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WHOLE NO. 1380
Orrica-Tallmsdge Htiildinia Third Floor
Main-Street 80111W Bide.
Caucaatcr Odette.
: ' Tklbghaph to England. The New
Tork evening Post under tlie head of
""news from Europe in five days!" notices
Hlie giant that hat recently been made hy
the public authorities of New Found
land to Mr. H. B. Tibhatis and associates
of New York city, of the exclusive right
to construct and use the magnetic tele,
graph across that Island, for the period
of 30 years. The grant is designed to fa
cilitate Mr. Tibbatts in his scheme for
the establishment of steam and telegraph
ic communication between New York
and ; Liverpool or London in five days
which now appeals to be perfectly prac
: MV. Tibbatts proposes to intersect that
line at the nearest point with his line
which is to terminate at St. Johns. The
distance from St. Johns to Cape Ray
across New Founuland, is 450 miles.
.The distance across the St. Lawrence is
about 480 miles, and from thence to the
intersection with the Halifax line, about
60 miles, making in all, about 550 miles
of which 43 only are sub marine. The
navigable distance from St. Johns to Gal
way is 1 ,647. miles or about five d ay's sail
The telegraphic communication between
Galway and London will be complete
the current year, when without difficulty
or any special effort, (the Post says) the
New York merchant can communicate
with his London correspondent in about
half the time now usually consumed."
Tub Board op Puih.ic Works. In
alluding to the recent order ot the Board
of Public Works, the Cincinnati Altai
thinks it was not a mere ill advised affair.
but the result of a preconcerted ami de
termined" war upon all corporations by
the dominant party in the State, It
"We have seen the mBteiials accumu
lating for it more than a year 1 he cloud
was bigger than a mini a hand l.elore ine
the session of the late CnnstiiuUonalCon
vention. In the proceedings of that
body, i rose and epread with no little
lapidity. Recent movements have shown
that an attempt is made to stiike a sweep
ing blow at all the corporations in the
State, and that the entire Locofoco par
ty is, if possib'e, to be organized upon
that basis as upon a leading principle.
Locofocoism cannot keep its force com
pact, hut unonaome plan of affirmative
aggression upon some giand public in
terest. It is the duty of the public to be
igilant, and we are assured that a few
days will develope conclusive testimony
of the facts winch we have charged.
ryOnly the American and English
prisoners of the Cuban expedition have
been released by Spain. The German
Hungarian and Creole prisoners have
been condemned to ten years hard labor
in chains, and have been sent to Ceutra, a
penal colony in Africa.
Material Aid!" The Akron Stan
dard announces that General Bierce has
received a donation of swords and pis
tols for Hungaiy sufficient to aim a com
pany of cavalry. They were from Port
age county.
Tub Mails. The recent rains have
caused floods in almost every direction.
Forcion Ns-ws We copy the fol
lowing intelligence brought by the steam
er Baltic:
The policy of the new Ministry of
Englund in regard to their commercial
policy, is not yet known, though fre
quently asked for.
Vrance. l'riH letters stale in the
budget for 1822, which will m on be laid
before the Legislature by correspond
ence, the reduction of the army will be
proposed to the extent of 50 to 5'), 000
III WW III W '.VUU I , . . . . ' . . "
men. tin an increase in the genas ae ip ' 1
arms win he iiKely to do made to the tx
lent of 25.000 men.
General Cavaignac, previous to rofu
Thirl )Flrat Coiigrcsa-Flrsl Keaaloa.
Washisotuh. April Q. -Vnr.--N'iliiiii!r rf
Iiiti.iI imiiini.iiice w transacted. The resulu
tinii riilliiiK lur iiifnr.ni.tioii relative tu the. Japan
expedition whs bitten, hut uC'ersiime debute wm
lard Umiii the ladle. The poriiinienl bill wm
''. M"t nf the dny wns occupied In din
riKaing llm hoinenlead bill, or rather ihe presiden
tial qtif linti. Il seems Hint the dein'.rrncy are
much exercised hs In Gen. 8ccitrii position upon
the c uni.miriise. lliloein.it mw.tr ll.nl tl,
Mormons por Salt Lakh. The St
Louis Republican of March 23d, an
nouncea the arrival of a steamer from
New Orleans with 330 members of the
Mormon Church, the large mnjoiity En
glish, though a portion are from Scotland
and Wales. They were to proceed im
mediately to Kanesville on their way to
Salt Lake city. Another party of 369
Mormuna sailed from Liverpool Feb. 10,
and are shortly expected at St. Louis.
Some 250 of the lattter company left
England under the auspices of the "Per
petual Emigrating Fund Company," an
association organized to facilitate the em
igration of Latter Day Saints to the
United States.
The Republican learns from the Mor
mon reS'.dsiit Elder in St. Louis, that
I wo -third of the population of Kanes
villa will leave for Salt Lke this spring,
and from eight hundred to nine bundled
.Mormons will start from St. Louis in time
to join their emigrating brethren. The
trains, it is thought, will set out about
the first of May.
tTAt ibe present day, ssys the Chi
tago Journal, there is no fact so repeat
edly proved as that a railroad creates bu
nines ln ratio that even;the mostcalcu
lating doea not dream. The last report
of the Massachusetts Railway, which
passes over the Green Mountains, indi
cates how magically business of this kind
grows. To the present time, this road
of only 150 miles in length, has cost SO,
953,758 84, and yet the whole sum earn
ed by this road, since its beginning, in
1839, is 810.556,8.')6 37. It has already
earned almost a million of dollars more
than its entire cost; and this on a route
where a few schoonera and a few stage
coaches were sufficient to do all the
: business before tile road was built.
