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FRIDAY, April 21, IST1.
One cop j-. one year, wlien ... -not
paid In advance, $2.00
One copy, one year, cash
In adianre, $1.50
Ts a Clnb or ten, one dol
lar and tblrty-uve cents .
each. ; . , - $13.60
To a Club f fifteen, one
dollar, and ttrent y-flve
cents each, $IS.T3
charged up, in all cases, it the rate of
I wo Dollars a year.
A CIRCUS on the 28th.
Tee Odd Follows are expecting
a grand time next edenesday
Eeceited Harper's Monthlr, Go
dey'B Lady's Bock, unci Lady's
friend for May.
Remember Ee. L. McG aire's
lccturo in the Good Templar's Hall,
01 thi3 place, this evening.
Mono ax Cocstt Lodge, Xo. 6," I.' -O,
G. T meets in the Hall of Malta
Lodge, Malta, Ohio, Friday, April 2Sth,
IS; 1
Kotice James .Riley's card in an
other column. lie is a good work
man, and deserves a liberal patron-
The Rev. Mr. Wakefield, of Har
mar, will preach in the Jroshytcr-
lan (jburch bare, on ne.S bub bath
W. H. Coot, of Bristol, cne of the
Jive Dry Goods merchants of Mor
gan, advertises his commandments
in the Independent.
Hon. Cveil Hawkins has return
ed from Washington for bis Sum
mer's sojourn. Looks as though
ashmgton life agreed with him
W. A. Sill, of the firm of F. Sill
& Co., is in Pittsburgh purchasing
new oods. lie will return, on the
Carrie lirooks, in lime for business
on Monday morning.
Representative Stanton has
been at home the pnt lew days.
He reports that the Ohio Legisla
ture will adjourn, sine die, the first
week in May. Jjct the people ro
joioe I
., Quarterly Weeing,' at the U.
E. Church of this place, commences
this afternoon at 2 o'clock, at which
time Elder L. McGuire will preach,
instead of Saturday as previously
Kotice new advertisements Dr.
Chas. Eobertson's.-U. Dui!t-moor
Son's, Sash & Door Factory's, U.
SpenceV, D. &, C. W. Vlunimey's,
f. H. &, C. McCarty's, Ji. L. Mor
ris', and Amos Brady's.
An effort is being made to make
a half-mile Driving Ring at the
Fair Grounds. James A. McCou
nel and James B. McGrew have
been making a survey there, having
finch an object in view.
Edwin Shivel 1ms started the
Adams County Democrat ex Manches
ter, Ohio, the fir6t number of which
is received. Snivel is a McConnels
ville boy, or was once, and his pa
per presents a fine appearance
Oct of fortynine applicants for
certificates to teach school at the
examination held in Malta, on Sat
nrday, the 8th, only twenty-five
wore ablo to "pass muster." We
knew that tlioso Examiners were
heartless wretches.
The business men of ilcConnels
yillo and Malta evidence tneir es
teem of the Independent by a liberal
advertising patronage. .Notice iicw
advertisements. Wo hope lo see
more of them represented in our
next issue.
Evert business man in this vi
cinity should have Ins vocation
6onnded through the column oflhe
Independent. We intend it shall be
a paper that all our citizens will i
read if a - part of them havo to
borrow it of their neighbors.
The Propeller oircn returned
from her down the river trip on
Saturday, after an absence cT nearly
6ix weeks. Cant. JoeSounansiine,
of the firm of Cochran, Bozmari h
Co., disposed of oyer five thousand
dollars worth of goods while gone.
. The McConnelsvillo Conservative
has changed its name as well as ila
principles, and is now tho South
Eastern Independent, Mr. J. A. Kelly
still continuing as its editor. It is
now the Prohibition organ of Mor
gan county, and flies the Prohibi
tion State Ticket. Zanesvilli Sig
nat. .
Ant amount of Speeches, Daily
Globes, and Public Documents re
ceived from Senator A. G. Thur
man, and Representatives W. , P.
Spragne,'Lew. D. Campbell, Geo.
W. Morgan, Jas. A. Garfield, and
others. We wish they would fur
riisb somebody to read them, as wc
have not time. Nevertheless, we
thank you, gentle'iien I
A McConnel'sville correspon
dent of tho Zancsville Signal, sup-j
posed to be our old friend (?) J. M.j
G.'. hits us a "dab," or essajs to, in
the last issue of that paper. If he
thinks it does him any good, we
liopo the Signal man will give him"
tree and unlimited use of his col
umns. Poor, deluded old creature !
The Catholic Fair, for the bene
fit of the Sts. Patrick & James Call -olic
Church, of McConnelsville, will
be hold in some one of our Halls, to
be hereafter announced, the second
week in June, commencing on Mon
day evening, June 5th, and closing
the following Friday night. Coa
tributions will bo thankfully ro
ccived from all who may dcs:ro to
aid the Church.
Rev. Hiram Miller, D. v., of
the M. E. Church, who is to bo one
of the orators at the Odd Fellows'
Celebration on next Wednesdaj,
will preach next Sabbath, morning
and evening, at the M. E.' Church
of this place. This w.lj be the first
Quarterly Meeting, at this Church,
I f- i r -1 1
iur iuih year. ur. .aimer was ouce i
W.itmi hr s Pr,.cMrnVr I
thia Ditr.et. nrl hi rn.-fr.r- friends i
here will be gratified at having an
ODDortunitv to mot nn bnnr him 1
Dr. W. H. Hambletos starts on
a trip through the Eastern States
After the 1st day of May, there
will he a mail three times a week
to Beverly, twice a week to Trim
ble, twice a week to Sharon. The
Triadelphia weekly mail, instead of
being carried to and from this
place the samo day as now, will
come in Friday and go out Satur
day. All through the efforts of our
Post mastery C. VT. Crom well, and
Congressman, W. P. Spragu'e. ,
. Arthur Hosmer, of Keokuk, Io
wa, favors us with a copy of the
Gate City, containing ah account
of the first crossings cf the Railroad
Bridal, lately constructed across
the Mississippi at that point, by a
train of cars. The bridge ii one cl
the finest in the country, and Keo
kuk people are greatly elated at
its completion.
