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Wednesday, July 9.
Thcro are 17,00!) acres of American vine!
under cultivation in the department of the
Tho report of Assignee Davis shows thf
liabilities of Grant & Ward to be $10,792,047
and tho actual assets $07,174.
The 5-year old trotting'race at Chicago
was a desperate affair of seven boats, Eve
being the successful competitor.
Emilie Gargh’s Philadelphia “female base
ball players are stranded in Baltimore anil
connot raise funds to return homo.
Tho Mescalero Indians threaten to kil
took to feed themselves if the government
does not supply them with more rations.
The completion of arrangements betweei
tho Postal Telegraph and Baltimore and Ohk
and tho Bankers and Merchants’ Telegraph
Companies will probably be perfected very
shortly, and it is believed tho contract wili
date back to the 1st of July.
A fatal shosting affray oscurred at the
Elm Church, at Brazos Bottom, Texas, be
tween two negroes, resulting in tho doath of
one and tho fatal wounding of the other.
There was great excitement, as the parties
commenced shooting just as the congrega
tion was leaving tho church.
Dr. W. T. Barnard, for a number of years
connected with the war department in
Washington, and lately secretary of the
Baltimore and Ohio Relief association, has
lieen promoted to tho position of assistant tc
Mr. Robert Garrett, president pro tem. of
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad company.
Thursday, July 10.
Mario Rozo is ill of intermittent fever at
El Mahdi has offered to make Gen. Gordon
an emir.
Tiie British garrison at Cairo has been
strongly reinforced.
A battalion of French marines from Ton
quin has landed in Madagascar.
Unsecured creditors of Grant & Ward will
realize, it is said, about 1 per cent.
The Gorman minister of war has issued an
order prohibiting tho use of pork in military
William McGowan was murdered by Au
gustus Slater in Baltimore early on Tuesday
Four deaths from cholera had occurred at
Marseilles in tho twelve hours ending at 7:30
p. M. yesterday.
The Clearing House association, of New
York, held a meeting yesterday to discuss
various reforms, all of which were referred
to a committee.
Applications have been filed in the land
office at Washington to terminate tho title
of the Minnesota Iron company in valuable
lands on the ground that it was obtained by
Adam B. Rabender, tho president of the
defunct Erie County, Pa., Sayings bank, was
arrested upon a charge of embezzlement. In
defuult of $100,000 bail ho was committed to
One hundred and fifty-four deaths have
so far occurred at Toulon from cholera.
Cases of the disease have occurred at Nice
and Aix. The feeling of alarm at Paris is
greatly on the increase.
Elections at Brussels for members of the
senate resulted in a majority of seventeen
for the clericals. Considerable excitement
prevailed in the streets, and gendarmes were
called out to pacify the crowds.
Lightning struck tho Broadway roller skat
ing rink at Tudhton, Mass., yesterday, dur
ing the session. It tore a ragged rent in the
rOof about fifteen feet long, passing out on
tho electric light wire. A number of ladies
were prostrated.
Miss Hurst, tho electric girl, who is giving
exhibitions in New York city, has puzzled
the athletes and Scientists. They say her
power is a trick, but they are not strong
enough to stand up before it nor shroud
enough to detect what it is.
Mr. Henry L. Clapp, the New Yorker,
who§e illness in London has been reported,
was first attacked with paralysis last Thurs
day. For a time his condition seemed alarm
ing, but he is now recovering. He is attended
uio u lt-jiu uiiu luxxuw-Lrtivuifcjr, ur. mil
uer, who is also from Now York.
Friday, July IX.
A fire in the lumber district of Telodo de
stroyed 25,000,000 feet of lumber, causing a
loss of $400,000.
Representative Cox is endeavoring to have
the'full fifteen days’ leave of absence granted
to letter carriers.
A man has boen arrested at Pola, Austria,
on suspicion of being implicated in a plot
against the emperor’s life.