, From Pittsburgh An Affray. The
river has risen very rapidly at Pittsburgh
" On Tuesday evening, it had reached 24
feet. At Browiisville.it had reached i)2
feet arid was within 2 feet of the biidge.
Timothy Fuly, an Irishman, employed
, in the iron works of Bailey, Brown isCo,
' struck a fellow workman, yesterdayi
named John Kimmer, a German, on the
head, with a heavy bar of iron, frat-tur
itng his skull so badly aa to leave no
hopes of his recovery. The cause of this
' murderous' attack was the relusal ot Kim
v mer to assist Foley in some heavy woik
i 'Catchino a Tartar. The origin of
this expression, as nearly as we can re-
member, is somewhat as follows:
' ! In the Java when the soldiers of Christ
' endom were doing battle against the
Tart" hordes, who were enlisted on the
".Mil of the Turks, a Dutchman fighting
' valiantly on the side of the Cross against
' the Crescent, and more distinguished for
" honesty than cunning, espied a Tartar
mounted on a hoise, whom he thought it
, would be a valuable trophy to capture
.n,l hrinointo camp To this end the
n.itrhman. seising a favorable npportu
.. nit snrang upon the horse behind the
.Tartar, and clssped him tightly about the
" .i.L The Tartar, as may be supposed.
- clapped spurs to hia horse, and made off
. to join hn troops, anu me lasi Known i
., the unfortunate Dutchman by his com
j rades, he was going at a furious pace to
. wards tb Turkish army behind his in
ntended.caplive, and singing oul at the
..top of hia voicei 'l'vecaughtu Tartar
,rSiow' Storm. On Tuesday evening
lhere was a violent atorm at Boston and
ir - .:
and the consequence is that the mails
have become irregular, and as a further
consequence news is scarce.
Steam Applied to tiir Oiioan. A
few evenings ago, says the Baltimor
Stitt, Mr. David, a French gentleman ol
education, now resident iii New York,
delivered a lecture of considerable re
search upon the History ard Influence of
Sacred and Theatrical Muxic.at the close
of which he to .k occasion to speak of an
invention he has obtained a patent for, of
the application of steam power to organs
and stated that he was now resdy Hulls
pose of pitents. What next?
Tins Fruit. N. Longworth. writing
to the Cincinnati Gazelle relaiive to the
efT.-ct of the severe wealher on the fruil
says: "Pears and appplea will be abun
Inn!. I have many plum trees that have
ml msl a on . We mall nave Binrie
cherries. Peaches will he a rate ailiele
Many trees will shed their acruslotnei
blossoms, tut the germ is dead. In the
country we are told the grape vintsaie
K..t liiil.i ininreil. Ill the CUV most ol
U-lt, 11... - - - j w
llm luilitm Im ) a re killed. What the
side buds will do we h ive yet to learn
Tim Ciiili.icothk Fiiib. The Zmes
viile Rovnl Arch Chanter has cnutiibut
i i
ed fifty dollars inward the relief of the
sufferers by the Cbillicothe fire. A pub
lie meeting was bIm held in Z inesville
on Monday evening, and committees ap
pointed to solicit donnlions.
sing bis seal in the legislative ('hxtnlirr,
islu-d to consult the Generals Fionacier
and BedseBw, on the subject, and arcor
lingly applied for a panttpoit to Belgium,
where they reside. The General was
informed that he Could have tnu a
port, but that he would find the front -iers
close against him on his return
He then declined to accept on those
The President was present at a re
view on Monday, in the Giand Square
of the Tuilleries. Everything passed off
with the greatest eclat, and on his return
lo the Elysee. he was greeted with cties
of "m't la Empertur.'
papers publish a mnirndiriiori of the ru
mors relative to the creali n of a new
system,' modifying the constitution of
France. It requites the signatures of
10 Senators belore it can be made
The henate setierales on tlie reading of
the proclamation for the pioiogalioti of
the Parliamentary session, a&a men,
condemned to transportation, arrived in
Paris on the 22d, from N'evate.
Switzerland Relations with France
are slill unsettled the reingees, it
seems. Wi're expelled by the Genevese
and not by the general council I he
government contemplates measures a
gainst the Cantonal authorities of the
Genevese. and military occupation of j w!;i" "r ': """" '" I"'' t t
. - ' . I nriiiit aimiM Lmim hiiiI iil:.i-n l,.i- In,!, tint ,Ia wlu.
Canton by the federal troops has been
Lirrrponl Market Cotton is slightly
aflecleit; inferior grades slightly depress-
d; betlel grades maintain full prices
Corn has declined 6d wheal 2d Flour
is offered at a declined of 1 shilling.
