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FRIDAY, May 5, IS71.
One copy, one year, ithen .
not paid in advance, $2.00
One copy, one year, casli
ill advance, . , $1.50
Tb a Clnb or ten, one dol
lar and Inlrty-flve cent . ,
each. $13.50
To a Club of fit teen, one
dollar and twenty five
cent? eatht . $IS.TO
charged np, in all cases, at the rate of
Two Dollars a year.
Agricultural Notice.
The Board Of Directors of the
Morgan County Agricultural Soci
cty will moot at the Mayor's Office,
in Aicuonncmviiic, en
MONDAY, May lath, 1371,
fat ten o'clock, A. M for the pur
pose of revising the Premium List
and the transaction of such other
business as may come beforo the
Jjoard. A full and prompt attend
ance :s acsirea.
By order of the Board.
May 5th, 1871.—2w.
XOTiCB.New advertisement"
Adams Si Kahlcr'p, and L. Harter'e,
Hichabd Bilbt caught a mud
bat-fish just below liokoby, on last
lucsday, that weighed sixty.ttvo
pounds !
The Joy Farm, on Federal Creek,
was sold by Sheriff Havener ca
Tuesday last, to Thomas Webb, bl
Logan, for 520,000.
Tub Presbyterian mite Society
meets at tho Prcsbytcriab Church,
of this pluco, un next Thursday cy
, cning, May 11th.
An old gentleman of tin? place
feels off tho following : "The En
trance to the Bottomless Tit The
Door of the Beer Cave."
Anotueu German has committed
etiicido whilo suffering from Jclcrv
vm tremens in Cincinnati. io Buys
Wednesdays tmzeite.
Abner TrLE, while roa!rlh the
eve-epoutin oh his house, on East
Street, on last Monday, slipped and
fell from a scaffold, and imurcd
liiinsclf so as to confine him to tho
Home Markets So material
changes in the home market.
Butter retails at 20cts.; Egs at 12
tis.; r lour is still worth from gl.So
to 52.00 a 6aek at the grccef ieS, and
Hay is bringing 510 a ton.
TtiE Herald says tho Republican
Jtarty cannot afford to neglect to
enforco tho present laws. Wo are
glad to hoar it, and as ihat patty
has all tho officers; we tali on it to
tn force the Sunday Laws against
(he Beer Cave.
A feame School House, about one
mile cast of Cool's Store, in Bristol
township, was destroyed by fire on
iilsl Saturday. Bcliool wus in ses
sion when tho bdildihg look fire.
Henry Woodward, of this place, was
the teacher in charge of the
The almost incessant rain, on
Tuesday, prevented tho holding of
the Temperance meeting at the tJu
lOnville M. B. Chorcti, which was
to hare boon addressed by liev. L.
McOuiro. If tho weather is favor
able, however, ho will deliver a
Temperance address at that place
On 'luesday evening, the lGlh intt
Elizabeth M. Reed, wife of John
Jcecd, ut lcnn township, died Apr
23rd, last, aged 7t years. She was
a member of tho Christian Church
the mother or thirteen - children
eight son and five daughters, all
of whom are living, and a!! butolie
of whom Were with her during her
last sickness. She was a resident
Of this county for upward of twen-ty-five
Os last Saturday, tho Liquor Li
censes" for the past year expired, and
bo far, only . eighteen applications
lor Liquor Licenses, for the ensti
ing year, have been mado in tho
County. Tho time was when there
were mero than seventeen places in
McCoWnelhViIle altfno where liquors
were sold. W believe that no one
is selling l:quors now on that ior
tion of Centre street belov? tho Pub
lic Square, that has been cursor! bv
the traffic for stf many years. The
eighteen applications, above mcn
tioned, have been mado, one by a
water-cratt, 6ix by citizens of Mc
Uonnelsville, two by citizens of
Malta, three by citizens of Deaver-
town, four by citizens of Stockport.
one by a firm in Fennsvilta,-and one
try a citizen of liishoptillo. Most
certainly the agitation kept tp try
me x romoition party is doing won
ders in tho way Of canshig men to
. jiave a care rclativo to the DUsitfe-ja
they engage in.
Misses & & E. oiTto6K Iiav'e
returned from their trip to New
lork Ciiy, whore ihey mado a
three week's sojourn in qtrest of
now uoods tor their Spring and
Summer trade'. As has been the
case ever since those Ladies went
into business here, trreir latest
otock of Goods is always the larg
est. This speaks well for their bu
siness, showing that tho apec ra
tion of tho public has ever bocri on
th increase rclativo to ilL They
have invested quite extensively this
opring in Ladies Dress Croedey and
Lave now on exhibition and for
salo a beautiful assortment of Buff
Linens. Figuf oil Grenadines, Japa
nese JsiiKs, iiisnop and Victoria
Lawns, Black Crape Morelle, Stri
ped and Flam Jaconets,- aSd Tarla
tan es of ofl colors; Amongst tho
remainder of their truly large an
varied assortment of Goods, may bo
Seen MarsuiTles Quilts. Lace shawls,
flewBtyleof Spring Shawls of all
colors, White Herinos and White
Alpacas for Shrouds, new style of
Skirts, Skeleton Corsets, ' lowers of
all kinds, Gloves of all kinds and
colors, Swiss Puffing for Trimming
Ladies' Suits, Fringed and Plain
Bash Ribbons. Ladies' Nilsson neck
ties, Jet Jewolry, Mohair Switches,
Uraids and Curls, Nilsson Braids
and Ciiignonn, and the most com
plete line ol B'nnels and Hats ever
brought to MuConnelsvillo.
