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FRIDAY, . . . April 28,18Tl.
P. M. WEDDELL, of Montgomery.
L. L. SILVER, of Columbian.
IAMUEL E. ADAMS, of Cuyahoga.
TH0MA8 EVAXS, Jr., of Delaware.
J. W. STIXCHCOMB, of Hocking.
W. B. CU ADWICK, of Franklin.
Platform of the National Prohibition
Party. Adopted at the Chicago Convention, Sept'r.
2, 1869.
tVnBRBAR, .Protection and allegiance are
reciprocal duties, and every citisen
who yields obedience to the just com
mands or his government la entitled
to the full, complete and perfect pro
tection of that government in the en
joyment of personal security, person
al liberty, and private property, ana
YTiikrbas, The traffic in intoxicating
drinks greatly impairs the personal
security and personal liberty of large
masses 01 citizens, buu reuuun jrr
ate property insecure, and
TYherras, The existing parties are
hopelessly unwilling to adopt an ad
equate policy on ibis question, mere
fore we, in national convention as
sembled, as citizens of this free re
public, sharing in the duties and re
sponsibilities or its government, is
the discharge of a solemn duty we
owe to our country and our race.
unite in the following declaratioa of
principles :
1. That while we acknowledge the
pure patriotism and profound states
manship of those patriots wno lata
broad and deep the foundations of this
government, securing at once the
rights of the States severally and their
inseparable union by the r ederal oon
atitution. we would not merely gsrnish
the sepulchers of our republican fath
rrn, but we do hereby renew our sol
emn pledge of fealty to the imperish
able principles of civil and religions
- liberty embodied in the Declaration of
American independence ana our tea
f ml Constitution.
2. That the traffic in intoxicating
beverages is a dishonor to Christian
civilisation, inimical to the best inter
ests of society, a political wrong of un
equaled enormity, subversive of the
ordinary objects of government, not
capable of being regulated or restrain'
f d by any system of license whatever,
but imperatively demanding for its
suppression effective legal prohibition
both by State and Rational legisla
tion. 3. That in view of this, and inasmuch
as the existing political parties either
oppose or ignore this gratt ana para
mount question, and absolutely refuse
to do anything toward the suppression
of the rum traffic, which is robbing the
nation of its brightest intellects, des
troying its material prosperity, and ra
pidly undermining fts very founda
tions, we are driven by an imperative
sense of duty to sever our connection
with these political parties, and to or
? -anise ourselves into a National Prohi
tition Party, having for its primary
object the entire suppression of the
traffic in intoxicating drinks.
4. That while we adopt the name of
the National Prohibition rarty, as ex
pressive of oarr primary object, awf
while we denounce all repudiation of
ttre public dbt, and pledge fidelity to
t he principles of the Declaration of In
dependence and the Federal Constitu
tion, we deem it inexpedient to give
prominence to other political issues.
5. That a Central Executive Commit
tee of one from each State and Terri
tory and the District of Columbia, be
appointed by the Chair, whose duty it
shall be to take such action as in their
judgment will best promote the in
terests of the party.
Thk -Democratic State Conren
rion will be held in Columbus en
Thursday, Jane 1st.
Another man has been acquitt
ed for killing a fellow-man, this
lime at Frederick, Maryland. The
"fellow-man" seduced the acquitt
ed' sister.
Chiif Justice Chase ban renamed
hid seat en the bench of the Su
preme Court an evidence of re
covered health which wift be grati
frinp to his many friends tbrovgn
oTrt the country.
ConnRzsA, after passing the En
Klux Hill, eirinff President Grant
fie power to suspend the writ of
ittbeas corpus, and giving him pow
er to exercise all the powers of a
Dictator, has adjourned.
Thiri are several hundred post
mistresses in tho United States, of
whom the ladies at Richmond, Lea
venworth and Louisville get the
best pay. (4.000 each. Two others
receive $3,000, and twelve others
over $2,000.
Tick President Colfax states that
the avaifB of its Had grants, with
rhe subsidy bonds reeerved from the
United Slates, will" cover all the
cost of constructing the Union Pa
tide Railroad", leaving the stock of
that monopoly free to its owners.
The Assessors' of Noble county
havo agreed upon the following
f-tock valuations : Horses, 1st class,
f 125-r 2U class, 175 ; 3d class, $30.
Work oxen, JT25 ; eowi and three
rear old steers, $30 ; two year olds,
$25. Sheep. 1st, 2d and 3d claac.es,
$4, $2, and it. flogs $4.50 per TOO'
Tna official canvas of tne vote
for Governor in Comreeticnt has
just been completed, and shows the
re-election of Governor English, the
Democratic candidate, by a nrajbri
tvof one vote I The only similar
case, in the history of gubernatorial
elections in this country, was thai
of Marcus Hontos, who was. many
rears affo. elected Governor of
Therx is more profanity in Con
gress just now than at any former
period in the history of that body.
.Senator Davis says Representative
Butler is "a d d 'scoundrel f a
2?ew England Senator says Presi
dent Grant is "a d d iool ;" and
thus they go on constantly. It is
no wonder that even old Parson
Prownlow pronounces some of bis
contemporaries "a h I of a sot of
What a Judge the Court of
Common Pleas May Do.