It is authoritatively denied that the Phila
delphia and Reading company will withdraw
from the anthracite coal combination.
The civil service commission is preparing
to examino applicants for the new positions
in the departments authorized by congress.
A Paris newspaper states that there are
numerous cases of cholera in the Spanish and
Italian cities along the Mediterranean coast.
At the meeting of the great priory of
Canada, on Tuesday, the grand prior made
a sharp reply to the Pope’s encyclical attack
ing Free Masonry.
A terrific explosion took place at the South
Boston iron works, yesterday, while the
great rifled cannon was being cast The gun
was entirely destroyed.
At Acto, Belgium, on Tuesday, a mob as
saulted a procession of clericals and tore
their flag. The rioters also attackod and
wrecked the Catholic club house.
The house of lords, England, has virtually
rejected the franchise bill by refusing to con
sider it in advance of a bill for tlio redistri
bution of seats in parliament. The Liberals
are indignant, aijd a cabinet council was
held to consider the situation.
Satui-duy July 12.
Well-informed persons ridiculo a cholera
scare in New York.
Congressmen Reed, of Mninn ('_
New York, engaged in a lively exchange of
personalities in the houso Sunday evening.
The South Congregational church in Hart
ford, Ct., was burned by incendiaries.
Captain Joseph E. Dutton, commodore o f
the Allen fleet of steamers, died at Montreal.
Army worms are denuding tho trees of
their foliage in the vicinity of Elusion" and
Whitestone, L. I.
A party of Mexicans, disguised as Indians,
raided a ranch fifty miles from Fort Davis,
Texas, camptured the camp and killed two
The deaths from cholera at Marseilles
have reached an average of sixty daily.
There was undoubtedly a death from tho
disease in Paris yesterday.
Mr. Gladstone denied in tho house of com
mons yesterday that ho had effected a com
promise with the opposition to prevent an
autumn session of the parliament.
It is proposed to hold in St. Louis next
October a reunion of the veterans of both
armies of the Mexican wjr to promote good
feeling between tho two republics.
Chinn lias made an evasive reply to the
French ultimatum, and is bolievod to bo pre
paring for war with tho utmost rapidity.
Tho French naval demonstration will bo
made without loss of time, and 12,000 troops
will soon go out from Toulon.
The committee engaged in the work of re
vising the Old Testament have Unished their
labors. After submission to the convoca
tion tho Testament will bo issued to the pub
ic. Twelve of tho twenty-sovon members
j ^avo died during tho revision.
Monday, July 14.
Lizzie May, who was stabbed by her father
in her bedroom on Saturday morning at
their residence in Conshohocken, Pa., died
yesterday morning.
A skiff containing eight men capsized in
tho Monongahela river, at Pittsburgh, yes
terday afternoon. August Scheiber was
drowned, but the others were rescued.
Tlie body of a middle-aged man dressed in
dark clothing, sandy complexioned and
wearing a light goateo found yesterday in
the North river at the Central railroad ferry,
Jersey city.
Among tho passengers on tho steamor
Oregon, which left Queenstown jresterday
for New York, were the president of San
Salvador, Mr. Dion Boucicault and Mr.
Moody tho evangelist.
Edward L. Wetmore, 23 years of age,
yesterday afternoon committed suicide by
hanging himself at his residence, No. 237
Barrow street, Jersey city. No reason is
known for the suicide.
Gen. Middleton, the new commander of
tho militia of Canada, arrived in Quebec
yesterday on tho steamer Polynesian. At
his disembarkation a salute of thirteen guns
was fired from the citadel.
Tho Chinese Consul General at New York
has sent a communication to the Mayor of
Philadelphia which sets forth the duties of
tho Chinamen residing there by advising
them to obey the laws of the community and
abstain from opium smoking, gambling and
other vices. Copies of the communication
will be distributed among the Chinamen.
j Sixty stitchers at N. K. & A. H. Jones’
I factory at Lynn, Mass., have struck against
j a reduction.
