-ipts of which
Were filed us altove was then delive’-ed
t«» rite City Collectiii- for collet tioti, nntl
the follovvinyr receipt siven:—
Keerlved from tile Clerk of the Bout'll
of Finance Twelve Util Imoks. In-Ihk lax
record hook-* of asseg smf uti for liuy&t ar
morn tit t.. 1 El >\VA It I > Fit Y.
- tvire (o)n|nfftjtjy*ijit Ktr|
, reported, reemitTncmliii}: ilii
‘ t he TiiWlWvhur resolution:—
jit IfrvffthyM. ,nft(l,Bf!lt<J,yitjl 4nj tordfryd
drawn on (he City frcasurer trr payment
'in'' rite‘filllo wins claims:—
| e.jjlVW'stjf"!'!1 KF iHtm'iJit : for serfirl-s
hnd«*r Fan'-Depnrrmeiit, S’ovemlier.
pwhejjj title, i ry . «
, *UHI. to: John IIunion ■> f&flj sH^ iecs
ttiiJcv Law 1 H*partinpirt. Xovcnwer, 1MH4.
when tine,
$100 to dos. A. Calc for services
under Law Deparffneiiit, >*ovcjj®^)'s 1004.
. when tine.
The report was received and adopted
| li.v vote of all t'he memliers. present on
[ tin- call for the titi'C a-ifft riOWBdi.v the
■ President.
Motion, cite.
' Mr. Jfmidt moved that when the
Board should adjourn it he until Wcxl
| ttesday. Xov. do. 1004. at 11 a. in.
On motion of Mr. Quinn Hie Board
then adjourned.
. Clerk.
Adjourned regular meeting of t lie
I Bu;mi of Fi-nan-ee belddat xhe. City Hall
an Wednesday. Nov.,#). 14104. fit ji. m.
■ Prese-ur—President Ktngleand Messrs.
IVi'i'.v. I Kindt ami Quinn—4.
Absent Mr. Block—1.
Transcript of , .judgment Albert Paiz
Co. vs.- t-he Mayor and AldermCn dr Jei-:
i soy Oily f if •''oOO.lfl.
Pi-t-irtoR iff Ar-nniette V. Booreatn for
1 flu- muni of !».”>. surplus. etc.
Received an 1 referred to iho Cdminit
j ice on Fir!::-'i‘o.
Petition of P. Connolly for compen
- aT i ii for cortnin loss in certain stWer
i xv.-rk.
i Communication from Jnm't'CP. Hal!
: giving notice of claims of licjy of View
Water Supply of Jersey City.
KerriYed and referred to the Conimi'l
iee of the Whole.
The fol-lowiug claims were presented.
! re’cc'.red and referred to the proper com
: nth tor*:—
A. Vreeland. $4.’t>: .T. Id. Pils.-n.
.Sudd: Crn'c-v. nl Typewriter Co.. Si;
•U-hn H. Wlri: \ Self: CmnUm A Condid.
* $41.-iC: Aibeu Parz Co.. Si77 To. $4HTt
and Fdv-;yd 1 v. : .1. C. Xewy
i Jayj.1t : Jerome OTveeSHe. $2T,. am! John
; J. LrrcJi. SI'.dO
From the Board of Police Comtnis
; sbct'-rs:—
j Pasted Vov. IS. tfMH.
7--Renne ting reports of experts on
pence hendquautea-s i lidding.
Pass i .Vov. 2-S. 1WM.
•Itaouesti’ijf that $2 400 for six city
physicians forf 1904-1 Hod.
From tile City CcUeetof:—
Ue<|uestiug tiln-ee additional clerks for
: December and January
j From t-lie Board of Street and Water
: <'onauvissioneis:-—
i Forwarding statement of J. C. Water
! Supply (.V). regarding XiHley water sup
Received and referred to t-lie Coniniit
teo of the Whole. At
l-'rotn (lie Board w of Siiver ^an l Wa tor
Passed Vov. 21. 1004.
1— Awarding to Fvalde Asphalf Pav
ing Co. the-contract Tan- impiovdtneiiT iff
Van Chef Ave.. lietween Ilwiglu r»nal
Stegman streets.
• i K.vt.. cost. $d..'!1d.7d>: on''Wtv. $1.
1 dS.dd.,1
2— -Awarding to the T'valde Asphalt
Paving Co. the i-imtrjH for the iiiYffl-ove
uie.nl. id' I>(- Kalb Ave. between Hud
son Boulevard and West Side Ave.
ilist. cost. $d.SS0.t;t;: oil city, $1.41.i
d.—A-wa: ding lead contract to W. W.