John Feister, who lei-lured in
this place on Thursday and Friday
evenings of last week, lectured in
Malta on Saturday evening, and
from thence went to Pennsvillo, in
tending to go from there to Ches
terfield and various other points
west of here. lie is an earnest
and entertaining lecturer, and we
hope Prohibitionists will receive
him kindly wherever ho may go.
Feister, the Temperance lectur
er, 6ays Judge F. W. Wood came
near spoiling his business in Guern
sey county by rendering unto,
those convicted of violating the
liquor laws their desert' under the
law, and thereby inducing many of
them to quit the business and turn
their attention to the making of
au honest living.
The Morgan County Agricultu
ral Board mot on Monday in the
Mayor's OfSce of this place, tho
full Board being present with the
exception t O. M. Lovell. John
S. Adair was re-elected Secretary.
and F. M. Kahler Treasurer, neith
er taving anv opposition. Tho
time for holding tho ticxt r air was
fixed for the 27lh, 2Sih, and 29th
days of September. The Board
adjourned to meet again on the
third Monday in May. at which
time th6 Premium List will bo re
Rev. L. McGcire preached a scr
mon in the interest of the' Foreign
Christian Missions on last Sabbath
evening. In the course of it, he
spoke of the position of tho Church
relative to all moral reforms, and
gave those, who have seen fit to ar
raign the Church as being back
ward in such mattors, quite a re-
btlk'e by stating that, if thev had
been well informed in Church his.
tory.'they would have placed it at
tho front. The M. E. Church, he
stated", took a positive and ad vanccd
position, as shown by its Discipline,
on the temperance cruealion, years
af:d years ago.
Rev. F. J. Gather, pf the Baptist
Uuurcn preached lrcm tho lain,
?ltt and 23rd verses of the lfth
chapter ofRomans on last Subbuih
morning, and clearly Remonstrated
his position that the Bible tenches
that the use of alcoholic stimulants
as a beverage, oven when used ii rk
moderation, is a sin. He held that
every injury carelessly or willfully
commuted against tho body,' the
niiid, or the spirit, is a sin in the
siht of God lor wbi-;h the perpe
trator is accountable to Goi; that
no one could use alcohol even mod
erately without jeopardizing jither
his own body, mind, and Bpirit, or
his children's. It was clear to his
mind that many inebriates were
niade through the influence of the
example of tboso that go through
life moderate drinkers and never
wrecking Aieni'selves by giving Tray
to appetite, and he thought it tho
duty of ever Christian to totally
abstain, lent ti br'oiKer should be
made to scumble and tall by their
example. lie thought no ono could
ask a blessing over any kind of al
coholic stimulants with faith iliat,
it would be answered', a nil that an
act one could not bavo faith' that
God wonld smile upon, was 6in
llo contended that the Biblo forbid
tho use of alcohol as a beverage.
Some persocs are continually
howling th.it the whole Of our cfl
ortsare directed against the Uepub-
Iican party not having a word to
say against the Democrats. This
is not true, as every reader of our
paper knows. We have denounced
the Dlirnccratic party, time and
again as being corrupt, and as be
ing a support to the Liqtior Traffic
equally with the republican party.
The Republican party being the
dominant, party throughout the
whole land, and being responsible
for the present legislation and gov
en.ment of the country, and hav
ing a local," organ here, we are
compelled to notice it more fre
quently than we do the Democratic
party. Moreover, tho Democratic
party does not make any pretence
Hard "mprafidcas," and tho lie
publican party claims to be '.ho em
bodiement of them. Consequently,
much of our space must be usi-d in
exposing the false claims of tho
republican party of tho present
uay. JLiolli oflhe old parlies are
corrupt, a? it IS jiossiCfo lor po
litical parties to become, and no
one, who has the good of his" coun
try at heartf-aould hesitate to sev
h:s connection with tho one he
has acted with.
Malta Items. Malta has had
two firea wuhin tho past week
James Beck's house caught fire on
Sunday morning, and S. C. Beck
with's on Tuesday. Both fires
were extinguished before any great
damage was done.
John Hall, Palmer & Tanrnetre,
and O. L llall are all Vh receipt of
new goods, fresh from tho Jtew
York markets. Kotice John Hall's
business card, to bo found else
where in "this paper.
George Jane
ayia mailing con
siderable linp-ovementin: his Store
room, preparatory to enlarging his
business. He intends making his
stock cf goods complete m aM the
various Drancnes. JXolice card.
T ""
M- Loge &TJo.are not bobmd
tueAimea 'n anything. Their Store
fi'Ied a grel. ya,rir
Foodsi and tl,oy bound to Sell
thein. See card.
. Ret. L. P. McKeirnan, of the
Catholic Church, has left bis field ol
labor in this District and gone to
Ironton. Rev. Charles Grimmer
fakes his placo.
For the Independent.
WESTLAND, April 8th, 1871.
Mr. Editor:
of Westland, Morgan County, Ohio,
met fit I. o'clock, Saturday, April
Sth, at its rooms. Tbe president
in tho chair, the question of borne
fertilizers, aud tho proper time to
apply them was discussed. The
discussion was opeaed by Sr. Tay
lor Strode, of Marion lp., iollowed
by E. Shields, J. Kins, J. Bineman,
E. Foulke. W. C. Sirode, Ef Kcn
nnrd, J. llendenhall, L. King, D.
