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lostra a isixT, iDiToa asd raor-Rtrroa.
tt'CONflSLsViLUe, OHIO :
FRIDAY, . , . April 14,ISTI.
ro ftoneixoK
GtDEOX t. STEWART, of Euro.
' P. M. WEDDXtt, of Montgomery,
pea boa (ft (if ruai.ic okcs,
L. B. SILVER, of Columbian
fob wtrv jrnoK,
SAMUEL E. ADAMS, of Cuyahoga.
F" mtmct,
THOMAS EVANS, Jr., of Delaware.
.1. W. STINCIICOMB. of Hock in.
ro ktatc coswissianeb of cox. strooU,
TV. B.CHADWJCK.of FranVlin.
Platform of the National Prohibition
Adopted at the Chicago Convention, Sept'r.
2, 1869.
TTkercar, Protection an J allegiance ar
reciprocal duties, and' every citiaen
- who yields obodienco to tbojntt com
mands cf hia government is entitled
to the full, complete and perfect pro-
. tection of that government in the en-
joymentof personal security, person'
1 libertr. and private pronertv. and
WrtREAS, The traffic in intoxicating
drinks greatly impairs the persona
security and persona) liberty of large
masses oi ctuaec, ana renun pri
vate property insecure, and
vkckras, The existing parties are
liopelessly unwilling to adopt an af-
( quit policy on tins question, there-
fore we, in national convention if-
ralled, as citizens of this free i
public sharing in the duties and i
eponaibilities of its government, in
the discharge of a solemn duty we
wrto our eountrv and onr race.
unite in the following declaratioa of
rnnciples :
. That while we acknowledge the
pure patriotism and profound statee
mansbin of those rat riots who laid
I'road and deep the foundations of this
fvremment, ectmng at once the
right of the States severally and their
inseparable union by the Federal Con
stitution, we would not merely garnish
the spulchers of our republican lath
era, but we dr hereby renew our sol
emn pledge of fealty to the imperish
able principle of civil and religious
liberty embodied in the Declaration of
American Independence and our Fed
eral Constipation.
2. That the traffic in intoxicating
beerag9 is a dishonor to i'hristian
rivilizalAm. inimical to the best inter
ests of soriety, a political wrong of uti
equaled enormity, subversive of the
ordinary objects of government, not
r ipeble of being regulated or restrain
ed by any system of license whatrer,
Vut imperatively demanding for its
suppression effective legal prohibition
both by State and National Lefiela
fon. 2. That in view of this, and inasmuch
a the existing political parties either
ppsse or ignore this great and para
mount question, and absolutely refuse
tr do anything toward the suppression
ef the rum traffic, which is robbing the
station of its brightest intellects, des
r.tyfngrU material prosperity, and ra
pidly ndUrmining its very founda
tions', we are dViven hr an imperative
sense of duty to sever oar connection
with these political parties, and to or I
ganiae ourselves into a National Prohi
bition Party, having for its primary
object the entire suppression of the
traffic in intoxicating drinks.
4. That while we adopt the name of
the Nation tl Prohibition Tarty, as ex-
r"ive of our primary object, and
while we denounce all repudiation of
te public d-bt. and pledge fidelity to
the principlVs of the Declaration of In
dependenn and" tKe FedVTPCwtit
t 'on, we deem it inexpedient to give
prominence to other political issues.
5. That a Central Executive Commit
tee of one from each State find Tern-
t wt and the Ditriot of Cof'smfciia. be
appointed by the Chair, whose duty it
r'iaIT be to take such action as in their
f idgment will best promote the in
terests of the party.
rre apain addreaeed by Jndpe Gran
per thr-rajflv our paper. Tie ssys
I tie who! of hia aiga-assnt is for
the pnrpoee of refuting' otrr charge
that, in the pest, be has ""changed
I nraee a he rhsred counties in
ndin? through his Judicial d-m-t
ict."r.d be asserts that his con
' net has ben the same in all the
otinties. Let or examine hit state
rins and see if they anstaia him
in his claims. We will notable the
reader, and we assoM - the .Pudge
w hre pome, to take anything
irt the Judge's own story into cob
ridentwn. ..
Tb d way with the-effect of our
etnemenrof last week, .which he
rdmit to be true, tfiwl he has only
sentenced four out of fourteen tic-l-.tors
of the liquor lawrttT jail in
Muskingum county, ho assert that
I e did not establish, the . rule to
make imprisonment a part of the
sentence in such cases nnlil the
January Term, 187IR In the next
to the last paraj-raplrof his article,
he admits that he never, before or
since the establishment of the tile,
sentenced a man in Afaskingttrn
entity to more than ten days in-
urisonment. nor to par a fine- of
more then fifty dollars. Now, not
withstanding- tbat there has not
been anvotie tried before him fer
violating the liquor lair in Morgan-
ronnty sine he claims to hare es
tablished the rule, yet be confesses
le sentencing one of our eilizent to
twenty days imprifeonrnefit. another
Po-fifteeni and to assessing lines M
hi'eH ara hundred dollars, and to
iiavinj sentenced -wit Ifoble county
man to jtil for thirty days and to
j a j a fine of one hundred dollars.
Here, then, we have lira confessing
to imposing double and- tVetfte the
penalties in il organ and!lfob!e un
der a lenient roJe that he. imposes
in JIuskingunTnnder a more severe
"rul. iBoe not thislook s thougH
the Judge nas i been influenced
l y ltie ;: sentiment of the
people - in tho' dtlTerenv connuwi i
It is true be stater tbt theeo Mor
gan and Noble men were old offeaoVl
crs, Ae.
