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There could not have been less tlia
two hundred human beings swept into
eternity by this disaster, and fully three
fourths of that number were strangers
from afar off country. Cleo. Herald.
t , v 'rem ,, Louisville Examiner,
. Mr. Clny's SiM-ech.
The 'great speech of Mr. Clay is not
yet out. Probably it has boon published
to-day at Lexington. If so, we shall have
it early next week.
. There are some incidents, however,
connected with the delivery of the speech
which show the spirit of the man and
the occasion, and which (several corres
pondents having noticed thorn,) wo de
sire to put on the record.
The parts of Mr. Clay's speech that e-
licked the most applause were those,
which announced that he would have
ilied rather than have voted for a lie, (re
ferring to the preamble of the war act)
and which denounced slavery aim ine ex
tension of slavery.
When about to introduce the latter sub
ject, he paused, and in his deepest voice
and most imposing manner, said:
I regard slavery as a exeat evil great
ly to be deplored and T will add, fraught
. i ... i- 11 i : .w
Willi injustice iu uur iciiuw ucmgs
are the subjects of it."
r.nnrr Kurnnttt. nnrl ilenfeninff anolause
h' ' O .I! . .
followed this announcement. ' 1 he dul
lest heart,' says one correspondent, would
1 - 1. . ... ' III ,a.a,,taA
lluVO UOUl lUllllulluwuoijr. i. r auiuu
when he said this," declared one true
hearted Kentiickian, "to give a yell that
would wake the nation."
The orator catching tho full force of
the feeling around him, a'id rising with
the occasion, affirmed with deeper em
phasis, and more stirring' eloquence: .,
"Fifty years ago I advocated the adop
tion of the Pennsylvania scheme of E
inanci nation, and had it been made the
law, we should have been entirely rid of
the evil of Slavery. And with the ad
ded experience, observation and refleo
tion of these fifty years, I regret I deep
(Eljc iUarkets.
LANCAS1T.lt, Friday, December 10. 1847.
Potatoes, 25
Dried Applet,.,
Rye....... ..
Corn Meal,..
F.ggs, .......
ISucoU,.... .,
t.oaf do
Molasses, . . .
Tea .
Collee,.... . ..
Salt, (barrel).
Flux-Seed 70
Clover Seed.... $3 'J5
White Beam C2A.
K outliers ;.. 25
37i 1'mirlmli il
10 Shot ,...1 75
4 Lend..: : Cj
...Sfell Powder C2.1
.... ..;! Whiskey ...18
.. ....1 Cliocoluie IK
7 Pepper 1
7j Ginger,..' Yi
)2i 10 Suluratu,.. 9
......3 White Fish,... fA'aMO
. 4ii&80 l'ickenil $7 01)
. U'ai Cav. Tobacco.. 1433
.2 00 . 'Kentucky do ...748
By Telegraph For tin Zaneseille Courier.
Pittsburgh, December 7 3J P M.
Eight feet water in :he channel mid fulliuz.
Flour Moderate sales at ot t'lGSi- Wheat
Sales of prime Red nt HlGvUmv. Com Sales
of yellow at 43 45c. live Sales at 45e, Whis
key, ip arrclant 18a l8ic. Butter at 9, 9!fc20ct
Provision and Groceries are unchanged.
Cincinnati, December 7 6 P. M.
Klur, at $4.'J3j'a5: Wheat moderate sales at
$1; Molasses. New Orleans ni i.ik'&'iCio.; Sugar,
New Orleans at ic, ordinary at 4c ; Ho", sale of
4000 at $.50 2,87Jc 4j 100 pounds: Lard Cc.
Nisw York, December 74 P, M.
. Flour Gencssee at $6,25'cifM3i; The receipts
ure light Corn. White at 74c.i Whiskey iu bar
rels at iCaiSu. Groceries are without change. .
ZtMtsrii.Li, December 4.
We onule Wheat at 00c, Flour at 5.00'a-5,50,
Oats 17'olfljc, Corn 'Jll d'JSo, Flux Seed 60 cents,
Hogs $2,502,73 Whiskey 20 cents Courier,
Ciui.ucoTHK, Deceember 8
The price of Wheat is 90 cents, Four retails at
$5.00. Corn 20 in the ear. 25 cents; shelleihOuts
25c; Barley 40 15c; Flaxseed 7075c.j Beans
oO'fruz cents; Lurd. A cents; Uncoil. Hogs round,
(i eta. A few hogs sold from $i2,50 Gazette.
FBV1E subscriliers huve formed a partnership
JL uuder the firm inline of IIA YDEN At HUM
KltS. and have receully oieued iu die town of
Nelsonville a NEW STOKE, where will b kepi
a large and excellent assortment of ' -
Groceries, Quecm-IPare,
- Hardware, Iron, Steel, Kails, Spikes,
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ish it at the lowest rates. They have discovered a
vein of I val, which is prouou need equal to me
Brownsville Coal, either for Conking or Black
smith purposes, which will he delivered upon or
der, at any point, upon the line of canal. It will
also, be kept, at all limes, iu tho yard of P. Hay
den, Columbus, imii P C. Benedum, Lancailer,
J'r.Tr.K HAY PI'.IN, oj commons.
.1. F. ISOMERS, of NtlsonviUe.
Nelsouvilhi, December 10. 1847. 4w31
john crriNGEn & co.
HA VINO now received from New York, Phil
dolphin and Baltimore, their
I.ar an4 well auisortcd lists ot
run a ivivtfiv (anw
Look out for cheap Ilarffaing; mcmf ..
' Thereis notarnan. woman, nrchild.buUhonld
SMITH TONCri ; take medicine at Ibis eanu of die yeur. but more
p fit, M f ii . especially at this piesent time: for there probably
f aSllltlDuble 1 UllOrS it t lOllllCrS. were never so many rasps exi.tinz at one period
T I AVE inst received fmm New Yurk. at thrir 'here are miw. so likely to pnnliice o stale of
I "I stand, in the room formerly occupi,! by,":"1"'"'- 1 repeated clmiijjes in the niiihm
A;.nrlk IViUoek. Main rilreet. I.auca1.;. ! r7 . h attnir as they do ilH.ii the ciinstil.itioi..
Ohio, another snleudid assurtiiieiit of "lul M"jl,V the hlol H-ell, give necaaion tor
The but Mechanical Paper in the World,
Published at 118 Fulton St., New York, is admit
ted bj all u U the best M m inute!
publication iu the World. .
