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From the Cincinnati Oazettt.
UUr laulllgca from (aula Fe Kipt
. a I tion against mmnabua-aCoucsntraUon
.' of HaxJcaa at It I Passa.
1 ' St. Louis, (Mo.,) December 13.
Intelligence has been received from
Santa Fe to October 20ih.
; Several officers in (lie recruiting ser
vice have urrived, and will open stations
in this Stale, and in Illinois, immediately.
uii un me uoncienctes in tne Illinois
liegiment and St. Louis Battalion, which
will require mare that eight hundred men
. Fifteen hundred men, with twelve pie
- P 'II I 1 . I r,' .
mj ui uiuiieiy, uau piepuieu Bl ouilla
i e to march immediately against Chihua
bua, and three companies were already
on the road as far as Albuquerka. where
they awauea reinlorcements.
Ibe report of the concentration of
Mexicans at EI Passu had been fully con
firmed at Santa Fe, and tho American
forces apprehended strong resistance at
Chihuahua. '
The command which arrived here from
Santa Fo suffered greatly, from cold and
hunger, before they reached the settle
ments. . ' " v
Colonel Gilpin has arrived with his
.battalion. - He treated his men rctirrlilv
General Price was met atWaliiutHilU,
. Ho expected to arrive at Santa Fe by
ins isi oi December, ,..- v.
1 Later from the Army. - v
Cixciknati, Deo. SO 3 P. M.
Biitor- Ohio State Journal: v - '
Ne w Orleans dates of "tho llih inst
VeraOruz of the 30th, aud the city of
iuoA-iuu io me tn uic, nave been receiv
ed. Santa Anna has issued a pronuncia
tnento against the Provisional Govern
ment, and called on the people to organ
ize a force of 50,000 men for the renew-
al ot the war. He was at the head of
16,000 men of all arms, threatening Con
gress yet in session. ,
The provisional government still re
mained at Querataro, and is represented
as strongly inclined to peace.
Gen. Scott had ordered Worth forward
with a strong division for the protection
of the Government.
. The first brigade of Gen. Butler's di
vision had left Vera Cruz for the interior.
Late dates from Col. Gilpin's com
mand advise us of the murder of niMit
Pawnee Indians and of the wounding of
iwemy omers wunout provocation. The
colonel was absent at tho time.
'The Telegraph, is completed aud
in operution as fur West as Carlisle. Illi-
nois, only fifteen miles from St. Louis.
The Mississippi will be crossed hv th
25th, under 6'Rielly's energetic manage
ment. so,yuu is subscribed to stock at
that city. , .
Beautiful Tribute. -An invitntinn ha.i
been extended to General' Taylor to be
present at me dinner given by the Ar
lillery Battalion 011 the 4th, but as a mat
ter of course, as the departure of the
General had been fixed for nine o'clock
in the morning, he was unable to accept
the invitation. The officers and members
of the .Battalion resolved not to be om
done by their fellow citizens, in showing
respect to the war worn veteran, had a
paste-ooara turkey constructed, whit
had all the appearance of being a finely
roasted natural one, and sent it to Gen.
J. aylor at or. Charles. When this arti
ficial fowl was opened, it was found to
contain not dough and savory viands,
as is usually the case, but a sulendid
pair of gold epaulettes, together with a
magnificent sash. This beautiful tribute
of respect confers, honor, alike on the
givers and the recipient. N. O. Courier,
Enthusiasm. A New Orleans DaDer
aayss One of our friends, who occupies
a very fine house, says, that if it will in
any way contribute to the oclut of Geii.
1 aylor s reception, he has no objection
that an addition should be made to the
programme, that his house shall be filed,
m order to muke a splendid bonfire by
wuy 01 conciuuiug 1110 ceremonies thii
FdThe brilliant achievements of Gen
Scott, ore forcing applause from all quar
ters. The Boston Times, a Locofoco
paper, concludes an editorial article on
the subject, as follows.
"Gen. Scott's conduct was throughout
nl,J I... . I . n
uioinou uj oiiuppy comoinuiiou ot ener
gy and humanity. We doubt if the his
tory of war, in any age or countrv can af-
ford instances of superior ireneralshiii in
the field, tho various points considered,
or 01 more .Kinu loroearance and unsel
fish action towards the conquered. We
can say that ho acted in all respects as an
American General, conscious of what is
due to his country and his own fame,
should always act and higher praise it
. .. 1 1 l. ; m 1 1 1
woum us impossiDie to bestow upon any
man." .
JeUersoniiin Principles.
Tho Hunkers, money .brokers, land
joDDers aud Locofocos who advocate the
conquest and plunderof Mexico, by vio
lence, are terribly annoyed at the appear
ance of the venerable Albeit Gallatin's
pamphlet, in which he coincides with
Messrs. Clay, Corwin, Webster, and
our numoio selves, as to the injustice- of
tne war. 1 he administration folksy
luu1 ""oi sonians. nereis a voice
from his bosom friend, now 88 years old.
Thay treated it with contemptl Mr. Gal
latin was selected by Jefferson, the mo
ment he was elected President, as Sec
retary of Treasury, and sat in his Cab
inet eight y6ars, also four in Madison's.
He was sent with Messrs. Clay and
Adams,, to conclude a peace with Great
Britain; next to France, as Minister, sev
en years, by Monroe: and lastly, by Ad
ams, to England, as our Ambassador
there. Mr. Gallatin was born at Geneva
in January, 1780, was a volunteer in the
War of Independence, and in 1783, al
Professor at Harvard. He aided in revis
ing the constitution of Pennyslvania, sat
in her Legislature in 1790, was elected
by her to the U. S. Senate in 1794, and
sat in the other House of Congress from
1796 tillJefferson called him to be his
constitutional adviser.' When denoun
ced by the Courier and Enquirer as guil
ty of treason, we are. glad to find our
selves in such company as that of Albert
Gallatin. JV.Y. Tribune. , . . .
. ESTItevenge dwells in little minds A
noble and magnanimous spirit is always
superior to it. ' " "
EI)e iltarkcta.
LANCASTER, Friduy, December 24. 1847.
. '82
la 23
. 62,
.1 75
.8 25
Dried Apples,.,
Flax-Seed ,
- 374
Coru.... .,
Corn Meal,
Clover Seed....
Wlute Bean,..
F outlier,.... . .
...10 .
Shot ,
Laid ,
, 17 00
Loaf do 12 'Si 16
Molasses 3S
Wlute r ib,
Teu ,. 4.VSB0
Cotfee B'io'Ji
Cav. Tobacco, . w'AS
aau. fourrei)...,'2 00
Kentucky do . A.7leVB
LFTork from $1,75 to f 2,50
Bl Ttlr graph For th Zanrttille Courier.
New York, December 21 5 o'clock P. M.
Floub Modeinle uleut previous Quotation)
Wbkat The lumket is brik. Cons 8n lei of
Whitest 75378 cents, uud of prime Yellow ut
79 cents. No cUuiiiie iu G:ticerie. Th tlPllthAr
has uot yet umved, but doulera prefer wuiting lor
hoi- news. . n . .