As it has been said that we have
asserted that it is the duty of a
Judge of a Court of Common Picas
to hunt up witnesses and cause
them to appear before a Grand Ju
ry to testify rolative to violations
of the Liquor Law, .and as some
people aro ready to believe that we
did so assert because of our claim
ing that such a Judge could exer
cise certain powers, we have
thought it well enough to place be
fore the public what wo de claim,
relative to this matter, in eu'-.h a
manner as will be understood by
It is admitted that it Is the duty
of a Judge of tho Court of Common
Pleas to eharge a Grand Jury rela
tive to Hs duty to inquire dilli
gently rolative to vitiations of the
State Liquor Law in the County in
which it is sitting. It beibg a
Judge's doty so to do, we hold he
has the right to nse all the inform
tion he is possessed of either as an
individual, or by virtue of his
fice, to eause a Grand Jury he has
so charged to obey his eharge.
When violations of the Liquor
Law aro so common as to be oom
mitted openly ; when the knowl
edge of these violations u possess
ed by every one in a community ;
when they are so common as to be
denied by none, not even by those
who commit them ; under eneb cir
cumBtanees we held the Judge can
carry his individual knowledge on
to the bench and nse it in determ
ining whether or sot the Grand Ju
ry obeys his charge. Having this
right, the Judge may, when the
Grand Jury comes to him for its
discharge, call for the indictments
found and look over then and
thereby ascertain whether or not
they have obeyed k charge. If
he finds the Grand Jury have found
no indictments for violating the Li
quor Law be may, when the viola
tions are committed as openly sb
stated above, safely conclude that
it has not paid any attention to his
charge, and may send it back to its
room and hold it there until it dees
do its duty.
.Next, under the following sec
tion, which we quote entire from
page 1153 of Swan k Critchfield, we
claim a Judge of the Court of Com
men Pleas may appoint an assist
ant Prosecuting Attorney to aid in
the prosecution of Liquor Law vie
lations whenever, in the opinion of
the Judge, tho public interests re
quire it :
"IT benerer, Is the opinion of any
jBdgo of the court of common pleas
the public interests shall require it,
the said court shall appoint an as
sistant prosecuting attorney to aid
in the prosecution of eueh offense as
to tho court 6ball seem proper, and
the county commissioners shall pay
for the service of such assistant
prosecfttmg attorney so rendered.
such compensation hs to thorn shall
seem just and proper, and shall be
pproved by the court. Jswan ar
Critchfield, page 1153.
We cannot see why this section
ebonld bo subjected the limited
construction of being only applica
ble to a ''specifio case." It says
plainly an "offense," and one, toe,
of such a magnitude as to interest
tho public at large. The public
could not tm greatly interested in
the prosecutioft of one "specified
case, wtm other individuals were
allowed to continue to violate the
law in the same manner as the per
son did against whom the "speci
fied case" would be pending. It
strikes us that the only way to con'
struo the word "offenBo" in the a
bove connection with "the require
ments of the puilie interest " is to
givo it such a meaning as would
make the section applicable in case
a law was being generally violated.
and Che Prosecuting Attorney failod
to prosecute.
Furthermore, a Judge is empow
ered by a section in Swan A Say'
lor, page C, to appoint an assist
ant ProsecutingfAlterney "to asiet
the Prosecuting Attorney in the
trial of any ease pend4grin hie
Court, whenever he thinks it ne
cessary, and we do not eee why
there shoulder two section exist
ing conferring the same and only
the same powers.
It ib unnecessary fa Mtfcrreply
to the article of Judge Granger's
that appeared in last week's Herald.
The table he exhibits there, and his
own btatement of the facts, support
us throughout. As for his person
alities, had we space to- waste, we
would" n-t have lnclin-ation to reply
to them. The Judge is free to-wear
all the honors be reaps from them.
Jrnoi Uukdtjck, of Cincinnati,
has rendered judgment in favor of
a plaintiff, who sued to recover the
difference between greenbacks and
gold, on a note given before the
passage of the legal tender act,
whieh note had been- paid and full
satisfaction acknowledged f This
opens the door to a vast amount of
litigation. Any person who con
tracted a debt before the war, and
paid it afterward in greenbacks, is
liable Do o seed for the difference
between the currency and gold.
Several suits aro in eontemplatien
in Marietta under thiB foolish deci
sion. Zfariettian.
Biter; the half-breed, was exe
cuted at Cheyenne, Wyoming, on
the 21st, for the murder of McClus
ky and Lowry. Upon the scaffold,
ho said "Look at mo ; 1 no cry ;
I no woman ; I die brave ; I love
Great Spirit ; I go see Him !"
For the Independent.
Tn editor of the Herald appears
to be in deep trouble on account of
the advent into this County of Jno.
