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Van t'x (London) Ptopl-e'i Journal.
Clesu mid I.
T CHiRtlit HCKr.
Cleon hath i million acre ,
Ne'ei-e oue have I ;
Cleon dwelleih in palace
In cottage i
Cleon bath a dozen fortune
Not peauy I i .
But the poorer of Uie twuiu is
Cleon, suduotl. ,
Cleon true pouraetli acrct,
But the Uiudnape 1 ;
- Hulf the charma to uie it y ietdetli "
Money cauuot buy :
Cleon barbor alotk and dullness
Freshening vigor I;
He in velvet, 1 iu fustian,
. Richer man tm I,
Cleon is a slave to grandeur
Free as thouglit am 1 1
Cleon fee a acore of doctors
. Need of none havo It
Weultlvnrmnnded, curo-euviroued
Cleon feara to die.
Death may come, he'll find mo ready
Haopier man ami.
Cleon ee no charm iu 'Nature
Iu a duisy I :
Cleou bear no anthm riguing
In the tea and sky.
Nature singe to ine forever
Earnest liatenen
Slat for stale, with ail atteuJauls.
Who would change not I.
A Disagree abit. Joke. The N. V.
Sun says that a lady residing in Portland,
Maine, and expecting a large company
to tea, sent for a quantity of cream of tar
tar I raise lier biscuits. By mistake tar
tar emetic was got. Tlio biscuits were
beautifully light, and the guests ate hear
tily, one ludy exclaiming 'there never was
anything so nice,' The meal was liurd
ly over when the emetic began to work,
and gentlemen and ladies fell to vomiting
with m'mlit and main. One of the gents,
a very fut man.imiigining he was poison
ed.sent fur a doctor, but beforo tliut func
tionary arrived, the medicine had tuken
A severe course, loaving the patient in as
bad a condition as a cleanly person
could well imagine. The cause of the
romita was soon discovered, and tho par
ty signed a 'total abstinence from hot bis
cuits' pledge for six months.
Hcpi.f.ctio.v. 'Charlotte,' said a gen
tleman to bin daughter one day, 'you are
really too giddy and I fear you give your
self no time for reflection.'
'Ton honor, then, pa,' replied the
youn, lady, laifghing, 'you mny muke
yourself perfectly easy on that account,
for I generally spend half the day at the
looking-glass.' -
A very romarftic young lady rescued
from drowning, whilo in a state of insen
sibility, declarod on reviving, that she
must and would marry the noblo preser
verof her life. On enquiring the name
of her generous deliverer, to her pi out
dismay she learned that it was a New
foundland dog.
Absence op Mind. The fust Lord
Lyttleton was very absent in company,
and when be full into a river by the over
, setting of a boat, at llagley, it was said
of him that he sunk twice before he re
collected he could swim.'
One of the best renlina ever rnuilo to a
challenge was made by Wilkes when ho
was challenged by Horn Tooke. 'Sir, Tdn
not think it my business to cut the throat
of every desparado that mny be lirod of
hi lile; but as I am at present high sher
iff for the city of London, it may happen
that I mny shortly have nn opportunity of
attending you in my nflkiul capacity, in
which case I will answer for if, that you
t-hall have no grounds to compluin of my
endeavors to serve you;"
A Gravf. Scenk. Ri'i.inu Passion.
An lionent old Patriarch from Fi'ilcilnml,
the oilier day followod tho remains of hia
wife to the cemetery. The little party of
mourners wcro gathered around the
grave, and an expression of sadness was
visible on their countenances. The cof
fin was slowly lowored to its resting
place, and the hollow sound of tho falling
dirt commenced, when the huhhuml nud
ged the parson, and remarked, "iliuli itui
not werrygood land for whout." Clvve.
A Hint to Employers. We over
board, not many days ago, the following
conversation between u muster builder
and a day laborer:
"What wages do you expect?"
"Why, I can work for a dollar o day,
or seventy-five cents a day, or fifty cents
a day, or twenty five cents a day. When
I works for a dollar a day I worksv
When I gets only a half or a quarter, I
lakes it easy."
The man of hnds and shrivels was put
on t dollar per diem allowance!
A Story or tub Kentvckv Har.A
man aome years ago was indictod in the
Grand Circuit Court, State of Kentucky,
for tho crime of petit larceny. The uvi
dence was heard, upon which it clearly
appeared that the defendant had been
guilty of stealing "one bag of corn worth
two dollars and twenty cents." Noth
ing daunted by the array of facts against
' bia client, the lawyer rose, and poured
out an argument two hours in length.
"When he concluded, tho jury retired,
and after a brief consultation, returned a
verdict of "petit larceny." The attor
ncy moved for a new trial, which was
granted by tho Court, and the case again
brought before the jury, This time the
lawyer spoke three hours und a hulf, the
- result of which was a verdict by the jury
' of "guilty of grand larceny." Again tho
attorney arose to move a now trial. He
squared himself, and commoncud in a
style of. grandiloquence worthy of an
itinerant tragedian. He had spoken but
.a tow words when tho prisoner rushed
, forward, seized him violently by the arm,
and said "Hush, hush, for heaven's sake.
Another speech will hang me as sure as J
am a dead man
Ireland. Father Maihew'sCemotry,
in Cork, is full. It has received 10,000
dead bodies siuce last autumn. Nearly
' 15,000 emigrants havo taken their pass
age at Cork, within a few weeks, r for
America. Fever, famine; and starvation
is the brief history of tho year.
CSA lady in feeble health had twenty
four toath extracted at Boston the other
day, while undertho influence of sulpha
Jlnv now be had nt WISI3
11 r lj
Woare now receiving our NEW SPUING GOODS.nud respectfully invite every body to call and
look at our Sun k.
For Ladies Drcuscs.
Wo hnve nil the new stylciof Good iu market.