Farrier Co.
4—Ordering paid certain wafer ac
count claims. •
So—Ordering $d>00 paid, .to Bernard
Camion on lteservoir Improvement con
*»—Awarding gas lighting contract to
I’lll»ii<- Servin' (’(u-pura! hoi.
T—Awarding nil lighting contract to
(ltd American Street Lighting Co.
8—Declaring an exigency to exist in
necessity for a vault at Ke'ilyiHe to pro
tect water gates and valves.
d—Statement of cost of improvement
10— Ordering SO.It" to J C. Supply
On., claim No. 1.340.
11— Ordering Slo to David H. Oon
dict, claim X«. 2-10.
12— Ordering paid certain special
street account claims.
10— Ordering paid certain claims. t2
res. I
Keccivcd and referred to ('onunitte on
Concurrent Resolutions.
11— lies) nest lug special street account
ha!anccs traits lVrrc»1.
Kcceived and referred to the Commit
tee on Finance.
Passed Nov. 2S. 11M14
I-"'—For gits lamps instead of oil lamp
on West, street.
10-—For adopting plan for Division
street sewer and directing preparation of
spccilic.it ions.
17—Ordering $5,000 paid to Henry
Byrne on contract 1.420. Urnnd street
IS—Ordering $40 paid to B. Cannon,
claim No. 184. Bake street repaving.
Ill—Ordering p'aid certain {water ac
ccoum claims. t2 res.)
Kcceived ami referred to Committee on
Coneiinent Kcsolntions.
20— Ordering *2.d00 paid to Allan M< -
Dermott for legal services and retpust
ing amount to he provided.
21— Kerpio’ting $4.do to Henry Khttts
for damages and pciiueistiog amonjyi, to
he provided.’
Beceived and referred to the Commit
tee of tin* Whole.
Passed Nov. 30. 1004.
22— Awarding street cleaning contract
for 1004-0." fit Henry Byrne.
Received and . referred to Committee
on Cmt current Resolutions
25—Requesting certain 'special street
balances transferred.
Received and f)-for red to the Commit
tee mi Finn nos
J'Vrry. of tile Comuiifto on Fi
pivsenidl the folitiwiilg TOssohl
iki n oo.
1—Resolved. That a tv.iiTutn ho m
dert il ilraiyn-on ihto CLty True,^nivr in
favor of Alliort l)atz Co. for $.->00,00.
being iiniount1 of .jiv.ljiiiit'Yrf; t$47nt and
cost*. ( S^.pOl. obtained against the
Mayor ami Aldermen of Jersey City in
tlit* Hudson Cm-itfr (Amrt; (Witt,serinf of
sunn* h|tviug liooii tied wpjj the CIoik
oTthirf- Hoard Nov. L’S. 1 tnM-. and
ltt.-N.lvnl. That in older t.i provide said
SotiO.Ott: tho Committee oil '.’inaueo lie
ffiftclW hereby onlrriel to-i.-sne ,-r riiiftp.,.
idtry-liKlmhond at a rate jnt. it-si not
e.\ceiiii<u.- 4 pei1'•rt-iilv phi- iairW/ti.1
!,,‘;',IRiSfi!n-^dji,J»l»nt a. ,to
WlloWil!>S,ilri1! hif/resr nf said l.ioiid
In- airtlFWrWrtiWj' iWforW/l ^iliiv.d'l ill fleet'
tll-Jttl’TaJt W'.Vodi IH./[>.-,I,,..
i , ;2— Resolved. I'll ill in aoi-ordanei' with
the wiliest of &*»,'•
=ii.H.pWl Nfj^jmi UftVv#fl
i lnwuuil it is hereby approjmated to- Rio
i-VKlH ijf fh»f> .Hoatil -to the used (*/ pity
• fwtiJilif iseryik-t-s,i>f an, engineer at Soiniiilf
No. 11 for 'flu* lisi af year beginning ltes
1. 11K14. and
Resolved, That in order to raise said
$1,030 the Committee on K-imine'e lie and
is hereby directed to issue a temporary
! loan bond at a rate of interest not to , x
j ceed 4 per cent per annum, under Chnp
I ;ter 70, Iain's 1807. and
I Resolved, That a snm sufficient to pay
l the principal and interest of said bond be
i played in tile next tax levy.
