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latest from IWtxtio.
La Potria issued yesterday afternoon
an extra containing some news, or rather
some confident anticipations of news
from Mexico. The schooner Charran.
Capt. Goldinjj, arrived yesterday trior
. ning from Tampico, whence she sailed
on the .5th instant. The Tampico
correspondent ofLaPatria writes that
ho has received the following letter from
. the capital we give the translation of
La Patria: '
Mkxico, August 19, 1847.
' Esteemed Friend I have already in
formed you that Gen. Scott proposed a
suspension of arms on the 21st, and that
it was followed by an armistice agreed to
ton the 22d instant. A negotiation was
forthwith opened with Mr. Trial, and I
have just been assured that up to yester
day it had impressed very satisfactorily.
Very shortly a treaty of peace, it is ex
pected will be concluded. The princi
pal articles are the following:
The United States shall restore to
. Mexico the Californias, together with all
the ports, cities and towns which the A
mencan forces occupy in our territory. .
The United States shall foiever retain
the State of Texas, whose limits shall ex
tend to the left bank of the Rio Bravo
del Norte, comprising Matamoras, by
Jumcs' Lsint.
Robinson ic Jones publish this morn
ing in edvanco of the receipts of it from
eastern publishing houses, "Margaret
Graham, a novel, by G. P. R. J amos."
This is the third time recently these en
terprising Cincinnati publishers have
beaten tlicireustern cotemporaries in get
ting into the western market with popu
lar works. They have a Missisdippi Val
ley enevcv about them, that will work its
why without fail. 'Wo reioico in their
succoss. The field out here belongs' to
Cincinnati -not to Jioston. New ioik,
or Philadelphia and the time is fast com
mg when Cincinnati will occupy it to mo
exclusion of all cotemporaries.
Messrs. Robinson & Jones nave goi
ten Margaret Graham out in excellent
stvle a ereat improvement on me man
tier of issuing cheap publications a few
years ago. ' 1 he work is said to equal
anv of James last novels in interest.
Cin. Gatette.
LANCASTER, Friday, October 1. 1847.
Corn,.... i.
Corn Meal,.
tutor,.... . . .
Bitcon, . . . . ,
Loaf do....
Salt, (barrel).
.. 24-3)28
... .56
:::: :::!,
- 81
. 124-31 16
. . 4V380
. 8!J
.1 75
Dried Apples,.. . SU
Klax-8od 70
Cluver Seed.. $3
While (tuuua,....
l'earhuh i
Shot 175
Lead 6
Powder . ... ft '2-1
Whiskey il
Chocolate It
Ginger 124
Suturatuit 9
White Fish,... fl 10
i'ickeral 8 00
Cav. Tohucco. . 1 4'S3:1
Kentucky do ...71&8
means of a canal which shall be cut for
that purpose.
In respect to this latter point it appears
that nothing definite has been agreed
upon. It has been found impossible to
assemble Congress, consequently a junta
of "notables" will be formed for the ex
press purpose of revising the treaty.
There are other articles, but as they are
' of secondary importance they are not
Gen. Valoncia marched to Toluca,
where he publicly declared that he would
not recognise Santa Anna as President
of the Republic, nor as commander-in-chief;
and he proposed to assemble troops
to attack the capital. Subsequently,
however, it appears he surrendered him
self to the Government, by whom he has
boen sent prisoner to Gaudalupe, whero
he is to be brought before a court martial.
Gen. Alvarez is announced as intend
ing to re-assemble his troops, for the pur
pose of attacking the Americans on the
first favorable opportunity.
Gen. Paredes, it is stated is matching
on the capital with a respectable force,
which he has succeeded in bringing to
gether, with a view to assist his country
men. This he persists in doing, notwith
standing the order that has been trans
mitted to him from Santa Anna to quit
the country to return again to the place
of his exile.
Gen. Sai.as. I have just seen a com
munication from Gen. balas, dated from
Coyacan, where he remained a prisoner.
In this he declares that it was the un
skilfulness of Valencia and the cowardice
of Torrejon, that the battle of Coutreras
was lost. Torrejon, instead of obeying
the orders of Salas, which directed him
to charge the Americans with his cavalry,
he pusilanimously fled, and in this man-
ner brought ruin and destruction on our
infantry. n. n. .
We give this for what it is worth. It
is no later from the city of Mexico than
has been received by way of Vera Cruz.
Nobody, we take it, believes the United
States are going to restore California
There may be some diplomatic arrange
ment by which we may exchange the title
by conquest which we now have forone
by purchase we suppose the three mill
ions are intended tor some such purpose
iiut the united States will never give up
California, and this part of the letter must
be all fudge. The sutemant about the
canal and Matamoras is simply unintelli
m ble. iiut this letter which we give
solely to gratify the gaping curiosity of
tho town tor every word ot news trom
Mexico, is important in one view of it,
It confirms the fact that Mexicans gener
ally do sincerely believe that an imme
diate peace is to grow out of the late vie
tories and the negotiations founded up
on them.
The letter writers with our army show
themselves by no means so sanguine o
this as do the Mexicans. This we regard
as a good omen for peace, and we attach
no other importance to ua ratrias let
ter than as confirming this fact. We are
now hourly expecting later arrivals from
Vera Cruz, with decisive information as
to the issue of the negotiation. We trust
Gen. Scott will not allow any waste of
time in this business. Should the Mexi
can commissioners show any signs of in
sincerity of more procrastination, the ar
mistice be broken off, and the capital oc
cupied. We infer from the Union that
, Mr. Trist's instructions are very concise
and specific, and if so there can bo no pos
sible use for tedious diplomacy.-Piyte
Drkadful Accident Thkeb Cuif.
dren Burnt to Death. We learn from
the Romney (Va.) Intelligencer that a
distressing accident occurred near Ulays
villo. Va., on Sunday evening 22d ult
The house belonging to Mr. Isaac Bosely
was, on that day, consumed by fire, to
gether with three little children. Mr.
Bosely and wife were obsent at the time,
and had fastened the doors before they
left. The fire is supposed to have origi
nated from the chimney.
Zaxf.svili.k, Wcduosdey September 29.
Wheat at 75 cent. Flour 1 1,2 j. The Dulti
more Patriot of Saturday, quotes sales of Howard
street Hour at 5,C2. 6a Friday 300 barrels of
Briuulywiiie Hour old in Philadelphia ut $5.50,
which, aar the Patriot, wan the market price fur
Pennsylvania und Western brands. In New
Vork. fresh grounds Western Dour Hold for $.,fi2
to .),63. (iazeUe.
Ciiir.ucnTHK, September 29.
The price of Wiieat raujes from 70 to 75 ceuts.
r lour retails at 14-6-11,2.); Corn 25 111 ear, VH cents,
shelled: Oat 17c; barley Ww;:; flaxseed (i.e.;
Beans 50'c(2c; Lard, 6-804 ceuU; Uncoil, Hog
round, 6 cents. Gazette.
