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Fromtke Philadtlpki Saturday Conritr.
Whom Gnd hth armed with shining truth,,..
" rom winiered U&wcry youth, . . ,
I charge ye, rise? -Fy
every hope anJ every fair, . .
Aud every tie which bind ye near,
Fv all which make your homes must dear,
1 charge yo, rise!
' For there i one who walks abroad,
With Woody tcet to mar the sod,, , ,
And coiiuuee turesnniat snow ro-iiuy
Bed priiiU which will not pass away, ' ,
nd be hath laid but even now
Ilii hand upon the peaceful plnugb.
And seized the scythe, with thewe to mowK
A ud furrow field of gore!
Oh, Te. and call God's Angel down, . ....
To blow the trump of peace, and tliiiwu -'.
This b.nien diu of wai!
. W'lm dig in earili'a benighted cave,
Or plough the old eternal wave
I charge ye. rise! ' ,
Who walk within the. citv'e crowd,
- Or climb the mountain to it cloud,
Oi' till the lowlands, poor or proud,
, I tharge Te, rise! '
- Arise mi seize the tismiiig f wnrdt ' ' . '
Emblazoned with those glorious words'
Which filled the night with blessed breath
Above the Child or Nazereth! 1 ' ,
Come with your bunuers broad and white, '
And weary till old error's night
-' Slmll be o morel '
Theil God shall send his Angel down.
To blow the trump of pcuca, and drown .
The bruzuu diu of war! A Mikkh.
Hazel Dell, near Minersville, Schuylkill Co. Pa.
' IU U' 'J3
A TttuK Gentleman. No well-bred
person will, be insolent to Lis inferiors
On the otiitsr hand lie will observe a scru
pnlous tenderness of manner towards
tliem, a care of word and action, that will
lighten the load of humanity that they
must necessarily teel, as much as possible.
J lu retirement of heart is the most
prominent characteristic of a high and no
bits spirit. ' It is the only mark of a gen
ileman that is wholly unequivocal. When
. we see a gentleman very choice of his
words, and very dainty at the table, and
yet capable ot insulting the unfortunate
or ridiculing distress, we always think of
the ass in a lion s skin.
A SurPEitY Currency. A Vera Cruz
letter writer says: "In conversing with
one of the officers from Perote, I was told
.1- . , ,
iiiuiatmp was UHnu as irai icuuer, unci
iudeed preferred" in silver. The soap is
made into cukes of the vulue of a cent
and a half, and as these cukes are stamp
ed and pass freely every one takes them
hence, no doubt, the expression, "out of
soap," &c.
irii', c.iiiliitln on ilic War.
Albert Gallatin, following the example
of Mr, Clay, hus given his opinions upon
the war with Mexico: He arrives at the
following conclusions:
That the annexation of Texas was an
(Tensive and unjust act to Mexico.
That the Government of the United
Stales grossly erred in not sending aCom
missionertoMexico, instead of a Minister.
' That Texas never had any valid claim
to the Rio del Norte as its boundary. -That
the United States ought not to
t make a conquest of Mexico; or insist upon
receiving from Mexico any other indemni
fication than that due to American citi
zens, by Mexico, before the war began.
That, as the preliminary to peace, we
ought to evacuate the Mexican territory
now in our possession.
CSTThe New York Herald in remark
iny upon the report of the Secretary of
War, says:- I o do him justice, his report
compares most favorably with the rhodo
montade mossageof Mr. Polk. The style
is clear and forcible and there are none
. of those absurd pleonasms, those endless
repetitions, those uiscussive generalities,
or those abominable cant expressions,
which render the perusal of the l resi
dent's message so nausontirie a task
We know of nothing in modern literature
to compare with that message, hut the
modest reports of Major Genera) Gideon
J. Pillow, ofCerro Gordo celebrity.
IV" Mr. Culhoun in his speech last
February in the Senate, hold the follow
ing romarkable words: "Mexico is as
forbidden fruit. The day of her death
would be almost the end of our political
existence, Her independence, her ca
pacity, her greatness, should be estoemed
by us as noxt in importance to our own,"
A Tine I a rm for Male.
ONE Hundred ami Thirty-three Acres of Lund
near Huvenspni t, iu Kuirlinld County, well
improved aud in good condition, will he sold at
private side, mi terms to suit purchaser.
About Forty Acres are covered with un excel
lent growth of timber, and the Imlutice is utidor
cultivation. There are on it a good Dwelling
House ami Bum, und suitable nut-nouses: n good
Well of Water Hour the Kitchun and another in
the Barn-Yard, Anyone wishing to purrhune a
first ruto firm will litid this a rare chance. It lies
adjoining the lauds of Judjjo Murtlii aud Joel Ra
dcbaugli, Esq.
for terms and nlher purtlculura apply lo tlm
ewimrsUeni y O. und John lluiuia ou the prrini
let, or to the undersigned in Lani'imtnr.
Lancaster, August 13, 1847. H
' iJold Pons. "
A New arrival by express ut
June 18, 1817.
P. a. tc V. O. DRINXLTJ.
ESl'KCTKULLY inform the citireut of Lan.
caster and its vicinity,, thut they huveoiten
ed a
failor ehnp, it) CoiiiinH'a How, under the
Lagle olUue, directly opposite the Cost OIHce,
where they can at all times bat fonnd, roiidy to
t-jcute any work that may he entrusted to them
in lb") neatest end most ftuhiimuhle manner and
tow mr lush or all kinds of Country I'roduoe,
. 1 hey respectlully solicit a slur of the public
patronage. .
Lancaster, April 10th, 1847i ly9.
"7 ' ' " Police."""
T1IIE Receivers of the LANCASTER OHIO
BAN K, having contracted with JACOB
GUEENE, to redeem the Notes and Dills of said
Bank remuiuiiig in circulation the tame will be
MdeemeH by said GauMi, at Ihe Drug Store of
Goorge Kauirman, Main street, Laticuster, Ohio,
as the some aball be presented at that place.
, . . Receivers ol Luucualer Ohio Bunk.
, , Lancaster. Ohio. Feb. 3, 1817, jtf
, DisMolnlion NotTceT
TH1HE firm of J.C. Maccrackea having dissolv
JB. ed, J. C. Mucirucken assncUtiug himtnU
willi Work Galbraitb nnd John Maccrackeu bk.
ing charge of the accounts and books of J. Si Jf
C. Muccrackeu and J. C. Maocrarken, notice is
hereby given to all those indebted tliut immediate
. payinctit must be made. ..... i
All accounta unsettled and all noteii unpahl on
the 15th day of June next will be left in the
bunds of proper offloers for collection.
