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What the Arrest of a Notorious
Criminal Led To.
Warrenton, Ga., March 18.—Several
nights ago, in Lincoln county, the house of
a highly respectable citizen, who was absent
at the time, was entered by a burly black
negro, who attempted to assault a lady.
Wrenching herself from his grasp, she
snatched up her babe and escaped in the
darkness, having to go through half a mile
of swamp to reach the house of a neighbor,
where an alarm was given. The wife had
not more than gone away when the hus
band, with a neighbor, entered the front
door to see a negro make his exit through
the rear. Thoy started in pursuit of him,
and after a sharp race overtook him, when
a fearful strugglo took place. Finally the
men bound the negro and took him to Lin
coln jail, where he was recognized as the
notorious Jack Henderson, who is popularly
credited with many crimes. The excite
ment following this event was intense and a
movement to lynch Henderson was organ
ized, in which blacks as well as whites were
So threatening did the movement become
that Sheriff Long organized a strong posse
to guard the jail, and with all expediency
possible moved the prisoner to the jail in
Wilkes county, where he would have greater
security. Prominent among those who ad
vocated lynching was George P. Murphy.
As soon as that fact became known to Hen
derson he confessed to a conspiracy that ex
plains a case of arson which was a sensation
two years ago. For this crime Mr. Blan
chard, one of the best citizens of the county,
was arraigned on the testimony of Jack
Henderson, George P. Murphy and J. N.
Tarver, a white man. So high was Blan
chard’s standing that, notwithstanding the
positive assertions of these men, the people
still had full confidence in his innocence.
Now Henderson confesses that the whole
thing was a conspiracy. Warrants were at
one® issued for Tarver and Murphy on the
charge of subordination of perjury. Traver
was arrested and put under $2,000 bonds,
failing to give which he now languishes in
jail. Murphy made his escape, but officers
are after him.
Baltimore, March 17.—Archbishop Gib
bons made an address at the cathedral yes
terday for the first time since his return
from Rome. In tho course of his remarks
he referred to Pope Leo XIII., and said that
he had been favored with three interviews
with the holy father, and that no one could
spend half an hour in his presence without
thanking God for granting the church so
great and good a pontiff. “In my first in
terview,” continued the archbishop, he re
marked to me, ‘I don’t like harsh and severe
measures; I dislike Anathemas, and prefer to
address myfelf to the intelligence and head
of the world; as vicar of Christ I desire to
draw all souls more closely to one common
master; I am a debtor to all the churches,
and I have esspecial solicitude for the church
of your own great and beloved country,
whose spiritual progress gives me such con
solation.’ Notwithstanding his advanced
age ana ins aencate trame, the pope is inde
fatigable in his labors, and sometimes while
the city is buried in sleep the aged pontiff
continues his labors alone until midnight.”
, Referring to the conferences, the arch
bishop said they were characterized by
ample freedom of discussion, joined with
perfect harmony and good feeling. They
discussed the higher education of the clergy,
especially in physical sciences; the improved
education of the laity, and the sanctity of
Christian marriage, which is assailed in our
country' by Mormonism on the one hand and
the fatal facility of divorce on the other.
Tlie Keely machine FInlulied.
Philadelphia, March 18.—“The time is
not far distant now,” says Secretary Schue'.l
erman, of the Keely Motor company, “when
our faith in Mr. Keely will be amply repaid.
We have not waited in vain. The motor is
. practically completed—that is to say, all the
machinery is finished, and nothing remains
but to put it together. Beforo this can be
done all the various parts must be carefully
tested. A week or two will be required to
put the machine in motion. If everything
goes on all right the board of directors, at
its next general meeting, will fix a date for
a private exhibition of the motor for their
own benefit. If this exhibition proves satis
factory—and there is no doubt that it will—
a large lot, capable of accommodating 400 or
• 500 persons, will be secured near Mr. Koely’s
shop, and a second exhibition given for the
edification of the stockholders. After that a
series of public exhibitions will bo given.”
Mr. Keely has discharged all his employes
and declares that his motor is practically
• completed, nothing remaining to be done
but to adjust it.
Tlie Case of Hallct Kilbourne.
