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Cxixj Jims,
SEE Ssrbs r«»«•*:11 no comeant
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■ETWii^Wfe*' *
U.. —_
"The defeat of the new ideaists must
fceen s disappointing to the publishers
grnd correspondents of New York and
Philadelphia newspapers as it was to the
*&adeis of the false movement.
, ‘‘Colby had CA his back from the start
ttt his campaign, the New York Tribune,
the New York Press and the Philadel
phia Record. The New Jersey eorres
jjondemts of these newspapers hammered
the "ragulars*' daily and did their best
CR boost Colby along.
‘‘'While the New York Herald was
Sfesdlr Co* fiocator Dryden, it whaled
ttaay •t'theVyeguiar” Republican organ
ization and jbined other metropolitan
'?* irea-^oher of misrepresentation of
i ftiojH^ita this tight little state.
it is tfii the more remarkable that
‘Amec correspondents should go out of
«2reir way to injure the “regular’ Repub
lican organization, because some of them
are beneficiaries of the party to which
they insist they are loyal and with which
they are in sympathy.
S “Strange loyalty and sympathy.
“There is a suspicion that there are
.Others in the ranks of state employes
who are disappointed at Odlby's defeat,
Put haven’t the courage to say so. Now
<hat the fight is over and Colby has been
Jet back, these gentlemen are throwing
•up their hats and shouting: “What a
jlorif*is victory we won.”
“The true friend is one who fights for
you When you are in danger. Not the
E«hap who enjoys your bounties in times
"C peace end pats you on the back and
' .A
what a mighty good fellow you
the feast is on—Daily State
Mouth and Eyes Covered With
Crusts—Face Itched Most Fear
fully—Hands Pinned Down to^
Prevent Scratching
—. ,
•• Wiea tfiT’Tijtleooy wk* six months old, he
| kid eczema. Ite verse extended so quickly
over tie whole body that ure at oaec culled fcx
» the doctor. We thsr.
went to another doctor,
but he could not help
him, and in our despair
we went to a third one,
■ Hatters became s6 baa
that he had regular
holes in his cheeks,
large enough to put a
fir ter into. The food
i had to be given with a
spoon, for his mouth
Was covered with crust*
as thick as a finger, and
whenever he opened ths
mouth they began to
bleed and suppurate, aa
Hid also his eyes.
Hands, arms, chest, and
back, in short the whole
body, was covered over
and over. We bad no
rest by day or night.
Whenever, he, .was WjL,
la his bed. we feed, .to t.
pin bis bands down:
r a,TT-r ., -■ otherwise be would
AivoRsa KoUmth. gcratch ^ f,ce> and
make an open sore. 1 think his face must
haTe itched meet fearfully.
“We finally thought nothing could help,
and I had made up ray mind to send my wife
■yith the child to Europe, hoping that the sea
air might cure him, otherwise be was to be
put under good medical care there. But,
Lord be blessed, matters came differently,
and we soon saw a miracle. A friend of ours
spoke about Cuticura. We made a trial with
Cuticura Soap, Ointment, and Besolvent, and
within ten days or two weeks we noticed a
decided improvement. Just as quiokly as the
eiekness had appeared it also began to dis
appear, and within ten weeks the child was
absolutely well, and his skin was smooth and
white atnoverbefore.“ F. Hohrath, President
Of the C. L. Hohrath Company, Manufact
urer* *f Silk Bibbeas, 4 to 20 Kink Alley,
June 5,1906. South Bethlehem, Pa.
Cnticm* Soap, OhrtnrnS. a*S JK!t» *re «o)C throughout
|ht world. ^Potter Dru^fe Chem.^Corp.^SoieFroai,titoitQSW
I ' ‘ -- ‘ " " ^
■with such magnificent scenery. Nor was
there such a strong cast to interpret the
scenic effects drew wlleyt? of applause
| from last night’s interested audience,
i The scenes inde leaden .jB P O etao eee
The scenes included Glendalough, the
ruins of St. Kerin’s Abbey, Arrah’s cot
tage at La rragh the Armory at O’Grady’*
house, Glen near Ballyhetiagh Castle,
Prison in the Castle, Court Room in the
Castle and the battlements of the castle.
The scenery was painted by D. Frank
Bodge from original drawings made in
Ireland. Few companies that have ap
peared on any stage of the piay houses
in any Jersey iCty theatre have had the
| number of people in tlie plays that Mr.
Mack’s company presents. A whole com
pany of redcoatedi English soldiers mater
iaiily brightens several scenes and there
i are any number of sweet Irish coUen*
! and typical Irish women in the choruses.
During last night's performance Mr.
Mack sang “My Own Acushla Macliree.”