Jolm Muccracken will always be found at th
.couiiuug roouioi jtiaccracKeu oc (laiuraitti,
Laucister May luil 1U7. t.
li I w-saBsfva-.1-: 'I
. r a.ju. i
nn iiinmif
opposite Reber & Kutz's Store,
where can be found a mil assortment of
N BW U A U V W X U Va ,
Inch he oner at the lowest possible prices,
even lower than the lowest.
Those in want of H A UDW A RE will save money
hy examining his Stock, both as regards quality
and price.
Among other articles will be found the loilnwiiip:
AXES: Mann'. Hunt's Collin' and Beck's
Chopping. Rroad and Haud.
Adzes, Warren limit s and Greaves and Sons
Awl BluuYs, Sewing Brad and Pegging
Anvils, Vices and Bellows
Angers and Auger BitU, Concave, Heavy, Long
aud other kind
Bulauces, Suiter's, Scale) Beams aud Counter
Bells. Hand, Tea or Table, Cow aud Sleigh
iu variety
Bedsore wi. 6, 6j, 7 and 8, Square and Sharp
Thread , .
Bits for Braces, Centre, Gouge, Nose, Riinmer,
Tnner and Chain
Boxes, Suuti" aud Tobacco in Steel, Tin and
Bolts. Round. Flat. Barrel and other kinds
Brucctand Bits, Scotch aud Plated; ChUseU
nnd uunge
Candlesticks. Iron and Brans, Hand nnd Table,
Castors, Iron and Brass, Blake's & other makes
C buius, Truce and Unller, hog and r nth .
Cocks, Brass, Diitumiu and Wood
Corkscrews, Wrenches, Cupboard Turns a id
Currycombs nnd Cards iu every variety
CUTLEUY. Roger's, Westeuholin's Crook's,
Tmnpr's and Wrugg' Pocket Knives.
English and Ainericiiu Table Cutlery
Butcher's and Shoemaker's Knives
Drawing Knives, Shears, Scissors nnd blieep
K.scutcliens nnd Escntchen fins
Files, Mill, Bastard, Tuner. Square Ac, hull' round
trypans, with and without Handles
(iimlilels, Glue Pot aud Gridirons . .
Gun Barrels, .neks, Ribs aud Worms
Hammers, Shoe, Nail, l athing and Curpct
Hat l'ius, Hiit and C'lmik Hooks
Hand, Unil Screws and Staples .
Hinges, Wrought, Cast, Sirup and Table, Cnx-
lisli aud Amm icuii
HutcheK Hunt's Broad and Shingling .
Ladles. Tin'd, Iron und Brass
Latches, with Brass and Mineral Knobs
Locks. Rim anil Mineral Nob. Door. Closet
Pud, Stuck, Mortice, Trunk, Till, Cupboard and
CIlHSt - .
Mentmnug Tapes and CofTee Mills
Nails, every kind, Wronsht and Horse Shoe
Plane Irons, Gouges, Compasses, Dyers, Nip
nam. &c. &o
Saws, Mill, X Cut, Hand, Paunel, Ripping.Back
aud other variety
Spoons, Plated, German Silver, Tin'd and Brit
tuniu '
Shovels and 8pades, Ames' Washburn's and
otlier Brands
Squares, Iron and Steel, Measuring and Trying
Nlair nods, rikates, Hniillors, urass ami lruu
Hienlyanls, Wurruuted correct
Tucks, Ilruds, Spurruhles and finishing Nuils
Ten Trays and Snulfer 'frays .
Trowels, Plnsterinz, Muson's and Garden
Weights in Setts, Long and Short Huudle Mu
uure forks
Miilinonny Vuneers, Lookmi Ulusa 'e,
Muhoiiiiny Nobs, &c Ac
Bucklos, BitU and Stirrups .
Harness Mounting and Suddler's Tools
Shark Skin, I'lush, Suddler's Thread and Silk
Cotton, Worsted and Straining Webb
Hog, Cnlf, Facing and Pud Skins
Plated Dushurs, HniitHes and Bauds
Stump Joint sand Mitllcmlile Iron
Steel Springs, Iron Axles and Boxes
Bioiid and Narrow Laue
Patent Leather, Gum & Oil Cloth, Dnmak,&c
Alio, a Large Attortmtnt of all kindt of
I ron,, Nail. Steel ami Cilans,
Tocother with every variety of Hardware usu
ally kept. J. C. WEAVER.
Lancaster, OctuherSS, 18l i
tVlnrrh'd Woiiiaii'8 Private
Medical Companion.
Third Edition. 10mn.j,p. 350. Price l.
91,000 Copies sold In three Months! It
f 111 K great rlamautl for this must Important work,
JL (ofvihichthoutBii(liareinltl)iiaicompelleil the
issue of another edition, It It Intended especially
for the niarneil, as It discloses important secrets
which should be known to ilium particularly. Here
every feuMls can discover the causes, lyinptomi,
and the most efficient remedies and most certain
mode of cure, in every complaint to which her sex
it mihjett.
Married females will here learn Ihe art Whereby
ihey would retain their youth, vigor, beauty, elm
licity of body, and buoyancy of spirits loan advan
ced sge, instead of being afflicted, at hundreds and
ilinntaiitli are, Into huso hands tins book hat not
yet fallen.
li it an important question lo ihe married why It
it thai we behold to many married females sickly,
debilitated, and prostrated? at alto the causes
anil whether they aie susceptible of remedy. They
will hcie find those Important mailers, connected
with tiisrnveiiet In medical and phyiioiogical lei
ence, which meet thit ipiettlnn.
Thu work It tlestined to bt in ihe hands of avery
wife sun moths r who hat a reiiaid for ht own
health and welfare, si well at that ol her huibami .
Tht revelations contained in Its pages have alrea
Hy proved a bleinuig loihousaudt.
