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FRIDAY, . , . May IS, ISTI.
T. M. WEDDELL, of Montgomery.
L. B. SILVER, of Columbiana.
iAMUEL E. ADAMS, of Cuyahoga.
TH0MA8 EVANS, Jr.. of Delaware.
J. W. STIXC1IC0MB, of Hocking.
AUZK. ALDERMAN, of Morgan.
W. B.CHADWICK, of Franklin.
Platform of the National Prohibition
Adopted at the Chicago Convention, Sept'r.
2, 1869.
WnBRtA, Protection anil allgianc are
reciprocal duties, and every citizen
who yields obedience to the just com
mands of his government is entitled
to the full, complete and perfect pro
tection of that government in the en
joyment of personal security, person
al liberty, and private propertv, and
Whrreas, The traffic in intoxicating
drinks greatly impairs the personal
security and persona) liberty of largo
masses or citizens, and renders pri
vate property insecure, and
Vhiras, The existing parties are
hopelessly unwilling to adopt an ad
equate policy on this question, there
fore we, in national convention as
sembled, as citizens of this free re
public, sharing in the duties and re
sponsibilities or its government, in
the discharge of a solemn dcty we
owe to our country and on race.
unite in the following dcclaratioa of
principles :
1. That while we acknowledge the
pure patriotism and profound states
manship of those patriots who laid
broad and deep the foundations of this
government, securing at once the
rights of the States severally and their
inseparable union by the Federal Con
stitution, we would not merely garnish
the sepulchers of our republican fnth
ers, but we do hereby renew our sol-
"emn pledge of fealty to the imperish
able principles r.f civil and religious
liberty embodied in the Declaration of
American Independence and our Fed
eral Constitution.
2. That the traffic in intoxicating
heverages is a dishonor to Christian
civilization, inimical to the best inter
ests of society, a political wrong of un
etjualed enormity, subversive of the
ordinary objects of government, not
capable of being regulated or restrain
ed by any system of license whatever,
tut "imperatively demanding for its
suppression effective legal prol ibition
both by State and National Legisla
tion. 3. That in view of this, and inasmuch
as the existing political parties either
opprsie or ignore this great and para
mount question, and absolutely refuse
: to do anything toward the suppression
of the rum traffic, which is robbing the
nation of its brightest intellects, des-
' troyingits material prosperity, and ra
pidly undermining its very founda-
' (ions, we are driven by an imperative
sense of duty to sever our connection
with these political parties, and to or
ganize ourselves into aNational Prohi-
"bTtTorfTarty, having for its primary
object the entire suppression ofthe
trafBrrhTtmoxTcairng drinks.
4. That while we adopt the name of
the Nation 1 Prohibition 1'arty, as ex
pressive of our primary object, and
while we denounce all repudiation of
the public d-bt. and pledge fidelity to
the principles of the Declaration of In
dependence and the Federal Constitu
tion, we deem it inexpedient to give
prominence to other political issues.
5. ThataCentral Executive Commit
tee of one from each State and Tern
tory and- the District of Columbia, be
appointed by the Chair, whose duty it
shall be to take such action as in their
judgment will best promote the in
terests of the party.
Had we spacer we woald like to
. reply this week to the Heralds ar
ticle of last week, headed, "Can
Prohibitionist's Afford It?" It in
full of erroneous statements, and
probably at another time wo shall
notice them fuily. It makes one
false statement, however, which wo
will mention, lo-wit:
"The piece wherin liquor is sold is made
liable, (under Ue present laws.) for dam
ages whether it be the property of the liquor
seller or the property of a Church-deeccn."
If the Herald had been honcBt
enough to have e'aled that the
above was true in a case where tlio
liqnor is vnlairfully sold, it would
have stated the truth. The truth
m, as we have before asserted, that
one can sell whisky to a person over
twenty-one year of age, wLo has
not formed the babit of getting
drunk, and who ia sober at the time
the fialo is made, and the purchaser
can then get drnnk on the liquor,
murder or maim his family, burn
np his property and also h:s neigh
bors, and commit many like depre
dations, and neither the liquor-ven
der, nor the owner ofthe property
where the whisky was Bold, will be
responsible for a cent of damages.
Tho liquor vendor and the property
owner are only responsible for dam
ages reuniting from tho vnlatrful
sales. Will tlio Herald stato this
fact in its next issue 1
The ''Germac veto" is what the
.Republican political managers are
anxious to secure and r.hin. For
the sake of that rote temperance
men aro pushed aside, I nd they are
reminded that their "idea" is "im
practicable," niid must bo consign,
ed to a Bleep that knows m waking.
For an additional praof of this here
is what the New York Times, a Iie
publican paper, says in a reeent ed
itorial: "Indiscreet Republicans have at
tempted to make the party 'a cold-water
party,' and have sacrificed the Ger
man vote for an impracticable idea.
