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riEW SERIES VOL. 6. NO. 51.
WHOLE NO. 1387
Ornoi Tallraadge rJuildinga Third Floor
Main-Street 8outh 8ide. -
: LANCABi;KR. APBIta, 18B8. ...
ThiDirtbict Convbntion. We pub
itsh the proceedings of this body in to
Jay's paper. The attend jnce was not as
large as usual, owing to the very bad
weather of yesterday. The proceed
ings were conducted with harmony.
; The designation of Messrs. Vinton
and Harris as Senatorial delegates and
the 'appointment of Col. Trump as dis
trict delegate and Dr. Toland as alter
nate, could not have been bettered.
Either of these gentlemen will properly
represent the . publio sentiment of the
State and will make excellent arid influ
ential delegates. '
tSTThe New York Tribune of the 9th
inst. ssys, Vwe gave by special telegraph
despatch the proceedings of the Whig
caucus ot Albany. Ihe following ere
the resolutions, which passed by 60 to 1;
the latter being William Taylor of the
Xtllth district of this city and county,
who afterwards concurred with the ma.
Whereas, Gen. Winfield Scott, in
Consideration of his life having been
wholly devoted and actually spent in the
service of his country, and that by such
nrvice he has Die eminently advanced
its honor and renown at home ai.d abroad
has shown himself justly entitled to the
gratitude and affection ot Ins countrymen
Resolved, That the whig members of
the Legislature of this State do present
to the Whig National Convention his
name as their firBt choice tor the rresi
,tncv. Rubiect to the decision of such
Convention. '
,.Ttt Wheeling Bridob. What sort
ot an obstruction to the free navigation
of the Ohio river the Wheeling bridge
U iha following statement from the
WhPBliim Gazette of the 8th inst. wil1
r ' o
: show.
' . "The steamer Pittsburgh, one of the
largest and fastest boats on our rmsr
lowered her chimneys yesterday while
livinu ot the wharf on business, an
uassed under ihe bridge at good speed
with some 15 feet to spare, although
there was 31 feet water the highest r ise
since 1832. Refine t-lie was out of sight
she had them again in their places. Thi
f.isa about lowering smoke pipes is all
ATiuii v SiichkstiiiN -Our brother of
the Zanesville Courier suggests that if the
Lojisluture adjourns over till next win
a nnrrinii nf them he pent to (.choo1
three months this summer. We would adr
that thev had better pass Mr. 1' mher
i bill and then another portion sent to the
. . . ... .i
House or lorreciion. . m.
. teira in an ordiiiHry common school would
. r .... n ii.
' lu them no gouil. juancaster vazctic
Hadn't the Gazette man better take
. them under his special care during the
interum? It would certainly accomplish
both objects--the members would have a
capital corrector and an uncommon teach-
' r. Portsmouth Despatch.
,'.( We would thank our democratic broth
er of the Despatch for the compliment,
1 unintentional ' of course; but we beg
leave to decline the proffered duly, as we
i : make no pretensions, either an a achoo'
'" teacher, warden of a house of correction
' or superintendent of a lunatic asylum.
: Horrid Dkath. A few days since, a
: man named William Loncy waa burned to
death near Huntington, Indiana. He
.t with several others, had been engaged in
i Mn. and all had used intoxicating
, O'
"'" liquors to excess. The test of the com
'.. pa"y. towards evening, had gone to their
. homes-, leaving Loncy lying oy me nre
which had been buih. ' In the morning.
he was found with his clothes burni
" off. crying in a scarcely nidible voice,
"nut out the fire." He was carried home
and died in the evening of that day
Nomination op Mr. Fillmore. The
; Whias of Richmond county, Virginia
have nominated Mr. Fillmore for the
Presidency, but at the same time they
T .laxlura their purpose to sustain any olh
J ar true -Whig thHi may be nominated.
c-j. tr. hn Union man. pledged to
' ... th fugitive slave law; and he
"' must be sound on the principles of non
' r?i. JiidaeOrier and Irwin, of tho U
i C iln,'it Pdllil fill
1H of Pennsylvania, have given judgment
in favor of Joshua Natchcrieb. who re
.,il kr...iiht aoit sir ai list the trustees
it the Economy Society, at -Hatmony
ln.l 'f..rf.0.000. The plantitT.it ap
pears, was a. member of the society lor
twenty seven years, when he wesexpel
-iihnut cause, bv the late George
Rapp nd his associatea. and depiived of
..' all share ot me property, wuou
000 000. t He brought suit for S60.000
' '" as his share, but the court, in us decis
' lo. ordered the enn dntment of a com
missioner to ascertain what would be the
W nf each member. ' and how much
j will be fair compensation .of the de
'T fendant for his twenty seven years of la
' fir daductina monies paid to
' . , !.. f , - a . .
-vt! him : . : -'." Lif "
v " CSThe Charleston Mercury seems to
favor the nomination of Buchanan' for
President and Pouglaa .for. Vice rresi
dent. - w '
DIMrlct Cvllo.
Pursuant to the notice of the Whig
Stale Central Committee, the township
delegates of the ninth Congressional dis
trict met at Circleville, on Wednesday,
the 14th inst, and the Convention was
organized by the appointment of Gen.
Geo. Sanderson, of Fairfield, as Presi
dent, and P. C. Smith, of Pickaway, and
Geo. Weaveb, of Fairfield, as Secreta
1 he duties of the Convention were
briefly stated by the President and upon
motion of Col. Cochran, a committee of
three were appointed to present to the
Convention the names of persons as sen
atorial and district delegates. The com
mittee was composed of Messrs. John
Cochran of Pickaway, Charles F. Shaf
fer, of Fairfield, and Dr. A. Toland ot
Madison. After a short absence, the
committee presented their report, which
with a few mollifications was adopted.