To those yel unmarried, but conieinaletin mar
iluge, or, peihapt, hetitating at to the propriety of
Incuriing tht responsibilities stimulant upon It, tht
tiiipnrtanr of being possessed of Ihe icvelatlont
coiiuioen in mess pa got, to iniimaiety invnivnig
iben (utiles happiness, cannot M appreciated,
li It of comte impntsihla to convey more fully. In
a public loitmul, the vaiiout iiililectt traatetl of, at
ihey art of a nature strictly intended for the married
or those cuiitemplailui mairiscei neither it It necit
taiy, tines It it eveiy one's duty lo become poiteii
ed ol Knowledge, whereby the iiiiTeriugt to which a
wife, a mother, ui a tiatsr may be subject, can ba
Conies will ba sent by Mull free of Postal
Over ten thousand coplet have been teut by mail
wilhiit ihrra months, with perfect safely and certain
ly. In no liitlanra hat a remittance failed lo reach
ihe publisher, or me book tkott) to whom It hat been
On the receipt of On Dollar, the ".Varrieis Wo
manU Private Medical Companion" will ba tent
Ire of potuii lo ny part of ths Untied Slates.
All leiteis must bt aridreftcil (poti paid) to Dr. A.
M, Vauricean. Box Xlii, Ntw York City. Publith
ing Ultit I XI utterly Bueei, Ntw York.
N. D. The trade suonlied on the uual terms.
For tala by all th ptiwiple BookttlUri In th
Unntd fit let. Aneui in Lancatier,
W,8. BE ATY, Boor sell
Aojaji 27, 1847. tin16
WmTB U3AD-150 Kegs of fresh
pure While Lead.) i'iiisburgh and Cin
cinnati brands, just received and tor sule by
Lancaster, July 9, 1847. 9
War in the United States.
f T is an axiom among all civilized nation thai
it is better lo be engaged in boiioiable win than
submit to distiouotable peace, Adouiing ihis pnn-
riple, Ur. Wsioii,an old ana tsiuiui ruyncian
(modesty would suggest the propriety of leaving ibe
word skilful for others to pronounce, lest I might
be thought rgotrstical ; but it is no lime for niodesir
i Ihote days of base imposition, wneu igooiante
nil science are permitted to walk hand hi hand,)
ho wasenucsled iu ineesct, where ne practiced
it Lirotenioo a number of yean; and dining the
ssi nine or ten years ka't been engaged in an ex
tensive practice in at. Lous wane he has Heated
Uisrase surretslully in almost all its varied and
complicated forms, until ill-health' and a shattered
constiiuiimi obliged him to decline ihe practice ol
hit prolenon ; has lliereloie determined to declare
war with. Patent Medicines and Quack Nostrum
Makers with whose base and false pretentions to
cure all the ills and ails, pains and arhri that fWh
is heir too, with a single box of 1IU or a bottle of
Compound Syrup. ' ruly there are But two class
es i society, and ihey are the Humbugged and the
Humtntggeri . It is passingly strange the people
have not long since become tired and disgusted with
this bate imposition, and like Home zUU years be.
fore the christian era, in the l)t of Arrhgaihut
banished these imposition! from tne oouniry and
prohibit the prartice among them. There is no
person of common tense but Knows n he would
but reflect thai remedies cannot be so combined at
to be competent to cure ten thousand forms of dis
eases by one combination it n basely imse, and all
who preieud to cure to large a number of (unease at
ou often tee advertised are either ignoramuses and
know noihiui of the hitmen system, the nature of
litsate or the enect ol remedies upon me system or
they are bate imposters, and In either case aie un
wormy of your confidence. "We are wonderfully
and fearfully made." Iherefore let no person who
t ignorant of the beautiful, delicate and complica
ted structure pretume to tamper and thus destroy
ihe usefulness of thai beauiilul aud wonrterlu! iyi
trm thai God has placed here for usefulness and to
itlorify Him foi he who does not slumber nor sleep
will assuredly holdall accountable at Hit oar if
they daie temper with Ihe work of Hit hands, for
the purpose of gratifying their sordid avarice
Ur: Watson believing, that his knowledge of dit
ease and long experience in Ihe Treatment of ihe
various formtof Disease, has furiuhed hurt with a
knowledge ol ftrinediei that would be almost in
valuable to Ihe tick and afflicted, hat determined
lo nrepaie these remedies and tend them lo people,
and all ha atkt it a Dial of them, ami if like the
worthless nostrums of Ihe day, the money will be
The Dr. hat published a little ntmphlel called
ihe Family Guide lo Health, in which he hat given
briefly the symptoms mid Treatment of tome forty
Diseases. hese pamphlets can be obtained free
of charge by calling on any of ihe agems.
Catalogue of Medlcltiet
Tonic Fever and Aguel Liniment for Ilortel
Pillt, warMiired to cure ; Ihey have ever used ;
"Fever and Ague Syrup, Pillt and Ointment for
warranted to cure; Piles;
"Fever and Ague Syrup Sail Rheum
and Titter
fur Children s
Ointment for iliteates of
Ami-Billions Pills, He-
tli Skin i
pa lie rillt for Diseases Olesgiuoiit Mixlnie for
of the fiver t Bloody Flux, Dysente
Auti-splinilnui I ills for tv.t.oiic Aie:
Ague cake, Sic. 'Oleagiiioni Mixrure for
Auti-Dytpeptic Mixture Bowel Complaint
lor Dytpepua, Ale ; CluMieni
Female Pills and Female, Anil Fever Pills and Ail'
Mixtures, li r ever Drops;
Couth M I x I u r tfor Tonic Aromatic Bitten.
(Joughr, Colds and Con-l Tor Weaknett, Lots of
sumption; I Appetite e. j '
Rheumatic Pillt for Rheu Vernufue for Worms;
matisnij F.ye Water;
Rheumatic Liniment for Croup Svrnp;
It h e li in a l i c Sprains, Infant Cordial fur Cliol
bruises, buiiit, old turet, ic, tc.t
pains In tne bark and Medical Strengthening
limb. c. image dri-l flasier.
vera lay it i the best Sea Mesktl Pamphlet,
A letter of Recomniendation from Professor Will
iam Tui.lv, of Yale t'ollete, Conn., and Prof
James II, Attusir, lata Piuf. of Anatomy and
Phytiolngy,' in Ihe Albany .Medical College,
lew ion.
The itibiciiheri have known G, Y. Wation, M.
