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1 Twin night and Sniggle to his wife
Ln? talking as they were In bed,
Ol all the ills aud car and strife,
Tkt fell upon hit lifoless head.
"Hare have we been ail yeai's," quoth he,
"A nil till we find both eudsduu'l meet;
I've wurked as busy as a bee,
Aud we can barely live and cut !
Otir children have uo schooling yet;
Indeed 1 am ashamed of Beu .
Poor fellow, I auv so much in debt
He's had uo ebuuee, though now past ton."
. But stop, bow ia it!" said hi spouse, -
"Our neighbor! get along so well,
. Have you not marked that furnier Blowse
Wliat'er he bus van always sell l1
ilia boy, be says, know tar much mors
. . ' Thau thorn who've been to school a year,
L And then he always knows the luw, .
When goods ore low aud wheu tliey're dear,
Ilia larm though uot as lurse us oura,
Is fast improving every day
, . I'd like to know what magic powers
lie has to help him iu this way.'
And I would too pour Sniggle thought,
- So uext morning forth he went.
To Bud where Blowse his burgnins bought,
And how be bad so little spent
, Said BLowso "dear sir, the thing ia pluin;
The question, uo matter how you take her,
: Is answered by the simple words ,
I always taxi mi couktt Fa pick
Tub Prairies. Bryant has written a
delightful poem second only to his
"Thanatopsisu--on these "gardens of
ine assort. A poetical contributor to
the Burlington (Vt.) Free Tress litis ulso
apostrophized them, but in a more prac
tical and fiimiliar style. He says:
Groat western waste of bottom land,
Hat as a pancake, rich as grouse !
Where (runts are full as big as toads,
And 'skeelers are as big as geeso!
0, lonesome, windy, grassy plnce,
Whoi.e buA"ulos and snakes prevail !
The first with dreadful lonkiug fuce,
The last with dreadful sounding tuil 1
I'd rather live on Camel's nimp,
And be a ymikee doodle boggnr,
Thau where they never see a stump,
Audsluke to death with fevur-n'iigor !
A Casus Analoiiilcua.
'A wtsliliy intrrl.nnl riled, his bmly wns disserted;
No iymtoif offtlteaiM! wtiiaiiywlaire 'Ivlm-letl,
Until ilicjr tencliml lh hiart tvhitli to And llu.y were
But In Hit ulacs ther found-1 ComKuiid Interest Table.
IlF.noic. It is certainly very gratify,
ing to see evon the fair and delicate
woman of our laud emulating the stirring
sleods of heroism practiced by our gen
erals in the tented field. The Boston
Alius has the following:
' It is said that a young lady, who is a
groat admirer of Gon. Taylor's epistolary
stylo, recoived a letter the other day from
a sweet-heart, inquiring if she would
have him. She immediately sent in re
ply, Gen Taylor's answer to Santa Anna
"Come umliuke me."
We imagine the principle of the gen
tleman's subsequent action to havo boon,
'immediately if not sooner;" and not like
Santa Anna by running away.
Not far from 65,000,000 are yearly
earned in Massachusetts, by females em
ployed in the various factories aud man
ufactories of straw, hats, stocks, Sec. A
bout 40,000 females art) thus annually
tlP'Pa, isn't thut man in what is call
ed the ipringtimo of lift; '
Why, my soul'
'Cause ho looks so very green,'
C3TA Fop may oxcol in dross: but ad
dress is the characteristic of a gentleman.
Wholsalc and Krlail.
opposite Rober 6c Kutz'a Store
w liorn can lie found a gciiurnl nssoi tincnt of
wlsicli bo is determined to avll ut small profit,
nil issonTffKXT cn.tjUTS IM tart a? roLi.owa:
Tor Farmers Use.
Long std Short Hiiinlla Matiuro anil liny Kot ks
Weeilingnud Hilling Hoes
Crmllini ntnl Urnss Scythes and Crnilh'S
Hny Uiik.is.ScytheSiiinths.Wlioti.tonei &Killlcs
Trace, Hulior, Ug ami t ilth Clmiiis
Choppiiij Ktp.,, Spring ltulancos, Hlevlynnla,
IQciiiaiiic'H Tools.
llraces ami Hits, Auuiirs and (iimhlets
Carpenter's Plnuos, Uuvels unil Sipiuics
Itrojul Axcj. Ilutchiita and Hammers
I'luna-Iroua, Ouhkcs and Cnnipussis
Firmer, Mortire and Turuinit Chisnla &.Cinugi)s
.Stocks mid Ii''S, Plyors and Piuci-rs
Saw Setts, Mason's Trowels and Kules
Mill, Dastard, Taier, Klat and Half ltonnd Mlua
Anvils, Vires and Hollows
Mill and X Cut, Itip, HutuL Pannul and Duck
Suws, Six. S r.
Expected in a few days Rochester Cooper's
House Sc Cabinet TriminiiiirM
Locks, I.iitchea and Ilin(;a
llnus and Iron llliud Fiwtiilngs
Hush SpHugs, Friiint' ami Screw Pnllies
Urass Cuphoiird Catches, Imttons anil Boll
Krrewsjtmls, Tacka and Kiuihiiig Nml
' Looking Olass l'lntes, Mahogimy Nohs, o
Siiddlcrjr it ml Cui-riaifc Ti Itiiiulnst
Buckles, llitts and Stirrups
' HnriMsa Mniiiitiiisj and Muddler's Tools
. Shark Skin, Plush. Saddler'- Thread and Silk
- Cotton, Wnrateil aud Straining Wehb
, I' luted bashes, Handles nnd Uiuiils '
. Slump Joints and Malloalilu Iron
Steel Sflrinf?, Iron Axles and Iloxnt
. Droad and Narrow I.nre
J'utent Leather.dumaHd Oil Cloth, Dnniusk ,ic
PuMic Generally.