“Good Night. My Love. Good Night,”
“The Joys of an Irish Dance,” but the
greatest hit in the singing was his ren
dition of “The Wearing of the Green.”
I was sung sweetly and with mtlch dra
matic effect and under circumstances that
kept the audience charmed with the
sweetness of the singer’s voice and the
melody of the gong, and cm tip to otf ex
pectation as to what was to happen be
fore the song was finished. At its finish
the theatre fairly shook with applause.
There is every indication that the Acad
'. to hav another week of “crowded
hougs.” . i ,
tfiLW rfta&is.
if in the opinion of ttii* Board a suffi
cient reason has not been presented for
stopping said improvement, and that the
Chief Engineer, With the aid and aeaist
aace of the Bureau of Survey, be and is
hereby directed to make and report to
this Board specification* describing th*>
location and character of such Improve
ment, together with an estimate of the
quantity and kiud- of excavates and fill
ing and amount of work to be done and
or the materials to be furnished for the
making and completion of the said im
provement, and that upon the tiling and
adoption thereof the £ierk of this Boavd
shall advertise let proposals for doing
said work «id furnishing such materials
in manner and for the lengta of time re
quired by law.
Resolved, That In accordance with
Section 1, Ofeanter 270 of the Laws of
1895. this Board hereby certifies to the
City Collet-tor for coileptioai the amounts
due on properties a® per schedule annex
ed. such sums being hereby indleaited as
expense aseoimt of prppegty shown con
formably R> -proviSicm* Of the act hereto
fore cited-.
$61.74 John A., Boat, -owner , Block 36,
Lot 20, -54 Bugs** «(«,
$28.17, J&s A. Bust- owner. Block
2.11ft. Lot2A, 338 Gvflndstreet.
$59.'-10, itgm- .A, I>u#h owner. Block
2,115, Lot 1-A. WfetwJ ajtreat,
$4&t«e. Fast. 'Turley, owner,
Btv.ck m, Lot ?., (50. Morris street.
.neselved, That 'itoF 'revised maisifica
tions.prssectM hy fb* Chief Engineer on
this date for *ae ccse^BtotioB of a sewe?
iu Monitor street, from a point 110 feet
cant- of w et’Msue to and con
nettisig w'ift at-wsC- fa Menttor street at
Maple .d©A«t he atA are hereby adopted
and cfcfcvt* Sled and. the Cleric of this
Bosyd -|iy«et«d to tecdvertlee for propos
sle in ■deafotmlfjr tbe«e4W£h
B««Nedj Tfiat «i ipecial improve
ment eortiacew for five hundred, dollars
be drawn itt flavor Chiles O'Nefif for
work done and mst^S&ls- ftsreiB’hefi on
account of contact No, 1534 conform
ably to Chapter 217 of fke Lawis of 180b,
-‘'fcf^cgjfSbnwiiHflp of- a s*wer tmdsr the
wfepfirFr’* ,ftl*s.r ,jSv4*4¥-.
Boulevard from a pbnst iCavax 15 feet
south ot Apruee street, to Floyd street to
Geimank avenue to Sfiraes to Tonnele
avenue to connect with sewer at Man
hattan avenue and Tonsnlu aveaus.
Resolved, That cue special improve
ment. certificate for five Aundre-J ($00)
dollars be drawn- in favor og ,T. H. &R.
SB*$h* Co.. i>k work done ahd materials
farfife&ed oa acount of 'cefcttfcct No.
1548. wnfawBsSte" 1° Gnapnne Ait, Laws
of 1S95. fbr buMaiag a sotver in Neptune
Safi View. Winfield avenues and Hud
Bouievard. etc.
Resolved, That $3,898.33 be paid to
Heary Byrne, cm acocuet of contract No.
1331, for sweeping and removing ashes
and garbage from the streets of Jersey
Charge Street Oloasing.
Resolved, That $180 be paid to Luke?
Bros., for use of team and truck, clean
ing sewers and basins, 25 .days Aug.,
19wd, at $6,00, claim No. 264.
$153.00 to James TuHy, for use of
team and truck, cleaning sewers and ba
sins, 25 days Aug., 1906, % day Sept.,
Sola days, at $0.00, claim .,«. 89.
$150 to D, Murphy, for use of team
and truck, for cleaning sewers and ba
sins, 25 days Aug., I960 at, $6.00 claim
No, 533.
CS-M-ge Cleaning Sewers and Basins.
Resolved, That $81. be pgid to Os
car J. Fjseber. for service® Is inspector,
sewer, Neptune avenue, etc,, 27 davs
Aug., 1906, at $3.09, cStifn. No. 246.
$75 to George Barry, for services as in
spector, improvement Bergen avenue,
Myrtle avenue to Boulevard, 24 days
Aug., 1 day Sept., 25 days at $3.00,
claim No. 806.