Wishis-ithx. An il 9 Srn"lr.- Pinlr-'moil
privult- mlenih r one hour for llmpiirpn.. nl till -
inj; up the hill pn.vidina l'r the cimpUli
I he aililitiiin i.flhe Cal ltid. Tile ari.nnilinenl
?i i 1 ill jr w nil" cmiciirriiii! in the Hmiae khh-ikI.
in-nt iiirreashi the nniirntiriiition to five h-in-
dml Ihniianiiil ijolhir. Mr. Iio-lanrl niil lie
nil pmppr spinpiithy nr the po r Ishnrera who
nil i i-eii inviti-it lien, hv the una it inneel ocH
DrfinVfiMiii.Mitnniwra and whci hail h-en thrown
nut til'wnik, hut Iih rimld nut iliruw awav the
piihlit: money nut of synipiithy.
lie believed Ihiil it Mr. (Murks w.w hero he
rcin'd HHtily die Semite iImi! tlila work shotihl not
fin ou; Hint if it dur-i it will hind to tlie necewily ol
Min l)ii.in o lnr iiniotiiit of privnte prnperlv,
an "tint; In $ I III' (100. He thought the woik
uiiiiei c.hi v and w:i mr utiumlniiiiij it.
Mr Rroinlheiiil nireied an amendment slrikins
ont nil idler the en i'-lin rlsuse, mid inaei liii'j a
MTnvUiiin npproprinttiii; J?0 000 fur removing
I lie I'uiniihitinii, retoring the eronnilstntlie lor
The ministerial lale and .,..,!,.(. Inlmrer, lor the time they
.... ........ nuDi a-Muf uruuiu ,,ir.
liiiisillie irl'a timeiidinent win rejected, mid other
iimetiihiieniii noted upon, when the Ibflse amend
men! nppiiipriiitiue .,II0.(I00 wm concurred in
together with im amendment to reiiiunerJle the
workmen feir h ot tnnn liy the auapeiiiiuii ol
ine ii'iiniiiii! aim Miriieii till Motility,
llnvr. fter some iiuimpiirtniit rewilntintni
le d petiiions hut heen presented the lloii.ewent
into committee n the whole on private calender.
AiIJ'pui ueil till .Monday
The Ohio be!lutitre tins pnsseil the tnj hill.
The Sieiimer Afi ica li;ia arrived. There i" a
belter leeliiig in the Hour and grain mark I, hut no
niiv.ince in pricea.
From WaililiiBlon
WaiHixoTiis. April 3 The Whisiofthe Sen
if nn'i lo hiv to iirrnne lor a meeting with the
Columbus Donation. -On Tuesday
evenins!, at the relief meeting in Coluin
bus. $500 were subscribed lo aid the
sufferers by the Cbillicothe fire. Com
mittees were appointed to solicit further
Riots in St. L Ills. The recent Char
ter election in the city of iSt. Louis. t"ive
rise to some di.teiMC-liil scenes litis
was on Monday. A despatch says:
A lisiricefiil tiol occurred in the
First wiii'd, which resulted ill the death
f one person, ami worn ding five or six
others iSImiIm were hied Imm the win
d ws of a German Coffee House which.
in addition to two or three other houses,
was en ered and destroyed.
The crowd was attain fired on at the
corner of 7th and Park Avenues, when
the windows and doors of the houses
were iiistttiitaneonsly bioken down, and
the crowd fired the biiihling and
burnt il to the routid. Siibsi-quet lly
they were fired on at the cottier of Paik
and Caroudelet Avenue, and a member of
Si loin's fite company was mortally wound
ed. The house from which the rIioI was
fired was immediately riddlei
ciowd then pursued theit way up town
and quietly dtspeised.
Later at iiiulil n crowd collected n
round ihe Ameiger De Western, when
the military were ordered out by the
Mayor, and having formed, kept the
block where the office is situated clear
until a late hour in the niijhi. The of
fice appeared to he deserted, the inmates
probably extiectinu nn ntiack. Cily per
iectly liamjiiil to day."
Banks in Wisconsin.- Voimij Wis
cousin, alter Hying the "Hard" during
the period of Ten itoi inl swaddling
clothes and Slide pantalettes, is nlio.it lo
yield to Bunk embrace and onsien her
Deinociacy in the reign of paper thin
plasters! Porletitioiis as is ihe examde
point some Imiih and place Ihr holding the Whig
Nutioii'il Coiivention.
From New York.
New Yiikk. April 3 In the Art Union rase,
to-'hi).. Inline. Din-r rendereU a deciiinn disaolviu
the temp riny injunc tion, und denying the inolion
for a permanent injunction.
tthodtt Itttnnd Klretloii.
I'a'.rinKNCK. April 7. Washington county
j Ilie i is. Whijj. for (ioveruor. 1 19; Allen, Demo
crat. 013. Wliiiis (i.iu lliree semitora and Hues
Kepreenti.liven lu Wnslu vton conitty, and lose
one Rep'eacutntive and une-Senntor in Kent.
rnovinitNC', mil Allen. Ueuincnilic i-audi-ihite
elected Governor hy 300 mnj.irity. bsw
reiice. Ihe deinocrnlic candid. lie for Lieut Gover
nor binlly delmled Tile Whii;a have two ma
j.irity in the iSunnte over till, and H in the House.
Two tScmnors nnd f nu IlepieseututivKa uu choice.
Frnm Aloany
Albany April 7 The l)enincrat:c Coiiveu
lion I. it llieelioice ul'delenti-aut lingo, pent the
d.iyon a coiiteateil seat (pieiiion.