For Senatorial Delegates, Hon. Sam
ukl F. Vinton of Gallia, and J. A. Har
ris, Esq. of Cuyahoga, were recommend
ed to the Whig State Central Commit
For District Delegate, P. Van Trump,
Esq , of Fairfield, was appointed; and for
Alternate, Dr. A. Toland of Madison.
On motion of Joash Miller. Esq., of
Pickaway, the following resolution was
Resolved. That while wo leave our del-
untrammelled as to whom he shall
give his support in the Whig Nations'
Convention, we cannot let this occasion
pbss without fully endorsing, as we do
now, the principles and policy of Mr.
Fillmore t administration; nut while thus
endorsing Mr Fillmore, we recognize in
Gen. Winfield Scott and the Hon. Dan
lei Webster, men equally capable ol ail
ministering the government.
On motion of George Weaver, of Full--
field, the following resolution, after a
short discussion, was adopted:
Resolved, That in the opinion of this
Convention, the nnminalinn t lieiieral
Scott by the Whig National Conventi'iii.
will be calculated to promote the suc
cess of the Whig parly, and thereby the
great interests of the country.
On molion the Whig press of ihe ninth
Congressional disf ict and the Ohio State
Journal were requested to publish ihe
proceedings of the Convention
Uii motion llie uonveimoo a'j 'union.
" Sert'vs
nit, ) ,
Geo. Weaver
Note. A full list was not furnished
ihe Sucietaries and they consequently
have to omit tho names of delegates.
Honest (!) Judges they have in
NewOi leans R' least the following would
if true, so indicate. Out, out 'upon siu h
mockery of juslice and Judges. Their
consciences may be that of honest men,
but we doubt il
Dr. Thomas Hunt, who killed J. W.
Float in a duel lust summer at New Or
leans, was brought up fur tiial on the
first inst., wilh the seconds, on a charge
f murder, when Judge Laure lefused to
ii ihe rase, and excused himself
udge Buchanan was sent for, but he
was engaged. Judge Strawbndge was
se.nl for, and be was indisposed. The
DiHlrirt Attorney then said lie could not
try the case without ajudge. He there
fore, enteied a nolle prosequi, ami tne
accused was discharged."
Cofkee. Holdeis of Rio Cnffee have
been more stringent in their pretensions
luring the past three days, snd their
transactions reported, slmw some im
provement In prices , I he sales i-omprise
G00O bags, including 3900 yesterday, ex
Yankee Blade, on private terms, and IUU
at 9ic. The week'ssales amount to 15.
000 hags, and include 3272 at 9. 15S5 hi
9i, 1149 at 9j. 1S50 at 9J, and 3900 on
privaie terms Lonsdale s Weekly Mate
mtMit. mude previously to yesieiday's
es, sets down the stock in first and
second hands t 27,106 bags. The slock
til II. e rnriesiioiiclniL' dale last vt ar whs
29.729 hags 1 he impoits from July lsl
,i ilme comprise 244 022 bugs direct.
against 31.043, showing a net increase
of 25.40f bags. I here has been a de
crease in the stork this week f 1321
bags. Arrived this week 29So bags com
prising 5500 direct per Yankee Blade,
mid 4S5 coastwise. The market closed
wilh continued firmness at 9. JV. U.
Bulletin April 3. ,
A Tale or Extraordinary Supkhhino
Want and Death. The Fredericks
burg, (Vs.) News narrates the following
extraordinary incidents in the life of a
man named Watson, who some fifteen
year ago, left Alexandria, settled in King
George county as a meichant, married
a highly respectable young lady, by
whom he had four childien, and subse
quently became a widower and a bank
"With his litlle children, twn of whom
were daughters, he lived on a small farm
which he rented, three miles below the
line seperaiiug Stafford and King George
Dining the coldest of the weather in ihe
latter part of December last, his child
ren were seized with the whooping
cough, and everyna of them prostrated
Whilst thus confined, their father was
taken with erysipelas, and in the same,
room lay thefaiher snd childien, peilect
ly helpless. Whilst th us confined, some
fiends broke in his meat and fowl houses
and stole every fowl and piece of meat
on the farm, induing so they passed
through the garden, levelling the fence
and thereby permitting the cattle and
hogs to destroy el III he vegetables intend
ed for winter use. The only thing left
for the support of that family was a small
quantity of com meal and some unroaat
ed cottee. In that condition they lay a
largo portion of the time without water,
without fire and without food.
"A poor widow in the neighborhood
sent them a small piece ot meat, and the
oldest hoy. not quite so ill as the test,
d'd, as long as hissirengih would enable
him, crawl to the fire place, stir up the
dying embers, half cook some bread, fiy
a piece of meat, and with coffee without
milk or sugar, attempt to relieve the hun
ier of his dying father and sisters. On
one occasion, weak and feeble as he was
ho "staggered" through the snow to
nei Idiot's house to procure fire At
one time the father and children won I
he crying for water, ami not a drop in
the house and no one lo hi inn it. 1 hits
they lay tor several days, until liod, in
his rneicy, took two of the children.