The New J ers^y
ist in
; ^ lQW6fl£ERY'STOp:' jERSEY «». ft, i :
'• rfc;
■Offers, to the poblic tile privileges,'of to.
Safe Qmm Vault
,•*#? *
At prices* $a{ ai^wiOlia tlie reach of all. The
Vault is pxdtected, against burglary, fire, eicM by
every known tlevioe. A'box may he rented lor one
yearfor$5:iK Vault open,daily, 9 to 5.p„ Mfl, j^tur*
day, 9 A. M. to 12 M. Ptiblic inspection mvi
—■ Mw—i— mmvmm ■■ —
j hat in accwdajj^ti n’it]i-:(
• WWpf «t th<- Boaiil uf Stm-C »mi !
"am- ( i.iiuiiissiiint'is, V»H ri •
:«>. im. nsiH-MZlnuSltii'
l_I»UJWrtfltel- tic Jin.k/fe. Ik !|*„Uv: ftinx-UMl
la mat.- tin* ri.ll<nvinff,^H»l#vi Sawi A<
cuintr naii^fivs:—
f j*oin Salaries t*> ISi]iiiiliv*
m vTiih of Angiisi. U*fftf4wv*ft AS
ii'oiuli-air, .1 i,^>w>.n,>ii!U: .
Sjk oi!«l Mi-Hit Acooniit. TTKCMW. s.-iid
ancos to ho tiiinsfuntiM ti» |>* li/tnl t
iiciVolitti* coiryiii riaiios uu-uithI ilnvini:
>**-|:ieinbei*, 11104. *ddi-.;,- <•, t
Kesolved. Tba! in nceordaifee wiih
•he mpu^f of 1h$°feoftfVrW1 SWr mid
Water Commissioners, passed Xirv 14.
15X4. the amount by
til*' Chief Engineer* {ha/ day • appointed
) i* mid is hereby fixe;I ;Vr rfie siim of
flu* alxm* resolutions wire received
invti adopted by vote nf nil >he members
present mi ilu* r-jill for ilu» :iyps and noes
» y the President.
1 he (^aiHnitfw cm Concurrent Ueso
hi'iions reported recommending the adop
tion of the foil owl hi? resolutions:—
Hesplved, That the Hoard of Finance j
hereby concurs in the following r» solu- I
lions adopted by the Hoard of Street j
and Water Commissioners, as follows, j
to wit:—
lj—Passed, Oct. 17. 1004—Ordering |
$ 1 .oOO paid to P. Fomndly on account or j
contract 1,414 for reconstruct tow *»f
>M\'e.r in Van Vorst and Essex srm-is, t
from i l rand to Warren streets.
(Phg. Special Street Account, tills ;
Li Mil. I
2—Passed Nov 21. 1004—That S200 j
ho paid to Bernard (Jj.mmi on account [
<»f contract 1,4.74. for improvement of !
the unused pirotion of reservoir site.
(Chg. License* Moneys, this Item.)
H—Passed Xov. 21. HM)4—A warding j
to the Public Service Corporation of X. |
.1. a contrac t for the furnishing of Hlnini
nating material to lighting. extinguish
ing. cleaning: aud% repairing gas street
lamps in this city at file price named in
the proposal of said company, to wir:—
For each lamp yearly rlie contractor
to pay the cost of regia zing. $20.70. on
Him basis of 47S lamps.
4—I'.ikshJ Nov. 21 1!M>4—A \v.t nlhi.tr
la 'Ilie Anu-ricuir''jS;aiid|1.ifShiiitg fCtti it
'Tontraet Tar thojYitMt-iUImu %t Mujniii-n*
ing material 1fcyJsfesiyft'i
cleaning mat repairing ml iirof Tini|i‘ in ■
lliis i-irv nr t'he price named in the ]iin- j
l»nsal of mild couipmiy, ui ivlfi—
Fm- each. Unujt umiit lil.v <be couir.-u-byr ,
la pa.v tillo cost uf'rejj'fiixinjr. -SI .00, mi the
basis of 40T, tamps.
• i—Passed \uv. 21, l.!K>4—Jifxolved.
Thai ilie cm,tract fur the furnishing of
‘20.1X10- ponds ul’ lend in accordance with i
,/Ji.e specifications mi tile in tile olive of
Ine Fieri; nf the Hoard lie and is hereby !
’ a warded ru W. W Farrier Cn. :ri the
price named in his bid. iminely. 1IXS per :
emir, of the finllm/ittjs standard of cost:— j
Alionl 20.IHXI pounds of lead iir ]ier
pound, .sue.