He might, alt i bare tttted.
that some el those he sentenced in
U askingutu were not only 'old of
fenders, but Wera amongst the
worst characters ever in Idnakin;
im county, but the Judge don't
think this neet Mary to be mention
ed. Everybody will admit that
Muskingum county has been cursed
by the Liquor Traffic to fourfold
the extent that Morgan or Noble
kas, and it occurs to us that a Judge
not influeLced by the pupo'artty
or unpopularity of the measure,
wo4d make bis greatest ezamplea
where they are most needed. We
think this settle the qnestion as to
the "changing of horses," and art
willing to submit it to the people
with one more nuggestionf te-w;t:
It is exceedingly strange that the
Judge is regarded in askings m as
favoring a License law, and in No
ble and Morgaa as being almost a
Prohibitionist. These positions are
irreconcilable, and we ounnot ac
tottnt for the Judge occupying both
oftbeta on any other hypothesis
than that somebody has been de
ceiving the people most shamefully
in one locality or the other. If the
Judge's "friend are resp'ohSl'trl
for this elate of affairs, we advise
him to revise hit list. The people
judge of s man at Le is put before
them by bit "friends."
Wt would olost here were it not
tbat the Judge porsistt in claiming
that wt asserted he was guilty of
neglecting bis duty to an extent
teas would render him liable tt re
moral by impeachment. Wt did
not d?srn?fhiaef the krfrd. Otfr
charge agvinst the Jtigt tt no
more terrenw tlhrft the one ha does
not besftatt to maxe against the
Prosecuting Attorney of Masking
am county. We charged the udge
with set using hit fall official pow
or tt suppress tbt illegal Tending
of liquors in Unsklngtm eonnty,
which it was necessary for him to
do to be consistent with bis advo
cating temperance, aad wt admit
ted at the same time that be fulfill
ed the lettsr of the law. The Judge
charges the Prosecuting Attorney
of Muskingum county with not d
:ng hut duty, At the safflf time ad
mitting that the Prosecutor fills tlie
letter of the law; yea, be even goes
far in his cbargt agaiset tbe
Proeecvter in hie letter of last Week,
to call on the people not to re
elect him if they desire the liquor
law to be enforced, this, too, before
u known whether or nt there
will be an opposing candidate that
will aww himself reaJy and willing
do bit-duty. Certainly, now, if
our charge against the Judge was
the character that fie represents
the Judge's charge against the
Prosecutor mast be subject tt the
same objection; and if w are cen
surable in tbt ent instance, the
Judge must be censurable in the
other. To fact is, however, that
there is a vast difference between
tficer's barely Hbvg the letter
tke law and hit exercising the
full powers of bis official position.
Wbils it is tbt duty of every eit-
iscn te eufjw th laws- of his
country, wt bold it it peculiarly
tht duty of these the people bave
elevated t official position ot trust,
bener, and profit, so to do; and rf,
any time, society becomes t- or
run with lawlessness as to- virta--ally
defy the laws, not only will
everr rood cilisen rally ie-
their support, but every officer
should exert hie vtawef official powers-
in their behalf. In Muskingum
eto-ney we te the Sute Liqntr law
openiy violated a thuusand t'mes a
day, virtually defied;-wt see wvree,
mothers, sisters and innocent child
ren suffering therefrom; we see al
most every old family ot Zaneeville
mourning for a father, brother or
son that has-gowt- down to a drunk
ard's gravs;-wese misery, poverty,
shame where happiness, afiluenee
and bonor should be all the result
this lawlessness and where do
we find Judge Granger 7 Do we
find bim exercising his full power
an official against this lawless
ness in bis own eity ? Wt find' tbt
Republican pres teeming with
praise of him as a great temperance
man I w-e find newspaper eorresv
pondents. Republicans, speaking of
him as one who peculiarly honors
Temperance Society by conde
scending to sddrew it T We find
his same, bis position, tvta Li
voice nsed in tempersnee totalities
for the pnrpore- of characterising
the Kepafchem party as- the tem
perance party t But dV we ficd
htm maintaining this character, giv
en to bim by the Eepub'iCM press,
in Muskingum county where it is
peculiarly hp duty to dt all he can
to further tht temperance cause?
Wt leave tbt reader tt aarsftthis
question. 7 I - V .
Tbt Jtdirt sees -proper to con
strue bis power to" send a "Grand
Jtrry baofc tt their room and to re
fuse to diacharge it, and also, bis
power to appoint an Aneistant Pros
etutiire Attorney under the eection
on page 1153 of Swan A Critchfield.
in rach a manner at it- convoniant
fbr' nit position, and tells the peo
ple thereby, that it irtbe duty of a
judge w-occupy his time charging
Grand Jury relative to ' preva
lent trim whea ke knows they
rill not pay any attention to bit
char g. and tbat bt bat at power to
compel them to do so. Those that
Want to believe such nonsense as
tnat are Welcome to da to. We'll
not spend lime or space la arguing
In closing, it may be well enough
to state that had the Judge seen
proper to express himself relative
to out-self or tar articles, Wt Would
have published bis Opinion with
great pleasure. Shoal J ht at any
timt feel disposed te while away an
idle bour ta tbat way, wo wieb bins
to be assured tbat our celumne will
alwsts be open for bit aceomoda-
McConnelsville Beet Ordinance.
Since the Supreme Court of Ohio has
pronounced our Prohibitory Beer Or
dinance to be Constitutional, and va
lid in all respects, there baa been nu
merous applications made from various
parts of the State for copies of it. Co
pies being scarce, and it being eotitid
arable trouble te write them se fre-
qa fitly, We republish the Ordinance
as it originally appeared in our paper,
the CosetaTATm of September 17th,
To Restrain and Prohibit Ale, Beer,
and Porter Houses Shops, and
and Porter Houses Shops, and Places of Habitual Resort for Tippling
and Intemperance.