Two days did they lay coipses ry the
side of their sii k parent, and no one lo
prepare them for sepulture and convey
them 'to the tomb A man arcidenily
passing by, called in, found the family as
we have described them, the lather hluid
and inseie-ihle, with his two dead child
ren one fiozen to death lying by his
side, and letl th m in that condition,
Two days after this iho father died.
The night preceding his death he had
hemotifiHge ii ml bled most profusely.
By his side were his son and his daugh
ter barely able to raise their heads, hut
nerved lo the occasion they sat by him
the whole night ahum, using evciy
means Iheii infant minds could suggest
in staunching the blood. A poor widow,
ihe dsy of Watson's death, heard of it,
came to his house, had him and his two
dead children buried, took ihe sick ones
home with her, nursed ihem, and has
since restored them lo health."
Death or Bishop Hkodino. At half
past 12 o'clock, on Friday IbbI, the ven
erabh- Bishop of the Methodist Episco
pal church, the Rev. Dr Hedding, (lied
of dropsy, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., after
a long and paintul illness. . More than a
year ago he became awie that he was a
victim of the disease under which he has
finally fallen, and, during the past monitv
or two, his end was constantly felt to be
rapidly approaching. ;
Mrs. Gaines' Case. The U. S. Su
preme Court, which recommenced its
session in Washington last week, it is
stated, has refused a re hearing to Mrs.
Gaines, widow of Gen. Gaines, by a vote
of 4 to 2. This we suppose ends the
chanter. Had her claims been sustained.
shu would have been probably the weal
thiest person in the United States. There
have been times, during the progress oi
the suit, when, it is said, she might have
compromised for half B' million of do!
lars. ,
Pennsylvania Punt.io Wornta. A bill
has been introduced into the Pennsylva
nia Legislature authorising the lease of
the public works of the State to John
Snndgrass.of Westmoreb ud county, and
John Geary, of California, tor a period
14 years, . , r , ....
Wonders of the Telegraph.--Di
rect communication whs had on Fliday
evenim , between the New Orleans tele
graph office and the office Of Ilia New
Orleans line in New'Ynrkeilyulie whole
extent of neatly thred ousanl,,niles of
wire having been auccessTuttyjforked in
a single circuit. Despatches Were sent
from New Yoik t Nev Oi leans, and
answers received, sixty minutes ahead of
Tennessee uoino Ahead. The Ten
..... L .Ii I
nessee i.,egisiniure pbs biijoiiiiii-ii
Among the important laws passed were
a Free Banking Law, a Homestead Ex
emption Law, various steps taken to
wauls a iff tmed Ptactice in Courts id'
Juslice, wiso measures in relation to
Slate Taxation anda comprehensive ami
a.lmiiahle system of Internal Improve
menls, which gives the aid of the SibIh
lo several railroads (now in progresa in
the Stale) under sale restrictions.
FS"-The Pensyivania Railroad Com
pany says that, by a large increase of
stock on the road, they are now prepared
lo forward all goods consigned to them
without deleuiioii.
An Important Fact General Sam
oe I Houston, in a laio speech, is said to
have suited a fact not generally known.
and which is ot impoiiiince to the tarn
ilies of soldiers who were murdered by
order of'Santa Anna, at Goliad, in 1836.
Il is that the Legislature of Texas, sev.
eral years ago. passed an act, giving to
the next ot kin ot each soldier wno ieo m
that massacre, sixteen hundred acres ol
land; lo be located on any of the unap
roprialed lands belonging to the oiaie.
Hisses - In Sidney Smith's "Sketch
es of Moral Philosophy." that somewhat
...iok.,.,.l In.liuiilunl savs: A hiss la
trii u"icn ........ ...
.iihr foolish or tremendoiis. or auhlime
The hissing of a pancake is absurd; the
fust faint hissthat rises from tho extremity
..f-hn oil. on the evening of a new play,
sinks the soul of the author within him.
Ues him Ciiise himself and his
Thalia; the hissing of a cobra di capello
is sublime-' ' the whisper oj dcatM
ty Upon coming the office the
.i. .. ... -l,,l"ihe "devil what
llllivr UBJ an... . .
..... I.:. C.r miiirtiialioM,
WOO ilia .Mw .... - 1- r,l 1 I
S.i.l hp. "I set ud as long ss I capnl'
my brealh. then put in a comma; when I
gape, insert a semicolon; when I sjeeze,
a colon; and when 1 want- anotherjchew
of tobacco. I insert a period." W can
not withhold these rules, so adtjirable
tor (heir simplicity, from thepubK.
Thirl-Klr.t CoagrrH-First leuloa,
WHioTnK, April 1 1. Mr. ('base said he
Wixiltl be cnmiielle.1 In leave tho citv fnrn few
wek mid Hnkril fivnr lliil I lie bill granting
untold and unappp'piia'ed laiulsioOliinli- takru
up; nreeii. Mr. II i. tor n.kc.l how much l.md
waa granted h) tin' bill Mr Cliuae said that in
Srpleiiiliei- la-t there lemuini-d nf llm public
lands in Ohio 316,11011 acres, chiefly reliisn land.
Th Called Stale had riceivrd inln its trammry
iriiintiiirsol lliv pil ii - iiniil. in (jinn, during Ihn
lul 6 ."i years m-ei t ' ""0 t0. llercilizeim ImiI
naid Cumin linn a d other gran'een nl the United
Slulen lor public I . nil . er 12.01)0 000.