Kev. J. P. McLanb's Temperance
Sermon; delivered at the Universal
ist Church, oi thift place, on last
! Sabbath evening, had in it many
good points. He recognized tho
criminality of tbo Traffie and
thought it ought to bo annihilated.
He gavo moderate drinkers to un
derstand that they were mero rep
rehensible; in point of example,
than the drunkard that, staggers in
the streets. He thought that the
total abstinence men, who were
ctcrhally fciyihg, "I'm a temperance
man, but I don't believo in medd
ling with other people's business,"
done more to sustain the Traffic
than all the vendors and drinkers
could do. Me believed a temper
ance roan not only abstained en
tirely from the use of Alcoholic
stimulants, but bo also was active
in bis efforts to induce othsrs to
abstain and to induce or force ven
dors to quit their business: He re
cognized the fact that thb Tompcr
anco question could not be kept but
of politics, and that, while it might
meet with reverses for a few years,
it would finally triumph.
The Public Meeting, at the tta.U
ta Lodge Boom of Good TempUrs,
on last Friday evening, organized
by placing Nowell Corner in the
Chair. After prayer, Kev. L. Mc
Guire delivered One of his most ex
collent nddrc&ses, in which he gave
it as his opinion that all should noi
only talk, practibe, preach and
pray for tho Teropcrauce cause,
but that they should vole for it al
so. In answer to tno cry tnni "l n
break up my party if i vdte Temp
erance j" he related ah incident of
his life as follows : ''One Saturday
1 was riding along tho road, near
the lino of Muskingum and Morgan
counties, on my way to hold serv
ice at a Church ih thSt vicinity.
While so doing, two or three tries
camo running toward me crying.
"Stop I Stop 1" and making gestic
ulations with their bands asking
mo not to prbfcced farther. 1 paid
no attention to them; btlt proceed
ed on my may with the intention
of carrying out my purpose b'f hol
ding Diviho SerV'ce at the place
appointed, an J fcund thatby so do
ing I had interrupted a chicken
fiVlit. Now. I intend to continuo
in my efforts to farther the taJJsobT
TcmperaHce b? talKing; preaching,
practicing, praying; and volihgfor
it, and 1 do not intend to be inter
rupted in my purpose by tlNy bf
the cbilken fights that tttay b go
ing oh between the bid political
parties." He, also, touched upon
the results already accomplished
through tho efforts of the earnest
workers in tho cause of Temper
ance.- He cited to tne tact mat the
ttld pat ty papers are acknowledg
ing the influence of these efforts
and tho impossibility of the bid
party naiiagers to ignore thb de
mands of leniperance men. luc
mere fact, lie said, that tho Old
parties are inaftgUratitg a move
ment td plate only temperate men
beforo tho people as their candi
dates is sufficient to cneouragc the
true Temperance men to renewed
efforts in the cause of humanity.
Such results, already obtained,
wcro but tho forerunners of the
final accomplish ftcat of our most
ultra doiiros.- Alter Bgv. McGuire
had closed his address, John
Timms, Esq., of Malta, arose and
asked a question. Ho wanted to
knot? if it would nCt be as well for
one to volo for a man ffomfnated by
his old political patty, if said cand
idate was a Prohibitionist at heart,
as to vote for the regular Prohibi
tion candidate. Kev. McGuire an
swered bim, giving him to under
stand in must decided language
that he thought it would bo far
better td trust tho regular nominee
erf the Prohibition party. Although
he did not say so in o many words,
yet he, evidently, thought that the
man tuaf fin On eiihor of tbo old
parly lickots would bavo to pay
some regard to his constituents, and
if elected by whJaky votes, as" ho
would be U elected as a Candidate
of either of the old parties, ho
would, of noccsfity, be governed in
his official conduct and individual
action in some moasure by the
whisky element. Further,- 'c f6c
ognized the fact iliat a man elected
by political party had to pursue
bucIi a course as the leaders of tbo
party marked oat for him to pur
stfe in order to maintain at'd per
petuate the party : and, ft'o rta'ter
how good a Prohibitionist a man
might b at heart, ho would, as
Democratic or Republican official,
bavo to smother bis convictions for
fear tnat by giving nttcrar.ee to
tbem ho might drive tho whisky or
larfef beer vote from his party.