Thompson, J. King, P. Strode, J.
II. Kinsoy, and J. Bingham. 1
should much like to give j-ou tho
views of tho different speakers, but
would be asking too much room in
a county paper: but I will just say
that it was a regular old fashioned
class meeting, where" each member
gavo his cxpcrieDco and practice.
ror insianco, iur.ciroac, oi iuation,
eavs bis mode is, and has been for
years, to plow sod for corn, and
then follow oats and clover, then
the next year after the ground is
settled in the Spriog, haul his man
ure on his clover, spread from wag
on, have that grass for early past
ure, then when older grass is of
sufiicient ago for pasture, tako his
stock from that field and let it
grow up; plow tho ground under in
the Fall, and sow to wheat and tim-.
othy; fol!ow in the Spring to clover
for meadow; hence his success in
After class meeting Mr. J. A.
Adair, cf McConnelsville, being
present, was called for, and address
ed the club on various farm inter
ests, and was attentively listened
to. Club then adjourned to meet
Saturday, April 22 J, 1871.
J. H. KINSEY, Cor. Sec.
You can buy the Ilest ana Urj-es,t
f'lprars at Pal. Sweeney's,
nexf door to the . Post Office !
! Locein'3 Class riates. sizes from
ICxS to 22x13, inci ted in old frames.
If you wish the best Chewing To
bacco at .the lowest prices, and Sio-ics
which wi'l ;mokc free, being both
good and dry, also the best Tips , and
Charmers in the market as well r.r the
best Smoking Tobacco, call on C. E.
COCUKAV; Factory at the sign of
Go to WOODWARD'S next Satur
day morning, . and get a piece of nice
Veal tr Mutton.
Stoddard Crooks and other Styles suit
able for Old Ci en ts.
11.. B VIXCEXT & EI?0.
tSTOver Two Hcnpued different
pattern of WALL PAl'Eli at A-
dair's Book Store, of the newest and
freRhcst stylos manufactured. With
this largo and excellent stock it is no
trouble lor anybody to be 6uiled in
making selections from thefe Goods.
Added-lo all this, they trim WALL
l'Arli lor their customers free of
Comb ar.d see the Eroadwav Brown
Muslins, and the good, cheap bleached
Aiusii.is.at - -
Dr. Alexander has a full and com
plete siock of Wall Paper, Window
Bhnds, etc., this .Spring, which he is
sebing very low. The Doctor has
been engaged in the Paper trade for
filteen years and knows how to satisfy
the wants of his customers. He alto has
on hiiud.a large ot of Paints, nil color?,
which ho sells iu - uy quantity that may le
Gut-D Chains, Opera. Leontine and
Vest. Latest Stvlfs. -
t3-Anotlicr newsum fresh instal
ment of WALL PAPER received at
Adair's Book Store, on Monday last
per Steamer 'Carrie Brooks,! They
have been receiving thc.-o Goods al
most every week fjr the past two
monuis, and they have now th lar
cst, finest, and best stock of Wall
Paper ever opened in this phce.
,Arr3Mios, Famtcrs! I will be at
the Xew Era Hotel on Tuesday and
Wednesday of eanA week until the
first day of July, next, with my cele
brated Xorman Horse.
Apr. 21, "71-4w.
Fikb assortment of Encampment
Pins will be received on Monday
next. II. B. YIXtEXr A-ERO.
Beaver, Moha:r and Buffalo and
Capital Alpacas, much better than any
other goods in tho market, kept only
Yoc, who cannot afford sticking plas
trs, should purchase vour :ii;ars from
C. E. COCURAX: his does not nec-d
. FotJB-riFTBs of all the coods imnorfc-
ea are landed in iSew i orlc, and all
Wholesale and Retail Merchants in
the cities of the United States, inclu
ding lliiladelphia, buv tlu-ir goods
there. PALMER & VAXMETRE buy
their goods in Xew York, and claim to
be able to sell chfnper than persons
can mat buy elsewhere, t ompare
their prices, and decide for your
To Painters and Others.
Head the following :
Me. S. Sfbagce: The Bevmer & Bau-
man l.e:ul, used altogether by our j.co
ple, (Jellerson Co.) and for purity,
whiteness, and spreading properties,
i never saw any Jead to equal it.
lou ought to keep it.
(Formerly of this County )
I have just received a small lot of
this celebrated Lead, andinvitc Paint
ers and others to examine it
JfcaTDon't fail to go lo A DA IK'S
iiook. btore for U all Paieb aud
Window Shades, if you want good
and. cheap Goods. Thev havo an
immense stock, in great variety of
patterns, ana can. suit and tt you
oat better than any other establish
ment in the Couuiy, besides trini
iiiib the Paper they 6cll vou FItEE
IIavixc disposed of .our entire stock
of Tinware, v.e intend going into the
Dry Goods and Xotion trade with in
creased zeal and can assure our pat
rons that the stock will be larger and
better than ever before. AVhen you
want any' article in this line call at
TRY tho Sboo I'lj cigars at I. Sween
ey'8. They are good and dry.
Married. At the New Era Ho
tel, April 20lh, by Kev. B. E. Edg
cll, Mr. Cephas, Fisher and Miss
Jane Oliver, ail of Morgan county,
th ed. C,n Saturday morning last,
Jamks T. Adams, son of Jacob Adams,
Senior, died of consumption at the
residence of his brother, Worley Ad
ams, in this place, in the .fifty-third
year of his age. The deceased was
born in Zanesville, but has been a res
ident hero since -infancy, and conse
quently was amongst those for the
longest period citizens of this place.