Ohio then ii! nvrr f.10 000 000 for pulii'c lamia
wiiiiui tier limits, ii wo Oil require, a iiranl ol
mure nan 2.11(10. 000 "' 'cret lu Ohio In niuke the
raiiti lo her in aid o' inlern.il improvement.
eijii.il lo ihegi'Hiil- made to Illinuii
Mr. llti ler mil. Iiec.uld mt vi.to tor the lull,
lie waa in luvcir l a '.'rajlu.iti.iii of prices ur lauds,
uid wiuild aive Ohio n free ire-einptinn to them.
This was a new principle, and 1)0 cmiM not rule
for it Mr .Shiel.lniiuke in I'avnr. Mr. Chase in
replv lo ipieti,iu i.i'Mr Davis, said llieexpeur
es of the laud . Hie in Ohio were over f 'i.(JIH) u
ear, and lli-.l nil c land warrants hud become
currency, he nouhted whelher receipts for Ihe
aile in lliut Slate would eiceed that amount
Mr Dawaiui auiil Hi t Ih bill established a new
principle lh iiiicni dit uiiul rurrender of the
public hinds tn the S ales in which they lie. Iia
passage would lead 'o others ot a similar charac-
lor. tie pr I'ened srad iati'in nf the prices of
iiinus. It tne inndi were worth 50 cenls an acre,
thai 50 cents ouuht to be paid. Aftersone fur
ther debute the bill waa ordered to be engrossed
yeas 28. nays 13; those voting in the no 'alive.
were Mestra Madger. Berrien, Uradbiiiy, Chnk,
Davis, Dawami, Hunter. Minimum, Norria. Siirn-
encH, Uiiderwnnd mid Upham
1 he I -ranch spoliation bill waa taken up. Mr.
Kelch resumed and roucluded nsaiost the hill.
H"Ur Heaumed the consideration of the re
port ot the I'riutins comiiiittee pending nl the d
jonruinen:. Mr Drown of Miss, couMuued the
I-hate, il s.ivi.winr unv hostility lu pnraoua now
-iiiployed, bin chinked Mr. Stanton with a coal-
itinn with Mr Ninth of Conn , for the purpose of
sei-u iiijj the ii'juting hi the Republic. Mr. Stun-
toll replied and Mr. Drown rejoined Debate con- j
tintied at ciiusiilt'i'iihlft lentil) in the course ef
which liiah words passeil between Mr. Polk and
Mr u.iuloiil, Ihe lia iner calhns Ihe latter nu nine
litioiiiat.aiid savinu he would steal uegros if lie had
a chalice There was considerable excitement
all over the Hall, but no fi-ticuITi . A motion was
liuallv tuailri to lay the whule in dUiron Ihe table.
and lake up tie hutnesteiid hill, pending which.
uMno'il ai'iiiui. the Mouse nitjniiriieil.
W sSHiNOTii.i, April l.i senate. Mr. Man-
gum made n persuual explaiiatinn. defiuiii'i hia
uusittoii nn tho rreHiilential nuestiou. nesaid he
would proloiblv be prepared to support the Whig
uniniuee through yielding his prelerencea. as be
did I'uiir veins a"n. He was snou tn withdraw
from public hie for the privacy of his family circle.
Iha prelerencea tor t resaletitiiil candidates uiltcr
ed I'mm a gre t innjnrily ol'hia conatituenls, but
he inn-it aikniiwlcilji) Winliuld Scott to be his
lirst clioit-e, whose military services have endeared
hi ui hi tLe people and to Ilie cnuiiti-y, in psymeut
ot s debt nf -ratiliide.
Mr. Dawson also explained with regard In the
Whig caucus. He denied being preaeut or ni-ting
with ii. Mr. Gwiu asked Mr Diwn if he
could sny by nuthaiily that Gen, Scott is in favor
of the Kuilive Slave law and would execute il if
Mr .Maugiiin laid he hail no conversation with
Gen Scott since III" passage of the coinproinise.
hut when ihe omnibus bill was pending, Gen.
Scull favored its passage. The subject dropped,
and the French spoliation bill considered and
mile ed to be engrossed -'.'S lo 10. Adjourned
lloi'ss resumed the cniisideraliou of the report
of the Printing committee.
Front WaaliliiRlon
Wasiiisoto-!, April 14. This morning, be
tween ' I 3 o'clock, il tire waa discovered, iu
the room of Ihe deputy i lei k of the Supreme
Court in the Capitol. The door waa hursl open
and the lire exliuguialied. A table, and desk con
taining Ihe minutes of the present term, were
burnt tn aahes Wall cuiisiilerauiy cracked and
sm-'ked Origin ol'iheliie uukiiuun.
Washisotus April 14 K-s-uth re'naina Jiere
ill almost n p-ri'ect statu ol q lit-aceuce No ex
citement intended his reception and there will be
none nt bis dcp.n lure. A huge unmbiir nf member-
of Congress anil others have however, culled
upon hint ,1 L his rouius, Il is understood that he
desires to aeo Mr. Claj agiiu before ho leaves
and made an altem; to etl- t i! to day, hnt was
disappointed. Ha will proliably he more forlu
uale to morrow
Ohio Lea;Ulali-r.
Wxosr.aDtr. April H.8ealt.TU noin' T
hill made lo (oulorio In Ihe day a whit II it
waaaignul by the President, April 2. The bill
regu'ig fh. hum a of maooel labor waa poseil.
'I he acbool bill waa considered at length. Noth
ing else of general impm-tance was tnina icled.
I I utile -The Semite retoludnn lo give the arroa
'I the Slate In K'-asulh. was indefinitely jxutHia
ed by ihe di-eisive Toteof 59 to 20.