IT has attain) a larger circulation than all lh
other Mn hsukal (mpers puhlished iu Auiera.
ruml.tifi, ami ixmw.w, ,mh filiue. fur ohtain.
tllM ,.Ml l .t-.l ... .1; ... .1; I I'l... I..!- 1..
coim-s faiitl ofi.-i, itlii.iii it-nrnm" t ioa oio.t ' hiK the latest iiilelli jeme on Scteutitic suhivt-ta
llliUlll'l V lOOIJIIiUiiOj iOll.lUOm.riro)milllH ,,,,. , r.,nlKi fniuiatllwruiollUwwMlUatuo imblicaliou of
. 1 1 . . . . . r . .1 L : 1 . .
11.111 ie. Mm n tne stoniiHli ami bowels have been , "m ",,M1 """f1
A r rir.W nr.n.r...l In i.H'av ,l,n .mi I , f C.:..C1 .1
Olid adjoining (utilities, the most extraordinary lkl, gm nTllllf
indutements for the nurcbase of CHKAH OimhIs i " "A M M illAHt I II
SuiUible for the KALLaiid WIN TtKSLASU.v
Place of Fortune and Emporium of Cttuilul,
Fourteenth Street, tllclimond, Va.
Brilliant Schemes for Dec, 18 17.
CI.AnKI'.hnslioeuaVI'.NOKHror the last 15
years iu the Cities of l'ittabni jjh, Pa., Wheel
ing, Va. and JlichmoHi, Va., nud refer to the
Mnnnirers in proof of the fact that he hut told more
LARGE CAPITALS than, any Vender in lite
United State: '
30,000 DOLM. IO,000 IMH.S.
Alexandria. Close m.tobe druun Vec. 18, 1847
Cominoii St'liooU.
Tlio citizens of Luncnster are reijursted to meet
ut the Court House, un Saturday Evening, De
cember 11, at G o'clock, for tho purpose of taking
. t .l 1 imu .uiiaiut.iuiiu'i hid uicnciii viliuiliuu uic
ly regret and deplore -lhatthat scheme Common Schools of thii Town.
to wine, so politic, SO just, had not been In the work of improvement in this great cutiso
adopted: for my opinions abe now pre
The enthusiasm liere was seemingly
at its liei"ht. "1 clapped, danced, shout
ed,"saysone usually sober. "I felt like
a boy, so glad was! to hear a Kentucki
an, talking out so bravely for freedom,"
adds another of our cravest citizens. "I
tell you, mv friend," affirms a young E
maneipator, ''Old Hal (God bless him!)
lias this day done a work for anti-slavery
in the South which will do wonders.
But from all accounts Democratic as
well as Whig tlio most exciting scene
of all was, when Mr. Clay read and took
the vote upon his seventh resolution.
Here ho paused, as he did in his speech.
and rising his tall form to its utmost height
uttered a short appeal 'which thrilled ev
ery heart
"I am now about to offer a resolution
on another subject. I hope that this au
dience I trust that this people who have
hearts will sustain it. Their honor calls
for a response. The common justice
we arc far behind many towns iu this State, und
in oui'opiuion it is hi"li lime that we nwuke nud
act promptly mid eHicieutly . No subject exceeds
it in imporuuice, anil yet none has received us
little attention.
We cull upon every good citizen tu coins forth
and assist iu devising some plan by which the
terrible incubus, resting upon lliis gieat cause in
our midst shall be removed.
H. C. Whitman,
William Slade, Jr.
Benjumiu Council,
M. A. UaiiRlinny,
Henry Oman,
F. A. Foster,
(unrge K'liitl'tnau,
John D. Mm tin,
Joseph Work, Sen,
Kims Terry,
John G. Willock.
Lancaster, December 10
H. II. Rnbinsnn.
George H. Smith,
William Cox,,
George W. Buerstler,
John Rebor,
A. McVeigh.
Robert Koed,
John (iiirughty,
James Ci.iiok,
George Weuver,
SO.000 Dollars!
.20,000 Dollars!
. 10.000 Dollars!
. 5.000 Dollars!
. 2.940 Dollurs!
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. 1,000 Dellars!
. J00 Dollars!
. 30(1 Dollars!
. 200 Dollars!
ever olfered in thisrouiitv.
Just received and now opening a splendid as
sort of Terkori, Plain and Embr'd Tbibbet.Wool
and Cussimere
S3 133 Oa S3
A large assortment of Ladies' DRKSS floods.
luleit ttylet and warranted color, consisting of
Mousliii and Grape de Laines, Cashmeres, La
in. Plaids, Paramattas, Satin, Striped and bilk
Warp Alpacas, of all colors.
2000 Pieces f CAIJCOF.S,
oj an colore,
100 nieces of Satinets and Jean. Plain, striped
and liur'd. A large and superior lot
which we run sell at from $1.00 to rt per yard,
Pluiil Linseys, Gala Plaids, White. Red and
Plaid Flannel
10 Bales Brown Muslin and Sheetinzs.from 4-4
to 6-4 wide
100 Pieces Pleached do. do 3-4 to M
50 do Tickings from fii to 20 per yard
, A large assortment of
Looking (alasKC, all prices.
Our stock is full and complete, embracing eve
ry vuriely of Goods, nud have been selected with
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sale or retail, In call and examine our stock, well
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lower prices, than any other house iu town.
All kind of COUNTRY PRODUCE taken
in exchange for Goods.
.10,000 I!nliels of' Wheat,
For which the Cash is alwnvs ready.
Laucuster, December 3. 1847. 30
Amounting to 54!), 120 Dollar. Tickets only 15
ia.000 DOIs. lO.OOOIMHi
Alexandria Clans 84, to be drawn Dec, 2i, 1847
Lancaster Institute.
There will he a meeting of the I.uncaster In
stitute on Friday evening the lOlh inst., ut the
town Hall.
Several contributions to the "Anonynwut Box
will he read.
Alter which the following question will ho dis
'Should Capital Punishment be abolished in
which animatesand unites them, demandsihe btaiesof Unto.
that thev should repudiate the thought of -s-e'r-K;!"
, , ,.
lEcligious Notice,
Divine service will asain be resumed iu tho Re
form Church on next Suhbuth, the 12th Decern
"And" savs one of oer. Preaching in the Knglish language, may he
" .. ..... ....! - int I. A M ul II flr I' l
the cheer told me, "K--."i.--.?. ,, r " " "
acquiring territory for the purpose of ex
tending the evil ot slavery.