A quarantine has been established at ltio
i Janeiro on all ships arriving from Moditer
| ranean ports.
The Cambria county, Pa., Republican
Convention yesterday nominated Gen. Jacob
M. Campbell for congress.
A party of tourists were recently over
whelmed by an avalancho on Mount Blauo
and one of their number was killed.
Gen. Middleton, the new commander oS
the Cananian militia, has arrived from Eu
rope by the steamer Polynesian.
A survey has been commenced for a rail
way line between Brockvillo and Ottawa, in
the interest of the Grand Trunk railway.
Two colored timber cutters were killed by
lightning on Saturday night in the Dismal
swamp of Virginia, while asleep in a tent.
Tv. o men are reported to have fought on
Goat Island with pistols. Both were severely
wounded. They are said to be Buffalo
Rev. George Jacobs, pastor of Beth-el
Emeth synagogue, Philadelphia, died this
morning of dropsy at his residence in Ger
Two thousand marines will start from
France for China on August 3. An ironclad
is preparing to join the Frenqh fleet in
Chineso waters.
D. Walker & Co.’s plaining mill and wood
working establishment, at Oneida, N. Y.,
was burned on Saturday night. Loss, $11,000:
insurance, ¥8,000.
Gov. Murray, of Utah, who arrived at
Garden from the east on Saturday nie-ht. war
mado the subject of an immense demonstra
tion by tho Gentiles.
Tho Orangemen who was arrested at
Newry, Ireland, on Saturday, during the
Orange demonstration, for shooting a na
tionist, has been remanded.
Lewis M. Rutherford, of New York, has
been appointod the fourth delegate to the
International Time Standard congress to be
held in Washington.
A skiff containing eight men capsized in
the Monongahela river, at Pittsburg, yester
day afternoon. August Scheiber was
drowned. The others were rescued,
Gov. Cleveland arrived in Buffalo from
Albany last night. He was treated to q
grand ovation. There was a torchlight
parade, speeches and general illumination.
Professor Alpheus Spring Packard died
suddenly of heart disease yesterday at
Squirrel Island, Me., where he lias gone to
spend the day. His age was 85 years.
The damage done by tho fire at Martin
Worm & Co. ’s furniture factory at Williams
burg, N. Y., which was struck by lightning
Saturday night, is estimated at $300,000.
While a gang of railroad laborers wore at
work yesterday morning on an excavation
near Parker, Pa., on the Clarion river, the
embankment caved in, killing two instantly,
and it is thought family injuring two others.
A large majority of the liquor dealers of
Cleveland have paid the tax under tho Scott
law, the time for which expired on Saturday.
Many of those who had determined to test
the matter in the courts thought better of it.
In consequence of tho Egyptian Confer
ence having, according to information re
ceived by the Porte, approved the proposals
made by tho English government the Grand
Vizier has tendered his resignation. The '
Sultan refuses to accept it.
The Grand Trunk railroad, inspired by the \
competition of tho Canadian Pacific and
others in through passenger traffic, proposes,
if practicable, to construct a tunnel under j
the St. Clair rivor, near Sarnia, giving di- J
rect communication with the United States.
New York, July 14.—Money 1(,i2 per cent. Ex
change quiet but firm at 4.S1 I.(Wv; Govern
mentfl Ann- Plirronov Aj i'a onmiAna
$1.1916; 414’sdo.. $1.121.4.
The stock market lues been feverish and Irregular 1
all morning on rumors of Impending failures ami I
embarrassments In the drygoods trade. The reports i
were promptly deuled In every Instance, nevertbe- ' *
less they had the effect of unsettling confidence and
despite the efforts of the bulls to steady the market
figures, after frequent fluctuations, show a decline !
of 14 to 1A per cent.