Foarfuf thaf some rn'ay fiay, from
the above, that Rev. McGuire is
preaching polities, we will state we
Lato uoirCed Ofily the portion ot
bis remaria tnat e0frld.be made to
touch upon politics. We believe he
did not make mention ol the It
hibition patty, as a political parlv,
dCTiDgth'e Course of his lecture.-
Some PB01a" fo CoiVfinirally say
ing that in tho Old coda tries', where
they are allowed to manuiacturo
and soil Alcoholic stimulants wih-
out any restrictions, there is" ttot
half so much drunkenness and ir-
reliinon ah there is in-thia eountrv
r i . v
wbcro tho Temperance agitation is
rife. Bishop Jiingsley, of tho Mo
thodist Episcopal Church, in bis
work, cntrthsd "ftound Tho World
8ajR :'
The Cantons or iiern, (owitzer
land.) consume a large amouflt of
bad whisky. Of course, drunken
ness is very prevalent."
Again, in' Speaking oi Qermany,
he says.:
"There is na Christian atoalh
in Germany. It is truo a few go
to church in the morning y but the
most of these devoto toe remaind
er of tho da fo .pleasure. Sunday
is tno great day tor amusement ana
dissrpatwfl. The beer gardens are
thronged and their name' is legiOn.
iloro sin is committed on Sunday
than upon any other day of tEn
t-We have the largest stock arid"
most complete assortment of WALL
PAPEll ever openWi in M'Connels-
villo. Come and see.
DorBLE width Tick! 112, and chean tk-
Lie Linen, at Taluier A Vanmetre s. ,
OiiE citizens, both of Town end
Country, should remember that the
Sash ft Door Factory; bf McCoh
nolsvi.'le, is prepared tb dd all
kinds of Plaining, Matchibg, Scroll
Sawing, Hipping, &e., to order.
Our farmers should palrbnizo this
institution and thereby save both
time and money. One can bring
his timber to town in tho morning
and telurn homo with it in the ev
nibg bf the same day bawed up and
plained just to suit. Terms reas
onable, and below what it would
cost ii farmer to board hahdfl em
ployed tb do tho work in the ordin
ary way.
Only oho bid was made, last
week, for tho contract of lighting
the Street Lamps bf McConnels
ville for the ensuing year, and that
was not accepted at thb last moot
ing ot the Council. For the past
year there has been a great deal Of
grumbling as to the manner in
which these Lamps have been man
aged, abd wo would suggest tbal
somo better management bo insti
tuted relative to them. If the
Town is to pay for keeping them in
gbbd order and for lighting" them,
it would seem that tbo Council
should see to it that the contractor
performs the work in a satisfactory
manner. A great many of tho
Lamps arc now, and bavo been for
somo time, in a condition that ren
ders them of no possiblo account.
and the contractor for the coming
year should be given to understand
that the only conditions upon which
ho will rcceivo bis pay will be that
he puts these Lamps in good order
and keeps all oi them so. "hero is
oho thing that renders these Lamps
almost u nuisance, and it suoulu.ru
beive immodiato attention. A grca
many of tho posts aro literally coy
cred with oil, bo that a lady in pasG
ing Along tho streets always has her
dress in jeopardy. Any lady is lia
tile, ih passing along tho streets, to
causo iter dross to come in contact
with theso posts, and, under the
prosent arrangement, such contac
cannot bill result in the ruin of her
dress: Fdrthermore, our street
loafers itro often mado to sav ma
ny "naughty words" by findifig
that leaning against a lamp post
results ill spoiling their best suit of
clothes. Xi ow, fitrcct lonlurs aro not
to be sneezed at, particularly about
oiectibn time, and wo suggest to
bbr Council that if they don't do-
sire to offend such important pers
onages that the1 take steps to have
the lath p-posts kept in better con
Napoleon and Eugene.
A corrcsponden writes from Eng
land :
"It lias becomo qUito n usual
thing with many Londoners to
spend their Sunday church' hours
at ChiselhursL and betweefi half-
past ten and clc'vcn, and one and
half-past one o'clock, every Sun
day, streams of peoplb aro to bo
seen banging about the lino bf way
between the Camden Hot so and
tho little Koman Catholic Chapel a
bout half a mile off. Q'ho worst of
it is that tho crowds display an
mount of curiosity that ts positively
rude, and must uo very annoying
to the Kx-Lmprcss and her house
hold. To keep strangers bat of tho
chapel Which she attend; heavy
chargcC are mado for admission,
yet the Curious can not be kept out.
It is curious to notice the reaction
which had set in with reference to
the Emperor Napoloon : a "reslor-
atron" of tho Empire may b'e noar
cr than many of us imagine."
Cincinnati Live Stock Market.
Cincinnati, Eve. of May 1.
.ueef cattle lho domand was
only fair, but fully up to the re
ceipts, and the market closes firm,
with nono remaining in tho pens
this evening unsold. There was
very Jittlo inquiry from shippers.
Wo quote common $3 75(5.4 25; fair
54 505; good f 5 2o5 W; prime
butchers' stuff 55 75(m6; and shipp
ing cattle 5b to 5b 25, por cental
Sheep. Tho rccoipta continuo
light, Uardfy crfual to tho demand.
and tho market rules firm at 5Jg,6
per cental grosrt.
Hogs. There was if farther in
crease in the arrivals. There was
no demand Iro'fh shippers, and the
strpply b'cfng in excess of tho wants
ot the butchers,-. the market ruled
dull, with norto left over unsold.