Al.BY.8tli Whit! beitisliitive canrus paaaed
a rn unon in f.ivor ol Scoti tor the I'reiideuc)
volu 51) to I Silver Greys aha-siit.
Itecepilnn of K.isamh at Mobile
M. nn.K. Aoril 3. The recepiinn of Gov K
i-ulli lu ll.isc ilv. lias very niiexpectedly been
tno.t hearty iinil cordial, lie In met much syui.
I .a 1 1 1 y - and nil enthusiastic tiici-ling has been held,
at which Ihe sentiments expressed by rieoator
Clemens were totally dl'iivowed. Many distill
'uiheil Aliihauii iiis were present ut litarecctitiou,
and the ami iinve him a dearly welcome. In coiiaequ-nce
..I ill. i.iai.ili'Siattniis ill biat.ivor. Ina ileoarlure
lorllie North lias been postponed for some days.
Ohio LrglalnlMrr.
TilORinar. April 8. Srtiale --Krvernl l,ill of
fin general Importance were ennaidered. The
hilUm'.idinf Ihe t'rol.aie hill win psaae.1.
Houte.--n llm Houae. but very little l L'eiier
I in eret was trnuaacted. The report of the
conference committee npoii the priuHnj; hill wna
prei-d to. We nptxiae It win now become a
Kwn Anril 9 f rnnlt ITIie Sen ile szreed
to the regmrt of the conference conimit'ea on the
prinlui: bill, and II has become a law alter nenr
ly nil the printing is dianote.l of.
1 he reaolultoo fur adionrnmiml was n.Ken nn.
niid after a lengthy delailo ami wneral a'teuloU
at aiiienilmeiit, I lie Tote PhkI 1 to li. on (lie
Iieut. Governor had In eive s caatmij vote, wli ch
lid nttmnst an adinurnineiit. However. It wna
nftetwnrda reconiidered, and awaita further acti.xi
.loon a future ilav.
Several billi of minor im 'nrtanco w.n coiuider-
linear. The bill nthnrizln"cler1ti of ronrta
ti.iaaiie marriage licetiscaiu certain caaea was io
leliuiiely p.wtpone.1, ;
l he peiiiteutiMry lull waa up a'Min sihj alter-
war la Itiiil upon Ihe table-
The anlary bill lor Stale nflicera. as it enme frrim
the Senate, was tnVeu no. 2 Dim for Governor
wna airicken out. hut alter vnrioui utisuci'e.aaful
ellurti to fill up the hluiik with awural aumt, Ihe
bill wai referreu.
A resolution inalrnctin? the .lud'ciary commit.
tee to report a bill, abolishing the dentil penalty,
waa itiileliniloly pualponed-- yea .57, nayi 2!!.
A reaolution to trrant trie uieof the hall to the
flutchinaou Family for n concert, vrtu debuted
mott of the afternoon. The Home adjourned
without taking a vote. What a Leirialatiiiel
At s meetine of the citizena nf Lancaster, liehl
at the Court (louse, nn Tdoraday eveuin-r. April
8i A. D, 18.12. for the pnrpuse of taking cfhcienl
steps to bring material aid to ihe uflerera in the
Inle culatntti.ua lire lu Lhilhcfithe, Gen. GKnnne
SAtnrnios wna called In the Chair, no J Dr. M.
Z KsKinsa appointed Seci-etary.
Tlw ob)ecl of the meeting being atalo.1, Pr.
Kieiiler offered the lol owinff resolutioua, which
were iitiauiinmisly adotiTeil, vi:
Reiolvrd, That Ihe citizen! of bancnter deeply
aytnpnthie with ihe mtferert in the hpe destruc
tive fire ill Chillicnthe, and hold it to he a general
duty to contribute according to our ability lor the
relief nf the destitute: and that to this end a Com
mittee nf lliree citizena in each nf the city wards
he nppotuted tu solicit aiibscripliona in money;
and ttint Hie "mount collected, be paid into the
hands nf ihe Chairman oMhii meeting, to lie by
hitn forwarded to the t'rotier peraout in Chil-
licothe, tnjietherwith a letlerof condolence.
S.itHMliiy i;veiilit;, Apiil IO. Ifc.i
llTWehave no reluriis nf the recent
vote in Perry country upon railroad sub
sciiption, but it is settled lhal Ihe que
lion Ins been derided negatively by a
largo majority.
IIocki.vo Couvrr Mikuku Cask. We
Ahr i r thk I'm 1 1 ii n . i o
lalarea i.fthe fjniied S ates i put lie n
Bl .'J 2.r.1.42GffiiBie miles. This almost
boiindlrss extent of trn itoi y is thus mads
Area fn
Fniiiue luili.
Twentv-mneoU S.atBs.i icluding Texas
and Callloruin 1,073.530
b.orn .t.ll fr,.m f .1... .1 . .. . .W TKKKITURIM
n" "' il alihiriua and New Meiico
Hurjiers, Fletcher and Meeks, who weie T"-s"
acciiKed and indicted for the murder of a " "
boy sometime last summer, have been
scpiitled. The prosecution dropped
the case upm the heari nj of the evidence
for the .Slate. The accused paities have
been in jail all winter, the Associate j.jd.
e having refused to let Ihe.m out on
...34 MCI !.