I'ittsduroh, December 21 44 P. M.
Eijht leet wuter in the chuiiHel and fulling.
Klouk Moderate sules at $5,06 (5,121
reueipu light. Nochange iu Grain, Provisions or
Groceries. Buttkk Sulesof Hull ut 13 cents and
of inferior ut from 5a64 cents. Hoot Moderate
sides at $3,50-a3,68; Cattls Sules $3,30 4j
oue hundred pounds, on the hoof.
. Cincinkati, December 2161 P- M."
Wheat Sales at tl. The mmket iuunrhiiiin.
ed. Whiskut Sules at 18 19c. and dull. Mn.
lassiis The market roles ot 35'S251ce!its. Cor
ri! Salesof ttinat 77i cents. Hoos Sides
4000 head at 2.50'S2.75, uud dulls Laud Sales
of prime in bun-els ut 5J cents. For Bucou and
Pork, the market is staguuut. The river is fulling
Zanesvillk. December 22.
Wheat, still rules at 90 cenU, and FwuR is
quuted at retail, at $55,50i Corn New is worth
22 cents: but little old is received. Oats Readi
ly command 20 cents; Potatoks Are quick ot
50 cents aud at that price in demand; Hoos We
contiuueour quotations at $5,23'a2,50. Courier
Chillicothx, Deceeoiber 21.
The price of Wheut is 9093 c, Four retails ut
15.00. Coru 20 iu the ear. 25 cents; shelled:Oats
25ci Burley 40l5c; Flaxseed 7075c.j Beans
WaWi cents: Lurd. 5 cents; Bucou, Hogs rouud,
6 cts. Hugs 22,30 Gazette.
A Cuarous Coincidence. It 19 just
thirty-eight years since Massachusetts
gave a Speaker to the House of Repre
sentatives, and in the same year Joseph
B. Vernon, the last Speaker from that
State was elected, Mr. VVinthrop; tho
present speaker was born in Boston.
Lancaster liikiittile.
There will be a meeting of the Lancaster Tn.
stitute 011 Friday evening the 24th inst., at the
Town Hull.
After which the followiug question will be dis
cussed. "Should Capital Punithmcnt be abolished in
the State of Ohio."
G. Weaver, Affirmative; W. R Rakkin, Neg.
The citizens genorully ore respectfully iuvitcd
to uttond.
M. A. DAUGHERTY, President.'
John M. Conkell, Secretury.
" December 24, 1847.
I have just received Eight Thousund (8.000)
packages of this valuuble mediciue. Hereafter a
constant supply will be kept on haud.
If you would not have a cold settle ou your
lun gs, w hich is always the beciuuinff of Consuimi.
tion; or if you huve a disease of the breast, such us
noiuuiu or uroncnuis use me lundy accordiu
to directions ou the wrappers and we will rial
me consequences. See advertisement in this
- Lancaster, December 24, 1847. 3w32
MARRIED On the 16th December, 1847, by
the Rev. Duvid H. Swurtz, Mr. JOHN. J. H AN
NA, of Greenfield Township, and Miss ELIZA
BETH 1IEI3TAND, of Liberty Township.
uitu in this town, at the resideuce of his
brother Mr1. John Burberry, on Tuesday morning
the 23d, inst. Mr, JAMES BURBERRY, aged 27
years, 8 mouths uud lUduva.
Thus bus thut destroyer, Consumption, cutoff
anuuier in tne prime 01 lile. ere yet he hud ripen
ed into manhood. The deceased lingored for a
long lime and suffered severely; but he bore his
surlerhigs with patience. He hud withiu him a
warm heurt and noble soul, and may not we, with
others, who were hiscompanions for many years,
and who have felt the warmth of his uffoctiou, add
our grateful tribute to his worth?
finiicastc r
Hizli School.
'(MI-IE Sixth Quarter of this Bchool will com.
JR. menceon Monday the 3rd day of January,
ensuing. Arrangements have now been made to
transfer Ihe School, in a few weeks, to a fine
large room in the basement of the Reform Church;
a desirable and central locution.
The room will be commudiously fitted up: and
in future a strict system of discipline will be
The undersigned would ulso add, that he end
cipates being uijle, iu future, to give to the School
his more undivided attention.
. Lancuster, December 24. 1847
SOMETIMEngo, a Box of BOOKS The own
er cuu obtaiu the suino by calling ou the sub
scriber iu Lancaster, nnd estublishing his right to
the same, and paying the expences thereon and
this advertisement. PETER TITLER.
I.aucaslor, December 24, 1847. 3w33
- Castings t lor Sale.
rMIIR undersigned as Administrator of the Es
JL luteofWillium Ingmoud. dec, will sell ut
public outcry ut the Murket House iu the town
ol Lancaster, on - -
Saturday the 9th day of Jauaary next,
slot of new CASTINGS just from the Fouu
U'T of Arney & Jenkins. cousitiug iu part of
Two parlor coal STOVES 3 premium cooking
STOVES with furniture complete 4 middle sizo
10 plate Stoves 3 common coul Stoves 2 seven
plale Stoves Dutch oven, Slew pots largo, mid
and small size Skillets, Andirons &o. J
Sule will commence about 12 o'clock of said day
six mouths credit will be oiven on nil sum. .
bove 13, by the purchaser giving note and securi
ty uoiore me property is removed.
Luucaster, Dec. 24, 1847. . ts33.
William Shde, Jr., Adm'tor, df prTfTrnv
touts non, ol Wm. W. Irviu. I rtml0N
. Widow aud Heir.. I SELL LANDS.
BY virtue of an order to me directed iu this
case, I will nrnriwl tn iIT., ..1.
n ... -Z. " "t.r"'
-v..... ,o uiun noose uoor in said (Jountv. ou
Saturday the Stflh day of J.s.F.. 1 has.
between the hours of 10 o'clm lt A M .Ji
olock P. M.of suid duy, the Ibllowini Real Estate:
. 1 7 UD'',v,Ue,? out L" No. 1 and the
West hull of Lot No. 2, In the 13th Square of the
1 own ut Lancaster. This Lot fronts 55 feet 5
jucues on Diouowny ana is adjoining the Episco
pal Church on the South Appraised ot $800.
Lot No. 3, subdivided out ot same Lots and be
ing Lot ou which the Building issitutate, former
ly occupied by the decedent Appraised at $3000
Also, 75 Acres of Land, part of Section No. 15;
aud fractional Section No. ,12, Township No. 14,
RungeNo. .l9,being the same Land conveyed by
the Adm'tor of Emuuuel Carpenter to W. VV.' Ir
viu, by Deed dated May 12. 1820; recorded in
Book R page 244 aud 246 of the Records of suid
' Terms of Sale One-third in hand, and tVi
balance in one and two years with interest.
WILLIAM SUADE. Jr., Adm'tor,
" - it bonis non of William W. Irvin.
December 24, 1847. ; 6w33pf$4,25
Hocking Valley Uanli.