The audience waited not for the reso
lution! They knew what it was! And
as one man a deafonintr cheerrang out.
'No robbery," any how, said one. "No
rubbery for slavery least ot all, ex
claimed another,
our correspondents,
as I would lell the world, that Kentucky
never was. and never will be, a propo-
pandist of slavery, or a server or. defen
der of any propogandist."
Silence was restored, and Mr. Clay
i-pnd the seventh resolution
Shout followed shout uponitsadoption!
It seemed as if the pent up
the crowd had for the first time, an op
portunity to (low out, and be" expressed.
IM. r. ..i.Mn.!iii utna lilAi-nllv levelled in.
X 1 1 V. i , V, V. 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 . ..uu ' ' J
'I behaved like a boy," said a friend
to us, whose heart is devoted to the cause
of freedom. "I was drunk with joy, as 1
heard Henry Clay speak against slavery
as he did.
Such woro the signs, unwritten yet
anokon. witnessed at Lexington; and
what budo they What is their importl
The citizens generally are respectfully invited
to uttenu.
II. C. WHITMAN, President.
Deceniher 10, 1847.
&.c. &e.
Amountiii!! to 589,589 Dolhirs
CLARKK sold in the mouth ul Ancust, 1 47,
tho whole of 3(,000, nud tho wholeol MO,
CLARKE sold, during the month nflSovcmher,
1817, M CAPITAL I'KIZtiS ot fl.rutl, f(i0U.
500. $400. a-!00. 4200, &c. and. iiot having
sold any of the Larch Capitals, is confident that
. -ii i i..r.i... o-7...i:j '-.-:,l.
ue win sen ee verai m uio oicco utim
the month of December.
Orders for Certificates or Packa"cs.Sm-
ale Tickets and Shares iu any of the ubove
SUlihMI'.o, audresseu 10 mo uuocisigiicu, win
receive to most prompt attention, and an account
of each Drawing forwarded a soon u it is receiv
ed. Address, Postage Free,
JOHN M. CLAUKF., Richmond, Va.
December 10, 1817. 31
MARRIKD On Thursday. Dec. 2, 1847, by
the Itev. William Cox. Dr. ANTHONY DKNMS.
of nioomlicid, nud Miss ANGF-LINC R., daughter
ol Mr. Isaac Kooui7.,Sr.. cil Born township
On the 30lh of December, 1847, by the Rev.
fflinrT nf David II. Swurtz. Mr. JAMKS H. GRAHAM, of
o o i.:.. .....I m;uu u t win r.iiu r r
I'ciu mjot iifii(r, a ll vi .,.(.a iin.i.iA" v. . . . l. , m.
I Icasnut township.
On the 3d instant, by the same, Mr. JACOB
DI'.AN. of Pleasant township, nud Miss JAM;
IJA.MS, of West Kushville, Ohio.
DIF.D At his residence, iu this county, on the
1st instant, Kev..lA.MLS WUlN.N.in the 73d year
ol his ago. i he deceased lias been long, wel
and favorably known throughout this county ns
man ol excellent character and sincere piety. For
more than half his life time he was a minister of
Thnt he it the man of the people who will the Gospel n Methodist preacher. He lived
loldlll Utter himself on the tubject ofslaV- I'l'o ' "hedieuce to Ins God, & usefulness to his fel
J . . J ot. . !. !. low men: & died Wit h hecnmiii'M'csii'nntion. con.
ryjor tne peopte. x uoy . .ju fiJ(jitiu (,o cllcori , e ,-lt bi- ,.,,., md
lice. 1 lie 1001 lis wioiig. anu uiojr win nutlenngs in this world would meet Willi tho np
hail HIM as a deliverer who will lilt up I provnl of his Maker, and be amply rewarded in
his voice wisoly, and testify by his exam
pie, against this injustice and wrong.
The south wants no slave extension, nor
slave Territory. Let those, elsewhere,
who are for freb soil, but do their duty,
and never will the curse blacken a foot of
Mexican land by our consent.
VciiL Vili, Vici.,r
The words ofCoesar rise irresistably
pon tho mind of every one who reaus
Scott'slate despatches. From the mouth
of the old Roman ceneral, after his easy
triumnh over Pharacees, in a single bat
tle, thev sound like a iest or a "thrash
sonical brag;" had Scott used them in bis
despatch.thev would have seemed almost
the natural description of a campaign so
rapid and glorious as his has been, so
lull ot battles and victories, daring march
es and assaults, great exploits and migfi
tv results, terminating In the prostration
almost llio conquest of a republic by
his small armv of some ten thousand
mun. When Congress grants medals
as Congress surely will to General Scott
and the heroes who tougnt tiieir way
with him into Mexico, office is, privates
and all, let these words be engraved on
therii, and every soldier claim the right
to wear them as the utterance of his own
heroism. "The Ahmy ok Mexiko Ve
ni. Vidi. Vici!" What a memorial for
the sons and grandsons of the soldiers of
.... . . . ... ut .1 I.
the "Army ot ftl exico! w e nuns, n iii
improbable we shall wake up some fine
morning, to hear of Veni, Vidi, Vici," a
dopted as the popular designation of the
heroot Lundy s Lane. A. American.
the brighter and happier world to which he has
gone. Hillsborough Acws.
Prize of
Do ....
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cilemeiit. is a fertile source or uiih'dy blood owa-1 ' published weekly hi (JCARTO FOItM,
siouiiiX that slow nervous fever which has carried conveniently adapted to BINDlNG.and furnished
oil' some of our best men. men martvr lo their
reputation, but which a knowledge of the power
of Braiiilretii's fills wmlil have prevented. Those
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any adverse circiiiitaiirc. can do so by bavin
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ADVANCL, and the remainder in Six Mouth.
Address, ML'NN &. CO Puhlisher,
POST PAID. New York.
Bound volume of the Scientific American com
lo them when the first fceliug of disorder take ! mining 411 page of xhoice reading matter aud
place iu their bodies. As this Hilvi. a is used so ! illustrated with more than Itf.O eiigruvmg of new
i win u.e neaiiii ue. i lie lone wi vel ue w ieu
j a man that makes a g'Hal medicine .hall be hoi,-1 -New York. December 3, 1347.
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lit I Prry. Sugar Grope, li"auth .V Bt-eiy, firemen, i
3').000 Dollurs!
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Ticket only $'.0,
State of Dllo, tfzivWb (Count?.
Cri of Common Pleas Petition for Partition
and Dover.