Pluid and Plain Silka. Lawns, Bur'd Muslim -
French, English and American Ginghuins, '
Gingham Lawns. Oregon Pliiida
B.uoge (all nool) Balzuriues
Black nud White Ginghams, Black Lawni
Bluck Bureaus, Plain unci Satin Stripe (all Silk
and Wool, beautiful fur Black Presses)
Shaded Tnrltou Swioi Muslins, vcrv desirable
for Evening Dresses
760 niece ur 2-1.320 vnrds of new CALICOES,
from u Jip up to a nine-ptnet.
A zeueral variety of Fancy Gnodt, aitcli an, Hib-
bona. Laci d, French worked Collaia, Kid Gluves,
Artificial Flowers, Bonnet Caps, Fans, Mitts, &o
Domestic!. '
Brown Shiitiugs and Sheeting. Trolling?; '
Chucks. Ciitlou Yarn, C'nttou Butting:
Coverlet Warp, Carpet Clwiu, &c. &.
Wheat, Ilie, Oats, Corn, Beans, Butter,
mercIiantahU trade-
Lancaster, April 1G, 1817.
in n o cm.
rmLu a QUiiij)
Wholealc and Ktlail.
A BR jnsl pnceivingtheLArtOnSTaad HAND
MEU GOODS, that havo over been brought tn
Luucnsier orlhat. ever will be by uuv other linn
than theirs, and which will braulil ut tho lowest
caah r.itca, so low thut no peraou can look at than
wiiiiuui uuyuig.
Wo are connected, with no manufactory, no
eanlorn eatuhlifthrnmit, and thus cuufiued to mak
ing our purchases ul one house) but have tho ud
VHiitage of selecting our Goods from the stocks ul
all mmicrn Mercuunta and Manufacturers.
Wo linnu nil, who wish to purchase choan and
beautiful Goods, will first ruud tho big advertise
ments, niul utter laughing ut tliem, go nud exam
ine the tittle stock of Goods, thut they call big:
then cull mid see whut wo have and what wo can
do for them,
Our assortment consists iu part of the following
Of all eolora front II lo It per yard.
SO pieces plain and stripped Cussinicra from 75
cenis 10
200 do plaiu, striped und barred Saltiuotta, ( ur
ru cheap) from 37 to 75 cents per yard
1DU do Kvulucky Jeans from '25 to 31 cents fur
inn oesi
Kill (hi ltcil, White and Yellow Flannels
ISO do Black, Colored, Sniped und Figured
bales Brown Muslins
10 cases Blenched do from ti to 124 t L'nl
10 bales Ticking nud very cheap
2500 iilrrt'M of CAIJCOIIS,
i.ACipcr than ever known oejort.
.10 do Cushmurcs Mouslinedu Luinesnml othui
fancy Gonila I'nrLADlF.S' Dresses and Cloaks
00 do Giiicliams, acid iiyo, and very dmirnble
A larce mill heaulilid variety of 8 U M M K II
olIAWLS, ul all si.esiiud ut vory low prices
in pieces Apron i.iikcks, i.iiiijii and tollnil Tu
bio Cloths, Coltnii and Silk Handkerchiefs
Dress Silks; (Hack, colored und tig'd Hosiery
Gloves mid Mills ut all kind
Caiiilnicks, Jiieconets and every thing in the
Dry Goods line Ui make our ussnitmnut lull and
complete, among which will be found n line vari
ety n KUUUIt anil U1CADY Goods
We have also coiislaullv on baud, u larco slock
of nooi'SHiidsuor.8
I'm. Silk, Leuhiu ii, I'ulm Leaf mid Straw Ilatu
Curpot Chain mid Covnilid Warp
A lull asKurtmeut ol
(a:ot i:icii.s or ail kiis,
Cedar Churns nud Tuba. Wooden Buckots.
Salt. fni. SiU. iVc.
UT Cnnio every body nud look through nnr
MAMMOTM I'lLKB of Goods. We aro alwavs
on baud and ready to prove to you, what is an un-
(leiilaiue lad, Unit we havo more Goods, belter
ussortiueuu nud sell at lower rates than any oilier
eHtablislimeut In Laiicnstor. Of thesq facts yon
can convince yourselves by calling ut our OLD
STAND and examining our stock.
50,000 biithcl ot' WHEAT,
Any amount of CORN, BYK, OATS. Flax-seed.
Kealbers, and every thins else that the Karmers
have for aalo that is worth having. Wo will give
mo niL'nn.i pines ill i. ami aurt (iliUU'j or he
above articlos. and aive M0UE GOODS for the
samuamoiiut of irailo, than any olhur house. Call
aud give us a trial
Lancaster. June 4. 1817 - 4
Santa Anna'i Wooden Leg taken Prisoner!!
nonuRT rxsLDiNa
WOULD rospuctfully retlirn his thanks to his
tricuila and tlie public gonerally for the
very liberal patronage ho has received nt their
hands- aud Would iul'urm thorn thut be has now nn
Iwud ready to bo disposed of ut vary low price for
nianitCictmed accord-
in I tu the latest Style
und fashion. Ilia stock comprises HATS of all
WIMMTIKN. Fur, Bm$h, Neuter. Gilk, Plane
Mutkrat, Cathmcre, C oar it & tne. Bint, Drotcn
and common Hate.
CLOTH und OIL-CLOTH CArS of evory
Having employed the aei vices of EXPERIENC
ED WORKMEN iu Ui" manufacture of his HATS
aud CAPS, aud desirous to ninko his sale curies
pond with the limes, lie feels satisfied that whils
they will compare with the work of any oilier
establishment in the country us to quality they
are also iiiisiirpnased as to cheapness. He parti
cularly invites his friends and ull who may wish
to obtain nil excellent article, upon tho most rea
sonable terms, to cull and examine his attck of
He Joels no disposition to bouat about quullly or
price through au ailvertisemeut, but acting ou the
old and well established rulo, that th "proof ol
an assertion cnuaisu in a trial," he nsk that he
may be tried by the same rule, and tlint the lovers
of good Hats will make the examination for them
He offers nothing but a good article and being
determined to sell low for CASH, he respectful
ly invites the patronage of the public.
f.nvsr'nr. ''nt 1 t 13t',', I
linn rnnnci n 9oibiiituio
& Ell LLA ISO'S Cash Store,
r ' 'YiVrrf-'."- rf
At any price that may be wanted from a quar
ter up, Suu Shades and Purnaolelta.
