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South-eastern Independent. (McConnelsville, Ohio) 1871-1871, April 14, 1871, Image 4

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A. Talk of Misery -Th cocktalL
t Thk Path op Duty A policeman's
" A Spom always IK Season Fortune
iunting. " t
. The Magic Mirbob A beautiful face
lit up with sniiles.
A Goon Staxd fob a Keuimbnt to
. Take A stand of colors.
Tab best recipe for a clear complexion
A clear conscience.
Thk Best Marriage Gift A policy
.in the Mutual Life, of Chicago.
- Adding Insult to Injury Trusting a
. man, and then asking him to pay yon.
' Evert member of the Washington Life
Insurance Company is interested in its
The easiest way -to make a hot bed is to
set the mattress on fire.
Thkre is many a man whose tongue
might govern multitudes if he could only
govern his tongue.
A coroner's jury in Dodge County,
Wis., lately returned the verdict of "death
from hanging around a tavern."
The number of in-door paupers in Lon
'don, at last accounts, was S6,ii88 ; out-door
paupers, 125,390; total, 1G2.S78.
At Chicago it is fashionable to say,
" How well Mrs. is dressed ! The
first time she has been out since her di
vorce, too."
A Bennington (Vt.) paper reports that
a prisoner in the county jail fell out while
leaning against the wall, and that the insti
tution is to be papered for better security.
Bilk is said to be worth its weight in
silver the world over. The purchaser of a
heavy silk is paying for dye-etuf and the
dye soon destroys the silk.
" Why don't you give us a little Greek
and Latin occasionally?" asked a country
deacon of a new minister. " Why, do you
understand those languages?" was asked.
" No, but we pay for the best, and ought
. to have it"
A tigress lately killed in India is said
to have destroyed 140 people in seven
years. In consequence of her ravages
many families had left the region traversed
Uy the beast, and a wide extent of country
had been abandoned.
- A jewelry establishment in Indian
apolis was closed the other day, and the
.following placard in large printed letters
explained the cause of the suspension of
.business: "On a jury. Will be back
when we hang the cuss." ?
A Mains father has cued a son-in law
for lunches, horse feed, and things furnish
ed while he was courting his girl. He has
brought in a counter-claim, charging his
father-in-law with meals furnished since
the wedding, . while the old man was
'visiting. ......
There is a man in Northampton, Mass.,
eighty-four years old, who has never been
sick a day in his life, nor paid a cent for a
doctor's nor a lawyer's bill, nor a dime for
preaching, and he is said to be worth at
least $100,000.
' . A sew and dangerous fifty cent coun
'terfeit of the last issue of postal currency
has been produced. The ink and color of
the paper gives it the exact appearance of
the genuine after it has been wet, or worn
Some man living on the line of the
Southwestern Railroad, near Drakesville,
Iowa, who had taken a spite against the
company, amused himself the other day
covering the rails for a distance of a quar
ter of a mile with soap. A single train
was three hours in crossing the greased
. Seven girls in Cincinnati have associ
ated , themselves into a society having for
its object the investigation of the antece
dents of wife-hunters. Any girl having
an " offer " may apply to the society, and
in less than a week she will receive a his
tory of her lover, from his youth upward.
Easily Suited. A bachelor says that
all he should ass for in a wile would be a
good temper, sound health, good under
Standing, agreeable physiognomy, pretty
figure, good connection, domestic habits,
resources of amusement, good spirits, con
versational talents, elegant manners,
. " It is a settled principle, your honor,"
said a lawyer, " that cause always pro
duce effect. " They always do for the at
torney," blandly responded the Judge;
"but I've sometimes known a single case
to deprive a client of all his effects !"
' There is a man in Florida, who,6ince
the war, has walked all over Europe, Cen
tral America, Mexico and every State and
'Territory in these United Slates in all
21,288 miles. He proposes to continue his
perambulations until he has walked 25,000
There is a graveyard in Massachusetts
in which are buried nine brothers, all of
whom had arrived at man's estate, the eld
est being seventy-nine, and the youngest
twenty-eight years old, all but one leaving
a family. What renders it more remarka
ble is that they are all buried within forty
tods of the spot where they were born.
According to Mr. Dudley Baxter, the
statistician, only three of the fifty-two
'States and principal colonies of the civil
ized world are free from debt Servia, in
Europe ; Bolivia, in America ; and Liberia,
"in Africa. The fifty-two States together
have a population of 600,000,000, and the
annual charge of the debts of the civilized
world is 1.25 per head, and absorbs a
'quarter of the whole proceeds of taxation.
These is a lady residing in Brooklyn
who loves the little chirping sparrows, so
much that she never neglects to feed them.
In frost weather a tin of water is always
placed with the crumbs that are strewn for
them, and she has gone to some little ex
pense in having a minature cemented res
ervoir made at the foot of a sapling oppo
site her house, where they bathe and flut
ter to their heart's delight.
. The Cuban cable was examined for re
pairs, recently, because of the frequent in
terruptions during the past year,' and
found crushed in numerous places m the
depths where the great loggerhead turtles
abound. The conclusion is that these
creatures with their powerful jaws, which
so easily crunch the shells of the conches
on which theyfeed, have been play ingwith
the cable. The company are to lay a
stronger one.
Not long ago a gentleman had occasion
to reprove his little son, aged two and a
half years, for an offense viiich had on
other occasions called forth words ot cor
rection. The parent closed with, Now,
Willie, I don't want ta speak to you again
about this!" which was promptly and very
decidedly responded to as follows : 44 WelL,
p! I doesn't want you to!" There was
ljOthing further to be said, bat tbe father
Has concluded that that boy needs watch
ing. It Is related that a boarding-house keep
er in Arkansas was once disturbed by a
report that his boarders were mutinous be
cause of the too frequent appearance of
nasn on ine DreaKiast tame. Accordingly
he descended to breakfast the next morn
ing, laid one portentous horse-pistol on
each side of his plate at the head of the
table, and said: "Any gentleman who
says he don't like hash, lies. Mr. Brown,"
he continued, turning to the nearest
boarder, M will you take hash f
'. The editor of the Grand Junction (Iowa)
Headlight advertised that he would take "a
good dog in payment for a year's subscrip
tion. The next day twenty-three dogs
were taken to his office; and, two days
afterward, a score or more of farmers, liv
ing at distances of from eight to twenty
miles, appeared to subscribe for the paper,
tendering dogs in payment. And to cap
the climax, the Mayor of the city has noti
fied him that a tax of $1 must be paid on
every dog owned in the place !
By the Day.
It makes a difference in the actions of
a man whether he is working by the day
or by the job. He who works by the day
is a pleasant and edifying object. Here,
for instance, is a man who has come in to
i ep&ir the eilt-lettering on your office door,
be is working by the day. - There is no
undignified haste about his movements.
He gazes upon the work laid out for him
Jith a critical eye, but he does not hurry.
He evidently has not considered the ant,
sad the busy bee he holds a contempt for.
You gaze upon his sluggish grace admir-
fngly, only your pleasure' is marred some
what by the reflection that he is working
for you, and by the day, and you - mildly
intimate that so slight a work will, of
course, soon be finished. The man gives
only a negative assent to your proposition,
and does not hurry himself. Time does
not hang heavily on his hands. He is
working by the day. He does not appear
at .all troubled by the accidental breaking,
of the glass, and the consequent expense
and annoyance. He bears up under your
misfortune with surprising grace. He sits
down and rests. He is a philosopher and
a sybarite. And, finally, when your faith
in that old proverb which claims tbat
"more haste" is accompai iid by "less
speed," is totally ruined, and the cost of
your patching has exceeded that of the
original work, he departs from yon with
the same bland demeanor and pleasant
smile a little Mephistopheliao, perhaps
which he has worn from the first. It is
very pleasant and very expensive to have
work done by the day. Amtrican Builder
for April.
If your colts are hard to get into the
barn, after their daily exercise, let them
find a few oats in their manger after com
ing in, and that trouble is over.
Wrinkled silk, it is said, may be ren
dered nearly as beautiful as when new by
sponging the surface with a weak solution
of gum arabic or white glue ; then iron on
the wrong side.
