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frpibilr..J.i .. April 14, tSTl.
mis aPEB
Dae copy, jedf
nt paid la advance; , .
Dtae cepj, oe rear, cash , iC
in advance, $1.50
To a clnVaftej alal
ia,: aad thlrtr-nve cents . ,
. ack. lSJJ
Ta a Clofc af fifteen, one
allar aad tvVelitvv
cents each, $I8.T5
. I6T- ItL bEtiKaukllrT8 will be
charged up. in all cases, at the rat of
Two Italian a yeajr,.
. I would hereby in'
. form my many patrons
that those wishing work done this
Spring should call without delay, as
purpose starting .East by the 20th in
stant to be gone three months. Those
caring unsettled accounts will do me
a faror by calling at onee to adjust
them. DR. W. N. HAMBLETOS.
April 8th, 1871.
Agricultural Kollc&
The Board of Directors of the Mor
gan County. Agricultural Society are
hereby notified to meet at the Mayor's
Office, in llcConnelsville, on
MO.tt AT, APRIL. IT, 1ST1,
at ten. o'clock, A. Jf., for the transac
tion of important business pertaining
to the. interest of said Society. The
following persons, ..fwith the addition
of a Secretary and Treasures yet. to be
elected), compose the Board for tS71:
President -r-James A. UcConneL .
Vice President Edwin Sherwood.
. Managers .tarries, C. Lougbridjfe,
Jacob lliimmey, John E. Thomas, J.
J. II unman, Oliver M, Lovejl, J. A. f
Leland, Eli S. FaWcelt, and Samuel H.
A ull and prompt attendance is ear
nestly desired. , .
By Order of the President.
. .. JOHNS. ADAIR, gec'y.
March 31, 1871-ow.
Coitkt adjourned on llonday.
En Balk. T; T. Nott js in f e
feeiptofa new lot of Hardy's Eye
W. "W. rrix, of the Zanesville
City Times, bas sot forgot bow to
Jaim Eilit has started a new boot
and shoe establishment two doors east
itt Jenkins' Queensware store.
A RXW Livery Stable ia being e
fcte& on thb north-east corner of
Centre and Pei-n irees.
WiLtii Sheets, son of Daniel
Sheets, had one of fcts arms bro
ken' while wrestling on last Mon-
The McConnelsville and Malta
Poblio Schools commenced their
Spring Terms on last Mondtsy un
der favorable auspices.
r'-" hi i n
"fit Fifty-second Anniversary
ef the establishment ot Odd Fel
iewism in AroerictC will be celebra
ted in MeConneltviHe on the 26ih.
Jko. H. Mubbt etarls for Indian-
a polis this morning, where he in
tends embarking in the Walnut
Lumber trade.
Set. L. VcGcire will deliver aTem
perAnce lecture at the Good Templar's
Ball, of McConnelsville, Friday
evening of next week. All are in
vited. There U more reading matter oa
the outside of our paper this week,
hen ever was published by our
temporary, across the way, on both
sides in one issue.
Job Feister, of Winchester, this
state, delivered a Temper aace Lecture
in Morris' Hall last evening. lie lec
tures again tA'-night. He is one ot the
oldest and ablest lecturers in the
country. Don't fail to' hear hint.
Alfred GxrLoaD, youngest son of
James M. Gaylord, returned here
on' a visit after an abscerce of fiVe
years in the West, oc yeslerday.
So looks like' the West agreed
with him.
"Wrixix IIood, grandson of Enoch
i)ye, eame near losing bis life sear
Uarnesville, on' rViday, the 31st nit.
He was employed as a brakesman
the railroad, and in trying to
couple two freight ears together,
Was caught between them. He was
insensible for some hours after the
afocident, but is now al heme here
-nble to' be about the streets.
Th Ecrald claims that the Pro-
nibitionists are responsible for the
Democrats carrying Morgan town
ship' at the recent election. This
Wont do'. There was not a Prohi
bitionist that voted the Democratic
ticket, but Republicans admit that
over sixty of their party did vote
it,-and consequently the Bedbli"
cans, nbt (Be Pr'onititionistf, are
responsible for the "Democratic suc
cess. Gtoaax B. Hxhdksjoh has open
ed out a first-class country Store on
the Hardesty Farm, known as the
Acer's property, in' the Uorlh-wei-tern
portion of Bristol township,
this county. Bia' stock of goodr is
hew throli'ghoat, and the selections
hats been! riiade wltH' pfeif care,
having in view the wants of the
farming' population! Everything
will be sold; err th e most reasonable
terms, as' eboap as can be bought
anywhere in town or country.
The farmers io'lBal loeajity can'
set de better than give bim a call: '
All kinds of country produce taken
n excuange jcr gooas j
I T Steser Jtlia, on her return
I - A am. .11' jX- c . ay
trip irom jrittSDore, wan iw
seventeen miles below; that plaee,
On Tuesday night last, broke a shaft.
She will be laid p for two weeks,
Os Tnesday, an effort waa made
to releaie Stephen Miller on bail
until the question of error, taken
up to the Supreme Court by hit
eouncil, ia decided upon. A cousin
of Miller's, wno resides on Duek
Creek, and sail to be man of con
siderable wealth, waa here and
ready to do the financial part of the
business. The papers wore made
out and everything was in readi
ness for Sheriff liavener to release
him, when Attorney General Fond
happened on the scene of action
and sVdp'ped proceedings by bring
ing to notice what others had over
looked that Miller would not be '
admissable to bail after sentence
had been pronounced on him. The
Sheriff will probably start to Co
lumbus with bim to day.
