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Some All, Enveloping Gar
ment H^rSecessity to a
Well pissed Woman’s
WardrobA -
■ jC&HfcB
gowns — Clothes seen at
d\ ,
A SORE EYE. . . .
"jk V. •'
A traveling wrap has -become one of
die necessary items in the well-dressed I
woman's wardrobe, t and commuters as
"rou '"'Nr*
well as the seasoned globe1 trotters have
■ ..
adopted the enk -of'the traveling coat.
,t on,
Anv thine at once so convenient, so serv
iceable. "nd-witral-se modish in its every
liuc has not appeared upon the sartorial
horizon for many a. .lens dav.
The aii-epV&vpini^rop of to-day that
won.anUind ifi.general dons for traveling
ptu-p* >es. is fasS.*vncd, fiKjin materials of
wl-csc vogue tBeref^’nd 'Anestion. That
this is a siik season *oes without saying. ;
and a wrap af,|js|f^ta. surah or pean de ,
soie is smartePmnliVall of those fascinat- 1
ine feat ires that appear in ,
other and even jjioj? formal cloths are
rtp?~. oil. ooboa'i
T't'of.■ the French term the surtout,
Matty end '‘evcrqlV is the de
s=jtbet v- far end awaj the most at
trr ’t'-ve stfld^Tbb most -serviceable. It;
e»-.* r’w the gown cfwpletciy. and saves
i- rssi-n the dust atuV sold of the road
v. in:ovt rn»hi*;g or mnysisg it—If it he
a do”;-'.*(•-epw -'ou-tthe :e?.«•.. bit.
To t-yi-»;>.ts ere deservedly j
pf*»?#«Rish’l«sae,b’es. since they
’ X o: sjt
per- s ci'-T.d^^ht.f'.Ulr graceful appear- •
are,. in : b’c 'stw»b.'s port - cm and the ex- i
guff tf fudvey^-bat Darec Feshisn do- 1
Bided.*- shall jhv.xttc**ri?* ohVs sb lets th!s
- ■' * . -c. tt&n **
*>?»«.«. there do no* appear
to be two ggrvre; tr. the belts thatjso
sia«e-; - pftit? thevyit or about the waist
ci-’t r'e»?j.jn;,sfr-ing as arotber excuse !
for fan .it* tlabitartlon. »s well as to in"- .
trees* >>r a’fci'.'r sierdo. :'as of r.pe*s
aaUt ^ eMverlj earned.
r, H kriSjjS?'-that is much sought
fv-is t>.%^Hda£/‘yhrs
1%* arrarcetreBt Is ;
•a* ths tiiils^S it»elf deUaktfutJj to this
nave* n».--:fe1o?e’isH length VrzWi? and in
Bto*r *sf»e.vees ft is so ideVeriv adjusted
that it may be folded over sml fastened
at an..- nidnt from the throat to the
waist. Little vest| of vahious kinds are
iatroduced'^Wiotbis mode, and they do
much to OrpatAteWhat dressy effect that
JO ,30919/1 9'
is reallv WtfA:j9jPthl;njo*t fascinating fea
tures of current ■fashions.
The blouse which was so popular while
5t lasted'has disappeared entirely from
the scene of things, and all of the pew
traveling ^fme^ts are intended either'to
define th^^ghS' cleverly or els to mask
it completely. There are spate very fas
cinating shaps which the slender woriian
who carries well will welcome de- j
Voutly. for theli^&r.e the slopes that are
especially nrf^jyytliarlv her awn; none
others can adopt them without detriment
to the whole appearance.
These are fashioned after the godet
order, a new style that Paquin is partic
ularly partial to, arid one which he has
been chiefty*.instrumental in making fash
ionable. Tlijf „%flnent sets smoothly
over the shpulders. and from there it
falls iu evey,.^creasing folds to the feet,
where thh. some half a dozen
yards at leqsK^aJ^ Ofteutimes much
more. TU& slaglfHiJo this wrap is one of
the most Nothings that has been
presented for a long time, for its start
from the shoulder, rttos down into the
side seams wror-tnSafeu pleats and par
takes at t^p same time of a cape sleeve
and a dolman. A fiat collar of velvet on
r/?53-SV' . ,
the coat and a similar cuff of this queer
but qiiaintiy“<Marn®tg sleeve, makes the
requisite touch of contrast, and a vest,
just a m£*»t, suggestion of .one. is deftly
inserted stopping short of
the wais&injfi^fi/fe the new mode that
rather mmfe'thau *jjYhts of short-waisied
effects to come.
The fnhcy fdr dainty and delicate color
ings is one of the most bewitching fea
tures iu these eminently dressy and mod
ish garments..' dEliere are charming ex
amples in porcelain blue mohairs, sofr
and silky; in deliekie'lovenders aud lilac/..
, . : j .
in soft French grays. and all of these
display some softening toucit of velvet,
usually UeciwbiBation with braids that
wr / Viicsif,; . , ,
are themselves as artistic as tb- coats
they decorata. >* •
» • *
The question of what to wear under a
good gown to make it look its lest often
' WK'it'JfJ ft-5 ■•93XI*
puzzles thofstfiBateur dressmaker. That
■women a tan rwtoiwear too much beneath
fUlfl 900 ■
the outsiste'flrase—rtoo much lingerie and
tco much'iissghitils'somethnig upon which
We arc alt'4gkvwiy?but juft what to dis
pense wi th’’anSwfmt to Sep of the ooji
. ®
Tontional-amount of u-degramentmg is
another matter.
An experienced maker? of gowns and all
that pertaWdsjtapijiine outfits says that
for winter and cool weather the ideal ilh*
del-garment next to thw skin is the union
suit of thin wool; or sllg>and cotton. Over
♦his comes some warm, substantial
bloomers. Then the corset and one nice
skjf t for dress occasions.
This skirt may be dispensed with for
the walking or shopping tonr when the
woman is out for exercise, and health
and not on dress parade. The walking
length skirt is never so long aftto require
holding up, and the woman who goes out
for her morning walk goes out not to
dawdle. If for warmth, however, a pet
ticoat is needed, it may be added; but
few women who have not tried doing
without the petticoat know how easily it
may be dispensed with.