He leaves two grown up children.
Ilis funeral, on Sabbath last, at three
o'clock, P. M., conducted by Rev. B.
E.Edgcll,of th M. E. Church, was
largely attended.
On Thursday of last week, Rob
ert Longley died, in this place, in
bis 74th year. He was born in
Loudon. county, vs., and emigrated
t0 lh;B State- Fetilu'g in Belpre, in
1830. I iS3l, he came to Morgan
county, and has 6ince resided in the
icounlv jje wa. ,
ConncUviIle since 1SC1. His re
mains were buried in our Village
McConnelsville Market.
Butter is retailing at 20 cts ; eggs
at 10 cts ; wheat is worth SJ J at the
mills; oats are worth 40 cts.; feuop
ard A D'ckej-'s flour is retailing at
the groceries a S2 per sack, McCnr.
nel's a. 51 55; hay is bringing 10
a ton delivered; groceries r.ro con
tinuing at the old prices. Beef
Cattle, tho best, are worth 55 a
hundred; best ro:iht and steak is re
tailing at 15 .Hs.; shoulders 10-cts.;
side meat 12i cts.; common hams
35 cts.; sugar-tun d hams 17 cts.
Beslleul lard is worth 1G cts. at ro
Cincinnati Live Stock Market.
Cincinnati, Eve. of Apr. 17.
Beep Cattle Receipts were
more liberal, but a better demand
was experienced, and the bulk of
the Hock was sold, and prices were
maintained. The demand was
mainly from tho butchers, though
thero was some inquiry from ship
pers and feeders. Wo quote com
mon S34l, fair. S45; good,
55g5?, prime butchers' stock, $6;
and shipping cattlo, S6(J6J, per
cental gross.
Sheep. The supply- is hardly
equal to the demand, and full pri
ces were realizod. We quote com
mon to prime 4go' per cental
Iloc.a The arrivals were small,
and the demuiid being sufiicient to
tako all offered, the market was
firm, elosmg at S5.jGti- per cental
gross for light to good averages.
IIarvet Daruxotox, Captain,
Will make regular weekly trips be
tween Zanesville and Tittsburg, as
follows: Leaves Zanesville at 8 o'clock,
on Tuesday mornings; and, returning,
leaves Pittsburg on Saturday evenings,
at ft o'clock.
August 19th, 1870 3m.
ILu TllUE,
?hysic7an Si' Surgeon,
Treats all form of acate and chronic
disease, on new and improved principles.
Calls promp'ly attended to. and cbarte?
reasonable. OFFICE : in Morris' JCew
BuildiDZ. on Center street, where he
will be found wlienuot professionally encag
ed; f Feb. 3d, 1871.
Sheriffs Tale.
William Sumner & Co. vs: Reason Jones,
ct al.
Ev virtue of an order lo sell and to me
directed from the Court of Common 1'lcas
of Mo.-fraa county, Obio, iu the above enti
tled action, I w'l otter lor sale at public
suction, nt-tbe door of tho Court House in
McConnelsville in said county.
On Tuesday, tlie ltith Day of
May, A. I?., 1S1I,
at one o'clock, p. Iu., of sajd day, the fol.
loving real estate, siluxte in the Town of
Penusrille, County of Morgan, and Slate of
ufcio, to-wit JScing the soutn nan oi J-ot
number Bixlecii (16), to o.unociice in me
center of the front and ruri east within one
rod of a well on said Lot. tbence bear ou a
line to the center (bearing south) of taid
well, thence bear uorth-eat aud strike the
center of b id Lot one rod from said well,
thence E. X. K. in the center of said Lol to
the Kast line of said Lot. Appraised at
. Terms.'cnsh.
A. 1. HAVENER, Sheriff M. C. 0.
J. T. Crew, Atfy.
April 14th. 1B71 iv.
i'jci ios Sale on Execution.
James Gormley vs. trick Gormley.
Notice is hereby pivh that I will offer
for tale, at public n victim, at tbe dinr of
the Court House in McConnelsville, uik
3Ionday, thelSlh Uay of Slay,
A. I.,
12 o'clock, M., of said day, the following
real estute, Bi Hinted in the County of Mor
gan and Slate of Ohio, to-wit : Lot num
ber twenty-nine (2'J) in the Town of Stock
port; taknn as the property of l'atrick
Uoruiley on an Execution cn favor of James
Gormley, and issued by the Court of Com
mon Picas of the County of Morgan and
State of Ohio, aud to me directed a Sheriff
said County. Appraised at $275. Terms,
casn. A. D.H.VE.SEH,S;rffofM. CO.
J. T. Crew, Att'y.
April Hth, lb71 5w.
Sl;crias Sale ou Jtloi tgage.
John ITovt vs. Basil L. ilt dlev, Matthew
McCall, et. al.
By virtue of an order to sell, and to me
directed, from the Cour'. of Common Pleas
Morgan County, Ohio, in the above en
titled action, 1 will offer for s cle at public
anction, at the door of the Cotu t House in
McCounelville in said coitcty of Morgau,
On "I on day, the ith i)ar ol
May, A. I , 1S7J.
one o'clock, P. M., ol' said day, the
following real estate situate in said county
Morgan and State of Ohio, to -wit:
Ileitis a part of fractionat cection nuraoer
three (:i) Towuship number Jiine (9) Kange
numbe- twelve (12) and beat dod as follows:
Beginning at the Southwest corner of said
fractional section, thence running with the
boulu boundary line thereof Last I01.&3
poles to the corner ol Jo!ia Henry's lot.
theucc rutin iugwilb said Henry's line N. lia
Kast tu s Miles to a stoat , thence
poles to the East boundary line of t: '
fractional section, thence running Korth
21.52 poles to a stone and ooruer of the Jo
sioh Ward lot, thence running with said
Ward's lincand line of William SaltkeU's
Wcat 180.60 poles to a stono on the West
boundary line of said Section, thence run
ning wii'b said West line fc,S2 poles tth
place of beginning, contnvpjng 95 -0-li)0
acres, b- tbe same more or less . Appraised
$2,150. Terms cash. r
A. v. UA vt. tu, ssa n oi at.
John E. Ilauna.Atty.