Wo quote light to good averages S3
(11b 50 per cental gross, a decline bl
4.0 to 6vc. daring tho wc6k.
Hit New York Herald, of a' f 6c-
crrt date, has the following n'otico
of Major William Silvey, formerly
of this place,- but ..row of Howark,
Jrew Jersey : "lhefe is now lying
in the Passafc river,, noar. tho Cen
tre street bridge, NowarS,' & sloop
called the Manhattan, which has
:reeuntly boon condonmed as a
smuggler by th United1. Stales
Court at Trenton.- Sho fj toj be
sold at auction for the benefit of
the government to morrow two
weeks. it Would appear from the
evidence adduced on the trial that
the Manhattan' had been saving un
der coasting licenseand fast sum
mer was in tho habit of running
outside tho Hook, intofdejji'Ji'ng a
certain British merchantman and
returning to New York laden' with
liquors and merchandise. Her mas
ter and owners for a time defied
all efforts of tho authorities r but
fTnaHy, on information received,
Collector fSilvey, of Newars. folt
warranted, on tho ZSth of Inst Jan
nary, in seizing hen Her Owners,
it is bbheved, made a handsome
thYig out of her, and now manifest
delightful degreo of sandffouiii
the disposition' made of her. Tho
Collector feels juBtly proud over
tne matter, ana it is One of the low
white feathers' iff his" official cap':
Tbo interests of thb government
are easily taken care of in NewarS",
at least tfcbsa supertntdddad By the
sllvery-loc&ed Silvey."
30th of April, 1S71, by Elder E.
Dye, Lorenzo D. Walkins, young
est son of James Walkins, Esq ,
and Miss S. Jennette Walker, all
of Mt;ConnclHVillo,. Ohio.
Akew lot of Japanese Silks next
week, at Clarke, Corner & Walker's.
Lama Point Laco Shawls and
Saques just received from A. T.
Stewart & Co's. Now York, at G.
E. Halliday & Co's.
To arrive at ADAIR'S Book Store
on Monday morning next. They
aro constantly receiving new sup
plies and keep their Storo well filled
with fresh and desirable Goods.
WAsii Poplins and light coiorod Al
paccas at Palmer & Vanmetre'S.
and HAIR BRUSIIES are sold at A
daiu's Book Store. They keep the lar
gest stock and greatest variety in town.
NINE POUNDS good STew Orleans
Sugar for 81 at MUMMEY'S.
VIOLIN and Guitar String3 the
best in the market just received at
ffgS-The cheapest and best WIN
DOW r liTUKLS aro Bold at A
dair's Book Storo.
Hydraulic Cement, now for sale at
Sluid nicy's.
Suawls, Spring Skirts, and a Sne
stock of Hosiery cheap at Palmer &
Vanmetre' s.
Green and ButT Holland,
Of various styles, for Window Shades,
fcbhEtantly kept in very large stock at
Adair's Book Store. Also, a fine vari
ety and splendid lino ,Of handsomely
figured CLOTH SHADES: Go and sco
the fine array and beautiful Goods.
SldAB, Tea, Coffee, Pepper, Spice, of
all kinds; cheap as the cheapest, for
sale at Murumey s.
BuAn examination bf the large and
fine stock of WA1 L PAPER, at Adair
Book Store; together with the fact that
this firm trim their rancr gratuitously,
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ly everybody are uihasing their sup
plies at this establishment. 1 heir stock
styles, and pri6es, cau't bo beat.
Fi.ocb 1 1.85 per sck for sale at Hum'
nicy e.
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& Vannietre's.
IWAi.L PAPER trimmed rat
or cuabcb at ADAIR'S Book Store.
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ker s.
i. Notwithstanding the larce sales
ot WALL, 1'Ali.ii at ADAiRs Book
Store this Spring, they have several
thousand rou j yet in stock, and the ii'
nest line of samples in tho country.
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Walker brings to the cutting board an
experience of 25 years, and cannot be
Surpassed 1
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crs 1 anmctre s.
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can gel in the State of Ohio. Their
stock of new and fashionable piece
goods is comp'ete. Call and see I
H, 15. VINCEXT& BRO. would res
peMr-.ii.'f inform the public that they
have resumed tho sale of Organs and
Melodeons will receive some Instru
ments from the most celebrated mak
crs in a few days. 1
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ually being made to tho lareo and ex
Cellent stock of WALij PAPER at A
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um for Wall Pake and Wixnow Suades
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Xxcklsiob Hair Restorative. For
restoring grai or fadcxl hair to its nat
ural color, arresting the falling oft' of
the hair, and rendering it soft and
gossy, while rt ri tit her injures the
Irair nor Colors the skin, and it keeps
tne bead tree trom dnndrun.
Asa hair lr6siin it H unsurpassed
vj any biuiuar preparniion soia. .
-v -1 . - , ,
The r.xcclsior IJctt KC'tofative is of
fered to the public entirely on its own
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gredients is tW result of years exper
ience and investigation, and so confi
dent is tho proprietor of its complete
success that eeT, bottle is warranted
to perforin all that is claimed for it, or
the money refunded in every instance
Of failure, where tho directions are
strictly followed.