The Republican Party of this State
ought to cut itself entirely tree froai
the total abstinence faction, and reor
ganize with the purpose of securing the
German wing."
This proposed driving to the wall
Of temperance men, does not mean
a. mere radical class of active, un
compromising Prohibitionist, but
includes moral 6uasionist6. local op
tioniits, and every man who dares
to be even a lover of total absti
nence. Nothing short of absolute
realty to lager beer and "liberty,"
as interpreted by (ierman becrites,
will do. Prohibition Era, ith'iiiSt.
J. C. Stokk sends us the ruts
field, (Illinois,) Democrat, ot the
27 ih ultimo, which contains an Or
dinance relative to the Liquor Traf
fic, passed by the Council ofthe
town of Piltsfield, and nske our op
inion of it. The Ordinance cm-
powors the Council to issue Licen
ses to parties to sell Liquors in any
quantity upon the payment of eight
hundred dollars per annum by each
party applying each applicant
giving a bond of onu thousand Jol
lars conditioned that ho will obey
nil Ordinances enacted which reg
ulate the sale of intoxicating liq
uors. The Ordinance further pro
vides that the perron licensed shall
not sell to a person drunk, shall
not keep his place of business open
on Sundays, or till a later hour on
other daj's than ten o'clock, P. M.,
that he shall not sell to a person un
der eighteen years of ago, nor per
mit a person under eighteen j-ears
of age to be about his premises
It also provides that, after the w ife,
parent, or other relative, has in-
tormed the person licenced not to
sell to one in the habit of getting
intoxicated, that he shall not do so.
It, also, gives the licensed person
the power to arrest any boisterous
or profane person who may come
into his cstablishmc-.it. It, also,
contains ht avy provisions against
persons getting drunk, Ac. It pro
vides, further, that one who desires
to sell malt liquors only, shall be
licensed to do so for the sum of
two hundred dollars annually. Mr.
Stone slates that, so far, Svo eight
hundred dcllar and two two-
hundred dollar licenses have been
taken out, and that sorao others
are about to apply. In answer to
Mr. Stono's mterogatory asking our
opinion relative to such au Ordin
ance, we cannot but state tnat it is
a disgraco to tho community where
it exists. The idea of legalizing
crime, of licensing men to deal out
death and damnation to a commu
nity is a relic only of hnlf-civiiized
ages and people. Legalizing the
Liquor Traffic only makes it res
pectable ; and, alter doing no, a
community may pass as many Tcgu
lating laws as it pleases and it can
not make amends for the evil eF
fects following. Besides, if it is a
crime to murder a man b selling
him liquor, why should not the
crime be prohibited a other crimes
are 7 i nelt, Arson and ilurdor by
theknito or bullet, and many other
crimes, are prohibited by all civil
ized people, and it is considered a
mark cf civilization to so prohibit,
and a community that would li
censo such crimes would be consid
ered barbarous. Why, then, should
a comir unity be considered less bar
barous that licenses men to rob,
murder, and eternally damn man
kind by retailing or wholesaling
alcoholic poisons? We venture to
assert that Pittsfield will suffer
ntoro by the Liqnor Traffic under
its new Ordinance than ever it has
bofore. By means of the Ordinandi
the Traffic is made respectable
The dealers will fit up the most en
ticing establishments where refpect-
able men can get a.drink and not
come in contact with miserable
drunkards. By this means men, who
ordinarily would not bo seen in a
drinking saloon, ' who would be
frightened away from such places
br tho 'miserable drunkards, weio
they allowed there, will be enticed
into them, take their first drirfk,
and, before they are aworo of it,
become miserable drunkards thorn
solves, iud be kicked out because
they could not drink and know
when to quit, and others will fill
their places as respectable drink
ers to become in their turn misera
ble drunkards. The boys under eigh
teen and the drunkards will not be
deprived of their liquors, as would
soem to be the case by the provis
ions of ihe Ordinance which pro
hibits the person licenced from
selling to them. All they will have
to do is to get tcmo one, over eigh
teen and who has not become a
completo wreck, to purchase the li
quor for them by the pint or quait.
Plenty of such persons, we venture,
can bo found in Pitt--field, as well
as elsewhere. In short, we venture
that if a lot of Liquor dealers had
assembled tor the purpose of draft
ing an Ort'initnce to suit them
selves, that they would have drawn
up jot such an Ordinance as the
Council of Pittsfield have passed.
They might have made the License
tax a little less, but they would not
have varied in any other particu
lar. The usual day for scattering flow
ers over the graves ofthe soldiers
of the late war has been tho 30th
day of May. The 30th comes on
Tuesday this year, and so far we
have heard little or nothing said
about it. Heretofore this matter
has been cojdncted under the lead
ership of the Grand Army of the
Kepublic, and wo are told, by cne
who is a member ot the Order, that
there is not now any efficient organ
ization of tbe Order in this locality.