The House agreed t i ihe Seuate'a reaoluliona
oftuljourmenr, wilh an aineudm-nt slrikinar out
the (Ninion providing for committee f revision.
vena V.I. nuya 22. So we suppose Hie uiijournmeu'
Inon May to Noveoilier ia a fixed foci.
nothing else ofiinrortouce was Iranoocted.
Thursdst. April 13 denatt. The bill for
the prntectionOif sheep passed. The House a
in.-nilinent in the adioiirnoient resolotion wsa
agreed to. Revernl minor bills snd the city snd
town incorporation bill were rnii-Jilered,
llomeK large number of oetiluoia was pra
aeuted. 8ererul billa of no general importance
were pqsaen.
During the pending of the partial pprnfriution
hill and while the clause tn pay the Koaaulh com
mittee for their ripensea was under considera
tion, Mr. Deckel stated that Ihe ciiy enmnrttee
agreed to pay Ihe expenses at I ho Neil Hon
Mr. Weller snid it was falie. Mr. Deckel said
hfliei. Mr. W threw nn inkstand at Mr. B
Mr. B. threw ouo nt Mr. W. Neither was hit
Both are democrats. The combalanta trfre hed
at a respectfnl distance from each other by their
friends, and the disgraceful scene ended by ajtol-
1 he House considered lbs general incorpora
tion bill at some length.
ft;iliirlit.r l rnlug, A pi II 17. 134
Virginia Whig Stale Csatrentlan
Richmoni. April 14 The Whig Smte Conven
tion met to-day. and wns numeroualy alien led
The friends of Sent and Fillmore are here in
great force, hnt it ia not supposed that any pre.
lerence will he expressed by the convention fur
a presidential candidate.
Hurl ford Municipal Elrelloa.
Hartkori. April 12. The mnncinal election
was held iu this city to-day. The Whigs car
ried five out of till six wards, electing five Whig.
Alderman tn one Democrat. and 20 Whig Conn
ilmen to fnnr Democrats. The Whigs a!so e-
lected their City Clerk . Collector, Treasurer and
Sheriff, by large'majoriliea.
Lonlalana Election
Naw Osr.rASs. April 13th A vote was taken
yesterday throughout the 8tste to decide the
question nf calling a Convention to revive the
Male Coiistniition. In the City Ihe vote stood
.1,000 iu Us favor and only 170 against.
Arrival of Knssauh.
Washinotok, April 13 Kosanih arrived this
evening by the Southern boat, and took lodginga
at Ihe National Hotel, where he ia receivings con
course ui visiters.
Fntiil Accident
1'Hit.AnianiiA, April 13. John Irin. a. lad
l.'i Tear old, euitiloveil m ihe chemical work
uearGrav'a Keny.waa drawn into the machinery
I), his ai ion catcniug upon a hand. Buih his
legs were awfully crushed. He was taken, to the
Hospital in a dying condition,
From Brie
Kkie. April 13 The Morton loft for Clevelnnd
this morning, mid will probably get through the
ice, as shu is sniue disiauce above Ihe head of the
Island. The Dallic and Ucenu will lo.ive on the
arrival of Ihe cars. Propeller Globe left nt noon,
up. The (Jueea City and Superior, here. The
Ohio has gut through the ice slid is at the dock.
Day entirely clear nl ice.
CiiARLXsTnx. April 10 Kosanthia here having
arrived yesterday. His reception thonjjh very
rcspectlul. waa ny no means nattering.
Ho is being called noon ny numerous citizens.
He diies not purpose remaining here long. No
arrangements have yet been made lo give Kossuth
a public reception.
Flax Cotton. Advices Irom
state that the Chevalier Clans.
n has
succeeded in disposing of his pdent f"t
preparing flax cotton, lor about
nrm Uii.isa a rovaliv in all mat;
a.I ai iiswl .50 000 for hr patent
in France. ,50 000 in Englaudi40,00Q
a m.s rrf I C.mlitiil a (if I
in irAiunii f.y.-i iiiiu in oiui luu. a...
20.000 each in bolh HelniuiTt hnd Hoi
llALirAX. April 15. The America arrived at
Halifax hi is morning. She lell Liverpool at 11
oil Ihe 3d iuat.
Cotton dull; Breadslults imich depressed Cir
culars disagree as to the extent ol the decline.
Drown & Shipley quota flour declined 6d to Is;
wheat la -2d. Thev ouole Western cnilnl, l'lnlu
dolphin, Baltimore and Ohio at 19a 6d. while corn
Ills mixed -J8s lo "H 3il yellow gs lo -joa u, reu
wheat fis tn 5s .VI: while 5a lid to 6s 3d Mikiu'a
ouoialioiia it jlnde higher Continental market
decline abost eipial lu hiverpool, and wheat re
ceded ut the pnncipal ualtic pons.
French Clinmhers opened on the J9th by the
President in ni-rsou. nlteniled by brilliant alnff.
His retention was ol' the warmest kind. He
read a speech standing. and announced it the in
tereat of Franco to keep at amity wilh all national
disclaimed the intention of assuming the Kmper
orship. but declared that if disaffection or intrigue
lori-ed mm he would ilemnnu irum tne people, in
Ihe name of the repute of France, a new title.
which would irrevocably tlx ui his ll.uiu me pnw
el- wilh which the people had invested him Im
meiise applause and cries of "Vive Njpuleou'
lui'i,i7 llin readinft
Tlie I'l-eaident took the oalll of fidelity tn the
Constilutiou, and the meiLUers awore fidelity to
the I're-ident. Cavaignuc and M Carnnt wore
abseut. '"lie legislative corps met in Iheir re-anet-tive
Chambers. Murtial la ceased from the
lo8lh nit, in all . departments, ana ine couo civh
resumed. " ' '
' Lake Navigation .
ri rvci.ssn. Anril 14 Theateamora Baltic and
Ocean nud propeller Glo6e came in friiin Erie to
day. The Morton we learn ia fast in a Held of
ice the mm is reporieu ipmo nrnsj .