Malt! Itxus. On last Saturday
we spent most ef the forenoon in
alalia, and we eanaot but speak of
the business life and activity exhib
ited there. "
Merchants, of all kinds, whether
Drv Goods, Hardware bracer, or
what not, all seemed to be doing a
lively business, and faio're than that,
all teetred to be determined to do
more. . John Hal!, C. L. Halt and
3. R. Yanmstre we fdiihd were in
New "torfc purchasing new goods;
A. TV. & Johnny TTalker Were bu
sily engaged in moving into their
new and beautiful room adjoining
Clarke & Corner's store; and J. M.
Rogers, A. W. Palmer, Alei. Pow
er, Geo. S. Hann, and all the rest ef
the live businessmen of which Malta
s composed, were waiting on their
numerous custodiers.
We took si look through the
Brown; ttanly Flow llanufactury,
and were reminded immediately ot
some of the great manufacturing
establishments of Pittsburg. Seventy-five
men at work, everything
systematized, nothing interfering
or causing eonfusion. This estab
lishment tl working wonders for
Malta, and Ualtomans may well be
proud of it. We might add, also,
that it is hot hurting MtConne!s
vi'ie, as we see numbers of our
young men employed there, and a
we have no doubt that our mer
chants and trades-people get their
full share of too six hundred dol
lars that it pays out weeffy for la
bor. Bit Malta, with her fine wharf,
beautiful streets, her Plow Manu
factory, Ler successful and enter
prising merchants and industrious
population, is h'o't yet built, is not
finished. On the beefs of their
r&chievenYtnu of the past two years
m the way of progress, Maltonians
aro fast hurrying a new scheme to
advance their business interests.
They aro about to stVrt an exten
sive Wgon & Carriage Manufactn
ry with a eaptlal stock of twenty
thousand dollars. A portion of this
stock has already been raised and
property bought and the company
incorporated. Tcdi it will be a
success, no one doubts.
The School Teacher' Examina
tions, for this County,, are held in
Malta, and, on last lurday, al
most any number, if neither too
large nor too small, of charming
Hisses, none of them of course more
than "sweet s'xteen," from the
country thronged lie streets. Ev
ery oi.e of them ought to have re
ceived a certificate just on the mere
application, but we would not be
surprised to learn that some of
them failed. These J&Taiuincrs are
heartless wretches.
If Malta thinks of annexing Me-
C'ennolsviUe just let us know.'
Cincinnati Live Stock Market.
Monday Evening, April 10.
Bur Cattle. The arrivals show
decrease as compared with the week
previous, but the supply was ample
for the demand. The, butchers are
still the principal purchasers', though
a few Were takefl by feeder. The de-
mand from shippers was light. Few
remained In the pen this evening un
sold. Prices are unchanged, and we
continue to quote common, $3 75a4 25;
iair, i suaa; good, so zoo 73; prime
outcners stun, ao, and snipping cattle,
oo a par cental, gross.
-SBEEP.r-Recejp.U eontinuelight, and"
flo niarcei is nrm at lull raves. We
quote common to prime qualities, $4-
dOao per cental, gross.
llocs. Theie was a falling of in the
receipts; still the supply exceeded the
demand and the market ruled dull,
and some r.STsei in the pens this
evening unsold. Pricas are lower
than on last Monday. We quote light
to aeavy averages, a 7&a0 per cental,
For the Independent.
ITiRKAFTxn the residence of the
U. S. Pastor will be at the New
Era Hotel, Ho. 22. The public have
been previously informed that tPfl
is a trict1 temperance house". The
proprietor, J, W.Kincaid,' declares
it shall continue to be suth. Those
who may desire pleasant' rooms and
good boarding can find them" here.
The traveling public will find Mr.
Kincaid a gentlemanly and obli
ging landlord, and the Mouse a dc-1
sirs Wo" stbpjfing place under it
presei't' xfianagemerit. .
You can buy the Best and Dryest
Cigars at Pat. Sweeney's,
next door to the Post Office!
ton Dry Goods and Groceries go to
Thi nicest stogies in the County
are si P. SWEENEY'S, next door to
Foa a goo'd and comfortable fitting
boot go to T. C. VEATCH'8
Be particular to ask for Brant's In
dian Worm Killer, ,as there are so
many vermifuges on the market.
None equal to Brant' a
Ladiks' Watches and Opera Chains
received this week at VINCENTS
Saskcts, Trunks, Satchitls, Hand,
trunks, and Railroad (South-Eastern)
Bags at SILL'S.
Six Murders. I hereby certify
that I gave three doses of Brant's In
dian Worm Killer to one.nl my chil
dren, which had the effect to bring
away six large worms. . y
(Near Union ville.)
t. i .
t is no trouble for any on to be I
suited, in selecting WALL pA PER
from among the immense stock and
treat variety of styles now at ADAIR'S
.BOOK arar iney umim m pjeutuu
stock, adapted to all kinds of rooms,
anj ip piease mo variea vasis ei pur
Fortt-Fivx cents will buy two.plufs
of good navy tobacco at P. SWJv
KEY'S, next door to Post-Office.
Th "America Bot." knew, watch
just out, and a very desirable time
piece for boys or persons wanting a
small sized watch.