Charge Several Impt. Laws of 1895.
Resolved, That the following sums be
paid to The Observer of Hudson. County
for advertising the improvements indi
$24 for advertising proposals construc
tion of sbwer in Merwles street, Fourth
-s%Ct, etc., August, 1903, claim No. 366.
$26.10. for advertising proposals im
provement of Golden street Jersey ave
nue to Varick street, August, 1906,
claim No. 367.
$27.60 for advertising proposals fen*
prova-meyt of Bostwiek avenue, Jatfeson
aveaue to Bergen avenue, August, 190S,
eljwsi No. ,368.
$84.90 for advertising proposals oon
su-uction of Bow.tr in Bostwiek avenufe,
100 feet east of Bergen avenue. &o„ An
gust. 1906 claim. No. 364,
$23.40 for advertising proposals im
provement of Ferry, sti-eet, Palisade ate
,nue to Abbott street, August. 1806, claim
No. .365.
$15.60 for advartisitsg preliminary
hfftHnf-of coustiiuc-tPn #f sewer in Win
field avenue, west of Ocean avenue, &c,,
August.. 1908, claim No. 307.
$44.70 for advertising preliminary
hearing of eonsfructio-a of sewer 1*
Spruce street, Hudson Boulevard to Ger
ssaaia avenue, August, 1906. claim No.
$30.90 for advertising final hearing
for construction <>f setvVr in Newkirk
sft-aet, A«., August, .1008. dafttt No. 372.
$12.30 for advertising flea's iteanug im
nwemWt of Lexffigfen avenue, West
Side to Mallory avenues, August, 1906,
claim No. 373. .
Charge Several Improvements, Laws
of 1395.
Resolved, That $23.70 be paid to The
Evening Jour-ual Association for adver
tising preposats.for construction of sewer
in Mci-seles street, Fourth street, etc.,
August, 1966. claim No. 1188.
$25.20 to Evening journal Association
for -advertising proposals for improve
ment Co id 6:: street, Jersey avenue to
Tni-ICk street, August 1906, claim No.
$27.90 to The Evening Journal Associa
tion for advertising proposals for Im
provment Btwtwick Avenue,.Jackson ave
nue to Bergen, avenue, August, 1906,
claim No. 1140.
$24.90 to The Evening Journal Associa
tion, for advertising proposals for con
struction -sewer Bbstwick avenue, East
N B|ll|n aV*mle' AuS««t, 1906, claim
322-.50 to The Brewing Journal Asso
ciatipn for'advertiSMig -Proposals improve
ment Ferry street. Falisade avenue to
Abbett street, August, 1906, claim No.
$15.90 to the ’Evening Journal Asso
ciation, fop advertising preliminary hear
mg, coaetbUCBofi of sewer Winfield ave.
Y\est of Qag&n avenue, etc., August,
1006,_ claim No. 1144.
i w Evening Journal Asso
ciation for advertising preliminary hear
!3f coastrucynji; of sewer Spruce street,
Oaim He j'i^aTd etc” A«gnst 1906, -
$32.40 to Tfc jlvening Journal. Associa
tion for adVg^teW final hearing, con
dttuction sew.tr Newkirk street etc An
Nb. 1146. ff
f1** Fteuing Journal Asso
c.ation for finai heating, improvement
Lexington aVCnuft West Side avenue to
Mallory avenue, August, 1906, claim No.
iefC189?e SaVOTal TTBPr°ve»:ents, Laws
date, for the repairing of Newark ave
from Palisade ave. to the Five Comoro,
be and are hereby adopted and ordered
tiled and the Clerk of this Board direc
ted to advertise for proposals in con
formity therewith.
Resolved, That $3.15 be paid to, Jaoob
Eller, for cash expended for car fore in
specting repairs to asphalt streets, Sep
tuibef. 1000, Claim No. 11 S3.
Charge Repairs to Asphalt Streets.
Resolved, That the contract for the
construction of stairs from Congress
street, Jersey City, down to Eighth
street. Hoboken, in accordance will spec
ifications on file in the office of the Clerk
of this Board, be and is hereby awarded
to Hoboken Iron Works at the price
named in its bid. namely, $4,509. it be
ing the lowest bidder, and the Corpora
tion Attorney be and is hereby directed
to prepare and have executed the neces
sary contract for the same.
Resolved, That §1,060 be paid to John
Hopkins, on aeoount of contract No.
1522, for improvement of Central ave
nue, from Ferrv street:to €onf(i'eeK street.
Charge Special Street Account, this
fesolved, That $8l be, paid to Richard
G. BreakCy, for services’as Inspector re
paving Central avenue, 27 days m Au
gust, aj $D, Claim No. 881.