Washington, March 18.—Yesterday was
set for the trial of the case of Hallett Kil
bourno against John G. Thompson, ex-ser
geant-at-arms of the house, for damages
uiuiuiuu mj nave rcsuiiou uum ms arrest uy
the defendant for contempt of the house.
A long panel of twenty having been made,
each side struck four from tho list, leaving
twelve to constitute the jury.
The Virginia Mine Disaster.
Philadelphia, March 18.—President Ilsky
has telegraphed from Pocohontas to the
Office of tho Southwest Virginia Improve
ment company, in this city, that the loss of
life by the explosion in the company’s mines
there last week has at last been ascertained.
113 men were killed and 9 mules. At present
they are preparing to flood the mine. Work
has been commenced in tho west mine and
the shipment of coal will soon be begun
again. _
Sale of a Newspaper.
Albany, March 17.—The Albany Evening
Journal to-day passes into the hands of a
corporation, of which Mr. W. J. Arkell, a
son of Senator Arkell, is principal stock
holder. Messrs. Teneyck ami Parsons retain
an interest. Tho capital of tho new corpo
ration will ho about $159,000.
A Sturdy Veteran of 1812.
WESTFIELD, S. I., March 17.—Henry s.
Laforge, a farmer of this place, has just
celebrated his 91th birthday. Ho is remark
ably active for his yoars and still works his
farm. He is a veteran of the war of 1813.
His wife is 81 years old.
VVliat Surprised Cameron.
Jacksonville, Fla., March 17.—Hon. Si
mon Cameron and party reached the works
of the Okeeclioebee Drainage company, Sun
day, and manifested much surprise at seeing
land that was two feet uuder water two
years ago now six feet above water.
Sargent to Dine with Bismarck.
• Berlin, March 17.—Mr. Sargent, tho
American minister, has accepted from Prince
Bismarck an invitation to a dinner to be
given on the 33d inst., in honor of the 87th
anniversary of the birthday of Emperor
Wednesday' March 12.
An incendiary fire at. Cleburne, Tenn., de- j
Btroyed four stores, causing a lo*s of $2,500.
Mrs. Groce Klum, of Chicago, accidentally
•‘hot herself on Monday night while playing
with her brother’s revolver.
Commodore Upshur will be dined on the
20th inst. by the Brooklyn club, before his
departure for the South Pacific.
In Everett hall, New York, the grand
masquerade and civic Purim ball of the
Regower society was held last night.
Gsn. A. C. Barnes has accepted the col
olonelcy of the Brooklyn Thirteenth, made
vacant by the resignation of Col. Austin.
The town of Whitside, on the Nashville
and Chattanooga railroad, was struck by a
tornado yesterday, and S3veral houses were
For selling pistols to boys Ignatz Ichie,
toy seller, of Brooklyn, was held for the
grand jury. This is the first case in Brook
lyn under the law passed last year.
The Tennessee river reached a height of
forty-three feet at Chattauooga yesterday
morning. Immediately after it began to
fall. About 150 houses have been sub
Robert Smalls, colored, has been nomi
linfprl flt fsnmtpr KJ P hv tlio ThinuKlionn
convention in Congressman Black’s district
to succeed William Mackey, deceased, in
Tlmrsday, march 13.
Prince Bismarck has returned to Berlin
from Friedriehsruhe.
No trace of Jersey City’s missing collector,
John McMahon, has as yet been found.
Fire in Fred Simester’s wool storejin Man
chester, Mass., caused a loss of *40,000; in
The trial of Orin A. Carpenter, charged
with the murder of Zora Burns on October
13 last, has begun at Petersburg, 111.
The people about Portland, Oregon, lost
$2,500,000 by the Northern Pacific col
Pat O’Donnell, of Cincinnati, is charged
with selling his own child’s body to a med
ical college.
A fire at East St. Louis has destroyed
elevator A, 100 freight cars and seven houses.
Loss $1,000,000.
Jacob Steitel. of Providence, R. I., a Ger
man tailor, shot himself through the heart.
He was twenty-five years old.
Robert B. Wade, a New York importer,
and Mrs. Ellon Schriver Chaffee were mar
ried there Wednesday morning.