Consequently, if tho day is observ
ed here this year, it is probablo that
our citizens, without regard to
whether they belong to the Grand
Army of the Republic or not, will
have to take the matter in hand.
Most certainly our peoplo should
not forget the self-aacrifieing spirits
that laid down their Iitcs in defense
of their country, and most certainly
there is no better way to evidence
the remembrance of them, and lh sir
noblo deeds, than by flecking to
their graves on ono day, at least, of
each year and scattering tributes of
speaking flowern on the green grass
that covers their romains. Al!
civilized nations and peoplo havo,
in some such manner, in all ages,
honored their dead heroes. Amer
icans cannot afford to do otherwise,
cannot afford to forget their deceas
ed heroes. Will not some of our
leading citizens take this matter in
hand and sea that the necessary ar
rangements are made for the obser
vance of the 30th instant ?
Ladis' traveling baskets, satche's,
trunks, valises, at Sill's.
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chain in abundance st Stone's. j
For the Independent.
JU.B. .Editor :- I notice a great
acai in too ilepublican papers, now-a-duys,
about the Ku Klux outrag
es. Why is this ? Is our country
again in a state of War, or are the
partizan stirring up the srp.ould
erinjj embers with a viw to mak
ing honest people believe there is h
tromondioiiB firo that will burn and
consume our fair land ? Is it poss
ible that tlio great General Grant,
with the power lately vestod in
him by Congress, and backed up as
ho is by Congress, tho Army and
Navy, nd the Supreme Court, can
not put down- a handful of insignif
icant Ku Klux? General Jackson
would not have been long at such
worit, and Goneral Washington ve
ry soon suppressed the Whisky Ile
bellion in the Stnto ot Pennsylva
nia. Maj-be General Grant exper
iences the same difficulty that the
colored barber did when be charg
ed twenty cents for shaving a young
customer fifteen cents for finding
tho beard and five cents for shav
ing. Are the Ku Jvlux 60 6carcc
that the General cannot find them ?
'The Cincinnati Chronicle, ol a re
cent date, do voles thr.se columns to
show that a, poor Collector, in the
South, got horse-whipped ; but,
strango to say, tho Captain of the
Ku Klux rebuked or.e of his men
for swearing at this Collector.
' Horrible Ku Klux Outrages ! '
But, why does not the Administra
tion put down tho Ku Klux ? If
the fiepnbhesns are anxious to sup
press them, why does the Herald
find fault with Blair for leaving his
seat in the United States Senate
while, tho voto was being taken on
tho Ku Klux bill? Did not this
act of his give them an opportunity
to carry out the desire of their
heart the passago of tbeKu Klux
bill ? 1 wonder if they are not a
little sorry that the bill passed, for
certainly they cannot now howl
quite so loud as before. But, allow
me to suggest that we have a far
moro daoccrous enemy in this land
than the Ku Klux ofthe South.
Where a few men may be Injured
by them, full sixty thousand are
murdered every year by the Whis
ky Traffic. Give tho Prohibition
ists one-tenth tho power that the
Republicans have, and we will save,
yearly, the lives of ifiy thousand
of our citizens and millions of squan
dered wealth. Soi.uier.
McConnelsville, May 10, 1871.
I. O. F.
Report of Committee of Arrange
ments Containing Resolutions of
Thanks, ke.
The undersigned Committee, ap
pointed by Valley Lodgo, Ko. 36, 1.
O. O. F.. to draft Resolutions ex
pressive of its thanks to the Ladies
of McConnelsvillo, who assistc J in
the Celebration of tho 2Gth day of
April, by taking charge of Morns'
Mall, submit the following :
fiesolved. That Valley Lodge, JTo.
3S, I. O. O. F., as a mark of its ap
prcciation of tho services rendered"
by the Ladies in chargo of Morris'
Hall, on tho 2Clti day of April,
hereby tender thorn its sincere
thanks for such serviccp.
FcsoTrcd, That the Secretary of
tho Lodge bo instructed to enter
upon tho jnmnten tho names of all
such together with the resolutions.
Resolved, That the Secretary be
instructed to forward a copy of
these reso'utions to the Editors of
tbe Herald and Independent, with a
request for tho publication of the
same :
TABLE No. 1. Kale Khler
Ada Sonnanstinc, Frankio Ebcr
lein, HaUie Kbcrlein, Sarah Welsh,
Preeilla Hasher.
TABLE No. 2 Msria J. P.nk
erton, Eitio Boone, Libbic Clica
dle, Emma Patterson, Olla Walter,
Kate Young.