Charge Special Street Account, this
Resolved, That by and with the con
currence of t&e Board of Finance the
sumfc Hereinafter mentioned be paid tlo
the parsons named respectively far ser
vices rcadvietl as laborers on paved
streetfeifo'r month ending August 31,1906,
anShafllsttg In the aggregate to §2.037.25.
Resolved. That $21'$> be paid to the
Eventhg Journal Asso^atkir for a'dver
tianig proposal® repaving V.nn NfWist
street August, 1806, •eWtiffifaWe. llfflt
§22.28 tjs the Ghssitver bt HPud^ah :'tlo.
for advertising proposals, repaving Van
Vorsi street. August, 1906. claim No.
362. _____
r" Charge Spockti Stredf Account, mis
Resolved. That $19.80 he paid to the
Observer of Hudson Co. far advertising
proposals for repaving Brunswick street,
August, 1906, claim No. 36§.
$.(9.30 to the Evenifag Journal Asso
ciation far repaying Brunswick street,
August, 1906, chid No. 1132.
Charge Special Street Account, this
Resolved, That $12 he Mid. to Thos.
R. Slavin for service# fi; mspeetor re
pairs to mace data roans, spoeiai streets,
4 days in August, 1906. at S3, claim No.
Charge _Repairs to Macadam Roads
(certain^ Streets.
Roso.’ved. That $9C be paid to J. H.
Brown for sen’ices as inspector improve
ment of Newark avenue, 2f 'days in Au
fust. 3 days in September, 30 days at
3, claim No. 865.
Charge Specif! Street Account, this
The foregoing -were each separately
adopted by the following vote, on a call
for the ayes and trays:—
Ayes—Commissionfebe Berry, Knox,
Nolan, Rooney afid President Houck.
The Committee on Municipal Lighting
presented the following:—
Resolved. That §858.98 be paid to
American Street Lighting Co. for oil
street lighting, month of August, 1906,
contract No. 1(529. oJahn No. 92.
$835,40 to Public Service Corporation
of New Jersey. ftir gas street lighting,
month of August, 1906, contract No. 1,.
531, claim N°, 276.
§11.980.04 to United Electric Co., of
N. J., for arc service, month of August,
1606, contract No 1374, olaltn No. 511.
Charge Street Lighting.
It was adapted by tbs folkvwn.f vote
on a call for the ayes and nays:—
Ayes—Comic iawaaws Berry, Knox.
Ncmn, Rooney osra 'PKsMent Hauck.
The Committee oa New Whiter Worke
presented the tfijtcwtt#-.—
ResaWAThm he paid to
, G*o- 0. WHiP'pte. foe pteftesinugi sor
yieito in eoMftefiitsa with case of <3tty m
M xirwfa!"**i9ee
$(,50© tp Emil Knidhlteg, foe pyofte
sKraai service* a* cofisultlifc erwfruter
^.nuary, 1905 to July, Tjfeg, chiton No!
Charge Wafer Account, Nw Wbter
Resolved. That $140.75 ho paid to J.
iVd^ffM eX9^ AuSMt*
Charge Water Account, New Water
The foregein# were each separately
adopted by the following Toro, on a oaii
tor the ayes and navs;—
__ Ayfes—Oomm-ssienera Berry. Knox,
Ntdaa, Rooney arid President Manuk.
A ays—None.
The Q&mtorbtae on Pumping, and Res
ervoirs- present*® 'the following:—
. Jhat ?2.95 be paid to Eni
t^dEleetri-c Co; of N. J., fpr electric cur
rent supplied, Kearney Turnpike. Au
gust. *9©6. cm jin No. boa;
u? *?, E-c 2 Haca fox- horse shoeing,
MWevJU*: %*temb«r. 1©0. 5to August,
100b. claim. No. 35%
Charge Water A&teunt, P.- and R.
It was a denied by the following vote,
on a call for the ayte and eaysr*
Ayes—Cdmmiasiofsfe Berry, Knox,
Nolan, Rooney and President Houck.
The Committee on Assessments and
Extensions protected the fbiWing:—
Resolved, That the specifications as
submitted by the Chief Engineer on this
date fpr the cleaning of cast-iron water
pipes in the several- Streets of this dtv
he and are hershy adopted and ordered
filed, and when the same shall have been
concurred in and approved, the Clerk of
this Board is hereby authorized and di
rected to advertise for proposals con
formably therewith.
Resolved, That $91.04 be paid to Jer
sey City Supply Co. for supplies. Pipe
Wimafo&rfcifr j.
T** **•*■
l!i60. oiata -
-”11 } for 2 cards, of 10"
: J:ai.r a ad 'August,
$11*00 to J<
harases, at
'"§ 1“
cU&i %
$75 ty
etc., E/ay
claim No.