Feister, better known by the ap
propriate, though not very eupho
neous pseudonym of "The Ohio Self
Sharpener." In bis issue of Friday last, after
saying that Feister lectured twice
in McConnelsville and'once in Mai
ta, he proceeds to toll the people
that he, (Feister), "is not a strong
man, neither is he Prohibitionist, a
moral suasionist, nor an 'enforce
the law' man. He seems to be
rover, warring against intemper
ance under a kind ot privateer
Mr. Feister does not claim to be
a strong man : but, hetwithsUnd
ing this, he bus had sufficient
strength to keep his total abstin
ence pledge fof nearly thirty years.
now Well luelleraid man has buc
ceeded in this, lot his past record
answer. Wi would spocially eora
mend to the consideration of tho
editor the old adage that those who
dwell in a eertain kind of structure,
should not indulge in throwing
As to reister being a "rover, or
"privateer," we would state for the
editor's comfort, that he, (Feister),
travels as an authorised agent of
the Grand Lodge of 1. O. G. TV,
and that he bears credentials certi
fying to bis good standing both in
the Order of Good Templars and in
that ot the Sons of Temperance, and
that he fearlessly advocates legal
Prohibition and Is fighting under
the flag of the National Prohibi
tion Party ; and, more, that he
held a series of meetings in this
place in which ho, with much clear
ness and to the edification of large
audiences, elucidated the principles
of legal Prohibition, and tho utter
helplessness of obtaining it through
either of the old
Chester Hill, Ohio, Apr. 25, '71.
Dcriko Mr. Feister's stay in Mc
Conneleville, an unfortunate wran
rle arose as to the character of the
New Era Hotel. Mr. F. was re
commended to stop at it because of
its being a Temperance Heuee, and
dene bo. tThile there be noticed a
card banging up in the ofSoe bear
mr the words : "Ale and Beer at
the Cave." Very naturally, he sup
posed that a Temperance House,
advertised as such, would not keep
an advertisement of a Beer Cave
hanging in its public office. He
left the bouae, and in his Malta
Lecture stated the circumstance,
and said that a house that would
keep such an advertisement about
it was not his kind of a Temper
ance House, The Herald, of last
week, takes this up and states that
Mr. Feister assorted in his Malta
Lecture that the Sew Era was not
a Temperance House, and also at
tempts to make him est a liar by
proving it to be a Temperance
House by the fact that Key. B. E.
Edgell, of the 31. E. Church, a
truest of the bouse, published a
card in the papers the week prey
ions stating it to be ser.
How, the truth is that while it
was very natural for Mr. Feister to
conclude that, a strictly Temper
ance House would not keep an ad
verlisement of a Beer Cave or Sa
loon about it, and while he had a
perfect right to speak about it, yet
we have no hesitancy in recommen
ding the New Era as a Temper
ance House for the following reas
ons : J. W. K'mcafd, the Landlord,
Is neither a drinking man himself,
nor does be keep any kind of Alco
holic stimulants about the House,
nor does be aflow anybody to do so.
Tho advertisement of the Beer
Cave was put up in the efSce by
William Hi bier, who is rtmni&g the
Beer business at the Cave, and
KmeaM thoughtlessly allowed rt to
remain there. We are glad to see,
however, that it has been removed
So the matter stands thus : The
New fVa r? deserving of tho char
acter of a Temperance Home, Mr.
Edgell was right iff recommending
it as such, Mr. Feister was right in
objecting te the Beer Cave adver
tisement, and Mr. Kincaid was
right in seeing that it was remov
ed. The Herald must bear the odi-
ium of needlessly ealling an old and
earnest veteran in the cause of
Temperance bar. Editor or Is
Wbb old Carlo sita in Sally's chair.
Oh! don't I wish that I was there i
When her fairy fingers pat his head.
Oh I don't I vnh 'twn ma instead i
When Sally's arms bis neck imprison,
Oh I don't I wish my neck was hia'n I
When Sally kistee Carlo's nose.
Oh t don't I with that I was those I
Last weec Frederick Eck visited
Ottawa, in this State, for the purp
ose of making application fr a pen
sion as a soldier ot IslZ. The re
markable feature of the visit con
sists ia the faet that Mr. Eck is 82
years of age, has resided within 8
miles el tntawa lor tne past inirty
five years, and never heretofore
been at the county seat of the eoun
ty, and for the first time in bis life
saw a railroad and cars.
Mr. Ihgersoix, the boat-builder
of New York city, and owner of the
well known ".Rod, White and Blue"
has received an order to con struct a
ladies' wherry, for the use ot the
President's family while at Long
Branch. This boat m to be ten feet
long by four broad, and is arranged
to carry a email lateon Ban. in
structions have been grven'to-Mr.
IngereolF to mako the best- boat he
can of its kind, and to let it be
trimmed with black walnut and sil
ver mounted, and to bo ready to
put en the water by the commence
ment of June. It is not stated who
gave tho order nor who will pay
the bill.
Ask your neighbors to subscribe
for the Independent.
North side of Center street, between
East and Penn streets,
LTcOcnnclsviile, Ohio.
1st. Jenkins imports his own tfowls
and is thereby able to undersell all
who purchase at second hand.
2nd. He has tho lareest establish
ment, and most complete variety of
goods in SoUlh'EftsUrn Ohio, and yeu
are enabled to get just what you want
do not nave to taXe Just what ton
can get.
3rd. Living amongst us, Jenkins
helps to build up the business of the
community, and it is no more than
right that community should build
him up instead of going off te Zanea-
ville, or some such point to buy your
-At Jenkins' in
April 21, nli-it
northern Pacific Rail r owe) C.
iiriD ilocmscp tie won !
The building of the Northern Pa
cific Railroad, (begun July last), ia be
ing pushed forward with great energy
trom both extremities of th fin.
Several thousand nterf are employed
in Minnesota and on (he Pacific coast.