Aid for New Orleans. Thirteen
firms and individuals in New York have
contributed $100 each, one S75, nine 850,
and other losser sums, amounting in all
to $25U0, for the relief of the sick in
New Orleans.
. EFAt a late court, a man and his wife
brought cross actions, oach charging the
other with having committed assault and
battery. On investigation, it appeared
that the husband had pushed the door
ainirist his wife: and that the wife in
turn pushed the door against the husband
A gentleman of the bar remarked that he
could see no impropriety in u man and
his wife &-dore-wg each otnor.
T V XHS I O 11 18 4 7.
Lancaster, September 23, 1847.
A GUEEABLY to the provisions of the 13th
Iwl section of the Act entitled "an act prescrih.
itiethe duties o I County Treasurers," and the 19th
section of the amendatory act. passed Feb. 8, 1847.
I DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the rates
of luxation within the County of Fuirlield, assess
ed for tho present year, are us lollows:
For State and Canal purposes, 2 mills on the
dollar of valuation.
For County. School, Poor, Bridge, und other
purposes, 3 mills on 1 lie dollar of valuation.
Auu mat lliu 1 owrisuips nave levicu me louuw-
iug for Township purposes, to-wtt:
a mill each.
Clearcreek, Bloom and RichJuiid, one-fourth of
Doctor Tailor's Balsam or Liverwort
This unparalleled, loug-tried chrono-thermal reme.
dy is daily making new and firm friends. A phy
sician called to-day who is connected with the
surgical department of the New York Hospital
and who after having consulted in vain some of
the ablest surgeons on this continent, was induced
to use the genuine Bulsum of Liverwort direct
from tho office 275 Bowery. The bottle is not
yet exhnusted, and his words aro "Your medi
cine, sir, is a most astonishing remedy. I had no
faith in it at first, but there is nothing in the world
ike it. It has proved in my ense a perfect spe
cific. I mix two teaspoonfuls 111 hall n tumbler
of water mid sugnr and its taste is delightful und
ery similar to old Madeira wine. I shall recom
mend it with confidence." He bought another
bottle from a friend. There is hardly a hamlet
village or town in the United Slates where there
are not more or less cases of consumption, asthma
bronchitis, catarrh, liver complaint, spitting of
blood, pain in the side, consumptive dyspcpsiai
&o. &c, Dr. Leed's signature to the label. We
have numerous testimonials from doctors, minis
ters and other respectable individuals all over the
country, corroborating its wonderful efficacy in
the above diseases, also in colds coughs and curing
children. It should be in every family.
Duncan's Expectorant Uemcdri
of the Lungs cured by the timely use ol Dr. Dutv
can's EiDectorant.
I, the undersigned do lieretvy ceriny to uiose
afflicted with diseases ol the Lungs and Liver that
I have suffered with the premonitory symptoms
of Consumption for the last three years, which at
length begun to assume a dangerous cnnrncier;
cough increasing, with great loss of strength and
exhaustion; severe pain in my inroai, wmi swell
ing: pain in the breast und side; night sweats; and
ull the symptoms ofaspeedy termination of life.
Being under me treatment oi a pnysiciuu ior noma
time, and finding no relief from his treatment and
medicine my father was determined to try the vir
tues of Dr. Duncan's Expectorant Remedy, hav
ing heard so much said of its good qualities. lie
obtained it ut the office, No. 150 Sycamore street.
I commenced taking the medicine without any
hope of recovery, but to my surprise I soon began
to gain strength; my cough disappeared alter the
expectoration ofsecreted mutter took placo. I
continued usins tho medicine until I had taken
five bottles. I this day called personally at your
office, offering thanks and gratitude to you as a
public benefactor for compoundiiigsuch a valuable
medicine as toe f.xpectorum mis proveu 10 ue 111
mv case. I now feel enlirelv well und trust that
all who rend this, nud who have an affection of the
Limits will make use of this valuable medicine be
fore it is too late. I believe Dr. Duncan's Kxnec
tarant Remedy to be a certain preventive and cure
ot that lutul disease Consumption.
Frederick Autenhkimer.
Third st., between Pike und Butler, Cin.
Any one wishing any further knowledge of the
above case mid cure is requested to cull upon the
father ol the Heullemin or at his own residence.
Call at Dr. Duncan's Western Medical Office
No. 151 Svcumore st. Ciu. Ohio.
For side by Macccracken & Galbraith. Lancaster
Amanda, Uockingaiid Pleasant, no tux assessed.
Violet. U mills.
Liberty, Kusliureek, (road and township.) ol
a null each.
Greenfield and Perry, 1 mill each.
Madison. Born and Auburn, 4 mill each.
Wuluut (township nud school,) mills.
And I do hereby farther give Notice.
That, iu pursuance of the order of tho County Com
missioneis. (sec. 19 J I sliall, 111 porsou, or Uy
deputy, attend in the following townships, as fob
lows, at tue usual places 01 uoiuiug i-tcciiiius, via:
Perry, on Thursday the 4lh day ol November.
Bloom, 011 Friday the 5th day of November.
Violet, on Monday and Tuesduy tho 8th und
9th days of November.
Liberty, oil Wednesday me lutnni iioveiiiner.
And I will attend ut mv office in Lancaster from
this date to the 20th of Deccmber.to receive taxes,
after which 20th of December I must cense, in or
der to be able to comply with "An act further to
amend the act defining the duties of County Trea
surers, and for other purposes," passed March 12,
1844. Bv the 2d section of tins net it will besecu
that the Treasurer cannot make any return of de
linquent lunds until he has exhausted all the per
sonal property by levy and sale. The following
is the section referred to:
Sec. 2. That when any person is charged on
the duplicate, with tux ou real estate and tux on
chattel or personal property, the payment of tax
011 such chattel or personal property shall not re
lease it. whilst iu his possession, from liability to
be distrained for tho payment of tax 011 such real
estate, unless the person in whose name such pre
mises are cuarsed. sliall satisty the county treasur.
er thnt the same are not his property, and are er
roneously charged iu his name for taxation: but tho
treasurer shall lie aullionsed and 1 equirea 111 nit
cases when any person, properly charged with
taxes on real estate, has personal property within
the county, to distrain the same for the payment
of such tux, and the county auditor shall accept
Iroin sucti treasurer ,in ins return 01 aoiiunucncius.
no assignment of course Lcause for such delin
quency of lutided estate, except that the owner is
a non-resident of tho county, that such premises
were erroneusly taxed, that 110 personal property
could be found, or thnt property when seized was
not sold for want of bidders."