J nst ltccciveri.
A large stock and good variety of Cloths,
Cumimeret. Gold Mixed Tweeda
Jeoua all colors; Sattiuou, &c. &u.
Alao every description of Summer StuHa for
Coats, Vesta mid l'uuu.
A pair of Pauls, 3 yaida. Thread and Buttons
(or Iwenty-Jive ceuta
Expected to-morrow 20 Cases Leghorn and
Talm Leuf Hut, to be sold very cheep.
Leghorn Straw. Fancy Lace, Dunstable, ft iu j
Pearl Straw nud Lawn.
Very handsome Children's Gimp und Slruw
Biinucla and Huts.
Hoot ami Shoes.
Large Lot expected tcj-nioirow.
Rags, Bacon, Eggs, ami all kinds nt
Teles raph Line.
wiioi.ksam-: and iietail
2Dr ZL OD C23 23 532. o
MOCK of ;iso( i:kii, Ac.
ainon which mny be found,
New Orleans SUGAR, ' Indigo and Madder
Loaf do. Alum and Copperas
Kin and Juvn COri'EE, Cloves and Ciunainmi
Plantation Molasses, Nutmegs nnd Starch
Sugar House do. Camwood and Logwood
Itico and Raisins, Salarutiis and Whitins
Cnv. and Spun Tobacco, Spun.4Snitn&coniSegurs
o iwim uo. i-u. i, tv one Liuau aim un
Pepper and Spico, Powder, Shot aud Caps
Mackerel nnd Herring Wrapping Papor
White Fish mid Shod Fishing Poles & Tackle
Teas und Chocolate Pipes, Soup, itc- ,
Constantly on hand by the Uarrel or pound.
We have made nrrnngemeuts lor n constant and
rueulur supply of LAKL Hall, which will com
meuco to arrive as snou ns the Cnnul ia upoued
North. Citizens of Fairfield look iu at this Estnh
linhinent before you purchase, and you will save
money, that is a 'fixed fact 'and no humbug.
Lancaster, February SO, 1817. 40
Wholaalc and Kclail.
u inmm milium
opposite Reber fit Kutz's Store
where ran be found a general assortment of
which he is determined tn sell nt small pre fits.
For Farmer Use.
Long and Short Hnudlo Manure and Hay Fork
Weeding nud Hilling Hoo
Cradliuii mid Grass Scvlhes nnd Cradles
Hay Rakes, Scythe Simitha, Whetstones &Riffles
Trace, Halter, Log unit rilth Chains "
Chopping ,xo, Spring Balances, Steelyards, S.c
itlei'liaiiic't Tool.
Braces and Bits, Augers and Gimblot '
Carpenter's I'lune", Bevels and Square
15 road Axe. Ilntcliut and Hammer
PI iie-Irona. Ounges and Compasses
Firmer, Mortice aud Turning Chisels & Gouges
Stocks and Dies, Plyers nud Pincers
Saw Sett, Mason' Trowels and Rules
Mill Bastard, Taper, Flat and Half Round Files
Anvils, Vice and Bellow
Mill and X Cut, Rip, Hand, funnel and Back
Saws, &c. (fee.
- Expected iu a few days Rochester Cooper's
House Sc Cabinet Trimming
Locks, Latches and Hinge
Brans and Iron Blind Fastuiug
Sash Spring, Frame and 8croW Pullic
Brass Cupboard Catches, Buttons and Bulls
Sri ews.lli'Hds, Tucks and Finishing Nails -Looking
Glass Plate, Mahogany Nobs, Sto
Siutillcry una Ciu'i'Iukc Trimmings
Buckles, llitts and Stirrups
Harness Mounting nnd Saddler's Tool'
Shark Skin, Plush. Saddler's Thread and Silk
Cotton, Worsted and Straining Webb
1 "luted Dashes, Handles nnd Bunds
Stump Joint and Malleable Iron
Steel Spring, Iron Axles and Boxes
II road und Narrow Laco
Patent Leather.Gum and Oil Cloth, Dainask,&c
. Tiiblic Generally.
Tablo Knives and Forks, and Steels
Plated, Britannia and Iron 8poon,&Coflee Mills
BriUiuniu ( oltee, Tim rots and Castors
Britannia Cupa, Candlestick and Lamp
Siuifl'er and Trays. Scissors and Shenii
' Pen and Pocket Knives. Needles und Bodkins
Brus Curtain Pins and Bunds .
Brats Kottle, Frying Pans, Sauce Pans, Ato
lron ftnils, Steel and Gin.
A large assortment of all kinds and sizes. Aud
almost every article iu the Hardware line,' from
a I'm to an Anvil. ,
L n J r 3 " tj ' " H, I 3 C, 1
UUIM IV i U y Mi it I O .
Dr.Vanghns Advertisement
FOR 1846.
Vaushn's Vegetable Lithoutriulic Mix 'are
ThisUuiveraalPauaceaisnow being introduced in
to Europe, the Enat and West Indics.Snnth Ameri
ca, and ull other part of the Globe, where dis
ease exists iu any form. The United State and
the Cuuudas have for the past three years severely
tested the virtues which the proprietor, upon the
introduction of this medicine, hesitated uot to say
it possessed. In introducing that GREAT VE
GETABLE REMEDY, tho most startling promi
ses were made, on the part of the medicine ao
novel was the theory the principle upon which
the cure were to be effected, that the people
threw nn their bauds and cried whut next! Even
credulity startled with surprise, and the so called
Faculty" inado themselves merry over the "new
humbug." But mark the result the three yeai-e
have passed away public opinion, the voice of
millions aud more of observing individuals, have
stamped this REMEDY the most singular, wnnder-
iui, incompreueusive anu niirnciimus curuiive
power ever produced. The ONE GREAT DIS
EASE, which the proprietor of this medicine had
the presumption tn say existed, aud thut all various
diseases were but aecomlnry. has now millions of
believer. They must believe for they hnve wit
nessed the effect of this restorative. It has con
quered ALL cases, by simply conquering the
ONE. The "Old School" now open their eyes.