The grade is nearly conrpfcted 266
miles westward from Lake superior;
trains are running over 130 miles ef
finished road, and track-laying is rap
idly progressing toward the eastern
herder of Dakota. Including its pur
chase of the M. faul ft Pacific Koad,
the Northern Pacific Company now
htm 413 nriies of cam pic ted road, and
by .September next this will be tncreas
ed to at test560.
uooke A (Jo. are new selling, and un
hesitatingly recemend, as a profitable
afra perfectly safe investment, the
Pitst Morteaee Land Grant ftnld
Bond of the Northern Faci&'c tUiU
road' They have SO 'years to run,
bear seven and Three-Tenths per
cent, gold interest (more tnan o per
cert, currency) and a'fe secured by
first and only mortgage on the nrriaa
fast as the Rosa is eenrpfefed, en
93,000 ACRES OF LAUD te
every mile of track, or 500 Acres for
each 1, 000 Bond. They are exempt
irem u. a. lax; Principal and Inter
est are navabla in Oolrl- TVnamini.
tionr Coupons, $100 to f1,000; Regis-
terea, oiw to eiu.uuu,
ern raci&c s are at all times re
ceivable at TEN per cent Above par,
in exenange lor toe iiompany a lianas,
at their lowest eaen- criea. lhis ran-
ders theitt practically itest SKaB!o-
SI1CKIXG FTXD. The croeeeds
of all sales of Lands are required to be
devoted to the re-nnrchase and cancel
ation of the First Mortgage Bonds ef
the company. The Land Grant ef the
Boat? exceeds Fiftv Million Acres.
ThMinttttense Sinking Fund wilt' un
doubtedly cancel the principal of the
Company's bonded dfeM before it falls
due. With then ample security and
high rate of interest, there is no invest
ment, accessible to the people, which
is more Profitable or Safe.
TTTENTIE8. The success of the
hw Government 5 per cent. Loan
will eonrper the early surrender of
United States 0 per cents. Many
Haiders of Five-Twenties are now ex
changing them for Northern Pacific
Seven-Thirties, thus realising a hand
some profit, and greatly increasing
their yearly inceme. .
marketable Stocks and Bonds will be
received at their highest current nriea
in exchange for Northern Pacific'Sev-
en Thirties- .Express Charges' on
Money or Bonds received, and" on
Seven-Thirties sent in return, will be
paid by the Financial Agents. Full
information', mans; namnhleta. b
can be obtained on application at any
agency, or from the undersigned. .
For sale by JAY COOKE A CO.
Philadelphia. N.York Whimrnn-
Finaceisl Areata KortK. racifie fi. ft. c.
By BAKES and BROKERS generally.
We have accepted an gencv for the aala
of the above Bonds. Phainpleta and infor
mation ran be had at oar rantr.
McConnelsville, Ohio.
April 21, 1371,
Dry Good Merchant, South-east corner
all WAY Aft tl.ll aft
W GlAlll HUtVAft HMl1..l.
: -.y , "6""j,
thing sold at the lowest cash figure.
lfq.rSroa.r6 1 globes ! XiiMre ! ftrhjiiig Ufejjsiis !
r7est side efBeU Street, Malta, Ohio, keeps a well selected assortment of
in short, a Complete HARDWARE STORE 1
SDecial attention
soldi f h "Crated "Clipper Mowbf A Reaper." Everything
. . - 1 . 0- v euw
Front St., near the Bridge, Malta, Ohio, keep constantly on hand
fait Wfo 653, Sqifttyg tferki, eqiieHj &c.
All Orders Promptly Attended To!
April 21, 1371 ly.
of Front and Bell Sts., Malta, Ohio, has
AAmr.1 AU .Mtr t
A .... . , , 1 -c
uounsning iraae aemanas. x.verj
Country Produce taken in exchange for
April 21, 1871 -ly.
.iouw iu.i)W(CO inu OWTO A rilTilTl 1T1 f7B
jApril 21, 1871 -ly.
hew boot k inounof!
JAZkl3 RILEY has
opened out a New Boot'4 Shoe Shop
opposite D. it C. W. Mummey's Grocery
Store, on Center Street, McConnels
ville, Ohio, where he is new ready for
any and all calls relative to his line of
business. Speeial attention given to
Cobbllfcs;, and to the manufacture.
per irder, of Boots A Shees. A FIT
always warranted. J April zi, 0-lv.
nay be found at hit el&ee on
r tea
Futile; Square
At all Ut&Hf when not absent oa Frafaaa-
Itfhal D tints Ma.
That JTOnN RYAN ia the BEST
cobbler ever in McConnels
He has constantly on hand a good euoYU
me nt of Fine and Stogie Boota. ef bis own
manufacture, which he ia offering at the
leweat CA8U rate. Give him a call at his
aUbliahment ea North-west corner ef Pub
square, MeConneuvilIe, Ohio.
Kept. If, 1S7I-U.
On Center Street, near the Public Square,
"Special attention given te Collections.
rr. c. TRESIZE
ks fife public to call and examine his
fftoelinen Photographs, Ferrotypes, Am
brat J pee, Gems, Ac, Ac, which cannot be
fnrpassed anywhere, lie DCs perfected at
ranrementt wherebv any one can be ac
eomodated with the finest, of Oil Paintings
and picture ef India Ink Work. Rooms
ever Boone's Saddler Shop, in J. C. Stone's
Building, Center Street, M'Conaelaville,
Apfil 23ly.