Prof. Brown, in the Lancet, says that
calves die quite suddenly after 6ucking
cows affected with foot-and-mouth dis
eases ; and fatal effects have followed the
administration of the milk to young pigs.
It acts energetically when given warm.
To Remove Moth from thb Face.
The principal cause of moth spots are bil
iousness, and the liver is torpid. The
writer can testily that hard eider, drank
freely, doing away with tea and coffee, is a
sure cure. .Let it De tne oniy oeverage
used until the spots are removed. Cor.
Rural Nev ' Yorker.
An Ohioan, who has three-fourths of an
acre of quince Orchard from which last
year he sold 300 bushels of first class fruit
spades the ground in spring and scatters
a peck of coal ashes around each tree, also
a quart of salt,' and another quart when
the quinces are half-grown. - -'
An experienced housekeeper says the
best thing for cleaning tin ware is common
soda. She gives the following directions :
" Dampen a cloth and dip in soda, and rub
the ware briskly, after which wipe dry.
Any blackened ware can be made to look
as well as new."
Thb American Rural Some advises that
all tools that are simply varnished, be well
painted before being used. The advantage
of simply varnishing is that the purchaser
can thus see the quality of the wood used,
whereas very poor timber may be used,
and so covered by paint as to pass as
To prevent wood from cracking, put the
articles in melting paraffine, heat them to a
temperature of 212 Fahr., until bubbles
of air cease to escape from the wood, then
allow to cool to about 120 Fahr., when
take from the bath, and clean from the ad
hering paraffine by rubbing with a dry,
coarse piece of cloth.
A correspondent of the Prairie
Farmer says corn should never be planted
when the ground is cold. If the ther
mometer has ranged from 70 to 80 degrees
for two days in succession, he thinks it
safe to plant in dry ground, but when the
thermometer stands below 60 degrees, he
thinks corn is better out of than in the
ground. , .- v ......
Unselfishness. What does "happy
mean? A little girl lately said it is " to
feel as if you wanted to give all your things
to your little sister." Yen smile, but I
scarcely see why you should. This little
girl felt that to be happy she must be n
telfith. She was right, and yon know it
Did you ever feel happy when you had sel
fish feelings in your breast ?
. Nourishing Soup for Invalids. Boil
two pounds of lean veal, or beef, with a
quarter of a pound of pearl barley in a
quart of water very slowly, until it be
comes the consistency of good cream j
flavor it with a little fresh celery, or celery
seed, and salt. Strain it when done
through a fine hair sieve, and serve. This
soup will only keep until the next day,
therefore not more than the quantity re
quired must be made.
To Color Scarlet. One oz. cochineal,
1 oz. cream of tartar. 1 oz. muriate of tin.
for one pound of woolen goods. Thor
oughly pulverize the cochineal by pound
ing. Put two pails of soft water in a brass
or porcelain kettle. Have the cochineal
in a bag, and while the water is coming to
a boil, squeeze it out with the hands, then
add the other ingredients, put in the goods
and let them boil one hour, constantly
stii ring Jxcnanse.
Cane "Shucks" for Manure.
R. A. Lee, of Alabama, writes to the
Southern Cultivator for a plan . by whic
"cane shucks" or old cane from which the
juice has been pressed, may be composted
and made useful as a manure. The Rural
2Vio Yorker makes the following sugges
tions : ,
" If lime and ashes are applied, to
heaps of vegetable matter, they will hasten
decomposition ; but the ammonia evolved
during the process will pass off into the
air and be lost unless some kind of an
absorbent is placed over the heap. Char
coal, dried peat, or even good loam, will
answer the purpose, and some such ma
terial should always be mixed with, - or
spread over, compost heaps, whenever
lime or ashes is used to aid decomposition.
It seems strange that the 'shucks' which
accumulate around s cane mill should be
allowed to go to Waste anywhere; for
they can be readily transformed into a
most valuable manure, even without the
addition of any other material. All that
is necessary to produce rapid fermentation
and decomposition is, to work over the
heaps in warm weather, admitting air:
and if not sufficiently moist, water should
be added, as heat, air and water will soon
produce a change upon any such mass of
vegetable matter.
" The first two or three times working
over is no child's play, and it requires pa
tience and muscle; but when the mass
once begins to crumble, it wUI soon be
come soft, and as readily handled as ordi
nary barn-yard manure.
"Corn-stalks and cane-shucks decom
pose very slowly if allowed to remain un
disturbed, in large heaps; but we have
changed the most uninviting heap of corn
stalks into a soft, rich, unctuous mass of
manure in three months, at a small cost in
labor, only by merely turning it over and
keeping it sufficiently moist to insure fer
b eutation. W e would not ask for better
fc iilizing material than the cane-shucks
referred to by Mr. Lee, and they can be
made available at a small cost. We would
advise our Southern friends to try com
posting cotton seed and cane-shucks, or
castor pomace and shucks. Depending
upon concentrated, commercial fertilizers,
is a great mistake, no matter where prac
tised; for there is not a county in the
United States which does not contain,
within its own boundaries, fertiling mate
rials enough to make every acre of land
within the same area rich and fertile. This
material may be in the form of swamp
mud, muck, marl, phosphates, or in the
natural fertility of the soil, to produce im
mense quantities of the coarse or fine
grasses; but we are sure that it is there,
and it only requires skilful labor to develop
these mines of wealth. The swamps and
muck beds of our counties are far more
valuable than our gold mines, but the mass
of farmers have not, as yet, learned to use
them to advantage."
Mors than a century ago a certain Miss
Wragg died in England. She had done
nothing remarkable to render her memory
lasting, but she is sot yet forgotten. Curi
ously enough, she bequeathed a small
amount to a certain parish for charity, on
condition that the vault should be opened
every year, and ber coffin dusted. If this
was not scrupulously done, the sum was
to be given to another parish. The fidelity
of the clergymen and wardens to their
sacred trust was secured by leaving one
guinea to .the former for preaching a ser
mon, and a certain sum to the latter for a
dinner to celebrate the cheerful anniver
sary on which the vault U opened.
How to Have Good Mutton.
The sheep is a delicate feeder, and makes
one of the most delicious and digestible of
all the butcher's meats. Like most ani
mals, it improves in flavor by age, and at
tains its perfection, in most breeds, at the
age of three years, when it makes, in Dan
itl Websters language, red-mutton so
called because the gravy, though well done,
is red and of high flavor. In feeding
sheep for the luxurious table, there should
be but few together, which allows them
greater variety of food and more repose.
In large flocks the strong sheep monopo
lize the best herbs and grasses, and the
weaker ones are poor and mean meat ; be
sides, there are always restless sheep where
many feed together, and the others of tbe
flock are ill at ease whilst any are on foot.
Sheep well-grazed are better than the stall
fed, and have that "gamey" and juicy
flesh so liked by epicures. The best talile
sheep in tbe British isl-s are the small
Welsh breed, wnich have the wide range
of those mountains.
But the best sheep in the world are often
spoiled by bad butchering, and I propose
to show how this should be done. Many
persons become disgusted with, and never
eat, mutton, because of what they term
the "wool-taste." Now, a sheep well
dressed may be wrapped in the skin and
wool, as well as in the pu est linen, and
never have a "wool" flavor. The intes
tines of the sheep are, like those of all the
ruminating animals, very long and power
ful in capillary absorption ; and, if allowed
to remain in the body after death, infuse
the odor and flavor of their contents into
the meat, ard thus give that ill taste.
Everything, then, depends upon rapid
dreunna. While vet alive, the sheen
should be suspended by the hind legs, well
apart, to two pegs, or hooks, to a cross-
timber, so that the body may De easily
reached on all sides without turning it.
The butcher should be prepared, with a
sharp knife, ax, meat-saw, thread, and
water ; also with a block, or low stool, to
stand upon, if need be; for the sheep, when
suspended, is too long generally to be
easily reached in all parts. The throat
should then be cut, severing both arteries,
and the blood entirely let cut ; if Profes
sor Uergh is about, the animal may oe
knocked on the back of the head with the
Dole of the ax. before usincr the knife.