Sunday School Requisites,
Such as Oast Boolt, Question Beckt,
Ten Commandment Cards, Scripture Card,
Prize Booki. Tutamentl. Jiiblet, and Aun
day School Booit, received at ADAIR'S
Book Store on yesterday.
Foa Collars, Bows &c, always, go
to elLL S,
Krxtv'ckt Scrap Tobacco is just the
thins for niDe-smokine. For sale
cheap at P. SWEENEY'S, next door
to fost-umce.
Correct Time. Observations made
withTransit Instrument of un and
Star. True time obtained within the
fraction of a second. All persons de
siring the correct time are respectfully
invited to call and have their watches
set. II. B. VINCENT & BRO.
JSrrAll kinds of WINDOW SHADE ,
Cloth and Paper, plain or figured, con
stantly kept at A dais's Book More.
TKjir stock is .large, of all colors and
styles, from common Window Paper to
the hscdsodiest figured Cloth Shades.
The most ; fashionable stock of
Gents' Furnishing Goods is at SILL'S,
and a heay invoice to be added next
tf.We hare the largest and finest stock
of WALL PAPEllererbronghUothis
place, and inrite everybody to,rll and ex
amine oar txood?, coi.U.lent ibat we ran
plea and suit in stock, styles, and prices.
Brows, Tubs' Buckels.'Churas, Kes-
Iers, Measures, and Wooden-war, at
fclLL S.
1A.G0 to Adair's Book Store to pur
chase WALL PAPER, They ran fit
you out better than any other estab
lishment in ihe County.
"What a nice store yoa keep," a very
common expression J perrons going to
SILL'S. That's a fact. W intend keep
ing itill nicer all the time. When you want
Ooods go thrr I
A FRESIl lot of choice. Garden
SeeU expected to-day at Spraguo's
Drig iofe."
OoLLAts, 'Head loadt othem, aH sizes &
shapes, and Keek ties, erary color aud eve
ry style, at Sill's.
IIALLIDAY'S is the place to get
Good liobiery. A new lot early next
Tbe Public Schools
Of this place commenced last Monday,
and wt take plraote in informing oar read
ers ibat anything netd d in the wy of
School Surn.iES can he funnd at A dais
Book Store in large stack a&d Rreat variety,
and at very lata prices.
We call especial attention to our present
stork of Groceries, all of whVJTwsi selected
with.,cr lor family use. x or your rice,
coffee or sugar, try Sill's.
An additional large and frrgh stork or
WALL PaTKK received at Adair's Book
Store Ian vet-k. It is tbe richest line ol
Good, greatest variety of r a'ierBs, 6ncst
quality . and most excellent styles erer bro'l
to tb is locality, and they are being sold at
me lowest r rices.
Wooden watt, good and substantial as
sortmcnt, st SUl's.
13. They Have an imxekse stock of
WALL PAPER, of ever? conceivable
style and shade of color, suitable for
.Kitchens, Dining Kooms, Halls, Cham
bers, Sitting Rooms, Parlors, Offices,
cnurco.es, Jcc. at ADAlxt 6 Hook Store,
which is being sold at very low figures,
besides having the same trimmed raxs
Goes stock of muslins, Brown or Bleach
ed, Irish Linen, shirt fronts, Hosiery, Ac.,
at bin a,.
BB.We have the greatest variety and
nnest array of patterns of WALL PA
PER this side of Cincinnati, and sell at
tbe lowest riccREs. Come and see our
stock. ADAIR BROS.
BLACK Silk Fringe, Black Guipure
Lace, and Buttons, just what you want
lur inzuuiiiJg urcsaea av xiai'iuajr a.
1 'Sorrento' scan, and tne 'Semper
Idem,"Fatqipn' and iloba' collars, the la
teat thins'a ot, at 8ill'a. ,
BAEverybody should purchase their
supplies of WALL PAPER and WIN
DOW SHADES at Adair's Book Store,
if they want the best Goods at tha low
est prices. This firm have the richest
and most elegant styles, greatest assort
ment, and twice as large supply as ever
net are., a hey trim rape? for then cus
A ica stock of sect's," suspenders, band
kerchiefs, ic, suited to the spring trade,
now 10 do nag. at Bin s.
IA.B'aak Warranty Deeds. Mortoa
ov, and Quit Claix'Dkeds, ot the most ap
proval aoa correct forms, recened at A
DAI US Book Store last week.
AiOTRiRsplenalf stock of Bnrine Scarfs.
lies, ana Don, collars and Uenu' orn
aninr boods. last received. Wo keen the
110007 sijies. isou 1 lorget at Bin a.
BA-FIve Iarere Cases oirVT ALL.
PAPER, ol tbe handsomer! and most de
sirable styles, received at ADAIR S Beok
Store, per Steamer .''Carrie. Brooks," on
jtiouoay 01 last weeE.
Tai msroiffieent stock of Prints at Kill'.
ia the admiration of the Ladies, and are
going off rapidly.. ..Wa have the fame of
aeepiuf too oeat rrints in town. Call and
see them I
Pocket Mapf
VI Vbio and us iroimah New and
correct edition., jnst published, and received
at AUA1U t iioos Store.
FOR Sonnets, flats, and Flowers, all
fresh Goods, just received, and more
coming, go to UALL1DAY & C'o's.
a.6,000 ROLLS tV WALL'
PAPER, ot tbe luteal and newest designs,
ireeh from the mopa(actorer,'and thebest
Goods ever brought to this market, justis
ceived at ADAIR'S Book Store.
