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Jerseg €itij Sms,
*r—C—-- ’-i-1—-~ ■■■ ' .' =r=a—gS3
Offlce. K*. 261 Washington Street
Telephene Call, Jersey City, 271.
Bow (Boom 4*1.
HOBOKEN AGENCY—J. Llch tenstein,
No, 01 Second Street.
No. 793 Broad Street.
, The only Democratic Daily Paper pub*
* lisbed iu Jersey City. Single copies, one
Cent; subscription, three dollars per year,
postage paid.
Entered la the Post Offlce at Jersey
City as second-class matter.
All business communications should be
addressed to The Jersey City New; all
letters fef publication to the Managing
■■HHj MARCH 20, 1905.
George I,. Record. Mayor Kagan’s
Corporation Counsel, is a tliorn in the
Sides of the Republicans at Trenton. On
all the important hills pending in the
legislature Mr. Record disagrees with
the State leader* of hi* party. They
have no love for him for this reason,
yet they seem to fear him. and he is
g welcome guest at all the important
conferences that are held at the State
capital. While bis views are sought,
they are never adopted. Not since the
days of Thomas V. Cator has there been
• man so troublesome to the corporate
Interest* as represented by the Republi
can Stare organization. He is opposed
to tile caucus Equal Taxation bill, is on
the side of the people in the Morris canal
abandonment proposition, and is fighting
(is bard a* he knows how to prevent the
reorganization of the State Board of
Taxation a* planned by the Republican
leaders. Judging from the talk one
hears, the Republican party, would be
glad if Mr. Record had remained a
Under the headline “Nonsense in the
, Pii'lti ic Schools,” the Trenton “Trite
American” says:—
. Kor the past few years, particularly
in normal schools throughout the coun
try. the sole aim of the instructors has
been to introduce "fads” into the courses
of study. N’aturallj enough this ten
dency ha* appeared in the public schools,
and having run the circuit, the tax
payer and the student ask for a result.
In their Jibing they are sadly disap
pointed. because of the lack of good
grounding in the fundamental branches
*ud a anperficiai knowledge of a Wide j
range of useless subjects.
Kor teacber and pupil alike there is
hut a limited amount of time. The aver
tge child leaves the public school at a
•urpnsingly early age. In the few short i
years, the overworked, underpaid teacher
Is supposed to ram disconnected facts in
to an untrained mind, largely a* a plun
ger force* cement compound into a tube
in the. making of concrete piling. When
the tube i* withdrawn, small wonder is
it that the concrete “bulge*.”
As a matter of fact, the school-masters
gird the school-mistresses are just learn
ing what the parent* of children hare
long known. It is that when the (floss
of enpertridHty of the modern public
school fnefhod* is removed the pupil has
a lapk of real appreciation at the funda
mentals—rail thorn reading, writing and
arithmetic, if you please.
From *11 parts of the country comes
tne same story. ."Normal, schools in the
west find that those who are examined,
preparatory to taking a course in peda
gogic-*, know more of Scandinavian my
thology and nature studies than they do
of rules of punctuation and simple frac
tions. Eight young men, all from Min
nesota,' graduates of the high school*,
failed in their examinations for West
'Point or Annapolis, because of their de
fective knowledge of the elementary
English tranches. In a recent examina
tion of high school graduates for en
■ trance at the Northwestern Unitermty,
nearly en«-h»lf failed mainly because of
their inability to spell words in common
Hse. '
Nearer borne, at Princeton University,
Wonderful Change in 8 Night,
in l Month Face wa«
Clear as Ever.
“I tad eczema on the face for five
.iaotfas, during which time X was in the
care of physicians. My face was so dis
figured I could not go out, and it was
going from bad to worse. A friend
recommended Cuticura. The first
night after I washed my face with
Cuticura Soap, and used Cuticura
Ointment and Resolvent, it changed
wonderfully. From that day I was
able to go oat, and in a mouth the
treatment had removed all scales and
scabs, and my face was as clear as ever,
(signed) T. J. Soth, 317 SUgg Street,
Brooklyn, N. Y.”
University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers
College, Lehigh University. Lafayette
College anti Columbia College, members
of the faculty state that Freshmen are
defective in their preliminary education,
and that time, that should be properly
be devoted "ho advanced work, is occupied
in eliminiting errors that should have
been corrected in the grammar school
Possibly the experience of instructors
iu business colleges is of the highest
value, because such institutions get a
large clientage from the rural school
houses. A,t one time the country school
had a reputation for thorough instruc
tion in the fundamentals. To-day. the
country and city are eqnally faulty, and
the student from the country must re
view spelling and reading ere he can
study bookkeeping and business methods.
The fault lies with a system or lack
of it. No one man or set of men is
responsible for the bringing up of a race
of students who are supposed to read
Greek before they know the meaning of
words over three syllables, or are exam
ined in algebra ere they can calculate
pimple interest.
What is needed is a protest from the
taxpayers, from fathers and mothers, and
from ail tiie friends of public school ed
ucation. There lias been a sufficiency
of nonsense in the course of study in
the public schools, where teachers and
children, at State expenses are crowded
to the limit with useless subjects and' no
practical results attained.
Professional grafters who advertise in
the newspapers to furnish "sure thing”
tips on horse races are worried over the
Investigation of their methods begun by
the Post Office Department. Assistant
Attorney-General Goodwin has discov
ered that the tipsters, or most of them,
are operating in violation of the law iS
that they are using the public mails as
a means of securing money by means of
false and misleading statements.
Postmaster-General Cortelyon has
signed a fraud order against H. Phillips,
of New Orleans, for using the mails for
illegal purposes. The ease of Phillips is
typical of a great many that the depart
ment has under inspection. In his ad
vertisements he attempted to create the
impression that he is the horse owner
of the same name. Phillips’s methods
are familiar to almost everybody who
has followed the racing game for any
period of time. He put out tempting ad
vertisements, announcing his wonderful
success in picking the winners. It was
his custom to print a list of horses that
had won events in the preceding week
or ten days and declare that he furnish
ed the names of these winners to his
clients. His eharge for information was
$10 for one selection a day for six days.
In liis circular Phillips had this an
nouncement: “Remember, I wire you
but oub horse each day direct from the
When a post office inspector got on the
trail of Phillips, he found mau.v interest
ing things. In the first place, it was
learned that Phillips's o ce was where
his hat happened to be. He appeared to
be doing a pretty good business, but had
absolutely no method or system of con
ducting bis affairs. His clients’ names
were scribbled on cards or pieces of paper
that he carried in his pockets.