1 no bottle contains as rrrtrch as the
Dollar preparations of the kind in the
market, and will perform iho ol-ject
desired ns well, and last as long as any
other, for sale hv . Snmpiiii. ofMc
Connelsville, and.ty.Dr. Wood and G
Z. Dickersnn of fcrulW.
FlfH of nil kind-! frecH nrA nbttf nt
mummey s.
J esse j. uarr, ot iseverly, is npw in
command of tho Steamer J. 11.
isest, Capt. bol. Hoge retiring.
rno tscst will continue in tho Zanes
villo and Par'kor'sbilr tr"ao"o. leav-
ng Zancsville on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays', at 8 o'clock, A.
M ; and' returning, leaving Mariet
ta at 6 0 Cloek, A. M., oh Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
April 2Sth, 1S71 2w.
A sew lot of Marl Toplins iust recei
ved at Clarke, Corner & Walker's. Just
the thing for traveling or neat, cheap
suits I
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The Sash & Door Factory,
McConnolsvillo, Ohio,
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dow frames, brackets, battons and
mouldings. also,
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ZZT Oak, Poplar and Tine Lumber bought and soM.
April 21, 1871 ly. I " U. M. WELLS, Superintendent
Dealer in Hats and Caps-, on Center St.,reastof Pub. Square, McConnelsville.O.,
has on hands, at all times, the most complete assortment of the
Very Latest Styles of HATS and CAPS !
SEW koODS Received With Every Change In Ihc ScasHu-? !
xer EVEilVTIlI.XQ SOLD low for cash ! -a
I The Ilighcst Cash Prices paid for
April 21, 1871-ly.
Grocery anil Provision Store !
the best of
and also
Keep a Fail Supply of AH Kinds or Provisions In llils Market
. N. B. . Their Meat Market is open
best of Cattle killed, and consequently
flour sold by the sack at the lowest
Dry Goods !
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Xi6!isf Ladies' Dress Goods, Ladies' Shoes, Eftf,.
On the North side of Center Street, two
N. B. ono but the very best quality
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it. ii, ltiOitlftig,
South side of Center St, three doors
11Y, HAILS, CLASS, TJ.OWS, &c, ic.
l. agent lor the sale or the "Acme Jlower & Resner. an imrrovoment
on me "Climax, wuicn gave universal
orth side of tenter it, between East
lias Altvays to Ofler to His Customers the Rest qualities or
Ic, Coffee?, Joiscs, wti beftjiljircj
usuany iouna ma nrst
N. T!.
f. H. Flour by the sack, and all kinds of provisions, in the market, always
hand. Prices to suit tho times. April 21, 1871 ly.
We keep on bands, and ore constantly receiving
e ne, uio, bu extensive line of 1'AI.N
ES, all of bic!i we offer to Ike Public at
our ccpiomcra 10 can end examine our large
April 2Sth, 1S71 ly. JVUX ALEXANDER.
IT. W. Cor. of JPnb. Squ., SIcConncIsvillc, O.,
psJ" Physicians' Prescriptions carefully
April 21, 1871 It.
Dry Goods, Gioccrics,
(X. W. Corner East
BP?U NEW GOODS received reicuarly.
PROUJCE in exchange lor Goods.
Morgan County liavinp purchased the Sill
I e moved his Tin-sh
jQUvpposiie me r ouuury. lie is liiui.klnl ror fa- layors, and by a strict attention to
business, be hopes to merit nnd receive a liberal thuro of public patronage Smciul at
tention puid to JOB WORK and RKPA1UING ol hII kind-, in bis lino of business.
Any work left at C jcbran, Hozmau k Go's Store, 9r F. Sill A Co's , will receive prompt
attHTtiou. Positively no Slork uocl hut the best the market sflbrd-i.
Mcconneisville, Ulno, May otb, 1S71.
Keep on SaruT a
At their SALE
"3. It. Tbcvemidoy rone but Trct-clnss
Platforfti is : "Cowl work, rood -ay and low
A kew lot of" Neckties and Bows of
tho newest styles, iust received at t6
Bbuitvi viuro.c, vvmcr a ii ui&er.
ATTKSTicjr. jR5iERs! I will bo nl
the N ew' Era llotcl on Tuesday and
Wednesday of each week until the
first day of July, next, with my cele
brated -Norman tlorse. ,
AW. 21, '71-4W.
received at tpragu a JJrug btorc.
Flowers and Ribbons in endless
variety, at tho old reliable stand of
E. UaLiday k Co's.
A large stock of fine Cassimeres.
Cloths and Coatings of the latest patt
erns can be scca at Taliii.r 1 Vatie.
Mink,'Skunk, and Coon Skins !
have on Land, at all limes,
at all hours of the day. None but the
their beef is always of the best quality ,
rates. April 21, Jb( 1 Jy.
Dry Goods !
Dealers in Dry Goods,
doors East of rublio Square, McCon-
of goods of any kind ever kept and
Ladies Dress Goods made a SPECI
JApril 21, 1SJ1 ly.