The skin should then be rapidly taken off,
at least from the parts to be cut in .taking
out the intestines, and pinned back, so as
freely to allow that operation. This fin
ished, the blood should be well washed
out by casting on the body clean water
freely. Should the intestines at any time
be broken, let them be tied up at once,
and the soiled parts well cleansed. The
body should then hang until it is well dry,
when it is ready for use. Mutton (and all
meats) never ought to be salted, if possible,
until it is ready for the cook. Salt ab
sorbs the juices, dries and preserves the
meat, but spoils the flavor. Meat should
be hung in a cool, dry place, so that all
parts may be aired. Do not allow it to
become frozen, but if frozen, it should
be used, at once, if possible. In some
parts of Mexico, beef will hang in the air
tor weeks in the warmest weather, because
of the dryness of the climate. The la
dians and hunters dry their meats with
slow fires.
After large experience in many parts
of the world, I should say that " flesh.
fish, and fowl" should be eaten as soon as
possible after the animal heat is out. Per
sons in cities learn to like high" and
stale meats, because they get no other; but
it is a depraved taste, as men may learn to
use tobacco, which will kill most animals
and make a dog sick ! Cor, American Agriculturist.
Hiving Bees
In the first place, I have a bench three
and a-half feet long and sixteen inches
wide, two and a-half feet high ; also a box
a little larger one way than my hive, and
five inches high.. -I nail a strip of lath
across the inside, near one side, and even
with the top, edgewise, for the hive to rest
upon. My hives contain about two thou
sand cubic inches. My hive is high enough
to contain the honey caps in the chamber.
I sometimes put some pieces of comb in the
top of the under part ; this entices them to
stay and commence work ; but the passages
to the honey caps must be covered up by
turning the caps over. Apart of my hives
have frames, and in these I put comb.
So having all ready, I put the hives
in the shade, and wait for the bees to issue
As soon as they commence coming out
I take a few sprigs of lemon balm (bee
balm the small flowered, not the balm
with long, red flowers,) and rub the hive
inside, and as soon as they alight I set my
bench in the shade, as near them as con
venient, and put my box on one end and
the hive on the other. Then I take the
box on one arm and hold it under the bees,
and with the other hand shake them into
it, then set them on the bench and place
the hive over them, a little corner-wise, to
give them air, and they will generally o
up readily. But if some lingert 'n, a stick
as big as a pipe-stem inn stir them up
carefully, and tiey win wtm g0 np and
then C5ii oe set oh Ihe bottom board. But
uteuve must not be set down tight tit
must set on blocks half an inch thick, and,
if it is hot weather, one inch high. Some
times, in hot weather, they will come out
and alight, or go to the woods. "WeU,"
says one, "they didnt like the hive; or
they had a plaoe picked out and would go
to it." Not so fast; I had one large swarm
Come out that way, and I put them back in
the same hive and got a pail of cold water
from' the well and, with a broom brush, I
sprinkled the ground about the hive and
threw some up in the air and it came down
like rain, and so I saved my bees; and sol
do with all my swarms in hot weather.
t " But, " says one, " I can't spend my time
in that way. Stop! let me count the cost:
A good sized swarm in June is worth $5 ;
in July $2 to f 3, and who can aflord to
lose that amount ?"
" But Lhave another way of hiving, some
easier than the first named. I have a pole
ten feet long ; on this I tie some branches
from a tree two feet long, and put it in the
shade, and when they begin to come out I
take some balm and pound it, and put it
on the branches, and hold it up among
them, and most of the time they will come
to it ; but this requires practice. By this
mode of hiving I save ail my swarms."
Rural Ifev Yorker.
Farmer's Sociables.
" Am, work sad no Jplay makes Jack a doll
'This is just as true in regard to men and
women, children of a larger growth, "
who quite as much need their seasons
of relaxation and mental exhilaration.
All need a good time, a spiritual banquet
once in a while, and when associated so
as to promote worthy objects, it is kill
ing two birds with one stone.
I accepted an invitation to be present
and make a bit of a speech at a farmers'
festival which came off at Bristol last
month on the occasion of the annual elec
tion of officers of the large and flourishing
farmers' club there. The entertainment
was got up in superb style by the ladies
connected with the club. Roast turkey,
the nicest home-made jellies, cakes. Dies.
fruits, fragrant Java coffee with plenty of
cream ana sugar, were provided lor several
hundred, who partook in a thanksgiving
and happy spirit. Much good cheer and
brotherly love was manifested, and the
spirit of co-working in the good cause of
promoting agricultural interests was vis
ibly and happily promoted. The club has
a numerous list of paying members and
zealous officers whose names have been re
cently published in your columns. There
are those who are continually croaking
and making much lugubrious talk about
our noble States in an agricultural view.
Their influence should be shunned as op
posed to the best good and interests of all
The spirit of improvement and inquiry
developed by our agricultural clubs are
producing good results, which ire plainly
viable where located. Maine Farmer.
Thb Dubuque Time says : - " Some two
years ago an Illinoisian, temporarily- so
journing in this city, passed a f 3 counter
feit bill upon an honest and unsuspecting
brewer here, The Illinois man went
home, but it seems that his conscience
troubled him, and so, the other day, he ad
dressed the victimised brewer a lett-r, en
closing f 3 ' genuine currency,' which he
begged the brewer to accept, and forget,
possible, the wrong done,"
Youths' Department.
One little black dnck, one little gray.
Six little white ducks running out to play;
One white lady duck, motherly and trim.
fcigni mue nany aucu do una tor a swim.
One little white duck hol.Iin!: np its winirs.
One little hobbling duck making water riup;
One little black duck turning round its bead.
One big black duck guess he's gone to bed.
One little white duck, running from the watar.
One yery fat duck pretty littie daughter!
One Yery grave duck swimming off alone.
One little white duck standing on a atuue.
One little while dnck walking by its mother.
look among ine water reeor, may be there a
Not another anywhere? Surely you are blind;
Push away the grass, dear, ductus are hard to lind.
Briirht little brown eyes o'er the pictnre linger:
Point me all the ducks out. chubby little finger!
Make tlie picture mueiral. merry little shout I
Now, Where's that other duck? What is he about?
I think the other duck's the nicest duck of all ;
lie hasn't any feathers, and his mouth is sweet and
small 1
He rnns with a light step, and jumps upon my
And though he cannot swim, he's Yery dear to me.
One little lady duck, motherly and trim;
Eight little baby duck bound" fur a swim;
One lazy black duck takiug unite a uap,
One little recios duck here on mamma's lap, J.
, ; . SEBY. ' :
Thb sun was going 'down upon Flor
ence as she sat with her mother upon the
veranda, and her face was sad, though the
sunlight fell upon it . .
" Mother, I am sorry 'that I ever had
anything to do with Mary Arlington?"
" Why so, my child?'
.Because she only uses my kindness for
her own selfishness. I have helped her in
her lessons, and got her off when she was
in trouble with her teacher. Miss Atkin?.
and you know that I let Miss Atkins think
that i hid broke the rules rather than she
should be exposed. And she has never
thanked me. And I know that she says
hateful things about me behind my back.
I am tired ot being kind to her, and get
ting nothing for it but her selfishness?'
"Well, my dear, do you act kindly for
the sake of getting somethinir back for it?
Ought we not to act generously for our
own sake, even more than fir others
sake?" . . : i '. -
"I don't see any use in being generous
when it only makes people worse. .
" But our Master says : ' If yc love them
that love you, what reward (or merit) have
ye ? ' Do not even the Duulicans the same ?'
It is very pleasant to receive kindness for
Kindness, nut no one is acting as a
Christian that is not w'llinetoshow kind
ness and s?lf- Jenial to those who arc un-
gratefhl and selfish."
Nothing more was said " at Ibis time.
Florence bad the matter upon her heart all
the evening, and was gWl when bedtime
came, that she: might sleep off all her
troubles. -
She aoon fell asleep and beran to dream.
Aow dreamland is fairyland. . All manner
( f ntlPAr rii. Ml 1 it . n. . mm. V. 1
dreamland, and very remarkable things
happen there. Florence had gone to sleep
without- shutting her chamber window,
and the wind must have been a little cold,
for she dreamed that the snow lay upon
the ground. And she saw a man with a
large bag slung diagonally across his
breast, sowing some kind of seal. It
seemed very strange to see him casiing
seed on the snow, and so she dreamed that
she asked him, " Will the seed conic up
in the snow ?"