Dri Goopb in great varietv at
Disd. At the residence of her moth
er, in Bloom township, Morgan county,
phio, Mart Elizabeth, wife of IT. H.
Gillogly, and daughter of Ezekel J.
and barah Harlan, in the 25th year of
her age.
The deceased was born A prllll, 18
46, and died November 27th, 1870.
She was cut down by that great des
troyer of the human family, consump
tion. She was a dutiful daugter, a
loving wife and affectionate mother.
She possessed a saving hope in the
Lord Jesus, and was baptised into the
fellowship of the Roc&vilie Baptist
Church, of which she continued a
member until her death. During her
sickness she displayed that Christian
fortitude and resignation character!
tic of the believer in Jesus, and bore
all for His sake, believing He "doeth'
all things well."' She was conscious
of her approaching dissolution, of
which she freely conversed, and often
spoke of her prospects of Heaven.
Fully trusting in the Lord Jesus
Christ for salvation, the consolations
of llis grace supported her in the try
ing hour of death. As she would re
cover from the sinking spells which oc
curred just before her death, she would
shout praises to God and break forth
in singing portions of the beautiful
songs of Zion. Finally she gently
breathed her last without a struggle,
dying only as the Christian dies; and
those who witnessed her spirit's exit,
could but say "let me die the death of
the righteous and my end be like
hers. She has gone te join a father,
brother, and several sisters "over the
Dearest sister, ihou hast left us;
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.
Peaceful be thy silent slumbers,'
Peaceful in the grave so law;
Thou no more wjll join our number,
inou no more our song snau snow
Yet, again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of life has fled;
Then in Heav'n with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is sbed.
Way the entire family be re-united
in Glory t Mar funeral services were
conducted by Rev. James Herbert, at
tended by a large concourse of friends.
Rural Dale,' Ohio, April 7, 1871.
AberllTs sale.
William Sumner k Ca. vs. Reason Jones.
at al.
Bv virtue of as order to aell an J to me
directed from the Court of Common Pleas
of Morraa county, Ohio, in the above enti
tled action. I will offer for aala at public
auction, at the. door of the , Court House ia
uclOnnelsville iu said county.
On Tuesday, lbe 16th Day of
may, ... xr., isia,
at one o'clock, p. m., of said day, tbe fol
lowing real estate, situate in lbs Town of
rennsville, County of Morgan, and stale ot
Ohio, U-wit: Being the south half of Lot
nonibar sixteen (It), to e miuenc in tha
center of the front and run east within one
rod af a well on aaid Lof.thenos bear en a
line to the center (bearniE south) of aaid
well, thence bear north-east and strike tha
center of aaid Lot one rod from aaid well,
thence E. K. . in the center of said Lot to
tha East line of said Lot. Appraised at
. Terms, eash.
1 A. D. HAVESEB, Sheriff M. C. 0.
J.jT. Crew, Att'y.
April Ulb.1871 w.
SberllT's Sale on Execution.
James Sormley vs. Patrick Oormley.
Kolice ia hereby gives that I will offor
for sale, at public auetion, at the door of
tha Court House in McConnelsville, cot
Monday, tbe 151b Day efPiay,
A. D., 1S71,
at IS o'clock, II,, of aaid day, tha following
real estate, situated in tba County of Mor
gan and 6 Late of Ohio, to-wit : Lot num
ber twenty-nina (29) in tha Town of Stock -
?ort; taken as the property or ralrick
Mirin'er on an Execution in favor of James
Gorruley, and issued by the Court of Com
mon Pleas of I he County of Morgan and
8tata of Ohio, and to me directed aa 8heriff
of said Countv. Appraised at $275. Terms,
casa. A.D.U.WkNER.Eh'ffofM.CO.
J. T. Crew, Att'y. .
April 14th, 18 V 1 Jw.
Sberln's Sale en Worfrage.
John lloyt vs. Basil L. Medley, Matthew
McCall, et. al.
By virtue of an order ta sell, and to me
directed, from the Court of Common Pleas
of Morgan County, Ohio, in the above en
titled action, I will offer for a ale at public
auction, at the door of the Court House in
McConnelville ia aaid county ef Morgan,
On Monday, lbe 15IK Oar of
M,'A. D., IST1,
at one o'clock, P.M., of aaid day, tba
following real estate situate in said couuty
of Morgan and State ef Ohio, t wit:
Being a part of fractional section number
three (S) Township number nine (9) Range
number twelve (12) and bounded as follows:
Beginning at the Southwest corner of said
fractional section, thence running with tha
South boundary line thereof East 161.88
polea to tha corner of John Henry's lot,
thence runaingwith aaid Henry 'a line N. 15
East 67 H polea te a atone, tbenco 1.40
poles te the East boundary lina af aaid
fractional section, thence running Forth
21.52 poles to a stone and corner of tha Jo
aiah Ward lot, thence running with said
Ward'a lin.e and lina of William Baltkeld's
West 18I.M polsa to a atone on the West
boundary line of said Section, thenca run
ning.witb aaid West line 88.52 polea to tha
place of beginning, containing 95 40-100
acres, bo the same more or less. Appraised
at $2,150. Terms eash.
A. D. HAVENER, Sh'ffofM. C. O.
John E Hanaa. Atty.
April 14th, 1871 5w.
Attachment Police.