Maria Heiinhei'L'er vs, Daniel Diimbuchaiid Cath
erine his Wife. Murenrel ijhubiiiau, Bottue
snd Susannah his Wile, all of Fairfield comity.
Ohio. und Lawrence Slinhmaii.Jacoh Sliiiliuian,
Gertrude Shiilnnnn, and Michael Wolf and Bar
bara his Wife, ol Germany.
HE above tunned Defendants will take m
1 tire, that a petition was filed nsaiust them
on the 1 1 ill day of September. A.ID. 1847, iu the
Clerk's Office of the Court of Common Pleas for
said countv.aud is now rendim'. wherein the ue-
thinner demands partition ot, and the assignment
of dower in, to the said Margaret Slmlmian.'ol the
following dusrribed properly ol which the said
Henry Sliiiliiuaii died seized and possessed,to-wil:
ln-Lot number one. f 1) in the Town of Bail,aud
sixteen teet olf tho North side of Iu-Lot number.
two, (2) in same plare.
Said cause will be heard at the next Terra of
said court.
Attornrys for Demandants.
November 2(, 1817. (iw29pl$l,50
F all kinds cheaper than ever at
Juno 18. 1817.
Call nud Kcc.
rilABI.E, Insert and Tea Spoon. Salt, Mas.
JL tanl and Cream do. Butter Knives &c. also
Ulie Ileal (iermam Silver Table it Tea AHNtti,
i For sale bv GATES i COSIT-R.
June 18, 1817.
Lancaster, November 5. 1847.
O vcr-Co:i t! M'i-C: Is!!
BLACK, Brown and Blue Blanket Over-Coat,
made iu the most fashionable manner and
from the bel of tuatcriuL. Also. Cloaks of all
qualities cheap, ul the Clothing Store of
rairfltid Common I'lcns.
Administrator of Jacob Van Bareu, . Widow
aud Heirs.
I virtue of an order of the Court of CoTanvra
t'v ii .i: l i.: ....... 1 ...ill
... r. ...... n ....... m m I leas XI III1? uii''.iuu ill vii wac, nui va"
; ,us, nn,!,rle y s, l,rr IN. ... Mr. I b(!,or(, the our, house door of
; PuKtrmUin. i ox K R'ad, Vulliinnre, Pluhp ' ,llltv on
! H'1'-'""''"'''. 1- B.& C. PsU.le.., Salem, "LC''d'tht 2,h dar n,mber. M4f.
' i u 1.--. sr:ii. , -
jiii'iii, itriii-,. ii tr f .jivi ,.
- U'tisVG. Wit. on 1 f;.i., ftiulu illf, .lese Irfotiuf f. I
Lsnraner, November l!l, 1817.
Lancaster. November 3, 1847.
Sc. TON'-i.
Frock ('oaI and Dress Coals
ADE from the very best of material., iullm j
l I best manlier, of qualities and prices to suit :
the taste and circumstances of ul!, comprising '
Bluck und Blue BU k Coats, ofall ijunh auu
prices, from ' tof -
1 .. u .. . 1. .. . ... . ... i.i
llrown ifc lirey r M'l Baca i,oais n ui 510
Tweed and Suttinet t to 8
For sale at the new Clothing Store nf
Lancaster, November 5, 1S47. 20
raiil! Paiits!rPaii Is!!!
I) EADY MADE PA NT A LOONS of every des
fm.crintion. iust received and ot prices which
cannot fail to pleoso, are kept constantly on hand
at the new and chcnn Clothm! Store of
Lancaster, Novemher 3. 1 847.
Vests! Vests!! Vests!!! Vests!!!
VESTS of every description aud ut prices from
$1,25 to 7, at the new and cheap clothiug
Lancaster, November 5, 1347. '-0
f inl to Hit ptiblicxs plessanl and sffrcliverpm dy
! tor Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, .ItUtmn, lltlhitir,
j H-'hotfiiuff Cot'i, hfi'jrnta. Crwp, Sore Throat,
j Uronrkitis, and general affretiotts of Chest and
i .ungs. In fuHi caf it Known m have affor.ieit
ilerided anri pprmaarat telief, and bom iis iapi'1
Wale and tieat surre", as a ifmeily Inr llie abovp
! ilisratrt wheie il hu been used, it promise 10 be
come one of ilir 11111 useful snd popular medicine.
' It is oft'eieif ton, tin plsa.snl relief to die ronsuuip-
live, and an assisiant 10 voralolf and public speak
i eti eiierelly.
I 'J'he nsuie of the pfparaiion indirair it leading
, ingiHirui, and it will be found 10 he bv uo mean.
I .. .... . . .... ..... u..a ...... h. .....I xA,l
lilipiCA.ui 111 111 inn. iin ninj u"- fj ......
reu and adults, with em iie iinpimiiy. The mile
rials ii'ed in llie preparation are of ilir besl quality,
and may b: relied on as, in every rsperi, a pear
an 0 c knUI.nk article. Faniilip nould no rionhi
promote iheii comfort and health by kreping a up
ply in llie season of Colds.
Th nmnii.in. in sHiliiinn In a'hst has lieen said.
; between the Hours i f nineo'clm k A. M. und four
I n'clnk Y. M..the following Laud situate hi said
' cuunty, to-wit:
1 Part of theSoiitbeitst Quarter of Section No. 84,
1 Township No. 14. Range .No. 18, beginning at the
j Southwest corner of said Huurter Section; tl euve
Norlh along the half Secliuu line 70 pole to
-post; thenre East 22 pole 21 lint; to a post;
I thence South 70 pole to the South boundary hue
I of said Sec tion; thence along said line West to
the place of begioiug. containing TEN ACRF.3.
j Also. u part nf the West half of llie ScuitLi-nt
! Quarter nf said Section No. 21, Tnwn.:im. No. 14,
Range No. 13, bi-iug all the remain !er of said
WeA half, alter taking off IS Acres 011 the East
ideof said West hail: and ten Acres nut of the
Southwest corner of said West half, said balauco
hereby meant to bo described and which wu own
ed bv the decedeut, estimated lo contain 49 14-109
Acres more or less and beiugthesame I.andcou
veved to decedent by David Evcrsole and Wife
by deed, Nvnrnber25, 1341.
All of said Lands to be sold subject lo the dower
Estate of Lvdia Van ltorcii. widow therein, and
appraised siihjecl to said dower Estate at $360.
Terms One-third iu hand and the balauce iu
one and two year, with intereet from day ofsuU.