When he heard her, he turned his face,
and she never saw a farmer with so noble
a countenance. His eyes were large and
sad, and yet there was also a look in them
of calm hopefulness.
" We sow our seed grass upon the snow,
in hopes that by and by the snow will
melt, and then the seed, sprouted by its
moisture, will como up." And fixing his
cjcb penny uun ner, 93 11 ue would mark
the effect of his words, he said. " Thev
who, in this world, would sow the seeds of
goodness, must do so as we farmers do.
and often sow upon the bosom of the
She awoke so plainly did his voice
Buunu in ner ears. Kising, she closed the
window and again fell aslecD.
In a short time she began dreaming
uiuic Buaugeiy intra neiore.
cue luuugnt mai sne saw a nonr
woman, who was living upon a piece of
Yciy unm uuu rocay ground, trying to
plant thereon some flower seeds. But
every time she opened her hand the wind
seemed to puff them away.' At last when
her seed was almost . gone, Florence
thought that what had med to be the
wind began to look like birds, and little
by hu e they changed to besS;,lul spirit,,
and she saw that ,i,. 1 ' ,u:J
hands the that wye tMe&
"P01; tae rock, and thf cw it upward ; and
Use seed seemed to fly up and up till it was
all Moce out of sight r .
While she stood looking up, she thought
that . the. ekies opened ; and she looked
through and saw -those beautiful spirits
planting the very seeds that had been cast
forth out of tbe palsied hand of the poor
old woman. No sooner, did they touch
the ground than they sprang up again into
all manner of beautiful flowers, more beau
tiful a hundred times than any lilies, or
roses, of jasamines that she had had ever
seen on earth.
As sho . stood admiring . the beautiful
signi, sn turned and saw the very same
person by her side that had been sowing
grass-seed on the snow. JJut now he was
clothed radiantly, as if the brightest clouds
had. been, made int garments; and his
face, that was beautiful before, seemed to
her more beautiful than :&1L the flowers.
Then he looked very kindly upon her, and
said: " My dear child, do you not see that
only here and there a seed fell to the
ground and came up, but that all the rest
went through and were planted in heaven-?
So it is with kindness among men. The
earth catches a few, only, of the seeds of
Kindness sown, but all the rest go through
and are planted in Heaven; and so noth
ing good is ever lost"
At this he laid his hand upon her head,
and such a thrill ran through her body
that she sprang and awoke. Her mother
it was who had "touched her, saying,
"Come,. Florence; it is morning. The
birds are calling you.- Come." XL W.
Racier, i . i
A Talk with My Boys.
I have two minds about you, boys. I
mean yon older ones, from ten to fifteen,
or thereabouts. Sometimes I meet you
on the streets, and you bow to me pleas
antly, and your faces look to bright and
manly, that I say to myselt; " What grand,
noble men they will make !" Or I see you
at my home, or in your own homes, and
fou are gentlemanly, and thoughtful, and
feel proud of you, and I know your
mothers do, too. And then, perhaps the
very next day, I see you shouting and
laughing at a poor dog that is fairly frantic
with terror at some dreadful thing tied to
his tail; or, worse yet, I see you abusing
and tyrannizing over some unlucky little
mate, who dosen't happen to be as strong
as you are, and can only resent your abuse
by impotent rage, which seems to be vast
ly amusing. It is ruch fun to oelt a toor.
little wretch with snowballs, every one of
imuu Kurs tsintiguv us uu arrow 10 lis
mark, while his fly wildly in every direc
tion but the right. It is tiichfun to throw
a little fellow head foremost into a snow
drift, or catch him by the ends of his
scarf and whirl him aronnd until he is
half strangled, and then let him drop like
a bullet to the ground. It is tveh fun to
rin off with his bull ; to split his top with
a well-aimed "peg;" to tend his marbles
flying into a dirty puddle; to make, in a
thousand ways, his life such a burden to
him that he never goes out upon the street
without looking nervously around to see
if you were in eight -.- - - .
I tell you, boys, when I see such things
as these and I have seen them for years
and yearB--thert'-' I change" my mind, and
think you must have, somewhere in vour
natures, a streak of 00 wardioe, and rufflta
ism, and meanness. - Meanf Why, there
are no words in the English language
strong enongh to tell how mean it seems
to me. You, who ought to be the defend
ers of everything, weak, and unfortunate,
and defcnccles.', whose , very ' strenglh
should make you; genlle, and wo should
scorn anything -so cowardly as finding
pleasure In seeing others surfer, J wish 1
could make you feel how datttardly -it . all
is, and how far below even the beginning
of a true manhood. J ' ' '
The trouble iswithkwswrfoneTtf.atrainst
which the boldest hardly dare transgress,
and which is all very well, as far as it goes.
The greatest bully on the playground
would not venture deliberately to assault
and flog a little fellow half, his own size.
The chivalry of all his mates would be
reused to defend the .weaker, and the
chances are that the big tyrant would be
soundly thrashed. But these smaller ty
rannies the boys' code of morals do not
touch ; and so, little by. little, he grows
careless of the sufferings of others, and
seeks bis own amusement regarrllcssof the
pain of such insignificant acimalraa dogs,
kittens, and small hoys. Little Corporal. .
[From the New York Independent.]
The Northern Pacific Railroad.
Midway across the continent at the
head of twelve hundred miles of Lake
navigation a thouandmiles from ButKilo,
the western terminus of the -Erie Canal.
and as near to it by water ss Chicago a
ntinarea mtics west ot tr.e lonettudc or St
Louis or Galena is the youne city of
Dulu'.h, the initial point of tbe Northern
Pacific Railroad. The creat work, so
magnificently endowed by the Govern
ment, is already being pushed rapidly
westward, under its energetic controllers;
and before the snow flies next fall, it will
be completed to the western line of Min
nesota, where it crosses the Rod River of
the XtGrtli which rune . northward to
Lake Winninee and one-eighth of its
distance to the Pacific Ocean will have
been accomplished. Commencing, too,
ihis season on its western linej the work
will be prosecuted from both directions,
and long before the nation celebrates its
Centennial Anniversary of Independence,
the Lakes will be united by iron bands
wnn mat Mediterranean of our Northwest,
Pucet found.
&Of the auspicious Influence of Ibis en-
voi piioe, wnicu uui a iew years ago would
have been considered so darinir. the most
sanguine of Its friends have scarcely yet a
full realization. Even taking Chicago as
a starting point, it will be via St PatU,
wnere an arm or the Northern .Pacihc
Railroad is reached) two hiindred miles
leS tO Pi1?et Sound trtltn in Sin Franriwn
Besides this. Vessels from the Golden Gate
to China sail on what is called the grand
circle, instead of in a straight line : and
anyone testing this by a string on a globe
win do surprised at the result it tnev
have not previously studied the effect of
iui; ,iiiiuuuiit lull voriu . AuU 119
diminished protuberance as you go north
ward towaras tne role, llencc, when they
have sailed eight hundred miles from San
Francisco they are only one hundred miles
from the -entrance to Puget Sound; and
in is sinking lact shows the Advantages
this route will have $n commanding the
through tra?ic Xf Asia with our Atlantic
Sinte, or that portion of it . which will
pass over .the soil of this nation on its
road to Europe. ......
Nor is - this all. Development js the
great duty or the republtcV after all its re
cent trials. Resources af a the gift of the
Creator. Developing them depends on
the work or man. Along the line of the
Northern Pacific Railroad, as it follows
up the water-courses, the Missouri and
the Yellowstone on this side, and descends
by the valley of the Columbia on the
other, a vast body of agricultural land is
waiting for the plow with a climate al
most exactly the 6a me as that of New
York, ekcept that, with less snow, cattle,
in the larger portion of it, can subsist on
the open range in winter. Herat If cli
mate and fertility of soil produce their
natural result, when railroad, facilities
open this now isolated region to settle
ment, ill Kdn i seen "waving grain
Gelds, and happy homes, and growing
towns ; while ultimately a cordon of pros
perous States, teeming with population,
and rich in industry and consentient
wealth, will occupy that how undeveloped
and almost inaccessible portion of our con
tinental area.