Slosson, the billiard champion, has agreed
to accept Sexton’s challenge, but will play
for higher stakes than are proposed by the
The heirs of Elisha V. Ashton, who, dyiug
in London, left $600,000 to the city of Bos
ton will contest the will, Butler is their
The losses and insurance by the fire in East
St. Louis will not be learned for several
days. The Advance elevator was valued at
about $150,000 and insured for $105,000.
Friday, march 14.
Stanley has discovered another affluent of
Recent rains have caused a heavy rise in
the Roanoke and Appomatox.
ihe old Porter factory at Beverly, Mass.,
was burned Wednesday morning. Loss,
Monsignor Capel visited the Tombs court
and sat tor two hours beside Justice Duffy
watching the proceedings.
Comptroller Guerney, of Chicago, will
bring suit against the Stewart estate for
taxes amounting to $12,000.
The laborers on the Cape Cod ship canal
refuse to work and say they will not return
until better food is furnished.
Three thousand smuggled cigars were
seized on board the steamship City of Pue
bla, from Havana, at New York.
The rooms of Mrs. Annie E. Snow, in the
Waverly house, Boston, were entered yes
terday and property aggregating $4,300 “in
value stolen.
There was an all night struggle between
the Republicans and Democrats of the
Maryland senate over partisan nominations
of the governor.
A notice has been posted in the carding
and spinning rooms of the Barnaby mill,
Fall river, that a reduction will be made on
March 17.
The French steamer Chateau Marguax
was spoken on March 8 in latitude 44 north,
longitude 43 west, making her w ay without
a rudder. She is bound for New York.
George Ball, one of the wealthiest men of
Galveston, Tex., and a banker, died after a
paralytic stroke. He recently gave $60,000
to build a high school in that city.
Frank W. Slagle, who, on the 14th of last
August, brutally murdered John and James
Adair, brothers, and Joseph Claibourn, with
an axe, was hanged to-day at Somerset, Ky.
Saturday, March 15.
t he trunk line pool has reduced Chicago
and St. Louis grain rates.
Western sheep herders demand the restora
tion of the tariff of 1867 on wool.
Commodore Bradford has been ordered to
command the Pensacola navy yard.
The national senate has passed the Fitz
John Porter bill by a vote of 36 to 25.
New cases of the dreaded foot and mouth
disease are appearing in Kansas herds.
Two persons were killed and thirty houses
blown to atoms by a cyclono in Tennessee
Wednesday night.
Barnum’s lmicll-tnlked-nf white nifmhnnt
was shipped for New York on board the
steamer Lydian Monarch.
The Signal Corps station at the Delaware
breakwater reports the schooner F. 13. Hodg
kins abandoned and capsized.
The United States corvette Ossipeo sailed
yesterday for Hampton Roads, whence she
will start for an Asiatic cruise.
Judge Martin V. Evarts, postmaster, ex
state seutator and ex-stato attorney, died at
Rutland, Vt., yesterday, aged Go.
Samuel J. Tilden has positively stated that
he will not allow the use of his name as the
Democratic nominee for president.
Twenty-six young women were graduated
doctors of medicine by the Women’s Medical
college of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.
One hundred and fifty miners were killed
errly Wednesday morning by an explosion
in the Laurel Creek coal mines, Pocahontas.
City Treasurer John Bo^lo, of Erie, Pa.,
who is a defaulter, and who, it was thought,
had committed |suicido, is now known to be
in Buffalo.
The senate committee on pub ic lands has
agreed to report a bill declaring the for
feiture of lands granted to the Oregon Cen
tral railroad.
Among the numerous Nihilists recently ar
rested is the author Krissenko, a high of
ficial of the Russian ministry of ways and
communications, and five students.
A strange man committed suicide in Vi
enna yesterday, and the police believe that
it was his mission to kill the emperor and
other members of the imperial family.
N. P. Simons, superintendent of the Ver
mont Marble company, a leading lawyer and
ex-state senator, was run over and fatally
crushed to*day by a Central Vermont train
at Rutland.
Monday, March 17.
The arrival in town of several persons sus
]»oted to be dynamiters has caused a genuine
fright in Ottawa.
Gen. Banks is about to build a house, to
cost $15,000, on the east side of Penataquit
creek, at Islip, L. I.
Franz Struat, a worker in terra cotta,
committed suicide in Baltimore yesterday by
strangling himself with a skate strap.