I1K.M11 KBUL I , Adm tor
Of the Estate of Jacob Van Burets, deceased,
November 20, 1847. 5w2tfp!4,50
f1 ATF.S & COSPER have just received a new
I siidiiIv of those line WATCHES which they
are selling at inch prices as will astonish every one.
Tulluiuclge House, October fi, lo4.
Cheap J inline again 011 iinnd!
Sixteen pounds of prime N. Orleans Sugar.
Lancaster, Deceniher 10, 1817. 31
KEST QUALITY, ut the low rate of 34 cU1
per gallon, for sule by CHEAP JI.MME.
Lancaster, December 10, 1847. 31
Just Itccciving and opening:,
OMHTARK for the season, cheaper than ever.
Tosatisfy yourselves, cull on t lieup .limine.
Carriage and Wagon Manufactory,
flMlANKFUL lor past Invors, the undersigned
A would respectfully inform his friendsnnd the
iiiblic cenerullv. that he 1 still engaged 111 the a-
hove 'ibriiuch of business, ut the Old Stand, one
and a quarter miles East of Lancaster. 011 the
Pike, where he flatters himself thill he is better
calculated and prepared to execute work, in a
neuter, better and more liistnoiiauie style luau ev-
fioin the luct that he bus tukon greater enre
in the selection of his timber and tools aud has
einnloved exncrieiiccd workmen: und iu connec-
' 1-:. .1 l...., 1,;.
11011 Willi llllS. lie IS UC1I.- UIIUC-U IU wuuuv. .'in
business upon the basis of ready pay -and small
profits, so thut tus customers can uo accummoua-
ted with any article iroin a tvarci-oarruw 10
two-horse Carriaee. WARRANTED to bo exeru.
ted iu ns good and ueatu style, 11 not uctier, uuu
sold for less money, than can be obtained at any
establishment ill the collutV
As a proof ol this, the following list ol articles
and prices are here annexed:
Wood-work oftwo-horse Wugona $15,00
do do one-horse Buggies.... 13,00
Wagons, complete for from $35, to $05.
TluL'L'ics. do $55, to $75.
And ull other ni ticlcs ut corresponding low rates
and warranted. E. AI. Wl.Mf.lt
December 10. 18 17.
N. B. All kinds ol Produce, at tho highest
ensh prices, taken fur work. Also, stock such us
Horses. Cutllo. Hons &c.
Call and see us and wo will do you good. Uo
member that a ponny saved is ns good as two
pnrneil .
r"'rOLL naid. on all occasions, where the
work amount to live dollurs, and work alwnyi
done immediately. . L. M. W.
Decejnbeir10, JJlf'jJ li3.1:
Ileal Estate lor Sale.
rBlll E undorsisncd is authorized by the owner
B who resides iu Bultiiiinre, Md.. to ofter for
sale, on faeorahle terms, the well known proper
ty. formerly owned by S. M. hhepurd, situate 111
Nelsonville, Athens county, unio. consisiiug 01 a
Warehouse. Store house. Dwelling house aud se
veral Lots and parcels nf Lund adjoining the canal
For terms apply to the undersigned, ut Athens
r. n 1.: n, 1 1
or to u. rt. rue, Diuinmiie, uiiiiyiimn.
Athens, Ohio, December 10 1847. 3w31
'irocerics cheaper than ever.
11 lhs Prime N. 0. Sugar for $1,00
10 " do Rio Collee $1,00
do N. O. Molasses per gal. 40
Prime article Teas per lb 50 75 & $1,00
Choice Brands of Brandy, fiin & Wines
Also iust received a LARGE LOT of tho most
CHOICE, and common Shawls, Alpnccus, Chintz
Sic. Also Otter, cnmniun Fur, Cloth uud Glazed
ups, Boots, Shoes and Broguns,
10 piece choice curpeting also choice rugs.
November 28, 1847. 30-tf
PORK. ""The subscriber is prepared to salt
FEW HUNDRED bendjof hogs,
For Sulo 1000 Barrels of Salt.
Nov. 28, 1817 M-tf
For Kent.
11WO good farms near the mouth ol Monday
creek und the Hocking cmnd. For terms
apply to John T. BrnseeEsq. tit Lancaster.
Athens. Nov. 13, 1817. 90.
I.nncusior, December 10, 1847. 31
Lands Tor Sale.
IN piirsiinnco of the condition and provisions of
a deed of trust executed by John William and
Isabella his wife, and Johunlliuii Coulson and
James MCleevv. the said Jnmes MCleory will ex
I I ...11!. I.. ... .I..,' . 11.....
f A . w! .'ii'V k sio- ii posoio saio oy puuuc vouuue, i mtcun nuuso
io pounds pi line i. i. sugar , . tU tn of LullcU5l.e, Eui.iieid county
r-wminn V.rni Kt ri I in cT i i .
the Cheap store ol ssiiirosyiim mn us;
Lancaster, Decoinber 10, 1847
"3UICE 37 cent a gallon, for sale nt the cheap
I store of WISK&HU.l.AKl)
Lancaster, December 10, 1847.
""TE ure this day. opening u large lot of DO
V V MEHTIC GOOD N, such n Flannels.
Checks, Tickings, Muslins. Cotton Yurn, Cotton
Batting. &c. All of which will bo sold cheap aud
no mistake. WISE & HILLARD.
Lancaster, December 10, 1847 . 31
Notico-Iu Attachment.
a T ...v instance un attachment was this day h
ued by Geo. Sanderson, 8 Justice of the
Peace iu and for Hocking township, Fairfield
county, againrt the propatty nd ettect ot Latay
ette Marsh, a nou-reidentof Fairfield county.
December 6. 1K47. w3l.
1 Collee, Rice, Molaisei, Chocolate, Teas, 8u-
gar, New Orleans, Havana, to. All of the very
finest quality, constantly on hand, and for sale by
H ' - BURV &. BECK.
Luilcaster,July9, 1817. '. 9
riHE Co-Partnership heretofore carried on by ! res,iecifi.lly refer loihf cemficate. from h.ghly re
I the iiutlersii-iied, under the name and firm spe"'"'' " wrapper of ihe C.ndy,
ofKRANER &. COX. was dissolved bv mutual and oih. published in pamphlet foi.M. and .11 the
consent, nu the 20th day 0r October. 184 . 1 lie , ny pp-".
books, notes and account nf said firm, are placed ! from tlie presiding Elder of Ihe.MfltuMiiit Episco
iu the hands of WM. P. CREED, who, alone, i j pal Church, of Cincinnati.
authorised to settle the same. Person knowing j jje5,If owe Co-Genilrnieii-Not long since,
themselves indebted will ruaKe pnymeni '". h,t m.orai? uuder the iufluence of painfully em
j barrasstne. Cold ii speaking in the open air, a mend
: handed me a piece of your llOARHOl'ND and
' LIVERWORT CANDY, from the use of which
! 1 exoerifiicd tieal and almost immediate relief.