Prices closed as follows: I 1
Call. Pac. 1354 Mo., K. & Tex. 1454 '
Can. Southern. 2914 Missouri Pae. 9654 -
Cen. Pae. 3514 Morris Essex.123
Ches. & Ohio. 014 N. V. Cen.10114
Chic. & Alton.125 N. Y. Elevated.bn ! ",
Chic. It. & Q.11314 N. Y„ I,. E. .4 W. 1254
Cldc., M. & St, P. — N. y„ Out. ft IV. — i 1
Ohio. & N. W. _ North. Pac. 1754
Chic., R. I. & P. _ Ohio & Miss. 17 ;
C„ C., & 1. 30 Cre. A Trans. s54 ,
DoL, Lack, ft West...IU654 Ore. B. & N. 70 1
Del. &H. Canal. 9214 Pae. Mall. 46
Den. & Rio O. 814 Reading. 211$
Illinois Cen.1175* Tex. Pae. 9L4 (
n- E- * TV. 814 Union Pae. 3214 i (
Lake Shore. 7414 Wabash. 6 1
Louis. & Nash. 2354 Au>st. Union. 54J4
General Markets.
New York, July ll.-FLOUR-Dull and still without 5
change. WHEAT—No. 2 red winter. August, 9714e.;
do. Sept., 9754e.; do. Oet., 99c. CORN—No. 2 mixed
6UI4c. Aug.; 6014c. Sept,; 6054c. Octobor. OATS-No. 2 ;
mixed 3154c. July; S314c. August; 3214c. September;
RYE-Strouger; Western, 6914e. BARLEY—Nominal.
PORK—Dull; $15.73016.00. LARD-Aug., $7.31; Sept.,
$7.50. BUTTER—Easy and with very little change,
western. lS®20o. CHEESE—Firm; Ohio flats, 607c.
EGGS—Quiet and strong; western choice, lSc.9 '
1614c. MOI.ASSLS—Quiet; Porto Rico, 230400
ROSIN—Dull; strained to good. $1.225491.2714.
TURPENTINE — steady, at 3193114c. PETRO
LEUM—Quiet; crude In barrels, 6140654. SUGAR
Flrm; retlned cut loaf. 754®V!4e.; granulated. $7.oa
TALLOW—Dull; prime city, 6140654. FREIGHTS- ,
Dull. COFFEE—Nominal* lllo, ordinary. 8&@9c. I
HICE—Dull. 8
Chicago, July U.-WIIEAT-Closol at about 1 ’
the opening prices; July, 8054c.; August, Ay.; sop- 1
ftk*. CORN—14954c. higher; Julv. 1 . August,
5214c. OATS —Onc-elghths cents higher; Julv, 29c.( 1
Aug.. 2614c. LARD — 3,01214 higher; July, $7.10;
August, $1.13. i'ORK— Unchanged; July ru 1 Au
gust, $23,56. I
For the Cure of Kidney and Liver Com
piaintg, Constipation, and all disorders
arising from an impure state of the BLOOD.
io women who suffer from any of the ills pecu
liar to their sox it is au unfailing friend. All
Druggists. One Dollar a bottle, or address Dr.
David Kennedy, Rondout, N. Y.
Among Railroad Men.
Popularity and Usefulness of Dr. Kennedy’s
Favorite Remedy—A Thrilling Letter
from a Master Mechanic.
Master Mechanic’s and Supt.’s Office.)
Lowell Repair Shops. Boston A: Lowell -
lb R. Lowell, Mass., March 25,1884. I
Dr. David Kennedy, Jiondont, .V. Y.
Dear Sir:—1 think it is due to you that T
should make the following statement, and I
make it voluntarily and willingly: On the 4th
day of June, 18*1, I was taken with wliat was
called paralysis of the bowels. The seizure was
unexpected and terrible. The stomach and
other organs seemed to sympathize with it and
to have lost all power of action. Fora long
time my life was despaired of, but at length F
recovered so far as to be able to ride but. By
the advice of my physician 1 visited Poland
Springs, (Vt..) hoping to benefit from the wa
ters. But they did me no good. Neither were
the best physicians of Lowell and Boston whom
I consulted, able to afford me more than tran
sient relief. I gained no strength, and my case
appeared almost hopeless. In the Fall a friend
advised me to try KENNEDY’S FAVORITE
REMEDY, and although opposed to patent
medicines, I made the trial. To make along
story short—FAVORITE REMEDY,in my opin
ion, saved my life. I consider it the best prep
aration in the world for stomach difficulties, as
well as of the liver and other organs. 1 am
glad to say it is in general use among the R. li.
men in this vicinity. Yours etc
«_ , A. J. GIFFORD.