Justice Duffy disposed of eighty-five cas'^s
in one hour and five minutes Sunday morn
ing in the Tombs police court, Now York.
Dr. A. L. Carroll, of Castleton, S. I., has
been appointed secretary to the State Board
of Health, of which Erastus Brooks is a
The Connecticut river is nearly clear of
ice, and navigation can be resumed at once.
The tug Mabel has arrived at Hartford from
Port Jervis.
The Hoffman and Billings Machine and
Brass works, Milwaukee, were burned yes
terday morning. Loss nearly $50,000; in
surance $05,000.
Loman Sammis, the well-known horse
trainer and driver, and the proprietor of the
Prairie house, at Mineola, L. I., died sud
denly on Saturday.
The skeleton of an Indian, who, it is said,
must have been seven feet tall when aliye,
was unearthed on the South beach, Staten
Island, on Saturday.
Mrs. Wilson Gibson, wife of a prosperoui
farmer of Deposit, N. Y., had her pocket
picked of 1 $800 while getting on au Erie pas
senger train on Saturday at that place.
»» uixaiu xj. uajiuiu, u. cii-cii ossecx juuug
man, supposed to be the eon of a wealthy
Cleveland merchant, committed suicide on a
public street in Chicago at midnight on Sat
The first number of a papier called Swo
bodnojc Slowa, or Free Speech, has appeared
in St. Petersburg. It summons the youth
of Russia to oppose the despotic form of
• J. W. Jacobs, a New York merchant, was
taken to Bellevue hospital Sunday evening,
suffering from acute mania. He raved con
tinually about the tragic death of Salmi
Morse and the “Passion Play.”
The trial of John F. Greening and Joseph
P. Benjamin, charged with the murder of
Ammie C. Cheever, of Dingman township,
Pike county, before Judges Seeley, Baker
and Hornbeck, began to-day.
Tuesday, march 18.
A Massachusetts woman is suing hei
mother-in-law for $25,000 damages for al
leged slander.
Gov. Robinson, of Massachusetts, spoke be
fore the New England club in Boston in fa
vor of biennial elections.
The date of tlie Ross-Courtney single scull
race at Oak Point has been changed from
the 30th to the 25th of May.
Late Saturday night C. Criasur, a promi
nent planter, of Camden, Ark., was killed in
an affray by Capt. L. M. Cobb.
Herr Renkert, formerly editor of the so
cialist paper, Zukunft, at Pesth, is in Lon
don, and intends to go to New York.
An effort is to be made in the house o I
representatives to secure another investiga ■
tion of the Alaska fur seal fishery.
The last of the 250 Williston mills strikers
at East Hampton, Mass., resumed work Mon
day morning at the reduced rates.
Schooner Nellie Ware has arrived at Port
land, Me., having been within twenty miles
of that port Thursday, but unable to get in.
On the 15th of April William Sheriff, the
pugilist, and martin Ulrich, tho one-armed
pigeon shot, will run 200 yards for $1,000.
Lewis Pino, arrested at St. Albans, Vt., on
suspicion of being connected with tho mur
der of Thomas Goddard, has been released.
The postmaster-general contemplates es
tablishing a fast mail service from Chicago
to New Orleans, to connect with tho present
eastern and western fast mails.
Benj. Coleman Adams, of the First Uni
versalist church of Lynn, Mass., has re
ceived a formal call to St. Paul’s church ol
Chicago, with a salary of $8,000 per annum.
Secretary Freliughuysen denies having
telegraphed Minister Sargent offering to as
sign him to anothrr first class mission, if l;e
should find his present position unpleasant.
Miss Alice, 21 years old, daughter of Pilot
Pettengell, committed suicide at Newbury
port, Mass., by shooting herseif with hei
brother’s revolver. She left no communi
George Ackley, of Eau Claire, Wis., rep
resenting several eastern insurance compa
nies, has absconded with some $4,000 recent
ly collected. His bondsmen are good for
the loss.
John E. Foster, of Gloucester, Mass., is
held under $2,500 bonds for an Alleged feloni
ous assault on Josephine Hastings, a girl 9
years of age, on Sunday afternoon. The
child's life is in danger.