The fullness of the bloomers must not
be set into a band at the .waist; a yoke
at least six inches long, shaped to the
figure, must be ubed instead of the band.
and this will bring the fullness down so
low that it will mot spoil fthe contours i
Of the figure and .will permit the. corset to ,,
be worn oVfcf it if so desired,
ill the winter white skirts should never
be worn on the streets, and even in the
warmest weather they may be omitted
except ,fbg. the thin evening gowns or I
white ffiilue or linen gowns. J
The different types of women s clothes J
one sees at the summer resorts are really !
astonishing. Women, evert- in this late j
day, disregard fashions quite as-much as j
, they ever d'd. and tier are displayed
some very amusing fashions on some I
very amusing people. It seems rather un
called for, this negligence, as it might be i
termed, on the part of members of the
feminine sex, to fail in their general ap
pearance. It is within woman's power
and is an important part of women to ;
dress becomingly, even tli»ougU their
pocke(books arc limited.
On seme of the; very farmest days at
.-he ser-kcr? a wcSian will saunter into
;iio dining-room of her hotel robed in, ,
perhaps, a beautiful gown of heavy bro- .
cade silk, and her mere presence will put
to discomfort all of the other guests woo
ire tryiafe their best to feel and look
-•ool. It is net because this woman does
r.et own mere summer gowns, but simply
because of Ink of1 judgment. Then, on ;
•;-e other band, one will see peek-a-boo
frocks or. nights cold enough to call for ,
a heavy wrap.
BfcpDci-aUy noticeable are styles at v-i- i
-ration places, ar.fl H is amusing to see •
vfa&en to whom rhe present fashions i
are not at all becoming wear of the •
most freakish gown-' and bats. Tf they
would only sec that some of the p**t j
■style* would become them, better and
that they wouM.be rho-ugbi. jus t as much ;
of aud they would look 100 per cent, j
better. A little woman will wear a j
gown made on. the meet slender lines, ;
while her stout sjster will kb sure to den
a gown with friils, ruffles and furbelows
which will add to her apparent avordu
pois considerably. Women of this na
ture invariably wear clothes which would
look better many miles away, mid the
tail, thin girl who -hast. no claim to grace
fulness has no fear of low necks, short
sleevs or long lines. In a crowd of wo
men it seems as if the smallest detail
were noticed and commented upon, and
that is the reason, perhaps, why women's
dresses are conspicuous.
. v.
* . •
Any foreign substance In the eye is
exceedingly painful, but if it is merely
lyiynyg thre and not lodged it can easily
be removed by drawing the upper lid
well down over the lower and then al
lowing the eye to be slowly opened. This
usually entangles the offending particle
in the lower eyelashes.
If the substance is not got rid of at
once it gives rise to great irritability of
the eye, causing-a, flow of tears, an in-;
ability to raise the upper lid’ifml thee
the light, and a distinct feeling of ir
ritation- and grittineiss.
The most difficult cases to treat are
those in which the eye has been burned
by a hot cinder. It causes great snffer
iBjf /
After its removal a drop or two of
olive or castor oil should be put in the
eye ,a bandage applied and no attempt
made ti> use ,the eye fjpr at least a cou
ple of days.
Aparticle of quicklime in the eye gwes
rise to very serious symptoms if not at
tended to at once.
The best application is vinegar and
water, which should be applied “freriyr
When the pain has been allayed a
drop -of olive oil should bf dropped in be
tween the lids. - A doctor should he con
sulted if relief is not obtained from these
simple measures, for the eyey is a most
sensitive organ.
—. ■ A — . . „ ,
Are you aware that you c.ttt leave Jer
sey City at 7.54 A. M., and arrife at
Chicago at 8.00 9. M. the following day,
either via the Lake Shore or Michigan
Central Railways? If not, confer with
the Lehigh Valley ticket agent and be
Only on© night out . to Kansas City,
Omaha, Milwaukee and St. Paul. Two
night* ©at to Leaver
x ...
:Ottt of the MoW Wonderful NotwraI
*’ Growth! Ever Knovrn.
In October, 1887, the sacred bo tree,
at that time supp^gejl to be the oldest
11 ving'.^egetableyfiifypunu’nt on the
earth i-surface, duisAuprooted and de
atroyet^y a cyclone which swept over
the iKltfad The oldest writ
ten descSlpwoirorHlTe sacred bo tree
aow i^'*«xist»p*j^^s: that by the cele
brated Chinese historian, Pa Hia'n,
who visited the island and the sacred
tree in the year 414 A. 0. According
to this learned Ghkmniftn, the tree was
at that time 7(fe years old, having
been planted ln'tlje year 288 before
our era by IC(ng Oevtnlptetissa.
As soon as It was known through
out the island thft the tree had been
destroyed by the fury of the elements
great crowds of mgurtaers gathered
around its “sacred remains” and held
regular funeral services for two or
three weeks. Afjer the season of
mourning was over the tree was cut
into proper lengths, each piece
wrapped separately in .white cloth and
! cremated with the same funeral rites <
| which would have been given a naem
| her of the royal family.
So perished the sacred bo tree, one
of the most wonderful natural growths
known to the world—a tree which had
been worshiped daily, one might al
! most say hourly, for 2tTK> years.
ArtUlsU) Patrimonial SaleeMaa Km
ftlTfa Poor Raaolla.
No mc knows what type will be the
best tor survival in an unknown future
environment. We often see the ex
tinctieo of families of parents whom
any physician wouM have pronounced
ideal, but their eh/'.dren lacked resist
ance to the invasion of pathogenic or
ganisms or there witr seme other de
fect which made th\*ti *«*y targets for
climatic causes of ihystoal decay.
On the other hood, we quite often
find that pc/tnir. below par phyeivvliy
have 6aa fusslfee*. Tk>s crq^pus unions
which t*i». oince aa’jat he the, result of
laws as- wv Qnd in every biologic
pUyws*i.Man has th)e same in
stinct ftri*d ir. lower animals to select
a mats who is mors or less different i
from iricssoif.
Sfcowfci like type* watr, their com
mon chatwctiSistlaJ may Ve *e exag
gcxetoit a* is> be fc*vr*?oi and the Jin* ■
pevteli. it is hr, itaMi.v". of those of '
great JpteHipsaw? to, stmts? those of !
lees than the awgMgy-, he the offsprUv-.'
revert to the feettsr averagy, It is vary
evident Shat If we try Wfcapre** the 1
race ia.'neWectvs.lJy fey tt» s?»fvVagc of ;
like types we win ugntate the ua total !
j«w npft-o which .tor ajfetosre is baaed.
AartlflelVi tnfiirsn&OAiat selwriion has
hew tried, tbrugh 'the results were dto
mstreas.-'-Amerteett MeStstso.
Tfe- Sttfc Wertfowl!*! Won hy the
LrMteA ©eotei'WM»nB«v.