TABLE No. 3 Hannah Eihell,
Jennie Goudy, Libhie Goudy, Allire
Hammond, Mrt: Benjamin Crow,
llaltie McCarty, Julia Johnson.
TABLE No. 4. Eiiz:i Pinker
fon, E-nina Adams, Lucy Adair,
Ada Stone, Annie Clieadlo, Ella
Spenco, Lizzie Wood, Mrs. An:os
Brndy, Mrs. oriev Adams.
An Indiana correspondent of tho
Cincinnati Commercial, m givuig an
account of tho reception of General
Grant al the home of Congressman
Orth, who resides :n Lafayette, says:
"I wrs amused with ene lady, who
railed utterly to engago him in. con
versation. She is a brilliant talk
er, and is not ensily silenced, but
she could not et rid of his mono
sylubic replies. 'Oh?' she exclaim
ed, with intense mortification, 'if I
could ouly talk horse, I woulJ bring
him out! Such is a lady s idea of
the refinement and intelligence of
the President of the United States.
The Republicans ot Zancsville
elected the City Mayor last April.
W. W. Fyle. formerly editor Of tbo
McConnelsville Herald, but now of
the Zunesvillo City Times, posts
said Mayor as a beer-drinker and
a caterer to tho rum-shops of Zancs
ville. Ho goes for tho Republican
partv or Muskingum County for
supporting such men as this Mayer
for office. This den't look as though
tho Republican party is the embod
iment of moral iJeas. Does it?
Cincinnati Live Stock Market.
Cincinnati, Eve. of May 8.
Bkef Cattle The arrivals were
fair, but the demand was fully to
the supply, and wo have to report
a very firm market, with tho pens
about clear this evening. Prices,
however, unchanged. Tbe demand
was mainly from butchers, though
some were taken by ehippers. We
quote common S3,7e,4; fair, S4.25
good, bfj.iibi): prime butch
ers' stuff, $5,75, and shipping cattle,
SG6,25 percental gross.
hiiEEp Iho demand is Btill m
excess of the supply. The market
closed firm at ti&G percental gross
lor common to prime.
Hogs The market was dull early
in the week, but the arrivals de
creased toward the close, and to-day
the market was firm, and none re
mained in the pens this evening
unsold. We quote light and heavy
averages $5(2,5,50 per cental gross.
BTho haudsoraest A'ALLTA
PKH is sold at Apaib's Book Store.
and trimmed freb or chaese.
GB I Til
Were awarded the Lighest Premiums at
the Stala Fairs of
New York,
New Jersey,
and Iowa.
North Carolinio,
and Orc-ron.
First Frizes
llnvealso been awa-ded these Micbioes
al tbe exhibit icua of
FA RI.4,
I-MM ? $ ? P
Theverv liliest prist, TnE CROSS
conferred no tlie representative ol the
Urover A Baker Sewing Machines, at tbe
Exposition Universale, Fat 1867, tbn
attesting their great euuerioruv overall
other Sewing Machines.
i !2 Z i i k k
Beauty and Elaitiaty of Stick.
Ptrection and Simplicity of Machinery.
Uting both threads directly from the
Xq fattening of teams by hand and no
watte of thread
Wide range of application rcithovt change
Ol adjuttment.
Tbe Kara retains its beauty and Grmcesi
after washing and ironing
Besides doing all kinda of work done by
other Si-wing machines tbe Elastic Stitcb
machine executes the most beautiful aud
pernio ueDl Embroidery and ornament
el work.
ALEX. FINLEY is the General
Agent tor the sale of the Urover &
Baker Shuttle or Lock Stitch Ma
chine and tho Elastic Stitch or
Two Spool Machine, in the coun
ties of Morgan, Athens, and Uouk
ing, aud has his traveling Agents
all through these counties. Any
persons wishing a first-class Sew
ing Machino, just what is needed
tor family use, should call on Mr.
Finley or ano of his Agents.
May 12, 1871 tf.
Front St., near the Bridge, Malta, Ohio, keep'constantly on hand
, , , All Orders Promptly Attended To ! -a
April 21, 1871 ly.
Dry Good Merchant, South-east corner of Front and Bell Sts., Malta, Ohio, faaa
always on hand a complete &iock of
gxk1 received regularly, as a flourishing trade demands. Every
thing sold at the lowest cash figure. Country Troduce taken in exchange for
Soods- (April SI, 1371 -ly.
Weat aide of Bell Street, Malta, Ohio, keeps a well selected assortment of
" Special attention given to the trade in Stoves and Stove Trimmings.
Agent for the sale of the celebrated "Clipper Mower & Reaper." Everything
,old low for cash. ! April 21, 1S71
To be Conducted By
Prot X. 51. UcLUGULIX,
1RTI11R POSD, Esq.
nis Honor, W. D.HENKLE,
State School Commissioner,
will be present and assist during the
first week.