D., foi several yean, anJ ihey aie happy to be
able to itate, that ever tine their acquaintance with
him, he hat uniformly sustained a good characiei
not only at a member of ihe communiiy, but also
si a Physician. Th inbiciiheri have also been
acquainted with hit meant of professional educa
lion, the manner In which ha has improved them
and with hit ability iu practice, ind ihey entertain
a favorable opinion of hnn, hi all Ihete retpectt.
Oct. 1, '37. . JAMES II. ARMSBY.
From Uu Rev. S. K. Ktltam.
Dr. E. Y. Watson Sir: Having had frequent
occasion for the use of inedicidei hi my family du
ring Ihe last lew niunlht and from the Increasing
popularity or your "family Mediciuet." I was in
duced lo try them, in pieference in employing a
physician hi my family, and am now prepated to
tay, that 1 believe your medicines at a clan, in be
superior in any other preparations now hefure ihe
public, Your (Join and Rheumatic Liniment, Ver
mifuge, Teller Ointment, Gravel Mixture, Ami
Dyspeptic Mixture, Ami BillioutJAgoe, and Hepa
tic Pillt, I conceive to ba preparations which need
no further recommendation ihnn a fair trial, lo en
sure iheir unparalleled tiicreia,
Vaiulalia, March 36, 1816.
From Ihe Rev. Oeo. J. Barrett, of the III. Con.
Da. Watson Sir; I lake great pleasure in re
commending your valuable family medicine to the
public, at tnfe and certain remedies for the cure of
ilia diieaies for which they are prescribed, I have
used a number of your medicinei in my family ilu
ring ihe past year, aud, In every Instance, with the
most emir aucceit. From th repeated attiirencei
which I have had from a number of my acquain
tances, who have inert your nadicinet, I have no
hesitancy in laying tnai, in my judtement, they
are decidedly tuprrinr 10 any preparation wiihiti my
knowledge. Yours, respectfully,
ur.u, J, BAKIltVI r.
Vantlall, 111 , Apiil 8, 1646.
From Ihe Rev. D. D. McKte, late nattotofthe
Presbyterian Church.
Dr. E. Y. Watson Dear Sin I feel that low
it, not only to myself, but alto lo lit public, in lay,
that I hava th utmost confidence In your prepara
tion!, and have no doubl thai, lufl ordinary reset,
I your menicinet ara taken arcardmsly to your di
notions, ihey will perforin all that you have prom
ised. Your medicine, Ihe effliary of which have
been tested in my family, and which I can conli
denlly recommend lo others, ate; The Fiver and
Ague nut, rever and Ajue Toatc Syiup, Ami
billioui rill, Ulragionout Mixlnie. Couth Mix
lMie,Goiiiai,d Rheumatic Liniment, and Anil Dyt
peptic Mixture. D. L). McKEE.
Vaudalida, III., March !4. 1848. ,
! cheerfiil'y concur In the above remark, mad
hy ihe Kev, U. U.Mclue, with retard to Dr. E
V, Waisou'i medicmet, having used th Gout and
Itheumsilc Liniment, and Suit Rheum and Teller
Ointment, with complete luccets. I confidently
recommend them 10 Ihe public,
' Judg of the Probata Court of Vandalia, 111.
I have been troubled with the Dv It liter v. which
continued off and on about on year, and having
coniulied soma of th best Dhyiician in Philadsl
Hi, new wueanj, and m II, s city, without getting
any relief, 1 concluded to try Dr. Watson's medi
cinei for Dysentery, &c, and in a very short lime
il cured met aud I now recommend il a th betl
remedy I know of lor the Bowel Complaint.
Corner of Third k Pin it., St, Louis,
And four hourt since, I had tht Fever and Agu
very bad for nearly tlx months, and Dr. Waimn
cured m at once, and I have never had It since. I
liars tint then, tent, I should lltitik, forty pertont,
who have all expiene.l their molt tntirt tstitftction
a they too, were cured in a vary few day. I do
no(lieltate larecommenrl Dr. Wstson'l Fever and
Ague Pills lo ihe public, at on of th betl remedies
lor revei and Ague. 1. UOUUr ULLOW.
S, l.ouit, MisfiHirs.
For Sal by j. C. HEN LEY, Lanettler Ohio.
lancatier July 30, IS37. . 6m 12.
Dlank StibDMins
For ile at the Unzntte ind Expren Office
Lancaster, July 2, 1847,
L m wX
Wholesale aud Retail.
ARE just receiving the LARGEST Bad HAND
MER GOODS, that have ever been brought to
Lancaster or that ever will be by any other firm
than their, and which will be sold at the lowest
cash rate, so low that no person can look at them
without buying.
We are connected with no manufactory, no
eastern establishment, and ttius confined to matt
ins our purchases at one house; but have the ad
vantage of selecting our Goods from the stocks of
all eastern Merchants aud Manufacturers.
We hone all. who wish to purchase cheao and
beautiful Goods, will first read the big advertise
ments, and utter laughing ut them, go and exam
ine the Utile stock of Goods, that they call big:
then cull nnd see what we huve and what we can
do fur them.
Our assortment consists in part of the fullo wing
Of all color from (1 to 14 per yard.
SO piece pluiu and stripped Catsimer from 75
cent to 11,25
200 do plain, striped and barred Suttiuetts, (ve
ry cheap ) from 37 to 75 cent per yard
iuu ao K.entucKy jeans iroin 23 to ot teut lor
the best
100 do Red, White and Yellow Flannel
130 do Black, Colored, Striped and Figured
25 bale Browu Muslins
10 cases Blenched do from 6 to 12 j cent
10 liulea Ticking and very cheap
2500 piece ol' CALICOES,
- Vkeaper than ever known oeore.
50 do Cashmeres. Motuline de Laine and other
fuuey Goods for LADIES' Dresses and Clouk
50 do Gingham, new etyle, and very denrable
A Inrso aud beautilul variety of S U M M E R
SHAWLS, of all sizes nnd at very low price
40 pieces Apron Checks, Liueu and Cotton Ta
ble Cloths, Cotton and Silk Hundkerchiels - '
Dress Silks; Black, colored and lig'd Hosiery
Gloves aud Mitt of all kinds
Cumbricks, Jucconets and overy tiling in the
Dry (inoils line to make our assortment lull and
complete, among which will be Iniiiid a hue vni i
ety of ROUGH and READY Goods
We have also constantly ou hand, a large dock
Fur, Silk, Leghorn, Palm Leaf and Straw Hat
Carpet Chain and Coverlid Wurp
A full assortment ol
Cedar Churns and Tubs, Wooden Buckets,
Suit. Ate. &c. ito.
tV Come every body and look through our
MAMMOTM PILES ol Good. We are always
on hand and ready to prove to yon, what u au un-
deniiible fact, thnt we have more Goods, better
assortments and sell at lower rates than any other
establishment in Lancaster. Of these tact you
can convince yourselves by culling ut our OLD
0 1 A Ix V and examining our stock.