But this road is Tortunatd alsd in its
pathway across the two ranges of moun
tains which rested so severely the Pacific
Railroads built on the central line, and
the overcoming of which reflected such
will-destrvcd honor on their energetic
builders. . At the Deer Lodge Pass, in
Montana, where it crosses the Rocky
Mountains, its altitude above the sea is
3,500 feet less than the Union Pacific Rail
road at Sherman, which is said to be the
highest point at which a locomotive can
be found in the world..1 And on the Pacific
side of "the continent it is even more
fortunate. From Arizona up to the Arc
tic Circle the Columbia is the only river
which has torn its war through that
mighty range, the Andes of North Ameri
ca, which in California is known as the
Sierras, but which in Oregon changes its
name to the Cascades. Nature has thus
provided a pathway foi the Northern Pa
cific road through these mountains, the
scaline of which on the other line, at an
elevation of over seven thousand feet (a
most wonderful triumph of engineering),
cost the Central Pacific Company millions
of dollars, and compelled them, tor seventy
miles, to maintain a grade of over 100 feet
to the mile twice the maximum or the
Northern Paci'c at the most difficult
poiut in its entire route.
. It is fortunate, also, in its terminus on
the Pacific coast No one who has not
been there can realize the beauty of Puget
Sound and its surroundings. One hun
dred miles long, but so full of inlets and
straits that its navigable shore line meas
ures seventeen hundred and sixty miles.
dotted with. lovely islets, with gigantic
trees almost to the water s edge, with sate
anchorage everywhere, and stretching
southward, without shoals or bars, from
the Straits of Fuca to the capital and cen
ter of Washington Territory, it will be
magnificent entrepot for the commerce of
the grandest ocean ot tne world, tne
Pacific. The Land Grant of the
United States exceeding fifty millions of
acres in the winter-wheat region or our
nation (ten times as large as the area of
Massachusetts), is doubtless sufficient Tor
the completion of the road ; but besides
this, millions or private means are already
invested in it The bonds based on the Land
Grant and a mortgage on the road itself
in addition, are being soid as rapidly as
the money is needed; and, as an invest
ment, yielding about eight per cent per
year in currency, rank already with the
best class of railroad securities. And
thus the good work will go on with un
checked step to Its nnal consummation,
carrying the blessings of settlement de
velopment civilization and Christianity
with it in its progress, and literally caus
ing the wilderness to blossom as the rose.
M. De Fosville, an eminent meteorol
ogist, endeavors to show why an increased
a'mospheric pressure generally accompa
nies fair weather, and a diminished pres
sure wet According to his theory, the
dry winds come from the north or north
west, and hence, traveling from a cold re
irion. the air has a tendency to descend,
and, therefore, to increase the pressure of
tbe atmosphere, ss shown by the rising of
tbe barometer, on the other hand, winds
laden with moisture usually come from
the south or wuthwest consequently
causing a diminished pressure, and a fall
of the barometer.
Some Chinese fishermen recently caught,
at the entrance to the bay of San Die"go,
CaL, a green sea turtle, which measured
four feet six inches in length, and weighed
83o pounds.
The School Festival for April is re
ceived. It i? beiutlf ul ortln!, quarterly maga.
line, devoted exdtnrtrely to Sunday School and
Day School exhibitions, concerts, etc. It it Just
the tning for every teacher and every pupil. Price
Sftv cents a year; 15 eta. for single copy. Writ
for ft. PuDlished by Al.rr.ia L. Sctysxx A Co.'
Chicago, IU. ;
Bealth has a BEAriT or its owx. Jfd
eruptions, sores or discolorations disfigure or
anDCy trie man or numia .uun oiuium-u,
liver and towels do their duty thoroughly.
To compel iht-m to their work,- to reader a
impowJMe Sdt them to do it in slovenly, im
perfect wv, rt in only nec8ary u ta tea tew
dotes 01 un. - .
This potaiit vegeta We epecitic renovates every
weakened organ tnd controls every disordered
ftnunu'i White Wine Vinegar is a most
st perb artici fcr table dm Warranted pwe.
Evikx man who ha snvthinir t&dn
quires. rellbla timekeeper JL feeling, ul
national pride leaas an to preter arrAmerlcan
watch. .-Bat local dealers have for-several
yean dlDCpvratred their customers from buv
1ns them and for this reason only : A Innirr
profit could bi mad onfortiim leatehe. and tlie
jrrutnt repair mtk maltha rrqvired ta a
featty aonrce of income to me wain-mantr.
w allnam walenea nave year Dy year crown
into favor' with all who have worm them;
they have proved not only reliable but eco
nomical, as repairs are seiuom uccaea. i ney,
UkC other standard articles, are told at mod
erate prices, which afford tbe retailer hut a
small pront comt-ared witn tliat wtuencan be
made on other watches. But -they require
no urging. They sell themselves, lleace,
wide-awake dealers make this np by keeping
a full stock and sellihe a larger tanmber. Many
dealers now divert their customer frotri the
Walthamto other inferior rratches, and, by
disparaging tbe WaUbahi and rrcomnienilrri!;
those comiLratiTely unknowo watches, they
sell tuem for a hielier price, and thus secure
a larger profit. We nnderstund that Waltham
watches are rurnUhed to the retailer at prices
wnich will enable him to sell them cheap and
yet make a fair profit. Therefore, all intend
ing to ptrrehaae, ind who prefer an American
watch, should insist oa having their prefer
ences rcspccica. ft j. . 'i .
A Vista or Bcsv Litre While vieitingthe
new store of John V. Farwell & Co., one day
hutwoek, we were enrprlwd at swine; the
Urge amount of goods told there. The enor
mous drain of their daily euipmenU would
soon empty their mammoth store were not
their stock replenished durifg t!ie niV.nt from
the immense reserve to tttelr warehouse, as
well as by freoh arrivals aliuwt dailv from
the ttahufactures in this, country and in En-
rope. The daily emptying and tilling up ol
in la ereai aepol ol ary goods is like tlie ebb
ing and flowing of tbe tide. - In the ainotmt
of tales they lead all com petttor
tl '
Varus fr Sirgeons all ever the conntry
are recommending Mmtfan' L'avalrg CvfJi
lion Povden for the following troublj in
horses : Lrfss of appetite, roughness of the
hair, ttoppaire of bowels or'wte, thick
water, coughs and cold, Swelling of tbe
glands, worwsj hrrtae ail, thick wind, and
m m'm -
A friend of ours, who U chief clerk In the
governmental Dispensary, says tbat no medi
cine cuest is now complete without ur.won
Anodyne Liniment. Ve elwy? Supposed it
wta prescribed h !w ; if It is not, it oueht
to he fcf Certiinly there is nothing in the
h"lc materia medic of so much importance
to the soldier or the tailor as Jahntom' Ano-
dyn Liniment.
HoTsnm who wits T)Areirriu tws.t bays
Weak Lcicne should arrest tbe disease when it is
In Ihe incipient stage. !t is Indicated by hack
ing te-nrt. vrn in Ihe ebe, difficulty of breath
ing ot Oppression of the luun. if this be per.
AiUed to ran on, tubercles will form, and Con
sumption will be the result. - A most valuable
remedy will be round in Allen's Luni; Halram, to
' - Bjra rwc iuis uikck in iib urei singe.
X or aaie oj au jaeojcme ueaiera.
Danger Ahead.
A thujlc spark BtV kindle a flame that will con
sume a city, and small ailments neglected, may
end to fatal disorder. Beutiif this fact in Bind,
let the irst symptoms of dehtilty Of nSrtoiit pros
tration be mat promptly with Invigorating treat
ment. Foremost among the vegetablb tonic of
tbB age stands Hostetthr'i Stomach Bitters, and
whetrtTerthavity powers teem to languish, or
trier 3 any reason to inspect tbat the animal
functions essential to theenstenarion and purlflca-
oon of tin body are. imperfectly performed tan) In
valuable invigoraat aud antiseptic should at ones
be resorted to. Tndlires'Jon always p radices
weakness of thj bodily powers. Sometime it
narpent tlitit tbe antKUte demands more food uun
the stomach can digest; thongh not more, pcrbai,
thaa it required o keen p the full streoktb of I be
frame. The ohtrel under such eirenmstanues. la to
Inreiie tne digestive capacity of tbe ae-similattnj?
orfran, to as to make It equal to tbe duty Imposed
npon It try tne appeute, aud capable of saiiply mg
the biuldiiw matt rial or Ihe vcm as fast as It is
required. This object Is fully accomplished by the
nse of the F t'ers; ThGv tone aad rentlv fitimn
late the cellular membrane which Secretes the eas-
tiK juh, and the result that tbe solvent w min
gled with, tbe fooa In infflcient quantity to con
vhrt Rll ita nourishing particles into pure and
wholesome element. If. on tlie other band, there
it a deficiency of appetite, without any eorre
ponittf deficiency of digestive power, the effect
of tbe tonic is to stimulate a desire for food.
nineteen cases out of twenty, headache, nansea,
nervousness, fainting-fits, spasms, and. Indeed,
most of the raanal aches and naina to which hu
manity is subject, proceed primarily from iudlges-
non comnucaiea witn mnonsness: and tor notn
these complaints Hosteller's Stomach Bitten are
recommended aa a speeay ana certain remeay.