J.ymac M. Sigler ) Before Ja. M.
vs. v Gaylord, Ju-tt-
Jphn 8cbryer. ' J ice of the ftace-
of Morgan countv, Ohio. On the 18th 4ay
of March, 1871. aaid Justice issued an order
ot attachment in the above action for tbe
sum af 84.46. Return served noon garni
shoo, and continued until Vondav, May 5,
l7i. LIH1S JI. EIliLEIi, rimnlia
April 7, 1871 3 w.
Trv the "Semper Idem" Jashion,
or -emia Col-ars at SILL S
T(nderv Flxttfres,
In large stock, at Asais's Book Store.
New styles of Collars, Neckties,.
Shirt-irontc, and Notions next- week
Any Pnbllcatlea .
In tbe country' supplied to order, at
Publisher's prices, at ADAIR'S Book
Store n matter where published.
L.csi and Dark Trinls at SILL'S.' j
For Sight is Priceless
Of N. which are bow offered to tbe
pnblie, are proneaseed by all tbe celebra
ted Opticians nf tbe World to be the
Natural. Artificial nelo to the human eta
ever known,' jl'bey ate ground" under their
earn pervi;en, from minute Crystal
1'ebblrs. melled togetber, and derive their
fosme, ' Diamond, eo artcoaot p their
harilRfsjt and .bi I iisney r,
Tbe Scientific Principle
Oa wbirb they ait.conftrnciird bringf the
core or center of. toe Icds djreetly id front
of the eye, producing a clear and distinct
vision, as in J he oa4aral, healthy sight, aad
rjertnting all unpleasant Mnratinns, such
ss glimmering a,n!d wavering of sight, diz
x'iDeas, 4e.', peculiar to all others in aa.
They are mauatfd in tbe Finest Man
ner. In frames el.the bert qnality of all ma
terials ased lor pat pnrpoM. Their Bniah
and dttretMlita caiuint be fnuassrd
CAUTION. Noaf . geneine enleas
heanr.g their trade mark stamped en every
Jewelers and Optietaos, are sole agents
!nr McConnelsville, Okie, from whom they
can only be obtained. .These roods are
aet supplied Je f rdlers st sny prist.
Jane 3, 1873-Iy.
u e
7 mm
" a.
u s
e l-i
JSl K A T !' J9i
Gr o t5 ery
E. Woodward
Buckey6' Block!
Keep the best ef evervthing tbe market
affords in tha Grocery and Proviaion Line I
They know just what will tickle tha palates
of tha people.
And all kinda.f meats aaid ea cheap that
it alwaya gives their euttomars gaod)t
titas to eat. It makes hnegfr. people hap.
py. heiltby and robust ; drive sicanesa
from tbe hnnsebald: spoils the tcedeof&aJ
Doctors and makes every cook prcud of her
table. Husbands, who have cross wives,
will alwav find a few ruts of
Speedy Cnre
ot trouble. - Its savory presence S3 tba ta
ble always puts everybody ia a good hom
er, and at the Buckeye Block ia the place
to get it! Ask anybody, ia tha expression
of whose countenance yon see BEEF
STEAK,-S? and thejl. can te.'l youths
place. They also keep all kiadaof the ve
At the lowest price I . Ttey buy, too ; and,
what is mora remarkable. Ihey out and sell
everything, from a .- -;
t'racKea Err ie a rat sieer 1.1,
Give them a call. One Poor East ot Eli
Bhrperd'a w hoi seal a Grocery, Center St.,
Des.P, 18TI fate.
Just oubhshed, anew edition
of Dr. Culverweli's' Celebrated
Essay an tha tauical Cure
(without medicineof Sperms torrhep fir' Se
minal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Los
ses, Impotency, Mental and Physical Inca
pacity, Impedimenta to Marriaee, etc.; also.
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fit-, induced
by self-indulgence or sexual extravagance.
tr-Price, in a sealed envelope, euly six
The celebrated author, in th:s admirable
essay, clearly demonstrates, from a thirty
vears' successful practice, thst the alarm
ing consequences of self-abnae may be rad
ically enred without the dangerous use of
internal medicine or tha application of the
ainife ; pointing out a m.-da of cure at ones
simple, certain, and effectual, by means ef
which evry sufferer, po, .matter what his
rendition may be, may cure himself cheap
ly, privately, and radically.
." pS- This Lecture should be in the bands
of every youth and every man in the land.
6ent un.ler aeal, in a plain envelope, to
any addresa, postpaid, on receipt of ( cents
or two postage stamp. ".. ,
. Also, Dr. Culverwell'a Marriage Guide
priee IS eents.
Address the Publishers; ...
cjbas.A. V. Kline &. Co.,
: ' Bowery, ft Tork, P. O. Bos 45S4.
Gfvaa inforaaUiott od mry
DbjeMt inwtH to ih
Ml. -
Who h Dtavmexl, or who
8sl free to all voder seal on rsMwipt of 10 Cnm
AddrsM: KI.I ?, ArTKTH MCrTT M. D.
. Bko vitwaT? rpp. Astor PUcsj, N.T.
Glad News!
: A ptmiuuiaMit ww tarvwrantod ia ail caseaof diaM
nunic irom irnprnuen'i ur yuuuiiiu rrora.rpsjvjuinaT in
aarrooa dabititf. seminal wealioeM, fmimums, draaoa.