Charge . Si«] fi.
Tius each aspajotely
adopted by the frdlpwTng vote, on a cull
for twfi ayes and nays:—
Ay**—OnmmisMofieWi Betty. K*»x
Nolan. Koer.ey and Prcskieut Hauck.
The Coxnsiittte on Public Bi
Docks and Parks presented the
Whereas, The Chief Engineer lias
communicated to this Board under date
of September 12, 1900, that the contrac
tor for the improvement of Reservoir
playgrounds has exceeded the time limit
•f his Contract by 100 days, and that the
werk contracted for should hat© been
completed about July first last;
Resolved, That notice be forwarded to
the bonding company on said contract to
proceed to complete the same Immediate
Resolved, That $81 be paid to Geo. F.
Stanton for services as inspector on im
provement of Reservoir playground, 27
clajs in August, 1906, at $3, claim No.
&. (.
Charge Special Appropriation, this Item.
The foregoing were each separately
adopted by the following voe on a call
for the ayca tod nays:—
t Ayes--CoaKpifmroaers Berry, Ka«i
Nolan, Rodney and President Hauck.
The Gejna$ttee on Engineering and
Surrey pMBMJted the following:—
Resolved. That $5,00 be'paid;to Jamas
Wilson, tor horse shoeing, etc., Engin
odhing Bureau, August, 190% claim No.
Charge Engineeriag Bureau Supplies.
It was adtmted by -She following vote
on a oflrtl to* fne ayes and nays:—
Ayes—Commissioners Berry, Knox,
Natan, Rooney and President Hauck.
The Committee on. Laws and Ordinan
ces. presented the following:—
Resolved. That $9,90 be paid to The
Observer of Hudson County, for adver
tising Ordinance relief of Paul Cap, for.
construction of Bay windows, August,
l ...
g-fc, ...fliWlhin iij .. . — I'j. .1 ... »
luff, data No. 860. ' ■ ,
#9.80 to Tbs Eroding Journal Asso
elatloujtor adreftUing o$ilMutce relief of
Paul Gap. In construction bf .May win
dows, August, 1000, claim No. 1184.
*80.80 to Paul Cap, being unexpended
balance of moneys heretofore deposited to
this account
Charge this Deposit.
It was adopted by the fallowing rote,
on a call for the ayes and naya:—
Ayes—Commission «r* Berry, Knox,
Nolan, Rooney and President fiaiick.
Tins Committee on Printing and Sta
tionery pfttoRfed the.following:—
Resolved, That ?184 be paid to Ths
Jersey City News for printing manual,
i’fcf#* °ffiCe' AUgUSt'
Charge Printing ahd Stationary.
It was adopted by #e following vote,
on, a call. for the ay# aedmaya:—
Ayes-—Commissions** Berry, Knox,
Nojsus, Hi^ney and President Hauck.
Oemmissioapf N#** mowed, ‘Hut the
farther oensidhrawen of fhe amplication
of the Coast Line Telephone Cominyiy
for a franchise, i* accord an# With pout
ion of said eqasfaay. prewfbted to fhis
Board on Aped lb, IBM, aeaforasabH to
Chapter 36 at the Laws of 1MB, be ad
journed and aoiitintied to September 24,
1906, It the mooting to bb h#W at tare
(2) o'cioek p, M. on that date,” aad the
motion wa sunanimously adopted.
On motiont, the Board adjourned.
. Clerk.
_V ■ A v 'V
_ : (Official Proceeding*.)
b '
iey -aid President Heuck.
Proposals for the improvement of Van Nostra&d avenue, from Ocean avenue
to Garfield avenue, ft ere called for and two (2) in number were presented, as
About 628 cubic yards of earth exca
vation ...
About 5 cubic yards of rock excava
tion ....
About 18 cubic yards of teeth filing;.
About 66 cubic yards of sand fining.
About 1.800. square yards of paving
(macadam) .. ...
About 1.344 lineal feet of curb stone,
5'xl6 , (s#t ,in concrete) .
About 16 square feet of bridge stone.
About 8/000 square feet of flagging.
About 6 square yards of repaving
(Belgian) .
About- 20 lineal, feet of resettiHg In
concrete and dressing curb atone..
About 60 square feet of relaying and
dressing bridge «tOtfe ; ,
About 1,480 square feet& of relaying
and dressing flagging1 stone.
About 3 resetting manhole heads....
■fprt* 2 vratofc.iatt.Stete reste.....
About 450 square yard® of briek pav
ing m gutters oh eon ere ta founda
tion ....