April 14th, 1S7I 5w.
N. "WYCor. ofTnb. Squ., McConnelsville, O.,
Dealer in
, and - .
JT Phj-nicians Trcscrip ti ns eofulj.componndcd, and Taint mixed tc order.
April SI, 1871 ly,
IIisl Dvkshoor. E. V. Dckshook.
Keep on hand a very largo Stock of ,
FURXI1 URf, to-wit : CIJ AlKs, TADLKS, liURKS, DEDSTEADS.ic, ic,
At U.tir SALK ItOOMS in
J ri
N.B. Theyemploy rone bnt first-cla .....anirf, end warrnnt all their wort. Tceir
i.r . . . " i. i . .ii : i i r , : i n 1 1 -i ti ...
anorzn is: wou wurji, uvu 17 iuu
The agk i&
McConnelsvl'le, Ohio,
Plaining; & Hatching;, Scroll Rawing &. Itlppliifc, Done to Ci der.
ar?T Oalc, rpflar snd Pine Lumber Lought
April 21, 1B71-ly
realer in Hats and Caps, on Center St.
has on hands, at all times, the most complete assortment cf the
Very Latest Styles of ITA.TS and CJPS !
KEW GOODS Received WltV Every Change in tue Season !
SS The Highest Cash Prices paid for Mink, Skunk, and Coon Skins I
April 2i, 1871 -ly.
rrocery and Provision IS to re I
D. & C. W. MUM ME Y have on Land, at all times,
the best of
,. and alio ; - ,
Keep a FullSti oply of All Hiads of Provisions In tins Market.
X. B. Their Meat Market is open at all hours of the day. None but the
best of Cattle killed, and consequently their beef is always of the best quality.
Flour sold by the sack at the lowest rates. April 21, 1871 ly.
Pry CJoods !
W. II. & C. McCAKTY,
Xoliom Ladies' Dress Coods Ladies' Slioes E(cM
On the North side of Center Street, two
N.B. . None but the very best quality of goods of any-kind ever kept and
alvni'ssold at the Ion est of cash prices. Ladies' Ircji Goods made a SPECI
ALTY. JApril 21, 1871-ly.
SI. t. lOMMI
South side of Center St., three doors East
liY, HAILS, GLAfcS, PLOWS, Ac, ic.
X. B. Agent for the sale of the "Acme Mower Reaper," an improvement
on the "Climax," which gave universal satisfaction last season. Ap. 21 '71-ly.
Xorth side of Center St., between East and Penn lz., McConnelsville, Ohic,
lias Always to Offer to.IIis CuMomeri the Best qualities of
Jltf, 6cffcC5, Bl2tf$, in3SC5, tflti gbCrl)lli)CJ
usually found ma first-class Family Grocery.
X. B. Flour by the sack and all kinds cf provisions, in the market, altars
vi uuuu. i iic iiiBuib ine
Given Gratis.
Coods So!d Cheap Fr fasli
Tlie Ten Commandrafntii fully Explained;
cop Tliem and Ibca Shalt ilaLe Sue-
rirst. Thou shalt have no other
place to buy your Iry Goods, Groce
ries, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Yankee Notions, and lteaily-made
Clothintr, except the Cheap Store of
VM. 1L COOL, Bristol, Ohio.
&erod. Thou shalt not chcose to
tliysell'any other Merchant. Thou
shalt not bow to them, not listen to
their speeches, for COOL is a reliable
dealer, capable of drawing his custom
ers to the third and fourth generation.
TirJ. Thou shalt not seek in vain :
for cheap good, for they can be found
lor cash at C'JOL'S. . .
I'ui.rlh. Thou shalt T-ear in mind
that upon six days of the week thou
canst make thy purchases of COOL,
but on the seventh day he must rest
from his weary labors.
J-'lt. Thou shalt honor COOL, and
long may thy days be to enj.jy tlie
fruits thereof.
Sixth. Thou shalt not commit any
outrage on tlie proprietor by purcha
sing goods elsewhere, but go direct to
COOL'S. Bristol, where you can got all
you want cheap for cash.
Srvcnth Thou shalt not adulterouly
wed any strange goods into thy house,
but always buy ol COOL.
.V.'.'.V. Thou shalt not steal from
COOL'S Store, for his goods are to
cheap that it would be a sin.
A'ihIA. Thou shalt not bear false
witness, but honestly acknowledge
that thou canst get butter bargains at
COOL'S Store than any other place. I
Tenth. Thou shalt not covet thy J
neuhlior 8 goods nor .hv neighbors
bargains, but take council of the wise j
and proceed straight to COOL'S S lore, ;
and Jay in yoi-r ttippi?:
Wil. II. COOL.
April 21, ISTi-Cm.
- - I
Wg will sell you all those ten cent
goods for eight cents, but we don't j
boast ot them, but will sell you bftttet ,
goods in the same proportion. I
nrsixcss cards.
iuw i'nti .ij'iu 101
JBcor Factory,
and sold. ' .
1. M. WKLLS, SvptrintcuJtnt.
"cast of Pub. Square,McConnelBTillc,0 ,
Dry Goods ! !