I 11)1 etKl
North Veal Territory, wei! of the Mis.
i'ippi. ini hnlii g Minnesota.niid buuii
did soiith hy ,.wa and tt,e 1'latte
river, and w.-,t by the Becky Moun-
, : 745,584
Indian leinioiy, wejni Misaourianl
Arkansas, and t ulii ol I'iulte river..
'What "UrMocRsTs" pight p..r It,
spanking of the prititine' ipjeslioii, the
Statesman of Saturday says:
"It has surely come to a pretty pass,
when democratic victories re to enure to
whin advantage. We might just as well
let the Whtgs take the held at once, and
save the troub'd of political contests! It
would be a pietiy exhibition for freemen
to make to Ihe world a fitio specimen of
(lep.ihlicm success."
An honest confession, Iru'y! If the
printing is I" be given to the loiresl hid
der, as ihe present 'Democratic ('..nsti
'tltioti prescribes, the IJrmoctacy
"rn'njht just as well let the U big fake
the field si once!" "A fine specimen of
Republican success," sure enotioli, for a
Pemoerntic porty to submit the dispensa
tion of "spoils" to a law nf its own crea
tion! No, w; that would never do!
John C. Calhoun was a prominent Demo
crat, and he said the party was "held to
gether by the cohesive power of public
plunder." So the Statesman seems lo
think, for it proposes u disband the par
ty and "let the Whigs take the field."
Number of Square m'.lea in the Culled
Sile 3,2l.426
The length of Mexican ftonlier and of
ea coast hy v hir.li this Tunitoij is main
ly botjtided is as follows;
l.ent'tn of Mexican frontier 100 miles.
I.e. .'th ol the Atlantic nu 1 Gull of Mex
ico ecu 3500 miles.
t.. i.h ot licifii sea-dual lU'JO miles.
In 1945 the military posts of I he Uni
ted S'ates we,e only seventy eight In
niimiier, tne western, most ot winch was
l-ort Washita, on Ued River now theie
are one hundred and eighteen military
posts, and Ihe 1 acihc lorma the western
llinilofour lertitories.
Retnlved. That we recommend to the citizens 1 whenever it is settled thaj no "plunder'
ol Kairiield County generally to unite wild ui in
coiilnhiilmg io tills heuevi .lent object.
The following Committees were appointed:
1' IVnrdD. Tallmsdge. Chas. BorUnd, and
G (t Heck '
ni Ward W. V. Creed, A. McVeigh and
Buhl. Reed.
3i Ward. M Z. Ki eider, John Garegbty and
M A Pingherty.
ilk Ward George Sanderson, J. C. Weaver
and Jnhu Lyons.
Ordered that these proceedings be published iu
the cily apera.
M. Z. KaxtncR. Sceretary.
A House in London I or Kossuth.
The New York Tribune of the first inst,
says: ,
"A house in Ladhrooke srpiare. Ken
sington, Lontlnn, has been taken for M.
Kossuth, whose family is expected to
take possession of it in May.
Qi'oting Scripture. -A worthy deacon,
in the good town of F , in the
nei.'liboihood of this city, was rematka
hle for the facility with which he quoted
scripture on all occasions. The Divine
Word was ever at his tongue's end, and
all the trivial as well as important occur
rences of life furnished occasion for
quoting the laugunge of the Bible. What
is better, however, the exemplary man
always made his quotation j the standard
of action. One hot dy he was engaged
Mastkh Lii.lv. A correspondent ol
the Portsmouth Despatch, writing liom
Columbus, says:
"We bad another musical prodigy
. i i . . .. ..1.1
ere; to av. a WHO lennw em jrais ......
the son of h widow lady of Lancaster,
Ohio. He plays HCcompiiniineir.s lo al
mosl any nine on the violin and piano,
without notes or nnv pievious itisiiuc
.. i ' -I...., i il,..
lion, ne Known no ..hod -
lies of music than era O .Ibiirn did
,L,i ihe rules of arithmetic, but under
moods intuitively all about the laws of
harmony. As be sits. Holding me -ota
fiddle." taller than himself, one hand
reaching up to the finger board and Hie
other alretcliinif down with the bow. the
i....u uouma tu flow from hia soul
liniiiii'.'j -
straight out of his fiutfer ends, lie nov
ermisseslhe lime and never stops oui
of tune."
Mov.'liu'ills of ICoaaulll.
Nkw Oiii.ians, April 2d. Kasiill! left here
vesierilio fn. Molt ile. nnd will nroceed tlieuce to
'('liailest.'.ti and from there will procee I hy steam-1 ill mowing, with his hired man, who was
er to N.-w York. unles ho receives an invilati.ui ' eBding nn, the deacon following in his
hum llichmi.nd. swath" conning his not quotations, when
From Xetv Orleans. I the man suddenly sprang from his place,
Nkw Oiu.kan. April 8. As the steamer Ca- I leaving the swath, just in lime lo escape
i i: n:.. ti . ..:.i. irnl . J .
millicue w.ih ush.-uu.uk oik nn. uoiune wmi i B WR30 S nest
i:SSeiuei B. n'll"ll . li"ii wrir iiiniij. 1(11111-0 uiu
alsu Gen. C'aiuvi.j il .she was Hied upon hy Mux
icnu soldiers, several .hots sicking the boat, hut
111. lives lin-t Til. shots were likely intended
ha- the G. iiernl. The outrage has excited much
1 iniliynulinn antuu!; Hie Americans
I-Voni llostoll,
liosTON, April 9 A lar;.e ship,
heloi elil w cut ashore oil l'eaki'
islefl for the publisher of that paper.