Sxctiom 1. Be it ordained by tbe
Council of tht Incorporated Village
of MeConnelsviUe, Ohio, IHSl it
shall bt unlawful for any pcfsofj or
persons to keep within the said In
corporated Village or AlCUonnels
vllle, any bouse, room, shop, booth,
arbor, cellar, er plaet ot habitnl
resert for trpfig OT ttsteiepef aftee.
Sicno.f 2. Be it farther ttdaift
ed, that it shall be unlawful for any
person or persons to keep within
'.he said Incorporated Tillage of
MeConnelsviUe, a house, shop, room,
booth, arbor, cellar, or place where
a!, porter, or beer is habitually
sold or furnished to bt drank in,
upon or a best tbt boast, shop,
room, booth, arbor, cellar or place
where so told er ftraithed.
Excrton 3L And be it farther or
dained, tbat for any violation est
tbe first sectfotl ot this Ordinance,
tbe person or persons so offending.
shall, upon conviction, forfeit and
tay a fine of not less than ten IM"
ars, or more than fifty dollars, aftd
ial) aim Vs inrprtstnetf in Che
County jail for a period not exceed
ing thirty days. That for every
violation of the second section of
this OrJinanee, the person or per
son so offending, shall, upon con
viction, forfeit and pay a ne not
exceeding filty dollars, Md bt im
prisoned in the County jail not ex-
reeding- twenty dayv
Sictioh 4. S9 it iBTtfier ordtrft-
ed, tbat all prosecaticne Under this
Ordhrtftee, shall be in tbt name of
lb JncorporatedYillage of KcCot'
nt-ltvrtfe, end shall tm commenced
upon a vrnnert comptatnt, trnder
oatb er affirmation, before the May
er of sard Villaee: aad, nnon the fi
ling of STtth complaint, the Mayor
shall issue a warrant, directed to
tbe Marshal of said Tillage, ftf the
arrest of the accused. Tbe Sf afstral
snail forthwith arrest tht person
thus charged and bring the accused
before the Mayor, wh shall pro
ceed at prevrdsd by law; and tbe
ttayer, npon coavfctio-r of any
person for the trrfario of any of
tbe provisions of this Ordinance,
may make it a part of tht sentence
tbat tbt accused shall stand com
mitted to tbe jail of the County un
til the flat and costs assessed
agaiwrC sucfi perroa eta!t bt pM
or secured to be paid or otherwise
discharged according to law.
Sxctiom 5. It shall be the duty
tf the Marshal and At'atant Mar
shals, of said Tillage, to maks com
!)!tmrt srgainet aM persons found vio
wtiwg any of the provisions- of this
Sxctpmi ft Tbie OVtfiira-nce slT
take effect from- and after its second
pubfreation in tht Coksmvativx, a
newspaper prttfletr rn taiid Villags
of McCoaneisfl-rie. Ohro.
JkUES WATKm, Mayor.
Jmo.11 MPBffr, Cferl.
The foHewing telegram
siruation in Paris:
un tb
Paris, April fO.-TJntesr tbe Get-1
mans save us, Paris must soon swim
with blood. The oommaoe bourly
grow mere desperate and resortar to
fierce excesses. The Coneiergerie is
filled With priests and nuns, who have
been arrested on warraa-te calling them
"citizens styled servants of a person
called GodV ArcabisHop Ihirboy was
stripped' riaked, bound t'd'a pillar, and
scourged1 and mocked for hours by a
band of two ntrndred lfads.
Tbe national debt of Great Britain'
is rather of ancient origin, having
been first eon traeted on Parliamentary
security in Henry VI.' reign. In
1567 it amounted to but five million I
pounds; in 1614 it was 46 millions; in
1748, 64 millions; 74 millions in 1757;
100 millions in I "61; 137 millions in
1 771; 274 millions in 1784. At present
the total capital of the fended and un
funded debt on March 3fst 1&2Q, Wee
Programme for observance of wecT
ding anniversaries : First anniversa
ry, iron; fifth, wooden; tenth, tin; fif
teenth, crystal; twentieth, china;
twenty-fifth; silver,- tKirtieta, cotton;
tSirrHSMh, linenr fortieth, woolen;
forty-fifth, Bilk; fiftieth, golden;- seventy-fifth,
afra. Sarah Hand, ninety-three
years of age, who has quite an inter
esting history, bas just died at Cape
May Court Bouse. Vf ben a young lady
she waa among those who, on Wash
ington's triumphal passage through
Trenton, strewed flowers in bis path.
Her husband was an officer in the
rewlbtienary war, and also in tbe war
of leir
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Another Letter from Judge
ZANESVILLE, O., April 7, 1871.
to the Ptople of Morgan Omntyi
Pecans 1 tried to be brief in my
letter of April 1st, ths Editor tf the
tnitpenient, (late Consertatibe,) bss
misunderstood the intent ot that
letter, and as I fsar soma of you
may ao ins use, i aeem it necessa
ry to write once more.
On March 31st the Conservative
charged that I did my duty as Judge
in Morgan and Noble Where tern-
Seraoee waa popular, and did not
0 it in Muskingum bemuse there it
Was net popular. XI guilty, I de
served impeachment tinder the law,
add coBtettpt among all honorable
men. To this charge only was my
reply directed, although incidental
ly tbe Caldwell lecture was referred
to. My only object in writing was
to show that my conduct was tbe
same in Muskingum as In the other
counties, and 1 related my action
as rrosscaung Aiiernev wna ro
thought of frurpose of showing that
l Was a temperance man, but salely
for the purpose of showing tbat
when it km my duty to prosecute
those who violate tbe liquor law in
Muskingum county, I did it openly
and earnestly and without regard
to popularity. I nave never Claim
ed to bt what the Editor eerrjgldefa
an earnest and model temperance
man, and 1 bave never sought to
induct ant one to believe me such
I bate never sought opportunities
tt talk temperance affd f never
tnanned esck conversation. When
occasion tttcto it proper to talk on
that subject, 1 have spoken my
thoughts just as I do on any sub
ject of interest. In Morgan, I have
deprecated tbt political action cf
tht rrobiDiwonieu astreely in con
versation with aembsra of that
fifty as with others, and in Mus
ingum 1 bave expressed ttyfegfet
tbat violators of the liquor law were
net so prosecuted as to force obedi
ence to the law, as openly and free
ly to liquor sellers themselves as tt
others. But I do not desire to dis
enss tht qnestion whether I am an
earnest temperance matt of dot.