Mr. Gifford is the Master Mechanic of the
Lowell division of the Boston & Lowell Rail
road, and his illness and recovery are known to
Use tins medicine tor all diseases of tin* blood,
kidneys, liver, stomach, bowels and skin. It
may save you or yours from pain and death.
Address, if desired. Dr. David Kennedy;
Kondout, N. Y. July 17-1 in
This season, from Salem, Bridgeton and Woods
town, to
Thursday, July ’8J+..
Leave Bridgeton, p, or
Finley, §So
Hosted. !jy:
Palatine, p.’ii
Elmer, (j'47
Monroe, «*sa
Harding, lUfi
I,,111™,1’ 7.00
Glassboro, 7 45
Clayton, 7' .
Newtield, y'oy.
Arrive Atlantic City, yjjg
Leaving Salem at G.25, arriving at Atlantic
City at B.35.
Returning leave Atlantic City at 5.50, arriving
at Bridgeton at 8, and Salem at 8.25: thus giving
the excursionists 8 hours at the "C'itv by the
Sea,” one of the most popular places of" Summer
resort in this country. FOSTER POST, No. 57,
G. A. R., of Woodstown, will accompany the
Fare for the round trip, $1.25 from all stat ions
except Glassboro, Clayton, Malaga and New
held, which will be §1; children, half price
A strong police force will ho on the ears to
preserve order, and every one that does not
station. I do not wish the patronage ol' anv
tliat will not abide by the rules. Order will be
preserved on all tnv excursions.
Sea Breeze!
rhis famous bay resoi t is now open for the sea
son. Every attention will be given to perma
icnt and transient guests.
Large, Well Ventilated Rooms
And the house furnished in tirst-class style.
Served at the table every day.
Boats always ready for Pish
ing or Sailing Parties.
Pish and Opster Dinners
)rehestra engaged for the season. Good sta
bling for horses. i
A. SHAIL.ER, Proprietor.
July 17-tf Fairton P. O., Cumb. Co., N. J. (
Philadelphia & Reading R. R,,
New Jersey Southern Division,
Commencing June 23d, 1SS4.
'or Bridgeton Vineland intermediate stations,
Leave New York, foot of Liberty St.,1.45p. m.
From Pier No. 8 N. U. via Sandy Ho:>k,l.l5 p.m.
Leave Bay Side 0.35 a. ni. and 12 in.
South Amboy,I.onir liranch.Red Bank,
Farmingdalc, Toms River, Wnretown,
Barneaat, Whitinjjs, Atsion, V. inslow,
Vineland, &c,
.03 a. m., 2.05 p. m. for Vineland, Winslow
Junction, Atsion.
.50 a. m. 0.52 p. m. for Bay Sideand intermedi
ate stations.
.cave Bridgeton 7.03 a. in., and2.05 p.m.
Above trains connect to and from Atlantic
ity and all points on the Philada. and Atlantic
ity R. It. C. O. HANCOCK,
,, _ Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agent. i
it. BLODGETT. Snot. |
J. E, WOOTTEN, Gen. Manager. i
'lie Twenty-fourth year of this Institution,
will begin on
Wednesday, Sept. 17th.
'he school offers excellent facilities in both day
ihool and boarding departments. The services |
t the teachers of last year, experienced, pop- I
lar and efficient, will be continued. t
For healthful location, bome-like influences, '
borough instruction; we refer to all pat runs. 1
For information, catalogues, &o„ apply to J
july 17-lt
Slug Shot,
For killing potato bugs, cabbage and
currant worms, and all insects on
What is -Slug Shot?