Conneaut. but a few duya will probably give fair
aailiug Herald.
F.aia. Aoril 15 No ice to detain boats going
Up Atlantic jnsi inaine me uai om "iiimu.
Keystone leaves lo-mguiaiai. aiuotuis .io.t
at one to-day. J
i .From Boston, , f i
BosTote. npril 13 The Maaaachuselss aate
passesl hi a third reading, after M"w
bale. Ihe resolution in favor ol liiierventioi.
Maine liiUnr law passed ! Huuaa WOaj ly
I CO n.ainnlU ' 7
a voie oi v o iun o oj . .
Violent suow storm hate tluievenir
Hkaltr or Mr Clat. The Washington Tel
egraph says Mr. Clay continues feeble, and aide
ject tn freriiout changes! generally produced by
ihe varying weather. He pasaea moat ofhia
hours in Ihe day in silting np. or promenading his
chamber. It is only occasionally that he is ob
liged to keep his bed in the day time. When the
weather continues favorable for any length of
time bit improvement ia always very manifest.
California Item
We add a lew items not transmitted by tele
graph. The Iota to the city of Sacramento is estimated
ut 1 1 50,(1(10. The fanners and gardeners on the
low lands, and Ihe proprietors of bridges, must
have sustained much greater loas.
At M .rysville the loss ia proportionality greater.
Among ihe sufferers we notice the firm of John
C. Kalkt Co. No Uvea were lost in ihe city.
Mining operations ju many places had been
impeded to a considerable, extent by the fiood;biit
the increased supply nf water wss bailed wilh
joy by many ulhers. who bad been tumble to
wa-h out their "dul lor the want ol II. 11 u con
fidently expected by itilelligeut persons, who have
given attention to the subject, that 'ihe yield of
g Id this season will exceed that ut nuy former
year. A greater number of persons had been at
work, and a greater, ciuautity ol earth hat been
dug. than 'as ever kmw before.
Th Sun t l arteiicaaJlenild says that crime la in
creasing in Unit Stale, fince Ihe last mail left, we
havo accounts nf overnl murders having been
committed hi the interior by the Indians some of
whom were arrestou, tried, and convicted, ac.
cording to Ihe Ivnch code of procedure. Iu Sun
r raucisi-n. burglary Is ol Iri-iiuenl occurrence.
Hardly a night passes over without one or more
houses being torcdily entered and plnniterert-
The bill before the Legislature submitting to
the people nt the n-xt election, the question
whether a Constitutional Convention shall be held
or not. will probably become a law. It was pas
sed by the House ou the 2d ult., and is before the
From the 38lh of February to the ldlh nf March
inclusive, the number nf passengers arrived ill
San Francisco hy sou. was 1.424. The departures
during ihe first 14 days uf March were 5.19. Up
wards of 1.500 persons were then honrly expect
ed iu the Tennessee and North America.
The Western American, the mil Democratic
organ at Sail Francisco, lias wound up its affairs
and "gone out. I
Panama. The health of Panama is ordinarily
gonil. iliectuwjot auioruiil oihiiiu passengers
had so nearly stinaideii thai sailing vessels nan
been t'rawn nlf the route for the want of sufficient
patronage. '
Con or ess to sal Statistics. Twelve 8tntes
are represented entirely hy those horn out uf their
limits, ill the ai irom new ion, nuiyxuaie
natives of the Slate ihey represent.
The whole number nf representatives is "oi.
Ofthe-e 124 were burn iu free, and 97 iu slave
States. Two nnly are uf foreign birlh. one Irish
man and one F.uglulinian. 31 were boru in New
York 8 more than iu any other Stale.
The territories are represented entirely uy net.
egrtes Iwrit elsewhere. One is from Pennsylva
nia, one from M'chigan. one from North Carolina,
anil one from the Di.-lrict uf Columbia.
Aoxii'KNMcsiT Funo. The leUSe
yesterday, by a decided vote; agreed to
the Senate res-.tution. fixing the time of
adjournment on the first Monday of May.
to meet again in Docemher next. Every
man of ordinary discernment here, saw
that, by the way things were Koing nn,
and the vast mass of work yet to be dime
that ihere was a propriety in Ihe mess
ure. It was not to be expected that th
farmeie and biuiness men could remain
here during the entire summer, to the
Jetiiment of their private affairs.
We kimw this event will vriy much
distress our amiable friend of the Cinciii
nati Euquirer, and those nervous gentle
men who have agreed wilh him that the
salvation of the fjncofocn parly depend
ed upon the member hanging on all
summer. With humble deference r
siioo-eat that thefparty has mora heinous
sins than this to answer for, and that if
this were all, we should not entertain a
tithe of the firm expectation of sending
the entire Locofoco party into a hopeless
minority in Ohio that we at present en
tertain. Ohio Slate Jiturnal.
To find fault wilh political or personal
fi iends. is. the very last thing we desire
to do; but when one of the most excep
tionable measures of the dominant party
is thus endorsed by our Central organ,
we respectfully ask il lo maintain its po
sition, imt by a simple assertion, but by
good, substantial reasons.