OHIO, are requestud lo uixjI ut the BANKING
HOI'Si; of sujd Bunk, on MO.NDAY.'JANUAHY
3, 1848, baiug the lint Momluy ofuid iuuili,lor
ill purpose of Klectiug F1VK DlEECTuUS lor
the yeur rusuiug.
C. V. GARAGI1TY, Cashier.
December 24, 1847, -33
1'lic Ohio tuiilvutor lor iblH.
PubtitheUat Columbus Ohio, (on the it aud llth
of eath month.) M. B. Batkham, Editor and
. Proprietor. Termi per iearfoui copies
for t'S payment invariably in advance.
The fourth Volume ot the Ohio Cultivator will
commence Jan. 1st 1848. This paper ima now
become so well known thut it is scarcely necess
ary to ipeuk of iu character, or to allude to the
couiineudiitiou it has received from the Public
Press aud other sources. The editor is deter
mined to spare uo pains on liis part to sustain
the reputation of the work, and make eucli suc
ceeding volume more useful lli.m tho preceding
one. Our motto is "arwARo akdo!)wahd;"uu(1
the object of the "Cultivator" is not only lo col
lect uud disseminate valuuble facts and iiil'urm:i
tiuu roluliuu to practical uzriculturc: but to in.
spire the Farmers with more just conceptions of
the dignity of their prnfossion; to iufiujuce the.u
to cultivate tho mind as well us the toil, and thus
eleyute themselves to that positiou which it is
their duly and privilege lo occupy us Amxiucas
Agriculturalists, iu this age of Progress uud
Willi its very large list of contributors, num
bering over ttco hundred, most of them practicul
farmers in the West, the pages of ihe ''Cultiva
tor" will oontuiii Hie results of Experience, as
well as tho teachings of Science; and being writ
teu or salected with spechil reference to the cli
mate, aud productions of Ohio, this paper will be
found more valuuble than any other for the farm
ers of this and adjoining States. It will contain
the latest intelligence ut the Markets of this coun
try aud England ; notices of the weather and the
crops: descriptions ( with Kkoravjngs) of improv
ed iiuplemeuU machiues. &c; instructions iu gar
dening aud fruit culture, rearing uud manugemeiil
of domestic uuiuiuls, cousU'uctinu of farm build
ings, fences, &c., and a "ladies' department"
devoted to household uliait's, useful receipts, &c.
The friends of Improvements iu Ohio and ad
joining States are requested to obtaiu and forward
subscribers tor the Ohio Cultivutor. Remember
that the price is only seventy-Jive cents each,
when four or more name are sent by oue person.
All subscriptions must commence with the first
number of the volume ; a complete index is fur
nished ut the cud of the year. Specimen num
bers and a prospectus will be furwurded to ull
who desire them.
EEA'Die is the time to subscribe! Letters with
remitauces tnay be sent by mail ut the risk and
expense of the publisher
Address. M. B. BATEIIAM.
Columbus, Ohio. -
new vuin.
WE have this 27th duy of November, A. D.
1847, purchased the entire STOCK OK
GOODS from G. A. FLEMING, and will continue
the mercantile business at the Old Stand iu L i
thnpolis, uudor the firm of
J. K. 4s R. 8. FLEMING.
: December 17, 1847. ' 4w32
WE have adopted the READY PAY SYS
TEM, aud respectfully invite the citizens
of Fairfield aud adjuceut couutios, tu cull uud ex
amine our j
before purchasing elsewhere, as we are fully de
termined to sell Goods at a LESS PROFIT thuu
any oilier establishment n: the west.
N B. All kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE taken
in exchange for Goods.
Lithopnlis, December 17, 1847. 4w32
Cheap J inline again ou hand!
Sixteen pounds of prime fit Orleans Sugar,
Lancaster, December 10, 1847. 31
BEST QUALITY, ut the low rate of 37J cts,
per gullou. for sulo by CHEAP JIMME.
Lancaster, December 10, 1847. 31
Just ICcceiyiug; and opening:,
SUITABE for the season, cheaper than ever;
To satisfy yourselves, cull 011 Cheap Jimme.
Lancaster, December 10, 1847. 31
Litliopolis Academy.
rTIIIE primary and secondary schools of the
X preparatory department of the Lithopnlis
Academy will beopened 011 Monday .the 13th inst.
Oil the 20th a few clusscs will be orsaiiized in
lie High School depurtmeut ofthesnmo iustilu
tion. Tha Lithonolis Acudcmv is desiened both for
Mulo and Female I'upiis.
.Hoarding uecoinmodations will be afforded by
the citizens of the Village.
Lkliopolis, Docember 10, 1847. 3w31,
10 pounds prime i. O. Siisar
Lancaster, December 10, 1817 31
A T il s r
PRICE S74 cents a gallon, for anient the cheap
store of WISE & HILLARD.
Lancaster, December 10, 1817. . 31
WE are this day, opening a large lot of DO -M
ESTIC GOODS, such as Flannels.
Checks, Tickings, Muslins, Cotton Ynrn, Cotton
Batting, Sic. All of which will bo sold chenn nnd
no mistake. , WISE & HILLAUD.
Lancuster, Docember 10, 1847. 31
THE subscribers have formed a partnership
ttndor the linn name of HAYDEN & SOM
ERS. and huve recently opened in the town of
Nelsonville a NEW STORE, whore will be kent
a lnrge aud excellent assortment of
Groceries, Queens-Ware,
Hardware, Iron, Steel, Nails, Spikes,
andavuriety of other articles usually kept iu a'
country Store, all of which will be sold ut whole
sale and retuil. at tho lowest prices, for Cash or
Country Produce. All are invited to call aud ex
amine their stock before purchasing elsewhere.
The undersigned have also formed a partnership
iu the COAL Business, and are prepared to furn
ish it at the lowest rates. They Lave discovered a
vein of Coal, which Is pronounced equal to the
Brownsville Coal, either for Cokeiugor Black
smith purposes, which will be delivered upon or
der, many point, upou the line of cnnal. It will
ulsu, be kept, ut all times, in the yard of P. Hay
den, Columbus, and P C. Benedum, Lancaster,
PETER HAYDEN, of Columbus.
J. F. SOMERS, of Nelsonville.
Nelsonville, December 10. i847. 4w3I
Call and See.
GATES & COSPER hiive just received a new
supply of those tiua WATCHES which thev
are selling at such prices as will astonish every one.
Aiuiuiuuga nouse, uoiouer IB47.
Iotice-ln Attachment.
AT my instance an attachment was this dny Is
sued by Geo. Sanderson, a Justice of the
reace in and lor Hocking Township, Faii6eld
county, against the property nnd effects of Lafay
ette Marsh, a non-resident of Fairfield county.
Docember S, 1847. ... . -4w31.
HAVINO now rneived trm Now Yolk, Phil
dclphi.! and Baltimore, their
""rK " well Muorlcd lock at
F.1I.L & 1I.TE!! GOODS
Are now preparod to i ffer ihe citi.ens id f uirfield
and adjoining counties, the ni't extraordiusry
induceinouu for the purchase of CHEAP Goods
ever otfered iu this ciuntv.