SpMktag«.*f lAiahoa costeagepgew,
Maykew saga: “The niia tAo do*.*
net wear nia silk nedlMrehief —bis i
‘kiugsmen,' as tote called- iVimewn to I
be in dcffpei«h» tstMUwsts-noq*." The j
neck&rchia'i Is mere prised than any j
other item of hte attfse and a coster’s
caste is at “Stake If his kiSjpw.an be
net of the most approved pattern.
This habit Is derived from the
; gypsies and doubtless dates from
[ same long forgotten oriental custom.
It is very curious that a taste for
similar colors prevails among tbe
Hindoos, gypsies and costermongers.
Bed and yellow are the favorite colors
and tbe oldest. Of those, the coster
chooses bis plush woistceat and his
kingsman, the gypsy his biheehes and
his wife ber shawl and gown; the
Hindoo his robe and turban. If a
fight occurs, the favorite colored ar
ticle of dress receives the greatest
care. The pugilistic coster ties his
kingsman round bis waist or his leg,
where, by the rule of the ring, It is
comparatively safe. — Iiendon Tele
.The Origin ol Grocer.
Grocer appears in MoUnshed’s Cfcrbn-'
icle, 1580, as “grosser,” and in other
mediaeval records it is sometimes
written “ongrosser,” and was applied
to the spicers and pepperers who were
wholesale dealers in various spioes—
that is, who‘dealt en geos—In lajge
quantities, as distinguished from “re
graters,”,,who were retail dealers. The
Grocers’ company H hrst adopted the
word grocer in ^373, when the spicers
and pepperers allied themselves into a
single corporation—London Express.
Bad Welter With a Good Memory.
Harvey Waters, am expert on patent
cases, had occasion to write Rufus
Choate on some important question,
and when be received the reply was
unable to read a word of It, so took
the missive to Mr. Choate and asked
him what he had written. Mr. Choate
replied: "I never can read my writ
ing after the ink is dry, but if you tell
me what it Is about I will tell you what
I have written.” And he did.
The Tables Turned.
The Editor (gloomily)—I must say
you don’t seet| to realise how terrible
it is to lose you. The Authoress (sweet
ly)—Yon mustn't take it too much to
heart, my friend. Rejection does not
necessarily imply lack of merit
St. Peter—You married for money, I
believe? Fair Spirit—Y-e-s. St. Peter
—You may come in, but you will have
to spend eternity with the man you
Suffering becomes beautiful when one
bears great calamities with cheerful
ness, not through insensibility, but
through greatness of mind.—Aristotl*.
-«- -
Children Teething.”
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should
always be used for children teething. It
loathes the child, softens the gums, al
lays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the
best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-fire
casts a feotti*
•*ii V
Official Proceedings.
. Rggitlah meijdng of the Bp/ahi of Edu
catidn/ueid Sir the* Aseutetbiy: Chamber,
| City Hail, Thursday, April 14. 1904.
Present-)—President Ward aijd Messrs.
Clute, Moran. LeffflH, TpAMs. Lyons,
Raiuse.U, Coyle, <Win<9+.vJPk-rger and
Absent—Sjesfs. Ridgway'' and Strat
ford—2. ,' ! ‘ '• "
€)n motion of Mr. Moran the reading
I of the minutes of the last regular meet
ing was disdensfid with and they were
! aproved as 'fflTfited. vo
From Honorable Boafd of Finance:
Honorable Board of Education'. .
Dear Sirs—The following resolution
was adopted by the Board of Finance
of ersey City, at its meeting held April
6. 1904. and was approved by the Mayor
April 11. 1904.
Yours respectfully,
.+ ‘ Clerk.
Resolved." That a warrant be ordered
drawn on the City Treasuher to transfer
$130 from license moneys to the credit
of the Board of Education, to be used
From the Elivee Co-Ed Association re
qriesting their •‘Elivee Games” placed on
our official text'bUoWlist. l
Received and referred to the Text
Book Committee.
Fram Fyricide Manufacturing Com:
pau.v. requesting their chemical fire ex
tinguisher to be 'placed in our Public
Received and referred to Janitors’
From Loomis-Manning Filter Compa
ny requesting permission to equip the
Public- Schools with their pure water
Received and referred to Janitors’
Janitors’ Supplies. 1963-1901:—
John S. Menagh Co.. School No. 7,
March. 1904, $4.25: No. 9. March. 1904.
$18.50: Na. 11. March. 1901. $23: No
15. March. 1904. $11; No. 24, March.
1904, $5.97: No. 26. March. 1904. $1.50.
H. A. Craig. School No. 23. March,
1904. $1.50.
Printing. 1903-1904 —
Albert Data Co., Office. December,
T963. $7.62: February and March. 15)04,
$77.75; March and April, 1904, $328.91;
March. 1904. $3.50. **•
Jersev City Printing Company. Office,
March, 1904. $24.
! Books, Stationery and Supplies, 1903
j 15)04 —
; New York and New Jersey Selephone
I Company, all Schools. April. 15)04.
i 356: SSfFioe; Aprit-Jrmr. 15)04, $25.65.
Peckhar:: Littl# Co.. Office. ApriJ.
: ISO’. $? O’-and *8.16; Office. March.
; tm $5 4Cv No. 1. Mags-h. 1901. $85.29;
t No: 2. Mm,m. 19U*. |mt: His!*.'School.
! April. 190k. ?9f..is; No.. 8.. Aptti. 1904.
! >24.70; No. S March. S3C.9* and $1X85;
1 No. 12, MavcV 1®04, SffFA- Mo. 13.
: Maw*. 3964. *10.55; No. VX March.)
; 1604, $3 -Ltd $6^Nr. 19. Tfleb-.uuy^ 1904. j
i PebrtTarr.4 1904 $47'.5l(TNm 2,, March. !
; 1604. $12.36; No. 28. March. llOL $58.95 =
, J. B. Wilson Company, School No. 6.
! March, 1904. $12.3fLand, $20; Na 11,
i March. 1904. $4.80: No. 2«. Mat'**- 1904
$1: No. 23, March, 190*. $8:82.
J. L. Hamme*t‘C9*9any, School No.
12. April. 61904. 70c.: No. 22, March,'
1964. $9. „„__
Milton, Bradley Company, School No.
18. March. 1»04,f$2.sSinMp. £2, Mao*.
1964. $3.88: No! >35, MJM. MSM, $f®:
No. 26. M*rP>, 1904, 8Qe. .
Paul’s Ikk Company; ytMiool No. 10.