The inspector required PMliips to go
to the local telegraph office and call for
telegrams which he declared be had sent
out tha preceding week, naming the win
ners, as described in his circular. No
such messages were forthcoming, and
Phillips finally admitted that he had scut
none of the winners. Tt appeared that
he had sent to his subscribers a few
horses that turned out to be “dead ones,”
The main charge that was pressed
against Phillips was that of fraudulent
miartprasetttaciwB is asserting that he
bijii lipped Ihc winners of previous rail's.
When questioned by the inspector Phil
lips admitted that he had no superior
facilities for selecting winners, adding
that if he were able to tell the horses
that would capture the prizes it would
not be necessary for him to peddle his
information at the rate of $10 a week.
The campaign of the department
against professional tipsters Who use the
mails to-forward their sehepies will cre
ate baroe with a great many industrious
race track hangers on. The Govern
ment recognizes that some of the racing
information bureaus operate along legi
timate lines, but some o* the others are
graft games, pure and simple, and this
i* the class of frauds that the depart
ment is trying to drive out of business.
Stage Notes.
Those who realize how thoroughly
Lawrence D'Orsay plays himself in "The
rEarl of Pawtucket" will appreciate the
following extract from his curtain speech
on the opening night of his recent en
gagement in San Francisco:
"I implored Mr. Thomas, the author,
not to make a silly ass of me in ‘The
Earl of Pawtucket.' ‘D'Orsay.’ replied
Thomas. ‘I'll make you exactly what
you are yourself—and here I am."
One of >the best of the lesser roles in
"The Heir to the Hoorah,” which Kirke
La Shclle is to produce next week, is
that of Hush, a Japanese valet. With
his customary leaning toward realism
and atmosphere, Mr. La Shelle with the
aid of the Japanese consul to New York,
ha* found for the role one T. Tamamoto,
a young .Tap. w ho, before coming to d ork
in one of the Japanese art stores on Fifth
avenue, had been a local stage favorite
in Tokyo.
Walter Halo, leading man of William
H. f rame's company, purchased an 18
horsepower Northern tonring car during
the recent automobile show in Chicago.
It will be shipped to Naples early in
May. and Mr. Hale and his wife—Louise
Glosser Hale—now playing in "Abigail,"
at -the Savoy, will make a tour through
Italy and Fiance to Purls, writing and
illustrating a series of articles for "Har
per’s Magazine.”
“Some o’ these city newspapers do
make the funniest mistakes,” sneered
Farmer Korntop.
“What's the mater now?” asked his
Why, this paper’s talking about a
‘wheat pit.’ Of course cherries has pits,
but they ain’t no seeh thing as a ‘wheat
pit,' ”—Philadelphia Press.
Mrs. Jonson—Oh! Tom, our next door
neighbor’s oil stove exploded in the
Mr. .Tonson—That accounts for ray
Mrs. Jonson—What was it?
Mr. Jonson—C dreamed I was at a
Wagner opera. „
“And yon promised me yon would
never speculate again.” “I knew it, but
it was such a temptation. ■ I bought
Steel at 60 and sold at 68.” “Oh, Alger
non. how could yon? It went to ”3!"—
Brooklyn Life.
One day little Flossie was sent across
the street to get a pair of shoestrings.
"How long do you want them?” asked
| the clerk.
| ,“As long as they• will last!” replied
the small shopper..—Chicago News.
“Mr. Hunter's married now,” said the
bride-to-be. preparing to seend out her
cards, “so we’ll have to address his in
vitation to ‘Mr. and Mrs. Hunter.’”
“Better not," her brother advised.
"She’s the boss, so you’d better send the
invitations to 'Mrs. and Mr. Hunter
ess.’ ”—Philadelphia Press.
"Your friend Lamb doesn't look well
at all. What’s the matter with him?
“Well, you might call it. ‘financial dys
pepsia.’ 1 beiiev lie went in for pork
on WUU Street and took too much.”—
Philadelphia Press.
“Really,” remarked the lazy cad, “I’ve
been wondering what to give up during
“Well,” remarked Miss Pepprey. “you
might give up your seat in a street-car
occassiotially.”—Philadelphia Press. i
“I was reading, to-day, in the news
paper. of the great American desert;
what is the great American desert?"
asked the lady at the hcaijt of the tuide.
“Why, I believe the great American
dessert is prunes.” replied the thin
hoarder, feelingly.—Yonkers Statesman.
Mrs. Hussite—'“Six of that dozen of
eggs were rotten.” Dealer—“Sorry, very
A Guaranteed Gnre For Piles.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Preluding
Pile#, yppr druggists will refund money
if PAZ0 OINTMENT fail# to cure yoe
in 8 to *4 day#. SO*
Remarkable Curative Proper- i
ties of a Remedy for Indh
gestion and Stomach
Stuart’s Dyspepsia Tablets, a prepara
tion for the euro of dyspepsia and the
various forms of indigestion- and slom- |
ach trouble, owes its groat success as a
cure for these troubles to the fact that
it is prepared for disease and weakness
of tile stomach and digestive organs I
ONLY, and is not recommended or ad
vised for any other disease.
It is not a cure-all, but for any stem- I
ach trouble it is undoubtedly the SAF
EST. most sensible remedy that can be
advised with the prospect of a perma
nent cure. It is prepared in tablet form,
pleasant to taste, composed of vegetable
and fruit essences, pure'pepsin and Hol
den Seal, every one of whleh act ef
fectively in digesting the food eaten,
thereby resting and invigorating the
weak stomach: REST is nature’s cine
for any disease, but you cannot rest the
STOMACH unless you put into it some
thing that will do its work or assist in
the digestion of food.
that js exastly what Stuart s Dyspep
sia Tablets do, one gra in ,bf the digestive
principle contained in them will digest
3,000 grains of meat, eggs or similar
wholesome foods; they will digest the
food whether the stomach is in working
order or not, thereby nourishing the
body and resting the stomach at the
same time, and REST and NOURISH
MENT is nature's cure for any weak
In persons run dow n in flesh and ap
petite these tablets build up the strength
and increase flesh, because they digest
flesh-forming food which the weak stom
ach cannot do, they increase the (low of
gastric juice and prevent fermentation,
acidity and sour watery risings.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets can be
found at all drug stores at 50 cents per
sorry, Mrs. Hussie, I hope you didn't
break the shells?” Mrs. Hussie—"Why,
of course I did. How could I tell whe
ther they were good or bad?” Dealer—
“If you hadn’t broken the shells, we
could have taken the eggs back. We
have other eittomers, you know. But
now they are of no use to us.”—Boston
“This machine can go twenty times as
fast as that mule of yours." said the man
who had been Using an automobile.