Thin heinjc the lowest 1 si cl received, mid !
that the Corporation AItoruey be mid is
lreroby directed to prepare and have
execMed e.\|1(-pi1i;i|,,the necessary contract
• i—Passed NbiviriJI. 1004—Ordering
paid (he folLming claims:—
S1U m K. I '. McCarthy, claim X'o. 303.
S1<><> to P. J.-Mahon, claim X'o. 443.
$40 to Union Printing Co., claim X'o.
ri'hg. Water Account, A. & E.l
7—Passed Xov. 28, 1!M)4—lies,lived.
That the plan and protile for constrnc
tion of relief sewer known ns <the Itavine
load and Division streel millet sewer its
prc'eiitid by the Chief Engineer on tiiis
date, in* and is hereby adopted and or- !
dered filed, and that the said nllicer lie i
directed to prepare and submit :u bis
earliest convenience detail, d spicifira- !
lions in neeaisbrnee therewith,
i .8—Pass,si Nov. 28. 1004-—Unsolved, j
*1 lint the resolution herct' dure passed
Oct. 31. 1004. authorizing the placing of
mi oil in ill p in front of X'o.- is Wi -a sun*t
lie and is liereiiy reconsidered and re
scinded. and
Unsolved. That the J’libJie Service Cor
poration of X. .1.. or its. success n-s. be
and is hereby niilli.iriifeiV'irnd'THh'cted in
place an adjlitionaLyjjSi iptyje ii^.dyont of
Xu U West Street, payment to lie made
therefor at the nifti-on pMtUmnm.
from tile dale ai'phjcilig,, nip', same. and
'Ihal the Clerk iT lliis Hoard be and is
liereiiy directed iii cent if.vine <»|fy of this
resolution to said epmuapv
Uffif—Ef solved.
esnlnfmn to said emui
_ IS—Puss, d Xuv.":tli.
Tilei tilt- cmitrairfd for eibei osttirepleg.
cleaning mid removal of al dirt. ashes,
garbage ms., from ' ftii- Utfi'eis dr til's
City for tile year .bcgiiw.iipg December
1, 11X14. in accordance with the speciTid.-i'
tions heretofore- il)Spruvi0l. lie mid ,s
hereli.v awarded to II, ui:y jjyine. at ihe'
price named in his pro|>osai;'submittod on
ibis date, namely, 1IHI per emit, of the
following stmidmxl:-r
About 2.!S5f> lineal ipiles ,.f pawl
streets, paved witli ■ s:fi>mv‘,Uv 'la- swept
and cleaned, per Ijitoal ,mjje. 810.
About 2.31X1 lineal inil.es of streets,
paved with .Tkphait. to he swi pi and
cleaned, per Jinca^., mile. 84.
About ltlrs ft Deal mibs uf sTreits.
paved w:,ii.. »!ii. adatti or Tolfurd pave
ment. to lie swept and cleaned. jier lin
eal mile. 811. ■ !;ii '
In. gross for. rmnuyipg aslus, and gars
liage for vile year. 825.01X1.
For each lhan "tb taihsl for gathering
papers. , ic.. per day. 82.50.
Thai being the lowest bid received and
thm ihe Finp iratimi Alim ncy lie. and is
hereby, iHrmti ft ' In |«li||#l-e anitohnve
executed, Ike tiec-essar.e coiili'tiet ’for che 1
‘•.line. I ' ■
illV rrjuiii wAM riimtifr infoth* ale.*.
hrelntifijs fiyesent on tlio .-ay, it«- '
• !*>• >iv.
ni4.-p>Hp fit*.'
Tim (['oiniuifun on S;|mill Claim
rfjVHftt'.} ii>wimnmams rite lYiloiftioiV of
fidlnwntff WWltUiiuj:
Tiesolveil. Thiti wnryaors In- oidou,!
ilrawat. on tHf ITly TiVitvim'r in' jiiiyrurtr't
to..I. II. I JIs.m jnr m ; vines nmler
IiSUV: I h jiiti tmeirr. Nov, 10. J!HM.
. *00 to Joint II White for servii os.
CoIIivtor's Orfinn. Nov.. 1!KM.
*4.oO to K. A. Vivol uni fnt- tnkin^
imkiiiiwltsltfomoiiis. u, t. and Nov., loot.