Henry Brown, colored, aged 121 years,
died at Niagara Falls Monday. He war
born on the plantation of Lionel Clayton,
oil James river, near Jamestown, Va., and
when 53 years old escaped to Canada. He
claimed to remember Gen. Georgo Wash
The remains of Henry A. Tilden were con
signed to their resting place in the village
cemetery yesterday afternoon. Many prom
inent citizens from New York, Albany and
the sui-rounding country were present. Ex
Gov. Samuel J. Tilden was not present owing
to his poor health.
New Yobk, March 17.—The opening trans
actions were firm, the brokers of the bull
cliques holding against the scattered short
interest among the board room professionals.
Lake Shore, 103%; St, Paul, 92%; Nor;h
west, 118%; Delaware, Lackawaima and
Western, 128%: New York Central, 110%;
Pacific Mail, 55%; Oregon Transcontinental,
20%; Northern Pacific, 47%.
Prices closed. N. Y. Cent. 115%; N. J.
Cent. 89; North. Pac. 21%; do. pfd. 40%;
Cent. Pac. 5S%; Missouri Pac. 91%; N. Y. L.
105: Alton & T. H. 50; do. pfd. "94; Del. &
Hud. 108: Del. Lack. & Ivest., 128%: Erie;
23%; Lake Shore. 1023% i Morris & Ess., 125,
Northwest. 118%; do. pfd. 142; Reading
58%; Rock Island. 122%; St. Paul, 91%; do.
pfd., 117; Union Pac., 7G%; Chi., Burl. &
Quin. 123%; Texas Pac., 20.
General markets,
FLOUR—A lifeless market; No. 2 [email protected]
$8.85, shipping extra at $3.40(g3,GO, superfine
[email protected]$3.35, round-hoop Ohio [email protected]$G,00,
St. Louis extra 73.40(3 70.25, winter wheat
extra $3,[email protected]$G.S5. and Minnesota extra $3,40
@50.90.—SOUTHERN FLOUR-Quiet and
and steadily held—RYE FLOUR—Superfine
[email protected]—CORNMEAL—Steady; yellow
western [email protected]$8.40, Brandywine [email protected]$8.45
WHEAT—Market heavy'; trade mainly
on speculative account. Sales for prompt
delivery ungraded spring at 92c.; ungraded
winter rod at [email protected]$1.18; No. 8 red $.02%@
1.03, and No. 2 at [email protected]%. CORN—
Market heavy; sales for prompt delivery
at [email protected]; small lots yellow at [email protected]%c.
OATS—Lower.—RYE—Steady; western, 70
@75c.; state and Canada, 70(378%.—BAR
LEY— Quiet and steady.—BARLEY MALT
—Dull and nominal; two-rowed state, 70(3
75c.; six-rowed do., [email protected]; Canada, 85c. <3
$1.02%e.— PORK — Mess, [email protected]$l7.75.—•
BEEF—Quiet; extra mess, [email protected]$12.00.—
LARD—Market declined [email protected] points, with
» dull trading, in sympathy with woaker
I Western advices.
Field and Garden Seeds.
Swift Sure Super Phosphate,
“ Bone Meal and Ground Bone,
“ Dissolved Bone
We also offer you this year for the first.
Good Enough Super Phosphate,
Echo Super Phosphate,
Ammoniated Dissolved Bone,
Dissolved S. C. Rock,
Star Bone Phosphate, Peruvian
Guano, Muriate of Potash.
In fact, we can sell you anything you want in
the Fertilizing line, as we are the
Leading Fertilizer Dealers.
~ J « 1 mim: nwivA, miu »Vutlll Bfll
you a very cheap Fertilizer. Call and examiinc
our stock, and get our prices.
The Swift Sure Fertilizers
Need no further recommendation from us, as it
has gained a strong and lasting foothold among
the farmers, and made its mark as the? best fer
tilizer they have ever used. Our sales are very
heavy in Swift Sure. It does its own work. Try
it. It has been used alongside of other fertil
izers and has invariably given the best results.
Field and Garden Seeds
AVe keep a full assortment for the Field and
Garden. We have a nice lot of Clover, Timo
thy, Orchard, Herd, Ac., or any of the seeds
you may want for field sowing.
Our GARDEN SEEDS are all pure and fresh.
We carried no old stock over from last year.