Since then 1 have finpienlfy used il with t'neMins
beneficial effscls, 1 Iherelnre feel nn hesitation in ie
commending your Candy at cr.RTAIN srF.ciric for
Conthi, Coirii. Hoarsrnes, tr.
Cincinnati, Aujuh 2", 1847
! Creed
Lancaster, Ohio, November 5, 1847. 20
(WOULD inform tnv old friends and the pub
lic, thut I have purchased the Stock in Trade
of KRANER & COX, iu the Old Brick House,
which I occupied eighteen years ago. opposite llie
Hotel of D. Tall mad ge, to which I have added
' '! HOARSEN ESS, snd believe public )ifers Iron
Which I will sell fur CASH or Ihe produce ir the j h,et wil) ltrtt of the Throat would find benefit
country ,as low us any house 011 thestreet.und invite : fmin i(s
purchasers to call uud exumine for themselves, I j f. TRI.MBLF.
Ilisuselesto eiiumeralo. my aisortment being Cinriimat;, September 23, 1?47.
general. v rnv We warrant a erne fni the ahore Hiwasn in all
lCASII paid for W H r.A 1 . J . CU.. ehtienf.r y lteffon iu the L'niied Stales
Lancaster. NuveinberJJ 847. -0 1 10 prI1,t, a bene,, cheaper and more effective re-
j medy.
Sold by ihe principal Druegits m every city in tne
'I HAVE FOl'.VD IT.' Eureka.
BY 1-1150
Dr. Duncan Kxpeaioraat Remedy.
Ciscisiiati, O.. March 3d 1847.
Dear Sir. This is to certify lo the public, par
licularlv to those afflicted wilb a disease of the
Lungs.'or Coxsi-jiptiu.0. that in the Spring nf
1843 1 was attacked wilb a severe cold, which
soon became sealed upon my Lungs, showing all
the symptoms of an approaching Consumption.
Mveough was tight aud troublesome, attended
wilb copious night sweats: I spit up daily a con
siderable quantity of blood mixed with thick dark
matter. My situation become erion and alarm
hi". Durinff this time 1 wa attended by two of
our most skillful Fhysiciau, they did the best they
could fur me, wheu ut length, they gave op all
hopes nf my recovery, informing me that nothing
I mure could be done that my lungs were fatally
diseased, and beynud remedy. I wn then per
suaded by a tnend ol mine to make a trial 01 un.
From the Rev. J. M. Trimble, Paslor of If eslcy DijNCAN S EXPECTORANT REMEDY, which
Chaml, Cincinnati ,.. ii,..si,.i.ina oei-sisted nsuiiust. savins that this
I hav used the COUGH CANDY of HOWE medicine would do no good, aud would (till add
RY virtue of uu order of Sale to me directed,
bv tho Court of Common Pleas for Fuir-
field Connly, Ohio, at its September Term, A. D.
1847.1 will us the "uiirdiiin 01 j.otusii auu Harris-
. 1 , i- 11 : c..li: .1..
sou, minor cniiuicu 01 Harrison ut-iiiiigci de
ceased, ofl'or und expose to sule by public vendue
and outcry oil the premises ill Wuluut Township,
Fuirhold County, Ohio, on
Setnrdnjr the 1st Day of January, 1848.
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 3
o'clock P. M. of that day, to the highest bidder
.1 0 II 1 -.1.-1 1 I I.'... -In. .l.l.t,ll :..
ip 111 own!" oesc oeu neai r.oiaiu. wmnn. .
Wuliuit Township, iu suid County; being port ot
tho North West quarter of Sec. No. 10, Township
No. IK, und Range ISo. 18, Deginnuig at uie 0011111
East corner of said quarter Section, thence West
100 perches and 14 link to the South West cor
ner, thence North 47 porches and 17 link to a
ibn East nuurter Sectiou line: thence
south 47 perches and 17 link to the ploce of be-
gllillllig, eoniaiumg imiy-eigiii unm. ieimu.
Sale, one-fifth of the purchase money in bund, and
the residue 111 live years ti-om uny 01 saie: inier
est to be paid annually, and the deferred pay
ments to be secured by a mortgage on the prem-
nii'tn Dt VI.'
igca, waiiw nuiiR.
November 26. 1847. 29-td
Khinat ism's Friend.
TITHE gonuino India Rubber Torous Strength
X ingl'liister 11 certain remedy for Rheuma
tism, in either the buck, breast, side or limbs, us
well as internal weakness, which not all the wealth
ofJonn Jacob Astor can ennui. The above is for
sale by -GEORGE KAUFMAN, Agent.
Lancaster Nov. 26, 1817. 3WJ9.
Our Stoic in Baltimore,
rILLbecon!inueed as usual. ALL KINDa
GRAIN bought ut the Warehouse.
Baltimore, Novemher 3. 1847. 20
Farm i'ov Kent.
I WILL LET or RENT my Form, iu Walnut
Township, lyius between Millersport and
Thoruville, iu the Rclugee Tract. 1 he larm con
tain 200 Acres ol Laud 100 Acres cleared.
I'ossessioii given any time Irom now until the
first of April. Terms will berensonuhle.
At their Depot Nn.l, Collie 1111, Walnut slieei,
taies. and liv llie nriiiirieini-
HilWF. ,t CO.
Novembers. 1847.
Wduablc .mil M'ropcrty
. , n mm trill ..f .A .1 .... u 't I
uaiiie unto i iusww -
ilh about TF.y ACRES ol LAu.
Tl, Mill i situated noon Clearcreek, one ofthe
finest mill streams iu the county , about eight miles
southwest of Lancaster and about four miles trom
Amanda, Itjha two tnu ot uurra aim is iu excel
lent repair. .
It i a desirable prnpeny mr nn jici
.r to nurclinse nnd the term will be moderate.
For further particular apply to
LAbtU iici'or.o, r.iccuu.1.
November 5, 1847 2lilf
rcat Sale of ICeal Lstatc.
ine opportunity for Investment.