Their old dogmas, like the morning mists fly be
fore the light of truth, and common sense now
seeks a road to heulth its own way, instead of clos
ing its eyes, and being led. The truth of the prin
ciple upon which this article cures is established,
aud the statement is again boldly, most emphati
cally, most decidedly reiterated. This medicine
will drive from the body evory disease which has
a nume -every disorganization of tin system
which can exist. If bone and muscle remain, this
medicine will restore to a perfect state- The old
Calomel, bleeding, blistering system is about to
lull. The proof daily presenting itself of the truth
of OUR THEORY, is a prop out of the old struc
tore which will soon tumble to the grouud,ashupe
less mans of ignorance and deception.
INVALIDS, resort at once to this medicine. It
is a strictly VEGETABLE REMEDY, tho product
of our own soil a compouud of twenty-two dif
ferent ingredient. Each root has it particular
part of the system to act upon, and this action i
always produced- it effect upon the whole sys
tem ia immediately apparent. Testimony of the
highest character is daily coming to the propria,
tor, full of truth, and you will always see names
places ami dates. Not a purtico of false evidence
is ottered on the pnrt of this GREAT CURATIVE.
The most careful perusal of the pamphlet is desir
ed. It gives the character of all the secondary
complaint which prevail, and which have .been
cured by Ibis article. Evidence of cures, iuseiiie
of the most dreadlul cases of lingering complaints
which it has been the fortiiueol any meiiicine to
cope with, ia foirjid case which have been loll
to die: Hundreds in every large cily of our Union
and the Cuundus lies o to thimk this article fur their
lives, nnd ao do they, as letters iu the possession
of tho proprietor will show.
i: every stage GRAVEL, and ull kinds of difficul
ty in the Urinary organs; Complaints ot the Kid
neys, weakness of the back; Female irregulari
ties immediately checked, and a healthy tone giv
en to the system. Let every Female ut once re
sort to this SAFE MEDICINE, and use no othor.
Diseased Liver Indigestion, Billions complaints,
Dyspepsia instantly relieved; Rheumatism, Gout,
Sic., produced by the inaction of tho Blood, will
ulwuys liud relief; Inflamed Lungs; Cough, even
Consumption, unless the patients and their medi
cal advisers were deceived; litis been cured by
this medicine; Scrofula and all Eruptive diseases:
Piles, Eresipelas, Inflammation of the Eyes, Palpi
tation of the Heart; Sick Heuduche, Jaundice
Fever and Ague tho whole cntnloguo might be
named seek tin Kr.Mc.DY, BUY NO OTHER
Put up iu 30 oz. bottles at$; 12 oz, buttles, $1,
lie careful that you are not imposed upon. Eve
ry bottle bua tho words, "Vanillin' Vegetable Li-
llioutripic Mixture" blown upon the glass the
written signnliiro of-'G. C. Vanglm" on the direc
tions, nud G. C, Vuughn; Buflulo, stumped upon
the cork. None other are genuine.
Prepnrcd by Dr. G. VAUGHN, and aold at the
principal Agency, 1113. Main Street; Biilt'uln, nt
wholesale and retail, to whom all cuiiiinuuica'
tious must come nost tmid.
Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of this
medicine, at wholesale and reluii: New York City,
132, Nassau street, H, M. Lake, Mush., 295 Essex
street, Thomas 1'. Chase; St, Louis Missouri, Mr.
J. Wullior, Ueueral Agent. At rotail by re
spectable Druggist throughout tho Uuiou, a ad
vertised in tho pupers.
Wholesale and retail by C. 8. Birdsal, Drug
gist, Main Street, Cincinnati, '
Forsnle by GEORGE KAUFFMAN, Drngsist,
Lancaster. Ohio; and C. G. WILSON & CO..
Rmdivillo. Ohio, D. 1). Rind henrt, Lytlmpulls, 8.
S. Russell, Pickeringtou, H. & J. Leonard, Basil,
September, 4. J 848. 17
'I HIE piopneior. of ilns valuabla ri-meily, iuiro
JR. din lo iheir hie. ids Had Iho public, ihcii
"St'Et 1 1' lC" in a arw style, and inev may aay,
every way Improved. The thorough trial given it
Ihn past season, Is convincing pinol to them of it
It-eat rfliciry In fining INTER MITTEN I' or
AGUE ANU FEVERi and Ihry now M war
ranted in eiiahithini it upon a permanent tali
relrrring to us whole character, appearance and
i)(nalur, as a Rusrd vginnti impmilion. Thoy
felt it nrce-aary lo adopt mme precaution in iis out
set, as doubt rieMaiiuig persons will endeavor to
palm upon the public spurious piepar ition. 1 hry
do not hemnie in ray, itui a mriliciiis never has
been used, that has given an gieai aaiiifaciion in to
hurt a lime, ai their brsciric. liunHredi and
ihounaudt can leiiiiyio it efficacy. Where dis-i-.e-e
h.it baffled the prescription of lb skillful Phy
sician, lb patient lias been speedily restored lo
healih the most Incn-riulnui (bavin, become 10
fmm uiiiig the many said in be cures ol the pieirnt
day, without tiicras') have been ronsiraineri 10 ac
knowledge in superior virtues. The do not wish
in introduce it upon the purling principle, l et it
(land or fall, as it mentt. Ii is no ouaf nostrum
hut a regular and skilful Physician's receipt, ho
hat pranked in the heart Ague and Fever district
lor ihe Usi tivtniy years with treat succeM. Bat-
ed entirely upon vegetable mailer innocent in eve
ry sen. it cannot Injure Ihe most debate Consti
tution on the cnntiary, acting as a restorative to all
debilitated frames. They do not pretend lo sav
but what theie are other good piepRraiinne. But
in do fay, we know ours in be gond, and a certain
cure, if the directions are ohtesveri. And we chal
lenge any on to find a panicle of mineral entering
Its composition. They auk a trial from a liberal
and discrmirg public, not fearing the r'-'dl, Many
have been cured in Irom twmij.tour to t'oily-eighi
hours. Price $ I per bottle.