Ha been terted a evwy variety of climate, and bv almost
every nation known to Americwi. It lit the. alnit cn
stantromiiantnaiMl liHvt in table fi-tcnd of tlie niilcrwo
ami th traveler, on sea ami land, and no one abould travel
OH ffllr A K A yif. rtlVMia WI11IUL1 It- (.
PaiI5-KIIXEB wm the first ud is the Omlj Per-
BSJieKt Paia-BelleTer..
Since the PATN -KILT, FR was flrt tnrrodnced, and met
with oeh mirmnrwed Nde, nrany Liniment, Panat-ea, and
other rrruedk have been offered to the public, but not one
of them has ever attained tbe truly bkylals kuj,diso
Why is this so?
It Is brrnrwe DAVIS PAIN-KILLER is what 11 claims
to De a Keueveroi rain.
Its HerUs art) IJiianrpaaecal.
are suflertnj from TSTKKNAL PAIN. Twenty
r Thirty lrofln a
irty llrope In a Little v, alcr i
There ai DoOung to equal U.
Little Water will alraiwt instantly rue
In a lew moments
Colic, Croats, Spawtaa, Heart-ban, Biarrno-a,
Dyaeatery, Flax, W lad fa the Bowels, Soar
Strauch, Drtpela.fiiek Headache. '
In sections of the country where
Prevails, there Is no remedy held In sreater esteem. Every
bouekertier ebrmtd keep It at hanl. k apnl v II on the trst
attack ol any Pain. It will give aattslaclory rciitl, and
save noura oi iHiiienns.
Do not nine with yourselves by testing untried remedies.
Re mm vrtn .-all fur and iet the etfiuiiie PALX-K U.I.KIi.
as many womilemiMHtrarosare attempted to be auhl on
Uie irreat reputation ol tin valuable tneuicine.
MP Directions accompany each buttle.
Price C5 ctaM eta. aad $1 per Bottle.
J. N. HAKRI9 Sc CO., Cincinnati, Ohio,
' Proprietors Ibrthe Southern and Western States.
tW For sale by an Medicine Dealers.
Is the oxt.t Orsan with the
teiebrttt-d Vox Jubiiunte
and Vx Hitman hu
lrice ihm OM itrm-jtnw.
EMd on nnM InaLillm
Send for Catalucut: to
Beed Temple of Hiuic,
. .471rt)QrnSU
LABORERS OR FEMALE FELP of 8wcd'b, Nor-weri-BorGermin
nationality a! wart to he bad by
Si plying pem-nilTor ny tea-r 10 me uaxish uuju.
AOSJICT, V41 a&aM naouoipa ot, -u t-n, m.
$5 TO $10 PER DAY. &EI.n?S
wbo eiijraa in oar mew btutneae make from 5 to
S10 pr day In thcirowulocalUio. FaUpaiucu
hn and instructions sent free by malt. Those in
need of permanent, profitable work, iboald a-ldreaa
st once. 6soes Eiiidoa & Co- PorUaod. U-uns.
TlVTn-AiTRWfH. 24l set davl to
sell the celebrated b OMS SH u l"l LK SN WING
MACH1MK. Hat ue ttadrr-rafti, maxea ui.
-loci cA " (alike en both s;ii s.) aau is ym
ltm Ttia heat and cheauest lamiT ei
in. Uachlne la the maravt. Address JOHN'
SOiJ. CLAKK CO., Boston, ata-a.. Pitts
burgh. Pv. Cnacaco.llL.oi Ba. Loula, at a.
TO THE VOftKTVO CLASfc ere now rjrprtrrd to
rbrnlmh aUelatMa with constant tmpkTTrjent at htvj,t
wbrtlcof ths time or Ibrthe spare mrrrrrits. Busin mew,
lifhtainrl nmflt&rjltv Prrwma nf Cither MX ealiv earn fir-m
arV.to3percTeinr,aiidoproixirtion-ilurii by devoting
their wool daw to tbe boatceM. Boy-aod cirlsearn nearty
imochumra. T hat oil who eee tins m Uct- ny Mud their
td-lraw, and trat tba b trail cm, wts make thH unparalirVd
tren Tosoch aart not well "tbfled, w- irljl fctm, f 1 to pay
f(rrthebwbleofwrtt)na Fall rmrtrcnUrri, raluahic sum
pie which wHl do to commence work on, aod a copy of J M
FropaV'a Litermy Oxwrw - ona of tbe hs-c-M and
best CusHy newspaper paoLhd 1 tent fmm by rasil.
jUadetg ifVoq wot Mnnannt iroritab! wnrk atklrcas
A pamphlet of tw3re paes, slvtrri the In
IbraiaUou which ts valuable to evtjry man.
woman and child is tbe U. 6-, will be sent
... JJbaaapuua, Jiina.
VimXGAH. bow maU ' 19 koura, will a drnaw
11)1 nr H,.jx u ot2. t . i root wet, i
FLOrtrtJ Wat, atronpa and m-we dllhtftj than
Cologne ; EemiAj Caiaa, for the Htndkeich'ef, Tor
jKTN Mess, Laho La so, sew, wy fine; CLoaaa
Bais Oil. Sachets, PoAiyy, OTrHT Planters. Coos
tae ExTSAtrrs, FlAwntaTTifTnKF txTSAcrs, ail kiiida,
bJinorrrr-?T put ap lu rbmeUlfui S-botUe lx .s. Wlwvenaj
old. Families can obtain a wpnly at hortale prtcra by
WTirJni lor price Uat. Goods sent by expreaa. LhJo&tV
fyMlt jAJfBTUJ WWXUiftUf.
OnnMntnt ttj nrle f thn H- arM atmnW 6t kVrieb
otls, si! tht-rrtDrtpl involved I the pf-rBMnll4nxc4
ui-.-jlS ilh t'j?mvrt-'t'vnoi!'y yf arjJ ru) Jtslts
uni4of un't.Tf orrsnrirer oneorimonniiitot
tin- no rn .-.uirn of flrw; no ake or charcoal: no
hits onatil
pomHlintof tek: nrUilui All the Jul ocs and Avor, wtileh
reul'r.t!v l;nt hv the ordiiuiry nrocw; bnuli Hteak In
fnHU 9 III 1 ium:lU-A: rcnUt-T torn-h wax xrrtArr dim
wr with Ml smell of tmrmna; irmuet brntaj
rtjti illy wll "vit cul or wonrt :
an-wrr for all ued iot
nuKn-opentnxB: sad iseqiulty ood tar tmic ehjeken,
haiu. chom. iwli and ovwur-i. It la also an aneuualtu bread
iMteraaleonvpoppsf. . ...
"r mirt rf rtiiMa lmrii trim rmrjr rm tnrer, atnP
rcitsBiiiyotedr-ttii!unnieil QkrulaaaooM and
thereby dcsit) ins nwwry elose HU
GuamUced 10 rulnlt alltrnhove w Intaneiia. oraxawr
rpfumktl Itetiiil price, Si.Or). Fine lrnh (rrate flic Cun
poatitug an uiate-ruaauug, when dcalieu,Xceua .
Liberal discount to the trade.
At broiler win him bran labrl attartnt wHa aauntan
1 rule Mark uLiuipeU uiereoo.