We have Landreth's Early Peas, Beaks,
Cabbage, Tomato, &e. We make special ef
forts In our seed department. We have some
nice Maine Hose Potatoes. In fact, we are
second to none in the seed business in this city.
Lehigh and Schuylkill, all sizes.
10 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton.
mar 6-tf
Annual Report.
The Auditing Committee of the Delaware
Bay and Maurice River Cove Oyster Asso
ciation, met aud audited the books of the
Collector and find them correct. The fol
lowing is a true statement of the receipts
and expenditures, for the year ending
March 17, 1884.
Number of boats licensed, 325.
In Collector’s hands March 19th, 1883, $701 08
Received from license, 2,828 57
$3,529 05
Mar. 19 To election officers and com
mittee, 10 00
Ap’l 19 To Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
27 To Daniel M. Loper, 50 33
May 1 “ “ “ 26 00
4 “ McCowan & Nichols, print
ing, 8 50
in “ 1 Mnl.-nv hillnn coib
11 “ T. G. Compton, bill, 3 00
14 “ T. Hand, railway bill, 32 18
19 “ Daniel M. Loper 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
June 2 “ Special meeting of commit
tee. 18 50
15 “ L. G. Donnelly, watchman, 150 00
18 “ James Campbell “ 100 00
19 “ Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary. 150 00
26 “ Daniel T. Howell, 4 75
July 19 “ Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
“ Luther Bateman & Co., 8 00
Aug. 4 “ Capt. W.H. Berry’s expenses 5 00
15 “ Capt. Jas. Campbell, watch
ing, 100 00
19 “ Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
25 “ Meeting of committee, 18 00
30 “Capt. Win. H. Berry’s ex
penses, 23 74
31 “ Lotta V., watching, 50 00
“ It. E. English, watching. 100 (X)
Sep. 3 “ T. Hand, railway bill, 29 13
“ Daniel M, Loper, 4 00
“ T. G. Compton, for work, 5 50
19 “ Daniel M, Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
26 “ George D. Fagan & Son, 11 32
Oct. 9 “McCowan & Nichols, print
ing, 2 00
19 “ Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
“ Daniel M. Loper, paints, &e. 3 38
Nov. 19 “ “ ” 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
Dee. 19 “ Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
20 “ J. Mulvey, sail bill, 17 40
“ Luther Batemcn & Co., 2 69
Jan. 19 “ Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
Feb. 11 “ Charles Bobbins, rope, &c., 35 53
10 “ Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
Mar. 7 “ McCowan & Nichols, print
ing, 1 50
14 “ B. Campbell, to blanks, 1 45
“Capt. Win. 11. Berry’s ex
penses, 6 00
15 “Daniel M. Loper, 1 month’s
salary, 150 00
“ Committee’s expenses on the
law. Senate bill 138, 21 00
•* Committee meeting, 16 00
“ Benj, Campbell, Collector, 115 00
$2,814 88
Balance in Collector’s hand,
March 15th, 1884, $714 77
WM. H. BEltRY,
Pout Norris, March 15,1884—20-lt
Of the condition of the Bridgeton National
Bank, at Bridgeton, in the State of New
Jersey, at the close of business, March 7,
Loans and discounts $155,434 24
Overdraft, 10 93
1 . S. Bonds to secure circulation, 25,000 00
Due from approved reserve agents, 14,230 is
Due from other National Banks, 14,528 21
Due from State Banks and Bankers, 182 12
Real estate, furniture auil tixturcs, 7,8(58 98
Current expenses and taxes paid, 960 64
Premiums paid, 2,000 00
Checks and other cash items, 581 (kS
Rills of other banks, 4,435 00
Fractional paper currency, nickels
and pennies, 244 52
Specie, 9,(500 00
Legal tender notes, 11,486 0q
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer
(5 per cent, circulation), 1,125 00
TOtOl, $247,(187 5U
Capital stock paid in, $100,000 00
Undivided profits, 2.789 55
National bank notes outstanding, 21.390 00
Individual deposits subject to cheek, 123,507 95
Total, $247,687 50
State of New Jersey, )
County of Cumberland,) ’*'■
I, James W. Trenehard, Cashier of the above
liamod bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th
day of March. 1884.
ORESTES COOK, Notary Public,
New Jersey.