WilliumSlade Jr. Adm'tor"! v AIHFH'T.D
of H. M. Aiusworth. I
rs. feriMMiiv 1'l.t'lS.
Widow and Heirs, et al. J
"IY virtue ofou order ol the Court ot Loinmon
J3 Pleas tome directed, 1 will expose and ottor
more to mv sufferiii2. I told them it was my last
and onl hope, aud that if 1 must die ofthe dis
ease, (which was evident to mo.) there would be
nothing lost. So I seut to the Ciucinnati OfHce,
and obtained 5 bottles of this truly valuable medi
ne. ami commenced us'uia according to the di-
i reel ions, which insteud of adding to my suffering,
immediately gave lue relief, at mice arresting the
troublesome Cough; easing the pain nnd tigbtues
1 iu my Chest; giving me a new life and stieuglh,
j which soon enabled me to be alxiutogain. Thi
! medicine continued iu good work, which it so no
i blv commenced, until I was made a ttui)d man.
! 1 have since been attending to my buine,(up-
Cu.riu.iati, Ohio wards ot 3 year ana ice. ns ueai.oy s
And we challei.ee ihe wnild to produce an in-! I have recommended Dr. Ihmcan hxperttrant
stance w here th sale of any remedy has ino-a.,.1 Remedy in many instance u. inose.im. a.
ne it has become i ten, aim II lias always procn "-.
have witnessed it etlecl. ;viy isier is osiug un
medicine at present, liira Diseased Lieer and an
ArrtcTioN or thk Luxos. which she Inul anfler
ed with for some time: she has iiearly recovered
ihe, ihre. Doors Ka'st of ihe Sn Tavern, Mai-,t, by the use ot this medicine, and 1 urn em inent
cas,er,0hio,0r,t,r,2!,, .047. 6.., 1ZZ
! 1 1 1 c I ciire iici. . am .
! HlV. ' are thousands of valuable persons wasting away
S-.,,,. e, ,t-",rJ .witlithedreadfuldestrovei CONSUMPTION.-
OME ofthe huest spocune is of . lewelty ever powible for those to proc-ni e this
brought to Lancaster among which may be , iefuro u be ,u,,i mHiy
prulunged and their laoiilie and reta
il rendered hatiuv. Tliia uieiKcine will
eive instant relief, ni the same time rret the hard
e n , .i... : tU.
rapidlv as Ihe aboie C'audy. nhne
Sole Agent for Fairfield Comity.
OFFICE Giesv's Small White Frame Build
AS Executor ofthe Estate o! Amos Rice, de- v-lWi ,illgle slolie ,. It.acelets. e
ceased, late of Madison Township, i airfield , pCII4.iiclle4, Finger rings. Earrings. Min- m " I'
Coiintv.Ohio. I will sell, at private sak, the val- ;atnre lUle Oriiuinent. Guard and Fob , V .
ttii.oi ,e .,, i Si -r1 inn i ATI!. IIPJIH IOr D .. .... , lt ,L-
iu-, x.w.Ua.t ...y. "";";,,,',, iiiitl naiiittil CoiiSli. remove unt iwuiutrM iu um
. . r i i . i i :
aTpTiblic sale before the Court House door ofsaid j',!;;',1
liitliopolis Academy.
r I HE primary and secondary schools ofthe
J preparatory depurtmont of the I.ithopoli
Academy will be opened nn Mondny.ine id in nisi.
On tho 20lh u few classes will be orcunized in
(he High School department ofthe mine institu
tion. .
The Lithopoli Academy is designed both lor
Male and Female. ... , . J"
Bording.accommndationi will be afforded by
Ihe citizens of the Villago.
Lithopolis, December 10, 1847. , ' 3w31.
KINTF.Don fine paper, for sale at ih
(.azetteind liXpiessomce
between tho hours of 10 o'clock A. M. aud 4
clock P. M. of suid day tho following described
.. .. . T. i- i . n. .i.:.. :..
tract ol mini, situate in ureeuneiu luwnn.uii
suid countv. bounded bv becinniiiR nt a sloue
u field north of the brick school house occupiei
bv said John Williams thence south nnedegrce
mid ten minute west two chain nnd eighty-four
links to a stone in the souih boundary ol Section
No. 21: Township No. t.l: Range No. 10: thence
east .dung suid south boundary seven chains 33
links to a stone in said boundary: llicuce north
one degree and ten minutes east two chains and
eighty-lour links to a atone; thence wost even
chains 33 link to the beginning, containing two
acre and thirteen poles more or less, with all im
provement thereon including tho large frame
dwelling nnd the cast part ol the brick school
house occupied by said Williams. Term ofsulo
one third part of ih" purchase money to be paid
iu bund, one third in six nnd one third iu twelve
mouths alter the day of ante with interest.
December 10, 1847. 31t.
Attachment Notice.
AT my instance,-a' writ of attachment was
this day issued by H. B. Apt, a Justice of
the Peace for Liberty Township, Fairfield County,
Ohio, neainst the Good. Chattels, Rights. Credits,
I Money nnd Effect of Jarnc W. Mullenix, an
absconding debtor.
November 3ft. 1847. 4'W
Latest from Carroll!!
L A m P S ! TX MP S !
1 ATF.S & COSPER are prepared to Enlighten
JT the town ol Lancaster uuu surroiinuing uuuii
ivaltvia Carroll. of a tine assort
Jn nf Solar Stnud Liiinns swinsins and side
do., Plated enndlestieks, Sec. etc.
N. B. Extra liiooes, snaacs auu v. ineji, ur
wnys on hand.
Lancaster, November 4, 1847.
Lstatc ot John Lear.
TVTOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber
JA bus been appointed and duly qualified
Executor ofthe Estate of John Lear, deed
of Fanliold county Ohio.
11 ARVICK LEAR, Executor.
November 5, 1837. . 4w26.
Looking las Plates.
GATES & COSPER, (in the Talhnadge Ilonsej
aro prepared lo furnish Looking Glass Piute
of all ses, Iroin 6 Dy iu incuea to la oy zo mcne
at very Iok prices.
Lancaster, June xa intr.
Estate of John Gilinore
TVTOTICE i hereby given that the ubscriber
hat been appointed and qualified as Admin
istrator on the Estate of Johh Gilmori. deceased,
late of Walnut Township. Fairfield County .Ohio
'7 , i-n
cash nt
I Lancaster June 18.