Mare*. 1904, $3: NV® 23, March.
1904. $3. :i<5 ;
F/waH Brothers Oampa-ny, Softool No.
9, March. 1*04. 39.25.
Ameriolrr Book Company. Sojiool No.
! 1. March. 1904. $10.5)8: No. % - Febru
; ary. 1604,’ $53.16: So. 4?'March. 1901.
! $20.16; and $7.44; No. 6, Mayoh, 1904.
$18.40; No. UL Apr)t;s 1S04. $34; No. S.
February, 1904, $29:40: No. 9, March.
1904.. $9.33: No. 12, February. 1904,
$4.35; No. .15. February, 1804, $47.10;
No. 15.vlSl.uSch. 1904. >86:25: No. 10,
March, 1904. 328.56: /No. Iff April,
15)04. $10.44: No. 17. March. 1#B4. Sic.;
No. 18.8.>A®*H, 15)64, $17,5)0: Xp. 20.
Februar.,fspff96sfo;:pi'ff«):r.,N*. *20 March,
1904, $5'.94:vif0.- 21, Enb£harv. $37.04;
No. 21. SlMchl 1604. $6.5Jhand $30: No.
22. Mar«Rs 1804.t$l«2*4u»»d-5$1.70: No.
23, February. 1904. $23:61' No. 24. Feb
ruary. 15)04. . .6.64; No. 24. March?:
1904. $36.72 and $4.08; No. 34, April,:
1904. $20.88 and $8.40: No. 25. Febru
ary. 1904. $20.64: NoN. 25, March,
1904, $4.98.
Silver. Burdett & Co.. School No. 4,
April. 1904. $6 and $24.40: MNo. 11.
January, 1904. $3.78; No. 12. April.
15104. $18.50: No. 19. April. 1904. $2.52;
No. .25. March. 1604. $71.28; No. 28,
March. 1904. $4,880. S
Ginn & Co.. School No. 2. March. 1904.
$26.05: No. 16. April. 15:01. $17.90: No.
19. March. 1604, $2: No. 24. March,
15)04. $1.45: No. 25. March. 1004. $5.
D. O. Heath & Co., School No. 4. Ap
ril. 15)04. $730: No. 6. March. 15)04. $8.80
and $0.54: No. 11, March,''1604. }il2.o£
Benj. H.'Sanborn & Co.',* Sell col No. 4,
September. 1904, $4) Xo.' 12, November,
1903. $74.50.
Parker P. Simmons, School No. 15,
March. 1604. 58c.: No. 25. March, 1901,
University Publishing Co., School No.
12. March. 15)04. $71.12: No. 10, March,
1904. $9.60. , *
Rand McNally & Co., School No. 9.
July, 1803. $3.25.
” Fuel. 1903-1904:—
Newman Industrial Home and Mission
School No. 8. April. 1904. $'10.50; No. 13.
March. 1604. $10.50: No. 15. March
1604. $10.50: No. 22. April. 1904. $10.30.
United Electric Company of New Jer
sey, School No. 2. March. 1904, $15.65:
No. 9. March. 1904, $21 and $3; No. 28.
March. 1904. $26.32.
Mackey. Young & Co.. School No. 1,
Annex. March. 1904. $31.20; No. 4,
March, .1904. $83.20: ’No. 7. March. 1804.
$31.20: No. 8. March. 1904. $46.80: No.
9. March. 1904. $67.6®; No. 11 Annex,
March, 1904. $10.40: No. 12. March.
1904, $10.40: No. 13, March. 15)04,
$20.80: No. 15. March, 1904. $16.80; No.
18. March. 15)04. $72.80: No. 19. March,
1904, $52: Xo. 20. March. 1604. 357.20:
No. 23. March. 1904. $46.80: No. 24.
March. 1904. $46.80: No. 25. March,
1004. $52.50: No. 26. March, 1801,
$62.04: No. 27, March. 1904. $7.80; No.
25). March. 1964. $62.40.
Gas, 1003-1604:— l
Public Service Corporation of New
Jersev. all Schools. March. 1904. $312.51.
Night Schools. 1908-1904:—
Auril 14, 1904.
The Board of Education:—
Gentlemen—During the past month
preliminary sketches mate be*» prepared
for the prouceed alterations to Schools
•Nos. 8, 9. 12,. 2a 4nd 25, and rough esti
mates of cost have been given.
Work ^Public School No.'ll is pro
gressing rapiely and aii£t by tie fii-gK
meeting in May I hope to report that the
rogf -is on: i^Vitd belieVe this possible if
the present leather cgbtirii6:&, '
All beam* are now'.wi place dn;tbe sec
ond floor 4rtP9*t Ite wtfe are about window
sill high. " •“ ■r'v
. General repairs have Been made dur
ing the month as occasion demanded.
The Sdhwft Ctirpenter ttwked 444 days
at No. 22; 3 days at No. 3,7: 3% days at
No. ,25: 244 days at N*. 2fi: 2 ds<ys at
No. 21; 2 dayg at No. >2-'ifnd tlhe re
msind r of ihe 27 ’ wyili1; days at
8 bools iXuh ft. A#n*x«»&«ilC 8. 24. 1
Annex, 27,»4ig'nd.43. »
. ' ^GhSTt'UROll^AN©d JR. ,
- axce offlok.il . . 4-',
Jersey City, April li.’tflflT.
To the Honorable the-Board of Rduca
Jv< iiont‘—
Gentlemen—! lie re with stibbftf thy re
port covering time since, March 31 to
date, as follows:—
> 1 itave visited thirteeen.public schools
and two parochial schools and visited
homes of 164 pupils, interviewed 43 cases
found loitering on street ateuding no
school, and ten cases who attended
parochial schools.
The police have reported 137 cases
which have been in part investigated
b.v inself and assistants. Two officers
have been assigned, who have investi
gated 257 cases fount loitering on
-Street, and reported absent from school
by the principals, and in very many
cases the pupils are attending school
Respectfully submitted.
Chief Attendance Officer.
Finance—B.v Mr. Lewis. Chairman:—
Resolved. That a warrant for $3.75 be
ordered drawn on the City Treasurer and
charged to account Superintendent’s
salary. 1903-1904, in favor of Frank O.
Briggs, Treasurer Teachers' Retirement
Fund, being 1 per cent, deduction from
the salary of the Superintendent of Pub
lic Schools, who belongs to said fund,
for the month of March, 1904.
The yeas and nays were ordered taken
and the resolution adopted by the follow
ing vote:—
Yeas—President Ward and, Messrs,.