The issue is not fairly prserired iu the
above article. If these gentlemen leg
islators had not time to attend to their
duties, they should not have accepted
office. They know, or ought to have
known their capacity, and yet offered
themselves to the peoplo as men eompe.
tent to put the new Constilutiou into op
eralinn, and having failed in this after a
lengthy session, they have now no right
to ask for a recess for six mtiolbs in order
that they may have a chance of getting
sufficient knowloJije beat into their
brains to enable them to perform a duty
for which nature never designed them.
When they found themselves incom.
pelent to (he task, instead of adjourning j
IIM"st week our neighbor of the
Eoglt was strong against an adjourn,
menl. Thi wrt-k he is equally strong for
one. We hope his readers w ill compare
the two articles, in order to understand
tie beauties nf progressive democracy.
Tn a
Cakiiidatks We Conceive to be this: to
sirive in every honorable wsy to effeet
ihe nomination of the men of their choice.
To labor cigilunllij and unreatingly, and .
above ail, openly for the men they prefer ',
shou'd be nominated before ihe Convert,
lion is held, and UT and in Iheir Conven
tion. And when ihe nomination is once made,
to labor a great deal harder more in
cessantly ami vigorously for the nomi
nees l h an before, even though the men.
determined upon as candidates are not
their individual piefereuce. All men
who take pAit in the incipient steps to
nomination and endeavor to have iheir
own tiers-oi a I view canied out. are
bound iu honor to abide cheerfully by
the derision made iu accordance with
the wishes and customs of iheir party.
Those who expect to riepnve benefit,
from victory in a nominating convention,
ahoul I al'o be prepared fur a defeat, and
be leady, if thwarted iu tl.eir wishes, to
figljt for principles ss well as men, and
on heart and hand for the nomination.
Lei us always have an open field and
fair fiiiht no backbiting or gouging
and no backsliding- or slinking. The
post of duty is to stand by the flag, and
let no man deseit the colors. Mt. VcT
non Whig. - ."
Tub Armv SricuLAToRs We learn
from Washington tint, in view of the late
abuses in the aimy in the matter ofoni-
cer speculating upon ihe government,
iu the purchase of supplies, &c, the sub
ject has been under the consideration of
the Committee on Military Affairs of the
House of Representatives. The result
is, that they have determines! to prepare
a bill that will effectually put a stop to
such practices iu future.
Nrw House Warnrks. A "rfew fire
has just been patented in London, in olh'
er words a new method of warming
rooms by means of a series of thin metal
plates pla ed in an ordinary grate, and
. i i i . : i r .i.,...n
, , ii. i .i . i neaieu uy ebb uuinuicu uuui ai urmmuw-
over, they should have resigned the pnw. 7 6 r
er into the hands of the people, in order are kp, g(, by a cmbustion of
thai another Legislature possessed of eag-and eo.yoii can dispense with cosli.
more wisdom might have been selected, j Compared to the latter, it is eaiu to oe
But this is not the worst feature in the cheaper, more cleanly, am; neanny.
Half the time of the prea
eut session has been absolutely squan
dered in debating unnecessary resolu
tions and party billa. , We have not room
for an extended review, but we will al
lude to a few of the most prominent.'
The Kossuth malter has occupied many
days of the session, which might have
Sprakino Telkorapb! An exchange
aaya: The French and English journals
are speculating more or less upon the
practicability of turning the electric tele
gtaphlliat connects Er gland and France
via the Channel, into a medium of con
versational intercourse. The modus op
erandi is this: A plate of silver and one
of zinc are taken into the mouth, one -bove
and tlit) other below the tongue.
been devoted to the regular business of ijhev are ihen placed in contact wilh the
pjgialators. wire, and woids issuing from the mouth
Several day. ol the session have been V'- ,.a r8 r'"
. . . : . .- , , Channel by the wne in whisper, we
wasteu in delisting measures wnicn ue though the account does not
long to the dunes or our memaeisoi congress.
Several days of the session have been Kt-w York Art Union. The district
more than wasted in the consideration of attorney of New l ork has made mo-
bills, which were intended to legislate a lion to confiscate all the property ot tbe
. , ,l7, . f te , i Art Union on account of its illegality,
half dozen Wing, out of office and put a coim no( reidere(j ?,
nail uozen uemocrais in; aim we are ui .
. . . i . - j ut.
say. It lias neen ineo, u is eaiu, wk
successful results.
opinion ihal tne time and money . ..,
i ' Tiitir nsi tiik 1 ruth. A singular
squsndered in these useless debates, aie paper wgl) ,a,ey ea, before the French
worth more than all the Ijocofocos wno ; Academy of Sciences, Irom M. lUanai,
Ntw Iblshd. Capt. Henry, of ship Mary, of
New Bedlord, states that ou his passage to Hie
Japan Sea. in lat, 24 deg. N , Ion. 131 deg. 19 K .
he nsssed near a amall island, low and apparently
covered with trees of small growth. Ho knows
of no charter book in which refereeee ia made to
any laud iu that vicinity. '
l7Thera ia a scene nf activity in the bnrnt
district, this morning, which gives early promise
of a full resuscitation of business in III t quarter.
Scioto Gazette. '
Ivnusj Startkd to Dsath. The Minnesota
Pioneer says that a report has come from Luc qui
Parle, that over forty Indians men. women and
.... y I .1. L .
children were louml irozeu inueaiu, wiving khi
en their docs, moccasins, skin tents, and every
thing thai could nll'ord the leasl sustenance. It
was feared, last summer, that the loss nl crops by
the HhkIs would result disastrously to Ihem.