Arrangement for boarding Wilt bemada
for all who attend. A thorough Review of
tlm Lower Branches will be irrivei at.
Claee will be formed and recitations
heard, tbe object being rather the mode of
instruction than the mattery ofthe Bran
ches. Teachers, will, therefore, bring
books, slates, etc.. as stadenls.
Reading McO'ifTy and Kidd.
Spelling Seleetious.
Arithmetic Kay and While.
Grammar Green snd Harvry.
Geography Brockli-y's and Warren's
I'hys. Geo:.
Lecture and Iicnsinn on Theory and
Trsctice at Slated Periods. TEKMS J.SO
(arable in advsnce. By Order of the Ex
ecutive Committee.
May 12, 1871 -I0ir.
Abram M. Bingman,of
in the State of Iowa, will tnke notice
that James H. Kwing, of the county of
Morgan in the Stile of Ohio, did on tbe
6th day of April, A. P., JSf I, fiki his peti
tion in the ourt tf Common Picas of said
county i. f Moreen, against 'he said Abram
tl. Bi;niaii and Oliver 1. T. Kinsey, sett
ing forth that the said defendants gsvcsatd
plaintiffs mortgage on the lol lowing prem
ises, to-wit : situate in said county of Mor
gan and being in the north half of section
35, town A, range 12, n the Ohio fVmpany 'a
Purchase, bounded as folluirs : beginning;
at the northwest corner of paid section,
thence south 104 poles, thence east l?D and
84- lOOt hit poles lo a stone which points out
the begtnuic g for said Lot, a white walnut
12 inches, north degrees east 70 links,
an Elm IS inches south 75'-, degrees cast
62 lin n, thence east 76 ami atNIOIths poles
to a station, apoplar 7 inches, south 2 links,
thence north 10 ) tlvt to a stake, a sugar 20,
soU'h 14 degrees, east 3.1 links, then -e
north BlJ.f degrees, west 59 and IS lOOths
rioles to a station, a white oak 14 inches,
iearsouth 24 degrees, east 8 linVs, thence
west IS pedes to atation, a while oak 20.
bears north 65 degrees, west 8 links and a
beech 12 Inches, hears south 7 degrees, west
1.1 links, tbence smith 19 poles to the place
of beginning, containing 7 and 4:i-100tns a
cres more or less, to secure tho payment o
about $1, 100, according lo certain notes re
ferred to iu said mortgage, and praying
that said defendants may pay the balance
due en said notes with interest, amounting
to about tbe sum of ?2?3.00, of this date,
ot that said premises may be sold to pay
the same, and that nk not yet due be
paid out of the proceeds ol said" sale, and
tbat there be psid plnintiif therefrom the
furtbersum ol 1 U3...0 as part ofthe purch
ase money due him for said premises, with
interest thereon from the 1st day of April,
A. D., 1870. Said defendant Bingtftaa will
further take notice that said defendant
Kiutey did, on said 26th day of April, file
his answer and cross-petition in said Court,
setting lorth that he had paid theone.hall
ofthe note bow due, and that tbe balance
of said note is due from defend't Bingmanas
his proportion, and praying that the undi
vided interest of said Bingman in said pre
mises be first sold to satisfy the same, and
the said Abram Bingman is notified that
he is required to appear and answer said
petition and eross-elilion on or before the
third 6aturday after the 2J day of June
By J. T. Crew, his Attorney.
April 28th, 1871 6 W.
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Xtvth. rhou shalt not bear fidso
witness, but honestly Acknowledge
that thou canst get better bargains at
COOIS Store thai any othr place.
TrnJh. Thou sfralt not covet thy
neighbor's goods nor hr neighbor's
bargains, but take: council ofthe wise
and proceed straight to COOL'S Store.
and lay in your supply.
wir. ir. cool.
April 21, ISTI 2m.
SntrlfTg Sale.
William Sumner & Co. vs. Reason. Jones,
Byvirtneofan order to sell and to me
directed from tho Court of Common Pleas
of Morgan county, Ohio, iu ths above enti
tled action. I will offer lor sale at public
auction, at the door of the Court Uuuse in
McConnelsville in said county.
On TuFKday, the Itilli laj of
. May, A. t., IS? I,
at one o'clock, p. m., of said day, the fob
lowing real estate, situate in the Town of
Pennsville, County el Morgan, and State of
Ohio, to-wit Being the south half of Lot
number sixteen (16), to ommeuce in the
center of the front and run east within one
rod of a well on said Lot, tbence bear on a
line to the center bearing south) of said
well, tbence bear north-east and strike tbe
center of said Lot one rod from said well,
thence E. N. E. in the center of said Lotto
the East lias of said Lot. Appraised at
S . Terms, rash.