An amendment also having been made to said
law on the 8th February, 1347, of some public im
portance, 1 deem it my duty to can general uueu-
.! .l. lO.l. ...,;.... of ...ill nt.iaiiilnll'V mt
tion to the 18th section of said amendatory net.
that delinquents may be made acquainted with
what is now the absolute duty 01 tue county treas
urer. The followins is the section:
Sec. 18. If the countv treasurer shall be nimble
to collect the taxes which have been, or hereafter
shall be assessed upon any executor, administra
tor, pnardian. receiver, accoiintina officer, agent,
lactor, nrother person, sucti treasurer snau nppiy
to the court ot common pleas 111 uis county, aim
the court shall cau9e 11 notice to be served upon
such executor, administrator, Ruardiun, receiver.
accotiutiii" officer, nffent, factor, or other person.
reouirin" him forthwith to show cause wliv lie
should not nav such taxes: and if he shull tail to
show sufficient cauae.u rule shall bo entered aaaiust
Imn for the payment ol such tuxes ami the cost ot
such proceeding, which rule shall have the same
lorce and ettect as a judgment at law, and do en
forced by attachment or execution, or such process
as may be directed by the court."
.1 brill A IM'.WMKIV,
October 1, 1847. 3w21 Treasurer F. C.
The Mormons. A passenger from the
upper Missouri informs us thai the Mor
mons are in a Hourishintr condition, in
their now location on the fine lands of
the Potawatamie purchase, on both sides
of the river, above Council Bluffs. They
have planted immense fields of corn to
the extent it is estimated, of 30,000 acres
and other grain produce. They have
built also a town, called "Winter Quar
ters," which already contains a popula
tion of some seven thousand souls. This
town is entirely picketed in. It is rep.
resented that the Mormons are on friend
y terms with the Indians, who rarely mo
lest them, although they are accused of
occasionally stealing cattlo. St. LoxU
3T0n Saturday we saw a mattress
e.nveloped in one of the India Rubber
covers, and it floated abqut in the Mis
sissippi, with a man upon it, with all safe
ty. Their introduction upon our steam
boats would relieve passengers of much
of the anxiety arising from accidents to
the vessels, as they would be the certain
means of safety whenever it became nec
essary to leave the boat. A carpel bag,
of the same material, filled with thirty or
forty pounds of iron, floated about the
waU - as fxfelv as if nothing was in it and
demonstrated that it might be used to
save the life of the owner as well as
his clothing. So of many other articles.
v St. Louis Repub, , r
Mr. Clay. The Lexington Observer
Bavs: "Mr. Clay returned to Ashland
. -w
MARRIED In the City of Wheeling on the
21st September, 1847, Dytlieuev tj. toon, Mr
J. F. MOORE, of Mourirtsville, Va.. and Mrs. 8 A
RAH WHITE, of the City of Wheeling, and form
erly of this place.
Will BE Fl'BllSUED 1.1 WASni.XbTO.1, D. C.
No. l,of theUnited States Reporter,
Dally Journal of Ooyrrnmsati Lt:Ula
tlr and General Niwa
flHK subscriber ia now cuaMm! tn aniuiniiea
. the completion of hi arrangement for the
establishment of a well orgunifted ami independent
Journal ul N wiul the Seat ol tlio (jeneml fjov-
The lending features of the Cutko Statu Bk
roRTia will b the following:
1 Early intellieenet of ike movementi of the
variou$ Vrparlmenli of Government, in reference
to domestic affairs und to the foreign relations of
the country, will be given with scrupulous fideli
ty. I'lissesslug peculiar facilities fur obtaining
information, tho "Reporter" will be enabled fre
quently to communicate, exclusively, iulellixeuca
of the most important character.
II. Tlte verbatim Hrporti of the Proceedings
and Dr.ba.trt of the United States Srnare, which
the proprietor is bound to furnish daily to that bo
dy, in accordance with the terms ol the contract
mnilu ut the close of the lust session of Congress.
The iirrungenients now made will at once fully
secure to the Senate of the United States mi au
thentic und complete record of its debates: and to
the people iu a greatly enlarged degree the
benelit of the experience, sagacity, and statesman
ship of that body to which they fiuvo ever looked
with solicitous and respectful regard.
1 II. The Proceedings and Vrbatn in the ltonte
of llcprcientntiiiet will alio be gioen, witli full
ness, impartiality, and the utmost luomptituile
Each day's record will be completely made up,
and appear iu the "Reporter" next nioruiug
IV. A Synoptical View of the Proceeding! and
Dabalrt of all the St'ilet Legislature wilt be re
gularly gioen Members of Congress, and all
clnsses of readers, will thus be kept fully und sys
tematically informed of domestic legislation iu all
sectionsof the Uuitod States.
V, Early intelligence of all important move,
mcnts in the Legislatures of Ureal Britain and
France will be communiciiuted by every Steamer
from Europe, through reporters in Loudon and
Paris, who jiossess peculiar facilities for obtain
ing inlormatiou,
VI. Copious Reports of all cases in the Su
premie Court bf the United Stairs, which possess
general interest. Great care will be bestowed
upon this department of the "Reporter." These
reports, alone, to the members of the profession,
must entitle the "Reporter" to their patronage
and support.
VII. The General Sevs of the Day will be
given in a condensed form, with industry and at
tention. Kuch is a brief view of which the "United
State Reporter" is designed to be. All thepluns
and arniugcmeiits have been well matured, and
the hope is coiitidc-ntly cherished, that the "Unit
ed State Reporter" will prove itself an energetic,
industrious, dignified, und perfectly independent
journal. It will ha, no party views nojiohii
cal bias. The proprietor, by the terms of his con
tract with ilieVSenuie of the United Suites, is bound
to the condition that "the paper shall contain no
political discussion except the debates." It will
be 11 vehicle of kws not the organ of any set ol
opinions. 1 lie gruuu aim ot tlic suiiscrioer is to
establish at the seat of Government a fuillilul und
prompt reporter of ull sorts of intelligence RB-
spo.vsiai.K asknt. on which the politician, ihe bu
siness man, the lmuiufacturer, the mechanic, and
every one interested in Ihe atf.iirsef Cungross and
the Government, may rely at ull times with impli
cit confidence.
It is bclicvad thai the establishment of such n
reliable journal of intelligence, on terms which
place it within the reach ol the great masses of
the people, ut the commencement of what promi
ses to be a most interesting nud eventful period
in the history of Congressional proceedings, will
be regarded with favor by ull classes of the com
munity; and, having thus stated his objects, the
subscriber respectively solicits a liberal und gcii
ous support from the United States.
Stenogiopher to the Senate of the United States.
The "Unitrd States Refortkb" will be print
ed 011 a large and handsome sheet, and issued
every morning, except Sunduy, ut the rate of six
dollars per annum; single copies Uco cents.
In connection with tho daily paper, there will
be issued from the same establishment,
This publication will contain exclusively the
Reports of the proceedings und debates of the
Congress of tho Uuited States. It will be issued
semi-weekly in a quarto form, throughout the ses
sions of Congress, and will be furnished to sub
scribers at the rule ol two dollars the long session,
and one dollar for the short session. His believ
ed thut this great national work will be deemed
indispensable iu the library of every public in
slitutiou, politician, and professional man through
out the country; and that it will be regarded by
tho great muss ol the people as the very best poli
cal text bonk for their owu instruction and thut
of their children.