East of Fublic Square, McConnelsvllle, O.,
fatislactiou last season. I A p. 21 7I-ly
and Tcnn Sts., McConnclsvillc, Oh?,
- ciass f amily Uroccry,
la. l hSIUHo. Oil S mid l:lti;.ML
the lowest oisiket rutis. Also, wc iuvite
sua well selected
compounded, and Taint mixed to order.
Boots and Sli'oes,
acJ Centre Streets)
the highest pruo iwid for COUNTIJY
I May 4 "71. It.
Property, tho nudir!!ilKnrd w i'ld respect-
A. M. lUSSOOk.
very large Stock of
ft riii c?n
mcehaniri. nl w.rrnnt .11 !..;. tk:-
prices!" fAnril !i. istiJjj.h
bi mi:ss KOTICRC.
Ib wo have no cheap, flimtey fabrics to
advertise, for a mere SOXG,and dear at
that, we do claim to have a superior
stock of good substantial Goods which
wo will sell as cheap as any other mor
tal man. Mark that I
ESTho interests of cverybody
wanting WALL PAPER will bo best
subserved by making thoir pc&ck'a
sea at Adaiu's Book Store.
Administrator's IVotlce.
Koticc is hereby circa that the under
signed hao been duly appointed Adminis
trator of the estate of Aaron Hughs, late of
Morgan county, U.,dec'd.
Wholesale and Kctail
Nov. 11 1S70 tf.
For Sis:ht is Priceless.
O! X. Y., which arc now offered to the
public, are pronousced by all the eclebra.
ted Opticians or the World to be the
Nuturul, Artificial help to the buumue
ever known. They ore ground under their
own supervision, trom unnuie Lrystal
I'ebblcs. nrjlteil lojellier, and derive their
name, 'Diamond," on accouut ot their
hardness ana biunancy.
Tlie Eclefttlflc l'rlnclple
Ou wbirb they are constructed brings (he
enre or center of the lens directly in front
of the eye, producing a cler.r and dutinct
vision, as in I lie natural, nesuny sigtu, aoa
preventing all iinpleasani senspliqiis, such
as glimmering and wavering of siirlil, diz
zinR. ic. oeculiar. to all others in ue.
Thcv are mouDtcd in the Finest Man
ner, In frames ol the best quality of all ma
terials used for that purpose. Their Cuish
and durability cannot be surpassed.
CAllTION. None genuine unless
hearing their trade mark stamped on every
II. B. VICEXT&. nrco ,
Jewelers and Opticians, ore sols agents
for McConnclsviile, Ohio, from whom they
can ouly be oMained. These goods arc
not supplied to I Cillers at any price.
June 3, 1370 ly.
M1SA.T 1 1
sucn as
In 33u(ikc3o 131ock,
(On Ccrlor Street,)
EgU None but the best of Meats kept ;
none but the first cla33 Uioccriuj aud Pro
visions tCTcred (or sale !
April 28th, 1S71 2mo.
Area Decided Success I
TRULY the old mortar of -'Had Medi
cine" is beii f? broken. Mt-Jiciae must be
illclual; Lut it is uo longer nccescui i!y
danccrous, painful or Uieguotiug. There
ciuriuble Nerve touic ap 5i?tut assists the
process of digestion, and is conducive of
the uio-jt pctlcct physical ana uitotal couui
tinii?.' They cure dyppetsia; beadacbe,
Ballowmss, bi.liousuess and irregularities,
but their greatest success is in acting as a
prcvtnUve of these disorders. If not found
at Hie nearest Druggists, enclose tlity cts.
to Culabar Grains Co., Marietta, Ohio.
April 2?ih, l&7l-2mo.
A lira m M. Binguian,' cT
in the Stato nf Iowa, will tnko notice
that James II. Ewing, of the couiityof
Morgan in tho Stnto of Ohio, Hid on the
2fith doy of April, A. P., 1ST 1, filo bis peti
tion iu the Court vf I'oiuaion Plena of said
county ot Morgan, against the said Abram
il. liiiigmau and Oliver 1. T. Sinscy, sctt
iu? forth that the said defendants gavesaid
i)aintiiT a mortgage en tbc following prem
ittcs, to-wit : situutc in said county of Mor
gan and being in tuc nortn call ol section
35, town 8,rango 12, in the Ohio Company's
Purchase, bounded as follows : beginning
at tho northwest crrner of said section,
thence south 104 poles, thence east 120 anil
84- lUOths poles to a stone which points out
the beginning for said Let, a white walnut
12 inches, norths? degrees cast 70 links,
tu Elm 1(5 inches south 75 J decrees cast
G2 Iinlcs, thence cast 70 end SIMOuths pclcs
ts astatiou.a jiophir 7 inches, south S links,
thence north 10 tolos to a ft.iko.a tuger 24.
south It degrees, caot 33 links, thence
north bij tlcerccs, wt w) sna ib-iuutns
poles to a station, a T.hitc oak Tl inches,
boors south 21 clcgrcci, cast s liuii, thenre
west 13 poles to a station, a white oak 21).