Hirvbt Darukoto, Captain,
Will make regular weekly trips be
tween Zanesville and Pittsbure, as
follows: Leaves Zanesville at 8 o'clock.
Tuesday mornings; and, returning,
leaves 1 ittebure on baturday evening,
e o ciocK.
August 19th, 1870 3m.
Physician Sc Surgeon,
Treat! all forma of acute and chronic
disease, on new aod improved principles.
Call promptly attended to. and charges
reasonable. OFFICE : in Morris' New
Building, on Center street, where, be
will be found when not professionally eoaag
IFeb. 3d, 1871.
Manhood z
s'en,"" puDiianea, a new edition
LJl3of Dr. Calverwell's Celebrated
OSSk Essay en the Badical Cure
with out medieine)df Spermatorrhosa or Be
minal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Los
ses, Impoteney, Ueatal and Physical Inca
pacity, impeaimenisM Marriafre, ete.; aiae,
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits, induced
elf-induljjeriee or sexual extravagance.
VPrice, in a sealed envelope, enly six
The celebrated author, in Lr admirable
essay, clearly demonstrates,- from a thirty
veua' successful practice, that the alarm
mr consequences of self-abuae mav be rad
ically cured without the darifferoda us of
snife : pointintr out a mde of cure at once
simple, certaiili-and effeetuaH- by means of
WDicn every amierer, no- mailer wBat ma
eendition may be, may edre himself cheap
priTBteiT.- iuu raincailT.'
JEST This Beetnrs should b'SH Hie hand
every youth- and every man in- rhe land.
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to
address, postpaid, on receipt of eentr
two postage siampe.
Also, vr. cuiverweira Jtsrrisge ouide-s
price Si cent.
Auureaa uie z UDiipnem,'
Chas. J. C. Kffne A. C&,
' 'EoWcrf New Tork P. O. Box 1JS8.
g U 2
2 M u as
e So fig
- a
S 2
) SI
BRISTOL, 1FSIL 10, 1871.
wimn uniTg.90 advise
Given Gratis.
Goods Sold Cheap For Casb !
Tlf Ttn Comma BdDKiitf fall; Eiptiiied;
Ittp Them ud Iiob SiiU like Ib-
Flrat. Thou shalt have no other
place to boy your Pry Goods, Groce
ries, Boots and Shoes, Hals and Caps,
Yankee Notions, and Ready-made
Clothing, except the Cheap Store of
WM. n. COOL, Bristol, Ohio.
Second. Thou ahalt riot choose te
thyselfany other Merchant. Thou
shalt not bew te them,ot listen to
their speeches, forCOOlis a reliable
dealer, capable of drawing his custom
ers to the third and fourta generation.
Third. Thou shalt nof seek in vain
for cheap roods, for they can be found
for cash at COOL'S.
Fturik. Thou shalt fear in mind
that upon six days of the week thou
canst make thy purchase of COOL,
but on the seventh day he must rest
from his weary labors.
Fifth. Thou shalt honor COOL, and
long may thy days be fo enjoy the
fruits thefeof.
Sixth. Thou shalt fi'ot commit any
outrage on the proprietor' by purcha
sing goods elsewhere, Ltrf go direct to
COOL'S. Bristol, where you can get all
you want cheap for cash.
Seventh Thou' Shalt n'ot adulterously
wed any Grange goods into thy house,
but always buy of COOL.
Eighth. Thou shalt net steal from
COOL'S Store, for his goods are so
cheap that it would be a sin.
Ainth. Thou shalt not bear false
witness, but honestly acknowledge
that thou canst get better bargains at
lAXJLi n More than any other place.
Tenth. Thou shalt not covet thy
neiehbor'a goods nor thy neighbor's
bargains, but taka council of the wise
and proceed straight to COOL'S Store,
and lay in your supply.
. H. COOL.
April 21.11871 -2nu
LEG A L SoH4Jjtf
a be 10a SMler.-
William Sumner A Co. vs. Beasea Jones,
et ai.
By virtue of an order to sell and to me
directed from the Court of Common Pleas
of Morgan county, Ohio, in the above enti
tled action, I will offer for sale at public
auction, at tne door or too Court House in
McConnelsville in said county.
Oa TeIaj, (he 16th Day f
May, A. D., 1STI,
at one o'clock, p. m., of said day, the foli
lovinc real estate, situate in the Town
Pennaville, County of Morgan, and State of
unio, te-wit: Jteing Ibe south hair or Jxx
number sixteen (16), to commence in the
center ef the front and run east within one
rod of a well on said Lot, thence bear en a
line to the renter (bean or south) of said
well, thence bear north-cast and strike the
center of aaid Lot one rod from said well,
thenre . N . E. in the center of aaid Loi to
the Eaatline of said Lot. Appraiaed
I . Terms, cash.
A. D. HAVENER, Sheriff M. C. O.
J. T. Crew, Atfy.
April 14tb.l871 4w.
Shef rflPa Sale on xecntlr
James Gormley vs. Patrick Germley.