Ami is "Democracy, la 1;! San
diithy R'g j
sons. The Masonic Union for Match
stales that Louis Napoleon has deter
mined to suppress Freemasonry (and, we
suppose, all other "secret societies") in
France. A number of the Lodges have
already been closed, and the Grand
Master nf the Grand Orient of France,
desirous of carryin nut the views of the
Government, has issued an order pro
hibiting any Masonic meeting before the
1st of January next.
California Drlgoatp:j The Cali
for ni a delegates to the Whig National
Convention are said to be tn favor of tlie
nomination of Mr, Webster, ant! the
Demociatic candidates for Mr. IJuchnn
an. A resolution in tne state Conven
tion in favor of Douglas was voted
Bound for Oregon. The Muscatine,
Iowa, Journal, of the 20th ult, is respon
sible for the following paragraph:
"One davthis week, we saw a couple
of romantic looking females, who were.
with their husbands, destined for Oregon.
They were dressed in the Bloomer style,
or rather in the Far Wtst Bloomer style.
This dress, consisted of a pair of pants
madeuf cassinet, and a loose , sack coat.
II N'nillt.l.H IN Nr WKPAPFHS. We be
lieve jt in pot generalfy known that there
I law prohibiting the circulation of
handbills hy en :losing them in newspa
pers. Il seems that such a law was pas
sed in 1S2.J, and the penalty for each of
fence is $00. Yet do not suppose
here are a dozen pooli-heis in the coun
try who have not offended in this respect
iho.iL'h generally uncotibcmnsly. Ihe
Postmaster of Rochester has received a
note from the I'ost Office Department,
directing htm In "exercise vigilance in
seeking In discover any violation of the
law, and notify the Postmaster Geneial
of any case lhal may come to his knowl
edge, tn the end lhal he may direct him
to prosecute the violatots." Rochester
A Laruk Corpse. The Germantown
Emporium, of the 2.1 inst , contains a
lengthy obituary, relative lo the death of
John Schai fT.;r, and winds up with the
following rematks:
"Il may le interesting to tlie readers of
the foregoing obituary, lo lesrti that the
leceased was the laigest man we ever
saw. The coffin was sufficiently large
to contain five men of ordinary size,
measuring in width, three feet four inch
es in the clear, and three feet in height.
"Three men could have woiked in it
at the same time, with convenience. It
required six men to take him from the
bed on which he expired. This waa
done by raising a platform removing
the head board ofthe bedstead, and tak
ing him out endwise. They could not
get the coffin into the house, but by tak
ing nfT the ilonr faeinz of an old vacated
house that stood in the yard, they got it
into that, and carried the corpse thither
on three empty bags. A waemi and four
horses stood prepared, anfl ten men
placed the c liio and its Contents upon It.
In letling down ll.e coffin into the grave,
ihey had two lines doubled one at each
end, and one large well rope in the mid
dle; and neventeen men to let down this
oreat sptiukle of moitalily into its last
all buttoned down beforewith a stand' i "" nn earlh- His "eight was '
supposed to
I Hill bur in
lo the O io Hards who now go
in for
thniii but Ihe "rvks.' pocket lull or
not.il slnies them a as the fae. Wisi-nn
sin fai'hf il'y und fully Hied the utiii bunk
experiment, and Ihe result is lhal very
much of her occupied soil Is now coveted
wiih ihe morliaies of .Shy lock sharpers j thy ministry shy of kissing a young lady.
Official Papkrs Abstractkd A list
was made ofthe ducumen s relating lo
the claims before the late Mexican com
mission, and they were cnrefully arranged
and deposited In the department ot Male
This was designed to protect the Gov
erument against fraudulent claims to be
hereafter presented. Attacks are made
on the Commissioners and memorials are
sent lu Congress and referred in commit
tees. In this state of the proceedings il
is discovered that a part of the papers
hatl been abstracted from Ihe Depart
inent. A Dr. Baldwin, whose claim had
heen allowed in part, sent in a memorial
to the Senate for re hearing. He, in the
absence of Mr. Webster, obtained access
i,. ibesa na tiers and used them1' Some
- 1 " . I L -L I
of them are missed, aim ne is cnargen
with abstracting ihem clandestinely!
There is no law punishing this offence
in the opini hi of Ihe Attorney Ueuorai,
The President naa aeni a special mes
to Consress ststina these facts, am:
simeeBiiiig that provision be made for
. . . n i cp v n
punishing aucn onencee. vim.
The Albany (N- Y) Register says rents
in that Slate have increased this year
from J5 to 135 per cent, in all the c:ues
the lulu storm oue tn piecesall lost.