Tbe Editor, and everybody else.
may attack me upon that branch of
the anestion as often asthev nlease.
and 1 Will not reply except at my
daily life may make reply. Nei
ther do I proposs to discusst tht
wisdom or legality of my Judicial
ads. I only wish to snow that I
have not "changed bertet as I
changed counties"; that my action
In Muskingum hat bttn tht sams
as it was is Morgan and Noble.
rbe reader, if 1 have any, will
please bear in mind that I write
for thrt single purpose, and for
frothing else.
As it might bt etaimecf ttat the
failure oj the Prosectttfng: Attorney
and Grand Juries of Mmkingnm to
indict 2airsv?lre Vrolatore of tht
liquor law called for seme further
action by me in that county, to
show that I discharged my duty as
zealously there aa elsewhere, 1 sta
ted what 1 conceived to be tbe du
ties and powsrs vt Judge. To
show that I spots from the bench
ae plainly there astltewbere, I sta
ted that I bad announced in Mus
kingum with more emphssrs than
in tire other eovatres that as a gen
eral rule I would make imprison
ment a part of the sentence. I did
not name the date of that declara
tion because I supposed tho Editor,
is a fkwyer, knew wten 1 made it
m Morgan. But for his paper of
(bis day. be tfeats it sf made at tbe
beginning of my term, and says 1
only sentenced four out of fourteen
tojaiL The declaration of that
rule, as a rule, was not made nctil
tbe January term, 1870, sltbough I
bad previouely announced tbat 1
contemplated its adoption, and
aince that term in that eeunty, my
sentences to jail hate been two out
of three, and the one not ssnt to the
jail was a widow woman. I will
procure from the clerks of the three
eounties lists of my sentences du
ring rnj entire term aad wilt eend
then to tht .Editor, accompanied
by aw abstract of tbe same, and de
sire that either the complete fist or
tUo abstract be published at toe
end of tbit letter, so that jou can
judge whether 1 bave been more
tender in fif nskingum than in Mor
gan or Nobles
Here I inrshf close, but the BJi-
tor asks two questions to
hicn I
will make very brief answers.
First, ht arks, cannot tbt Judge
tend Grand Juries back to- their
rooms and refuse to discharge tbera
unless tbsy do their duty? He
can; bnt before he does so the Jndge
must bave legal evidence of their
neglect,- Tbe Grand Jury are lo
gaily bound to examine such wit
nesses as are ealleJ by the Pirosecu
ting Attorney- or named in a Jus
tice's transcript; or suggested to
them by tome person making com
plaint; or suegestetXU them by fc
Giand Jnror through hit own
knowledge or information, (not
mere suspicion)! or suggested in
tbt evidence of tome Other Witness.
The Judge can only knew what tht
Grand Jury does or fails to do in
discbarge of this duty or examin
ing by being informed By tbe Pros
ecuting Attorney, or by tht Fore
man ox oUeraember of the Grana
Jury, or by aome person making
complaint; and no member of tbe
Grand Jury can-inform tbt Judge
or any lact except at may state that
the business- bar not been comple
ted and protest against a discharge,
be may cay tbat such arid' such
witnesses have not boon examined,
or that tvidenee bar been heard
tbat catlrfor air indictment which
hat ntt been fonnd. No complaint
of any kind hat ever been made to
me, or in my court, against any
Grand Jury or Grand Juror, and I
bavt ner yet bad a legal right to
refuse tt discharge any Grand Ju
ry. Second, ho ask; Can ntt the
Judge appoint? Prosecuting Att'y
without removing tht one elected
bt tbe people? Tht lew says an
appointment can bt made of an As-J
siatant rrosecuting Attorney when
tho Court "iWnks it necessary to
assist the Prosecuting Attorney in the
trial1 of any ease pending before said
Comrt". Swan A Baylor, p. 524.J.
mis power is it appoint aa assis
tant to assist tn a trial of a ease al
ready ponding. Of course tbis assis
tant bat nothing to do with tbt
Grand Jurv. On page 1153, Swan
A Critchfield, tbe Court It empow
ered to, "whenever in the opinion
of any Judge tbt public interests
require it," appoint "an Assistant
Prosecuting Attorney to aid in tht
prosecution of such offense aa to tht
Court Shall seem proper." As I un
derstand mis section, it relates to
tome specific case, not to all eases
under any specified law; and before
tbe Judge can so appoint be must
be informed of tbe existence of a
charge of crime which cannot or
will not be properly attended to bv
tbe regular Prosecutor. No such
case has ever been brought to my
notice uuder tbe liquor law. but in
two cases of manslaughter I was so
informed, and in each cast I ap-
poiuiea aa assistant.
i i - ...
ao cuEciuBion i win anggest as
matter for thought merely, (for I
win uuir ocreaner aiscuss it or re
ply to anything that may be urged
against it,) the following :
The law provides Judzet. Prose
cuting Attorneys and Grand Juries,
not as different members tf a Po
lice to act upon suspicion of crimi
nality, but to act toon com
plaint made by some body. How
ever strongly a Justice- Of the
Peace mar suspect a man Of enme.
be Can issue no warrant for bis ar
rest unices some tArr person first
makes the affidavit required by law.