"Yes. suit," answered Mr. Erast us Pink
ley. "But it kin balk forty times as
balul.”—Washington Star.
“I never knew before that he was a
religious crank.” “Nonsense! he isn't.”
"He certainly is. He got me in a corner
the other day and asked me if I was pre
pared to die.” "Of course. He is an in
surance agent."—Philadelphia Ledger.
(From the Chicago Journal.!
Oh, tradesman, in thine hour of e e e,
if on this paper you should e o e.
Take our advice and now be y y y,
• Jo straight ahead and advert i i i.
You’ll find the project of some u u u;
Neglect can offer no ex q q q.
Be wise at once, prolong your d a a a,
A silent business soon de k k k.
The record of circulation of books for
home reading for the week ending March
11, 190.7. was as follows:—(leuernl
Works, 134; Philosophy, 29; Ufligion.
104: Sociology. 2119; Philology, 21; Natu
ral Science, 279; Useful Arts, 141; Fine
Arts, 91; Literature, 027; Fiction, 3,842;
Juvenile Fiction. 3.518; History. 781;
Biography, 914; Travels, ,.207—Total,
10,99.7. , ’
Of this number there were delivered
through the Delivery Stations. 0,200.
Number of borrowers registered during
the week, 134
L . | ‘ 1 >
They Excited C*«»y'« Curiosity dm
He tiot an Explanation.
Casey ami Mulligan lived in adjnh
ing tenements. Casey was looking ot:
of his front window one afternoo
when he saw Mulligan go through tl
street door on the run. In a few un
meats he returned, still running, u
the next night Casey saw Mulligan r*
peat the perforinnuee. Casey told h
wife there must be sickness In t.
Mulligan household, but Mrs. Case
said no. On the third day Casey aga
saw Mulligan dash out of the door an
return on the run. On the fourth nig:
Casey saw Mulligan leave the hous
with a skipping rope and go down th
street skipping the rope. When he re
turned he was Still skipping the rop
This \yak the last straw- to Casey's al
ready overburdened curiosity. Hi
i watched and when Mulligan was ow
| went to his home.
"Is there anythin’ I can do for you.
| Mrs. Mulligan V’’ he asked her. "Wh:a
I for?-’ asked Mi’s. Mulligan. “Shure.
and your husband bas gone daft,’’ said
Casey. "1 seen him run out Of the
house and run back ag'lu three night;
and the fourth go out skippin' a rope.”
"Oh, that’s nothin’/’ said Mrs. Mull!
gnu. "The doctor was here last week.
Mike bein' by way of ailin', and gave
him four pills. 'Tube three nimllu’ anti
skip the fourth,’ so* he, 'and that'i
what Mike haa been delft’.’ ’’—New
York Tribune. •
, April 4, 5, 6, aa4 7
KATE from Jersey City. ..... 33 2
Cuverlng ™nWrtp transportation, Pullman berth and mea.j on gains trip, and three
_a boatd at Hotel harofirta. Tickets good for eighteen days
RATE from Jersey City ...... S 3 6
Covering all necessary expenses for six days.
RATE from Jersey City.... . ,.5g | 7
Covering round-trip transportation, all expenses going and one arid three-fourths
days board at Chamberlain Hotel. Tickets good for six days
RATE from Jersey City. . .... SI 2 and S I 4.60
According to Hotel selected, covering all necessary expanses for three days. Tickets
good for ten days.
Account tpworth I eague International Convention. Special Pullman Train
GATE from ejisey City..... §63-5 0
Detailed itineraries and full information may be had of ticket agents C sttidds Eastern
Passenger Agent. 263 Fifth Ave„ New Ydrk:N. Y., or
J. K. WOOD. Passenger Traffic Manager. GEO. W. BOYD, General Passenger Agent
Broad Street Station, Philadelphia. Pa.
Sealed proposals will be received by the '
Board of Boulevard Commissioners of Hudson
County, N. J., at their meeting to be held
THURSDAY, March 23, 1905
AT 4 P. M.,
for building a one-story frame building to be
used as a workshop, stable and office, the
dimensions of which will be about 25 by 100
Specifications can be seen at the office of
the Commission. No. 580 Newark avenue. Jer
sey City. N. J.; also all information necessary
for the? performance of the contract.
All bids must be accompanied by a certified
check or cash to the amount of five hundred
($500) dollar*.
Bonds for ,the faithful performance of the
work will be required of the successful bidder, i
The Board reserves the right to reject any ,
cr all bida If it is deemed for the best inter
ests of the County so to do.
By order of the Board of Boulevard Commis
sioners of Hudson County. N. J.
Notice Is hereby given that on the 7th day of
November, 19f»4, application was made to the
Board of Street and Water Commissioners by
M. .T. Sexton and others for the
between Hudson Boulevard and Halstead
Said improvement to be made conformably
to the provisions of Chapter 217 of the Laws
of 1895, and in the following manner, including
To have the street for the full width thereof
graded to the established grade by excavating
or filling the same to the established grade.
To have new 5x16 inch curb set in concrete
on each side thereof. ,
To have new blue-stone flagging four (4) feet j
wide, laid on each sidewalk.
To have the present flagging relaid and new j
flagging laid where necessary.
To have the carriageway paved with asphalt !
To have the present bridge-stone crosswalks !
relaid and new bridge-stone laid where neces- '
And all other work done that may be necessary ;
to provide for the flow of the surface water,
and to complete the improvement in a good
and substantial manner.
Notice is also given that on the 24th day of
February, 1905, the Commissioners of Assess
ment filed in the office of the Clerk of the
Board of Street and Water Commissioners
their preliminary map for said improvement,
showing the probable total cost of the con
templated improvement and the probable
amount to be assessed on pitoperty specially
benefitted thereby, and the same is now open
to public inspection in the office of the Clerk
of said Board.
And notice is also given that the following
streets or avenues or particular sections there
of are included In said assessment, namely:—
from Hudson Boulevard to Halstead street.
on the north side from Orient avenue to a
point about 22.2C feet east thereof.