. Amerinut Bmiler Mmnfcrrarhtc Q,iS1eM St Broad
m-t, New York, and It list sirtrc, uncinnau.
For silent ij;nm v-TirT ancr by -
. 'RA.K ST.l'WM5 (tt, Ctteaia, . ,.
' f-. RArkSwCO,Ijrtrolt.
' C. SHLPARD CO, Milwaukee.
CTeajMrodQloYfftndnllkiHrrtf nnirftbnd elothto. rS
irrortd r.tius tMriweCav4mUiy,wiuiouiuiPrtui
injur to Dm: lineal lVihc. bold br Drmcrl'U and Fancy
tLvc .,!, V W V 11? A LT U lUitl 1UVV '
SI Barclay Bt , V' 1 ork, 46 LaSalle St, Chicago
GOLD com
A HK'tiis tor aUI, ''
Men and women, without iiKvenletic to their dally
tm.une, erm ;dd a roou c ,tuaa, ana mL ine ssineumsna
l.w-rnru ii.Aiin.
ramptiiftM routainiug mil panunuaxs nmr wj aoum si
Ta.TuI Pafrata. A e. E. H. PATX. Manolarfr.
lUmiiu?, Vt. aic per tetter. Mailed oa receftM at arte.
pees MAKE&3 ASH to aittt AcrotEKa or all
kinds or
rs-rnrnrso nwruitt sAtfs, frtf patent
DiSKR?! TfcKTH '; SllUrt TtmTH CtlKJCLAR
saws; v.taimnLa, gumming machines. c,
r, -brrlCB AND vYAKKBOOM, 29 AM 31
, . -ro . v t
' Dyspepsia, Indigestion, XeirouBcaa, Ac
i ' .. .
Tbls met able and hWyrttaartptia Tine Is prenaredatt
a? to iitrsent toihvalhle a reliabie combination of the varaa
bleeWment of Cmmrf, pHoarnoaot m laow. In a
farm mure accer.tabie tbaniua Ordinary fajepaaadoas ol
An lanic Tronrl iir garurrva edally adarerl to eft.
delicate eorMlmUoa of Ladies, la cases of general weak-
neas. Vjm of-nervoos enerer asrthmwvrjtiaedNotid. n
promote!! tbcuppetite, Kivearmewcd strengtb and octet
Id tbe whole system. -
- tiijjbh at t'U, .-. ; i
Plnrniaceudsts and Chemists,
Sew Lebanon, Jf. Y, an lTCTTHIlam St, Sew York.
For sale by rjmjgrfct aeneralhr . ' . : 1 '
CHABLE3 A. DANA. Editor.
A Newspaper el the Pretest Timet. . , .
Intended for People New ea Earth.
- lactndtnt Farm era. Mechanics, Merchants, Pro
fessional Men, Workers. Tnrakere, and all Man
ner of Honest Polks, aad tbe Wires, Bona, aad
Daozntereof all men.
. Or lest that Oat Cent a Copy. Let fltart be a
830 Clnb tt every Post 01D.ce.
tbe tamo sun and general character as
TBE WEEKLY, bat with t greater rartety of
miscelianeona readme, and fnrnisklot; tbe newt
to Its anoscrthera wltb greater freshaa
. It eamee twice a wacklasUa4of uaceooly.
A BreSeitnentlT readable aewsDaser. wna 1
largest eiruiiiaUoa in tbe world. Pre,, Inde-
nenaeat, aca ieariefs m poiiiica. a i m, news
1 from evrry where. Two cents a copy ; by mall.
du cents amouw,or a, ajcar. .
Tlra eoniea. one rear, aeuarmtelv adreased.
Fear Dalian.
Ten eopan, one year. seDarntelr addressed iand
aa extra copy to ibe setter ap of e ino .
Eicht Dollar.
Twenty copies. ne re-rr, aep-rratelr addressed
(aod an extra copy iu the setter op of elnhl.
Fifteen Dollars.
Firry coplea. one rear, to one address tand the
SenuV t eekly one year to retter a p of cla b, -
Thirty-three Dollar..
Pi fry copies, one year. eporatelT addressed (and
tue scan-w ee&ij one year io cetrer np oi cmoi,
Tbinydve Dollars.
One bnnflred eorlea. one rear, to one adilrasa
. (and the Dally for one your to the getter nt of
c.uj). riur vonara.
Oae bondred eooiet. one year, sefieratery ad-'
drecel lam! the Doily lor oaa year to trie retter
Prre copies, one rear. srDaiaterr arrrenert.
Eight Dollar.
Ten eorlea, one rear, separately alrtraascd (aaat
aa exirai copy io cctwr up oi ci-io I,
bixteea Dollars.
m Post oflr order,, eheeka, or draft, en New
York, wherever convenient. If not, tne a regaucr
we icuera containing uiouey.. Auon-aa
L W. ENGLASI, Pnblkbee. .
" ' Vi ' . - 6a office, Jiew Y-r Clly.
A new Sectional Map of Illinois,
; A new hecti -n-l Map ol Iowa. . , - .
- A new Sectional Map' of Ml-w'-m-t .
. rnt, u.n tlaa ITnltad Matea.
Tbe latest tnd most attractive Maps arerMbBsbed
Aitdrasn Kcrus BuacsaaD, 1-M Lake sn-tsn. CWcago, 111
firmO.ITY.-tV, 2, and SC bin sent as a earl
osiy iVr &. H. I JOKES. Den r City. Cotasado.
DR. CROOK'S WD g OP TAB at srsmedy wMcbhas
stf-vd tlie tit of the public r 10 yeara, and been pro-
noaiH-M reluiAie o, rn, i
aiaraea tt has .il.' "t- and by the
dru-rpu of the country
you n-om beane carad ab
U41 von let ra-eiudiot arerenl
TAKE Ih. Crook twine of Tar If yon nave a Cough oi
Cold. .
TAKE Dr. Crook's Vine of Tar fcr yoor Throat or Long
Ailments. ...
TAKE Or. Crook's Wine of Tar ITyon wish Asthma
cured. - - - . .
TAKE Dr. Crook's Wine of Tar tx Bronchitis. '
TAKE Dr. Crook's wTne of Tarlf yoor Arpetite Is poor.
TAKE Dr.Crookn What sf Tar afyonr Stomach la est
Of OXdtf , - ; ' - .-; I
TAKE Dr. Crook's WTiaof Tar If yon have Oat Uvnr
TAKE Dr. Crook TVise of T If btv Crmary
TAKE Dr. Crook's Wine of Tarlf yon fed Weak tnd
DtliUiurod. : - ' - -
TAKE Dr. Crook' Win, ol Tarlf yon bans a Chsonkt
Couh you wl-Ii cured. . - T
TAKE Dr. Crook's Wine c Tar to strengtben and build
onyuurayncnw - ? ' -j
DR. CEOOK'S WISE OF TAB wlQ care yesrrtrsr
" Tear. toe Acres. IS areenaooaea. '
Largest Assort meat-nil aJsee. Best sweeatl
Lew Prloaal
Would yon know What. When, How to JtottTrm
?hade, Kverzrecn Treea: Erxit Cralta. SeertrtriO, Ow1
r:.oe Annie Seed: Tsarlr rawPoaMsasi Sarohaj JSusot
Greenhooae and Iranlen FUh'J. &c t i
' '. Tlower-anTeeiatdBoedav
rw, at Coi.'tton-ora triel Qoaliry. nt) w
ee-TFrTTcx-ated. De-crtpfl" Jft
pas. nsndsts-n. avh. f taJognerirJwt
Bvk aod wTl.aTe pwee iM-M parss.
MmtT T. &. tUVSSU, aoomiiigttia.
TAKE Dr. Crook's Wbx of Tar u you air Bilious. '
-. . , .. ::fi :
TAKE T)r Crool's Wine of Tar If von wish to be
henliby. I'oraaisby Drutgwxr arjbore. -, t (..i
MARRIED LADIES wfB mid Or. Creaks Morntng
PMarive to cure Vonrtn- Sickness, even la Its most
ioleMtaaof VputaSt mntxwtea , el , .