Tbe Prosecuting Attorney must
conduct all suits in which the State
a pri-ty, but it is not made hie
duty fcj say trAen a suit shall be be
gun. II complaint be made be
must move. Tbe Grand Jury must
"diligently inquire," but that does
not mean tbat they are to go around
asking for witnesses. When thev
know, or bave reasonable ground to
believe that A. knows A Taw bas
been violated, they must tend for
A. and examine bim. There ta a
dnty restiug upon tbe peoplo: Tbe
man who bas tbe means of inform
ing the PVoseeuung Attorney, the
Grand Jury or the Magistrate,
ought tt do it. Wbtn tamest tem
perance men make complaint at
cording to law, and a Prosecuting
Attorney or Grand Jury fails to
attend to such complain then" the
misconduct must be mndt known
the Judge in tbe manner provis
ded by the law. If the Judge then
neglects or refuses to !o what the
law givee bim power to do by Way
punishment for the neglect, then
win Detne time to accuse the Judge,
before the veonle. of misconduct 10
A . ,
In order that I may be clearly
understood, I bave in neither letter
desired or attempted to rupry tc tht
editorials of Mr. Kelly. 1 distinct
ly specified one charge made by
him and limited my reply to that.
bavt carefully retraiued from ant
indication of my opiuion of bim or
his artieles.
Although I Write to MeConnels
viUe and Caldwell for certified lists
my sentences' in liquor cases, and
asked that they be aent me by
Monday's mail, nono have come to
hand yet, and it is now noen of
Tuesday.- I wrtl, therefore, state
from my recollection: Total num'
ber of sentences in Muskingum,
fourteen. There were more in No
ble than in Muskingum, and more
Morgan than in Noble, in iltrs-kmgum-,
fonr persons Weft Senten
ced to jail for ten days each; in .No
ble three persons were sent to jail,
(two for ten days each, and en, an
old- and incorrigible offender, for
thirty daysj; fn if organ four or five
were seftteuced te jail, one for twen
days, (keeping a room.) one lor
fifteen days, and others tor ten dtys
each, Tbe two for twenty and1 fif
teen days were men, who beeidto
having bad casus, aggravated them
by the kind of defi asts presented
eoert. 1 am unable lo remera
bo? the fines, but they ranged in
Muskingum from 110 to 50;- rn No
ble from SIO to 8o0, and in one case,
that of the old offender, 100- in
Morgsrr from 15 to ?50. except in
one case, or perhaps two, when the
fine for keeping a room was $100.
Aa to Noble and Morgan, I write
from recollection merely. As to
MnekingeTt, my statement is made
up from the record.
Having ftrlly expressed my Viows
regard to the only charge about
which I feel Any concern, I do not
propose to' write again. Kespect
f ally yours,
silver Watches,
Genuine 14 Carat Gold Hooiing eased
Watches Ueots and' Ladies' tiiset. regu
lated sod warrankd for time and wrar, at
half tbe nsOl price, oo 25 eseb.
Tbe Kxtra Fine Quality, 13 drat gold,
Engibe Turned, Hauling Caied, Fall Jew
eled Lever Movements, perfectly adjusted
all climates, trguUled, and tacb warran
ted by special certificate, at otly f30
Tbe Same, of Finer and hijber grade
with Chronometer Balance, at $33 each.
Tbe Same, at Last,- with fine Nickel
Works, and Stem-winding and Setting At
tachment, requiring no key, wound aud set
lb strm, only $4 each.
All tbs above Watches' are pat at half
price, and each warranted tut time aad
Kite. &Wcii&
Extra Fine, Pore Silver, Hanling
Cased IGeots' and Ladies', t only 9V2
Best Qnality Coin SiWer, Denting
Cased, Foil Jeweled Lever, st only fl3
Extra Fine Quality, Palest Lever k
Chronometer Movements, Baby Jeweled, at
only f SO eaclr.
IfV Cur Watches are all warranted, and
not perfect will be taken back and ibe
money retaraed.
nssjuW require no money in" advance,
bat send all goods by Eipreri, payable en
delivery, wiih privilege 10 opee and xam
lae before paid for, by paying Express
charges, aob if not satialaclory, returned.
Plaers wbers no Exprer mot, good will
soot by mail, in regiateted package, by
ending in advance.
Persons ordering Six WaU-besat e
time, will receive aa extra Wateb of same
vain free.
Abe, Gold Chain Gent, at S6. 3 to
111 ; Ladies' at $10, S12 to f 15 each
Tbe finest Gold Plated and Oreida Gold
Chains at 93, S4. $6 to 8 eacb.
Slate description and price of Watch re
eaired, snd order by mail direct trota
149 Fulton Slrett, Xiw Terk,
Jsa. , 187f-3m9.
W. IX KELLY, 22. D.
May be feand at bis office n
er rs
Public Sauare
At ail times, wksa net absent en Profess
ioaal bBsiness.
M mum iTfeim
Will make regular weekly trip be
tween Zanesville and Pittsburg, as
follows: Leave Zaneeville at 8 o'clock,
on Tuesday mornings; and, returning,
leavea Pittsburg on Saturday evenings,
at 4 o'clock.
August 19th, 1170 3m.
That JOniT RYAY is the BEST
VILLE. E has aenstanUv an hand a good assert
at at efFiae and Eterie Boots, of his ewa
maaafacture, wUich a is ffrinr at the
lowest CASH rates. Giro hint a call at his
establishment a Korth-west corner of Pub
lic square, MeCoBnelsvillo, Ohio.