bears north S3 degrees, west s links and a
beech 12 inches, bears south 7 degrees, west
13 links, thence south IS io:cs to Hie idace
of begiuuin!, containing 7 and43-100lhs a-
cres more or less, to secure the pnj ment o
about $1,100, according to certain notes re
ferred to in said mortgage, and praying
that said defendants nmy ay tho bahince
due on said notes with iutercst, amountiug
to almost the sum' of i2S3.0O, of thU date.
or that said premises May be sold to pay
the same, ami tnat notes not yet due be
paid out of tho proceeds ol said sale, and
that there be paid plaintilT therefrom the
further sum oX$lV3,59 as port of tho purch
ase money duo him !brs;iil premises, with
interest. thereon trom the Ist day of April,
A. D., 1S70. Said defendant Bingman will
further tnko notice that said defendant
Kiusey did. on said 2Gth dsjr of April, file
bis answer and cross-petition in said Court,
setting lorth that be had paid the one-half
of the notoDow due, and that the balance
of said note is due from defend't Bingman as
his proportion, aud praying that the undi
vided interest ol said Bingman in said pre
mises bef.rstsold to satisfy the sum, and
the said Abram Bincman is notified that
bo is required to appear and answer said
petition and cross-potitinn on or before the
third Saturday alter the 2d day of June
Ey J. T. Crw, hu Atioraer.
.'-priii-Ji, ls71 w.
To DeliF.lat:d Persons. To Disjx-p&t.
To Sufferers from Liver Complaint. '!'
those having no Appelile. To those mUU
broken down ConstUutioM. To Aervwt
People. To CfulJrcn Wasting Away. To
antt with njoilltulcd Digestive Organs. Or
suffering from a of tie following y -toms,
which indicate Disordered Lixr or
Stomach, such as CoustipatioD, and Inn- i
Files, Fullness and GlnoJ to the Head, A.
cidity of the Stomach, Nausvai, Hearlhnni,
Disgust for Food. Fullucss or Weight in
he Stomach, Sour Kructatious, yiokin -Fluiterinffst
the pit of the Stomach, iho
Swimming of the Head, Hurried and lvif
ficult Breathin?, Fluttcrii-g at the lleiir.
Chocking or Kuffcatini( Srnt-atious wlun
in lying posture, Dimness of Visionj I)'s
or Webs before the Sight, Fever and bu'l
Yellowness of the Skin r.nd Kves, Fain ii
the Side, Back, Chest, Liinm Jcc, Suddnt
Flushes of Heat. Duruing iu the Flesh, ami
Imaginings of Evil, and Ureal Deprcteiod
of Spirits,
IIooflaua'9 German nitfers !
A Bitters without Alcohol or Spiuit of
any kind; is diflcrciH from all otbcis. It
comK)sed of the pure juices, or Viinl I"i in
cipleol Roots, Herbs, and Barks. ( r. i
aiediciually termed, Extracts,) tte wortli-:
less or inbrl poitioua of the ingredients r.ut
beiug used. Therefore in one bot tle of this
Ditters there is coutuiacd as mie. fmilnin
al virtue as will be found iu several su!!rn s
id ordinary mixture. Tbie Itoots; ic- i
in this Bitters are growu iu Cerinany, their
vitnl principles extracted in the c imtrj hy
a scientific Chemist aud forwardtd to Ih
niauufaclory in the city, here tbt-y are all
compounded and bottled. Containing no
?Dirituou3 ingredients this Bitleia is lieu
from the objections urged aguiust n'l oili
er : no desire for stimulants can In- iuduc-t
ed from their use, they caunot make drun
kards, aud caii not under any circuaistuiiu s
have any bat a beneficial elect.
IlooflauU's German Tonic,
Was compoandtd for those not inclined t
eitrcire uittcrs. ocj is intended for u-c i:i
eases when som? alcoholie Btimu!uit ia r. -quired
iu connection with the touic proper
ties of the Bitters. Kach bolile of the tir.
aic contains oue bottled the Bittern, c
bincd with pure Sauta Cruz Gum, end fla
vored in eueu a manner that the extn-m.;
fcitterncas is overcome, forming a prepara
tion highly sgreeable and pleast'.m tt ttv
thought?, and coutaiuing the medicinal vir
tues of llio Bitters. The pi ice ol the l i.
ic is $1.50 per bottle, which rn'ny persons
think too bigb. They must take into eon
aideratioii that the stimulant u&ed isgna--anteed
to be of a pure quality. A poor ar
ticle could be fiirnUiied ata cheaper y'i ,
but is it not better to pay a Utile more lo
have a good article t A medicinal prepa
ration should contain none but the N-t in
gredients ; aud tiiey who expcci to uSutiu
a cheap compound, aud Le beniQttcU by ii,
will most ccrtuiuly be chsakd.
EIooaandg German Ton!?,
Will euro you They are the greatest
Blood IPuriffiors
Known to tlie MeJical world and 'rit!;i:-it-diseases
arising from impure blood, -'i-'nii.y
oi the digestive orgaus, or tlica ei Liver,
in a sboitcr t:iuo than aoj other Uuwu re
medies. The whole Supreme Court of
Pciingj I vaula speak fe,r
these UeiucUies.
lion, George W. Woodward, fom-rtg !