. I
, i - . iv:J.il. frj t
-t&r- -it -1
i S'V'.'o M ' '-i Is f - '
r. . f i ,r .- ' .- -ji
p.- i1 iS r-.,--u 'ty -
b i Lt i,NV,y:tift viV. ,i
I, f $&J l-.g A-X-al: ?
ntTl.t.mwat B,, -feetta
Wandertul Carsutwe Eaeets.
M n '
They bps ot a rile FANCY PRINK.
Made of Peer Rasa, Whiskeys Proof Spirits
aad Refaee Liquors doctored, spiced and sweet
ened to please the taste, tailed "Tonic," " Afpett
era," "Bestoretsi' c;i tliat lead lippTer oa TO
drnokSnAest Aid hun, bet are a t.-ns Me41dne, made
tnsKaUre Rootaaad Hcrha rcalifbiala, free
froa all Alceholie Mlsaalaatsv, Tbey an the
CITING PRINCIPLE, a perfect r.cncTalof tnd
Invlfforator of tb System, earryrn off alt polaonoa
matter and restorlnr tbe blood to a healthy eoadlHea.
a parson eaa take these Bittern accoralairto dlref
and remain Vona; nnweil, provldeil tbetr ttnat
are sot destroyed by nilncral nolsos or other meana,
and tbe vital organs wasted bey end tbe point of re
pair. Tbey area Gentle Piffc-ailte At tret aea
Tenlc, poaarliila; also, tbe tseanar marilof actins;
a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or inflam
mation of tteUver. and all the Visceral Orgars -
young or old, married or slncle. at the dawn of wo
manhood or at the ram of Bfe, tbett Ton I, bitters btv
neeqnah :
For Ulananatoryaaaal Chroalo Bkesmn
lin aad Goat, Djapeawla or Indigestion,
Bllieas, Remittent and Iarermittrnt Ferera,
Disease of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys, aad
Bladder, these Bitten have been most taeccssfat.
8aeh Diseases art sansed by VUtated Bleed,
blch la generally produced by derangement of the
Digestive Olhraat,
Kan Paalr im thm Shrill Ul miimrtul T laIll neMat of lht
che, i'-ja in the ShouiUm, Couk1-. 1 iKitne of Ui
hrst, lUdUnev. Sour i.nrctUun- ol tlie Stotustca,
BdttJrteln the Month, Btllovs AttackA, niplintioa
the Ucart, InfaniDiilo ot the Luuk, Puai la the
reftions of the KtdnfT, nd hntidrfifotlxer pftlnlul
jmjrUMBxv etfo Uia oTspilahhi oi PytpeptU.
nlri hvr mn.l hfittple. trhlrl. r?nder tliciii of unPnnBlled
tSicmey la ele-rv-lcd ihe blood of til lmpiifllis, nod
impaMiwg new me toa vigor vj uio uuiooibi. . -
Kbeam, Blotciip bpou. rnip.i, Pwalfi, Dotls t r
baacles. Kinv- Worms. SealIBd. Sort) re. Ei-yfip-
1r8. Itch, Scarft. Dlwolorations of the Skin, 7!iitjot
are literally dap up aiui carried out f th syntem in ft
hort trme by Ute use of these Rf tterV One bottle hi
inch raaea will conv lnce Uie movt UxcitduUin iaf their
cormtire effect. ,
tmpurUle arMiDgr ihrornth the skm In llnipie, fcrai
Uons or Mrea, clmni H when you flrvd U httratted
ana siatficisn in tnt veine: tifjret it uen 1. loiuui.avnu
yonrfreUnKri win ell yt vtoen. Kp the blood pur
and the health of Uui 8-i will muilorv-. . -
PIV, TAPE, n(! other WORMS, lorltlrr !ri the
aBteiu of co mtuiy thoiiiiand. are ettMtiially detrovw
ed and removed. "For full direction, read f areftiliT
the circular aronnd each bottle, printed in tour leUsj;
tfuaget faliat.! German, French and Spanish.
J. WALKEK.Proprtetor. B. p. JIcDOXALD CO.,
DniicglstB and Oen. Agtnta, taa Prancisco, CaL, and
S3 and M Conmeree istreet, w Yorr.
V hite'Ro s e Potato
very Fanner tboaUl saconi coongb tttit -srtlT tq raise
his seeil lur aiKllier vear.
Wa have a amall quantity wliich we win wll for mtr-
dnctton at 30 coita per xjudiI by man, ot to ytt peek by
txprea. - -. . . . ,M : . )
bend orders at irm ... -
T yTboleaals and Ueaa Seed Wareaooast
' ' 37 ytnte Chicago.
II of 30 e week anuepenesor aikiw aiarse
comnabaiou. to sill our new wonletfiil mvrntlons. Ad
OIM. M. WAO.VBR CO, Marshall. Mica.
la Soath-Weat IHIssearl. i
Tbe Atlantic t Pacific B. K. Co. '
Hsvs fcr tale lOWOO asset, of bast sollty.onlongeradtt,
. Tuese lands are nst broagbt Into market, havtag bssa
reserved Lice 1?6S uil the completion of this Knad. ons
of tuese lauds have gone Into speeulai' bands. Aetoal
setaers are coming in, and to tbem only are sales nude.
Tbe best c'imstt, with short. laild wmtcrs, aud loos sum.
mera, sdlewd By geocrarlcaI elevation, from ereat heat,
and bcaiihfalnrss wiamor aV euosampbye tenilfncles
mvtte seillcra to thl rccion.
tir autlfulAraL la IMDlDhlelS. anrjlT to
iJilOS TI CK. Land CommlavloneT,
i . Cor. Sixth and Walnnt Dra. St. lmla. Ma
Lirrnj.iEB'8 patent AnrivMATic stattow
tlv. Simple. Safe, and a perfect succi ss. .
bead for Creular to J.CPOWSKR C",
Fort Wa ne. Innlara.
A eiitTrel new eollertlain of BRA T7TT FT L
8AU11ATII StHUOl. MUSIC, hs aid or
worn set tune,, but evtryts n; New, treja
and tarkling. Words aio Slajelc by the
Ue-t writers in thrcosntrr. Speclinen pane,
tent VKKK, oratinirle coov mailed on re,
erl of 3.J et r-rirr,. 39 per henclrrd.
Every person intrri-itedin SS. M "ic bp Id
mlSe TH P U A R I - A doVe !. BKAIX.
ARD aV bUNg, rubliwhern.ClcwlneA.Ohlo.
desiring a snc
c"inl ?t.ut In
BoKlneaa 1.1 rs
aitccd Eaotr
man CoHeye-T
tbe oldest, best and moat reasonable -praerlcril school, ami
Uieoalv one proriilirot sttiiaiicaa ajtgmdi'tl'n. ddnaa.
ii a EASTMAN. U- DwPongbkeepsle. y. Y.
it a rens
with tbefcar3 fiaror. Wxr
rante-1 to suit all taff.-s. Far uila
oampchm. Ana sale h"io.
u . V 11.. l:p.nt itl.a.
tie and tacifle Tea. t"o-,H
butd Jor Taeavjieaat
' Ctrcuiar.
Weed Family Favorite
At now pei let led and nwmlacrared by the Wee) L at'
Ux. oi EarUord, ts Uaa beat aad aunt re UUaa . .. ..
vasoxlt Saswnva rcAcnina -
Par an kinds of nunHy work In nse. BeaponatMe Axet
wanted to every county. A liberal dtawoat to the trace.
Send lSr1o?ast andT terms to GKO. C. TKOMAB, 'M
LKe-st- Chicago, agent Ibr ton Konbwett tttasa what.
' ! - " Toeenformlo - "
" REDTJcmoif orntrrixs.
great Sartn ts Connnaera by getting it
tr Send lbronrew Trire IJ sad s CxKm wflj'
acc.m.pany It coataintag full dirtctwiis iiula a larM
saving to eonamnon ami Bmtmenalvt to UifcsriamxBta,
P. O. Boi 5643. 31 end 33 Vesty St, Sew York
Wew atvss now niiy. tircniar. cu taaloa amt '
anaowee. arnrtoA:n.irri,iir
tnaoaree. -"P. UOODrt it.fO-, Psstoa., .
SbsaM sr syiorlart ir Ihibn'rh" swoa ' Rrethers-.
ray- If we report an Invention patentshle, we abaU Our
louul tnepauxultaitowrU. Bewllor cu-cujtf.
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