Sing Shot is an impalpable powder
containing poison, destructive to in
sect life in all its forms: it is a fer
tilizer to the plants when washed off
the foliage to the ground; and it is
guaranteed to do what we claim for it.
For sale at
48 Commerce St.,
And all kinds of
Varnishes, Paints and
Harrison’s Ready Mixed Paint
Plain Pacts
Those Handsome Cork-srrew
Diagonals we are now display
ing, are unsurpassed for quali
ty and finish. They cannot fail
to please.
The Nobby Light Suitings
shown in our stock, are just the
thing for this season of year,
while the price is really at the
lowest margin.
We can furnish you through
out from the Finest Broadcloth
to the plainer Business Suits.
Our motto has always been to
oxcel in the matter of pleasing
our customers.
Have you noticed those styl
sh Patterns for Pantaloons we
ire displaying in our windows?
inspect the quality and look at
:he price.
lhe finest goods ever pro
duced from the loom will not
nake a nice suit unless skill is
displayed in cutting and mak
ng. Our reputation in this
•egard is equal to that of any
n the trade. We have no
icsitation in saying that we can
nsure satisfaction!
Bridgeton, N, J.
!>39Q A Month for Agents now
1,0 ^/'Publicans choice, by Judge Duel, assisted
.thV Editor ol the Kennebec Journal and
{lames Private Secretary. Cloth, only $2.00.
y "by Col.Frank Trip
ir. uur books are beyond all competition in
uthorsnip. Illustrations, Paper and Binding,
rospectus free to actual Canvassers. Special
:>nlls those ordering from a distance. Also
eady the lnt of the year,
iitli l,o engravings, by Williams. No more dull
imes. \\ rite for circulars now.
V. H. Thompson. Pub., 404 Aroli St.,
uly l*-4t Philadelphia, Pa.
W^harf Property
Blacksmith Shop and Tools,
All in good order.
Address, W. COLLOM COOK,
julj’ 10-1 in CedarviUe, N. J.
1FC!P£PC of the late war who were re
JT r IOi.no fused pay for the time be
vveen date of commission and ollieia1 muster,
nil tlnd it to their interest to communicate
iromptly and with particulars, with Me NEILL
Attorneys and Solicitors, Drawer
).. \\ ashington, D. C. No fees in advance;
lonorable dealing; highest references.
June 12-lt
Additional bargains will be offered from day to day. There lftive been no
dull times at the Corner. Buyers are numerous and bargains are plentv.
Ladies Lisle Gloves

In Lace, two bands elastic and fancy tops at 13 cts. per pair, as good as any
glove ever sold for 35 cents. We sold sixty dozens last week. This is the
greatest Glove Bargain ever offered by us
J” IE IEv £3 IE ~2~ S I
Are still great sellers with us, braided and plain, box plait and plain back.
CHILDREN’S JERSEYS, all sizes and colors. You can find a Jersev to
suit you at our store.
Are in great demand; our stock is still full and complete, and prices are so
low that you will be surprised. To date we have sold 1000 Parasols and
Sun Umbrellas, and still they need them and buy them at the Comer.
Summer Silk. Black Silk,
Colored Silk,
Great Bargains are to be found in good reliable Silks at the Corner.
Ginghams, Lawns Batiste,
And everything new and desirable in wash goods, are going rapidly at re
duced prices.
iphu a ■
hrencn black Uachmires,
Unequalled in width, quality and price. In three distinct shades of black_
Blue Black. Paris Black, Jet Black.
French Lace All-wool Grenadine
Twenty-five pieces to select from.
The stock at the Corner was never larger and never cheaper. This op
portunity largely favors the buyers, and will be continued during our re
building. Come and see us.
S. E. McGrEAE & BEO.
Household Articles of Every
No. 97 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton.