Dealers in Dry Good's;
doors East of Public Square, McCon
of Public Square, McConnelsville, 0.,
lADrillil toil Iv
rsirss car os.
sew boot k snoEsnor:
opened out a New Boot & Shoe Shop
opposite D. fc C.
. W. Mummey s Orocery
Store, on Center Street,
vil'.e, Ohio, where he is now ready for
any and calls relative lo his line of
business. Special attention given to
Cobb! in 7, and to the manufacture,
per order, of Boots x Shoes. A I'iT
always warranted. April 21,'70-ly
V7. Ml KELLY, LI. D.
Maybe fonnd fit hisolHceon -
IPublic Square
At all times, when not absent ou Profess.
uual business.
TTitt' JOH RY.tX is the Hrvr
C11IXK ever in JicCO.Wtl.S-
Jte-hM const intly on hand a good assort..
me nt ol r'iue ami Stogie Coots, of his o .vn
manufacture, which he is oilVring at the
lowest CASfl raW. Give him a call at his
estuMishuifrt mi Xortb-west c,ruer of Tub
lie ftniiare, McConceUville, Ohio.
Sf-,t. 15, lS"?-ly.
Oa Ceuter Street, near the Public Square,
35"Pocii.l ottiniion given to tollertious.
asks the public to call and examine his
spreimeu Photagraphs, i'errM-ypcs, Am
brotvpes, Genu, Ac, 4c, which.- eannol b6
sui pulsed anywhere. He has perfected ai
rati"ements ri.erebv anv one can be ac.
comodatt d with the iincst of Oil Paintings
'n' pictures of.lndia Ink . Work. Kooms
over Boone's Saddler Shr.T, in J. C. Stone's
Building, Center Etreetj H"Connolville,
Ohio. . t
April 2rly. .
11 .. m nm
A full line of first class goods can
be found in bur Tailoring Department,
and we guarantee satisfaction in fit,
make and price.
U 0T10N
C . Ij. II ALL,
lTboIeSale and Ketall
Nov. 11 1870 -tf.
For Sisrht is Priceless
rr -
HAXiTArrrnED r.r
Of X. Y., which are mw cm-red ti tlie
public, are pronouac-'d by all the celebra
ted Opticians of tbff World lo be the
a in ml, Arlilicial heip lo the liuuun ej
"Cvei known. They are gronrd under their
own supervision, from minule Crystal
rebbles. melteil together, and deriv-s their
name, '-Diamond," on account ol tla.:r
hardness ami brillisncv.
Tlie SclenSlHc Principle
On whi-h they ate constructs! brings the
core or center ol tha lens directly in front
of tho eye, producing a clear and distinct
vision, ai in the natural, heakhy sight, and
preventing all unpleasant sensations, snch
as e!ia)merii;3 and wavering of Bight, diz
ziness, Uc, peculiar to all others in ne.
They are mounted in the Finest Man
ner, In frames ol the best qnalitv nl all ma
terials used (or that pcrpofe. Their Cnish
and durability cannot be surpassed.
CALTIOX. None genuine unless
bearing their trade mark stamped oa every
Jewe'er3 and Optician?, are sole agents
'or JtcConnelsville, Ohio, from whora tbey
can only be obtained. These goods are
not supplied to Pedlera at any price.
June 3, 1870 -ly.
Atfnt-hmeut Xntlcc
Lyman JI. Sigler
vs. .
John Schrver.
Before Jai. M.
f!aylord. Just
ice of the Ptace
of Morcnn counlv, Ohio. On the ISth da v
of Msrch, 1871. sgid Justice issued an order
ot attachment in the above action for the
turn if $t.4o. Itetnrn served upon tjarni
shee, and continued until Mondav. Mav 15,
lkTl. LYMAX M. SIGLEK, rialntiff.
April 7, 1S71 Jw.
G itm infortnat ion on evry
abject of interest ta tk
who it marr ted, or who
coiitenipiau; r.iarriat,
aiiould bo without 4 coi-j.
Smt int to all nni on rr;pt of TO fnn
Addreta: ELIZ At&TU Morr. ii. D.
Booaowas, opt. Ajtor Place, N.Y.
Clad rJews!
A rroir"nt rare in wmntr(T :n-al? rwnf f!ii
ariMDf f rum imDruiic nc or rootitiul errrj.rto!tinir
nervoua debility, arnin-l t .ikuea. eniwwci, drwAiiu,
They can he v4 whrnt datoctioa, or interference
witii bOMiMas, ami do cfiur oi diet ts necessary.
Trill row all ordinary am with oat further aid. Trial
1oxm fHnt bV mail slrd, on rwvipt of OSZ DoiXAii.
ind s'wni for privt' e-iay. Ali.lre8:
OH. ItO tlx K. BKLU riMin-auiraTxcw Ycri.
If yon want a reliable rea! for irrafnlarities na
Triy will ret.-re nrtnrw nWilf and ssScient in
bond Siaiup for Dr. Jlarrey Private ilixlica! Circular.
Dr. Harvey's Ooldea Pills.
A nmtlr fr d tv- p' mrcr Tr ;-c?
JuiES, a-t they pi-ivrr to remnf the r-r--t tb'-rre-ing
svnp'.otps. no mi tier how Ions ti'y liaie tiitd.
Puice rive Dolukh. tttot Ly inail wscuxt'y txtifd
onrep:pto? nirtur. hr
I'U. JUUN il.h-VrY. r5 Prcadway. Vork.
ovo end Matrimony.