And that in accordance with the provisions
of the act above cited, the 6th day of March.
1905, at 2 o’clock P. M., and the Assembly
Chamber of the Cltv Hall are hereby fixed as
the tirpe and place when and where the Board
of Street and Water Commissioners will meet
to hear parties interested in said application,
and all remonstrances against the said proposed
improvement that may be presented in writing.
By order of the Board of Street and Water
Dated Jersey City, February 28, 3905.
the Baker Castor Oil Company in construc
tion, maintenance and operation of surface.
track on Bay street, Jersey City, New Jer
The Mayor arid Alderman of Jersey City,
by the Board of Street and Water Commis
sioners. for and on behalf of the municipality
of said City, do ordain as follows:—
Section 1. Be it ordained that the said
Baker Castor Oil Company be granted permis
sion to lay, maintain and operate a single line
of railroad track beginning at a point near
the southwesterly corner of Bay and Greene
streets, making connection with track at that
point already authorized and constructed by
Butler Brothers under Ordinance dated No
vember 30, 1004; thence running Westerly along
Bay street, between the track aforesaid and
the Baker Castdr Oil Building to the East
erly line of Washington street.
Section 2. The beneficiaries shall keep the
space between the building line and the inner
rail of the track herein authorized and per
mitted and for the entire length thereof paved
with a sufficient.width cf bridge $?to?ier where
by the passage of the general public may be
accommodated and facilitated, and shall be
subject to such further regulations, restrictions
and requirements indicated in ordinance for
the relief of Butler Brothers in construction,
maintenance ami operation of railroad spur,
etc., heretofore passed May 3, 1904. and ap
proved by HU Honor the Mayor, May G,
' Section 3. That all costs and expenses inci
dent to the Introduction, passage anu publi
cation of this ordinance shall he paid by the
applicant for same; and such amount therefor
as is esamated by the Clerk of this Board to
be necessary shall be deposited with that officer
on demand. ,
Paased March 6. 190,, p HEJNT7E
Approved March 10. 1905. ^ ^ pAf. ^
Attest:— GI5Q. t. BOUTON,
Parquetry Company:— , . ,
Plf-a^ take notice that by an order of the
Court of Chancery, bearing date the 23d day ot
February, nineteen hundred and five, in a
cause wherein Theodore B, Nisbet is com
plainant and American Parquetry Company is
defendant on Bill for Insolvency, you are or
dered and directed to' prove your ‘claim and
demand against the said corporation within
two months from the date of said order, and
that faiPng therein, you should be excluded
from the benefit Of such dividends as may
thereafter be made and declared by the Court
from the proceed^ of the effects of said cor
Please take*4tottee also, that claims may be
presented to either of the receivers, Charles
M. Beam, or Thomas Higgins, or to Louis E.
ICuster, attorney. No. 16® Nassau street. New
York City. t
Dated February 23, 1905.
Solicitors of Complainant, !
No 1 Exchange Place.
Jersey City. N. J.
in the matter of the estate of Atargaraiua E.
E. gaum way. deceased.
Pursuant to an order made by the Qrpb&aa*
Court of the County of Hudson, on the elev
enth day of October, nineteen hundred and
four, on the application of Henry C. Shumv/ay.
administrator of the estate of Marga.atha 1\
E, Shumtvay, deceased, notice is hereby given
to the creditors •'( tlK) said deceased, to ex
hibit to the subscriber, administrator af»re*ard,
their debts aftfi demands against the said es
tate, under osth, within nine months of the
date of the aforesaid order, or they will be
forever barred of their action therefore again*!
the said subscriber.
Dated Jersey City. N. J.. October U, WOi j
HENRY C. 8HTTMWAT, Administrator. 1
bank sta rs t s v c'/
First National Batik of Jersey City, in the
State of New Jersey, at the close of business.
March 14, 1905.
Loans and discounts. $3,978,121.53
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 389.58
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation.. 400,000.00
U. S. Bonds to secure deposits.. 450,000.00
Stocks, securities, etc. 565,483.41
Due from approved reserved agents
Due from other National Banks ... 281.569.33
Due from State Banks and Bankers 227.471.02
Banking-house, furniture and fix
“...... 294,816.53
Other real estate and mortgages
owned . 28,300.00
Checks and other cash Hems. 420.780.31
Bills of other banks. 21,500.»«
Fractional paper currency, nickels
an d ..cents . 1,157.03
Sp^ele . 19c!o;|.0)
Legal-tender notes . 271,529.0.)
Redemption fund with U. S. Treas
urer (o per cent, of circulation).. 20.000.00
Total ..I. $8,364,399.39
Capital stock paid in. $409 600.09
Surplus fund . 500.000.0)
Undivided profits . 572.145.38
National Bank motes outstanding.. 3S0,700.00
Dividends unpaid .. 1,765.04
Individual deposits sub
ject to check..-. $4,851,814.31
Demand certificates of
deposit . 36.00
Certified checks . 118.992.16 ’
Cashier's checks out
standing. 13,739.65
United States deposits.. 242.000,uo
Due to otter National
Banks >£. 241,827.89
Due to State Banks and
Bankers . 27,031.06
Due to Trust Companies ,
and Savings Banks... 1,013,287.30
- 6.5Q9.7SS.S7
Total .. $S.364.399.39
State of New Jersey, County of Hudson, ss.:
l. G. W. Ccnkfir., Cashier of the above-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th
day of March. 1905.
Notary Public of New Jersey.
To Charles Foley, Helen Huraberg and John
Humbert?. her husband. John Gallagher and
Adelaide Gallagher:—
By virtue of an order of the Court of Chan
cery of New Jersey, made on the eighth day
of March, one thousand nine hundred and live,
in a cause wherein Charlotte Steam and Ben
jamin H. Steam, her husband, are complain
ants, and you and others are defendants, you
are required to appear, plead, answer or de
mur to -the bill of,said complaint on or before
the ninth day of May next, or that said bill
will be taken as cohfessed against ^you; that
the said bill is filed for the partition of certain
lands situate-cl in the City of Jersey City, in
the County of Hudson and State of New Jer
sey, of which Ellen Foley dies seized, and you
are made defendants -because you are onp of
the tenants in common therein.
Dated, March 17, 1905.
Solidtors of Complainant.