. Table Knives aud Forks, and Steels
Plated,Britunnin and Iron SpKina,&Coiree Mills
.; Itntuunia Collee, Ten lots auu L in tors
' lliit-mnia Cups, C'uudlesticka und I.atnx
, Snuilurs and Trays, Scissors and Sliraia
. I' en and Pocket Knives, Needles uud Hodkini
.. Prasf Curtain Pin and Duiid
i... Vras Kettles, Frying Pans, SMiiue Pans,
Iron, Nails. Steel and Hint.
- A liirge assortment of all kinds aud sizes. " And
"llmost every article in the Hard ware liua, from
' a Pm tosn Anvil. ' .:'
' . J. C. WEAVER. ,
; TLaicastor, May 14, 1817. 1
now be had at WISH
We ure now receiving our NEW SPUING GOODS, and respectfully invito every body to call and
look tit our Stock.
I'or Ij:uI ics Dresses.
Wo have nil the new styles of Goods in market,
I'luid and Plain Silks. J.awus, Bin' J Muslins
French, English and Aiuuricuu (iingluiuis,
Ginghams Luwus.Orogon Plaids
Bareges (all vool) llaUiuines
Mack mid White (iiu"liaiiin, Uliick l.asvns
Ulack Uareges, Plain mid Suliu Stripe (all Silk
aid Wool, beautiful for Black Drain)
Khiulud Turltoii Swiss Muslins, very dctirablc
Jor beemiig Urcttct
7C0 nieces or 24.30 yards of new C ALICOCS,
iioni a Jlp up to a nuie-pcncc.
A L'nncnil vnriulv of Kunc v (iooils, such ns, Itih-
boos. I.iiwjs, Flench worked Collars, Kid (iluvos.
Artificiul flowers, liouuot Caps, runs, Milts, &c
Brown Shirtings aud Sheeting. Tickings;
Checks. Cotton Ynrti, (.'ottini Hutting:
Coverlet Warp, Carpet Chain, &c. &c.
Wheat, Rie, Oats, Corn, Deans, Duller,
merchantable trade-
Lancaster, April 10, 1S17.
Keep it before the People!! i
Are now receiving ut the OKI Stand,
u largo and well selected stock of
Which ihey urn now ofl'cring at prices that cannot
fail to meet with the approbation of piuulNuers.
Whether lioailing and boiling bo tho order of
llio day or not, it manors little to us mid much lens
to the public, provided llio hitter cull bo supplied
with Cheap llnotli.
We would thou sny to all who wish to replenish
their Wardrubei lor llio Spring and Summer, uud
in so doing, consult their own interest, to cull at
the Checkered Storr, opposite the H. Hi, where
the motto ''Eternal hostility uuiiist high prices,"
will lie miiilo perceptible on each iiml every urti
cle in our lino of business.
It would be in vain for us to uttumpt giving a
descriptive catalogue of our (loodtand Vires, us
is the prevailing custom; and us wo preler (lenlinu
in fuels, we would Ihercfnro respectfully invite
our friends nud the public in general to coma mill
examine our Slock of floods, nud we assure ihem
that wo will take pleasure in showing our lionils,
lur we feel coiiflduut that u look at our stock will
soon tell the story so forcibly that mine cum louvo
wiilioulreloiviug tlioir wauls. Uur
niiisists in every vurieiyof
Hatinetis, Fancy Tweeds, (iainbrooiis,
(told mix'd Siinimer ('loth, .leans,
A very lurv'o assortiiioiit of Cotton mid Linen
rmitnliiou Htull; t'liiin mill chei k'ed (.oat Linen.
A great variety of VI'S''I Misi
Foreign mid Domestic Pi iota,
Luteal style of LAWNS, in IM.es uud Pieces
(iingliains, Mnusliii do I. aim
New uud rich sty.o Nil AWLS mid Renrl's
A general nssm Imenl of I lan.lken hiel's for La
dies und (ii'llllenieu
llouiiuls, o.tia sup, now stle Iluiiuet nud Cui
Hilihoiis, tiliives, llriiwn I lllciirird .Muslins
Hose, Ticking, I'lirai'iils, Umbrellas, Huts, C'a.s.
Hoots and Shoes.
Cotton Yarn, Carpet Chain, assorted culms, c.
in a word, wo have ull that may lie require. I
ii. r nio apparel ul l.iulieaaiiil ( ieiillemeii, uveu lur
the gay, the grave, the old, the young, rich & poor.
Also a general iishoi tliieul of
liiceiiivnre ami llai dwni'e.
Mll.lt (JI.AHS, KV. C.
All kinds of country produce taken in exehaiie
lur liuoilsi Also V 1 1 1-. A 1, lur which llio CASH
Is always ready,
Luiiciislur, April II, II! 17. 41!
Simla Anna's Wonilrii Lrs lukrii Prlsnner!!
a frtll'l.l) r.isiiei'lfullv rettirn bis llmulc I,. I,w
ww r,.;..,.L .....i ii ,,i.i ii.. r ..
W ., .....o , 1,,,,, ,, v .MIITIIIIIV IM HUT
very libond pattoiiago ho lias received ut their
I .. 1 I II! , .1. .1 .1 ,
iiuiiiis, auu woiiiii iiiioi in uieiu iniu ue i in ts now on
baud reudy to be disposed of at very low prices fur
-. i n ii, a niiiipicio
iiiiiuiifuctiircd necord
ini! to the latest Klvlo
and fashion, Ilia stock comprises HATS of all
QUALITIES, fur, (rft, Neultsr, Silk, I'lnne,
Mmtrat, Cathmr.rr, Voarte. 1'int, Dine, Brotcn
andcommon Halt,
CLOTH uud OIL-CLOTH CAI'S of every
lluvincouiplovedthn soivices of EXPERIENC
ED WoltKMI'.N iutlmmaiuifurtiireof his HATS
und CAI'H, nnddesiriiuato iniikfl his sales corres'
pmiil with the tunes, ho feels sal isfied ihat whils
tliey will coiupare Willi llio work of liny nMiet
establishment in the uoiintrv ns to niniliiv tlii.v
are also inisiirpnssed as lo cheapness. Ho parll-
cui.iuj niviiea ms trieiiii ami nil wlm may wish
to obtain an excellent article, upon thn must lea-
Kiuiiiiiie leiuis, in can anil examine his slock til
He feels no dismsilioii to tiiinst about nihility or
price uiroiigii an advertisement, Imtncliug on the
old nud well established rule, that the "proof ,,!'
an assertion consists in a trial," ho usks that be
tuny be Ii ied by the slime rule, and that tho lovers
of good Huts will make tho examination fur them
Ho offers liotliiiii? but a mod nrlieln ntwl 1i
delnrmiiieilW sell low fur CASH, ho reapecll'uf-
iy uiviu-s me patronage ot llio piiiine.