50,000 iHitslicls of V II RAT
Any amount of CORN, RYE, OATS, Flax-seed,
Feathers, and every thine else that the Furmers
have for sule thut is worth having. - We will give
the highest price iu CASH and GOODS lor the
above articles, and give MORE GOODS for the
same amount ul trade, thun any other house. Cull
and give us a trial
Lancaster, June 4, 1847 4
Just received and now opening, in the East
Room or Mn R. M. Ainiworth' Block orpo.
iitk thk Tai.lhadok House,' from Pittsburg,
Bultimnre, Philadelphia and New York, a large
and general ussortiueut ol hnglisu, Ueraiau und
Comprising in part the liillowing article:
English and German Door Locks, Mortice lock
and Latches, chest, Desk, Till and Padlocks
Latches and door handle, window springs asst.
Hush liistuingft, assorted,
Socket and Firmer chisels, gouges & spur bills
Ball Braces in setts, plain bits all sixes
Common uud Screwed Spoke Shave
Screw drivers, Compasses, Steel square,
Slide Bevels, Mill saw, double cut and 3 iquare
files, Horse Rasp, Drawing Knives.
1 000 Gnis wood Screws assorted
300 dozen Mtihoguuy Knoba
Cut Tucks from 'H to 34 ounces j
Sprigs from 14 toiinoh, .
I'alent Brads, Clout Nails, Teniieut, Hand, pan
nel, Pruning and Butcher' Saws
Iron, Hrittunuia, Germun Silver aud Silver pla
ted Tuble, Ten and Bnstiiig spoons, .
, Bread Trays, Waiter, Iron and Solnr Lamps,
Iron and Brass Candlesticks,
Looking Glasses and Looking Gluaa plate,
Cutlery. , ' .
Super Rodger' Congress knivea
Weatenhome'a do
1, , 8, and 4 Blnded do asst. Pruning knives
Ruzotrs assorted and Razor Strops; and a gener
al and flue assortment ol TABLE CUTLERY.
Buckles of all sizes, Terrets uud water Hooks,
Harness spot, Trace and Halter bolts
Brass, Silveredund Japanned Stirrup. .
Cotton, Btruiuing, Worsted and Boot wobbiugs
assorted .
Coach and Buggy luce, tufts of all colors, pluiu
and figured gum chub, Junuhnod Muslin, assort
ed colors Morocco, Boot do, Goat and Hog (kins,
Seating, Plush, plain and figured assorted
Putent Leather aud Oil Cloth. ,
Cooper's Tools.
Broad axe, Adze, Chancering knives, bead
ing do, Stave do, Crow cutters, Hollowing kuivet,
Shave ups and Dress hoops assorted.
for Ihe Tanners.
I have a general assortment of Halter, Trace,
Log aud urease ctiuma
80 dozen Gnu Scythes,
II da Com do
. 8 do Brush do
8 do. Patent Grain Cradle '
85 do Huy Rake -
Common and beat steel Corn Hoes, with and
without hnndles, Goose neck do, socket shovel,
Long Handle do, D, Handle do, Ames No. 8, do,
Hay and 3 and 4 prong manure r ork
Also, Mill and Cross out Saw, Steelyard,
Hatchet aud Hammers, Adze aud Broad Axe,
Iron Nails and Steel. .
ITS KegaJuniatta Nail .
c 80 do Rapid Forge do " , .
80 Ton Juuiatta Iron
10 do Rapid Forge do
English Blister, American Blister, Shear, Ger
muu and Cast Steel
8-10 uud 10-18 Wiudow Glass, and a large
assortaieut 01
Leicester Machine Cards,
Together with a great variety of other Hard
ware, all of which I will positively aell a low for
CASH, a any other house, west of the mouutains
can sou inem. come and see tor yourselves
- f. BOPE.
Laucatter, June, 4th 1847 . 4tf
BLANK DEED3,neatly printed on th
beit of ppf r,for sale at this office
WOULD most respectfully inform their old
friends and the public aeuerally, that they
still continue the manufacture of
iu Sliawk's Row. and opposite Bury & Beck's
Drui! Store, where they will be pleased to wait , vered in the State. The Great Western patron
i, , ... .i . -..11 Tk..1 - . i! i. i: n i. "j-,
ou all who may fuvor them with a call. Thejrij.es the li"htiiing lines, bi.yiug Goods olener,
flutter themselves ttiut upon examinution, their' receiving lliein quicker and selliugoer than all
work will recommend itself, as th y keep noue Luucustor together. 1 -
but the best and most experienced workmen. j
Their work is warranted to be made iu the best
and most fashionable style, of which, the follow-
iug articles comprise a part:
ds. French Morocco Buskins,
Goat Morocco STRAP SHOES.
A boy from 14 to 15 years ofage, will be taken
. . n V is .i
to learn the above bnsiiiess.af good moral character
and of industrious hubits. None other need apply
Lancaster, May 28, 1847 , 3
B B Psli
Itfcr. . , 1
"XITTnill.n moat resnectful v mform ths neo
nlA nf Fairfinlri and adioininff Counties.
that they have this day commenced receiving
their STOCK ol
and nnotlier large arrival is expected in a dny or
two, which, when received will muke their as
sortment complete for the season iu every de
partment. All persons coming to this town to
buy Goods are invited to call and look through
their extautive and beuutilully amor ted Block, ot
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
which are all, of this Full's importation am! conse
quently of the newest styles and lutest patterns.
We have on hand nnd ready fur exhibition one of
Slock of LADIES' DRESS GOODS ever opened
in Lancaster, and promise to sell them under the
old motto which is "mare goodt for a dollar than
any body elie. uur Block: ol t,naiee Dress 1 rim-
nuns embrace a eeneral variety ol r rtlAOr-a,
including all lute patterns, many ol which are very
desirable from the fact that they are 'all the rage-'
Of evary kind, quality and size can be bought of
us ut greatly reduced prices.