ThT eao b narxl wilbtrai datacttoa. or intorfi
wiUi boaiaaaft. aad ao obaosa ol diai is aaoanary,
will oot all ordinnry o&ma witboofc fartbr aid. Trial
doxm aent or mail Maiad, 00 noetm of OMX iOIXaUsV
Oana a Lamp itr privata tnAa. Aaara:
no for Dnvala nur.
. ROB'T . BELL. 7U Broadvar. Kav Torfc
I 1111 a itoMtfram, t, rmw W V JOX?H AXIS.
If foa want a nalavramady fm terairalaritiaa nn
Tlwr wiU-rvsnora Darora pdiTr and aia aaflciaBt ta
aM ori,of7 east, fmcm Oni Dllab.
fiend Scamp for Dx, Lsejavrtvm01rriea Circalaf.
i Vt, ItfaiTcy's Goldexf r3ls.
M mnmtir tour" dajereaa frtrvwiaTwf lor tarlj nut.
ladies, aa the naver fstil to re mow tha most durtrve
inr "rmptoios. ao wAtVer how Inojy they hart anatM;1
Paxt a Fits Doixajk. fiooi by mail aaeuraly Kale
oa rarvivat or moorr, rr
vi. JUUii tiAKV E.Y. 71$ nroaffwar, rew votk.
Boxfe &hd Dlatrimony.
Tha affect ioaa may ba niaadlry foUowioc simpia
Tulca, and ali oiay marr bAOpitJ vhthoat vard
IUooa. ar .
in fnr eirrular. Ia
-U A, I. l 1 !..- r A.' A IVUi,
i(bth Strrt P. O. New York.
Tha tarribla diaaaa. Catajrli'Vviichf al6a afS alaow
afbaa WminMaa ia roocf ttta aad Coofuagttoa,
withoot (Sonbt:- S aatirair ivmorad av tnattOT Warn
laoc it aaa axiatcd. Ail caaea can poaitiv-
arorar traatrcimt. bmI tT.AOOwill ba forfwttd for an
aaac that, fail ta aora aitar a toofotyh txjal q( It.
Roinsdr ia the sweat and seat for Headache aad Weak
Eras an in nur eaaaa tha eeoMqaanaa of Catan-o.
fails to 0i -fmmcdiata nlfaf ta all eaaaa.
-.'R4n THU TESTIlfOirT- - '
ao 3 aaad ntamp for a circular, datailiwa (Xa t7mptnna
of the. diaada and rirtnaa of th rwmadjr. A packaca
arill 1m aant yaiaitao raraipi of noae.
lfr Catarrh waa tfasiadialalr irlirad b wf Saa
aafraa aad Witrh H&zel. He. ASA BROWN.
i aaa raad withont wearinc apctacJa and the weak-
aH ia antiral coo auica aairc jour 3aaafr aad
Your Suavifru uM Witch Hxi ha aavar failad to
raliara aij haadacua wi Una fir mjMitB. J
Addraes, Rev. MARTIN DITTTOW, ' '
Bibla Uom Butma. Ntw York,
asaicTS iraaiKD iiiiiimt.
, aa't easan ae hooeat eei0tBa br -
dajtiy, witboat aoav to ataxt bie wiia.
TtM Secret ta Out I
and mm are wtthna te sua kaowa te aa
AGRIfTS ARE WAITED te Mil tba tV -k. aad thf
w ears irafa s to W dollars a dr. h.rn im a cuouaf
sd KMCioaaa eopr. PRICK ONE COLLAR.,
Attdreaa, eaek.mr two otMtaae slacps,
RlDRCIt A 1YI. u Wilhia HbMi
RfXntA,- - . . New York Cita.
Seed rirTV TESTS for eoc. mm rear eddiees is
SUCAJi MAST MOORS, Bietiea Dn Ktw Tert
jy&X Boles aad Preserlptlooa
V that a cafe ear case of Vk
llsiOXS, LMPOTEVCE. Se, and nstere ketlt
Vyaunhood ta-perfeo kealtb. Sorr nuts TO II
V axx.by oee wbe anflarad aad ia m tmnA jy
N. Blrtmp. EDO ARTErK ADiE.
Xra BROAD WAT. . t.
mi ll i n ee y
..... i
WbeleSale and Retail
f.. - , DEALfil VX
IOV. 11 16IU W.
IS beiog readily accepted by those of ever
mditalcrerd, u aHordiog a bappy sabsti
tute for too active or unreliable medication,
and offensive doses. Tbe introduction of
lbe od ly known Nerve Tonic aptr.enfio
pleaeantandscceptable Corn, stands con
spicuously as tbe greatest addition to mod
era medicine. ..They are at once tbe pre
veotatUes ss wall as cnre for lor a class of
ailments, from wbich the, grest majority of
persons sre at times, made miserable, on
bsppy. and physically and mentally IntXo
ient. Impairment of nerve force, results us
ually from inattention (sometimn from ne
cessity ) to common sense aeaUQ rules, sou
is followed by Lethargy, Uyspepsia, Vons
tipittion, Impure blood, Irregclarities, Off
ensive bieatb and sallown. of. Complei-
ion. Tbejr action, on the JTervons System
can account for their mild and pawive
efficacy in a vansiy ..(A ailments of such
apparent diversity of origin, and character.
Under their (Sect diirestion and assimila
tion are promoted, lbs excretion of worn
ont material in the blood is assisted, and tbe
brain acts vigorously, as if under the effect
ef a stimulant.