Lancaster, May 11, ID 17. I
TTT'OCLD respectfully inform the public, that
T. T uus removnii ins Mi.ip iu roster s Uric
Building, iu the room forniedy occupied by .1
Work &. Co.. ns a Sim Klmo. ilh-Meilv hIu.uh r
K'aulfinim's Drug Store, wbero ho will still con-
..uus w i.Biiji uii iiie
in oil its vurious brunches. His work will be done
in tun neatest ami most substantial manner ami
at nrlces to suit the tiuu.i
Country I'rnduc.o of- ull. kinds, takou in ox-
mango mr wura
. Laucustor, April 23, 1847 tf.iO
lllauk illortgascti,
Ac IllLLAICD'S Cash Store,
At any price that may be wanted from a quar
ler up, Sun ShuilesuiiJ Parusoletli.
Just lleteived.
A largo slock aud food variety of Cloths,
Cuasiiiinrus. (iold Nlixed Twe .ds
Joans ull colm Sattiuets, &c. &c. .
Also every description of Summer StuH's for
Coats, Vests und Pants.
A pair of l'uuts, a yards, Thread and Buttons
for tvientij-fiee conts
Expected to-morrow 20 discs Leghorn and
Puhu Leaf H its, to be sold very cheiip.
Leghorn Straw. Fancy Luce, Dunstable. CI in i
Pearl Straw and Luwn.
Very handxome Children's (limp and Straw
Uunucts uud Huts.
Hoot and .Shoos.
I.nrgo Lot expected tu-nioirow.
Rags, Bacon, Eggs, ami all kl nth of
VIu; & INLliAUU.
Telegraph Line.
MiioLi:s.vi.i: am) ui:taii,
c tu Lsi m 8
srotii or .i:oi i:im, &c.
ainuiig which may be louinl,
New Orleans SU(i A 11. Indigo and Aladder
Loaf do. Alum und Copperas
Itio uud Java COFFEE, Cloves and Cinnamon
Plantation Mulusscs, Nutmegs uud Starch
Sugar 1 louse do. Camwood and Logwood
Kiceuud Itaislns, Saluratits uud Whiting
Cav. and Spun Tobacco, Spiiii.iSpaiiX e.uii.Segars
(i Twist do. No. 1. White Lead and Oil
Popper and Spice, Powder, Shut and Cups
Mackerel und lleiriug Wrapping Paper
Whilo l'iiih ami Shad Fishing I'ules & Tuck In
Teas uud Chocolalo Pipes, Snap, Jto.
Coiistimtly on hand bv llio llurrel or pound.
. pic:iv
We have iu ulc arraiigeuients for a coiisliint and
regular supply uf LAKE FISH, which will com
liieucn to arrive as soon as llio Canal is opened
North. Citizens ol Fairfield look iu ut. this Eslab
lishmimt heliire you purchase, mid you will save
money, that inn '-fixed ;-" uud no humbug.
Lancaster, February 11)17. 42
Tin, Copper and Mieet-lroii
WOULD reapeclfully inl'orin the citizens of
Kail field and tho suiTouiliiig counties, that
Ihey still contiiiiiu to manulm'tine, nnil keep on
hand colisU'iiily ut their old sliiml, on Main Street,
ryrav npposilu tlie Talleuulgo lluuso.
"tl y all kinds ofTIN, COIM'Elt uud
Jttilfl T,,By nilV0 "'"ays en liiiud
nun tor saiu
ul the must approved pallern.
They will sell ull articles in
their line at very low prices for cash. Those de
sirous of purchasing, ure invited to call and exam
ine heliire tliey piirchaso elsewhere.
N, !l. Old Cupper mid Old I'mvler taken in ox
chiuigo fur Tin Ware nt nil limes.
Lnncnster, April 0, 111 17. , Cm 18
rilll IS it bi-roniiiig one of llio uiul popular nii'
JL diciuri now heloic me puiilir. I' or icnim inn
nil siMlnl p.uns such ns llln'iiinaiiMii, p.iiii in i In
hark, sub', or hirntt, it has uo riuiiil in thn nuibl
It la abo clli. hi inns in rcimivinn u i n.",lmiHiis,(urns,
Vc. We do mil ilusin to pulf I'nis nu'ilii ine will.
old or hnilKn.f rertinei.n-s,liiit will simply nii'iitiim
a KKW rvcknt CA8M, wlii-fe ii ha i cITectril cuies.
Mr. SLOAN, uf Z inevvillr, i.fici having iiinVi
r.l with rlieuiiiiitisin for nine yi'a.s, were ciueil lij
ii'ing 1 1st) Hebrew I'liuier
Mj. A.NDKItSON,ot Piiiii.iin, 'v.i limilili',1 fin
a loii( lime with a lame linik, nrcsFioueil liy over
lifiiiiH, ami ivascuied by using this phsi. r.
The lullinviiii; cerulicaie Iioni Mr. WOIISTELI.
editor of the Mastillou (iiiteile, was luiiiiblicd us a
few tlnys since
Messrs. Comstock k Co Dining last winter mill
pilug, I wns o troubled wiili a pain in my briMM
as m render mr unlit for liis ilmies of the olllre,aiul
liesiing youi Jew David's or Hebrew Plaster, high
ly icniiiiimciiiled, for "i.nilar cs, I Was induced
to give it a nial, 1 li.,. worn a plaster ou my
lireasi tint a tluirt time, when all pAin lofl me, and
I a enabled sgaiu lo fiignge in the dulies of the
olu'n. J. P. WOltSTEl.l,.