Justice of the Supreme Court of i'i . -vnnia,at
present Member Congress fi-m
Pennsylvania, writes :
Fhiladeu'UIa. Msrch 1C. 1C7.
I fhd lioT'tland's Cernmn Bitters U- a .1
touic, uselul iu di. -eases of tbeditstive or
gans, and of great benefit in casta of .Utili
ty and want of nervo:is action in the sysi in.
Yours, truly, G.W. WOODWAIii.'.
Hun. James Thompson, Chief Jutle. fj ihc
Supreme Court of Ptnnsylvan'm :
I'iiilauelpuia, April 1 SCT
I consider 1 1 Oe land's Ccrtuau BittV n. S
valuable mcdiciue in cuss ol attacks "I in
digestiou or dyspfpsio. I can arl-t; ilm
from my experience of it. Yonr?, imlv
lion. George Sharsicood, Justice of tit .'
prcnie Court of Pennsylvania :
riiii.ADEi.riUA, June I, Isr..-.'
I have found by experience that ll-of.
land's German Bitters is a veiy good ioi.h-,
relieving dyspeptic symptoms 'mo.r di
rectly. O EOKG tlMIA U t jo I .
Hon Wm. F. Ptyers, Mayor of the Ci'j '
Jjuffluo, Jeu 1 ork :
Bi-Fr-tLO, June e?, lt"-"J.
I have used llouiland'sGerunui Biiturs
Tonic in my family duriog the past yeur.
aod ran recommend them as an e.v-clMi: to
nic, imparting tone and vigor to the .-' m.
Tbeir use has been productive ol d- ci'l.-c' lie
ceficial effects. WM. F. RtHiKU'-
lion. James M. Wood, Ex-Ma j--t vf iiV.'-'
Uam-port, la:
1 take great pleasure in rccomm-iliii?
HooQand's German Tonic to- any '- wl"
may be afflicted with dyspepsia. 1 Im.l th-r
dyspepsiuso badl it was impo'sib'c'.ii keep
any food on my stomach, and s I c i.i- '
so weak as not to be cblc to walk h ilfa i ! .
Two bottles of tfi'c Tonic effectt d an rl :t
cure. jam i;s n. w uuu.
Hoofland's German KltttiH
Iloofland's Gcrmau Touic
Uarasmu, or lTastins Away
ol the IJody.
Remcmbot that HooQand's Germnu If-me-"
dies are the medicines you rtpvre to V"r'f.'l
lice MoOil.eZcitttJie torpid IAvcr i k.yltloi
action, and to enable vou to pass .". thro
dry hardship or erposvri. J)ii. lftiuF-
stitnte for Mcri'ury Fill.", Two i'illn a thwr.
Thcmost powerful , yet Innocent, c;ete'le ca
thartic intnrn. It is not nccesa.i r r io take :
handiul of these pills toprottucc tin' diirt-d
effect ; two of them net Quickly ai:d pwtvi r
fully, cleansing the Liver, Stomach ii P'-w-cls
of ail iicpuritics. l'he princip:il ine'e:-
icnt is Fodopbyllin, 3rt!ic alcoholic i sirm t
oliUandrakc, which is by ninny lii.u ? nior.i
powarfui, acting and searching t! .m 1 1, -Jundrakc
iUclf. Its peculiar ncticn in n
tho Liver, clconing it speedily fr"" u n .!
strnctious, with all the power r liu-ri-ii-y
yet free from the injurious result.- ilu.ciu.i
to the use of that mineral. For u II 'in-i.-:t
in which the u..cof acninirtic is n .!i.-j.i.
these pills will give entire sstisfactioti in ev
ery case. They never fail ! I;i cased Livi r
complaiut, dysei&ia and extreme rtv-ti;.
ness, Dr. llooriand's German Bitter nr T.mi'c
should be used in connection with the' Pit!.".
The tonic elTectof the Bitters or Tonic hmhls
p the system. The Bitters or Tonic purities
tho blocd, strengthens the nerves, reuuhitcj
the Liver, and fives strength, energy and
vign:. Keep ye::f bowcla active wih Hi.
pills, ad tone up the. system with titti-rnT
Tonic, and nodi?ens;caa retain h'Jd.or
ever assail you. Recollect that iU I:.o:U n-l ' i
German Remedies that ore so universally u-.-cd
and highly recoinmendod; and do not al
low the Lrucgist to induce you to lak- :.
thing else that be may Bay is just as I.
because he makes a larger prolitonit.
These remedies will he sent by ..rprc- ' tn
any locality npon applieatiou to the l'rnn--paloliico,
at tlie Ucrman medicine bloie.
631 Arch street. 1-hiladclphia-.
CHS. 3. KVANS, rroj-rictor, foriuerl v C
if. Jacknon Co.
These Kemedie sre for inlo by Priiif-i-d..
Storekeepers, nui incdiciup dealers- r- r-.
utcre. L-

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