Clute, Moran, Lewis. Thomson. Lyons.
Ramsey, Coyle, Gilmore,- Berger aud
Absent—Messrs. Ridgway and Strat
Resolved, haTt a warrant for $361.25
be ordered drawn, on the City Treasurer
and charged to account Teachers’ Sal
aries, 1903-1904, in favor of Frank O.
Briggs, Treasurer Teachers’ Retiremnnt
Fund, being 1 per cent, deductions from
the salaries of all teachers belonging to
said fund for the month of March, 1904.
The yeas and nays were ordered taken
and the resolution adopted by the follow
ing vote:—
Yeas—President arWd and Messrs.
Clute. Moran. Lewis. Thomson, Lyons.
Ramsey. Coyle, Gilmore, Berger and
Absent—Messrs. Ridgway and Strat
Resolved, That the ’City Clerk be re
quested to draw and His Honor, the
Mayor, to sign warrants to pay teachers
and janitors in the employ of the Techni
cal Night School Department of the
Board of Education, for the month of
March. 1904, past due, on pay-rolls duly
certified by the City Superintendent of
Pnblie Schools.
The yeas and nays ware ordered taken
and the resolution adopted' by the follow
! in* vote:—
; Yeas—President Ward and Messrs.
I C’u’e, Moran. Lewis, Thompson. Lyons,
i Ritisey, Coyle, Gilmore, Berger ana
; Matties—11.
ay Ns—Nbae.
Abseci—Messrs. Ridgway and Strat
ford- 'K.
Resaived, That the City Clerk be re
quested to draw and His Honor, the
Sltiyor, to sign t*grrants to pay officers :
teachers and janitors in the employ of
the oBard ol Eddetpiou for the month
.of-April, 1964, when due. on pay-rolls
Mjily certified by the City’Superintendent
of Public Schools.
Tlte yeas and nay* were 'ordered taken
and the resolution adopted by the follow
ing vote:—
Yeas—President Ward and Messrs.
Clute. Moran, Lewis. Tfkompsqji, Lyons.
Ramsey, Coyle, Gilmore. Berger and
Absent—Messrs. Ridgway and Strat
Resolved. That the following claims,
125 in number, be ordered-paid to the
-parties hereina'fter named, as per bills
accompanying:— 4
\ 1<UY-,—Tiio'eyr*’ Snnplieg—-1904:—
John S. Menagh Company, Supplies,
School No. 5. March, 1904, $8.30.
Albert Datz Company, Printing, Office.
March, 1904, $119.
Keating & Chamberlain, Printing,
Office. March, 1904, $27.75.
1903—Books, Stationery and Supplies
New York and New Jersey Telephone
Company, Services, vafkius schools.
January. 1904. $18; March. 1904, $-12.
Peekham, Little & Co., Stationery,
School No. 1. March. 1904. $23.98: No.
sMarc-h, 1904. »7.60: No. 6. Feb
ruary, 1994. $86.86: No. 6, March.
1904. $9.80: No. 11. March. 1904', $17.40:
No. 12. February. 1904. $8.18 and $1.53;
No. 15, February. 1964. $11.16: No. 16,
March. 1904. $8.92: No. 22. March. 1904,
$6.85 and $7.60: No. 23. March. 1904,
$28.20 and $4.80; No. 25. March. 1904.
$14.50: No. 25. February. 1904. $10.62
and $6.68.
J. L. Hammett Company. Stationery.
School No. 19. February. 1904, $5.91;
No. 23. March. 1904, $21; No. 24. Feb
ruary. 1904. $0.10.
J. B. Wilson & Co., Stationery. Sshool
oX. 17. Mareh, 1904, $4.44: No. IS.
March. 1904. $3.90: No. 19. February,
1904. 2.15: No. 22. March. 1904. $4.25:
No. 25, February. 1904. $5.07.
Milton, Bradley Company,- Stationery,
School No. 9, Mareh. 1964. $41 and $6.92;
No. 25. March. 1904. $5.44; No. 26,.
March. 1904. 96c.
Silver. Burdett & Co.. Books, School
No. 2. February. 1904. $49.31: No. 2,
March 1904. $15.30; No. 6. Mafth. 1904.
$7.50: No. 10. February. 1904, $1.40: No.
14. February. 1904, $18.53 and $27: No.
15. February. 1904, $6.48: No. 22. March,
1904. $23.12: No. 23. February. 1904,
$18.12: No. 24. February. 1904, $7.97 and
$28.80: No. 28. February. 1904. $4.42.
Ginn & Co.. Books, School No. 2,
Mareh. 1904. $33.20: No. 8. March. 1904.
$5.48: No. 17. January. 1904. $22.08. .
D. C. Heath, Books. School No. 9,
March. 1904. $4.60: No. 21. March. 1904.
$23.60: No. 24. March, 1904, $5.
Globe Selma! Book Company, Books.
School No. 6. February, 1904, $13.50:
No. 12, February. 1904, $1.62: No. 18.
March. 1904. $33.84; No. 22. February.
1904. $5.22.
EMredge & Bros.. Books, School No.
4, February. 1904. $Gc.: No. 10. Febru
ary. 1904, $9.50: No. 12, March. 1904.
Henry Snyder. Incidentals, School No.
t. Technical. $12.40.
Repairing School Buildings and Furni
ture. 190,3-1904:—
Albert Howath. School No. 1. Janu
ary. February and Starch. 1904, $9.70.
New York Iron Rooting and Car
Corrugating Company. School No. 1.
April. 1904. $29.25.
John S. Menagh Company. School No.
1. March. 1904. $7.70: No. 21. April.
1904. $8.75: No, 27. April. 1904, $4.30. .
Jersey City Awning Company, School
No. 2. March, 1904. $18; No. 0. March.
1904. $12.50.
George Allers, School No. 8. March.
1004. $2.35.
Joseph Weinstein. School No. 10.
March, 1904, $2: No. 8, February, 1904.
Newman Industrial Home and Mis
sion, School No. 9, February. 1904, $1.
. Louis Fegarsky. School -No. 9. April,
‘1904. $8.40.
•' George Tepe. School No. 10. March.
*4 904, $4
ji- Wood'house & Co.. School No. 12,
•‘dOc.i.No. 17. March, 1904, $2.80; No. 22,
'March. 1904. $2.05.
Pasman Company, School No. 14. Jan
uary and February. 1904. $124.85.
I,ane & Russell. School No. 24. March.
Regnlah meeting of the Board of
Education held in the Assembly Cham
ber, City Hall. Thursday, April 28. 1004.