A. D.lIAVKXlvJl, Sheriff 51. C. O.
J.- T. Crew, Atfy.
April Hth. 1871 Sw.
SucrlfTs Sale on Execution.
James Gormley vs. Patrick Gormley.
Uotiee is hereby given that I will ofter
for sale, at public auction, at the door of
the Court House in McConnelsville. on
Monday, the 151 i Day or May,
A. D., ISTI,
at 12 o'clock, M., of said day, tbe following
real estate, situated in the County of Mor
gan and State of Ohio, to-wit : Lot num
ber twenty-cine (29) in tbe Town of Stock
port; taken as the property of Patrick
(rfirrnley on an Execution in favor of James
Uormley, and issued by the Court of Com
mon Pleas of the Count v of Morgan and
State of Ohio, and to me directed as Sheriff
of said County. Appraised st $I7S. Terms,
easa. A. D. HAVENER, Sh'ff of M. CO.
J. T, Crew, Att'y.
April Hth, 1871 iw.
Shcrlfi's Sale on Mortgage.
John Ifoyt vs. Basil L. Medley, Matthew
McCall, et. al.
By virtua of an order to sell, and lo me
directed, from the Court of Common Pleas
of Morgan County, Ohio, in the above en
titled action, I will offer for sale at public
auction, at the door of the Court House in
McConnclville in said county of Morgan,
On Monday, the 15th Day of
May, A. D.f ISTI.
st on'a o'clock, P. M., of said day, tbe
following real estate situate in said county
of Morgan and State of Ohio, to-wit:
Being a part of fractional section number
three (3) Township number nine (9) Range
number twelve (12) and bounded as follows:
Beginning at tho Southwest corner of said
fractional section, thence running with the
South boundary line thereof East 1(51.88
poles to the corner of John Henry's lot,
thcaceranningwithsaid Henry's line Jf. 14
East 7 is poles to a stone, thence 2.40
Doles to the East bonnda-v Tine of said
fractions! section, tbence ruuning Korih i
21. 2 poles to a stone and corner of the Jo
aiah Ward lot, tbence rnnning with said
Ward's line and line of William Saltkeirt's
West 180. poles to a stone on the West
boundary liue of said Section, thence run
ning with said West line SS.&2 poles to the
placo of beginning, containing 9 40-100
acres, be the ssme more or less Appraised
at fZ.150. Terms cash.
A. D. HAVENER, Sh'ITof M. C. O.
John E. Henna. Ally.
April Uth, le7l w.
a. m cocBRRiir." c. . aozMis.
j. r. iosirixsTim.
Dealers in '
Given to the
Farming Implement
Machinery Trade.
in this locality for the sale of the
Mowers & Reapers,
Mower. & I.eapcr,
and the
Mower & Reaper,
ausursCTcsitRa or
Cook & Heating Stoves,
and odd pieces of all tbo varieties of Cook
Stovca in the country ; all kinds of Thresh
ing Machtne Casting : also Salt Kettles,
and Salt Flanges, Sugar Kettles, fota, Gl'id
dies, Slcrltets, about tweMy ditfe rent patt
erns of Plow PoiiHs, Machiire Castiwgs-for
Steamboats, Saw Mills, Silt Works,-Mowers
and Reapers ; also Oiat Iron t'bimney
Tops, Window Cs pa. Cellar Window Grat
ings, and also fast Iron Legs for SehooJ
house Desks and Seats.
IIstb constantly on hand, manufactured
their order, all tnanu'ir ot Tin -ware, Bsort
Trimmings, Ac.
Manufacturers of Water Twser-, Mandrill
Swedges, Ac, for Blacksmiths.
ImemleT the Place ;
oth-wet Side of the Public Square
M x.l5V I LLE, 1 1.
inM8 1870-it.
Pile It, e m e d v
Warner's lle Remedy hus nev
er failed (not even in one cr) to care the
very wsmIc'ws of Blind Itcbine or Bleed
ing Pih. Those who ae ?r etett-hortld
immediately call on their dra?gist g-id get
it, lor it will,-with tbe fiist applica'Uin. in
stall' ly ff.rd complete relief, am! a few bil
lowing application are OL!y rr'iired to
rffl'd a permanent cure without any trouble
or incnnvi-oience in i:a noe.
Warner's Kilo" Remedy fc r.vjiremly for
the Pile, and is not recoDimended to core
any other disease. H has cured many eas
es of over thirty years standing. Price One
Doliar. For aula bv drnegisis ev-rv where.