For aale by BURY t. BECK.
Lancaster, Jul) 16,1817. .1,nl0.
Copartnership Notice.
'"Ml E undersigned has this day associate,! with
him in the Dry Goods business, Mr. WIL
LIAM W. COX. Tbe business will in future be
conducted under the firm of Kruner &. Cox.
July 10, 1840 P. II. KRANER.
KUANErTa cox,
ARE daily expecting anarrivul of aktrgeand
well Selected STOCK OP GOODS.
The old customer of the concern, ami ull uthnrs
for whom good bargain and cheap good are any
inducement, are respectfully invited to favor thorn
with a call.
The Farmer's Line!
& rjsw riera
Wholesale and Kctail.
Iu the New Building lately (reeled hr R.
JI. Atnaworth, nearly opposite the
Tallmadg House,
HAVING lately purchased the ENTIRE NEW
WORTH, together with hi lute Spring purchases,
the citizens of Fairfield and adjoining counties
are solicited to call and examine our assortment,
which is uow complete The Stock was selected
with great care nnd wn purchased by us at prices
below tbe Eastern cost, so that we will be ena
bled to sell beautiful and excellent Goods at very
reduced price. . We are determined to please the
public and' we have the means to do it The
quality of our Stock caunot be surpassed, and for
cheapncti, wficlmllengecomjwiiiion.
Our assortment consists, iu part, of the follow
ing articles:
For the Ladies.
We have the largest variety of Sum-net Dress
Goods ever opened in Lancaster, aud which can
not be excelled in quality, cheapness or beauty of
patterns, among which are
1't i ' pieces of CALICOES, at prices varying
from 6J to 18 cent
Alpaccas, plain and striped
Cashmeres and Muslin de Lain"
Bareges and Balzurines
A Inrge assortment of La wtn.f ai'i-r y new i lylet
Scotch aud Earlstou Ginghams and Gingham
A fine assortment of Plain aud FANCY 8ILK
A large assortment of BONNET RIBBONS
latest stylet
Cotton and Silk PARASOLS aud Sunshade .
A fine assortmeml of Summer ARTIFICIALS,
together with a general assortment of Dress Trim
mings, &c. &c.
For the Gentlemen.
50 pieces BROAD CLOTH, all colors & prices
uoiign and Heady mid Monterey Cassimeres
Superior French and English Black do
I piece plain, striped aud barred SATTI
NETS, Irotn 35 to 87 J cents per yard
Gold and Oxford Mixed TWEEDS
Merino Cassimeres, ptuiu aud timcy Gambroons
Brown Linens and Cotton DRILLINGS
Marseilles, Merino and Silk Vestine. &c.
Iu addition to the above, we have n large atock of
Domestic Goods,
Such ns Brown and Bleached Muslins. Tickings
Brown and Bleached Sheeting from 1 to 2
yards wide; Cotton and Litien Bagging, &c.
For Ilouse-itccperw,
We have Bleached and Brown Linen Table
Cloths, Damask and Russia Dinners, Damask and
Book Muslin Curtains, Coniilerpuius, Table Co-
vora. co. etc. &c.
All kinds or Groceries.
A large assortment of QUEENSWARE and
GLASSWARE," Leghorn, Palm Leaf. Silk, Fur
and Urusb HATS, BOOTS and 8110ES; Ladie'
Kiel and Morocco SLIPPERS. &o. &c.
We nre opposed to puffing and bloving we
shall not sell our Goods at'Vrii than eost,"m we
expect to muke a living profit from them; but we
respectfully invito the public to cull and examine
our stock und pricea before purchasing elsewhere,
as we intend to rely upon the quality and pricea
of thorn to obtain a fair (hare of patronage.
We will take in exchange for our Good, ull
liitid of Country Produce,
for which we will pay the highest market price.
Bring along your Cash and your Produce and cull
al the "THREE WALNUT DOORS," where
you will find the best Goods and lowest price.
Lancaster, June 7, 1347.
HAS constantly on hitnd ami for sale ut his old
Staud, on Broad-Way, three doon SoutU of
the Market House, a general assortment of
Manufactured by experienced work
men anu ol trie most modern styles:
consisting of
Solus, Sociables, Divans, Ottoman
Contre, Pior, Curd, Dressing, End, Dining and
Dressing, French and Plain BUREAUS,
Wardrubo, Waalistands, Lockera, Workstands.
And all other articles iu his line that may be
called for. Hi work will bo made of the best
materials and finished iu n neut und durable niuu
ner. Having a hu ge und select stock ou baud he
will dispose of the sumo at reduced prices, and as
low as any man sells articles of equal quality at
auction, .. .
a m:w HCIKSC,
with a fine Hoi-c ami Hurtiess, calculated for tlio
purpose, are always in rendmes to attend fttner
uls. All Coflins made to order The subscriber
will nromntlv attend funerals anv whore in thn
Comity with hia Hearae free of extra charge; audi
all his charges will be at reduced prices.
. The subscriber returns his grateful thank to
his old customer and respectfully solicit a con -
tinuaiice of their patronage,
Lancaster, February 5, 1 847-. 39
m . . . . , J
T7-0ULD most respectfully inform their old
v T irieuuaanci me pnonc generally, inoiiuey.