TS affM-tinnf mir h rains1 vr fr !oTr:ne eimul
U rulf-s nd i I niiy marry tiippily without rg.inl
Cj t wealth, a- or laiiy. Svnd '2 cciit lor fcua
VL-di or ffiir'.it for i-in'iiLar. to
i;..-fith Siri K 1. or It
Ruin cni Prjscriptfota
ISIOXS, IMPOTENCE, Ac, ad rvien lust
mAcbood ta purft hr. 2ltn. Si:v
k ALL.hj oa vbo sntrcl and is n
. Sendtmn. EDGAR THEJI A
r tao S.D way.:
Tb trrihle diwav. atiTri, wbh h aiTeta po many
oflan terimiiaU. m flroni-iia and ConsuupUon.
w;lhont danht. h antirIy reninrM no r.ttrr kow
loo it hum cxiteiL All ran psitiTiy
TTpr t7tntm'nt, and ? 1.0X) wnl h forfaited for any
case tlir.t it fails to can alter m tbrQKh tri-! of it.
Remedy i the sam.t and lt f'tr I"ad.-:he and Wenk
tyes are in many cmc le eoneutTCc oi t atarru.
h'ever fa.b to civs immeJitte r-Iief in all caws.
and tamp f-r a circular. rWxiiicir the rrnntom
of teiii .r a and virtiu--.T the rrmffly. A pu.ft9
will bo -ul hf mail oa rvo-ip ti n.cr.y.
Mr (Tatarrh immeoiatly relieved hy rotif $w
afratand VVitth Um-L Kt-v. ASA kiWN.
I eaa re-id w:th-MH wearing n -lac!rH arrl th wt-nk-t)-ss
is entriroly gon sutcu U-sirt tt-nr a-f.aj cud
M uch Hazel. M UM N KAMN.-.S.
Vour Safnwand Wit.-h I'ai b n'Ttriii.kti to
relieve my heUjtw wiUiia f.v uunnu"'.
Hil l Iloni.j t.taCon. -w York,
r to um a liviss easily,
' a 1 nsnr art ItnMt comp"tr by in-
diuto tntut 1 ir-.uj to atart life Wilb
The Sr?ret fs Oat!
and w ar llliae io mil it known to all '
AfTEXTS ARK WAXTr.U to HI tH FWk. and they
can earn from 5 to 10 dollar dsv. Snd for a ctrcuial
aad inwimen cr.pj. PKlt-E 0.'E DOLLAR.
Ackrea, m;ii, in t--o potAtr stamna.
M UAEbKU 4 CtX 0 W'lliam Sfra.
Boom 8. New Y--k ( it
6snd FIFTY CENTS (or copy, ud rr wldrM t
lUatX MABY MOOKE. BUtioa D.. N.w York
I I Wl M WPl I 'MWI I 111 1 1 HI IP !
:t.cb to II
t tared
I100FI.4.ir.S tousis.
Xn Debilitated Persona. To Dimtj.t'cs.
Tn S 'jTerers from Liver Complaint. To
those having Q Appetite. To those mith
broken dotcn Cotutilv'im. To Jcrrw
People. To Children Wasting Away. To
atj with DeliliUted DiaeJdire Organs. Or
svjreriny frnin any cf the f Moving symp
toms, which indicate Disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Constipation, and Inward
Piles, Fullness and SlnoJ tolbe Head. A
cidjty o! the stomach, Nansia.Jieartbarn,
Disgust for Tnpd, Fallness Wefjrht in
iUi Stomach, Sour Kructations, Sinking or
l-'!n !ei t thi; it of the Stomach, tho
Switrminp i f the Head, liariicd and Ii f
fijult Hrea'.hiiy, Flut'eri.-e at the Hear',
(hcking or Sn!T'catiiii Sensations when
in living posture, Dimness ol Ybion. Dn'a
or Webs before the Siaht, Fe7er and Dull
Yellowness ol the Skin and Kyes, Fain io
tlie Side, Back, (''irst, Uri. 4i., Sadden.
Flusiits o( Ilcst. Burning in the Flesh, and
Imaginings of Evil, atid Great DeprfSciott
of Spirits.
Ilooannu's German Hitlers I
A Ditters witliont Alcohol or Spririts of
or.j kind, is riiJerent from ail o'lu ts. Ii. is
co:nposed cf the pure juices, or Vital Prin-.
uipleol Kootp, I'eths, aud Barks, (or. as
medicinally termed, Ks'rai-ts,) Ir.e worth.
ItBs or inert poitions of the ingrt-dieuts not
hein? ns-d. 'I hcrefore in one bottle of this
Uittirs there is contained M nrncli medicin
al virtue as will be fosr.d in several gallons
ol ordinary mixture. The Roots: 4c, used
in this Bitters are grown in Uormany, their
vital princiji'es rxtrscted in the country by
asvii-ntiEc Chemist and forwarded to tha
manufactory in I he city.wkere they are all
compounded and boUlid. Containing no
?pirituoi:3 iigr;d"Mc:s thw lU.Mets is free
from the objections urged against all oth
ira ; no desire for simu'auU Can be indno.
d fron their ne, they cannot make drun
kards, and cannot nnder any circnniatancia
hive iny but a bcueScia! efftct.
IlooSaniV.i Corctan Tcnlc,
Was com fx undid for those cot inclineC to
extreme Diners, and is inf-nded for nse in
cases when som? alcoholic Ftimolaot is re
quired in connection wiih Ibe tonic proper
ties of the.Bitters. Kacli bottle of the to
Die contairs ore boulerl the Biilers, com.
bined v;ith pare bauta Crcz Rum, ted fla
vored in such, a manner that the extreme
bitterness is overcome, forming a preparn
lion highly agreeable and ple?Ht to the
thonglitf, and containing the medicinal vir
tues of tl.'3' Bitters. 1 he priced the Ton
ic is S1.5C per bottle, which many persons
think too high. They mu?t Uke into coo.
gidtratinn that the stimabnt used is guar,
on teed to be of pure quality. A pcor ar.
tide conid be famished at a cheaper price,
but is it not belter to pay a little more to
have a good article ? A medicinal prepa
ration snou.J contain none hot the best iu
gredien'.j ; and they who expect to obtain
a cheap compound, and i e bf ntC.ted by it,
a ill most certainly be cheated.