TV e n k 3f e r v e s
Waruers Dlspepaia Tunic is
prepared espressly tor Dispeptiraand those
nu&ring from weak nerves with habitual
constipation. There are very few who hwve
not employed physicians for yearn to reme
dy what this preparation wilt do in a lew
weeks hy stiengthenina: the nerves, enrich
injf the circulation, restoring digestion, gi
ving strength mentally ana physically, ena
bling those who may have been cottiivd for
y.-ars to their rooms as invalids-n-a;raio re
sume their occupations and all the Unties ol
lile. One trial is all we -k to tnahle this
remedy to recommend itself to the most
skeptical. It is a slightly stimulating ton
ic and a sptendid appetizer, it strengthens
the stomach and restates tbe general ive or
gans and Jigestfon to a moral healthy state.
Weak, nerv iins and d is peptic pei sons slio'd
oe Warnei' s Dtsrepsia Tonic. For sale
by druggists. Price f)oe lollar.
Couch !N" o IMove.
Warner's Cough Balnani is
healing', solttoing, and expectorating. Tbe
extraordinary power it possesses in imme
diately relieving, and eventually curing the
most obstinate cases of Coughs. Colds and
Sore Throat, Bronchitis, lnfluenzt. Cat
arrh, Hoarsen s, Asthma, and Consump
tion, is almost incredible. ?o prompt is the
relief and certain its tff-cts. in all the fore
going cases, or in any affection of the lungs,
that thousands ol physicians are daily pre
scribing it, and one an all say that it is the
most healing acd expectorating medicine
known. Uneuose always atfords relief, and
in most eases one' bottle effects a core.
Sold by all draggfers, in large bottles.
Price One Dollar. It is your own halt if
yon still conga sod saner, i be Balsam will
W ineof Life -J
Venlum Itje or Wine ol Lite,
tbe most delicious beverage aad tonic stim
ulant cow before the world. It is a f plea
ded appetizer, free from all poisonons drags
or imparities, and ia prepared for those re
quiring a pleasant etimalaDt tbst will brace
up the nerves, give tone to the whole sys
tem, ar.d, consequently, renew life. It is far
superior to Urandy, Whisky, Wine, Bitt
ers, or any other article ever offered to tbe
public, lor both male and female, young or
old, may take the Wine ef Lile. It is, in
fact, a life prese rver. Those who wish to
enjoy good health and a free flow of lively
pints will do well to take tbe tv roe of
Life. It is different Irom anything ever be
fore in ue, and is sold by druggists every
wheie. Price Oce Dollar, in quart bot
tles. J-0 in tn e n a gogne,
Warner's Eminrn.nn'ne
the only article known to core the Whites,
(it will cure in every case). Where is the
family in winch this important medicine is
not wanted T Mothers. Ihh is the greatest
blefsicg ever rflered to yon, aBdyoasho'd
immediately procure it. It is also a sore
enre for Female lrregularties, and may be
depended npon in every case where the
monthly Sow has been fbstntcted thmngli
cold or disease. Sold bydroggiau. Price
One Dollar.
Feb. 31, 1871 - ly.
Attachment Xotlce.
Thomas Crowj riasntiff, Before Wm.
VS. Beswiek, J,
William Dsagherty, Deft. J P., of Wind
sor township, Morgan county, Ohio. On
the 29th day ol April, 1871, said Justice is
sued an order of attachment in the above
action for the sum of Twenty-four dollars
and fifty cents debt, and Twenty dollars
probable costs.
Stockport, Ohio, 1ay 12, '71. w.
C. Ii. HALL,,
Wholesale and Retail
real Ub'ja?jst wjjapetf
Nov. 11 1870-tf.
uoxei mm nnv it :
For Sight is Priceless;
O! X. Y., which are naw offered to the
public, are pronounced by all the celebra
ted Opticians of the World tn be the
Natural, Artificial help lo the human ej
ever known. They ate ground under their
own supervision, froi.i minute Crystal
Pebbles, melted together, and derive their
name, 'Diamond," on account ol thti
hardn'-as snd biil'iancv.
The Sclentlftc Principle
On whu-h '.hey art constructed brings tho
core or center of the lens directly in front
of the eye, producing a clear and distinct
vision, as in the natural, healthy sight, aaif
pre w mine all unpleasant sen.-ations, such
as glimmering and wavering of sight, diz-
ii tress, Ac, peculiar to all others in use.
Tbey are mwrnted in the Finest Man
ner. In frame ot the betrmality of all mi-;
terials osed lor that pm-yossj. Their fiuisil
am) durabililv cannot be surpassed.
CAllTlON. None genuine unless
hearing their trade maik stamped on every
ewers arI Opticians, are s-le agents
!or McConnelsville, Ohio, from whom tliry
can only be obtained. These goods am
not supplied to Pedlers at any price.
J(Ww3 lS70-ly.
G;w hsforraaUno on mrtyry
aubjeoss ol iusMnpsH U lit
No r-i.r r tute uwn
vho i iitArried, or wto
cuuteitipIaMjtr Hi arris. Re,
slioaid u wiUmkU eupj.
i frc to an nntW cm twipt of 10 Crcs.
nilllin ' tULIAB.i ii JHiJ-l I. 31. If.