.h Mithun. Ik. man,,rn.,M nf i
still continue the manufacture of
OliD'ST 71l.,
InShawk's Row, and opposite Bury & Beck'
Drug Store, where they will be pleased to wait
on ail who may favor them with a call. They
flatter themselves that upon examination, their
work will recoinmeud itself, a th y keep nous
but the best and most experienced workmon.
Their work i warranted to be made in the beat
and most fashionable style, of which, the follow.
lug articlos comprise a part:
do, ' Freueh Morocco Basklns,
Gout Morocco STRAP g!IOK.
A boy from 14 to 15 yoars or age, will be taken
to learn the above buainese.of good moral character
and of industrious habit. None other need apply.
- Lancaster, Mny 28, 1847. - 3
MSMALLEYha just received a lotofFlNE
which will beanldntverv luw nriroa. Call at the,
old stand, ou Greene's Corner, west of the Court
Luucnater, October 9, 1S46 v , 22
BLANK DF,ED3vnctly printed on the
best of paper, for aale at this office
XI lank Mori sane.
I and
Insensible Perspiration.
The preceding figure is given to represent the
Ixst fisibli PcRSFiaATioN. It is the great EVA
CUATION for tbe impurities of the body. It will
be noticed that a thick cloudy mist issuea from all
points of the surface, which indicates that this
perspiration flows uninterruptedly when we ore
in health, but ceases when we aro sick. Life
caunot be sustained without it It is thrown off
from the blood and other juices of the body, and
disposes by this mean, of nearly all the impurities
within ns. Thy language of Scripture ia, "iu the
B LOOD is the Lite. II it ever becomes impure,
it mny be traced directly to the stoppage of the
all that i necessary wheu the blood is stagnant,
or infected, is to open tbe pores, and it relieves
itself fmm all impurity instantly. It own heat
und vitality are sufficient, without one particle of
medicine, except to open trie pores upon tlie sins
tace. Thus we see the lolly ot taking ao mucD
internal remedies. Allpractitiunera.linwever.di
rect their efforts to restore the Insensible Perspi
ration. The Thompsoniau, for instance steams,
the Hydrnpnthist shrouds us in wet blanket, the
Homonathtst deals out infinilissimals. the Allopa
thist bleeds and doses ua with mercury, and tho
blustering Quack gorge ut with pills, pills, pills.
To give some idea of the amount of the Insen
sible Perspiration, we will state that the learned
Dr. Lewenhnck, ascertained that live-eights of all
wo receive into the stomach, passed oil' by this
means. . In other words, if we eat and drink eight
pounds per day, we evacuate bve pounds ol it by
the Insensible Perspiration.
This is none other than the used up particles of
tlie blood, and other juice giving pluco to tbe
uew and fresh ones. To check this, therefore, i
to retain iu the system five eights of all the mat
ter that nature demands should leuve tbe body.
By a sudden tinnsitiou from beat to cold, the
pores are slopped, the perspiration ceases, aud dis
ease begins at once to develop itself. Hence, a
stoppage of this flow of the juices, originates so
many complaints.
It is by stopping the pores, that overwhelms
mankind with coughs, colds, nud consumption.
Nine tenths of the world die from diseases indu
ced by a stoppage of the Insensible Perspiration.
Let me ask, now, every candid mind, what
course seems the must reasonable to pursue, tu un
stop the pores, ufter they are closed. Would you
give physic to utistop the porest Or would you
apply something (but would do this opou the sur
face, where the clogging actually is? And yet I
know of no physician who makes any external
application to effect it. Undor these circumstan
ces, I present to phvaicinua, and ull others, AlcAl
ister's ALL-HEALING OINTMENT, or the
WOKLD'S SALVE. It has power to restore per
spiration on the feet, on the head, around old
sores, upon the chest, in short, upon any part of
the body, whether diseased (lightly or severely.
It has power to cause nil external sore, scrofu
lous humors, skin diseases, poisonous wounds, to
discharge their putrid mutter, aud then heuls them.
It is a Remedy that sweeps off the whole cata
logue of cutaneous disorders, and restores the en
tire cuticle to its healthy functions. -
It ia a Remedy that forbid the necessity of so
many and deleterious drugs taken into the stomach.
It is a Remedy that neither sickens, gives incon
venience, ur is dangerous to the intestines.
It preserves and defends the surface from all de
rangement of its functions. The surface is the
outlet of five eights of the bile and used up mat
ter within. It is pierced with millions of openings
to relieve the iutestinos. Stop up these pores,
and DEATH knocks at your door. It is rightly
termed All-Healing, for there ia scarcely a disease
external and internal, that it will not benefit. I
have used it for the lust fourteen years for ull dis
eases of the chest, consumption, liver, involving
the utmost danger and responsibility, and I de
clare before Heaven and man, thut not in oue sin
gle case ho it failed to beuefit, when the patient
was within the reach of mortal means.
I have hud physicians, learned iu the professions
1 have bad ministers of the Gospel, Judge on the
bench, Aldermau and Lawyer, gentlemen of the
bighea erudition and MULTITUDES of the POOR
use it iu every variety of way, and there has beeu
but oue voice oue uuited, universal voice say
ing "McAlister, your ointincnt is GOOD."
Consumption. It can hardly be credited thut a
salve can haveuny eH'uct upon the lungs, seated as
they are within the system. But if placed upon
the cheat, it peuetrales directly to the lungs, sepa
rates the poisonous particles that .are consuming
them, and expels them from the system.
I need not say it is curing persons of Consump
tion continually, although we are told it is foolish
ness. I care not what is said, so long as I can
enre several thousand persons yearly. -
Headache. The salve has cured persons of the
Headache of 13 yours standing, and who had it
regularly every week, so that vomiting often took
Deafness and Ear Ache are helped with like sue
cess. '
Cold reel. Consumption, Liver complaint,
pains iu the chest or aide, fulling off of tho hair,
one or the other, always accompanies cold feet.