Sold by CBOIKSK KAlU'FMAN, Druggist,
Lancaster, Ohio.
DW1S& WII.N Kll, Cobiiiihus, Ohio, Ceneral
Agentf. in whom nil otdert tln.uM be adibeseii.
Januoiy 8, 1817 :i3
Copui-tiieili.p oliee.
Tll B iindcrsignrd has this day associated with
him in tho lry (moils business, Mr. WIL
LIAM V. COX. Tho business will in future bo
conducted under the firm of Kiaiier ,V Cox.
July 10, 18lli P. H. KltANEU.
A UE daily expecting an arrival of alnrgennd
well Selected STOCK OF GOODS.
Tho old customers ol the concern, and all others
for whom good bargains and choap goods are any
inducement, ure respectfully invited to favor them
with it call,
. Lancaster, September 24. 1B4G SO
Blank Siiitiniout
For ale at the. Gazette Ac Express Office
SLP- I AW. 1
WOULD most respectfully inform their old
friend and the public vouerally. tliat they
still continue the manufacture ot
nitAVA ri iasv
fssW.fl.tSBI , AT THBIB
in S hawk's Itow, and opposite Durv & Reek's
Drug Store, where they will be pleased to wait
on ull who may favor thum with a call. They
nutter themselves tnat njHin examination, tlioir
work will recommend itself, us tli y keep none
but the best and most experienced workmen.
Their work is warranted to he made in the best
and most fashionable style, of which, the follow
ing articles comprise a purt:
do. French Morocco Uuaklus,
Goat Morocco 8TUAP HUOES.
A boy from 14 to 15 years of use, will be taken
to learu the above busiuess.of good moral character
and ol industrious habits. None other need apply.
Lnncastor, May S8, 1817. 3
ivew"ad cheap
No. 38, Main-Street, flrst door East of the
riHE subscriber hns j;tst received and is still
A receiving the MUST SPLENDID STOCK of
(lUODtl ever offered in this market, consisting of
China and Glass'Ware
In their greatest variety.
fyAII ol which will be sold nt the ekeapest
M BKC1IANTS will hud it to their interest to ex
amine my variety before purchasing.
1. U. WIUTK.
Lancaster, June 11,1817. 5
I) i. Van villi's Advertisement
FOR 186.
B. Vaughn's Vegetable Lithuntriptio Mixturo
ThisUiiiversnlPiuinceaisnow being introduced in
to Europe, the East and West Iudies,8outhAiiicri
va, and all other parts of tho (ilobn, wburo dis
ease exists iu uuy fnrui. The United Slates mid
the Cumulus have for lite past lluoo yours severely
tested the virtues which tho proprietor, upou the
introduction of this medicine, hesitated not to say
it possessed. Ill introducing that CHEAT VK-j
(IE TABLE ItBMICDY. the most sturlling promi
ses were niiule, on the part of tho medicine so
iinvtl was the theory the principle upon which
tho cures wero to bo cHeeted, that tlio people
threw up their bauds nud cried what next! Even
credulity startled willi surprise, uud tho so called
"FiiL idly" made themselves merry river the "new
humbug." Hut mark tho result the three, years
have passed uwny public opinion, llio voice of
millions ami more of obsorviug individuals, have
slumped this It EM El) Y llio must singiilnr, wonder
ful, lui'oinprclicnsivo and minimi. his curative
power ever produced. The ONE CltEAT DIS
EASE, which the proprietor of this medicine had
tho presumption to sny existed, and that all various
diseases wore but secondary, has now millions of
believers. Thoy must believe for they have wit
nessed the efl'uct of this restorative. It has con
ipiered ALL eases, by simply compinring the
ONE.- The "Old School" now open their eyes.
Their old dogmas, like tho morning mists lly be
fore the light of truth, uud common sense now
seek"" vjnd to health its own wuy, instead ul'cln
ill S its cyns, inn! being led. The truth ol'tho prin
ciple upon which this article cures is established,
and tho statement is again boldly, most emphati
cally, most decidedly reiterated. This medicine
will drive from tho body every disease which has
u naino uvcry disorganization of tho system
which cuu oxist. If bone uud muscle remain, this
iiiiilicincwillroslorotoii porfect stale. Tho old
Calomel, bleeding, blistering system is iibottt to
fall. Tho pniofdaily presenting itself of tins truth
of OUll THEORY, isn prop out of tho old struc
ture which will soon tumble lo llio ground, n shape
less mass of iguniuiice and deception.
INVALIDS, resnrt nt once to this medicine. It
is n strictly V EC ETA 11 LB REMEDY, tho product
of our own toil a compound of twenty-two dif
ferent ingredients. Each root has its particular
part of the system to act iiihhi, and this action is
ulways prndilced its otlect upon tho wholo sys
tem is immediately apparent. Testimony of the
highest rlr.truelor is daily coming to tho proprie,
tor, full ul truth, and you will always see naiues
lilacos mid dale. Not a pnrtice of false evidence
is tillered on the part of tlnsCllEAT CURATIVE.
The nioslcnreliil perusal of the pamphlet is desir
ed. It gives the character of ull the secondary
complaints which prevail, and which havo been
cured by ibis article. Evidence of euros, iu soino
of tho most ilrea.llnl cases of lingering complaints
which it has been tho fortuueof any ineiiicinc to
cope with, is foipid cases which havo boon loll
lo diet Hundreds in every largo city of our Union
and llio Cimadas hove to thank this article for their
lives, nud so do they, ns letters in tho possession
ol Mm proprietor will show;
in every Mtie-e (iRAVEL.and all kinds of ilillicul-
ty iu the Urinary organs; Complaints of the Kid
neys, weakness ol llio liack; r iiinalo irregulari
ties immediately checked, ami n beuitby tone civ-
en lo the system. Let every Female at onco re
sort in mis bam, iUi.piciNr;, ami use no other.