June 5-tf
^m.-ccssur 10 >> mu* a. .uoore.
Dealer in
Flour, Feed, Wood, and Agri
cultural Implements.
Best Patent Flour, . . $4.00
A Good Holler Flour, . . 3.00
A Fine Straight Grade, . 2.80
Orders left at George Barrett's, No. 130 North
Baurel street, or on slates at C. 11. Mickel’s and
C. II. I,Oder’s, will he promptly attended to.
Cor. Broad A Atlantic Sts., Bridgeton,
july 10-tf
By Col. Thos. W. Knox. Outsells all others 10
to 1. Authentic, Impartial, Complete, the Best
and Cheapest. 500 pages $1.50. Sells liko wild
fire. 50 per cent, to agents. Outfit free. Freight
paid. Address at once. The Hautford Pub
lishing Co., Hartford, Conn. June 19-4t
DIIDTIIDC 8 Cure guaranteed by Dr
l? r 3 u n t ! J. B. M A Y E U. tender
■ ■ this treatment, ease is at once obtained
Persons can attend to their business immedi
ately after treatment. Examination free. Send
stamp forreply. Main office, 831 Arch St.,Phil
adelphia. march 1-1\
How Lost. How Restored.
Just published, n new edition of Dr. Culver
well's Celebrated Essay on the radical cure of
bpcrmatorrhcea or Seminal Weakness, Involun
tary Seminal Losses, Impoteney, Mental and
1 hysical Incapacity, Impediments to Marriage
etc.; also Consumption. Epilepsy and Fits. In
duced by self-indulgence, or sexual cxtrava
gunce. &c.
The celebrated author, in this admirable es
say, clearly demonstrates from a thirty years*
successful practice, that the alarming conse
quences of self-abuse maybe radically cured;
pointing out a mode of cure at once simple,
certain and effectual, by means of which every
sufferer, no matter what his condition mav bc»,
mny cure himself cheaply,privately, radically.
w ' Tins Lecture should be in the hands of
every youth and every man in the land.
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, lo any
address, post-paid, on receipt of four cents or
two postage stamps. Address
41 Ann Sr., New York, N. Y.; Post Office Box 450.
I June 5-ly
Catarrh Ha-v Fever
Is a type of catarrh
having very peculiar
symptoms. It is at
tended .by an inflam
ed .condition of the
lining membrane of
the nostrils, the tear
ducts and throat, af
fecting the lungs.—
An acrid mucus is sc
orch'd, the discharge
is accompanied with
I a painful burning
sensation. There are
severe spasms of
sneezing, t'roq u e n t
attacks of blinding
_headache, a watery
hay-fever and inflamed state of
Eiij s v ream isami is a ronimj khiiuicm on n
correct diagnosis of this disease, and can be de
pended upon. 50 cts. at druggists; <50 cts. by
mail. Sample bottle bv mail, 10 cts. Ely linos..
Druggists, Owogo, X. Y.
1 recommend to those suffering (as T have)
with Hay Fever, Ely’s Cream Balm. I have
tried nearly all l he remedies, and give this a
decided preference over them all. It has given •
me immediate relief.—C. T. Stephens, Hard
ware Merchant, Ithaca, N. Y. juno 12-4t
The Ultimatum
Is the Strongest, Neatest,
most Durable, Compact,
Closest Folding, Cheapest
Folding Chair In the world.
For Steamboats, Public
llalls, I.awns, Piazzas
and Undertakers use It
Is unequaled. It opens
trorn noth sides alike
and when closed Is only
one Inch thick and per
fectly flat. One dozen can be packed In a space
of latnch thickness. Agents wanted everywhere.
Address L. JiULLEB <Ss co„ iiighukd I'alls.N.Y.
ITI Good Salary and Expenses Paid.
Outfit Free. No experience needed.
JAMES E. WHITXEY, Nurseryman, Roches
ter, N. Y. ' juno 2ti-4m

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