Just received mid uow'ownin a splendid as
sort of Teikc.i, PUiusnd Embr'd Thibbft,Wo.d
aud C;issiiuere
A lurae assoitmeut of LuiUhh' lRkii u...t.
latest styles and warranted colors. e..isistin of
""""" " ne t.anies, tatniueres, La-
ma, Plaids, Parainattiis, Satin, Striped ami Silk
Warp Alpacas, of all colors.
2000 I'iecen f CAUCOEK,
of all colors,
100 nieces of Satinets and Jeans. Plain, strinrd
and Bur'd. A lui ''euud superior lot
which we can sell ut from $1,50 to $5 per yard.
Plaid Liusevs. Gala Plaids. White R.l ,,,!
Plaid Flannels -
10 Bales Browu Muslin and ShBOtings.from 4-4
tofi-4 wide
100 Pieces Illearbed do. do 3-4 to 6-4
50 do Tickings from 6 to 20o per yard
' A lurge assortment of
Looking- ilascs, all prices.
Our stock is full and complete, embracing eve
ry variety of Goods, and huve heeu selected with
the greatest cure and ut tho very lowest cash
prices. We would invito theattentiou of persons
coming to Lancaster to buy Cheap Guodsat whole
sale or retail, to cull and examine our stock, well
assured thut we cuu offer them better Goods, at
lower prices, thuu any oUier house iu town.
All kind.of COUSTttV PKODl'CE taken
lu exclmntje fur Goods.
50,000 ISiishel of Wheal,
For which the Cash is always nnd.'
Laucuster, December 3. 18 17. 30
Valuable Ileal Estate lor sale
BY virtue of uu urdur from the Court of Com
mon Pleas fur FairGuld County, Ohio. I will
oiler at Public Sule, at the Court House door in
the Town of Lancaster,!!! suid Fairtield County ,011
Saturday the 32d day of January, 1818,
between the hours of 12 o'clock M. aud four o'
clock P. M. of raid day, tho following described
Real I jtalo. belonging lo thu Eitute of the lute
General David lit.m, deceased, viz: 100 Acres
of Laud off the Wontsido ofa Farm belonging lo
suid doceused, iu tireenlield Township. 3 miles
North from Lancuster, in Sectiou No. 24, Town
ship No. 15, Range No, 10: Also, 114 Acres West
part of the Northeast Quarter of Section No. 13,
Township No. 14. Kuuge No. 18, kuowu as the old
Home Farm of suid deceased Also, lu-Lut No. 7,
iu the 12lh Square of Ihe Towu of Lancaster, aud
being the residence of said deceased, at the lime
of his deuth: Also, part of lo-Lot No. Il,inthe8lh
Square of suid Town, kuowu as the "Checkered
Store," ou Main Street. The Town property will
be sold subject tu thu widow's dower, ui now
laid oir. The Lauds will bo sold clear uud free
of dower. . -
Tho above described property is woll improved
unci worth the uttentiou of purchasers. . Terms
of Sulo One-third part in ban J, uud the residue
iu two cquul uiiimal p lymeuls, with mtereet from
the day of sale. JOHN A. COLLINS. Adm'ior
with the Will uuuexod.
December 17, 1847. , 5w32pfi3,75
Coll'ee, Uice, Molassei, Chocolate, Teas, Su
gur, New Orleans, Havana, Sm. All of tho .very
finest quality, constantly 011 hand, and for sale by
Lancasier, July 9, 1817. !
Attachment Notice.
T my instance, a writ of attachment was
XX this day issued by H. B. Apt, a Justice of
the Peace for Liberty Tuwushiu. Fairfield Couulv.
Ohio, Hgaiust ttio (ioods, Chuttels, Rights. Credits,
Moneys aud Etl'octs of James W. Mulleuix, uu
ubscoudius debtor.
November 30, 1847. 4w30"
OF ull kinds cheaper than ever a)
June 18, 1847. v
("l ocei ics cheaper than ever,
14 lbs Prime N. O. Sugar for $1,00
10 " do Rio Coffee . "$1,00
do N. 0. .Molasses per gul. 40
Prime article Tens per lb 5Q. 75 & $1 QQ
Choice Brands of Rruiidy. Gin & Wines '
Also inst received a LARGE LOT of the most
CHOICE, and common Shawls, Alpaeous, Chiutza"
i,c. Also Otter, cuninion Fur. Cloth uud Olazed
Cups, Hoots, Shoes uud Brogans.
19 pieces choice curpoting also choice rugs.
November 28, 13 17. 30-tf
J?OHK."Tl9 subscriber is prepared to salt
a FEW HUNDRED ued;'of hojs,
For Sule 1000 Barrels of Suit. '
- T. V, WHITE.
Nov. 28, 1847 . 29-tf
Tor Kent.
riWO good farms nenr the moulh of Monday
creek uud the Hocking canul. For torma
apply to John T. Brasee Km, al Lancaster.
Athens. Nov. 18, 1847. 29.
BY virtue of an order of Sale to me directed,
by tho Court of Common Pleas for Fuir
fiold County, Ohio, at its September Term, A.D.
1847, 1 will as the guardian of Louisa and Harris-son,-minor
children of Harrison Dellinger de
ceased, offer rind expose to sale by public veudue
and outcry ou the premises iu Walnut Township,
Fairfield County, Ohio, ou.
Saturday the 1st Duy of January, 1848.
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 3
o'clock F; M.of tlmfduy, to the highest bidder
the following described Real Estate; Situate id
Walnut Township, in suid County; being purt of
the North West quarter of Seo. No, 10, Township
No. 16, and Range No. 18, beginning at the South
Eust corner of suid quarter Section, thence West
1B0 perches and 14 links lo the South West cor
ner, theuce North 47 perches and 17 links to a
post in tha East quarter Section line! thence
south 47 perches and 17 links to the place of be
ginning, containing fnrty-eight ucres. Terms of
Sule, ouc-liftli of the purchase money iu hund, and
the residue in five years from day of sale! Inter
est tu be paid annually, aud the deferred pay
meuts to be secured by a mortgage on I lie prem
Novcmbor26. 1847. il9-'td
Latest from Carroll!!
GATES & COSPER are prepared to Enlighten
the town of Lancaster aud surrounding coun
try, by the nrrivul (via Curroll,) ofa fine assort
ment of Sulur Suiud Lamps swinxiue aud side
do., Plated cuudlesticks, &c. &c. -
N. B. Extra Globes, Shades and Chimneys al
ways on hand. 1
Laucaster. November 4, 1847. ' ' 26.
Instate of John Lear.
T,TOTICF. is hereby given, that the subscriber
V has been appointed and duly qualified as
Executor of the Estate of John Lear, deed, lute
of Fairfield county Ohio.
HAttVICK LEAR, Executor.
November 3, 1837. -, ' 4w26.