*4t;42 to Cmnlirt <v (Aim.lint fov titxml
ease in ('Inincti y. in ease of Ann si:! si a :
1!. Case vs, fhe Mayor .mil Aldermen of
Jersey City.
SI to ITuK nrnml Ty.|«ovriter Co. for i
ifAwirs, Hoard of 1'imim-e. Nov., 1S»J, I
tCltR.''Claims" Ayeouiit \ '
TUe reiwrt was received and the above 1
' • '<SO -M** • i »i (j#
resolution was Adopted (ok -
til*1 .'i> r' nm[ iinii s by I hi' PyesideuL
« l*r- i’. it.v, ,,r ,i)u'r;ffi^rfiiir\T(4i;oTt. pt-r • ’
lanus. pti .eii.'tsi i5i,' fifliddiiii* fesoin-*
% iff}!-" 1- • \ .
iK..” .Ian.
nt a!
1 i~\V lu*](\*is. In the ;iss4levir-d
, f ir tht‘ *‘liui»iuvLU;eiir i>f nve
iuio. friMii! Wa!<lf> 11»' Ian V of IV,n H
UK 1 Stos. Lot 4, Hiwok 518,
Magnolia JjTMttTfiir-'Mi
i«‘n< ,il error is a>>. ssod
wiwnuioii fstnWislH <1 in
V‘ (>Iher pro| If riv for saiil im}»i*oremeut
I! should haft bee* assessed S2XS 40- —
be it
lfesnftod. ’ That tin- CitijC Collector biitH
ami i- Inri-by .dim ted m correct ou the
i"u'S “(hi't the lien against Let
I. Hiia-k 581. Siiiniu.it an.I Magn ilia ave
nues, aforesaid to muji, !ji£js$.40.
- W lieu as. ’lln to appears against
K.as_::u mill :;i. Bl<«* l£j$. a ,
ot >i for "Siavif in Si2* avenue, from'
11mis.■ n Boulevard . in -him co-hu* ijjg
"•iiti the sewer m \\ ; Side avenue '*
I'.'- Iii. 1S!*!I. ami r
\\ itert as. The sewerage flow front s lid
Ians Mil and Ml din-.t'anh-HoW thiaiughi
said stiver, hut Hows south t t Sivvi" tif
\V. st Sh-le.'.-Mt' ’rh^rtt-e 'to o,UL>'- '
Ifl. and did so How prior ip cuiistfmrjpu .
n said sewer in Si[i-avenue.'Jit'it
Uestdved That ,)foe. Cit^poj^t-tiw he
ami is'hereby directed to cancel of record
ou the hooks of his office the ell a rat of
agaijist I.ois M»i and Ml. Block 1.847,
foo,sewer in Sii> avenuTT^'fV:, Dee. lti,
•* 7M heri'as. djironglv error following
the tiling of a new i!e#I ,to coitieut niia
•leseri|ition of I.ot 42. Bloch I.MdT. OH
Bergen Boml and -Neptune iiveivne.>thkji«
a]ipear> on the efty s books a new ha.
designated -1J .V. which is iti r r -ati: y .a,
part of said I.ot 4”. lie it
Berfoivt ,1. Thai iihe City- dirtedinc bo '
anti ho is hereby directed to cancel ijij his
1 books s.inl I .or 42 A. Block 1,3711; and
I all lions, including advertising, which an-.
I pear against same for rile veins liW,1
l-J01. 1!I02. 1'HIM and llKI-Llf
T—" hen as. J'iiere appears on the
eit.' s hooks, nhrough n W-itplat of land
design led I’iof K. in Block 1.438, which
a comparison of the assesMiuwt maps
wit a ilic deeds owned by one George*
\n land, shows to beiuclmledrn Plot
(.'. Block 483. he it
Kcs.,ivod, J'lvait the Oitj Collector H*
and lie is In
'•reby directed.,to cancel of his
hooks said Bh.r K. Block'1,438. and all
lints, including advertising, which appear
against s-ame for the year* 1SS)9, 1900.
BJin. 1!H>2. 1903 and lfl^
I he a l ove resolntious were receiTed
and adopted by vote of all the members
pi i suit on the call for the ayes and notst
by lire President.
The Commit-fee on Printing, RtaflM*
ary and supplies reported m-ona>MdiE(i
the adoption of the following xesohl-’
liesolved. That warrants he
drawn on tihe City J'reasurer in payment -
of the following claims':—
*~9.Hi to J. C. Xews for Bubimih’i
minutes in Xov„ 1904.