Per cubic Sard ............. $ .40
Per cubic yard 3.50
Per cubic yajid .. .10
Per cubic yifcrd. 1.90
Per square yard. .90
Per line&l foot ............. .90
Per square foot.. 45
Per square foot .. .17
Per square yard;. .30
Per lineal foot.. __ .35
Per square foot... .05
Per square foot. .02
Each . 2.00
Each . 2.00
Per square yard .. 2.30
Sbtt'otterea to furnish all materials and perform ail work for
ninety-nine (99) per cent, of the above standard.
*n materials and perform all work for one
hundTed and six and one-half (106^) per cent, of the above standard.
mt .repairizm macadam roadways in Jersey City. N. J., were called
for and three (3) in number were presented, is fohowS:—
__ _' M
About 460 tone bf stoat, which Will ;i
pass through, a saa-Wftt ritig, in
dtu&nff POtthaaihlfR ...
About tons of **mc, which' 'will
pass trough a oae aM «w-hett
mofc rj»*. meHulihfc sttearnfc&ga.....
. _ .
Per t«» ...... $2.50
[' ... f . ■,
Pet ton .... 2.50
be used to pay for labor and malarial oh
paved streets for September, 1908, to
$MtM 00
E1-0?1 Jb,® same Board:—
Tracsftuttin* resolution passed by
said Board September 12, MH, and'.ap
^oved^ by the Mayor 8*p*«mB# Ifo
Resolved, That a warttont bo offered
draivu ba^he City Ti*pK;d£*j£Kl Of
that officer to transfer $21© from Bi
efn|e Accourd: to the credit of the Beard
of Street and W a ter ComgBkteiqoers for
the purchase of . 300 feet oFvftrified pipe
for sewer in Pffevost street, froth Bay
street to First street.
From the same Shard:—
Transmitting rMplution. passed by
sttiB Board September 12, 1906, and ap
jroved by the Mayor September 15,
Resolved, That the Board of Finance
hereby concur* in the following fosolti
tiou adopted by the Board of Street and
Water Commissioner* August 13, 1606,
as follows, to wit:
Ordwing paid the following claims:-^
t0 ^ Stowwrt Co., claim
No. 819.
to John P. Langan, claim No. 254.
i2i5 to Cyrus Rhdtns. claim No. 357.
,#15 to Evening Journal Association,
claim No. 1198.
#15.30 to The Observer, claim No.
Uvl •
Charge Water Account. P. & B.
$2.60 to Unkm Printing Co., claim
No. 500.
1 fe6'77 t£> J‘ C' Supply Co - claiai No.
^ ?20 to Jos. P. Hall,' Ice., claim No.
JtiojIS to United Electric Co., elahn
No. 499..
20|20-61 to Library Bureau, claim No.
”•10.83 to Library Bureau, claim No.
"$6-35 to Union Printing Co., claim No.
No 5M *° Uaioa Prating Co., claim
nI^sb. to Union Printing Co., claim
$68.95 to Union Printing Co., claim
Na 502.
$5.08 to John Muldoon, claim No.
$7.32 to John Muldoon. claim No. 564.
_ $17-36 to John Muldoon, Claim No.
3-78 to Jqhn Muldoon, claim.No. 562.
1;M to John Muldoon, claim No. 567.
>28.81 to John Muldoon, claim No.
to Daniel. McDonald, claim No. 522.
.10 to J. O. Supply Co., claim no.
to J. O. Supply O*., claim No.
H jl.75 to J. C. Supply Co. claim No.
„ Charge Water Account. A.’. & E.
From the same Baaed:—
Transmitting resolution passed by
arid Board September 12, 1908 and ap
p|pved^ by the Mayor September 16,
Resolved, That the Board of Finance
hereby coucux®* in the following resolu
tlon adopted by the Board of Street and
Water Commissioners August 18, 1906,
a« follows, to wit:—
Ordering paid the folio wing claim:—
$78 t» Gag. F. Stanton, claim No. 822.
, Charge Special Appropriation this
From the same ^oiHl:—
Transmitting resolution passed by
said Board $&*«»!>«■ 12, 1906, and ap
19WL br Mnper September 15.
Resolved, That the Beard of Finance
hereby concurs .a the Allowing resolu
tion, adopted by the Beard of Street
apT Water Commiaeteners August 18.
That $1,660 be paid to John Hopkins
on account of contract No. 1822, for re
paving of Central avenue^ from Ferry
street to Congress street.
Charge Special Street Account ibis
From the same Board:—
Transmitting resolution passed by
said Board September 12, 196a, and ap
proved by the Mayor September 15.
Resolved, That the Board of Finance
hereby concurs in the following resolu
tion, adopted by the Board of Street and
Water Commissioners August 18, 1906.
as follows, to wit:—
That $3,500 be paid to Barber As
phalt Paving Co', on account of contract
NO. 1503, for repaving of Newark ave
nue with asphalt pavement outside of
portion to be paved by Railroad Go. with
wooden block, from Warren street to
Brunswick street.