No, 1 Exchange Place,
i.,.,-. Jersey City, _
Pursuant to the provisions of an act of the
Legislature of the State of New Jersey, enti
tled “An act to authorize persons to change
their names,” approved February 24th. l>7o,
and acts amendatory thereof -and .supple
mentary thereto, notice is hereby given that
I shall apply to the inferior Court of Com
mon Pleas of the County of Hudson, a: the
Court House in Jersey City, State of New
Jersey, on Monday, the sixth day of March,
next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, or as
soon thereafter as I can be heard, for an
order to authorize me to assume another
name, to wit, the name of Mark Lawrence
Dated February 1st. 1905.
No. 405 First street.
■’TT.TR-.Vfr,,. >" J
To Ludwig Alexy.
By virtue of an order of the Court of Chan
cery of New Jersey, made on the day of ;he
date hereof, in a cause wherein Hudson True:
Company is complainant, and you and Others
are defendants,, you .ire required ;o appear,
plead, answer or demur to the bill of said
complainant on or before the Thirtieth day of
January next, or that in defaulr thereof such
decree bo made against you as the Chancellor
shali think equitable and just.
The said bill is filed to foreclose a mortgage
given by Albert Del* and w;fc to com pi tinaat.
dated August 7. 1S03. on lands at West New
Y'ork, Hudson Co.. New Jersey, and you are
made a defendant because you hold a subse
quent mortr-p'-e r>". the s-ini" lands
Solicitor of Petitioner.
P. O. office address No. G40 Landis avenue.
Vineland. New Jerser:
ery of New Jersey.
Between Thomas K. Gibbons, et als., com
plainants, and Elizabeth Gibbons, et als., de
On bill for partition and decree for sale.
Peter A. Meagher, solicitor for complalr.ant
By virtue of a decree of the Court of
Chancery of New Jersey, made in the above
entitled cause on the twelfth day of January,
nineteen hundred and five, directing a sale of
all and singular the premises mentioned and
described in said decree, I, Pierre F. Cook,
Special Master in Chancery of New Jersey,
shall sell at public vendue to the highest
bidders on Monday, the seventh day of
March, nineteen hundred and five, at two
o’clock In the afternoon, at the office of t ie
subscriber, l-’ierre F. Cook, 1 Exchange
place, Jersey City. New Jersey, as a whole
or in such portions as to me shall seem for
the interests of the parties, ail the following
lands and premises, being the same described
in said decree tot sale, to wit;—All that cer
tain lot, tract er parcel of land and premises,
situate, lying and being in the City of Hud
son tnow Jersey City), in the County of
Hudson and State of New Jersey, and which,
on a certain map entitled Second Map cf t: e
Town of Hudson showing the property belong
ing to E. R. V. Wright, surveyed and laid
out into lots by R. Kidney ai d W. Hexaraer.
and filed in the offices of the Clerk of said
County of Hudson, known and distinguished
ns lot number one hundred and thirty-live,
fronting on the northerly line or stde of S;.
Paul's avenue, said lot being twenty-five feet
wide, front and rear, and one hundred feet
dCt*p, all as shown on said map: and Including
also the inchoate right of dower of the deft-nd
ant, Mary H Gibbons, in all that equal undi
vided sixth part of said premise*, whereof her
husband. John Gibbons, is seized in fee; to
gether with all and singular the he~e.il:a
inentu and appurtenances to t.V said premises
belonging or in unwise appertaining.
Dated February 1, 1$0T*.
Special Master in Chancery of New Jersey.
To Winand Pagei:—
By virtue of an order of the Court of
Chancery of New Jersey made on the day of
the date hereof in a cause wherein Sophie
Reil is complainant and you ami Wife hr#
defendants, you are required to appear, ptea.;.
answer or demur to the bill cf said complain
ant oji or before the twentieth day of De
cember next, or that in default thereof
decree be made against you as the *jr%ncelior
shall thihk equitable and Just.
The said Mil is filed to foreclose a certain
mortgage made by Frederick August Basuan
and wire to complainant, bearing date Augc*:
fifth, nineteen hundred and cne. on lands in
Jersey City. In the County of Hudcon, in «tid
State, Ann ybu are made d*fe«dauff because
you and your wife are owner* thereof by the
0*t*6*r U. MM.
'lo JObiaL A uiSl* 1. L'.Li v l J>L ALLX . ..\^j
, *** administrator of the ' estate ot Sarah a.
vVziiiarna, deceased; Carbiixxn iJwj-,, bw wife;
v\ eo.-wvr Codaijier, F**mxy .. ». * wi. .
Louise Barchowmev,, Fratxicim A. Bartbolo
mew. hex; husband; M. R. Tracy, Edvard
R. Tracy, he r husband; Myron Collau.er.
Agnes Coiiamer, his Wife; Benjamin B. Coi
iamer, Emma C. Coiiamer, hi# wife; Louxoa
Coiiamer, .uar.an ». oUamer, :vi. It. olia.m«r,
Edward K. McNair, Mark Ai. Par- |
mer. Charlotte F. Parmer. his wire;
Perry C. Waldron, Mary Waldron, hi# wife; \
Fannie Ai. Koejngstein. Daniel J. Kjoeing- t
siexn. hur husbanu; Myrtle W. Tob.as. Joan '
G, Tobias, her husb&nd; Daniel J. Waidr r. 1
Mamie M. Waldron, his wife; Albert F.
Nash. Grace F. Tyler, Cowries K. TyUr.
her husband; Edith Nash.. George ft. Par
mer, Jessie At. Parmer, his wife; Loui e P.
Coie, B'rank W. Cole, her husband; Fioru
Coiiamer. widow; Mabel Coiiamer, Sarah J.
Oollaxner, widow; Melinda Reynolds. John
Reynolds, her husband; John Coiiamer, Net
tle Coiiamer, hla wife; Frances Coiiamer.
widow; Lena Coiiamer, Mary S. Coiiamer.
Widow; Charle3 M. Oollaxner, Annie L. Coi
iamer. hla wife; Hattie L. Corliss, Abel Cor
liss, her husband; Julia Coiiamer, widow;
william Coiiamer, Mrs. William Coiiamer.
his wife; John Coiiamer. Mrs. J> nn 0-1
laraer, his Wife; Nelson Coiiamer, Mrs. Nel
son Coiiamer, his wife; Martha L Jeans-n.