Brwark op KtsstNO. The Cumber
laud (Md ) Union siiys. we heaid a case
Inlked of us being before the Baltimore
Conference, in session in this place,
which should tender those preparing for
who have literally preyed upon the moti
. . r . i
ey necessities ol Ihe people, ijast iuii
Ihe Voters decided, without respect to
patty, almost uunni'iioiisly, in favor ol
Banks, and March 3Isl, il laeiienil I-mIIK
oi! Law passed in the House by a vide
fyeas 39. nays 20. Ihe iMilwuukeo
Sentinel says il "will no doubt pass the
Senate wi bout material amendment anil
receive the signature of ihe Governor and
the sanction of ihe People."
Illinois has fully tested the snti liank
experiment, and her ever victorious lie
' . .... 1 I- 13... t,-
tnoctacy last year voieo .... u."n
Free Banking system.- Uere. llerata
Tin VNUAiin A newspaper called
the "Star, has jusl been esiaDiihiie.i m
Columbia. California, and is primed up
on an obi Rsmago press, the hitiy of
which is a curious exemplification ol A
t. i .i r..
in Mean ptogress H was smppeii
N Y to Tex is about the eomui'-ncemeni.
of our difficulties with Mexico; and from
thence it advanced wilh our urrr.y ftom
point to point tl rough M-xico. pinning
..-....iPiaHiiil i.roolimalintis;then went
to Monterey. California, at which place
it was used bv the Governor foi printing
proclamations and oilier public .locu
ments. N-xt it went to San Francisco,
and was used lo piinl the newspaper
established thete. and which has since
grown into the "AUa California." When
that paper gt l" be successful, a new
piess was secured, alio me
to Sacramento, to print the first newspa
ner there, ihe "Placer tunes, ano in
the same way afterwards went lo Soiio
ra, Stockton, and finally io oo.umoia -,-Thus
il has always been ou the front
wave of the advancing tide; and thus
ihe. printing press hss ever been iho in
dispensible adjunct of American Prog
ress. piercing ihe wilderness with the
first aettlers wherever an American enm
mtiniiy is formed, no matter how email
in numbers or how remote. 1
A young man -Uo..dtellow by name, we
believe -wns objected to on this score,
hut as it appeared he was about leaving
some loved fiieuds, and had kissed the
old woman and all the rest, he was al
lowed lo pass.
Tiir Opd Fellows "Chillicnthe
Lodge," hist evening, appropriated filty
dollars to relieve the immediate wants of
such members as liBve been rendered
destitute by the late fire, and a like sum
to he placed in the hands ofthe Citizens'
Committee of Relief. Metropolis.
Rev. Burgess Nelson (Bged about 90
years.) of the Methodist Episcopal de
nomination, committed suicide on Thurs
day last, at the residence of his son in
law, James Slevens, ISsq, in Frederick
county. Maryland. So snys the Balti
more Sun of Saturday.
IrtThe Lncofocos and Free Soilers
iu the Massachusetts Legislature, in cau
cus, resolved to put the Maine Law
through immediately, in order, as they
sav. Input a slop to all lurther debate.
So says ihe Rochester Democrat.
A Ciiilp's FiNnmts Eatbn Off bv a
Pm A little child of a Mr. Isaac Deck
el hoof, nuar Clear Spring. Washington
county, Md., bad its fingers eaten off by
a pet pig, one day last week.
iy Railway Official "You hac" better
noi smoke, sir!"
Traveller "That's what my friends
Railway Uhicial "lil you mvsi m
smoke, aii!"
Traveller "So my doctor tells me.
Railway Official (indignantly) But
you shan't smoke, sir!" i
' Traveller Ah! just what my wife says."
fy During the two days previous to
ihe 29ih ult., 00 persons bnund for Cal
ifornia, arrived at St. Louis, f . .
"What is the matteil" hurriedly en
quired tho deacon.
"WaspM" was the laconic reply.
"Pooh!" said the deacon, "ihe wicked
flee when no man pursueth.bul the right
eous are as bold as a lion!" and taking
the workman's swath, be moved but a
step, wher. a swarm of ihe brisk insects
settled about his ears, and he was fotced
to retreat with many a painful uting and
great discomfiture.
"Aha!" shouted the other wilh a chuck
le, "the prudent man forseeth the evil
and hideth himself, but the simple pass
on and are punished!" The good dea
con had found his equal in making ap
plication of the sacred writings, and
thereafter was not known la search scrip
tures In the mowing hviii.-hrlectic.
A young man in Barnwell wishing to
get married, lately, and not having mon
ey sufficient to pay ihe fees, wrote to a
person as follows: "I humbly iJeg your
parding for taking the libeni Of riten
On this ere Matter. As I am goon tn
get marred on Krismas du the lord
Spaerusboth i.ve laen The liherli tn
axe you A trifel of 2 shellei.s and 6 pens
to make In mutiny 11 up.
Cyit is thought two-thirds ofthe prin
ciple business portion of the burnt dis
trict will be ro-buill Uuiing tne present
year. Our mechanics and laborers will
soon be "busy as nailors," and builders
will have to look abroad for workmen.
Barnlm Outdonr. B.irnum.the great
showman, is stumping in Connecticut in
favor of the Maine Law, and recently got
into a tight place. One of his Democrat
ic brethren expressed doubts in regard
to some of his statements, and the audi
ence were entertained with a controversy
which resulted in Barn urn's offering Mr.