The Salve will cure every case.
In Scrofula, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Liver
Complaint, Sore Eyes, Qnincy, Sore Throat,
Bronchitis, Broken or Sore Breast, Piles, AU
Chest Diseases such at Asthma, Oppression,
Pains also. Sore Lips, Chapped Hands, Tumors,
Cutaneout Eruptions, Nervous Diteatet and of
the bptne thero is probably no medicine now
known ao good nud a for Burnt it has not its
equal in the worldl
Pimpleton the Face, Masculine Skin, Gross
Surface. Its first action is to expel all humor.
It will n' coobo drawing till the face ia free from
y matter that may be lodged uuder the akin, and
j frequently breaking out to the surlnce. It theu
!'16"'' - When there is nothing but grossnuss, or
dull repulsive surface, it begtus to soften and soft.
en until the skin becomos a smooth and delicate
ss a child's.
Wormt, If parents knew how fatal most med
icine were to children Liken inwardly, they
would be slow to resort to them, , Especially
'mercurial lozenge,' called 'medicated lozeingee,'
''vermifuges,'' pills, &o. The truth is, no one can
tell, iuvnriubly, when worms are present Now
let me say to parents, thut this Salve will always
lell ifa child ha, wormt. It will iriee every ve.
iiM f thm nwav.
9. . ,J.
There is probably no medicine on the fuce of
the earth ut once so sure and so safo in the expul
sion of worms,
Toiet Althongli I have said little about it as
hair restorative, yet I will stuke it against the
uml'Ml Thnv mnv ht'illu rllMir nil. ftt ,,,! maum
aud mine will restore the hair two case to their
I Old Sores. That some 8ore sre an outlet
, to the impurities of the system, ia. because they
caunot pass off through the natural cliauneUof the
: Insensible Perspiration. If such tore are healed
up, the impurities must have some other outlet, or
It will enduuger hie. This Salve will alwava nro.
vide for such emergencies.
Rheumatism. Ii removes almost immediately,
the iiiHama'ion aud swelliug, wheu the pain of
course ceases. 1
Fevers. In all cases of fever, the difficulty Res
iu the pores being locked up, so that the heataiul
perspiration cauuot pass oS. If tbe lenst moisture
could be started, the crisis has passed und tlie dun
tier over. Tbe All-Healing Ointment will in all
cases of fevers almost instuutly unlock the akiu
nud bring forth the perspiration.
Scald Head. Vie have cured cu thut actnul
ly defied every thing known, a well a tbe abili
ty of fifteen or twenty doctor. One man told ns
he and Seut f.MlU ou his children wiiuom any
benefit, wheu a few boxes of the Oiutment cured
them... .;, . . . ..
Corns. Occasional nse of the Ointment will
always keep corns from, growing. People need
never be troubled with them if they will uae it
As m Family Medicine, No man can measure it
value. So lougoa the stars roll along ever the
Heaveus so lone as man tread the earth, subieo
to all infirmities of tho floih so long as discuso
sickneas is knovra-i-just so loot will this good
vulture,,, uo ueu ana ctioemeu. Wben tnon
ceases from off the earth, then the demand will
cease, aud not till then. -
Sole proprietors of tbe above Medirino
25 cents and SO cenu.'
As tbe All-Healing Ointment has bMn
counterfeited, we have given this Caution to tbe-
puotic umi-uo uinuneui win t gnnuiue unless
the name of James McAlister or Janet McAlis
ter 4 Co., are writtm with a ns upon ivtar -
labeL" . r
. Now we hereby offer a reward of $500 to be
paid on conviction in any of the coustituted-sour-of
the Uuited States, of any individual counter
feiting our name and Ointment
A. 8. HENRY General Agent for the State,Asln
laouia, uuio. .
Forsnle by Bury & Beck, Druggists Lancaster,
II. & J. Leonard, Merchautsv BuuL-E- CoUegam
Druggist, Baltimore, John .Woodyard", 6rooerr.
new ouiem, r. luuo, uruggut, Rusbville, MJL.
Mitchell, New Reading, Asbbaugh & Beery Bre-i
August 28, 1846. , 16
WHO now complains of ill health, or talks of
heavy doctor bill?, when comfort, ease, peace
and health, are brought with "H IB BARD'S FA M
1L,Y rtl,L,&, to almost every town or hamlet in
your countiy" V . , ' s -,
REV. B HIBBARD," lb proprietor of there
excellent Vegetable dnti Bilious Pills having been
iu the practice ol letting the power of medicine on
the tics for the lati ilnriy yearn, present with con
fidence ihis almost sovereign remedy (or ilia wont
cases of Chronie Dispepsia, Coslirenett, Dispeptic
r, , n:,: !:, v
iaruumjuon, viuaut vrtuiic, erysipelas, sxaema
tism. Sick Headache, Filet, Liver Complaint. Dut
enlary, JVereota Debility, Palsy, Pleurisy, Worms
and many other n.ieases which the human family
are afflicted, and asks that ha may have the privilege
of uffroding relief to the suffering millions, by the
use ol nis extraorninary sprcibc . I o prevent fraud
they are sold alone by regularly authorized agents
whose name will be puhlirhed hi the county paper .
- Aoknts ftna FaiariELD Count
Bury It Berk, Lancaster: V G Wilson Si Co, Ruth
ville; N B Coulinn tc Co, Wen Ruihvillej S B
&C Paden, New Salein ; J Ketuer, Milleriport; '
E Geohegan, Baltimore: lldj Leonard, Basil
David Holderinan, Amanda: J M Stage, Lock
burn: Roucrt Cloud, Liihnpolit: S S Rutsel, Pick
eringtoiK 1 W and F A Thompson, Canal Win
P S Country Agents can al vays obtain a new
supply of the above medicine at Bury and Beck's
December 20, 1846 : ' 23Iy
Dlt. KOftKRS'
ASAKKanilceriain CUKK for CONSUMP
TION of the LUNGS, Spilling of BLOOD,
Coughs, Cohls.Aiahuia, Pain In lh Side, Krourhi
tis, W hooping Cough, and ALL PULMONARY
Certificate of Dr Wm. J. Richards a, veil kntnen
practitioner of more than twenty years standing. u
To all whom n may co.icem, I make the follow
ing statement' t'onrcious that it may apiear un
prolemional, it i only from a prrlect conviction and
tluirmigh knowledge of lb essential brue6l and
scientific origin of the prepaiatiou spoken of that I
lerl 'constrained from a -ei ol duty to cooiply
wifh the nqiirii ol ihe proprietor.