Riu)aiwaI, oppL Atfivr Plate, N. T
Clad News!
A fwrwiaiynt wra ia waryntcd in all cfitT Aimm
axisiDK frotn iraprridcnr or yoattLf ul rTOi,ruuitin(r in
Dsrwmdblityt srtninal weakofw, -nt . tt mamn
tmpoocy, gim, dtHeaaea. tva, by nnna;
Tby u bm waad witbaat drtecHm. or int?i fmac
wili bamasMH. aod' ma oiua f dioi ia nc wtfy.
wilt dbr ail orrlinary rtum withont farther aid. THI
ttxws awmt br mail seaiets, oo roueint of OM nnn-.i
bad f-np for privaw ei Aitlrw:
DR. BOB T E. BKUU 713 Broad. 5ew Torlr.
Crw- ' 1 r Z-S
T.AT)TT;S, TflHTl 20TICZ2.
If on want a reliable ramedj (or irniraUrit.cs u
Thvy wtTI rmtnem natnro 9X9df and ara aufflcirat tap
al! ordinary cat. PhjcsOkk DomR.
ftttnd Stamp fur Dr. Harvoj'a Private Jaodrcsl Circular.
Div Harvey's Golden Sills.
it rmdy frmr dwreM irtKncfr ffr racial eapM.
S4rr and Htnis. a.id vtby taiuai.8 roa maisjuki
tVAmpjv. an tn iMwwr fail tn n!rv ia mot diatrwns
n ftynpconia, ao matter how rna; tty lif e j istL
P.:ir Fiw lorjv-. ifeat by mail avcuroly
OA rtyvsipc o monof. hy
Hi. JOHN l.KVEY. Tt3 Bmadway. ?frw York.
Rove and Matrimony.,
H TTladsrtHnmay b smnt bf fitlt'mincsifnp'e
By raUn, smi sil may marry bP'ly ilhout rtwftf. I
H Ui w rmul Iu itrr 'r N-au'y. Mml S wuu lorlU
FVnttooa. MAinp f HrHmnlsr,
juiM i.t'i ll.l'j: pemarrf:
igttibe&tr P. t. York.
.ii na ifara
Co of Vrf?
Rates and Pneerfptltme '
bat will trar any eaM of .
ISIONS, IMFOTECE. o. aad Mm lost
, pm-fert healta. San r&aa to
who soffsnd sb4 ia now xrd ,
.Scad stamp. EDO AR TRKJ 4IS E,
Tha trmbis dwaaao. Catarrh, which tifonta an maay
oftaa tensjnwa m Braohitis and ummpm
withorrt rtoabi. ho atrtir-iy Tmorelnt wtatW koW
loaa; ii haa auaied. AU cawBH eaa pnatt.veiy
pryspsyf irMtmfvnt. and tl.0rt will b forfttM fnr ay
emc tha. it fail to ecra after a thorough trial ot iV
Rarniedr in tha
and heat for Headach, and Wa
tea xhm eoaMiMnoa ol l'tarTa
Ey ara ia many
Varar faila to gin hnmedi&ta re!isf ia ail eaaaa.
ftmf mnd atarap for a circular. dtailiaic the vymptrmim
ot tha dtswaaa and virtuea of tba remedy. & ittrkmt
will ba aent by mad oa racrtpi of money.
lfy Oataxrti watt immediately reliwd hj vrmr ffaa
aniraaaod Witch HaL R. ASA nKOWN.
1 can road without wearing rrvrctclB and th weak
nMta ia entiraly coo aiuoa n.infr yoor Snnafrnf) an.
Witoh HajteU NOHMAS BAK.M.
Yrar Saaaafraa and Witcb Tiaxl bu never faikd t
rvliare my eaiacha wiUun five m inn ten.
Addrews. Ear. SIARTTf DFTTON.
Bible Unane Statfon. Wet York.
II avt i iu. i u an Ihsmu mmettaw nj re.
Tbe Secret ta Oatt
and we are willinc to make it Ireinra to sll.
ACKVTS ARK WA5TKD to ts Bvk. and th-f
rsa m from S to dnn.rs s df . Sn.l for a . orcuUl
udsonanim. PRU'B ONE DLLAiL
iialnws sadoirw two noft9 Itamwi.
ou"k BAHBEK CO, 60 W illiam Strrrt. '
It Kim . Ww Vurt Citr.
tM FIITV CK.NTS for err. " r"i address If
Mapsx MARY MCKniE, S'asn !., yrw Y!t
. aT a . 1 'V.J-aW -. JW
ahiisw:iaw)ifsk wistsf rwssnsa, ha tha vw'lrv W jrTEi-il anOL

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