Doiinct Kibbons,
A large lot, which are new fashionable styles
and very chtap, Bonnet Borders, Bouuet Caps,
and Doiiiiet (jimpsot all kiiiua.
Thi department of our Stock was never better.
as no pains or trouble was spared 111 getting up
aud selecting tin kind ot unods, and we believe
we have a better Stock of German and French
Fancy Goods, Yankee Notions, and alt emull
Wares generally, than any otlier house in town.
is unusually large and prices never known so low
before: when we are done opening we shall have
over 2000 piece of PRINTED CALICOES, rang-
lug 111 prices Iroin a to IU cents a yard, nearly an
01 winch tire the new styles ol small ngures, dots
sprigs, stripes and pluids. '
ever bud, pretty Goods and perfectly lust colors
100 pieces ol Orange and Blue Prints, which
are the best and most durable Guods ut their price
in the market.
200 pieces of plain, plaid and striped ALPAC-
CAS, of all colors anil qualities I'roni20to50 cents,
ABYS1N1AN CLOTHS, iu every color and
stylo, a uew urticlo in the market, and is unequal
ed in richness ol nppeitrance by any goods out
10 do Oil colored do
APRON CHECKS, nil prices.
20 Bules BROWN MUSLINS the best in town
Bleached Muslins.)Blenched & Brown Drilling.
Blenched. Brown and Col'd Clinton Flunnels
10 bules TICKING, superior quality. We have
ii(isi:-ki;lit; goods,
in great variety, euch '
Fine Dumnsk Linen do. Nnnkius '
two to throe yards wide; Pillow Case Cottons,
DEI) I3LAINKK To ot nil sizes and prices,
Furniture Checks. Furniture Calicoes
Domestic Pluids, towel, Diaper and Crush, in
short every thing in this line of Goods ut whole
sale prices.
72A pieces of Blue Black. Brown. Olive, Claret
Oxford mix'd, Invisible Green, Steel mixed nnd
Blue Clollis, ol ull ouulitios and prices. Cull and
A good Stock and handsome variety of.
c assiu i:ui s
Plain. Black, Blue Bluck, ulso Burred,Striped and
VESTINGS from ninepence a pattern to foil
dollars, consisting of all kinds, Sutin, Plain, Fi
gured and Bard, Cushmere vesting! ot every
price, SHU V elvet and Valencia do
120 pieces Samuels,
of all sorts, colors, kinds, qimlitiea nnd prices.
40 piece KENTUCKY JEANS, Gold mixed
Blue. Black. Cadet and Browu l'rm twenty to
fifty cent a yard.
10 piece Sheep Grey Fulled Cloths, a very
heuvy uoods lor vv tutor punts.
uow unloading, Thick Boots several qualities,
Kip and Brognn SHOES, Ladies' Lace BOOTS
UA1TEKS, WALMINU Briuto and supper
Boy's Thick Boots, Thick Kin and Calf Shoe
Misses' Boot and Walking Shoes
Gentlemen,', Ladies' and Misses' India Rubber
Fur. Plain and trim'd Cloth, Oil Cloth, Plush
&c.. Beams Vista, Navy and Geuerul Taylor style,
Children and Iutants r ancy Cup.
A general attorttoent of
Our8TOCK of GROCERIES is large and
good quality . AU kiuds of DYE STUFFS con
stuntly on hand.
On Hand Also,
A large lot of Cotton Yarn, Coverlet Warp, Car-
f iet Chain and Candlewicking. Finally every thing
FANCY DRY GOODS LINE, all of which is to be
sold very cheap, and all we ask is an opportunity
to prove it by snowing Goods nnd telling prices.
Cash on Hand,
For Wheat, Rye, Oat and Corn. .
All kinda of trade in exchange for Goods.
Lancaster, October 7, 1847. 23
W. . HE ATI',
Itoo li seller and Stationer,
One door writ of the Hocking Valley Bank
KEEPS constantly on hand, a large assortment
of Medical Miscellaneous and School Books
Also Blauk-books, Stationary Ate; &c. of every
description. AllofwhicH will be sold at price
a moderate a those of any establishment in
Central Ohio. , " - .
Lancaster June 25. 1847. " - ly7.
-i'. ..' r rr n-UTl" S 'iOal. '"V. l Mill
For Cash aud Produce Only.
Wholesale and Itetail.
CANAL Boats laid aside aud Railroads used for
bringing Goods to the
in the shortest time that any stock was ever deli-
Not only the Eastern Citiea of the United States
have sent their share, but the whole World has
contributed its portion to muke our stock iu every
respect what the citizens of Ohio wish HAND
JAMES C. MACCRACKEN having connected
himself with WORK GALBRAITH, under the
till nuniina nui't nt iliA rtt fhjt in naif Attttliai
still owning part of one of the most extensive
wholesale stores 111 (Now York and tne largest
manufacturing establishment in theUnited Stales,
they nre receiving a larger lot of Goods than ever
was brought, even to the Great Western.
On the iotli ot May, the store Room and Street
were blockaded with our boxes.
Our manufacturing establishment, a usual, has
supplied ns with every variety of American man-
utactured DRY GOOD3, turn whitig us with Cloths,
which we are euabled to sell at least SO cents on
the yard less than any other Merchant can buy
TWEEDS and CALICOES cuuuotbe be equulled,
either in pricee or etyle.
The Bleamshins, bar-all annus aud Laledoma,
which brought the lust favorable account of con
tinued good prices for Grain aud Flour, brought
for ns, direct from Europe, au uniuuiallv large
stock of handsome fashionable DRESS GOODS
fur the LADIES and for the GENTLEMEN
every variety of latest styles. :
vve huve unollier very lurge stock nt BROWN
MUSLINS uud being of our own muke, notwith
standing the ndvunce in the price of those Goods
in the East, persons, who buy at the Great Wes
tern, say that muslins ate cheap as ever, while
those that goto other stores will contend they
never were so high priced.
Our BLEACHED MUSLINS, being also from
our own manufactory, we cau warrant their anal-
ty, ond our prices any one can see are the low
est. Indeed, ull who wish to buy goods made
in the United States will soon ascertain, thut if
they wish to buy them cheap, they must go to
the Great Western. ,
We have ticking, at 12J cents per yard, that
is better man ever sold 111 unto at IU.