Snow, his antagonist, "fifty dollars a week
to go tn his Museum on exhibition!" Mr.
S. took him up, when Mr. B. said he
should want to put him in a csgel ' Mr.
S. assented to this as being a moclAwre
profitable business than he was doing at
home. Mr. Barnum had to cave and
back nut of his bad bargain.
ing collar, a pair ot boots, gloves and a
Kossuth hat, with a t X s tail stuck in
it. They looked exceedingly interest
ing. Quite so."
Tariff of Frririits for Railroads
Hitherto especial care has been taken
in framing charter for turnpike. Canal
and Railway Companies, to fix a maxim
urn Tariff of charges, bevnnd which the
Chartered Company should not go, ihe
object being lo compel Such compa
nies to accommodate the pulilic at tne
lowest rates. It was left lo the present
day and our Board of Public Works, to
discover that the public interest which
diclated loir fare andj'reight, is opposed
to the State interest! It is now thought
to be sound policy by these wise ones, to
compel such Companies to keep their
charges to the highest point, and pi event
low charges. The producing classes and
business men, who have the most freight,
and travel most, are to be compelled to
pay more to such Companies than ihey
ask. In accommodate the State! This is
something new.
Farmers, how do you like it t Cincin
nati Gazette.
The First California Novel is hein
published at Marysville.' It is entitled
:.r. -L- si. : n:-.l .ml
cniewa, or ine ;nouinaui iJ"
ihe scene is laid'among the Indians and
"diggings Founded on facts, of course,
E7A Temperance paper, entitled the
"Neal Dow Gazette." has just been star
ted in Nw York by lhef women, ;
Coalition Proposed !t is stated in
ihe Boston Courier that the free soil or
rather abolition party nf Massachusetts
recently held a private and confidential
meeting in that city, to consult in refer
ence to their affairs, which are regarded
as being in rather a precarious slate
there. One of the leaders in a speech
made nn the occabion, gave notice of what
the party wished io do to save its life to
wit, to go over iu a body to any other
party that wou d give the abolitionists
four out of ihi eleven electoral votes of
Massachusetts. .As the locofoco party
have heretofore had some dealings in
this way wilh the party iu distress, il fs
supposed Ihey will again make a nargatn
with their old triends.- Ilougn loies.
ThbChinksr Revolution. -Advice8
from China to the 10th Dec. have reach
ed us by the way of San Francisco. 1 he
revolution in the nith is making feBiful
strides, although the government lias a
hundred thousand troops in the field.
The rebels had lakeii possession ofthe
chief city of the Yung gan district, afiei
a desperate battle, in which the govern
ment troops were defeated. The insur
gents subsequently beheaded a large
number of the citizens.
Francr. A Democratic demonstra
tion had been attempted at St, Yreux
Deptment, Haute Vienne, ou the occa
sion of ihe futietal of M. Masoaid, for
merly a banker and a member ofthe lib
eral parly. The disturbance was easily
suppressed. The Muniteur, of the 24th,
publishes a decree regulating the couise
-of proceed u re in llieAseembly.fiom which
il appears that the Piet-ident has com
plete control of the action of every mem
ber. An opposition candidate, M. Hen
Hon, has been returned from Lyons.
tAFA clock on the Cathedral at New
Orleans is pionounced to be a mechanic
al wonder. It is an eiuh; day clock, and
has lliree dials one of six feet diameter
in I'toi.i nf the edifice over a hundred
feel from ihe ground; another ofthe same
size on the rear; am) Ihe thud nf n small
aiz iu the inteiior ell move by the
same machinery. The large dials are of
transparent glass, the figure! a,d the
hands being painted while; and at the
back of ihe l'Iuss is a cloth ot black vel
vet, making the sm face nf the dials to ap
pear black, i hese dials' are lighted at
night by gas burners, which, by an in
genious arrangement nf the clock woik,
are extinguished daily at a change ot
time conforming to the length of the
night. This clock occupies but a small
space; strikes tlie hour on a deep toned
bell, and the quarters of an hour on two
smaller bell-; and is furnished with a
regular compensation pendulum, and be
aid a its regular weight, a small weight
acting solely on the escapement, which
together render it an almost infallible
time piece. Mdwauhie Journal. , ,
TiiHKrT. A dispatch, dated Zara,
March 14th, states that a force of 1.700
men marched into Lyons, where the
Greeks and Calholica were disarmed, and
the clerev and two principal men from
every canton, seized and imprisoned.
PITA loiter from Copenhagen aava:
"The police of this city publishes every
year an account ofthe number of per
sons found diunk in ihe streets. In 1851,
the number of men taken ipdriiiik waa
591, and of women '50 a tnul which
givea an increase of 73 over 1850, and ot
92 over 1349."
Il is stated that the horse exhibited
with a stia-ke in his eye. was provided
wilh that Insui nnturet by a celehiaieil
optician in this city: Il waa a glass ey
filled wilh distilled water, in which a
young eel was placed. An enterprising
individual purchased il from the optician.
Mainr Law in New .YoRk. After a
full and animated discussion of the Maine
law in ihe New York House of Assem
bly, ihe Bill wan ordered to a third read land almrtly after the marvelloua phetiorn-
ing by a vole ot ot toju. . . , ,. . iciion was on exniomon.
now leu i"""v't . , -r ...

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