Important Announcement,
Throughout Ihe sessions of Congress, Extras
tr7 be issued from the office of Ihe ' United States
Reporter," containing the reports of all such de
bales as may posses particularly exciting interest
VtfAII subscript ions and communications to be
post paid, addressed 'J. A, Houston, United States
Reporter, Washington. D. C.
Washington, D. C, September 24, 1847.
ItLYl 11 1 T MR U 11
A ASSORTED, from 8 by 10 to SI br i". fur
Lancaster, August!!!), 1317. IS
given for ri.AX-KKI by
I.aucaslor, August SO, 1817.
i Barrels LINSEED Oil., by
Lancaster. Aug. 13 1817. U
1'aiuily liroceriei.
( Bags Green and Yellow RIO COFFEE;
LaiHHvter, August 13, IS 17 .14
IO Ilarrvlx Tanner's Oil.
JUST received and for sale by
Lancaster. August 13, 18 17. 14
Cheat and Grow llich.
Wild has hm lh swret arlnrlpV of too snany of Hie
ii irtabrola Scaler h Tnm uu to Ctils t one. ana they hava
Biactkeff rirt mhmi iHiamefni impnentofi'm theCanntrjr Mer
rltanf wliboul any fear of ifviw-iKm. But a naw ra in ffta
Tra Traits has conn and Ida rxKIM Tts COMPANY
'aim ti, Mmiot of lifltntradueiioa. Thay vara lha Arst to
rrw th aannar or Kefnrm, on which tiny uava macrirad
theatinpa, wmos"wmrs Ttns ova Arf aHcM." A cota-
fW revolution hs. lti I rt r oiwiiKWi. Let romumers
01 vrfi nrrr wrltrrr Uutk ai what we hsvs dmi
U. W tiw fir In send ttiein To Ilia! uM 10 1
rl. W have Srtorn oat of Hi markrt a rssi amrnmt of
"iisri.ans MiirorKK-M a heucr riam of Tans iliaa lias H
ever rin arriA: ltllunriMra ,Jt 'I--. n ..muhiiimi
fo. ihrir own n. , f, nw tlm&, tws qualities Ihty
can And nowhere rite.
M We he rerlw t pTM?rl more than S3 per rit..h(U
in 1)1 vk aiHl tireen Teas. The wbohnale r rs tar w
lire rumim iw trade and mil htimbnee I hi we bare
irnie slread v. and now err. what we are ready to do
i We will ecll Teas by tlte untie crural, half rheot, or
14 It 001. at the same pricee lliat wrwlf-eale trocere pay
ihe iinportrn when Itiev boy by -lie hundred mcta.
(I. The wlHVemle irnrere allow only 13 or at aioet 14
ll tare In the half cheer. Thte in s rheai. We will el
low, in nMjef infltniM-e, 15 and Ifi II ia' on ttie ratue.
3d IV e Hereby undertake in eell every kind of Tea
from sis to twslss tests per aeane thsspsr Ihsn Ihe whole,
sale f rorent do.
How ran wioilirsaskUirniinlry rtteTrnsiil?
This is nnr snswrr. tV are ronlei.t with seven per
ernt. nront instead of 35 and 30 per e al a Is wholeeale
IVe deserve Ihe llavika of Hie country nwrriranls for en
vine litem hereafter from heine cheated, lt them come
toiiielXnrrlioiiwofll CKKIV TeACO. Slid com pare
e mirier rf Ten lliey ereewliere; sod if they buy bad
'lea then, at high pricey, M ia tlielr own faM.
An Binrlwh Importer lately honied to n that hernuld
make more innney ley pending had I en 10 tna new f ore
r r.n..,.., 1 ,,f 1 wilbmil r.bnree
A.-M; see treu sii)iy 01 unum m .r.
For sale low. GKOllGK KALr r M A.v
Lancaster, August 13, 8 17. 14
market Ihnn on Rood Tee. U'e are reeoived 10 overthrow
hw frHiid. and now call npon scente tr, every town of Ihe
I mted rhaiee to r-nnie forward am: boy Its Tens imported
by Ih I'KKIN TEA ('fit ami we pledee ouryetvea, that if
they do not sell more 1 ea limn lite omeei
olcrrin Ihe town, we will five them our Tea
re. Thine irinm Knflir-h and cannot he ruis-
iintlerMnrel. tt'e appeal lor trniMKiiir to tlie immenf e sue
eert of our A2entin nny part irf llie t oiled rHate.
fAfenl wanted in every lim n in Ihe ('tilled States
for Ihe sale of there Teas, by which they ran make money,
attil rotifer a benefit upon the PuldK by eiippiyiiif. lite pure
7-5 and 17 Fulton t.9 S. '
The Tmm mritionw! in tliU f 'tiUloffii ar rlont nu In
nari?f ouiid. Imlf potint.. nil on pouiMl prhcr the
lrnif porx r, fli1 thr Ihird or rnimitl wrapper in of f 'Itlnrap
rlr mtwr Tlw ompanv twtl on tmlfoo, Tm. 4fi
up in llitf Mfterior .Manner, all of litem grown Iti Ihe mMt
lu&tinmtp iiiirirf in Chin Omiitrt AenUrn nmv wtert
n final, a qiixrlitir of ea Ii kind a Xtwy tike, and liave
them p:irk-tl in one rtv.Bt, TheM Tat bI-n rome in fire
lioand (;hiiip cm kn?rti,f n'M qnatlooua, a very roMTcn
s. .. . , 1 , 1 1 1 ... .1 j . e r ,....1 M'i". laiirtiui 9n uuiiai-is viiaun.
f neur aa t-Hsjiyi m an -a.ij, "-. titmam, ran orner anr ni ine i ea in uie ainnnup. ny w
THE nndeniijnrjj irptctfully Informt tlit
public, that be liss been supoiuwd NOT A
RY PUBLIC, ind that bsidM th usual busiuaaa
connected with that officw. fa is prepsred to tuaat)
oat Powers of AUornef. CertiCcatoa, &c., iu ths)
English, (iermso and French Lantusgra, and to
trtnslsto all kiuds of docutneuts from and into
tbosa lungnagra.
He c be limud every morniiir finltl ID to II
o'clock ut bis otlice iu Dr. Kreider s Haiiilnirje.
Lsucastor, September 17, 1847. 3wl9
Fashionable Tailors. -
8IIOP lnSlisHlorsBulldinir, outdoor Cast of
to jtlieTiilliniHlge IIotie.
1 Lnljca5ter. June 11, 184?. a
GiD a T B CD CD 1 QD
Lancaster, July 5, 1847.
n. P. EFFI.NOElt,
10 Hurri'N Water Limr.
BEST QUALITY, for sale by
Lancaster. August 13, 1847. 34
OF ull kinds cheaper tlnui ever nt
June IS. 1817.
A Fine Farm lor Sale.