"th to the enle.-Uled, aud erase ia-
- ted frame, and ill most case, I am certain, will
i iierform a perfect cure.
l ! tl :il.. r.,n..1tf illlia
X Tl -rl ...Is.i. .nr nnf lia nfmlllllltfld Willi
who is already supplied.- To those that are no . , to ie ulMler9illed. .-Hizeiia of Mont-
.vBorim ,1 inst sav I nit weure pre pareii io iiniiisii ... r ...., ;tl .i .n
Ten Knives.
TTrtlO wants a "ood Peu-Knifef Or where
V the person that does not, unless it be one.
BETTER and CHEAPER than anv house in Lan
caster. GATES &. COSPER.
Lancaster, October 22, 1817.
wild Cherry sad Sarsaparllla PU'.
kR. I.F. ROY, a liceujiiite 61 the RoyarTollege
I I nf l'livsiciaiis in London, bavin" used in his tt,.,T tnn- nnd Xuliritnr In flianCffV
--- . . r , i. it'tT n il n v i n i f i " -
pr,vatep.:act.ce, tor a number of jeurs.lhe W 1LD ' KOSTKR'S BRICK BUILDING
S . " I T ;C XE . U i Koom receiidy occupied by ChaHe.
inigHw..". "1 - - , ,....! 1 t.
County, on
Wednesday the S8l h day of December, 1847.
between the Hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and o o
clock P. M., the following vnluable Real Estate,
situate in snid County, to-wit:
1. Iu-Lot No, 5, in the l8lh Squureof the town
of Laiii'uslcr.the late i-esidence of R.M. Aiusworth,
deceased nnnniised at 140110.
. '.' i m. n-..i t...ll'.ri.. T .a
1 lie UllUIVloeo UUU Ol Die col mm ui m-n'i.
No. 1, in tli 3rd Square ol Lancaster, upon wiaesi
is erected a Wurchuiisc. Appraised ut $1.(00.
3. The West halt ol the W est hull ol lu-l.ot M.
14, in the 8th Squnre ot Laucuster, being tne
ground upon which is erected the Store, now iu
the ncciinuncvof John F.ffiuger & Co.: said part
of Lot beiug subject to the Dower Estate of Emily
Aiusworth, Widow, therein, and uppraised suh
iect to said Dower ut (3000.
4. j lie r.ust null oi me om uuuui .u- .....
1 1 in Ihe 8th Snuareof Luiicaster.beuiethe ground
upon which ia erected the Store, now iu the occu
pancy ot rinlip Hope, on .iiuui iic-n
5. The undivided hail oi me oouui nan oi m-
Lot No. 9. in the 13th Square, una oi me oouui
Quarter of ln-Lot No. 10, in the 13th Square oi
Lancaster, being tne property anown a or
ei'i Corner. Appraised at 1800.
0 - . 1 - ft . - . U.. V n.l.r. SHififin tn
the Town of Lancaster, containing five aud a half
acre. Appraised at $125 per acre.
JVrmi oj Sale. One- third iu hand, the balance
in one and two year, with interest.
WILLIAM SLADE. Jr.. im'fer,
Ofthe Estate of R. M. Ainsuiorth.deceased.
.... . " l ll....t-,ii.l Kan
oneot the best rills ever ..e , m- .- f). .
and which man s urugoinre, .nam core, u.i- , J ,
.May 14, It 17
tfii.iu-ii tfk ilm V'.iirnnenn commuiiitv
merit the nttelition ot tlie American i T'o
Thev are the most elncaciniis purgative and tome
yet discovered. .
THK WILD CHERRY is an excellent Tonic,
possessing astringent and aromatic properties,
which make it valuable iu Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
weakness ofthe sloniac-h and chest.
THES RSAPRII.LA isilemuiceni, uuire.ic
nud soothing, and is given in Rheumatism. Scrolti
Iu discuses of the skin, and to enidicate the bud
effects of .Mercury. In the operation of all other
purgative medicines debilitaliou aud purifjcallnn
"o luiml in hand; thev remove die good, a well
us the bud: thus weakening the system, winch
iIimv wei-eonlv reuiiiretl to cleanse, nnu ii.iikii
EntKauce.one door west of Kautt-
L'nmerv.llamilnrti comity, 0.,lhey will at any
. time substantiate the above slutement.
1 Nohmax Bowwitt,
I KrDr. Dnnean'a Western Clca, 0
; Sycamore st. wliere this raluablo Medicine can
always ue ooinnieo. p. - - -
For sale by Macccrackeu 4 Galhraith. Lancaster
Lancaster, November 19, 1847. 6wM.
Estate of Wendell Strenti.
TOTICE is hereby given, that the subscribe
IX have been apiHiinledaiid duly quahaed a Ad
miiiistrtoroflhe Etaie of Wmnti.t 6tit,
deceased, late of Fairfield county. Ohio.
November, 19, 1847. 9g'
WE have iust received a handsomo variety
in uMnnrw .,.l RICH FANCY STRIPE
the'enre generally almost as bad. uud frequently j Si,KS,and aim-go lot of niaspenuy CALICOES
1 1 mi. ihedisease. Dr. Le Roy' 1 ills, , ,, oi..
nu the cniilrury. strengthen and tone the system L The cn9nmere, nd silk are tl ftiieat in thi
which they purge and purity, nuu u.. . ma,.ket am w,n bt wld cheap.
'i .... 1 .... ....:....:.1 ..HUM nftltr. ' UMCL-
pecullur uuviDii.e, nuu mt pi iuii-.
iiin ivaled nonuluritv.
Directions for using. Am A pertiotit, two or
three Pills ure sufficient, as a cathartic in fevers,
costiveness, liver cnmpbiint and dyspepsia, three
to six pills, (according to age, sex, una iuie oi
the bowels.) and o of other diseases. .
F. 5. The virtues ot.ineaanaparuui aim mm
Cherry are too well known to medical men and
ihecomuinnitv to require uirinoi uciui,.
Aol.tT George Kaunmau, i.ancancr, u.yu
Kalb, Rushville. .
November 19, 1847
Lancaster, October 22, 1817.
in ii.......
Valuable Heal Ustatr tor Male
I WILL sell at private sale 62 4li-100 Acre of
J Land lying in rr ol Stnnbery's Garden, Nortli
east of Lancaster, being Lot So. 7 it 10 in lh
Partition of the Baldwin Mtate. 1 tint two km
lie together, and for ituntion, fertility and olmoat
every other advantage, they form one of the moat
valuable tract of land in the County.
Term moderate. Apply arrea-

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