RunucTio nr Waok-s The Newhiiryport
(Mass.) Herald says that the wages ofalt shoe
maker hi me lurte nioniiiaciones in iubi reguv
Iibua limn reduced shout 3(1 ner cent, on all -is
first clnsa work. The same paper state' that
there are a great mat.y journeymen s,h'nKers,
now employed on ordinary work, l1 ' hour
a day, who earn leas than filty ce day.
Rail Roai. MArrTa-- Bum,, payment
of the recent subscript- ou the part of the
counties of Muakingo-' and Guernsey, amounting
to t'20f,000 have0"- hy she Commissioners of
those counties delivered lo the Rail Riaad Com
pany. Au"er WM pasted at the meeting of
the Boiu"d Directors, now in aeasiuti. to adver
tise fo contract, forthwith,, that portion of Ihe
pii between Zanesville and a point some five
or ten milea east of Cambridge.
It ia the Intention of Ihe Board to presa tin
work to complelhm as rapidly aa passible. It i
hoped that Ihe curs will he rurniiug upoa it with
in the neii nueen nr anieeu moo..,..-
If the City of Wheeling should furnish her pro
portion of Bonds promptly, the remainder ol the
work will be let iu a short lime. ZinesviU
Couitr. . v . ; ; . -,
will be benefi ted hy ibis miserable at.
tempt to gel whigsoutof a few insigtii.
ficant offices.
And it is only the present week, when
we find a day occupied by the Senate and
two days by the House in discussing a
resolution to give a ay the arms of the
Stale, a most pitiful, miserable, lame at
tempt to play tho demagogue, by pre.
tending to do that which they could not
After three months of the session have
been thus occupied and the membera
find the hot weather approaching and a
largo amount of nectssary business he-
fore ihem, they adjourn over and receive
the sanction of our friends of the Journal.
To this we would not object, were it
not for the fact that they have allowed
the day of grace lo pass by and then find
our friends willing tn grant a dispensation
fiir duty neglected. If they bad even
tried tu finish the work, we might poss'f".'
... ri
blv find some excuse for them; hr
never can and we trust the PJJ neVer
will allow men to waste V.rps .
,ne and money
and then attempt to exX ' s.
1 ircuse an adj iurn.
ment', because t) . . . , .
', . work that ought to
have been dotasTv. , .
M.f' "Vs not been done.
Thjjfj. '!!...... -i,er
flits Legislature, and without in.
ending any disrespectful allusion, w
must add lhat the nnly peisons who will
be benefilted by the adjournment will be
the citizens of Columbus and the mem
bets and officers of the Legislature, wilh
84 per "day.
"The new Constitution is in the hands
of its friends." The provision relating
to biennial sessions, meets wilh the same
fatejas that which said the public print
ing should Ut let out to ihe lowest bid
. Iu conclusion, we would respectful'y
ask the 'editor of the Journal,1 whether
men who gel $4 per day for their ser
vices, are only to pet form their duties
v. hen they have nothing to do at home!
entitled "M icrneopic investigations as to
the natuuie of this tartar and mucioua
covering of Ihe tongue snd teelh.v If
we are to believe Moris. Mandl's micro
scope, the human mouib is a perfect cern- ,.
etery, where myriads of infusoria find
their catacombs. Leuvenhoeck had al
ready told us thai the human mouth waa
peopled with millions of infusory animals,
and thai the mucious secretions of its sur
face was t eir ocean; but it remained for
M. Mat.dl to discover that the tartar
which covers the suiface of the teeth ia
formed of the mountains of the dead of
these inhabitants of this ocean. Mr 1
Mandl knows not to -hat cause to tltti .
ute the origin ofihese microscopa'ni- 'j
mals, but he has ascertained, Mya, '
ihal ihey are most numerous',, pergnns
who live on spare energy
"CiRCDM9TANCKtv . When Gen. Casa
was invited to JJ a National meeting
at Cbicagnjgkfj measures for Ihe se
cuiity of.feiives of American seBinen.
'."p'rotertionoflhe millions of prop
eur" ' n ihe lakes and rtvera
.If flie Rreat West, he could neither find
n mssl wilh hi. fellow Citizen.
1 - ......iful a
.r i ..in ihn iflviiation.
give a respec.no . .
With a rrig.dtry in. - ; -;- -
credit to an iceberg, he .aid. C.rcum
TSes would prevent In. at.endance."
l',e same person lately received ju..
Nation to a Democratic" dance at Bal
and l! in the midst of hi. Sena
. j.l .l-Uah find, no tlifficully in .a.
swertng at length. The natural infer
ence is, ihal he deems a political "hoe
down" more deserving of his attention
than the improvement of our river, and
harbors, or the welfare of ihe whole mar
itime interest of the West.Sosji'iiiy
Register. '
Sackinm a Citv. On the surrender
of the City of Buenos Ayrra to Gen. Ur-
qiiiza lately, there was great disorder a
mnugliie populace and soldiers. Among
ihn rigid orders for the occasion waa the
fallowing: "Any person found plunder
ing shall be executed within a quarter of
an hout, and upon the spol." Directly
nfler the embaikation of Rosas. General
Mancilla disbamled his troops, who went
tn plundering and sacking houses, &e.
in const-queue" f which Uiqutza order
ed a division nf infantry against the mob,
200 of whom were killed. Better order
waa restored.

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