Looking Glass Plates.
fi ATES & COSPER, (in the Tallmadge House)
1 T are nrarutrad fn fnroih tnlrin.r:ta.. pi..-.
of all sizes, from 8 by 10 inches to l$"oy 26 inches,
as very tow prices. ........
i.acater, June 25 1847. : : 7
Look out for cheap Unrg.iiin
Fashionable Tailors & ClolhiersjwT:
RAVE just received from New York, at ihe
stiiud, iu the room tirmerly occupied I
tauil, 111 the room fiirmerlv occiiniu,!
Aintwortk lr H Ulock
3r H Ulock, Mjio Street, Lauciisler
Ohio, another splendid swuitment of
Suitable for the FALL uud WINTER SEASONS,
which they pledge thainelves to Sell as low, il
uot lower thin any other articles of the mame
quality can be sold iu this market. The toliowiug
articles compose a part of their Stuck, viz:
Super. Bl k & Blue Bl'k French & Eugluu Cloths
" Bmwu - " do
Blue " 1 do
" Invisible Green " - ' do
" Golden Mixed " - " do
" Grey .. , j
Blue PILOT do "
" rhiiie aud Plaid French CASS1MERE3
" Figured Silk VESTING
" " " Cashmere do
' - - " Valiiitia do
Sheeps fSrey Cassimeie do
Plane Barr'd aud Striped Casainet, all qualities
' . '' " Saliu Vestiugs. Sx. Sec
Also, a splendid aisortmeulof
of ull qualities and patterns, for sule very low.
Consisting of Cloaks, Over-Cuuts, Black uud Blue
Frock and Dress Coats, Pants, Vests, Shirts,
Bosoms, St'x ks, Self-Adjusters, Handkerchinl's.
Gloves, Collars, Drawers, Cuder-SuirU, aud
1 inumuigso! ml kinds and descriptions.
They also feel tl.em.elye, competent and pre -
j - Hu r,v -
pared U, CCT and MAKE to ORDER upon the
SHORTEST NOTICE and m Ihe most fiuhiouuble
manner, CLOTHES ol ull KINDS.
,1.. .......1.1 .ln .Mall. tl 1 .7 -
f, ., ,1 i. ., . ,
t ii.i,llt.tnii umiitil iln to ,,tl uiwl ttvun.,A
. . .. . .. ..,,.,
their slock belore piircliasiuir elsewhere, as it will
uuiply compensate them fur their trouble
, , "I . ,,
ill- llmilini.lMlM tlij.fi, l,,H lltj.,t l.lu
Laucuster, November 3, 1347. mi
; Over-Conts! Over-Coat!!
BLACK. Brown anil Blue Blanket Over-CoaU,
made iu the most fashionable loan nor ami
from the best ol material. Also, Cloaks ot ull
qualities cheap, ut the Clothing Store of
, . SMITH &. TONG.
Lancaster, November 3, 1847. a 6
Froek Coats and Dresn Coat
TADE from the very best of materials, iu the
best muuiier, of qualities aud m ices lo suit
lue tusieuiiu circumstances ol all, comprising
Black uud Blue Black Coats, of ull qualities ain
wices, ii-oui fT to f-'Z
Drown iGrey FrtK-k Sc Sack Coats $4 to til)
Tweed uud Sattiuet f to 3
For sule at the new C'lothiuz Store of
Lancasier, November 5, 1847. 2G
Pant! rantx!! I'ant!!!
READY MADE PANT A LOONS of every des- ; come one of tne most ne!ul and ponnlar eifUicinrs.
criplioii, just received and at prices which ; It is cfifitd too, as iilramm rf-to ihs coi.sump
cauuut fail to please, are kept constantly on huud ' livr, and un sstistaiiiio votuli.is and public stirak
ut the uew uuil cheap Clothing Store of en s,ri,eieUy.
SMITH & TONG. The name of Ihe pr-paraiioii indicstet it, leading
Laucaster, November 5, 1847. 26 ; ii.re(linn, and it will he fotwd to he bv no mran.
Vest' 'l'l" Vll"' Vf'tlisf,
. . .
T7ESTS of every description aud at prices from
V 1 1 .'-'5 to $7, ut the Dew and clieuii clothing
storeof SMITH & TON(t.
Luucaster, Nuveniber 5, 1847. 26 J promote their comfort aud health by keeping a up-
. , .. ' plr in thesrasoiiof Colds.
!OllCe. 'The prontieiofs, in addition to hai has or.en tsid,
f IHE Co-Pnrtnership heretofore carried on by . respectfully refer io ihe certificate, from highly re
J the iiudersisned, under the name uud firm sprcwble ouir, mi The vtrappsrs of ihe Caude.
ol KRANEH & COX, was dissolved by mutual
couseut, on the SOlbday of October, 1047. The , c'u v papers. -
books, uotes and accouuls of said firm, ure placed , From the presiding Elder of tlte JUthodi,t Episca
u the hands ol VM. P. CREED, who, alone, is . pal Church, of Cincmiati.
uuthorised to settle the same. Persons knowing r t? ,. ...
themselves iudebted will muke
Payment to Mr
Creed. P.
. WM, W.
Lancastor, Ohio, November 5, 1347.
I WOULD inform my old friends aud the pub-
lie, that I have purchased the Stock iu Trade i
of KRANEE &. COX, iu the Old Brick House.
which I occupied eighteen yeara ago. opposite the . Cliapel, Cincinnati
Hotel of D. Tallmadge, to which I have added j f have used the COL'GIl CANDY of HOWF
Large StOCkOa"I'CWG004lJ&CO-nrtHTE'ou"'t" p'eal lemedy for
Which I will sell for CASH or the produce of the
purchasers tu call uud examine for themselves. I
It is usoles to enumerate, my assortment being j
geuerul, i
CP-CASH paid for WHEAT. T. COX.
Laucaster, .November 5, 1847. 26
Our Store in Kaltimore,
TT7"ILLbecoiitiuueed as usual. ALL KINDS
V V f GRAIN bought ut the Warehouse.
Baltimore. November 5. 1347. - 26
Farm for Kent.
SWILL LET or RENT my Farm, iu Walnut
Township, lying between Millersport and
Thoruville, iu tho Refugee Tract. The farm cou
tuius 200 Acres uf Laud 100 Acres cleared. '
Possession given any time from now until the
first of April. Tonus will be reasonable.
November 5. 1S47. bw'Jo
Valuable Tii7l Vroperly
4 S Executor of the Estate of Amos Rice, de-
- 1 l.....r t.. t.-..:n..i.i
1 iwuwu, mm mi iuuiiiKiii i wuaiim, r uirneiu
Coutv. Ohio. I will sell, at rtrieaU .L. tho val.
.JjflPNl- ;rrnfil... .l..,..,...l ,,,,
with about TEN A CUES of LAND. '
The Mill is situated upou Clearcreek, one of the
finest mill streams in the county ,ubouteigiil miles
soutuwest of Laucaster and about four miles from
Amauda, Itha two tun of Burrs and is iu excel
lent reputr.