Notice is berebv riven that I will offer
for aale, at public auction, at the doer of
the Uoort uouae in ievonneiavii:e. en
Monday, Ihcl&lh Pay of May,
A. I.,
at 12 o'clock, M., of aaid day, the fcllnwinr
real estate, aituated in the County of Mor
gan and Bute of Ohio, to-wit: Jt num
ber twentv-nine in the Town ef Stock
port; taken as tbe property of Patrick
Gormley on an Execution in favor of James
Gormley, and issued by the Court or Com
mon Pleas of the Countv of Moreen and
State of Ohio, and to me directed aa Sheriff
of said County. Appraieed at $175. Terms,
cash. A. D. HAVENER, Sh ff of M. C.
J. T. Crew, Att'y.
April 14th, 1871 Sw.
SherllTa Sale en Mortgage.
John Hoyt vs. Basil L. Medley, Matthe
Mcuau, et. ai.
By virtue of an order to sell, and to ms
directed, from the Court of Commoa Pleas
of Morgan County, Ohio, in the above en
titled action, I will offer for sale at publie
auction, at the door of the Court Uouae in
McConnelville in said county of Morgan,
Ob Meft'd'a'y, frVl5iW Day of
JVMyyA. I9.f 1VXI.
at one o'clock, P. M., of said day, the
following; real eatate situate in said county
of Morgan and State ef Ohio, to -wit :
Being, a part of fractional section number
three (3) "Township number nine (V) Range
number twelve (12) and bounded aa follows:
Beginning at the Southwest corner ef said
fractional section, thence running with the
South boundary line thereof Eaat 141.88
poles to the corner ef John Henry's lot,
thence runningwith said Henry's line X. 1 i
East 0T SH poles to a stone,- thenee 2.40
poles t' the East! boundary line of" aaid
fractional section; thence running North
II'.SI poles to a stone and eofner'of tne Jo
aiah Ward lot, thence runiHflg with said
Ward's linesnd line of William' SsttVeld'e
West 18J. poles to a stone on the West
boundary line of said' Section, thence run
ning with said West lid 88.52 poles to the
place of beginning,' containing 95 4A.KM
acres, be the same more or leas. Appraised
2,150. Terms eaah.
A. V. UAVA en, Ba n 01 M. . V.
John E. Hanna. AH.
April' 14th, 1871 S.
k. at: eecHSjuv. o. . bosmav.
i. r. soraAxtTnis;
sorm vtESf SIDE OF THE
Tiskmlskra ita
Given to the
Firming Implement
Machinery Trade.
ia this locality for the sale of lb
Mowers & Reapers,
Mower & Reaper,
aad the
Mower & Reaper,
aaaeraCTsaaas or
Cook & Heating Stoves,
sad odd pieces ef all tho varieties ef Cook
Stoves in the country ; all kinds of Thresh
ing Macmne Castings ; also Bait Kettles,
and Salt Flanges, 8ugar Kettles, Pots, Orid
dies, Skitleta, about twenty different pat
ems of Plow Points, Machine Castings for
Sleamboate. Saw Mills, 8lt Wotka, Mow
ers and Reapers ; alao Caat Iron .Chimney
Topa, Window Ca pa. Cellar Win'tfow Gret
inga, and alao Caat Iron Leg's far School
house Deaks and Seats.
Have eonatantlv en hand, manufactured
their order, all manner of Tiu were. Stove.
Trimmings, Ac.
Manufacturers of Water Tweers. Mandrill
Swedges, Ac, for Blackamitha.
Jteniember the r lace :
Soth-west Side of the Publi Square
M. VUS 2i ELS V 1 LL, 1 1.
mar.18. 18701.
ile Remed
Warner'i HlA" Remedy baa nev
er (ailed (not even m one ease) te care Ibe
very worst cases of Blind Itching; or Bleed
ing Piles. Those who are aS cied -hould
immediately eall oa their druggist a'ld get
it, Uie it will, with the fiist application, in
stantly afford complete relief, and a few lot
towing applications are otly retired to
rffoct a permanent cure without' any trouble
or inconvenience in ita nse
Warner's file Rented h iprescly lor
the Files, and is ool recommended to cure
any otberdiseaae. It has eared macy eas
es of over thirty years standing. Price One
Dollar. For sals by druggists everywhere.
vv e aK lx o
r v e s
Warner Dlapepala Tonic is
prepared expressly lor Hftapepticaeod those
suffering trom wesi&V serve with habitual
eonetipatioe. There' are very few who have
not employed physicians for years te reme
dy what this pre paratino will do ia a lew
weeks, by strengthening the nerves-enrich-'
isg the circulation, restoring digestion, gi
ving strength mentally and physically, ena
bling those who may have been eocfiAvd for
years to their root ms invalids to again re-,
some their ot-cbttatibnaand all the tin ties ol
lile.- Obe trial Well we ak to enable thir
remedy to redo sa mend itself to the most
skeptical. It is a aligbtlv stimulating lon
ie end" a splendid appetiser, it strengthens
the stomach ana restores tbe generative or
gans and" digestion to srmoral healthy state.