Hiseas.il Liver. Indigestion billions complaints,
Dyspepsia instantly relieved; lthemualism, Cont,
.Vc, produced by tho inaction of llio Wood, will
always Hud relief; lullamed Lungs; Cough, oven
Consumption, unless the patients und their medi
cal advisers wero deceived; has been cured by
Ibis medicine; Scinfulii and all Eruptive diseases:
Piles, Eresipelas, Iiillammalion of the Eyes, Palpi
tation of the Heart; Sick Headache, Jaundice
Fever nud Ague tho whole nalnlnguo might be
named seek this REMEDY, UUY NO OTHER.
Put up in U0 u.. bullies ulf'; li oz, bottles , $1,
each. ,
lie, careful Ihat uoh are not impoied upon. Eve
ry bottle has the words, 'Vaughn's Vegetable Li
thoiitripic Mixture" blown upon tho glass the
Nyritton signature of"C. C. Vaughn'' ou thodirec
liuns, and C, C. Vaughn; Doltalo, stamped upon
Ihe cork. None othor nre goiiniuo.
Prepared by Dr. C. VAUOUN, aud k old at the
principal Agency, 1011, Main Street; Hullalo, at
wholesale and iflail, to whom nil communica
tions must como post paid.
Offices devoted exclusively to llio salo of this
medicine, ut wholesale nnd retail: New York City,
LIJ, Nassau street, II, M. Lake, Mass., i!U5 Essex
street, Thomas P. Chase; St, Louis Missouri, Mr.
,1. Walker, General Agonts. At retail by ro
spectiibln Druggists throughout the Union, ns ad
vertised in the papers.
Wholesale and retail by C. iS. Hi id sal, Drug
gist, 228, Main Street, Cincinnati,
For sale by CEORCE KAUFFMAN, Druggist,
Lancaster, Ohio; ami C. (i. WILSON &. CO..
ltushville. Ohio, D. It. Riiidhenrt, I.ylhnpolis, 8.
8. Russell, Pickeringtoii, II. & J. Leonard, Ilnsil,
September, 4. J8 tti. ' 17
fiHE rfecivers of the LANCASTER OHIO
WAN K, having contracted with JACOD
CREENE, to redeem the Notes and Bills of said
bank remaining in circulation tho same will be
redeemed by said Gkkknk, nt the Drug Store of
(ieorgo Kiiutl'mim, Main street, Lnncnster, Ohio,
us the sumo shall be presented ut that place.
Receivers of Lancaster Ohio Unnk.
I.nnenstor. Ohio, Feb. 3, 1847. - ' 37
Itlank S'.ibpruas
For Bilo at thu UtZRito and lixprcss Office
TTAS constantly on band and for sale at bis old
atl,ni1' ou Droad-Wuy. three doore-SoutU of
Muntifuctured by exiierienced
men aud ot the most modorn styles:
' consisting of
Sofas, Sociublos, Divans, Ottomuns
Centre, I'ier, Card, Dressing, End, Dining and
Pressing, French and I'lain BUREAUS,
Wurdrobes, Washstaiids, Lockers, Workstands,
And nil other articles i.i his line Umt may be
called for. His work wi'J be made of the best
materials uud finished iu a neat and durable man
ner. Having a large aud select stock ou liuud he
will dispose of tho sumo ut reduced pricos. and as
low as any man sells articles uf equal quality ut
with a fiuo Horse and Harness, calculated for tho
purpose, nre always in readiness lo attend funer
als. All Collins made to order. The subscriber
will promptly uttond funoruls any where in the
County with his Hearse freo of extra charge; and
ull his charges will bo ut reduced prices.
The subscriber returns his grutcfiil thanks lo
Ins old customers und respectfully solicits u con
tinuance of their patronage,
Luncuster, Fobruary 5, 1!J17. 3!
WOULD respectfully inform bis former cus
tomers and the public generally thut he has
Immediately above th Store lioom of .
Where be intends keeping constantly on hand
a large assortment of
of every description, tuck at
Henvy Wngnn Harness; Stage and Buggy do.
Cart und Dray Harness; Collars
Travelling Trunks; Hand Trunks; Saddlebags
Riding Itridlcs and Mnrtiiignles;
Wagon Whips; Drover's and Buggy Whips.
All of which will bo sold on the most reasona
ble tonus, to correspond with the times. He feels
satisfied that his work will compare with the work
of any other establishment iu this section of the
country, nnd nlso unsurpassed as to cheapness.
Plenso cull and exnmino for yourselves, as ho will
always bo found ready to wait ou those who may
liivor lii in with a call.
All kinds of produce taken in exchange for
work. Ilepnriug dono in the shortest notice.
N. B. All those who know themselves iudobted
to tho subscriber by note or book account, will
please cull and sottle immediately, as bo is in great
need of money.
Lnncnster, March 3i, 13 17. 4m4(i
A NRW rREPAUATlON-Coiiglu, Colds,
x.Asllima ami iJifkbjps of the Liiiics snimlly
Prepared emirrly from the root of the (jinni(i.
It is wanatuuil In contain no preparation or Ann
moiiy, Mercury or Opium, but to consist iixclu
ivrlv of tbs lienliug and rordial viiiurs of the
plant extracted and concentrated by a peculiar
chronical process. .
Tho Ginseng has long boan known to contain
powrrlul M .'. lical proprrlicSi The vast naioiiul
n( it yoailv shipped to Cliinn, nnd thn reprcl of
travellers wlm have visiird Hint country, long since
satisfied ibu Mcilictl Facaliy that this ingenious
people vt ere iu possession ot fo.ne secret process
lor its preparation, by which thew wera ennnled
to core many diseates of thn Lungs considered hi
cuinblp h v European Pliysicisns. Hear lbs testi
mony of Dr. J , Llii'lley, Professor in the London
"'I'here is uo tloubl that the Ginseng has really
nil invigorating nud potveiful effect.- the viilues
ascribed lo it by the Chinese are foundeil upon a
knowledge, of its goo.l elTvLls and cannot reasona
bly be called in question.