Present—President: Ward-ABd Messrs.
Ramsey, Coyle, Gilmore and Berger—•
.and Matthes—3. v.4,.'
■t . MINUTES.,
The President announced that owing
i. J
to the failure ui the printer to liave the
minutes of the last meeting on haul. |
•the rending of them would he po-tp. lied.
’ *. TION8.
From the Twelfth Word Improve
ment Association 'suggcst-ng the ad- I
visibility of buying udd.tiouai property
to. enlarge Schools Nos. 25 and 27.
Fiorii John McDenn ,tt Janitor of
School No. 22:—
Jersey City. ApWJ.27. 1904.
Mr. I,. P. Lyons, and Members of tba
Jersey City Board of Education:—
Gentlemen—lviudly accept my resig
nation as Janitor of School No. 22 for
reasons best known to myself.
Very respectfully.
john McDermott.
Janitor of School No. 22.
^ On motion of Mr. Lyons the resigna
tion was accepted to take effect Ap'd!
30. 181 >4.
From the Board of Finance:—
Honorable Board of Edueat.ou:—
Gentlemen—1 am directed to request J
that the members of your Board meet :
the members of the Board of Finance
on Wednesday. April 27, 1304. at 4 p.
m., in these rooms.
Yours respectfully,
Honorable Board of Education:—
Gentlemen—I am directed to inform
your Honorable Board that President
Riugle and Mr. William H. Quinn have
been designated as the Board of Finance
representatives on the Board of School
Yours respectfully.
Honorable Board’ of Education:—
Dear Sirs—The following absolutions
were adopted by the Board ot Finance
} of Jersey City at its meeting held April
20. 1904. and were approved by the
Mayor April 20, 1984.
Yours respectfully.
Resolved. That the resolution adopt
ed by this Board Feb. 'M, 1994, appro
priating the sum of $900 to the credit of
the Board of Education for the employ
ment of a Shief Attendance Officer, and
authorizing the Committee on Finance
to is-'ue temporary loan bonds for the
raising of the same, be and it is hereby
reconsidered and rescinded.
Received. _
Whereas, Chapter I., Laws 1903. Spe
cial Session, approved ©ct. 19, 1963, re
quires the Board: of Education to en
force the attendance at school of all
children- between the agos of 7 andl4
yars; and
Whereas, Undier the terms of this law
the Board of Education has rt-cij^-tedt
that provision be made for thepaymeut
of the salary of a Chief Attendance
Officer, amounting to $900.
Resolvgd, That the City Comptroller
be and he is hereby directed to’tramsfer
$900 from Teachers’ Snaries to an ac- !
count for the payment of salary of Chief
Attendance Officer, Board of Education
Resolved. That a warrant be ordered
drawn to transfer $250 from Incense ac
count to the credit of the Board of Edu
cation, to be used to‘ pay Inspector,
School No. 11. for February and March,
1904. as follows: February, $115;
; March, $135.
Albert Datz Company. Printing, Of
fice. $170 and $21.08.
1908—Books, Stationery and Supplies—
Peckham. Little & Co.. Stationery,
School No. 9. $3: No. 10, $2.55: No. l5,
$3: No. 14. $23.70: No. 20, $30.32; No.
21. $5.40; No. 28, $9.75.
Milton Bradley Company. Supplies,
School No 7, $10.66; No. 12!»$Y2oT
E.^Stejgg- Company, Supplies,'Sshool
C. A. Black, Ink, Sebool Np. 8, $4.40.
Parker P. Simmons, Books, School
No. 7. $8.
Eaton & Co.. Books, School No. 6,
$18: No, 8, $7.50.
American Book Company. Books.
SehooKNo. 23. $2.50.
D. C. Heath & Co.. Books. School No.
22. $4.20.
Silver. Burdett & Co., Books. School
No. 23. $6.
Richardson, Smith & Co., Books,
School No. 8, $7.50. s’st
Thompson, Brown & Co., Books.
School No. 12. $3.20.
Jersey City Electric Company. Ses
vice, School No. 16, $23: No. 17. $8.96.
Newman Inlustrial Home arid Mission,
Wood. School No. 22, $10.50; No. 24,
$10.50; No. 28. $10.50.
Repa irs—1908-1904:—
Frank Sherry. Repairs. School No.
1, Annex, $30.80; No. 1. $127.75.
The Thomas J. Stewaht Company,
School No. 2. $1 and $16.
John S. Menagh Company, Repairs,
School No. 1, $2.36: No. 9, $1.38; No.
13. $1.34: No. 15, $7.92: No. 19. *2.20;
No. 20. $19.75 and $3.47: No. 22, $4.60;
No. 23. *12.56.
Robert J. Connelly. Repairs. School
No. 4, $12.80.
R. .7. Roberts, Repairs, Scheol No. 6,
James Driscoll. Repairs, Schools No.
6. $135.25: No. 26. $9.25.
Frank A. La Pointe, Repairs. School
No. 9, $36.
Lewis Fegarsky, Repairs, School No.
9, $2.90.
Salamander Crate Bar Company, Re
pairs, School No. 18. $32.50.
W. H. Dickinson & Co., Repairs,
School No. 19. $16.25; No. 22, $17.50.
J. W. Greene. Repairs, School No. 21,
James A Joans, Repairs. School No,
24, $16.05, $4.52 and *15.90; No. 29,
E. Hoos & Son, Repairs, School No,
27, $9.50.
John R. Hartung, Repairs, School No.
29. $68.
C. A. Skilhnan, Repairs, School No.
29, $20.
Mullins & Crouiu, Insurance, School
No. 2G. $37.50.
Received and referred to their appro
pr'ate rimmittees.
The Superintendent reported the cloc
ing of School No. 22. April 24, 1904, on
account of lack of heat.
Jereey City. April 28. 1904.
Honorable Board of Education.
Gentlemen—I herewith submit my re
port covering results accomplished since
our last meeting. April 15.
I have visited 17 schools. The depart
ment has visited the homes of 41( pu
pils and other children found loitering on ;
streets. Investigated 9 cases of com
plaints by citizens. Police Department
1904. $27.
William E. Meconnekin, School No. 29,
April, 1904. $24.88.
Insurance. 1903-1904:—
New Y’oark Board of Fire Underwrit
ers. School No. 28, March, 1904. $5.
x New School No. 11:—
A. S. Perrlne, Inspector. New School
No. 11. March. 1904, $135.
Robert Cook, second payment, con
tract No. 36 E, carpenter work. $2,550.