,NE Hundred and Thirty-three Acres of Land
iinnroved nud iu uood couilitiuu. will be sold
pnvHte sale, mi terms to suit purchasers.
Jl Alt TI. 6c KFI l.iii:K,
Attorneys and Counsellors at LaV.
OFFICE In Foster's Brick Buildinj.
L-incuster,Ohio, June 11, 1847i J!L
Alt.icliuiciit Aolicc.
TOTICE is liercby given, that James M"
'rati, mi the 21st day of A 11 gust, A- I). 1847'
ned out of Ihe Clerk's Office of the Court 0'
Common Pima of Fairfield Comity. OlirOj swlust
the goods, chattels, rights. credits, moneys, enocts, .
lauds and tenements of John Jackson, for the sum
ol Five Hundred Dollars damages; which writ
has been served and returned.
Marti.? a Krrnorn, Attorney.
September a, 1847. prfe'etl.tS Bwlt
at her. in uuaitiitie 10 mitt Itieir vrMlie. We park ttiem in
fjlilitfee boiesnn ileiiver llieut to lie? r orwartlitis Mer-
., .. .. 1 -.i 1 1 1 Haiti tree iroei charge ror irareiny or . nnarfr. j ne moil-
Aiioui rony rtcresure cnveieu hiiuu "101-1 , w , . ,
1 r .:.i ... 1 t .. .. ' -
ICIll 2IOWIU Ol lllllOt-r, unit llie UJi.ltltc la uitucr
cultivation. There are on it a good Dwelling
House und Burn, und suiwlile out-huuse a giiod
Well of Water near the Kitchen and another iu
the liaru-Yard. Anyone wishing to purchase 11
first rate farm will find this a rare chance. It lies
adjoining the lunds of Judge Martin anil Joel Ka
deliniish, Esq.
For terms nud other particulars apply to the
owners Henry O. and John Haiina 011 the premi
ses, or to the undersigned 111 Lancaster.
M. A. UALUMCni 1.
Lancaster, August 13. 1847. 14
Faii'lield Common Picas.
David .lenuiugs. Administrator.'!
ol Charles 8 wartz, dec. ) PETITION
vs. I
I.vdiaSwartz. I TO SELL
Henry Swarlz, j
LaviuaSwarlz, J LANDS.
The said defendants, being minor children of
said Charles S wartz, dec. will take notice that n
petition was filed by said administrator at the May
term, 1817, of the Court of Common Pleas for
Fnirheld county, Stale nt Ulno, praying lor an or
der of sale of Lot No 28, iu Hokhor's Addition to
the Town of Jetfersou 111 suid coauty for the pur
pose of paying the debts of said decedent, and
that at the September Term, 1317, of said Court
said order will lie entreil tip acconlinjlv
JOEL UAiy.BAl'GII: Clerk V' C. P.
Staxbehhy & Vak Thump, Att'vs.
August2C, 1317. plf 3 iO 6wlC.
WOULD respectfully inform the public, that
he bus removed his Shop to Foster's Brick
Building, iu the room formerly occupied by .1.
Work & Co.. us a Shoe Shop, directly above O.
Kaufl'inan's Drug Store, where he will still con
tinue to carry 011 the
ill all its various branches. His work will ba done
in the neatest and most substantial manner and
at nrices to suit the time
Country Produce of ull kiuds, taken iu ex-1
change for work
Lancuster, April 23, 1847 tfr.O
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
DIED In East Lancuster, on Suturday the 1 8lh
day ol September, 1847 after nil illusss of four
days, Mrs. SAUAU lvicuu.ini.Lr, consort 01 ivir.
Walter McDonald, nsed 70 years and 19 dnys.
The deceased emigrated to this place in June,
1817 where she has since resided. In the rela-
.: i-...:r- ,1.... ..;tk,. 1 1 r,,ll
llOIIB Ul WHO, IllllbllC, IICISIlUI.il ,,.W..M, -l.W .....J
sustained the duties, which they bring with lliem
and in ber intercourse with tho world, she won
the esteem and affection of all who knew her.
She was for many years, an exemplary member
of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and died in
the fuilh, she had so long professed u child of
grace, she has gone to meet tliose, wlio went
before her to Heaven.
In this town, on Thursday the 23d day of Sep
tember, 1847, MARGARET ANN.eldestdatighter
of Samuel and Ami Beery, aged six years one
month and 25 days.
Too pure for earth and ev'ry earthly scene,
This infant cherub could not longer stay;
Sho's gone to brighter realms and more serene
To realms of glory ne'er to fade away. .
Rare, fragile flower, thy budding beauty's past.
Yet thy sweet image in the heart remains!
Now safe from every rude and chilling blast '
Now far remov'd from sorrow's sighs and pains.
Farewell, sweet girl ! my little gem, farewell !
Thv charms will ever cluster round the soul
Of her who lov'd thee more than words can tell
Of bint whose tondness was without control.
At the residence of Mi. Rudebaugh, near Find
ley, Ohio, Mr. JOSEPH KA EM ERER, an old and
respectable citizen ot r airneiu bounty, unio
Stale of Ohio, Fairfield Co.
Thadeus Kearn )
John Hyme, .
The Bill alledges that defendant on the 9th of
August 1845, conveyed to complainant by way ol
mortgage, In-Lot No. one, in Kern's addition to
Lancaster, to secure to him the payment of $68,
which is due and unpaid, & prays thnt said Mort
gage premises may be sold to pay said debt.
It appearing to too court imui .limn urine
is not a resiucni 01 mis otaie, 11 is iiiuicu ir
on ordered bv the Court that notice be given to
sa ill defendant ol the tiling, oniect unu prayer 01
suid Bill by publishing the same for six weeks
successively in tlio Lancaster inizcue prior to 1110
next Term.
Notice is therefore hereby given to said delen-
dnnt accordingly. J. RADEBAUGII, Clerk.
Lancaster, Oct. 1, 1847. pITUO Ow'JO
S iM I T II fc T O N ,
TXT 110 have served the Fairfield public as
Tailors, continue theirold business in the
room recently occupied by Aissworth a Wit,
lock, 011 Main Street, nnd will serve their old
friends und new ones in the old way, in the line
of their vocation.
They have received u neat and well selected
assorted of
Vcstiiigsi ami Trimuiiiiss,
Which, in addition to their old business, they will
mnke tn order, on the shortest notice, nud in tho
most fashionable innuner.
They also have 011 hand, an assortment of
made in fashionable style, suitable to the season,
und in buying which the purchaser shall have Ihe
worth of his money. Call and see how.
Lancuster, September 17, 1847. 19
-!P"Oitici!. Tallmadye's Building 3d Story.
Lancaster, June 5. 1811!.
Harried Woman's
Medical Companion.
Third Edition. 18nn. pp. 330. Price $1.