Weak,- nervooa afltt dUpeptie pers'Nw sho'd
e Wemet's Dispepsia Tnnie. For eafte
ny draggist. fnce One IKnaf,
Couerh ITo More.
rTaraerV Cowgtr ' BalMm is
healing, soltcning. and eipectoretipg.' Tbe
extraordinary power it possesses in imme
diately relieving, and eventilally coring tbe
most obstinate cases of CoDgbs. Colds an(f
Sore Throat, Bronchitis, lntloeole. Cat
arrh, lloarseuist, Asthma, and Consotnp
tion, is almost incredible. So prompt is the
relief and certain its effects, in all tbe fore
going ease, or in any affection of tbe IcTtgs,
that thousands ol physicians are daily pre
scribing it, and one an all aay tnat It is the
most healing ar.d expectorating medicine
know. One dose always anorda relief, and
in most eases one bottle effects a cure.
Sold by all druggists, in large bottles.
Price One Delia.-. It is your own bait if
you still coo en sod somx. 1 he uaisam will
Yen I am fltse or Wine ol life,
tbe most delicious beverage and-tonic alim
ulaot cow before the world. It is' a tpleo-
ded appetizer, free from all poisooone drugs
sr Imparities, and Is prepared for those re
quiring a pleasaot stimulant that will brace
up the nerves, give tons to-the whole sys
tem, and. eonsedaestly. renew lire.- it is ia
snaenor to Drandy,' Whisky, wine,Ciu
ers. or any other article ever offered to tbe
public, for both male aod female, yoosg or
old, may take tbe Wine er saw. 11 is. in
fact, a life preserver. TLose who wish to
eniov ennd health and a free flow of livelv
spirits will do well to use toe wins 01
. ' " - :. : : . o .... -.
jfe. It is different rroarsny thing ever be
fore in tM, aod is sold by druggists' every-
wneie. Price One Dollar,- in qoart boU
E m fri e n a or o cr ti 6".
rrarucrs tviuuienaiecue ia
tfte ont7 article known to care tbe Whites.
(it will core in every easry. Where is the
family in vrhrclrtHia' important medlcibe is
not wanted ? K others, this is the rreatest
blesslcg ever eObred te yod, and yob sho'd
immediately procure j. it is also a sure
core for Female Irregularties, and may be
depended upon in every case where the
monthly flow bas been obstructed through
mid nr disease. Sold by druggists. Price
0" H.illar.
Feb. 3J, 1971 -ly,
ruvsSaiasos1 - eV-j
Hoofland's German Bitters. 1
pueaSSSJBk --Ea An 9nirrieBaj
faspand by Dr. C. V. jaakaea, Philadelphia,
latu latroaooUoa lake Udscoaawy ton (jannaoj
Ttsy Cared Yonr Fathers aod Mother
Aad win com yoa and venr aaUdren. Tbey are ear
Orelr 1 iObraa t Smm..Uia bwut praoaratlona now la
Of aoanwr aallad BiUaraarTonioa. Thar are aol
hmm MMimliona. or anjUiIng like Ibem; bat food.
BOOaat.nlMUa aixSeiiica. Tbaare
rte sraelaal fcneam nmtftnfar
Liter Complaint, Dyspepsia,
Hervous Debility, Jaundice.
Diseases of the KIdneyi.
ssJ sH SUeases Srlatag froai a DUoreana Uver,
it liana, or
eoaattfiatloa. Flatnlenoa, Inward IVes, rnlnaaa ci
Moot U Um Haad. AaidlV of tho Sinnaah, Mao-
sas. tlaart karu, Dlavnat Ibr rood, alMaa ot
Walaai lu lb Siomath, Soar Bnaa- ,
Uona. Stukkg or Flntteruir at the ai 4
fit of Ike btoinaah. Svtsimlng of tne 1
BaaL Biianad or DliBcuU Breaihiag, FluKef-
feMlae M t. baoktag or auaocaBOf
aVee wbae m i trn roatMO, Dtmoeaa of TMoa,
laiU or Waba baAra lb Slatit. Dal Pats la Mm
JJ4, UvSolMOf of PanpiraUoo, Ywnae
U Mia 8tau aud Hva. Palo la to Std.
Back, tAeat. Limb, eta., SniMaa
Tmb ef BmtX, Huralag in tba Flsh.
tHamaal haauiuga at Brii and Sraat Dapns
sloa of SiariM.
j Stew auMaa DOmtt ef U Uaw sr BlftUkU
avyxaw. nmUm, art Awyura BttmL
Hoofland's German Bitters
) enltf-tr wraUhl. aod ooolalaa acT Aaaor. It t
aaonpoaad ot fluid SAraela. The kuota, llwba
aad Barka hai whidi Kw Kztmcia ar nad. are.
RaWaU trom Qmmwj. All Um aiarttaai vlriiMa are
tftS trom ibwa by a aitilc ahmelat. Tbaaa
aat4ia ai Hhmi larwardwt k Uila coanuy to b amt
spraaai Ibr Ua aiaoulaatac of km Biuan. Thre
h aa aicskolic aabauui ol.mty klad u4 te euuh
BoaaetHf Um BUMca, koc It la th ooly Blttara rual
mm b aaaS ia aaaaa wbete slcelwUt KlaukHU H
noofland's German Tonio
la a enaiMnatfaMi af alt the lagraillaaU of tb Qttar'
wlOi rriaa Saoia Crae Hum, Orang, M. rt ta aaad
awUMaaaM Imm aa M Btnra.ta taaaa wh.r
oaa para elenaoH atiaaalaa la raqalrad.. Tea wis
er la Bind that Umm raoiadt araantiralj diffw
at ham ana oakwa aOarliaed lor lha car of ID dia
m namad. Siaaa hainar adanliac praparakmia ol
Mdleal alrachi. wkil ib oHmt ar ur riaen.