.A.T iAJY,
On Centar Street, near tbe Public Square,
trApoeial attention given to Collections.
ask the peblie te call and examine his
peeimsa Photagraphs, ferrotypes, Afn
krntypos. Gems, Ac, te., which cannot bo
surpassed anywhere. He has perfected ti
ranremente whereby sny one can bo ee-
oomodated with tho Saeet of Oil Paintings
and pictures of India Ink Work. Rooms
over Jioeno's Saddler Shop, in J. C. Stoae's
Bonding, venter Direct, X'tfenaelsvuio,
April 231 y.
H. Xj. TRUE,
Fhyfilcian & Surgeon,
Treats all forma of aente and chronic
disease, on sew and improved principle.
Call promptly attended to. and charge
reasonable. OFFICE: in Morris' New
Ttnildinr. on Canter street, where ha
will be (bond when sot professionally eoeag
ed. Feb. 341871.
aft artistes pertaining te tho
r Ho bason hand oenstaatly a largo aad
axtoasive stock of all articlee pertaining to
the business, at the LOW EST maccet f ri
ces. ALSO
Patent Lamp Shades
fer sals only by tV- John Alexander, in
Mergstf eeutaty.- Jrartl,r87--I.-
Notice to Bridge Builders.
Notice is hereby given tbat sealed pro
poeals will be received at tho Auditor's Of
fice of Morgan county, Ohio, nntil ten o'
e".bck, A. ?..oa PrtdaV tho Hth day of A
rfr.l. 1871' for tdmiinine all the neieary
material and bdildtng the nBentnietare of
a wooden britrg acroea Msd's" Fork of
Meigs' creek, oil land ol zsensnan two.
ingtoa in Bloonl Uwnihio, of about 45 foot
span also for one- of about tXe skme tli
mentions across ths ma stream n,ear Ro
bert Headenoh's, in Briitol toWdaaie al
o for on of about (' foot ipsa across Big
Bsttod P-tta near Onthria's salt wtrk in
Bloom townahi' ; also for' (fas' df sbodt to
foot spaa aerot Wslt Creek oa land of Hen
ry Jenee', in F'sbb township. All of ssid
bridges to rest ea stent" abutments, and to
be built oa the flan of the new bridge over
Sunday creek aear'Ward's old mill in Union
tewnabip. All of said proposals mustiUte
tho price per foot lineal for the wood work,
including ths anchors, and the proposals
fur the stone work must state the price per
perch (of .lubie, feet), including all the
accessary excavating and limber lor' found
ation. Tbe plaa of said bridges may be
seen at the Auditor's ofSee. The Com mi s
aloners reeerve tbe privilege of rejecting
any or all of said bit s. The contractors
will be ivcftrlred te give Bonds.
By Order ofthe Ceftimiesiane?.
JAME8 p. &TGJtW, Audi si. C.
Msrch W, 1871 JW.
TBT tbe bboo Fly eigsrs at P. Sween
ey's. Tbey are good and dry.
TT'.IM AmmA sf ,Tl WtlA Stock
of Tinware, we intend going into the
Dry Goods and Motion trad with in
creased teal add can assure our pat
rons tbat the stock will be larger and'
better than ever before. When you
want aoy article? ia thi line eall at
STf '1. OJ-
1. St. boensxi. o. a. tbtKAx:
s. t. soxArrits.
M'CONNfiljSyiTiLEi O.,
Dealers in
Give to the
Farming Implement
Machinery Ti&dd.
im this locality tor the sal of the
Mowers & Reapers,
Mower & Reaper,
aad tke
Mower & Reaper,
xavctastvbbb or
Cook & Healing Stoves,
a4 odd piece of alt tho varieties af Cook
Sterves in tho country : mil kinds of Threeh-
iag Machiae Castings ; aled Salt KoUloo,
and Salt Flanges, auger Kettles, rota, en4
dleo, Skillou, ahoat twenty 4ifterent pat
erae of Plow Points. Machine Casting foe
Steamboat. Saw Mills, Salt torSe; Mow
er and Reapers ; also'. Cfcat Iron vhimaey
Tope, window cep. tuar window urst-
DK, n miw vm umjw lor .Iflmi
nouie Desk ane Beats.
Have constantly oa baad, maaafaotored
thoir order, all msnanc otTia wero, Stove
Trimmings, Ae.
UanafaeUrors of Jter Tweers, aYaadrill
Swodges, Ae., for Btaekentitho.
BomorHter tbt Place ;
Sotn-woet Side of the Fnblie Square
mar.18.1870 1.
P i 1 e R e hi e d y
TTaraer's 11 fe Remedy has aev
er failed (not cvra in one ease)' te eve tbs
wry worst ces of Blind Itching or Bleed
ing Piles. Tnose wbo a sfl eted :honld
immediately call oa tUeir dmgiist and get
r. t r it win, witu the mst appneauon, in-
u.atly ffwd complete relief, and a few lol
lowLag aplieaiina ara oc'y retnired te
effect a permanent care witboat any truable
ov incoavroience 10 is see.
Warner's File Bemedy i expressly tot
tbe I M4s. and is aot recommended to ear
aay ntbsr disease. It bas eared atasy
es of over thirty year standing. Price One
Dolls. Fe sals be dragr avery where.
TV" e a k IS" e r v e s
Warmer a DlspomaTs' Tornlc is
pi wared ezpresely tor iTUpepticssud tbtatt
aOenne from weal nerves wits habitual
eoos'tpation. Tbers st very mw wbo bav
not eoiDloved nbvsitiian for years te re;
dr wbat tbi prsearatioii will do in a lew
week, by Ueegtbeoibg tbt eerve, enrien-
ing tbe circulation, reatonng digesiioa. gi-
vmr strencth mentally and poysieally, ei
bling those who may bave besneecfiord for
year to tbeir ruoma a levalia loagato rt
rame tbeir orenperieu and all the dotia ot
hie. One trial is all w ek to enable this'
remedy te recoaTmend itself to the eiost
keptical. It m a :ightly stnnnlsting toa
i aad a splendid appetiser,-it strengthens
the stomach and restore tS rnerstir or-
ran aad digestion to a moral healthy state.