' 1 am a most invateraie oppnser of quack- and
quack medicines iu any lorn), and moot fully coin- '
cide with the clauses in the Code of Eihics lately
adoped by the Medical Convention of Ohio lelating
particularly to that subject; ll may therefore be in
ferredihat It is only from personal experiment with
the preparation, and a positive assurance of lis
beneficial results, that induces me lo recommend it
as being all that it represents itself to be. - --
The patient, Mr. l.harles Wade, Sixth street.
Market Space, whom I allowed to try the effect of
ihe medicine, (but which 1 would have done under
nocoiiliiieratiou whatever had I not seen a copy of
the receipt from which the medicine is prepared,
obtained from the agent, and which I am satisfied
is authentic,) was quite low with the early stages
of pulmonary coniumption, foi which 1 had beta
treating in ihs usual manner, though with lest than
my usual success; at his earnest request, and that
ol hit friends, I examined the receipt, and was
sufficiently satisfied of ill tcieulinc competition lo
allow the trial, and I am obliged to confess its effect
was at leati surprising, inasmuch that after 'he con
sumption of ihe second bottle my proiestional vitits
weie discontinued, though I frequently taw my pa
ttriit afterwards, restored to perfect health.
I he preparation is railed 'Dr Rogers' Com
pound Symp of Liveiwort and Tar;" and from the
examination of ihe receipt and the turcert In my
own experiment, 1 do coutcientiously recommend
it at a useful and valuable medicine; and 1 should
uige my brother practitioners tu procure the receipt,
as 1 feel convinced they will agree with ms as to iu
excellence, and will no doubt ute it in their prac
tice, ss 1 ball most certainly do, believing it 10 be
a inott valuable aid in pulmonary casea that baflts
the ordinary mode of trealmenr.
Cidcinuati, 0, 1. 1, 1844.
Of Mrs. BknJ. Smith, living on Ihe north tide OS
Ann itreet, one square north of the Cincinnati Hof
pital. , -
This is to certify that my wife was attacked with
a violent rough, which settled on her lungt aud re
duced her to low that her phytician could do no
more for her. She exhibited precisely lha same
svmpioais as my daughter did before her death (the
having died wuh th same disease) and all our
friends were convinced the would live out a
thon time longer. I was at this time recommended
lo try Dr. Rogers' celebrated Syrup of Liver
wort and Tar. With little or no hopes, I prorurrd
a houle of ihe agent in this city, and upon return
ing I found my wife absolutely strangling with her
counh. I commenced giving large dotes a tea
spoonful every hour, for forty eight hours which
railed her as by a miraete. I have since adminis
tered it In small rfotri, which haa brought her to
ma use of ibe fourth bottle, and the is now doing
her houna-work as usual. I have not ihe slightest
doubt that the would have been in hrrgravs but for
ihit Invaluable medicine) and I return my tineera
thanks to the eminent inventor of il, ami do moit
urgently recommend all per-ent afflicted with any
disease of the lungt tu give it a trial .
1 certify that my husbai.d'i tlatemeni nf my cam
above, is strictly correct in every particular, and
moil cordially join him in greieful thanks for the
benefit I nave derived from this valuable medicine.
Cincinnati, Feb. 13th, 1845.
A. L.SCOVILI. Whnletale Agent for tho
Wett and Smith Southeast corner ofSth and Race
Sireett, Cincinnati, Ohio.
The above valuanie medicine are aim for tale at
BURY k BECK, Druggists,
Lancaster, June 4, 1847. Jy33.
One thing la Certain, ...
That Wistnr's Balsam of Wild Cherry is far the
best Remedy now used for all distressing coughs
and diseuses of the lung. The cures being per
formed are reolly astonishing . the world. Dr.
Wistnr's Celebrated preparation is wholly an in
nocent remedy being composed principally of
the Wild Cherry; and extract of Tine; combined
by a now chemical pr 0 eess. with the geuuiue Ice
land moas, another of Nature's grout curatives for
pulmonary diseases.
Those who waut a remedy that will surely cure
should sond immediately to the store of'Maocrack
en & Galbraith. . . 211.
by a want of healthy action in the vessels which
throw off the peiapirut ion from tbe head. Wben
these vessel are weak or diseased, the perspira
tion i thick and clammy, and adhere to the"
months of the pores, and clog them up, and.driea
aud form scurf and dandruff. Less blood ia then
carried to .the roots of the hair, and for wol of
which the hair has not sufficient nourishment, and
consequently becomes dry aud barsli, and begin
niseusioiy to lull on, which continuing to iucrcasv
eventually produces baldness. Restore the cap
pillary vessel of the heud to their former heult liy
circulation, and fine silky new hair will make ita
apiiearauce, which will increase in quantity and) '
volume, until the hair becomes thick und healthy.
Jayue s Hair Ionic is the only preparation that
has ever been known to produce new h ir on
bold heads, which it ha done lu innumerable iu-
ataucea, aud will seldom fail, if properly and per
severingly used. ''
1' re pared ouly by Dr. D.J A VISE, No. 8 Boun
Third street, Philadelphia.
, Foraleby BURY & BECK.
Lancaster, July 23, 1847. . 3wll
I&iank Summon
For sale at tbe Gazette At E-tpressOflic
in f

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