The Calabar Grsios are the appropriate
remedy for tbe Literary, studious and lbe
brain working clasea, and those nnableor
disinclined lor auftcieut, physical exsruisr,
and who are osnally "billious." I hey are
the favorite medicine oJ ; the ladies: they.
are the preventive and cure of nausea
ana neaaacne oi mose voyaging; cnim
ren can take them ; tbey are now the
"ounce ef preventative;" they aro safe,
mild . nd . e Sec tea I ; they . are apple
seed like, tasteless arid.jnodorous.
For'nishcrl in fnemVahoous pouches
containing 75 to 8Q grains or seeds.- Jf
net lor sale at me nearest, urnftgins,
enclose 50 cents to the Calabar Grains
Company, .Marietta, OLio.
ieu.ii, ii.
Safe ! Profitable ! Permanent !
Offer for Sale at Par and Accrued Int
erest tbe
Ifertbcrn Pacific Railroad Co.
Tbese bond's ara s'ecn'rid, first, by a First
Vortrage on the Railroad itself, iu rolling
stock, and all equipments ; second, by a
first mortgage-, en- -Its. entire .Land. Oram,
beina more than Twentv-two Thon'aand a-
eres ol Xand to each mile of road. -
The Bonds ara free from United States
Tax ; the Principal and Interest ara paya
ble in Gold tba Principal, at the end al
Thirty years, and tba Interest semi-annually,
at the late of - seven and three-tenths
per cent, per annum.
They are issued in drnnminslions oftlOO,
$300, $l,000,f5,000 and $10 000.
The Trustees nndcr the mortgage are
Mexsrs. Jay Cooke of Philadelphia, and
J. lgar Thompson, President of the Penn
sylvania Central fiailrond company. ,
Tlwae Northern Pacific T-39 Bonis Trill
at all times before maturity, be-receivable
at Ten per cent, premium (or 1,10). uv ex
change for the company's Lands at their
lowest eash price. . . .. a -
in attaitioc to tucir aooiaietaTety, inese
Bonds vield an income larccr. ws believe.
than any other. first clats security. Persons
holding Cnited States i-SO's can by conver
ting them into Northern Pacifies, increase
their yearly income one-third, and still
have a terfectVy reliable investment.
Mow To liet iwm. xonr nearest bank
or banker will supply these bonds in any
desired amount, ol any needed denomina
tion. Persona wishing to exchange stocks
or other bonds for these, can do ao with any
of our agenta, who will allow the bigheat
current price fur all marketable securities.
Those living in localities remote from
banks, may send money, or other bonds,
directly V ns. by exprtsa and we will send
back .Northern Paclflo bonds at our own
risk, and without ecst to tha inventor. 1 or
further information, paauhleta, napa, etc..
call on or addreee tha undersigned, -or any
tha Banks Bankers employed to.eeJlthis
loan. For aala by tha following General
Agenta of the Pittsburgh District :
J amea I. Urady Co.; .
Hart, Qoughy I t'o.;
Western Savings Bank ;
8. McLean X Co.;, :
'Wa have accepted an erincy for the sale
tha above Bonds. Phampleta and infor
mation saw Ke bad alonr counter.
Pavel, Juerriara S Co., rirat Xiation
Bank, McConnelsYiile, Ohio.
March 17. 1671.
To Jiibilitaied Persons. , To Dyfprplics.
To Sufferers from Liver Complaint To
those having no Appetite.. To those mith
broken down Constitution.. To Aerwus
People. To Children Wasting Away. To
any with Debilitated Digcstist Organs. Or
tuffering from any of th following symp
toms, which indicate Disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Constipation, and Ineard
Files, Fullness snd Blood te the (lead. A
eidity of tbe Htoroacb, Nausea, Ileartbars,
Qisgnst lor Feed, Fullness or Weight iu
the Stomach, Bjur Kructations, Sinking or
Fluttering at the pit of !he Stomach, the
Swimming of the Head, Harried and Dif
Geult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Chocking or Kuffiealing Sensations when
ja a lying posture, Dimness ol Vision, Dots
or Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull
Yellowness of the Skin and fcyes, Pain ia
the Side, J$ack, Chest, Limbs. He., Saddeo
Flushes of Ileal, Borning in the Flesh, and
Imagining of Evil, aad Cireat Depression "
of Spirits ..
Ileofland's German Bitters !
A Bitters without Alcohol or Spririta of
any kind, is different from all others. It is
eompoaed of the pure juice?, or Vital Prin
ciple ol Roots, Herbs, aud Barks, (or. as
medicinally termed, Kx'racts,) the worth -km
or inert poitions of the ingredients not
being nsed. Therefore in one bottle of this
Bitters there. is contained as much medirin
al virtue as will be found hi. several gallons
ol ordinary mixture. The Roots; ic, used
in this Bitters are grown in Germany, their
vital principles extracted in tbe country by
a scientific Chemist and forwarded to tha
manufactory in the city, where they are all
eompounded and bottled. Containing ae
sDiritnoua ingredicot this Billets is free
from the objections urged sgaitist all oth
ers ; no desire for stimulants can be indue-
ed from their use, they cannot make druo
kaids, und cannot nnder any circumstances
have any bat a beueBcjal effect.