Clara B. Jackson. David H. Gregory and
James McCnrBhohyi:—
You are hereby notified that at a public
sa.e made by the City Collector of Jersey City
on the 24th day of April, 1S34. The Mayor ami
Aldermen of Jersey. City purchased for the
sum of one hundred and thirty-one dollars
and twenty-two cents ALL the land and r^al
estate In Jersey City, in the County of Hud
son and State of New Jersey, fronting on
Ilolden lane, which Is laid doun tjod designated
as lots 2ii. & Jii.. in block number 621.
upon an assessment map annexed to a report
number 85 made by the “Commissioners of
Adjustment” appointed iu and for said city
ry the Circuit Court of the County of Hud
a certified copy of which report and map
was filed In the office of the City Collector of
Jersey City, on the SOIL day of August, 1*92,
raid report and map and said sale being
made pursuant to the provisions of an act
of the Legislature of New Jersey, passed
March 20th. 1886. entitled:—
“An Act concerning the settlement and col
lection of arrearages of unpaid t»x©',
assessments and water rates or water
rents in cities of this State, and impos.ng
and levying ?. tax. assessment and lien in
lieu and instead of such arrearages, and
to enforce the payment thereof, and to
provide for the sale of lands subjected to
future taxation and assessment.”
And you are further notified that you appear
to have an estate or interest In said land and
xeal estate, and unless the said land and
real estate shall be redeemed, as provided in
said acts, before the expiration of six months
front- and after the service hereof, a deed for
j the same will be given conveying to The
Mayor and Aldermen of Jersey City, the fee
simple of sa:d la;:d and real estate according
to the provisions of the said act
Dated Jersey City, N. J., Lee. 16ih, 1904.
City Clerk.
(Sale No. 4474.)
Bertscb.ua tin, nis wife; George H. Waisoa,
Annie T. Watson, his wife; Baoque C*a
lonaie Vaudcise, the Bank oi Montreal, Er>
inenegiido Paladin1., Kmaueui Gerii. J.«epa
Ratti, The Victory Silk Mill, The Bergen
Hill Pleasure Ground Association, Maria
MuwKnann and John Mufttmann
You are hereby notified that a: a public eais
made by the City Collector of Jersey City, on
the 2Gth day of April, 1904. 1 purchr.^ed for the
sum of Forty-eight Dollar.; and Ninety-four
Cents all the land ana -ea! estate situate in
Jersey City, in the County of Hudson and
State of New Jersey, fronting on Budsoa
Boulevard, which is laid down and desiguHted
as lots one ani two »1 and 2), in block
number nine hundred fwenty-four (924), as
shown upon L. I>. Fowier’s official assessment
mup at Jersey City, 1,1894), said saie being made
pursuant tr> the provisions of an act of :he
Legislator? of fisw Jersey, passed March 30th.
1 fcSti, entitled:
“An Act concerhl.ii; (hr settlement and collec
tion of arrearages of uapti.1 tares, assess
ments and water ra\ee or water rents in
cities of this State, and imposing nnd levy
ing a tax, assessment and Hen iu licit and
instead of such arrearages, and to enfjrce
the payment thereof, and to provide for
the saie of lands subjected to future taxa
tion and assessment.”
And the several supplements thereto.
An', you are further notified that you appear
to have an estate or interest in said land and
real estate, and unless the said land and real
estate shall be redeemed, as provided In said
acta, within one year from the date of sa e
and before the expiration of six months from
and after the service hereof, a deed for the
enjne will be given conveying to the purchase?
the fee simple cf said land and real estate, ae
•ording to The provisions of rhe said acta *
" Dated Jersey City, N. J.. May 10th, 1904.
Jersey City, N. J.
Sa’« No. 10239.),
Between Margaret T. Irving and Frank J.
Irving, her husband, et als. Complainants, and
Elisabeth L. Kenny ami John Kenny, her hus
band. Defendants.
On bill for partition and decree for sale.
James J. , Murphy, Solicitor for Complain
By virtue of a decree of the Court of Chan
cery of New Jersey, made in the above emitted
cause on the twenty-fourth day of February,
nineteen hundred and five, directing a saD .»f
all and singular the premises mentioned and
described in said decree, I. Pierre F. Cook,
Special Master in Chancery of New Jersey,
shall sell at public vendue to the highest bid
der. on .
THURSDAY, the sixth day of April, 1&05.
at two o’clock in the afternoon on the prem
ises, No. 141 Ege Avenue, Jersey City. Hud
son County, New Jersey, in such portions as
me shall seem most for the interest of the
parties, all the following land and premises,
being the same described 'in said decree f »r
sale, to wit:—All that certain tract, pi*ce
or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in
the City of Jersey City, in the County of Hud
son and State cf New Jersey. Beginning at a
point in the southwesterly side of Ege Ave
nue. distant one hundred and fifty *150) feet
northwesterly from the westerly corner of Ege
Avenue and Bergen Avenue; thence northwest
erly along said side of. Ege Avenue seventy
five (Y5) feet; thence southwesterly a: right
angles to Ege Avenue, ninety-two (92) feet
more or less to a point distant fifty t?A) feet
northwesterly at right angles from centre Hr -
of the Newark and New York Railroad as
filed in the office gL the Secretary »f State;
thence southeasterly .parallel with said centre
line as filed, seventy-eight (78 > feet more or
less to a point in a line drawn at right angles
to Ege Avenue, through the point of beginning;
thence northeasterly at rignt angles to Ege
Avenue sixty-eight (88) feet more or- less to
the place of Sieginning, including the «: date
of Jame-; Smith as ten*an: bv the courtesy In
the undivided fourth of said premises, to
gether with all and singular the hereditaments
and appurtenances to the •'
longing or in anywise appertaining.
Dated March G. 1905.
Special Master ip Chancery of New Jersey
1 Exchange Place, Jersey City. N. J.
In the matter of the applicative of Mark
Lawreni'*1 Goldstein to a«sum.? the r.am
of Mark Lawrence Stone.
Goldstein resides in the City of Hoboken, in
sixth day of March, instant, applied r> this
Court by petition setting forth the grounds
of, the application and verified by. the affidavit
of said applicant annexe! thereto, for an order
to authorize the said petitioner fo assume an
other nann-, to wit, that of Mark Lawrence
An$ it appearing to the Court by sai l peti
tion and affidavit that said Mark Lawrence
Goldens lain resides in the City of Hoboken, in
the County of Hudson and State of Netv Jersey,
and that he is more than twenty-one years of
I age;
And it further appearing to the Court that
notice of such application has been published
at least once in each week for four weeks
successively next preceding the time of the
said application in "The Jersey City N* ws.*’
a newspaper of said County, and the Court
being satisfied hy said petit ton so verified that
i there are reasonable grounds fo:y the proposed
change, and that there is no reasonable oh
{ j.-bUon thar the petitioner should assume &n
i other name*?