It is a desirable property fur any person wish
ing to purchase uud the terms will be moderate.
For further particulars upply to .
November 5, 1847 20tf .
Creai Sale of Real Estate?
Fine opportunity for Iuvcstment.
William Stale Jr. Adm'tor
ot R. M. Ainsworlh.
Widow and Heir,, et al. J COMMON PLEAS.
BY virtue of an order of the Court of Common
Pleas to me directed, 1 will expose aud otter
ul public sale before the Court House door of suid
Wednesday tlie 29th dT ot Deeember,181T,
between the Hours of 9 o'clock A. M. aud 5 o'
clock P. M., the followiug valuable Real Lstuto,
situate ill said County, to-wit:
1. In-Iot No, 5, iu the I81I1 Square of tlie town
of Luucoster,the lute residence ot R.M.Ainswurth,
deceused uppruised ut t40U0, '
'J. Theuudivided half of the West half ofln-Lot
No. 1, in the 3rd Square of Lancaster, unou which
is erected a Warehouse. Appraised ut 11500.
o. 1 ue v est uuii ui tne west ball ol lu-Lol No.
14, iu the 8th Suunre of Luucaster. betiis iha
grouud upou whioh is erected the Store, now iu
the occupancy of John Etlinaer & Co.: said nari
of Lot being subject tu the Duwer Estate of Emily
Aiusworth, Widow, therein, aud aumaiaed sub
ject to suid Dower at $3000.
. 1 lie huat halt ot the West half of In Lot No.
14, iu the 8lh Square of Lancuster.beni" the around
upou which is erected the Store, now iu the occu
pancy of Philip Bope, ou Muiu street. Apprais
ed at 4000.
9. The undivided half of tlie South half of lo-
Lot No. 0, iu the 13lh Square, aud of the South j
Quarter of lo-Lot No. 10, iu the 13th Square of
Laucaster, being the property knowu as "Stur
geon's Comer, Appraised at 1800.
ft n,,i.r v., ,,. ih i'..i. i,f.i:.;nr.
tlie Towu of Lancaster, conlaiuin" five uud a half i
acres. Appraised at $135 per acre.
Terms Sois.-Oue third iu hand, the balance
in One and two years, wilh interest. -
WILLIAM SLADE, Jr., Aim tor,
- Of iki Estate of R. it. Ainsvorth, decease i.
N'ovember 12, 134?. . ' 7w27pl$6
J . J M
aiekijr 4hos,
There is not a man. woman r rl.il. 1 n .v.. ...11
take medicine at this season of the yeer, but more
mere are nnw. so likely u produce state of
l,:",;""" -
J ue repeulcd disuse iu the almoe-
' ,'1""0'
pUie, by actinc as they do Ufu the cooslilutiou.
ud qu.ilitr of the bluod iisr'r. ri wr.ul., f...
,1. . , ,1 , ,. ,. "'
um most Uul nisliTnuiit ilirdeis. The bile be-
nd otien"
nuoiii wsiiiin-,j ma most' as ui n ,M uaeu imlui ws
1'. t... . . 1 i. 1I1. .Jii..-..ri.;. ,
cusiiges, aud if tle stomach and buwels have breu
. - - . IIHIH 1IV IS Wdim
r", iz.l 7 7 """ "
. ouu .T, n,,t ypl"" 'Muue " wiiu in.s. n is atBiUcd tu ...uduct ls
ll.T T ltc"!"-"' those who liave a ! bu-iue- upou the ba.u of r,.dy .4y and , mill
esltt.y d..p.,u..UofUly,are subiett to sick- fr'S, that his customers cm I. .ccommud.
ness under tbtse cl.cum.umces. Tlierie lo ' wilhauy arUcla from a WkeH-bfr,w tu a
prevent imy danger we 0.girt turelolly to guard sra-Wr Cmrriat. WARRANTED tu be elect.' '
1 . , , i'rUU' "iuur bo,l- Once or led iu as giwl and ue style, if not better, id
wi.e iney should be evacuated iu twetv.uur sol.l for less meuev, thuu cau be obtaiimd at uuf
hours. There many causes which produce establishment in t'i county "
uubealthy blo-nJ: immimo. it may fnia '. As a proof of U-is, Ihe lollovtlnrf list of arliclus
gnei, ut others when the system is lu a state of ""J prices we here annexed!
lulluess it can tike liUce from .,i,l,l... !..... ,.i.. W,i .Ufss.lr ..ft 1. - ... si 1 a slit
application to a literary undertaking cau produce;
. - -w- - k 1 nve iu
- v., ..h, ,m,nrn i, miiiiii urouuciiiif iiervnii.
i, . I I : .1. . T
citeuieut. isu lertile source of unholy blood oria
siouiiig that slow nervous fever which bus carried
of) soineof our best men, men inurtvrs to their
reputation, but which a knowledge of the powers
of Braiidreth's Pills would have prevented. Those
who desire to secure their health, uudor almost
any ailverse ciicui.sUuices, can do so by huviu
Bs.ou:th's Pills 00 hand, and at once resorting
Vi thein when the first feelings of disorder take
plate in their bodies. As this advice is used so
will the hoalth be. The time will yet be wheu
n mail that makes a good medicine .hull be hon
oreu more than he who is au adept iu the art of
The BRAXDRF.TH'S PILLS are sold for 25
ctsrx-r Ijox.al Dr. B. Bm,l, il,', pr;.. r.oi. ...
1 241 Broadway New York. '
, t.. . .1 , new iurs. I jl wuo Ten
f7 tSewateof Coiminfeitv!!! Tlis followins I sale, on fao,
jis the only aoitintiztvl A,fMlor ihe sale of 1M'lv. formerlv ,
genuine BraiiUrrih Pills ) 1-airfieKI roentv ! N elsouville, ,
f . 1 ...
" "i t.tjr
If ... .. r. f. r ...
, uw,, i.aiuuier,Jmry t m-
Ilm nil,,,, P,. tv-;., ii r:..n. I 1
I , .'"l.l.liriitnHH.I.IWIl
. r ., .... . 1
tirr, Lyikopolis, J. B. Kvaiti, Winchester Pffei
uumiM) ii. niiiirrins:i 1inahOu, u.
B-rty. Sugar G rove, .,t, k. B r,y, Bremen.
Cha'sG. Wilniu4V(:o.,yjuMiri7c Jrssr lolnter.
UethmhriUt, V. B,rrk, Carroll. N. J. Bo.vrn.
Piikcnnzhn. Cox R,a,i, Baltimore, Philip
Haw. Phaiuntrillr, . B. & C. Padtlni, at;,i,
Jotib knurr. MillrrsuorL
Lancasiei, November 19, 1617
, I-ffti to the pnbhca plestanl aud sAeciivrrrnirdy
j lor Coughs, Colds, H'jarsenoi. JltUima, Plilhuic,
t'lmoping .oui'i, wjvuenza. l.rwp,Sire Throat,
Rronthilu, and general ajficlioiu of Ctitsl and
l.ungs. In such cw it is Snnwn lo have affnr irri
(IrriUed and puinan-nl relief, suit ftom iis rapid
ale ami grrai sucre-i, as a tmiedy lot the abov
diseases u heie it had bren ntl. it ,tnn, tn i..