Our STOCK Or CALICOES never was larg.
er and all entirely new styles, as all know that,
until we received this last stock, we bad scarce,
ly a dress pattern in the house. ' '
We have uearly sUUU pieces, over 200 differ
ent patterns, among them a beautilul rich G111
bam print, only 18 cents per yurd a style of
Uoods ulways heretolore sold ot 31 to iij cents.
The very handsomest American print at Man
ufacturer's prices, only 12a cents per yard.
1 be nauutiomest blue and orange print ever
made. . ,,
The variety of our dress goods is unuauully
arge a very large stock ot both English aud
French Ginghams .
Bluck, & white Scotch Ginghams, cheaper than
ever known in the West. Ginghum Lawns and
Muslin Ginghams, Mudder colored Lawns, Rose
bud &c., the very latest style. Monterey and
Buena Vista dress goods, very rich and beautiful
entirely new, but 26 days from England. Bent
Uoinbaziues, Veuiliau Orguudies, Striped fluid
A very large stock of Ribbons, every variety
of style.all the latest importations, customors can
and must wake up we sell them so cheap. '
braid Bonnets ut any price. - .
A splouUed assortment ot spring and Summer
artificial. .
Ladies French work Collars, unusually cheap
and beautilul.
Glo ves and milt, evory variety und price.
Lyms Crapes a beuutil'ul and new style goods.
A very large stock of SUMMER SHAWLS all
beautiful Cash more, D'Ecore, Moualin de Lain,
and twisted Silk Shu wis, of first quality,
LA DIE'S SLIPPERS and Shoes of every kind,
black mid Bronze GAITERS, HALF GAITERS,
liootees, (Sic., all purchased ot the mnnutucturers,
Hosiery of every color and quality some as low as
10 cents a pair, white and bluck cotton.
PARASOLS Gingham uud Silk Parusolets.
For theGentlemeu we have a of little everything,
German, French, American aud west of Englund
Fancy Tweeds, Gatubrnnns, Linens, Nankeens
Cumberland pluids, Pusia Checks, Ringgold single
mill Cussutiieret and many other varieties, Tor
lientlemen s summer punts laitcy cusstuieres,
bluck cassuneres. Our assortment ol coatings
la unusually large. '
Croton coatings, r.i'miiiett do, Aluzutka do
Gold mixed Tweeds, all wool, very low, Amazon
Liotn. . ..
Silk warp Codington all beautiful.
Lasting cord, an entirely new urticlo fur gen
tleinen'a wear.
Tweeds from 25 cents per yard up.
Men's best calf boots men's slippers ami shoos
of every kind. -
Vestiuga uf any kind from 10 J cents per yard
Pultn leal Huts nt lower prices thun ever before
were brought to the West.
Leghorn huts equally choap.
Carpet Chain, colored and white.
Coverlid Yarn best cottou yarn, long reel only,
Indigo ol bent quality
Our stock of GROCERIES is iiuusually large
and were purchased, at New Oileaus, ut the low
est prices, uur couee it 01 me uesi quuuty nice
always on hand.
We are determined thut the Great Western
and the Goods sold by the Great Western shall
speak for themselves. All we ask is that all, who
wish to buy Goods cheap for ready pay, will cull
at our establishment, see our cousluutly changing
varieties and usk prices.
We are always the first to raise the price of
Grain and the Inst to put it lower. .
Any quality of CASH always on lmnd for Far
mer's Produce, and Waggons unloaded at our
W are-house without any wurk of the Funuer,,
Comeithen, evory body to the Great Western.
Lancaster. May 14th, 1847. 1 '
IS published in the City of Washington, errry
day, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Sunday excepted
and server! 10 subscribers in the City, at Ihe Navy
Yard, in Georgetown, in Alexandria, anrl in Balti
more, lite same evening at 6 cents a week, paya
ble to the Sole Agent lor the Whig,G. L. Gillchieti,
Esq., or hit order. It it also mailed to any part of
the United Statet for (4 per auuuiii, r $'2 fortix
monlht, payable in advance. . , ..
Advertisements of ten line or lets inserted out
time for 50 rcun, two timet for 75 rents, iliree limes
for $l,one week for $1 75, Iwo weeks (urf J 75,
one month $4, two stimuli $7, three mouths 10,
tix rnuniht J 1 6, one year $30 payable always hi
advance. - . .
The NsTionsr, Whw it what lit name indicates,
il tpeakt the teniiinentsof the Whig party of the
Union on every question of public policy. It ad
vocates the election to ihe Presidency of Zachary
Taylor, subject to tha rleciiion of a Whig National
Cimventiuu, Il maket war lo the knife upon all
tht measures aed sen of tne Administration deem
ed lobe averse 10 ihe interetit of the' country, and
eaposet without fear or favor Ihe coritiptioni of ihe
parly in power. I is columnt aie open 10 every nun
iu th country, for ihe discission of political or any
other fiietlioni. . .. " - -
In addition to politic a large tpare'in the Na
tional Whig will be devoted to the publications up
on Agriculture, Mechanic!, and other useful aits.
Science in general, Law, Medicine, Statistics, i c.
A weekly list of tha Pnenii iwued by the Patent
Oltic will likewise be published th whole for
ming a complete family newspaper.
The Weekly National Wily.
One of the largest newspapers in the United Stales,
is marie up from the columns of the Daily Nation
al Whij, and is published every Saturday for 111
low price of fi per annum, payable in advance.
A double sheet of eight psget will be givta whoev
er the press of mutter shall justify it,
The memoirs of General Taylor, written express
ly for ths National Whig, rii tours ef publica
tion. They commenced with the second number, a
large number of copies of which have been prin
ted lo supply calls for back numbers.
' Proprietor nf National Whig.
" Washington, July IS.-6111IO $5,& ex. daily ly
Important from the South.
Telegraph Line.
, among which may be found.
New Orleant SUGAR, Indigo and Madder
Loaf do. Alum and Copperas
Rio and Java COFFEE, Clove and Cinnamon
Plantation Mulasses, Nutmegs and Starch
Sugar House do. Cum wood and Logwood
Rice and Raisins, . , 8ularatu aud Whitiut v
Cuv. and Spun Tobacco, Span.JSpan&comSegur
6 Twist do. No. 1, White Lead and Oil
Pepper and 8pice, - - Powder, Shot and Cap
Mackerel aud Herriug VVrnppiua- I'mmr
White Fieh and Shad ' Fishing Pole & Tackle
Tea mid Chocolate Pipes, Soap, &c
Constantly on baud by the Barrel or pound!