Ileofland's German Tonic, '
Was eomponndtd for those not inclined To
extreme nitiers. and is intended for U9e ia
caees when tomr alcoholic ttimnlant is re
quired in connection with the tonic proper
ties of the Bitters. K-ach bottle of the te
ni. contains one bottle ol the Bitters, cnm
bintd with pnre Santa Cms Rum, snd fla
vored in soch a manner that ihe extreme
bitterness ia overcome, forming a prepara
tion highly agreeable and pleasant to the
thought, and containing tbe medicinal vir
luts of the Bitters. The price of lbe Ton
ic is $1.60 per bottle, which msny persons
think too high. They must take into con
sideration tbat the stimulant nsed if guar
anteed to.be of a pare qnality. A poor ar
ticle could be fnrniebed at a dies per price,
but i it not belter to pay a little more to
bare a good article T A medicinal prepa
ration should contain none bat the best in.
gredients ; and they who expect to obtain
a cheap compound, and I e benefitted by it,
will most certaiuly be cheated.
Ileofland's German Tonlr,
V . ,
Will core yon They are the greatest ,
Blood IPurifflers
Known te the Medical world and eradicate
di;eaises arising from Impcre blood, debility
o! the digestive organs, or diseased Liver,
in a shorter time than any other known re
medies. t.
Tbe whole Supreme Court of
Pennsylvania speak, lor
these Remedies.
Hon. George TT. Woodward, formerly Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsyl
vaniaat present Member Congress from
Pennsylvania, writes :
Philadelphia. March 16, 1867.
I fi?d Ltoofiand's German Bitters is a good
toni:, ot(ul in diseases of the digestive oxr
garu, and of great benefit in caees of Jibili
ly and want of oervons action rathe system.
Yoars, truly, G. W. WOODWARD.
Hon. James Thompson, Chiff Justice of th
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania :
Philadelphia, AprM 28, 1867. ,
I consider llooBand's German Bitten a
valuable medisine in case ol attacks of in
digestion of dyspepsia. I can certify th?a
froni my experience ol it. 'Tour?, truly,
Hon. George Sharswood, Justice of the Su
prcme Court of Pennsy Ivania :
Philadelphia, June 1, 1868.
I have found by experience that LI oof
land's German Dilters U a veiy good tonic,
relieving dyspeptic; symptom!) almost di
rectly. UF.or.Gfc; SHARSWOOD.
Hon Wm. F. Jttyers, Mayor of the City of
Buffalo, JVcu i'ori :
Bi-ffalo, June 22, 180.
I have nsed Ilonfland's German Bitters k
Tonic in my family daring the past year,
and can recommend them as as excellent to
nic, imparting tone and vigor to the system.
Tbeir nse has been product i ve nl decided be
ceficisl tETects. WM. F. ROGKRS.
Hon. James M. Wood, Ex-Mayor of WU
liam-port, Pa:
I take rreat pleasure in recommending
ooBnnd'a German Tonic to any one who
may be sfflxied with dyspepsia. I bad the.
dyspepsia so badly it was impnssibfe to keep
any food on my stomach, sod so I became
re weak ss not to be abb to walk half a mile.
Two bottles of the Tonic eBVcted arwrfrct
cure. JAMES M. WOOD.
Iloofland's German Hitters
Iloofland's German Tonic
Blarasmus, or ITastJns Awajr
r me Body.
Remembft that Iloofland's Geroian'Rcme-
die are the medicines yon require to purify,
the Blood, excite the torpid Liver to healthy
action, and to enable you to pas safely thro'
any hardship or rrpottre. I)R. HOOF'
stitute lor Mcrenry Pill?, Two Pills.a dose;
Themost rnvtTfvl,yet Innocent, readable ca-.
tkartic tno-.i-n. It is not necessary to take &:
hs-odf-j! ofthere pi lis to produce the desired
eliect; two of them art quirLiy and, power-
lull v, cleansinc tna l.ivcr. blomacnjc Bow
el of all imparities. The principal ingred
ient is Podopbyllin, r the alcoholic extract
ol Jandrake, wisich ia by many limes-more-powerful,
acting and aearching than tha
Jfandrake itself. Its peculiar action ia npua
the Liver, cleaning it speedily from all ob
structions, with all the poirerof mercury r
yet free from tha injur 1033 reer.lta attached,
to the uso of that mineral. For all diseases,,
in which the. use ai a cathartic is indicated,'
these pills will give entire sati&faeticn in ev
ery caae. They never fail I In casa of Liver
complaint, dyspepsia and extreme coalive
ness, Dr. Ilociiand's German Bitters or Tonio
shoufJbe used in eftCTTfrtior. with the til'f.
The tonic efiectof the iiittors or Tonic buiida
n p the system. The Bitters or Tonic purifies
the blood, strengthens the nerves, rfgiiii'-tJ.
the Liver, aud givea strength, energy and
vigor. Keep your. swe!a active- with tha
pi lis, and tone up life system, .with Bitters or
Tonic, and no disease can retail its hold, or
ever assail you. Recollect that iU Koodand'a
German Rcuie..'iea that are so universally o
edand higliy recommended; and do not al
low the Druggist to induce you to take anr
thing else that ha may aav is just aa good,
because he makt-i a larger profit on it.
These remediea will ne sest XtpmIo
any locality upon application to the Princt-
pal offico, at lbe German medicine Store,
631 Arehstiwt. Philadelphia.
CHS- Jf. . V A S3, Proprietor, formerly C.
3f- Jackson 4 to-
These Remedied are for sale by Druggists,
Ftnrekeepers.and medicine dealers every-,
where. Fab. 17, 1871.

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