M. T. Connelly Contracting Company,
third payment, contract No. 34 E. mason
work. $17,000.
Received and referred to their appro
priate committees. ___
Morse & Co., Books, ^School No. 23,
March, 1904, $12.90: No. 25, March,
1904, $6.00.
John S. Menagh Company. Supplies,
High Scliaal. March. 1904. $7.85.
Robert Elliott, Services, Office, Febru
ary; 1904. $12.
Richard M. Cooley. Wood, School No.
4, February, 1904, $12. 1
Newman Industrial Home and ills- ;
siott. Wood. School No. II.’ March. 11MH.
flOJWi No. 20, March. 1994. $10.50; No, i
24. March. 1991. $10.50.
■, ilaekey. Young & Co.. Coal. School
No. 1. February. 1904. $369.20: No. 1
Annex, Febrnniy. 1904. $54.00; No. 2,
February, 1904, $111.80; No. 4. Febru
ary. 1904. $78; No. 5, February. 1904.
$171.00: No. <i. February. 1901. $21$.40; '
No. 7, February. 1804. $140.40: No. 8. I
February. 1804. $187.20; No. 9. Febru- !
ary. 1904. $202.80; No. 10. February, |
1904. $7.80: No. 11 Annex, February,
1904, $10.40: No. 12. February, 1904,
$241.80; No. 15. February. 1904. $109.20: 1
No. 17, February. 11X14. $93.60; No. 18.
February, 11XM. $07.tX1; No. 19. Febru
ary. 11XH. $104: No. 20, February. 11X14,
$244.50; No. 21. February, 1904. $140.40:
No. 23. February. 11M14. *78; No. 24. Feb
rnary- 11X14, $135.20; No. 25, February,
1904, $109.50: No. 26. February, 1!X>4.
$210.60; No. 27, February. 1904, $117;
No. 28, February. 1904. $109.20.
1003-—Night Schools—11104:—
Public Service Corporation of New
Jersey. Supplis. Sehool No. 1, Techni
cal. March, 1904, $2.80.
Pierce Roche, Supplies. School No. 1,
Technical, March, 11104, $11.44.
Peek-ham, Little & Co.. Supplies,
School No. 1, Technical, March, 1904.
$1.2(1 and *4.
1903—Repairing School Buildings and
John S. Mettagh Company-; Repairs,
School No. 1. March, 1904, $4.25; No.
9. March. 1904, $1.27; . No. 22, March,
1904. $2.30.
Frank R. Brick, Repairs, School No.
2, January, 1904. $2.90.
Public Service Corporatirin of New
Jersey, Repairs. Sehool No. 4, Jan
uary, 1904, $4.20; No. 21. January,
1904, 50c.
Frank W. Towey, Repairs, School No.
7. December, 1903. $44.18; No. 7, Feb
ruary. 1904. $11.57.
Henry Krommellein, Repairs, School
No. 7, February, 1904. $8.40.
H. Dorbandt. Repairs. School No. 8,
March. 1904, $10.50.
C. G. Rochat, Renairs, School No. 9.
February, 1904, $2.50.
Charles H. Sulk. Repairs. Sehool No.
16, February. 1904. $26.49; No. 16,
March. 1904. $33.08.
Samuel Ruskin. Repairs, School No.
12. March, 1940, $12.10.
Oswald Rudolph. Repairs, School No.
22. March, 1JXM, $98.05.
Special Appropriation, $236.25. Re
pairs, etc.. 1903:—
Frank R. Brick. Repairs. School No.
18. February and Marclt. 1904. $18,
Renker Brothers. Repairs. School.No.
20. January, 1904. $18.88; No. 20. Jan
uary and February. 1904. $11.45: No.
20. February. 1904. $48.1)9 and $6.95.
John Galahan, Repairs, School No.
20. January and March. 1904. $3.45.
Martin Haekett, Repairs, School No.
28. February. 1904, $95 and $91.03.
Special Appropriation, $20,790, Re
pairs. etc., 19f£:—
Patman Company, Repairs, Sehool
No. 17. January. 1904. $2.85.
Frank R. Brick. Rea airs; School No.
18. March, 1904, $4; ~No. 18. February,
1804. $99314.
©awpld Rudolph, Repairs, School No.
19. February. 1904, $5.
Sehool No. 26. Mhrch. 1904. $6.70.
. Special Appropriation, $130. Inscpoc- ;
tor. School Nb.*ll :-—
A. S. Perrine, Service, School No. 11.
December, 1903, $130.
The yeas and nays were ordered taken
and the resolution adopted by the fol
lowing vote:—
Yeas—President Ward and Messrs.
Cute, Moran, Lewis, Thomson, fevoni,
Absent—Messrs. Ridgway and’ Strat- 1
Whereas, This Board is required by ;
law to enforce the attendance, at school
of all children between the ages of 7
and 14 years:
Resolved. That in ordatr that this
Board may be able to carry d«f, the
provisions of the law, t)»e of
Finance be ^nd it is hereby reauesigd
to transfer the sum of nine lufedwl
dollars (9900) from the account orTreaeh
ors’ Salaries to an account to beJ'kn«wrn
©.ffieer,” this sum to be usMKferwrbe RUJF
pose of pay;pg the sglary of the shill
Citief Attendance Officer.
Whereas. The Inspector of ijew School
No. 11 has been employed as such In
spector on ;U>)ve s$9n>I during the
months of February and March, 1904;
Whereas, No approbation has been
mad e with which to pay for the ser
vices of such Inspector, the amount of
which for the month of February. 1994,
is $115, and for the month of Match,
1904, is $135; therefore
Resolved, That the Honorable Board
of Finn-nee be and it is hereby respect
fully requested to appropriate to the use
of this Board the sum of $259 with which
to pav the Inspector o| SqjiQo! No. 11.'
for services rendered during the months
of. February and March. 1994.
Teachers’ and Salaries Committee—By
Mr. Ramsey:—
Resolved, That this oBard declares it
is their unqualified belief that Miss
Mary .T. Vail, a teacher in the Public
Schools of Jersey City, has been a public
school teacher for the full period of
thirty ears and two months, and that
she is because of permanent physical
disability incapacitated to further pur
sue the vocation of teaching, and is
justly entitled to be placed upon the
retired list and become one of die
beneficiaries of the Teachers’ Retirement
Resolved. That Miss Lillie Howell,,of
School No. 22. aaffi Miss Helen Robert
son, of School No. 21, be and they
are hereby grant'd leaves of absence.