: pi 02. : .
We have made arrangements for a constant unit
regular supply ot LAKE FISH, which will com
mence to arrive as soon as the Canal is opened
North. Citizen of Fairfield look in at this Estab
lishment before you purchase, aud you will av
money, Mar is a 'yJxedacf'and no humbug.
T .... .... C.I 10 .ni. 0 .
biuiwuici, oui uury u, 101.
as consiuuuy ou nana and lor sate at but old
Stand, on Broad-Way, three doors South of
the Murket House, a general assortment of .,
Manufactured by experienced work
men and of the most modern styles:
consisting of
. . 2 A -3 A i? 3
Solus, Sociables, Divaus, Ottomans
Ceutre, Pier, Card, Dressiug, End, Dining and
. Tea TABLES,.
Dressing, French and Pluiu BUREAUS,
Wardrobes, Washstands, Locker, Workstand,
And all other articles in his line that may be
culled fur. His work will be made of the best
materials and finished iu a neat uud durable man-'
tier. Having a lurge and select stock on haud he
will disjiuseof the same at reduced prices, and a
low as any man sells articles of equal quality at
auction, '
with a fiue Horse and Huruess, calculated for the.
purpose, are always iu readiness to attend funer
als. All Coffins made to order. The subscriber
will promptly attend funerals any where in the
Ciiuuty with hi Hearse free of extra charge; and
all his charges will be at reduced prices. .
The subscriber returns his grateful thanks to
his old customers and respectfully solicit a con-
iiuuuuce oi r.neir putronage. ...
Lancaster, Febrnary 5, 1847. .39
ASFE and certain CURE for CONSUMP
TION of the LUNUS, Spitting of BLOOD,
Coughi, Colrii, Asthma, Pain in the Side, Bronchi
lit, Whooping Ciiugh, and ALL PULMONARY
Certificate of Dr. Wm. J. Richards Of well Imoicn
practitioner of more than twenty years standing.
To all whom il may concern, 1 make the follow
ing itaiemeiit.- Conrcioui that it may appear un
professional, it it only from a perfect conviction and
thorough knowledge of the rtsential benefit and
scientific origin of the preparation tpoken of that I
feel constrained from a sense ol duty lo comply '
with the request of the proprietor.
I am t most inveterate oppotrr ofquackt nd
quack niedicipes in any form, and moil fully coin
cide with Ihe clauses in the Code of Eihict lately
adoped hy the Medical Convention of Ohio relating
particularly 10 thai suhject; it may therefore be in
ferred that it it only from personal experiment with
the preparation, and a positive atsuianc of iis
beneficial results, thru induces me to recommend il
as being all thai it represents iinelf (b be,
Tl,. M. I :s.u.U. W.J. ......
1,,,. ..uaiina , nuc, uiAin virrci,
Market Space, whom I allowed to try lha effect of
the medicine, (but which I would have done untlet
no consideration whatever had I not seen a copy of
Ihe receipt from which the medicine it prepared,
ohm ned from the agent, and which 1 am satUhed
in authentic,) wat quite low with the early itaget
,r..imn..... ................ r ...u: .. t 1 ,
... ,HMiviin,j .uii9Hii,puuii, iu, ivincn 1 nmi oeen
Heating in the usual manner, though with leu than
my uhihI success; at his earnest request, and thai
of his friends, 1 examined ihe icceipl, and was
sufficiently satisfied of ill scientific composition 10
allow tne trial, and 1 am obliged to eon rest lit effect
wat at least surprising, inasmuch that after ihe con
tumplinn nf the second bottle my professional visit
were discontinued, though I frequently saw my pa
tient afterward, restored lo perfect health.
The preparation it railed "Dr. Rogers' Com
pound Syrup of Liverwort and Tar;" ami from lb
examination of the receipt and the merest in my
own experiment, 1 do conscientiously lecnmmenrl
it at a useful and valuable medicine; and I should
nine my brother prartiiiuners lo procure Ihe receipt,
a I leel convinced Ihey will egree with me ai to il
excellence, and will no doubl use it in their prac
tice, at shall rnosl certainly do, believing il 10 h
a most valuable aid in pulmonary easel that bafH
the ordinary mode of treatment.
Ciilciunati, Oct. I, 1844.
Of Mm, Bknj. Smith, living on the north tide ns
Ann street, one square north of the Cincinnati Hof
pilal. . ,
Thit it to certify that my wife wai attacked with
a violent cough, which settled 011 her lungs and re
duced her to low th.il her physician could do ao
more for her. She exhibited precisely the same
svrnpitimsas my daughter did before her death (the
having died with the tame diiease) and all our
frienrli were convinced the would live out a
shori time longer, I wat at thit lime recommended1
to try Dr. Rogers' celebrated Syrup of Liver
wortsnd Tar. With little or no hopei, I procured
a bottle of ihe agent in tht city, and upon return
ing I found my wife absolutely strangling with he
cough. I commenced giving larg doses a lea
spoonful every hour, for forty eight hours which
raited her as by a miracle, I have slue adminis
tered il in small closet, which has brought ber to
the use of ihe fourth bottle, aud (he li now doing
her house-work as usual. I have not the slightest
doubt thai the would have been In her grave but foi
thit invaluable medicinal and I return my sincere
thanks to th eminent inventor of il, and do niel
urgently recommend all persent afflicted whh tny
disease of the lungi to give il a trial.
1 certify thai my husbsiid'a natement of my cater
above, it strictly correct in every particular, asvd)
mntt cordially Join him in grateful thank lor lha
benefit 1 nave derived from this valuable medk'm.
' ' ' - . ' ABIGAIL SMITH.
Cincinnati, Feb. 13th, 1845. - ' .!
A. L.SCOVILL Wholesale' Agent for Ihe
West and South Southeast corner of 5b d Race
Streets, Cincinnati. Ohio. . ; ; .;.
. The above valuable medicine are alto foi tale at
. BURY & BECK, DruggieU, , .
Lam aster, June 4, 184V Iy33.
. " .urnii" wiErWEK,, '
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
PiTOrnci. Tallmadge' Building 3d Story.;- -Lancaster,
June 5. 1846. . -

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