Charge Special Appropriation this
From the same Beard:—
Transmitting resolution passed by
said Board September 12, 1908, and ap
jroged by the Major September ,lo.
Resolved, That the Board of Finance
hereby concurs in the following resold
tion, adopted by the Board of Street
and Water Commission*** August 13,
1906, as follows, to Wit:—
Ordering paid the following claim: —
$6.75 to J. Muidoooj claim No. 570.
Charge Street Cleaning Account.
From the same Board:— '
Transmitting resolution passed by
said Board September 12, 1906, and ap
proved by the Mayor September 15.
Resolved, That the Board of Finance
hereby concurs in the following resolu
tion, adopted by the Board of Street
and Water OommisaionenB August 13.
1906, as follows, to wit:—
! 32.50 to P. Duggan, claim No. 193.
1 60 to John Fallon, claim No. 249.
: 02.50 to F. Carroll, claim No. 386.
50 to Thomas Brown, claim No. 851.
62.50 to Thomas McCabe, claim No.
$20 to T. Higgins, claim No. 796.
Charge Repaving Bergen Avenue.
From the Bams Board:—
Transmitting resolution passed by
•aid Board Septtsmbgr 12, 1905, and ap
proved by the Mayor Si-Dfember 15.
Resolved, That the Beard of Finance
hereby concurs in the following resolu
tion, adopted by the Board of Street
and Water Commissioners. August 13,
1906, as follows, to wit:—
Ordering bald the following claims:—
$17.40 to The Observer, claim No. 358.
$17.40 to Evening Journai Association,
claim No. 1107.
^^JjlT.40 tb Jersey City News, claim No.
Charge Repairs to Asphalt Pavements.
From the same Board:—
Transmitting resolution passed by
said Board September 12, 1906, and ap
proved by the Mayor September 15.190*!:
Resolved, That the Board of Finance
hereby eoheurs in the following resolu
tion, adopted by the Board of Street
and Water Commissioners August 13.
1906,.as follows, to wit :—
! 3.58 to John Mufdoron, ■claim No. 661.
! 4.50 to John Miildoon, claim No. 572.
5.72 to John Miildoon. claim No. 571.
2.75 to John lluldoon, cloftrr No. 503.
16 to J. C. Supply Co., claim No.
18. 0.
Charge Special Street 'Aceount, April,
May and July, 1906, Supplies.
From the same Board:—
Transmitting resolution passed by
Mid Board September 12, 1906, and ap
proved by the Mayor September 15.
Resolved, That the Board of Finance
hereby conotirs in the foil Owing resolu
tion, adopted by the Board of Street
ahd Water Commissioners August’ 13.!
1906, ae follows, to WlF:—
********** " *
If you are a com petout draftsman wo can toll
you of position* which will pay from 20 to SO per
cent more than four present salary. And you
won't hare to stick to the board always either, for
these places offer excellent cpvprtunitic for <ub
vancement. Salaries poe-$§G®; eheiee of desir
able locations. Write for list of positions open.
Offices in 12 cities. Service confidential
HAPGOODS title.) Brata Brokers.
305-309 Breadway, New York
to manage branch office and distribut
ing depot ft»r large manufacturer; salary
to start with. $1,500 for first year, pay*
able monthly, and extra commissions
and expenses; applicant must have good
references and $1,000 cash; capital se
cured; experience unnecessary. Address
MANUFACTURER, P. 0. Box 171.
Chicago, 111.
ehlnes; paid while learning. 521 West
22nd street,
ettee; paid while learning. Apply 521
West 22nd St., New Ydfrb City.
At Guttenberg Race Track September
28 & 29 and week of October, let. 7f
Montana Range Horses weighing from
1,000 fo..1,200 lbs. Positively no ama 1
Horses iii this shijpinent,
River srteet, between 5th and 6th Sts.
Hoboken, N. J.,
Registration toy lot applicants for ad
mission. Wednesday, September 11,'fcb.
Examinations fo? admission an Thus*
day and Fiidfty. Septembar 13th and
Courses of study preparatory to Uni
vwsities. OfcllegtS, Schools of Science,
Law and Medicine.
The rate of tuftian ior all classes is
$100 a year, or $50 per terns. For cata
logue apply to tbd Principal.
Fordham University
School of Law
42 Broadway, New York City
Confers Degrees of LL. B. and LL.
M. Hoars, 4.15-5.15 and 5.15-6.15.
Twelve hours instruction per week.
Individual attention given to each
student. The location of the school
makes it exceedingly convenient for
students who are desirous of retaining
their office connection. For full infor
mation apply personally or by letter to
To the Stockholders of the AUTOMAT
Incorporated under the Laws of the
State of Ned- Jersey.