T. U. HARRIS. 8 Directors.
mar 20-lt
T131 IE
Special Sale of Silks!
Inaugurated by us ten days ago, has so far exceeded anything
ever before offered by us in the Silk line, that we have now in
contemplation a purchase of Silk for prompt cash that will sur
prise the sleepy dealers and give buyers genuine and un
equalled bargains in
Black, Colored, Striped, Figured,
Brocade and Plain Silks.
British and French Dress Goods, Ottomans, Pop
linettes, Brocade Effects, Combination Illu
minating and Plain Mixtures.
All that are new and desirable, scarce and cheap in Dress Goods.
French BlackCachmere
Summer weights in three distinct shades, Jet, Medium and
Blue Black.
Prices Correct.
The largest stock of choice goods in the market; entire new
designs in match patterns, All Over Embroidery with inserting
and edge to match, 600 pieces. In our West window we dis
play new effects in
With a grand assortment inside to select from.
New goods are arriving daily. The stock will be larger, better
assorted and cheaper than ever'before.
We have been noted for years as being the only store in South
Jersey dealing exclusively in Dry Goods. Without hesitation
we can say that we never opened the season with so desirable
a stock. Buyers make a note of this.
COp Brussels Carpets. £ Op Ingrain Carpets.
Ilf ■ T1le Choicest Goods i 11 J I ■ . The Choicest Goods
v « Ever Offered. VX V V i Ever offered.
DAI LIGHT CARPET ROOMS, 919 Market Street, Philada.
Our large elegant stock and low prices have made our store the most popular resort in the City
for Carpet Buyers. mar 13-13ni
Of its Scenery, History, Traditions, Public and
Social Life, with graphic descriptions of the
Capitol, Congress, and White House, and the
Government Departments, with views at Mount
Vernon, a Map of Washington, and diagrams
of the Hulls of Congress. By JOSEPH WEST
To all classes this is a book of great interest.
It is concise, graphic, thorough, and interest
ing, illustrated by over 100 beautiful now en- ]
gray ings by leading American artists, and ele- j
gantly bound, a book for all homes. Solti only
by Subscription.
Agents are meeting with grand success.
Agents wanted, male or female, in every i
township in the United States. Previous expe
rience, while desirable, not absolutely required,
as wo give instructions necessary for success.
It' unemployed, write us. For terms to Agents
address the Publishers.
J. A. & K. A. REID, Providence, R. I.
mar 13-Gt
i/I/ ttli I £. U men to canvass for the sale of
experience required. GOOD SALARY and all
expenses paid. AddressH. J. BOWDEN & CO.,
Brighton, N. Y. (1 mile east of Rochester.)
inarch 20-4t
lOrilTC wanted for The Lives of all the
HUC.N Id Presidents of theU.S. The larg
est, handsomest, best book ever sold for less
than twice our price. The fastest selling book
in America. Immense profits to agents. All
intelligent people want it. Anyone can become ,
a successful agent. Terms free. Hallkt I
Book Co., Portland, Me. dec 27-tf
- —, . _ _ ^ix Well-Known
LATA RRH citizens’ opinion
Ex-Mayor R. W
Tow nicy; Judge T.
F. McCormick; E. H.
Sherwood,Banker: J.
McGuire, Banker; G.
S. Davis, Banker, &
J. O. Tiehenor Mer
chant—all of Eliza
beth, N. J., earnest
ly recommend Ely’s
Cream Balm as aspe
eiflef or catarrhal af
Ely’s Cream Balm
has cured me of ca
tarrh of many years
standing; restored
___my sense of taste &
IJAY.rpyrD Sinell. F. C. Ogden.
V Elizabeth, N. J.
Ely’s Cream Balm causes no pain. Gives
relief at once. Cleanses the head. Causes
healthy secretions. Abates inflammation. Pre
vents fresh colds. Heals the sores. Restores
the senses of taste and smell. A thorough
treatment will cure. Fot a liquid or snuff. Ap
plied with the linger. Send for circular. Sold
by druggists. Mailed for 50c. ELY BRO.’S,
Druggists, Owego, N. Y. mar 20-4t
ADC TUC DCCT Illus. Catalogue with
Ant I Jit UL-J I lulldirectioust'orgrow
ing, FREE.
mar G-4t

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