The great superiority of llio Punncea overall
oilier preparations heretofore uted eonsitti in tins,
thut while they quiet the Lungs for a lima by
tendering them iureiisible to the disrated anion, it
Tens striking at the root of the Disease, Its ac
tion is to
By this power it arrests, as if by mngic ths wnrsi
Coughs, often by a tingle dose In proof of this
tve refer to the following Voice from your uext door
Neihhois. Ihey have experienced its virtues on
teemselvei nnd their fnmilies reasonable men with
in reach of all who designed lo enquire; not mtn in
Maine in (..corgis, hut C'inciimatians .
Mr. Fithinn, Fifth Strenl '
Mr. Hartley, Friendship Alley, between Pike
end lluiler
Mr. William Parvin, Broadway' ear Yeatmae
Mr. P Ileino, Mr J A Shepherd, and hundreds
ol others
fr-Sold by (iEORHE KAUFFMAN, Drog
gist, Lnnrnsurt D B Rinehnil, Grocer, lthopolis;
K Kalb, Rushville; N BCoulson, West Ruthville,
and Utio 11 .MoMlor, somerset, Ohio
DAVIS & WILNKRrColnmbiit, Ohio, Gencr
al Agents, to whom all orders should be nddpitpd
October 30. 1816 . 6mi3
MS M A L LEY has just received a lot of F 1 N E
which will be sold at very low prices. Cidl at the
old stund, on Greene's Comer, west of the Court
Lancaster, October 9, 1846 ' - 22
BLANK DEEDS.nently printed on the
List of paper, for talc at this office
InscnsiMc Perspiration.
The preceding figure is given to ropresent tlie
Insensidlk ''ERSpmATtos. It is the great EVA
CUATION for the impurities of the body. It will
be noticed that a thick cloudy mist issues from ull
points of the surface, which indicates that this
perspiration flows uninterruptedly when we ure
in health, but ceases wheu we re sick. Life
cannot be sustuinod without it his thrown off
from the blood und other juices of the body, nud
disposes by this means, of nearly all the impurities
within us. Thy langniigo of Scripture is, "in the
BLOOD is tho Life." If it ever becomes impure,
it may be traced directly to the stoppage of the
ull that is necessary when the blood is stagnant,
or infected, is to open tho pores, and it relieves
itself from all impurity instantly. Iu own bent
nud vitality are sutlicieut, without one particle of
medicine, except to open the pores uhjii tlie sur
face. Thus wo see the folly of hiking so much
internal remedies. All practitioners, however, di
rect tlioir efforts to restore tho Insensible Perspi
ration. 1 ho 1 hoinpsonian, tor uistnuce steams,
the Hydropathist shrouds us iu wet blankets, the
Homopathist deals out iufmitissimals, the Allopu
tli tat bleeds and doses us with mercury, and the
blustering Quack gorges us with pills, pills, pills.
To give some idea of tho amount of the Insen
sible Perspiration, we will state that the learned
Dr. Leweuhnck, ascertained that live-eights of till
we receive into the stomach, passed on by this
means. Iu other words, if we eat and drink oiidit
pounds per day, we evacuate live pounds of it by
the Insensible Perspiration.
This is none other than the used up particles of
llio blood, uud other, juices giving place to the
now and fresh oues. To chock this, therefore, is
to retain lit the system live eights of all the unit
ter ihat nature demands should leave the body.
By a sudden transition bum beat to cold, the
pores are stopped, the perspiration ceases, and dis
ease begins at once to develop itself. Hence, a
stoppage of this How of the juices, originates so
many compluiuta.
It is by stopping tho pores, that overwhelms
mankind with coughs, colds, and consumption.
Nine tenths of the world die from discuses indu
ced by a stoppage of the Insensible Perspiration;
Let me ask, now, every cunoid liuud, what
course seems the most reasonable to pursue, to un
stop the pores, nftor they are closed. Would you
give physic to unstop Ihe pores? Or would you
apply something that would do this upon the stir
lace, where tho clogging actually ia! And yet I
know of no physician who mukes any external
application to effect it. Undor theso circumstan
ces, I present to physicians, and all others, McAl
istor's ALL-HEALING OINTMENT, or the
WORLD'S SALVE. It has power to restore per
spiratiou on the feet, on the head, around old
sores, upon the chest, iu Bhort, upon any purt of
the botly, whether diseased slightly or severely.
It has power to cause all external tores, scrofu
lous humors, skin diseases, poisonous wounds, to
discharge tlioir putrid matter, nnd then heals them.
It is a Remedy that swoops oil' the wholo cata
logue of cutaneous disorders, and restores the en
tire cuticle to its healthy functions. - -
It is a Remedy that liu bids the noccssity of so
many and deleterious drugs taken into the stomach.
It is a Remedy that neither sickens, gives incon
venience, or is dangerous to the ilitestiucs.
It preserves and defends tho surface from all do
rangeineiit of its functions. The surfaco is the
outlet of live eights of thebilo and used up mut
ter within. It is pierced with millions of openings
to relieve the intestines. Stop up these pores,
aud DEATH knocks at your door. It is rightly
termed All-Healing, for there is scarcely a disease
oxturnul and internal, that it will uot benolit. I
have used it for the last fourteen years for nil dis
eases of the chest, consumption, liver, involving
the utmost danger uud responsibility, and I de
clare before lloiivenand man, that not in one sin
gle case bus it failed to benefit, when the patient
was within the reach of mortal menus.
I hare had physicians, learned in the professions
I have bad ministers of the Gospel, Judges on the
bench, Alderman nnd Lawyers, gentlemen of tlie
highes eriidilionniid MULTITUDES of the POOR
use it in every vuriety of wsy, and there has been
but ono voice ono united, universal voice say
ing "MoAlister, your ointment is GOOD."
Consumption. It can hardly be credited that a
sulvocim have any ell'cct Uhiii the lungs, sealed as
they are within the system. But if placed upou
tho chest, it penetrates directly to the lungs, sepa
rates the jKiisouous particles thut jnro consuming
them, nud expels them from tho system.
I need uot say it is curing persons of Consump
tion continually, ulthough we nre told it is foolish
ness. I care uot what is said, so long as I can
cure several thousand persons yearly.