""l,leasi"" and may be usedby ehi
i aoiins. aim enure impunity. 1 he uisle-
rial. ued iu ihe preparation are of ihe bm qualily
'and may be relied on at. in tvtrv fttnert m n v
and gencink article. Familii unulH
"d oihers, published in paoiphlei for.s. and in the
1 v.w-ueiiiienie-rsin long since,
1 W,1''e 'aht""'S ,""1r he iuflunire of a painlolly em
vhiiof.iiic; uuiu at SNrssiiig m ine oeii air, a rrieurl
handed me a piere of your HOARHOL'ND and
UVKRWOKT CANDY, from the use uf which
1 experienced gteat aud almost immediate relief.
Since then 1 have fiequenily uwd it wiili i,t,e
beuefirial ellecti, 1 Iherefore frel no hrintation in re
eoiumrhdinjc your Candy as a Ukbtsin sriciric for
Coujhs, Coidf, Iloarseue, kr.
Cincinnati, A netisl 27, la47.
! From the Rce. J. Jf. Trimble. Pallor nf Wulni
i i," ' P"u,'e """
;'",:uw,,,,ul"a50 InB 1 'ouin nno Beue.lt
Irnut its ue.
' 3. M. TRIMBLF.
Cincinnati, Septembrr 25, 1847.
We wariant a core for the above diseases in all
j cases, and chsllf nge any prnori in the United St. net
; lo prodore a better, cheaper and more etfrctive re
I medy.
sold by the principal Druggist in even city iu the
Uuitcd Stales, aud by the proprietors
At their Depoi No. 1, College Hall, Waluut ttieei,
Cincinnati, Ohio
And we challenge the wntld to produie an in
stance where lite sale uf any remedy has iiinea.eil
as rapidly at the aUne C'aiidy.vhers il has become
Sole Aijent lor Fairfield Cnnniv.
OFFICE Giey's Small While Frame Boild
il'g, hires Doors lOast of ihe Swan Tavern, Miin-st,
Lancaster, Ohio, October, 1847. 6m25
SOME of the finest specimens of Jewelry ever
brought to Luucaster, among which may be)
totiud Cameo Tins, single stone do. bracelet.
r 'u ' i -I ... ...
I Ch.uus. Pencil ease. I mger nngs Ear rings. Mm-
llure La.es, Hair Ornaments, Guaid aud Fob
Kevs, Gold aud Silver Thimbles, &c. Chenn for
cash at GATES & COSPEU'S.
Laucutter June 13, 1844. 5
Pen Knives.
Tirnn .,..1. ,. ,..,. i'..,,.v,.iir n. ..l,.
the persou that does not, unless it be one,
who is already supplied. To those that are not,
we would just suV that we are prepared Ui furnish
BETTER aad CHEAPER than any bouse in Lau -
caster. GATES & COSrER. -
Lancaster, Oc tober 22, 1847.
wild Cherry and SarsaparUla fill.
DRrL1EKOY,aliceiiiateor tlieRoyuIc(.Uege
nf Physicians in London, having used in his
private practice, tor a number of Tears, the WILD
feUE Boy's
CHERRY aud SAR3APARILLA. at length made i u,jUt,wet comer of said West half, said bslsucri
au eitruct ot them, which with other vegetables, ! uerby meant to be described and which was own
he has combined 111 one ot the best Tills ever made : ed by ihedecedeut, estimated tocouUiu 4 14-109
known to the European community, and which Acres more of less, uud being the same Laud con
merit the attention ot the American People. J veyed to decedent by David Eversol and Wife
1 hey are the moat efficacious purgative aud tonic ' by'deed, November a9, 1841,
yet discovered. . , Allof said Lnd to be sold subject to ths dower
THE WILD CHERRY is on excellent Tome, j E,uit8 0f Lydia Van Bureu, widow thereiu, and
possessing asiruigeiu ana uroniaiic niier uca;
whicU make it Tuluable iu Dyspepsia, Juuudice,
weakness ot the stomach aud client.
THE SARSAPARILLA is demulcent, diuretic
aud soothiug, and is giveu in Rheumatism, Scrofu
la, diseases of the skin, and lo eradicate the bud
effects of Mercury. In the uporatiun of ull other
purgative mediciues debilit-iliou and puriherojonj
go hand 111 haud; they remove die good, us well 1
as the bud; thus wenkenine the system, which
thev wereonly required to cleduse, aud making '
the-cure generally ,!lm,.st a. bad. and frequently :
much worse than tbediseuse. Dr. Le Roy's Pills, I
on the contrary, strengthen aud tone the system
which they purge uud purify. And this is their
peculiar attribute, aud the principal cause oftboir
uurivaled popularity. .,
Directions for using. Asnn A pfrtieut, two or
three Pill are sufficient, as a uuthartio iu fever.
costiveness, liver complaint aud dyspepsia, three
to six pills, (according to age, sex, aud state ot
the bowels.) uud so of other disease.
- P. 3. The virtoo of the Sarsapariila and Wild
Cherry are too well known to medical men and
the com muni ty to require further detail.
Aoivts George Kauffmau, Lancaster Elijah
Kalb, RiuhvilU . . -
November 19, 1847, 6w2S
- Blank
for sal at the Gazette eV txprest Office
Carriage and Wacoa Manufactory,
'PHANKFUL for nest favors, lbs uu.ieiiiiJ
J- wotild rwHrt;ifull V- infill ui his fi iBndsiui.1 the
Public geueriMv. Hut he is still rujsgpd iu th a
Ibisncll of busiuet-i, ut the Vd SUnd. s
and A auarttr x-.. . . . r . ,
'. h li. fl.,u0 ,imw.f ,t)Bl ' 'j. i..
wdt-uluted ...! 1 ... ... 1. 1
, , i"-" iu rAn nir wm n, iu
"euler, belter and iuul .,..1.. .1
. .wIU,.,v, ui 1; w IHU tfr MI..I I..Uu... l.uj
; omployed xucnwurj wUikn
, -1-1 -.r..v wuiamru; aud m i.u.-
Jo do oue-borse Bugiiies.... 13.00
be 1 Wagons, complete lor from
$r,i, to f hi.
unifies. uu . ' 1.. ir.t
And all other articles ut corresponding low rales
and warranted. v jj WIN TEU.
Deceuiber 10,1847. .' . .
N. B. All kinds ol Prodm e, at the higliett
casli prices, taken for work. . Al, stuck such ul
Horses, Cattle. Hogs tne.
Call sud see us aud we will do you good. ' Re
member thut a pouuy saved is as good us iwd
tyTOLL paid, un all occasions," where tliS
work amounts to five dollars, aud work alwsyS
dune immediately. . ), w.