'hg.^T’uhlisbin* Minute*’’ Account|
8117.75 to Albert Datz Co. fon su4»
plies for Comptroller. Not., 1904. 1
819-, to Albert I>atz Co. for sunpifet*
for Collector, Xov.. 1904. ''
$15 to Albert Datz Co, for sunph'q*
i for Treasurer, Xov. 1904.
$-.‘lll> to Edward Fry, City Collector,
for^saramips for Collector’s office, Dec.,
(Chg. “Claims” Account.)
i The report was received and the abov*.
| nssoliw ion was adopted by vote of all
. the nu'iuhcis [Ireseiit’ on the call for tha
I ayes ami noes liy the President.
The Special Coimrfitte^ on Baths ra
j imi ted_ recommending -the adoption of tha
; following resolutions:—
I Itrsolved. 1 hat winfants be oidered
j dra wn on the City T'reA'stiref in payment
| of the following claims:—..
8-.1 (o donuiic O'Keefe for scouring
| soils. Baths. Xov . 1904.
John J. I,yuch for ice at Baths, lj)
J( 'll.1-- "I’wblie Bath” Account.)
rill' ip III (ft was received and the a-bova
: re'solution was adopt-tal by vote of all the
, members present oirt'hr'eilll-'for The >iyM
.•tin! linos )iv tin- President.
MI SC HU. A X K<> F'S ursrxESS.
Presentation ,>f 1!,.sol 11 itons.
I By Mr. Ouitm:—
Unsolved. liiat tlie Corporation Coua»
>ol be anil is hereby- I h rec r ed 111 i M fn)' ill
this Ih.iii'.I of the city's rights in tile mats
nr of rile coustnuriom of a sewer iii
llirrteerreh street, from a point,.aliotu iiiH)
Tci t * .‘i>t of I ViTuti stm t, to the river.
By Mr. Perry:—. , ■ ■
Unsolved. That in accordance with the
cntiimunicaiini) this, day received fnuu
the City ('nUto-tor shmvinjc rile inerenrsej
hii'im.-s of Ills office itmt vciltiesflnif an
iUority to employ three additional elerko
for the moiiths’iVf'Tlrv, mlifi‘"!iWt .TaeM
ai\. rite (Tty Collector lie ami lie is
licit by ainboiizisl 1<. eiii^loj- such ihree
, a thl I thin a 1 clerks during lh-vernher, ]!>04.
am! dannary. BNYi. for The ptirpose of u
telul.llr; to tile i tier fitted, Inntilusts of Ilia
office. 1 '
Hie above resoimiourj. were i received
•Hid aitoptMl liy vote of all the number*
pre sent on tile call for theMiyt'M mid ltbea
’ by the President.
flu motion of Mr) tjufca the1 ‘board
then adjourned.
a of; the, Board of Pi.
Ci y ’ iTa'il im
Rejnthtr nieeiin
1-lih-e he!d"ai the (" .CHh'llTin Wedm-j
(!ay. Hi.'imiu:* 7. 1 fillli j
l*ii i : — 1‘nvdji: Itdi^lr and Messro.
I Mud;. Break, am! (jillwsord, .,,,
Ab-ent—-Mr. 1 Vrrr——1. ‘ . y j
•M.'l’BOYAI. 01' Till* M IXi'T.Bg..
i In ., ,■ i«o oltie.'flohsi the 'Prcd
dPi't ela- • 'he rr l. •_u-eay'.-iy
n/e ii'c. Ot-MiMia, -Osold jOiuisad . re*ui*r
n: on! a. Uefol,,: tn, re a ..tr me. , H i_. in-,
leb.r liy a ij.,::jui .1 j-.-iru m ;• an. iuz. t),
i m,
BiJ'n'i Bi.xtc-m’tb
l'o iliotf of -tv'
tv.ni Nl.hltii h««pTAiii|aav)wqt Yi-.ftqptq!
Ri emwl. athI an '■ tfd’^Biwot* n
> ft.'* "U Eyiitjietsi
The followma. cluhn^^^ent^,,.
JKEt! u‘‘nm',r mw. tms<*
New Jersey Title OfloCftw# *f;1mT 'PMtfBi
*OTa*(: Prank " ..
Khreihart, Silo ft AlaeJ
t>77. and Jedin A. X ..
OEFK'lAl, (hmfl l,\^y mvl.
KvtfUl 'till1
(To be etKrtitu»«l#ei.^|'11ggrji

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