95,000 Copies sold In three Months 1 1 1
YOCNfi HYSON, good. of 33
Do iln siveet cargo 00 50
Do ih. do do finer... Ull tV-'l
Do tlo fiuecarjo 00 73
Do do eti-j Hoe 00 87 J
Do do Milver Leaf 1 1)0
Silver Leaf Seldom sold even by large dealers.
because ol the very small profits made on its
sale. This is a very suerior Tea
Do do Goldeu Chop Planta
tion or Harden growth 1 50
Colder. Co That is Hi finest firren Tea cultivated tn
China. It ks fifthe nu likMnf. and eirel all other
Oreen tens fur Its rleltrary of flaror. strentli and aroma.
Heretofore litis lea la nev-r readied line touulry, ex
repl in email lots, as presents to Importer,
HYSON, very fine 00 7.3
I Do riaiitntiiin groutli 1 uu
GCNPOWDEIl. good 00 7.
Do superior... I 00
Do small leaf, plantation growth. 1 2.'-
IMPERIAL, good 00 75
Do brisk and fragraut 1 00
Di rurions hwf, very superior.... I 25
HYSON SKIN, good fiue'fLivor 00 38
Do do extra fine 00 62$
POUCIIONf!. good, full flavor 00 38
Do tine 00 50
Do very sujierior 00 75
SOUCHONG, good 00 38
Do extra fine 00 50
OOLONG, strung, flavor tine... 00 50
Oofrm: J his lea is a great lavorue aud gives
universal satisfaction.
Do very fine 00 C3
Do iu one pound and half pound
rattvs. extra tiue 00 75
AV Pitt Vltrs This Tea is ss frasrsnt ass nojezav. It
yield's a perfume thai ie traiv rlelis htfiil. It is ofearrlen
irowth. and superior 10 any ihine, ofllie kind ever sold
in tlii country
Do do do extra fine 00 62
HOWQUA'S MIXTURE, a strong and
rich black Tea Pekoe flavor 00 75
CONGO, good... 00 371
Do very line 00 50
PEKOE FLOWERS, good 00 87J
Do do garden growth . . . 1 50
Beside the above we expect daily from China
several siileuiiid chops ol lea, exclntivelg minor.
terl bv the PEKIN TEA CO.. and which we in
tend to ennvrwht to prevent trickery. Let our
agents get jeady.
llerptnfor il has heen very difficult itidtril itn;iosi!le
to alwavs obtain fund (teen ana uiaes tea, noi now yon
iu.ve nnlv to visit tlie ware-room of the resin lea l.tim-
naiiy. 75 d 7" Fulton street, to obtain a delirious and
frasrant li'as sf too dm hi eeii h...
We have Irieil Ihe 'i'e ininoriwt hy llie fekin Tea Com.
fiiold Fens.
New arrival by express nt
(iA 1 I. ax
June 18
Attorney at Law aud Solicitor ia Chancery.
iu the Koom recently occupied by Charles
Borland, Esq. Entrance, one door west of Kaufl
titan's Drug Strife, Main Street, Lancuster, Ohio.
May 14, 1847. ltt"
The solrscriber having returned from the Eastern
Cities, whither she Imd gone to receive the Hpnng
fushinns and purtbase Iter Stock, can now
l found at her new establishment over Die Store
Room formerlv occupied by Amsworlli & Hillock
aud inst one door east of keber & Kutz.
. . 1 r 1 . .rr...
Sue lias on nana s oeauuiui aMoiunnimi i-iuir,
Pearl Braid aud Palmetto Bonnets, Kiblions,
French flowers, all kinds of Bonnets nnd dress
Trimmings (latest styles) together with a great
arity of Fancy articles lor Ladies, oue is pre-
nare.1 tn mnke Dresses. Bonnets and trim the
same combining taste, beauty and fashion equal to
any eastern establishment
WorK promptly iiuisueu aou mimwi
time promised. .., ,,
Lancaster, April 14, 1847. 9
Valuable It cal Estate lor Kale
JW1LL sell at private sale fii 46-100 Acres of
Land lying in rear of Slaubery's Garden, North
east of Lancaster, being Lots ios.7E,lu in toe
Partition of the Baldwin Estate. 1 uese two Lots
lie togsther. aud for situation, fertility ana almost
every other advantage, they form one of ths most
valuable tracts of land in Hie County.
Terms moderate. Apply soon.
Lancaster, July 23. 1847. M
Greenfield Academv.
ANOTMEU Session of the Greenfield Acade
my will commence on Tuesday the 5M day
of October. This will probably be the last ses
sion of the school. Mv friends are referred ton
communication in the Gazette of the 17th inst.,
for a statement ot the causes which have obliged
me to abandon my enterprise.
Greenfield Township, 6ept. 17, 1847. 3wl9
Lancaster High School.
rfHE fifth quarter of this school will coin
J meiice 011 Monday the 20th of September,
inst. Ample accommodations have been provid
ed for any number of students. The undersigned
is especially desirous of obtaining scholars iu the
hiher branches. The prices ure now very ma
terially reduced.
.1. II. GOOD, Principal.
Lancaster, September 17, 1847. 3wl9
"aTTir. AX-SEED OIL 300 Gallons of
Ml clear Flax-Seed Oil, just received und for sale
by ' HUKY St nr.lK.
Lancuster, July 9, 1847. ' 9
Estate of Amos Rice.
TSVTOTICE in hereby given that the subscriber
11 has been uppointea and qualified as Admin
istrator on the Estate of Amos Rich, deceased,
from his late visit to tho Virginia springs
and Cape May on baturaay last, xiib late of perry Township. Fairfield County, Ohio
friends will be gratifiod to learn that he is( CALEB HEDGES, Adm'tor.
in the enjoyment of good health." September 24, 1847. , . 4w20
Fairfield 0111111011
N m. Slnde, Jr.. Adm'tor, de ")
bonis nonol Wm.W.Irvin.
Heirs of same
Y virtue of an order to me directed in this
case. I will proceed to otter nt public sul
belbre the Court House door in said County,, ou
Saturday the 23th day of September, 1847,
between the hours ot 10 o clock A. M. and 4 o
clock P. M. of said day, the following Real Estate.
Two Lots, Nos.2 and 3, sub-divided out of Lot
No 1 and tlte West halt ot Lot m tue uui
Square of ihe Tpwn of Laucaster, as appears by
a Plat of said sub division remaining in tins case
No. 3 appraised at 1800. No. 3 at S3000
Also, No. a.in tue third bqttare ol said town.
This Lot is upon the Canal and has upon it a good
W fire-house Appraised nt 11600.
Terms One-third in baud and the balance in
one and two years, with interest.
Administrator it bonis no of W. W Irvin.
August 20, 1847. . 4wl6 pf $S! 50.
Note. The above sale postponed to October 9,
1847, between 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. before the
Court House door. ' -
. Wra.SLADE Jr. Adm'tor.
PpiviIp1 nanr, 75 sml Fulton t. Hew t orK, ami if we live wUI
I I It. I IC I ,,, 'lliev are aellinl lire itiiwl deliriou leas
' ue ever drank, and rvUil Ihcni al wtiolrsale prKea. R'f
1 p..