! It is, on tM« seventeenth day of March. A.
D.. nineteen putiJred an! five, ordered that
.Mark Lawrence Goldstein1 oe smd he hereby is
authorized to assume the name « f Mark law
rertcc* Stone fretri and after the eighteenth,
day of April next; and that within ten days
from this dhte the said petition* r do cause a
ccpy of this order to be published in **T‘ne
Jersey City News.” a public newspaper printed
in said County of Hudson, according to the
provisions of the- statute in such case made
and provided.
On motion of John B QuinHn, attorney of
Attorney of Petitioner, - ' * .
Hoboken. N. J.. an!
233 Broadway. New York City.
-" —....---- --——5
4 , "fu? . v- . . • n- • f f'. ay''-.
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that there vtiH be
a special meeting of the Stockholders of the
New Jersey Steamboat Company. held at tre
registered office of the- Company. No. 15 E>
I change place, Jersey City. N. J.. on the Uth
day. of April, IStfS, Sc the hour of £ o'clock in
j the afternoon, for the purpose of v >n*lder.ng
i and voting upon the adaption or r.Jccl'oa by
. the stockholders of a eerffcin join! agreement
i enter*! into by the Director;- of Jha said New
i Jersey SteAnibaat Company an! the Hudson
{ Navigation Company. under the corporate
1 seals of tee sal! r«MM&: v* oarpo ration*. for .
: the merger and consolidation «■*' the- <iid cor
. poratitns under the name of the Hudson Nuvi
, gallon Company. pursuant to the provisions of
an Act of the Legislature of i « S:ate of New
j Jersey emit Jed ’An Act Concerning Corpc ra
tions (Revision of 189(1) J' and tie nets amend
; Atory thereof and suppTerpentary thereto.
A.v-a. ?•";■. s "•!* to
wwv-in—nM»„.wu,.„.„ii„' 11111111 IIIIHWIPI l j IJllirillijMI
cist months Could mow if we could haw
fclv.' rt*ht «M. Hurler; 1803 we listed over
p,0°0 high CTade opportunities. Positions plying
from 91,000 to $0,000 a year now open for com.
potent Srdesus.rn, Kuecutlvd. Clerical and Technical
met. Offices ir. 12 cities. High grade exclu-dvel,.
it you are a capable man write for plan and booklet.
HAPGOODS (Inc.), Brain Brokers
Suite sir, 3C3 Broadway, New York
- ■. ...!
Piano; almost new, seen, appreciated; costly
furniture, cut glad*, brtcabrac, oil paintings,
marble basts, groups, bronze flg-ures, p-?dei?taia.
furniture; *e*n any Lme. PRIVATE HOUSE,
143 East GGth at., New York; City.
JT..r*t basf. rr.vnt n> ,m unfu-misUei or m*•?'!*•
furnished, with ■ - •
est reference*. P.. 134 Llnclln St., Jersey C»tr
. ^twecn Aims. C. V. it. Roroaiae. adminlstra
cnx of Isaac Romaine, deceased, atid inii-vi ti
ddly. Complainant, and Albert Komaine and
John D. Roraaim.- and others. Defendant#.
Or. biil &c.. and Order for K.t--sa*e.,
Isaac _ S. Taylpr, sditcitor of Compja.nant.
By virtue -ff a decree in the above cause,
dated on the thirtieth day of S-p-.ember, a.
p.. 1904, as of the s*w.-ntle;h lay nf 3*;uem
ber in said year, and of an Order for 'Re-sale
rnaue in said cause on. the thirteenth day of
March, A. D., 1905. I shall #ei« by public
vendue at the sales room of the Real Estate
frusta Co„ No. 55 Montgomery street, Jersey
City, on Monday, the seventeenth day of April,
. m. at o’clock in the afternoon,
tlie following described land premises,
being part the same described in said d*
cr.eo and situated in Jersey < .tv, Hudson
L'?V,0ty* £ew J<r*ey. that is to sajr;~ "
x-ifth Tract—At I that tot or- : ract of land
aiid premises fronting on the A«rtSW<wter;y
M(.e of Summit Avenue and bounded easterly
| by said line of Summit AverTue. northeriy and
; ».e/n,crIr by !andB conveyed to Arthur A. Van
: Hinkle by John R. Roralr.e by deed dated
i ?.ct^be:..r-4- ,A* D-- and . r«e ,rde<i hi
| Book b39 of Deeds for Hudson County on
I hagc 347, etc-., and southeriv by lands cow
■ or formerly of Ferdinand FellgrafT ait J wif *
I which were conveyed to them bv Herman W.'
fw* and wife by dewl dated March 1% A. D„
3SJS- and recorded in Book 417 of Deefts for
raid Hudson County ob page 121. etc. .
Said lot being about twenty-five (23) feet
wide in front and rear and about one hundred
(199) fet i m «lopih. be the .-aid dimensions
mote or »e*.. with the tenement, heredita
nu nts and appurtenances to the game belong
ing or in anywise appertaining.
Dated March J4. 1905.
Aiiinx. of Isaac Romaine, Dec' 1.
I nited States Steel Corporation.
Notice is hereby given that the Fourth An
nual Meeting of the stockholders of the United
Mates steel Corporation win be heal at :he
1 principal office of the Uorpiration. at the
t building of the Hudson Trust Urmjwny. No.
i '•} Newark street, in the City of Hqb »ker.,
. County of Hudson. New Jersey, on Miuufav.
. the seventeenth day of April. t‘kSJS.
I at 12 o’clock noon, for the tran-'a:-xion of any
and all business that may come before the
meeting, including considering snii-voting upon
the approval <rf the by-laws as amended; eon
sior-ring and voting upon the appr-Aa! and rati
fication of all purchases, contracts, acts, by
laws, proceedings, elections and appointments
by the Board of Directors or the Finance Com
mittee since the third annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Corporation on April IS.