The following resolution, was offered
and adopted at a meeting of the Board
of Directors held September 20. .1906 at
the office of the Company. 324 Pennsyl
vania Ave., S. E., Washington. t>. C.
“Resolved, That in the judgement ol
this board it is advisable and most for
the benefit of the Automatic Scale Com
pany that the same should be forthwith
dissolved; and to that end it is ordered
that a meeting of the Stockholders b«
held on Thursday, the first day of No.
Tember A. D. 1906 at 2 o’clock P. M.
at the office of the company; in the eity
of Jersey City, Nerw Jersey to take ac
tion upon this resolution, and further,
that the Secretary forthwith-give notice
of said meeting, and of the adoption of
this resolution, within ten days from this
date, by publishing the said resolution
with a notice of its adoption id a uews
paper published in the city of Jersey
City, N. J., for at least four weeks, once
a week, successively, and by mailing a
written or printed copy of the same to
each and every Stockholder of this Com
pany in the United States.”
clahsliiro on aff»s« msu.
C*urt of vho Irish Laud Crauhisstoa. Irish
Land AK. Ml, Record No. St. «. HI, Estate
of Michscl iV-rniftr, Oc-untlis of Meath Wud
. WjwreaB, Oa lnvo€;ifr&tio® oi title la <1x1*
It «pp»*n& t||Lt Bliia J*kfi4 Smyiii,
Eliza Aft* aar»<^ fortr.fcr.y of Ma
Son&towtS, K^s, fc» ibe etxainy of Meath, sf
fc’ive emitted to claixc *xte undivided
fourth Mr*. $f rVe gagduti *£ in* pu*v?h%ae
*£oney Of part of ths ’Jma-5 of- M&>rMn*uc»t*
c&ltftinljw* 58 a. lr. 2r>. Skxltftfe rtsedaui'S situate
», fi>e jgp*u*r of Aruee Arui Oeunty of Louih,
•Fin? j£/t v ;he lands sold hereto, und^r a
fevlae *lbkic*n-*d iu Uc will of f^Uller Barra*.
?***»eAsd3, fthd iltt #orcts»?a$e *&yft&lo irrider
Section W*. of Tha IiIaJi Lac>?i Adt, ISOS. in re
spect thereof, sfoiv, thvr*■>(&, ihe said Rltaa
Jane *J4t* *n, otherwise tiarrte*. Jbr ahy person
clarniift^ rhfou^h her i» Tbo er*cl?5<*3 to any in*
lr such rosiuue or panecrotag* la MfMRr
req.N*»d to lodg^ a claim July verified -with
the_j***>irar oi The Irish Land OooimissU*
at 24 *ppe»- ilerrsOp strd*t. Em Will, Ireland,
x***hln tv© months fronx the date of the puk
lioSclen of this notice.
Bated this sut .1.y of July, 1B$6.
TH03. -A'Ll-IS VEKHOTT, SoHcftor. If Daw
son street, Dublin. Ireland.
Whei eas, It appears to my satisfaction, by
duly authenticated record of the proceeding*
for the voluntary dtenluSUu/ «*•>#! departed
Hi my oilce, trat the American PereXiJe and
Chemical Comptny, a ewporatios #f ikit State,
whose principal 'ofEee is sMShMsd at No. IS
Esc.tango Place, in the City of Jersey ChtJA,
County of H :dsdh, Stats of New Jtxrtky fOnr
porit 00 Trust Company being the .agent there
in and % charge thereof, uprt whom brcA-eat
umy be served), his compiled with thq rfbmiro
snelits of “An Act . concerting cefiesratioin*
(Rcviaion of 1*»G)" prednntnary re tbs lesuihg
Of this Certificate that sdMi oesieai kas been
NOw, therefore I, a. i> Bteltni**;, Becrc.
tfry of State of New Jeragv, Do Hereby Cer
tify that the said Corporation did, on the
twenty-seventh day of August, 1965 flio in my
Cilice a duly executed and attested consent In
Willing to the dissolution of said eirporoilor..
exfccutfd by more than two-thirds in interest
of the stockholders thereof, which said ocrtia
cate ar.d the record of the proc*e.Hngs afore
said arc now on file in my said office as pro
vineu oy rnw.
1» Tfetlmitty tVhoreef, I hey, terete ret nvy
hand and affixed my official teal, at Trenton,
this tvcnty-scvcntb day of August, A. D. one
thottShttd nine hundred and six.
(Seal.) S. P. DICKINSON.
Secretary of State.
left my bed and beard I will not be re
sponsible for any debts contracted by her
having left my bed and board, the hub
lie is hereby notified that I trill mrtt bt
responsible for any debts fh* may Cou
flag left my bed tad board, I wlH no)

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