XT eak, eervuns and dwpepti petson sbo'd
Warner' Discepeie Tonie. For aale
by draggist. Price On IWIar.
Cough No More.
Harner'i Ceatrn Balastsm
aealiot. selteninr, sad sxpeeteratlng. The
extraordinary power it possesses is imme
diately ralieviog, and eveatually ewriav the
most ebetiaate ease of Coughs Colds aad
Sore Throat, Bronchitis, loffuemi. Cat
arrh, Hoarsest sf, Asthma, and Cossaerp
tion, is almeat incredible. Se prompt U tb
relief and cerUin iu tBctB,h'ar1 Ibe fore
geing eases, or isy alTec,Jen''ef the long,
that tboasaad of obysirfanl aff daily pre
scribing it, and one an all soy that it i the
most neanng oca expeciorsiiDg dcbicicc
ksows. One doe Blway atTorosrelier.aoo
inmost ease en bottle effects a Bare.
Hold bv all drjAisis, in krg bottle.
Price One Dollar.- It i your ewa fitult if
yea still coagbaoiiaier. l as Balsam wiu
M&-W ing;ofL jf e-
Venlum Vltat er Wttfe mt Lite,
tbe most delicious beverage and tonie slim-
slant cow before lb world.- It uj arplsi
ded appetiser, tree from all soisonoo drag
r impurities, sod i prrpued for tboe re
quiring a pleasant stimulant that will brae
ap tbe nerves, give tone to toe wtoie sjs-
lera, asd) eooseqaeBtly, renew life. It is far
seerior to Brandy, Whisky, Wioe, Bitt
ers, or bbV other article ever oCared to tbe
pablie. fur both male and female, yoasg or
OKI, may uae ine n ine oi uir. j. iev, la
fact, e fife preserver. Those wbo wish to
enjny good health snd a free flow of lively
. .... i . 1 . 1 . .wr' r
spirit will ao wen ta ibb ua nm
lite. It ii'different from anything ever be
fore ia ee, and i told by druggist everyw
wbete. Price Ote Dollar, ia quart bot
tle. Emme n ago
tVuruer'a LiuiueatagegMe is
tbe only article known to care tbe Whites,
(it will ears in every ess). Where i tbe
family in which ihia importaat medicine is
not wanted t Mothers, this ia the greatest
blesslcg ever oflered to' you, aad you sbo'd
immediately procure it. It i alee a sere
eu.-e for Female Irrrgalartiea, aad may be
depended upon ia every, case where the
monthly flow ba been cbstrVited through
cold or disease. Sold bvdrogg'.ili. Trie
One Dollar.
rb. 31,1871 -1.
HooHand's Gefrman Bitters,
Preparel by Tr. C. it. .iackaee, miadefcAla,
Their MirWaeUea laid Uiia umuUj Awst 0ema4
Thsy Csrtd Year Fathers and Bothers
Aad wW eaaa Tea sad year ckfldrea. TWy sre ear
Blytana tea the nufcy anyemioae mow le
She eeaaaryeaJM Bllwrnof Toeice. They ere aot
.reaelM saedU
oraajruimcueeiaMBi sua".
. TMjaia
ITto i Hie1
Uver Complaint, Dyspepsia
Herious Debility, Jaundice,
Biieaies of the Kldneyj.
tMUMh CfF iwt SKIN, -4
sS Dieeases srleug aoai a tfWeeret Lrfeij
toaeMpeMoa, Tlatataee, hwerd nte. Tnlnees ei
VtoodlofbeUeed. AeMlhef toe aVweeh. !.
eio. naerveoM, vg-K w m w m
Wateas ui , w Btaaeara,
akwaf ee mStrHf tH nareee ef VWoa,
Pom er Weea hesm the Steal. UuArale la She
13 nt. IMiMf af raceouaHoe, TaeVwsaae
ml Mi hm M area, rata w w.a Qiue,
VBMhae mi Host. Bweiee; la the F aah,
fjaaanalae ef i'ti i
. ease, wt ttiilf.
tAmmm W ti if WowSea
ansa eeeare jjaoe.
HoofIanrj CtrmAa Bitten
si aaBraty . eentable, aha! eoaale no aeer. tl t
aeeaaaoej wt PluM Sxlfacw. The lUota, Uarna,
mw Buha kwm which lhaee azttaeta ere mmU, are
aoahaeaS Beaa Qataiaay. all the atadtaal irua aie
eitra'cueT Srpa ffea by s aeleniil ahwelat. TkaMt
eaueeM ar tbwm Im aiealo thlaeoaawy fWeae
aiinaalf BirihaienafitmrrTf r There
ta ae axokufia ef aay kJad la eaa-
aoeaCia the Biueaa, baa U la the ealy Bluer that
lea ha eaad ta aeaeh wbef aleoaaa edaMlaaU are
KoorUmFr feVma'n f onXi
WsiiiiiI I iiWia ef ettetrrS'eateer uemtaeto.
ar Ote eaaa Sifaaaa ea the tittara. ia eaaaa whtf
eooM pealeahailaaoloala laimt Tee i wl
lar te Kind that Win. rianJtaa areaotfrely atff.f
eea wwm amy athera eilartiaa tar the tw wt the ale
eaeee eaeja. thaae heiai acwaMdt pxepanaaoe. af
odiel eaci'..arBl!e &e ehj aja a, tf.ooe
noae Tr,m ta eeeie Ihna. The TVKIC aattdadly
oae ef the aaoat ttlMaaea aaa aofer ahle eaetediee e'ac
Beam craa mum, uraaca, m n m
. i ta aahe it. while ita Uhrlf. axkllatsUac
wa BMdtetaaJ aaHtta awtCMMl It h he uni ea
ah aim n'ef eSleain. .