Headache. Tho salve hns cured persons of tho
Ileadachoof 12 yoa'? slinding, nud who bad it
rcgnlurly every wcok, so thut vomiting often took
Deafness und Eur Ache are helped with like sue
Cold Feel. Consumption, Liver complaint,
pains iu the chest or sido, fulling off of tho hair,
one or tho other, always accompanies cold foot.
Tho Salvo will cure every case,
III Scrofula, Erysipelas, Sail Rhcnm, Liver
Complaint, Sore Eyes, Quinry, Sore Throat,
Bronchitis, Broken or Sore Breast, Piles, All
Chest Diseases tuck as Asthma, Oppression,
Pains also, Sore Lips, Chapped Hands, Tumors.
Cutaneous Eruptions, Hereout Diseases und of
.1 : I.. .i.i.. J
me nptuc iiiuiu ia uuuuuiv no ineuicillo now
known so good and as far, Burnt it has uot its
eipiul in the world!
Pimples on the Fare, Masculine. Skin, Gross
Surfaco. Its first uction is to expel all humor.
It will not cense drawing till the luce is free from
any matter thnt may be lodged under tlie skin, nnd
freiiiieutly breaking out to the surface. It then
heals. When there is nothing but grossness, or
dull repulsive surface, it begins to sullen and soft
en until the skiu becomes ns smooth aud dolicute
as n child's.
Worms. If parents know how fntid most med
icines were to children taken inwardly, tliey
would be slow to resort to them, Especially
'mercurial W.engcs,' culled 'medicated lozeiuges,'
'vermifuges,' pills, itc. The truth is, no one cuu
tell, iurnriuhly, wheu worms are present. Now
let mo say to parents, thut this Salve will always
tell if a child has worms. It will drive every ves
tige of thum away.
There is probably no medicine on the face of
the earth ut once so suro und so safe in the expul
sion of worms,
Toilet. Although I have said little about it as
hair restorative, yet I will stake it against the
world! They may bring their Oils far uud near,
und miue will restore the Imirtwo cases to their
Old Soret. That some Sores nre nu outlet
to the impurities of tho system, is. because they
cannot puss off through tho natural channels oi the
Inscnsiblo Perspiration. If such sores are healed
up, the impurities must haveaumeotlier outlet, or
it will endanger life. This Salve will always pro
vide for such emergencies, j
Rheumatism. It romovns almost, immediately
the inllumntion and swelling, wheu the puiu of
course ceases.
Fevers. In nil cases of fever, tho difficulty lies
in the pores being locked up, so that the bent and
perspiration cannot pass oH. If the least moisture
could be started, tho crisis hns passed and the dan
nor over. The All-Henling Ointment will iu all
cases of fevers almost instantly unlock tlie skiu
and bring forth the perspiration.
Srald Head. We have cured casus that actual
ly defied every thing known, as well as the abili
ty of fifteen or twenty doctors. Ono man told ns
he had spent f 500 on bis children without any
benefit, when a few boxes of the Ointment cured
them. ! .....:;
Corns. Occasional use of the Ointment will
always keep corns from growing. People need
never bo troubled with them if they will use it.
As a Family Medicine, No man can measure its
value. So loug as the (tars roll along ever the
Heavens so long as man treads the earth, sub jeo
to ull m.'imiilios uf tho llosh so long us diauase
and sickness is known lust so lonf will this rood
Ointment be used and esteemed. When man
ceases from off. the earth, then the demand will
cease, and not till then.
Bole proprietors nr th. M.i,..i i;..-
85 cenUandSOtenU.
As the AU-llealinii (iiin,... i i
countcrteited.we have given tin. Cnution to tho
mi . in t lat'-nn Oii.tma,.....:n .
...... wui ue genuine uuiess '
Uie names of Janet MeAlitter of met McMi,.
ter f Co., ure writtm with ,tII upon EVtBr
luheb" ; .,,,'
Now we hereby offer a reward or $500 to bo
paid on conviction in any of the constituted court
of the Uuited States, of uny iudividmsl.touutee
feiting our name and Ointment.
A.S. HENRY General Agent for) the State, Astir
tabula, Ohio. ...
For sale by Bury & Beck, Druggists Lancaster,,'
II. & J. Leonard, Merchants, Basil, E. GoheguDi
iiugg.oi, uauimore, jonn Noouynru,- urocer.
New Salem, E. Kalb, Druggist, Rusliville, ff
Uiiwiie.i, new neauuig, Asuoaugb & 15 eery Bro-
August 28, 1816. " " " 10
WHO now complains ef ill health, or talks of
heavy doctor billr, when com fori, ease, neacc
and health, are brought with "IlIBBARD'S FA Ml
ILY PILLS, to alinobt every town or hamlet in
your counliy"
REV. B "HIBBARD," the proprietor of the-e
excellent V ctable Anti Bilious Pillt having been
in the practice of testing die power of medicine on
die sick for the last thirty years, presents with con
fulenca ibis almost sovereign remedy for Ihe worst
cases of Chronic Dispepsia, Costiveness, Ditpeplic
Consumption, Bilious Ch.olic, Erysipelas, Klicma
tism, Sick Headache, Piles, Liver Complaint, Dys
enlary, Nervous Dtbility, Palsy, Pleurisy, ft'orrnt
and many oilier diseases which the human family
are sftlicied, and asks that he may have the privilege
of ufTroding relief to the suffering millions, by the
useof his extraordinary specific. To prevent fraud
they are sold alone by regularly authorized agents
whose names will be published hi Ihe county paper
Aoknts roa Faibnelo County
Bury Ic Beck, Lancaster; C G Wilson & Co, Rush
ville; N B Coiilson ic Co, Weil Rushville; S B
& C Paden, New Salem j J Ketuer, Millersport;
E Geohrgaii, Baltimore.- II & J Leonard, Basil
David llolderinaii, Amanda: J M Siege, Lock
burn.-Rober'. Cloud, Lithopolis: SS Rursel, Pick
eringlon; I W and t' A Thompson, Canal Win
PS Country Agents can al.vays obtain a new
supply of the ahove medicine at Bury and Beck's
Lancaster -
December 20, I6IC . 281y
I) It. ROGEltS'
tSAKE and certain CURE lorCONSUMP
TION of the LUNUS, Spitting of BLOOD,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Pain in the Side, Bronchi
tit, Whooping Cough, and ALL PULMONARY
Certificate of Dr. fi'm. J. Richards awell known
practitioner of more than twenty years standing.