Deceaiber 10, 1847. jjmj
Ileal L'state for !SiilcT
! rwlll' .....l-r.,...! i. 1 1... .1.-
J. who resides iu Laltiiilore. Md. to oiler fr
toraite terms, the Well kuutvn proper'
y owneu oy 0. m. Mieimrd, simate in
A .1 . ... s.l . . ..
........v, ntu-u. wuu.T, villi, Ufll.l.imV S
I ir.. t. . . ... f n.
"aienouse, 0101 e nou. uwetiiuif douse aud se
1 n, t.,.t-.,..l ..e r-...i j: .1
' "or terms apply to the uudersiined, at Alheusi
I . . . . .
; v. u. sue, oauimore, MarvMiida
Athens. Ohio, Decentber 10 1847. Jw3(
v 1 '
' 1110 lOr . SiCs- .
TN pursuance of the conditions and provision of
' I a deed of trust eieculed l, J,.i,n Will; u...l
isdueii'i ui wue, ami Jolniultiuu Lou sou aud
- j James MCleery, the said James MCleei-y will ex
cuse to sate uy puaiic reuuue, ut tlie Court Ileus
door, tu tlie tosvu of Lancaster, Fairtield oouuty
Ohio, uu
aaturaan ths Slh da sf Jsansry, 1I4,
between the houis of 10 o'clock A, M. aud 4 o'-
clock P. M. of said dav the following duuirlbrd
tract of land, situate lu Greenfield f owushiu iu
, i . j . , - .
i" county, bounded by beginning at u siouo isi
aheld Bortu "'"? br,tk hool house occupied
"7 "uiuims uieuce soutli one degree
H."(l ,e" mi"Utes west two chains aud ekdity-luur
links to a stone iu tlie sou:h bouiidurv of Seetioii
No.2h Township No. II! Range No. il: theiire
east along said sooth boundary soven chuius 3J
links to a stone iu said boundary: theuce north
one degree aud ten Whittles eust two chains sud
eighty-lour links to a sloi.e; theuce West ssveu
chains 33 links tu the beginning, containing two
acres aud thiitoeu poles more or less, with all im
provement thereon including the large frame
dwelling aud die east part ot the brick school
liouw occupied by suid Williams. Terms ofsale
one third part of the purchase money to be paid
iu hand, oue third in six and one third iu twelv
uiouthsafler the day of sule wiih interest. '
" - Trustee.
December 10. 1847. 3ts,
State of hto, .iFafrGc IU (Tomitg.
Court of Common Pleas Petition for Partition
and Dourer.
Maria Heimberger ts, Dunlel Unnibach and Cath
erine bis Wife, Margaret Shtihman, - ' Boltfie
and Susannah bis Wife, all of Fairfield county,
Ohio, and Lawrence Sliuhinaiielarilt Shuhmsa,
Gertrude Shiihiimn, aud Michael Wolf aud Bur
bars his Wife, of Germany.
r H E above named Deliid:in!s will hike no
J lice, that a petition was filed asuiust them
oil the 1 llh day of September, A.JD. 1347, iu the
Clerk's Office of the Court of C'omiuou Pleas for
so id county, aud is now pendiug. wherein the pe
titioner demands partition of, uud tho assirninieiit
of dower in, to the said Margaret Shuhm.m,'of th
i- 11 , 1 , . . . , , , . .
loiiowinguescnneo. proK)ity or wiucu the ssttt
Henry Shuhmau died seized aud possessed ,lo-wit;
ln-Lot nuuiber one. (1) in the Town of Busil.aud
sixleeu feet off the North side of Iu-Lwt uuiuber
two, (2) in same place.
Said cause will be beard at the next Term of
said court.
Attornrys for Vemantlnttts.
November 2G, 1847. 6wa9pf3.jB
IS lieiunal ism's Friend..
rjlIlE genuiue India Rubber Porous Streugth
J iiigl'luster u certain remedy for Rheums
tinn. iu either the buck, breast, side or limbs, as
well as internal weakness, which Hot all the wealth
of Joint Jacob A st or ran equal. The above is for
sale by GEORGE KAUFMAN, Agent.
Lancaster Nov. 26, 1847. -. . aw.'M,
Ltatc of John tSiiiuore.
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber
has been appointed aud qiuilified as Admin
istrator on the Eatato of John GilmoRK. duccasoti,
late uf Waluut Township. Fairfield County .Olli'l
November 5, 1847 4w26
Silver Ware.
TIlABLE, Drrsert and Tea Soon. SMlt,.Mus'
JL taid and Crenru do. Butter Knives 4 c. also
tha Real German Silver Table Si. Tea SponiM,
For sale bv GATES 4. COSPER.
June 18, 1847.
Fairfield Common .Men.
- AdmiuisU ator of Jacob Vuu Bureu, vs. Widow
Dud Hoirt. -
BY virtue of an order of the Court 0f Comment
Pleas to me directed in tlus case, 1 will ex
pose at public sale before the court house door of
said county, ou ...
Tuesday tha Mutts day of December! 184T,
; b,er.otDu "Je ",uul? J fur
0 cl"k "' M '.tue luowluS ''"""a "'"w1" '
1 col'",'' 'P'"'' ' '
; art, tlJf Suu"least Quarter f Section No. 24,
'""usuipiso. i. nange no. j, oegiimiiigaiHin
j Soutuwest corner ot said Wuarter Section; it nc
iiuuu aiuii 1110 uuii oeeiton one ru poles 10 a
post; theuce East '."2 poles 21 liaks la a pusti
theuce South 70 poles lo the South boundary fine
of suid Section; tliencd along said line West w
the place of begiuiug, coiituiuing TEN ACRES.
Also, a part of the West half of the Suulheast
Quarter of suid Section No. 24, Township No. 14,
KaiigeNo. 18, being all the remainder of said
Vestbair, after taking off 19 Acres on tho East
' ,r ,;,! w t l.,.lii ,l ii, n, nr th
appraised ubject to said dower Estate at $30.
Terms One-third iu baud and the balance in
one and two yeuis, with intcreet from dv of sale,
Of the Estate of Jacob Van Buren, deceased,
. November 28, 1847. ' 5w?9pf$4.,50
..r. , . . , , .
T.f.'"? h?nJ?r.,r
pJ 'iN' 7D""V"'
SILKS, and alargo lot otmncpenny CALICOES
KUttl WUUl IUO.O. 1
The cashmeres and silk ore the Attest in this
market, and will be sold cheap.
Laucaster, October 22, 1847. ; ' 54.
Valuable Ileal Estate Tor sac
JW1LL sell at private sale 62 46-100 Acre ul
Laud lying in rearol'Sttuiberv' Garden, North
east of Lancaster, being Lots N0S. 7&IO in the
Partition of the Baldwin Estate. There two Lot
lia together, and for situation, fertility and alunwt
every other sdvantnge. the farm one' of the uiot
valntble tract of laud in tiie County. -
Term moderata. Apply oon.
. " M. A. DAfGHrUTr.
Lineaeter.July 93, 1847i It

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