.Taae a aa laaaletae equal ta nualaada Caiiaa
Altera er Toete ta eaaea of DaMnly. Thay lataaH
wn ejul vtaar ta the whale eyeteea. etpmaihan Me
BnatiiB. aeaae aa eejoriaaat af the mwi. aaaMa the
efceiaeh to dl . r"ilj the eieed, five a pa.
la the aothc llklaaie m axaawia. i. a
rnmrn. tihhj tUmyAziw?. eiafeate tho yeS-w Was
wmm the aye. Imparl a elaeei a the imiai. aa
nheace the aatleat IM e hart-braathal. entaaiaiaS.
w-ah. an earrxa. la'al A to a SaU-tKad. aeMt. aad
Iralr toi ft&ats cini-ti ars Ksds Strsitf
if vizi tot Sitters or Tifv
vaaaa Bawareae aW t s
aVAst lllool rHftat
eeer kaowm. and wtS care ill dieeaeee raaaB ja- ea
had eiooo. K year Wted sate: kmm yea liVer a,
eider: keea war aifeeUTe arae la s aasad. haaiaiy
aadltloa. by the mm af thaae r idna, aad aa dca.
eaee will ever aaaail ;oe The eaat awa la the eoaa
hry rariraaiiad theea. If yeara ef haaaat raeaiarfa
fa Bar saytkijajyea ane try ueha avyerSUaast
lints ahewSewiat we aercr hesare efeied la What1
Sf asff ratal ariaai-atiua : .
Cfclef Jeetlee af the Sapraia Csest ef raaaeyrraamj
write :
PatLaaaLrwu. Star!, 1ST.' .
t ed - Wntaar Sarana Bitadra" ia a aa laaic.
Ssantl ta dMeaae of the H(wi wpiu, aad af eraaJ
taaadl taraaeeaf dahillty and waht wS aarvva eclaaa
hi the atataai. lean ml. ... . . .
now. j vis TUdiirsoi
, eetiee af la Sapraaft'aort af rmasyn-aala:
rwtr.jkfanLrwia. artl at, im. .
1 eaa( - HooSaad . ftanaaa Killer" a raloaye.
adlTiae la earaa af attack of ladizatu'ea ar I
aeeiia I aaa eertiry thw Bw sty experience aMt,
leaae, with larfact, JAath THOJtrtO.. J
Juaiea ef Ibe Sepiaeaa Court af taaeyrreass;
aaiaeaju. Jnaa 1. TflBS.
1 ... - - fc l..i i ik. - llMlui'l Ac
aaa Bluam" la a err rand tonic reuaetaB dyipeoae
sraaptesea ahmoat .J..-v .
nbJf. Tvit r. KoaKits, ,
Itayar af the eity of BaShla. X. T."
Minu'i fluii BuvrAf.a Jaaa t. 19.
I bareaaad -Haaaaad'aUanaaa iuoraaad Tauie
hi air Ihatily daxia the eaat ja. aad eea "-
ataad in a aa eccaiiaat inaic ian.nm -
rfaor la the .. Taatr a aaa a l
ofaecidedl baaaStial efleet. .WM.F.
coif, jambs' it WbOrt;-
fa-Mayer of WmiaSwyert, laaaay lraatia?
t tahe ereat pitd'edl
iraaaaleeja1 teaay
iditiairt9 "
ON VlsO Wm-V Brttd W'
PjaaaeaU. t had e Dyjeala ea aedty tt wj Ha
aaaMale ta keaa aay BmmI aa aty ataataab. aa I ha.
oM ee week m - h be able ta walk half a aaaa.
Two bath of Teeic etaeted ,"rV- ;
JkB Ahdw am w wvv.
IfeaSeao-a Oerwrae lteuiee are iieaa Silted.
Tlie ffaaaUc baea.ibe alawamre et-C. Jaehaaei
aa A trout ef IM eataaie wrahaar wt aaxh heiua,
a- theaaaieafuteerltahlawwmeahaeUe. At
eihete are coaaaarratt,
rrtMflbMUera, l.t war aMlo
Vr, m kalf daaaa fee SS.OO.
rrieaeftksTesU, tl.SO feesle
thr, aa ktarrTdVaea for Sl.iO.
The TMaal U aaw raa im Qmrt Mtil.
IMeeSeet lalkbSr. neaad'e Otrw IS te-
1 are aa aaiTanaiiy maw ana w '"-
- aaddaaat mmm tb drga telMnet ja
t take eeyttlir -V"T-T t fcl f.
- mttwr eat na U. 1 aea lem
Zw7ZnrJ wXBmmmj hraahty eoa aa-
rrrrc nVT1f kS VEDICntS UTOBJL
Mlt AMCSt MTK KtT, iTkiiaaVtaAaa.
CHAB. M. XYAW3. - Proprietor.
(Twrmmt c at. -There
twrf" ere tar aale by nractl. Storektep
pH MCJl'alrar,-n-.
j-jr-na -a tnajai ta evawiaie wed lit art M J"
aa a ant, tarsi ia eeaatae.
Talfht le Ibe tlommb. Boar Bracae. i
Uoaa, immmf er nattering 1 Uie J
Pt ef She avemeeh. lwina; ef tbe
ea. BTanM mr DiStoek BnUhiec. rinMep .
tMstBM Beast, Ohnaai m Sstfnaeana Sea). .
O "

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