To ull whom ii may concern, 1 mnke (ho follow
ing statement: Contcious thai it may apiear on
professional, it is only from a perfect conviction nnd
thorough knowledge of the essential benefit and
scientific origin of the prepaiaiiou spoken of that I
feel constrained from a sense of duiy to comply
with the request of tho proprietor.
I am a most inveterate opposer of quacks and
quack medicines in any form, and most fully coin,
cide with the clauses iu the Code of Ethics lately
adoped by the Medical Convention of Ohio relating
particularly to thnt subject; It may therefore be in
ferred that it isouly from personal experiment with
the preparation, and a positive assurance of its
beneficial results, that induces me to recommend it
as being all thai it represeats itself to be.
The patient, Mr. Charles Wade, Sixth street,
Market Space, whom I allowed to try the effect of
the medicine, (but which I would have dout under
no consideration whatever had I not seen a copy of
the receipt from which the medicine iiprepured,
obtained from the ngent, and which I am saiined
is authentic,) was quite low with llie early stages
of pulmonary consumption, foi which I had been
Heating in ibe usual manner, though with less than
my usual success; at his earnest request, and that
of his friends, 1 examined the receipt, and was
sufficiently satisfied of iu scientific composition lo
allow the trial, and I am obliged to confeti its effect
was at least surprising, inasmuch that after die con
sumption of the second bottle my professional visits
were discontinued, though I frequently saw my pa
tient afterwards, restored lo perfect health.
The preparation is railed "Dr. Rogers' Coin
pound Syrup of Liverwort and Tar ;n and from lha
examination of the receipt and the surcsss in my
own experiment, I do conscientiously recommend
it as a useful and valuable medicine; and I should
urge my brother practitioners to procure the receipt,
as I feel convinced they will agree with ma as to its
excellence, and will no doubt use it in their prac
tice, ail ball most certainly do, believing il lo be
a most valuable aid in pulniuiiary cases that baffle
the ordinary mode of treatment.
Cincinnati, On. 1. 1844. .
Of Mrs. Bknj. Smith, living on the north tide ns
Aim street, one square north of tho Cincinnati Hof
ital. This is to certify that my wife was attacked with
a violent cough, which settled on her lungs ami re
duced her so low that her physician could do no
more for her. She exhibited precisely Ihe same
symptoms ns my daughter did before her death (ihe
having died with the same discaie) and all our
friends were convinced ihe would live out a
slinri lime louder. I was at tills lime recommended
to try Dr. Rogers' celebrated Syrup of Livei
wort nnd Tar. With little or no hopes, 1 procured
a bottle of the ngent iu this city, and upon return
ing I found my wife absolutely strangling with her
cough. I commenced giving large doses a tea
ipoonful every hour, for forty-eight hours which
railed her as by a miracle. I have sines adminis
tered it in small doses, which has brought her lo
tlie use of the fouitli bottle, and she ii now dnin:
her house-work as usual. I have not the slightest
doubt that she would have been iu her grave but for
tli it invaluable medicine; and I return my sincere
thanks to the eminent inventor of it, and do most
urgently recommend all periens afflicted with any
diea$ of the lungs tu give ii a trial . '
1 certify that my husband! statement of my ense
above, is strictly correct in every particular, and
most cordially join him in grateful thanks (or the
benefit I nave derived from this valuable medicine.
Cincinnati, Feb. 13th, 1845.
A. L.SCOVILL Wholesale Agent for tho
West and South Southeast corner of5ih and Race
Sireets, Cincinnati. Ohio.
The above valuable medicine are also for sale at
BURY & BECK, Druggists,
Lam after, J une 4, 1847. ' Jy33. '
From Mr. James W. Estill.
Sulem, Columbiana county, Ohio, April, 1844.
DR. 1). JA YNE; Dear Sin I feel bound to you
and tho public to avail myself of this opportunity
of giving publicity to the extraordinary effects of
your Expectorant on myself. Having boon afflic
ted for several years with a severe cough, hectic
fever, nud its concomitant discuses. I seemed
only doomed to linger out a short but miserable
existnuce, until the tall of 1839. when boiiiK more
severely attacked, and having resorted to ull my
former remedies, and the proscriptions of two of
tue most respectauie puysiciaus in iuc neiguoor
hood, without deriving ony benefit, or theconso.
ntion of surviving but a lew days, or weoks at
farthest, when tlie last gloom of hope was about
to rauish, I bud recommended to me your Ex
pectorant, nnd blessed by thut, Being who does
all things iu the use of the moons und contrary
to the expectations of my physicians and friends,
I was iu a few days raised frem my bed, and waa
enabled, by the use of a bottle, to attend to my
business, enjoying, since, better health Hum I had
for ten yeors previous. Jasuj W. Estill
" . ' Beaver, Pa., January 22, 1841.
Dr. D. JAYNE. Dear Sin Having been for a
il' timo afflicted with Bronchitis, a disease
which annually sweeps away thousands of the hu
man race to a premature grave, under the mista
ken name of Consumption; nnd having heard of
the wonderful ellicacy of your Expectorant for
Coughs, Asthma, Difficulty of Breathing, and eve
ry other disease of the Lungs, I purchased two.
bottles of it, and am happy to inform yon, and all
the sons and daughters of affliction, that it imme
diately suppressed the cough, removed the pain
and difficulty of breathing, and produced a Ires
and easy expectoration, and very soon effected a
complete cum. JONATHAN DAVIS,
Baptist Minister, Beaver, Pa. .-.."'(
For sale by BURY &, BECK, Lancaster Ohio. "
Juue25, 1847. ,s 3w7.
rr? h

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