*j$h loss of substitutes’ pay. for one
fSonth each from April 1, 1904, to May
-1, iSHM;.cause, illness.
Text Books Committee—Bv Mr. Ram
sey. Cji airman:—
Resolved. That the following.books be
added to the official Test Book list:'
1‘’Among the Mgadoav People,'’ E. P.
Dutton. New Yorli. 32c. net: ”The4|Kc
tibimry of Historical Illusions,” E. P.
Dutton, New York, $1.40 net.
The yeas and nays jvere order-d
taken and the resolution adopted by the
following vote:—
Yeas— President Ward ^id Messrs, j
Clilte, Moran, Lewis, Thomson. Lyons, j
Ramsey. Coyle, Gilmore, Berger and
Matt lies—11.
Absent—M>ssrs. Ridgway and Strat- ]
Mr. Lyons as Committeeman of
School No. 22, submitted written charges
of neglect of duty against JarfitOr Mr.
John McDermott, of School No. 22.
Referred to the entire Board.
Mr. Coyle, as Chairman, reported wery j
satisfactory progress in erection of new
School No. 11.
The President announced that the
Board of Finance were inclined to ap- j
propriate the $100,000 asked for by the j
Board to alter and renovate the various i
schools of the city.
On motion of Jlr. Lyons the Architect
was instructed to prepare plans, etc.
On motion of Mr. Moran the act on I
of the President in closing the Pub ic I
Schools on Easter Monday was approved.
Mr. Mntthes, Chairman of Committee,
reported having visited the Police Com- !
missiontTR for the purpose of having
that Board delegate two polite officers
to act in conjunction with the Chief
Attendance Officer to enforce the truaut
His request was granted and on mo
tion the committee was discharged.
On motion of Mr. Lyons, it was de
cided that when the Board adjourns it
adjourns to meet Monday, April 18,
Ou motion of Mr. Ramsey, the meeting
1904. $3.00 and $8.54: No. 11. March,
1004, $12.00.
Ewald Brothers Company. Supplies.
School No. 9, March, 1904. $9.25.
W. S. Elis, Supplies, O oe, February.
1904, $18.85. ' '
' , \ 'I ' i • *
' t ' '* ", '•
James C. Lansing. Incidental*, Office,
March. 1904. *5.67'
Uk«—Fuel—1904. • —■
• United Kicetric Company o'fXew J«*
scy. Service. School No .2. .March. Jfl®*,
•W41B: No. 9. March. 1904. *3 and $21;
No. 28. -March. 1904. $20.32. >
Newman Industrial Home and Mt*<
sion. Wood. School No. 8. April, 1904!
•10.60: No. 13. March. 1904. $10.50: No,
IS. March. 1904. $10.50: No. 22'. April*
1904. $10.50. .
1903—Night Schools—1904:—
Public Service Corporation of Netr
Jersey. Supplies. School No. 1, Technical
January, 1904, $32.70.
Henry Sinter. Incidentals. Sphool
No. 1. Technical, Ditemhti- 1903, t«
March. 1904. $12.40. r , w
1903—Repairing School Buildings ah®
New York Iron Rooting and' Corrugat
ing Company, Repairs, School No. L
April, 1904. $2.35.
George Albers, Repairs, School No. 8,
April, 1904, $2.35.
John S Metugh Company. Repaits,
t,School No. 1, March. 1904. $7.70; No.
27, April, 1904, $4.30.
Albert Howarth. Repairs. School X«,
L January. February and March. 1904,
Newman Industrial Home and Miw*
sion. Repairs. School No. 9. March. 1904,
Louis Fegarskv, Repairs, School No,
I 9. April, 1904, $.88.40.
George Tei>e. Repairs, School No. 10,
March. 1904. $4.
Joseph Weinstein. Repairs, School N*.
8, February, 1904. $5,50; No. 10. Mhrch,
1004. $2.
W-oodhouse & Co., Renalra. School N*.
12. March, 1904. $4; No. 17, Maaoh,
1904. $2.80: No. 22. March* 1904. S2J5.
Pasnian Company. Repairs, School No,
14, January and February, 1004, $124.06,
Lane & Russell. Repairs, School No,
24. March, 1904. 027.
Special Appropriation. $23,835. Re
pair*, 1903.
W H Dickinson & Co.. Repairs. School
No. 22, January, 1904. $142.25.
Special Appropriation, $12,851.50, f
■Furniture, etc.. Schools Nos. 2 and 29.
Jersey City Awning Company, Sup-;
plies, School No. 2, March, yk>4, $1%.
Special School Account, I.iquan
Licenses, Bonds, etc.:
M. T. Connolly, Ma»on Work, third,
payment. Contract 34 E. yfew School No,
11, $17,600.
has reported 83 cases. Found it notes*,
sary to eonruet 14 pupils to school in par-'
I am pleased to report a geneml im
provement in attendance and deertSuse is
number of truants. '
Respectfully submitted, •
Chief Attendance Officer, i
Finance—By Mr. Lewis. Ghahman:—*,
Resolved, That a warrant forf$3.76 ha.
ordered drawn on the CBrgTreasuvgranii*
charged to account of Mijmrinteaft-nO®!
salary, 1906-1994, in ftivpr of Fr^ik •
Briggs, Treasurer Teachers, Retirement/
Fund, being 1 per cent, deduction fvosa;
the salary of the SupewjHfe^lhwt'of Pub-1
lie Schools, who.belongg'MJ aawf fund, for
the month of April, 1804.
The yeas and hays were ordgmth tatea
and theJ-s«sokmon'*adopt-d^5ylvtefolllw
ing vote :**
Yeas—President Ward and Messrs.
Clute, Moran, Levfi,«, ThemeOn. 1dpi,
Ramsey, Coyle. Gilmore" and Berger—
Abtstn-—Messrs. Ridgwal, Stratford
and Msjthie|—3.
Resolved, That a warrant,fps $360.28
be or defect drawn on the Ci ty' Ti-eajyjrar
and charged rp account Teachers! 45*t
gries, 1003-1968, in'fa vor of'lfej»fik o.
Briggs, Treasurer Teachers’ 'RShrement
Fund, being 1 per cent. dethtcMcn Worn
the ealariesf of a)l teachers die longing to
said fund for the mobth ol April,
The yeas and nays were ordered takes
and the resolution adoptfB by WicfoStow
ing vote:—
Yeas—President Wyd' and $to**rs.
Clute. Moran. LetCis. 'RhqipsuB. Brans,
Ramsey, Cfjde, Gilfcove and ‘Berfnr—■

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