The ttursi srrfcitnens of jreen and hlark teas ever sold its
llo country. are inirmrted Ity the Pekin Tea Coniiiaity,7S
tr 77 pullnn street. I none wmi wain Rimn tea ai rrarsro'
.i.i- ,,ri.M. run alwavs erl litem lltere 7Viea.
iVnanTn i'a. l)HiKita The Pekin Tea t.'nmiaiiv,
r-. a. rr t.'ii.in aL have iimmrted into litis market niiie
five hundred tlionsantl dollar worth of the rltiest eradrs of
(ireeiiand Blai k Teas.erown in llie l-eleftuti binpire. none
Ult in all Hie vartniw Innry parsafe nun cnnieer .itieiniiiy
issue efanollin edition. Il is itiletnted rspectally " ' TfZ: ? j innton te i7h. ilaul
lor the inarrtrrl, as it disc'osrs iinporlsnt secrets; They olltoil lea only, and retail litem at wholesale pri-
i t n rea. -oiiiitrynK'rrhaiilwhnwishloalwsysrllsnodleas
wnicn snoiiio or sttuwii in men i.m...iianj. i.nc .i. oMsin litem at tins place
JVVai Ytrk Crier and .tuirtr
fa IDE great rifinaitil tor this most important work, j
M. (itfwlticli llwiisanils are sni(l)lias compelled ll.e :
HAS on hand and for sale, ut Gkobok Smith's
Chair Shop, on the northwest corner of
Wheeling aud Columbus Streets, in David Fos
ter's Rw , u gonenil assortment of
Mahogany lioclt ins Chairs,
Wardrobes, VVaahatands, Workstands.
And all other articles in his line that may be called
All kinds of work made to order, of the best
materials and sold cheaper than the cheapest iu
this or nny other place.
All sorts of Produce
ETA NEW HEARSE, with a line Horse and
Harness, calculated for the purpose, is in readi
ness to attend funerals. COFFINS made to or
der. - No extra charge for Hearse.
All charges very low.
Lancaster, September 17, 1847, 3ml3
taken in exchange for
ytMTBlTS LEADISO Kegs of fresh
pure White Lead. fitlsDurgn sua tin
cinnuti brands, just received and lor sale by
Lanoaster.July 9,1847. . 9
It lank Summon
For rale at the Ui.elte fit Express Offic
every female can discover the causes, symptoms,
and the most efficient remedies and must criiaiu
mode of ctue, in every complaint to which ner sex
is mluct.
Married females will here learn the ait whereby
they would retain their youth, vig tr, beamy. Has
licit v of body, ami buoyancy of spirits loan advan
ced age instead of bein efllictert, as hundreds and
lliousands are, Into vhuse hands llns book has not
yel fallen .
1 1 ii an important question to the married why it
is that we behold so many married females sickly,
debilitated, and proslratrd? as also the causes:
and whether they aie susceptible of remedy. They
will here find those i'tpumnt matters, connected
with iiiscoveries in medical anil physiological sci
enre, which meet this tpiesiinn.
This woik is destined to be in the hands of every
wife and mother who has a regard foi her own
health and welfare, as well at lhat ol her hti-band .
Ths revelations contained iu its pages have slrea
dy proved a blessing to thousands.
To those yet unmarried, but cniiieniplaiin mar
riage, or, peihaps, hesitating as to the propriety of
incurring the respnusibilities attendant upon it, the
importance of being possessed of the revelations
contained in lliese pagos, so intimately involving
their future happiness, cannot he appreciated.
It is of roinse impossibls lo convey more fully, in
public journal, the vaiious subjects treated of, ss
they are of a nature stticily intended for the married
or those contemplating maiua&e: neither is it neces
sary, since il is every one's duly to become possess
ed of knowledge, whereby ths sufferings in which a
wife, a mother, or a sister may be subject, can be
obviated. ,
Copies will be sent bf Mall free of Postage
Over leu thousand copies have been sent by mail
within three mom lis, with perfect SBfrty sndcerlsin
ty. In no instance has a remittance failed to reach
ihs publisher, or ths hook lose in whom il has been
On the receipt of Ous Dollar, the "Married Wo
man's Fh'tiofc JVeoW Companion" will De sent
free of postage lo any part of the I'niterl States.
All tenets must be addressed (post pslrt) to ui. A
M. Maurieeau, Box Nsw Yoik City. Publish
iug Office 125 Liberty Stmt,-Mew Yotk.
fj. B. The trade supplied on ths oiusHerms.
For sale by all the principle Booksellers in the
United States. Agent io Lsttcsster,
V, S. BEATY, Booksell
AtiRiisi 27, 1847. 6ml 6
Tlie Pekin 7ti riHiunnv. . j i t niton street, are rter-
fmnitiit s sreat ami fnoil work, and will in a few years, lie- j
yond all limit drive all til poor lens which have deluded
thai ronnlrv, and Mefrnude.1 ennetir ot llie article, mil
oftlie market. Thev impnrt none but pur and frasnut
leas, and retail them hy ! stnf l pound al wlioleaale pri-
i.,..,iu are alwavs rare of ohtaiiiins soori leas at
litis great warehnu. in quantilies 10 suit their conven
ience, and al Hie satire prve n w rott....i iJ.
buys to soil main. Zitf T Sun-
KISS (Illl.nSO IILarSi 1 rettt.i im . un.i...
7S 77 Fulton slieel. ell a ilelrrioits Doioiix lea si 5U
rents per nmind. Consumers of lea. who have been pay.
iuf si i sltiiliinrs per pound for lit" ankle are rrqneetcd to
roiitpercil with the above, and Jndee for tlienwelvni which
Is tin heel. Ifvnu can buy abetter tea st four shillings
per nniiitd titan' ynti have heen renins at six shlllinrs. yoa
will he oblirril lo trs for this notice. Try the icing Hy
aon. sold al lht sreat lea Eetalilniniiienl al "S rents. Il I
hetter ihsn snythint ol'the kind we have ever nought
elwwhere at one miliar.
Ifany of our reader desire lo have rnnd Ira, they ran
olantn U nf ihe Pekin TVs Company.75 4' 77 Fullon street
Tut Pssta 7 ToMriHV. We very clieerrnlty rail
the attention of all lovers of pure and frsrranl iMj.hoih
in town and country. ! Ihe great lea Warehoiia of this
Company, tuir Mug arnusintance wild Ihe Proprietors
rnaltle ns to bespesk for them lite entire confidence of the
nnhlie We tnal ineir ten, noiii in quatny ann ptirc
are all that is stilted of them. Many a lover of ilia fragrant
herb hsslteencnmpelletl to ewliew the drinking of tea in
emnequnre"nf itsinjunotis effect, until allensihlte hsa
heroine hopeless of finding, anions any of the Imported va
rleiio often in nnr market, a kind which had not such sa
effect In Ha, however, such persons will he agreeably
disappointed. 7 he ream lea wominny cratmnu.1
me iniporuiiiun ui i".
delicious davor. eitttivated and picked with great rare,
which have heretofore never hnaii introduced Into litis
crMintry.est.eiu a presents to hiiporter. Among these
they hsve an ftf . miW asmephry, and fragranl as s rrwe
whh-h wetecially recommend lo an ner I-1-""-
make tnetn ennnrmen n.."- , ... : ,
it rmvlltey never before drank such tea. But si tastes
r.r I ...ited. wilh .be great .rfv.nt.ge ore, , M her. of
gelling a ntire article. i wnoinmw pii. r - -quamitv.