tVxi. uTmrn In Kn fun. Th TOXIC iadcirflly
oho of Ufc aiaat plaawuit aod aaraaak: ramediaa arar
oINrad to lb paliMe. Iia taata ia iqalit. It la a
nWw to laa It. wall ita lifc-fim.f. ihllarmi.i.t
fad MMllrhial anaMtla aT caaawl 11 to k kaowa a
Uaa puna ei a!l VDetoa.
nir w an aiadtata aqaal to flooSadtra Oannaa
MtMal r Taal ia aaaaa of DattlTltr. TWy tnpart
M an
mum wor aa m wnm btwhi. hwj
aaaaa aa aqjornaai bi in ami.
kiaa U, porifjr lb stood. sf a c?
SBeaS, kaaWr wal1ae. llaa tb Tinw trae
fcua aka af. Impart a biown to ik awta. r.d
banc tb aaUaol tram a aart-brail. amaualad.
wml. aaS arnaa laral S. ta a mil-awed, aiouv aad
Weak ted Eslicate CUllrsn era Ksis Stroe
by aalrg ih Kttrs at Tol.-
mi auiaraaa aas 9 e
n.it juooi1 jriti
r knowe. aad win cor ill dlnaiaa raaolt j Soei
Wd bwod. Kp iir Maed par: kep r llrar ki
onlar: km ymu'rMtiaeorcaua la aaaaad. balil
oadlltoa. by tb aa f tbe raandiaa. aad ao dl
aaa wiO arr awail jaa. Tb bt an ia abacooav
7 raaotaaund laam. ir yaara af aoaaat aavmataaa
I Air aurtklac jaa auwt Irj tbaa praparaUwia.
tiae m IMIewiag waa aerr bafor nAcal la bebaaf
ef aas aiaHaaial praparailaa :
CbWJaMtMW tea kpnm CnVef TtrnvjUmmml
.. Writ :
. FmLaaaiTUra. Maroh IS 1MT-
f fhd ltao"a Cmaa Hiiure" i a rood loate,
eaanal ia mm of ih dxl nrgana. aud or jr
bat m aaaaa ef dbilliy and waatrfaertaaaatllaal
Jaatlae mt m Saanaaa Court ef Feaaayftaaic
rDiuwmt, April tt. ISM.
I aaaalear - ITnonaad'i German Bi Iter" a reliable
tadlcln la of attack oC ladiroalioa or na-
, I aaa cartinr thla non mr axranmce or ii.
laa, wiak nat, JAJLbS TUOXIIOK:
Jbmw f tba Sapraasa Court of raoaajlTaalal
ParLAUaLnni, Jan 1. 18BS.
1 avrvlbaam k viHitc tkat "llooSand'a
aiaa But" la a rar? rod tunic, ralWriadj dxapapcis
b -
fiOlT. WiL T. ROGBRS; .
Maror of Ike elty of BaSUa. . T.
Mavoa'a Omci, dcttalo. Jnae St, ISIS. .
? I bar aawl - lleslland's Oarataa Bittara aad TaaM'
fa ai. mmily dona tba paat year, aod caa nana-.
bmcw tbam aa
an ecl!ol Ionic, Impartinr tone aad
I In aratcca. Their aaa kaa baa procactiT
aTUMidadiy baaaaaJal aOaata.
Ks-IIaror of WlUiamaport, PceBaTivaala. 1
1 talaa craat plaamr la rcaoaieadliig'HaoflSBd'a
aataaaa ToaaV ' any oa wbo mmj baitdw(Ut
Pyaocmala. I had th Dyapepals ao badly It was h
aoaatbU w heap any fcmt oa i aiy aumiaab, aad 1 ha-
r i k. .ki. in w.lk half . nlta
Ti. katllaa f Toaic aua a perfect cure.
av '
Wai.ait'a Oimua P.saaeill ar couuierSsltad.
The reuaia bar tba alauainr of C. IH. Jackaaal
oa in iron t oi ta oniaiaw w : ,fct v, wmnn nvi...
and lha aaai of th arUcla blowa ta each bottle. AI
Prlee ef the Blttera, $1.99 ft kettle t
Or, a half lana rr tl.OO.
rrloe ef the Tente, l.tfarattlf
Or, a half deaeai for $f .SO.' (
t0 Tmmim ia ymt M i Qmri Mmttt.
n n . n... H I. n. lTnnfland'a Oil a) a Km4-
that ar ao aaiTanauiy nma
anailil ; aaA a aac allow lliadrocjitu te ladao
to take aerttlnt elaa that be may aay Is M enad.
ri"" wViVakl a lanrec proSt oa it. Tb rem.
e?wl VbJ ZU, locality apon H
pucatloei to to
y.3t ABCK MTJiKET.rhHadMpkim.
t5HAS. M. EVANS, - Propriotor:
(TomKTly C. M. JACKSON A Co.)
ThatnHlieanilhraVab KrnorUU, Storakacp.
3. aad MatUcm llee arb.
tSTD uo mrM aamt. araB til aitM yoa)
aVw la nraW ta r lha reuulua.

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