SIooHand's German To&Ic,
Vi'ill cure you. They are the greatest
Blood IPurifliers ;
Known to tbe Medical world and eradicate
diseases arising from impure blocd, debility
o! the digestive organs, or disoafed Liver,
ia a shorter Uuxi tuan asj other known re-niedies-v.
. ,
Tbe whole Supreme C'onrl of
reuittiylvanlaspeak Tor
Uiese Remedies.
7i. (icnrnc 11". 1ooicarJ, formerly Chief
Justice ot the Supreme Court of Pennsyl
vania, at present Member CvKjress from
lnns ijleaitia, tcr-tes :
i'liiLADKLruiA. Msreh 16, FS67. . ,
I fiiJ IIocHjd 1's German Biltors is a good
tonic, n.'i-fnl in di.?ascs o( the digestive or
eans, and of great bentEt in ca3es of Jibili.
tyaud waat of nervons acfion in thesvstem.
Yours, truly, Q.W. WOODWARD.
linn. Jiiuics Thompson, Ciiief Justice of the
Supreme Court o f Pennsylvania :
. J'jiladki.phh. April '29, 1867.
I consider lloofl.md a Jiermau Bitters a
valuable meiTcine in case ol attacks of in.
diccjtiro or dysptpsia.- I cun Certify this
fiom my experience ol it. Yonr, truly,
Hvn. George S'i 'rs'conit, Justice oflneSu
prune Court of Pennsylvania :
I have found by rxperiuace tbatlioof.
land's (Itrman Bi't'.-ts is a vety good tocic,
rciijvii.j; dyspeptic symptoms almost di
r3ct'y. tifcORG K all A RSWOOD.
J'on II";;... Hvjers.Mayr "f the City of
L-iJfali; Xeio l'ork .- )
BiTFAi.o, Jane 22, 1SK'.
I have c?ed IlodQand's German Bitters i
Tonic in my family du'ing the past year,
and raa recommend them as an excellent to
nic, imparting tone and vigor to the system.
Their u?fhas been productive o( decided be
neficial i-S-cts. WM. F. ROOK IU.
iI-jH.Jtrn.es .V. 1!W, Lx-Mayor of Wll-
I take ercat pleasure in recomuierjdinjr.
IlooSnd's Oernmn I'.mic to apy one who
nicy be r.1.1 c'.ed with djtpep'ia. I had the
dyspepsia so badly it vos impossible to keep
any fot.d on my stomach, and srt I became
o weak es not '0 be able 10 walk half a mile.
Too bottles of tbe Tonic eST-cted a perli-ct
IIocaatMl'd German Bitters
EIoonand'4 German Tonic
3Iarasau. or ITastius Airay
of the Body,
Remembci that Ilo&2inj's German Reme
dies are the medicines you rfjuire to jntrify
the Wood, excite the torpid Liver to healthy
action, and toenahle tntt to pa snfely thro
any h trdship or ejy.ir, JR. HOOF
LAX If S l'OSrill'IXI.,orb'uS
siitute lor Mercury pil.-,'lwo I'ilUa dose.
7'hrr.ot po"-:rfrJ.yet T.lr.Kcnt, Vegetable ca
IH'irlir i-ioirn. It i not necessary to take a
h.mulul of these pills to produce the desired
efi'ect ; two of them at tjriickly and power
fiilly.eleiiisinjr the Lier. Stomach A- Eow
'ls ci'ali :.i:pu7itit;S. The pr;n ipal inured-
ient u I'od.-phyliin, w 'uo alcoholic extract .
oi.Vmi'lrake, which it. by ninny times mnro
Tinwurfr.i- c?In nnil fu-arcLrnr- th-ni 1ia
.Vandrakc itself. Its peculiar action is upon.
the J '.ver, clesiiini it rj)ceriily from all ob
st:uctions. vith oil the p'rc r at mercury,
yet free from the iujurious results ettacheit
to the use of tha miceral. For all diseases,
in wuich iweof a cathartic is indicated,
these pills Till pive entire ssMafactioa in ev
ery case. ..They never fail ! In case: f Liver
cjniplai:.t. dyspepsia and eTtrema costive.,
ncss. Dr. If -;oilan.i's German Hitters or Tonic
should be used in connectior.'willi the Pills.
The tonio ellectof the Bitter, or Tonic builds
p the system. The Bitters or Tonic purities
the blood, strerzthens the nerves, regulate
tho Lrver, and gives strength, enerfry and
vigoi. Keep ycur bowels active with th
pills, and tone up the system with fitters or
Tonic, and no disease can retain its bold, or
ever assail you. Recollect that i,U 11 sound's
German Rcmedicsthat treso u-iverscl.jr us
ed and hichly recommended; and d" lot al
low tbe Irn?git to imince you tO'ta"ie ar.jr
thing eke that he n;7 say. h jvst as g!)od.
because he makes a largor proit on it -These
r"mielics will be sent by express to
any locality upon application to the Princt- .
pal ollicc, at the (,rmsn medicine Store,
1,31 Arch tr-et, Philadelphia.
(113. if. EVASS, l'roprielor, formerly C.
if. Jackson A Co.
These Kemedies are for sale by DrnczisU,
Storekeeper:., and medicine dealers every
where. Feb. 17, 1871.

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