1904. as set forth in the Third Annual Report
to Stockholders and in the minutes of ihs
Ro^nl of DireC:t^, which-until !he meeting
will be open to examination fcv stockholders
of record during bus-ness hour- at the New
iork office of the Corporation, 71 Broad wav;
election of eight directors to hold office
for three years, and the election of Independ
ent auditors to audit ihe bocks and accounts
j Corporation at the close of the fiscal year.
The stock transfer books will be closed at
j the close of business on Friday, the 17th day
or Mar« h, and will b** reopened at 19
o clock in the morning of Tuesday, April li.
By order of the Board of tWrec&ra.
Honoken, New Jersey, Fe-.hrttr ry 2*. 1995.
Between Oscar Wiederhold, eo.v.piaicant, anj
Elizabeth WiederhcSd, defendant.
On bill, &c. Order of publication.
The complainant having filed his bill tn the
above cauuse and process of sutpoena having
been issued and returned according to hw;
and it being made to appear by aifidavit that
the defendant. Elizabeth Wiedeh old, resides
out of the State of New Jersey, and that pro
cess could not be served upon her.
It is on this second day of November, one
thousand nine hundred and four, on motion of
Carrlck & Wortendyke, Solicit r.- of the com
; plainant. ordered that the said absent defend
ant do appear, plead, demur or a ns we- to
| the complainant’s bill on or lx.Lee the th!r4
: day of January, next, or that, in default
; thereof, such decree be made against her aa
J the Chancellor shall think equita-Me and just.
And it is further ordered that Ihe notice of
i this order, prescribed by law and the rti.es
i of this court, shall, within twenty days here
after be served personally cti the said absent
I defendant by a delivery of a copy thereof to
I her or be published within the <aid twenty
! days in The Jersey City News, a newspaper
printed at Jersey City, in this S:Jtce. for four
weeks successively, at least once v each week,
i>In ease of such publics ■ Ion that a c;py
thereof be also mailed within the same time,
to the said absent defendant, dieted f. her
post office address, if the same can be 6a er
rs ir.ed. in the manner prescribed by law and
the rules of this court.
TT J M AfStE. r.
To all whom these presents may come. Great*
Whereas, it appears to my an i’faction, by
duly authenticated record of the proceeding*
for :he voluntary dissolution thereof ay the
unanimous consent of all the smelt Solders,
deposited in my office, that the BASS POINT
COMPANY, a corporation of tfeli S:ate w osa
principal office i« situated at No. 15 Euc-baffye
place, in the City of Jersey Cltv.. Qour.ty »>f
Hudson. Stale of New Jersey <C'‘*RPORAT!r,N
TRUST CO. being agent, therein and in charge
thereof, upon whom iwocess may be served,,
has complied with the requirements of “An
Act Concerning Corporations i Revision of
18NP.” preliminary to the issuing of tbi»
Certificate of Dissolution.
Now. therefore,' 1. S. D. Dickinson. Secre
tary "f the Slate of New Jersey. do her:by
certify that the said eorporar.o x did. on the
twenty-third lay of February. 1905. .file Ir. my
office a duly executed and attest'd consent in
writing to the dissolution cf .-aid eorjwratlon,
executed by all the stockholder? thereof,
which said consent and th-x record of the
proceedings aforesaid are nor. on hie in my
said office as provided by D*v ' ; . ’ : •%
In testimony whereof. I have hereto
set my hand and affixed my official
(Seal.) seal, at Trenthn. this twenty-third
day of February. A. D. s»ne :Ik.u?--s»4
nine hundred nnd me.
Secretary of State.
To James H. AughiUree, Anerth* Mary Har
den and Margaret Jane AughilUce. t.-wrir un
known heirs, devisees and perseuai. represent*,*
By \<rlue of an order of the Couffc oC Cnaa
cery of Ne .v Jersey, mace 0:1 til • .«a> of U»e
da:* hereof, m a cause wherein Sophie Feibel
is complainant and you are do. ad ants, you
a;* required to appear, pieati, answer or dearer
to the bill of said complainant on o.' before
the yixteeuti. day ef January nest:, or the aii
bill writ be taken as coat eased against you.
The said hiil Is tiled to settle the title of
Sophie Feibel in and to all that certain to:,
p.ece or parcel of land end pr-.-tuRcs, situats,
lyrng and being ia the City as Jersey City,
County of Hudson act State o. New Jersey,
which on a map now on li;o in the Register a
office of Hudson .County, entitle.! "So. 3 of
property belonging to the Bergen iljtt Pleas
ure Association, situate In Jersey City.” .s
known and marked And distinguished as lot
lettered F <(.) lacing and fronting on the east
erly side or line of Grand tnow Nelson) ave
nue and being of the several fi.rrea.dons laid
down on said map. reference ocin:; had tfteuw
to will more fully appear, why.rdf the sail
gopaie Feibel claim* to be the ».wnet*.
And you. James H. AughiUrce. Mar.na Mary
Harden and Margaret . Jan© A-.ghiltvee are
nurd© Jcien ant-s because on tbe 3rd day of
February, tkvk or© John S. Aug IItree, uf
Moatcialr. Essex Camay. New Jersey, died
eeixed of *h“ utndi aitd pren»J<*> ab ve d*
bc.ibeu, icavuir t Iks. will and tes a. rsent m
and by which, after making certain specific
braces;s and devise**. >»* gnw. .h \ Fed and be
quc.ttbed to yea ail the rest, juvi^ae and re
mainder of Ids estate, real and personal, in
cluj.iig said premises. by RMUou of which you
may claim sons© till# to or interest i:r salt
And you, the unknown heirs, deVtSens or per
sona; represmtati. -- of shid J unes H. AugMl
tree, Mur*hc Mar;. Hat dec* find■•.'«!%■.jf.urwt Jan*
Awe!-. tr*e are madf aefetiddiua because after
careful iir.d diligent inquiry, o**m .-la.nar.t has
bo*n unable to .iscertain whether th-> said
Jumcs H. AughUtree. Mu•tha Mary Harden
M.%•Aushi tree are alive or
-od; If dead y<> i r*a> d|pMn. s.ttur title to or
Interest in said la*«K.
And if you, or any. Of yi>u, tftftim any tltfa
to, or. Interer* in. or ©ocutafer.mt'© upon s*M
lands yvni art* roqii.red b> Wftswer 1*4Id bid*
pin riot otherwise. ' ; ~
Dated .V.-w r.iVr 33Hs,
SAlloStnts t>.r o,-'-op!i?nanE
No. H Exchanev pto'o, Mb# C:ty. N. J.

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