TheCoropsny's Warehouse is ,i.SA;77rul.
ton wrest. 3M "' .... . 7- piinat
T. - rite Pekin Tea Company, N'l. .5 t 77 rullonsi.
urcaJestln isblv eell IW best te.. Impnrtrt into ih mar.
uriiesllca . y wl olherestab.
nLn ta a fact proven In a thousand instances since
la, "hsv, "iwrid ihtr ... would advise our
f lends" call a ml. ple. and tf thry don't wih 10 bny,
,Ue,,. to"hl.?nalltll. pamphlet, kept on the., rwatar.
Jr, iikfd-Hini 10 re. Drinkers." and Ihersfrom le.rn .
UHl.uf.,l i..ror.n..ton nntha ra.t.Jecl. xh. p..nphlet at
Wt drink Grean Tea, and for many "' "sw beer 1 pay
intonrdoltar pVr pound for . Hal Ib.iik. 10 the Pekin
Tv'cinpsnv.w. nowge. better t f' '' '. "
Teuislier pound, rtedrink one pound ter week, by which
wT.TnoCssvinr ih.neen dollar, per y'."'W"l
belter lea in llie b.:pstn Commend as In Ihe Tekin IU
Pjimiun. ut vre. -V" ror.
fr-r Editors and jmhltshrrs ofnewspspersin the United
I,, C..d... revst Indies. c. who will give Ihe .hove
if. . 1. .K-i. r..N-il.. mum.ls. Inclodtng thts ao-
!:.r"n,Z. ia A,, rh. am. in anv Tta. Uwy msy clvooas
o satec from lha above Catalogue, si tt. price, the
rained, and hy their purchasing of ths Company twkxthe
moaai 0? thelt bill, which they a. .1 liberty todispos. of
looking Glass Plates.
GAT F.S &. COSPER, (in the Tallmade Hoose)
are prepared to furnish Looking Glass Plates
of all sizes, from 8 by 10 inches to 15 by 56 inches,
01 nrrjr low prices.
Lancaster, Jnne25 1847. 7
Rooksellcr nnd Stationer,
One door scest nf the Jfoehing Valley Bank,
KF.KP9 constantlyon hand, a large assortment
of Medical Miscellaneous and School Books
Also Ulauk-bok. Stationary Ar. 4V.c. of every
description. All of which will be solj st prices
ns moderate as those of auy establishment in
Centra! Ohio
Lancaster June 23 1847. ly7.
Cheap Watches.
PKRSONS wishing to purchase a good Oold or
Silver Watch, as cheap as they can in the
Kastern cities; are invited to examine the eaten
sive assortment lor sale by
Tall mad ge House, Lancaster, .luite 18. 1847.
" ' - Silver Ware.
Dfjert and Tea Bpoons. Salt, Sins.
iird nud Cream do. Butter Kulvps Ac. also
the Real German ailver l sines, lea nioous,
For sale by G.VltS tfc COSI'ER.
June 18, 1847.
B.Hhn..wnta. mnit rflreft mxtktu mmrtti lo thi
Cna' 75
w-ssiMNTK.Doo fine paper, forialeattha
I. C, a rett e a n J Kx prf B" nffire
Dissolution INolicc.
THK firm of J. C. Mnccracken bavingdissolv
ed,J. C Maccracken associating himsel
with Work Galbraith ami John Maccracken tak.
iug charge of the accounts and books of J. & Jf j
C. Maccracken and J. C. MaccimtrkeB, notice is
hereby giveu to all those indebted that immediate
payment must be made. . .
All accounts unsettled and all notes nnpaid oa
the 15th day of June next will be left io the
hands of proper officers for collection.
John Maccracken will always be lound at the
counting room of MaccracKsn f tiaiorann.
Lancaster May 10th 1847.
fTeTeT sid Anne, an "" C"" T
Brandretli's rnis.
Allfoyvers are occasioned by the disordered mo
turn ol die OIOOU, pn... - - j ...
ty by hardening tlie vutve. ... .u , ,m
blood circulates with greatly iticreaseJ speed, and
i. still increased by the IricUon of the global, or
particles which compose the mass ol Hinds. Then
it u thnt the excessive heat aud chills is expe
rienced throughoat the whole system, and accorr..
panied with great thirst, pain 111 the head, back ,
kidneys, end in fact a complete prostration of all
Ihe faculties of the mind as well as Iwily.
On the first attack of lever, or any im
mediately take a large Hose ol Brandretk , Vege.
table Unieersal Pills, n con .u. " -
powerful effect u,h,u tne w "
o7 pain ha. entirely ceased. 81X or eight wdl m
mostcasesl?sufitcieut as a first dose, and one
dose of this kind it is not improbable, may prevent
months of sickness, pernap. ueu..
n. o..tia Brandrela Vegetable Univer
sal Pills, are indeed a universally approved medi
cine, which by ha peculiar action, cleanses the
blood of all trormnties, reimnn -
Weakness, and finally -Rcjltrei the Constitution
to perfect Health and VigeJ- ' , . r ft.
. nnrrue vtl T S are an I d for 2S
cu per box, at Dr. B. Brmedi eth . rnnc.psl Office,
241 Brosdway New York. . .
... ' r a.iBii.t! T h fnllmvlnv
(rrr Bewatroi " ' - , ,
siiiheonlyauihortwl A;e.nlor ihesaleof ihe
genuine B-and.e.h Pills i l-siTfirldcofnt, -
Reivmonb Son & Bkc, asnrosfer, Joseph Cl,m
nt. Royallrm, P'" Weisf i (iretn Castle, Israel
GrVgV.X.W'.''-B-,,'t,,,,' 'Warmer Pftef
8hsrr,0'ilJ Sum'ewta;. Amanita. D.
Berry. Svgar Grewg.Aihnaiiib k. Bfty. Brtmen,
(.'ha' G. Wilson It lliuhrillt, Jrnr Uohuei,
jlus7irWe,K.-B,t'li;C'rrI.-N. J Bon. .
Pitkennston. Vt t Rf.tl, Baltimore, FMip
iM,Pteamt,ille,l. O.kC. Padtlrrt, Mem,
Jocob Ktiir, JiliHf rspert.
lanrastrr September 3 1817.
3 V

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